I’m feeling dizzy, weak, and nauseous, am suffering from a slight headache, and I think my nose is about to start bleeding. It’s either radiation poisoning or the after-effects of working all day on this script. Or maybe a bit of both (Exactly how much electromagnetic radiation will I have been exposed to by sitting in front of a laptop for twelve straight hours?). I went over Script #1 (52 pages but 49 ½ actual full pages of fun), made some revisions, went over the Script #2 Tease, made some minor adjustments, then forged ahead. By the time dust settled about an hour ago, I’d hit the top of page 17 and the beginning of Act II. All good EXCEPT…I just realized that I don’t have an Act II break. I have apparently misplaced it and require a new one. And Act III may be a little thin. But when I hit Acts IV and V, they’ll be packed with adventure, intrigue, and wonder-stellar goodness. In addition to assorted Holy Crap! moments.

So, to sum up my day – I wrote.

Oh, and answered some of your mailbag questions:

Chevon7 writes: “Why are you such a tease with the titles and why do people care?”

Answer: I’m only a tease because people care.

Chevron7 writes: “Have you ever thought of writing through the night and taking the day off?”

Answer: And sleep?

Quade1 writes: “Do you always wear a suit to work or are there any casual days?”

Answer: During the summer months, I wear jeans and even the occasional t-shirt. When the weather cools, I’m back in bad guy attire.

Nadine writes: “I recall in an earlier post you mentioned a stack of books for research (for this script, I think..) and I was just wondering: for the various stories/scientific elements in each script is there usually a lot of research that must be done? Or does it depend on the episode and how much of it was set up in previous ones?”

Answer: It’s script-dependent. Some scripts will require a fair amount of research. Fortunately, this season, we have science wiz John Scalzi backstopping us/correcting us/laughing at our mistakes.

Joflyaway writes: “Joe, when you plan a trip, do you opt for a city you have been to before, a hotel you have stayed at before and enjoyed, and/or restaurants you have been to before and had a good meal there? Or do you choose a different city, or a different hotel or different restaurants for a different experience?”

Answer: A little of both. I tend to prefer returning to favorite destinations (Tokyo) but I usually go with a different itinerary – new restaurants and sites – although I will go back to places that greatly impressed.

Deni writes: “Joe, why does the gate look so small?”

Answer: It’s because I’m seven foot four.

Valkyrie writes: “Hey Joe! With Dynamite Entertainment securing the rights from MGM to publish Stargate comics, and with your’s and Paul’s foray into the industry, will you guys be penning any stories for the comics?”

Answer: Nope. No plans to.

Thor94 writes: “Where are the toilet on the spaceships???

Can we see the toilet design on the destiny????

By example, during a love scene!!!!!!!”

Answer: It’s funny you should ask because Carl has been dying to write a big toilet love scene for quite some time now.

David Chapple writes: “The restaurant is located in Asakusa on the corner Edo dori(street) and Asakusa dori (street)”

Answer: It looks great. Will I need reservations?

Airelle writes: “Hi Joe, I have been checking Mr Anders blog for mention of your short story, not sure if I missed it,,??”

Answer: Nope. From what I hear, the grand announcement will finally be made this week.

AMZ writes: “I am wondering though – does this mean the finale will be twice as long? Or does it mean we’ll get a JM Cliffhanger special, and have to wait until season two for the second part?”

Answer: It means episode 19 will become episode 18, episode 18 will become episode 17, the story schedule to be episode 17 will disappear, and the two scripts I’m working on will become episodes 19 and 20.

Thor94 writes: “ Now it’s is 1st august.

It was the MGM deadline to find money for stargate worlds.

Have you informations about SW?? It is cancelled??”

Answer: Haven’t a clue. Sorry.

Susiekew writes: “Do you find that your Japanese gets better with every visit?”

Answer: Not really. I have no trouble practicing it alone in my car, but draw a blank whenever I have to actually speak it to a Japanese native. So, instead, I speeeeaaaaak Engliiiiiiiiiish veeeeeery slooooooowly.

38 thoughts on “August 1, 2009: Please check under your seats for my Act II break! And some mailbag!

  1. If the laptop was actually on your lap, then it’s not your nose you should be worried about…


  2. Impressive output. If you’d done your “secret Project” on the same time scale, you’d have had time to write at least two more stories. But it’s greatly appreciated that you took the time to do more mail bag . I do hope you don’t drive yourself to the point of exhaustion, starvation, or insanity with your blistering pace. Of course, I don’t want you to get canned for non productivity either.
    One last caption entry: Losing the bet and being Mallozzi’s clothes hanger for an hour was bad enough, but Carl hadn’t counted on the director permitting them to hang around the set.

  3. Surely there are some Japanese conversation gatherings in YVR. Check, call local community-education program, language schools, community colleges, Japanese-Canadian social organizations…and I met a Japanese-heritage crew member on one of the set tours…transportation captain, maybe?

    Off the language soapbox now…

  4. Oh Das…you crack me up!

    Hey Mr. M,
    Nice gun? What kind is it?

    And you’re 7’4…lol, you’ve grown! What did your Mama say about your growth spert?


  5. Mr. Mallozzi in JEANS and a TSHIRT?!?! I think that calls for a picture!!

    And when I envision Carl’s toilet love scene, for some reason, a picture of a character walking up to a toilet and hugging it keeps coming up in my mind. Ah, the wonders of young water closet love.

    Also, I’ve been notified by email that I won 1 million British pounds! I believe you mentioned once that it’s better to set up another email account to reply for those purposes? Wondering if you have any tips for responding?

  6. Unless your laptop is radioactive to begin with, then I wouldn’t worry. I’m in front of my PC 12+ hours a day (and today, I spent most of it writing a fan script) and I’m fine.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get my defibrillator for completely unrelated reasons.

  7. …considering EM radiation includes visible light, infrared (heat), and UV, and Vancouver is in full summer at a high latitude during a heat wave with high UV warnings, I’d be willing to go with, “the contribution of your laptop are minimal compared to the contribution of the sun,” without even bothering with the math to prove it.

    But hey, at the looming height of 7’4″, you’ve been pinged by about 8,500 cosmic rays while writing that script!

  8. So, instead, I speeeeaaaaak Engliiiiiiiiiish veeeeeery slooooooowly.

    Don’t forget to speak VERY LOUDLY also, I find that always helps…

    Caption entry: “This one time, in tai chi class….”

  9. Joe, I’m pretty sure your Act II break is on my desk here. If I send it back to you can I get a meeting?

    Take that in the humor intended.

  10. Caption: Where is the Marine who own’s this Weapon and Helmet???? take em to the Brig…

  11. @grapesofwrath: “And when I envision Carl’s toilet love scene, for some reason, a picture of a character walking up to a toilet and hugging it keeps coming up in my mind.” – You’ve had me giggling over that for almost 5 minutes now.. Probably still will be by the time I submit this comment, so thanks for that 😀


    Thanks (in advance) for what I’m sure will be 2 wonderful stories…
    And just as you’ve been writing all day, I have been studying. And studying. And, more studying. I have my second midterm for my course on tuesday (very glad we have monday off); since it’s a summer course we have exams every two weeks 😛
    It had slipped my mind that Mr Scalzi was consulting; I’m sure he doesn’t laugh….. much.

    If you’re 7’4″, how tall would that make Carl?

    How are the dogs handling the heat? Do you keep them inside most of the day? Or are just careful to not let them get overheated?
    Hope they’re all doing well!


  12. Coucou =) ça va ? moi trés bien mais je vois que vous pas trop, j’espere que vos maux de tête ne sont pas graves et que vous allez vous reposez!!!

    Merci pour cette photo =)


    1) Combien d’heures par jours passez vous à écrire vorte scripte?
    2) Quand tout les épisodes de sgu seront finit de tournés?

    Merci =)
    bonne journée!

  13. I remember toilet love scenes from my hedonistic days of hugging one frantically after a really good night on the tiles.

  14. I’ve been killed by a toilet on multiple occasions.

    Granted, it was in Half-Life 2 deathmatch and they were flung at me with a ‘gravity gun’ (aka zero point energy field manipulator) so… it wasn’t exactly the fault of the toilets.

  15. Good morning, Smartass 😉 Loved the pic of Brie on Twitter, by the way. She really is gorgeous. Have a good Sunday!

  16. Oh good it’s not too late to enter the caption contest.

    Caption: “What up dawg?! Get your freak on!”

  17. Hi Joe: I was wondering on Stargate Atlantis if the idea was ever broached to have a religious advisor among the crew, considering how far away they were going and the odds about returning? I’m not religious so not pushing it myself but I was just curious since you’ll see a priest or minister with military groups, like in M.A.S.H and others. And since the Atlantis group was made up of different nationalities, it would be reasonable to assume different religions, and certainy not all atheists or agnostics. Just wondering….

  18. Words in Japanese to avoid on your trip: Zuki (Punch), Uchi (Strike), Geri (kick), and if you go to any food places- Kiba (horse).

    I have to memorize three pages of different variations of each word. Such as, Mawashi-Geri (my favorite, the round house kick). Empi Uchi is the most fun to say (Elbow strike).

    Love the picture yesterday of you in front of the gate!

    Jason M. put the SGA movie was a go (on his myspace page). Could they have talked to the actors first?


  19. @Nadine – I’m glad I could make you laugh about toilets!

    As for the laptop use…I think you may find that you’re mising more than the Act II break. But you have dogs and not kids, so you should be fine!

  20. Re your Act II break:
    “What happens at the end of Act III?”
    “…Not much. Act III just ENDS.”

    You could always do that again. 😉

  21. u said that Episode 19 will become episode 18 and your two scripts will become episode 19 and 20 so does that mean subversion is now episode 18?

  22. Wait, Carl’s writing a toilet love scene?

    Caption: “Ok, this is where I want the toilet for that epic love scene.”

    It practically writes itself!

  23. David Chapple writes: “The restaurant is located in Asakusa on the corner Edo dori(street) and Asakusa dori (street)”

    Answer: It looks great. Will I need reservations?

    I always called ahead to make a reservation. The one time I didn’t make a reservation I showed up and found the restaurant pretty busy and got one of the tables on a different floor from the main floor.
    What month are you going?
    The winter months may be a littler busier because of the heat from the food.
    The hotel front desk (or furonto) could make reservations if you don’t speak Japanese.
    Or if you want, here is an example in Japanese (But just in case, check it with the furonto person):
    (For two people) “hiroi no heya de futari yoyaku wo kudasai”
    Translation: “I would to make a reservation for two people in the big room please.”
    (For one person) “hiroi no heya de hitori yoyaku wo kudasai”
    (For three people) “hiroi no heya de sannin yoyaku wo kudasai”
    (For four people) “hiroi no heya de yonin yoyaku wo kudasai”
    (For five people) You’re on your own.
    ; )

    Now I wish I was going.
    Must renew my passport this month.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care and let me know what you think.
    Dave Chapple

  24. A friend of mine practiced her Japanese using Japanese children’s books before going on her honeymoon there. She said it helped a lot. (Of course, she had to keep looking up words…) Do you use language books, or tapes, or…? What works best for you? Since it’s foodie you, I wonder if you’d do well practicing with restaurant menus? 🙂

  25. A comment on the photo of the helmet and rifle above, someone just used a couple of zip ties to attach the flash light. MacGyver anyone? 🙂

  26. Answer: It means episode 19 will become episode 18, episode 18 will become episode 17, the story schedule to be episode 17 will disappear, and the two scripts I’m working on will become episodes 19 and 20.

    And get paid twice? 😉

  27. Act II break…. do you need something serious or humourous….do you want a smooth transition to Act III or do you want a clear break….maybe a cut to the toilet love scene or you could always blow up a doctor. No-one will be expecting that. Or hey….don’t you just love Choose your own Adventure.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Just how many suits do you have, anyway??

    My father used (no lie) a separate spare bedroom as a closet for his suits. (Okay, so it was a Japanese apartment-sized bedroom, but whatever.) He loved them, had to wear them for work, and never gave or threw them out. He had the weirdest patterned suits in the funkiest of colors from the 60s and 70s. And lets not get into his golf pants…

  29. will there be any contest on SGU? like the ones that were done on SGA? Like Beyond the Gate and etc.
    Another thing is With Stargate Worlds ‘the game’, will they put it on Playstation 3 and Xbox360? I know the platform the game is built on is used for those 2 systems as well, I really wish they would put it on PS3 as well. Do you all have anything to do with it or is it all on MGM etc.? I know it would do good on PS3 and XBOX360. Just had to trie and put it on the table, ya know? lol Oh Yeah! I almost forget,…..Joe your Rock!!! lol Keep up the wicked work!!

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