Keep those comments coming!  Like most producers, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a little constructive criticism be it from the viewers, the network, or members of our terrific cast.  I’ve often referred to the “open door” policy at the production offices that invites actor input on anything from individual scripts to general character direction.  Well, some of you may recall a candid little photo montage I posted last month that captured the magical process we try to foster between writer (in this case Carl Binder) and performer (in this case Jamil Walker Smith).  [Refresh your memories here:]. Well, I was on set the other day where I was once again fortunate enough to witness this wondrous creative give-and-take…

Actress Elyse Levesque reads the script.
Actress Elyse Levesque reads the script.
It would appear she has some reservations about a particular scene (hint: the fiery red fury in her eyes is a dead giveaway).
It would appear she has some reservations about a particular scene (hint: the fiery red fury in her eyes is a dead giveaway).
She expresses her concerns to writer-producer Carl Binder who is delighted to accept her creative input and make the necessary changes to the script.
She expresses her concerns to writer-producer Carl Binder who is delighted to accept her creative input and make the necessary changes to the script.

See?  Mutual respect!  That’s the key to a professional working relationship.  Well, that and a stretchy sweatshirt that ensures they can’t choke you out.

Hey, Exec. Producer Robert Cooper was back at the studio today only one week after undergoing ankle surgery.  On the one hand, it was great to have him there as he was genuinely missed.  On the other hand, his early return meant that the Peruvian soccer team I was billeting had to move out of his office and down to wardrobe where Val immediately put them to work breaking down leathers and fashioning codpieces.  After lunch, we all sat down (or rather remained seated) to watch a Day 1 Mix of Time (a Rob Cooper joint) complete with creepy as hell visual effects (kudos to Mark Savela and his team).  How creepy?  Well, there’s one point in the action that always sends Ashleigh scurrying off down the corridor in horror.  Mission accomplished!  Time has the look and feel of a big screen feature and stands as my favorite episode of the season.  So far.

An ambulatory Bobby C. at the director's helm.
An ambulatory Bobby C. at the director's helm. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

And a little something from the vault for all the wraith lovers out there.  Come on, I know who you are!

Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

109 thoughts on “October 5, 2009: Carl Gets Notes II! Robert Cooper’s Return Displaces the Peruvians!

  1. @DAS, Don’t you get special treatment, pale pic’s. JOE, will your people poss. fix the medical mistakes in future epi’s, do you have someone that does that , like the lady that does the science stuff? Sheryl

  2. Best wishes to Mr. Cooper for a swift and complete recovry from surgery. Carl needs to be careful lest he gain a reputation for being a pushover for the cast. Though based on his mugging for the camera he’s trying to outdo them in getting a nomination for the Captain Kirk Award for over the top hamming. Not that any of the cast seems out for that particular accolade; one of the things I do like about Universe has been the consistant level of performances by all of the actors.
    Thanks also for making Das totally insufferable for the next few days. Don’t you know it’s dangerous giving addicts what they want(other than SGA fans and movies of course). At least you are at the top of her christmas list.
    Thanks for the pics. The laughter is duly appreciated today, as today has been one of those stereotypical horrible Mondays we all dread.

  3. Nice to see Elyse giving some input into the process! ;-D I always love the photo essays…sometimes they are worth 1000 words 😀

    Don’t you be scaring Ashleigh! She has a very similar sense of humor to somebody I know, and she’s not afraid to use it!

  4. Hi Joe!

    Still happy with SGU Premiere. Hope Rob recovers quickly and with reduced pain. 🙂

    Go Elyse! Go!

    Ivon is taking questions on Twitter right now for cast interviews he’s doing tomorrow.


  5. Oh…is that Mark Dacascos in the background with the last “pale person photo?”

    Thanks for raiding the vault. Nice to know you have many precious pretties in there for us.

  6. I hope Miss Levesque didn’t stretch Carl’s shirt out too much. I have been admiring it since I saw it in pictures a few days ago. Love that soft muted pink color. I have a couple of skirts that I’m sure it would go fabulous with, if Carl wants to let me borrow it…

    So far, I like Elyse’s character. I don’t understand what there is to be annoyed about yet. I loved the scene where









    she came running in slow motion around the corner and down the short hallway to the door her dad had just closed so he could sacrifice himself to save everyone else. That was really a nice shot. I also kept looking at her thinking she looks nothing like her father.

  7. Hey Joe,

    I hope Rob is okay. One week, how is he doing it? Wow, kudos to you Rob…pushing hard.

    Love your photo show and tell. Getting to know Elyse in the premiere was great. Seeing the pictures knowing a little more of who she is makes it mean more.

    Love the premiere. Hearing mixed reviews on twitter. But they know I am a fan of SGU. I was telling everyone it was my favorite show and it hadn’t even aired yet.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  8. Ok, I’ve watch this through 3 times now without commercial interruptions. I think the set feels small because of all the close-in shots when people are interacting.
    The response to the situation wasn’t to obvious one – especially for the level of intellect of the crew and definitely for the military personnel who are trained from day one that survival is everything (ref NATO booklet ‘Survive to fight’). Therefore they would have secured the immediate area and then gone in search of supplies and materials to survive with – this would have happened within minutes of arriving onboard the ship.
    Clothing… Obviously this is early days and one would assume that there are cleaning and washing facilities or stores of clothing – otherwise the whole ship is gonna get very smelly very quickly!
    Having just pulled a 17 hour shift, I have spent a good while pondering over things and feel that had any of them have watch Apollo 13, the issues regard CO2 wouldn’t have been an issue really – especially in the onboard science community.
    Back to the soldiers again – if you’re on a ship in space that is in poor repair – you don’t go around pointing live weapons at people – firing a weapon could be the straw that brakes the camels back!
    I understand why the flash backs were used, but they were a hassle to watch when skipping back and forth.
    Someone mentioned the darkness of the visuals – I agree, it was a pain!
    This is BSG in heat, the cinematography was just too grandiose and the SG style input only went on to confuse matters.

    With up coming SG1 and SGA movies, I can only assume there will reference made to the loss of this expedition and more info given.

    One thing that did stand out as an obvious business opportunity for the franchise was the Daniel Jackson training videos – these have so got to be addressed and turned into DVD’s – they’d be hot property to any SGF fan. They would complemented by Science of the SG training dvds by Tapping and Hewlett – not to mention a ‘How to Get on in the verse’ by Vala and a guide to species by Thor.

    Sadly I feel the show looks and feels like an amalgamation of just about every space sci-fi show ever created and if AIR I/II were the only things to go on – I’d have to say that it is sadly not for me.
    However, I will watch the next episode or two to see if it wins me over – because I actually want to be. But my gut says something else I’m afraid.

    I don’t know quite what the problem is – it’s certainly not the writing, that’s as good as it gets.

  9. Really enjoyed Air – looks very promising. Loved the shot where Eli was ‘beamed up’ right after disappearing from view on the staircase, loved the Daniel Jackson videos, loved Elyse’s performance, and loved the short scene with Dr. Lee – he’s a favorite of mine. The only criticism I have is that the commercial breaks were far too frequent. I watched it on the Space channel with a group of friends and we all found this very annoying — commercial breaks every 10 minutes, at a little over 3 minutes long each, so only 6-7 minutes of show at a time. I watched it again later on the Space website and it was a much better viewing experience. Looks like people who watched it on Syfy had similar complaints, judging from comments on gateworld. It would be much better if Syfy/Space had longer but less frequent commercial breaks.

  10. Oh. YUM! Thanks, Joe! He was such a pretty one, too…poor, devious hungry thing that he was. You treated him very badly, you know. Still not sure if I’ve forgiven you for that. I may need to see many more pictures before I decide.

    Now, ‘scuse me while I go fantasize about a little persuasive suck n’ puke with this pallid one in some visceral Wraithy grotto. It’s so much more tasteful than all-out rumpy pumpy in the storage closet. 😉

    Have a good evening, sir! 😀


  11. With all of the talk about too many commercials on SGU’s first ep, it was interesting that today I came across a newspaper article about what some networks are doing to keep viewers from fast-forwarding through commercials. Some networks are creating vignettes from the TV show, with actors from the show using advertised products. The TV show “the Philanthropist” did this, creating mini-stories that showed some characters using Microsoft’s new search engine.

    But some in the industry aren’t thrilled with the idea because they fear the mini-story/commercial might confuse viewers and might even conflict with the main show’s plotline. Other critics of the idea don’t like the fact that it blurs the line between commercials and the actual show.

    What do you think about this, Joe? Of course, I don’t think it would work for SGU, even if the network wanted to use it. With the characters stuck thousands of light years away from Earth, there aren’t many Earth products that they would be using in such vignette/commercials.

    Also I would worry about the networks overdoing it. I remember on Eureka there were a few episodes where SciFi went crazy with product placement for Degree deodorant on the show – to the point where they wrote a plotline into the show itself where the Eureka labs were receiving corporate sponsorship from the company and the characters were wearing uniforms with the Degree’s logo all over them. Very distracting and totally took you out of the show’s story.

    But it is interesting to see how the networks are trying to solve the DVR/fast-forwarding dilemma.

    As a show writer/producer, any thoughts on how this new vignette/commercial experiment might affect your craft?

  12. b>@ Sheryl – It’s my reward for being the Last Wraith Fan Standing long enough to even give SGU a chance. I think the rest of my kind have just abandoned the franchise all together, and pretty much stick to their realms of fan fiction. I guess I stick around because this blog deals with so many subjects, and eventually something I’m really interested in – like comics or chocolate – will come up in conversation. And besides, every now and then Joe throws me a Wraithy bone, like tonight. Makes it all worth it sometimes. 🙂


  13. Just finished watching Air the second time with no commercials via itunes. Loved it even more the second time. Eli is my early favorite, mostly because of his attitude, how he treats others, and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Oh and he is really funny. The humor is much more subtle, and I think it has to be in a situation like this. Some of the biggest laughs I got were just from Eli’s expression. T.J. also stood out to me because she seemed to have everyone’s respect. I also liked Rush. I am kind of naive and trust everyone and that would include a man who would strand me on a ship for his own agenda as long as he had a good reason. I loved the moment when I think Rush was kind of caught off guard and saw the kino for the first time. I don’t think he could of held back his delight when he saw the kino. Heck, I liked everyone pretty much and am excited for the rest of the season.

  14. Joe,

    I caught a science error in the SGU pilot. When discussing materials for carbon dioxide scrubbing, the Nicholas Rush character says calcium carbonate when he should have said calcium oxide. Calcium oxide mixed with water would remove carbon dioxide from the air, and calcium carbonate releases carbon dioxide into the air when heated.

    Yes, I know that I am being a fussbudget.

    Jim of WVa

  15. If your child has not seen almost if not more “sex” on many commercials, I am shocked. Keep them tuned to PBS, watch regular tv when they are in bed. Sorry I agree with the Brits, a little sex we have fits over. Yet it’s okay to send them to slasher movies, I guess. Sue me, I don’t think nudity or concentual sex is inappropriate for an adolescent. I never get how people don’t worry about their kids hearing about rape, incest, killings etc on the news or shows… but spirits forbid sex. I guess the upcoming lesbian sex is going to send some people right into orbit.

  16. With much of the season already filmed, how hard will it be to change a few things to better fit audience suggestions/critiques?

    Also, do you know or can you find out how Hulu views of the program affect your overall ratings. Do they apply?

  17. I planned on not watching SGU. I decided at the last minute to give it a shot. I’ll be honest and say that I was not grabbed in the first half hour, which is usually the time I’ll give a show to take hold of me (much like reading the first pages of a book). For instance, Lost had me hooked in the first five minutes. In many cases, it’s a series of things that pull me in slowly. SG1 had me with RDA first and then with Daniel. SGA snagged with Sheppard first and then with Atlantis (my fave scene is still the city rising out of the sea). In SGU, only one actor jumped out at me (I think it’s Lt. Scott) as someone distinct and interesting, which is pretty impressive as he wasn’t on screen much in the time I watched. It wasn’t enough to keep me plugged in.

    What didn’t work for me? Starting in the middle at a point that is intended to be intense and jarring and attention-grabbing. I have a preset negative reaction to stories that start in the middle like this. They make me suspicious about the strength of the story that preceded the event which was chosen as the starting point. If the backstory is so interesting or essential, then why not start there? Granted, sometimes the broken linearity works (some past SG episodes worked this successfully), but usually they work because the movement in time is part of the story. It wasn’t here. It was a contrivance.

    Frankly, when we did jump back in time and we zeroed in on a young man? I was disappointed. When he turned out to be the convenient genius with social skill problems? I shrugged. Doesn’t that sound familiar. He didn’t stand out as a character and unlike a Jack O’Neill or Daniel Jackson or John Sheppard, there’s nothing in him that I found intriguing. I think I told someone that for me personally, he was the wrong choice to start moving this viewer through the backstory. I guess you could say, he didn’t imprint upon me. Following him around for the next scene or two did nothing to engage me further in the show. Now, the soldiers we met did engage me (there was some edge, some experience), but again, not enough to keep me going

    I’ll be the first to admit that my biases may be getting in the way of giving SGU a fair shake. I thought about it and then tried again to watch it this evening. I came in late, at the point where Robert Carlyle is trying to decide who should sacrifice his or her life to save the rest. Then someone dies and then he gives his little talk to the daughter. The whole thing just felt familiar. Again, not enough to make me excited to find out what happens to these folks. Though I will say, Brian Smith, Lt. Scott?, stood out again.

    Pilots can be tough things. You have to give and be many things to many parties. I get that. Maybe if I tuned into a later episode, when things are more settled I’d feel differently. There are others around me who’ll be watching. If they seem excited by it, I may check back. For now though, SGU won’t be regular viewing for me and neither will SyFy. I wish you luck with it, though, and hope you don’t mind if I still hang around here for dogs and books and other things.

  18. I really liked the premiere, but there were many things that I did not like, and a few that I hated.

    The back and forth in the first hour felt a little odd, and I felt that the flashbacks generally lacked intensity.

    There were some frustrating lapses in logic, but nothing too bad. A 304 should’ve been able to take out three Goa’uld ships.

    I also only really liked three of the characters, Loved Eli, and liked Rush and Young. Carlyle and Ferreira impressed. The others I didn’t really care about, and Wray (what little we did see of her) really came off as a standard IOA rep in the first two hours. Hated her, but from what I have read I’ll probably grow to like her a lot.

    The score was fantastic in parts and annoying in others. It would feel like Stargate, but different, one second and the next it would feel like a standard action piece.

    The visual effects and acting were top notch.

    The set designs were nice, if a little unancienty. Kinda sad that the SGC set had to go away for the Icarus base.

    Lastly the only thing I truely hated was the sex scene, I don’t have a problem with a sex scene but that was too much. As dark as the show is supposed to be Stargate should still remain a family show.

    So far it’s my least favorite Stargate pilot and I don’t see myself loving it as I do SG1 and Atlantis.

    So far I like it a lot so I’ll stick around.

  19. Great Elyse pics there. A picture tells a thousand words, but a picture with a funny caption makes a thousand grins.
    I’m really enjoying the character of Chloe so far. Though really there’s no character I’m not enjoying apart from lack of seeing much of certain ones yet. I’m sure that will balance out after enough eps.
    Now, time to squint at the front page of that script…

  20. Loved the premier – sadly I couldn’t watch it live, so to make up for it I’ve watched on my DVR, on Hulu, on, and through the free download on iTunes. 4 non-live viewings makes up for 1 live viewing I hope.

    Please send on many kudos to Joel Goldsmith for his score – the soundtrack is awesome. When will we be able to buy it?

    Oh, and please more scenes of Eli narrating the action to the kino. That was one of my favorites scenes of the premier.

  21. Hey Joe! It’s been a while; been busy with school.

    …But not too busy as to not watch SGU!! Loved the premiere, though not right away. I enjoyed it a lot after watching it, but it was only after reflecting on it for a day did I realize how great it was. I think it was just the incessant commercials during the initial broadcast that dampened my spirits a little.

    I won’t go into details because I still have a lot of school work to do. Still, I will say this: I am intrigued by every single one of the characters, including the secondary ones. They all show incredible promise. Rush is by far the most complex so far, IMHO. You guys were right when you said that we wouldn’t know how to really define him. At points he shows disturbing disregard for the lives and well being of his fellow humans, and yet at others it seems like that was just a facade to cover something much more human and fragile. Got to hand it to Robert Carlyle; the man’s a genius. He will be incredible to watch.

    I loved Eli as well. As I expected, he was pretty much me. Hell, I even act as if there were a camera to look into in my real life (chock that one up to watching The Truman Show one too many times), so those KINO bits were just great. As you said before on this blog, David Blue adds so many little personal touches to his performance, and I can’t agree more. All those little bits, like holding his breath before going into the Stargate; giving Scott a “pfft, I can so do this” look before going to the desert planet; giving the KINO a “this guy is crazy” look when Rush was talking about asking someone to sacrifice themselves to seal the shuttle; and being so dead-panned when he told Rush that that thing floating over his head was a “flying camera ball”, etc. etc. Just pure gold. Pure gold.

    Well, so much for not going into details.

    Louis Ferreira does indeed have a glorious voice, and I love his calmness throughout the entire ordeal. He has an incredible aura of silent strength that immediately made him authoritative. Seeing how he treated Eli, I think he is the kind of Colonel I would want to serve under if I ever decided to join the military.

    Scott…brilliant. He was provided with the beginnings of many facets in the premier. While the sex scene showed off a rebellious side to the young lieutenant; the almost-whispered “Please” that he said to Dr. Rush showed off a vulnerable side; while the way that he ordered everyone around showed off his strengths as a commander, the fact that it took him some tries to get everyone’s attention shows that he was inexperienced; while his talk with Chloe showed that he is very much a sensitive soul, his banter with Eli showed that he has a sense of humor, even though Eli clearly bests him in that department. Already I can see a very rich character here not only bolstered by the writing but by the sheer talent of Brian J. Smith. The guy’s a keeper!

    Loved Chloe. Her simple “oh God no” at the dinner table showed that she, too, had a rebellious side, while her outburst to Dr. Rush about the wrongness of asking someone to sacrifice themselves showed that she had an inner strength usually missing from your stereotypical “young, spoiled girl”. I will also admit that I teared up a bit during Senator Armstrong’s death, not least of which because of Elyse’s incredible performance; the way she grasped onto the door for her dear life (or rather, for her father’s) was incredibly powerful.

    Then, she tackled Rush. YOU GO GIRL.

    Speaking of the Senator, I liked him a lot. It’s not often we see a politician portrayed in a good light on TV, so the fact that this one 1). helped others along in the evacution, including picking up a fallen civilian and letting others go ahead of him when Greer and Scott blew open the collapsed corridor and 2). sacrificed his life to save the entire crew made him especially endearing. Of course, he was also a good father to Chloe. I think I’m going to miss him (as will Chloe, no doubt).

    The characters really shined in this. The one character I was unsure of, Greer, came out being one of my favs. I love how laid-back he was, especially with lines like “subtle, reeeeal subtle” or “the air filter is full of crap” – just the way Jamil Walker Smith delivered those lines gave the character a whole new dimension; if it weren’t for the whole “anger management issues” thing, and the fact that he’s fictional, I would love to hang out with him sometimes. Besides these moments though, I also caught that look he gave when Senator Armstrong died; it was a blank stare, but at the same time revealing so much – it was like he was having a flashback. I am very much intrigued as to what he was thinking during that scene.

    Gotta give it up for the standout amongst secondaries: Riley. I loved his quips. As I wrote on Gateworld, just the way he said “oh you’ve gotta be kidding me” when the soldiers found the only food to be powerbars, reminded me of someone who just discovered the vending machine in his office ran out of cheetos. You weren’t kidding when you said he had an incredibly dry wit. Also loved the “Do we? Do we really?” in regards to that door. Actually, I’d say that he reminded me of O’Neill.

    Speaking of which, it really says something of the new cast when I realized how much more intriguing they were when compared to the SG1 cameos. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll aways love the SG1 cast, but these new guys seem so much richer in terms of potential.

    Didn’t really get much screentime on TJ, Wray, or Telford unfortunately, but looking forward to seeing more.

    Of course, gotta mention the effects and the music. Both were homeruns. That first shot of the show, with the Destiny coming in and waking up was more cinematic than anything Stargate I’ve ever seen, including the original and the DVD movies. Meanwhile, the music created an atmosphere that was a perfect mix of forboding and discovery. Those violins that came in when we first saw the Destiny instantly gave me the sense that this ship has history, that it’s been through a lot. Meanwhile, near the end, the music was jittery, with the very quick…electric guitar? Can’t really describe it, but it’s the same bit that’s there when the enemy attacks Icarus base; it really sold the idea that these guys weren’t really prepared for this; they were jittery, basically.

    Oh, and I totally did not miss that little Atlantis music cue when Ascension was mentioned. I recognized it upon hearing that first note, in fact. Sweetness.

    So yeah, thoroughly enjoyed the premiere; will write a more indepth review on Gateworld later, hopefully. The only complaint I have is that it was a little slow during part 2.

    But, of course, us Gate fans are always screwed in the ratings department. So the news is that the premiere got 2.35 million viewers. I’m not a ratings guru, but that seems pretty low to me. Not horrible, but not really good for a much-advertised series premier either. I’m scared, Joe. This show shows SO MUCH potential; I would hate to see it gone after only 1 or 2 seasons. I’ve already seen 3 of my fav shows go down that road, and I don’t want that to happen again.

    What are your thoughts on the ratings?

    Oh, and a really really belated THANK YOU to Brian J. Smith and David Blue for those incredible Q&As; and of course, another big THANK YOU to you, Joe, for arranging it. Looking forward to more!

  22. Bless the hearts of the Gateworld staff! I read MUCH faster than I can watch, so will read the Air transcripts instead of watching tape and fast-forwarding ads.

    Feels like deja vu…Gateworld transcripts brought me up to date on the five seasons I missed before SG1 moved to SciFi.

  23. Okay, here goes.

    Someday, after I’ve seen so many action-packed episodes of SGU that I’m addicted to anything SGU, I will re-watch Air Parts 1 & 2 as fascinating backstory.

    Is it European Indy flicks that start with sweet moments like the protagonist being fed cookies by his mother as a kid so you will root for him when he’s older?

    In action/adventure, I root for the good guys just because they are in peril. Indiana Jones gets chased in Act One, Scene One, not a cookie in sight.

    Character moments are desserts, most satisfying after a full-course meal and in small quantities — if there’s room left. I wanted more meat.

  24. Hey, Exec. Producer Robert Cooper was back at the studio today only one week after undergoing ankle surgery. On the one hand, it was great to have him there as he was genuinely missed. On the other hand, his early return meant that the Peruvian soccer team I was billeting had to move out of his office and down to wardrobe where Val immediately put them to work breaking down leathers and fashioning codpieces. After lunch, we all sat down (or rather remained seated) to watch a Day 1 Mix of Time (a Rob Cooper joint) complete with creepy as hell visual effects (kudos to Mark Savela and his team). How creepy? Well, there’s one point in the action that always sends Ashleigh scurrying off down the corridor in horror. Mission accomplished!

    LOL!! The Peruvian soccer players can’t be too happy about that . . . maybe you should hire someone to watch your back, or the back of your head (thinking Shaolin Soccer here). “Time” sounds great — although I’m kind of a horror-scene wimp, I actually enjoyed “Whispers,” and can’t wait to see if Time surpasses it on the horrometer.

    About incorrect episode elements of whatever nature: I’m not familiar with any shows that get their info right all the time, but for the sake of my sanity (such as it is), I’m trying to just enjoy the ride if the show is good at what it’s aiming for. Eventually, if I spot enough mistakes or unrealistic scenarios for my irritation to reach critical mass, I’ll quit watching. In Air I&II, I saw some things that seemed like they could’ve been corrected without derailing significant episode developments — but I don’t know the whole story, like, say, if budget constraints keep you from being able to have a professional from every relevant field to vet all the details. Or if there are other factors about which I’m completely uninformed, and maybe certain issues were discussed in depth in producer/writer conferences, and you guys decided to go with what you had. (Even if there were tearful recriminations involved.) And overall, my own feeling was that the viewing experience was well-worth tolerating a few goofs. I know that the “YMMV” principle holds true for other viewers.

    That said, there’s a hold that will make those jugulars pop out even with stretchy sweatshirts.

  25. *hugs* to Rob, tell him to take it easy.

    Tonight’s the night for SGU in the UK. Can’t wait!


    Mr M.

    Loved the pilot. The one thing that really stood out for me above all else was the camera work. Those brief few scenes on the Hammond bridge when they’re under attack; the camera work was so dynamic and the angles just seemed to buzz. It is just hugely hugely exciting for me as a Stargate fan to see these new techniques breathing more life into the franchise I love. Thank you so much. Here’s to a second season.


  27. Watched SGU yesterday. Well, what to say. I do feel it’s a bit different compared to the other two shows. It’s grittier, darker, less humor. There’s a lot of talking going on, less action.

    I do like the vibe of the show. So far, most of the characters aren’t very likeable. But at least there isn’t a Shepperd or RDA who make fun of every serious situation.

    I believe the show has potential. I’m looking forward to more episodes. A little bit more action and a little bit more fun is welcome on the show.

    But for the most part, great job!

  28. Some more insights into Air part 1 and Air part 2.

    The Sgt. Greer character is someone you encounter quite often in frontline military combat units. You do need someone who will take the point in a hot zone. Usually such characters have several anti-social deficiencies . Commanding officers will overlook them for the tactical advantages such characters brings. Such character usually have issues with following the rules.

    The much debate sex scene is interesting. Such relationships does occurs in the military. Would only object to it’s inclusion-in Air part 1, if it has no bearing on the later episodes. Lt Smith might have to send his closet partner into harm’s way later on. Well, maybe.

    The mundane matters of daily living have to be clarified in the next few episodes. The mysteriously missing hygiene facilities from the previous Stargate incarnations will have to make an appearance. After all there’s about 80 people that needs bathroom facilities. The issues of keeping the Destiny castaways fed, watered, clothed and armed will also have to be address. The most interesting thing would be how the castaways will be able to replace their expired batteries of various types. Modern gadgets runs on them. Unless there are Ancient variants of such gadgets aboard the Destiny.

  29. I just read that Rhona Mitra will be guest starring on SGU as a leader of the Lucian Alliance. The Lucian Alliance. Really? Again? The weakest, most boring SG-1 “enemy” ever? I know they’re your creation, but why are you so hellbent on bringing these guys back? There’s nothing even remotely interesting about a bunch of intergalactic drug traffickers (well, aside from the insanely hot Rhona Mitra – I need to watch Ali G Indahouse again).

  30. So quite a few people have mentioned the flashbacks as something that was confusing or bothered them. I really didn’t notice and had no trouble keeping up… maybe because it was 1am and I didn’t over think it, just went with it. A bit like how Dr Seuss is easier to read out loud when you have had a bit to drink, it just flows better. Not that I’m advocating drinking and looking after kids or anything…

    I keep meaning to tell you about the pie I made the other day… it was simple as, but fantastic. The base was sweet and crisp, made of almonds, a bit of sugar and an egg white. The filling was a block of good quality 85% cocoa chocolate melted with a bottle of cream and 3 eggs. The sweet crispy base was perfect with the creamy rich texture of the dark chocolate filling. Magic, and quite possibly the best thing I have ever made. I even went all out in the decoration. I picked different size rose leaves out of the garden and carefully painted the backs with white chocolate. When the chocolate was set I peeled away the leaves and arranged the resulting delicate white chocolate leaves on top of the dark chocolate pie.

    I know you love the heavy, rich desserts so I thought of you. Nom.

  31. Ah, the wraith. I kinda miss them.

    I remembered one thing that did bum me out a little about the premier. We didn’t get the “inside the wormhole” shot. I was kind of looking forward to that, once we found out the wormhole goes so far and all, hoping maybe there’d be a different effect. But we got nothing.

  32. OHinNJ: With all of the talk about too many commercials on SGU’s first ep, it was interesting that today I came across a newspaper article about what some networks are doing to keep viewers from fast-forwarding through commercials.
    It isn’t just TV shows doing this. I follow NASCAR, and one of their pre race “stories” about tailgating was actually a 7-min infomercial for Bush’s Baked Beans, who sponsors one of the cars. They had the dog and everything in the piece, and while I know $$ is at a premium for all TV, it left a bad taste that it was being presented as a human interest story and not a commercial.
    I’m now wondering how sponsors are going to work themselves actually into the hockey games. hmmm…. “Closeup shot of a sponsor logo on the puck before the ref drops it”

  33. As a longtime SG-1 and SG:A fan, I love love LOVED the SG:U premier. Even wrote a few thoughts on it in my blog, if you’re at all interested (though I suspect you have your work cut out for you at the moment).

    I have only one question: will the soundtrack for the premier be released like that of Atlantis was?

  34. Hey Joe,

    Wraith pics! Makes me happy! Thanks for those. Horray for vault pics. 😀

    Poor Mr. Super Cooper. Ankle surgery? Yuck! I hope it goes better than my wrist surgery. Although, I think it’s way more difficult to get work down without your right hand than one of your feet. However getting to work must be harder on him. Feel better!

    And freaky creepy scenes? Hmmmm… I guess I wanna see that. I like horror light, I guess. Like the first Scream movie is in my top 100 favorite movies. But I’d rather eat liver than watch any Saw movie.

    I forgot to say that I loved that music in SGU included the piano. I’ve certainly made my home an uber-piano loving home.

    As for the sex scene… why does it make me a prude that I don’t want my eight year old watching them? That’s all I was saying. I am not going to stoop low and call other people perverts because they want sex scenes in the show. It’s just sad that I don’t have SGA anymore and now I can’t watch SGU with my entire family. I would NOT want to watch SGU with my parents, even. *awkward*

    @Das: Enjoy your wraith pics. 😀


  35. I rather enjoyed the first SGU episode. It had its problems that may or may not be able to be worked out. Some issues were just personal preference. The overall look and feel of the show was excellent – lighting, sets, though the shakey camera was irritating and I would appreciate an end to that style. I didn’t like it on BSG, and I don’t like it here.

    The sex scene was jarring and felt out of place. On BSG it was expected, on Stargate. . .um, no. Kissing, getting touchy-feely are fine, but no more humpty please.

    Dr. Rush is a terrific character, full of layers I’m looking forward to seeing. How you folks got Robert Carlyle is beyond me, but he is worth every penny. I also liked Lt. Scott who feels like a young John Sheppard. And the Greer guy – total psycho, or does he have reasons for his behavior? He has me intriged!

    I didn’t care at all for Chloe. Some fans really liked her, but she just irritated me from scene one. But I never liked Lam on SG1, and absolutely detested Keller on SGA, and still kept watching (except for that last season of SGA).

    Eli concerns me. I like the actor, but I don’t want the character to “save the day”. I dread the writers taking him down the path of Wesley Crusher, who almost killed ST:TNG. I celebrated more than anyone when he got the boot. Please reassure fans that Eli won’t be another Wesley!

    The other characters didn’t get much play. Not too fond of Col Young, or the medic, whose hairstyle makes her look ten years older than she is. But I am curiouis to see who these other folks are, especially Camille Wray. What was the deal with Lou Diamond Phillips? There was a lot of hype about him, but he had about one or two lines and went “poof”. Are we only going to see him in flashbacks? BTW, I’m one who didn’t mind the flashbacks at all.

    Please don’t overuse those body transferring stones. I sorta got tired of them on the other shows and really don’t want to see them front and center. I want to see these people sink or swim on their own, without help from Earth.

  36. Joe,
    Who is the guy with the great looking arm! (the photo with RC) I keep going back to look at that arm…*drools*

  37. I do not understand why the sex scene is so a big deal. It always surprise me. May be because I’m québécois, more latin like. Also at 21:00hrs Pm younger chidren here are in bed.

    What is a more important issue for me is the play of Élyse Lévesque and her character Chloé. For me it was not so good, we did not feel it real.

    But we will see after 6 or 7 episodes how it goes.

  38. Hi Joe,

    It’s been quite a barrage of comments on Air so far – both good and bad. Hopefully, this has been helpful to you all. Like many others, I have watched this episode more than once. I felt I needed to do this in order to pick up all the plot details as well as to get to know these characters better before I watch the next episode. I’m a pretty knowledgeable fan and get all the references but wonder how newbies to the franchise connected -or not- to this pilot.

    It’s clear that exploring the flaws in these characters will be a big part of each episode and I look forward to seeing these developments. I just hope there will be a good percentage of SciFi plot devices so that it is not all about character development (soap-operaville).

    It’s also clear that Rush’s character is very complex. He’s a pragmatic scientist who has a big blind spot re: human interactions. So, I am really curious how you have dealt with his discomfort with this emotional side of his character and how Robert Carlyle portrays this. Scott’s character is likewise complex – the scene (that bothers so many people) told me that this is a young person who is under a great deal of pressure and is trying to find ways to deal with all these new extraordinary responsibilities. Within this context, I understand why this scene was included and I don’t think it was gratuitous. And it didn’t bother me at all. (Though, if you have young kids watching – I understand the concern.)

    I am looking forward to this Friday to see the conclusion to this story arc and on to the next one. So, I expect to get SciFi drama at 9 pm from SGU and SciFi fantasy at 10 pm from Sanctuary. This is one happy fan.

    @Ponytail – have you given some thought to the fact that perhaps Carl may want to borrow your skirts…

  39. I had to watch SGU 3 times to get excited for this Friday’s show. I have to say the sex scene threw me. I love SG1 and SGA so switching over to the new feel was an adjustment and I almost stopped watching halfway through. However, I love this franchise and stuck it out. In the end, I actually enjoyed it and can’t wait for Friday. I love the Eli and Dr. Carlyle characters. Together they are amazing-I hope to see more.

    Keep up the good work and I have already gotten 3 friends who have never scene SG1 or SGA hooked!!!

  40. I loved Air I/II. I watched it again yesterday, because the first time I was very disoriented. I liked the flashback style a *lot* – it probably would have been rather dull if we had seen it in normal time progression.

    I look forward to more. 🙂

  41. One quick thing Joe.

    I saw on Gateworld that Rhona Mitra has been hired for an reoccurring role as the leader of an alien group.

    An alien group who no doubt speaks perfect English?

    I thought SGU was trying to avoid alien cultures that spoke perfect modern English or were just humans in prosthetics?

  42. “Time” seems to be the episode that most of the actors during interviews go “I can’t wait for people to see Time. Its one of my favorites”. Not sure if its because of the story, the effects or working with Rob Cooper that has them so excited. Maybe Craft Services were really putting out some great food the week that it was shot? Whatever the case, I’m interested to see the episode itself.

    Don’t know if you’ve heard (its been all the talk on Twitter) but the SGU premiere was the highest rated show in the history of the Space channel here in Canada.

    Looking forward to Air pt. 3 this Friday.

  43. Send our best wishes to Rob Cooper for a speedy recovery.

    Nomi and I came up with an idea to merge two franchises: Law and Order: SGU! Benson and Stabler solve sex crimes on the Destiny! (Okay, maybe not.)

    I second the motion for Daniel Jackson training videos! Perhaps expanded versions could be DVD extras?

    Product placement has become something of an issue for Hollywood, but the sad economic fact is that shows have to be paid for somehow. Personally, I appreciate it when a show’s team is able to find a creative and appropriate way to do product placement, and I actually thought it worked okay on Eureka. (I doubt we’ll see much of it on SGU, though, given the show’s locale. But imagine how creative they’d have to be to do it!)

  44. I actually liked this first couple of episodes!

    I´ve been a huge stargate fan since its beginning, but for my part; I was actually starting to get a little bored with Atlantis! The SG-1 series were for me a perfect progression in storytelling. It maintained a red line through the entire 10 seasons and was carried by the actors combined with its roots in mythologi/religion. For me, it gave me a rare combination of entertainment and education that kept me craving for more.

    I felt the Atlantis serie somehow took that away from me, since the characters, regardless how much I liked them, could´nt carry the an evolving storyline.

    I know many has suspected this to be a BSG-clone, but in my opinion; the cast, writing and general idea off the Universe-concept, might have similarities, I think the somehow merging of BSG and Stargate is a smart way to go.

    For me, its all about the writing and I´m sure that Joseph wont let us down!

    By the way!
    Is it somehow possible to get an exact Stargate address to the Destiny ship? In the right order!

    I need it to complete my on-going Stargate Tattoo!
    ( For You interested; type “Stargate Tattoo” in google and I´m nr.1 in the search… 🙂 )

    Greetings from Denmark

  45. Good morning, Joe 🙂 Our best wishes to Mr. Cooper for a quick re”cuper”ation! Gawd, I should go back to bed. Have a nice day off!

  46. After watching the premiere twice, I can now say with certainty that David Blue flat out STEALS…THE….SHOW! Tell him to stop it immediately (not really!) I’m hooked and looking forward to Stargate Fridays again!

  47. Hey Joe, LOVED Air Pts 1 and 2. It was a great way to do a premire, very different from SG1 and Atlantis! Loved the flashback story telling, and especially loved the opening, menacing idea of they are stuck on this ship, and holy crap where are they! The explinations of the Destiny, the mission of the ship, the advances of stargates before it…all very cool. I also loved all the easter eggs of the George Hammond ship, Dr. Lee relegated to the stone communication room. Very well done. One Question though, do you or any one on the TV show have anything to do with the Stargate Comic that is coming out, or is that all MGM? I saw the first one will have all 3 shows represented, so I wondered if you were referenced at all by the great Chuck Dixon or the other writers. Thanks!

  48. Not sure if this has been asked/answered before, but why did the Ha’taks use Railguns instead of the normal Staff Cannons?

  49. Hey Joe,
    will we see a dhd on the planet of air part 3?
    Is it like the ones of sg-1 and atlantis or something completely different?

  50. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien? Moi trés bien, j’ai passer une éxélente journée!

    Contente de revoir Robert, merci pour ces photos! Wraith powa!

    Plus que 10 jours =)

    bonne journée!

  51. @wonderingbrit
    I enjoyed your comments, and mostly agreed. I was not overly thrilled with the premiere. I found it a bit slow….drab….lacking in real-life crisis emotions. I can’t really put my finger on it. But I did love the music. The acting was very well but seemed disjointed. I will still watch and give it a few more episodes and hopefuly it will settle in nicely.

  52. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    Glad to hear RCC is back. Never knew he needed surgery in the first place. Good to know hes ok though. Oh and has Alaina ever offered any “suggestions” to change the script. I could never see her get as “excited” about it as Jamil and Elyse did. 🙂

    Also, do to beat a dead horse but there is this thread about peoples opinions about sex scenes in SGU. I really think it would be a great thing to take some time and read. I mean, its hard to get feedback from all over the place, so when you have some time, I recommend you look it over. (If you don’t have the time to read some of the comments, there is a survey attached to the thread, so I would at least suggest you check out the survey)

    Actually, I have gotten over the frustrations of the scene!!! YAH!!!! I am just concerned cause when I was reading the IMDB reviews for SGU, A good page of them(there were three pages) were very negative and several people said the graphic sex scene was a turn off for them (especially stargate viewers who were used to watching stargate with their 8-11 year olds). I am just concerned that sex in SGU won’t hurt you guys ratings. 🙁 So cross your fingers AND HOPE FOR A SECOND SEASON!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  53. @ Mary – Yes, Major D’s poop post was HILARIOUS! 😆 Of course, there are those who would enjoy watching such a thing… 🙄

    “Sex is good, it’s great, it’s just wonderful. To me, it’s better private.”

    Exactly how I feel.

    And here’s another thing. We each have our own ideas about what is ‘sexy’. Usually when I see a romantic scene on tv it turns me off because someone (usually the guy 🙄 ) is doing something someway that I don’t like. Maybe he’s talking too much. Maybe he grunts like a pig. Maybe he’s going too fast, or too slow. Maybe he’s wearing tighty whities down around his ankles. Or maybe he’s just not attractive to me, and so then the thought of that guy having sex repulses me (like…imaging David Lettermen diddling the ladies on his staff – Blargh! Gag, gag, gag! 😛 )

    No – I think implied sex, sexual tension, and innuendo are far more effective and sexier than graphic or explicit sex scenes. When it’s implied it gets your mind involved, it teases the imagination and your brain just takes it from there and creates the pictures YOU want to see. But it also makes the show/movie accessible to those who don’t want to dwell on sex beyond what is implied, and it also allows for things to go over younger heads, making a show more viewer-friendly all the way round.


  54. Oh and any news on the movie fronts???

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  55. Hi Mr M!

    Well, just a couple of hours to Launch here in Ireland and the UK for SGU.

    Looking forward to it. We have Mama Mallozzi’s Friendship Cake ready… Her Royal Highness surprised me with a bottle of Champagne (This from a woman who has seen ZERO minutes of any SG series!?!) Makes me feel I was part of the whole process, rather than just a very keen and interested observer.

    I’ll comment tomorrow, after I’ve seen AIR I and II, with spoiler tags of course.

    Congrats to JM Blog Regular MADWELSHBOY (and caption winner) who scooped a Sky 1 prize of a signed SGU poster…A second win this year! Well done sir!

    The very best to all at The Bridge.


  56. Hey Mr mallozzi.

    SGU was terrific, a great accomplishment and more than worthy to wear the name Stargate.

    in the forums of Gateworld, these seem to be the primary concerns:

    1: The Hammond. the question is, why did it ill-perform? an Asgard Plasma Beam Weapon should have, almost by logic, easily destroyed a Ha’tak. even if multiple shots are needed, the three ha’tak would stand no chance whatsoever.

    was it a science vessel? was it incomplete? or were the Beam Weapons taken out in the ambush?

    2: Icarus Base. what is the core made of? from what i can tell, it should be naquahdah or so. and why can’t a ZPM dial the 9th chevron?

    3: though i personally think this one is rather stupid:

    why didn’t eli use the Kino to press the buttons needed to close the door?

  57. Yeah, I didn’t think anyone would read my poop post. I love that point. It wasn’t my point origionally so all the credit goes to my friend!!!

  58. it wasn’t explicitly clear to me what the 9th chevron actually does. We know it needs massive amounts of energy to activate but what is it’s function? to dial beyond other galaxies? to dial to gates that are mobile? or will it be explained later on?

    Also loved the Lt. Scott character, can’t wait to see more, but was dissapointed in the lack of T.J. screentime. I know it’s ensemble cast, but it just didn’t seem like she was involved much.

  59. I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Rush is an amazing character played by an AMAZING actor Robert Carlyle.

    SGU is going to be great!

  60. Major D. Davis: My hubby and I got a real kick out of your “poop” post yesterday, also! Thank you.

    dasNdanger: My imagination is WAY better than what would be shown on TV anyway 😉 .

    Trish (aka whovian): Totally agree about the sex scene on SGU. It reminds me of a statement Leno had on the Roman Polansky case: “On one side you have film producers/directors and on the other side you have parents of 13 year old girls.” To me, it’s all a matter of perspective; I am not comfortable watching explicit scenes. It doesnt make me a prude or them perverts, as you stated. People can choose to watch this or not.

    That being stated, the show might lose the core fan base of families. Of course, going by some of the posts here-the show might gain a whole new kind of fan base. We will wait and see.


  61. LOL I my really the only teenage male that loves potty humor. Like one time at a sleepover, me and my friends joked about pooping for potty humor for like 1 1/2 hours. And we kept it clean to(like we didn’t go of track and started talking pervertedly).

    Warning!! MAJOR Spoilers to Major Davis’s personality. And some nastyiness. Please don’t read if you want to think of me the same way. :p

    I don’t know why its so funny, I guess its just like a good story, there’s a giant buildup of events(or in this case food) and then there’s resolution. And all comedy movies usually have some plot line to it. You know, teenagers brains go through major chages, and somewhere, all the changes activates you potty humor part of you brain, and the part that thinks nasty things are somewhat funny. At least im not obsessed with perverted humor(I used to be, but the more I was perverted, the more guilty I felt inside). LOL, one day me and my friends will eat only food loaded with fiber and see what happens. (we will have a contest)

    Anyways, I can only beg you to forget what I just said. LOL

    Oh and heres the IMDB page I was talking about. MAN!! Depressing stuff. 🙁

    Anyways, there are so many negative reviews on hulu and IMDB, I just can’t read them anymore. AND IF YOU GUYS DIDN’T HAVE THE SCENE HALF of those reviews wouldn’t be there. Oh well. Just hope those guys give SGU a chance. I would hate to see SGU go after 2 seasons. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  62. @Drldeboer
    @Michael A. Burstein
    Oh, I definitely appreciate how creative the networks are trying to get to deal with the issue of commercials. And the idea of the vignette/commercials with offshoot stories probably wouldn’t bother me that much if it was done well, and without going overboard. It might even be kind of fun. My problem with the Eureka episodes was that the product placement was so blatant in the episode and they still had the product commercials airing every ten minutes during the show – or so it seemed. So it just felt way too much to me.

    But, yeah, think of the creative possibilities on SGU. I mean, what if, after the infamous sex scene, the camera had shown a close up of an empty Trojan condom packet on the floor as Lt. Scott scrambled to pull up his pants and run out of the room…..Oops, I shouldn’t be giving the network reasons to add even more sex scenes that everyone can talk about 🙂

  63. OK, maybe I shouldn’t have posted that comment. hehe.

    Still, I don’t hate the pilot or SGU Joe, I’ve watched it like 5-6 times now, ive actually lost count. And some scenes ive watched like 8 times, so really I like the show. So just want to clarify I love SGU, and I don’t want to see it die, just if some things stay the same in SGU and don’t change and SGU doesn’t grow as a show, it might not last that long and then we won’t get a 4th stargate series. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  64. Hi Fans! *waves*

    I was thinking about the few comments I read about how the camera movements were causing headaches or queasiness. Now, assuming the writers were actually feeling ill, not just metaphorically, there may be a few things you can do to alleviate the symptoms and watch SGU.

    I’m not speaking as a medical professional, just a fellow motion-sick-person. I didn’t have any sickness or headaches from watching SGU, but have a hard time at IMAX shows, amusement park rides, ships, and even microfiche or microfilm units.

    1. Don’t watch the show on too large of a screen. Have a lot of non-moving room in your field of vision. The motion in The Blair Witch Project made me sick for hours even though I mostly listened to it when I went to the theater. A few months later, I saw it at a distance on a large screen TV, and I had enough stability in my view to reduce queasiness.

    2. Take breaks. If you start to feel sick or hurting, stop the show and lie in a quiet, dark room. If you keep watching, you’re just going to feel worse.

    3. If it’s really bad, consider taking a motion-sickness tablet.

    Whether you “should have to” is not the issue. The show’s been produced. It is what it is. If you really want to watch it, and not just want another thing to complain about, see if this or some other idea helps.


  65. Just so you will know, I have watched (several times) every episode and every movie in the franchise starting with paying Showtime just so I could get SG1 on Friday nights. Looking at my DVRs I find 34 episodes of SG1 and twelve of Atlantis and both SG1 movies. My point is I am a loyal fan of the franchise. When SG1 was cancelled it was as if a death had occurred in my family. I tried to be less attached to Atlantis by still was in morning for weeks after the last episode aired (still have it on one of my DVRs).

    I attempted to watch Universe Friday night, it put me to sleep twice so Saturday I went for a long walk, drank coffee and finally made it through the two rather slow somewhat boring hours. I thought I was watching the cancelled show from ABC, Defying Gravity (it put me to sleep also) but then with all the shaking cameras it was like BSG yet the lost ship was a reminder of ST Voyager. The real problem, outside of seeing a stargate in the show, it was certainly NOT my Stargate. I hope all the faithful core viewers did not have my experience if so it will be a long difficult season if the new audience the Syfy suits have purposed you to write for does not show up and the rest of us just fade away. I am hoping against all hope it will come together for me and any one else that had trouble staying awake watching the pilot. Just needed to tell someone. Thanks

  66. Just thought I’d pop in and say how much I enjoyed SGU’s pilot. I wish there were far more than 20 episodes per season.

  67. @OHinNJ

    I have to agree that product placement AND commercials can be overbearing. I missed the commercials because, um, I skipped them using my TiVo. Which I guess is sort of why the product placements ended up there. Anyway, without the commercials, it didn’t seem that overbearing to me.

    Re the condom idea: ha! But the truth is, how does one do product placement if all the characters are stuck in a spaceship in another galaxy billions of light-years from Earth? The mind boggles.

  68. Maybe I like SGU so so so much, because I have never watched BSG, Lost, Star Trek… I’ve seen ’em and know what those series are about, but have never been hooked. Some peeps keep saying what a rip-off and so on, but I don’t see the connection. Maybe that’s why SGU is so refreshing to me.

    Or I just take anything Stargate. Especially something as good as SGU. Is it Friday yet?


  69. I have to say that I wish Teal’c could of had a cameo, but I don’t see how it could of been done without feeling forced or make any sense. I miss Teal’c.

  70. About the Universe pilot. I’m gonna quote Voltaire on this (the singer, not the historic figure) –

    Well, I was stuck on Voyager, pounding on the door
    When suddently it dawned on me- I’ve seen this show before!
    Perhaps I’m in a warp bubble and slightly out of phase
    ‘Cause it was way back in the sixties when they called it “Lost in Space”

    Seriously, the army using a game for recruitment and then going like “it’s real!” is just too “Galaxy Quest” for me.

    Nonetheless, I know pilots can be a little off. Atlantis’s was. So I’m not writing the show off yet but please tell me the rest is gonna be a little more original than this.

  71. The show just came down in the UK. Amazing all around I loved every minute, but is anyone else worried that Colonel Young is using one of the expeditions 23 guns as a walking stick? Those things arn’t all that durable Y’know :/

    Roll on next week!

  72. i hope there’s a sex scene in every damn episode!! i just can’t believe the amount of ***** for a 20 second scene, that didn’t even show their private parts!

    k, i’m done. 😛

  73. Hey Joe,

    I’ve just finished watching SGU’s premiere on Sky One. I’m not quite sure what to say..

    I didn’t like it. I’m really, really sorry, but I just didn’t like it 🙁

    I’m not gonna get into the why’s and wherefore’s, because I think that’s being done enough all over the web right now. And I certainly don’t wanna be jumping into the ongoing bickering across the Stargate Fandom.. It’s a shame things have got so catty and bitter. You guys are the best and don’t deserve some of the flak you’ve come under.

    I feel quite gutted right now. Despite all my misgivings over the past year, i’d kinda been quietly hoping that SGU would fill in the hole that Atlantis has left. But it hasn’t. The magic’s gone and I don’t understand why. I feel as if my favourite toy’s been broken.

    For the first time ever, I started channel hopping halfway through the opening episode. I never do that with Stargate, even on re-runs and when I realised what I was doing, I simply turned it off. If a show still hasn’t grabbed me after the first 3/4 of an hour, then either i’m not getting it, or something’s wrong. I’m not quite sure what it is and all I can say is that i’m really sorry. 🙁

  74. Hi Joe 🙂

    I’m just popping in because I just saw SGU here in the UK…

    I liked it. Not loved it yet, but it certainly has promise.
    I thought Robert Carlyle was amazing (as I thought he would be) and I really, REALLY don’t trust his character, but I was very impressed with the actress that plays Chloe and Eli was great! Eli’s definitely my favourite character so far.

    You might be interested in this snippet though… I haven’t stayed spoiler free and so I was expecting to have to cringe through a sex scene – guess what! Sky cut it! Not a sex scene in sight, I didn’t miss it and I don’t think the show did 😀 Sky always cut the nude scene out of ‘Children of the Gods’ too, and until I saw it on DVD I didn’t know it was there.

    So, I’ll be looking forward to seeing more next week.

  75. Hey Joe 🙂

    Congratulations, SGU is everything you promised it wood be.

    It usually takes me a while to get into a new show, it’s rare that I’m totally grabbed by a pilot ep (the exception to that being Sanctuary). But this one I loved. Lots of interesting characters and fantastic VisFX.

    Yep, they cut the sex scene :rolleyes: but like Babancat said, the show didn’t feel like it lacked anything because of it.

    Well done to everyone involved.

  76. I’m pretty sure you haven’t been waiting with bated breath for my personal opinion on your new show… but you’re going to have to at least glance at it when its in your moderation queue, whether you like it or not!

    Every review I’ve read so far has contained the word “gritty”. That’s completely the wrong word to use. With such an ellegant an graceful style of storytelling that flows and segues so perfectly from one scene to the next, comparing it to something so coarse and rough is an injustice.

    As far as I’m concerned, you guys did everything right. I had a slight reservation going in that the starting in the middle and flashing back storytelling technique was just an excuse for that opening beauty shot of the Destiny, but it worked so well in the end, and I’m happy to admit being wrong. The first gateroom scene was so immersive… and everything just got better, beat by beat.

    I was actually struck during the evacuation scene – when Young is talking to Chloe – that I really was watching Stargate. I’d seen the cameos already (which were very tastefully done – kudos!), but it wasn’t until that point that my mind aknowledged that it felt the same; had the same “soul”, for want of a better term. In the same way that Star Trek has an intangeable quality that every arm of the franchise manages to capture, you’ve done the same with Stargate.

    I know we didn’t get to see much, in terms of characters, but my initial reactions so far:

    – I knew I’d like Eli Wallace; he’s the easiest character for me to compare myself to, and David Blue seems like an awesome guy. I like that his humour is on the same wavelength as O’Neill and McKay, but its toned down: he’s missing a couple of decades of cynicism. I like that he grabbed hold of little elements, and clung onto them for familiarity; the Kinos, for example. And his subtle little glances at the Kino cam during one scene, almost but not quite breaking the fourth wall? Loved that.

    – Why do I not hate Doctor Rush? I think that scene where he’s trying to comfort Chloe sums it up perfectly. If you look at the words, they’re so selfish, warped, and completely removed from a normal person’s morals. And yet, he delivers it with such passion and conviction, and such absolute belief that he’s right that somehow, you find yourself accepting it. He’s not evil: just misguided.

    – I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something about Colonel Young that I just like. I think it was his no-crap attitude towards the end: how frank and logical he was. There’s just something trustworthy about him; you can see why he commands the respect he does.

    – Lieutenant Scott was probably my favourite though, just because Brian did such a great job. Its the little nuances that I like – that slight hint of awkwardness when he was trying to comfort Chloe; or the way that his cool fractured ever so slightly, letting out a shred of frustration; that little plea to Rush about finding a way to get them home. Marry that with the way he dealt with Rush’s little play for leadership, and the way he dealt with their arrival in the first place? If Eli is the character I relate to the most, Scott would be the character I aspire to.

    I’m reserving judgement on anyone else until I see more. 🙂

    All in all though, it was probably the best two hours of television I’ve seen in a long time; haven’t enjoyed watching something on the small screen that much since the the finale of Battlestar… which is really saying something, given how awesome that was!

  77. @OHinNJ, LOL. TG there’s no sex scenes in sports.

    @Perragrin, don’t feel bad. It’s just a matter of taste. Maybe it’s the mindset, on my part it started months ago that I had no illusions thinking SGU would replace SGA or SG1, based on the descriptions of the basic show premise. Nothing will replace those shows for me, and I still hold out hope for more SG1 or SGA down the road. I’ve seen some rubbish “if you don’t support SGU you can kiss any other Stargate project goodbye”… er, NO. I was and still am prepared to like, be indifferent or dislike on SGU’s own merit. The jury is still out.

  78. @ Major D – My family is infamous for bringing up bodily functions, sex, hemorrhoid operations, and grisly murders at the dinner table. No matter what, when we sat down to eat, we were always talking about something ‘gross’. Since there were three women in the house, sometimes the conversations revolved around ill-fitting bras and cramps and armpit shaving, much to my father’s dismay. To this day we still do it…put a plate of food in front of us, and we’re bound to bring up something disgusting.

    My husband, on the other hand, is quite ‘refined’, and cringes at my family’s mealtime conversations. He’s always correcting me, but usually he’s outnumbered, especially when my brother and nieces join in! 😀

    RE: Sex Scene – So, Sky cut it? Heh. Mebbe the Brits are more prudish than they let on to be…

    @ Sparrowhawk – Oh, I didn’t forget ya…it’s just that you’ve been hanging out with thingfish, Kat, and white wolf’s son, dodging Boaby’s Pies, one-legged Zivas and those Pan Tang Pole Dancers, so I figgered you pretty much had moved on. 😉

    *sigh* Those Wraithy pictures made me realize just how much I miss those nasty li’l fellas. It even got me back in the WDC today for a wee bit o’ fun! I sure hope Elric forgives me, and doesn’t go running off to Mike again, pouting over my infidelity. 😀 I’m still not sure he’s gotten over Zenith…


  79. Quick question – do you think Air is a good indicator for the rest of SGU’s first season, or is the good stuff yet to come?

    I ask because I’ve just seen Air I and II…and yeah, this isn’t for me. Which is a shame, because I’ve been a Stargate fan since Children of the Gods all the way to Enemy at the Gate.

    Universe so far seems distinctly underwhelming, and I just can’t reconcile it with the other two series. It’s more like a clunky, dull BSG. Sorry, unless things pick up in Air III, Stargate just lost another fan.

  80. I hope Robert Cooper is doing alright.

    Well as far as criticism goes it’s just the first and well i need time for it to sink in. I know there are obvious similarities between SGU and BSG. That’s OK but just keep from becoming too much like that. The shaky camera was a bit much. I have anything wrong with the sex scene I’d just say keep them to a minimum which “Air” did. a little bit more humor would be nice. keep the guest appearances coming it was great to see Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson. i’d love to see David Hewlett make an appearance. I think we’re all puzzeled by the Hammond.

  81. @ x-wing20

    What puzzles you about The Hammond? It’s the name of Sam’s ship. Originally, I think it was supposed to be the Phoenix, but after Don S. Davis (and Gen. Hammond) died, they renamed the ship in his honor.

    Covered in SGA’s Enemy at the Gate.


  82. So i was watching SG:U for the third time today and something caught my ear, numerous times. Now I can’t remembering hearing this on any other SG shows (but I could be mistaken)…many times soldiers, in response to a radio transmission simply say “Copy.” I am pretty sure this not good radio discipline and not valid in any armed service. The code “copy” as far as I know requires you to actually repeat or copy back what was said to you. the response from the originator would be “good copy.” For example:

    Leader: “Alpha one, clear the back room.”
    Alpha One: “Copy, clear the back room.”
    Leader: “Good copy”

    24 does this all the time and it BUGS the hell out of me.

    Now if this is the new standard for radio transmission adopted by screen writers, that’s cool. Also i can understand having actors repeat every order on air falls under those accepted gives to reality required to make a show work and that is also cool.

    Roger, Wilco are good alternatives (Wilco means will comply).

    I also understand that I may be the only person who is bugged by this. 😛

  83. @ OHinNJ I was on the NBC viewer panel for a while, and when I answered in the survey that I sometimes watched Eureka, I used to get all these questions about deodorant. What did I think about Degree? Did I think it was better than other deodorants? Was I more likely to buy it?

    Weirdest survey I ever took. I guess they were checking to see if the product placement was working.

    But if it’s done well, I think it does work. “Leverage” on TNT uses some placement, and while you can spot it, it doesn’t drag you out of the moment.

    @ Michael A. Burstein You asked how one does product placement when people are halfway across the universe from the nearest store. I think it could be done, depending on what the characters had on them when they dove through the Stargate. Maybe Dale had a bag of M&Ms in his pocket, and now he’s left with the agonizing choice of whether to ration them out for himself, or barter them for things he might need more! What will he do??? 😀

  84. I am hooked on SGU. However, it does not mean I have no questions regarding the pilot. Here we go:

    1. Why didn’t Carter and the Hammond blow the hell out of at least one ha’tak? Given her aggressive nature as commander of the Phoenix, I found it odd…

    2. What Ancient database does Daniel refer to in the video Eli watches?

    3. Did Destiny drop out of FTL because its gate was dialed? Or was it a fortunate coincidence for the evacuees?

    4. It wasn’t terribly clear, so: did the Milky Way gate actually need more power, as Rush indicated; or was it only a matter of a coded address and not power, as Eli stated?

  85. @ Perragrin – Let’s face it. You can’t live without Shodd. 😉


  86. Just caught up with SGU on my DVR, and yes it’s different. I felt like I was no longer watching a Stargate series, but a series that blends both BSG and Stargate together. (nothing against BSG or Stargate, both brilliant in their own right)

    The story and characters of SG1/SGA formed an instant connection with me; I did not experience that with SGU. I am not giving up on this series yet, and am looking forward to the rest of the season. I am only hoping that SGU taps into the magic that SG1/SGA once were/are.

  87. Why don’t people like the Lucian Alliance? I thought they were great.

  88. Hey there – was wanting to ask you a few questions about SGU, just finished watching the Premiere down here in good old Australia and just thought I might have a chat to you about what I think of it all 🙂 – I understand your probably busy as all hell but if you have 5 minutes spare and want to have a chat just drop me an email 🙂

    A fanatic Australian 🙂

  89. I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I really enjoyed the SGU pilot.

    I loved the music, it was great, and I really enjoyed seeing SG back on TV. I loved the cameos of Jack, Carter and Jackson – as well as the ship being named after Hammond. I thought that was an awesome touch.

    I think so far my favorite characters on SGU are Young, and Eli, with the rest following close behind. I’ll be interested to see what goes on with TJ, since she seems to have some sort of background history we’re not seeing.

    Rush had me liking and hating him at different points of the show, which I think is an interesting touch to his character.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I hope SGU stays on as just as long as SG-1, if not longer, and hopefully we’ll also see movies come out for SG-1 and Atlantis! Thanks!!

  90. First off, it’s great to see that the cast & crew seems to have such a nice camaraderie. (choking and all!) I always loved the behind the scenes stuff with SG-1 cast. It made me love them even more!

    I’ve been holding off any true feelings on the show as I dont’ think just the premiere is enough of a feel for it. (It took me many eps before I went for Atlantis)
    I did fully acknowledge to myself (BEFORE watching) that this wasn’t going to be “my” Stargate, but was going to take it on it’s own merit. (even though I’m hungering for another show like “my” stargate!)
    I do admit though that the premiere itself was very good but the bouncing around was a little too much for me. (I’m normally having to explain the flashbacks to my grandmother with movies. I don’t even know if I could with this premiere) Part of the difficulty following seemed to be the commercials thrown in. You’re trying to follow, they jump back & then forth and then commercial break. eeek!!
    And I side with the “what the HECK was that!” effect from the sex scene. I’m not even appreciative of much romance in a sci-fi let alone to have to fast forward that crap. It’s like it’s thrown in just to please those that need it to be “grittier”. Too BSG for me. (I did like BSG but by the last season it was a trial for me and neither my older brother or my mother really watched any of the last season)

    It might be nice to note that MSN/Parallel Universe rated current Sci-Fi TV gave SGU an A- while Caprica got a B+.

  91. @ Hez, dahling – I thought you were gonna comment on the family gatherings and the poop talk…how disappointed I am that you just babbled away about a silly tv show! Oh, wait…you DID mention ‘crap’…heh!



  92. @das oh. Well you’ll be glad to know that this very eve while starting a discussion on avoiding colds (herbs & things to keep it away) with our friend Lilly somehow turned into a five minute conversation on BM stuff. I SWEAR I didn’t start that part of it! Just because I said to be careful as a co-worker thought to drink an entire bottle of C-Boost and it had her running to the bathroom does NOT mean it was an opening to extend that subject. Granted, I did continue said discussion WITH her. ;o) (and all I could think of was what I had just seen on this message board and your telling everyone about our bad family habit!) sheesh!


  93. @ Hez – BM? What are you? Five?? 😉

    Well, the family tradition continues. Tonight for dinner (we were out with mom, dad, Nancy, Dick and the McBrides) I had two pints of Guinness, and suicide buffalo chicken fingers. Needless to say, at some point the discussion turned to what fun I’m probably gonna have tomorrow morning, with mom adding, “and it’ll BURN!”

    Yeah. Total class.



  94. Well, I was very excited about the show. I am dying for some good stargate, but I have to confess I am very very disapointed with SGU. What happened guys??? Need ideas? Ask fans, please!!! The people are so boring!!! The interaction among them are so boring! I really don’t feel like watching stargate anymore. I am so sad about it. I am really trying but I can’t stand those people. The episodes are so confusing and empty. Someone is trying to make a scifi novel and I don’t like. Of course we love the whump, the angst but come on…I can’t feel nothing what they are trying to show.

    I am very disapointed. And what is up with this Lou Diamond ? I never liked the actor. I believe there is a reason you dont see him around. Sorry, but I will go back to my DVDs sga and sg1. I hope the stargate movies are on the way soon because this SGU is freaking me out. I can’t stand it!

  95. Joseph,

    Kudos on the show! My family are simply loving it so far and sure will continue to do so.

    Thanks for pointing out the article yesterday “Interesting article concerning CERN’s Large Hadron Collider being plagued by, of all things, temporal anomalies”. I find this kind of science incredible (probably why I’m a huge SG fan), sounds like T’ealc got stuck in a time dilation filed again?

    This brings me to a question, by your recent laptop adventures, it does not sound like you’re a techno geek (I am). How , as a writer, do you approach the technical science for Stargate? Have you ever had an idea or had one pitched to you that you said “No way, to far out there!”. Based upon the LHC article, anything is within the realm of possibility.

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Thanks for taking the time everyday to keep the fans at the front lines.

  96. I’ve just finished watching SGU’s premiere !
    For a start it is not so bad, because they are trying to do something different than the others and I like it
    The first three hours of SGU are really making the realism work in a compelling way, without the wrist-slashing depression induced by BSG. It combines the good Elements of SG1 with more modern Storywriting. I Like that there is not to much Action. We will sure see some Action centered Episodes in the Future, but not at cost of good Characters and Story i hope. I think SG1 was much more fun centered. SG Universe is more Mysterious, more Story, more Characters, more Space
    Finally a real good Science Fiction Show! I don’t know why so many people were saying it was boring. I loved it!
    I enjoyed part 3 a lot more than the pilot and hopefully these ratings guarantee that SGU is going to get the chance to establish itself.
    For the naysayers – the series just started. Let’s give it time to develop.

    I will be watching the show next friday 2:00 a.m. live on TVU Player (the chance to see the show inGermany)!

    I am from Germany please excuse my poor English!

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