Carl: "This better be good."
Carl: “This better be good.”

Tuna appetizer
Tuna appetizer
Short ribs
Short ribs
Carl gives the food the thumbs up.
Carl gives the food the thumbs up.
Green tea opera cake
Green tea opera cake

Well damn. Looks like I’m on the clock tonight. I forgot my power cord at work meaning I only have as long as my laptop battery lasts to get this entry out. According to the power meter: 45 minutes. So, today in broad strokes:

Stage 4 = Destiny set = Robert Cooper directing the Day #1 of Time.

Air III = Director’s cut = David Blue = Hilarious!

Dailies = Robert Carlyle = Blistering Performance!

Production office = Chat with Jamil Walker Smith = laid back and intense behind the camera, dark and intense in front of the camera.

Prepping Justice = Brad Wright producing/Will Waring directing.

Stargate Extinction = Still unread.

Dinner tonight = Market = Carl’s treat as a thank you for the chocolate party invitation = Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna with Citrus Sriracha Emulsion = Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Passion Mustard and Avocado = Soy Glazed Short Ribs with Apple-Jalapeno Puree and Rosemary Crumbs = Green Tea Opera Cake.



DasNdanger writes: “I was referring to the similarities between Shep and Todd (’you’re more like Wraith than you know’), and whether or not that idea is carried over into how the characters are written… are they considered to be doppelgangers – is Todd Sheppard’s ‘twin’ – and if so, is his presence an omen that something bad is going to happen?”

Answer: There is a definite sense that Sheppard and Todd are two sides of the same coin although I can’t really say whether this is foremost in our minds when writing the characters and their relationship. I’ve often said that I’m less a fun of black and white than I am a fan of grey, characters who fall somewhere off-center between good and evil – the broken anti-hero, the charismatic and admirable adversary. In other words, protagonists with a hint of darkness and antagonists with a touch of honor.

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “So how is Lulu doing any better? The meds working?”

Answer: Lulu is much better. Thanks for asking. She’s over her touch of pneumonia and ever since I’ve started hand-feeding her, she’s stopped her daily vomiting as well.

PB Mom writes: “I tweeted Lexa, when she tweeted that she visited you today, that your dogs were now tweeting and they were hoping to get 1000 followers by the end of the month. She put a link to them in a message she tweeted so I hope the dogs get a jump in followers. Lexa has a LOT of followers.”

Answer: She’s a sweetheart. I’ve always been a big fan.

Luis writes: “I recently watched the episode “FULL Alert” SG-1 The truck That O’Niell is taking the beer out of is that his personnel or a prop???”

Answer: Don’t recall but safe to say it was probably a prop.

Lexa writes: “Oh, and I’m now officially following your dogs on Twitter – they’re far more erudite than you give them credit for.”

Answer: They thank you for your support. Lulu intends to dedicate her first published collection of poetry to you.

Paloosa writes: “Now that there are several episodes under everyone’s belts, are the actors and their characters nuancing where the stories are going?”

Answer: So far, they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the story and character developments.

Wandering Wolf writes: “Could you please settle an argument between a few friends of mine and let us know what episode number Earth is now in SGU?”

Answer: 7.
Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Keep meaning to ask…Any Summer hols planned?”

Answer: Maybe Montreal for a week.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Gateway was amazing, I agree. Believe it or not, I’ve never read Camp Concentration.”

Answer: I highly recommend it. One of my top ten favorites.

Karen writes: “So, when Michael was in your office you asked him to do a
Q & A and he agreed? Right?”

Answer: I have asked him in the past and he was receptive to the idea, but having recently completed a Q&A for his official site, I think it would be best to wait a while before asking him to do another.

Shirt ‘n Tie also writes: “Had a thought recently, would you ever consider putting a “Classic” on the BOTM selection?”

Answer: I’ve considered it, but I like the Q&A aspect of the book of the month club. It allows established authors to shed light on their work and career and also offers a spotlight opportunity for less well-known writers.

Antisocialbutterflie writes: “ How often do you come up with an idea for a script and find out that someone else has already written a slightly different version of the story?”

Answer: A lot. One of the things I look forward to in my retirement is to never again having to hear the words “Star Trek already did it”.

Ruffles writes: “1. The Stargate movies have identified themselves with the franchise (Stargate: Extinction, Stargate: Continuum) instead of with their specific show (SG-1, Atlantis). Is that an attempt to reach a larger audience?

2. In Outcast, Nancy mentioned a man named Grant. Is he her husband? Any plans for her to appear in the movie?

3. If you could chang one episode of season 5, what would it be and why?”

Answers: 1. Nope. I just think that Stargate: Extinction sounds better than Stargate Atlantis: Extinction. Also, it’s in keeping with the titles of the preceding movies.

2. Don’t recall. I believe he was her boyfriend.

3. No sense in second-guessing yourself. Unless you have a time machine. Uh, you don’t have a time machine, do you?

Matt writes: “1. Is SGU being written like most popular tv shows around now such as 24, Prison Break, Lost, Heroes etc, where each episode ends in a cliffhanger giving us all something to think about with it carrying on or tied into the following episode.

2. When can we expect to see some more promotional and behinds the scenes photography and videos for SGU?”

Answers: 1. It won’t be as arc-driven as the shows mentioned. That said, it will certainly be more arc-driven than the previous two Stargate series. We’re trying to strike a nice balance between the two – a show that develops its characters, their relationships, and an overall story while, at the same time, proving accessible to first-time viewers or those who may only join us several episodes into the season.

2. No idea. This one is a studio and network call.

Haina writes: “Will we be privy to your short story perhaps? Will you be getting it published or something? I love sci-fi short stories. (If you are writing a sci-fi one.)”

Answer: Yes, the story will be published (unless my editor was pulling my leg) in a forthcoming 2010 anthology. It possesses certain SF elements…

Dovil writes: “However, there is of course a difference between expressing this on a personal journal and turning up on your doorstep with a list of demands and holding your dogs hostage. There is a difference between wording something to you as “I was disappointed when…” and “You should, you have to, you must do, x” when it comes to storylines. There is a difference between realising that this might just boil down to the fact that the story being told is no longer the one that a viewer wants to hear and the umbilical cord needs to be cut, and hey, this can be difficult when it’s not just about losing a tv show, it’s about losing the community that surrounds it when you’ve gone off the deep end to be an internet fan.”

Answer: Funny you should post as I was going to use you as an example of a someone who has clearly been unhappy with the direction the show took and expressed their opinion in a take-no-prisoners, snarky and amusing, occasionally way waaaaay wrong, but reasoned manner. I disagree with certain of your arguments but I respect them nonetheless. This is in marked contrast to other individuals whose critiques read like nothing more than negativity for negativity’s sake. It’s like someone has forgotten to switch them off auto-pilot.

Dovil also writes: “I think it also can become problematic when fans reactions obviously DO influence the writing of a show: case in point Carson’s return (or at least I believe that because certain fans became organised and protested, it was a major factor of the character coming back). Sometimes being loud and entitled gets you what you want.”

Answer: You can call Carson’s return more of a “perfect storm” of events. Sure, it was great to see he had much support among fans, but that alone would not have been enough to secure his return.

40 thoughts on “May 20, 2009: GottaMakeThisFast!

  1. Hi Joe
    First part of entry= huh?
    Me= tired cause I have to fall asleep and wake up in 2 1/2 hours to drive in a bus for 10 hours to new york. Goodnight everyone. Thanks for making the effort to post anways even though you had little power in your laptop.

  2. I am frustrated at the low level tech being used in Stargate Universe, here click on this link the military in the US are using energy weapons : -‘

    And in Malaysia we are using electric guns manufactured in China, the electric guns have one short coming, they can only be effective up to 15 metre to shock and subdue or stun, however increasing the charge can kill a person, Malaysian police has killed a few political dissedents by using this method. The electric gun used by Malaysian police is also lethal at stun level at the 3 metre space, if it is too near, if it is too far the electric gun will not be able to stun the victim, effective up to 15 metre only, the electric charge can be increased but accuracy is only 15 metre if further away the gun might shoot someone else. The gun looks like a normal gun but uses a hydrogen battery. Most Malaysian police force carry it.

  3. You know… you say you’re not going to Twitter, but the first part of your post seems almost Twittery. Maybe that’s where Twitter came from — dying batteries.

    Count yourself lucky that all your dogs do is Twitter. My cat apparently bought $50 in cell phone minutes when she went prancing across my keyboard earlier this evening. $%# cat typing.

    Guess I could use the extra minutes though. I’ll need them for job-hunting. I was laid off today from the job that I’ve had for 17 years. The reality of that hasn’t quite hit me, but I guess it will when I return from my (previously-scheduled) vacation in the land where Victoria Day is not celebrated, and have no job to go back to. @%$# economy.

    – KB

  4. 45 minutes? what did you do with the other theoretical 8 hours or so of the battery’s life? Still, serendipity that I happen to still be up when you posted. I’m glad to see you recouping some of your investment in the chocolate party by way of free dinners. How many more such outings will you be able to squeeze out of the attendees, do you think? (Not that you would ever be so crass as to cold-bloodly calculate such a thing, just a hypothetical question).
    Universe sounds ever more intriguing, though with months yet to go, I hope the PTB appreciate your wholehearted flogging of the show. Thanks for the update, and now off to finish wrestling my iPod into submission…

  5. Hi, I hope I”m not to late for questions for Michael Burstein.

    1. Please tell us about your writing process. Do you come up with an idea and plan it out in detail or do you just start writing and see where it takes you?

    2. Do you have any writing secrets? For instance, Stephen King says he likes to listen to rock music when he writes. Other writes like to work in the morning. Others like to work late at night. Do you have a routine or is it just when the inspiration hits you?

    3. Do you have any advice for writers just starting out?

  6. Thank you for answering my question yesterday, Joe! It was great to read your perspective on an issue that many writers seem to face–and you do it with such grace and poise and charm…yeah, I think that should be thick enough to keep me out of the entitled club. For now. ^_^ And thank you fellow posters for weighing in on the subject, too. This was fun, maybe I’ll have to come out from lurking in the bushes more often! 😀

  7. This week has been ruff. I’ve worked 40+ hours, have a teenager staying with me till his dad is out of the hospital, and 4 of my animals have passed on. 2 were bunnies that had just been rescued from the dog, 1 was a little chic that a vulture swooped down and grabbed, and the last was another chic that the dog grabbed while I was burring the bunnies. (yes the dog is still alive but he is avoiding me) Just when I think I can’t give anymore I walk into the house and there before me is the complete DVD collection of SG-1 from my dad’s girlfriend. It is just the distraction that I need. Thanks Joe for being apart of such a great show.

  8. I think the anonymity of the internet tends to exacerbate people’s otherwise temperate feelings about a show, favorite writer, whatever. The notion that you can type to your heart’s discontent is a rather appealing idea. As such one might just get giddy with the chance to rail on incessantly about things, just for the sake of it.

  9. Yesterday Joe wrote, “Maintaining an internet presence has its rewards (as evidenced by the many, many wonderful people who frequent this blog) but it also makes you a convenient target for those terminal grumps seeking an outlet for their pent up aggression. And what better place than the arena of anonymity offered by the worldwide web.”

    Guilty. I know in the past there have been a few times before I wrote a comment I thought to myself, “can they trace this? Could they find me? Is this enough information about myself that my neighbor or co-worker might recognize me?” That’s not good. I have to occasionally remind myself this is your personal blog not a complaint station. I read this blog for more than a year before finally commenting and now you can’t shut me up. Sorry about that.

    But I must say Joe, if me and the rest of your fans didn’t love your blog, your Stargate shows, your job, your dogs, your appetite, your writings, you would not have any comments because no one would care enough to comment. Success has it’s rewards, but you have to expect the negativity that will come too. In my old age I’ve come to the conclusion the negativity is what keeps you honest and humble, and rethinking what you are doing.

    In thanksgiving of my anonymity, I will respect your blog and stop complaining.

  10. “Dovil also writes: “I think it also can become problematic when fans reactions obviously DO influence the writing of a show: case in point Carson’s return (or at least I believe that because certain fans became organised and protested, it was a major factor of the character coming back). Sometimes being loud and entitled gets you what you want.”

    Answer: You can call Carson’s return more of a “perfect storm” of events. Sure, it was great to see he had much support among fans, but that alone would not have been enough to secure his return.”

    This is something I’ve had a problem with for a long time. Are you saying that, if the fans didn’t get on TV, Carson wouldn’t have returned? It was my understanding that was the case; the producers only bought Carson back because a sign was seen on American nation TV. Forgive me if I’m wrong, I wasn’t involved in the SCB.

    Also, I’m not sure if this comment was approved, but I asked previously about the strange beam from the wraith ship in Letters From Pegasus. What does it do?



  11. I stupidly watched Momento on a laptop with no power cable. Sorry, I need to correct that. I had a power cable but was on a 20 foot Clipper boat and didn’t have any power. The laptop died 5 minutes before it finished. Did I miss anything?

    Joe wrote:

    Answer: A lot. One of the things I look forward to in my retirement is to never again having to hear the words “Star Trek already did it”.

    Hehehehehehehe. You should pity the next generation of Sci Fi writers who will also have 15+ years of Stargate storylines to try and not be like. Was that English?

    Glad to hear Lulu is getting better.

    We had Ralph at the vet today because he’d snapped his lower canine and had a good 2mm of nerve poking out the top. We wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t been leaving behind a small swimming pool of drool everywhere he went. That’s what happens when you try and rip fence palings off that have been reinforced with wire. Lesson learnt? We hope so. Meanwhile he’s watching magic elves dance through the loungeroom from the MetaCam.

    Have a good blog-free night!

  12. Coucou =) ça va? Vous avez passer une bonne journée sgu! c’est génial!!!

    Je ne serais pa pésente jusqu’a Dimanche soir car mon cheri vient à la maison. J’espere que je ne vais pas raté beaucoup de new de sgu^^!!

    A plus =) Bisou!

  13. Hey Joe,

    I have to agree that Stargate: Extinction sounds better than Stargate Atlantis: Extinction.

    If the script is still unread to you have any idea of when it might be read? And is there any educated guess on when filming might begin for the movie? Also, about how long would filming the movie take?

    Glad to hear Lulu is doing better.


  14. I’m so glad to hear that Lulu is doing better!

    So, my QOTD is just a quick one- what has Baron Destructo been up to these days?

    I just ask because in my bid to be evil today, I started a debate in English on the topic of bastarcized languages(spanglish, tex-mex, etc) with the professor and brought up the whole “British English” vs “American English” vs “Canadian English” bit. Got him quite heated when I discussed “Zed” versus “Zee” (apparently he’s a “Zee” hold out) and throughly confused my fellow students while explaining the Greek root “meta”.

  15. Hi Joe,

    How many episodes of SGU has Peter DeLuise directed so far? I know about Fire, but you mentioned others yesterday.

    Also, have you tried the Tuna Tataki at the Cactus Club Cafe? If yes, what do you think about it?

  16. Would you know when the Asian festival kicks off in Vacouver My Wife and I she is Thai would like to plan our trip to visit friends to coincide with the Festival…thanks.

  17. I tried my hand at a matcha cake, inspired by your fondness for Green Tea Opera Cake.

    It was a winner.

  18. Wow! You’ve outdone yourself this past couple of days with the mailbag answers. And you answered a question which I had wondered about too when Shirt ‘n Tie asked about why you don’t put “classic” books on the BotM list. You’ve introduced me to a lot of wonderful new authors (and renewed my interest in some I read many years ago). I love the Q&A part of the BotM club. Since most of my friends don’t read much SciFi I appreciate having the chance to share thoughts about the books with you and the other bloggers. People here bring very interesting viewpoints to the discussion of the books and often look at things in ways I never thought off. That, and having the authors stop by to answer questions, really enhances my enjoyment of the books.

    I’m glad Lulu is finally better.

    Now I’m off the the airport to pick up my mother who is back from her trip to Florida. The flight appears to have left on time, but I expect to get a good bit of Elric reading done while I wait in the cell-phone lot.

  19. You can call Carson’s return more of a “perfect storm” of events. Sure, it was great to see he had much support among fans, but that alone would not have been enough to secure his return.

    Please don’t tell me that the shippers’ Penguin campaign was for nothing. 🙁

  20. I’ll track down Camp Concentration and add it to the pile.

    “Answer: I’ve considered it, but I like the Q&A aspect of the book of the month club. It allows established authors to shed light on their work and career and also offers a spotlight opportunity for less well-known writers.”

    And we thank you. 🙂

    You note to Ruffles, “Uh, you don’t have a time machine, do you?”

    I’ve been working on one for years…

  21. See, Joe…how much more sense your answers make when you actually read the question! 😉

    Thanks for your comments, and I appreciate it. I think the ‘two sides of the same coin’ aspect is something fans enjoy (since it just seems so obvious that these two are VERY much alike), but we (well, I) also prefer that ‘gray area’ character – it’s how I like my ‘heroes’.

    Problem here is that Todd is my hero, not Sheppard. Sheppard SHOULD be the guy I care about because he’s that tortured anti-hero type I love so much – and he’s awfully cute – but my sympathies lie too strongly with the Wraith and their situation (and – despite my gushing – it is NOT about their appearance…that’s just an added bonus 😉 ). Of course Todd, too, is tortured in the choices and changes he’s forced to make, just to stay alive. ‘Each in our own way, we suffer!’ God, that line so won me over! 😀

    Of course, you probably see Todd’s suffering as well-deserved because he’s the bad guy, whereas I see him as totally justified in fighting for his life and the continued existence of his kind. In this he is a hero…even if he does have his own trickstry plans up his sleeve (as if the Lanteans don’t 🙄 ), but that’s also what we love about him. We know he’s busy in his mind with his own agenda, even as he does his very best to charm the pants off of Shep & Co. (Well…maybe not pants…but certainly a shirt or two, just to make it easier to get to that oh-so-scrumptious life-force!)

    Yeah – I’m still at the ‘Wraith deserve to live’ stage…probably why I tried to save as many of those ants that invaded my fax machine, instead of spraying them with Raid (btw – cinnamon is a pretty good deterrent ! It works, and smells great! No more ants!).

    Anyhoo…now that you guys have me reading Moorcock, I feel even more strongly about it. If the Lanteans/humans represent Law, and the Wraith Chaos…well…you have to find and maintain the balance or everything is thrown out of whack. (Actually…in this case maybe the Lanteans represent Chaos because they certainly have screwed everything up since arriving in the PG! ) So…I’d love to see that balance found and maintained between Wraith and human existence. You can’t have one without the other or…well…suddenly the story is just this huggy-kissy ‘the humans won…again!’ idealistic love fest. But to find a way to keep the ‘bad’ along with the good…well, it’s just more thought-provoking, imho.

    That’s why I was up for an alternative food source, but just as it suggests…an alternative. Not a replacement as happened in S5. Replacement just changes Wraith into cranky green humans in spiffy leather coats (and then everything would become black and white), whereas an alternative allows them to choose…and it’s that choice that would keep them interesting and maintain the human/Wraith dynamic, while allowing that relationship to finally evolve and move forward. I mean…none of us (crazy Wraith worshippers) want to see Todd & Co. neutered. 😉 But we also don’t want to see them dead…well, at least not the two of us who have stuck around and haven’t jumped headlong into that fan fic fantasy world. (Right, Sparrow? It’s just you and me now…) Not sure you’ll ever get them back, even for the movie…unless, of course, Todd punches Rodney in the face and snogs Keller…right in front of everyone!

    Sheppard: “Ewwww! That’s just not right!”

    Woolsey: “I know. He did it to me once…”

    Okay, not sure where I was going with that… 😕 I know…I’m rambling. I guess I’m sounding like one of those ‘entitled fans’ again. Sorry. Blame it on a good night’s sleep, and beautiful weather. 😛

    Have a great day! Give the pups a kiss for me! I miss Ashleigh! I hope she’s up to her usual tricks! 🙂


  22. Well, I’m off to Singapore for three weeks! I’ll miss reading your blog while I’m over there.

  23. Wow, I have not commented in a long time.

    Just wanted to let you know that if you pick The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks (one of the five finalists for the Gemmel Award—which is up against Joe Abercrombie which I refuse to split my vote) I know he will be glad to answer your questions…he in a fit of exhaustion asked me to be his moderator on his NING site…I know he would be thrilled…btw I actually started a BOTM on his site in homage to you and the fact that I LOVE BOOKS! I even got an ARC of Best Served Cold (which i am inhaling right now)…I am jealous of Brent because he might go to the award ceremony and have a pint with Joe! =(
    Anway—thank you! If it wasn’t for you making The Blade Itself a BOTM pick I would not have fallen in love with fantasy again which would mean I never read Brent’s trilogy and I would not have this awesome opportunity to moderate his site and help create the writer forum there.
    One more thing…The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett is another book you should check out.
    Thanks again!

  24. Hello to Michael A. Burstein. I really enjoyed I Remember the Future for what has already been discussed, the intelligent and thought-provoking ideas and the class science fiction concepts that you have placed in a theoretical “science fact” frame. Congratulations on all of the nominations and like Joe says I am sure it is only a matter of time before you win the big awards.

    Now some questions if I may. I would like to know about how yout got started. What made you decide to take up writing. How did you go about trying to get published? How many rejections did you get and why did you keep on going despite them?

  25. “Uh, you don’t have a time machine, do you?”

    Don’t I wish. I would be putting it to good use if I did.

    Was there anything in SGA Season 5 you wanted to do, but didn’t get the chance?

    In Broken Ties near the end there’s a scene in the conference room where Keller confirms that Ronon has no trace of the enzyme in his system. In the foreground, Sheppard takes a sip of coffee and makes a face. Was that in the script or was it ad-libbed?

  26. Carson was on 24 recently, he played an evil doctor guy(Vague to avoid spoilers), his character got killed off by having his neck snapped. Maybe Jack Bauer should of come on Atlantis on the Sunday episode instead(would of killed the shows budget)..

    It was nice seeing him on another TV show, I admit.

  27. Is there any chocolate leftover from the BIG chocolate event and can you freeze it for daily snacks? Like to never run out of chocolate,goody, goody I hope!!

  28. Hurry up and get to work so I can read everyone’s comments!! *cracks whip*



  29. Yeah, ok we’ll give Michael a break, since he’s such a cool kind of guy. So what about Ben Browder???? hmmmm???

  30. Thanks. You’re very obedient. 😀 (Tell me when this starts getting old… )


  31. @Frustrated Techie

    What you are describing is a microwave emitter. It works by inducting heat to organic matter with microwaves. It’s pretty useless in combat situations due to the bulk and power requirements of the hardware, plus the emitted microwaves will guide microwave seeking weapons back to the emitter source. Also it’s easily detected even after the emitter is shut down. Thermal imagers will show the path of the heated air from the emitter.

    This weapon was originally design to suppress large rioting crowds. But there are doubts if the weapon will contravene the Geneva Conventions. The long term medical effects of large doses of microwaves is not well understood. It is a less lethal weapon system, but not non-lethal.

    The idea for this class of weapon originated from lethal zones near radar emitters. You are toast if standing in front on a functional high power search radar. That’s why there are warning signs on all such radars. In layman’s terms, it is the same as sticking your head in a microwave oven and turn it on with the safety cutoff disable.

    Think the US military are discarding this weapon concept.

  32. In regards to the Star Trek already did it discussion…

    Don’t you have to resign yourself to occasionally stumbling onto an old trail?

    I’m sure this has happened to anyone who has written even small amounts of original work: something ends up being so much like something that’s already out there that, if you found out about it under different circumstances, it would be paranoia-inducing. Sometimes, you can go back to the drawing board, but I can’t imagine catching every instance.

    I’m not just referring to paths that are well-worn from millenia of storytelling. I’m including circumstances where periphery details end up being mind-blowingly similar without much connecting reason why two minds would have taken so many similar turns.

    (For anyone who knows the project I’m working on, no, that’s not what I’m referring to. We will rework the title graphic, but there is a historical reason that turned out similar to something else.)

  33. @Das: I can’t speak for Joe but as for me, you seriously crack me up. 😀

    @sparrow_hawk and Shirt’nTie: I, too, had wondered about the classics. I must admit a really great part to the BOTM Club is the Q&A with the authors.

    I guess if Ruffles ever gets around to working on that Time Machine we’d be able to include classics as well. Eh? Eh? 😆

    Yes, I am lame. And I’m the only one laughing. I don’t care. It’s the great part of being lame. 😛

    I feel like I’m supposed to comment on something someone else said yesterday or the day before… but my brain hurts and I can’t remember. So I apolgize! I’m not ignoring anyone… I’m just *getting to that age*. The Can’t Remember Stuff age.


  34. Hmmm…I don’t remember those pictures earlier… *scratches head*

    Trish – Stick with me, kid…and we can both be banned together! 😀



  35. Hey! When did those pictures get there? I could swear they werent’ there earlier.

    @Trish: I’m right there with ya in “that age.” And I agree it would be fun to use Ruffle’s Time Machine to get some classic authors for a Q&A! Though it might end up more like a Monty Python skit…

  36. @Das: Oh when you get banned I’ll be your partner in crime. 👿

    @Sparrow_hawk: Is it really horrible that I keep thinking of the Time Machine and classic authors as a scene out of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? 😳 Yes… I do see now what my great-grandma was saying; TV and movies DO turn my brain into mush… I wish I’d seen it more like a Monty Python skit. That wouldn’t be so lame. As for me all I can say now is

    ….. excellent! 😆 *air guitar solo ensues*

  37. P.S. So glad I’m not the only one who didn’t see the pictures before today! So either Joe put them on AFTER I read his blog yesterday OR both Sparrow_hawk and I are crazy. 🙄 Of course option *C* is also likely… the pictures were placed after my first viewing AND Sparrow_hawk and I are crazy. 😀 (No offence Sparrow_hawk)

    And Das… I mean to use this emoticon 😈 I actually thought I typed *twisted*. I can’t believe my subconcious typed *evil* ! Weeeeird…

  38. Reasoned, amusing and snarky – that doesn’t sound like me. Way waaaaay wrong, now that’s more like it. It’s a hard life being a fan, I’ll have you know, jumping to conclusions while not having the full picture because they took my camera and microphone set out of the bridge studio meeting room yet again.

    That’s interesting about Carson. To be honest I always wondered if campaigns for bringing back characters or shows were pointless – once the numbers have been crunched or stories have been layed out it always seemed like a done deal, but I guess if a PR campaign comes along out of it you’d be silly not to grab it.

  39. In other words, protagonists with a hint of darkness and antagonists with a touch of honor.

    Mmm… I’m right there with ya. Although I also like those characters who are especially pure/childlike, but who don’t so much have a dark side as almost don’t fit in with the shades-of-grey world around them, thus causing conflict and humor. Or whose darkness is not so much a part of their personality as it is a part of their physical being, so to speak–like a really good, sweet guy who’s also a werewolf or something like that.

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