Kerry informs me I'm not weaseling my way out of this one.
Kerry informs me I'm not weaseling my way out of this one.
Ready to take down the confirmation number with my lucky Tokyo pen.
Ready to take down the confirmation number with my lucky Tokyo pen.
The tickets are booked.  We are both thrilled!
The tickets are booked. We are both thrilled!

Today, I bought tickets to Altar Boyz, a musical production that the Arts Club Theatre describes thusly: “ Watch out ‘N Sync, the Altar Boyz are coming to town! Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham-the gefilte fish out of water-can sing and dance with the best of them, and these heartthrobs want to praise the Lord with funk and rhyme. With lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and “Jesus called me on my cell phone” this irreverent (but never mean-spirited) musical-comedy will wash your soul clean with laughter.”

“Why would you want to go see that?”you may ask. “What, did you lose a bet?”

In fact, yes. Yes, I lost a bet to my co-worker Kerry McDowall and now have to take her to a musical theater production of her choice. And she chose this one. I suppose it could have been worse. We could be going to see…um…we could be going to see…No, I guess it couldn’t get much worse.

I made the call this morning as Kerry looked on from her perch atop the armrest of my couch, a self-satisfied smirk on her face. The Wednesday show was sold out, but fortunately (?) Kerry was able to free up her Monday so I booked tickets for that night.

“You’ve got great seats,”the woman at the other end of the phone assured me. “By the way, how did you hear about us?”

“A – uh – friend – ”I glared over at a delighted Kerry, “ – read about it online.”

“Well great,”said the woman. “You are in for a treat.”

“Looking forward to it,”I croaked and immediately clicked off.

“We should grab something to eat before the show,”Kerry suggested.

I suggested we could meet up somewhere for dinner, then take separate cars to the show – but Kerry immediately shot down the idea. She didn’t want me “getting lost” or experiencing “car trouble”. We would take one car and eat on Granville Island where the show was taking place.

“Is there anything good on Granville Island?”I asked.

“Not any musical theater, that‘s for sure,”quipped Lawren.

Apparently, the show is two hours long. TWO HOURS! That strikes me as a little excessive. The last theatrical production I attended was done inside of an hour! Of course, the show in question was my elementary school production of Tom Sawyer, but I think we can all learn from those sixth graders. Short is sweet!

Today, the onset action shifted from Destiny to the jungles of Stage 1. A mighty heavy day but nothing compared to tomorrow when the skies will open up (or, more accurately, we’ll MAKE the skies open up) to douse our actors in a torrential downpour. Ivon pointed out that when the rain starts, the temperature in that stage drops by about ten degrees. It’s going to get a tad chilly so all of the actors have been fitted with wet suits. For his part, however, actor Jamil Walker Smith is actually looking forward to it, genuinely excited at the prospect of battling the elements. I kid you not.  This guy is hardcore!

Got a call from our agent today. He reports that our pilot script for the comic book concept was well-received. One more call with the company president to pitch out where we see the series going and, if he likes what he have to say, we can start planning our first multi-issue arc. 

64 thoughts on “May 21, 2009: Death By Musical Theater, Into the Jungle, and an Update on the Comic Book Front

  1. First of all, congrats on the well-received comic book pilot.

    I’m already looking forward to seeing the ‘torrential downpour’ on screen 😀

  2. hehe! I must say it serves you right for betting against the Canucks. Can’t wait to read your review of the production. 😉

  3. Just looked up some videos of the Altar Boyz online. (Couldn’t bare to watch them all the way through.)

    My heartfeld sympathy goes out to you Joe, 2 hours of that would make anyone go completely bananas.

    Good luck… You’ll need it. 😛

  4. Hi Joe, you should be a really good sport and buy her the CD, the t-shirt and whatever else they have in the way of souvenirs. Have fun!

    I’m getting a puppy! She’s a tiny Yorkie and her name will be Finnegan. I’ll post a pic when I get her. I’m over the moon 🙂

    Trish and her mom and me and hubby are getting together on Saturday night in Ybor City for some Cuban food and (speaking of musical stuff) a Flamenco show. Should be fun! We’ll take pics there, as well.

    Have a good night, everybody!

  5. Am I the only one imagining a really hideous looking *girl* for the song, “Girl, You Make Me Wanna Wait.” ?

    I think I am going to Hell.

    As Deni B said, Cuban food, Flamenco, family and friends! All happening one night in Y’Bor! I’m quite excited!

    Oh and Joe, I imagine Barney on Ice is probably worse. Or have you ever actually watched an episode of Teletubbies? *shudder*

    So this Monday is *the* day? Good luck!


  6. desert planet, ice planet, jungle planet??? next how about a gas planet? maybe a large alien that lives underground and farts toxic gases into the atmosphere?

    BTW, is there going to be a one name character on SGU? Similar to “Lorne” or “Siler”?

  7. Aw Joe so happy for you, expanding the area of theatre and trying a whole different direction,,huh,hmm, The lat picture above I think its a glazed look you have in your eyes!! I do hope it is enjoyable, remember the earplugs and sunglasses, it might be too loud and bright! ah good reason. You might be asked to write a review for the dogs to post, ya never know.
    Congrats on the pilot script for the comic book! so many irons in the fire, remember not to work too hard and find time to relax.

  8. Congratulations on the comic book pilot script!

    And as to your having to suffer through a musical … Well, you knew it was a possibility when you made the bet and you’ll get no sympathy from those who know that, had you won, there would be no end to the gloating. So suck it up, buttercup. 😉 Who knows, you may even enjoy it.

    And congrats to Deni and the new puppy!

  9. *blinks slowly*

    I took Angelus’ advice and youtubed Alter Boyz. And all I have to say is …have fun trying to stop yourself from giggling (possibly out of insanity) and/or gouging your eyes out with Kerry’s earrings.

    Jamil sounds like a trooper! I think that would be cool too. Unless it went on for hours and hours and I turned into a cold, prune-y drowned rat.

    And congrats on the comic book!

  10. Exciting news about the comic book! Hope all goes well, and you eventually get to see it in print! Maybe I’ll even read it (if there’s an albino, I’ll definitely read it!). 😀

    I’m tired and all snarked out tonight…so gonna give you a break. Just have a nice evening, and take care. 🙂


  11. I think I am beginnning to actually feel sorry for you. And I am definitely loving Kerry’s warped sense of humor, from her making you use your computer to book the tickets, to managing to get a meal out of the deal. Can’t wait to see what your next major bet will be.
    Very exciting about the comic book pitch continuing to move forward. I have every confidence that the comic book president green flag the project, and that we can get our subscriptions in early. Thanks for the as always amusing post.

  12. Hi Joe!

    Congrats on the progress of your comic series! 🙂 🙂

    SG loves to douse its actors, eh? Not that I mind, as you guys hire very attractive actors who look like (as David H. put it) sleek lithe sea-panthers, but I’m sure it’s not fun for them, except for Jamil!

    Regarding fans and their expectations, I recently heard the phrase, “Don’t question their sense of entitlement,” which seems to apply in this situation. Of course, one does not question said sense only if one doesn’t wish to annoy said people. I say QUESTION, DAMMIT!

    Altar Boyz, eh? I hate putting a “z” when the correct spelling has an “s.” I hope the musical is better than their spelling.

    Shout out to Kerry for making you suffer, Joe. I know that isn’t nice, but I, for one, love to see you squirm a little bit! 🙂

    Your dogs got some competition in Animal Twitter cuz apparently there’s some Twittering cat that has over 500,000 followers. Harumph. I love cats, but there ain’t a cat alive that wants 500,000 people looking at him.


    P.S. I do know how to speak/write correctly. I was merely copping an attitude. 🙂

  13. Joe: Speaking of Ivon, the dogs now have more followers on Twitter than he does. They are getting pretty popular there.

    I heard Altar Boyz was pretty good. Almost saw it while it was here in Houston. But even if you like it, you won’t be able to admit it, ever. Kerry is pretty smart. I’d use the “got lost” excuse, although I have been known on rare occasion, when I was completely dreading something, to use my child as an excuse of not being able to go somewhere. Perhaps the dogs getting sick would be a good one. After all, they’ve had a rough patch recently.

  14. Joe, I will pray for you. Not to worry, it does not last 2 hours. The commercial says “90 minutes of pure delight!”.

    I got a puppy too!! A 7 week old beautiful baby Beagle and I am exhausted. Having to puppy proof the house and yard. She is nothing but a biting, chewing, tinkeling, poop machine. Haven’t decided on a name yet. You’d think it was Noooo! or Hey!. Actually, I was thinking about naming her after you Joe. Lozzi (except pronounced Low-zee). But I thought people would ask “what the hell kind of name is that?!” But I think Lozzi is a very cute name and she looks like a Lozzi. It may just stick.

    It has been 18 years since I had a puppy in the house. She is full of energy. She runs through the house sounding like a herd of buffalo, tugging on the shower curtain, dragging rugs around, chewing a puppy milk bone up into a thousand pieces and not eating any of them, stealing socks and shoes, and loves to hear the sound of ripping. She is wonderful!

  15. Hi Joe – Can you just drink – A LOT – before the show starts? Maybe you’ll fall asleep and the two hours will pass quickly (unless Kerry elbows you).

    When you make it “rain, snow, etc” on Stage, how do you control the water, so it doesn’t ruin your sets and equipment??

  16. “The gefilte fish out of water” — oy vey. Still, after listening to you guys singing (please pardon my coughing fit) the SG-1 theme song, I can’t wait to read, a few days from now, that you and some other members of the audience joined the cast on stage for a recap of the main number. With bells on. Literally. Of course, that’s assuming that you have in fact kept up with your New Year’s resolution to drink more, and thanks to Narelle for bringing that up. — Doesn’t that have a codicil or whatever, like, “especially before going to see a musical”? I’d do that for sure, and apologies to those who like musicals; I know they can be excellent entertainment. Oh, also, you gotta find some way to keep a possibly mediocre dinner from prejudicing you against the show.

    *pumps arm while cheering, “Way to go, Kerry!”*

  17. Listening to the radio on my home from work tonight (in the Los Angeles area), they were taking a poll on whether the Vancouver Olympic Torch looked more like a joint or a “flaming pregnancy test” and the pregnancy test was winning….

  18. How different is the hulu version of Children of the Gods from the new dvd version that’s coming out? Or is this something only MGM deals with and not something the producers deal with?

  19. I am constantly in awe of your villains collection in your office. How many do you have? Are they all villains? And do you clean them? thanks!

  20. BTW, I hope you used your Amex “Front-of-the-Line” option to get those tickets and not any over-priced scalped version…?

    Oh, and you can pretty much bet that Kerry will be buying a T-shirt for Fondy’s Christmas stocking! Or perhaps for the Dogs… Hmmm, maybe you should buy a shirt for Ashleigh?

    And ATTENTION – ALL THOSE READERS LIVING IN THE AREA WHERE THIS THEATRE IS: You should all camp [in white vans of course] out front and wait for Joe and Kerry’s arrival!! Get those cameras flashing! Twitter the Dogs with all the “latest” happenings. And, maybe keep an eye on his car…

  21. i liked your comments on the character qualities of the hero and the bad guy.
    “…I am a fan of grey, characters who fall somewhere off-center between good and evil – the broken anti-hero, the charismatic and admirable adversary. In other words, protagonists with a hint of darkness and antagonists with a touch of honor.”

    bad guys with good parts seem more real, or maybe i just find them more interesting. complete evil has always been a puzzle to me. no depth, no texture, all surface. nothing unexpected, except the depths of depravity. we try to make sense of it, but can’t because its so outside our own experience or imagination. and because its so bland?, banal?predictable? that i can never seem to get into it, or care. i dont like horror movies, i think because of this. (also, they freak me out and then i cant sleep. for like decades)

    but bad guys with hidden parts, ideals or actions that are more like my own are seductive. he’s not suppose to be like me, act like me and if he does what does that mean? we are alike? thats one of the main questions being asked about Sheppard and Todd. whats the weird story in the news? twins with different fathers?

    Usually in the movie/tv entertainment areas, badguys are almost always men. very few people i know would be turned on by Freddie Kruger or Charles Manson. but as a woman, i admit that i have found some of the bad guys sexy and desirable. i know that they choose these actors not just for their looks but also for their acting. and there are some characters that are never attractive, no matter how attractive the actor is. but… can find yourself looking for any redeeming qualities, ” a touch of honor”, and it seems to give you permission to hope. and lust.

    if you remember the book, “Shards of Honor” by Lois McMaster Bujold, i would submit that this is the classic case of antagonist with admirable qualities. so much so that the man and the woman, on opposite sides of the war , compromise and become the parents of Miles Vorkosigan. i found myself rooting for this couple a lot, but it was the male i was fascinated by, watching and hoping that there was a future for him.

  22. @Narelle from Aus: LMAO! Creative combo there. Entertaining, oh yes, even (or perhaps especially 😉 ) if possibly X-rated for language or who knows what. (And who could possibly guess, coming from Joe, Baron Destructo, Cookie Monster, etc.?)

  23. @Sparrow_hawk: Thank you! I can’t wait till a week from tomorrow 🙂

    @Ponytail: Did we get puppy fever? Congrats!

    @Trish: Can’t wait to get out of this two-horse town tomorrow…aaaggghhhh.

  24. Hello Joe……..has anyone ever told you that you
    look kind of like John Stagliano..the world
    famous pornographer…known to his many fans
    by his stage/nickname “Buttman”.

  25. I’m nearly finished re-watching season 1 of Atlantis. Listening to the commentary for “The Eye” it sounds like everyone had “fun” in the rain on that shoot. Are wet shoots like a rite of passage for first season Stargate inductees?

    Also, during the first season of Atlantis, and especially in the first episode, there was a big thing made of the Wraith being able to make humans see things that weren’t really there. I can’t recall that particular plot device being used ever again.

    Was it a concious decision to do away with projected Wraith visions in later seasons of Atlantis or did the writers just forget about that ability?

  26. Hi again Mr M!

    Belated thanks for your kind repsonses re: Hols and BOTM.

    Delighted to hear Lulu in good form and am enjoying the tweets from the dogs!!

    Great to hear such good reports re: SGU.

    By the by, any sign of that Joel Goldsmith Q and A??

    RE: Muscicals : you know you could sneak in a blue-tooth earpiece connected to your cell phone, and tune into a podcast/radio station / audio book??? (Kerry will never know!)

    Best to all


  27. *sniffle, sneeze* Bugger! Great news on the comic book front *waves pom-poms*

  28. G’day Joe

    Congrats on the comic book script. Another hurdle overcome
    Wish you all the best with it.

  29. 2 hours….how long can that be?

    You’ll live, might even enjoy yourself (you will be in fine company), & at least glean a great blog out of it.

  30. Oh yeah! And MEGA congrats on the comic book series! I can’t believe I forgot to say that.

    @Ponytail: Congrats on your new puppy! 😀 😀 😀 A beagle? You are brave. Very, very brave. I think *red bull* or *energizer bunny* are great names for beagles. But maybe that’s just me. For dogs I stick to the big white fluffy rugs. Although Ziggy’s more of a big, white fluffy body pillow on the couch. He’s not SUPPOSED to be on the couch but we keep finding him there. 🙄 He does chew but really not too bad. Oh! I suggest a kennel for your puppy if you don’t have one. I’ve put all my dogs in a kennel (or a crate) as puppies. Ziggy’s is still up and sometimes we find him sleeping in there. Even though we never put him in there anymore. I’m glad my dogs aren’t the only ones who seem to chew up their dog bones into millions of pieces and not eat any of them. What is THAT about?


  31. Altar Boyz eh?



    Ever thought of having someone from Makeup paint eyes on your eyelids so you can sleep through it with Kerry being none the wiser?

    Have uh…a great weekend Joe! Keep looking forward to Monday!

    And congrats on the comic book concept!

  32. Hi Joe,
    Its me. I’m standing at an internet kiosk at a hotel. Just checking in and saying hi. lol, have fun at the musical. Actually, I just saw the lion last night. First brodway play. Cool

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  33. Hi Joe,

    Why dont you get Kerry to drive you on Monday night then at least you could indulge in some medicinal alcohol consumption. That and perhaps a discretely hidden ipod.
    Who knows, it might even inspire you to write SGA the musical – Robert Davi could reprise his role a Koyla!

    Re the downpown, it really shouldnt bother Robert too much, as a Scot he will be used to that kind of weather – so a bit of a home from home for him.

  34. Joe, I think it’s great your tryng new things. You may just turn me on to comic books, not being into comic books myself, because you are about to embark on publishing not just one but a series, I will most definitely read yours and who knows I may expand on that. Who knows I may just enjoy them. So, enjoy the musical you may be pleasantly surprised.

  35. Oh no ha ha ha

    Good luck with that one. You could always smuggle in an iPod and create your own soundtrack to go with the show.

  36. I CAN’T WAIT to read your reaction to Altar Boyz. (FWIW, I’ve never seen it but my friends have and they really liked it.)

    And it could’ve been worse. Two words: Mamma Mia.

  37. Rain! Dark and stormy planet, by any chance, or is the Destiny just experiencing some, er, plumbing issues?

    Some comments on I Remember the Future (better late than never, yes?): I loved this book! One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about the BOTM club is that it includes short story collections, something I didn’t used to read a lot of. Man, have I been missing out.

    My favourite stories in this collection were those making up the Broken Symmetry series — I loved the idea of parallel universes influencing each other, and the look at some of the resultant consequences of their interaction. If we are the sum of our experiences, it makes sense that alternate versions of ourselves might not be very similar to the people we are today. Jack’s quest to find a replacement for Daniel was doomed to failure from the start, and I liked that we got to see Jack understand that through his meeting with Paula. And to be honest, I didn’t have a problem with Paula’s desire to go out with Jack even once she became suspicious. I figured Paula wanted to pump Jack for information without letting on that she knew something was up — dinner in a crowded restaurant surrounded by others seems like a good place to do that. Just my two cents. *shrug*

    I also really loved the final story in the series — one universe desperately trying to re-establish contact only to learn that they might well be killing their universe more quickly in the process. Man, universe break-ups really up the relationship stakes, huh?

    And with humble apologies to author Michael A Burstein, I can’t deny that a little of my love for this series is due to the bromance overtones in the Jack – Daniel relationship.

    I also really enjoyed reading TeleAbsence and TelePresence. Both stories make interesting observations about education, not least of which is that we need both more Tony’s and Miss Ellis’s in the world. Teaching is a two way street — if the kids don’t want to learn, then the best teacher in the world is not going to help them. At the same time, kids who are desperate to learn need a Miss Ellis in their corner, to fight for them and for their future. I’ll admit it felt a bit odd to read the second story right after the first. The first has such a positive end, the second is a definite downer. No matter how safe we think we are, if someone is bound and determined to hurt others, they will find a way. I liked the contrast between Tony and the evil kid genius (whose name escapes me at the moment, sorry). One fought to use technology because he realized/appreciated the good it could do for himself and others, the other seizing power through that same technology for his own ends. The benefit derived from any new technology is dependent on the motivations of the end user…

    Decisions irritated me, with aliens judging humanity for their future potential. I mean, who gave the aliens the right to decide what species had the right to spread out among the stars? It reminds me a little too much of arguments right here on Earth: lock up all the ignorant savages — let them do whatever they want to one another safe there in their little island prison while we civilized people get on with more important things like exploring the world. Just, no. It’s never that simple.

    On the other hand, I enjoyed Sanctuary. I found the words and sentiments expressed in the story very familiar — a lot were words I’d grown up hearing all through my childhood. I especially liked the ending, which makes the whole battle about something other than what it started out as. The priest was not the only pawn in this story…

    I had never heard of the General Slocum disaster, so Times Ablaze was an interesting read. I did think the romance between the protagonist and the time traveller felt a little…convenient at first, but I loved the ending of the story. I kind of want to read the sequel, to see how things turned out for the happy couple. For one thing, how happy were the time traveller’s people to see history brought forward? Okay, so they didn’t violate history, and all, but I bet there was still some serious head-shaking going on in the future!

    One final note: the cover for this collection is outstanding! I loved the mix of colours, and the design. And the picture — terror and beauty in one shot — just gorgeous.

    Question for Mr Burstein (am I too late? He’s a reader of the blog, right?):

    When is the novel coming out? 🙂

  38. Deni and Trish- I’ve been to that place in ybor city, it’s wonderful, try the sangria, they make it home made. And deni, g-ville is not a 2 horse town—— it’s a 3 HORSE town! I love conastoga resturant in alaucha ( sp.?) , on main street. You’all have a nice dinner, is trish going to LA con. in Nov? I hope i’m not alone for 3-4 days there! Is anyone going? Anyone? if you are in orlando- doesn’t trish live there?- i could meet you 2 , i live 2 hours from there, my daughter goes to UCF. I’m home all boreing summer. What do you guys think? Who else is in Fl. that could meet? Hey joe, i DID NOT get a shout out for my b-d on the 18th hint hint, i am getting antsy without most of our sci-fi shows, oct. needs to hurry up and get here! ANNE T. how are ya doing? Give us an update, i miss ya. Nice w’e to all. Sheryl.

  39. That third pic looks like some sort of Cialis ad or something….not that I am implying anything. Just funny looking how it turned out with the lighting and focus.

  40. @Deni B.: Yes, I have had the fever for over a year, just finally put my apprehension aside and got a new dog. Yorkies are very cute and sweet. My neighbor has 5! I just step outside my front door and they start barking in their house. How do they know??

    @Trish: While at work, the puppy is in my kitchen. It is fairly big and has two entrances. My mom’s card table blocks one entrance, boxes block the other. I asked her just last night if she liked the color of her card table or if she might like a different color. Lozzi has been chewing on it trying to make a great escape! My mom said “I bet the damage isn’t that bad”. Hey mom – it is! But the kitchen has never been cleaner as I clear it out and clean the floor everyday before I use it.

    I keep her in a crate? during the night. I always called it a carrier. It is pretty big because it belonged to my Golden Retriever. I think dogs feel safe in those and I don’t want a puppy running around at night. Heck I’d sleep there if I was a dog. Soft bed, dark, cave-like, protective door.She has settled in very nicely to it.

    She is trying to get me trained. I must go straight home each day after work. No computer time unless she is napping, otherwise she will keep trying to chew on the cord. (I think I’ve got that problem about fixed). She naps in my chair, while I sit on the floor in front of it. How twisted is that! We go outside to poop, but she always saves it for when we come back in! But she is so darn cute!

  41. @Ponytail: Had to laugh when you said you’ve always called it a carrier. I can literally fit into Ziggy’s! 😯 It’s not small enough for me to carry anywhere. I guess they are carriers, though. I’ve heard them called crates or kennels, too. I think dogs feel safe in them, too. And I’ve often felt like crawling in there myself! 😆 Good luck with her. She is adorable, I am sure. 🙂

    @Sheryl: I live in Tampa. But I went to MegaCon this year in Orlando. Are you going to Creation Con in California in November? I’m not going to that one. As of yet I don’t know anyone who is going to that one. But I know you won’t be alone. Ha ha. Lots of fans will be there. 🙂 I know that’s not the same thing. Mackenziesmomma (who posts on here sometimes) went last year and had a great time. So I know you’ll have fun.

    I am so hungry! I must find something to eat.

  42. Joe, my sincere condolences for what you have to bare. Little advice; when betting, make sure it’s something you know you can win…

    On another note, where did the costume department pick up Joe Flanigan’s leather jacket that he was wearing since season 4 (I think)? Or is it his own?

    Anyway, good luck. We’ll see you on the other side.


    Oh man, this is priceless. Sorry Joe, but I have no sympathies. It’s what you get for betting against the Canucks. Still, it warms my heart to know that, I’ll be enjoying a hilarious account of this after it’s over.

    Hey, maybe as revenge you can be the worst play-goer ever? Bring some hard candy and unwrap them veeeeeery slooooooowly during the play; cough a lot; laugh the loudest when things are supposed to be funny; whatever it takes to get you thrown out. It’ll be worth it.

    Congratulations on the comic book sell!


    How do freelance writers pitch for a new show when only the existing writers know the details of what the show is about? Or do these freelancers receive detailed info on the show before they get to pitch?

  44. One question.

    If O’neill died in Window of Opportunity, and then the Time loop started again, would O’neill come back to life or would he remain dead?

    ( This was actually a friends question when we were talking about time loops)

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  45. @Namiko: Or it could be even worse, Two words: American Idol. Will be in Vancouver BC on July 8th I believe. That is musical theater, isn’t it? Just joking. I’m a big AI fan, but I’m guessing Joe is not.

  46. @ mackenziesmomma, are you going to creation con this year, cause i’m going to need company, trish says you went last year, how was it? Any tips for me? It’s in Nov. in LA. thanks, Sheryl

  47. One more call with the company president to pitch out where we see the series going and, if he likes what he have to say, we can start planning our first multi-issue arc.


  48. Hey Joe,

    So nice to know that you are going to be celebrating MY birthday this Monday in fine style. I think you’re going to find the Altar Boyz zurprizingly entertaining. I predict an entire post with zzzzzz’z.

    Meanwhile in my Monday timezone I’ll be having Mexican with my friends. Hmmm…..nachos with extra jalapenos and tacos. Coolies, can’t wait.

    So remember Joe Monday 25th May = Chev’s birthday
    I even thoughtfully wrote it on your calendar.

    Cheers, Chev

  49. LOL, the related posts crack me up sometimes:

    Ice Cube’s “Good in the Hood”
    Magazine publisher abandons gay lifestlye

    Cheers, Chev

  50. Was this one of those shows where the actors go into the audience and stay in character just before intermission?

    It creeps me out when they do that. I don’t have a good reason for feeling that way, but that’s just how it is.

  51. Moozicals? Ugh.

    I am the proud NON owner of any musical dvds (except the 68 movie of JCSS). I have kids too. I should feel guilty.. but I don’t.

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