Today, we set aside an hour to talk stories – specifically, the back half of SGU’s first season. Okay, okay. I think that, this time, I’ve got it right. Space shoots next in the #11 slot, followed by Divided in the #12 slot, and then Faith in the #13 slot (Carl promises to have his pass out before week’s end). #14 is the Rush-centered freelance script that Rob will eventually jump on (as he’ll be assuming directing duties on this one). Marty G. is still working on the outline for #15. #16 is another freelancer script and, after much discussion, we’ve finally hammered out a structure for the story. #17 is the Rob-pitched idea that sounds like a story right up Brad’s alley. Still awaiting word on who’ll be doing the honors on this one. Carl steps into the #18 slot with the story we just discussed today. This one looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun and Carl is looking forward to it. Finally, Paul and I are going to start thinking about #19 and #20 as it now looks like we’ll be the ones to put the capper on SGU’s inaugural season.

Yesterday, we all gathered in the writers’ room to watch the opening credits to the premiere – and, more importantly, listen to Joel Goldsmith’s incredible score. An awe-inspiring effort by Mr. Goldsmith coupled with some kick-ass impressive visuals make for a stirring opening. Hey, Joel, if you‘re reading this – and chances are you just might be – congratulations and well done. Brian, David, and Louis were there to check it out as well and loved it too. Terrific.

So the other day, Director Peter Deluise forwarded me an email that had found its way into his inbox, figuring it might be the sort of thing I’d find interesting. It read:


How are you doing?hope all is well, I”m sorry that i didn’t inform you about my traveling to England for a Seminar.I need a favour from you as soon as you receive this e-mail because i misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money is and other valuable things were kept, i will like you to assist me with a loan urgently. I will be needing the sum of 1000pounds to sort-out my hotel bills and get myself back home.I will appreciate whatever you can afford to help me with, i’ll pay you back as soon as i return.

Kindly let me know if you can be of help? so that i can send you the details.

Your reply will be greatly appreciated

Lee Ann”

Poor, poor Lee Ann. Unfortunately, I’m not really in a position to provide much help. Fortunately, I know someone who is and forwarded him Lee Ann’s plea. He wrote back:

“Hello Dere,

Cookie Monster not remember where know Lee Ann from. Me tinks it at Grover barBQ last summer but not sure becuz meet lot of prostitoots dat night. Which one you? Eiffel Tower, Reverse Cowgirl, Portugese Breakfast, Hot Buttered Popcorn (Trademark Grover, All Rights Reserved), Romanian Salt Shaker (Trademark Grover, All Rights Reserved), Ricky-Ticky-Turn-Table, Agitated U-Boat Commander Wit Twist of Lime (Trademark Grover, All Rights Reserve), or Peruvian Teeter-Totter? Cookie Monster no can remember.

Me can send money, but maybe better if drive down and give you lift instead. Cookie Monster could use vacation. Where you at? Iz hot? You recommend flipflops and shavedown? Let monster know.


Cookie Monster”

Cookie anxiously awaits her response.

Hey, I just brainstormed a brilliant food creation driving back from dinner tonight. It’s a doughnut with a nutella center. I’d call it a donutella. I’m looking for investors.

Finally, I’d like to present the award to best ever lyrics to Britney Spears for her song If U Seek Amy: “Ha ha hee hee ha ha ho.”. Seriously. It’s like it would’ve been too much trouble to come up with actual words that rhyme with “oh” and “go” so she just gave up: “Look, forget it. I’m hungry. Let’s just go with ha ha ho ho ha ha hee hee and go to Jack in the Box.”

Oh, and check out today’s video: Brie flushes Lulu out.

P.S. What did you think I was going to talk about?


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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Universe sounds great. Now how about some update on that seemingly never-coming SG-1 movie?





Arctic Goddess

Hey Joe:

Could you talk about the weather? I’m dying to know if you actually had to use the air conditioner today.



PS…Brie is adorable! When are you gonna puppynap her and keep her for yourself?

Okay – I have to admit – I don’t understand the appeal of nutella. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like nuts in my sweets (and peanut butter and jelly doesn’t count, since peanuts are a legume). But no nuts in my ice cream, cakes, cookies, brownies…nope, just doesn’t appeal to me. I eat nuts all the time – by themselves, or in salads. But not in my desserts!

Well, except for dark chocolate-covered almonds…those things are to DIE for! And pecan pie. And dates, stuffed with walnuts and rolled in sugar…and…

okay – so I do like SOME nuttysweet combos. Heh. Must be why I like you, Joe. smile Have a good evening, sir!



I hear it was hot in Vancouver today


PS – Thank God


Hey, Joe…thought you might like this:

So…if predatory sharks like to be cuddled, what about Wraith??

Oh, which reminds me – a while back I asked if you thought Wraith were warm- or cold-blooded. Any opinion on this?



Thank you for so NOT deciding to talk about what seems to be the latest buzz about a certain show and two gentlemen sharing a common first name. though come to think of it, perhaps the video is your way of addressing the latest comments. Leaving it to the viewers to determine which of the dogs is a surrogate for who and what all the yapping and running about really mean…
Always glad to see Cookie Monster making an appearance. As for investing in your donutella idea, I would, but I’m busy polishing off the fine points of my own culinary invention, the Stewffle. I’ve settled on lamb stew to go with the chocolate souffle. Just some minor issues about cooking the lamb adequately, and keeping the souffle from collapsing with the stew in the center….
thanks for the video and the laughs. Oh, yea, and for the Universe updates. Though to be honest, my eyes just start glazing over at this point. I’ll just wait till the show finally airs and then regret not paying attention…


“P.S. What did you think I was going to talk about?”

I didn’t say a word. Did you even notice?


dasNdanger Wraith like to be cuddle to, but they prefer handshakes.


Why, food, of course! And, hoped for some pixies of the little ones, and you delivered! That twitter entry is priceless. Now to try a Donutella, which should be scrumptuous.


P.S. What did you think I was going to talk about?”

As I posted right before this entry went up, I knew it was something GOOD.

And it was! Thank you for all the SGU info! Funny story: I thought I’d stop asking about SGU for a bit just so I don’t overreach, but you ended up answering what I wanted to ask anyway! It’s a good day!

Holy crap, the Donutella; not only does it have a build in fanbase of Donut-lovers, nutella-lovers, and hard-of-hearing-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtle-lovers, it also sounds heavenly! If I had money, I would totally endorse it. It’s about time donuts are filled with something other than just jam! Or Purple!

Ok, questions:

1. Is episode 16 the “story in limbo” you talked about on May 30th? And is it written by yet another freelancer, different from those who wrote #13 and #14?

2. Is Paul writing the season finale?

3. Got any more episode titles you can reveal to us?

4. Will “Air” have a different open credit sequence than the rest of the season, ala. Rising and the rest of SGA Season 1?

5. That video was very cute (the pugs were like, “WTF are those hyper little guys doing now?!” before kinda joining in themselves), but do you ever worry that they’ll hurt themselves like this? I mean, I see a lot of biting and gnawing and stuff like that; what if they break the skin or something?

Sorry, I’m just naturally pessimistic when it comes health matters. Das will understand. wink


Cute vid of the dogs, Joe, shall we find out someday the mysterious owner of Brie?
I can’t wait for fall now, I loved Joel Goldsmith’s music for Atlantis. But a clarification, was the opening you watched special just for the premiere (like the Rising opening), or the opening for all the regular episodes?
And looking at the other comments, I suspect there’s something wacky going on the world. Or it’s global warming. Or a touchstone. Anyways, I wouldn’t have thought it’d be so hot up in Vancouver. Especially when it was cold down here near Los Angeles. And cloudy. And grey. And there was rain and thunder and lightning! Hope you’re keeping cool up there.


Hot in Vancouver? I’m sorry. Here in beautiful Central California is was in the low 80’s with a light breeze. My neighbor called it “Chamber of Commerce” weather. If it would only last all summer. I am sure the farmers wouldn’t care for it too much, but the rest of us would have the best summer ever. We just can’t wait for those >100 degree days.
Anyway, the dogs are too cute. How are they with cats or have they had that experience yet?
Loved your review of the Asian restuarant. Sounds like my kind of food.
Thanks Joe, BlondieChemGirl

otros ojos
otros ojos

LMAO! Trying to get investors for Donutella. Go ahead, make my day. — No, really, it’s Cookie Monster’s email to Lee Ann; it’s hilarious. (Shame on me, because now I can’t get an X-rated version of Sesame Street puppetry [and their swinging friends, The Muppets] out of my head. But it’s your fault.) And after you quoted the Britney Spears lyrics, I had to wonder if Lee Ann and Britney might be related. It sounds like I’m missing out on a lot, and should consider changing my car’s radio-station presets. Mm-hmm. Ha ha hee hee ha ha ho! Put a pause before that final “ho,” and Eminem could do a cover version.

I’ll gladly second Thornyrose’s gratitude for your declining to discuss a steadily declining discussion. I don’t follow all that stuff too closely; just don’t see any point in doing so. It makes me feel like Clouseau’s boss in the Pink Panther movies. (Besides, my OCD drive is already full.)

If Thornyrose can perfect her Stewffle recipe — and may I say that it sounds like a winner to me — you two should probably start up something in the frozen-food line. “We know you want to give your family the comfort food they crave with the touch of elegance YOU deserve,” etc. (Entitlement is everything these days. – Oh yeah, you already knew that. Sorry.) But maybe you should wait until the government finishes bailing out everyone else, just in case.

Love the pooches. Looks like Lulu’s met another alpha female.


Hey Joe,

When you put ‘wtf does ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee’ mean’ in the title, I thought you were going to talk about that very cryptic post you put up about your discussion with SyFy and the apparant ban on new SGU photos. I’m still puzzled over that one.

details details details….

In the SG-1 S.7 episode ‘Fragile Balance’ w/ the O’Neill clone, Thor mentions how O’Neill is the next step of the human evolutionary path, presumably because of the Ancient gene he does posses, but Thor allllso said that they hadn’t found a human quite advanced genetically yet that would be the real help to the Asgard… or Loki… ORRRRR the rebel Asgard.

Presuming that the Atlantis movie will be rebel Asgard focussed (you’ve leaked the replicator story is at rest, and that the movie will not be Wraith focused, and Michael is presumed dead and it would be a HUGE stretch to return him for a film, that leaves only one logical choice), a few questions arise –

Is Sheppard the person “advanced” enough in the rebel Asgard’s eyes to be of significant importance to them?

(small hope for a spoiler) Will Sheppard be confronted by the Asgard?


RE: the weather
Today in Vancouver it was in the low 30’s, which, for all you southern neighbours, is about the low 90’s I think. It’s not super humid though, which is nice, and there’s often a nice breeze off the water. Still rather odd, but I’m not complaining grin

@Quade: RE twitter, you mentioned Strom, which I hadn’t picked up, and isn’t he the head of the IOA? The guy who’s going to be played by Carlo Rota (24)?


Odd story today:
It started sunday afternoon when we noticed that we could smell smoke up near our house, and a while later it started being very visible – origninating at some house below us in the BP’s… And this wasn’t just a little bit if smoke: it was actually obscuring Vancouver, and went on for *hours*. Well, they had a story in the North Shore News, and it turs out (this is where it gets kind of weird) that the people had started a fire in their fireplace that morning and it spread.
Now, for everyone who wasn’t in Vancouver, it was pretty damn hot on sunday!
So who in the world starts a fire in very hot, sunny weather?!?! My guess is they were burning evidence. Or roasting marshmallows. On a sunday morning.
Anyway, they’d put the fire out, but apparently an ember got out of the chimney onto the roof, and they saw the fire on the roof and put it out with a hose then noticed fire sounds coming from the ceiling and called the Fire Dept.
The West Van Fire Dept. knew it was bad and called in off-duty firemen *and* district of North Van firemen. They ended up with 25 firemen with 7 trucks, and it took them 3 hours to get the blaze out. Firefighters were on-scene until 8am *monday* continuing to put out small blazes.

Did you know provincial building codes say everyone’s supposed to get their chimney(s) inspected once a year? Apparently the fire started because the chimney was out of code.

So not only is there > $400 000 dollars damage to the house, but, as per West Van bylaw, they may end up also paying the Firefighters’ overtime….

Moral of the story: get your chimneys checked. And don’t start a fire in the middle of the summer


Is it just me or do they dogs look like rabbits at one point…*shakes head*…must remember to wake up before watching vids…LOL

Kriss smile


Wow.. and that’s what I get for missing out on reading for a few days >.>

Nutella: – one of man’s most ingenious creations. Maybe if you dipped the Destiny and her Crew in a vat of the stuff, i’d be tempted to sample the new show? grin

“P.S. What did you think I was going to talk about?” – Oh, I don’t know.. How about Japan’s use of research when substantiating their growing number of Whale culls? Or the French snubbing of Queenie and her offspring? Or perhaps even that we’re due to vote on our MEP’s today and (for the majority of the population) can see a resurrection of Guy Fawkes on the cards?


How about Rugby then?

Das: Did you see any of the World Sevens Series?

Actually, Joe.. I do have a question. And despite your – as yet – unbroken track record in ignoring them, i’m still gonna ask: In “Letters from Pegasus”, we see a huge, steady beam that seems to be emanating from one of the Hives in orbit and centering on the planet being culled. What’s this for? Is it some kind of Wraith elevator/fireman shoot, that allows them quick and easy access to the planet? Or, do the Drones on the ground perhaps use it to pick up their unwitting Victims and toss them blithely into? I know Shep goes to investigate it, but we never get a definative result on what he finds. And howcome it’s never mentioned again in any other episode or season?

Oh.. and for the record: Joe v Joe..

One’s too suave and sophisticated. And the other’s simply too cool. Mud Wrestling in a tub of Nutella, guys.. wink


I cant wait to see the premiere of Stargate Universe.

Ive been a die hard Atlantis fan since its launched and obviously not happy when it was cancelled, but im willing to give universe a chance.

Any more sneak peaks Joe?


Here’s a question I can’t recall if you’ve answered (so pardon if you have!): will the SGU premiere be two hours as SG1 and SGA’s were? And do you know if it will air continously, or as separate episodes (I wasn’t watching at the airing of the previous two’s premieres to know the precedent)?

Your dogs are so cute!!



1. You said previously that you aren’t up on the progress of the Stargate Worlds game…Does this mean you’ve heard nothing about them promoting/sponsoring during the launch of SGU (not that I have, but it’d make sense marketing wise)?

2. Were you ever brought in as a sort of creative consultant early in the game’s development?

3. How damn awesome is it working with Robert Carlyle?! He’s legitimately one of my favourite actors, a brilliant choice in my book.

4. This may be a repeat…but will the elusive ‘Furlings’ make any kind of appearance in SGU, be it reference or otherwise?

Becketts Patient
Becketts Patient

Didn’t think about what you were going to write as I didn’t really thorouly read that long headline. I was more interested in the clip razz
I so love cookie monsters replies to certain EMails that tend to find heir way into our boxes. I’m way to scared to answer them. No idea what I could do by answering. Had to many internetmishaps to be that bold wink
Anyways I really hope there’s going to be an answer from Lee Ann wink

Trish (aka whovian)

Hey Joe,

I hope Cookie Monster gets a response.

Lou Diamond Phillips is on that show, “I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!” He actually stuck his hand in a jar to grab a star and was bitten by rats several times.

Did you happen to watch that?



Is LuLu much older than Brie? She had a face on her like my dog used to when young wippersnappers came up and wanted to play with her. The ‘I really cannot be bothered with this. HELP ME!’ face. Love it!