I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep.  Even though I’m exhausted by the time I turn off the lights, I’m so wound up that it takes me forever to actually doze off.  And, when I finally, I’m only out for an hour or two before I’m awake again. I’ll eventually drift off again and wake up an hour later.  Drift off.  Wake up.  Drift off.  Wake up.  And so it goes throughout the night.  Surprisingly, I get out of bed feeling fairly well-rested – but it eventually catches up with me.  Right around, oh, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m., about the time I settle down to work on my blog.  Which is a shame since, earlier today, I was all fired up to deliver a rant certain to make Lemming-Gate pale in comparison.

Oh well.  I’ll get around to it eventually.  In the meantime…

Today was the last day for everyone else – Alaina Huffman, David Blue, Brian J. Smith, Patrick Glimore, Jennifer Spence, Peter Kelamis, Haig Sutherland, and Julia Benson – all incredibly talented and wonderful people.  I advise them to rest up well this hiatus because, based on what we’ve come up with so far, they’ll be VERY busy in season 2.

Well, those who survive the season finale anyway.

This morning, Robert Cooper was on Stage 5, directing some scenes owing from Lost.  Then, this afternoon, Ivon Bartok was on Stages 2 and 4 directing the last of the kino scenes.  For those of you who weren’t there (Where were you?!), here are some of the highlights:

Art Department package featuring kino director Ivon Bartok (cover design by Chris Beech).
Carl pulls a Martin Gero. Fortunately, no stitches are required.
Guess the mystery man.
Director of Photography Jim Menard and Director Ivon Bartok - best of buddies. I think.
On set with Director Ivon Bartok.
Actor Patrick Gilmore (SGU's Dale Volker) regales Ashleigh and me with a tale involving coffee, magazine thievery, dubious heroics, and suspect use of the term "hotshot". Get the details here: twitter.com/patrickgilmore
Actor Peter Kelamis (SGU's Adam Brody) has joined the dark side = twitter.com/peterkelamis
David Blue got me a going away present. And, as is customary, I weigh the gift. Oooh. Heavy!


Ytimynona writes: “But then Young asks him if her knew that the lottery was pointless anyways, and Rush doesn’t answer him. So now I’m wondering if Rush is as evil as I thought he was in the first three episodes.”

Answer: Or, at the very least, wants to have everyone entertain the possibility that he is.

Chad writes: “The Ori/Ancient Home Galaxy..does it have a name? How far away is it from the Milky Way? And do you guys ever plan to revisit it in a new SG-1 movie?”

Answer: I believe Ark of Truth was the final chapter in the Ori storyline so, no, I don’t think we’ll ever be revisiting it in a future movie.

Chad also writes: “And have you ever heard word that they may finally answer that question about humanity’s origin or creation and why exactly we are called the “Second Evolution” of the Ancients when we seem to be less evolved really…except the subconscious?”

Answer: This is another matter – that we may or may not be touching upon in the new series.

Me writes: “Not really, but I think the stories of both SG1 and SGA were more about what they experienced, what happened wherever they went, rather than ‘will they survive?’.”

Answer: Which is ultimately what this series is about – the experiences of these characters and this microcosm of society in the heat of adversity and the struggle for survival.

MaggieMayDay writes: “How is Mom? Any updates?”

Answer: Still undergoing tests.  Thanks for asking.

Thornyrose writes: “The only redeeming fact for her is that Young was the only one to witness this. But he is also the highest authority on the ship, and I can’t imagine him giving her some of that authority after her attempt to sway him.”

Answer: Well, that really depends on Young.  As the ranking military officer on board Destiny, he is the logical choice to lead.  That said, there are plenty of civilians on board who may chafe under military rule and they may look to someone who best represents their interests – and, at first blush, this may well be Wray.  If this does turn out to be the case, what does Young do?  Does he dismiss Wray based on their experience in Light or  does he take the high road and honor the choice made by a rival and potentially hostile faction?

Erik writes: “will we be finding out a lot of information about the Ancient/Alteran timeline in SG-U? Or will they eventually fade into the background and new alien races pop up to take the forefront?”

Answer: While we do touch on the Ancient/Alteran timeline, the greater part of this series will focus on the exploration of new alien encounters.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Chicken or fish? Should I take a coat or not? Do I avenge the death of my pet rabbit from when I was 10 by holding the culprits hostage in a cage for weeks and see how they like being made into stew?”

Answer: Chicken, yes, and without a doubt.

Skye writes: “I was wondering if u can dedicate your posts on Nov.1 to my dad Rodger for his 62nd birthday and Nov. 3 to my Mom Toni for her 60th birthday please. They have been married for 36 years and counting.”

Answer: Sure, but please remind me on the day.

DasnDanger writes: “Scott shined in Air III. Maybe I was the only one, but I was very moved by Brian’s performance in that episode.”

Answer: Brian J. Smith is equally amazing in tomorrow night’s episode, Water.

DasNdanger also writes: “It seems to me that Eli is like this – am I right in seeing it that way, Joe, that he has purposely been written as socially awkward?”

Answer: Yep.

Herbertsommerfeld writes: “Today was my last day of extra work on season 1 of SGU. I feel blessed to have been one of the few to have been on the Destiny all year.”

Answer: And it was great having you aboard, Herb!

Pastrygirl writes: “Loved the shuttle model – any chance of getting pics of the Destiny model? I’m assuming there is one, or is it all CGI?”

Answer: We talked about building a model but, for now, it’s all CG.

Cody writes: “I have a question, to take advantage of your culinary expertise Joe. Are there wine/chocolate pairings?”

Answer: Alas, I’m not a wine guy.

Flappo writes: “Something I also want to ask, are we going to see more of TJ?”

Answer: Yes, definitely.

K-Man writes: “1. When you wrote your first script for SG-1 were you a fan of the show first, or was it just a job opportunity for you and Paul?
2. If there is a 2nd season will Marty Gero be contributing a script, or is he officially done?”

Answers: 1. No.  I’d watched a season one episode, Emancipation, and it – uh – “didn’t do it for me”.  Fortunately, I did get to read some much better episodes and scripts prior to pitching.  2. Marty G. is busy on the second season of HBO’s Bored To Death.  If he does find the time, however, we’d love to hear any ideas he may have for SGU.

Logan writes: “My criticism of this episode is that the solar powered stuff was fairly obvious, and despite your explanation that they had to approach it as a life or death scenario, it seems that someone (Rush/Eli) should have broached this possibility, only to be told that it was a possibility they couldn’t afford to entertain.”

Answer: It appears that Rush DID consider the possibility but chose not to share his find with the others.

Amac251 writes: “Did you and the other writers/producers ever think/wonder (before this episode aired) that the scene would get a big response like this from the fans?”

Answer: Oh, we expected (and continue to expect) wackier.

Matthew Stoner writes: “Is there only one Stargate-dropping ship ahead of Destiny, or were other ships also launched before Destiny?”

Answer: There were several seed ships.

DasNDanger writes: “When did you start reading Wolverine?”

Answer: I picked up every title about a year ago and dropped titles as I lost interest.  Still loving Aaron’s work.

Rednor writes: “ But if so many people are saying that they find certain characters to be shallow or self-centered or immature, you need to listen to how they are being received, especially if it’s not how they are intended.”

Answer: I disagree.  With all due respect, it may seem like “so many people” but, in truth, this the opinion of a tiny portion of online fandom which is, in turn, a tiny portion of overall viewership.  It’s food for thought in many cases but certainly not a reason to rethink or change direction.

Rednor also writes: “The Stargate world, to this point, has been populated with very smart, very disciplined, very interesting people. They have not all been perfect.”

Answer: Actually, they were pretty damn close to perfect and were generally beyond reproach.

Montrealer writes: “Was wondering if the Destiny is organic in the same way like the Wraith Hives and ships so that worn out parts gets replaced over time.”

Answer: Nope.

Gilder writes: “…do you know of any situations where an actor auditioned well but could not deliver in production?”

Answer: It’s been a while but, yes, I have.  Thank goodness for great editors.

Abby writes: “Okay, another question. Is there a set amount of time between each episode or does the amount vary depending on the episode?”

Answer: It really depends on the individual episodes.  In the past, a season has roughly equaled one full year.  However, this first season of SGU will cover a significantly shorter stretch.

Dakota writes: “When do we get to see a good ol’ fashion firefight on an alien planet?”

Answer: Soon, soon.

Shadow Step writes: “Do you keep a bible of all things said on your blog, and the individual developments the posters go through, so that you might later catch them in a slice of humanity and snicker at them?”

Answer: No need.  It’s often the same people who seize on preliminary character or story descriptions, imagine the worst, scream bloody murder, and then conveniently disappear once they’re proven wrong – only to reappear later with some other axe to grind.  You say “humanity”.  I say “idiocy”.  You also say “snicker at them” while I say “Call them on their bullshit histrionics”. J

Simon writes: “1) Can you give us a list of which actors will be doing audio commentaries for the split season(?) DVD?
2) Still no word on the SG-1/SGA movies?

Answers: 1) I can’t give you a list because I haven’t been keeping track.  So far, I’ve seen David Blue, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, Ming-Na, and Louis Ferreira.
2) None.”

Airwolf writes: “I’ve noticed many people stating “this is not Stargate” and wonder to myself why it wasn’t simply named “Destiny?” […] Rather than having Stargate in the name. Some people are downright irate about this!”

Answer: Who cares?  While it’s admittedly very different from the previous shows, it’s still Stargate – whether certain fans like it or not.  And, for the most part, they DO seem to like it.  Yeah, even those fans who claim NOT to like it.  In fact, I’d say especially those fans.

Shadow Step writes: “Not to make you paranoid but I guarantee that there are people in your life who have done much, much worse than have sex out of wedlock. ”

Yeah – but she didn’t have to see it.”

Answer: Uh, yeah, nice try, but we weren’t talking about being affronted by the sex scene.  We were discussing pigeon-holing characters on the basis of blanket moral convictions.

Shadow Step also writes: ”

“Hooking up with two people does make you a horn-dog. It makes you a perfectly normal twenty-something male.”

That presupposes that the avertage twenty-something male isn’t a horn-dog.”

Answer: I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re neither male nor twenty-something.

Shadow Step also writes: ”

“Basically, we’re not nearly far enough into this series to have the audacity to think that we know the ins and outs of all these characters.”

What I fear is the audacity of soap – “who will sleep with whom! All new SGU!”

Answer: I know!  It’s taken up almost a whole minute of the 225 minutes aired so far!  I’m surprised you haven’t already been driven mad by the experience.

Shadow Step also writes: ”

“I can’t believe so many people had problems with the Chloe/Eli/Scott thing. The end of Air, Part 3 was all I needed to know those two were attracted to each other,”

Yeah, well some of us were asleep by then.”

Answer: Well thank goodness you were able to wake up in time to watch the subsequent episodes otherwise I would really miss out on this insightful input.

94 thoughts on “October 29, 2009: Rescheduling My Rant! Final Day of Production! More Mailbag!

  1. *Sigh* Some people can’t separate their hatred of what a character does from their feelings about an actor. Apparently Brian Smith has been experiencing attacks on Twitter that are somewhat akin to what Wil Wheaton experienced during his stint as Wesley on TNG. Sheeeeeeesh, people. And to those offended by it, here’s some advice from Ivon Bartok: “Don’t sweat it…water off a duck’s back…”

    I am ridiculously excited about tomorrow’s episode… and I guess I should rewatch Light before then, eh? I need to get my thoughts on Light in order before moving on!

  2. Argh! Still waiting on results for your Mum (sorry Aussie spelling). Is she at least getting any better care?

    Narelle from Aus writes: “Chicken or fish? Should I take a coat or not? Do I avenge the death of my pet rabbit from when I was 10 by holding the culprits hostage in a cage for weeks and see how they like being made into stew?”

    Answer: Chicken, yes, and without a doubt.

    Thank you bearer of the Magic 8 ball. I’ll let you know how it all goes. My captives were happy to hear that I had consulted someone on this whole saga. Happiness turned to sorrow though when I explained that their capture was being encouraged. Fans of the show by the way.

    Saw quite a strange new carpet fragrance today at the supermarket. http://www.twitpic.com/nh62k
    Fresh pet smell? Is that like freshly mowed grass? Fresh linen? What does a fresh pet smell like? Something sleazy? I’ve had a pet get fresh on my leg, but not so much smelt one.

  3. Ohh, that was an interesting answer. I do hope it indicates foreshadowing. And I’d have to wonder that if Wray were to achieve a position of power on Destiny, if it would be the “high road” for Young to permit it, or if it would be his duty to oppose her. Luckily, we still have fifteen episodes to see how it goes. The other interesting answer of the day is the fact that Destiny is not a unique ship, but one of a class. Given the size of the universe it seems unlikely that we’ll see one of the sister ships, but on the other hand maybe it’s just a “one in a million” chance. And we know what that means…
    Great pictures, as always. As far as the sleep goes wish I could help. Eventually your body will force you into a longer, deeper sleep. That, or you’ll end up catching every creepy crud virus out there because your immune system goes on strike. You do have a few days before the big trip to rest up I hope. Hate to see you miss out on some of the reservations cause you overslept. Thanks as always, for taking the time to keep us posted with your latest doings. Now, off to check out twitter for doggie pics…

  4. Oh, if you find you wake up in the middle of the night, feeling that getting the rant off your chest might help you sleep a bit more, I’m sure those here won’t mind having an addendum style blog entry.

    I’d love to help out on the not sleeping issue, but I’m in no position to be handing out advice on the subject right now seeing as I’m finding myself with the same type of problem. Maybe time for that Liquor Cabinet Weird Food Purchase of the Day? Passing out, sleeping – same, same.

  5. I don’t care about Chloe and who she has sex with… but your blowing off criticisms points out again that when it comes to any type of romantic relationship, the SG writers miss far more than they hit. Perhaps to you it is enough to see them have sex, but for y’all to claim this is a relationship driven show and then not DEVELOP the relationship… just jump to sex… well, again, get a woman writer. I know you are tired of hearing it. Better yet, get a Jewish woman writer 🙂 But you know I love you.
    I don’t sleep much either… but it’s very unhealthy. Call your mom. (Aside: humorist Lewis Grizzard here in GA had book titled “Don’t Forget To Call Your Momma; I Wish I Could Call Mine.” Many titles funny…such as: Elvis is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself). G’night Joe.

  6. Joe, I’d like to say that for me, knowing that the Destiny and main characters were going to survive in Light didn’t affect the suspense. Watching it a second time through did not diminish my emotional response to the great music, visuals, and acting, even though I knew what was going to happen. The episode generates plenty of suspense and such on it’s own without the condition of not knowing what happens.

  7. If certain characters are perceived to be shallow or self-centered, maybe they ARE, and watching them develop in reaction to their new situation could be very engrossing. Or maybe we just don’t know them very well yet. Time will tell.

    That said, here’s my completely different dilemma: my Friday night tradition was to watch Atlantis twice, with two bottles of wine. The second airing involved more snarking than watching, but was just as fun. Now, though, I’m not sure the two bottle tradition is going to fit SGU as well as it did SG-1 and Atlantis. There are more serious themes, darker tones…then again, there is Greer knocking Spencer unconscious, which drew actual cheers and jumping up and down here.

    I’ll have to do some research to solve this one. How many more eps are there?

  8. The series nature of SGU is making me want to wait till the end of the season and watch it all on DVD, the suspence is killing me! Is there any reasoning for or agaisnt doing this?

  9. Joe, do you ever think about writing an entire book filled with your delightfully unique brand of snark? I would buy it. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s SGU ep!


  10. Heya Joe, mystery man is David Blue. And, since you showed it to us, enquiring minds want to know – please, what’s in the bag?

  11. Stargate has always been the show that parents could be proud to watch with their children; the characters were ones that you wanted your children to admire and hope to emulate in their life. I always admire the characters that seek truth and honor their values in order to make a better place for all, even people they have never met. Imperfect and flawed, yet they gave of themselves in order to fight the bad guys for us little people who can’t fight for ourselves. The sex scenes, while a part of all human interactions, are not ones that I would want my children to view. Not that I want to prevent them from knowing about life; it just isn’t behavior I want them to admire and copy. I can say I have never had nor wanted to have sex in a closet nor with someone I barely knew. However, if I were in a situation where I thought it highly likely I would die, how would I chose to spend that remaining time? Having sex would be at the top of the list for sure. As an adult, I certainly understand the scenes and its place in the character development and was not offended at all by the way it was shown. As a parent, I wish those scenes were more subtle, limited to kissing and then going behind closed doors (while we adults know what is going to happen, the kids won’t). just my opinion.

  12. Never ceases to amaze me how many people say things like “I hate the show”, and continue to do so.

    Every week.

    After watching the show.

    Every. Week.

    Are they masochist that like watching things they purport to hate? It is something I will just never understand.

  13. Dear Joe:

    I really, really, seriously, honestly, deeply and truly, want to know how they managed to ‘key in’ the Earth Point of Origin on a gate that pointedly doesn’t POSSESS said point of origin. How did they pull it off? Did Carter beam down to the base, upload a workaround and then beam away when we had our eyes shut or what gives?

    Thank you, that is all

  14. I thought the mystery man was Peter D… Maybe I was wrong…

    @ Cody – Yes! There are wine/chocolate pairings! Interestingly, I have read that pairing cheese and wine actually nullifies the taste of the wine – all wines will taste similar when tasting/drinking them with cheese. However, chocolate seems to enhance the wine, instead of smothering its flavors.

    To get started, check out this site: http://www.brixchocolate.com/

    My sister bought me Brix – it came as two large bricks of chocolate with a cutting board and knife. One was for cabernet and fuller-bodied wines (extra-dark), the other for Zinfandel and Merlot (dark) – and I was amazed at how each chocolate complimented the wine! I drink the drier reds, and always keep a supply of dark chocolate on hand to go with it. Ghirardelli (72% and 86%) and Lindt (70% & 80…or 85%) are both relatively easy to find in drug and grocery stores, and they go very well with the reds.

    Hope that helps!

    @ Joe – Thanks for answering my question about Eli. I was wondering if I was reading the character correctly. Sometimes I doubt my instincts. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!

    Over dinner tonight I asked Mr. Das which characters he liked best – Eli and Scott where the first two out of his mouth. He likes Eli because the character reminds him of himself, and likes Scott because he’s courageous – will leap into action without a second thought. He’s iffy about Rush (because he can’t figure him out), and a bit intrigued by Wray. It’s really the first time he’s talked about the show – usually he talks about work and stuff, and if he does talk about a tv show, it’s to give me a play-by-play about what happened. Rarely does he discuss the characters like we do here, so it was nice to be able to pry that little bit of information out of him.

    Hey, while I’m at it – which eps have you written?? I don’t pay attention sometimes. 😛

    And, finally – so then did you read the Old Man Logan arc, or not? It took longer to come out than it should, and a Giant Size Wolverine recently came out to finish up the arc. I thought it was pretty damn good – so was just wondering if you had read it. Comes to mind because I just bagged and boarded about 150-200 comics that I’ve read over the last few months. I have NO idea where I’m going to put all of these – I guess up in the attic. I have at least 10 short boxes of comics, and they have now officially outgrown my coat closet. And NO…I’m telling you this to see if you want them. I’m not THAT generous. Just curious if you had read that arc.

    Have a good evening, sir!


  15. Joe, hope your Mom is better soon. Hope your insomnia gets better also.

    I’m sorry to hear about the fan attacks on Brian J. Smith. I would never go so far as to attack an actor personally because I was unhappy with the character he plays.

    @Debra — My favorite Lewis Grizzard title: Shoot Low Boys, They’re Riding Shetland Ponies

    @Das — a friend and I got carded last week during lunch. Being both 40 somethings, we were DELIGHTED!

  16. “Answer: There were several seed ships.”

    Can you seed something of metal? Shouldn’t it be construction ships? 🙂

    “This the opinion of a tiny portion of online fandom…”

    Ah, the children of lesser gods.

    “You say “humanity”. I say “idiocy”. ”

    I say humanity, because I assumed humans are flawed, I forgot there are exceptions.

    ““Call them on their bullshit histrionics”.”

    Ie, disagree 😉

    “audio commentaries”

    Still not getting paid? If they are, could you perhaps considering asking them in the nicest possible way to prepare for it, and not just stroll in and say “god, I’ve forgotten all about this episode” 😉
    (Of course Peter DeLuise and Gary Jones are always good for a side show *g*))

    “Answer: Uh, yeah, nice try, but we weren’t talking about being affronted by the sex scene. ”

    True, but I didn’t suggest affrontery. More going to Bray and then visit McDonalds 🙂

    “Answer: I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re neither male nor twenty-something”

    Well, you are half right. 🙂

    “I’m surprised you haven’t already been driven mad by the experience.”

    I’m happy to hear you think I’m quite sane 😉

    “I would really miss out on this insightful input.”

    Never fear – I wouldn’t dream of depriving you – after all someone has to speak up for the easily ignored online minority 😉

    Besides, its space – the final frontier – there’s gotta be something fascinating around the next nebula 🙂

    Now however I’m suddenly feeling all faint, having realized I didn’t chase all the skirts I should have when I should have, and had better go rest and contemplate something else – perhaps Vancouverian forests.

  17. Oh, Joe…forgot to say…

    RE: Sleep. I started taking vitamins, and am sleeping better than I have in years. I often wake up in the middle of the night – several times – but in the past it was because of anxiety, restlessness, etc – and I couldn’t go back to sleep easily. Now I wake up only because I have to use the bathroom (because I have a bad habit of drinking bottles of water and/or cups of tea while relaxing in the evening…like now…right before bed 😛 ), but I fall right back to sleep, no problem. But if I don’t drink a liter of water before bed, I will sleep right through the night – something I haven’t done in ages. I do attribute it to the vitamins.

    However, if I am having a restless spell (if I’m excited over an upcoming event, for instance), I just solve the sleepless problem by sleeping in our ‘ship room’ (our study/den), with the tv on all night. I just put on the movies that I love, and WANT to see…and because I WANT to see them, I will inevitably fall – and stay – asleep. Old movies work best – ones I’ve seen a bazillion times. Johnny Depp once said that movies (especially his own, lol) are the best sleeping pills around. I tend to agree, though I can’t sleep to musicals, or comedies – they tend to be too ‘hyper’ in tone and thus stimulating to my subconscious. Film noir and Hitchcock flicks seem to work best for me – they’re my favorites and I know their sounds and dialogue so well that they have become that perfect, comforting white noise that keeps my brain sedated throughout the night.

    Of course, that’s me. My husband cannot sleep to tv, and so that’s why I always have to go in the other room, or else I’ll find him wide awake at 3 am, watching Janet Leigh bite it in the shower. 🙄


  18. Bland and unimaginative is probably where some of the grief resides. I quite often see the comparison (while trolling) of Scott/Chloe as “The quarterback gets the cheerleader, the end”. The guy with an interesting back story, heart, and appreciative humor gets snubbed because of his physical appearance. Such is life.

  19. Arrgh! I keep forgetting stuff…

    As far as the ‘wound up’ feeling you’re experiencing – I think it comes from creativity. When I get into a creative mode (writing, art, projects around the house like painting, tiling, etc) I have a lot of trouble coming down far enough so I can sleep. I also suspect it’s that sort of feeling (which seems to go hand-in-hand with my OCD) that leads many creative people (entertainers, for instance) to resort to sleeping pills – and worse – in search of a good night’s sleep.

    Usually if I read before bed, or distract my mind with some kind of mental puzzle (sudoku, for instance), I find it easier to come down and fall asleep. But if I start something like a jigsaw puzzle…forget it. I’ll be up until 4 am searching for that last piece of sky! A mental puzzle will sedate me, while a visual puzzle will stimulate me. But at least I know what works, and what doesn’t, and have never resorted to drugging myself to sleep.

    Speaking of sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  20. ytimynona wrote:
    >Some people can’t separate their hatred of what a
    >character does from their feelings about an actor.
    >Apparently Brian Smith has been experiencing attacks on

    So…. people who are complaining about a FICTIONAL character’s … character/moral fiber/choices/whatever … are screaming and ranting and abusing actual living human beings. And saying things I imagine they never would if they had to raise their concerns in person, rather than in the easy anonymity of the internet. Think about it for a moment… Brian Smith’s MOM reads this blog, for god’ sake!

    There’s nothing wrong with criticism — But surely, somehow, we should all be able to treat people with a minimum of respect and decency. The fictional characters on Destiny are stranded in a distant part of the universe and facing imminent death. Maybe they have good reason to act up. — But we’re just hanging out online.

    I suppose this is typical of the internet. But wouldn’t it be something — wouldn’t it say a lot about all of us — if we could do better?

    – KB

    P.S. for Joe: I recommend chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And then a rant maybe. (Myself, I’d get a pint of Ben and Jerry’s — and throw away the lid.)

    P.P.S. And thanks for keeping us all updated and entertained, and for putting up with all the $%*#, even though you shouldn’t have to.

  21. What did Carl do to his finger? What’s in that bag from David Blue? A brick? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Yeah, characters on shows are sometimes shallow and self-centered. Take for instance Finn on Glee. Shallow teenage boy if there ever was one. But it is so much fun watching his character grow and change since that first episode. Definitely not worried about any of the SGU characters growing and changing.

    If I hate something, I stop watching. No grumping, no arguments. It’s just television, although good TV when it comes to SGU.

  22. Yeah, I also reckon that it’s David Blue. If that is the same shirt, I am increasingly curious about the Destiny’s laundry facilities.

    @ytimynona Seriously? Now I feel all inclined to send him a reassurance tweet.

    If anything, these folks should take all of that pinned-up hatred and throw it back at the people who created the character, the show’s…writers and…producers? Hmm. That ganged aft agley like a madman.
    Everyone should blame everything on everyone else.

  23. @Debra “Perhaps to you it is enough to see them have sex, but for y’all to claim this is a relationship driven show and then not DEVELOP the relationship… just jump to sex… well, again, get a woman writer. I know you are tired of hearing it. Better yet, get a Jewish woman writer”

    Honestly, what would a woman (or better yet a Jewish woman) writer have done differently? And what does religion have to do with any of it? A full relationship on a show can’t be fully developed in just a couple of episodes. It amazes me that the majority of the problems people are having with SGU is something as insignificant as the sex scenes. They were tastefully filmed and I’m sorry but Scott and Chloe are two consenting adults faced with death. Like you said a few days ago Joe, fans don’t need to be spoonfed information and I don’t want to be. I knew the characters liked each other from how they reacted at the end of Air. I like figuring things out for myself and filling in the blanks. As far as parents are concerned – we were warned that SGU was going to be edgier and character driven than SG1 and Atlantis were. Watch it before you let your children watch ANYTHING on TV. I hate listening to parents yell at the writers/producers/actors of a TV show because their children watched something inappropriate. Dont blame the people who put their heart and soul into something for us to enjoy. Blame yourselves for not being parents and having the notion that something might not be suitable for your children in a show that airs at 9/10pm and being brave enough to tell them no. There are much more detailed sex scenes on shows that air on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, but you never really hear people going off about those.

    I enjoy coming onto Joe’s blog and reading the various comments of my fellow fans and the mailbag, but now I’m so sick of hearing about Scott’s sex scenes with two women within four episodes and Joe having to repeat himself. Most people now-a-days have had sex before marriage and with barley knowing the other person. Move on people. And if you think Joe’s sick of hearing it – DON’T POST IT for him to read on here.

    Sorry Joe. I had to rant. It’s been building for a couple of days especially after reading Sherri Harris’ reaction to all of it on Twitter. She’s become my friend and I hate that fans are being cruel to her and Brian. Anyway, it’s late and well past my bedtime.

  24. I’ll have to continue my search for alcohol/chocolate pairing information by other means. Wine…. my girlfriend does like it, but she also likes tequila too… chocolate and tequila were both made by the same culture… I think… makes sense to me in a twisted way… experimentation is in order!!!

    I agree, the mystery man is David Blue. What was in the bag? Looked like it could be consumable.

  25. Hey Joe,

    Oh, the pictures are wonderful. Thank you again for thinking of us.

    I am so sorry you aren’t sleeping well. I am of no help, but can give you a *big hug*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  26. Hello, I read your blog a lot but I never comment. I’m a huge fan of Stargate, watched it since it came out when I was a little little kid. Now I’m a teen, and I am starting to really like Universe. I see you get lots of negative comments about the characters here … and the only thing I really want to know is if this will at some point be a “family show”??? I’d rather NOT watch, not knowing if at some point it will be necessary to cover my eyes and hit the fast forward button as fast as I can. :/

    Of course I still want to watch the show, as I love the majority of the characters and can’t wait to see the next episode! I know the idea is for a younger audience, I didn’t know that meant over 18. I understand that you and all the writers liked those parts, and obviously none of us have a say in what you add or get rid of in a script, it was just really weird for me.

  27. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va bien? Moi oui, hier j’ai passer une bonne journée à fair les magasin je ne sens plus mes jambes^^!

    Yah! Merci pour toutes ces photos! Ma préféré c’est la derniére lol!

    Maintenant que la saison 1 ce finit, pour quand est prévu votre voyage au Japon?

    Oh, vous avez vu hier, les audiences de sgu on encore baisser, j’espere que ça va s’arrété en même c’était normal, je pense que les gens en avaient marre de les voirs enférmer dans ce vaisseaux sans pouvoir voir l’extérieur mais il me semble que pour le prochain épisode sa change=)

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  28. Me revoila,

    dites j’ai bien réfélchi et je verrai bien Eli avec une petite soeur? ils auraient une relation fusionnelle et elle pourrai beaucoup lui en vouloir de l’avoir quitter elle et ça mére?

    C’est un idée qui me traverse la tête comme ça^^….


  29. Hey Joe I’ll swap you. I’ll have the not so sleep filled night and you can have my 9+ hours sleep yet still experiencing nothing short of pure exhaustion. It’s so much fun, honest.

    HBMC – I myself have not taken to SGU but have still tuned in with the desperate hope that this week this episode will somehow click and make me see what everyone keeps on raving about. For me it’s falling flat, the characters are a little too 2D for me and the story is as predictable as pretty much most shows are nowadays. Hubby likes it though which ironically has nothing to do with the sex scenes everyone keeps on going on and on about (they are people, people have sex get over it).

    I like many others really wanted this to be good and to hit all the markers as I wanted to see more of Stargate after the loss of the previous two but I’ve been severely disappointed. I just hope that those of you who are enjoying it continue to do so. That way at least the Stargate franchise will live on.

  30. I’m sooo hoping for a second season! SGU rocks my socks.

    Yeah, I agree with HBMC. Those bashers are funny people. They say they hate the show, but keep watching. I bet they’re actually hooked, but won’t admit it. 😀

  31. Thanks for answering my Q’s Joe!

    1) Did the aliens that attacked Shepp and co. in ”The Daedalus Variations” have a name?

    2) Were there going to be any episodes of SGA that involved Alternat Realities? Not counting ”The Last Man” and other previous eps.

  32. Hey Joe is there a full length “Opening Credits” Scene existing for SGU?If yes,will it be shown on the Season 1 DVD.
    I´m asking because in the mid-season of SGA:5 SyFy had shorten the “Opener” and on the DVD it has full length.

  33. @Joe – I have not commented on SGU for a while because none of my opinions have changed, so there is nothing new for me to say concerning this subject. Continue to call that what you like, as you are entitled to your views just like the rest of us. Still loving the dogs though.

    Peace & Love,


  34. @joflyaway:I can say I have never had nor wanted to have sex in a closet nor with someone I barely knew.

    Really??? It’s fun, you should try it! Just make sure it’s not a musty smelling custodian closet, because that’s sort of a bummer.

  35. I have a question about your somewhat confusing division of labor. Why are the Kino scenes split apart from the main direction? Not that I don’t love what Ivon is doing (I think the Kino scenes are some of the best parts of these episodes) but I’m confused at the division of labor. Is it because they’re just too different from the main action? Wouldn’t it have been easier just to lump everything under the main director? With they way things are right now, does the episode’s main director have a lot of say in how the Kino scenes are created?

    Hope your Mom feels better soon!

  36. i really like lieutenant Scott. he is my favorite character, although at the end of light in i found myself loving the writing staff a little more for the last scene of suspicion. In comparison to John sheppard and Jack O’neill, there was a lot of resemblance between the two characters. from the first scene they had together, it gelled really nicely. It was almost like finding the younger, “college model*laughs*” version of O’Neill. Or the Kirk version. Lt. Scotts, church boy, attractive lead is pretty good. I’m just hoping he goes a little bit more Jason Bourne eventually, cos he is a tough soldier when he wants to be. like a duracell battery. And in my opinion, i think you have found that named lead actor that can take you to all the places, the charcater needs to go in both Rush and Scott. I think the jury is still out on Col. Young ability, cos he’s being too guarded.

  37. Joe, I have been a big fan of your blog and constant reader since jan ’07 which is a long time to pay attention to anyones blog i suppose. I just wanted to say, thank you for the dedication you have to your blog. Not even these so called hero’s of SGU are sticking around full time on twitter let alone a blog.*laughs* In my mind, even if the world come to another screeming holt (cos of those pesky financial institutions, and the Bush admin) you’ll still be posting, rain, hail or shine. I hope this proves to be true in the end, and your not in a mental institution cos you snapped and killed your accountant. haha

  38. I feel for you, Joe and all those with sleep issues, I have been dealing with it since 9/11/ . Combine that with getting older, fluctuating hormones, migraines, stress and getting caught in time loop (a.k.a. routine). I’ve tried herbal remedies, perscription drugs ( the herbal stuff worked better with little to no side effects) vodka, increasing exercise, adjusting my diet, prayer which worked pretty well with a lot of positive side effects.

    A nurse at work suggested I count backwards from 100. So I tried it. The image in my mind I saw 001. ok a little dyslexic. So I repeated the Lord’s Prayer over and over, I think about the 3rd or 4th time I fell asleep and woke refreshed. It works.

  39. I never cease to be amazed that we live in a society that sends kids happily off to watch slasher movies but get concerned about sex. PG rated sex, no parts really showing. I personally think a little more nudity, a little more sex between consenting adults and a heck of a lot less violence would make your kids far healthier. Making sex some secret almost dirty taboo isn’t healthy. What better than to watch it and DISCUSS how why seeking that close connection when you think you are going to die is natural?

  40. Joe,

    I’m enjoying the new show, tho i know a few people here where i live that hate it and says it’s too much like BSG. But oh well, to each his/her own. I will still continue to watch it week after week.

    Having said that, and i know u’ve been asked this question time and time again, but can u please tell me if we are ever going to get our first Stargate Atlantis movie??? The third SG-1 movie has gotten the green light, when will SGA???

  41. Hey Joe!

    Do you know if Jeff Vlaming will be coming back to do anymore episodes if the SGU gets it’s season 2 pick-up? He has a cool resume, and I’m looking forward to seeing Human even more now after learning he’ll be involved.

  42. So sorry about your insomnia Mr. M! I have been there many times. I’m sure there is no need for me to suggest cures, you have probably been overwhelmed with advice from many people. Best wishes for a restful sleep tonight!

    Do you mean most 29 year old “boys” are horn dogs? Oh man,…… that means more lectures for my 14 year old. I have many examples of stupidity from my family to use as an example. 🙄

    Das: my hubby thought it might be something like that (propellant) but I just picture some kid getting a bunch of “bottom of the can” whipped cream in his nose/mouth. 😆
    I knew a kid who used to sniff gas. Do you have to have an ID to buy gas? :rool:

    Best wishes for an effective treatment that will help your mom!


  43. Patrick Gilmore even brings his A-game to snapshots for Joe’s blog. Yep, I’m still remembering the one from the party.

    Anyhow, I read the Twitter. The last time I interfered in parking lot shenanigans, I handed the baby off to someone before I stood in the way of the car. Okay, coffee’s not a baby, but the principal’s the same, okay, maybe not.

  44. In response to HBMC, hate the show, like the show, they are still watching it. That is exactly how Howard Stern rose to his popularity, well at least when he was on the public airways. Lost track of him when he went to sat radio.

    More on my point, Joe the CG in Universe is freaking awesome. Is there a new team that was brought in or has the existing team just stepped up a lot? I thought I remember you mentioning it a few times but I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a quick search. I’m sure some will complain about the shakey camera but on the planet slowdown and through the sun, it just makes it look more realistic. If anybody has watched a Shuttle launch, they’d know what I’m talking about.

  45. i miss the P90, how come we havent seen it? did you use the G36 instead just to look all BSGish? or because it helps with the theme and the whole civilians cant do sh*t thing and military guys frustrated having to deal with people who cant carry guns? and stuff. i know it looks badass but P90s are so manageable and accurate, reloading sucks but its not like they gonna need too many rounds seeing that only one bullet has been fired until now. but my friends seem to like Young’s new use for the G36.

    and as for eli/scott/chloe/james, i felt we seen it before thats the problem, and i think i know how it ends not because im a smartass but because you guys wrote it before. although now it has an appropriate place for it. what if you clone chloe and eli & scott get each one, that would be new and would solve the dilemma and start a whole new one! actually the only storyline that would work for me is if eli gets attracted to another and completely forgets about chloe— just when she begins to be interested in him. geeks can relate to that better. but i cant take eli getting the girl, its just too you know, predictable, and in this case, not much of a challenge since chloe and scott seem to have a business-style relationship that both parties agreed to just for convenience and the contract should expire after a couple of episodes anyway. i dont think scott would be hurt, his character seems to not care for that.

  46. Best of luck on the renewal, Joe. Know that whatever fingers-crossed routine you might be going through, many of us are going through with you. I’ve been keeping tabs on renewals in this franchise since 2004, and I’m always so nervous about it. Hopefully the excellent numbers here are enough to get things going smoothly, but I was hoping for that with SGA’s fifth season, also. :\

    At any rate, I’ve started a franchise rewatch because my girlfriend watched the premiere of SGU with me and wanted to give it all a go. I’m a little over halfway through the first season now, so I was very recently reminded of ‘Emancipation’. Alas, you have my condolences. If that was the only episode I’d ever seen, I’m not sure I would be posting on your blog right now.

    Please keep us updated about your mother, I worry so.

  47. Its Friday now, so finally something on tv to watch, Water…

    How nice of David to get you a present> Is it socks?
    Poor Carl a two bandaid boo-boo.. hope its well soon. He needs some flintstone or scooby doo bandages.
    And many more fine additions to our picture scrapbook, thanks for sharing.

  48. @J:

    I agree with your comment on daddy’s girls, as I am one myself. We all see things from a different (sometimes very different) perspective, and so we individually come to our own conclusions. Sometimes this causes a clash in opinion, and sometimes it does not. I still believe that we are all entitled to our own views and the ability to express them.
    I appreciate your suggestions for Biblical texts to read/refer to. I take your suggestions as kind gestures towards both religious and non-religious people alike. I would add the book of Matthew to your list. To me, it deals with something that we all want, need, and should give: Love.

    Thanks for your post.

    Thank you for your feedback. I should have noted that I didn’t intend to imply that my own POV is more legitimate than anyone else’s. I realize that my opinions are often highly idiosyncratic; but I hope others will give them serious consideration anyway, as I try to do (no matter how imperfectly) when reading other commenters’ remarks.

    I appreciate that you gave me the benefit of the doubt re. my biblical-text suggestions being kind gestures. While I didn’t feel exactly kind at the moment, I was sincerely trying to be helpful. My own opinion is that for those who are secure in their beliefs, there’s nothing to be lost, but possibly the world to be gained by acquiring an understanding of belief systems that are different from one’s own. We’ve all seen that respect for other cultures can often avert conflict.

    Thank you for adding the book of Matthew to my list. As you said, love is “something that we all want, need, and should give.” My belief is that love is the ultimate source of everything good about humankind.

  49. Since the Destiny has just been recharged, does it now have enough power to dial earth? Or do they need another power supply to accomplish that? Or do they need more access to the ship? Just wondering how all technicalities work.

  50. Aaaaaggggghhhh! Enough with the griping about the sex already! If you don’t like, close you eyes.

  51. (Joe, please don’t post the one-word comment just sent.)

    Joe said:
    Answer: It’s been a while but, yes, I have.  Thank goodness for great editors.

    Ever seen an actor replaced during rehearsal?(on any production, not just SG)

    Ever seen one who just could not play the opposite of his/her personality, no matter what?

    (Part of my problem with my only acting class was that I couldn’t turn myself loose to take risks.)

  52. @Rose (formerly OhioAnne):

    Thank you for the fine example of not practicing what you preach. 🙂

    If someone had the time (unlikely) or the interest (even more unlikely), that person could compile a very large number of instances in which I haven’t practiced what I preach. She/he would also find a number of my comments apologizing for that same fault.

    At some point, we all fail to live up to claims we’ve stated in regard to our beliefs. That holds true for the most vocal proponent of any religion, on through the spectrum to those who state that their beliefs are based solely on pure logic. (For Immanuel Kant, reliance upon logic led to his conclusion that there must be a God. Naturally, others reason that there is in fact no supreme being. I have no quibble with intellectual honesty.) My belief is that no human undertaking is without fault, but that by far the best response to visible fault (whoever perceives it, and however it’s perceived) is to show mercy. I’ll quote CS Lewis in saying that such is sometimes a severe mercy — mercy that at the time feels like punishment, but which the passing of time reveals to have been the very most loving and wise demonstration of that quality.

    Do I have a cavalier attitude toward not practicing what I preach? By no means. Any number of things weigh heavily on my conscience. Do I try to atone for misdeeds? Yes, when I’m aware of them. Still, I often find myself repeating them frequently. I’ve observed the same behavior in my fellow human beings, but do my best to be wise in choosing where such requires my input, or where I’d be best advised to let others work matters out themselves, or leave corrective measures of whatever degree to people who are far better equipped to administer them than I am.

    Long story short: Thank you for pointing out my shortcomings, which led to my having an opportunity to go further into the issue of my own understanding of what it means to be a person of faith who, while fully desirous of living out that faith, remains very weak in “walking the walk” — who is, in fact, human — just like Lt. Matthew Scott, or anyone else onboard the Destiny, or anyone else onboard this planet.

    My kindest regards to you. — If that sounds hypocritical or like any sort of head game, please remember that mind-reading is something that few (if any) have accomplished. For my part, in regard to this post & salutation at least, my conscience is clear.

  53. @ Tammy – I loved the smell of chemicals as a kid – like when I was 2. I used to smell (note – not ‘huff’) airplane glue, Sanford permanent markers, rubber cement, gasoline (the good leaded stuff), magazine ink, and my personal favorite until they tore the old place down – Old Hickory Distillery at the foot of the Walt Whitman Bridge – Philly side. I used to hang my head out the window like a dog, inhaling in that wonderful boozy aroma, everytime we crossed that bridge.

    I never sniffed anything to get high – I just loved the smells, and I was little and my parents had no idea how harmful the stuff could be. I also love the smell of leather, cat feet (NOT after using the litter pan!), feather pillows, sulphur, horse stables and Islay single malt whisky! I’ve never been a fan of roses, however…they make me sneeze.

    Hmmm…all this ‘smell’ talk, I betcha the Wraith smelled pretty good with all that leather and stuff… 😉


  54. RE: Chloe and Scott…

    Some relationships start with sex, others end with sex, and occasionally sex falls somewhere in the middle.

    Just something to keep in mind.


  55. Joe, thanks much for all the great “let’s call it a wrap” pics, and for yet another illuminating and entertaining mailbag. I hope your sleep will get back to normal once you’ve been away for a while from both the stress and the incredible excitement of working on SGU.

    Could you be induced to take a couple of days off from doing your blog entry, or at least from modding mega-comments like mine? — I can speculate as to your response, but I’m just taking care of (my) business — as I see it. (If WordPress had a “signature” function for commenters, “Taking Care of Business” would be in my second line.)

  56. Re insomnia:

    Kabra mentioned counting down from 100. I make it 200 or 300, depending on how wakeful I am.

    There are some free “relaxation” sound effects apps for iPhone. I sometimes use those but don’t want to make them a habit. (Starting to be a tad fearful that humanity is too dependent on electricity. What happens if the power grid fails worldwide?)

    The discussion of age-appropriate programming and my reference to former co-workers have me wondering: Was I set up for disappointment in personalities by my morally-admirable parents?

  57. @otros ojos – I just read your post, and I think it’s fantastic. I don’t think that you are idiosyncratic in your opinions at all. You come here to do what we all do, to read the blog and post your thoughts/feelings in response. And, I completely agree with you when you say “We’ve all seen that respect for other cultures can often avert conflict.”

    This is so true. Respect for one another during a time of disagreement is a very good thing. We all have our moments (I have), but it’s something to keep in mind – and great of you to mention. And, I can tell that you are very sincere and helpful in your comments. I try to do the same. I leave you with how you ended your previous post as I think you summed things up perfectly when you said:

    “My belief is that love is the ultimate source of everything good about humankind.”

    Kudos to you,


  58. No, Destiny. does not have enough power to dial Earth. Dialing back to Earth would require a generator with enough output to destroy a planet – and if Icarus Base was actually vaporized as the show suggested, its core released about as much energy as a star like the Sun puts out in a year.

    If they bring along some naquadah generators, a rescue team could possibly dial one of the previously-visited galaxies after another until they got close enough to dial Destiny. But that’s a long-shot, and we do not possess addresses for those galaxies at present.

  59. Has there been any word of ratings? I haven’t heard anything since week 2, but I’d like to think the show is continuing to do well and grow — or at very least retain — its audience.

  60. Dipping into this blog now and again, and it’s all very interesting, especially the comments and replies. I’m enjoying SG:U very much, thought I will freely admit that about sixty percent of it comes from being a long-time Robert Carlyle fan, and seeing him *on my tv* once a week in a very interesting, different role makes me giddy. When for years myself and other US fans have had to dig and scratch and scramble to find his work, this is just…wonderful.

    I keep thinking about the scene in episode…two? Or three? I can’t remember exactly. We see an outside view of the Destiny, and then something detaches from it and flies off. I want to know what that was! Heh.

    I am, though, a little concerned about something. It kind of makes me sad when someone here voices a criticism or an opinion and the reply they get is ‘well, we don’t care’. Obviously, the writers are not going to write down every comment and tweak what they’re doing to suit every person. But to just get a sort of eye-rolling brush-off is…well…a bummer. Even if it’s only a ‘small part’ of fandom that is saying ‘hey, character A is really boring!!’ – they don’t count ’cause they don’t number in the millions? And let’s face it – every person watching is *not* commenting here, so you don’t actually *know* how small or large that part of the fandom is.

    I’m not saying ‘omg, we shall dictate to you, listen up and cater to us!!’. I’m just saying – dismissing dissenting opinion like it doesn’t matter in the least is a bit disheartening. You’ve seen how utterly loyal and committed fans can be to shows – a little sugar goes a long way.

  61. Because of comments made about the comments section of this blog, I decided to peruse it, and came to the conclusion that the one thing that bugs me about this fandom is, sometimes, the complete lack of the ability to spell on the part of too many fans.

    There. I said it. Now ducking behind huge dictionary to ward off the flames.

  62. How did you come up with the whole idea of Stargate Universe to begin with? It’s quite different from the other two, yet it is still very much Stargate to the core. Was is hard to find a balance between what fans know and love, and introducing new elements?

    BTW, I think it’s brilliant! =D

  63. Joe, I think your inability to sleep the last few nights is because of this blog. Your last several mailbags have been full of snarky replies. Obviously, some of the comments you choose to answer make your blood pressure rise. Do you go straight to bed after posting? Bad idea. You need to take a little time to unwind. Take a hot bath. Read a little or just sit quietly with the dogs a few minutes. Clear your mind.

    If that doesn’t work, do what I did when I was 10 years old. I would pretend a burglar was in my room. I had to act like I was asleep and lay very still or he might kill me. It worked for me!

    Don’t let it bother you. As long as you are laying down, you are resting.

  64. Das: you are one of a kind! 😎 . You have the most interesting stories, too.
    Good point about relationships and sex, also. I haven’t been in a NEW relationship for so long so long, I’ve forgotten how it can start sometimes.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s show!

    Gilder might be right about the relaxation thing. Das’s suggestions of Vitamins seem pretty harmless, also. Couldn’t hurt to try both of those suggestions.

    When I had insomnia extremely bad, I would sleep like the dead after a few nights of no sleep. Soooo, I’m hoping your rest time is coming up. Sleep well tonight Mr. M!!!!


  65. SG Atlantis introduced me to the Stargate Franchise, and now I’m absolutely loving SGU. Space feels mysterious and dangerous again!

    Hope you get the good word on renewal soon!

    I love the new direction you have taken the show in. Revealing the characters in bits and pieces is as much fun as unwrapping presents at Christmas. I find myself re-watching the episodes looking for details I missed the first time around.

    Got a question about one of those “details”, I noticed while re-watching “Air, part I”:

    Young collapsed after talking to his wife back on Earth. Does Young have some type of pre-existing medical condition?

  66. I’m really looking forward to the rant, JM. You do them so well, and it’s always satisfying to watch a jackass get skewered. 😉

  67. Me revoila Joseph!

    En me promenant un peu sur mon profil Yahoo, je me suis aperçu que l’on pouvait inviter des contacts à ce connecter, mais je ne sais pas trop ce que l’on fait une fois que la personne à accépter?

    Je vous ai envoyer un demande sur “moorsyum”, ça serai gentil d’accépter…peut être qu’ont pourra ce parler en ligne un jour? (bon ok, je rêve peut être un peu^^)

    Bonne nuit =)
    A demain!

  68. Happy Halloween Eve (which is redundent)

    I haven’t yet posted anything since the Universe premiere because I wanted to fully absorb and settle into the new show before I did. While at first (first night) I wasn’t all that intrigued, becuase so much of the first two-parter was tied up with character introduction and setting development, over the past two episodes I am rapidly becomming a fan. It’s taken me a while to accept how different Universe is from Atlantis/SG1, but for all that, I’m really coming to like it alot. So thanks to everyone involved!

    And I continue to think, as I did from the first introduction, that there is way more to Rush than we’ve seen. He has some ulterior motives and maybe isn’t a good guy….

    I read all the hue and cry over the “sex” scene before seeing it, and I was a little amused — this was a very tastefully done scene, and had less sex than the average soap. Seemed a lot of reaction over nothing. I also think it made perfect sense given the circumstances of the story.

    @wraithfodder – lol. we’re seeing the downside of automatic spellcheckers. I know I’ve become way too dependent on autocheck on Word.

    One quick question (sorry if you’ve covered this before): I just got a DVR and I want to be sure to help or at least not hurt Universe. Are the DVR +1 ratings – (which I interpret to mean shows watched within 1 day of recording is that right?) — counted higher than DVR +7 rating (which I interpret to mean shows watched between 2nd-7th day of recording)? And do they know if we fast forward the commercials? And do the ratings of DVR users count even if we’re not a Nielsen family, since the cable company knows the DVR usage?

  69. @Tabaqui – Thank you for your post. I can tell you that it saddens me also when someone is told that what they said was bull**** because they didn’t come and post the same thing everyday – so that must mean that they shut up because they were proven wrong or changed their mind. It is especially sad to me because it is not necessarily true. A little sugar does go a long way…

    Peace & Love,


  70. Some truly horrible planets, thematically selected & scientifically valid, for inspiration: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/universe/features/exoplanetHouseOfHorrors.html

    If Brian Smith is getting the Wil Wheaton treatment, hopefully he can fast-forward to the bit where he leads convention sessions titled “The Awesome Hour!!!” and fans stand up to proclaim how amazing he is. Anyone hassling actors over Twitter are obviously not following the Wheaton motto of “Don’t be a dick.”

  71. Hi Joe,
    when I can’t find sleep then it’s always because my mind is still racing. Thinking about too much stuff. Lucky you that you feel well-rested after such a night. I’m usually a wreck on those days.
    What seems to help me is when it’s raining outside. The rain drops on my balcony are kind of soothing and after awhile I stop to rack my brains about whatever is currently on my mind. Whale singing and ocean noises from CD also help.
    Maybe you could try something like that out. You just need to find something which calms your mind.
    I, personally, find counting boring and it annoys me. So that doesn’t work for me.

    “I really, really, seriously, honestly, deeply and truly, want to know how they managed to ‘key in’ the Earth Point of Origin on a gate that pointedly doesn’t POSSESS said point of origin. How did they pull it off? Did Carter beam down to the base, upload a workaround and then beam away when we had our eyes shut or what gives?”

    I might be wrong, but from my understanding any Milkyway stargate can work with Milkyway gate symbols. And as the stargate on Icarus Base was dialed by the computer, they could put the Earth symbol as point of origin into the dialing program. Please anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.

    I saw following clips on YouTube which I’d like to share with everyone here.

    SGU Fan Trailer. I think the scenes and text of the song are really great synchronized. See for yourself.

    And here an example for a “Fan” SGU opening:


  72. Hey Joe, long time reader, first time commenter here, with a quick question for you.
    Are there any plans for you to explain how Earth managed to create it’s own version of the ancient long range communication device, or should we just accept that they did in the interests of making the show accessible?
    I’m not bothered, just curious.

  73. @ Tammy Dixon – We are all being too gentle with our suggestions to Joe. Why? ‘Cause we ALL know the reason he can’t sleep is because of those blasted perimenopausal hormones! (At least that’s MY excuse. 😀 )


  74. I’ve been on holiday and am now just catching up. I cracked up at Carl’s face with the hot sauce. If he’d been a cartoon, fire would have come from those coughs! How did you manage to play it so cool? Heck, I can’t even eat chilis.

  75. Ack…

    PS to Tammy – Yeah. There is no set formula for how a relationship starts. Of course, in a tv show we expect things to build up to the physical aspect of a relationship, but who says it can’t be the other way, even in a show? What I’m more interested in now is if their relationship continues to develop and grows from here…or if it’ll just be pushed aside for other story ideas.


  76. Hi Joe, I can’t remember when, either. Yeah, stress, hormones, the food you eat/don’t eat, whatever, the fact remains that we’re up when we should be sleeping. I read a while back to try a slice of toast (with whatever you like on it) and although I didn’t believe it, it actually works. Eat a slice, brush your teeth, wait 15 minutes and you’re out. Only problem is, I can’t be up every hour or two eating toast. I usually wind up taking a MOAN (mother of all naps) in the afternoons. Not taking a nap doesn’t change anything at night – I’m up either way. Have you had your thyroid checked? I know when I went from hyper to hypothyroidism, I was sleeping like my dogs and it was WONDERFUL. Now, I’m back the other way and not sleeping again. Could be worth looking into! Fifteen minutes and counting, so “see you” at 3 or 4 a.m.! Sleep well!

    An afterthought, I have a friend who talks incessantly about nothing, could have him call you. If you’re not catatonic by then, nothing will help 🙂 They guy actually puts people to sleep, and then says they’re so rude. 🙂

    @Izzy: I second that!

  77. I’m not using this post to make sure the blog page I just made links properly at all. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Actually, there is one more thing I want to say, so hah. You’ve done something with the majority of the cast on SGU in the first five episodes that goes along way for me. You’ve made me want to tune in as soon as possible to see more of these characters. That said, I’m relieved to see that you believe opinions regarding Lieutenant Scott will change as the show goes on, because I do find him rather dull and uninspiring so far. Of all the characters, I’m most looking forward to changing my opinion of him by the mid-season break.

    Oh, right. Speaking of. It seems like the two-parter probably won’t actually be the split at mid-season, in accordance with GateWorld’s admittedly ever-tentative roster. I don’t suppose you could confirm or deny this for me?

  78. IF vanessa james makes it through the first season and into the second, can she be given more screen time?

  79. @Otros Ojos

    You had me right up to the last two paragraphs.

    I appreciate and applaud introspection. As a person of faith and a flawed human being, I often have had an opportunity to ponder where I have failed in following my own beliefs.

    The problem is that in your original comment you made an assumption that I do not agree is universal. I personally don’t care about Scott and his ability to “walk the talk” of his own faith or not. Yet, I essentially – not exactly, but essentially – believe what you said in your original post. I just don’t believe religion is the cause.

    Therefore the next to the last paragraph is irrelevant to my point.

    As far as the last paragraph, I am not a mind reader and would never assume such a thing ….. unless someone took great pains to assure me that it *wasn’t* the case.


  80. @crazymom1
    “How many more eps are there?”
    I think that would be 15.

    Ratings are good, climbing slightly.

    “It kind of makes me sad when someone here voices a criticism or an opinion and the reply they get is ‘well, we don’t care’.”

    No no, its good – that way people don’t have to spend time presenting long cogent presentations, they can just snark and be on their way to the next blog 😉

    “If Brian Smith is getting the Wil Wheaton treatment, ”

    As far as I can see he’s just a bit too sensitive (though may have overlooked things since twitters search sucks, lets hope Google buys them soon – they could do with more bandwith as well *g*)

    “perimenopausal hormones”

    Yes that may be your excuse das, but do you really think it would work for Joe? *g*

  81. Gotta say, I love the way that whasername deals with Scott and Chloe. It’s nice to see that FINALLY we get to see a woman who feels wronged by a man in that way not take it out on the other woman but rather on the guy himself, THANK YOU!
    The women are coming out which is also nice to see and it was funny to see Dr. “shot in the arm” change sling colours.

  82. @ Shadow Step – Well…since I don’t think I’ve ever seen Joe and Fondy together in the same picture, I’m starting to think they are one in the same…


  83. Re insomnia: Stayed in front of active TV screen last night, bed abt 0400, fully awake 9–10 hours later. Plan to do better tonight.

    Joe, I don’t think any of us would mind if you took a night off, perhaps weekly, from blogging. You need to rest, and staring at lit screens has been proven to be a sleep-stealer. (Google it.)

    Gotta go fulfill promise to Husband. Will read Oct. 30 blog later. Happy Halloween!

  84. Oh, and I have figured out your insomnia Joe! (Assuming you still sleep with the puppies.) I slept with my dachshund puppy last night (well, he’s almost three so not really a puppy anymore, but he’ll always be a puppy to me) and he woke up 4-5 times during the night because he got hot, then cold, then hot, and so he would curl up under the covers, then climb out of them, then back in, and so on. And while this wouldn’t explain difficulties falling asleep, it does explain why your body would get used to staying up later, and thus have more difficulty falling asleep.

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