Today we bid a fond see-ya-later to the wonderful Jamil Walker-Smith, SGU’s resident warrior – Sergeant Ronald Greer.  It seems like just yesterday we were watching his F bomb-studded audition stream (THAT got our attention!), marveling at his incredible onscreen presence.  His unique charm completely won us over (and him the part), then continued to wow us throughout the season.


Trust me, he is damn likable both on camera and off.  I’ll miss his infectious laugh, his easy-going humor, his way of delivering a line with his trademark delightful quirkiness.  He’s a guy who’s as smooth and comfortable sprawled out on a couch in the production office talking about his weekend plans as he is firing off rounds at invisible aliens or lowering a Good Samaritan down a storm drain in search of the keys he dropped.  Always good for a laugh and a story, and always great for a performance that never fails to amaze.


Ladies and gentlemen, Jamil Walker Smith has left the building.


But he’ll be back.

More spinning today in the writers’ room and more headway made on those first ten episodes.  We ended up discussing the details of episode 1 (Paul will be doing the honors on this one), talking about the what’s and wherefore’s and, most importantly, answering Brad’s burning question: “How the hell are we going to get out of this one?!”.  Carl has requested Episode 5 while I’ve cast my lot with Episode 2.  Brad’s idea falls in the four slot, so he’ll take that one, which means Rob will be jumping on 3.  What fun!  One more day of broadstroking stories and arcs and then we get to breaking.  If all goes as planned, we’ll each have a story in hand by the end of next week, meaning we won’t have to come back to the office in December – except for Carl, of course, as fire regulations necessitate an Executive Producer be on premises at all times.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Anne-Marie Sloan.

Another whopping mailbag:

Cherluvya writes: “Okay, so what am I doing wrong in asking questions?”

Answer: Not sure.  Are you asking the right questions?

Laura writes: “Do you ever stop reading a book that is not intriguing to you and how long to you give a book before you give up on it?”

Answer: A book has 100 pages not to lose me.  Notice I didn’t say “grab me”.  I’m already on board.  All I ask is that you don’t lose me.  And, every so often, it does happen.

Ytimynona writes: “Do you speak any other languages?”

Answer: Some Japanese.  Nihongo ga sukoshi hanasemasu.

Dasndanger writes: “It seems many of the complaints about the Chloe/Scott thing revolve around the speed with which the two came together. I do understand how some could feel that it was a bit rushed. The problem? A lack of verbal communication with the audience. A way to resolve the problem? It would have been very easy to include a short scene between Chloe and Eli where she confides in him that she is attracted to someone – and Eli, of course, would jump to the conclusion it’s him. This way the audience is prepared for the reveal when Scott takes Chloe’s hand…and it would have also made Eli’s hurt more profound.”

Answer: Sure, we could have done that.  Or had either Chloe or Scott clearly state in one of their bonding scenes: “I’m really falling for you!”.  Or had another character comment: “Looks like those two are getting together.”  I’ve always been of the opinion that viewers don’t need to be spoon fed and are fully capable of connecting the dots.  Show; don’t tell.

Dasndanger also writes: “…but when you have an audience that is used to being told everything, sometimes it takes a while for them to catch on that they have to watch carefully, because sometimes the story isn’t being told in just words, but in body language and facial expressions.”

Answer: Ah, there you have it.

Thornyrose writes: “There was the threat that wasn’t a threat(no way Destiny and its passengers were going to die, and given the characters aboard the shuttle no doubt they would make it back safely).”

Answer: But every time the Atlantis team went off-world, did you ever expect there was a good chance they wouldn’t be coming back?

Thornyrose also writes: “It’s peculiar that the same people who were so confident the ship knew what it was doing at one moment suddenly decided that the Ancient technology had failed and that the ship failed to calculate a relatively simple properly.”

Answer: I think you mean problem.  Rush stated that he believed the power issues were a result of their sudden, intrusive presence.  Also, while one could hypothesize that Destiny may be responding to the needs of its crew, it requires a big leap of faith to dismiss all evidence to the contrary and believe you’re in no danger – especially when you’re headed toward a star.

Thornyrose also writes: “How does a ship that generates a shield powerful enough to survive immersion into a star get battle damage? How does the ship convert the stellar energy, and how does the power compare to ZPMs? Why the difference in energy sources between Atlantis and Destiny?”

Answer: Flying into the heart of the star would have destroyed the ship.  Instead, it more or less skimmed the surface.  It also makes sense that the ship was designed to draw energy from a naturally occurring and convenient power source, like a sun, rather than a ZPM that could be eventually depleted.

Thornyrose also writes: “Wray has been undermined as a potential leader, having shown her instinct for self preservation overrides her concern for the whole.”

Answer: How so?  She stated her case and then reacted when Young threatened to take her name out of the lottery.

Thornyrose also writes: “Why would Rush allow the shuttle to be loaded with supplies and leave if he knew Destiny was safe? Why would he come up with a solution to retrieve the shuttle if he wanted to be rid of the other occupants of the ship?”

Answer: All good questions.  The likeliest response could be that he suspected, but had no way of knowing for certain, that the ship was designed to draw energy from the star.  He planned for the worst but hoped for the best.

Thornyrose also writes: “I am hoping to see more developments in the characters, especially developments that make the characters more likable.”

Answer: Oodles of character development to come.  Water, the next episode, does a wonderful job of exploring Scott, Young, and their relationship.  There are also some terrific moments for Greer, T.J., Eli, and Rush.

Thornyrose also writes: “Any idea on when you’ll get official word on the show renewal?”

Answer: Could be as late as December.

Belouchi writes: “ 1. Is that Pyramid shaped building on the back of the Destiny crew and general quarters?
2. Will we ever know who or what put all those holes in the Destiny?
3. What do you think of the Audi S5…. hint hint”

Answer: 1. Not sure what you’re referring to.  2. Possibly.  3. Looks nice.  Why, are you thinking of getting me one as a belated birthday gift?

EternalDensity writes: “Is Destiny millions of years old (necessary for it to be older than Atlantis, have the potentially oldest stargate, and be a millions of years long trip from Earth) or is it under a million years old (which seems to be indicated by a couple of lines of dialogue in SGU)?”

Answer: I’m going to say millions.

Arctic Goddess writes: “To Chloe, having sex with Scott may be a twisted kind of need to feel loved and protected. Which would be something she had gotten from dad and now she is trying to replace with Scott.”

Answer: Sure.  Or she could have been infected by one of those alien sex parasites like in Cronenberg’s Shivers.  Or Scott could have been hallucinating that she was James.  Or, hell, they may have both been attracted to one another.  Who knows.

Bailey writes: “All I can say is that John Sheppard was a gentleman and Lt. Scott is a horn-dog.”

Answer: Uh, yeah.  Right.

Skontel writes: “You mention how different Louis Ferreira is in person from the character he plays. Would you say his is the biggest person-to-character difference, and if not, who is even further away in real life from the character they play on SGU?”

Answer: Louis, Bobby, Ming-Na and Jamil are VERY different from the characters they play.  Alaina and Elyse are also quite different from T.J. and Elyse.  On the other hand, David does have a bit of Eli’s adorable geek in him, and Brian is as sympathetic and noble in spirit as Scott.

Shawna Buchanan writes: “If he’s still religious, it annoys me to see him being so hypocritical without any acknowledgment of that fact.”

Answer: Some religious individuals are flawed – although the majority, of course, are perfect human beings beyond reproach who pay the church a yearly tithe amounting to 10% of their annual income.

Grace writes: “UCLA got a sneak peek of “Boondock Saints 2? tonight. Writer/director Troy Duffy and actors Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and Clifton Collins, Jr. attended the event. I spoke with Flanery afterwards and mentioned that I was a HUGE Stargate fan, loved him as Orlin, ecc. and he sung everyones praises. He seems to be a nice guy.”

Answer: He is a very nice guy.

Michele writes: “how did this darker tone for this spinoff come about? Also was wondering what was the most exciting part of creating season one and what was the hardest?”

Answer: These are questions that could be best answered by the show’s creators, Brad Wright and Robert Cooper (I’ll twist their arms and get them to do a Q&A before long).  From what I understand, they felt that in order for the franchise to continue, rather than end with Atlantis, it needed to be revitalized and taken in a new direction.  And SGU has done just that.

Erik writes: “Also, I don’t know if I would call Eli “immature” if he ignored Chloe. “Hurt” maybe, but I think that sometimes, to save oneself from too much hurt, distance can be the only solution.”

Answer: Sure.  And that would be Eli’s decision to make.  On the other hand, it’s kind of silly to expect Chloe to end her friendship with him.

gatelady writes: “In other words, Lt. Scott is not anywhere close to John Sheppard or Jack O’Neill as fan favs.”

Answer: Not yet.

Gatelady also writes: “Gateworld and Syfy forums both have polls for fav and least fav characters. Chloe is at the bottom, with Lt. Scott second from the bottom, at both sites.”

Answer: Well all the more reason for fans to get to know these characters and get past those first impressions.  Hell, before the show even aired everyone HATED Greer.  Suddenly, he’s on everyone’s favorite list and those people complaining about him earlier have suddenly developed a case of convenient amnesia.

Phil writes: “ What does that scene with Greer stripping down and (what appeared to be) meditating meant to symbolise? That he’s cleared his mind and bared his soul?”

Answer: That’s a great way of looking at it.

Joshua Meyers Extraordinary Teenager writes: “Wouldn’t you think Rodney or for that matter Daniel be a little more interested in the 9 chevron address in the database??”

Anwwer: Sure, but the project has been ongoing for a while and there’s no reason to believe they weren’t consulted.

duneknight writes: “i dont think eli or Scott had enough time to actually have real feelings for chloe. did you push this love triangle early on to grab as many viewers possible from the beginning? otherwise there was no need to introduce this relationship at this time.”

Answer: There was no need to make the corridor lights blue or put T.J.’s hair up rather than cut it short, but we did it anyway.

Rich G writes: “Young is one of my favorite characters. Authoritative, no-bullshit, straight-forward. He’s even been nice to Eli right from the get-go (saying it was time to eat after they’d been working for hours and hours in Air part I) instead of treating him like he’s just getting in the way.”

Answer: Yep, one of my favorite moments in the opener.  That small exchange and the smile he throws Eli said so much about the character.

DemonHunter writes: “I haven’t watched any SGU episodes (no access to them yet) but it seems from reading the mailbag that the show is mainly just a bunch of stranded people having sex. Is that where most of the story lines come from?”

Answer: Pretty much.  At the beginning of the season, we write all of the characters’ names down on little pieces of paper and put them in something we call “the sex hat”.  Then, we reach in and pull out two names.  This random pairing are earmarked to have sex in a given episode and, from this notion, we spin out a possible story.

Gen writes: “Think we can get a Q&A out of him, please please?”

Answer: Eventually.

Gilder writes: “As time goes on, I start to wonder if show creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper included various shocks and surprises to distract us from more obvious plot developments.”

Answer: Be careful.  They also do this thing when one of them crouches down behind you when you’re not looking so that the other can shove your over.

Matt writes: “Is the crew of the Destiny going to encounter any Jaffa, Ancients, Goa’uld, or any other familiar races out there?”

Answer: The Magic 8 Ball says Most Unlikely.

Abby writes: “Are we ever going to find out where Eli’s dad is?”

Answer: Hey, David Blue asked this very question yesterday.  Suspicious…

Joesmom writes: “There is a huge difference between romance and sex. We just hope the writers realize this.”

Answer: Absolutely.  It’s like the difference between a rose petal-strewn bed and the cold linoleum of a bathroom floor.

Brooke writes: “Women like guys who are sensitive and caring (like Scott shows after Chloe’s dad dies), but not guys who move pretty quickly from one girl to another.”

Answer: Right.  You know who thinks this way?  Sensitive and caring guys.

Michael writes: “I loved the cameo of Peter DeLuise, it was a nice nod to the SG-1 days. Will we see any over-sized wrenches?”

Answer: Alas, the big wrenches were a Martin Wood/Dan Shea thing and they are not working on SGU.

Michael also writes: “Since SGU is much more of a serial than its predecessors, will there be less guest villains and one or two reoccurring Big Bad?”

Answer: Oh, there may be a recurring big baddie or two.

Majorsal writes: “i like the tj and james female characters; anything for them?”

Answer: Yep.  More goodly character stuff upcoming.

Genevieve writes: “I was wondering, will there be any lasting division or resentment between the lotto winners and the losers?”

Answer: No, for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost is the fact that those chosen to get on the shuttle had no hand in the decision-making process.  It was Colonel Young’s call and the selections were random.  Secondly, those who ended up aboard the shuttle ended up in far more danger than those who stayed behind.

Genevieve also writes: “Does Chloe actually know that Eli feels more romantically towards her than she does towards him?”

Answer: That remains to be seen.

Rednor writes: “Well, I think Chloe is immature and opportunistic, and Scott is a horn-dog. I’m not buying any deep connection, and I doubt either is capable of such a thing. I know you keep “saying” it’s there, but I’m not “seeing” it.”

Answer: Surface impressions can be hard to break through.  If you want to pass judgment on the characters because they don’t aspire to some romanticized notion you may have, then no amount of further development will change your mind.  Not to make you paranoid but I guarantee that there are people in your life who have done much, much worse than have sex out of wedlock.  And you just don’t know it.  Who could it be?  Who……..?

Maddog316 writes: “I smell 2nd season for SGU!”

Answer: That’s what I thought I was smelling too, but it turned out it was the chicken cutlets I made for dinner.  They share a very similar scent.

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Ooops. Totally forgot the Japanese! Not fluent though, so maybe I subconsciously disregarded it.

Jamil is seriously AWESOME!!! I wish he had a blog or a Twitter or a fan mail address or something so I could tell him that myself! Greer worried me at first, but the character grew on me in leaps and bounds after “Light.” Which I still haven’t reviewed here. ((I’m waiting to see it again online before I judge Rush… at first I thought pulling his name out of the lottery had to do with his whole life being completely devoted to Destiny. (Not selflessness.) But then Young asks him if her knew that the lottery was pointless anyways, and Rush doesn’t answer him. So now I’m wondering if Rush is as evil as I thought he was in the first three episodes. Sigh. Robert Carlyle is making me change my mind too many times with this… I want to hate him SOOOO bad but I don’t want to jump the gun.))

Haha a 2nd season smells like chicken. Does it taste like it as well? I thought it would be… sweeter.

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Huh? I never hated Greer? I loved him from the beginning. I was ridiculed for it. Hearing ford v2.0 and Ronan v2.0 thrown at me. Then everyone had amnesia. Lol and the sex hat. Funny! Ok Mr. M, I don’t usually ask for your time but I beg of you, please watch this two min YouTube video. It’s called things you don’t say two your wife. It’s sooooo dang funny. And I’m sure, you as a married person will appreaciate it more than I do.

So what did you think of it?

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis


I don’t really know what to say about your response to my comment re Scott/Shep but I really think Stargate has done a much better job in making O’Neill, Daniel and Sheppard sympathetic “romantic” type leads than Scott has been. At least so far.


I have a few questions and while most questions are all directed towards SG-U (Which rules BTW!) I’m still a bit curious about SG-1.

The Ori/Ancient Home Galaxy..does it have a name? How far away is it from the Milky Way? And do you guys ever plan to revisit it in a new SG-1 movie? I find it hard to believe that the original galaxy that may hold countless secrets about the origins of the Ancients would never be revisited in someway shape or form I mean the Supergate is still there..

And have you ever heard word that they may finally answer that question about humanity’s origin or creation and why exactly we are called the “Second Evolution” of the Ancients when we seem to be less evolved really…except the subconscious?


Jumping in here:
Thornyrose writes: “There was the threat that wasn’t a threat(no way Destiny and its passengers were going to die, and given the characters aboard the shuttle no doubt they would make it back safely).”

Answer: But every time the Atlantis team went off-world, did you ever expect there was a good chance they wouldn’t be coming back?

Not really, but I think the stories of both SG1 and SGA were more about what they experienced, what happened wherever they went, rather than ‘will they survive?’.

Margaret Clayton

Good mailbag! Until I got to the chicken cutlet remark, then I felt a little whoopsie… I have the flu or a cold, and right now the symptoms are very unpleasant, annoying and inconvenient. The thought of food, no matter how tasty, is vile.

Watashi wa? S’koshi dake. Like I said, I learned bar Japanese.

How is Mom? Any updates? I worry.

Random stuff: big controversy in Utah right now over the Hot Mormon Muffins calendar… hot Mormon moms in pin-up poses with muffin recipes. Oh! The scandal! They’re showing their arms and legs! I ordered one for my hubby right away. And while I was at it, a Men on a Mission one for myself. Mmm, hot missionaries without their shirts on! How racy!


Thank you very much for addressing my questions; I had not expected any answers, though I’d hoped at least one of them would get your attention. Makes me glad I stayed up to wait for your blog post. (Ok, so K’Tesh demanded a late night walk, but the computer was still on). I grant you that one did not expect our heroes from Atlantis to suffer too much death and destruction, though after season three I got very nervous about some of the recurring characters. Perhaps it was the fact that it’s so early in the season, but I just didn’t feel the castaways were in that much danger. Now, had they failed to retrieve the shuttle, that might have knocked some of the complacency from me. As it is, the shuttle scnes just felt contrived. As far as Destiny and star-skimming, I wasn’t actually criticizing that aspect of the show. In fact, it was an incredibly neat solution to how to keep Destiny functioning for millenia. Though since the Ancients had expected to board the ship at some point, it seems they would have used a more familiar power source. I’m more curious if the solar power thing is an experimental feature for them, that was somehow abandoned by the Ancients. As for Wray, she made her arguments, but to me at least there was a self serving logic to those points. By convincing Young to change his decision to handpicking all 17 positions, she stood to influence him to select her as one of those seventeen, increasing her chances of survival. When he not only rejected her view, but pushed back, she caved in a way that just barely allowed her to crawl out of the room with a scrap of dignity. She didn’t beg for her life, but she also made it clear that self preservation was a higher priority to her than the overall fate of the expedition. The only redeeming fact for her is that Young was the only one to witness this. But he is also the highest authority on the ship, and I can’t imagine him giving her some of that authority after her attempt to sway him. And please note that what I say about the character does not apply to the actress; as usual you folks have selected actors who are getting everything they can out of the scripts they are given. I am just getting a bit impatient to see them get some scripts to make their characters more sympathetic. So far Eli is the only really likable character, though I respect Young and truly admire Greer. And I’m hoping that somewhere down the line David Blue will have a chance to expand Eli’s character as the forming cliques and politics aboardship start pulling him between opposing forces. All in all, what it boils down to is that I’m still watching. I’m overall liking what I see, but I’ve not fallen in love with Universe yet. Given the different nature… Read more »


Ugh. I want to know what world so many of those mailbag people are living in. People have sex when they’re NOT in love. GASP! Shocking, I know.


Thanks for the kind response. I agree with you about Chloe, I don’t think she really knew that Eli had a ‘thing’ for her, at least from what I’ve seen so far. So yeah, there would be no reason for her to distance herself from Eli unless, well, he distanced himself from her, which would probably set off some lights in her head that Eli does not want to currently set off.

I do greatly enjoy the character development that you guys are doing thus far. It seems like a great buildup for further seasons of the show, and also it kind of avoids the “bad guy of the week” formula that the SG franchise kind of fell into after a long while on the air (after 15 years of writing similar shows, I find it commendable that you all managed to keep your sanity!).

Ok, so one question here rather than all of the comments: will we be finding out a lot of information about the Ancient/Alteran timeline in SG-U? Or will they eventually fade into the background and new alien races pop up to take the forefront?

By the way, you should pop on over to the syfy forums once in awhile, there are many ardent supporters of the show over there, including myself. As always, keep up the great work and thanks for continuing to bring it to us!!!



Ok. I have to address this Sheppard “gentleman” thing. Now, I’m not saying he was a cad or anything but Sheppard …sensitive? Really?

Most of the time when Sheppard was shown with a woman, he’d kind of just fallen into it unexpectedly. And it was always a one time thing. Sheppard’s a one night stand man. The man didn’t have a relationship for 5+ years.

So, in comparison to Scott, who I don’t have nearly as much time to go on… he’s young for one thing. What 25(?) year old guy isn’t about sex? I think Scott is in fact much more sensitive than most guys his age.

We have no idea what exactly the back story is between Scott and James but I’m assuming there’s not much. He’s actually had conversations with Chloe, which as Joe said, were meaningful and personal.

These people hating on Scott and Chloe need to remember that they thought they were going to die. Or at least she didn’t stand a high chance of surviving. They might not have jumped into bed together quite so fast had they not had that hanging over their heads.

But even if they did, they are young and not committed to anyone. This is so not a big deal!

Ok, think I’m done ranting now. wink

Jenny R.
Jenny R.

I wasn’t going to jump into this fray of comments, but after reading the comments/mailbag for awhile I feel like some things need to be said.

1. Wahlyn is very correct in saying this.
2. Off of that, I believe that it is perfectly reasonable for people in a situation like those on the Destiny are in to react the way that they do. I know I would want to feel a connection with someone like Chloe and Scott do. I would also sure as hell want to make sure that things got done in an intelligent way like Wray does.
3. If people think that Sheppard was a chaste gentleman I refer them especially to season one of Atlantis. Specifically the episode Sanctuary. I think this may have been an episode where McKay called hime Captain Kirk, though I may be mistaken.
4. Hooking up with two people does make you a horn-dog. It makes you a perfectly normal twenty-something male.
5. Chloe is capable of making her own decisions. Just because someone likes her does not mean that she is not allowed to like another person. This also means that the other person is not allowed to like Chloe back. I mean, it’s not like Scott and Eli sat down to discuss this.
6. Universe is not SG-1 or Atlantis. Nor, do I think, it intends to be. It is supposed to be another facet of the franchise; not a carbon-copy of its predecessors. A fact that I, for one, like.

Basically, we’re not nearly far enough into this series to have the audacity to think that we know the ins and outs of all these characters. We have seen very little of what makes them who they are and causes them to act the way they do. Give it time; things aren’t supposed to be clear right away. If they were it would be a mini series, not an ongoing drama.

I will stop ranting now.


Narelle from Aus


We just don’t consult the Magic 8 ball enough when it comes to those important decisions in life. Chicken or fish? Should I take a coat or not? Do I avenge the death of my pet rabbit from when I was 10 by holding the culprits hostage in a cage for weeks and see how they like being made into stew? You know how it is.

Hope your Mum gets a diagnosis soon.

Humorous BOTM, sign me up. Need some laughs. I think I might be able to get around to this one (nice jinx by me) as I already have it in my e-list.

Take care.


Hey Joe

I was wondering if u can dedicate your posts on Nov.1 to my dad Rodger for his 62nd birthday and Nov. 3 to my Mom Toni for her 60th birthday please. They have been married for 36 years and counting.



Um, seriously, I don’t get all this “romantic” talk. If that’s what people want, they should go watch Lifetime. I like watching characters that behave like real people. I like even more that there’s mystery to the characters, and I don’t know everything about them within the first 2 or 3 episodes. It’s like reading a book. Why would I continue on with it if every detail was spoon fed to me in the first chapter?

The slow reveal of these characters has been fantastic and such a great change from the usual TV menu. I’m one of those who didn’t like Greer at first, and now he’s one of my favorite characters. This is what television should be! I want to try to figure out what’s going on, and then I want to be wrong so I have to keep thinking about it! And I like being a little confused at points so I have to go back and re-watch it and have an ah-ha moment (or at least an ah-ha guess).


I don’t know why everyone is so shocked about the whole Chloe/Scott thing, it was hinted at pretty clearly in Air pt 3, at least thats when I noticed it,
As for Rush, I’m willing to bet that he realized at the end of the whole ordeal that while Young had acted like he trusted him when they were all about to die, once everything was said and done he suddenly implies that Rush had lied to them. Besides they showed us when Rush saw that the ship was recharging, and he was clearly shocked, there was no way he knew it would do that, if he did, I’m wondering how they can justify that after including that scene. I am definetly not Rush’s biggest fan, but I think I’ll grow to like the character.
I love how all the characters have clear flaws, and I think it’s too early to draw a complete conclusion on each of them, and what theyre capable of, or not capable of.


Belouchi writes:
3. What do you think of the Audi S5…. hint hint”

Answer: 3. Looks nice. Why, are you thinking of getting me one as a belated birthday gift?

I was actually gonna offer you the keys to mine when you come over to Montreal, that way you dont have to rent a car…. and only if you promise to fill it up with super premium 94 octane.



Joe said:
“Answer: Be careful.  They also do this thing when one of them crouches down behind you when you’re not looking so that the other can shove your over”


They do that to YOU, maybe. :-p I’ll make a note to bring my cane and very ugly back brace when/if I visit Bridge.


Have I missed a comment or has it not occurred to all the complaining people that Lt. Scott and Chloe (in addition to already making a connection after Chloe’s father died) believed that they were about to die? And maybe that was also a factor — They were quite understandably seeking some physical comfort before the end?


Although, I gotta say, I think the “sex hat” has potential. Can you keep it on standby for Season 2? wink

– KB


Answer: “Ah, there you have it.”

Thanks, Joe. See? I’m not as dumb as I look. smile

Bailey writes: “All I can say is that John Sheppard was a gentleman…”

Uh, yeah. Right. Allow me to quote John Sheppard:

LARRIN (after a Wraithy suck n’ puke): “That was so strange, to have your whole life fading away and then to suddenly have it back again. It actually felt kinda good.

SHEPPARD: “Mmm, I know. Happened to me once, too. Long story.”

Sorry, but a REAL gentleman does not kiss and tell. wink

Some additional thoughts about nothing in particular…

1. I think Scott and Chloe are the new McKay and Keller.

2. Why can’t I seem to call Scott by his first name??

3. I think folks are being extremely hard on both Scott and Chloe. Though some may not like the idea of these two being romantically involved, I think this issue is being blown WAY out of proportion. They had sex – gotta get over it. (Before anyone jumps on me about my issues with the sex scene in the premiere – remember, my issue was with how graphic it was, not with the fact that two people were intimately involved).

4. Scott shined in Air III. Maybe I was the only one, but I was very moved by Brian’s performance in that episode. Maybe we’ve just gotten used to smartasses in uniform when it comes to the Stargate franchise, but I find it kind of refreshing this time that the gun-toting guy seems (so far) to be the complete antithesis of Sheppard and O’Neill. (Same goes for Young in this regard – nice to see a compassionate leader that doesn’t hid his feelings behind a facade of snark.)

5. Though I didn’t read about the character prior to the show’s airing (I avoided all spoilers, as far as it was possible), I must admit to being surprised by Greer. Why? Because of the few things I did hear about a ‘stereotypical black character’ (mostly here). Those comments did have me expecting the worst, and how glad I am now that they were so far from the truth! Greer is proving to be an exceptional character – really looking forward to seeing more of him.

6. Eli is a geek. Geeks often don’t have good social skills. They talk too much, say inappropriate things, have trouble relating to other people – especially in groups. It seems to me that Eli is like this – am I right in seeing it that way, Joe, that he has purposely been written as socially awkward?

That’s all for now.

Have a good one, Joe!



Today was my last day of extra work on season 1 of SGU. I feel blessed to have been one of the few to have been on the Destiny all year. Justin Louis would give Amanda Tapping a run for her money in the on set comedian department. My sides are still sore from all the laughing the other day. Today however…woah! Intense stuff with Jamil. He’s an animal on action, and then jolly ol’ Santa after cut. Brian is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. It was always good times working with the Smith & Smith team. I have to say that not once this year did I have a negative experience with any of the actors on SGU. ALL YEAR!! That is unheard of. I’ve worked on shows where there’s problems 10 minutes into the day. You’ve got a great cast. Thanks for everything.


Thanks for the great replies Joe, and for the luverly sarcasm at times grin


Hey Joe,

I can’t believe so many people had problems with the Chloe/Eli/Scott thing. The end of Air, Part 3 was all I needed to know those two were attracted to each other, and the way Eli fawned over Chloe throughout Darkness had me saying “sucks to be Eli” because she’s obviously interested in Scott.

Maybe it was unintentional, but I also took the slow pan out at the end of Air, 3 to mean that the conversation continued without us (as well as to show the neat alien ship departing).

Reading your blog told me not to trust the character wrap sheets and while everyone was up in arms over that, I thought I’d give you guys the benefit of the doubt. Greer has been my favourite character from the get-go. I was wondering though, does he still have the nickname “Psycho” or was that dropped?

Also, I haven’t said this yet, so I’d like to commend you guys on continuity. I asked a few weeks ago why Greer’s uniform was covered in blood on the left side while on the desert planet. I rewatched Air, Part 1 and got my answer. Will they ever be able to change (or wash) their clothes? And how hard is it to keep an eye on continuity, like the sunburns, when there really wasn’t much of that with the two previous series?




Second photo shows Jamil has good military posture. From IMDb, I see he’s been a working actor since childhood. Does he have any military background — family members, ROTC, etc. ?

David Chapple
David Chapple

Have you ever read “Berserker” by Fred Saberhagen?


Hahaha! Snarky Joe responses to the mailbag, I love it!
Sex hat – I always wondered how those soap opera writers came up with ideas….

Loved the shuttle model – any chance of getting pics of the Destiny model? I’m assuming there is one, or is it all CGI?

Pats to all the pooches.