Actor Peter Kelamis (SGU's Adam Brody) wants your question. And a medic!

Honestly.  What the hell was I thinking choosing a Blackberry over an iPhone?  Why didn’t anybody tell me what I was missing out on?  If anyone out there is faced with a similar decision – Blackberry or iPhone – allow me to break it down for you: GET – THE – iPHONE!  Seriously.  I feel like someone has just introduced me to HD television after about a year and a half of entertaining myself with radio.  Following the suggestions kindly given me, I synced my MacBook with my iPhone and now I’m surfing the net and getting my emails on both.  Not only that, but I was up past midnight last night downloading apps in preparation for my upcoming Tokyo trip.  Forget my Garmin GPS, English-Japanese dictionary, guide books, hard copies of my schedule, and subway maps.  Nowe, they’re all in one handy, portable device.  Yes, my conversion is complete.  All hail, Apple!

Oh, hey, prior to heading off on hiatus, I told several cast members that I’d like them to swing by the blog and do a Q&A now that the show has finally started airing (David Blue and Brian J. Smith did one prior to the premiere and I aim to get them back for another go now that you’re all familiar with their characters).  Anyway, Peter Kelamis, who plays Adam Brody on SGU, checked in with me the other day, dropping me an email on an unrelated topic – and has found himself officially corralled.  SO, if you’ve got questions for actor/comedian/pet psychic/t.v. scientist, start posting.  I’ll be gathering them up through Monday.  What was it like working on the first year of Stargate: Universe?  Where would he like to see his character go (provided we haven’t killed him off yet) next year?  Which is his favorite sandwich off crafts service and why do they serve up those little baby carrots?  I mean, come on.  It’s not as if anybody actually eats them!

Also, while perusing my backlog of photos, I came across a batch I snapped during the Time shoot.  As you know, the creatures used are underwater denizens from the deep, deep depths of the Pacific Ocean and, while deadly, can be docile given the right conditions: while sleeping, drugged, or dead.  So our resident monster wrangler, Evil Kenny Gibbs showed up with one for a little show-and-tell and, well, things got a little out of hand…

Props Master Evil Kenny Gibbs brings a little something to the party.

Whoa! Look at the teeth on the little critter!

Fortunately, the creature is sedated - and that allows Carl and co. to have some fun with it.

Look out! It's got Carl! Ha ha. Just kidding.

Yeah, all fun and games until the thing suddenly woke up hungry and latched itself onto Carl's face. I swear, I have never before heard a grown man utter such a high-pitched shriek.

After beating on the damn thing with our fists and landing some well-placed kicks, it finally let go. James Robbins shows off the prize. Carl, by the way, is resting comfortably following the face transplant.

Pleased to see that the response to Time has been overwhelmingly positive.  I’ll weigh in with further thoughts after the episode airs in the U.K.

Off to peruse the App Store.  Hey!  Holographic Audio Thunder and Bird Songs!  I ask you, how did I live without it?!

94 thoughts on “November 14, 2009: Actor Peter Kelamis (SGU’s Adam Brody) Wants Your Questions! Carl’s Creature Mishap!

  1. It IS a squid! Cephalopods on alien planets. Now, if SGU would just include monster trucks, it would have everything I ever wanted in a show.

  2. It all makes sense now. Land squids would be smart enough to use the Stargate and they left their squid germs on the water planet. Okay, I’m still not sure what the connection is.

  3. Oh…forgot to say…

    Spent TEN hours today cleaning up and off my husband’s desk (and moving my printer to his work area, since his died). TEN hours. It was THAT bad…I mean…it was MALLOZZI-desk bad. I think our house breeds pens, too. We must have thrown out a couple dozen, and still have far too many, most from places I’ve never heard of. But his desk and work area looks so nice now, and so we ‘celebrated’ by going down to our local dive bar (while it lasts), for drinks, dinner, and dancing. Good band. Got talking to one of the guys, and soon the convo turned to our favorite bands, and we talked about two of my favorites – Tool, and Korn – and why they’re hard to cover. It’s for the same reasons I love both their sounds – their music is very layered and complex. Talked about Zombie, too…he said Rob/White Zombie is hard to cover because Rob’s voice is so unique…kinda nasally, and creepy. 😀

    Anyway – it was a very good and productive day (I have been after my husband for a year and a half to clean up his desk!!!), with a nice bit of fun to top it off. Good times.

    I’ll leave you with my favorite Tool song, just ’cause…

    NOW you can have a good evening, sir! 😀


  4. carl, beloved stargate writer and guy that does stuff… face eaten off by giant sperm whale offspring.

    *takes a moment*

  5. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    Enjoyed “Time”. Really great story and acting from all involved, thanks!

    I heard a story on the radio about “flavored Kit Kat’s” that can be found only in Japan – perhaps a WFPOD?

  6. I just want to start off by telling you that Time was, in my opinion, the best Stargate episode of all three shows. It was the first time that when the credits started rolling, I found myself staring at the screen, mouth agape, almost yelling WTF? LOVED that episode. I don’t know how many times I have typed that in the last 24 hours. I told Carl Binder that on Twitter last night and was pleasently surprised that he responded. I’m becoming obsessed with Twitter.

    I do have a few questions for Peter Kelamis: What’s your favorite thing about Brody? Have you done any sci fi before SGU? What was the most memorable thing on set during the filming of the first season?

  7. I know how much of a craze there is out there for the i products and the crackberries, but frankly Joe, I would pick any HTC phone that’s Windows Mobile or Android based. In my opinion, there’s so much more you can do with those since they are much more open.

  8. Hi there, I noticed one thing in the scene where the alien was coming from Chloe’s body (nice!) – that thing reminded me of ancient drone weapon, I always thought that it doesn’t look ancienty – someting organic like a jelly. Is it possible that drone design was based on that squid? It even attacks the same way. THX for answer, hope you will get another season.

  9. Hey Joe,

    Welcome to iPhone-land and Mac fun! If you’re interested I have a custom ringtone of the SG1 theme (from the show, not a MIDI file :::shudder:::).

    C’mon, you know you want to have it! LOL. It’ll be a nice callback for you, to the “early years…”

    Lest the legal eagles come hunting me, I made it for my personal use and am not selling/distributing/sharing (save for Joe, who, is of course, entitled. Right Joel? Please don’t come after me.)

    Seriously, enjoy the iPhone/Mac experience. Great choices.

  10. Holy Crap!

    Joe you were right, Time was amazing. Bar far the best of the series. It had everything.

    Compelling science fiction concept- check
    Powerful character moments- check
    Humor in appropriate places- check
    Something to shoot at- check
    Ability to shock, surprise, and make the wait for next week seem like an eternity- check

    Glad to hear you love your new iphone and macbook so much.

  11. @ pc haters/ mac lovers
    apple computers are great for those with simple needs; however, unless one has lots of programming knowledge, they are pretty pretty but also pretty useless…

  12. Okay, dumb question here: To submit questions for the Q&A, do we ask here or where?

    Please forgive me for being dumb about this LOL

    So, in case it is from here:

    What has the experience of working on SGU with such a phenomenal cast of talented people been like for you?

    Also, because I may have missed it (hard to imagine because I watch each episode so often), why exactly was Brody on Icarus and what were his exact duties?

    I like Brody, he works well with everyone. I give him huge kudos for dealing with Rush and in Light he gave a great performance especially on the shuttle, being the go to guy to back up Scott.

  13. Hi Joe,

    I thoroughly enjoyed Time– I’m glad to see SGU finally hitting its stride. So I’ve been thinking about the details of the whole time travel thing, and was wondering: when “our” crew comes across the second kino that Scott recorded at the end of Time, is the original Kino with the footage from the “first” mission still sitting right next to it?


  14. I recall gently suggesting an iPhone when you were deciding between it and the Blackberry. I shed only a small tear when you chose the BB. We Apple people tend not to push too hard for fear of being labeled (even greater) douche bags. Of course if you’re using it to replace all your hardcopy materials for Japan, don’t forget your charger! Also you need a cool shock-absorbing cover for it. Might I suggest the very hip Paul Frank ones: Apple store

    Welcome to the light side!

  15. May I remind you Mr. Mallozzi that both Mr. Gero and myself advised you to get an iPhone!!! I wonder what he is saying now!

    I love my iPhone and it’s extremely useful when I travel, I’m stuck to Google Maps to see where is the closest something and see if I’m walking in the right direction…

    Have you tried the japanese keyboard? it’s pretty cool how you can write, you have to go to settings and keyboard and you can select multiple languages.

    One of my fav apps when I travel is a unit converter and I also have Boingo for wireless internet, it saves me from having to pay $1500 bill when I get home, add Skype and you are done…

    Oh another good tip, if you are taking the subway, a metro app of course, but make sure it works offline, otherwise you can go crazy once you are underground and have no reception.


  16. “Time”, my first thought was, please, someone make Robert Cooper step away from the keyboard. It was creepy as hell. The episode was great, with white knuckling suspense. The acting was fantastic, and it was the kind of rallying together as a crew to solve a problem that I’ve been yearning to see.

    Just one thing. Like other posters, I’m concerned that the characters learned about each other through an alternate timeline rather than in real time. Whatever bonding occurred between them as they risked their lives for each will never be known to our crew. But a truly exciting episode, and kudos to everyone involved !

  17. I just watched Wormhole X-treme! and somehow missed your cameo after countless viewings. Always with the sweet tooth, Joeseph.

    Btw, I coulda told you the iPhone would do you right. Macs and all their spawn are inherently good, and we should never question their judgement.

    Question for Mr. Kelamis:

    Coming into a show where most of the crew has been together for a decade or more, do notice the difference in working with such a troupe? Professionalism aiside, how do the Stargate team measure up?

    And thanks for taking the time.

  18. Hey J.

    Im glad your enjoying your iphone and macbook.
    Another one has joined the ranks of Apple.
    I’ve still to watch Time, but i can’t wait after hearing/reading all the positive comments about.

  19. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoyed the most recent ep. Got some nice alien action, and some great character moments. Eli’s stuff after that first attack was fantastic, and TJ’s reactions while Eli was at Chloe’s deathbed were wonderful. Scott, Rush, and Greer had some nice moments, as well. I liked the use of time travel and alternate timelines. Those dramatic shots of people getting killed are always fun when it turns out it didn’t really happen. Speaking of which, this is a lead-in to next week, right? We’re going to get the rest of the story and find out if it works, aren’t we?

    There were a couple things I didn’t like. Chloe continues to be nothing but annoying. Frankly, I hope she dies in the season finale. Watching Eli and Scott deal with her death seems like it would be way more interesting than watching more of what she’s been doing so far. Unless she changes in some way to actually be useful or in any way likable, I really hope she just dies. And as much as I did like TJ in this, I thought it was really stupid of her to use up all their antibiotics–especially in the second timeline, when they knew from the kino that the antibiotics didn’t actually do anything. Let’s hope in the third timeline she doesn’t do that.


    Time was really good!!! I didn’t realize what was going to happen with the ending up till the end. Which I suppose is the way that it is supposed to be.

    Now I have an odd desire to watch the episode 2010… or Before I Sleep… odd…

    Glad that you are enjoying your new iPhone and Mac. I want to make the switch, but I enjoy PC games. OH well… Have fun with the new tech toys!!!

  21. The iPhone is wonderful while travelling. FYI, if you travel outside Canada, be sure to find out how much international roaming charges will be. There are a lot of horror stories out there of per-minute charges piling up (even on trips from Seattle to Vancouver).

    I second using the iPhone for books. I use Kindle on iPhone almost every day.

  22. Joe,

    On the 28 October 2009 episode of the Gateworld Podcast, some callers wondered if the ship could discharge some of its energy, fly into the sun, and get enough energy to dial earth. In the episode “Light”, the characters discharge some of the energy from the ship, fly into the sun, and try to dial earth. Is this a pattern?

    Are the writers looking into the future to see what callers to the Gateworld Podcast are saying and writing episodes accordingly?

    More cowbell.

    Jim of WVa

  23. Meh, I’m a PC person through and through and I hate touch screens. I still say all hail That being said, I couldn’t get an iPhone even if I wanted one. AT&T sucks and doesn’t offer coverage in my home state. Going home for the holidays would suck. No phone access for weeks at a time!

    Love the pictures–very funny!

  24. Oh, poor Carl.

    So. Let me see if I got this right – Was the creatures’ venom working as a cure because they ate Rush’s body which was infected by the bad water?

    Disturbing. And confusing.

  25. Coucou Joseph!

    Comment allez vous aujourd’hui?
    Lol je vois que votre votre iPhone à l’air révolutionnaire, ça donne envi d’en posséder un!

    Ahhhh d’accord, je me disais bien que ces bêtes me faisaient penser à quelques chose! En tout cas elles sont terrifiantes! Mais de quoi se nourrissent t”elles réellement? de chair humaine? mais elles ont du survivres sans pendant des milliers d’années non?

    Bien imaginé en tout cas!

    Gros bisou!
    A bientôt.

  26. Joe,

    Quick Question: I was under the impression that shows are normally picked up for the next season (or canceled) before production wraps for the season. From the other comments, you all have apparently not been picked up for next season. When will Syfy give you the word?

    Jim of WVa

  27. I had flavoured Kit Kats two days ago – had never heard of them before – and I’m in Australia.

    and somehow some people didn’t follow Time. I guess some people don’t get time travel *shrugs*

  28. Agreed… I spent the credits slackjawed with WhaTaFuh emblazoned across my brow. Can’t wait to watch that again. I was seriously thinking you Tasha Yar’d (uh…. I won’t go further lest I spoil….) But you get my drift. Keep the twists coming won’t you? Thank you.

  29. Time was a great episode. And I think it’s because instead of forcing personal drama to the forefront unnaturally, it played out in the background naturally as the episode progressed. Time was an episode of Stargate.

  30. Damn, those props look good even in everyday lighting. You really need to do an interview with the props department folks sometime.

  31. Toldja!

    Can’t remember, did I mention the three FREE white-noise apps available at iTunes? I find them helpful when trying to ignore snoring.

    Titles are Sleepmaker, WhiteNoise, and No Stress. The free versions are enough for me, but there are paid versions with wider varieties of sound effects.

    One has to provide a form of payment to itunes before downloading free apps. I purchased an iTunes gift card instead of providing one of our credit cards. Security and anti-shopaholic measure.

  32. Uh, DP? Joe told us about Baen Free Library last year…but thanks for reminding me about it.

    Joe, do as I say, not as I do…turn off the iPhone, computer, and TV at least an hour before bedtime. Lighted screens are proven stimulants (says she who is STILL awake at 0630 local).

  33. So Kelamis is a pet psychic? OK…

    How do I get my pet spouse to talk more and snore less? (Can’t have animal pets due to allergies, so substituting Husband.)

  34. Geez Das now I don’t feel so bad about MY desk, nice one!
    Kudos for the musical tastes btw. I find a bit of Tool, Korn or Cradle of Filth gets my bad mood gone pdq:)

    Well Joe, you can jet off with a spring in your wing so to speak, just hope the technology can keep up with you 🙂

    Just waiting now to get my PC sound back after major graphic card failure and system meltdown…………where’s that son-in-law gotten to?

  35. time travel! jeez is the next episode gonna be alternate reality? it was a great episode though, but i thought u wanted to stray away from the SG1 and SGA methods?

    There are also apps for your dogs to tweet on your iPhone, but I don’t have one so i don’t know how to do it. But I have heard of an app called “Grindr X” u should check it out 🙂

  36. Time rocked the house! I was very pleased with it on all fronts – story, visuals, characters…

    I’ve bought each version of the iPhone on release day and have yet to be disappointed. It does what I want it to do and does it well. My favorite apps:

    1. Any PopCap game – Bookworm, Bejeweled 2, Peggle
    2. Kindle for iPhone (if you go the ebook route)
    3. Sudoku
    4. Dog First Aid
    5. SlingPlayer (if you have a Slingbox at home – can be convinced to work on 3G, not just WiFi as stated)
    6. White Pages
    7. iPhyzzle

  37. Just wanted to offer some feedback on ‘Time’ (*SPOILERS* if you haven’t seen it).

    Best SGU so far for me, after a slow start to the series.

    I was a little disappointed that it was like the Ashen story from SGI-1 again – alternate future timeline saves the day via message in a bottle, and is wiped from existence as a result.

    I hate seeing a whole lot of character development, caring about what’s happening to them, and then having it all wiped when the bubble is popped. It feels like a cheat.

    There was a perfect opportunity for Lt Scott to go through the gate as well and really alter the storyline and our notion of what the show will allow by permanently having two of him at once, one who is set apart by the crew as the “other” Lt Scott and plagued by nightmares at having seen his crew die.

    If you’re going to use time travel to solve a problem, I would really like to see a permanent effect that only time travel can produce, otherwise it might as well have been antibiotics or a healing chamber or something.

    Interesting and entertaining episode regardless, here’s hoping for more like it! 🙂

  38. Sadly, the iPhone isn’t affordable or feasible for everyone. My Blackberry Pearl’s $.99 price tag (and yes, that’s 99 cents) was much more acceptable to my budget than the iPhone. Not to mention I can’t afford to switch carriers at this time. Sure, it’d be nice, and it’d go well with my MacBook, Apple TV, and the fetus’s iPod nano, but darn that price tag! My main complaint about my Blackberry right now is space limitations, but it’s only a few months old.

    I’m curious, with rumors/news of MGM’s sale and possible auction, what does this mean for the future of the Stargate incarnations?

  39. These questions are for Mr. Kelamis, 1. How difficult was it for you to enter the Stargate world, knowing it was going into a different (albeit good) direction than the others, and that it would cause fans to react negatively to your show? 2. How difficult is the tech speak to remember, and how do you remember it? Thanks so much for your time, and keep up the great work.

  40. joe

    time was excellent had to watch the eposode twice .. nice stellar performance from the cast and crew and a great idea seeing the action through the “kino” for a while i thought my TV was broken.

  41. Gotta love that Carl, gets into the heart of the matter. and tries extremely hot food items also!
    I didn’t actually count but I think if I did, most of the comment were pro for the episode Time. So great job there Joe and everyone involved, this was Robs work, terrific. I liked the little camera flicker on the end credits for Rob and Brad, just added to the spookiness. I wondered why when Eli said it was so hot there on the planet, that he didn’t take his jacket off… and maybe people started getting sick there(the planet) coz it was so tropical and sped up the bacterias progress. I hope the rain was warm so no one caught a cold from laying around in the rain, see the things I think of, not problems with characters or plots,, funny,..
    Have a great day! thanks for the pictures. wonder how squid roasted on a stick would taste??hmmm… 😕

  42. “…provided we haven’t killed him off yet…”

    Go on, you are only killing backgrounders 😉


    “according to Gateworld’s poll, 50% of pollsters gave “Time” 10/10”

    Which is curious since 95% are raving fans 😉

  43. The main reason in the U.S. not to get a iPhone is AT&T. Its the only carrier for the iPhone, and depending on where you live.. Its pretty awful.

  44. Hey Joe.

    Hope alls going well.
    Haven’t weighed in my thoughts on Universe yet so I thought i’d have a quick go.
    I don’t love it yet, I do very much like it though. It might not help that i’m currently onto season 6 of an SG-1 rewatch and i’m missing the familiarity of good old fashioned Stargate, but times change and all that, the show had to evolve and I get that… hey on a side note what did you think of the character of Jonas? I’m really liking him on repeat viewing. Is he dead after the Ori attack in your mind?

    But I digress, Universe. Somethings I don’t like; while I do like a good old romantic storyline (it helps to build the characters and that is cool) the Scott/ Chloe relationship did come very out of left field for me. It wasn’t a bad scene per se it just took me out of the episode a little bit when I watched it I’m referring to the scene In ‘Light’. It was a nice friendship in my eyes between the two so to have them suddenly in bed together felt wrong. I know they thought they were going to dide but it still didn’t sit right. I don’t however believe her to be a whore, I do believe her to be a beautiful girl so say hi from me 🙂 the actress not the character …

    I do like the character of Scott, from the first time he appeared in the pilot and was wondering what kind of negative feedback people have been saying about the actor/character. I can’t think of anything glaryingly bad that either has done.

    All the performances by the cast are spot on, Robert Carlyle acts up a storm and steals every scene he is in, top work for getting him on board. The episodes continue to get better as the weeks progress and Time was fantastic except one thing. The reset. I love the character dynamics on this show and the interactions between everyone and was this stepped up a gear in ‘Time’. Fantastic moments between everyone that now cease to be. It leaves me feeling a little cheated that the hour I invested in (this one so much more than anything the show has done in a while (maybe since Atlantis’s ‘The Shrine’ has been wiped away.
    This was a huge bug bear for me with ‘continuum’ too. The growths in character are now void and we pretty much are where we were after ‘Earth’. Was there ever any talk that you are aware of about fidnding a way of keeping the original kino after Scott’s actions?

    Saying that, if you had left Chloe dead this post probably would have been a lot more colourful 🙂

    Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to to your opcoming episode.

    Oh and any hints about the story with the Atlantis movie while we wait would be much appreciated.

    Joe J

  45. Here’s a question: what is it with you guys and nasty, moist, leaping, squirming, squeaking parasite chest-burster things?

    Just promise me that you’ll keep Stephen Moffat* away from whoever invented the Goa’uld (and presumably these things)!
    *he of the gas-mask zombies and the weeping angels and just about every terrifying thing on the new Dr. Who

  46. @das
    Did you test those pens to see if they still worked? I will NOT throw out usable writing instruments. I’d rather store them against future need or donate them to charity.

  47. First, my apologies to all for multiple short posts. Long story short, this is what works when posting from my cell.

    Scot Boyd says:
    November 15, 2009 at 12:34 am
    The iPhone is wonderful while travelling. FYI, if you travel outside Canada, be sure to find out how much international roaming charges will be. There are a lot of horror stories out there of per-minute charges piling up (even on trips from Seattle to Vancouver).

    A friend in telecom industry recommended buying a calling card for my last trip to Canada, rather than paying roaming fees or changing my plan. Worked well, as I did a fair amount of in-Canada calling on that trip.

    Debating whether to take iPhone out of country, though. Surely Net cafes are still available in Ireland and Canada?

  48. Just want to say to those who’re trying to figure out this timeline thing: Don’t!

    We don’t have a clue over what would really happen with this parent of the grandfather paradox. Trying to make sense out it is just futile. It can be: (quite minor spoilers following)


    A) The same time line gets modified and happens again with new clues though the memories of the characters have somewhat been erased by this flash back in time.

    B) The choices we make every days makes for new alternate realities popping out of nothingness and it’s an alternate reality episode in the end.

    C) (my favorite) The writers just played you a trick by following the characters of one timeline for the first part of the season and now, you will be following the adventures of the characters from the last timeline for the rest of the serie, or until they commit another time travel episode.

    (then, who were we really following at the end of SG-1’s Unending and subsequent movies? The same applying to that SGA episode where Sheppard flashed forward to the time Atlantis’ sun became a red giant. How come those questions didn’t come out then?)

    I am abashed by those people who’re trying to make perfect sense out of somewhat pretty imaginary and totally out of our dull reality. If so, your fun should end with FTL travel if you insist on that. It’s like trying to figure out how Alice’s mirror could really work and that would be totally aside the point of Wonderland. I’m happy with letting myself taken out on a wild ride, have great fun during it and letting those writers try to mess me up big time. They did with that one!

    (bigger spoilers here)


    Resuming: Aliens, C4, time travel, Rush having an epiphany and Chloe died in some way. Don’t you just had what you claimed for from the start? 😉

    Giving it a 10 our of 10 may be exagerated. I’ll give it a 9, because if it’s a 10, then no episode will ever get better and the serie should end right there in glory. I just hope to be again graced by even better in the future.

  49. I figure if they collect enough of those critters to get venom they will also try cooking them. That could make for some humorous scenes. Plus there must be more animal life on the planet for them to prey on, but we probably won’t see them again.

  50. Why are the actors telling us how hot and sticky the jungle is, while at the same time they’re wearing multiple layers of clothing?

    And I’m sorry to see Chloe losing her lunch over seeing an alternate self die on camera – by itself it is in no way objectionable, but in the larger context of the show it’s Chloe being emotionally fragile and weak *again*. Why couldn’t she have been the one to survive to throw the Kino into the portal, for example. Just to change things up a bit.

  51. I’m happy that all your electronics are working well for ya now, Mr. M. The iphone is more than I would ever need, so I’ll not be running off at Christmas and buying myself one, though.

    Thanks so much for the pictures. It seems a shame not to use them again. Do they ever loan them to another project? Or do you just work them into, after a face lift, another episode?

    Das: the desk cleaning; your an inspiration to us all 😉 .


  52. LOL, I also thought when watching “Time” that there’s something wrong with the screen. 😀

  53. Clarifying my comment: It seems a shame not to use the “creatures” again. After all the work that props put into them. So cool.


  54. Me revoila!
    J’ai regardé l’épisode Time en sous titré et j’ai mieux compris…..alalala mon dieux que j’adore le personnage d’Eli, il est tellement gentil =)

    Bon je vous dit à demain, je vous fait de gros poutoux =)
    Bonne semaine!!

  55. Just finished watching Time. Quite an extraordinary episode. Amazing performances all around.

    Slightly confused about the ending though?? What happened then?

  56. Btw, are you sure he wants a medic in that picture? I thought he was impersonating another crew member 😉

  57. Ah oui juste avant d’aller au lit je voulais vous demandez
    , il serait possible d’avoir une photo de tout vos chiens réunis? c’est pour en faire un beau montage pour un futur article de mon blog sur vous =)

    Bonne nuit.

  58. Ok, having seen Time, and hopefully having left the computer gremlins back in Norfolk, I’m going to take a shot at giving my take on the latest episode.

    First off, this is the strongest and best episode of the seaon. We have it all here. Horror, comedy, action, character development, sci fi concepts like time travel/A-U in play. Some parts of the plot were predictable, but a couple of curve balls kept it from being boring. As usual the actors were all pros, delivering emotionally touching performances when required.
    Among the things that I liked. The twist with the cause of the deadly threat being not the jungle planet and its Alien-eque residents, but a microscopic enemy brought back in their search for vital resources earlier. Following the wrong trail of infection from jungle world cost Destiny crew 1 their lives. The venom as antitoxin pushed credulity a bit, but not so much I couldn’t accept it.
    Most intereting to me were the character developments. I was especially intrigued by the development of Eli. No, not his declaration of “friendship” to Chloe, or his revelation about his mother’s illness and his father’s abandonment. I am talking about his major character flaw, demonstrated during the first mission. The boy is lazy. While even Chloe struggles to find a way to be useful, he ducks the real work by insisting on playing with his kino. Even when pressed into work, he slacks off. Eli may be a Carter/McKay level genius, but he will not rise to their level until he finds a way to overcome this flaw. Sure, he’s shown he can focus, but only on those things that actively interest him. So far he’s shown no inclination rise to the challenges facing the Destiny. I look forward to seeing how this develops.
    Thought the Rush/Young comments on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were right on target, and a nice slapdown of Eli.(I really do like Eli, but he also offers a good target sometimes). After putting up with his incessent movie-quoting, they punched back with a great example. And who’d athought Rush would have quoted that movie?
    Love, love, love Greer now, as well as the capable actor portraying him. It took me till this episode to figure out why. Greer is no psychopath. He is samurai. He was born to serve, and to serve as a warrior. Like many warriors historically, he has a very fatalistic view of his life path. He is also saddled with a strong sense of duty, as well as loyalty. He strives to be a good killer not for the love of killing, but because it is his duty to be good at it. It’s understandable why such a person would have discipline issues. Like the samurai he resembles, his is a personal code of honor that is sometimes at cross purposes with the code of conduct imposed by the military. Only a mediating factor like a strong commander would keep such a person from dishonorable discharge. I’d love to find out what it was about Telford that Greer found so unworthy of respect that he struck him. Always future episodes…
    Chloe’s death scene, specifically her second death. I felt mostly sadness that I could not feel sad about her dying. In the opening we got the barest glimpse that she is finally moving in a direction to make her worthy of caring about. I hope we get more of this in the future.
    TJ has moved up quite a bit in my rankings. She should have been at the top from the beginning, given her job. But at last she’s demonstrating both the professionalism the job demands, and the humanity that is desirable. Talking about the tortures of Tarturus. She doesn’t have the knowledge and skill sets to do the job as well as is needed to keep people alive. When she does have the skills, she lacks the equipment and supplies, leaving her to helplessly watch her charges die. Hers is a load as crushing as Young’s, and she is carrying it well.
    Much better than Scott is. I am still not impressed with this character. He is 26, after all, and someone brought into the Stargate program. His reactions to news of Chloe’s(2nd) death hit me wrong. Yes, I know it shows he has an emotional attachment to her, but at the time others were depending on him. And yes, he is the reason Destiny 3 crew will/did survive. But he gave up. There were still crew on Destiny waiting for him to return with some of the creepy crawlies. Instead of a last ditch effort to save them, he instead dooms them on the slight chance of saving an alternate version of himself. On the plus side, there is a LOT of room for growth in the character.
    If my comments seem unduly harsh, just reread the first couple of paragraphs. The show, for me,. is finally showing some motion. I’m hoping the show will emulate the space shuttles, a lot of noise with long slow motion, then ever increasing its speed until reaching orbit.
    Thanks for sharing the pics. I will NOT go into my thoughts on watching Carl handling, or being handled, by that alien…this is a pg-13 crowd after all….nothing like hanging around a gang of EMS people for four days to take one’s mind to the gutter, and below.

  59. For Peter Kalamis

    How has twitter affected you?
    What makes something funny?
    What should we ask Patrick Gilmore?
    What about an acting part makes you want that part?
    How do you feel about being the first of Joe’s post-airing Q&As?
    In what ways is acting for a KINO different than typical acting for a camera?
    Will you be doing any DVD commentaries?
    What do you wish we had asked?
    What do you wish we hadn’t asked?
    What shouldn’t we ask Patrick Gilmore?

  60. Darn WordPress won’t let me log in so my Lion is missing. 🙁

    Just a couple of things – First off, think Sushi. If you cooked that thing and sliced it fine you could save a whole heap of money on catering. Especially if the rumours are true that you Canadians will eat almost anything? 🙂

    Secondly, think ebooks. It takes a bit of getting used to but you feel good after you save a tree or two.

    Lastly, do not download every useless ap known to man. If you do, sooner or later your iPhone will wave it’s little electronic legs in the air and cry “uncle.”

    Oh, and totally completely lastly – get some sleep at a reasonable time.

  61. Just be careful to turn off roaming when you leave for your trip so you don’t end up with data charges out the wazoo.

    Time related Q: How were Eli’s top movies chosen? Hackers is a personal favourite 😀

  62. Hey Joe,

    We watched Time last night and enjoyed it. I hope that the action/adventure stories will continue.

    A few questions – when Scott from the first timeline tossed the Kino through the gate, it traveled back in time back to the planet and we see Rush lying there, presumably from when he jumped through the malfunctioning gate earlier. Is Rush dead as a result of traveling through the malfuncting gate? Are his remains what are found by the team from the Destiny in the second timeline (when they find the original Kino)? And how far back in time did the loop go – presumably far enough back to allow time for decomposition, so months?

    At the end of the episode, my kids all yelled “What happened!?!?” I think it was kind of cool the way RCC ended the story – we’re left to presume that there is yet a third timeline where they find the second Kino and are able to capture one of the creatures during the day and use its venom to cure the infection from the water. It’s kind of nice that you assumed we have some intelligence and don’t need to have everything spelled out – but was there any discussion in the spin room that maybe viewers wouldn’t be able to figure it out?

    Looking forward to the next episode.


  63. Hey Joe,

    I have an ipod touch, which when offline or wireless works the same as the iphone really. I can;t give up my BB since I need a phone that is, well, a good phone. Call quality and reliability has to take priority over entertainment. But, I do want to know what apps for your trip you’ve downloaded. I’ve already got Human Japanese, Find!Tokyo and coolgorilla’s Japanese all loaded. I’m considering the Lonely Planet guide as well. What have you got so far? If they seem useful enough for me, I’ll add them as well. (I’ve been to Japan about 15 times in the last 10 years, so I’m good at getting around without much but a little metro map, and these new apps are making it a lot more fun!).


  64. I feel the need to make another comment. In Brian’s Q&A when asked what are his characters greatest strength and weakness he said that Scott’s empathy was the greatest strength and he is a very emotional person which can and does get in his way. Scott did not give up, he was hurting and he DID get himself together and do what he could. They knew the creatures were nocturnal and so the attack wasn’t a huge surprise, however the fact they all died in that time line was. And yes, he did make one final act to help save everyone left behind.

    I know that the post wasn’t an attack and that there is room for growth for all the characters, that is one of the key points for the characters….they are young, out of the depth and doing the best they can. Their struggles are what keeps me coming back.

    I must say again, this show must be renewed or a letter writing campaign will take up my future LOL

    Thanks to Elminster for posting the kino footage, I have been searching for it since Friday night LOL

  65. Joe, as a SGA fan, I have watched SGU with a critical but fair eye. Yet, the episodes have not captured my attention. But, I did enjoy Time and its open-ended ending. I also wish that SGU had a character that I could identify with as a black female and non-twenty-something Sci-Fi fan.

    P.S. I am still hoping for a SGA movie.

  66. First off: Anyone wondering if Destiny v.3 finds Kinos #2 *and* #1 (or pissed off about the total reset because you assumed the answer is “just #2”): watch the latest kinosode ( , presumably also somewhere on the MGM Stargate website). I’m no fan of most of SGU so far, but in this instance, the writers do seem to have thought things through.
    In case you can’t view the above for reason:
    yes, they find both kinos (in time to presumably save themselves), and at least Eli and Scott have watched both, and are rather freaked out.
    (Anyone wondering *why* they found both kinos: my take is that, since Kino-1 was sent to the past of Timeline-2, and sending Kino-2 back wouldn’t have affected the fact that Kino-1 was already there, the past of Timeline-3 included both Kinos, each sent back from a different future.)

    Mr. Mallozzi: Any chance you could clarify whether the above kinosode was written and shot more-or-less at the same time as the episode (i.e., it was always the intention for both kinos to be found); or whether someone later realized that not having kino-1 found by the “final” crew made the episode less meaningful, and took steps to rectify the problem?

  67. Sister-in-law says she’s confused because “we should have seen the first team.” I told her only if the writers want you to! She just doesn’t get that you are sneaky b@stards who LIKE messing with our minds! Mind you, she doesn’t seem to have grasped that not everything in their “world” happens on-camera. But she still likes the show.

  68. Hey Joe.

    Just a question regarding the FTL countdown timer. Is the length of time on the timer a preset back from when the Destiny was first launched, or does the Destiny determine the length of time out of FTL each time it drops out? Also, do you think that the destiny will ever catch up with one of the Seeder ships? Thanks! Try to stay out of all this rain 🙁

  69. @ACW

    Or if an executive at Syffyfyefy saw it and said “Nobody is going to understand that, you have to make a clip explaining it” 😉

  70. Looooooved Time! Such a strange but wonderful episode.

    I wrote a review of it over at Gateworld; I had to split it into 2 posts:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    To summarize, it was just absolutely intense and brutal, and yet the character development/info that we got was so natural and organic from what we already know of them. You guys are really doing this arc-driven storytelling well! And that ending; it was such an unorthodxed way to do it, but it worked perfectly. It really left me with a “WHOA WHAT WAS THAT?!” feeling. 😀

    Ugh. Can’t believe we only have 2 episodes left before the hiatus. It’s going to be a looooooong one.

  71. Just watched Time today and I have to agree with you. That was one kick-ass episode. That’ll go down as a classic for sure.
    I’m still holding out hope for an Atlantis movie and trying to make Universe a must see show like its predecessors.

  72. Argh, still under the weather, still coughing like a three-pack a day smoker. What IS this virus anyway?

    Lucky me, SyFy was running Ark of Truth and Continuum back to back. Made being confined to the couch kinda fun.

    Is it weird that I have both DVDs and yet I’ll still watch the movies on TV if they’re on? 😀

  73. @Shadow Step
    I could see that happening with regard to “What happened at the end?” (if I ignored the fact that no-one could plausibly assume that Scott-2’s message *wouldn’t* save the Destiny crew, and if I assumed that the the network thought that anyone really confused by the ending would find the kinosodes).
    However, I can’t imagine that the network would care whether or not viewers thought that Destiny-3 found Kino-1. The apparent fact that the writers *did* care, I consider an unexpectedly hopeful sign.

  74. I am so far behind on the episodes, but glad to hear that Time is awesome. I swear I’m going to catch up this week.

    I wish I could get an iPhone, but only have an iTouch since we live in the black hole of AT&T where I live. I really would love to get an iPhone. Aren’t apps so much fun? Make sure you don’t download duds though. There’s so many out there that are duds. Watch those roaming charges when you go to Tokyo. They can be killers. Do your research before you go so you won’t be surprised with the bill when you return.

  75. Joe,

    I’m glad to hear that you are very happy with your Apple products. I’m sure you will discover, as I did, that as your computing needs grow, your MacBook will be a capable tool in accommodating those needs.

    As several others have pointed out, beware of roaming charges when traveling (data AND voice). If you are keeping variety of information on your iPhone, make sure you can access it even with your data access off. Just in case.

    And welcome to the bright side of computing. 🙂

  76. Damn you to hell Joseph Apple Mallozzi!!! I want an iphone now!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!

    I’m stuck with a Nokia 1620 ‘classic’. Buttons are so bloody stiff..

    Gonna peruse the net for a good price. If I get one.. I’ll tell them you sent me.

  77. Loved ‘Time’! To me, it was definitely a needed episode. Really got me right back into the swing of the “Stargate” feel, for some reason. And yeah, I too was like, “…Wha?” at the end. Crazy!

    Question for Peter: I saw on Twitter you’re also in the web show Riese. How did you get involved with that? Will it conflict with your work on Stargate Universe? Are there any other sci-fi shows you’ll be joining?

  78. Dear Joe, loving SG:U so far!

    also, that was horribly mean ending Time when you did. I was so caught up in the story that I wasn’t paying attention to how long I’d been watching and wasn’t prepared for a be continued!

    But needless to say, I’m counting down until I can watch the next episode!

  79. Congrats on a wonderful episode. 😀 Particularly loved the Rush & Young’s “For a moment there” scene… It was superb…
    Who’s idea was that BTW ?

    Still trying to fully figure out how exactly what went on happened…

    Just wondering whether there will be another episode that deals with what happens after the team receives the second Kino message ? (Like 2001 was to 2010)

  80. Hey Carl,

    There you are in more of Joe’s photos. Have to admit, you are a great subject. *smiles*

    You actually play the part really well. All of Joe’s pictures of you (and there have been many) have you giving quite the expression. I think this calls for a photo album. ‘The Carl Show-n-Tell” picture book.

    Have a nice day, best to you Carl
    and you too Joe

    Cheryl 🙂

  81. Hello,

    Bbig fan.

    What’s with all the silly drama and sex in SGU ?

    That sex scene in the pilot was way overboard for Stargate.

    Is the show going to be fixed soon?

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