After weeks upon weeks of talking about it, it finally premieres tonight on SyFy and Space, then on Tuesday in the U.K., and later next week in Australia.  Yep, I haven’t talked up an episode this much since that one where Hamtaro got lost in the mountains near the Yoshi family residence.

Forecast calls for showers with a 40% chance of aliens.

The forecast calls for rain with a 40% chance of aliens.

Director Robert Cooper is all smiles despite the inclement conditions. Chalk it up to his can do attitude - and the fact that, unlike the actors, he'll be nice and dry off the set when he calls "Action!".

For a few days last May, Stage 2 was transformed into a dark and rainy jungle set.  What amazed me was how fast and how far the temperature dropped in there once it started raining.

Carl is on hand to lend Rob his support. Until it starts raining, that is. Then, he's outta there!

Kudos to Robert Cooper for forging ahead with this script even after being advised that it was “more of a season two episode”.  I think this is a perfect season one episode, a fun and clever standalone episode that delivers a new spin on a scifi chestnut.  This one was complicated and, after working the story through in his head, Rob was hit by an epiphany that finally made all the pieces fall into place.  He pitched it out to us and we agreed, it was brilliant.  Satisfied, he set the story aside and busied himself with other things.  Then, about a week later, he phoned up Brad in a panic.  “What was that great idea I had for the ending?  I forgot!”  Fortunately, Brad remembered.

Rob explains how he plans to keep the actors as comfortable as possible - then orders them all on set, turns out the lights, makes it rain, and lowers the temperature in Stage 2. Later, he will go to the craft service truck and eat all the cheese from the their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Even though the conditions were miserable, the actors were all troopers and, by all indications, loved working on this episode.

Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok shooting Robert Cooper about to shoot a scene.

This is one of those episodes that demands a little more of its audience.  In addition to just sitting back and enjoying the ride, viewers will be called upon to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  And, by the way, I love the ending.  It’s one of my very favorites, right up there with McKay’s post fade out “Oh, crap!” at the end of This Mortal Coil and Teal’c unintentionally attending a reading of The Vagina Monologues.

Uh oh. He's got THAT look again!

If he’s not too busy, I’ll get Rob Cooper to swing on by to do a Q&A with you in January.  That way, you can ask him all sorts of questions like what the hell he was smoking when he came up with this episode.

Actor Jamil Walker Smith (Sgt. Ronald Greer) takes a break from the dark, wet, and cold in the sunny, warm and dry.

Some really memorable scenes throughout, but David Blue’s performance in this one really made me stand up and take notice.  He’s been great so far but, in Time, he really wows, proving that he is far, far more than terrific comedic actor.

Actor Brian J. Smith (Lieutenant Matthew Scott) suited up and ready to head back in.

Of course, it’s always tough to gauge audience reaction.  Many times, we’ll produce an episode that I think will knock the fans’ socks off – and it’s met with a lukewarm response.  Other times, I figure certain segments of fandom will hate an episode – and end up genuinely surprised when their response is overwhelmingly positive.  After so many years of doing this, nothing surprises me anymore.  That said, I WILL be surprised if the fan response to this one isn’t very favorable.

Yep. Mighty muddy.

One of the things I truly love about this episode – beside the mayhem – are all the little character moments, mere instances that go such a long way toward informing the audience on who these people are: Eli’s confession, T.J.’s reflection, Scott’s ingenuity, Rush’s flash of pop culture humanity, Greer’s blind courage in the face of the seemingly insurmountable – to name just a few.

Writer/Director/Executive Producer Robert Cooper is loving it. Director of Photography Jim Menard, not so much.

One of the things I always loved about Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis was the freedom both shows gave to tell a variety of stories.  One week, our team could be heading off-world to explore some alien landscape; the next, our heroes could be caught up in a no-holds-barred ship to ship battle; the week after that, they could be on Earth investigating a mystery or dealing with a crisis situation on the home front.  And, I’m pleased to say that Universe affords us the same freedom.  We’ve had ship-based adventures (Air I and II, Darkness and Light), explored alien worlds (Water, Air III), dealt with Earth-based embroglio’s (Earth) – and, finally, tonight, it’s something completely different.

Jamil has his game face on.

Anyway, tune in and let me know your thoughts.  More behind-the-scenes pics and videos headed your way.

By the way, thanks to everyone who has weighed in with suggestions to help me with my ongoing tech issues.  My MacBook is working fine now, no network issues.  On the other hand, I’m still experiencing problems unploading my email settings to my iPhone.  Isn’t there some sort of sync feature that would allow me to plug the iPhone into my MacBook and download the settings directly from my laptop.

Okay, I’m off for dinner – and should be back in plenty of time to watch tonight’s episode…and, of course, peruse your comments.

188 thoughts on “November 13, 2009: Finally! It’s Time for Time!

  1. “This is one of those episodes that demands a little more of its audience.”

    Ut oh. And here I am, with some sort of lingering upper respiratory infection, sipping generous amounts of Crown Royal to try and subdue the crazy coughing I’ve had going on…

    Tell you what. I’ll watch tonight. But I’ll also DVR, in case my virus-and-slightly-whiskey-addled brain can’t quite put two and two together this evening. If worse comes to worse, I’ll be back here tomorrow asking for explanations.

    “What was that they were doing with that thing when…ohhhhh. Gotcha. Thanks.”

  2. I had the same problem with my Iphone. Which provider do you have your email account with? Shaw in particular has sync issues with the phone. If your phone is through Shaw, the following settings ought to work:

    1)In settings, Hit add account.

    2) Choose *other*

    3)Hit add mail account

    4) Type in your Name, email address, Password, etc.

    5)(for Shaw) Incoming mail server section:
    Host name is
    User name is your email address without the part
    Password is the usual

    Outgoing mail section:

    Host Name is “shawmail”, no username or password is needed

    6) Save!

    7) Check to see if you can send/recieve messages on wifi and also on the rogers network since its a different system. If it doesn’t work go back into settings, mail, choose the account that you just set up, hit SMTP, and check that the primary server is shawmail, and bell SMTP server is set to on.

    Hope this helped Mr. Mallozzi…….Let me know. Now off to watch Time!


  3. where’s dinner at? i’ve been to bistrot bistro and market on your recommendation; undoubtedly the best restaurants experiences i’ve ever had (i won’t be able to afford fuel anytime soon, so i’m disappointed to hear that they will be closing). Anyway a recommendation for you:HK bbq master: # 145 – 4651 No.3 road richmond (in the superstore complex.). I’ve had a lot hk bbq as i’m sure you have also. Let me tell you, this is the best place in vancouver…by far. no contest.

  4. Since I’m a west-coaster and have a couple of hours before “Time” (which I’m anxiously awaiting, even more so after this blog post)…

    To sync your mail account settings, connect your iPhone to your Mac, go to iTunes and select your iPhone under “Devices”. Then click the “Other” tab on the right-hand side panel, scroll down to “Mail Accounts”, check the “Sync selected Mail accounts:” box, select the mail account you want to sync and checkmark it, and then press the “Sync” button. Remember, everything’s easier on a Mac… Oh, you must be using Mail as your email client on your Mac to do this. If you’re not, well, you’re gonna have to do something else!

  5. Ok, I couldn’t wait to get on here and say “now that’s what I’m talking about!!” What a great story and poignant performances by all. I can’t wait to watch it again in an hour.

    Thank you.

  6. Nope, not for me. The set looked fake and I was bored beyond belief. In SG1, yes, some of the sets were horrible, but the stories made me forget about them. Sorry Joe, I really wanted to like this one. I did enjoy snippets of it (as you mentioned earlier) such as Eli’s confession. I could barely distinguish what was going on in the “jungle”, and the kino cutting out was unbelievably annoying. I’ll take the old used up forest scenes over this any day. I’m sure some people will love the episode, just wish I could have been one of them 😉

  7. Dinner? Lemme guess… Fuel??

    If it makes you feel any better, the little dive bar around the corner that I love so much is doing the same thing as Fuel, only the other direction. They’re fixing the place up, taking out the pool tables, and trying to get rid of ‘the element’. Now ‘the element’ is just neighborhood folks – working people, mostly middle-aged – not an unruly bunch for the most part. Just…average people. Sure, maybe a few career drinkers around the bar, but those of us who eat there aren’t so bad. 🙂 I like the guy who’s taking it over, but I know what he wants to do with the place, and it means more expensive food, smaller portions and…well…just losing the place around the corner where I can take my time eating a burger, enjoying a glass of wine, and just ‘people watching’. I’m gonna miss the laid back, take as long as you like atmosphere, and the ‘real people’ who go there.

    Okay – watching Time…and… DAMN! Talk about cliffhanger! THIS is what this show should be about! Great episode! Great job – for all involved. It’s even made me ‘like’ Rush…in that warm and fuzzy kinda way. Kudos! Glad I stuck around for just one more…

    …now, I guess, two. 😉


  8. Yeah…definitely write more like this one…not that soapy stuff from the last ep. Geez…this one was good. All it was missing? Wraith. 😀


  9. “Time” was AWESOME!!! Against all my expectations, I have fallen in love with SGU. It has emotional resonance and real characters.

    Now- let the nitpicking and complaining begin!

  10. Hey Joe

    Form the start I have always identified with the character of Eli the most. From his love of Sci-Fi and computer games to his social awkwardness. Then “Time” took it to a level I could never have imagined. As the child of an HIV positive parent I got chills and almost cried at the revelation of his mothers illness. Thank you for bringing to light the effects of this horrible disease that I feel gets ignored far to often in the entertainment industry and congratulations on a wonderful episode.

  11. Liked Time a lot, but it had one of my biggest pet peeves of the franchise. You often show “previously” clips on an episode that seemingly has nothing to do with what’s going on. Then it becomes relevant later. Then you completely explain in the episode what happened and why it’s relevant.

    It’s redundant. If you’re going to completely explain in the episode that they went to an ice planet and have been using it as drinking water, then it doesn’t matter if we see clips from the episode. It doesn’t really serve a purpose.

    The one example that first set off the red flag for me was Echoes on Atlantis. You fully explain the whale creatures history and importance to the plot in that episode, but you had a “previously” package that showed what felt like half the whale episode. Because it was such a big deal in the intro, it was pretty obvious what was causing everyone’s problems imediately when they started having issues. Both previous series really got out of control with this by the end and were seemingly showing every clip possible to explain any reference mentioned later in the episode.

    I really wish you’d under explain things in the intro instead of over explaining them. When you explain it in the episode itself then either the audience remembers the previous episode, or they don’t remember it but have all the important information anyways. No reason to also include a neon sign that says “See? We totally showed this ice thing happen earlier.”

    If Universe is supposed to be more challenging and not spell everything out(like at the end of Time where they don’t just show them fixing everything, you can just assume it) I really wish you’d pull back a bit on the opening recaps.

  12. It’s hard to talk about Time without spoilers. Yeah, so I’ll just say now:


    Eli did have some great moments this episode. While I never disliked Rush’s character, he’s growing on me more as a person. If that makes sense.

    The whole episode really highlighted Greer’s sense of duty and just how deeply he feels about that. The scene in the gate room with Young was very insightful. Those two play well off each other.

    I like how the storyline took from a lot of different Stargate mythology as well.

    The one thing I’m kind of conflicted over is how much the creature looked like the goa’uld. It would have been nice to see it look more foreign and different. At the same time, it’s an interesting concept because it could very well be this galaxy’s version of the goa’uld. They even did the whole getting in the body thing, but way grosser.

  13. Oh, man. You guys totally had me for a minute with the Chloe death! what surprised me was how bothered I was by it. I’ve been saying for awhile now that Chloe seemed kind of useless, but I was never really on the “kill her off!” train.

    Then you still had me fooled for the briefest of seconds after Rush named the other dead. I would miss Lt. James because she’s awesome, but sadly I can’t think about her now without part of my mind going to the whole…Internet nickname fiasco. I’m hoping that mental thing goes away soon. The I was like “No! Not Volker!!!” And then it hit me. It’s a time travel episode. You could kill the whole crew and it wouldn’t have to be permanent.

    I’ve loved the way Universe has given us insight into the characters and this episode didn’t disappoint, and I especially loved the humanizing of Rush.

    I had a hard time feeling particularly frightened by the aliens, probably because we mostly always saw them in Kino-vision and darkness, but I still found aspects of the episode appropriately creepy (and on Friday the 13th, too…) But I’ve got to say, I kind of called it two weeks ago with Scott nearly dying on the desert planet, then nearly dying on the ice planet, and then nearly dying (or actually dying just not in our timeline) on a temperate planet by way of aliens while looking for food. 🙂

    Is next week’s episode really going to be as soapy/”I know you’re still sleeping with her!” as the preview would lead us to believe? Because while I like the stones and I love the look at personal lives both on and off Destiny and I’m not particularly bothered by the sex…I’m kind of with the crowd who doesn’t want it to turn into who’s-sleeping-with-whom and jealous rages all the time.

    Oh, and I love how happy Robert Cooper looks in all your photos! He’s all “Stargate! Wheeee! We’re still here!” Glad your tech woes seem to be subsiding, too.

  14. How is Fondy? You haven’t mentioned your long suffering better half for ages.
    And the pack? Are they all behaving? Do they snore at night?

    I have until Tuesday before I can watch “Time” – there is nothing much on the TV (other than SGU) at present. I also like CSI and CSI:NY (but not the Miami version – Lt. Caine is the most irritating character ever to have been on TV) – can’t wait until the new seasons are being shown.

    Enjoy your dinner – remember to take home a doggy bag.


  15. Simply briliant. This episode took the old hat storyline of crew coming down with a mysterious disease and brought such freshness and emotion to it. In part it did so by combining it with the tried and true stranded on an alien world plot and it worked like a charm. But tell me….did we see the conclusion? Was Scott’s message the final solution and therefore the final part of this storyline? If so its an original way of wrapping an episode up although I’m not sure if that made as satisfactory an ending as I was expecting. Will look at it again to try to get a better grasp of those last two minutes.

  16. In fact…I think I’ll watch this one again when Mr. Das gets home (or tomorrow – whichever he has time for). I’ve only watched one other ep twice – I think Water – just because it was ‘there’. This one I want to watch again because it was good, and because I’m starting to care about some of the characters. Not so much that I can’t walk away from the show if it turns back into Peyton Place in Space, but enough that – if the show continues more along these lines – I’ll be happy to stick around.

    Only Time will tell…



  17. After watching Time, and thoroughly enjoying it, my eyeballs are spinning in my head, my brain is hurting, and I’m mouthing, “what???” I was surprised when I realized that, with only three minutes left, they weren’t going to solve all their problems this week. I loved it! I will have to watch it several more times to “get it” and figure out everything that went on during the episode.

    The performances were wonderful, especially David Blue’s and Aliana Huffman’s. I’m really loving this show.

  18. Hubby just got home, and I convinced him to watch SGU! Will give you a report in an hour, or so. So much I want to say, but will wait because of spoilers, etc. But there are just some great moments here…and I really like how the actors seem to be settling into their roles more comfortably and naturally.

    Now – lemme grab some MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ice cream 😈 , and go for round 2! (it’s GREEN mint, too…with the bestest bittersweet chocolate I’ve ever had in a ‘chip’ ice cream, of any flavor. You just don’t know what you’re missing, Joe!)


  19. Just finished watching Time. Very interesting episode, though parts of it seemed very Blair Witch-esque, as far as the camera goes. Hubby was not thrilled with the ending, wanting a bit more closer instead of the way it was left. But we’re guessing that the flare and kino did their jobs.

  20. I heartily approve of Time. It was a fabulous mix of on-world action, twisted humor, and time traveling convolution. You can definitely see the SG roots in the writing.

    I am glad I stuck it out. Thanks Joe.

  21. “This is one of those episodes that demands a little more of its audience”

    Does that mean:

    “If you think its a mess you are stupid” ? :o)

  22. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! We loved tonight’s episode, even though I’ve never been a fan of the dark and the creepy crawlies.

    I thought the set looked great (what I could see watching through my fingers), and as a matter of fact forgot that it was a set with all the stuff that was going on.

    Thanks for a GREAT episode. It gives me hope, which was only slightly dampened by the previews for next week.

  23. Wow,

    Truth be told i have been skeptical of the new series. The new tone and story telling just did not seem to fit into the SG series in my previous opinion. However, after tonight’s brain buster I have been proved wrong. I feel as though I am watching an original episode of sg1 where I don’t know what is going on or how they will even possibly survive it. Previous episodes felt sort of like prolonged car chases, waiting to see if they make it out alive. Tonight I fell in love with SGU 😀 TY Joseph, brad, and rob for keeping my hope alive for original and jaw dropping sci-fi!


  24. This is both positive and nit-picky.

    I loved the episode the whole way through. The characters were great and the story was intriguing.

    I did not, however, enjoy the ending. At all. I got so invested in the story and the characters’ struggles and then it was just over. Now, I know this is a different show than SG-1 and Atlantis, but you have to expect people to compare them (I certainly am). What I loved so much about the previous Stargates was the fact that, even when a situation seemed so hopeful, they always managed to get out. For the most part, I can’t remember an episode that left me hanging (other than intentional cliff-hangers, that is). I wanted some sort of wrap-up. I kept expecting to see Eli and the rest of the gang watching the Keno video, saying “Okay, we should go do this” or something like that. I suppose this new “don’t-give-everything-away” format will take some getting used to…

    Despite my reservations, I’ve stuck with the series so far. It’s a quality show and I’m falling in love with characters (mostly Greer and Eli…And Young and Rush). I’m just having a hard time not imagining McKay snapping his fingers and solving the problem, or Carter pulling some last-minute solution out of nowhere…

  25. It looks like this epi payoff won’t happen next week. To me the ending as it was says that “our sgu” has not encounter the kino(s) with the information regarding the water that was brought on broad. And to me thats the right way to do it, as TJ said there was some time between drinking the water and the beginning of the sickness.

  26. Good episode Joe! This is certainly one I’m going to watch a few more times.

    Star Trek Voyager burned me out on the ‘reset button’ episodes, mainly because you invest an hour of your life into a story that didn’t exist and had no lasting effects on the characters. However this was done in a unique way in that they still have the 2 kinos with the footage on them, so I hope that there will be some lasting reprecussions (I can’t spell that word) from what they have seen. Please tell me that the affects of seeing all of this will have some lasting issues with these characters.

  27. Hey Joe! I am lovin’ SGU! ‘Time’ was awesome tonight! Love all the Kino footage! Who shot all the Kino stuff? And…would you say that the episode was kinda like ‘Window of Opportunity’ (SG-1) or ‘Tabula Rasa’ (SGA)…or a little of both?

  28. Time was great. Fantastic stuff from David, Alaina and Brian J. Loved the ending. Why did Destiny stop at the alien planet though? Previously it stopped at planets because it knew the crew needed something (water, calcium, etc.), so did the ship know that the crew was sick and stopped at the planet knowing that it contained a possible cure? Seems a bit unlikely that Destiny knew the aliens’ venom would hold the cure.

  29. Joe! Time was a great episode which turned out completely different from what I thought it would be.

    One thing that Time made me think of was the gate itself. Venturing back into the realm of gate physics I realized that we have no idea how the destiny gate works. Will we eventually learn how the squiggles are used and interperated as addresses, or is this something we are to understand as just a new way its done. Among other things the gate is the signature mark of this franchise, and up to now we have barely been shown how this ‘prototype’ gate works.

    Congrats on another well made episode!

    Thanks always,

  30. “Time” spoilers below.
    That… wasn’t bad, IMO. Not “great”, not “very good”, but “good enough”. Even Eli’s annoying bedside speech to Chloe was at least not a declaration of love, and was pretty well acted.
    What I consider the one big flaw is the complete reset-button at the end; so much for consequences. *None* of the interpersonal stuff ultimately becomes known to anyone but the viewers. Which could have been avoided by arranging some excuse to have *both* kinos (kinoes?) sent back at the end; it’s not as if anything was revealed that would have had major immediate effects, but it would have been nice for the characters to actually learn something about each other.

  31. Mixed feelings for Time. I will start with the good. Loved Eli. I really loved his talking with TJ on the planet about his mom. Very nice moment there. Also his talk with the comatose Chloe was heartbreaking. David Blue really shined in this. I also though TJ was well highligted in this episode. I liked that it wasn’t all handed to us and we were supposed to piece it together.

    What I didn’t like, from the moment Chloe “died” I knew where the story was going. I knew without a doubt that there was no true peril. No way that a main character was going to die this early on in the series. Well maybe if it was TJ as medical personel don’t have the highest of on the job safety records. If this were a different show I might have felt it, instead from that moment I was waiting for the reset button and then right on cue it came along. I wish I could expect the unexpected but instead it went exactly where I thought it would. I had no prior knowledge of spoiilers of this or any other future episode. Just a prior knowledge of the track record of the SG francise. I so want to love this show. I sat down tonight with the greatest of expectations, but honestly if this is supposed to be one of the best episodes I am still feeling pretty meh about it.

    For all those that loved it, I am truly glad. I hope the show continues for a long time and does really well. I will most likely give it the rest of the season but with each episode I am severely underwhelmed.

  32. Hey Joe!

    NOTE: for anyone who hasn’t seen Time, mild SPOILER ALERT

    PHENOMENAL episode tonight. Though I’ve felt that way every week so far, and I’m starting to wish that at the beginning I had just said “Meh, it’s ok” So that when we got up to some of these episodes and I said “phenomenal” that I hadn’t already said it each week 😛

    Anyways, I thought Time was incredible. Although we kind of saw the solar flare thing coming, I loved that you guys are using established Gate issues. It also lends itself to a pretty trippy episode when you have to try and wrap your head around multiple timelines..

    I find it difficult to single out anyone in particular, given that I felt that every single actor turned out a stellar performance, but in particular I thought that Elyse Levesque, Alaina Huffman, Brian J. Smith, Jennifer Spence, David Blue… Yeah, I’m just going to end up listing everyone. And, of course, Rob Cooper, for coming up with the intriguing story!

    Suffice it to say that I thought it was an amazing episode all around, and if this is a sign of things to come, I think SGU will continue to have me on the edge of my seat each week.

    Hope Maximus’ recovery is progressing well!!

  33. And to answer why they will eventually go to the planet…for the creature to get its venom.

  34. “Time” certainly gives the viewer a few “what the f*&% moments…”

    Was fun to see some characters die…over and over….knowing they will likely be back in a “groundhog day” kinda moment. The moments where some of the creatures re-burst out of the chest certainly fulfilled Elie’s fears of face huggers from a previous episode.

    The water bugs made me wonder whether these are bugs actually from the ice planet….or if they are the microscopic larvae of the dust devil lifeform…they were breeding in the water after all….

    I have to say the previews that the Space channel in Canada offers on the “InnerSpace” show spoil the following weeks episode a bit too much. Without spoiling it myself here I do have a prediction about a certain character..and its probably alot different then how last week’s episode led us on…

  35. Wow! What an amazing episode! This is what every episode should be like. Now, everyone say it with me: You CAN have a great Universe episode without body swapping stones! You CAN have a great Universe episode without conjugal visits! This was, start to finish, a great Science-Fiction episode!





    There were tons of character moments in this episode. We learned more about Eli and his mother than we did last episode when he was actually interacting with her in someone else’s body. David Blue nailed these scenes and the ones in the infirmary with Chloe. His “friendship” speech was terrific. We learned about what lead T.J. into medicine and A. Huffman was absolutely amazing in this episode. She showed tremendous range, from the professional doctor to someone who just has lost hope and confidence. T.J. is probably my favorite character so far. I can’t wait to see where you take her next season. I liked the almost buddy scene with Young and Rush finally finding something in common. I liked how you started the episode with the “flashback” and then had our heroes going “what the **** is going on here!” I also liked how you linked this episode to Water, it is nice that you can have episodes that the casual viewer can get right into but that steady viewers can get even more out of. And it was nice that Eli actually got to fire a gun this time. My only gripe is that the ending is not clear. I would have liked a little scene where we learn that the venom was able to kill the disease and if everyone is ok. I just don’t know if we were watching them watching themselves watching themselves or what. A minor gripe in what was by far the best episode of the season.
    Please to all the writers involved in SGU: when you are planning all the episodes for the second season, look at Time and see that you do not have to go back to earth, body swap, etc. to create a great episode. Please only use the stones to give status reports to Earth. No more personal use. Unfortunately judging from the previews for next week, we are back to the mess that was half of Earth. Please stick to the Destiny and remember Time!

  36. Time was an awesome episode! I’m loving SGU more every week. David Blue has such a great understanding of the Eli character. And he’s really good at acting with his eyes and showing the emotion in them. Amazing! Can’t wait until next week!

  37. More “Time” spoilers, natch.

    It belatedly occurs to me that it’s entirely possible (temporal-mechanics wise) that the final-timeline Destiny crew will find *both* Kinos lying by the gate (along with Rush’s skull), both “presents” having sent a Kino back to the same past. If that’s eventually established to be true *in the show* (as opposed to just on a blog), along with some interpersonal consequences, then I’ll have to upgrade my review to “pretty good”.

  38. Okie dokie – just finished up watching again with Mr. Das.



    He really enjoyed it – despite his own head and neckache. LOL…we joked about him drinking the water. 🙂

    Now I get the ending – not technically a cliffhanger…cliffhanger in the brain, you could say. I REALLY liked this because there is no need to see them ‘undo’ everything, since the audience should already know how that will unfold.

    Loved Greer’s sense of duty – I’m seeing a nice contrast here between him and Scott…not that Scott isn’t a serious soldier, he just has a different approach to things. Tells me he doesn’t like to lose, whereas Scott is used to losing. Am I close here?

    I also loved David’s acting in this, especially when he was taping the kino to Eli’s hat (I think that’s what he was doing). Nice to see his range beyond the funny man.

    Not much into mushy stuff, but TJ’s reaction to what was happening (after Chloe’s death) was good – liked the interaction between her and the person with her (sorry, don’t know her name). That was a good ‘battlefield’ buddy moment – the sort I like to see, though usually between guys because…well…because guys just appeal to me more. 😀

    Rush – Rush was great. I loved his little shrug when Eli told him he was crazy, and quite a few other moments. I was really expecting him to pop Eli in the nose, just to shut him up about the ‘desert island movies’. And liked Young’s little ‘we have something in common’ with Rush over the Butch and Sundance thing.

    Nice creepy element to this episode – sort of like Sanctuary’s ep last week. My only ‘problem’ was that – in the beginning – I couldn’t figure out that I was watching it through a kino (the shadowy edge got lost in the jungle)…at first I thought I was watching it through some kind of bug’s eye.

    Oh, and one last thing. I SWEAR I can smell Eli through the tv set – PLEASE give that boy a shower soon! And find him some new clothes!


  39. @Kevin: the notion that the bacteria is the beginning stage of the dust creature is very intriguing (sp), it also makes me wonder why the ancients didn’t put in place a system capable if filtering out any contaminates from the water.

  40. well…that episode….was freakin awesome! !!!!!!!!
    For me, this is the first episode of SGU with that holy crap wow factor…on the same level as say…be all my sins remembered. Not that previous eps sucked or anything, its just that they didn’t completely blow me away on this level. Keep up the great work guys. Hope you had a good dinner.

  41. Ah well., Trying to avoid spoilers so I’ve only glanced over the post and am skipping the comments till tomorrow. Here’s hoping Itunes will offer download early, so I’ll have something to do beside take notes. From the number of comments already up, I’m expecting good things when I finally see this episode.

  42. Imaginary pitch: “It’s like Cloverfield meets Starcraft with time travel! It’s got some real tear jerker parts like Rent too. Oh, and Eli’s mom has AIDS.”

  43. Not too sure about As the Stargate Turns the ep next week, though… 😉


  44. I liked it, even if the message-in-a-kino bit essentially solved all their problems. Call me a cynic, but the death of a major cast member could easily be for realsies at any moment. I never figure everything can be undone.

    And was I the only one who imagined Scott saying “Under no circumstances go to P4C-970?”

  45. wow i loved time. im not usually one of those one off episode fans but it was really good. you guys had the alien action and intrigue as well as the personal character moments i love so much. it was a great mix with something for everyone to enjoy i think.

    so, when rush was making that speech about the ancients and how they inspired him to be a part of the stargate program he was referring to the woman in his photo a few eps ago right? something happened to her and hes looking for a way to extract her consciousness from her body?

    oh and in anticipation of the next episode, in earth when telford fingered the ring on his (young’s) hand after the incident with the stones, was that a scripted thing or just an actor thing? did it have significance? was it just telfords way of telling us he was going to take revenge on young via his wife? oh and for the next ep, do you have any teases for us? it looks like the other shoe drops with young, emily, and telford. i so cannot wait.

    so far you are right about these three episodes. one down and two to go. i know i will love the next one as young appears to get his with regards to telford. keep up the excellent work!

  46. Hey Joe,

    Question about the solar flare/time travel, if they had gone through the gate through the destiny end would they have traveled forward in time, dose the direction you pass through the flare determine which direction in time you will be moving, or is it just a 50/50 shot that when you connect to another gate through a flare you won’t know if you are going forward or backwards.

    also the episode was amazing, can’t wait till next week. I don’t really understand some of the complaints about the ending, it really reminds me of the great SG1 episode Last Stand. The endings had a very similar tone, and i guess that makes some sense since both were written by robert cooper.

  47. Truly an amazing episode. Next week’s looks from the previews like something that just isn’t my cup of tea by comparison, but I’ll stick with it, of course. I’ve never, ever, *ever* been a fan of…


    …’omg you’re a father’ kinds of moments in fiction.

  48. Hey Joe!

    I loved this episode! The characters that really stuck out to me as being ones that I feel I can really invest in are Eli, Scott, and TJ. The scenes with Eli talking about his mom and his bedside confession to Chloe both made me really sympathize with the character. Even Rush is starting to come around for me, though that really started in the last episode. Over the Air arc I really didn’t like the character but, as I’ve said, he is starting to grow on me.

    Again, awesome show… Here’s to more.

  49. “Well,for a moment i thought we´re in trouble…..”
    but this episode was amazing…that was Stargate as it should be!It was one of the best episodes in the whole franchise and i loved to watching this twist and turn loaded dramatic ep.
    More Eps. like this and a season 2 is granted…


  50. I just finished watching Time. Finally an action packed episode with cool aliens. This is the kind of episode I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the show. Please keep making episodes like this (and less like Earth).

  51. This (Time) was a much better episode! Thank goodness. Hoping that from now on it will keep getting better. I was getting quite tired of the soap opera SGU!

    Thanks… excellent work on this one!

  52. THANK YOU. A storyline that required paying attention, character moments expressed through good acting, and evidence that these people can pull together when the chips are down… I have hope!

    Next week’s preview looked like back into the soapsuds, but I’ll hang on for more to come like “Time”.

  53. Great episode with wonderful moments. Each of the actors gets to stretch a bit and the writing provides enough leeway for them to really shine. This episode had a great pace and feel to it with plenty of background which proves to me you can have it all in one package. There are so many hints of things to come with Rush’s story line, the crew relationships and Destiny’s secrets I see no reason for anyone to abandon the series at this point. I, for one, am glad we’ve had the episodes leading up to this. I’ve gotten to know the characters under a variety of circumstances and have seen them evolve. They’ve discovered inner strengths they didn’t know they had. I gotta believe the Rush payoff will be a brain stretcher when it comes. Is it fun spinning for season two after you’ve seen what a great group of people you have to write for?

  54. WOW, I loved that episode.

    The rest button was kinda obvious, but a double rest button is a new one. It was handled very well, as you are focusing on the events and emotions rather than the rest.

    For a moment I thought Eli was going to be the one to send the second Kino, but Scott makes more since. Though when is Eli going to do something Heroic? Not counting the shuttle from “Light.”

    Chloe dies, twice. I’m sure the Chloe haters will love/hate it, but I thought they were great. One gruesome and the other heart breaking, and after her first death I would have thrown up too.

    I liked Rush’s reaction to when Eli called him crazy, and we got to see a more of Rush’s character, I am looking forward to that Rush centric episode later in the season.

    Those 47 minutes went by quick, and thankfully OnDemand did not shortchange me again.

    Also I assume that by the next episode everyone would have seen both Kino’s, I hope to see some kind of reaction to them, at least a mention.

    And to those commenting about the sudden end of it, well first it is very obvious what happens afterward. Second, check out Kino 18 when it is put back up, I understand now why it was taken down and why people said it was very spoilerly.

  55. Hey Joe,
    First time poster, long time reader here. First off, great episode, as per usual, but I think this one may be my favorite so far, what with the time travel, virus and little insights into the characters. But the main reason I am posting is to thank the writers for putting an HIV positive character in the show. I have worked in various parts of Latin America on HIV/AIDS education, and to see a mention of the disease in such a natural way without demonizing it was very rare and lovely to see. I didn’t really realize how little it comes up in entertainment mediums until tonight. So thank you for that, and I look forward to watching the rest of the season.

  56. @ Jon

    The direction of the time travel depends on the size and type of solar flare and not the direction of the actual travel through the WH

  57. Wow….Time is a “blow your socks off” episode. Was riveted to TV and did not move from recliner and very annoyed at every commercial.

    now I have to rewatch Time for all the things I missed.

  58. Interesting story, it was nice to see into some of the characters stories and perspectives.

    The entire beginning from the perspective of the kino, for me was distracting pulling me out of the story telling. I can understand the need, and story telling aspect of it, but I would have preferred standard filming showing the kino filming inter-cutting between the two. But after the beginning cutting back to the ship made it much smoother for me.

    I enjoyed the line in which Eli tells Rush he is crazy, and he response is a shrug.

    The set looked great, kudos the the crew.

    The opening to the episode gave up water plot, but I’m not sure that that matters due to the other plot points.

    Also what are you using to learn Japanese? I’ve heard only good things about Rosetta Stone.

  59. Hey Joe,

    If you set up Mail on the Mac with the details of your provider. Then plug in your Iphone, and let Itunes open. There is an option in the Iphone settings in there to sync settings from Mail. That’s the easiest way.

    On a random note, I was watching Tv here last night and saw an episode of Smallville that had Alaina Huffman in it.

    How did you get on with your episode synopsis then?

  60. Since I see a lot of “spoilers ” written above , I would like to share my “spoiler experience” on the space channel website.
    On a certain week of this month, driven by my enthousiasm about an episode, I posted 2 comments about it, and none of them were posted.
    Curious, I sent an e-mail to the site moderator asking for the reason.
    After several days of waiting for an answer, my 2 comments were finally posted .
    I was told that my comments were not posted initially because they thought they might be a “spoiler-filled”.
    Now I know what a spoiler is, can’t seem to find out on the net what a spoiler-filled is.
    Should I feel insulted or flattered ?

  61. Joe, WTF? I don’t understand what really happened!!Someone please explian this to me!! Sheryl.

  62. Bows down in amazement at “Time”.

    Wow… to call this an amazing episode would be an understatement.

    The true philosophical depth of this episode is something that has been lacking in the Stargate franchise – the audience had to realize the details and grander meanings of various lines, characters, and even the deaths (James and Chloe in relation to Scott and Eli)… death and the after-life with Rush.


  63. Brilliant, just brilliant! Apparently GeekBoy and I watch too much scifi, because we were actually able to follow the plot without getting lost. Barely. I had puzzle piece #1 figured out pretty early on, but I only figured out piece #2 just before it was made obvious (but only because I knew which actors were still in scenes at the end of the season). The ending was PERFECT! GeekBoy and I looked at each other and said, “Whoooooooooa!!” My sister-in-law immediately called me long-distance to demand that I explain the ENTIRE episode to her because she didn’t understand it. Turns out she missed the first 10 minutes but figured she could sort it out as she went along. Duh! That didn’t work!

    To summarize, we thought it was awesome!

  64. Just finished watching Time, great episode! It had everything a good sci-fi story should have, killer aliens, time travel, and a rainy jungle (well perhaps not for every sci-fi story, but the set looked fantastic). Kudos.

  65. I saw Time and…

    Well I’ll be honest I liked “Light” better.

    The concept of Time was neat – I’m usually pro time travel stuff because it can be cool. I actually really enjoyed the episode until we got to the end – and it wasn’t that the end was even bad, I thought it was great! But I was left feeling let down because there were some amazing character interactions that now never happen. <– Good for a second season (sorry I vote against you on this one LOL) – but not so great for a first season episode (maybe a back half?).

    For example I loved that moment when Rush and Young figure out they have something in common. It was like an inch in the right direction. Or when Chloe died (no offense to the great actress) – the pain in Eli's face – would it have created an edge to him that he doesn't have? He's sort of that youthful sci-fi nerd that's easy to relate to in some ways, but what would have losing Chloe done to him? (Okay and I confess, I've been waiting for some people to die for no other reason than because well, that's what happens, people die…)

    I do want to say that this disappointment overshadowed my enjoyment of the episode. BUT the episode was really well written, I liked the concept (despite the fact that technically depending on when you enter the Stargate you might end up in a different time… but we'll let you rewrite your own wormhole laws… this time LOL). The acting was powerful, the story was gripping… it really had me up until I realized what I did and mentioned above. Then I was sad and had to go eat an Oreo cookie.

  66. Loved “Time”. Totally amazed at how the Amazing creative team of SGU created an entire rainforest complete with rain on Stage 2. VERY COOL!!

    Can’t wait to see next weeks episode!!!

  67. Enjoyed the episode very much, *especially* the ending. Good stuff. Unlike some of the posts in here, knowing some of the comments you’ve made about the BBC programming (Spooks/MI-5, specifically), I was completely open to the possibility of one of the main characters dying this early in the show. Even more so after you said how much you were looking forward to this episode.

    Mind you, I’m not saying that I was hoping for it, or looking forward to it. See, personally, I disagree with you on this point. I think that long-running shows, for the most part, have a stable cast with great chemistry, and that vastly contributes to their chances of success. It perhaps hurts the shows from the artistic point of view (“Bah, they’ll never kill off any of the main characters.”), but the audience has an emotional investment into the characters, and I feel that is more important. I actually stopped watching the MI-5 series (actually, I was buying the DVDs) after the second season, primarily because I realized that they were continually going to be messing with the core cast. That simply gets wearisome to me. Anyway, that’s how I see it.

    Back to the tonight’s episode. I did want to add that probably *the* most favorite part about it, to me, was the fact that they worked together as a team. No one was blaming anyone for anything that was done, accidentally or intentionally. OK, some panicking over the antibiotics early on, but that’s understandable. Again, I enjoyed the episode very much. And yes, David Blue really did do a very good job.

  68. Wow, Joe, that was amazing – AMAZING

    (minor spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet!)

    Wow, the whole thing was a great roller coaster ride. I love the action (guns firing!!!!) as well as alot of the intimate scenes, as what we learned about Eli’s backstory. I also enjoyed the directorial style, as most of it is seen from the Kino, and we’re brought along, watching the Kino vid as the crew is – all of us see the same thing, trying to figure it out. I kept looking at my clock – how the heck are they going to explain this with 20 minutes left? With 15? But it was done beautifully. Also liked the ending, and how the credits continued the little kino stuff.
    However, I’m not sure how keen I was on using the Kino. I mean, I enjoyed the concept, but parts of it seemed too abrupt and the interference got annoying at a couple parts. But once the story began going between the kino scenes and the Destiny scenes, it seemed alright.
    But anyways, Time is now my other favorite of the season, right up with Light!
    Can’t wait to see next week’s ep!

  69. Now that I think about it – I realize I’m not sure which timeline is which, and so forth….I think I might end up re watching on hulu tomorrow and try to figure it out! You’re right, this episode sure requires alot of thought!

  70. ‘Time’ was good, a truly alien adventure and story.
    Took me a while to reconcile the timelines though. This was a cool way to reintroduce the “solar flares + wormhole = time travel” concept, Stargate 101.

    1. Was ‘Time’ a way for us, the audience, to learn _important_ snippets’ about the character’s that the character’s themselves won’t know for a while?

    2. Rush, in the cave with Eli, mentions ascension and how the concept of death should make a person strive for greatness (my words). Is that a sly hint about Rush’s motivations?

    3. What Eli first say’s to Chloe at her bedside, about waiting till then to say what you feel, didn’t Sam Carter say the same to Dr Jackson in SG-1 before he ascended? The episode where he dies from radiation poisoning.

  71. Coucou Joseph!
    ça va bien?
    Moi oui sauf que j’ai fait pas moin de 5 rêve cette nuit ça ma encore plus fatiguer^^!

    Yéh je regarde cette épisode ce midi et je vous direz ce que j’en pense!

    A plus tard

  72. Hey Joe (and cast/crew/etc. @ SGU),

    “Time” was excellent. Let all of SGU’s episodes go about story-telling in that exciting sci-fi fashion. 😉 (Or similar to that.) Keep the science fiction element stronger than the drama element and I suspect fans (old and new) will have a greater appreciation for the show.

    Good job on an excellent episode!

    By the way, why does Cooper look so squirrelly?! 🙂

    Sean D.

  73. G’day Joe

    OMG. I just saw the eppi ‘Earth’
    Awesome. I was hilarious when Telford jumped back into his own body. Hubby and I laughed so hard. But naughty Telford at the end. Boy, Mrs Young must be GOOOOOD.
    Great work to all involved.

  74. Hello,

    Re: solar flares’ effects on stargate travel:
    As I understand it, the rotation the wormhole takes around the sun has something to do with going forward or backwards. I believe that’s how it was settled in 1969 and also how Ba’als failsafe from Continuum sifted through solar flares to find the right profile.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It’s kind of disturbing now to realize Dr. Rush was holding his own skull on the second run to the planet. I was delighted with the aside with Lt. James. she seems to be our liaison to the b-team, as it were. Hope to see more of her in the rest of the season and hopefully season 2! (and 3, 4, et cetera)

    As someone mentioned the Wraith previously, it reminded me of a question I’ve wondered idly about. The wraith as described early and often seem to have no expected “expiration date” due to their unique physiology; would this, coupled with their early exposure to various ancient technology and ideas, mean that they have no religion or is that something the writers have never discussed?

    um, feel free to break that down into: Do Wraith follow a religion?

  75. *”Time” spoilers*

    The five people here to watch Time concurred that outstanding visuals were the centerpiece of this episode, in addition to standout performances from Alaina Huffman and David Blue in a relentlessly tragic storyline. But, as with every ep to date, excellence is manifested in many, many small ways as well as in the elements that stand out over the course of an hour. Puzzle elements were perceived differently by each person. They offered transitory relief from the prevailing grimness, as did the small irony of other crew giving Eli “the stare” when he brought up Back to the Future and alternate realities. To me, the “So — so what?” exchange between Rush and Young over the ending of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid seemed less like bonding and more like, “We’re still too different to relate.” (Others were less cynical.)

    Darkness and confusion on the planet are of course in correspondence to those same elements on the ship. Daylight merely brings a more grim perspective to realities of the preceding night — in two or three (? – I thought Scott’s last scene made the third) differing timelines at that, bringing viewers into at least some of the confusion experienced by the Destiny crew. Eli’s discovery of the kino’s night-vision capability couldn’t have been brought in at a better time. The b&w jungle-combat sequences are likely familiar to most from other shows or documentaries, but they really underscore the pandemonium of warfare against an unknown, barely perceived enemy. — I was reminded that either/ both black and white symbolize death in different cultures; and to me, that was more grisly than the aliens. But the slimy body-borers were creepy enough to add to the overall effect.

    I always enjoy the character moments, but this time my attention was grabbed more by their settings. Kudos to Rob C., Ivon B., Mark S., and Jim M. for a wide variety of seamlessly meshed photography and effects that challenged me to keep up with what was going on, at the same time that the malfunctioning kino gave clues as to changes in time, place, and POV, both off-ship and on the Destiny.

    Another outstanding group effort . . . I’m really getting spoiled. More, please. 🙂

    — A small criticism, followed by a sort-of rant:

    While I really enjoyed Time as a stand-alone, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed that the focus on character development was interrupted a little prematurely — my take, anyway. That may be a minority opinion, but my enthusiasm for SGU has been primarily stoked by Brad W.’s and Rob C.’s willingness to probe areas you don’t see that much in sci-fi. Where others see melodrama, I see *good* drama — character moments that both drive and are driven by interesting plot elements, not the “soapy crap” others have complained about, which boils down to essentially the same things happening over and over again, and storylines never really evolving. To date, that does not characterize SGU.

    Also appealing to me is the fact that SGU doesn’t have to have “alien of the week” confrontations or space-western shoot-’em-ups in order to be interesting. Yeah, aliens can be fascinating, and space battles can be incredible; but deft explorations of the human psyche can be very awesome as well, and the skilfull use of atmosphere to set up scenes in viewers’ minds is consummate artistry. Great storytellers and artists have been making use of well-observed earthly subjects for as long as communication has existed, so why change the parameters just because SGU has its genesis in science fiction?

    I just plain don’t understand SGU being lumped in with soap operas: I’ve seen enough of both to recognize the difference between treasure and trash. — Going by some commenters’ criteria, I wonder if over half the world’s literary classics would get tossed off library shelves because they focus too much on not-atypical things happening in people’s lives. Good writing brings insight and a fresh approach to “old as humankind” issues, and that’s what I see in SGU (along with fresh or original takes on sci-fi), plus a good deal of excellent artistry. For myself, I couldn’t ask for a better combination.

    — Again, many thanks to all involved in SGU’s production.

  76. . . . .That was THE most amazing episode of any TV show I would ever attempt to watch at any point in my life. Of course, it was also compounded by the fact that I was watching it at 1AM and everything from my comprehension of nail polish to elementary spelling was already getting a bit hazy, but . . . even knowing the whole moving-through-time-solar-flare thing . . . my mind was verily blown by this episode. And it also didn’t help that the moment Eli started talking about how he felt towards Chloe I started bawling. Basically, overall . . . Time was a 45 minute explosion of genius. And freakiness. 😀

    “My only gripe is that the ending is not clear. I would have liked a little scene where we learn that the venom was able to kill the disease and if everyone is ok.”
    Ah . . . I just had to reply to a comment made by someone else . . . That’s the whole point! It *doesn’t* have them safe back on Destiny going *in a prim British accent that sounds not only knowledgeable but quite adventurous in a blasé kind of way* “Oh yes, we found this Kino and apparently the water has been contaminated! But don’t worry we have some venom here that should make everything much better and save the day!! I wonder what the hell that was all about!!” Instead, it leaves you to think . . . Yes, there is an episode next week where apparently they’re all alive, but how the hell did they get there?! It leaves you to your own devices in a way. I mean, for all we know the same thing could’ve happened several times before they were actually able to attain the venom without people dying!! It’s the whole alternate realities idea . . . think of how many teams had to go through the gate for it to all work out in the end?! And who knows . . . maybe when Scott sent the Kino back through, the next solar-flare-time-glitch thingee was perfectly fine and they got the venom and no one died and Scott didn’t have to see everyone die around him *again* . . . but we don’t know!! *shiver* That’s what makes it so supremely awesome!!

    Though I have no troubles with episodes where it’s mostly based on home issues, ala Earth and Life, I do particularly love stand alone episodes as compared to home episodes. In so many ways Time really illustrated that, even though they have the Ancient communication devices, they really are quite on their own!! If they died, Earth would never really know. Eventually the SGC would have to give up looking for them. Like Eli said about his mother, if something happens to him out there, she might just give up. Or if he doesn’t die and is just stranded on a planet with no ability to get back to Earth in any way, shape or form . . . she could lose hope even when he’s still alive. They are alone. They don’t have a safe place to fall back to!

    Ugggh, I swear, every serious scene with Eli had me tearing up. In Time, you can really see how he in no way signed up for this . . . well, we already knew this but, in the sense that the scientists and military types were told that they’re going to another planet, and it’s way the hell out there and none too safe. Eli was snatched from his house and sent on his way to help them, and was never really given the chance to come to terms with the fact that he has a very real chance of dying, of not going home. And his scene with Chloe, when he told her how he felt, but too late . . . and then when Scott found out. Just, damn!! I mean, when Chloe died, I knew that of course this wasn’t what *really* happened, in the whole “reset button” sense . . . but the fact that that had a real chance of happening, maybe even in some other way where Chloe is dying from wounds, or from another type of disease or whatever! There are *so* many ways to be killed quite quickly in the Stargate universe, that one really does have to get ahead of the whole deathbed-side confession and tell someone how one feels before it’s too late. And you really see how Eli really does *love* Chloe . . . oh, how did he put it . . . That everything was just *better* when she was around. Beyond touching, that moment was heartbreaking!!

    And Lt. Scott!! Aaah!! Eli and David Blue were just amazing in this episode, above and beyond everything we’ve seen before, and I truly applaud him for that, but . . . all I can say is, poor Lt. Scott!! Not only once, but in two different realities he is left very much alone after watching everyone around him die! Hasn’t this happened enough with his parentals and guardian?! And his scream when he woke up in the cave . . . I nearly screamed myself with the horror of such a situation!!! That was just . . . terrifying, beyond all comprehension!!

    And, frankly, my comments don’t touch on half of the amazing character development in this episode. I mean . . . TJ, Greer, Rush, Young . . . they were all just beyond amazing, as were the actors, as shown in a very real way.

    In summation, this was an amazing, heartrending, spleen tearing and gut alien-sucking episode that quite thoroughly freaked me out and rabbit-punched my heart in a way that gives me hope that other people will see this and realize how worth keeping this show is.

  77. Well, I must say I am totally hooked on SG:U now. Time was an amazing episode. Stunning performances by the actors, and outstanding writing.

    It was very interesting to see everyone let down their guard a bit with each other… finally. I do see what you mean about the show “hitting its stride” now.

    Bravo to all… and thank you.

  78. Me voila, j’ai regarder l’épisode “Time”!

    Conclusion je suis un peu déçu car j’avais osé rêvé que cette épisode soit différente des autres part le fait qu’il voyage sur sur une autre planéte habité (comme pour sga ou sg1)

    Mon avi:

    Je croyer voir un épisode un peu prés normal (visite d’un monde, ils repoussent les méchants et reviennent chez eux tous contents” ….malheuresement pas tu tout, encore une fois les scénes se mélanges, souvent film par le “Kino” et l’épisode est encore bien sombre. Point positif la relation Eli/Chloé évolue.!

    Ps: Chloé qui vomi on s’en serait passé, tout le mondes détéste vomir et encors moin le voir^^!

    Ma Note: 6/10

    SGU n’est décidément pas du tout en équation avec ma vision du monde, mais je suis sure qu”elle fera la plaisir de pleins d’autres personnes=)

    Bonne journée!
    Bisou =)

  79. Brilliant episode! Definitely the best so far! Wonderful early birthday present, hope Sunday brings me stuff that’s this good!

  80. Time was awesome.

    I like it how it wasn’t immediately apparent that the ‘main’ plot was actually yet another timeline that would be reset at the end – only when James and Chloe died did I realise that. Up until then I thought it would just be a heroic fight to get the gribbly creatures and bring a few back.

    The ending though… it was part cliffhanger, part ‘stop’, rather than an end. The story didn’t end, it stopped – dead in its tracks – with no ‘To Be Continued’ to carry us forward. I’m assuming that the next episode doesn’t pick up where we left off, and I agree that seeing them reset everything wasn’t necessary, it was implied, but it did feel a little rushed.

    And speaking of Rush, he was great. All the character moments were great actually – Greer’s heroism, Eli’s various mental states (both on the planet and in the ‘not dead’ reality), Scott’s realisation that everyone is dead and he’s alone and especially (finally!) TJ, the character who I’ve had the least connection with as she’s had the least to do out of any of them. But Rush was the best – finally showing some humour.

    Great stuff. 🙂

  81. I posted on your 10/30 rant and was overwhelmingly positive about SGU. Any misgivings I was willing to let develop. “Time” however was a disaster.

    I cheered when Chloe died. I havent been a Chloe basher but enough is enough. To find this was a time warp felt contrived like the writers had gotten into this and had no further ideas. It was only a dream (or a solar flare) ….geee..what is this? DALLAS goes to space?

    I am SO disappointed with the constant Eli/Chloe soap opera aspect. Please look at this from the viewer’s point of view: Chloe brings NOTHING to the table. Nothing. The character is immature, self-absorbed and lacking any merits, accomplishments or special talents. She is on this ship simply because she is the Senator’s daughter. She should be pushed to the background or left in the coma.

    Eli’s bedside chat with her was too long and self indulgent. We knew his Mom was ill and how she became ill is interesting but not critical info right now. Also, he “never had a best friend”…..arghhhhhhhh

    Enough with this! Eli is MUCH more interesting when he is recording his kino diaries. The kino is more interesting than the Chloe character.

    If Eli needs a confidant, if you insist on reviving Chloe, then show them talking in a corner but we dont need to be privy to it. Of ALL the potential characters and possibilities on this show, the weekly obsession with these two has become a real turn off for me.

    I very much like Scott and Greer last night. Scott’s last couple of minutes and his desperate attempt to record with the kino and get it to the ship was very well done. As night grows closer and he faces certain death this was a very noble act…..or was it merely a desperate act to save himself? You be the judge…and I enjoyed that aspect a LOT!

    The joke between Rush and Young referencing Butch Cassidy was brilliant! MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

    Overall, this episode was not good at all. It felt contrived, forced, lacking ideas (anyone see Alien???) and something that aspires to be on the CW instead of ScyFy channel.

    I dont even know if I will watch next week to be honest. I dont care where this is going anymore and dont want to watch “Teenage Angst Goes to Space”.

    There were elements that were good……but overshadowed and completely obscured by the Eli/Chloe arc. Time to give that a rest.

  82. I just finished watching “Time”. All I have to say is……Hooolllyyyy SH**!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome episode…..Thank Rob Cooper for depriving me of yet another sleepless night. Bad a** episode!

  83. Great show! Next week, I’m not looking forward to all that drama but this show was fantastic.

    DP: Thanks!


  84. I’ll admit that I got confused there at the end and I’ll be watching it again (and again) not only to try to figure out the ending, but also for the great acting. Of course, participating in the #SGUDrinkingGame over at Twitter probably didn’t help.

    The one thing that bugs me is if the last kino message from Scott negates what happened before, does that mean that Eli’s confession and Young & Scott’s “mini-bonding” didn’t happen? Cuz that would be a loss. Everyone else staying alive is good, but, wow, it sure would be nice for everyone on Destiny to know where Eli is coming from.

    Also, I’m not looking forward to the break coming up. Too bad we can’t get a straight 52 weeks of new SGU every year!

  85. I’ve been looking forward to this episode all week and after watching it, I wasn’t impressed.

    First I’d like to acknowledge your CGI team’s work on Time (and the series in general) it has really picked up over the years, and this episode in particular has top notch visual effects. However the story is another matter..

    Half of it was great, I really enjoyed the scenes off-world with the team fighting to survive and ultimately perishing against an unknown enemy with overwhelming numbers. In my opinion, these scenes added new elements of realism and danger that was rarely used in SG-1 and Atlantis.

    On the flip side, nearly every scene on the Destiny I didn’t like. Chloe’s ‘vomit’ scene at the forefront, It’s obvious she was going to be sick but I felt it was unnecessary to show it. I’ve criticized Battlestar Galactica for this same trait of depicting extremes, as well. Perhaps that make’s me a hypocrite, but that’s what I think. As for David’s acting, I agree he portrays Eli well but in my opinion, his character is used far, far too frequently. At the start of the season I liked Eli but now it just seems like every episode, so far, has several scenes of Eli whining and then making a stupid joke. Personally, I think the bond between Scott/Greer would make better comic relief, or at least Eli relief.

    Better luck next week.

  86. That was fantastic: easily my favorite episode so far! Thanks for trusting the audience to use our brains! The action-filled eps are generally my favorites, though. You know it’s good when I’m actually yelling at the TV. 😉 The mixture of action, suspense, and poignant moments was perfect…I really did prefer this one over all of the interpersonal drama in “Earth,” but I’m not really a sappy movie kind of girl, either. Just a preference thing, I guess.

    I’m so glad that I went into this season fully prepared to receive SGU as a series wholly different from SG1 and Atlantis.

  87. Holy Smokes!!! The ‘Time’ episode was amazing. From the age old concept of solar flares and wormholes playing nasty to the gruesomely awesome and deadly squid-prawn alien creatures, this episode was one heck of a thrill ride. It felt better than anything I’ve watched in quite a while.

    It’s as if the writers felt like toying with people’s emotions.

    One moment, you’re like “OMFG they killed off Chloe!!”. And the next shot on screen, you’re like “eh?”; when you find out she’s alive on the ship. And she dies again later and so does Lt. James (goons!). The kino look for the first scenes, I found to be a brilliant addition to an already awesome episode. All in all, I’m very happy I decided to watch this show.

    I do have to confess though, and I do hope you’re not offended by this, but watching this episode, it made me feel as though I was watching SG-1. That’s how good it was…

  88. Wow…just when I thought SGU had hit is peak, it gets even better! Talk about action packed AND brainy. This was one convoluted epi you had to THINK your way thru, not just watch!





    Okay, safe to talk now…..

    Time really had me going. I picked up on something not being right with the timeline when the “kino” crew kept mentioning a “36 hour window” for Destiny to depart. Our crew only has a 12 hour window. So at first I figured the “kino crew” was from the future when they had gotten better control over the ship. So of course I expected “our” crew to figure it all out, solve the problem in 40 mins and SURVIVE…typical, highly predictable time travel ep. I did not see this TWIST of an ending coming at all!. (Hats off to Robert Cooper) When “our” crew started dying, I was in shock! I thought you really were culling the overlarge cast down to a more reasonable level (adverts about “no one is safe” kept ringing in my ears). It wasn’t until Rush, Greer and Young bit the dust, and time ran out (pun intended) that I realized we were dealing with two time traveling Destiny crews. What a rollercoaster ride. I wanna another ticket, please, please….THAT WAS FUN.

    BTW: Cool twist that the chest busting aliens were not actually the problem (even though they were eating everyone LOL) but the solution to the disease picked up two episodes back during “Water”.

    And next week it looks like we find out what Telford was up to outside Emily’s front door. 7 days is just way to long to wait….

    Question about the preview:
    In LIFE, Emily accuses Young of “still sleeping with HER”. Is this Telford’s evil way of getting revenge, or was there more behind Young’s dream of kissing TJ (in EARTH) than just a fantasy?

  89. Last night’s episode was good. The intrigue, the mystery, the offworld adventure, putting the puzzle pieces together is more reminiscent of what Stargate is known for. You got my attention back. thank you

  90. Wow. I want to take a second to highlight how especially proud I am that you guys didn’t take the whole ‘expository’ route with it. In my opinion, that approach absolutely ruined otherwise great episodes like “Tabula Rasa”.

    “Time” is a perfect example of why doing things this way is better =)

    Amazingly well done episode, kudos to everyone involved in SGU. This was really the best episode to come out of the franchise in years and everyone involved should be proud.

  91. Me revoila, je m’éscuse pour les mots un peu franc de tout à l’heure mais cette épisode ma ouvert les yeux sur le fait que sgu ne sera jamais comme sg1 et sga, je sais il était temp que ça arrive au bout du 7iem épisode! ^^

    Ps: je vous ai envoyé un message twitter pouvez vous y réponde? =)Merci

  92. I’m writing this after viewing “Time” last night and before reading the above posts. I didn’t want my thoughts influenced.

    Well. I’ve had a night to sleep on it.
    Jungle. Spastic kino. Scene homage to “Alien” with an overgrown, Gua’uld looking, flying alien critter splashing it’s way through Chloe’s guts.

    Well, well, well. Yuck.

    Wasn’t the ‘sun flare activity affecting the gate wormhole’ concept done before in SGA and SG-1? No? Disappointing.

    Hm-m… I will have to view this one again on Hulu, with a stiff Irish cream in hand. Then I’ll be back.

    I want to be supportive… but I don’t enjoy horror, or the anticipation of horror in any form.


  93. Quite an interesting and entertaining episode and about “Time.” You mentioned that this was a stand-alone episode so I’m wondering if we can now expect to go back to the glacial pace of the first seven episodes. I expect that the series will now return to the major story arc of the ethically questionable and illogical use of those stones to carry on relationships on Earth since you have indicated that the focus of this series will remain on long story arcs. Any chance in season two (assuming there is a season two) that you will move away from those boring story arcs and back to what Stargate has always done best, which is combining action with compelling interpersonal interactions. “Time” was in the best tradition of the Stargate franchise. Please, I’d like some more.

  94. Love the episode for the most part, exciting.

    But main issues:
    1. the creature bites being cure so contrived felt silly. Even eating the FRUIT there might have made more sense.
    2. How could he know throwing the camera thing would go back to which time, make it at all, and the likelihood at the right time… I don’t know, just felt like many episodes that are utterly fantastic then… oops got 5 mins to wrap it up sloppiness.
    But still, I watched it again 2nd showing so I guess complaints or not it was a hit. 🙂 Ah the contradictions in life.

  95. Hey Joe, while I like the premise of the episode, I think it ranks near the bottom for the season so far because the kino scenes made me feel sick. It is a great idea for short scenes, but it was to much this “Time.” Personally I enjoyed Earth more.

    Eli continues to remind me more and more of myself.. I wonder just how much surveillance you guys have on me, its okay, but I would like to get a check now and then.. 😉

    On a sadder not I am sad to hear of Fuel’s passing, I have heard from others who have dined there and enjoyed it that it was a can’t miss experience.. On the plus side it sounds like it won’t be fully gone, just transformed a bit.

  96. @ Tim
    >>Please only use the stones to give status reports to Earth. No more personal use. << This show is supposed to be about relationships. Given they have the stones, how can you imagine people wouldn't want to go home? I have never known a sci-fi series with so many fans against relationships. I think it adds to the show.

  97. J.M.
    Havta say that I loved Time. Up until now I have been about 95% sold on SGU. Time pushed it up to 98%. I was particularly struck by T.J. trying to hold her emotions in during the Chloe death scene. Brilliant!

    The biggest detractor for me is the amount of time we have spent with Eli and/or Chloe so far. I realize that they are the youngsters on board and probably the least equipped to deal, but their immaturity gets on my nerves at times.

    So question is: are we going to see any serious “growing up” by these two over the course of up coming events?



  98. You hadn’t promised too much, Joe, this was brilliant, even better than “Earth”.

    Showing the death of lots of regulars cast members was a clear hint at some kind of time travel/alternate reality ending, but you guys used it cleverly to construct several character moments that would otherwise have been impossible (Eli’s confessions, a tad of bonding between Rush and Young, etc.). Very sleek.

  99. I really liked the whole contradiction of ‘Time’. I love the development of the ‘human’ moments of all the characters. At the same time the lack of fear of killing off the characters is part of great story telling.

  100. Joe,
    Does Stargate have a promotions department? If so, can someone wake them up and have them see the obvious partnership that is staring them in the face?

    This week’s episode Time and next week’s episode Life. Time and Life? Time Life? Clearly you need to call the good folks at Time Life and get a massive media blitz going. Robert Carlyle could hawk the Sounds of the 70’s, David Blue could promote that book series on Old West Gunfighters (with the dude who shot a man for snoring too loud!), all the while promoting Stargate Universe. Think of the opportunities.

    Your people are asleep at the wheel on this one Joe. That is sad.

  101. I love time episodes that make you have to think. Sorry to say I am so confused. Nothing to do with the way it was written I’m sure. I’ pretty sure it had to do with the fact I endured a migraine for 24 hours made an attempt to go work, worked until 12:15 and gave in the pain,then came home. Took multiple drugs and hydrated myself, fell asleep and woke up and felt better. But the drugs clouded my thinking processes.

    I know that the scenes from the kino were from the future. Am I right? When they were viewing the kino that was present. I am confused as to when the 4 key actors died. What tense was that??? And there was no alternate reality involved right? I will need to watch it again with a clearer head. So anyone who can clear things up for me… I’d appreciate it.

    The husband tried to watch it with me – he couldn’t get past the shaky camera. He made about 1/2 way thru.

    He asked why I keep watching if I don’t like it that much, I told him I am a loyal fan and if it wasn’t for the people and the talent behind it, I probably wouldn’t be watching it.

    Besides I try to think of it as expanding my horizons.

  102. Amazing episode… loved Time! HUbby was home, which made it even more fun.


    Hubby doesn’t read your blog, during one of the commercial breaks after the gruesome death things, I told him of your “no sex, bring the kiddies” remark. He was cackling with glee. (or are we the only ones who find the violence/sex dichotomy a source of hilarity?)

    We now refer to Time as “Attack of the Vicious Nocturnal Sperm Monsters!”

    Seriously, I loved the open non-ending. Too bad I don’t read fanfic, this episode has got to give the fic writers a serious fever.


    I admit, I got a little lost after Eli threw the kino into the stargate, and there was Rush’s body lying there. I’m going to watch the episode again just to clarify what exactly happened when, but the episode itself was compelling. The character moments (an embarrassment of riches, there!) were terrific, and David Blue’s range really is impressive (although I suspected we’d see some of this down the road; comedic actors usually have a dark side).

    The ending was inspired. I applaud Rob Cooper’s brilliant idea, although it was another thing that threw me for a loop for a moment, while I watched the trailer for next week’s episode, thinking: “That’s it?!? They aren’t going to explain what happened?” We’re just meant to assume that Scott’s desperate, last-minute attempt to warn the Destiny’s crew worked. But, truthfully, I like it when the audience is given some credit for intelligence.

    I’m conflicted between anticipation of the next episode, and not wanting the episodes to run out so soon.

  104. I just wanted to stop by to say how much I enjoyed ‘Time.’ I’m one of those people who hasn’t been able to get into the show until now, but I really enjoyed this one very much, indeed.

  105. This is my first time commenting here, but I just wanted to say I really loved this episode.


    There was a small scene that just very much stood out for me, that between T.J. and Dr. Park in the hallway. The actress playing Dr. Park has just done so much with her (rather small) amount of screen time and lines so far – she is wonderful! The way she so awkwardly but kindly offered T.J. the kleenex was the most lovely, human moment. Honestly, not a single line spoken, but great, great acting.

    Of course, as a huge fan of the classic “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, I loved Rush pop-culture moment, as well.

    Thank you!

  106. Sorry, Joe. but I’m going to have to join the camp that didn’t enjoy this episode. I saw the twist ending coming from a mile away and that ruined the experience for me. The kino effects were nice, as was Eli’s triumphant “I told you so!!” concerning documentaries, but it wasn’t enough to sell the plot to me.

    2/5 – fortunately, like you said, as a standalone episode I can mentally ‘write it off’ and enjoy the other 19 episodes of the season. Looking forward to Life next week!

  107. @dasNdanger
    “Talk about cliffhanger!”

    Are you sure it was a cliffhanger? I thought that when Carter throws the thing through the gate to warn the SGC not to go to the Ashen homeworld it resets …. hang on, my TV just got caught in a temporal anomaly … *thwap*
    I thought it ended on the the reset button (ack, Chloe will be back! *buu huu*)

    “the kino cutting out was unbelievably annoying”

    Yeah those Kino scenes are ####### annoying, it makes it look like some damn first person shoot’em up game (a 5 year old game – they look better today!)

    “the creature looked like the goa’uld.”

    Naa, Aliens baby!

    “I would miss Lt. James because she’s awesome”

    James is a boys name 😉

  108. Joe, that was one of the most surprising episodes I’ve seen in a while. For a minute there I felt that you writers had killed of a bunch of characters. But a second time skip! I didn’t know that could be done on TV.

  109. Spoilers…


    .@ Shadow Step – If you read one of my comments further down, you will see that – upon second viewing – I realized it wasn’t a 2-parter cliffhanger, but just a really fantastic ‘wowwee’ ending! It ended like a cliffhanger, but since Scott explains everything that must be done, we can assume that – if everyone is alive and well in the next ep – they found that kino and followed Scott’s instructions. No need to show it – the imagination just fills in the blanks. It just takes my imagination a bit longer than others… 😛


  110. haven’t seen “time” yet. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow. I read above , Chloe’s dead??!!! and I need to go to work. I’ll need to wait til tomorrow to see what all this is about.

  111. “Time” was… wow. The… uhm… scary… wow. Poor Eli. Wow.

    That’s all I’ve got. Wow.

  112. Time probably has to the be the most goriest Stargate episode ever made. I can’t remember a single episode of SG1/SGA with that much blood.

    I think Eli had the right point when watching the blood fest. His *What the* *Screen goes black before the 3rd word is said LOL*

    Not sure if its my imagination but when Eli and Rush are sat in the rain it looks noticable that more rain is being poured on them, not sure if its because of the cover they were using.

  113. Anyways reading some other comments, something I rarely do. Some people hate this episode? Wow.

    I thought it was incredibly well done and didn’t stray into the everyone goes back in time to save the present people blah blah etc. Yay for Kino doing all the work.

    Had to love Matt summing everything up in the final moments in just a few lines with the Kino..

  114. Good episode, loved the tension between Young and Rush when they discovered they both like the same movie, little character tweaks like that is how you develop a much richer show overall. Things are getting better so don’t sweat the critics.

  115. Sad to say

    But the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid reference is lost on the current TV audience. About 3 generations remove from that movie. Most of whom might not have watch the original Star Wars Trilogy or knew who Paul Newman is.

    Hope Mr M’s tech issues will be resolved soon. So he can interact with this blog even when he is gourmet touring in Japan later.

  116. Spoilers!



    Someone asked for an explanation (and I haven’t read one so far – sorry if I overlooked something): Time was basically about two alternate timelines:

    1) Team goes to jungle planet, people get sick and attacked by aliens, everyone apart from Scott dies.
    Scott sends the kino through the Stargate in hopes of it reaching Destiny but instead the kino travels back in time and “comes to rest” near a dead Dr. Rush who previously went through the gate.

    2) Team goes to jungle planet and finds the kino sent by Scott (from 1) ), they return to Destiny and try to figure out what happened:
    The ice planet water makes people sick but the alien venom from the jungle planet could be a possible cure.
    Meanwhile people get sick and die. Scott, Young and Greer try to catch an alien but Young and Greer die. Scott could still have tried to catch an alien before time runs out (or so I figure) but with all the deaths already happened he seems to have lost hope for his timeline and instead sends another message via kino through the gate.
    Only this time, he knows it’s going to the past and uses it as a warning in hopes of the next team (timeline 3) going through the gate, discovering the kino, catching an alien in time and curing everyone before anyone dies.

    3) Not shown in the episode but what is more or less implied to happen:
    Team goes to jungle planet, finds kino (from Scott 2) ) with warning and explanation what to do next. They catch an alien and cure everyone.
    Timeline 3 is the “real” or “our” timeline, nothing of the events from 1) and 2) happened to them.

    That’s at least the way I understood it (and I hope other’s can understand my explanation o.O it’s not at all well-written but hopefully not even more confusing …)

    I don’t think timeline 3) is going to find 2 kinos because the first one was taken by timeline 2) and not brought back, therefore no one from 3) will know what happened (regarding character moments) and it’s a complete reset.
    But I’m no time travel expert 😉
    Personally, I would like them to find both kinos, then those moments wouldn’t be completely lost.
    I liked Time, but I’m going to like it more if there’s made some kind of reference to the jungle planet and kino in the next episode (I don’t need a detailed explanation but without any mentioning of it in the previous episode it would be too much stand-alone for me).
    Rush, TJ, Eli and Scott were great and I’ve even started to like Greer (he’s a type of character I have to get used to first).
    Next episode’s preview makes it unlikely that Telford tried to fool Young’s wife being Young. Pity, I would have liked him with morals that low… but I’m sure he’ll still be “low enough” 😉

  117. “Nope, not for me. The set looked fake and I was bored beyond belief. In SG1, yes, some of the sets were horrible, but the stories made me forget about them. Sorry Joe, I really wanted to like this one. I did enjoy snippets of it (as you mentioned earlier) such as Eli’s confession. I could barely distinguish what was going on in the “jungle”, and the kino cutting out was unbelievably annoying.”

    This hits it so extremely precise on the head, that i fear you’re spying on me. 😛

    After all the fuzz about Time beeing sooo awesome, I expected a really great, outstanding episode.. And yeah, this Episode had some nice ideas and stuff, but.. I woulnd consider it outstanding. Good, but not more. The very personal parts were nice, and that one had to think a little more than just “sitting back” is always a good idea! But thats still not enough for “outstanding”, at least for me. But then I asked myself.. hmm, then what is an outstanding Episode like? I gave it quite a thought, but eventually I failed to come up with something SGU compatible .. thats why you Mr. Malozzi have that job, not me I guess. x)

  118. Wow, just when I think it can’t get any better, you blow me away. I have watched “Time” a couple of times and I’m still seeing stuff I hadn’t noticed the first time.

    I loved the raw human emotion that you captured. I never cry during a tv episode, but I must say, the scene with Eli and Chloe had me in tears. These characters are so real, and even though I was a little confused the first time through, I felt connected to the characters.

    This is by far my favorite episode yet. I finally found out where Eli’s dad was. So that was one question answered.

    I cannot believe just how good this show is. It’s a great show already, but this episode took it to a whole new level. I usually rewatch the episodes at least once, but this one is a must see at least three times.

  119. AWESOME!!!!! Wow Joe, this was something else.

    All of the actors did a great job. I especially liked how Eli told Chloe that she was his best friend and that he “loved” her, TJ waiting to lose it until she confirmed Chloe was dead.

    I had to feel for Lt. Scott, to watch Chloe die by an alien, get bitten and in a coma then wake up to find EVERYONE dead, then the most heartbreaking of all to hear over the radio that Chloe died from the disease and he wasn’t able to be there, and last but not least to watch Greer, Young, and the other soldiers die in front of him AGAIN and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. His sense of duty, over the anguish of losing the person he loves and his comrades death, but knowing he has to at least try to give everyone the information to try to stop any of this from happening. Even my husband was like OMG how much can one person take and still go on.

    Greer and Young moment as well as the Rush/Young moment were priceless. Showed Greer’s sense of duty and not wanting to lose and Rush showing some humor.

    Even though we knew that you wouldn’t kill off the main characters it still left you going OMGGGGGGG NOOOOO. Hats off to everyone, was truly amazing to watch.

    Thanks Joe, you all are appreciated.

  120. Loved Time but then again I’ve loved the show since the start. Just please don’t kill off Riley 🙁

  121. I so rarely want to discuss a show with anyone online, but I have to tell you, This was one of the best hours of television I’ve ever seen. It’s a tight, fast-paced arc, and even at the points where the next plot twist is (at least for me) obvious, it’s so much fun to see how we get there. Cheers on a great episode.
    I’ve been watching Stargate since day 1, and while I’ve enjoyed it all, Universe is, bar none, the most enjoyable. I like the darker tone, the risks you take, and that you are pushing science fiction in a smarter, more believable direction. It’s smart, witty, entertaining, and engaging. Cheers to you and your team.

  122. congratulations!
    you guys finally did the first “soft, beyond bad and good stargate episode” but at least it is an stargate episode… its the first episode that deserves the name stargate since the battle of the ha’taks on the premiere, now put in mind some orders that as a goa’uld i demand to you:
    1) KILL CHLOE FOR GOOD! she is useless, she is just the “sex girl”
    2) cut the character stories drama bullshit, to the hell with their pasts, if their past dont have sci fi things, cut it off… do an entire series about teal’c past, but dont come with normal humans living on earth with normal problems, because those things are just shit
    3) DESTROY THAT STONES, you guys didn’t use it this episode, HALLELUJAH! but I DONT WANT SEE THAT THINGS AGAIN, i just let it if you going to use it JUST for sci fi matters, like atlantis dialing earth sometimes…
    4) explore destiny, my bathroom have more interesting things than you have already show on destiny… destiny MUST have something, like atlantis
    5) more villains, more action, more humor, less darkness, less drama, AND NO SEX! if i want sex i rent a porn!
    6) add descent music like sga and sg-1, not that boring sounds that the only use is for relaxing for sleep.. use the sg-1 season1 sound tracks, we dont care, actually, we like that soundtracks…
    7) stop making funny of eli, he is a geek, stargate are for geeks, not for people who like parties and sex and making funny of geeks..
    8) and with those fixes on this thing that dont deserves tha stargate name, make a fusion of sga + sg-1 and go in the extremely opposite side that you did with sgu, i mean, sgu is serious, boring, less action, dark, realistic, and focus on people not on villains and power… so make a series for the hardcore fans of sg-1 and sga.. and earn money with games for all platforms, tcgs, and toys, i will buy them all

  123. Time was intense!!! I loved it. Those creatures were so creepy & gross. Lots of great moments.

    I have noticed that several people have posted that the Destiny crew would find two kinos (the original from the beginning of the ep and the one that Scott sent thru at the end) where they visit the planet. I think they would only find the one that Scott sent at the end of the ep. I am sitting here trying to explain why but it is just confusing me.

    So Joe what do you think? Do they find one kino or two and why?

  124. beside my rage above, i liked the episode, some boring moments, but its ok, but i’m not saying that was good, just acceptable, THE FIRST ONE ACCEPTABLE!
    but there is a LOT yet to fix on sgu, and by the spoilers, life will sux, the next acceptable episode will be space, maybe the first good one, but we cant have an series with just 3 episodes… now.. remember, you guys should do the entire series like first strike, adrift, reckoning, lost city, the return, and other good episodeS… get rid of chloe, drama, and sex once for all, we want aliens, heroes and villains kicking ass with nonsense ships battles, and a lot of sci fi nonsense talk that just we geeks understand, dont make stargate a soft series for normal people, let those things for shits like bsg…

  125. Wow. I had many WTF moments in this episode; causing my dogs to look at me in concern every time I yelled out “WTF.” (Well, the non-abbreviated version.)

    A great sci-fi tale that had me running every which way trying to figure out just where it was going


  126. I felt Time was the best episode so far. I like the show, but I have many problems with it. Time was the first one that actually felt like Stargate.

  127. Well personally I didn’t really think all that highly of this episode, I’m afraid.

  128. “Time” Spoilers

    Loved “Time”. Excellent balance between action, danger and character revelation. Did I understand you correctly? The jungle was within the studio? Great scenery. I would have never guessed it was constructed. Awesome.

    The writers did a great job by making the storyline not straight. Every time you think the answer for a question is clear there is a small twist.
    People get ill because of the planet. Not.
    Oh, we just get back and get the venom. Not.

    Two scenes I really liked:

    Eli: “Well, this couldn’t get much worse.”
    Rush: “I’m afraid that’s a failure of imagination.”

    And while watching the kino.
    Kino-Eli running after Kino-Rush and shouting: “He’s crazy. You are crazy!”
    Then Eli turns to Rush on Destiny and says: “You are.”
    And Rush shrugs with this what-do-you-expect-me-to-say-to-this-face. 🙂

    I’m starting to like Rush. He’s got humor after all.
    “Hey for a moment there, I thought we were in trouble.”

    Hilarious. :-p

    What was it that Eli asked. I couldn’t quite make it out. Top 5 deadly xxx movies? Deadly what?

  129. And my dislike isn’t from a lack of understanding of the storyline. As far as I’m concerned to think the storyline is a puzzle you’d have to have the mind of a monkey or so, I mean hello, it’s called “Time”, you know what to expect from frame 1. For me there were really only two things I did not see coming, when first it’s revealed they’ve found their own human remains (or well, Rush has), and second when the whole thing goes for another loop – I’d expected the poison to rescuscitate the dead and solve the matter that way. Other than that it’s just sooooooo predictable. I mean when they joke about insects twice in under a minute you know they’re gonna come to get them. Maybe I’ve watched too many horror flicks.

    Summarizing the episode: If at first you don’t succeed, try again… And three times is the charm.

  130. Hello!

    I’m French and I love SGU. But, this series is currently broadcast in France. I am sure I have no hope that you answer me, but if you can give me a date, it would be very nice of you. A French fan of SG.

    P.S: If my nickname inspires you, take it! 🙂

  131. his was a truly outstanding episode, and I enjoyed it a lot. It reminded me a lot of Cloverfield. However the Kino “flicker” and the weird overlay they apply to the video (the leftmost edge is blurred and the lower corners have a slight darkened “grate” effect) I found very irritating and detracted from the episode. I also wish they cut the part where TJ pronounces Chloe dead–it was an instant giveaway that there’d be another reset button. At least with Lt. James being a recurring character, it was believable that she might stay dead.

    But why would Rush notify Col. Young’s sortie of the four deaths at all, not to mention NAMING each one!? It gave Scott a moment to angst about loosing the girl he likes, but I think he had more than enough motivation to have done the same thing regardless. Besides, it seems out of character for Rush, imo.

    Oh, and what was the “big epiphany” Rob Cooper had?

    And finally . . . it’s all a bit convenient that Destiny just happens to give them more time on the clock than the usual 12 hours, and just happens to dial a planet that just happened to have the cure that just happened to have a solar flare in the path of the wormhole. Did Destiny set this all up on purpose?

  132. Did you like my outline, Joe? Yeah, the specifics were unusable/non-existent, but wasn’t the structure nearly impeccable?

    @Gilder, thanks for the LOL.

    Regarding the episode Time,

    I liked it, getting closer to love.

    For those surprised to see main characters who died in a science fiction episode called Time not staying dead, Welcome to TV Science Fiction Fandom, glad to have you.

    It’s stretching coincidence to see a possible cure in one star system for what ya’ picked up in another. Main character slaughters in alternate time-lines is just good fun, but it drains your coincidence points. Unless the Destiny is just that smart, there must be some kind of pre-existing (or time-warping) interaction between these star systems.

    They didn’t have to risk drinking multiple water sources yet. It’s all the fault of that banana flavoring.

    I loved Chloe’s line “I was moving on.” I’m not that mature yet, but I’m close enough to get it.

    Eli’s dark, talking about death all the time, all.the.time. What an exoneration for his voyeuristic ways, though.

    Rush, next time you’re wondering if the wormhole is stable, try tossing a rock through and asking Young (over radio) if it showed up. He isn’t THAT mad.

    Worker’s comp doesn’t cover needle sticks? I’ve always said worker’s comp. was a corporatist scam.

    Good Will Hunting, not. It’s just a good movie to us freakishly intelligent geeks, not that re-watchable.

    Eli’s duct taping the KINO scene was great acting.

    @Tammy – there’s a taekwondo tourney in my neighborhood today so I stopped by. Nobody recognized me, I’m old, washed up – my time has passed, all that pathetic “used to be” stuff. 🙁

    I still know what attitude to put on when someone needs to think I can kick their butt. Don’t worry, I save it for perverts at the bus stop and wife beaters in parking lots. Everyday jerks are safe.

    Attitude doesn’t get old (learned that from my hillbilly grandma). See, that “training to not have to fight” stuff is for real, but not as pretty in practice as it sounds philosophically.

  133. Hey, i really must say that the script writing for this new show is top notch! Very well thought out episodes and season arcs! Im so impressed ive even began making comments on your blog to express my utter joy at you and everyone involved in the shows work. Well done, loved this episode. I didnt think you could top last weeks but im wrong again!
    I was having a discussion with my father-in-law not so long ago about illegally downloading episodes. Im from Australia and i do download illegally, (better hide the email addy haha) but, i watch when the show airs here and i buy the dvds when they come out, (in fact, i have bought the entire sg1 almost twice) so i do support the show. I know some people who just download shows in top quality and burn them to discs and dont ever support the shows and wonder why they get cancelled! I was wondering what your thoughts were on the issue especially in this day and age?
    Once again, great work on SGU.

  134. I’ve really enjoyed the fact that SGU has taken its time to let the story and characters develop. I’m as much a fan of instant gratification as the next fan, but getting to see the show, as well as the acting company, add layers through each episode has been very rewarding. If Time is an indicator of where this series is headed, then I’m one happy camper!

  135. Just saw the episode, pretty good, although I quite had to think about what was happening during the episode… I think it all pretty much made sense (not something you can say about a lot of time-travel episodes), but one think I’m not sure I understand are the anti-bodies in the creatures. If I understand correctly, the creatures only had them because Rush traveled to the past, after which the creatures fed on him, got the bacteria, and developped immunity? But if that was the case, Scott wouldn’t have healed during the ‘first’ travel, because Rush didn’t travel back yet…

  136. Joe, I hate you, I hate all your co-writers and co-producers and I especially hate Rob Cooper. I hate that it took this long to get an episode of this caliber. I do understand though that every series needs to get it’s character intros. But frankly had you started out with an episode like Time, people’s opinions would be different. This episode totally had me leaning forward in my chair and drawn in emotionally also. WTG guys!

    btw, on a side note. Are the acts of SGU shorter then SG1 and SGA? I’ve noticed, since I’m a DVR person who totally ignores the sponsors (not like I fall for any commercials anyways), that the actual episode time seems to be shorter then the others.

  137. I think this episode was better than most of the previous episodes… but it still had issues.

    My primary problem with this episode is that none of the events in the episode actually take place in our character’s timeline. So while we get to see interesting moments of character development, the wall between Rush and the others being broken down just a bit, Eli realizing it’s okay for him to care for Chloe as a best friend etc, and our ‘angry black soldier’ drifting towards being an actual fleshed out character instead of a poor stereotype…. none of these events actually occur.

    Since obviously the final KINO message completely circumvents all of those events, and the bonding that occurred, and also means that the first KINO message was never found. Additionally, now that they have the final KINO message, they should have the venom/anti-biotic in their system before they have much more than a stomach ache.

    And I guess, at this point, I don’t know if I give the writers of this show credit enough that they will remember that those events didn’t occur, rather than start writing the characters as if they did, in fact, go through this experience.

    I guess I was just wishing that the first episode to show honest to god character development, wasn’t an episode that didn’t really exist.

    (I would also point out that for all the bashing of SG1 / SGA for 45 minute episodes that delineated and solved the problem all in one? This episode could essentially have been any second season episode of either show, just replacing ‘Destiny’ with ‘Stargate Command’ or ‘Atlantis’)

  138. DP: Maybe, you could try another style to stay active? For instance, Tai Chi is used more for meditation now but it was one of the first martial arts developed.

    I’ve noticed some of our karate self-defense techniques use a few Tai Chi principles and pointed that our to our instructor.


  139. Good Day Mr. Mallozzi,

    Can you comment on the speculation that MGM’s financial concerns could effect the pick up of SGU for season 2? Or will Syfy cover anything that could affect it?

    TIME was wonderfully exciting and hyper! Thanks to all at Stargate Productions for doing such an awesome job! You all should be proud!


  140. >RE: Sad to say

    >But the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid reference is lost >on the current TV audience. About 3 generations remove from >that movie. Most of whom might not have watch the original >Star Wars Trilogy or knew who Paul Newman is.

    I don’t know, I think there are a few of us old farts around 😉

  141. Hi!

    My thoughts? On the edge of my seat for the whole thing, … at last! 😉

    You guys made my wife jump a feet high over her seat when the creatures attacked for the first time. She asked, what was that? I said, do you want me to replay it? And I got a big heart felt NO THANK YOU!!! …Creepy… yeah!! :O

    And I myself went “What the…???” the same as Eli barely a second after him; …twisted… finally!!! 🙂

    And when it finished so soon, both my wife and I exclaimed together: Noooon! Tabarnak!!!! You left us dying for more… Welcome back! 😀

    Great job! Can’t wait for the rest. Fortunately, I’ll be real busy this week, otherwise, I would have make for very long week waiting for that next episode.

    Amitiés de Montréal

  142. ANYONE-Can you clarify this epi, I’m still thinking WTF!! Was any of it real, past or future Do they all live? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!! JOE, HELP!! Sheryl.

  143. Wonderful episode. I’ve liked SGU from the beginnig, but this episode might be the best so far.

    I love the ending of this episode, that really show us that it’s a mature show, we don’t need a “in-your-face-explanation” of how it works out in the end.

  144. Just had to drop a line to mention how freaking amazing Time was…probably my favorite SGU episode to date!

  145. Time was a really good adventure episode. This is right up there with Air part 3.

    If we’re going to get more of this type of fare in season 2, I wait with eager anticipation.

  146. @Montrealer: That’s why the Sundance Kid reference was explained.

    Also, most of this generation hasn’t seen the original Star Wars movies? That comment sort of casts into doubt how much you actually know about the generation in question. EVERYONE remotely interested in Sci Fi movies has at least seen Star Wars 4-6.

  147. @ Sheryl

    It was all real! The first time they did go through and died but then Eli was able to send the Kino through the stargate, however the Kino ends up in the past.

    So now when they go to the planet they recover the Kino and see what had happened, this time they decide not to go, but needed to get the aliens to use the venom as treatment. This time they all die again, but Lt. Scott manages to send the Kino through the stargate once more with a warning of what is to come. So the Kino once again ends up in the past.

    This time (was not actually shown) they can get the kino and will know everything ahead of time and can fix all their problems!

  148. @sheryl I hope the brief summary below will help solve your confusion.

    “Time” Spoilers
    Time Line 1) The Destiny group arrives the first time on the jungle planet. People fell ill because they drank contaminated water aboard the Destiny or they get killed by the alien predators. Lt. Scott is also sick because of the bacteria in the water from the ice planet, but he gets bitten by an alien predator and the venom kills the bacteria in his body system. When he recovers, he records his observation to the kino and throws the kino through the stargate, so that people aboard Destiny can tell him if it is safe to go through the gate despite the malfunction. Because of the solar flares, the kino doesn’t reach Destiny, but jumps back in time. There it comes to a halt next to Rush, who jumped earlier through the gate, was also transported back in time and was likely either killed by the bacteria or the alien predator.

    Time Line 2) The Destiny group arrives the “second” time on the jungle planet and finds the kino which Scott send from Time Line 1. People get sick aboard Destiny because of the bacteria in the water. From the kino, they know the venom of those alien predators might help them cure the people. So they send a group to the planet to catch some of those predators. The mission fails. Scott survives long enough and records the instruction of what has to be done to save everyone to a kino. Then he waits for the solar flare and sends the kino back in time, in the hope. They will find it in the future and can avoid any death.

    Time Line 3) This wasn’t shown in the episode, but just let’s assume that the Destiny group arrives the “third” time on the jungle planet. They find the kino from Time Line 2, examine the water, find the bacteria and they believe the message. They go to the planet during the day, find the predators, manage to get the venom and cure everyone aboard the Destiny. It is likely that this time every one survived. But it could still be that they lost a few people to the bacteria or the predators. We will only find out by staying tuned and watching the future episodes.

    Unfortunately Time Line 3 also means the bonding or better understanding between the characters within the group, which we saw in Time Line 2, has never happened.

  149. @Tammy – There was some Tai Chi going on where I studied. I tried about 3 moves, got bored, went to the back to spar.

    Now, it’s elliptical machines with TV’s attached. TV for the boredom, elliptical motion to cushion the injuries of someone who spent their youth being easily bored.

    It was worth it.

    Once I get in good enough shape, though, I’m still going to figure out that reverse footage pratt fall UP a set of stairs. You heard me, Keyboard Cat, I said UP. A lady’s gotta’ have goals.

  150. Hey Joe gotta Question,after two weeks of working on it I finished an (i would say) 95% accurate 3D-Mesh of the Destiny Gate with over 1 Mio. Polygons,am I allowed to sell it or is it under copyrights.I don´t know how the laws are?

    An Answer would be nice….

  151. @dasNdanger
    “It just takes my imagination a bit longer than others”

    There are probably too many wraith in there – have you thought about cleaning it up? 🙂

    “Which could have been avoided by arranging some excuse to have *both* kinos (kinoes?) sent back at the end”

    Ah, but next week they’ll talk about the “planet of the kinos” where they found a mountain of 500 kinos 😉

    “Just a prior knowledge of the track record of the SG francise.”

    Perhaps the target demographic are those without knowledge? 🙂

    “I cheered when Chloe died.”

    Since this has a reality show bent, how about voting someone OFF the ship each week? Someone gets Air-locked – for keeps! *g*

    “But the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid reference is lost on the current TV audience”

    Which is why they explained it for the kids – where not you listening?

    “…my bathroom have more interesting things than you have already show on destiny…”

    My bathroom have more alien life that what we have seen *g*

    “…stargate are for geeks, not for people who like parties and sex and making funny of geeks..”

    Well they are out partying Friday and Saturday, but they catch up on DVR Sunday (after throwing up 😉

    “can’t seem to find out on the net what a spoiler-filled is.”

    Your message WAS spoiler filled – it was full of spoilers. Filled with spoilers.

  152. Joe –
    I LOVE Stargate Universe, and “Time” is just the apex of the awesomeness you’ve packed into this new series. The mind-bending of this episode led up to the ending that gave me my first pump-my-fist-in-the-air “YES!” moment for the series. I especially liked the credits going into “Damaged-Kino” mode. Excellent. You guys rock.

    A question – obviously, three different timelines were shown (or, at least, implied) – the first (Team arrives, everyone dies clueless) was watched by the team in the second (team goes later, everyone dies with the knowledge of what’s going on), which leads into the third (after the end of the episode, the crew finds the Kino that Scott sent through to the past, obtains the animals, everybody lives).

    My question is – do we have any way of knowing whether these were the only times this sequence of events played out? Did the cycle perhaps repeat several times? Fascinating thought.

    Awesome work on this one (and every one, for that matter).

  153. Joe: 1) How does Rush die, and how long since he died? (guessing about 6 months to a year, since tropical climate, only skull is left, etc, etc.)
    2) Why havent MGM considered making an SG-1 FEATURE film, instead of continuing with tv/DVD films?
    3) Have scripts been written for the SGA and SG-1 movies yet? and 3-4 weeks seems an awful short time to shoot a 1.5-2hr movie, i would expect roughly twice that.
    4) any chance of deleted scenes from ‘Time’ being posted?
    5) I LOVED Sgt. Greer in this ep, teaching Eli how to shoot an M4. His reaction, despite being through the Kino: priceless. Kudos to David and Jamil, they both did a wonderful job.
    Timeline 3 does not really exist, insomuch as this is a standalone episode, no “arc” tie ins. The main timeline goes to the planet, gets the kino, gets the venom, cures everyone, problem solved. Its never shown onscreen.


    Thank you for “Time” : best serving of TV Sci-Fi yet
    I enjoy the fact that we now know a lot more of character motivation and history, without the characters knowing it of each other. Rush, TJ and Eli were outstanding
    After Earth I said I needed an action fix. This should tide me over for oh…. about a lifetime! 🙂
    Great aliens, great set, loved the kino POV.
    And since Scott’s character has come in for a lot of undue negativity – was glad that he remained so calm under unbelievable pressure and gave the crew another chance to survive (nice shooting while he was recording his message too, one shot bullseye = dead alien)
    I feel sorry for any viewer who stopped watching the show before this ep, they sure missed a beauty

  155. Superb! I’ve loved the different spin that SGU has taken from the previous stargates since the beginning and I enjoy that it’s more “real” as well. Thank you for making my Friday’s enjoyable and helping me forget about the work week, even if it’s only for an hour. 🙂

  156. Looks like you need to steer clear of storylines with a medical element, or get someone to consult for you to stop it looking silly.

    Antibiotics are highly tailored, so using them on an alien infection, especially in high doses, is almost certain to cause harm with very little chance of doing good. Even broad-spectrum antibiotics are really only locking onto specific proteins that have come to be shared by bacteria which have evolved on earth. A small change in those proteins is all that’s needed to render them ineffective, as has happened with MRSA and penicillin.

    Why did no-one in the infirmary even have a drip up? Supportive measures are the first step to take, so it’s no wonder people were dying :p. I suppose you could argue that Tamara isn’t a real doctor, but I’m pretty sure combat medics can put up drips in their sleep, and would do it almost out of reflex (as they should).

  157. Loved the episode except for the very last reset button. When the first reset happened I as amazed at how you guys cleverly avoided the suckiness of reset episodes by having the characters watch the original time. And what a scene it made, probably my favorite of the seris so far.

    Can we all just agree to agree that the kino sent through at the end actually contained the original recording as well? I hate to see so many character moments disappear into typical tv character amnesia.

  158. @NINA KP and @RON, Thanks for the clarification. I can usually figure these things out, but my brain must have had a brain fart!! I DO understand better now. Sheryl.

  159. Why did no-one in the infirmary even have a drip up?

    To my understanding they have very few supplies. TJ’s sense of helplessness was explored a little in the second episode when she was trying to take care of Young after he was injured coming through the gate (no diagnostic equipment etc)
    I’ve wondered to myself if they should be trying to set up blood supplies at least – have some of the brains trust work on “inventing” a storage system and delivery method.

  160. Loved the episode, especially the ending.

    Also, if you happen to cross paths with whoever does the greenery on your sets, please tell him/her that I loved the fact that there were not only dead leaves on the ground, but also dying leaves on the plants (for example the palm trees). I cannot remember ever having seen that. Usually the plants look like they just came in from some flower shop or garden center, which obviously they did.

  161. @ Shadow Step – Clean out the Wraith??! NEVAH!!! When I watch the DVDs, I still melt when I see their beautiful faces, and still get furious whenever the Lanteans use them for target practice. I guess if I lived in the Pegasus, I’d be starting my own version of PETA, only it’d be called PEToW…or something.

    I think it’s the same thing that happens to people with big cats. Their faces are so beautiful, you forget how deadly they are until they bite your head off. Aaaand… then it’s too late. 😛 Still, I would never want to see the extermination of big cats just because they might kill people, just like I don’t want to see the extermination of the Wraith. It doesn’t matter that they are fictional – it’s the principle of the thing.


  162. I enjoyed Time! My only complaint was the P.O.V from the kino for a good chunk of the episode. I didn’t like it only because it reminded me too much of reality TV, which I don’t like at all.

    After last night’s episode, I’ve decided T.J. and Eli are my favorite characters. I especially liked the conversation between those two in the cave. Alaina was absolutely amazing in her emotional scenes during Eli’s confession and after Chloe’s death on the ship! Very touching!

    I liked the very alienesque aliens too!

  163. What was the inspiration for those aliens? They vaguely resemble those drones from Atlantis and the earth beast that Teyla ate with Keller once.

  164. There was a character called Marsden on “Time” but I didn’t get a good luck at his insignia. Was he a Marine sergeant or a corporal?

  165. Rush originally said in Air that Destiny dialed the planet that had the stuff the crew needed AND that the Destiny locked out the other planets because they must be too dangerous. This theory is looking more and more flawed as we have more off world missions.

    First, a water hungry sand creature followed them back, but this thing was not an immediate danger to them on the planet. Then, a frozen ice planet (Hoth) that had poisonous air to top off the immediate hostility with a horribly virulent and deadly disease brought back in the water ice. (Side note: Any repercussions for the person/people that didn’t properly decontaminate the water?) Now, to get the cure for their disease they must hunt down creatures that constantly fling themselves at the crew’s chests in order to burrow through said crew members.

    Clearly, the Destiny does not shy away from sending the crew to highly dangerous and inhospitable places. Granted that all these places had necessary supplies, but it is really starting to look like Destiny is locking out the other gates as kind of a “Hey, stay focused, what you need is on this planet, not on the others.” More of a “nothing of interest here” than a “this place will kill you.”

    This episode does beg the question: What does the Destiny know? It just sent the crew to a planet with the antidote to their disease, suggesting the knowledge of the contaminants in the water tank’s effect on humans and the composition of the venom of those creatures.

    The first timeline crew assumed the Destiny picked that planet for food, but so far everything the ship has run low on and needed resupply is something tied into the ship’s systems (air, water, power, antidote to infection in the water), how will the Destiny know when they run out of food? Will it know? Will they be reliant on stumbling upon food on planets the Destiny sends them to for other reasons?

    Sorry it is long and rambly, time for bed.

    P.S. Shouldn’t the Destiny be able to purify the water in it’s tanks? You’d think that would be a cake walk for the ancients….all you need to do is shine some UV light or boil it.

  166. Wow, you must not have much of an opinion of the fans if you think that “this is one of those episodes that demands a little more of its audience.” The previous episodes demanded practically nothing. This episode required that you be able to watch, listen and perhaps know a smidgen of Stargate canon.

    This was a good episode because it actually had a plot, and the characters were working together to figure out what was going on instead of bitching for upteenth time about how they aren’t supposed to be there. (We get it.)

    What, you think we wouldn’t be able to figure it out?

  167. Loved “Time”! Great acting, great story, great ending! Reminded me of watching a hitchcock movie as a kid and my mom telling me I had to actually think about it. lol

  168. So, given that the ancients could develop a ship that solos across the universe for untold millennia, refueling on solar matter and devise remote control, levitating video cameras don’t you suppose that they might have considered some basic stabilization? How about the optics on the keno, why would the ancients opt to go with an unattractive vignette on these high tech wonders? The keno is now among the gadgets/devices I detest. Right up there with the frigging holodeck.

    Time was at least an opportunity for a little run ‘n’ gun adventure and who wouldn’t love seeing Chloe meet a grizzly end. Thing is the reset was so obviously the point of the show that there was no suspense beyond how would the various false deaths be played. Having seen no spoilers beforehand it was just flat out obvious time looping. Still it was more fun to watch than the dismal episodes leading to this point.

    One of the major problems with this episode and the general approach of the series, since the characters aren’t likable, I don’t care that they die. In fact I was more disappointed knowing that Chloe would be resurrected to continue her maudlin whining, bawling and screwing. Don’t care. Celebrated her gory demise with a wistful cheer, if only it were permanent. Alas. Eli’s mewling emotional reveals, also don’t care. Chloe’s dead wah-wah, unrequited anguish for a character I detest by a character I detest. In fact, using TJ as an emotional third wheel managed to diminish her character. What happened to her having a spine? The death of the most annoying and useless creature on the ship is what cracks her, oh argh. So I am now down to two characters on the show that I give a toss about, Rush and Greer.

    Time was a more fun episode to look at but this series is really in need of help in the writing and production area. Much as I dislike the characters, the actors are doing their damnedest to sell the crud they’ve been handed.

    As an experiment, I fired up the first discs of both prior series and found that they did a far better job of introducing the characters and situations than SGU has managed some seven or eight episodes in. While this was a step forward in the basic entertaining TV department, this show remains mired in an emotionally unsatisfying bog of dull characters and weak writing. Sorry, but I really doubt SGU will ever join the 15 Stargate box sets on my shelf. I’ll continue watching for the moment but my patience with frustrating characters and lame writing isn’t endless.

  169. I’m really surprised anyone likes the show at this moment, I was watching ‘Time’ with some friend and we were all bored beyond belief, it’s just as much ‘soap opera’ as the previous eps. I have to agree with Lordshake: please get rid of all the drama. It’s like you took all the boring elements from the first 2 series and made those the emphasis of the show.

    I liked Stargate for the aliens, technology and spaceships, I couldn’t care less about character development and drama. It’s now 95% ‘soap’ (people whining about their feelings and nonsense like that) and 5% sci-fi. Please reverse those numbers.

  170. Joe,

    I cannot say enough good things about what y’all are doing with “Stargate Universe”. The writing continues to be leading the way with the show, giving the already way-gifted actors so much game to bring to the screen. There are so many things folks seem to see and point out but there are a couple of things I haven’t seen brought up yet that seem to be pretty much at the forefront of the season so far:

    – Whenever Dr. Rush talks about the subject of the Ancients it seems to be in an almost religious reverence. It seems to me that this is hugely fueling his feelings concerning the Destiny.

    – The Destiny seems to be far more intelligent than has been presented so far….almost precient. I’m looking forward to what direction this takes….

    Thank you and the production team for the fantastic work and my family and I look forward to the rest of season 1!

  171. As someone mentioned above the creatures developed the antibodies to fight the disease from killing Rush in the past. It is important to remember that there are more than two alternate timelines hinted at here.

    Timeline 1: Everyone dies on the planet except Rush who goes through the Stargate and dies in the past. Scott dies in this timeline as the venom does not yet have the antibodies.

    Timeline 2: They discover human remains. Scott is cured by the antibodies but wakes to find everyone else is dead. He sends the kino through the gate.

    Timeline 3: The team finds the kino from Timeline 2. People on the ship start dying off from the disease. A team is sent to recover a live creature but it is already night and everyone is killed. Scott manages to send a message on a kino to the past explaining what to do. This is where the episode ends.

    Timeline 4: Presumably the timeline of the show going forward where the problem is fixed.

  172. Please pass on my thanks to the cast and crew – I am really enjoying this show!

  173. Just wanted to drop in my kudos for David Blue’s performance. Like you said, we’ve already seen his gift for comedy, and this episode really showed the broad range of his talent. In short, he blew my socks off.

    I still can’t wrap my head around the Eli-loves-Chloe bit, because I don’t get what her appeal is (particularly to a person like Eli). It also seems early on to do the confession bit…

    Anyways, the episode itself I really enjoyed. Though I picked up early on that the ep was about time travel/solar flares (as any long time SG fan probably did) and figured out how it would end, I thought the approach was very different from what we’ve seen before. I really liked the creepy element and how we learned a bit more about the characters through their “alternate” selves.

  174. Sorry for not posting earlier. Had to hit the sack right after the episode to get up for an early game – only to eat a bad hot dog and get ill at the game and have a miserable weekend overall.

    I’ll admit it took me two viewings of Time to totally wrap my head around the time travel aspects, – like some (Eli?) says, this makes my brain hurt. But what a rewarding episode! Loving Universe.

  175. Hey Joe,

    Again, great show-n-tell. pictures were fantastic. I love the show. Cried far too much. Hard to tell if it was me or the show, but I cried more the second showing. Ha, I think the SGU drinking game is quite an addition. We are recruiting more to join. Obviously, the more the merrier.

    I found I type much worse and tweet more on twitter during the game. Not helpful to the actors who receive many more comments on what is going on? As in WTH?

    I intentionally did not go back to review my tweets as I think the show and game is a great bonding experience. I record the eps so I will see them with a clearer mind.

    But the KINO was the best. All my WTH comments were answered by the KINO. I was lucky to see it as two of the latest Kinos have been pulled. 🙁

    Great job, well done
    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  176. I liked “Time” but I don’t think it’s a strong showcase for “new” ideas. The main mechanic of the episode is based on a mechanic from SG-1. I thought part of the reason for ditching the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies (why no love for the Magellanic Clouds? 😉 ) was to get away from the baggage of established Stargate stories and tell new ones. This episode could have just as easily been an Atlantis episode or an SG-1 episode. And unfortunately everything I didn’t like about this episode is what I haven’t liked about SGU.

    All this talk about this being a new show where new things can happen and it’s basically the same, but with less to like. I really do want to care about Chloe’s feelings, but it’s very hard to feel anything for the character when she’s only written scenes where she’s either crying, complaining, or lusting after a male in her general vicinity. Her character really needs to contribute something substantiative to the show. The audience knows she has a political background, and that she’s a smart young lady, so it would be nice to see either of those attributes demonstrated on the show, rather than merely listed as parts of her pre-SGU backstory.

    I would also like to see Rush go an episode without shouting or throwing a pity party. He had some highlights this week, with his movie reference, and jumping through the unstable wormhole… but he spent the rest of the time snarling.

    If I had rate the episodes thus far:
    Air Part I
    Air Part II
    Air Part III

    I want to see them go to places and do things. Time is a start.

    I would also like to see episodes that are less dedicated to a specific mechanic, or needed item. I think that, as an audience, we can handle more than one thing. There’s not really a running story arc either. We know that Telford will be back, and we know Rush has ulterior motives, but these are too nebulous to count as plot.

  177. I watched ‘Time’ last night (sky one – UK). I greatly enjoyed the episode – well written, and brilliantly directed by Mr Cooper.

    It was an interesting episode, I have to admit that I had a good idea how it would end – with Lt Scott sending the Kino through the gate, so the ending made perfect sense – the happy ever after is assumed… brilliant.

    In terms of how the planet-based parts of the episode were shot, the use of the Kino as the viewers point of view was inspired, especially when later scenes with Eli in charge of the gun effectively mimicked the first person shooter set-up of many a computer game!

    I have enjoyed SGU up till now – this one takes my enjoyment to the next level!


  178. “On the other hand, I’m still experiencing problems unploading my email settings to my iPhone. Isn’t there some sort of sync feature that would allow me to plug the iPhone into my MacBook and download the settings directly from my laptop.”

    My boss handed me her blackberry, which was missing the scroll ball. I had to link it with her computer and do wild magic on it to get all info to the next blackberry. Problems! Problems!

    She gave up and got an iPhone. Once again, handed it to me with email problem. Both of the accounts would not show up. More problems. I called here and there. The question of “why can I not just link this up with my comptuer?” came up.

    She gave up and went back to a Blackberry.

    I have a PPC and love it. I listen to music, load wmp vids I make and watch them, slide the bottom out and type, plug it up to my computer and it shows up like a My Documents file…drag and drop some songs or Word files and so on. You can even get an iPod ap put on it. LOL!

  179. Oh and Time rocked! I have watched it 2 times so far. The hubby and I love it.

    We were shaking our heads yes going “Ok, it is too late for them this time. They need to notice they will just have to try to do it better next time around. Scott tossing that back into the gate…good guy.”

    I loved seeing Dr. Park trying to make TJ feel ok.

    Lordshake: If you say it, they will make sure she stays…look at your #1…
    “1) KILL CHLOE FOR GOOD! she is useless, she is just the “sex girl”

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