Let's see...if I move part of Act II into Act III, and move a scene from Act IV into Act V, then take the final scene out of Act V and put it into the Tease of the next episode...
Let’s see…if I move part of Act II into Act III, and move a scene from Act IV into Act V, then take the final scene out of Act V and put it into the Tease of the next episode…

I am Exhausted. Yes, with a capital E. After chatting with Brad and co. about my script for the season finale, it was decided that I would go off, work on it this long weekend, and hopefully/eventually get a firm sense as to whether it was actually one episode or two. After all my talk of “too much story”, I was prepared for disappointment in the event I ended up with a solid script and a half – which I would, of course, trim down (1 jam-packed episode always beats 2 flabby episodes). Anyway, as I was leaving the offices yesterday, Rob advised me not to force it. If it was two scripts, great. If it was only one script, just as great. My writing partner Paul, however, couldn’t resist delivering the following parting shot: “Boy, everybody’s going to be so disappointed if it’s not two scripts. You’re going to let everyone down.”

So today, I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And, by the time I was done (and I only mean “done” in the sense that I’m “done writing for the day” and am nowhere near finished my work), I’d completed one script, 50 glorious pages, written the Tease of the next one, and had more or less figured out: a) where I’m going to end up and, most importantly, b) how I’m going to get there. As it turned out, writing wasn’t the challenge today (although I’ll admit to spinning my wheels a little on one particular scene). No, the real challenge presented itself when it came time to reconfigure the act breaks. Act 3 was too long and, despite my best efforts, either Act 4 or 5 kept coming in too short. I thought about it, re-read what I had, cut, pasted, shifted scenes, re-balanced the acts and, finally, voila! Five solid acts!

Let’s hope the same can be said for the second script. If I catch that elusive second wind any time between now and bedtime, I’d like to make a little more headway. If not, there’s always tomorrow. I figure if I complete ten pages a day, I’ll have two completed scripts by the time Brad and Robert get back from the TCA’s later next week.

Thanks to everyone participating in the Caption This contest [see last issue, editor]. I’m going to narrow it down to my top 5 and then let – who else? – Carl decide on a winner. If you haven’t already entered, check out yesterday’s entry and come up with a caption. You have until Monday.

As promised, allow me to tackle the mounting mailbag before getting back to work:

Thor94 writes: “what is the title of episode 20, and it is a cliffanger?”

Answer: The title is a secret. And, yes, it will be a bigtime cliffhanger.

Paloosa writes: “Is the audience pov for SGU through the Eli Wallace character in the first episode, much like it was through Sheppard in SGA?”

Answer: The audience POV can be through whoever one identifies with. Some fans my connect with uber-geek Eli while others, like myself, may connect with the ship’s sassy robot, Zontor 3000.

Patricia Lee writes: “Is Peter DeLuise scheduled to direct in this second half and if so, which episode would that be?”

Answer: I believe he is scheduled to come back and director another. However, off the top of my head, I don’t know which one.

Nadine writes: “Which do you prefer: this hot weather, or the cold winter weather?”

Answer: After living through all those Montreal’s sub-zero winters, I’d definitely take hot over cold.

Grapesofwraith writes: “How much of the crew would you say is continuing on from Atlantis. Are those people mostly the same as in years past, or with a new show, does that mean those are new people as well?”

Answer: There are several new faces but, for the most part, it’s the extended family that has been with the franchise for years.

Sandra writes: “I know that Richard Dean Anderson did a lot of ad libbing, and that consequently all the other actors were forced to do some as well. My questions are: 1. How much did that happen on SGA? and 2. How do you, as a writer, feel about it?”

Answer: Rick was the king of the adlibs. No one else even came close. As a writer, I’m all for it so long as it actually improves the final product. Two other actors who never failed to amaze and amuse with their adlibs were Fred Willard (guested in SG-1’s Family Ties) and Robert Picardo (SG-1 and Atlantis’s Richard Woolsey). Half of Bob’s adlibs weren’t technically adlibs in that he would often come by the offices to run them by us beforehand, but there was never a time we turned down any of his suggestions. He’s an incredibly witty guy. For instance, remember the Star Trek Experience line in Vegas? Yep, that was Bob.

Norriski writes: “Do you have any idea why on the season 8 DVD’s “Threads” is the only episode without a commentary?”

Answer: Nope.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Are you planning on having any guest directors on SGU this year?”

Answer: We’ve had several. Ernest Dickerson (Earth), Alex Chapple (Life), and Felix Alcala (Divided).

Arctic Goddess also writes: “Do you ever see yourself living and working in Japan?”

Answer: Not unless I can bring my dogs.

TBA writes: “And since you’re (presumably, that is) in a question-answering mood, can you give a few words on the ‘Destiny is the Clava Thessara Infinitas’-theory?”

Answer: There’s no connection. Not a conscious one anyway.

Maddog316 writes: “The nineth cheveron leads to destiny. Is that all it leads to? Will we find out more on this and can you elaborate more on the subject?”

Answer: Your question will be answered once the show airs.

CraigMD writes: “In regards to living conditions aboard the Destiny, I read somewhere (Gateworld?) that the ship was an unmanned vessel. Does this mean it wasn’t meant to support life for long periods of time? And if so, why are there things like an infirmary and hydroponics bay on board? Did the Destiny once have a full crew compliment before the SGU characters got there?”

Answer: See above.

Eric.Stewart writes: “I’ve been watching pictures of the Destiny and the technology that is inside it, and I’m wondering how old is the Destiny supposed to be? When the crew goes through the Stargate and end up on the ship, which year are they supposed to be in?
It seem that they end up on an abandonned ship, do we learn the reason for it ? Was the ship built with human or alien technology ?”

Answer: See above.

Thornyrose writes: “Out of the 45 places, how many have you started making reservations at?”

Answer: None yet. I’m going to contact the hotel concierge in late August, give them my selections, and have them make the arrangements.

Juralas writes: “Can we take this to mean his title change didn’t go over very well and it is no longer called “Human”?”

Answer: Uh, hello? As a producer on the show I’m in a better position to know what the episode is called and it’s called Luc…oh…uh…he changed it to Human. Right. Never mind.

Nadine writes: “Do you think, at some future point, the sizzle reel from Comicon will be released?”

Answer: I don’t know.

2cats writes: “May I ask why Marty Gero is writing and consulting producing for SGU if he has this super new gig on another show out of NYC?”

Answer: Martin is writing but not consulting.

2cats also writes: “Why isn’t James Bamford listed as Stunt Coordinator for SGU on IMDB?”

Answer: No idea.

Philburt Sugar Cane writes: “Is it difficult writing the series finale without having the rest of the season in place? Or is it not all that bad since you break the stories as a staff?”

Answer: We all take part in the story-breaking sessions, so we all know what to expect and, more importantly, what to write towards and pay-off later.

David Chapple writes: “One of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo serves a dish known as Dojo Nabe.”

Answer: What’s Dojo Nabe and where can I get me some?

57 thoughts on “July 31, 2009: One Down, Hopefully One More To Go! And A Little Mailbag!

  1. Your Dog Twitter background in the sidebar is still reaching over into the main content.

    Cheers. Chev

  2. The angle/distance of the camera makes the stargate you’re standing in front of seem small. Or is it actually small? Perhaps a ship-sized gate?

    IMDB is never really fully accurate until the show airs and someone obsessed enough with it goes through and adds/changes stuff.

    Thanks for the mailbag! 😀

    I just realized that tomorrow is August, and it’ll be September before I know it, and then it’ll be OCTOBER and we’ll finally get to see what y’all have been working on for what seems like forever!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Have you ever thought of writing through the night and taking the day off?

    Cheers, Chev

  4. @ Deni – Well, I can’t argue the ‘kooky’ part. 😛 Glad Elway’s home…hope all will be well.

    @ Joe – Good luck on the script[s]! Sounds like you are actually enjoying yourself. 🙂

    On a side note…just finished Monsieur Zenith the Albino and I am totally ‘in love’…again. 😳 Loved the story and the style of the story, very reminiscent of the detective film series from the 30s and 40s (those featuring the likes of The Saint, The Falcon, Rathbone’s Holmes, Nick and Nora, etc…). Total satisfaction, and Zenith is a great and fascinating character – a romantic character, as Sparrow pointed out to me – but also one that could easily evolve from 1930s gentleman thief and villain to modern day antihero. I would happily read more Zenith tales like this one.

    So now I’m on the hunt for old Union Jacks and Detective Weeklies for more stories…there are dozens of them, and fortunately some are available to read through various sites. And no worries, I still love Todd, too…it’s just that you can’t blame a gal for needing someone else to fall back on during these uncertain times. 😉

    Have a good evening, sir! Happy writing! 😀


  5. Oh btw, I sent Baron a brilliant email I received. Can you please let him know? I think it might appeal to his sense of humour.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Mailbag: Do you always wear a suit to work or are there any casual days?

    If I didn’t work night shifts and be allowed to wear a t-shirt and shorts I would have literally died this week, heat exhaustion, water intoxication, psychosis, take your pick.

    Caption for todays picture: There is an intergalactic bridge through subspace activated behind me, but would you just LOOK at the color they used on the roof!

  7. Oh, are we captioning this? Can’t think of one right now but with the gate behind you it kinda make you look like a priest.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to say: thanks for the mailbag!

    I recall in an earlier post you mentioned a stack of books for research (for this script, I think..) and I was just wondering: for the various stories/scientific elements in each script is there usually a lot of research that must be done? Or does it depend on the episode and how much of it was set up in previous ones?

    Thanks, and hope the writing went/goes well this evening!

  9. Nice fat mailbag is always appreciated. Glad to see you’re doing well on your scripts. Here’s hoping the muse will humor you again tomorrow. Got hold of my copy of Speed of Dark, and looking forward to the discussion.
    a)The reason why no one messes with Bam Bam.
    b) How much longer before we get those signposts back up?
    c) Carl, trying to point out to Ashleigh where the Men’s and Women’s WCs were.
    d) Carl reacting to someone playing “Walk like an Egyptian”.
    e) Who needs snazzy clothes when they can do this?
    On that note, I will creep out of here and go reread the other posts from yesterday. Maybe I can spot which one will actually win.

  10. Very nice picture of you and the gate. That should be on the cover of your portfolio.

    I can’t believe Paul Mulle is giving you a hard time. Why don’t you post an awkward picture of him next, and we will have at it with the captions. That’ll teach ’em to mess with you. Carl is a good sport!

  11. hello joe!!

    for the caption, why my story with deluise has not published??
    it was fun.

    Will we see Ancients(reccurent character) during this season???


  12. I agree with das – the Monsieur Zenith book is a great find! And I just read one of the original Sexton Blake vs. Zenith stories from the old Union Jack publication (written in 1919). It was a delight! But then, I love those early 20th century, post-Sherlock-Holmes detective and crime stories. In addition to the comparisons that das made, I’d add E.W. Hornung’s “Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman” and even Dorothy Sayers “Lord Peter Wimsey.”

    Why are we reading these stories? They feature a villain/antihero who is an albino and was the inspiration for Michael Moorcock’s Elric! Wraith, Elric, Zenith – there is a pattern here 😉

    Anyway, if anyone is interested, BBC radio is doing a series of Sexton Blake radio dramas every Friday night. I used to listen to re-broadcasts of “The Shadow” on a local radio station and just loved them. The series just started this week and I think you can log onto the site and listen to them any time for a week after they air. Only 15 minutes long and they are a bit of fun!

    Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lv1rk

  13. Per your Q & A about Dojo Nabe, we have a great Japanese restaurant here in Denver called Domo (Zagat’s rated 5th best Japanese restaurant in America and best decor). http://www.domorestaurant.com/

    They have several nabe dishes:

    Kaizoku Nabe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $22.75
    Lightly salted salmon, shrimp, scallops, calamari, tilapia, and greenlipped
    mussels with your choice of flavored soy sauce broth or
    sakekasu miso broth. Available spicy.
    Sankai Nabe . . . . . . . . . $22.75
    Lightly salted salmon, tilapia, green-lipped mussels and calamari,
    topped with grilled chicken and pork teriyaki, with a flavored soy
    sauce broth. Available spicy.
    Sanzoku Nabe . . . . . . . $22.75
    Pork, beef and chicken with your choice of flavored soy sauce or
    sakekasu miso broth. Available spicy.

  14. Caption contest:

    Carl proves to a skeptical crew that his imaginary friends Cork and Dork are really there by patting each of them on the head.

  15. Man, that gate is a thing of beauty; so detailed and…metallic.

    What is the actual gate prop made of? It honestly looks like iron plates or something.

    I have my fingers crossed that you end up with two whole stories instead of 1 and change or 1 and a half. Honestly, after Enemy at the Gate, I’d rather have 2 flabby episodes than 1 really really rushed one. Besides, it won’t be flabby if the “flab” are character beats, ala. This Mortal Coil. I’d say the best part of that episode, in terms of character, was the added McKay-Zelenka scene near the end. It basically revealed a whole other layer of McKay’s character: how he deals with grief and death. It also explained why McKay didn’t talk much about Beckett after Sunday. That was a very cool scene.

    So yeah, if you’re running low on time, just add in a character scene; it could be anything. Have Eli and Lt. Matt banter about how hot Erica Hill is; that’d be fine with me.

    Thank you so much for the “little” mailbag! Too bad about the Clava whatever not related to the Destiny; I know quite a few people on Gateworld that are gonna be disappointed. Honestly I’m kinda one of them. It would’ve been a great continuity nod; though I suppose that may be why it’s not connected; new viewers may be confused as to what it is; it was kind of a small detail near the very end of SG1.

    Let’s see if I can squeeze out another few captions…though I doubt I can compete with the “nobody leaves until I find my Atlantis cap” and “producer with wet hands” ones…

    “Rigor mortis can set in at the most inopportune times”

    “T is for Trojans” (No, I’m not pandering)

    “Carl’s arms no longer clash with his shirt.”

    “Alright, nobody move; I’ve lost a script page and it’s gotta be around here somewhere…”

    “The X-305”

    “The Art Department really outdid themselves this time.”
    “I know, it’s almost life-like.”

  16. Hey Joe,

    For the Caption Contest:

    “Carl demonstrates to the actors how he envisions the ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ dance scene going…”

  17. Joe, when you plan a trip, do you opt for a city you have been to before, a hotel you have stayed at before and enjoyed, and/or restaurants you have been to before and had a good meal there? Or do you choose a different city, or a different hotel or different restaurants for a different experience? I myself prefer to recreate experiences I have enjoyed before with cities, hotels and restaurants. My hubby likes the adventure of something new. What about you?

  18. @ Sparrowhawk – You forgot Prince Nuada! All except the Wraith are rather angsty or tormented in some way…though Todd has his moments. Or maybe I’m mistaking low blood sugar crankiness for angst. 😆 All could be considered world-weary souls, seeking the challenge of the game to relieve their ennui. All are warriors of a sort, men who have spent a lifetime in conflict, and have the scars – both seen and unseen – to prove it. All are beautifully pale. 😀 And all have illimitable egos, buffered by unmistakable charm!

    It’s that charm that’s the killer. 😛 And the white hair. 😉


  19. Do you ever travel to other Destination’s other than Japan??…I guess you love that SUSHI eh??

  20. If you haven’t thought of a prize for the caption competition yet could I make a suggestion – maybe a signed photo of the caption picture by yourself and the person in it?

  21. Coucou Joseph =D
    ça va ? Moi super!!

    Mince, vous êtes fatiguer, c’est toute à fait normal, et c’est bientôt la fin, quel épisode écrivez vous en ce moment?? Vous faite un super travail pour touts les fans, Merci!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Trop joli cette photo!! Vous êtes trop beau, devant le porte ça fait magnifique! Je vais la mêttre en fond d’écran de mon ordinateur!!!

    Bisou Bisou
    A bientôt!

  22. @DAS, i just read that Christopher H. will be doing a NUDE seen in the next TWILIGHT movie. See AOL news today. I thought of you right away, and personally, i would not mind seeing that- did i write that out loud?! I like him better with hair and not bald- just my opinion. @DENI- Did the daughter get home ok? Is she feeling better? I have several trips to Orlando in Aug. Any chance you might be comming down? @ANNE Thinking about you- Keep pushing. And Hi Joe, didn’t forget about you, if you want hot , come to Florida, hot as hell, mid 90’s and HIGH humidity, you just MELT, just ask, kabra, deni and trish, we are ALL suffering togeather!! Bye, Sheryl.

  23. @Das: Thanks for the good wishes 🙂 He’s still out of it this morning, so I’m basically holding my breath, but we’ll see what the day brings.

    Joe, why does the gate look so small?

  24. Hi Joe!

    Maybe I’m the last to see it, but thanks for the very wonderful pic of you and the NEW GATE! I’d seen glimpses of it, but not the whole gate.

    Great pic of you both!


  25. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from the local internet cafe!

    I had to break my “stay off line” rule for the Weekend, just to see the captions!! I have to say (can’t recall whose it is:)”There’s a televsions producer with wet hands here” is my fav!

    Also had another caption idea :

    “OK, so…um…guys…..Joel is taking a day off…so I’ll be leading the orchestra for today’s scoring of this ep.”

    What great fun!! I really love caption contests!!

    Thanks for the mailbag. If you are in chatty humour and feel like more mailbag….Your thoughts on Camp Concentration (re: the ending/moral compass of the conchie’s and inmates re: exposing the general population) and also : I noted Vonnegut on your montage : Re-read or first time re: Slaughter House 5?

    Til then thanks again for the great laugh!!!
    Twitter is all abuzz about the contest by the way

    And @Patricia Lee Hi and *thank you*


  26. *Note to self: Do NOT take the husband to the new Twilight movie. 😀

    (thanks for the heads-up sheryl… I feel a tad giddy already. 🙂 )

    @ Deni – That’s not the gate. I think that’s the aura of magnificence that radiates from Joe at all times, and can only be captured by very special cameras. Either that, or he’s the captain of a fancy brigade in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade (for those who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about: http://mummers.com/ ).

    I’m leaning towards the latter. Needs more feathers, though. 😉


  27. @Das: ROTFLMAO, what a mental image I have now (inlcuidng the South Park boxers). Thanks.

    @Sheryl: Well, yeah, she made it home, with the flu or a cold or some such thing (so far, we’re ok here). Because of the high incidence of swine flu in the UK, she was not allowed to go back to work. Never mind she went everywhere else. I kept my mouth shut 😉 My son moved to Tampa, so I’ll be going down there a bit more now. Let me know if you’re in that neck of the woods and we’ll get together for lunch or something. Right now, all I want is to get the hell outta here, go to Chicago for the convention, take some days off from dogs and all the usual BS! And yeah, this heat is incredible. I refuse to leave the house today, period. 🙂

  28. @ Deni – It was South Park. And I believe we have stooped to a new low…

    the daily discussion of Mallozzi’s underdrawers. 🙄


  29. Hi Joe, thanks for the mailbag, and that’s a very inspiring picture of you in front of the gate! It looks like it’d be a great publicity photo too. Or for a portfolio.

    though does the puddle always look that greenish? or it might be my monitor!

    and @sheryl – i love chris h…but i dont know if i love him that much! never really got into the series anyways though, always more a harry potter person myself.

  30. Hey Joe! With Dynamite Entertainment securing the rights from MGM to publish Stargate comics, and with your’s and Paul’s foray into the industry, will you guys be penning any stories for the comics? Maybe convert some of those story ideas you didn’t get to explore with Atlantis or SG-1 to their new respective comic series?

    And here’s the press release for those of you who may be interested in the Stargate comics.

  31. @DAS, I know what mummers are , i am FROM phila. been in Fla. since 1972! Send some soft pretzles!!!. Sheryl

  32. For the caption contest:

    ‘….and then they said, “In case of a total engine failure, put your arms out like this and flap real hard.”
    I tell you, they may be crappy, but next time I’m flying Air Canada…’

    Air Canada can’t be all that bad. My friend flew Air Tanzania. Believe me, he is still in shock. 🙂

  33. Hi Joe:

    I think you should have the photo with this blog entry captioned. I can think of so many good ones for that pose of yours.
    “To go through the Gate or not to go through the Gate…that is the question.”
    “Note to self…fire the cleaning staff…there are cob webs up there.”

  34. a question, that all fan has asked his!!!!!

    Where are the toilet on the spaceships???

    Can we see the toilet design on the destiny????

    By example, during a love scene!!!!!!!

  35. In my opinion 2 episodes filled with content would be better than one, but that ultimately depends how the episode is delivered, if you can do it in one, which everyone knows you can, go for it and good luck.

    The Atlantis finale ultimately lacked a little because it needed more content, it felt like a double episode compressed into one, if it were 2 episodes, like a movie it probably would of won no end of praise.

  36. Joe,
    Dojo (dozeu) Nabe are Loach fish about three to four inches in length that are boiled in sake and vegatables. There is more to the family recipe of course.
    I first discovered the restaurant from a Michael Palin trvel video years ago.
    Through a lot of my traveles through Japan I have been able to make it there over a half dozen times.
    Here is the Japanese website. Although you may not be able to read the Japanese text, the pictures will give you an idea of the look of the food and the atmosphere.


    The restaurant is located in Asakusa on the corner Edo dori(street) and Asakusa dori (street)
    Phone number: (03)3842-4001

    There might be two locations now, but make sure you go to the original Asakusa one.
    Oh, and make sure you request to be on the main floor with the tatami mat. The owner is a man named Mr. Watanabe. Very nice man.

    If you go there please take a picture and post it!
    Ganbare! (good luck!)
    Dave Chapple

  37. Oh, and you can order Dozeu Nabe with bone or Dozeu Nabe without bone. I like them both.
    Dave chapple

  38. @ sheryl – Ah! I think you’ve made that request before, if I’m not mistaken! 🙂 I haven’t had a soft pretzle in a while…not a good one, at least. Those ya gotta buy on a street corner, and I haven’t been to Philly proper in a couple years. Too much shooting up there. 🙁

    I just read the very first Zenith the Albino story ever published, from a Union Jack (Sparrow’s read it, too), thanks to a great gentleman on Moorcock’s site. This was an actual scan of the story, in old print on older paper – a bit difficult to read at first, but well worth it! I’m like a junkie – I’ll get my fix any way I can!

    Of course…and Sparrow will attest to this…Mike informed me that Elric is a tad put off by all the attention I’m giving Zenith these days. 😳 Geez…I wonder how poor Todd must feel. All these jilted loves I’m leaving in my wake!

    Heh. I’m a bit of a floozy sometimes… 😀


  39. I bravely made a raspberry Barvarian from my over-ripe raspberries today. If I miss a pick day, the berries go super-ripe overnight. I’ll let you know how it turns out, I made a slight mistake (didn’t chill the berry puree) but I think it will turn out fine anyway. The bowl and spatula were yummy at least.

  40. Saw Altar Boyz at our Fringe Festival and thought of you. 🙂 Sorry I hadn’t reread your entry about it before I did so, if I had I would have bought you that t-shirt you so coveted as they were selling them here. Sorry Joe.

  41. hi joe, i don’t know if you are accepting captions for the photo of you, i noticed some people have submitted some, so i thought i would jump on the band wagon and submit one –

    “Alright, who started the war between us and an alien species this time?”


    “Carl, Brad, hurry up or we’re going to miss the pony rides on the beach!”

    what do you think? just thought of a question whilst typing this – what do you think of british Sci-Fi, such as Doctor Who or Torchwood?

  42. Hi Joe, I have been checking Mr Anders blog for mention of your short story, not sure if I missed it,,??

  43. That is one of my favourite pictures of you Joe! Your expression is classic.

    It sounds like your one-and-a-half scripts (hopefully two – I think you can do two) will be really solid. I’m quite glad you decided to try for two scripts instead of one because I find condensed stories can sometimes be a bit too intense.

    I am wondering though – does this mean the finale will be twice as long? Or does it mean we’ll get a JM Cliffhanger special, and have to wait until season two for the second part?

    If you’re not sure how this particular situation will pan out yet, could you maybe answer this question in more general terms – what happens when a season finale script turns in to two scripts? Does the first end up the finale and the second one end up the start of the next season?

    I’ve had a think about Carl’s picture and come up with the following two captions (for now).

    1. Carl’s re-imagining of Frankenstein’s Creature.

    2. Carl tries to justify his newest alien race to his fellow Stargate Universe writers: “They’re like zombies, only they stand like this, so really they’re quite different.”



  44. second question.

    Now it’s is 1st august.

    It was the MGM deadline to find money for stargate worlds.

    Have you informations about SW?? It is cancelled??

  45. Hi Joe –

    Here is my caption for Carl’s picture:

    I want Eli’s tutu to be thiiiiiis wide …

    Do you find that your Japanese gets better with every visit? Or in the year between visits do you lose some of the vocabulary and then have some to relearn as well as learn more new stuff (words, phrases, conjugations)?

  46. Oooh, SGU Stargate SHINY! Mama want copy in diamonds!

    Good news: We have a new venue for Chimaeracon2010, can move on with all other aspects, including IMMEDIATE venue search for 10th con in 2010.

  47. Hi,

    First post, love your writing – and caption contest, I can’t resist…

    Caption for Carl:

    The Crane.


  48. Will there be contests for SGU like there was for SGA?
    like beyond the gate and etc.

  49. is it possible for Stargate Worlds the game, be put onto Playstation 3 and Xbox360? I know the game is made on a platform that can be used for them as well and i really wish it would be put on ps3 etc. Do you all have any control and info over that or is it all MGM etc?

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