In addition to spending time with the family, I’ve also spent much of this Montreal trip reuniting with old friends, dining at some fine local restaurants and, whenever possible reuniting with old friends at fine local restaurants.  Such was the case the other day when I had dinner with an old high school friend, Lori, who tracked me down via my blog.  On sis’s recommendation, we ended up going to Decca 77, a chic restaurant located on downtown Montreal’s Drummond street, on what was the coldest night of my stay so far.  We caught up on some 20 years of history over a fine meal and delightfully sassy waitress named Jessica who kept correcting my French.  We kicked things off with salmon tartare and a foie gras, then moved onto the mains…

Seared scallops with dill spaetzle, leeks, glazed salsify, and vanilla-curry sauce.  Every component of this dish was wonderful, especially the salsify which is one of those vegetables I rarely come across in non-pickled form.

Spelt penne rigate, veal cheeks, preserved lemon, arugula and pecorino.  I was undecided between the scallops and the penne so, in the end, decided to both, ordering the pasta “for the table”.  And I’m glad I did.  One of those dishes you keep on eating well past the point of satiety.

Then, onto dessert…

Chocolate Tasting: macaron, ice cream & mousse.  Looks and sounds a lot better than it actually was.  The macaron portion was incredibly chewy and detracted from the whole.

Pistachio cake with morello cherries and yogurt sorbet. This, on the other hand, was spectacular.

My old high school friend Lori who found me via my blog. See this blog CAN occasionally be a force for good instead of pure unadulterated evil.

Since I’ve been remiss, let’s play some catch-up with the mailbag:

Thornyrose writes: “On a more serious note, your mental health is of increasing concern. A CBS movie of the week?”

Answer: And Judge Judy.  But I drew the line at Cirque de Soleil.  I sooner punch a clown that watch him.

Winst writes: “Does this relationship news somehow help to explain the whole somewhat secretive…Brie is just “visiting” situation?”

Answer: Ah, you see – the pieces of the puzzle all come together with the final reveal.  Now THAT’S good writing!

Ian writes: “Don’t know if it has been asked. But Eli found the gun very quickly. Almost as if he knew it was there. Was it intended for us to believe that Eli knew the gun was there and he was in on Rush’s plan?”

Answer: Eli was definitely not in on Rush’s plan.  I believe we come in on Scott and Eli mid-search, thus suggesting we don’t know how long they’ve been at it.

Tom writes: “1; Destiny’s travelling. We’ve always known and we see from the map in Air (1) that this ship is a galaxy traveller. But how much? I guess the simplest way to ask this is has the 1st half of Season 1 all been in the same galaxy, or is every time it jumps down from FTL is it because it has reached a new galaxy?”

Answer: All of season one – to date – has seen Destiny traveling through one galaxy.

Tom also writes: “2; Desitnation gates. I’m fine with one way or the other Destiny knows what planet to dial. But what makes me scratch my head is a line from Air about there were only 4 local address available.  I could easly accept due to these “wheel gates” being the earliest version they have limited range and can’t dial the full Galatic network. However, if that is the case and Destiny does jump a galaxy every episode, that seems like a lot of gates not explored.  Or if the “wheel gates” have standard full galatic range, then the seed ships only drop 4 gates a galaxy? That seems like a lot of space in each galaxy as unexplored.”

Answer: Or you’re looking at limited range AND one mighty big galaxy.

Tom also writes: “3: Finally, IF the first half of Season One has all been in a single galaxy, then there logically has to be journey from one galaxy to the next. I would be curious to see if there are plans for an episode or two to be featured while Destiny is in the ‘void’ between two galaxys, where presumably there is no place to gate to.”

Answer: Check out Sabotage, coming up in the second half of season one.

poundpuppy29 writes: “Is there going to be more action in the second half of SGU and I don’t mean sex by the way I like the personal stuff but I would like my scifi to have some action too?”

Answer: Yep.  Aliens and space battles in the first episode back, #11: Space, followed by intrigue, mystery, loss, exploration, chaos, revelations, and a big two part finale reminiscent of golden age SG-1.

poundpuppy29 also writes: “Who out of the current characters do you like to write for and who is hard for you?”

Answer: I think I’ll need to get a few more scripts under my belt before I can really answer this one.  So far, I’ve enjoyed writing for all of the characters.

Jenny Robin writes: “In other news, it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything here, so this is my ‘warm-up’ entry.”

Answer: Welcome back.  Please make sure your dues are up to date.

Jonathanquirk writes: “So, what did you think of “A Matter of Honor” (yes, I recognised the cover)? Or does the fact that you’re giving it away say everything?”

Answer: I have the utmost respect for any author who can sit down and write a novel.  Alas, I haven’t read any of the Stargate tie-in novels – my to-read pile is huge enough as it is – but I’ve heard very good things.  The book in question was one of two that my friend purchased and brought back with him from London.

Arctic Goddess writes: “My problem… coming up with a plausible reason for the security system to fail and several of the prisoners to escape.”

Answer: Solar flare?  Good?

MWStover writes: “The other option (what I call the Captain James T. Skywalker Solution) is have your protag escape through sheer power of Awesome.”

Answer: Better.

Shadow Step writes: “What if he does something nobody would expect in a million years?”

Answer: Like break out into song or spontaneously combust?

dasNdanger writes: “Joey, speaking of Amazing Stories – do you (or does anyone) remember that episode? It was called Thanksgiving, starring David Carradine, and was based on a short story called, Hey You Down There.”

Answer: Don’t recall that one.  I do recall the episode in which an actor, playing a mummy in some shlock horror movie, gets the call that his wife is in labor, hops into a car, and makes for the hospital – only to have the car break down.  He starts wandering the countryside in full mummy look, scaring the crap out of the locals – and eventually running into an actual mummy.  Great stuff.

Luis writes: “Happy New Year Any news on the comic book series????”

Answer: We’ve stalled and I’d like to take the project elsewhere but my agent still thinks this deal can get done.

Chevron7 writes: ”

1. What kind of attack? Traditional ship battle or biological warfare or attack on the systems?

2. Does Destiny have any weapons systems? Are they operational? Were they even tested by the Ancients?

3. Does Destiny’s sensors detect the attack and power up a previously closed off and non-operational section of the ship?

4. Does Destiny pre-date drones and ZPMs (particularly because its powered by solar energy)? What kind of weapons would they use before drones? Would it be less elegant than the drone?

5. Would they be locked out of the weapons systems and passwords only known to the ancients?

6. Would they attempt to use the stones to get scientific or military assistance?

7. Are they relying too much on Eli? Can he handle the pressure?

8. Do we meet the commander of the ship attacking the Destiny?

9. Does the shuttle have cloaking technology? Can the Destiny crew attack from within?

10. How the did enemy find them? Did the enemy come out of the blue or have they been stalking the Destiny?

11. Do we lose?”

Answers: 1. I was referring to MY attack on the scene.

2. Yep.  And they’ll come into play first episode back from the break: Space.

3. N.A.

4. I’m not sure about less elegant, but certainly different.

5. Nope, we have full access to weapons systems.

6. In special cases, sure.

7. There will be times when Eli will certainly feel they’re relying on Eli too much.  And, yes, he does feel the pressure.

8. Stay tuned.

9. The shuttle does not possess cloaking technology.

10. Stay tuned.

11. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  Just like real life.

avabird writes: “This is my first post, but I have been lurking for about 8 months, after becoming acquainted with a few regular blog readers. This is one of my goals for 2010, to be brave and stop lurking here.”

Answer: Welcome aboard.  Please keep your arms and legs inside during take-off and landing.

Eric.Stewart writes: “After he asked a series of questions, confirming my identity (I supposed that was the goal), a nice conversation followed. I was surprised how confortable I was !! It was as if I was talking to a long time friend.  It felt different then conversing on the blog…. one major difference was that I could see his reaction to what I was saying….”

Answer: Like when you reminisced about the firs time you watched Terms of Endearment and then I burst into tears?  Yes, I’m sensitive like that.  See, now the next time you run into me, we WILL be old friends.

Clip and post for your wallet. Note my bright cherry red nose.

55 thoughts on “January 1, 2010: Decca 77! The mailbag!

  1. I’m glad you’re having a reasonably good time, especially with catching up with old friends. But Judge Judy? That sounds like you need a weekly therapy session right there. But I’ll take consolation in that you haven’t fallen for the clowns yet. If and when you do, we know to get you immediately committed. Enjoy the remaining holiday, and have a safe trip home. And a big thanks for the mail bag.

  2. Lori is lovely! Food looks yummy (shame the chocolate one wasn’t as good as it looks), and nice to see Christine again, AND your big red nose! Is that your W. C. Fields impersonation? 😉 And Brie – so what does this mean? She’s a keeper now?

    As far as that Amazing Stories ep – it may be the only one I watched…I wasn’t much of a tv watcher, and probably just caught it flipping channels. But it stuck with me. It was about something that lived underground…you never see them, I think you hear them, though. A girl starts sending bits of food (I think) down the well to them, and they send back coins. Her greedy (uncle? father? friend? – David Carradine) wants to get rich, so he sends down a bunch of junk – hardware and stuff – and they send it back, with no money. He gets mad, dons an old military uniform (I think) with gas mask (I remember the gas mask) and goes down the well, armed to the teeth. A bit later they pull up the device he went down on and it comes up with the uniform – empty – and a note attached that says something like, ‘delicious, send more’. 😀

    I dunno why, but even though I’ve forgotten a lot of the details, I can never get that overall story out of my head.

    Well…I’m SUPPOSED to be doing paperwork…so better get back to it. 😛


  3. Wow, that sure is a bright red nose! Did you help guide Santa’s sleigh this Christmas? Or maybe its all that crying you were doing over Terms of Endearment.

    Don’t worry. I’m with Christine. You are a handsome man!

  4. Hey Christine, you should be proud… two appearances in a row in Joe’s blog, that seems new, you’re now a guest star. 😛

    @Glider: too many colors in that cake… I prefer them much more simpler, in the style we have them in Spain (they even come with not 1, but 2 little presents! :P).
    Here you have some examples (4 of them, acutally):

    Thanks to this blog, now I know that they’re called “Kings’ cake” in English (“Roscón de Reyes” in Spanish). Dumbly enough, you could translate it from Spanish as “Kings’ Big Donut”, lol.


  5. Ohhh mailbag. I have a dying question I have been holding in since time.

    Now I saw 2 new marines in time, corpral marsden and Lipton. Marsden had a speaking role and Lipton was credited. However since time had to do with time travel and other wacky stuff, is it safe to assume they’re on board the destiny, or were the just on board the destiny in an alternate timeline?

    2. Where is corpral rivers(the marine who was with park in life)? I miss that guy!!! He seemed cool? Will he be back?

    I wish we could see more of the one liner marines like marsden and rivers. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  6. Heya Joe,
    The nice sounding dessert that did not mount to much sure looks like a big foot in a flip flop.

    waving to Christine again.
    wave to Lori
    And, the new people who have taken the plunge to post. The deed is done, you can not turn back now…wheeee.
    wave to avabird.

    Sorry your feeling under the weather brought about the bright nose. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Happy New year Joe,

    Just got back from Morocco from a family reunion. I hear you are in Montreal, Hit me up if you still interested in the Audi S5 ride.


  8. @das

    darn it feels good to be back here. I’m not on GW much anymore as i feel a lack of sgu conversations that intrests me. There’s not much new sgu news or trailers so I’m redirecting my Internet time to joes blog. It’s a new year and I plan to be a regular through 2010!

    Oh and I remember you said you saw invictus. OMG I loved it. As a matter of fact my dad once lived a few blocks away from that government were Matt Damon went to visit the president. He used to walk by there like every day. Sooooo cool.

  9. Hi Joe…..
    Hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you!!! BTW…I’m surprised no one caught your typo…It’s 2010 not 2009…


  10. I was just thinking…

    The only reason I’m sitting here at nearly 12 midnight, doing paperwork, is because of for the love of Beckett…I couldn’t be doing it without my halogen light working again! Amazing how the light makes me feel, too – I’m all happy-like. 😀

    And that reminds me…a LOT of people here have been really great to me over the past year – too many to name. Thanks for all the well-wishes when I was so sick last winter (it really meant a lot), and for gifts, and the laughs, and everything else…it all has been greatly appreciated! And Joe, thanks especially to you for putting up with my nonsense, and for sharing with us, and for making your blog such a welcoming place. You’re not nearly as evil as everyone says. 😉 Here’s to 2010, may it be a great year for everyone (and that includes Carl)! 🙂


  11. Ah! ::slaps hand to head:: Dues! I *knew* I forgot to pay something!

    Rest assured Joe, my blog dues are in the mail. In fact, I’m certain it’ll cross paths with your invitation for me to come visit.

    Happy Friday.

  12. Cool! You know you didn’t have to answer all of those questions, they were just to help spark an idea with your script, but thanks heaps….made me feel better this afternoon.

    Oh no…a thought just occurred to me….did I just use up my year’s quota of questions?

    Dinner looks cool… know if I ever bumped into you in Vanc I’d at least buy you a coffee.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. If you could invite five historical figures to dinner, one a time and then all together as a group who would you invite? Where would you take each individually and then as a group? What dishes would you recommend? I’m always impressed with the culinary choices you make and I’m just curious how you would use your expriences in fine dining to interact with history’s heavy hitters. Not so much an exercise in politics or lofty conversation but just how you might use a unique dining exprience to foster bonds of understanding and friendship. Or just have the opportunity to hit on Cleopatra while enjoying a fine wine.

  14. My brother’s comment on Facebook tonight, a small indicator of success for SGU: “I miss Stargate. Never thought I’d say something like that.”

    He and his wife were so-so on SG-1 and Atlantis, but SGU has them hooked.

    Personally, I’m resigned to committing a portion of my income to Stargate DVDs for quite a while. I already have all seasons of Atlantis, a few of SG-1, and both SG-1 movies. I’ve got to catch up on SG-1 before I get too far behind with SGU!

  15. re: ” See, now the next time you run into me, we WILL be old friends.”
    Yeh! I totally aggree.

  16. @Gilder – I didn’t know that King’s Cake was traditional for anything other than Mardi Gras, thanks for the heads up!

    Just finished making a flourless chocolate cake for a birthday tomorrow. Going to take the dog, too, for a romp in the snow before or after delivery.

    Joe, we saw the cutest brindle French bulldog at the dog park today. Is that an accepted color for the standard? I’ve never seen one like it before… unfortunately she was not as, um, shall we say, svelte as Lulu and Brie. But she was squishy cute, and friendly (of course).

    Do the writers have any say on what music is picked to play in the episodes they write? I know permissions have to be obtained, but do you ask for a particular song/ songwriter or a type of music?

    Good weekend, everybody. Oh, and I like Mallozziville, if we’re voting…


  17. “Arctic Goddess writes: “My problem… coming up with a plausible reason for the security system to fail and several of the prisoners to escape.”

    Answer: Solar flare? Good?

    MWStover writes: “The other option (what I call the Captain James T. Skywalker Solution) is have your protag escape through sheer power of Awesome.”

    Answer: Better.

    Shadow Step writes: “What if he does something nobody would expect in a million years?”

    Answer: Like break out into song or spontaneously combust?”

    Decisions…decisions…those were great solutions! Maybe this could be a musical with Neil Patrick Harris’s Power of Awesome causing the solar flare.


  18. “See this blog CAN occasionally be a force for good instead of pure unadulterated evil.”

    But evil is so much fun, especially in bio-degradable, thus environmentally friendly blog form.

    We only talk about world domination, we don’t actually do anything. (apart from Das who i think has plans to take over Venezuela and offer it to the Wraith) 🙂

    Oh, and Timi, I was taught at an early age that if you have a dinner party planned and you know it won’t go well, say there are differing personalities or views etc.. you feed them spaghetti.

    You know how few people in the world know how to eat spaghetti properly? (apart from Joe)

    It’s difficult to act proud when you have sauce up your nose. 😀

  19. Suffering from SGU withdrawal, I’m looking forward to the first SGU DVD set in February. Did you do any interviews or commentary for it?

  20. Every time I post you visit my website…any chance you can post the link to advertise it?…LOL….and yes I am being very sarcastic….bad English humour…

    Kriss 🙂

  21. “Or you’re looking at limited range AND one mighty big galaxy.”

    Such big galaxies indeed exist, the largest known one is 5-6 million light years in diameter (50-60 milky ways, or twice the trip from milky way to the real world pegasus galaxy!)

  22. Coucou =)
    Me voila!!

    ça va bien? Moi super cette nuit j’ai rêvé de vous :), c’était durant un grand repas avec RDA et des personnes que je ne connaissé pas, mais bon vous m’avez ignioré durant tout le repas =( lol à chaque fois sa tourne pareil ^^

    Merci pour toutes ces photos 🙂

    1) Il y’a une chose que vous adorez à Montréal mais qui n’éxiste pas à Vancouver?
    2) Vous aimez beaucoup les crustacés?
    3) Toujours pas de petit voyage en France programmé pour 2010?


    Bonne journée!
    Bisou !

  23. Okay I’ve been away far too long and am hoping now that its winter I’ll have enough time to post here more.

    I’ve been reading diligently(your blog is among the ones on my iGoogle page when I log in 🙂 )

    Glad to hear you’ve been having a good trip to Montreal for the most part.

    My question is- so when do you head back to work?

  24. I see that you’re still answering questions regarding Stargate Atlantis, and am somewhat relieved that you haven’t wiped that off your plate, seeing as the series was cancelled *wipes tear away*.
    Are you expecting any news regarding the movie in the next few months? I know a lot of SGA fans are waiting to hear.
    Cheers from Australia.

  25. Joe-san the red nosed writer, had a very icy nose… sing!!!

    Man it must have been cold there.

    I’m glad I am looking at your blog AFTER dinner..

  26. @das, those amazing stories were a little spooky, kinda like Twilight zone, and I think Kyra Sedgwick was in that one also. Sometimes it only takes a minute of watching to have me remember it in my dreams. ( the spooky)
    Joe where is your hat or scarf?? would have helped the red nose, which I can hardly see. Don’t go getting sick on us. A brisk 31F, here in Fl this morning, ok spring can come on down anytime now!
    Do you have high school reunions at your school? Those are always so much fun?!?
    Thanks for the blog Joe, and everyone commenting, fun entertainment, and cheap too, well,unless you count the dues, but those are cost of living do able..
    Enjoy your holiday, the dogs are missing you(i am sure) and waiting anxiously for your return. Take treats.

  27. The scallops look great! I would have probably liked the dessert, since I’ve never had a macaron and I don’t know how they are suppose to taste.

    I can’t believe you made it through Judge Judy! I’m usually reading at that point. Which can be hard with all the yelling on the show.

    The mummy movie you described sounds cool. If you remember the name some day, please let us know.

    I’m off to Pet Smart. Our shelter cats are boarding there for viewing purposes and I have to clean them this morning. Pray for adoptions, please!

    I’m glad you are having fun, Mr. M.! When do you head home? The others are right, being home will probably help your writing.

    Have a great Saturday everyone!

  28. @darkcraft

    POOP! Do you mean new eps or reruns?

    Oh and I’m going through sgu withdrawl too. I have tried to forget about sgu to shut out the pain but I watched justice the other day and I rerembered how much I love SGU, it killed me. WHY APRIL!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  29. @Tammy Dixon

    OMG I loooovvvvve Judge Judy. Me and my friend are obsessed with her and the rest of my friends think I’m crazy. Oh and I’m obsessed with Taylor swift. I got her cd for Christmas. Lol But believe it or not, I am straight. Lol

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  30. @Glider: now that looks much like our “Big Donut” 😀
    BTW, what’s Mardi Gras? Mardi is “Tuesday” in French, all together it says “Carnival Tuesday” or something like that… a particular celebration from Canada perhaps?


  31. @Airelle, yea, DO we live in FL? Cold down here too, just wait ,colder thru the week. Deni said it was in the 20’s to come in G-ville this week. Any hope of snow?, I know , I’m nuts! Never say never, there was snow in Jan. of 1977, all the way south into Homestead, I remember it!! Scattered flurries in the state since then! Hey Joe, A bit cold for us, but you guys are solid ice up there! I guess we will just have to deal with it, a heavy load I know, but we do what we must!! Ya ready to kill me yet? Good day all, Sheryl.

  32. Happy new year y’all!

    you wrote: “We only talk about world domination, we don’t actually do anything.”

    Haha, for some reason that reminded me of “pinky and the brain”. Haven’t thought of them in years 🙂 Well, you know how it is. We never finish anyth

    @J. Mallozzi
    Some input/issues with the mailbag (maybe it helps 🙂 ).

    Arctic Goddess writes: “My problem… coming up with a plausible reason for the security system to fail and several of the prisoners to escape.”

    Answer: Solar flare? Good?

    my input: Are we talkig about being on board the Destiny? In that case I would find a solar flare quite a bad idea. After all the Destiny powers itself by flying into the corona of a sun. You probably could not do that if you would have a problme with a solar flair. Or at least it would be irresponsible to bluild such a tech when a solar flair is a problem. Besides, don’t let a solar flair causing problems become a frequent issue. It’s basically always the cause when you have an episode with timetravel. Sure you can find something different and more interesting? Or make it simple. The Destiny is quite old. All of the sudden a system would fail. It would be surprising and plausible. Also, it would give us the opportunity to see more about the workings of the Destiny and it would allow for the prosoners to get free.

    Chevron7 writes: “…5. Would they be locked out of the weapons systems and passwords only known to the ancients?…”

    Answers:”… Nope, we have full access to weapons systems. …”

    my input: Wouldn’t the ancients protect the weapons system at all cost? So, that a potential enemy could not hijack the ship and turn it against the ancients themself? I think the weapon system should be protected from access more than any other system… Then again they already fired the weapons in order to empty the “batteries” of the Destiny. I guess it’s too late for such issues? Maybe it would be better if they only had limited access to the weapon system.

    And a quick question. How would you prefer to be adressed to? So far, I just write “J. Mallozzi”. Would you prefer someting else (Mr. Mallozzi, Joe, Joseph)? I was just thinking, what would be an appropriate choice and not confusing for anyone? “Joe” could be read as if it’s the name of a poster visiting the blog 🙂 Plus you might find it intrusive or sassy since we never actually met. Anyway, happy new year and lots of success while writing.

  33. Happy New Year, Joe! Have a good, healthy and fun 2010! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the new Stargate adventures in 2010. You too?

    – Jasper

  34. Gilder: How do the king cakes taste? Just like a basic sweet bread?

    Mr. M.: Sassy waitress? She must have done it with taste AND have been cute? 😉
    I went to the “Rendezvous” Restaurant in Memphis. The waiters were so rude to us. Apparently, the waiters wit/candor are one of the restaurants big draws. I didn’t enjoy them badgering me to order. I like my waiters to be nice to me.

  35. Re: blog dues – is there a scholarship program or something I can apply to this year? I already had to skip buying the family socks (that match) to make last quarter’s payment. There’s always the switch from fresh veggies to mac & cheese, but I’m saving that for the book club selections.

    @Arctic Goddess – ” … Power of Awesome causing the solar flare” – now you’re onto something.

    @chev – Joe answered a dozen KINO questions from me once. Not all of the questions made sense once the early ones were answered, but isn’t that an even greater honor – to have Joe answer a question that doesn’t make sense? Oh, how the snark flows.

  36. Just a quickie…

    Exactly how may ‘c’s does Decca 77 have in it? In the tag line, it has 3 – will that mess up the search thingy??

    Paying bills today, having a nervous breakdown. I save all my receipts, and somehow I spent $740 bucks on groceries alone. Of course, that does include cat food, paper products, toiletries, cleaning products, vitamins, and the like – not just food – but STILL! We’re just two people! AND that doesn’t include my weekly purchases at the cheese market and the butcher (neither give me receipts…grrr…), or the occasional food purchases at Walmart, or the $135 splurge at the British shop… 😛

    Ugh. I honestly have no idea what all I bought, it’s not like my freezer and pantry are packed full. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much in such a sort period of time. My New Year’s resolution? Don’t shop and don’t eat! 😛

    @ Major D. Davis – Yeah, I haven’t been around Gateworld much. Although I’m watching SGU, there just isn’t anything interesting enough to draw me into the forum discussions. And then the Wraith discussions have pretty much evolved from the ethical and scientific debates, into sexual fantasies. And sure, joking about whether or not Todd has nipples under that sexy leather coat of his can be fun once in a while, but I can’t take a steady diet of it. So, I come here instead, and harrass the heck out of Joey. 😀

    Glad you liked Invictus -I really enjoyed it as well. The other day a friend of mine called me up – she had just returned from South Africa, and they saw the movie there. She loved it, too! She’s African-American, so it was interesting getting her perspective on it (before watching the movie, I myself had NO idea how much the sport divided whites and blacks in the country). We got talking about the film, and I did a little research, and found this about that plane that flew over the sadium:

    Pretty cool, eh?


  37. das: I use Quicken for my checkbook. I update it daily and it keeps track of spending categories. With a few clicks of the mouse, my check book is balanced each month!
    It did amaze me at first to see how much they listed we spent for dining per year. It made us cut back and eat in more. I wonder what Mr. M. spends a year on dining? 😉
    I suppose the experience is worth the expense, yes?

    Ganymede: burrrrr!

  38. Has Montreal sent the weather south? Because it’s FREEZING here in Kansas! 7F this afternoon. I’m staying in and cleaning the house. As much as I’m not a fan of cleaning bathrooms, I’d much rather do that than go outside.

  39. @ Tammy Dixon – I do keep fairly good records – have kept track of my purchases for years. But this last year has been terrible…and our local grocery store has the highest prices around (to fleece the tourists…AND locals, it seems. 😛 ).

    As far as a computer program to keep track of stuff, I’m not patient enough, especially if it requires data entry. I do enough of that at work! I enjoy paying bills the old fashioned way (writing checks, mailing them) – it makes me feel in control, I suppose…and I can do it even during a power failure! 😀 I guess it’s because there is no flexibility on many computer programs (unless I want to create my own – which I don’t). I use Quickbooks at work, and it drives me nuts when I have something that THEY don’t have a category for, and I end up spending hours trying to find what I want, or ‘file’ what I want. Plus, I’m really anti-technology anyway. I think people are getting dumber and dumber by the second, relying on machines to do everything for them. I like using the computer for play, but that’s about it, and as long as I can still do math in my head, that’s the way I’m going.

    It gets me to hummin’ this little tune…

    In the year 2525,
    If man is still alive,
    If woman can survive,
    They may find…

    In the year 3535,
    Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies.
    Everything you think, do, and say,
    Is in the pill you took today.

    In the year 4545,
    Ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes.
    You won’t find a thing chew,
    Nobody’s gonna look at you.

    In the year 5555,
    Your arms are hanging limp at your sides.
    Your legs got not nothing to do,
    Some machine is doing that for you.

    In the year 6565,
    Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife.
    You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter, too,
    From the bottom of a long glass tube.

    In the year 7510,
    If God’s a-comin’ he ought to make it by then.
    Maybe he’ll look around himself and say,
    Guess it’s time for the Judgement Day.

    In the year 8510,
    God is gonna shake his mighty head.
    He’ll either say I’m pleased where man has been,
    Or tear it down and start again.

    In the year 9595,
    I’m kinda wondering if man is gonna be alive.
    He’s taken everything this old earth can give,
    And he ain’t put back nothing.

    Now it’s been 10,000 years,
    Man has cried a billion tears,
    For what he never knew,
    Now man’s reign is through.

    But through the eternal night,
    The twinkling of starlight.
    So very far away…

    Maybe it’s only yesterday…

    Sad thing is, some of those things are happening even now. At the rate things are going, I think we’ll all be drooling blobs of flesh by 2100…forget 2525. 😛


  40. I saw the flyover when it happened in 1995. Wow, was it that long ago?? I tell you this, the country went absolutely mad when the Bokke won, there were car horns and cheering that went on long into the night. I haven’t seen Invictus, so I cannot say if they reflected it accurately.

    Notice Lebombo has the old SAA livery (orange tail)?
    This was changed to the colours of the new South African flag when the ANC won the general election in 1994.

    I have fond memories of this type of airplane. I flew on the first Boeing 747 (from London to Johannesburg) in December 1971 and I’m pretty sure it was Lebombo.

  41. Das: “I think people are getting dumber and dumber by the second, relying on machines to do everything for them. ” That’s me 😀 . Barring power failures, or computer problems Quicken works great for me. My job involves a lot of physical activity, so sitting and working on a computer is relaxing.
    Referring to your comment on relying on machines. I read that cursive is going out of style. My 14 year CAN write in cursive but he does all his home work in print. Which was unheard of at my school.

    I would like to see Invictus, too. Anything with Morgan Freeman has to be good!

    I’ll try not to bug you much more Mr. M. I hope you are getting some work done even if we are constantly commenting? Many wishes for a great day!

  42. @das sweet!!!!!!!! So cool.

    One of my dads fellow south Africans pointed out that when the team is running through the streets training, you see 2008 and 2009 model cars. Trust me, he knows about cars, he’s a trained mechanic and runs a car company. He also pointed out that mandelas assistant was actually a white lady. Lol still a great movie.

    Dang, it feels good to be back here!!

  43. It’s sad that invictus is getting hardly any sales. It was so good. Like one thing my dad said was really cool about the movie, and I agreed was how cool the scene with the white policemen and the little black boy. The policemen were using their radio to listen in on the game and this little black boy was trying to listen in on their radio and the policemen were treating him like crap but when they won the white policemen and the black boy were celebrating together and the policemen hoisted the boy on their shoulders. Knowing the history of south africa(my dad was born and raised there) it was a very cool moment that gave us both chills.

  44. @ Major D. – The little boy and the cops was my favorite scene, I think. Just loved the entire progression of that scene. I think it did well to portray the suspicions and apprehensions of both blacks and whites, and how they found a way to come together in the end. It was a most symbolic moment.

    Interesting about your dad – I didn’t know that. I know a few people from SA, black and white. The first South African I ever met was a few years back (maybe 18-20 years ago). He was white, and had so much fun making us try to guess where he was from based on his accent. Most unique of the English-based accents I’ve ever heard! And as Peter Kelamis just noted, it’s a very hard accent to pull off well…and I can certainly understand why!

    Speaking of which – what did your dad think of the accents? Did Morgan Freeman & Co. do a good job?


  45. “Like break out into song or spontaneously combust?”

    Might be. What’s the context? 😉

  46. 1Are the seeder ships armed?
    2Do we get to see them?
    3 if so then what do they look like? (a basic dicription will do{justthe shape})
    4 why did they anchients not use the destany?

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