Every so often, someone will ask me about my blog traffic, wondering how many visitors I get on an average, a month, to date.  And, when I tell them, they’ll inevitably follow-up with the same question, always wanting to know how much money I make off this blog.  My response, “Nothing.”, tends to engender responses ranging from pity and disbelief to bug-eyed outrage at the thought of my anti-entrepreneurial venture.  Yes, in retrospect, had I charged each and every one of you a fee for the pleasure of reading entries like my edifying treatise on the inherent frustrations of mango consumption (http://josephmallozzi.com/2007/01/21/january-20-2007/), I could own a small island by now (provided every visitor shelled out $100 every time they dropped by  which, let’s face it, is more than likely).  On the other hand, I could have gone the ad route, seamlessly incorporating advertisements for acai juice and penile enhancements into my daily ramblings in which case, by now, I could have made enough to purchase my own Vespa.  Meh.  The only reason I bring it up is because there was a report on blogging on CNN today and, at one point, some “professional blogger” expressed her outrage at part-time bloggers who were undermining her potentially lucrative business opportunities.  I can just imagine her indignation if she were ever to stumble upon this blog (“How the hell am I going to make money off my mango rants when this sonovabitch is giving it away for free?!!!).

Speaking of annoying food-related posts, here’s yet another entry in my fitful yet ongoing Weird Food Purchase of the Day video installments…

WTF?!  Against my better judgment, I answered the door today when someone came a knockin’.  The someone, in this case, was a young man who happily informed me that starting next week, he would be delivering copies of the local newspaper to my front door every morning.  I told him I didn’t subscribe to any paper and had no interest in doing so.  Well, according to him, the service was absolutely free.  All he needed to know was which of the city’s two craptacular newspapers I wanted to receive: The Vancouver Sun or The Province.

“I won’t read them,”I assured him.

“But if you could just pick one,”he persisted.

I went with…neither.  Apparently, that wasn’t one of my options.  I could not choose NOT to receive a newspaper.  “I really don’t want either paper,”I stuck to my guns.

“Okay,”he tried.  “Which one would fit better in your fireplace?”

“Vancouver Sun,”I finally relented.

He asked me for my name and phone number – neither of which I was comfortable giving him despite his assurances that they weren’t for the newspaper but for him alone.  Oh, really?  Only for your personal use, you say?  Then, by all means!  I imagined being awakened by a phone call at three in the morning several months down the line, and being greeted by some unfamiliar voice: “Hey, Joe, it’s Troy your newspaper boy.  I’m downtown and way too drunk to drive.  Can you give me a lift home?”.   No, no.  I don’t think so.  Well, when it became clear that he wasn’t going to get my name and phone number, he packed away his notepad – which, I assumed, signaled his departure.  But I assumed incorrectly because no sooner had he pocketed the notepad than he produced a second notepad and casually informed me that he was gathering a nominal fee of three dollars a week that would go toward his tuition and rather than have him bug me every week wouldn’t it be easier to just have me give him a lump sum up front.

“What happened to free?”I asked.

“Oh, the newspaper IS free,”he insisted.  “This just goes toward my tuition.”

“Sooooo I’m paying for a free newspaper I don’t want and won’t read?”

“You’re not paying for the paper.”  And then, in a transparent appeal to my competitive nature (which doesn’t exist, by the way): “Your neighbors were very generous.”

“They were?”


“My neighbors?”


“They were very generous?”

“That’s right.”

Seriously.  He may as well have told me that they’d adopted him and were raising him as one of their own.  Let’s put it this way – many adjectives come to mind when I think of my neighbors.  “Generous” aint one of them.

In the end, I made it clear I wasn’t going to pay anything for a free paper I wasn’t going to read and, hey, I had a caponata on the stove and had to go.  He suggested he come back at a more convenient time.  I proposed Saturday.

And I’ll make sure to be out watering my front lawn when he comes by.

78 thoughts on “October 6, 2009: My Anti-Entrepreneurial Spirit! The Weird Food Purchase of the Day! And the Cost of a Free Newspaper!

  1. Be sure to attach a spray bottle containing pureed meat to your water hose, and loose the dogs of Mallozzzi. They may be little, but I bet they can be fierce.

  2. If it would be easier, you could just go ahead and send *me* the three dollars a week, and I won’t send you any troublesome newspaper at all.

    Lump sum in advance works too.


    Eh. Figured I’d make the offer at least.

  3. I have had a similar experience except it was magazine subscriptions instead of a newspaper. Who would have the audacity to go door to door and beg for money? Its beyond me.

  4. Hahaha when people like that would come knocking at our house, I used to sic my mother on them. She’s got QUITE the knack for making people go away and never want to see us again. Unfortunately, she kind of worked her ‘magic’ on the family dentist as well, and now HE doesn’t want to see any more of us either. Hahahaha my family is SOOO strange! We should totally have our own reality series. ;-D

    LOL @ today’s WFPotD!!!

    “Is this what passes for entertainment today?”

    I’ve heard dog food is actually edible. Like, you can eat it like cereal for breakfast or mashed up like meatloaf for dinner and not get sick. No, seriously!

    I’m assuming that the applesauce is to alleviate the suffering induced by the jabañero (which spellcheck says is spelled wrong, but has no solutions…hmmm). Just a thought.

  5. I f’kin hate these people, really – you have my heart felt anger in support.
    These days I no longer answer my door unless I’m expecting someone or a delivery.

    I was just sitting back to enjoy you eating dog food when you said “has it come to this – really?” and I said like many others (probably) “Yep” LOL
    That said, isn’t dog food supposed to be made with good, fresh ingredients these days? Though, what you had there would have looked better in a bowl with milk.

  6. @ Perragrin – (from yesterday’s entry) I must admit there was no ‘magic’ there for me with SGU. I liked it for the most part, but wasn’t wowed by it. However, I know things don’t always appeal to me immediately. It took me 4 years before I noticed the Wraith, even though Mr. Das watched SGA religiously and I would hear the show in the background. But I never bothered to look at the screen, or pay attention to what was being said – it was always just ‘noise’. Then one night I looked up, saw a flash of long white hair, and the rest is history! 🙂

    Same thing happens with movies – sometimes I don’t love a film the first time I see it, then completely fall in love with it the second time around. So I’m gonna give this show a chance, though if too much emphasis is put on sexual relationships, or if there’s too much yelling and screaming, I might dump it. I would prefer if the focus is on intrigue, mystery, and misadventure, with a bit of conflict and tension, but not so much that I can’t sleep soundly afterwards. And there has to be something that gives me hope…humans rising above, and all that.

    Side note – I was just talking about this today, though not in relation to SGU. But I grew up with a dad who was loud, always yelling and shouting and arguing – STILL yelling at nearly 80 – though he’s mellowed much. Because of it I really can’t tolerate large doses of fighting, yelling, screaming, shouting, and arguing – not in real life, and certainly not as ‘entertainment’. So, I guess our personal choices when it comes to what we choose to watch on tv often is influenced by our personal experiences, and isn’t always a reflection on the quality of the program itself.


  7. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for leaving the craptendous ads that choke my e-mail like big choking things that likes to choke mail off of your blog. I usually don’t object to people having ads on the sides of their blogs because I don’t look at them (Advertising Fail), but I know they are there, waiting to annoy me…like Ponytail Guy lurking behind a BLU.

    Ahhh…I really thought you were going to eat the dog food. Of course, I want to believe the SGC is real too. Anyway, habenero apple sauce is not something I would enjoy. Saw a couple of chili beers at the Great American Beer Fest, but didn’t try them.

    That “paper boy” was beyond creepy. Sounds like he was trying to blackmail you, like a wimpy version of the Mob.

    Have a great night!


  8. Joe – you’re place is soooo gonna get egged and TP’d on Devil’s/Mischief Night!


    Now I gotta watch the weird food thing…getting distracted by Mr. Das…


  9. This is more of a tangent, but I have to say that I am saddened by what appears to be the eventual fate of newspapers. My dad, who was born in 1929 and died in 1990, was a newspaperman pretty much for his entire life. We grew up in NYC getting all four daily newspapers at the house, and it was instructive for me to see how they would slant the different stories. Even though pretty much all of the content is now online, we still get two papers delivered every day except Sunday, the New York Times and the Boston Globe. (As opposed to the rest of the world, we simply have no time to read a Sunday paper.)

    I admit that I know nothing about either Vancouver paper, but it surprises me that you don’t get either. How do you get your local news? TV, radio, Internet? (I ask this even though in Boston, blogs like Universal Hub are often reporting stories before the actual newspapers and their websites.)

  10. JOEY!!! You should’a tried the dog food! (My mom once ate a dog biscuit on a dare – so, come on! Be a man! I DARE you!!!)


    RE: Hot apple sauce. Sounds delish. I have HOT honey – made locally here in Jersey, infused with hot peppers. Very yummy on pumpernickel toast…mmmmm!!! I love hot stuff – will drink Red Hot sauce straight from the bottle. Hubby thinks I’m nuts. (Well, I am…but that’s a different story… 🙄 ) I’ma gonna keep my peepers peeled for hot apple sauce now.


  11. Oh gods, what a fakeout with the dogfood! I confess my jaw dropped there for a moment, wondering if you’d been hit by something on the set causing brain damage. Then, given the opening comments about the blogosphere and money making, I considered the possibility you setting up a new source of revenue. Then I just burst out laughing at the absurdity. I do believe there are those out there who would pay to see you eat dog food, but short of the Apocolypse I can’t imagine you lowering your standards that much. Still, great video.
    As for the “newspaper boy”, it’s a good thing he’s not a fan. Had he recognised you, I can just see the bidding online for the information. As it is, you seem to have handled him masterfully, refusing to submit to the wearing down strategy he was employing.
    On a totally unrelated subject, I’ve now become the companion to a mixed breed mutt from the pound. All because I stopped to pick up a stray dog in the pouring rain. Said dog showing its gratitude by barfing on my front passenger seat, then trying to immediately clean up after herself. The dog spent the night at my place, then was consigned to the pound.
    A week later I drop by, and declare to the officer in charge(why a police officer runs the shelter I’ve not figured out) that I’ll adopt her the following week if no one claims her. Following week the fifty pound lab/pit bull mix has found a new home. But the officer, sensing a sucker, just had to show me a little black and brown, tigerstriped mix breed that thinks she’s a jet. Long story short, I’ve spent the day trying to rig up an escape proof pen in the yard, and Quetesh(I haven’t decided on the final spelling) has already wormed her way into becoming a fixture in the house. All I need to do now is find one of those obstacle course competitions and start training her. That, and start doing something about that doggie breath…anyways, thanks for the laughs from the video, and I’m making an early new year’s resolution to find at least one weird food for you to try by year’s end.

  12. How about the dog food, dipped in habanero applesauce? Spicy, crunchy, sweet, all in one!

    Someone came knocking on my apartment door the other evening (8:00 PM – Who goes door-to-door at 8:00 PM?) who sounded just like your fake newspaper guy. Only he claimed he was giving away the “free” newspaper and collecting the $3 per week on behalf of his son, who was too shy to go door-to-door.

    I sent him on his way, but was reminded once again… Never answer the door. (Unless it’s UPS delivering Stargate DVD box sets, of course.)

    – KB

  13. Oh newspapers…poor beggars.

    Speaking of dog food, has anyone else ever seen this Old Yeller brand dog food? And was your first thought that if it goes bad you’ll have to take it out back and shoot it? And furthermore, did you just this very night try to use that line to hit on a girl at the store and have her just stare at you then walk away?

    Tell me I’m not alone here.

  14. Dear Joe,

    And here you are with a blog and just a pat on the back for it. *gives Joe a pat on back* What about those that write mini-blogs in your blog (passing them off as comments). Wonder if they sell their work? hmmmm

    Great stories all around. Loved the food tasting as always. The most fun is seeing you and your dimples *smiles*. Sorry, I know that is digressing, but so much more fun.

    Don’t forget, life is to find the fun…

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  15. Go! Go! Go! Go! Eat that dog food Joe! That’s a pretty good brand, so chow down! It was distracting hearing your poor dog barking in the background…”hey that’s my food!”

    What happened to that expensive 10 foot iron fence you put up around your house? Did you leave the gate open again?

  16. When I was a kid I got my brother (who was 4) to eat dog biscuits because I told him they were cookies.
    My mom wasn’t very happy. Neither was the dog.
    Although my brother didn’t seem to mind at all…

  17. 1. I think the dog food is made with human grade food so it might be better than a lot of your weird foods. 🙂
    2. In case my grousing over stuff should make you think otherwise, I love you. Your blog is the only one I read daily and you make me smile a lot. Integrity and humor are rare qualities and you exude both. Thank you for your free blog. 🙂

  18. When I was a little kid, we had a collie for a time. I sometimes ate her kibble. I have no idea why now. I read recently that dry dog food has a lot of bone meal in it and can really make you sick. But it has to be better than jabanero apple sauce!

    @ Perragrin
    @ Das –

    I must admit that despite my (vocal) reservations at what was coming out about SGU a while back, I really truly wanted to love it and was hoping that the things I’d heard were wrong. I still want to like it. The jury is still out, but I know I can’t manage the shaky cam and overt sex scenes and the like. Not to mention Rush being a lying, selfish, psycho. At any rate, it’s still early days.

    I actually came to SG1 kind of late. I saw the movie and loved it back in, what, ’94? But when SG1 first came out, it was on Showtime, and I didn’t subscribe to the cable premium channels because I didn’t watch enough tv to justify it. A couple of friends watched it and liked it, and really pushed me to watch it when it started up on Sci-Fi.

    I can hardly believe this now, but even then I didn’t start to watch it right away – I wasn’t really interested in SF that took place in the here and now. Finally, I was at a Star Trek club meeting and one of my friends was talking about how incredible SG1 was and how Sci-Fi was running it for four hours on Monday nights and I really should check it out. So, I thought, what the heck, I will.

    I don’t even remember what the first episode I saw was, but I was hooked. In an odd bit of irony, I found that it was the very fact that it was set in the here and now that made the stories and the people so compelling to me. I also started watching the new shows when they aired. I think it was the 6th season. So I taped every new show and all the reruns on Monday nights.

    I loved all the characters, but Sam was the coolest for me because she was the best female character EVER in SF. I liked Teal’c, but I didn’t become obsessed with him until much later (I don’t remember exactly when that happened; I guess his incredible awesomeness and hotness just snuck up on me).

    Anyway, it’s really funny to me that a show I wasn’t that interested in became such a big part of my life and has actually moved ahead of Star Trek for me.

    So, I just don’t know what’s going to happen with me and SGU. I know that I’m pretty dismayed to hear SG1 and SGA described as “bubblegum.” I thought about spending some real time writing up a counter to that, but the shows are so obviously not “bubblegum,” and in fact dealt with quite serious subjects and did it well, that they stand for themselves.

    I think that SGU is nihilistic in contrast to SG1 and SGA, but I don’t find nihilism particularly realistic (or complex or even interesting). Ultimately, it was its nihilism that got to me about BSG; there were so many things I didn’t like, but that was the worst.

    On another SGU matter, I do find it interesting that Sky took the sex scene out of the SGU premiere.

    And Das, I’m in 100% agreement with you about sex scenes – I’d rather have subtlety and implied behavior. I think it’s the better way to go.


  19. I really thought you were going to eat that dog food. One of my boys once at a dog treat while we were shopping at Petsmart. They had treats at the front for dogs. He snuck a few in before I caught him. Ick.

    Apples are not meant to be mixed with something spicy.

    I read the article on CNN or Yahoo or wherever I saw it. I thought of you. Thank goodness you don’t have ads.

    Speaking of answering the door, there has been a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood. Two people come up to the door selling something, like newspapers, magazines, looking for a lost pet, etc. If you don’t answer, one of the guys sneaks around the house and tries to find a way in while the other one keeps a lookout. Some guy caught the bastards on his security camera. He didn’t answer the door fast enough. When he saw the guy breaking into his house, he called the police. That reminded me of the guy who tried that on you not too long ago.

  20. For me, SGU had ‘that stargate magic’ right from the first moment 😀

  21. Haha I count three people agreeing that dog food would make an EXCELLENT WFPotD! But yanno, I don’t know that it counts as food, regardless of its edibility.

  22. Haha! Good fakeout with the dog food, Joe. I know people who make their own organic dog food, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility, but still! Ick! Love the spicy habaneros, but I’m with you on the applesauce – I don’t dislike fruit, but I’m not fond of mushy-textured things.

    I’m reserving comment on the SGU premiere until I have a chance to watch it again – I was too distracted trying to watch and follow all the crew on twitter at the same time!
    I will say I really like some of the characters, and think I will love to hate some of the characters. I did NOT like the story telling thru flashback aspect of the episode – too Faulkneresque for me. Looking forward to Air III – is it Friday yet?


  23. @sorrykb “How about the dog food, dipped in habanero applesauce? Spicy, crunchy, sweet, all in one!”

    My lab would so love that. He loves all things hot and spicy. I worry about him sometimes.

    On a side note… My cat got to try a new wet food. I opened it and found what looked like ground raw fish in gravy. I read the ingredients and it was sardines in chicken gravy. Now I would not eat it but it was edible for animal and human consumption. Also I read an article on line about the rise of senior citizens eating cat food/dog food because of economic difficulties. I’ll have to find the article and post it.

  24. LOL!! You totally freaked me out. And then I cracked up when you made it clear you weren’t going to eat dog food. EW. The sad thing is I know tons of people who have. That and baby food. Weirdos.

  25. Hi Joe

    SGU aired (sic) for the first time last night in the UK and I enjoyed it. Here are some early impressions, if I may be so bold…… 🙂

    I am not a fan of the handheld camera thing (really didnt like Hill Street Blues and other programs that used that documentary style feel because of it) but after a wobbly start the judder seemed to calm down and wasn’t too omnipresent.

    Loved the look of the new ship, very nice and the shots of the observation deck and externals in FTL do credit to the FX team. The internals are also cool, non-pristine ancient was a great way to go.

    Standout character for me was Eli, the screen lights up when David Blue is on. Was glad to see that Robert Carlyle didnt do a Robert Patrick, he and Louis Ferreira give the program some acting and personal gravitas amongst the younger cast that is needed (had guessed that the senator was going to get it somehow) . Ming Na played the default IOA role we have seen for every IOA character before, hopefully that is expanded somewhat soon otherwise its going to get old quickly.

    Other snippets after my first viewing (will be watching it again to pick up stuff, I am sure I missed due to needing coffee !)

    Loved Sam’s ship being called the Hammond
    Keno’s are good
    Not being a perfect sg team ensemble is great, we like people having agenda’s and being sneaky.
    I hope they do not contact earth in any way too soon, in my opinion this hurt SGA (and was a missed opportunity to stay lost when the city went into Hyperspace in First Strike – but I digress! )

    Oh, as an aside, for you Candians and Americans , here in the UK we luckily still get only 3 advert breaks per hour, Sky TV , I salute you…!!

    Anyways its a thumbs up from me, will be watching …

  26. Haha, I fully admit to sitting back and not even batting an eyelid. Was going to just watch you eat it. You’re welcome.

    As for the newspaper guy… what the cock? How old was he?

  27. Got the guy at work to watch Universe last night.
    He hated it.
    He’s really not into Sci-Fi, and as the episode started, with it’s pan of a flying space ship, he began to dislike the show.
    People flew threw a puddle of water, and he continued to hate, then there was another spaceship and a space battle soon after…

    If the plan was to get newbs into the Stargate Universe, with this guy you’ve failed.

    Personally, I loved it.. But looking at it from this different angle really made me notice how very very scifi it actually was.
    Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s probably not very good for grabbing new viewers!

  28. I wondered if anyone else was doing these crazy food challenges and found someone on Youtube (where else?) who says she was inspired by you. You know she could have been inspired by Mother Teresa but she picked you.

    Gatemarzipan eats Swamp Water

    I think I’d rather eat dog food.

    Cheers, Chev

  29. You need one of those signs that says “tresspassers will be shot, survivors shot again”

  30. So….Downfall…….how do you come up with titles to stories? Lightbulb moments, write out combinations and test them out with friends, dartboard etc.

    Any chance you’ll have a competition for a signed copy?

    Oh if anyone hasn’t seen the Joe interview with SF Signal, check it out:

    Joe interview

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. did we already know the title? Didn’t sound familiar to me.

  31. Today is my 45th birthday!! Forty-fifth. No denial here.

    I’m more sad about the demise of proper, balanced and unbiased reporting and the written English language and spelling than I am about the demise of physical newspapers. I never liked getting newsprint all over me. But news hasn’t diminished so I’m baffled why less people with less skills are needed to cover it. Bitterness? well, I liked my job and haven’t replaced it. Nostalgia? sure, my first appreciation of comics came via the paper. Not so much the “funnies” but The Phantom and Prince Valiant.

  32. Wow. That is a new scam I hadn’t heard of before: let me give you a free paper for you to cover my tuition. Right after I get all of your information with which to open up all sorts of interesting accounts in your good name.

  33. Fascinating. There are thousands of kilometers between our countries. Nevertheless, the free-newspaper-guys are the same. *LOL*

    Once one of them caught me also off guard. And tried to tell me how sad and poor his life was. Too bad, I worked at the social welfare office at that time. Somehow I didn’t have the feeling he was very fond of my helpful suggestions. 😉

    BOTM Club: I take a break. I’m unsure about the books and my reading list is currently too long. I’m especially eager to read the newest books from Dan Brown and John Twelve Hawks. But I look forward to reading the discussions.

  34. Brad Wright talks about Stargate 101 here – http://stargate.mgm.com/view/content/1529/index.html – but he didn’t explain the Ancients’ storyline further. It’s not clear to me. I think about the Ori situation, episode “Frozen”, Atlantis, now the Destiny – the chronology is damn confusing. Since there’s nobody else to turn to, maybe you can explain this very confused fan in what order did the big events happen. Please.

    Yup, the keyword is ‘confusing’. 😀

  35. That was so funny! My hubby is a food phobic and cringed in horror when you tasted the hot applesauce. I didn’t believe you would eat the dog food but thought you get one of the dogs to show how great it was.

    Das is right! Your house is going to get egged.

    I don’t like those strong armed sales tactics! Wedding presents have almost become like that. Have you heard some people are registering at PayPal? Tacky. My hubby and I made a point of not registering anywhere for our wedding/baby. It just felt wrong to beg for gifts.

    Thanks for the laughs!


  36. The most important thing in your blog is it’s free . You do not make money with. The day it changes, the I’ll quit.

    I follow your blog everyday , it is one and only one blog I followed.

    Have a nice day

  37. While I’m pretty cheap when it comes to spending my money, I might be persuaded to pay for your blog. I enjoy reading it – both your words and the comments from your readers.

    Your readers’ comments are sometimes as good as the blog. My favorite was when you were MIA because of tech issues. Your would be heroes were planning a rescue armed with sporks. LOL

    But as I said, I’m cheap so don’t give up your day job.

    2 more days to the part 3!

  38. ahahaha!! you wanka Joe!!

    You literally had me talking to you out loud whilst I watched in horror (yet smiling) at the prospect of you eating doggie chow!

    I then answered your questions with ‘no’, ‘no’ and then told you (still out loud) not to shove that jar in my face – well up close to the camera.. I couldn’t read it.

    Am I going nuts??

    So… when are you going to eat a teaspoon of straight vegemite and NOT the new cheesy vegemite called isnack 2.0 aka who-knows-what-the-heck-they’re-going-to call it aka ‘yermummite’ – great name but not the real choice.

  39. ive seen SGU and i loved it but theres alot that was left unexplained. why didnt they dial earth or any other gate address? no one shouldve agreed to the whole 9th chevron thing. and odyssey–where is it? a ship that powerful should never leave its homeworld unless it really really has to. and the door thing-why does it need a person inside?

    but this show got potential if only it made sense and if the characters didnt jump at each other everytime they disagree. and the ship, man that thing looked beautiful, and an excellent intro btw, probably the best i have ever seen on TV. it scared the hell out of me. the music was exotic and cool even though i hear its not completely original, but this is the first time i heard music like that.

    the acting seemed natural and slightly awkward, i figure that was intentional, it was a nice touch anyway. and i liked how dynamic they were. and do more scenes involving Michael and Eli, with each other, they sort of act like kids when no one else is around, its funny, they compliment each other the same way Sheppard and McKay did. plus the show overall has cheesy elements in some areas and that worked for me, set the right tone for a stargate show. but i didnt get why they called it kino again. and i seem to have forgotten about Lou diamond philps’s character, as well as ming-na. i dont even know their character names.

  40. @ Mary – It’s actually Rush that will keep me watching, for now. I’m trying to figure him out. I like the idea of a slippery, conniving SOB trapped aboard with the crew. Not sure the way I want to see him to go yet – I hope he’s a gray area character – not bad, not good, and yet capable of both. It throws people off when you see a guy who really seems to be a self-serving bastard do something good. Makes you scratch your head and say, ‘Maybe I have the guy all wrong, maybe he is a good guy…’

    Of course, right now I have no affection for any of the characters – they’re just characters. Too early to get hooked on anyone in particular. If I start really liking one, it may change my attitude towards Rush based on his treatment of that character (or the treatment of Rush if he’s the one I start to like more than the others). In a way I hope I take to this bunch like I did the characters in NCIS – I like them all equally, and though Abby and McGee are my favorites, I’m not stupid over them like I was with the Wraith. I don’t want that to happen again – to frustrating fighting for animal rights against a guy who loves foie gras! But on first look, I really don’t think there’s anyone in this crew that’ll float my boat like that. No Wraith, no Elrics, no Hathaways, no Captain Jack Sparrows…lol. I think I’m safe. 🙂


  41. I think i may of alienated my friends…. 🙁 but never fear… they know all about stargate now, to enjoy Stargate Universe.
    As a freelance writer, intrested in publishing, was wondering, as you have a BA in English Lit (if im mistaken please correct me) the us and uk must have some different ways of working, whats the best route i could probaly go down top get into a us writers room? Or is it just persisiting through those hard days.

    have you read Stone Junction??? If yes, is it something you could see on screen.

  42. I would like to second the comment asking for a bit more detail on Ancient chronology. It is confusing even to long time fans. It would be great if you would give more details on your timeline for major events in Ancient history: leaving the Ori galaxy, the plague in the Milky Way, the Dakara weapon, the Wraith war, ascension, and the launch of Destiny.

  43. I’d use the applesauce in chili to give it body. Surprising what you can throw in a crockpot and still have it turn out tasty.

    Hubby is home this morning, no steel loads or local deliveries. Weird. And not so good come payday.

  44. Hi Mr M!

    Away from base again today.

    Premier last night….one word = WOW!



    Production Values

    You guys spent a shed-load of cash on this…and it shows. From the opening VFX (thank you Mark Savela) all the way through to the kino scenes..no expense spared. Loved the costuming / set dec / score…just about everything about this production said : Confident and Self-assured.


    What a fabulous cast!! I re-watched SG1 COTG and SGA pilots recently. For both, you got that exciting feeling that this was something big, but there was still that “clunky” feel to the cast, as if the “gelling” hadn’t yet happened?
    With this cast…wow! It’s as if these guys have been in boot camp together for a year!
    Every performance was layered. Dialogue was pithy and pacey. Loved the Eli beam up gag. Great to see RDA and AT back (btw) and also Danny Boy… Can we get the Stargate 101 Video as a bonus feature??? Paaaleeezzee??

    I loved the mildy sinister/subtle understated performance of R. Carlyle. I’ve been a fan of his for almost 20 years now. Hamish Macbeth anyone? In this role, you can just see one word popping to mind : relish! Wonderful!
    Brian J Smith: What an outstanding actor. He plays the erstwhile /eager yet out-of-his-depth Lt. with great conviction. Loved his “Please” line to Rush with Chloe looking on….
    JW Smith: Great turn as the troubled marine…interesting scope and nicely played
    Elyse Levesque: What a fun scene re: the wine!!! Great actress.
    Lou Diamond : THough short in time, his “collar up” Telford was fab….you can believe he is an F302 ace!
    L Ferrar: Wonderful “blood and guts” Colonel…great movement… A joy on the screen
    David Blue: He SOLD me on Eli with his walk to the door…everything else was a bonus!! Well done!
    A Huffman: A hint of complicated back-story and sultry composure means that I’m already a TJ fan
    Ming-Na: Though little time in Air 1 and 2 for Camille, I can see plenty ahead for this character. The fact that she struggles for Command indicates that this is a woman NOT to be trifled with.
    Josh Blacker / Patrick Gilmore et al. Solid and comfortable in their roles. As if these actors had been rehearsing this for like…an age…Gold I tell ya!

    Story Line:
    Gripping story straight out of the gate (all puns intended). But the Lucian Alliance????? WTF? If you had said the furlings were attacking I couldn’t have been more surprised! Did I miss the memo on this?? Will it be explained later??
    Nice pacey action etc. The only scene that I had a problem with was the Scott /Chloe just after her Dad died. Ok I understand it’s probably a set-up for some later romance, but it just felt a bit clunky and over-long…That aside (some 2 minutes) this was a wonderful sparse/lean/detailed story which left you sitting on edge of your seat. Bravo guys!


    Want to make particular mention of Mark Savela and Co….gotta love what those guys do. From the entry of The Hammond (nice touch!) over the planet…what a shot!! To the fire fight over the base….wowsers!! BECAUSE NO TWO EXPLOSIONS ARE THE SAME!!!!!


    Andy Mikita is just Class! Some of the angles / entries…particularly the external of house for RDA and Rbt Carlyle…to the internal Destiny carbon scrubbers shots….he really knows how to TELL the story through the camera.


    I never tire of Bam Bam and Co!! Those guys get hurt for us!! Thank you Bam Bam…loved the Everett thru the gate on a jet pack…nice!!


    Yet again more toys I wish I had….you guys kill me!


    Yet more cool uniforms…

    In conclusion, wonderful pilot. Full of action and the expectation of more!!

    Thanks and best wishes to all


  45. Joe,

    How come all the interesting/funny things happen to you?! My life is soooooo dull. No one’s ever asked me to pay for a free newspaper before.

    It’s kinda depressing. 🙁

  46. HELLO=) ça va? Moi oui, encore une longue journée, mais je suis contente j’ai trouver mon stage pour le mois prochain=)!

    Alalal j’adore la video!! vous êtes beau ….la définition de la perféction!

    Lol j”ai bien cru que vous alliez manger les croquettes pour chien, j’ai essayer et c’est trés trés mauvais.

    Quoi O_O des gens croient que vous gagner de l’argent grâçe à votre blog? pff on ne fait pas ça pour l’argent mais le plaisir en générale.

    Passez une bonne journée!

  47. Hey Joe

    Right now I’m watching “Hell’s Kitchen” on youtube.

    Would you ever consider eating at that place? (if you ever ventured that way)

  48. Hi, hope you don’t mind me commenting, I haven’t before but I really enjoy your blog and I really love Stargate. I just wanted to say that I have watched Stargate Universe and feel really unsure about it. I will not give up on it and it was an introduction, but I came away really only interested in the character of Rush and really not enjoying the camera work (ok at 44 I am probably not your target audience). For me it was all abit full on, too much visually and sometimes I feel less can be more. I hope that, because I still really, really miss SG1, this is not colouring my feelings too much, it probably is. The one really positive is that Rush was a really 3D character, one good reason to not give up on it. Thank you for your blog, I love Stargate and I love all your talk on food.

  49. Oh, this might have been asked, but so much to pour through, so apologies if this is a repeat.

    When everybody came through the gate at the beginning of SGU, they were practically being ejected. What gives? When we were shown people on Icarus base, they were walking through, albeit it quickly, but this wasn’t a stampede out of a burning nightclub. Or were they all just tripping over some invisible curb we could not see?? 😉

  50. Kudos on the no-ads policy, Joe. The Firefox ad-block widget can only do so much. I understand why so many bloggers do choose to have sponsorship, but I’m glad that you can afford not to. And well done with the faux paper guy. That kind of scam just weirds me out, especially when they corner you in your own home.

    Having sampled dry cat food as a child, I can tell you that it’s primarily salty. Not sure how I feel about the combination of herring and yam, though. I’d be willing to try apple sauce with a milder pepper in, maybe jalapeno or ancho, but habanero is too spicy for my poor New Englander tongue.

  51. @ Das – I’m with you on the “no one there yet who floats my boat” re the characters of SGU. I can see myself having a favorite or two if I can stick with the show, but none of them appeals to me like the characters in either SG1 or SGA. That may change, but I don’t see anything like my Teal’c obsession developing out of this show. For one, the only characters that are old enough are Col. Young, Telford and Rush, and Telford is still pretty unknown, Rush I cannot stand, and I have a bad feeling about Young’s longevity. Of these, he’s the most likely candidate, but I don’t think so.

    Besides, my heart belongs to the big guy.

    Re NCIS, I’m a late joiner to NCIS, and like you am pretty much fond of the entire cast, although also like you, Abby and McGee are my favorites. I like a tv show where being really smart is a good thing. They are just so cute together! I love it how they get so jealous of each other’s dates but don’t have a clue.

    Jack Sparrow, hmm? Interesting. He’s a strange one, Das! But then, so is Todd!


  52. LMFAO!!!

    That was just hilarious. Both the blog and your little video. I needed a good laugh, and you surpassed it, thanks.

  53. Will we ever meet one of the seeder ships in SGU? It’d be great if the Destiny drops out of FTL and the crew discovers a broken seeder ship… that makes stargates… Whoa.

    I read a certain news at GateWorld… what’s the deal with no aliens who don’t talk English and aren’t humanoid… and now Rhona Mitra plays one? Great actress, but… huh?

  54. what’s the deal with no aliens who talk English and are humanoid

    Sorry, typo. 😀 Or something. Bad choice of words.

  55. We are fortunate enough to have a window that over looks the front door. It is great fun to watch people respond to a disembodied voice asking them what the heck they want.

  56. Lol Joe, im only 14 and ive eaten dog food!!!

    Good video though. Liked it.

    Can’t wait for Air part 3!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  57. NZNeep said:
    “Haha, I fully admit to sitting back and not even batting an eyelid. Was going to just watch you eat it.”

    So was I.
    You know how bitterly disappointed I was when you CHICKENED OUT?

    Oh c’mon, you only live once, right? (Don’t use that as an excuse either!)

  58. Hey Joe, just wanted to drop in my two cents on SGU – really enjoyed Air I & II! I was lucky enough to see them in the company of a rather large group of SG fans, and the general consensus seemed to be good! The characters, what we’ve seen of them so far, are interesting and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. The look of the show is very cool! I was very slightly put off by the flashback stuff first of all, but without that it probably would have seemed too similar to Rising, as an opening ep. Also, I came into it slightly late which wouldn’t have helped 😛
    Lovin it so far, can’t wait for the rest!

    And I’m not entirely sure I’d be surprised if you ate dog food for WFPOTD. All in the name of entertainment, right? 😛

  59. @ Mary – Ha! My problem is the opposite! I tend to like younger actors/characters – in fact, Depp, Morgan Freeman and Chris H are probably the oldest actors I like right now. Usually older men don’t appeal to me unless they have a certain je ne sais quoi (like those dead fellers I still love – Cary Grant, Bogart and the like). But for those still amongst the living, I prefer the younger actors. Laurence Fox (Hathaway) is pushing it at 30! 😆 So, among the younger characters in the show, I haven’t seen any yet who are my ‘type’…but that may change as the show continues.

    Regarding NCIS, I love Abby and McGeek – probably because McGee reminds me of my husband, and Abby is just too adorable! One of the few female characters I really like on tv right now (I like Ziva, too…maybe it’s the writing on the show that does it).

    And what can I say – Captain Jack Sparrow just tickles me to death! I would love to have his outlook on life…and his hat. 😀


  60. @ E – I’m glad to hear that the aliens won’t be speaking English – that is probably one of my biggest unspoken pet peeves about the Wraith. We should have heard their language – I would have much preferred some major language barrier between them and the humans, with only a few learning Earth’s language from the Lanteans. Of course…Steve’s cell scene is one of my favorites, so in other ways I’m very glad they spoke English!

    And I betcha they don’t want humanoid aliens to prevent creepy Wraith-lovin’ fans like me from falling in love with them. Ha! Little do they know! I can fall in love with a gas cloud if it has the right personality! 😀


  61. I had been holding off commenting as I wanted to rewatch the first two episodes without the commercial breaks, but work is crazy and I won’t get a chance. So, without further ado, my thoughts on SGU:

    1) I loved the music in the opening sequence, and, in fact, the whole opening sequence in general. Very understated, and felt almost like watching the start of a movie.

    2) The darkness and shaky cam didn’t irritate me as much as I thought they would. I really disliked the first few trailers for SGU because they felt very much like BSG-lite to me; all doom and gloom and shadows. But the flashbacks worked for me in the pilot in that they not only added to the atmosphere of confusion and chaos that followed the evacuation of Icarus, and added some useful backstory, but they also made for a welcome break from the shadows shrouding Destiny.

    3) While I liked Scott and Rush pretty much from the get-go, I was much less taken with the other characters. I find Eli irritating, mostly because I am aware that he is being written specifically to appeal to the audience. I want to see more from him than O’Neill or Sheppard style one-liners. Young doesn’t really grab my interest, and Camile and TJ may as well have not even been in the pilot for all the impact their characters had on the unfolding events. While I liked that Chloe was willing to confront Rush, and force him to acknowledge the effect his words had had, I was less than keen on the hints of romance sparking between her and the boys. Soap opera romance I can do without, thanks.

    I really, really wish there’d been more time devoted to TJ and Camile’s characters. Or that Eli or Scott had been cast as characters of the opposite gender. As it was, the only woman given any kind of meaningful role in the pilot was Chloe, and she was pretty much only as involved as she was as a result of the actions of her father.

    4) I find the set-up of this show intriguing. I love the idea of stranding a bunch of unprepared, ill-matched people on the far side of the universe on a broken-down ship they don’t know anything about, and with limited supplied they can’t replace.

    On SGA, the team that went through the gate had time to prepare and pack what they thought they might need. They had time to ensure that the team that went through the gate could work together, and to put in place a chain of command. Everybody knew what they were getting into, that they might be stranded without a way home when they went through the gate to the Pegasus Galaxy. I really like that the people aboard Destiny did not get to enjoy any of those advantages.

    That said, I really hope that BJS was right when he said that SGU is about hope, and not all about doom and gloom and backstabbing betrayals a la BSG. I also hope he was wrong, and that Scott really is a Cylon the speculation about SGU being a teenage soap opera in space remains spurious and unrealized. 😀

    5) I really wasn’t bothered by the infamous supply closet sex scene. It felt a bit gratuitous, but I guess it’s a plot-line that will be developed in later episodes?

    I kind of hope that upcoming plot-line is not about adding to Scott’s angst when James dies or gets left behind while exploring a planet, because ugh! Woman-in-refrigerator moments are so superhero comics at their worst!

    6) I didn’t think I would, but I loved watching the new gate being dialled. The whole steampunk feel to the Ancient ship is kind of awesome. Now, if the crew could just uncover a crate of Ancient lightbulbs, or something… 😀

    All in all, I enjoyed the first two episodes — more than I thought I would, even. And I am looking forward to Friday’s episode. I don’t know that I am completely sold on this series yet, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Now, if the characters start to gel for me in the next episode or two, that’d be awesome. 🙂

  62. See now, habanero and apple? Not ready yet! It’s got a good 8 hours to cook first.

    If I could somehow send a batch of my “El Diablo’s Apple” Habanero Apple Butter, then you might like it. Some people have called it addictive.

    Just apple sauce and habanero doesn’t cut it. It’s missing an entire middle of a flavor experience so there is nothing to join the apple and habanero flavors together.

    The flavor story just doesn’t make sense if you have only an Act 1 and Act 3 in the flavor script.

    Maybe one of these days I’ll have it in all the major stores. Maybe. 😀

  63. Found this on the web about entertainment spending:

    “One mystery in the data was the 5.1% increase in entertainment spending, a category that seemed like it would have drawn fewer dollars as consumers tightened their budgets to compensate for stagnant wages and the threat of job losses. It equates to about $16.5 billion more spent on entertainment in 2008 than in 2007. “That was a real shocker to me,” Mr. Francese said. “What are they doing, going to the movies?”


    Time for another SG1 movie? 🙂

  64. I am so distraught it’s taken me this long to express my feelings about SGU.
    : ( I think I’m with Deni on SGU. I’m not hating it, not loving it either. I’ve watched it several times over. I remember rolling my eyes at SGA and saying “Oh brother, not a spin off, those always suck.’’ I was even a little leery about the SG1 movies – and I loved those. I watched Rising initially with a preconceived idea that it would suck and I would never watch it again. And I was wrong. I remember instantly falling in love with SGA right from the start. I tried to have a more positive attitude with SGU.

    So let me start on a positive note what I did like. I did like the cast/characters. This is definitely a character driven show. Maybe that’s what I’m not liking. But, I really liked the scene with Chloe and Scott after her father died and Scott asked her what her father was like. I thought that was so touching. I loved when she kicked the crap out of Rush – she did do an awesome job at that anger thing.

    If this is a character driven show, I guess I see this turning soap opera-ish and well I can watch General Hospital if I want that. (would love to see re-runs with Dr. Jeff Weber
    : ) ).

    I saw a little of the Ancient “décor” in the Destiny other than the Gate itself, there was some of that Ancient/Atlantis design. And I liked the fact that Carter, Jackson, and O’Neil made an appearance, but I liked how the transition was made w/ SGA better. There was a longer intro to the new cast and it helped me with the transition.

    I would have liked to have seen more of the SG1 and SGA crew. I think someone mentioned that the beginning felt rushed. I felt the same way. In Rising you had background of the new characters and a really smooth transition to Atlantis. I feel like I missed a few things, like the contest, and when did the StarGate Program go “public” – really did I miss something? This is why I keep watching it.

    OK what I didn’t like. The cinematography – that really annoyed me. I can handle dark and deep, but it was really reminiscent of BSG and I hated the new BSG. That up close, shaky, quick thing, makes me nauseous.

    The sex scene seems to be causing quite the stir. No, if I had preteens, teens, kids, no they would not be watching SGU. I guess we all have our level of what is acceptable and that’s fine. That’s what I liked about SG1/SGA. There was no explicit sex. There was always that question. This borderlines soap opera-ish. Does it have to be soap opera-ish to be character driven?

    In Rising, for example, Shepard and Teyla, when he put that necklace around her neck in the cave… hmmm did he feel something for her? He must have, I always felt Shepard had feelings for Teyla but for whatever reason never surfaced. I thought he had feelings for Weir too and I thought she felt the same way at times, but the viewer was always guessing. That was great, made me want to see what would happen next. The tension between Carter and O’Neill that was great. Then in that episode with the time loop thing, O’Neill finally kisses Sam – with no consequences of course. There were other episodes my migraine prevents me from recalling them. Do we need to push the envelope with the sex?? What sets this show apart?? It’s just falling in line with everyone else. It’ll blend.

    The commercials, I FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!! I woke up and SG1 was on. C’MON! This is where I like technology, thank God for DVR.

    @Perragrin “…I’d kinda been quietly hoping that SGU would fill in the hole that Atlantis has left. But it hasn’t. The magic’s gone and I don’t understand why. I feel as if my favourite toy’s been broken. “ I kinda feel the same way, you sorta summed it up for me.

    But, I am a loyal and faithful fan. I’ll give SGU a few more chances. I’m glad that the franchise is moving on, though I don’t think they were finished with SGA. Even if I end up not liking SGU – I’ll still be a Stargate fan.

    P.S. Thanks for the video Joe, that made me smile. I was shaking my head the whole time you were “attempting” to eat the dog food, tho sometimes I wouldn’t put it past you.
    BTW – love your kitchen. Which reminds me I loved Eli’s house. Did that belong to someone we should know? Who was the lucky person to have their house filmed?

  65. Hey Joe,

    First… I was glad I’d long since eaten dinner before I watched the WFPOTD vid. I truly thought you’d eat dog food. I was like, “OH! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” I’m not sure if the apple sauce was truly weird, though. I hate hot foods so you’re brave there.

    Second… the GREAT thing about having dogs the size of polar bears is any annoying solicator backs off quickly when I say my dog is grumpy and I should go feed him half a cow. It doesn’t even matter that my dogs are obviously thrilled to see the person. Although, it does make it difficult to sign for packages. Sebastian had chased away his share of UPS guys. And Ziggy and Annabelle are certainly good at that, as well.


    P.S. Allie’s better and Erin gets to wear her finger splint for two more weeks. 🙄 Hopefully my bad luck is behind me now.

    @drldeboer: Congrats! Happy 45th! Eat lots of cake if you like cake! I’ll have a mini cupcake in your honor. 😀

    @Tammy: I agree with what you said yesterday. I do think SGU may lose some of it’s fan base but gain a new one. I guess time will tell. And really, I’m fine with that. I’m watching next week. Just without kids or parents present. 😉

  66. Dear Joe;

    I am a long time sometimes lurker on your blog. I have, for the first time, felt compelled to actually post a message to you today.

    Actually, what I originally came on to post was how much I enjoyed the first episodes of SGU – well the first two episodes since I am a UKer and that’s all I’ve seen so far. I’m actually really excited about it – more so than I was before. When next you are in the office, pat everyone on the back for a job well done. I think you have sold me on it completely (now if you could just get Martin Wood to come and direct one episode for you… ok, forget that, I think Jumble has been hypnotising me again. 😉 )

    However… having said that… I came on tonight, read your report about the “free newspaper” and I feel the strong need to complain!
    I demand you replace my sofa! And my laptop. The former has been peed all over (the pelvic floor ain’t what is used to be post childbirth y’know) and the laptop has red wine congealing between the keys. Yes, you really did make me laugh that hard.
    I feel for you. Been there done that. They usually turn up in the middle of cooking dinner – this is where having a toddler in the house comes in most useful.

    Seriously though – sort of anyway – thank you for making my so-far crappy week just that little bit brighter!


  67. Hey Joe, I hope we don’t share similar taste buds because to avoid offending a very good natured work colleague of mine who has kindly brought to work several (actually 6 full carry bags in all) bags of freshly picked apples from his orchard I have been investigating different ways of cooking with them. The first was apple crumble (delicious and tart if I do say so myself), then apple tart (still good) then another apple crumble (still nice but becoming tiresome – never made the sugar content) and this week spicy apple chutney…I am cautiously optimistic!

    The WFP was very entertaining and I must admit to a complete nonchalant glee when you suggested eating the dog food but a reluctant relief when you choose something else 😉

    I have now watched SGU, I do have some reservations regarding the show as it was not as how I imagined, however I can see a great deal of potential and look forward to getting to know these characters and will be tuning in this coming Tuesday for the next episode.

  68. @ Joe – Just curious – did you read Wolverine Weapon X #5? I was very pleased with Aaron’s first arc – I thought it had a good atmosphere, didn’t dumb down Wolverine, and added that little twist at the end that I certainly wasn’t expecting. Something about Aaron’s storytelling that reminds me of film noir…perhaps it’s his narrative style, or something. Looking forward to the next arc – insane Wolverine? Love it when he’s nuts…


  69. Time for me to throw in my two cents’ worth on SGU. We are a household of Stargate fans here. I even baked Stargate cupcakes in honour of the premiere. Anticipation ran high.

    Overall, we were disappointed.

    Destiny seems very dark to me (hope they find the lights soon) and apart from the gate, didn’t seem that ancient. There were no spectacular scenes like watching Atlantis rise that made you fall in love with the city.

    The only characters that grabbed my attention were Eli and Rush. There were no strong female leads, no Carters, Teylas or Weirs.

    Could definitely do without the sex scene. The scene did absolutely nothing to advance the plot. The characters were strangers to us, so we had no reason to care about them. I’m not a voyeur in real life, and don’t want to be one here. I guess it earned the show a ‘sexier’ label. Even my teenager thought it was ‘random’. And that “What’s your position?” line was downright puerile.

    The ‘stranded, lost space travelers’ plot has been done many, many times. At least the danger of the Wraith gave it a new twist in Atlantis. We weren’t that impressed by the ingenuity of the engineers. Solving the ‘leaky ship’ problem should not have required sacrificing personnel! They didn’t even seem to be trying. Where’s McKay when you need him? Even allowing for the chaos of the situation, the personnel seemed to me to be unprofessional and incompetent. We couldn’t quite make sense of why the CO2 scrubbers were inactive. Nobody was there for thousands of years, so how did the material get consumed? If Destiny had been leaky all that time, why was there any atmosphere at all?

    I did like the music and the opening sequence. The bodies flying through the stargate and flashbacks must have made for a pretty confusing introduction for viewers unfamiliar with SG1 and SGA.

    We will give it another try this week in the hopes that it ‘grows’ on us.

    When do we get that promised SGA movie?

  70. Joe,

    Love SGU btw. Been a long fan of SG1 and SGA. The humor is still there, some nice action so far, and awesome actors have come onboard. Can’t wait to see your episodes, I’m sure they’ll blow my socks off (which the Mythbusters just disproved can happen btw).

    OK, now that I’m done kissing up to you, the question I wanted to ask is about your blog traffic. I am much too lazy to have a list of bookmarks and visit them daily in order to see if new goodies have been posted, so I use an RSS reader, specifically Google Reader (hope I get paid for that plug). Do you know if your traffic reflects all of us who view your blog from the RSS feed?

  71. Pretty much what I figured. Why bother with the apple sauce when you can go straight to the fire in your mouth? Sheesh, it wouldn’t have cost you as much, either.

  72. Wow, sometimes it’s hard to believe the nerve of some people. Showing up on your doorstep and bugging you crosses a line, IMO. Which is why I don’t answer the door unless I know who’s on the other side.

  73. ….I was wondering if you ever read anyone of the Star Wars novels?? I actually love them more than the movies…just wondering…

    If not…some of them are very fantastic…I’m reading the Legacy of the Force series right now which focuses on Jacen Solo…Han and Liea’s son…and his decent into the dark side, and whether be will become a Sith or not…

    Anyway….just wondering….

    And I am currently watching SGU the 4th time thru…still seeing things I missed the first 3 times…and one of the most classic moments….Eli is the first person in Stargate history to hold his breath beforing walking into the even horizon….hahahahaha

  74. My husband ate a dog biscuit at a dog show once because the vendor said it was so natural, we could eat it. I couldn’t believe he did that. We talked about that for years. Obviously I’m still talking about it.

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