Okay, my Macbook is finally online.  And I can finally access my email account on my new laptop.  Now, if I can only figure out how to set up my email account on my new iPhone, I’ll really be in business.

Yep, after repeated appeals to my service provider fell on deaf ears, I decided to cancel my contract and go with a rival.  Goodbye Rogers and Blackberry.  Hello Bell and iPhone.  They’ll hit me with a cancellation fee, of course, but I’ve decided that for every dollar I have to shell out, I’m going to steer one potential subscriber away from their coffers (See details in yesterday’s entry).  Stay tuned.

Well, another day and still no work completed on the outline.  I mean, seriously.  Outlines usually take me about a day to complete but I’ve been so distracted of late that I haven’t even had time to sit down and run the scenes in my head.  Paul, meanwhile, finished his today.  He’s off on the annual end-of-season golf trip with some of the other producers and wanted to make sure he got it out of the way.  I too would love to get mine out of the way, but I’m having a little trouble concentrating of late.  Hey, I don’t suppose anybody out there would be interested in writing this outline for me?

Or learning some Japanese on my behalf?  In less than two weeks, I’m Tokyo-bound and I’m still as conversationally inept in Japanese as I was months ago.

One more day until Stargate: Universe episode 8: Time!  No sex (I promise!) so gather the kiddies around for this one!  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts tomorrow night.

How cool is this.  Cracked.com lists The 7 Most Badass Last Stands in History: http://www.cracked.com/article/197_the-7-most-badass-last-stands-in-history-battle/ Next convention, I’m showing up with a couple of 40 pound axes and a t-shirt that says “McKeller 4ever!”

Hey, this reminds me of the time Carl showed up for work in those orange glo short shorts (http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSTRE5A830V20091110?feedType=RSS&feedName=oddlyEnoughNews&rpc=22&sp=true).  The gals in accounting hounded him mercilessly.

Hey, gamers!  Check out this sneak peek of Modern Warfare 3.  I’m not really into video games, but this one looks mighty cool!  http://www.theonion.com/content/video/ultra_realistic_modern_warfare

Uh, isn’t Mac supposed to be faster, smoother, and relatively hiccup-free in comparison?  Well, in the time it’s taken me to write up this blog entry, I’ve dropped my internet connection a good half dozen times.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

67 thoughts on “November 12, 2009: Progress on the tech front! Almost time for Time! News of note!

  1. “the web stuff that shows Eli going around with a Kino showing the ship and others” —

    aaah! where is this fabulous web stuff? Sounds great!!

  2. Ya 1 more day!!!

    Unfortunately it will be two days for me cause I will be playing airsoft throughout the night with my church youth group.

    Still soooooooo psyched 4 time!!!!

  3. Sure I’ll write the outline!!!!

    If you email me what you’ve spun so far for season 2 plus all the cuts of unaired season 1 episodes I would be more than glad to help you with the outline. This time it’ll be on the house? Free of charge!! How could you possibly decline??!! :p

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  4. Noooo problem on the outline. Just need to know how many subgroups of fandom you want screaming in rage. I’m an equal opportunity offender. And I’d love to do something to make Chloe stand out in ways she hasn’t(her and Greer doing one of those kickass last stands maybe).
    Speaking of last stands, ditch the axes. In a con you won’t have room to get the swing you need to be effective. Nice pair of swords, or sword and shield do nicely. With the added bonus that there are few things so satisfying as feeling enemy bones break with a shield bash, and you don’t have to worry about the shield being caught in the bone and/or muscle.
    More seriously good luck on getting your focus together long enough to knock out the outline. We wouldnt want you burdened with guilt as you jet off to the west at the end of the month.

  5. Oh ok, I’ll do it for you. Just this once! Send me what you’ve done and the general direction you want the script to go in and I’ll see what I can come up with. I can’t guarantee it will resemble Stargate at all, or a script, or even English, but I’m up for the challenge!

    Sometimes when a tech calls me from on site to go over what the actual issue is with a client they’ll say, “We’ve established the problem is between the keyboard and the seat.” Not implying anything there Joe **shifty eyes** I can’t talk, I can blow up electronic devices just by touching them. I wonder if all of my concussions in the early years of my life and near death brain injury when I was 14 has something to do with that? It explains a lot of other things…

  6. How strong is the wifi signal in your house? If it’s four bars or more, it shouldn’t ever drop out. Maybe they gave you a non-Mac cleverly disguised as a Mac? Like I’ve said before, my Mac picks up at least 10 of my neighbor’s wifi signals and I’ve never had a problem with the wifi that I can use (the free wifi that has no password) out of those.
    Macs have fewer viruses, so yes, in the long run it will be smoother and faster and have less bluescreenofdeath and more working like it ought.
    What do you think of the user interface on the Mac desktop? Of the cool stuff that came with it? Gonna compose us some random music in GarageBand? Make us a movie in iMovie? So many new cool toys to play with!!!

    Can’t wait for Time; wish I could watch it live!!!

  7. Modern Warfare 3!!!! (Watches) Oh very funny.

    I’m looking forward to seeing “Time” as well as the rest of the season.

    I have a feeling I will not be happy having to wait during the mid-season break. Never understood those anyway.

  8. Oh, and Joe, I would also like to offer my services on writing the outline. (Funny story: I learned from you how to outline [forget when or how or why, but it was definitely here that I learned it or at least learned the basics] and got an A on that assignment in my screenwriting class. Everyone else had to redo the assignment, because the book the teacher made us buy for the class had nothing on outlines at all… Sooooo, I’d love to do the outline as a way of saying “Thanks” hehe 😉 )

  9. Love your stand with Rogers & Blackberry. I did the same with a brand new GM pickup I bought several years ago. Within 3 months, the brakes had failed and the transmission blew up 2x, plus numerous other things. The thing spent more time with the dealer than on the road. Since many pleas to the dealer and eventually GM fell on deaf ears (you have a warranty, what’s the problem? The problem is–I have no reliable working vehicle!!!). I sold at a severe loss and told anyone who would hold still the story. Turns out, I managed to get at least 8 actively vehicle-shopping folks not to buy a GM product and I figured I got my revenge (a well over 6 figure sales loss for GM)….BTW, I replaced the GM with a Toyota Tundra and it never gave me any problems in over 7 years (even hauling my horses and dogs across Canada).

  10. Okay Joe, here it is:

    The crew drop by a space station where they meet a trader named Cirano Jones who sells little furry creatures called Tribbles. Meanwhile, the Space Station Manager discovers that his station is swarming with Klingons. Col. Young demands to know how many Klingons constitute a swarm. TJ finds, after dissecting the Tribbles, that they are born pregnant. Chloe adopts one of the cute little things, leading them to begin taking over the entire ship. But the Tribbles turn out to be a good thing, when they eat all of the yellow pablum the crew has had to consume over the past year. The pablum has been poisoned by the Klingons! Meanwhile, Sgt. Greer, Eli and several others get into a big fight with the Klingons because one of the Klingons refers to the Destiny as a garbage scow. Rush saves the day when a fancy gizmo he has finally figured out scans the space station manager’s assistant, who turns out to be a Klingon. The Klingon is arrested, the rest of the Klingons are kicked off the station, and Cirano Jones has to get rid of the rest of the Tribbles. Eli ends the episode by transporting every last Tribble onto the Klingon ship, “where they will be no tribble at all”.

    By the way, all of your computer issues with that Mac are likely just a learning curve as you get used to the new system. It took me a good couple of weeks to get used to using a Mac when I first had to use one.


  11. Dropped your connection? In what way? Wireless signal disappears from the laptop? Can’t connect to websites, despite receiving signal? I’d say your wireless router is the prime suspect. Take the laptop to a restaurant or someplace with free wifi. If you can connect there, your machine should be fine. At the very least you should restart your wireless router and modem. Otherwise, wireless routers are pretty cheap.

    I’m mostly enjoying SGU so far. But you guys are trying way too hard to create interpersonal drama. Especially when it comes to Rush. The “did he or didn’t he know” stuff was old after Air, much less in every episode after. This doesn’t need to be “Lost” in space, where personal drama comes before story.

  12. OK, I was going to do a comment saying that i would do the script for you etc….

    However I have decided that i am going to moan/complain a little bit instead…

    so here goes…

    WHY did you but a Mac, there over priced standard laptops that are white monstrosities, seriously why not by a standard laptop for a fifth of the price that would have all of the technology that you have in your mac available to you. Then put a decent operating system on it like ubuntu, very few/zero viruses brilliant stability, great interface(if you are into that sort of thing) runs brilliantly(WIFI works). Great support community to help you with everything you need and best yet it’s free and open source. So why a Mac???? for god sake how good a company can it be that they only give you a half eaten apple as a logo 🙂 and don’t even get me started on there licensing,

    ok, rant over ish (Until I get to uni and find something else to complain about).

    Can’t wait till time, unfortunately I have to wait until Tuesday to see it cos I live in the UK 🙁

    anyway, got to go else i’ll be late for the train,

    have a good day/ night all


  13. If you’ve never played video games, it can be hard to start, what with some complicated controls and doodads and whatnot. There’s a feeling of trying to jump on the bandwagon at full speed, the same feeling I get whenever I think about picking up a comic book. But, for myself, games really are an immersive medium *nearly* on par with movies, television and books. In the whole “games as art” debate, I’m on the “art” side for many of my favourites.

    Among them:
    The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series

    The Uncharted series, the second starring Claudia Black, I might add. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUPAyGWKd6c

    The Team Ico games

    There’s more, but it’s 2am and my mind isn’t…working.



  14. You may have gotten a bad wireless card. It happens. Or to complete a triumvirate of tech failures, your home wireless router may be dying.

  15. Hope your computer woes get sorted soon. 🙂
    Are you there at Bridge at all worried about the news that is floating around tonight that MGM will be selling off parts of itself, (Stargate was mentioned in one article) in the next few weeks?
    Do you think that there will be any effect on the current show Universe or potential movies if another entity buys SG?
    If it’s someone with more money than MGM it might be a good thing?

  16. You should hold a contest to see who can write an outline most closely resembling what you’re trying to get done, with no knowledge at all of what it’s actually supposed to look like.

  17. I’m an SG convert due to the three hours of Air. I felt the production was feature quality and had significant emotional impact. While I have my criticisms of the next four episodes, I wouldn’t call any of them filler.

    Aside from the tantrums and name-calling, I quite enjoy Rush. I think the only real evidence revealed that he is acting “selfishly” as many like to point out, was his decision to dial Destiny while faced with the distinct possibility that there would not be another chance to do so (evidence may still present itself). I wouldn’t go so far as to call that a “wrong” decision. Not requiring the approval of others isn’t necessarily a bad trait; neither is making decisions not clouded with emotion. He seems a lot like House.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see him as a bad guy? Am I going to regret this point of view? Would it really be worth destroying Destiny to avert a little home sickness? I’m looking forward to seeing what Eli digs up.

  18. I believe you said earlier that your new Mac works fine at the office on wireless. Is this the case? If so, I’d suspect something’s up with your router/wireless access point at home. What kind of device are you connecting, or not connecting to, at home?

    Excited about “Time”!

  19. Hi, Me again, another thought popped into my head watching destiny plunge into it’s second star in three episodes, if destiny only collects about 40% of it’s maximum reserves and, assuming its FTL is slower then the conventional ancient hyperdrive, how does it make it across the void between galaxies without completely recharging the batteries so to speak?

  20. If its outlines you want I’m your metaphorical man. I, like Thornyrose, am also an equal opportunities offender and will happily upset the rabid parts of fandom with relish. The end result might vaguely resemble something akin to Wormhole Extreme but thats what you get for letting idiots like us at it:)

    Does your internet conection now remind you of the dire state of dial-up? Happy days!

  21. The Onion is always great.

    As for the last stand, great idea, but I think the average McKeller basher would run from the guy with the axes. Hmm… while you’re at it, you could wear a Long Live SGU armband. Then you might have your last stand. 😉

    As for the WiFi, once I built a dish for my desktop WiFi card out of a steel bowl and some Legos, because connection was impossible otherwise. Your mileage may vary. And while I haven’t touched a Mac in forever, does it have roaming mode switched on? Maybe it’s trying to connect to another weak WiFi signal or something.

  22. Your MacBook issues may be down to your wireless router. Seen this before with older D-Link and Linksys routers. Always worth trying a different one, if you can get your hands on one.

  23. Hi Joe,
    have you ever had problems with your wifi before? I wonder if it is the new laptop or your wifi setup in general.
    A wifi router will have connection problems when there are other devices which transmit on the same/neighboring channel. This could be a cableless phone, some TV-satellite frequencies or another wifi router in your proximity.
    Try to switch the channels of your router to see if the connection quality improves. The “distance” between the used channels should be 2 to 3.
    Check for wifi spots in your area. You can see how many routers are submitting, and I think you can also see which channel they are using.

    I’m still in the first third of “Emissaries of the Death”, so I can’t participate with the book discussion. But I really enjoy the story and the writing style. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    Regarding Japanese: がんばってください (Gannbatte kudasai!)

  24. Narelle: When my hubby worked support, he referred to it as “loose nut behind the keyboard”.

    Thanks for the Mac review. I’ll not be running off and buying one.


  25. I’d be more than happy to write that outline for you, Joe! (rubs hands together in glee and thinks “Excellent. Now what’s the best way to write McKay into a scene?”) 😉

    After all of your hype, I’m looking forward to Time – though I’ll have to wait 2 days since I’ll be away this weekend. I’ve been meaning to weigh in with my overall reactions to SGU so far. So I’ll wait until I’ve seen Time to see how it fits into my perception of the show. The episode sounds interesting.

  26. Hey Joe, thank you so much for answering all these questions. I have a very short one today. What’s the best address to send you or the other writers/producers/actors stuff? C/O the studio?

  27. I’ll share my Japanese knowledge with you if I could. I’ve only had three years of study so I’m still a bit spotty but I’m pretty sure it would get you through normal conversations.

  28. Joe, when you said you wrote a number of Kinosodes, including the likes of ‘Apple Core’, I believed you were just making up names.
    Sorry for doubting you. Apple Core is excellent!

  29. Hi all,

    Can someone please post the email address to send Joe questions. I’ve tried to look for it and, embarrassingly, can’t seem to find it.

    Thank you

  30. Hm, can one play golf in snow?

    “One more day until Stargate: Universe episode 8: Time! No sex (I promise!) so gather the kiddies around for this one!”

    What about wanton senseless slaughter? 🙂

    “orange glo short shorts”

    And in Brazil of all places! What’s up with those weirdos *g*

    “I’ve dropped my internet connection a good half dozen times”

    You are not on some unprotected wifi connection being hijacked by all the hoodlums in the neighborhood? 🙂

    @Narelle from Aus
    Not just you, lets have the entire blog compose an episode! That would be a totally weird experiment *g*

  31. I’m under orders from my sister to say “Hi, Pengyn” in a comment; apparently someone will understand the significance of that, or something.

    Oh, and said someone should probably know that I’m extremely jealous about you going to AT4 this weekend! =P

  32. Joe, Welcome to the IPhone Darside! Did ya get the 16gig or the 32gig 3GS? Press settings and setup for stuff is in there, and you can also get the WordPress APP for acess to your blog in the App store, just use the search option

  33. I’ve got a few suggestions for your AirPort Issue…

    1st: Shut down the computer, hold down the Command, Option, P, and R keys simultaniusly, press the power button (don’t hold it). Wait until you hear 2 chimes from the computer at full volume, and then release all the keys.

    Then, weather that helps or not, run Software update (under the Apple  Menu) and install all the updates. I beleive this is a known issue, and it was addressed in the 10.6.1 and 10.6.2 updates.

    I hope that helps!


  34. Petit coucou à mon super Joseph! =P

    Ahh enfin en week end!
    Tiens vous êtes devenue “Iphone” …alors moi aussi!
    Croyez moi, vous devrez avoir un pourcentage sur leurs ventes car inconsciemment les gens qui vous adores comme moi vont ce dire dans la rue par exemple “Waouuu regarde un téléphone comme Joseph….oh je voudrais tellement en avoir un!!” ….je fait ça aussi, quand je vois de la bonne nourriture, des chiens de même race que les votres, des japonnais ou encore des cuisines qui ressembles à la votre …….roh je suis influenssable c’est incroyable lol!

    Bonne journée!

  35. I’m the bestest one-hour episode outliner ever, after JMS. I’ll need two sheets of legal-sized paper. Only Staples has it these days and you have to buy the bulk pack.

  36. Hi Joe,

    12 hours until this week’s episode, it’s kind of torture.LOL

    I have watched the Kinosodes and they are fabulous. I have also watched the first part of the Q&A with Brian, very good and can’t wait for part 2.

    No sex? Not why I watch the show…..Caring, compassion, action and character interaction is why I watch.

    Is there somewhere we can write to that we can scream loud and clear for Season 2 and beyond? I would be more than willing to head the campaign LOL

    Once again Joe, thanks for your blog….I look forward to reading it every day.

  37. @Shadow Step: Can you imagine what we’d come up with? Das alone could make it really weird 🙂

  38. joe it’s probably your router, what type are you running now? The only problems I have with my Linksys-G is that it just recently started dropping the signal every 6-8 months and needs to get reset. Other than that I have had it problem free for about 5 years.

    Also for your SGU script, I have an outline for you….too bad your not allowed to read it, it’s really good 😛
    Is there a way to submit outlines? I have some great ideas, but i’m not a writer. Back in 2002 I came up with these for my forums signature;

    seems like we were on the same wavelength with a couple of ideas 🙂

  39. There’s so much truth in the Modern Warfare 3 video.

    For you game developers:

    #1 Rule – Don’t be boring!

    #2 Rule – If a player dies, they should see it coming, not wonder what happened. That’s boring AND annoying AND misses an opportunity for suspense, which is boring.

    Oh, yeah, there’s that truth of the reality of warfare, too. I saw my brother on TV, sitting on a tank, silhouetted by the sun during Operation: Desert Storm. I wondered what cool thing he was doing until he told me the only time he remembered cameras was when they were sitting on a dock, waiting for the rest of the equipment to unload. Yee, haw!

    See? So Ikarium’s upgradable dock (un)loading speed is realistic, but is it fun?

  40. Here’s your outline, Joe. No scene headings. It all happens on the Destiny.

    I’m sure the WGC won’t care about the fee since this is public now.

    WTH = What the hay?


    something bad happens to a main character, but we can’t see what did it

    break on WTH?!


    oh, that’s what it was, but that’s gonna’ cause some problems

    like this one → break on WTH?!


    stuff gets really hayed up now

    break on WTH?! X 2


    Maybe if we try this… nope, that just stirs the hay and causes team in-fighting

    break on, oh, crap, I can’t think of what should go here, just ask Brad for a character beat and google “Japanese restaurant reviews” for the rest of the day


    Strap on the guns, suck up your tiffs, we’s gonna’ storm the castle

    but, it was a trap

    break on WTH?!


    The main character’s pissed and heads roll.

    Break on “who’s your daddy?”


    WTH is Telford doing there?

  41. Hey Joe

    You still have your ‘old, dying’ computer? If so, why not try Ubuntu? Go to the site, download the file, burn it onto a CD and install! Go on, I know you’ll like it..

  42. Joe —

    Is your MacBook running Leopard or Snow Leopard? When I first got my iMac (running Leopard) I had problems with my wireless connection. It got corrected in one of the updates. Check to see if your software is current.

    If that’s not the problem check the apple website for customer support info on the problem. Unlike Microsoft, the Apple customer support docs are easy to follow and do tell you how to fix the problem. If thay fails, call Apple tech support. Yes, the hours are short, but they are very helpful and know what they are doing, rather than reading from pre-set scripts.

    I love my iMac. There are glitches, like with all technology, but not having to sit there for 20 minutes waiting for anti-virus updates to load or having the install updates/restart window pop up every 5 minutes has convinced me that my next laptop will be a MacBook.

    Looking forward to your iPhone comments. My contract with ATT is up next weekend and I think an iPhone is in my future as well.

  43. Joe,

    I used to have a Netgear-brand WiFi access point at home, which I ultimately had to replace as it was simply not reliable enough. It would drop the WiFi connections all the time. Some of my friends have had DLink-branded access points with similar problems.

    Of note, many of the WiFi access points get firmware updates. Make sure your WiFi access point firmware is up to date. The latest MacBook Pro laptops support the “latest-and-greatest” WiFi standards, and your WiFi access point may be confused by some of the “connection negotiation.”

    Lastly, the 802.11 WiFi protocol operates on many “channels.” It is possible your setup at home is conflicting with one of your neighbors, and the MacBook’s WiFi is more sensitive to the interference than your old laptop was.

    There is an iPhone app (WiFiFoFum) that will show you all the WiFi networks in your area, and what channel they operate on. That way you can setup your home WiFi on a channel that isn’t being used.

    Hope this helps!

  44. Hi Joe,

    Yes, as some other people have mentioned it was recognised flaw in Snow Leopard. What you need to do is plug into the router with a cable, then run software update. You will probably need to run this a couple of times after each restart.

    Keep restarting and running software update until it tells you there is nothing there. Then you should be on 10.6.2 (you can confirm under the apple menu and clicking ‘about this mac’)

    This should stop the airport from dropping out.

    Also, like people above, I will help you out with the outline if you wish. 🙂

  45. Connecting my iPhone to AOL Mail was simple. AT&T apparently made deals with the larger email providers here in the States. Hope you find same is true in Canada.

  46. @DP~~LOL!

    @Fiorenzo–Just post your question here. If you want only Joe to see it, start the post with “CONFIDENTIAL” or “DO NOT POST”.

  47. Really busy…

    1. I’d write the outline, but you know it would end with the Wraith taking over the Destiny and feeding on everyone on board.

    Except maybe Eli. I think he’d be good worshipper material… 😉

    2. Still stormy here – my m-i-l just called to tell me that hubby’s great aunt and uncle woke up this morning with their bed surrounded by water – they had to get the fire department to move them upstairs. But other than that, it just seems like a typical nor’easter – the parts that flooded (including the great aunt and uncle’s place) are the parts that always flood. Bridges and streets closed, people driving around, taking pictures…everyone making a bigger deal over the event than it really is. Sure, there is tidal flooding, and beach erosion…but we ALWAYS have that, every few years or so – sometimes every year. The thing that made this worse is how long it’s lasted…3 days, plus. Usually a nor’ester is one day coming (clouds, wind increasing), one day here (wind and lashing rain), one day leaving (clearing). But because it has lasted this long, that means worse flooding than what we get from a normal nor’easter (we rarely get snow from a nor’easter like they do inland, being on the coast and all). Still, there is going to be a lot of property damage – mostly water – and so that’s never a good thing. But as I said, most people affected are people who have gone through this many times before, and know the ‘routine’ (or should by now).

    3. Hubby works tonight, so looking forward to SGU without his on-going commentary. 🙄

    4. Good to see you stand your ground, Joe. I dumped Comcast years ago in favor of DirecTV because of their ignorance. See, I wrote a letter expressing my disappointment over their cancellation of what was then Fox Sports World. I explained that it was the only channel that showed RUGBY, and I was sad to see it dropped.

    I got a letter in response, first telling me how difficult it was for them to deal with Fox, including a comment that said something to the effect of ‘Fox doesn’t care about that channel anyway’ 😕 , then saying that they dropped the channel to save me money (the month after they dropped the channel my bill went up $5), and finally, they said in no uncertain terms, “Besides, you can watch SOCCER on ESPN.”

    WTF? I never even mentioned the word ‘soccer’ in my letter. Idiots. I immediately signed up for DirecTV, and haven’t been disappointed since.

    Hope all has gone well today! Have a good evening, sir! Hopefully I’ll be back around before night’s end, with a report on tonight’s episode. 🙂


  48. ACK! I’m outta nanami togarashi!! Joey, buy some for me! 😀


    Unless, of course, you know a better brand. This is the one I use, and I’m totally addicted to it. Having it on my chicken and rice congee right now, and I just have a wee sprinkle left! ACK! Whatever shall I do??!

    (It’s like the other week when I ran out of crushed red pepper for my pizza…I was in a panic! So…I drizzled a bit of Frank’s Red Hot sauce over it! It tasted like…buffalo pizza! 😀 )


  49. My friends ask me this and here is my thoughts:
    Will Stargate Command or Atlantis dial Destiny from Earth?
    No, because:
    1) ZPMs are finite and of strategic importance to Earth’s defense, and dialing Destiny would significantly drain them. 2) it would be illogical to sacrifice a bunch of ZPMs to send limited supplies to Destiny when the survivors can get them themselves using their Stargate.
    3) Ultimately, the Icarus Base survivors are expendable.

  50. Joe, glad to hear better news on the Mac and phone front, I still hope Santa is serious about a mac present for me….
    I watched Wormhole Extreme again the other night, what a hoot!! Did you get to pick out your wardrobe for the donut (cameo) shot? All the extras (cameos) were really funny in that. Any chance of (you)cameos in SGU, other than Peter and he is always great to see.
    As I was reading Emissaries from the Dead, I decided I don’t care for the AIsource, too much like big brother. I did like the idea of the cylinked pair,that would come in handy. Wanted to know more about the dragons besides that they eat and poop, going for a ride on one would have been cool. I enjoyed the book and didn’t see the ending coming, since I was trying to keep all the other characters in my mind. Great job! Andrea makes a great investigator, ok Counselor. and I felt like I was actually there at the heights a couple times, kinda scary, but thanks. I was suprised in all the control of AI that they could not ferret out the Heckler, maybe I missed the point where it explained that. Who was Christina Santiago-Peterson that you said was not satisfied with the way you killed her off the first time,? I look forward to reading the next Andrea Cort story in The Third Claw of God. thanks for taking time to answer questions and thanks Joe for asking…

  51. Joe, Hey heres a ?
    Just was watching Earth again b4 Time airs Is Rush Part of the IOA? I thought of that when Wrey and having that Conv. With the IOA official?

  52. @Deni
    “Can you imagine what we’d come up with? Das alone could make it really weird 🙂 ”


    Destiny zooms past.


    CHLOE lies on top of MATTHEW kissing heavily. RUSH pokes his head into the room.

    I have an idea.

    Startled they look up with a guilty expression.

    Why don’t you two try a bit of role play. Next time (To Chloe) why don’t you go down to the planet, you can look hot and almost get killed – and you (To Matthew) can stay here and look hot and useless?

    RUSH leaves. They fume.


    YOUNG is staring into space, mumbling to himself.

    He’s a lot of work. I don’t trust him

    ELI bursts into the room.

    I’ve made an invention! Its a robot – it will warn us of any dangers!

    YOUNG looks up skeptically at Eli



    (Who is to say there won’t be Wraith in the next act 😉

  53. Time was the best episode of the season. However, it didn’t blow me away–and it could have.

    First, a few gripes:

    – Why have Chloe die? It felt like a plot device with which to get Eli to talk and be sad and to get TJ to be sad and to show everyone being emotional. But in the end, once a regular is killed like that… the ending becomes painfully obvious. May as well have just ended the episode right there.

    – Midway through the episode, Rush runs away from the cave at night and goes through the Gate on the planet, telling Eli that “someone needs to do it”. Rush is never heard from after that. Eli promptly returns to the cave and then everyone dies except for Scott–Scott then wakes up and sends the Kino through the gate and we see Rush unconscious on the ground.

    Sorry, but there’s no way the same solar flare, with a *different* wormhole, caused the Kino to go back to the exact same point in time that Rush was sent to. Wouldn’t the solar Flare be over by that point anyway? Or am I confused?

    Beyond that, I thought the episode was good. David Blue is a really good actor. TJ is awesome. Excited to see how the Young/Telford stuff plays out next week.

  54. “Uh, isn’t Mac supposed to be faster, smoother, and relatively hiccup-free in comparison? Well, in the time it’s taken me to write up this blog entry, I’ve dropped my internet connection a good half dozen times. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.”

    I don’t have a Mac, but my laptop always seems to dc from the net when I am about to post in my livejournal. I have started looking down at the connection before clicking ok.

    Such was the case with my SGU Mary Sue crazy over the top fic.

    The hubby said to just plug my laptop to the internet, and I was all “No, it is a laptop not a desktop.”

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