Boy, that was fast!  It seems like just yesterday we were touring the half-constructed Destiny set over on Stage 4, watching it all come together and working on scripts for Stargate: Universe’s first season.  Suddenly, it’s nine months later, we’re finishing up production on year one and already thinking ahead to next season.

This week, we say our goodbye’s – actually, let’s stay positive and call them see-you-later’s – to our wonderful cast and crew.  Yesterday, it was two actors whose work I’ve admired for years and who, over the course of this season, surpassed my lofty expectations both on set and off: the lovely Ming-Na and the equally lovely Lou Diamond Phillips.  Great performers, yes, but, more importantly, incredibly warm, kind, and buoyant individuals.   Lots fun.

Ming-Na and Louis approve of SGU's first season.

The Two Colonels (Lou Diamond Phillips and Louis Ferreira).

Today, it was see-you-later to three more cast members.  First up, another class act: the great Robert Carlyle.  On any production, number one on the call sheet sets the tone for the entire cast.  If your star is a jerk, then you’re in for a hellishly loooooong production.  But if your headliner is professional and considerate, then the production will be heavenly and over before you know it.  And, like I’ve already said, time HAS flown.  Bobby has been a delight to work with – kind, humble, and nothing short of spectacular every time he’s onscreen.

It was also the last day for funnyman Louis Ferreira.  Yes, it’s true.  Funnyman.  In truth, Louis is VERY different from the brooding, authoritarian Colonel Everett Young you see on SGU.

An atypically brooding Louis Ferreira

Trust me, it’ll be a while before you see Young wildly launching into hilarious impersonations or jumping into the catering truck to serve that day’s lunch:

Hey, buddy, do you want apple pie with that?
Two thumbs up for the rib-eye and cheesecake!

Louis is a wacky, wonderful guy who really should be doing comedy.  But only once SGU wraps.  Give it another 5-10 years.

Finally, another see-you-later for the drop-dead gorgeous and hugely talented Elyse Levesque whose performances this year have never failed to impress.  Also, she is quite possibly the sweetest person I know.

Between all those goodbyes, we finally found time to sit down and start tossing around ideas for season 2.  We have a general sense of where we want to go in those first ten and have some surprises in store for all of our major players.  Tomorrow, we get down to it and start fleshing out those individual stories, seeding and developing the various character arcs.


Matt Boesch writes: “my question is does Daniel Jackson have the ATA Gene?”

Answer: Nope.

JYS writes: “Apparently a friend of Katherine is on SGU playing someone in the military…”

Answer: Yes.  Airman Becker (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman).

Sarah Lee writes: “Can the SGU shuttle go through a Stargate?”

Answer: The shuttle is significantly larger than a puddle jumper, and a jumper could JUST make it through, so I’d have to say no, do not even try it.

Bilo&Bella writes: “On another note, Joe, have you read any Naomi Novik?”

Answer: Yes, I read the first book in the series and liked it.  If you do a search of this blog, I’m sure you’ll come up with my thoughts on In His Majesty’s Service.

Tim Gaffney writes: “Does that mean that the ship can’t dial Earth or that it would require an incredible amount of power.”

Answer: The latter.

Tim Gaffney also writes: “If it is the later, could they dial Earth at a point that they are inside a Sun refueling?”

Answer: Hey, that’s a pretty good idea!

Saltygrapes writes: “They’ve known each other… two, three days now? In those few days, Scott was off-world twelve hours and they were dealing with a life support and power crisis. Scott also spent a ton of time figuring out how to operate the shuttle. Chloe’s relationship with Eli was much more fleshed out and shown on-screen in Darkness, while Chloe and Scott had minimal interaction (if any?). Through the series so far, we have seen Scott ask Chloe about her father, and we have seen them share a moment at the end of Air III.”

Answer: It’s less about the time than what they make of it.  The conversation they had about her father and Scott’s later confession about his family after he almost died off-world were intensely personal moments in which the two trusted, took comfort, and fully opened up to one another.  There’s also the fact that they share a mutual physical attraction.  Suddenly, facing seemingly certain death, they are afforded the one opportunity to consummate this relationship and they take it.  Comparing the Chloe-Scott relationship with the Chloe-Eli relationship isn’t fair since, in spite of how well Chloe and Eli may have hit it off, she doesn’t like him “that way”.  If it were simply a matter of forming a romantic relationship with whoever you’ve spent more time with then, by that logic, I should have married my writing partner.

Saltygrapes also writes: “Furthermore we are shown flashbacks of Scott’s past in which he had a major negative experience in a situation like that. Don’t you think that would weigh into his mind before sleeping with a girl he’s known all of three days?”

Answer: Again, if you’re faced with the prospect of no tomorrow, you’ll try to make the very most of today.  And they did.

T’loc writes: “My 1st thought as to how the writers view Eli based on your response to both Tammy Dixon and Mary questions and also the Kino scene thats now on the MGM website is that Eli is a punk who should hold and bury his feelings for Chloe and accept Scott but still be her friend.  I don’t know any real young man or woman who would do that to themselves.”

Answer: That would be the mature response.  What alternatives do you suggest?  Should he end his friendships with both of them because Chloe had the audacity to fall for someone else?

T’loc also writes: “So I hope whatever path you folks are going with the Eli-Scott-Chloe thing will not go further than at least the next two episode…”

Answer: In the interest of full disclosure prepare to have your hopes dashed.

DasNdanger writes: “Joe – a quick question about Chloe and Scott – did they know (or know of) each other before getting stranded on Destiny??”

Answer: Nope.

Josua Meyers Extraordinary Teenager writes: “You say it takes several million years to get home with FTL technology if the Destiny does a U-turn. But what if somehow they retro-fitted a wormhole drive or hyperdrive?”

Answer: Where the heck would they pick up a wormhole drive or hyper drive?

Ryan writes: “How did the Ancients go about making their ZPMs, and why hasn’t the Atlantis crew figured out how to replicate the process yet?”

Answer: No one knows how the Ancients went about making their ZPMSs – which is why the Atlantis crew haven’t figured out a way to replicate the process.

Aragon101 writes: “Do you ever read SG Fanfiction?”

Answer: Nope.

Skontel writes: “ However, my position would be that she doesn’t really share a friendship with Eli. She pretty much abuses the fact that Eli has feelings for her, and offers him little in return in form of friendship.”

Answer: If Eli didn’t value Chloe’s friendship and enjoy her company, he wouldn’t be spending time with her.

Skontel also writes: “Can you tell us if Rush has always been difficult to work with, or has something (recent?) event in his life made him so? If it was something recent, will we learn the details of it (apart from a photo and some tears)?”

Answer: Some later episodes (Human in particular) will shed some light on the good doctor.

J writes: “I will only say that I think that gratitude should be a mutual thing. And, I am hoping that you feel the same way because I am not sure that I felt that from your response.”

Answer: I was being sarcastic.

GateShip1 writes: “Where do we post questions to be answerd in the mailbag stuff?”

Answer: Uh, here.

Sparky writes: “For me i dont understand how scott could go from troubled and having sex with someone in the closet type to softie gentle and ‘loving’ cloe type.”

Answer: Perhaps one was nothing more than a fun hook-up while the other was more meaningful.

Anais33 a ecrit: “Regardez Joseph j’ai déguiser mon chien^^!”

Reponse: Il est bien cute!

Mary writes: “I meant it in terms of using her body in exchange for Scott helping her get a place on that shuttle (and if she did it once, I see her doing it again; I think she’s very likely to manipulate Eli, for example).”

Answer: If that were her motive, why didn’t she ask Scott to get her on the shuttle?  More importantly, given that the decision was in Colonel Young’s hands, wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to sleep with him?

Mary also writes: “I think yes, he’d go to bed with Chloe, but I would think there would be a little more space and time between James and Chloe, and I think he’d actually develop a relationship with her.”

Answer: See my response on this subject above.  Given what they both went through (Chloe’s loss of her father, Scott’s near-death experience) they have grown close and bonded. This IS the beginning of their relationship.  And while it certainly would have been nice to wait, they were faced with the prospect that they wouldn’t get another chance so they took it.

PBMom writes: “John Shepard’s character on SGA was quite the womanizer. I don’t recall hearing any complaints about that.”

Answer: No.  In his case, it was viewed as amusingly incorrigible.

PBMom also writes: “My husband wondered, however, how the docking seal wasn’t damaged after the shuttle violently backed up into it because it certainly looked like the whole thing moved. How did they possibly get a hard seal?”

Answer: You’ll get a better look at how those docking clamps work later this season.

PBMom also writes: “Is this the first episode that Peter DeLuise directed that he wasn’t in even in the background.”

Answer: Actually, he does have a cameo.  In one of the first scenes at Homeworld Command, Telford walks up to a guy sitting at the stone console and relieves him.  He ever refers to him as Peter.

Sprinkles writes: “Have you reached the Vimes/Nightwatch series of the Terry Pratchett series of books? I have read them all but these are my favourites.”

Answer: A few.  Loved Guards! Guards!

Juralas writes: “Have you read the Song of Ice and Fire series?”

Answer: Yes.  I’m a huge fan of the series.

100 thoughts on “October 27, 2009: Production on season one winds down as preparations for a possible season two start up.

  1. Hmmm.

    Young in his uniform and Telford in his
    with dirt all over. Explosion perhaps. Maybe young gets killed. Uggh. Many months of waiting ahead!!!

  2. Hey Joe,

    Okay, so what am I doing wrong in asking questions? Are mail bag questions asked some where other than here? I am confused. Not necessarily an unusual state for me…but I am.

    Loved your pictures and blog about the final days of filming Season 1. Maybe there are a few more, I look forward to hearing about them too.

    I especially loved your answer to the Chloe/Eli relationship. Yeah, you and Paul…quite a mental picture.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  3. Re:

    PBMom writes: “John Shepard’s character on SGA was quite the womanizer. I don’t recall hearing any complaints about that.”

    Answer: No. In his case, it was viewed as amusingly incorrigible.

    The only one who thought John was a womanizer was his jealous boyfriend, Rodney. ; )

    While I have no problem with the notion that Scott and Chloe would have omg-we’re-gonna-die sex, I still think they’re a boring couple. Actually, I think they are individually boring people. I don’t care what they do, in bed or out. Sorry, Brian’s mom!

  4. One of these days I’m going to find the time to read a BOTM. I’ve actually bought 2 of the books from previous months but was still in university at that point and could never find the time.

    Do you ever stop reading a book that is not intriguing to you and how long to you give a book before you give up on it?

  5. @Joe: We obviously know (from stories or you using it in the blog) that you are fluent in at least four languages: English, French, Italian, and Sarcasm. Do you speak any other languages?

  6. Thanks for the answer, Joe. I think this is probably your nopeist mailbag yet! 😉

    Went shopping today. I must learn to stay out of Sams. 😛 But I did buy…Joe, cover your ears…liquor-filled chocolates that are surprisingly tasty. Dark chocolate filled with Jim Beam, Remy, Stoli, and Grand Marnier. I was pleasantly surprised…especially when they carded me! 😀

    Tired, gonna call it a night. But I wanted to say one last thing about the Chloe/Scott thing…

    It seems many of the complaints about the Chloe/Scott thing revolve around the speed with which the two came together. I do understand how some could feel that it was a bit rushed. The problem? A lack of verbal communication with the audience. A way to resolve the problem? It would have been very easy to include a short scene between Chloe and Eli where she confides in him that she is attracted to someone – and Eli, of course, would jump to the conclusion it’s him. This way the audience is prepared for the reveal when Scott takes Chloe’s hand…and it would have also made Eli’s hurt more profound.

    This is often a problem in telling a story with many elements and characters. It’s hard to spend adequate time on each who is featured in an episode, so shortcuts are made. Showing, instead of telling. Sometimes it works very well, but when you have an audience that is used to being told everything, sometimes it takes a while for them to catch on that they have to watch carefully, because sometimes the story isn’t being told in just words, but in body language and facial expressions.

    I knew when Chloe visited Scott’s bedside (in Air III…I think it was that one) that there was something happening between them, and I actually expected them to start with the making out right then and there. That’s why it came as no surprise to me that they ended up in bed together – I had expected it a week or two earlier. But I DID see it – the actors conveyed their attraction in that earlier scene quite effectively. No one had to tell me. However, I also understand when people need to have things spelled out a bit more clearly. It’s hard to strike a good balance between the telling, and the showing, especially when there is just so much story going on, but in this case I think that balance was met – at least for me it was.

    Have a good evening, sir!


  7. Nice insight into the actors. I especially like it when an actor’s personality is significantly different from that of the character he or she portrays, something we viewers don’t always get to know about. Mr. Ferriera in particular seems to be the antithesis of his Young persona.
    Guards!Guards! is my favorite Diskworld book. It’s adaption to the stage was also done well, though I do not know if it’s been revived in the decade or so since I saw it.
    A few more comments on Light. This was an episode that was overall slightly disappointing to me. There was the threat that wasn’t a threat(no way Destiny and its passengers were going to die, and given the characters aboard the shuttle no doubt they would make it back safely). It’s peculiar that the same people who were so confident the ship knew what it was doing at one moment suddenly decided that the Ancient technology had failed and that the ship failed to calculate a relatively simple properly. On the plus side, I loved Destiny actually entering the sun. That brings up other questions. How does a ship that generates a shield powerful enough to survive immersion into a star get battle damage? How does the ship convert the stellar energy, and how does the power compare to ZPMs? Why the difference in energy sources between Atlantis and Destiny?
    My biggest dissapointment was in the characters. I recognise that they are multi-dimensional and flawed, but in this episode only one character came across to me as worthy of admiration. Greer, from his kino speech to his stoicism in the face of death, to his automatic responce when it looked like there would be a post-lottery riot.
    Wray has been undermined as a potential leader, having shown her instinct for self preservation overrides her concern for the whole. I did enjoy Young’s handling of the whole awkward situation. Alas, his paranoia about Rush detracted from my overall high opinion of him. Why would Rush allow the shuttle to be loaded with supplies and leave if he knew Destiny was safe? Why would he come up with a solution to retrieve the shuttle if he wanted to be rid of the other occupants of the ship? Speaking of Rush, I loved Carlyle’s performance, as usual. Just his reaction when the kino transmitted back Destiny’s pictures made his character much more human. The man is hiding some secrets, but Young is getting a bit paranoid about his “lots of work” underling.
    Halfway to the midseason two parter. I am hoping to see more developments in the characters, especially developments that make the characters more likable.
    Any idea on when you’ll get official word on the show renewal? I’d like to see you enjoy your trip to Japan already knowing your coworkers will be piling up tasks for you in preparing for the next season. As always, thanks for your dedication to the blog and its readers.

  8. Damn it!!! I missed a mailbag…. its becoming rare to see them these days 😉 Oh well, if I was a betting man I forsee that there wont be one tomorrow… but here is a question for you Joe just in case:

    1. Is that Pyramid shaped building on the back of the Destiny crew and general quarters?

    2. Will we ever know who or what put all those holes in the Destiny?

    3. What do you think of the Audi S5…. hint hint


  9. Thanks for all the great mailbag answers, both today and in the past, Joe. As mine wasn’t covered, I’d like to ask again: Is Destiny millions of years old (necessary for it to be older than Atlantis, have the potentially oldest stargate, and be a millions of years long trip from Earth) or is it under a million years old (which seems to be indicated by a couple of lines of dialogue in SGU)?
    Or is that something that is complicated and will be addressed in the show?

  10. @ Joe. You said: “Answer: I was writing short stories back in elementary school. Also, a terrible scifi novel.”

    I also started writing at a young age. I firmly believe that writers are born, not made. You have to have it in your blood. Many people can learn to write adequately, but the ones that are the real writers are those who have a natural ability; who would write for the love of writing even if there is no money involved.

    I’ve been thinking about Chloe and Lt. Scott and their trist. If she has low self esteem, which seems probable here (her comment about being useless as a crew member of Destiny), it is possible that she would not object to being jumped on by Scott. It’s the not being able to say no thing that some girls have when they are used to being told what to do by daddy. Scott has rank and therefor, authority. To Chloe, having sex with Scott may be a twisted kind of need to feel loved and protected. Which would be something she had gotten from dad and now she is trying to replace with Scott. Okay, too much psycho-mumbo jumbo? And, not entirely accurate based on your explaination. Still, plausible, no?


  11. All I can say is that John Sheppard was a gentleman and Lt. Scott is a horn-dog.
    (PS – Rodney got more action than Shep ever did -sheesh)

  12. PS – So far Greer is my favorite character.

    PPS – Sheppard WAS “amusingly incorrigible,” as was Rodney in his own way – I sure miss them both.

  13. Hey Joe! I’m dropping by again after another few days of burying myself in school work.

    Light is the best episode yet! Though it seems that I’m amongst the many who saw the “refueling with the sun” coming, I was pretty surprised that it went INTO the sun, and also that they’d have to deal with the shuttle problem. The various little character threads continue to lengthen and unravel; I particularly love the moments with Greer and Rush; both softened considerably and showed their true colors, IMHO. Well, except Rush. That guy is just an enigma! As for Greer – well, I teared up during the scene when he and Young said goodbye. Jamil is going places.

    HUGE props to Mark Savela and his team for the incredibly BEAUTIFUL VFX. That was movie quality; that was art. More HUGE props to Joel Goldsmith and his team for a haunting score, particularly during the lottery scene (I was shaking after that one, honest) and the ending. So, when’s the soundtrack coming out on CD?

    Now, of course, the big controversy seems to be the Scott-Chloe-Eli thing. Considering that I am pretty much Eli in real life, I think I have a singularly unique view on this, along with every other person who tries so hard to score but ends up not getting any.

    Here’s the thing. What we are seeing now with the trio reminds me of real life so much it’s creepy. Eli is deeply entrenched in the Friend Zone. It doesn’t matter if he has spent more time with Chloe, or that their scenes are fleshed out; because she considers him a FRIEND. That’s it. It’s a dead end. Trust me, I’m EMPEROR of the Friend Zone. Everything I say, goes. Except that one thing, of course.

    The KINO thing where Eli talks to Chloe just reaffirms what I say. One common mistake of the Friend Zone citizens is that they will flatter the girl in question at all costs, which was exactly what Eli was doing. Oh sure, on the surface it seems like he’s being nice, but that’s just it; being nice doesn’t get you the girls; you get them as FRIENDS, but nothing more.

    Of course, there may be exceptions, as with all things. I don’t think this is one of those times though.

    As for Scott and Chloe, I thought that it made sense, but in a different way. They clearly formed a bond over their respective losses and tragedies in life; for Chloe, she’s now very much alone on the other side of the Universe. Yes, there is Eli, but like I said, he’s not really helping with his incessant flattery; I believe she needed something less superficial and in Scott she has found it.

    Like she said in “Light”, she is closer to Scott than she has been with anyone. This speaks to emotional closeness, which then translates to physical closeness. Haven’t any of you ever felt like you wanted a hug, or just wanted to hold someone whom you feel a bond with in your arms and just…stay like that for a good bit? I think this is what’s happening here. Of course, being young people, they decided to make love. That’s fine too. It’s a passionate showcase of what it means to be close and be connected. Also, as Joe said, the fact that both may snuff it in the near future probably quickened the pace of all this.

    So, from where I stand, it all makes perfect sense; particularly the Eli stuff. Don’t worry bro, you’ll get your chance.

  14. Babs said:
    The only one who thought John was a womanizer was his jealous boyfriend, Rodney. ; )

    Thanks, Babs. I never got the impression that Shepard was a womanizer. From the comments about (James T.) Kirking, I thought perhaps I’d watched a sanitized version of SGA. 😉

    Maybe most of the Kirking happened in fan fic and became fanon (fan canon).

    OT: The handsome and talented Ronny Cox (Sen. Kinsey, SG1), is hosting a tour of Ireland next summer. Small group, focus on folk music. I’m about to send my deposit and understand there are a few spots left. Info is at

  15. > Tim Gaffney also writes: “If it is the later, could they dial Earth at a point that they are inside a Sun refueling?”

    > Answer: Hey, that’s a pretty good idea!

    Sounds to me like a spectacularly *bad* idea:

    1) A wormhole passing through a solar flare can cause time travel, as per “1969,” “2001,” and Stargate: Continuum. I’m guessing that going through a sun increases the odds of hitting something like a solar flare on the way out.

    2) The Stargate or DHD has safeguards that prevent an address from connecting if the path goes through a star, as mentioned in “Red Sky.” Disabling these protocols can lead to said sun being destroyed.

    On the other hand, just because it’s a bad idea doesn’t mean it’s not rife with story opportunities!

  16. “PBMom also writes: “Is this the first episode that Peter DeLuise directed that he wasn’t in even in the background.”

    Answer: Actually, he does have a cameo. In one of the first scenes at Homeworld Command, Telford walks up to a guy sitting at the stone console and relieves him. He ever refers to him as Peter.

    Joe: I meant in Light, not Darkness. I saw him in Darkness in the scene you mentioned, but not in Light. Or are you thinking of the two of those episodes as one?

  17. Hi Joe,

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer the questions. I’m still catching up on the previous posts (mid-February ’07), so I apologize for asking a question I now see you have answered before.

    You mention how different Louis Ferreira is in person from the character he plays. Would you say his is the biggest person-to-character difference, and if not, who is even further away in real life from the character they play on SGU?


  18. Sorry to comment again, but all this Chloe/Scott (Chlott?)talk made me realize something about why I’m having a bit of a hard time getting into Universe at this point.
    I’d be proud to have my daughter date any of the guys on Atlantis (except perhaps Kavanaugh) and even if it led to sex, I’d be pretty confident that the man, be it Shep, McKay, Beckett, Zelenka, Ronon or Lorne, would treat her well and with respect.
    I would actively discourage my daughter from dating ANY of the dudes from Universe!
    I ldon’t mind a few flaws here and there but I really do like at least one or two truly good people to follow on the show.
    Hopefully one or two will begin to develop in that direction over the course of the series.

  19. Bilo&Bella writes: “On another note, Joe, have you read any Naomi Novik?”

    Answer: Yes, I read the first book in the series and liked it. If you do a search of this blog, I’m sure you’ll come up with my thoughts on In His Majesty’s Service.

    I think you mean His Majesty’s Dragon, and if you liked that, you should definitely read the rest of the series. They’re very good.

    I see there’s a lot of talk about the Scott/Chloe thing. Well, you can add me to the list of people who didn’t like the “we barely know each other, let’s have sex” thing. But in fairness, I didn’t like Sheppard’s womanizing either, just like I don’t like that aspect of Captain Kirk. Willingness to have sex with someone they barely know, or having sex with every alien woman they meet, is something that very much turns me off of a character. But what bothers me even more about Scott is that, given the backstory we’ve seen, he seems to be either religious or someone who was at one point religious. If he’s still religious, it annoys me to see him being so hypocritical without any acknowledgment of that fact. Also, if “slipping” and having sex with a girl when he was younger (that was what that flashback was about, wasn’t it? Or was it just getting her pregnant? Again, it’s the sex, not the pregnancy, that is the theological problem.), was what derailed his life, then it’s odd that he’s so willing to sleep around now.

  20. Hey Joe,

    How is it going? I’m really excited about the rest of SGU. From what I’ve seen so far, I love it. I would just like to say that I thought the portrayal of the relationships that happened between Chloe, Eli and Scott are a lot more real than a lot of the people griping at the moment think. I have been in two situations exactly like that, where close female friends who have showed some interest in me have gone and fallen for other friends that I have, leaving me to make the mature decision. I resent all of the people saying that the scenario presented is contrived and rubbish. I disagree. Things like that happen in the real world, and I applaud you and the rest of the people on SGU for portraying such complex emotional scenarios.

    Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.

    On a brighter note, I went to a restaurant recently that caught my attention. It was called Fuel. But it wasn’t in Vancouver. It was right here in Australia’s capital of Canberra. And I must say that it was fantastic and a little disturbing, as the restaurant I went to was so close to being like the Fuel in Vancouver that it was scary. Right down to the jolly, friendly head chef who even took time out to check how our meal was. Bizarre.

    Hope Fondy and the pugs are well. Here’s to a bunch of great ideas for SGU season 2. 😀


  21. “Again, if you’re faced with the prospect of no tomorrow, you’ll try to make the very most of today. And they did.”

    Very true, and honestly that was probably the least concerning of any of the issues. It was kind of just, “oh, to make things seem even worse, THIS is there too!” But I do realize that facing death or the possibility of both going on the shuttle, the fear of history repeating itself there would be essentially none.

    “Comparing the Chloe-Scott relationship with the Chloe-Eli relationship isn’t fair since, in spite of how well Chloe and Eli may have hit it off, she doesn’t like him “that way”. If it were simply a matter of forming a romantic relationship with whoever you’ve spent more time with then, by that logic, I should have married my writing partner.”

    I definitely agree with that and I’m not trying to compare or contrast the two, I’m just saying that the on-screen friendship Chloe had with Eli was much more prevalent than with Scott. Considering that the events that took place w/ Chloe/Scott in Light were directly following what happened with Chloe/Eli in Darkness, the Chloe/Eli scenes were much more in the forefront our minds.

    As I said before I think Eli *and* the viewers should have realized and interpreted Chloe’s interactions with him as signs of good friendship, nothing more. as we were shown, Eli didn’t take it that way, which was expected and interesting, but i’m surprised that other viewers saw it the same way and are saying that Chloe was “leading him on”. Sorry, but simply conversing with someone doesn’t account to leading someone on.

    My point was simply that after 2-3 scenes together, and no scenes together in Darkness compared to Eli and Chloe being together practically the entire episode, it just popped out of no where and felt way too sudden. I have no disagreement or doubt that the circumstances would lead to them doing what they did, I just wish their friendship and attraction had been played out on screen more so that it didn’t feel so unexpected. After all, we’re also not very far removed from the Scott/James scene from the pilot, which I’m sure contributed somewhat to people’s questioning of this.

  22. Coucou Joseph! =)

    Vous allez bien aujourd”hui? Moi oui j’ai bien dormie =)!

    Aujourd’hui je passe ma premiére heure de conduite (voiture) …lol j’espere qu’ils vont barré la route sinon je risque de faire des accidents ^^.

    Merci d’avoir dit que mon chien était mignon, je lui ai dit et maintenant il est tout fiére….je commence à déteindre sur vous, je déguise mon chien, je prend de la nourriture en photo….ce n’est qu’un début je suis à des années lumiéres de vous ressemblé un jours^^!….La perféction est inégalable!

    Merci pour ces photos! ….éhéhé la saison 2 c’est pour quand?

    Bonne journée!

  23. Hi, Joe!
    Did you tip your server? =p

    I’ve been craving your blog for the past 2 hours. lol. The reason? UCLA got a sneak peek of “Boondock Saints 2” tonight. Writer/director Troy Duffy and actors Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and Clifton Collins, Jr. attended the event. I spoke with Flanery afterwards and mentioned that I was a HUGE Stargate fan, loved him as Orlin, ecc. and he sung everyones praises. He seems to be a nice guy.

    Ick, German midterm tomorrow. Have to stop stalling study time now.

  24. Just want to say how much I am enjoying the series. I am a huge Sci-Fi (still can’t bring myself to use the new name for it) original programming fan from BSG to Eureka but had never dug into any of the Stargate shows before now. I think I have seen three episodes total and they never hooked me.

    I came to this series for three reasons:
    1) a pal suggested from early buzz it would be my cup of tea
    2) the casting of such an interesting and diverse group had be curious
    3) …and yes the idea of a Sci-Fi series having a lesbian series regular character played by such a great talent. Tv tends not to do much justice to diversity of that kind and the idea that this ‘verse’ was about to take a stab told me I should give you guys a try.

    What I have found are even greater reasons for adding SGU to the top of my Friday must TIVO list… a well arced sci-fi mystery that has me wondering what is coming next. The way the show, to this point, has practically flowed from one episode into another I have found especially compelling. The way the comedy is lightly sprinkled in even during the most dire circumstances have kept it from getting too heavy handed but has never ventured into corny.

    Forgive me if this question has been asked already but I was wondering as someone who always got the sense that past Stargate series had more of a relaxed artistic tone in the storytelling – meaning things always felt more ‘fantasy’ and lighter sci-fi then the tone I get when I watch SGU – how did this darker tone for this spinoff come about? Also was wondering what was the most exciting part of creating season one and what was the hardest?

    Thanks for introducing me to stories and a group of characters I look forward to learning more about… and thanks for including a strong, smart, sexy lesbian character into the shows ranks. The representation means a lot.

  25. Is the first picture more recent? Louis Ferreira/Young seems to have longer hair. That’d be great! Wtg, realism.

    Thank God you didn’t answer my stupid door control question. I misunderstood what the synths at MGM’s site described.

    Luckily I didn’t ask you where did Chloe get her other outfit after showering. I was watching “Air” last night and noticed she had those clothes on aboard the Hammond. So she probably had her stuff in those bags she was carrying.

  26. What ep does the TJ/Young kiss happen (that’s seen in the SGU promo)? So we know they had an affair, when does that all play out (love how it’s being shown and hinted at)?

  27. Joe,
    I think that a majority of the “Scott-Chloe” haters just wish that there was a bit more buildup before they consumated their relationship. All of a sudden, both of them were saying very romantic things towards eachother, and it didn’t make much sense, UNTIL I found out about the Kino episodes and some stuff that was left on the cutting room floor. If Chloe, as an individual, wanted to just hook up with someone randomly, that would have been fine, but as I said, there seemed to be this awkward “middle ground” that people were left to see on screen, and I think that is where the problem comes in.
    Don’t know if its possible, but could syfy possibly post some deleted scenes from SGU that would allow people to understand motivation to a greater extent than they do now?
    Also, I don’t know if I would call Eli “immature” if he ignored Chloe. “Hurt” maybe, but I think that sometimes, to save oneself from too much hurt, distance can be the only solution. Oftentimes, that is the most mature situation because an individual can take some time away from an emotional powderkeg of a situation and think of an approprate response rather than do or say something they might regret later (holdig Chloe’s hand might come up later in Eli’s mind, I don’t know). Given the fact that they were both going to die, or so they thought, he definitely did not have the luxury of time on his side, but I hope that you guys can show Eli hurting a little bit if only to make his charactermore realistic (you have started to do this a bit already, so I am sure that it is in episodes in the pipeline that we haven’t had a chance to see yet).
    All in all, though, wonderful show, and I am really, really happy that you guys are doing so great with it!!!

  28. I have to say I am somewhat amused by some of the reaction to the Scott-Chloe-Eli situation. Love triangle have been the cornerstone of drama in both life and fiction. The same can be said with unrequited love. It’s also worth noting that in only so few episodes some viewers are making judgements about the behaviour of the characters based on very little evidence. We don’t really know them yet.

    They are in an unfamiliar and stressful situation. People sometimes act in unexpected or uncharacteristic ways without those stressers. Why are we judging the behaviour of these characters when we don’t really even know them well enough to know them in a normal setting.

    Using Scott as an example. We know he has sex. It was in the beginning of the first ep. Does he experience guilt and remorse drawn from his religious upbringing. Perhaps. We dont’ know because we haven’t seen it yet. Even if it does, it clearly doesn’t stop him (his first seen indicates this wasn’t the first time or a one-off for him) so him sleeping with Chloe really wasn’t a huge leap. As a side note – I am interested to see if there is a reaction from his other partner over this new relationship with Chloe. Perhaps some viewers have forgotten? Will there be sparks in the future?

    As for Chloe, despite her father embarrasing her, she clearly is somewhat of a Daddy’s girl who is even less prepared for her situation than the military people. She also seems younger than most of the scientists and very likely somewhat sheltered too. It’s not really that strange that she would draw comfort from the man who has been leading and protecting them. Plus the fact that he’s hot doesn’t hurt either. Fear, loss and imminent death do make for highly emotional decisions. There’s a lot of sex after funerals as people celebrate that they are still alive. In this case, it was living while you could.

    She’s a scared girl used to being protected – even if she thinks she is big enough to handle herself. When Scott isn’t there Eli is so she responds. It’s not manipulative, its instinctive. I will also be interested to watch as she grows into herself and develops her inner strength. We’ve had some glimpses. She has the potential for one of the most interesting character growth journeys.

    Finally to Eli. What planet are some people from? There are thousands of stories of the friend who waited on the side while their beloved hooked up with other people, hoping one day they would be noticed. That one day it would be THEIR turn. Yes there are those who wouldn’t put up with it but they are the rare and strong person. Eli is not experienced with relationships. He doesn’t seem to be the sort of person to analyse himself and remove himself from a situation that would ultimatley be detrimental to him. Besides, where is he going to go? Go hang out alone on the other side of the ship.

    At the end of the day, it’s early in this situation. The relationships can only get more complicated. People make decisions thinking there will be no consequences only to find that they didn’t die and they have to live with the fall out. There’s always fall out.

    Eli was always going to be a fan favourite. Chloe and Scott have turned out to be much more layered and interesting than I was expecting. I, for one, am interested to see not only how this plays out but how the other more subtle relationship dramas that have only been hinted at play out. Afterall, isn’t this was make for interesting television?


    PS. Sorry for the long comment, I may have gotten slightly carried away.

  29. It’s kind of amusing to read all those questions about this “love triangle with two corners”. And I think what unfolded on screen couldn’t be closer to reality; the cool guy always gets the girl, no matter what.

  30. I am totally loving how protective everyone is over Eli. David Blue should be much commended for that.

    Plus, let’s face it, I suspect many Stargate fans identify more with Eli than Scott.

  31. This “Shepherd as a womanizer” statement has me perplexed. While Rodney often used the criticism and Shepherd may have readily aspired to the role, I really can’t remember him doing all that well.

    In “38 Minutes” I recall him giving a nurse a terribly interested look but that is hardly proof of sex. And, he ACTUALLY died in that episode – as opposed to taking advantage of the opportunity of having sex with someone (recently traumatized by the death of her father) who probably was going to die – so I would still say Scott is one up on him there.

    In the first episode with the Ancient woman – after he and his crew nearly died and after he came back during an attack to help out – he engaged in some type of energy transfer that I suppose could be called “sex”. (And personally I found to be as cheesy as I found the hook-up between Chloe and Scott to be.)

    Then, there was the second Ancient woman who aspired to ascension. As I recall, they knew each other the equivablent of about 6 months before having sex that was implied rather than shown … in what was in my opinion two of the “hottest” minutes in SGA. Again as I recall, the Ancient woman told him then she had seen the two “together” all her life but it still took them 6 months for the hookup – during which time he nearly died twice.

    Then there was the princess in “The Tower” …… which was one of my big “let down” episodes in SGA. Yes, he had sex with her …. while he was a prisoner of her father.

    I can vaguely recall a few episodes where he attempted to charm but I don’t recall much success in the 5 years of SGA.

    If he was viewed as incorrible, it would seem to me it was because he persisted despite striking out so often.

  32. Back in season 2 of SGA, Sheppard started to slide into womanizing mode and the fans didn’t like it (especially in the nauseating The Tower). After that, the writers toned it down and Shep became the Shep we loved in season 1.

    Having Lt. Scott as a male ho right off the bat, does not endear him to us. “Fun in a closet” and flashbacks to getting teens pregnant doesn’t cut it. We understand people make mistakes, but we don’t want our heroes to be whores either, male or female. In other words, Lt. Scott is not anywhere close to John Sheppard or Jack O’Neill as fan favs.

    Gateworld and Syfy forums both have polls for fav and least fav characters. Chloe is at the bottom, with Lt. Scott second from the bottom, at both sites. As for season 2, back in SGA you folks dumped characters who didn’t work and many of us are hoping you do the same on SGU, like cutting out the bland and useless Scott and Chloe. More Rush, Greer, Young, more tension, and less soap.

  33. Mr. M, could you be enjoying all this talk about Scott’s antics? 😉 I believe it means people are watching. To me, it’s not a big deal about the “relationship”. I’ll wait and see what you have in mind for it.

    A good day in Memphis. Finally, the city is doing something about “city approved” animal abuse. I just hope someone goes to jail. The stories that have coming out of that hellhole have been hard to hear. Complaints seem to have finally fallen onto someone that gives a crap! (silent prayer of thanks)

    Gotta go clean up the catteries at my local humane society. Hot, dirty and sometimes, bloody work. (Some of AREN’T on vacation 🙄 ).

    Hope all have a great day!

  34. What does that scene with Greer stripping down and (what appeared to be) meditating meant to symbolise?

    That he’s cleared his mind and bared his soul?

    Technically you and your writing partner are married (in some fashion) in my head. I keep referring to you as Joe Mullie.

  35. Does anyone else find it funny that for years, the SG “shippers” have screamed for “ship” and now that we have “ship” people are complaining?

    I’ve always been on the fence, re: “shipping” for the most part. Except for Jack & Sam. I enjoy the tension and the kind of “nod” of knowing but not being overt. Besides, the fact that they’d both be drummed out of the military. Other than that, I’m kind of “meh”.

  36. Hi Joe, first time poster

    I just feel that I must post to try and put forward my own opinions on the Eli-Chloe-Scott thing.

    It has been said that Chloe is ‘using’ Eli’s attraction to her in order to garner his attention. Has anyone contemplated the possibility that maybe she just thinks of him as a friend, and possibly isn’t even aware that he likes her in *that* way?
    And to all those implying that Eli should throw some sort of paddy just because Scott and Chloe hooked up, I suggest you grow up.

    I have been in this same situation myself. I had feelings for one of the girls I used to work with, she hooked up with one of the guys I worked with. Both were unaware of my feelings towards her (and possibly still are). I did the mature thing and continued to be friends with them both, regardless of my own hurt feelings, because at the end of the day, I would rather keep her as a friend than do what some people are suggesting Eli do, and cutting off all contact just because she doesn’t return how I feel about her.
    In real life, you don’t always get what you want, or who you want. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that, and you have to decide what kind of person you are going to be when it doesn’t.

    Eli seems to be a nice guy, and is mature enough to know that it is better to just be friends than have no relationship at all.

    PG15 – I feel your pain, I have spent much time in the FriendZone. It’s nice this time of year!

    PBMom writes: “John Shepard’s character on SGA was quite the womanizer. I don’t recall hearing any complaints about that.”

    Really? Do you not frequent the Gateworld forums? This was another thing that was blown sooo out of proportion in SGA, and is getting a second go with SGU.
    I am a man, and if I was single and had opportunities to have meaningless one night stands with women on an alien world who I will probably never see again…I would do it in a heartbeat.
    You can call John/Scott womanizers or slags or whatever you prefer, but this is real life. It happens and I don’t think we can expect anything else from characters in a show that is supposed to be depicting REAL PEOPLE.
    People have one-night stands with others they have only just met, why is it so wrong for this to be depicted on TV?

    Also, don’t forget that every time a (hetero) man has a one-night stand, a woman has to. As the saying goes, it takes 2 to tango.

    One last thing, I don’t think you can really refer to Chloe and Scott’s rendezvous as ‘making love’ at this point. It was ‘we are going to die’ sex. That doesn’t mean it can’t develop in to love at some point, but I think it is too early for that given they have only been on the ship for less than a week so far.

  37. Yeah I agree with everyone else….Sheppard wasn’t a womaniser (although totally hot song). He’d have to get some first off and nearly everyone had more action than he did. Sheppard’s an incredible flirt, that’s what he is and there’s nothing wrong with that :).

    I haven’t seen Darkness so I’ll comment when I do, however I wonder if part of the reaction is that people are seeking a hero in this new show and they’re not finding one. The characters make mistakes, have flaws. As they keep saying, they’re the wrong people. For the show to succeed there needs to be someone that viewers connect with. I really think that’s Eli. Lot of pressure on David but he’s doing an incredible job.

    Cheers Chev

    p.s. Re rumours that SGA movie is gonna be a book. If that is true then its just crap MGM. Are book sales up? No. As well as loving the characters we love the people that bring it to the screen. I think it would be an insult to them and us if that did occur. I heard the Warehouse 13 ep Joe Flanigan was in rated its socks off. That’s how much people wanted to see him in something. They’re the people that would fork out money to buy the DVD. I think their reasoning is flawed. I guess the SGU DVD has the thumbs up. The market’s not too bad for that?

  38. @Joe – It’s nice to see that you intended sarcasm to be what was gleaned from your response to Shadow Step on the 26th; at least a couple of people seem to have seen it that way. I just didn’t. I leave you with a comment on the new Jelly photo: She’s so cute.

    Just a random thought here – Is sarcasm a language? Hmmm… In case it’s not “obvious,” this question is rhetorical.

    @babs – Thank you. I also only thought that the whole “Kirk” thing was simply a slightly jealous joke that the Rodney character used to needle the Sheppard character sometimes.

    In the 5 years of Atlantis episodes, I only recall the Sheppard character sleeping with one woman. And, it happened towards the end of spending six months with her in a settlement full of people that were trying to ascend. The attraction between the Sheppard character and the woman that he slept with wasn’t “spelled out” either. It just happened naturally.

    Peace & Love,


  39. Joe said:

    …something a little different from the usual straight SF and fantasywe‘ve been reading.

    Um, I think your definition of “straight” SF and fantasy must differ a little from mine. Didn’t we just read “Open Your Eyes”? And not too long ago “City of Saints and Madmen” and before that “The Etched City”?

    But “The Misenchanted Sword” sounds like a delightful lighter read for the busy holiday season. I tend to get a little stressed and some humor and escapism would be welcome.

    And I’m enjoying this months BotM entry, too.

    @Juralas Yeah, I saw that Jason Momoa was going to be Khal Drogo in “The Game of Thrones” and I think he could be very good in that role.

    @das: Hey, where did you find all those interesting booze filled treats? While you’re at it, try the Asbach brandy filled chocolates! They are exceptional! The only problem is that the stores around here only carry them at the holidays. Drat.

    And as for the Eli-Chloe, Scott-Chloe discussion: Although it seems that Eli would be happy to have his relationship with Chloe evolve into something romantic, he pretty clearly understands that they are “just friends” as pg15 so eloquently explained. And, like most girls, Chloe is totally clueless about the fact that Eli might actually want to be more than a friend.

  40. “Where the heck would they pick up a wormhole drive or hyper drive?” couldn’t they swap with someone from earth technically to help try and adapt the destiny’s engine?
    And btw, the wormhole drive was never really explained, so it didnt specify what the ship needed to use a system like that.(engine capability) Hyperdrive technology i would think was out because of the fact that i havent seen the destiny have the “right kind” of engine. Although that is an amazing sublight system they have.

  41. Ah, i would like one question answered with regard to how the Icarus base was setup at some point and all the changes that have gone on seemingly behind closed doors. I of course speak of the gap in between Enemy at the Gates and Air.
    Wouldn’t you think Rodney or for that matter Daniel be a little more interested in the 9 chevron address in the database?? Are these questions addressed in any particular episode?

  42. i dont think eli or Scott had enough time to actually have real feelings for chloe. did you push this love triangle early on to grab as many viewers possible from the beginning? otherwise there was no need to introduce this relationship at this time. anyway other than that, i pretty much like the show so far. and why is homeworld command placed in the pentagon? does that mean it will become public soon?

  43. Is there ever going to be like a throw away episode in SGU where for example it’s like Prometheus Unbound where Atlantis goes to find the Destiny crew but has to turn around after a while for some tragic reason.

  44. i hope eli never gets chloe btw. that would be messy. i dont like messy stuff.

    and @pg15: i dont think she slept with him to “connect”, she did it for HIM as a way to give him back for supporting her when her dad died. thats a little crazy though but teenage girls think like that sometimes.

  45. Hello Joe,

    a short hello to say I am still there everyday.

    A late Happy birthday to you; I wish you a second season SGU.

    See Darkness yesterday; good episode, lets see others before to evaluate this new serie.

    For the moment, I am totally impressed by Joel Goldsmith music. The music, the themes etc. are very very good and a step above SG1 and SGA; very good please tell him !!

  46. Aaaaargh…!!! Come on. Leave that Chloe thing at rest. As a matter of fact, I did experience both the “It’s better if we stay friends” line in College and the spectacular girl (think Quinn Fabray’s pecking order in Glee being a good equivalent) litterally jumping on me with no advanced warning and no blips on my radar.

    Those things happens.

    Now back to real space flights; Go Ares!

  47. Young is one of my favorite characters. Authoritative, no-bullshit, straight-forward. He’s even been nice to Eli right from the get-go (saying it was time to eat after they’d been working for hours and hours in Air part I) instead of treating him like he’s just getting in the way. Thanks for the pics and responses!

  48. @ Sparrowhawk – Got ’em at Sams (I wonder if Walmart would carry them??). They’re not what I’d consider gourmet by any means, but fairly decent for booze-filled warehouse stuff. 😀 My favorite are always the rum-filled chocolate cordials, but these were pretty good, especially since they are dark chocolate, not milk (like some cherry-filled chocolates).

    RE: Scott/Chloe/Eli – I really, really miss the Wraith. 🙁


  49. “I should have married my writing partner.”

    You did look like the dream gay couple at one point *g*

    “In the interest of full disclosure prepare to have your hopes dashed.”

    Ah, but its time to toss ideas for season 2, scott could die in a horrible accident 😉

    “If Eli didn’t value Chloe’s friendship and enjoy her company, he wouldn’t be spending time with her.”

    He might, if he was human (hang on, he’s not a robot is he? Does he have a plan? Can his eyes go sideways in the dark? 🙂

    @babs “individually boring people”

    I agree – the actors haven’t managed to make them interesting.

    “However, I also understand when people need to have things spelled out a bit more clearly. ”

    No no, we were just trying to ignore hit, hoping for more exposition on the species of cat people who have evolved in the cargo hold 😉

    “Also, as Joe said, the fact that both may snuff it in the near future probably quickened the pace of all this. ”

    Oh, don’t get our hopes up! *g*

    @Tim the Technician
    “…a lot more real than a lot of the people griping at the moment think”

    Is not that its not ‘real’ just that it is annoying.

    “Sorry, but simply conversing with someone doesn’t account to leading someone on.”

    But touching them does.

    “…how did this darker tone for this spinoff come about?”

    Demographic research? 🙂

  50. Joe, I was away from the blog and a computer, last year on your Tokoyo jaunt, helping my mom after her surgery. I read about it when I was catching up on the blog in Jan after 4 months, whew a lot of reading. So I am hoping you got new socks for your bd and are ready to pack them, keeping them away from your babes who like to chew. I know its a 10 hour flight, so what reading material are you planning on this time? Looking forward to pictures from the trip(food)(haha) and I know you are looking forward to taking the trip. Enjoy your day!!

  51. “Really? Do you not frequent the Gateworld forums? This was another thing that was blown sooo out of proportion in SGA, and is getting a second go with SGU.”

    No don’t get there, too much. Just the articles. I didn’t care there was sex (or implied sex) in SGA and I don’t care that there is sex going on aboard the Destiny. I didn’t care about the sex going on BSG or Caprica either. I just wanted to point out that I thought there was a double standard between accepting John Shepherd was having sex (or implied sex of other partners through dialogue with his teammates) with multiple women and berating Scott. I wondered if it was because perhaps John was older, had been married before, and so it’s okay for him, but because Scott is younger, it isn’t okay for him? Just thoughts. Not really sure that is what is going on, but really, again, this is what goes on in real life. I think with SG-1 and SGA we came to believe in our characters being superheroes to a point with barely any flaws, huge genuises who could solve any problem they encountered with always a happy ending at the end of the episode. SGU storytelling is different.

    I think you all need to tune into the current news because our teens are having sex in record numbers despite “abstinence” training which has been proven doesn’t work. They are having sex in “other ways” without me getting graphic here, to preserve a girl’s virginity. Teen pregnancy is rampant because parents aren’t having frank and realistic discussions with their kids. On Dr. Oz’s segment last week, he said some were as young as 8 years old (having sex). I think the real world is far more scary than what is going on on the Destiny.








  53. I haven’t watched any SGU episodes (no access to them yet) but it seems from reading the mailbag that the show is mainly just a bunch of stranded people having sex. Is that where most of the story lines come from? Stargate to me has always been a family show but from what I’m reading I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable watching it with my family. What do other people who have seen the show think? Is it still a family show? What age rating would you give it?

  54. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the mailbag and the cool end-of-shooting photos!

    @ otro ojos – Read your reply to my comment on previous day. Interesting observations!

    JimFromJersey said

    Does anyone else find it funny that for years, the SG “shippers” have screamed for “ship” and now that we have “ship” people are complaining?

    ROTF! So true!

    @ DemonHunter
    SGU is NOT mainly just a bunch of stranded people having sex. There have been two sex scenes in four episodes and they’ve lasted a total of less than ten minutes. You have to decide what is appropriate for your family, but I would say the first sex scene was PG-13 (or PG-15, the rating, not the commenter) and the second more PG-13-ish. Some people won’t mind if their pre-teens see either, and some don’t want their grown children to see it. Depends on your family dynamics.

    For instance, I was embarassed to see a sex scene in BSG with my parents and I’m an adult. I would be OK watching the second SGU sex scene with my parents, but a little uncomfortable with the first one because my mom doesn’t like TV scenes that look anything like real sex.

    Rock on, Joe!


  55. @JimFromJersey

    I find it funny (not really) that you assume its the same people.

    @Jean de Montreal “Those things happens.”

    Not to most of the audience it doesn’t 😉


    Sure there is Das!

    Hm.. or was i watching something else … getting all confused now 😉

  56. Confusion not withstanding, that shouldn’t prevent the writing team from giving us a season 2 scene where Eli is outside washing the ship 😉

  57. Joe, please remove my post sent today at about 8:27 am your time. It is much more strongly worded than I intended or wanted it to be. I would prefer posting the ideas in a much less inflammatory fashion. I apologize for it.

    Thank you.


  58. Hi Joe, thanks for the pics of Louis Ferreira. Nice to hear about the actor behind my favorite character. Think we can get a Q&A out of him, please please?

  59. @Shadow Step – You said “No no, we were just trying to ignore hit, hoping for more exposition on the species of cat people who have evolved in the cargo hold”

    Too funny, and it’s obvious that you were being sarcastic!

    Peace & Love,


  60. @das


    Hmm. Isn’t that from Red Dwarf.

    @Shadow Step

    Don’t get Das started on another obsession.

  61. @ ATTENTION ALL FLORIDA PEOPLE, WE MUST CANCEL OUR LUNCH FOR SAT. We already have several sick people and don’t want anymore .We are ALL sorry for the short notice, but better safe than sorry!! We have a “PLANNED” date- DEC. 5th SAT. same time 12:00 noom , same bat location- TU TU TANGO, INTL. Dr. ORLANDO FL. E-mail or post on Joe’s blog to confirm this notice and new date!! THANKS, JOE!! For letting us use YOUR blog. Sheryl.

  62. As time goes on, I start to wonder if show creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper included various shocks and surprises to distract us from more obvious plot developments.

  63. Is the crew of the Destiny going to encounter any Jaffa, Ancients, Goa’uld, or any other familiar races out there? I remember Anubis had been banished to who knows where. Perhaps as a half-ascended being he might’ve found his way out to the Destiny (or somewhere the Destiny might end up) and seeded life, or created another clone, or just brought some Jaffa along somehow?

    By the way, I like Matthew Scott. That’s my first and middle name.

  64. I have to say that Peter DeLuise’s cameo on that episode was fantastic! It was such a surprise. I had to pause it and explain to my boyfriend why it was so funny. Its definitely up there as one of my fave cameo’s!

  65. ytimynona: So funny!

    PG15: missed you and totally enjoyed your view of Eli!

    Crazymom1: Also, very funny!

    Shadow Step: Cats in the cargo hold? I missed something but I’ve had enough of cats for today.

    Mr. M, cast pictures looked like you have tons of fun!


  66. Are we ever going to find out where Eli’s dad is? Nothing has been said so far about his dad, but we know about Chloe, and Scott’s families. I find it curious that nothing is said about his dad.

  67. Yes, there are “shippers” in Stargate fandom, but we want ROMANCE. You know, people who know and care for each other – RELATIONSHIPS. Not just random acts in store rooms, or “OMG we must have sex because we are gonna DIE” by people who have only known each other for 3 days.

    There is a huge difference between romance and sex. We just hope the writers realize this.

  68. @Tammy Dixon – You laugh a lot. But, it’s good to be happy. And, I really hope you find what you missed.

    Peace & Love,


  69. I have been reading this blog for awhile, but never felt the need to comment until now. The whole situation with Chole and Lt. Scott seems way too overblown, but I understand the feelings others have about the scene. I think the hook up between Lt. Scott and Chole would have come across better if Scott hadn’t been seen with Lt. James in the first epsiode. Instead of the scene coming off as two people who connect in a dire situation, it makes Scott seem like a jerk. Women like guys who are sensitive and caring (like Scott shows after Chloe’s dad dies), but not guys who move pretty quickly from one girl to another.

    I did have one question though about the situation. Joe, from what you said it seems like there will be more of the crew getting together (which is only natural in a situation like that), so does the airforce carry birth control and condoms in their survival items they brought with them? Are we going to have little Scott’s running around or will this be addressed? Just wanted to know cus that crossed my mind as I was watching.

  70. If there’s cat people in the cargo hold, are there also Klingons off the forward bow?

    ././ hums “Star trekkin’, across the universe…” ././

  71. Thats interesting, Young’s my favourite so I like finding out that actors are polar opposite to the charcters they play. Louis does seem like a funny guy though, judging from this and the couple interviews I’ve seen/read.
    Anyhoo, hopefully all will return next year for season 2!

  72. @dasNdanger – I’m just going to say that I don’t appreciate your post, or the photo. But, I understand that people have the right to express themselves… Thank goodness this is a free country.

  73. I loved the cameo of Peter DeLuise, it was a nice nod to the SG-1 days. Will we see any over-sized wrenches?

    Since SGU is much more of a serial than its predecessors, will there be less guest villains and one or two reoccurring Big Bad?

  74. @das Stohli and chocolate??? OMG! You said u got that at Sam’s , Holy Hannah – I gotta find some. That’s cool you got carded, I get carded all the time, it was flattering the first 100 times, now it’s getting old. Especially at TGIFriday’s. But I think unless your hair is grey they don’t bother.

    Very disappointed about our lunch, but things happen for a reason. Sorry to hear about our sick friends and hope they feel better soon. We’ll get there, maybe Orange Avenue will be playing that weekend in Orlando. Have y’all heard about Orange Ave.?

    Joe, you have the patients of a saint to put up with all these posts.

  75. so you’ve made it very clear that the chloe/scott relationship is the one that’s going forth (wish you hadn’t done scott/james then, b/c i ‘liked’ them), but for those of us not interested in it, will there be any other ships to grab onto?

    i like the tj and james female characters; anything for them?

    and speaking of vanessa james: is there anything in the future that will explore her character more?

    ~i’m adding this in after reading some replies (yours included)… i don’t have a problem with how scott and chloe got together. i’d *always* wanted sam and jack to act more on their feelings, instead of this perfect officer stuff… it just didn’t seem realistic to me to wait.

    but with scott and chloe… i can’t stand chloe, and i’m still getting to know scott, but i don’t like how he handled james. so scott’s not my fave anymore (i’m still getting to know ‘all’ of them, so that’s not a big deal).

    so for me, it’s not really how you’ve handled the scott/chloe relationship, it’s that i don’t like one of them, and the other has disappointed me. i don’t see me jumping on their ship bandwagon anytime soon.

    one last note… have any shippy hints to throw to a starving s/j shipper? (i mean reeeally starving. eating lint off the floor so starving)

  76. Hi!! I can’t even remember how I found your blog but now that I have, having watched all of SG1 and SGA, I love seeing an inside view of the SGU production!! Kudos to you!!

    I’ve absolutely *adored* these past episodes, such as Light, Darkness, Air Part 1, 2 and 3 . . . oh, well, about all of them then!!

    Just a quick Q, if you have the time . . . I was wondering, will there be any lasting division or resentment between the lotto winners and the losers? Even though, technically, it all worked out I can imagine that people won’t be too happy with how that was handled, regardless of the fact that it was the best Col. Young could do . . .

    Oh, and I just thought of another question! Does Chloe actually know that Eli feels more romantically towards her than she does towards him? And if not, does she ever find out?

    Thanks for your time!!

  77. @Das. ROFL. I actually missed the reference about cat people at first, but it nagged at me. Still got to get the dvds to replace my vhs tapes of that show.

  78. Das: I missed that they carded you! How nice! I’ve seen those Choc. filled candies there but I’m one of those weird people that never really developed a taste for liquor (except margaritas) .
    I find all kinds of things at Sams. Hubby felt depressed about his mom passing, so I sent him to Sam’s to buy a big LCD TV. He glowed 😆 . SGU is looking pretty sharp on it, also.

    J: Thanks, I have my happy moments. This year sucked big-time for my family (lots of death). So, at the moment, we are stress free and boring! Boring is goooood 🙂 .


  79. @Das & @kabra. I got carded at Sam’s too for some wine I bought, and I’m sure he didn’t think I was younger than 21, but he actually looked at my birthdate and said, “NO WAY!” I told him, “Way!” Of course I had just come from getting my hair dyed and highlighted and freshly styled, with make-up on. I told him he had made my day and he had no idea what that meant to me.

  80. @Kabra: Love Orange Avenue! See you in December! I think Das should send us some of her chocolates…

    What is with SyFy? No Stargate, no Star Trek, no anything but stupid crap on. Friday night can’t get here soon enough. Can’t wait to see who is sleeping with who and how much we can argue next week 🙂

  81. @ J – Perhaps this will help:

    And the character DOES look like a friend of ours. Cat was my favorite part of the show – just too funny!

    @ kabra – The Stoli is actually my least favorite of the bunch. I like the Grand Marnier the best, then Remy, Jim, and Stoli. And yup, got ’em at Sams.

    @ Thornyrose – Smeg-head. (Not really…I just had to find a reason to say that. :D)

    @ Tammy Dixon – They kinda sorta carded me – they asked me the computer generated question: “Are you over the age of 27?” I realize it was a formality, but I still wanted to kiss the girl for asking!


  82. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting these photos. I think Louis Ferreira is a fantastic actor, but he’s certainly much less visible on the internet than most of the rest of the cast so this was really fun to see!

  83. Well, I think Chloe is immature and opportunistic, and Scott is a horn-dog. I’m not buying any deep connection, and I doubt either is capable of such a thing. I know you keep “saying” it’s there, but I’m not “seeing” it.

    It will be hard to sell anything substantive through these two characters. They just don’t have the weight to carry it off.

  84. Salut tout le monde et monsieur Mallozzi 😛

    Un petit Frenchie passe par là, et souhaite que du bonheur à SGU :). J’aime beaucoup le début de cette série et j’espère que ça va continue ainsi dans cette saison. J’espère également que SyFy va confirmer une saison 2 malgré des audiences moyenne :(.

    Longue vie à SGU 😛

  85. @pg15 “HUGE props to Mark Savela and his team for the incredibly BEAUTIFUL VFX. That was movie quality; that was art. More HUGE props to Joel Goldsmith and his team for a haunting score”

    I agree. The VFX were stunning! I loved the shots of the sun/star as the Destiny approached. As someone who has never been that close to the surface of a star, I was totally convinced. 😉

    As usual, the music managed to move me to tears; in a good way, of course. I, unfortunately or not, am the ‘soft-hearted’ one in the family and if you tell me a good story with characters I care about and evocative music sooner or later there will be tears — i.e. Meridian, Sunday, and the Shrine (Curse that David Hewlett & Brad Wright!!). That reminds me, for anyone looking for an amazing fantasy/historical novel — “Tigana” by Guy Gavriel Kay.

    I finally got to watch ‘Light’ for the second time now that I’ve gotten some of my cooking projects out of the way: Four-Layer Pumpkin Cake w/Orange Cream Cheese Frosting (I was pleasantly surprised by the frosting. I’m not a big fan of ‘fruiting’ my desserts.); Pumpkin Nut Muffins (to use up the leftover canned pumpkin); Chianti Beef Stew w/Porcini Mushrooms; two quarts of salsa from our home grown tomatoes and peppers and Mushroom-Spinach Lasagna (to take to my aunt after her chemo tomorrow). Homemade bread — tomorrow!

  86. Re, c’est toujours le Français^^. Je vais essayer de poser une question en Anglais lol (un désastre de la langue de shakespear s’annonce).

    How much season do you envisage in SGU? The history which you imagined is envisaged to hold maximum how much out of place? Where then which is your objective ?

    Euh en faite, j’ai dis 3 fois la même chose lol… C’est pas grave lol.

    Thanks you ;).

  87. [B]@Un français :[/B] Avant même de vouloir maitriser la langue de Shakespear je t’invite à réviser celle de Molière dont ta maitrise semble plus qu’approximative 😉

    [B]@Joe Mallozzi :[/B] Do you maintain a semblance of coherence in SGU for the next seasons compared to the 1st (not as SGA) ?

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