Alaina Huffman (T.J) and Julia Anderson (James) are dispatched to deal with the bear that wandered onto the lot this morning.
Alaina Huffman (T.J) and Julia Anderson (James) are dispatched to deal with the bear that wandered onto the lot this morning.

Hey, everybody! It’s time to play “Guess the Upcoming Episode Names!”

Episode #14 shares a title with a song by God Module.

Episode #15 shares a title with a song by The Beastie Boys.

Episode #16 shares a title with a song by Coldplay.

Another round of clues tomorrow. In the meantime, knock yourselves out.

Well, damn. Even though we’re a couple of weeks away from the beginning of summer, you wouldn’t know it by the beautiful weather. Sunny and HOT! At lunch, the circus is transformed into party central with the actors and crew members lounging outside the trailers, chatting, laughing, and listening to the booming tunes compliments of Mr. Robert Carlyle. It’s like Woodstock North, a laidback and fun atmosphere. I bet if Jason Momoa were around, he’d have his guitar out and be strumming right along. At least actress Elyse Levesque got to cool off in the dunk tank.

After lunch, Paul and I had the big conference call in which we pitched out our vision for the comic book series. They’ve already read the pilot (which I pitched out as a double-issue because I think that final WTF?! revelation is key), so I gave them a rundown of how the opening story wraps up and sets the stage for the rest of the series. We discussed thematic elements, the moral conflict at the heart of the story, the search for answers, and the surprises in store, then moved onto a brief overview of the seven main characters, their stories, relationships, and respective journeys. It seemed to go very well but I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

Exec. Producer Brad Wright came into my office this afternoon and started scanning the shelves in search of a good hiatus read. I recommended Charlie Stross’ Glasshouse, one of my fave reads of 2009.

Speaking of reading – Okay, readers, let’s finish up Elric: The Stealer of Souls. Discussion begins Monday and, later in the week, we’ll be joined by legendary author Michael Moorcock for a little Q&A.

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You have made a fatal mistake with regards to the episode title challenge, my friend, for you have right here someone who may be the greatest Coldplay fan who is also a regular of this blog.

Oh, and I think you messed up the titles again; #13 is Faith, is it not? So I think you mean the episodes 14, 15, and 16.

More later. I just wanted to get that little typo out of the way so you can edit your blog entry, lest your silly, silly mistake is made known to the masses.

Narelle from Aus

Sabotage came to mind first as the Beastie Boys reference.

Congrats on the comic book feedback once more.

Stop talking about being warm. I’ve gone from 39 degrees Celsius last week (Singapore) to 6 degrees Celsius (Melbourne) and dang I’m cold.

das – Oh, no broken ribs at the moment. Just going from numerous past experiences. Broken sternum laugh goes, “He, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”.


Alaina Huffman looks hot in her outfit,


#14 Most definitely Sabotage. Or Girls.

I posted a comment a few minutes ago for yesterday. Just as another reminder, because I think the Donutella Versace is rather worth mentioning again. She could pose on the packaging!


Uh, right. 14, 15, and 16. What’d I say?


@ Narelle – WHEW! I know your track record… wink

@ Joe – About that comic…any pale types in it, perchance??? wink If not…how about one dude with long hair? At this point, color matters not. I’m desperate! grin


Narelle from Aus

das – I got called accident prone once. I would like to say there is a difference between falling over while walking, ie: accident prone, and trying to jump a fence on a motorbike even though you’ve never ridden one before, ie: stupid.

Narelle from Aus

das – Yeah, I’m category 2.


So I actually been taking a crack out little puzzles.

I have taken the assumption that you are still limiting yourselfs to 1 word titles.
The Beasties Boys
Sabotage and Intergalatic are my two choices. Favourite being Intergalactic, some story around our first trip to a new galaxy perhaps.
God Module got a lot of choices.
Telekinetic not exactly snatchy uh and probably to scifi for scyfy and

Corpes zombie love song okay this my choice a nice murder mystery, for one read on one site death will be a big part of the story, and second there nothing you like doing that telling halfs truths and so you could of ignored the zobie long song bit, and there probably not to many bands out there with corpses for the name of a song. So corpes in my choice here.

Coldplay got a lot of options for likely titles, yellow, yes, trouble, talk, spies, shiver, Lost, politik, Gravity. Daylight, clocks.

Well the I am going to rule out the ones I do not think would attract audience attention or one that would not really fit at this time of the season. So rule out Lost if they worrying about that by now then they really are doomed. Yes unlikely not original enough and would not stand out. Clocks just do not see how this could relate to a story. Talk, there not a lot more you could do to put fans off than called a episode Talk. If it Yellow then you are just getting desperate for names.

So the choices we are left with are shiver, Lost, Politik, Gravity, Trouble, Spies, Shiver , Daylight. They are all possible targets.
So now I am going to take into consideration that this series is more story arcs. I am going to connect the obvious ones which could connect togeather into a single storyline spread over a few episodes.

Episode 14: Corpses: Random killings of crew members.

Episode 15: Sabotage : the villain has an escape plan and he does not care if he takes the ship with him.

Episode 16: Politik , politicans all way chocse big incidents to make there play for power, nothing like a murder spree to cause that to happen.

And I am probably nowhere near.


Hmmm…Coldplay song that’s a single word? There are many possibilities. Could it be Daylight? Gravity? Lost??? …or perhaps 42? – you know, the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Wow alaina is SOOOO pretty. Arg. Now I have to look up the million songs by these artists and guess. Oh and glad to hear updates on the comic front.

Say, when do you think your comics will be in stores?

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis


I know someone who broke both wrists and his nose like one day apart (mabye it was one wrist, well I am pretty sure it was both but can’t remember). Everything wrong happens to him. Like randomly, his fast food bags bottom end rips open and all his food falls out, and the time he was getting in a moving car and I jumped on the hood of the car from nowhere, scared the crap out of the driver(who was from England and didn’t have a lisence) who jumped on the brakes which immediately stopped the car so the door smashed tony (the accident prone dude getting in the car) right in the face.

Cool story (and run on sentence) huh?

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Oh and I’m going with sabotage and gravity as 2 likely choices.


First one word Coldplay song that comes to mind is Yellow… but that doesn’t seem like the greatest title… but I’m always open to unique titles.


When is the secret coming out who Brie belongs to? You said she wasn’t yours.. you may have been clever in your wording… does Brie belong to your wife? haha


All entries minused one, Chief. Hey, remember that time when I asked you about Coldplay…Coldplay…Coldplay… *RIPPLING CHIMING NOISE* FOOTAGE MISSING. *RIPPLING CHIMING NOISE* Huh, that’s odd. I swore I asked you once whether you liked them or not. Maybe you didn’t answer it? I guess it doesn’t matter, because YOU DON’T KNOW WHOM YOU’RE MESSING WITH!! I have in my posession EVERY Coldplay song released on the 4 LPs, along with various versions of them, including live versions, and a leaked demo of “Talk”. I also have most, if not ALL of the B-sides, along with covers, and even their original demo, “Ode to Deodorant”; I shit you not. It was actually pretty good. For a demo. Now, not many can claim to have knowledge of all the Coldplay songs like I do, so you’ll excuse me if I assume I know more about Coldplay than you do. *Laughs a pompous laugh* Thus, I will only tackle the 4 LPs: Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X & Y, and Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends: Parachutes Don’t Panic Shiver Spies Sparks Yellow Trouble Parachutes High Speed We Never Change Everything’s Not Lost Life is for Living (hidden track) A Rush of Blood to the Head Politik In My Place God Put a Smile Upon My Face The Scientist Clocks Daylight Green Eyes Warning Sign A Whisper A Rush of Blood to the Head Amsterdam X & Y Square One What If White Shadows Fix You Talk X & Y Speed of Sound A Message Low The Hardest Part Swallowed in the Sea Twisted Logic Till Kingdom Come Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends Life in Technicolor Cemeteries of London Lost! 42 Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love Yes!/Chinese Sleep Chant Viva La Vida Violet Hill Strawberry Swing Death and All his Friends/The Escapist Just to show how HARDCORE I am, I easily sung at least one line from every song I listed the moment I typed them down. OH YEAH. So, we know SGU’s 1st season only has 1-word titles. Getting rid of all the multiple-word titles leaves us: Shiver Spies Sparks Yellow Trouble Parachutes Politik Clocks Daylight Amsterdam Talk Low Lost! 42 Yes! Time to put my sleuthing skills to work! Shiver: Uh…doubt it. Just, doubt it. Besides, we’ve already been to Hoth in an earlier episode. Spies: Too blatant. It’s like naming an episode “Murder” or something – also a Coldplay song, actually. Sparks: Finally, SGU tackles the age-long SciFi cliche of sparking bridge consoles when the ship is attacked? Yeah, right. VETO. Yellow: The team explores a planet that is…yellow? Nope. Trouble: Same problem as with “Turn of Events”, if you know what I mean. Parachutes: And maybe the next episode can be called Calculator, or some other mundane noun. NO. Politik: It’s a word Coldplay made up (well, it’s German-inspired), so chances are you’ll get sued by them if you use it. Clocks: See Parachutes. Daylight: sounds nice,… Read more »


Hi Joe,
I’ll take a crack at those episodes. Assuming you’re going with the 1 word names (don’t pull a 2 word trick out of your hat now!), my first picks..
14 -“Denial”
15 – “Gratitude”
16 – Life in Technicolor II!! Haha, not really, I guess – “Trouble”


Let me borrow Chris Judge for a moment. Alright Chris, do your thing.

Previously, on PG15’s blog comments:

“Hey, remember that time when I asked you about Coldplay…Coldplay…Coldplay…”


“I shit you not. It was actually pretty good. ”

“*Laughs a pompous laugh*”


“Time to put my sleuthing skills to work!”


“Carson died”

“Let the sex jokes fly!”

“Joe may know how to use the Internet”

“To be Continued…”

And now, the conclusion.

Thank you, Chris. Cheque’s in the mail.

Right, so there are a TON of Coldplay songs that are not part of the LPs; and they are:

A Ghost
A Spell A Rebel Yell
Bigger Stronger
Brothers and Sisters
Careful Where You Stand
Crest of Waves
Death Will Never Conquer
Easy to Please
For You
Glass of Water
Help is Just Around the Corner
How You See the World (I made a Sheppard fan video set to this song. Just saying)
Hunting High and Low
I Bloom Blaum
I Ran Away
Ladder to the Sun
Life in Technicolor II
No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground
Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground
Ode to Deodorant
One I love
Only Superstition
Postcards from Far Away
Pour Me
Prospekt’s March/Poppyfields
Rainy Day
See You Soon
Sleeping Sun
Such a Rush
The Goldrush
The World Turned Upside Down
Things I Don’t Understand (I made a general SGA fan video set to this song. Just saying)
Where is my Boy

Ok…not many promising cuts from this; really should’ve thought things through before typing all of that out. Huh.

Well, the one-word titles are:



1:36: Same problem as with “42”.

Animals: On the other side of the Universe? PUH-LEEZE.

Gravity: Hmmm…interesting. This could work. It’s also a Star Trek Voyager episode title, so that fits with a lot of other Stargate episode titles.

Harmless: Boooooring episode.

Idiot: Somehow, I doubt this.

Lhuna: Not a real word according to Google. That would be some major sue-age.

Oh my God, I think I just…coined a term. That is brilliant! Sueage! Like Shrinkage, but better because it’s a homophone! Moving on.

Moses: I could understand if this came after “Faith”, but not in this case. Hey, that rhymes kinda.

Murder: Too blatant. It’s like naming an episode “Spies” or something – also a Coldplay song, actually.

Proof: With talk of crimes and divisions and what not, why not? Maybe.

Poppyfields: I don’t think so.

So, my guesses are now: Low, Lost, Gravity, and Proof. Let’s see more of them clues!


Ok, I’m posting this separately since it’s more serious.

Tomorrow is morjana‘s birthday; I’ve never asked for this, but I’ll do it now. Joe, please dedicate tomorrow’s blog entry to her.

She has been a source of Stargate news for the fandom for AGES, and is a great person; she’s been involved in fandoms as far back as the sixties! She’s met pretty much all of the original Star Trek cast. Very cool.

Anyways, she’s kinda dropped off of the radar the last few weeks and nobody knows what happened to her; hopefully it’s just a computer problem though. Whatever it is, I hope she is alright.

otros ojos
otros ojos

Oops, I see that pg15 already came up with the in-depth analysis. *even more sheepish, now*

otros ojos
otros ojos

Re: Episode #16. I’m quite sure that Coldplay’s numero uno fan and noted Stargate enthusiast, pg15, will use both the dogs’ Twitter clues and his knowledge of Chris Martin’s lyrics to come up with the correct answer. My own guess is “Yellow,” which describes McKay and Beckett snarking each other about who’s most scared to approach a very peculiar feature on a new planet. But the color itself will have a deeper significance when — uhhh, nevermind. *sheepish*

“Woodstock North”? Get real. Unless you’re talking about Woodstock 2, which I read was nuthin’ like the real thing, baby. (For 100 points, who first came out with that song?) What you described sounds like SoCal North. The Woodstock documentary gives the impression of some pretty tough slogging, especially with not enough Fritos to go around for those with the munchies, which I guess was everyone who wasn’t high on stuff besides weed. And were you “bleeding inside each others’ wounds,” as the lyrics by, umm, that one chick put it? Not likely!

Anyway . . . . This is like Firefly all over again for me. Two of the best shows of any genre ever; two of the best theme songs ever — really got me stoked for the show; and, well, I guess I should end here, and go watch “Rising” on DVD, for the high of starting it all again. And look forward to the movie and a new series. *sniffles*

otros ojos
otros ojos

And your blog is in a time-distortion field, because my comments are in the wrong order. – Okay, I’m done. *bleats*

Colonel Swede
Colonel Swede

So while looking at today’s picture i noticed that Aliana Huffman had a Lieutenant’s bar on her uniform, so is T.J gonna be a Lieutenant? Or is that just something else then a silver bar?? grin thanks


WOW! get stuck into real life for a bit, lose your PC access and end up stuck with a crappy lappy for internet access, miss a couple of blog posts and apparently the world falls apart.
So whats this about Joe Flanigan?
Whose got broken ribs? Das or Narelle. Why does my browser keep crashing? I’m driving it very carefully :((
When is SGU set to air? when will we get it in the UK? Why can’t it be made available online to satisfy everyone without having to download illegally?
Gee I’m all questions today, must be the weather.

Great video yesterday BTW, Brie and Lulu are too cute together thanks for the laugh.
Its Friday here so have a great weekend everyone smile


I think the Coldplay song for the episode title of 16 is ‘Daylight’. Am I correct? I must say that Alaina Huffman is looking very nice in the picture you posted! What is it like working with her?


I guess episode #16 gets ‘Trouble’ as name.