This new camera is incredibly slimming!
This new camera is incredibly slimming!

Kerry bemoans the loss(es) of her beloved Canucks.
Kerry bemoans the loss(es) of her beloved Canucks.
Lawren considers whether or not to grab my new camera and smash it into a million pieces.
Lawren considers whether or not to grab my new camera and smash it into a million pieces.

Hey, I’m turning into “that guy”. You know who I’m talking about. The guy who assumes that anyone under 18 out after nightfall is “up to something”. The guy who chases those kids out of that jello tree. The guy who (as our annual Stargate security memo urges) “challenges strangers”.

Hey! Hey, you! What’re you doing near my car?

Uh, filling the gas tank. You said unleaded, right?

Hey! Police! There’s a guy standing on my lawn waving a weapon! Shoot! Shooot!

No, please! I’m the gardener! These are my hedge clippers!

Hey! HEY! How’d you get inside my house?!

Er, your wife gave me the extra key. I’m your sister-in-law.

Yeah, THAT guy. You’re crazy uncle, his once supple outlook hardened by life’s calloused massage fingers (

Take this morning for instance. I was out front, in the process of buckling the dogs into the back seat of the car, when a white van slowly rolled by. My spidey sense (aka paranoia) was tingling! I suspiciously eyed the driver. Mid-30’s. Darkhaired. And mustached! He had a freakin’ moustache! Hell, he may as well have been flashing a bumper sticker that read “LOSE WALLET. ASK ME HOW!”. After he took the next corner and motored off, I finished belting the dogs in, locked up the front gate, and did what any sane individual in my position would do: I spent the next twenty minutes driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, looking for him.

Well, it took about twenty minutes but I eventually did cross paths with the guy – three blocks down and four blocks over. I was heading one way, he was heading the other – back toward my house! Ho ho! Clever! But not clever enough! From my rearview mirror, I saw him turn left three blocks up. I took my next right and shadowed him for several blocks, saw him hang a right, then another right. I followed, briefly lost him, then eventually found him again, parked, three blocks down and one over. I rolled by, taking mental note of his license plate. We made eye contact. Yeah, I thought. You just try and use that ladder affixed to the roof of your van to crawl into someone’s second floor bedroom window. Go on.

He didn’t. Instead, he just sat there, no doubt stunned by my resolve. Or – mayhaps – waiting for back-up, some accomplice who’d be breaking into my home while he kept me busy, a witness to corroborate his alibi. Damn, this guy was good!

I briefly considered taking the day off so that I could stay home and lie in wait but ultimately decided to go to work and let the professionals handle it. As soon as I got into the office, I called the police and gave them a detailed account of the whole suspicious proceedings –

While presumably, on some other line, another cop was receiving a detailed account of similarly suspicious behavior in the same neighborhood: “I was on my way to fix some guy’s roof when I got lost. Suddenly, I realized this weirdo with a car full of small dogs was following me. I was really scared and tried to lose him but I couldn’t shake him so I pulled over and phoned for help…”

Hey, after hearing from Paul McGillion last week, then David Nykl and Sharon Taylor yesterday, I got a call from the big guy himself today, Jason Momoa. He’s in usual high spirits, enjoying life, and, looking forward to reprising his role as the terrifyingly lovable Ronon for the movie.

I was testing out my new SyFy camera today. Check out some of the pics I took around the office.

Oh, and thanks to Nadine and Andrew for the bottle of wine they dropped off for me yesterday. I polished it off at lunch then went down to Stage 4 and punched out an extra. Thanks again.

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Jedi Master writes: “In the real world WE ALL KNOW THAT SGA WAS AXED IN FAVOUR FOR SGU, you can deny that till the cows come home, I personally don’t care. The facts are as the facts are you don’t need to have the smarts like Mckay to figure that one out!!!!! ” ha ha” “

Answer: Actually, you don’t know. You can certainly surmise that – and you are free to do so – but I’m sorry to say that doesn’t make it fact. That makes it conjecture. Also, congratulations on breaking this blog’s record for use of the term “ha ha” in a post. The record to beat is now 9!

Major D. Davis writes: “Oh and can I buy you a gift. What do you want? Seriously. As long as it is not to expensive. I am actually being serious.”

Answer: Your continued support on this blog is all I need.

Pol writes: “Oh, and wasn’t Bob Picardo great on ABC’s Castle? He’s so good.”

Answer: Better than good. He’s great!

TwiceBorn writes: “So is sCIfI planning on letting you post any of the pictures you take with said camera they gave to you?”

Answer: Eventually, yes. That’s the plan.

Susiekew writes: “For your comic series – do you get to “audition” several artists to find one that comes closest to bringing to paper your concepts of the characters?”

Answer: We’re a long way from bringing an artist on board. The initial phone pitch went well. Now let’s see how things progress from there.

Montrealer writes: “Speaking of the wager. Have Kerry selected the musical yet?”

Answer: Yes, she has.

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Do any of your dogs go for ‘real’ walks – walks of several miles either pounding the streets or in the countryside?”

Answer: They’re not built for long hauls.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Has anyone ever recognized you on the streets of Vancover?

2. How much time is between the final draft to the prep of an episode?

3. Do you have to wait a week to prep time or is it ready to shoot?

4. Should i buy the complete series of SG-1? I already have seasons 9 and 7 but i am considering selling them and buying the complete series. Any advice?

5. Was the special project the upcoming episode of the Jace Hall show?( I believe he tours the sets of Stargate Universe)”

Answers: 1. As hard as it is to believe – no.

2. That’s entirely dependent on when the final comes out. A final may come out weeks before prep or sometimes days.

3. Every episode gets a week of prep.

4. Trust the force.

5. No, it wasn’t.

Cheekylildevil writes: “I hear reading is a good way to relax. Any recommendations? I like Dean Koontz types of books, something a little spooky is always a plus.”

Answer: The Church of Dead Girls by Stephen Dobyns, Children of the Night by Dan Simmons, Necroscope by Brian Lumley.

Farrah writes: “1) Will Stargate: Universe show in Australia? (It’s obvious I am Australian, and that’s why I’m asking.)

2) Do you have other projects coming up asides from your Stargate Franchise? Would you like to write something asides from Stargate?

3) Have you ever thought about playing an evil, saracstic character on any of the Stargate shows? ‘Cos I agree that Villains are awesome and some ought to live. Then maybe perish in like the very last finale.”

Answers: 1) Sorry. No idea.

2) Yep. I hope to have a (not so short) short story published as part of an upcoming anthology and Paul and I have set our sights on writing a comic book series.

3) Yes, but I’m holding out for the right part.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Got a question for you which had been on my mind whilst enjoying SGA.. why didn’t McKay try to mass produce Ronon’s kick arse gun?”

Answer: McKay had his hands full with the seemingly endless Ancient tech at his disposal.

95 thoughts on “May 12, 2009: I’m Becoming THAT GUY!

  1. Oh no! This must mean that I’m…THAT GIRL! Ugh. 😳

    Although, in my defense, I’m only that way with strange vehicles cruising around, and not the neighborhood kids…yet. So yeah – you’re worse. 😀


  2. Joe, you have the most exciting and awesome life ever. I’m sure john Wayne is crying in his grave cause your life is more action packed. Oh wait I have an idea. You can make your comics about you catching crooks. That would be cooler than superman. That was really nice( I’m taking it that you’re being serious not joking. Don’t really know how Im supporting you by posting in your blog but ok(I am getting serious de ja vu posting this). Anyways did you see those cars? Beast huh? Thanks again for answeing my questions.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  3. You’re becoming the old cranky women down the street who takes your ball when it goes into the yard and never gives it back Joe.

    Personally, we never had one of those old ladies in our street, but my Husband always talks about their next door neighbour growing up. Now I’m picturing her, with Joe features, smock apron … yeah, not a good place to go mentally. I think Rimmer from Red Dwarf dressed up in gingham had something to do with that mental image…

    Where has Jedi Master been posting their observations/rants/batpoo crazy assumptions? I saw the first one earlier in May but haven’t seen any since. Or didn’t they make it through moderation?

    Have a good night.

  4. Hi Joe!

    You did the right thing by shadowing that creep. Hopefully you gave him the evil eye during your stare down. Gotta let them know who the law is around your neighborhood. I am guilty of staring down shady looking people myself. Teenagers walking down the street at night… I keep my eye on them. You just keep walkin’, punks…

  5. LOL!! Oh, Joe. You really called that in? What did the police say? 😀

    Hmmm. I may have to try to beat this record of 9 “ha ha’s”…

  6. Ha ha! (1) Joe you are so funny! So you are a “weirdo with a car full of small dogs”. Ha ha! (2) That is priceless. Ha ha! (3)

    I thought Kerry was waiting for “a good one” to take you to see. Ha ha (4) I’m sure you will fill us in on all the gorey and lurid details when it occures. Ha ha (5)

    What did Jason say? (this is serious). How is he feeling? How is his eye? Did he get all healed up? Will his hair be short for the Atlantis movie? Will you please just give me his number? Ha ha (6) I’ll call him and find out! Ha ha (7)

    Thats all I got. How many was that? Seven. Crap! No record breaking today.

  7. Have you read, Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting, by Robert McKee? I’m a third of the way through it and am loving it.

    On another note, earlier today I was approached via twitter by an anonymous person in regards to things pertaining to Stargate. Secret things. I told them that the SGU Secrecy Act Enforcers (your dogs) would hunt me down with their sharp teeth and do unspeakable things to me if I told them anything–Unspeakable mainly because they communicate through telepathy, but also because of the brutal nature of their methods. Then I realized that since the start of filming SGU a few months back, there have been a few mysterious cases of missing extras…more than a few actually. I just wanted to say for the record I have NEVER said anything about the show that could or would compromise any of the story details or anything for that matter. As well, I heard about the extra you punched out today and though I can’t speak for any of the rest of the extras, I personally will make a point to never look you directly in the eyes or make any attempts to wish you a wonderful day like they did. I promise.

    On a still further note, I am writing a screen play (not sci-fi) and when I am finished, I am going to need around $100 million to get it to the big screen. I figure it will pull in $300-500 mil worldwide before the DVDs, the graphic novel adaptation, and the line of designer hand-crafted fuzzy toilet-seat covers even hit the shelves. Are you in?

  8. I think once the dogs get tweeting enough they’ll show you it’s not the downfall of western civ.

    @Major D. Davis If you’ve only bought two seasons I’d take the hit if you can afford it outright. Between me and a friend I’ve got the entire series, so it’s kinda pointless to spend a couple hundred bucks for fancier packaging. But the ad slipped inside season 10 said there were more extras, don’t know what kind.

    Joe, did any cast or crew ever go back to do commentaries for seasons 1-3?

  9. ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, HAH!
    (harder than it looks)

  10. @Farrah

    If you want to know if SGU will be on the TV here in Australia pester the SciFi channel and Channel 7 as they’ll be the ones most likely to have it.

    Or just watch it the way every other Australian does.

  11. That’s hilarious lol! Why did he suspiciously drive past your house though..? What type of camera did they give you? Quick question to anyone, what happened to Mckays girlfriend, the one from the plant lab? I can’t remember what happened, cause then all of a sudden he moved on… Anyone hear enjoy photography? Thats to you too joe, other than set pics etc.

  12. Alright, that’s it. JediMaster, take a hike. [edit]

    Time to ban him from this blog. PERMABAN.

    Anyway, I don’t know if Joe will approve this, but I’m putting it out there anyway.

    Meanwhile, I just watched Star Trek AND IT WAS AWWWWESOME!! The actors portrayed their roles perfectly, PERFECTLY. The CGI was spectacular, the humor was spot-on and perfectly-delivered and the action was non-stop. The only problem I had was that it was a little too fast-paced, and it didn’t have enough character moments. I think that last one was just because I’m so used to TV storytelling where things can spread out more; but, in a movie, you gotta keep things moving.

    First and foremost though, this movie was just FUN. After it was over, I could not stop smiling. STAR TREK IS BACK!!

    And Joe, I’ve been THAT GUY for ages. Except, I don’t do it to other people; I do it to food. So I guess I’m THAT OTHER GUY. Hehe.

  13. Hey Joe,

    A logistical Stargate question: Suppose two wormholes travelling through subspace at the same time intersect eachother while on rhoute to two different Stargates, what would you suppose the result would be once the two wormholes were re-integrated on the other side?

  14. Do you just try to create crazy scenarios in your life so you can post about them on your blog? If so, it works.

    Oh, and you playing a badie in future Stargate would be awesome. You wouldn’t even have to act because you’re already an experienced super villain IRL. I mean, after all, you are responsible for SINGLE HANDEDLY GETTING SGA CANCELED JUST SO YOU COULD START A YOUR NEW SCHEME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AKA SGU!!! (I’m being sarcastic of course.)
    If you need the fans to do a campaign akin to the “save Becket” campaign to get you in, we’d be happy to. I’m sure we could even get on the news and all that jazz.

  15. Hey Joe,

    I went to Fuel tonight for the first time. I absolutely loved it. I can tell why you like it so much.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve mentioned this at some point, but have you watched Full Metal Alchemist? If so, what did you think? Where did it rate among your animes, and are there any you’d recommend?

    Loved today’s (slightly crazy) post. Had my mom and me in stitches…

  16. I can just see you lining in wait, hiding behind the coach with a water pistol or slingshot. I can see the four of you picking your heads up over the back looking out the window. One man and three dog faces……

  17. Hello Joe:

    You are a tad late tonight. May I assume that you were:
    1) Working late
    2) Out for a nice meal.
    3) Asleep in your chair
    4) Yelling at kids to get off your lawn.

    Have you seen Dan Payne’s movie “Mulligans” yet? It is available for rent.


  18. Hi, Joe!

    It’s NBC Universal’s 5th anniversary, and they have a promotional video commercial here:

    What’s interesting about this video, is that out all of the series on the channels associated with NBC Universal, there are two brief scenes from Stargate SG-1 in the video.

    A scene from ‘Paradise Lost’ with Jack shooting his sidearm towards the ‘pig,’ and an aerial view from ‘In the Line of Duty.’


  19. I just watched “Home” for the second time in a few days (it was on TV over the weekend which happened to coincide with me rewatching the Season 1 DVDs this week) and I gotta say, I love this episode.

    Watching it with the knowledge that our heroes are each in separate realities and spotting the costume changes of Weir, McKay and Hammond as we switch between realities was great! It was so obvious that everyone was hallucinating and yet the first time round I didn’t realise until the characters did!

    Well done!

  20. Hi Joe, I can see I have some catching up to do with your blog. At Easter and the mid-semester break, I put my home pc together – myself!! If I had let a techno savvy dude do this, the darn thing would have been up and running in 1 hour, but no0o0o0o, I wanted to do this myself. So, 1 week later – working but still no word package on it. *rolls eyes*

    I now confine myself to emails and blogs at home – thing is, all my websites are in my favorites folder – at uni. So, that’s why I am spending the weekend reading a month of blogs in here.

    Meantime, it was my birthday last Monday – I was 50!! May I ask for a dedication for the next blog?? 15 members of my family pooled dollars for a digital camera for me, but 3 of the names on the card belong to people I usually borrow cameras from. *frowns* Aaannnd at dinner tonight – a friend asked if I could take my photos of her camera. I think they are trying to tell me something. Not sure – apparently when you turn 50 your brain turns to mush; least that is what I heard at dinner tonight.

  21. Did I miss you talking about The Last Unicorn??? Did you like it? I just read it for this other book club that does only young adult fantasy. Loved the book, but then again, I’ve loved unicorns since I was a kid and always loved being told this story…

    Just finished Book 5 of the last in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. So bloody good. May not be as complex as Harry Potter, but definitly up there in quality. Loved these books, and could never put it down. I read the first 4 in less than a week sometime last year.

    Oh, and just curious…planning on seeing Star Trek…??? I completely loved it. I grew up with the series, and totally lost hope with the last Next Generation movie…but J.J. Abrams is a freaking genius…I’m also a huge fan of Fringe, which just had the craziest finale.

    Anyway, if you haven’t seen Star Trek yet, MUST see it. Best scifi movie since the original Star Wars series and the ’94 Stargate.

  22. Hey Joe, from the pics you posted with the old camera, it seems you’re about to reach the 5000 taken pics milestone. Any special plans to celebrate such important event? 😛

  23. Hi, Joe!

    A treat for Hungarian Stargate Atlantis fans! On May 20 ’09 at 1900, the Hungarian AXN site will host a live chat with Stargate Atlantis’ Joe Flanigan. Fans may submit questions beginning May 13 ’09 (at the AXN site), and it is asked that the questions be asked in English.

  24. Hey I’ve been “that guy” for ages and I’m barely over twenty, not to mention a GIRL. Go figure.

    Of course in my case, whenever my spider sense is tickling, it’s not the gardener or the sister in law…

  25. Hey Joe,

    Oh, I’ve been THAT guy most my life. I mean girl… you know what I mean. *looks around suspiciously*

    Welcome to my world.

    Oh and add two adorable daughters to the mix and THEN the fun begins. Because in my world, every other person is actually a kidnapping pediphile just waiting for me to turn my back so he/she/they can grab one or both of my girls.

    To my knowledge I’ve never had someone call the police on me, though. That’s freakin’ hilarious! 😆

    @PG15: Ok. If you promise to behave you can have my last cupcake. This time. It DOES taste the best. 😀

    @deeinsouthafrica: You are so right… keeping a handgun in your purse would complicate things. And good purses are very expenisve. I’ll keep this in mind should I ever actually get a handgun. Or an expensive purse.


  26. You have been unduly traumatized by your encounter by would-be thieves. If this continues you’ll end up cowering inside the basement of your house watching video screens showing the security camera angles. I would recommend a trip to a nation where old fashioned flogging(especially if the flogging involves a cat of nine tails) and offer your services as the ???whipper?executioner? flagelattor? Of, if that’s too violent, try a nation with caning. Not as bloody, and apparantly just as painful. Hearing a few miscreants screaming their remorse might be enough to satisfy you that justice will be done and you are indeed safe to leave the house.
    Thanks for the mentions of some of our favorite actors. For those on the east coast who are not aware, Jason Mamoa, Rachel Luttrel, AND Robert Picardo are signed up to appear at Shore Leave 31, a fan run convention just north of Baltimore. Seeing the actors live is the next best thing to getting one of Mr. M’s updates!
    I understand the comic project is in the very early stages. Any idea of how long it might take to get to putting out a first issue? Not that I am not enjoying watching the process through your eyes, but I’m interested in when we might see a finished product.
    Also, it was nice to see Atlantis take flight once more, even if it was only the space shuttle rather than the city. I am a bit depressed though, when the talking heads on tv speculate that this may be her last flight. I could live with that knowledge if only NASA already had a newer space capable vehicle ready. As matters stand, I fear we’ve reached the edge of the ocean and will end up drawing back, refusing to take the plunge into deep water, and stranding ourselves to our own little island.
    As always, thanks for the pictures, and the stories.

  27. Joe,
    You are so funny. I read your blog everyday. Today I woke up at 4 am (which is about midnight your time), couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and read your blog. Instead of being cranky and mad from lack of sleep, I am laughing. You put humor into everything you write and it makes you so enjoyable. Thank you for assisting me with having a great day.

  28. Bonjour =)

    Waou, vous êtes un vrai inspécteur, heuresement que vous n’avez pas de fille lol XD.

    C’est photo son de bonne qualitée, quel est la maqrue?

    rohh les acteurs de sga me manque vraiment beaucoup, je suis impatiente de les revoir dans le film d’sga!

    Merci pour ces questions/réponses.

    Bisou =)

  29. Um…”jello tree”?

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who calls the cops on those “weirdos”! Gotta keep our neighborhoods safe!


  30. Joe, regarding the guy in the van: do you have some sort of neighborhood watch set up in your community? If so, you might consider joining; if not, you might consider starting one. Then other people can also help watch out for the white van.

  31. LOL, you had me cracking up with your THAT GUY! story. I picture the dogs patiently waiting, in their buckled-in state, during all your driving around. 😀

  32. Hey, being a victum of crime totally messes with your head. Everyone that lives here (near or in Memphis, TN) is always watching! Next time, maybe taking down a license plate number would be a better idea. Just a thought.


  33. P.S. Did anyone see “In Plain Sight” Sunday? It had Mitch Pileggi (Caldwell from SGA) on the last episode.

  34. Why do people still go on about *Wahhh SGA was axed for SGU* Don’t they have anything better to talk about? Even if they have no clue what they’re talking about?

  35. I get paranoid when I think ppl are following me in their cars. I take ‘evasive action’. It’s better to err on the side of caution. You don’t want to ever have to say, ‘yeah, I saw their van but I didn’t think to call the police.’

  36. OMG, I’m that guy too…….well except for being a girl. I was leaving a library really late one night when an Armourguard van pulled up going to empty the ATM at the bank. It was extremely closely followed by a white van that drove around the parking lot. I stuck around trying to see if I could read the licence plate or count the number of people inside etc. The van drove around closer to the bank and sat in the dark.

    I left the parking lot and kept driving around the block a few times to check on the van. Finally I decided to stop by the police station to report the “suspicious behaviour”. They thanked me and I went home thinking I may have just stopped a robbery or something.

    Anyhoo I was telling my Dad the next day and he told me that those unmarked vans are there to protect the Armourguard van when they do pickups late at night. D’oh!

    Thanks Joe. You had me in tears. If you ever make it to Melbourne, we should do lunch and people watch, trying to guess what sort of criminal they all are. LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  37. Does this mean you are going to end up being a Monsieur Pourqoui from “Telefrancais”?

    Monsieur Mallozzi detective extrodinaire!

  38. Hey again Mr M!

    Great entry!! Love the whole white van thing…and with regard to moustaches….does Carl know?

    Also, is that the lovely Nicole Forest in yesterday’s entry? AKA Mrs Peter Woeste? AKA Star of Window of Opportunity?

    I have good money that says the musical is “7 Brides for 7 Brothers!”

    Best to all


  39. Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Do any of your dogs go for ‘real’ walks – walks of several miles either pounding the streets or in the countryside?”

    Answer: They’re not built for long hauls.

    Yeah, one of the perks of pugs, I suppose. My aunt has one that she walks to the end of the block and back and it’s tired out, which works out well for her.

  40. OH and that really stinks. Fans like me would lose an arm or a leg(preferably the left one) to meat you or hang out with you for a few minutes, yet thousands of people pass you on the street. I am depressed. “ha ha”, oh what the heck, i’m never gonna beat the record.
    Anyways, I reaized that a few years ago(when i had no clue about the most awesome tv show ever) i stayed at a hotel literally a couple minutes away from the bridge. Chances are we passed the bridge and didn’t even know it. Dang doubly depressed. Mabye next time I am in Vancover i can meat you somewhere for a minute or to. I can meat you at the gates of the Bridge(lol, enemy at the gate), I can meat you at a restaurant, if your working at your house i could drop by and meat you and see your dogs(that would be really cool). Lol, I know some of those are too personal but seriously.

    If i am in Vancover, could i drop by somewhere where you are and say hi? If so where?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  41. @Cheveron 7

    For some reason i always pictured you as a dude. Wow, my head is all wierd. Anyways, Funny story. I know how you feel. Just yesterday i was biking and passed a dude, then a minute later he was following me and gaining ground on me, I turned onto a dead end trying to escaped, when i realized what i had done all i could do was pray. Fortunately, he wasn’t a murderer and he just had decided to take the road i was on to bike (which was like the only road anyways). Ha ha, Wait Joe was that 9 times in one comment post or 9 times spread out throught several posts in one entry?

  42. @Tammy,

    Really cool, just i don’t watch in plain sight, I don’t like it plus there is way to much sexual content in it for me.
    Oh speaking of Mitch, i saw him as a narator for magic unvailed.(not sure thats the right title but its a show that shows how magacians do insane and impossible tricks and stuff like that)

  43. Just going to put in a plug here for a ‘local’-ish musical company to all Vancouverites/Lower Mainland BC-ers. The Lower Mainland Gilbert and Sullivan Company is currently presenting ‘Pirates of Penzance’ at the Surrey Arts Centre, very well worth a trip to the boonies to support this gallant troupe. Mr. Mallozzi could do a whole lot worse for his ‘enforced’ musical torture.

  44. @ Deni Brown

    Ok i just always forget to proffread. lol, i just had to do that. But really i just get add and post without thinking. Now that someone has noticed, i will fix it. Deal? Also is it really that bad, i spelled like what, 5 words and you tell me to get a dictionary. I was just rushed, thats it. Why so serious?

  45. Shawna

    Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Do any of your dogs go for ‘real’ walks – walks of several miles either pounding the streets or in the countryside?”

    Answer: They’re not built for long hauls.

    Yeah, one of the perks of pugs, I suppose. My aunt has one that she walks to the end of the block and back and it’s tired out, which works out well for her

    But the problem with small dogs is they might expect to be carried home.

    I have never seen a pug – but I imagine that when/if they exert themselves they sound like a steam train chugging along huffing and puffing.

  46. Hi Joe,

    I am married to “That guy”. According to him every group of kids from age 5 to 20 are “neds”and up to no good.
    And when we are watching the news his solution to the increase in crime is to “shoot them all”!

  47. I agree with @Daniel Willis. What kind of camera did they give you? I find it funny that that’s all I found myself thinking about…I got a Canon Rebel for graduation last year and I absolutely love it. But it’s really heavy-duty, and I have to be careful not to ruin it. I tend to drop my electronics. Computers, phones, cameras. I finally bought a phone that’s supposed to be everything-resistant. It’s supposed to be able to withstand shock, up to 10 feet of water, and a certain amount of radiation (finally, I can hang around those nuclear power plants!). I have yet to test it, but I’m sure it won’t be long until it flies out of my hand and hits the pavement.

    Oo creepy guy in a van. I’ve always wanted to just pick out a random car on the road and follow it. It just seems like so much fun. Does this make me creepy?

    I’m following your dogs on Twitter! I must say, their updates are captivating. Daily insight into the lives of dogs…*sigh*

  48. Dear Joe,

    Hope all is well with you and the family… just wanted to drop a note since its been a while. I was wondering now that you mentioned it, will the scars Jason incurred during that horrible incident be visibly noticable or a hinderance when you gents will shoot project twilight?

    Take care buddy and give a big kiss to Brie from me… gotta love that pup

  49. If you were to reboot Stargate, ala the new Star Trek, Batman, Bond, etc., what would you do? Or is it even possible to improve upon it?

  50. @Major Davis: Deal! Kiddo, look at your past posts. Somebody else mentioned your getting a dictionary as well; I’m not the first! You’re saying you “always forget to proffread”! I’m only telling you the same thing I told my kids when they were your age, so don’t take it too personally. Still, good grammar and spelling are important, regardless of what anybody else tells you. I’ll be a crotchety old lady and tell you that when I was growing up, one misspelled word was not acceptable, let alone five. We all like you here, kid, that’s why we care. Now, go forth and learn, young man. 🙂

    Hey Joe, sorry about the old school marm/mom bit 🙂 I’m going to nap now. xoxo

  51. I had a funny story happen today. I was going out to bring the garbage in and there was the driving school car again. In NY, when I took driver’s ed, you couldn’t go into people’s neighborhoods. It is just wrong. I had a confrontation with the teacher of one of those cars telling her that our traffic on our street had increased 1000% and my neighbors and I counted 18 appearances of their cars in 12 minutes. I told them to find another place to drive, like perhaps where the $300,000+ homes were. Also it consisted of other things that lasted 10 minutes, induced a sigh from the teenager driving, to which I replied that I was sorry if keeping children alive was such a boring topic to her. We were tired of them being here and if they continued to pursue, we would contact our lawmakers to get a law passed banning them in neighborhoods. We have kids that play around here. I bought this house because it dead ends into a cul-de-sac and the only people who come down here belong here, plan to rob someone down here, visit someone down here, or they are lost. So I stare at them, waiting to see if they will make a left towards me or a right. It was priceless. It was like a gunfighter waiting to draw. I took a step towards inside my garage and their wheel turned towards making a left. I walked back out (never losing eye contact with them) with my arms crossed against my chest, and they started turning their wheel back right again. I could just imagine what the teacher was saying in the car, turn left, no turn right, no turn left. I stayed out there for 2 minutes staring them down and did not leave until they turned right away from my house. I do that to people who don’t look like they belong in the neighborhood either. So Joe, you are a person after my heart. You’d make a fine addition to our neighborhood between that and the dogs.

  52. I have the complete saga of SG-1, so I can look for you to see what is specifically on them to let you compare to the originals. I can’t remember, but I’ll check to see if there are commentaries on Seasons 1-3 in the complete package.

  53. @Shawna: “Yeah, one of the perks of pugs, I suppose. My aunt has one that she walks to the end of the block and back and it’s tired out, which works out well for her.”

    My golden retriever can get a 2-mile walk, fetch a tennis ball nonstop for 2 hours, take a swim in the middle of all that, and STILL not be tired.

  54. @Deni B

    Sorry I think I took it to personally, took it like ” Hey you snobby nosed kid, can’t you spell”? I know thats not what you meant, sorry I took it so hard. Oh and thank you for pointing it out. You should mention it whether I like it or not. You’re right, its actually very important( I try to take as much advice as I possibly can, since I know that people older than me know MUCH MUCH more about life than I do). Sorry for being kinda careless, that will change. Thanks again for pointing it out. Its probably driving Joe nuts too, considering he’s a writer. Also I know how to spell, I don’t need a dictionary, it’s just carelessness on my part.

    P.S, if you see me forgetting to capitalize the letter i and spelling words wrong, please remind me i promised you to try to use better spelling.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  55. Hi Joe –

    Thanks for answering my question. I will be looking forward to updates on seeing how your comic book endevour progresses.

    And for Jedi Master – for god’s sake take a chill pill! Like it or not, SGA as a series is done. Deal with it and move on. And have you considered taking some anger management classes? You have some real issues, dude.

  56. @Major Davis: You’re too sweet kiddo, now take a deep breath and enjoy your day. We’re cool.

  57. @Maddog1995

    I reckon the easiest way to reboot Stargate would be to base it sometime in the future/past, or somewhere NOT on Earth, something like a random planet somewhere that has some ties to Earth.

    Stargate in general is endless in the kinds of ideas you can do. I think you could probably think of a good scenario too.

  58. I live one street off one of the main roads leading into Cape Town (off Voortrekker Road for those South Africans that may be reading this). Around our part of the world, you see a white van you make yourself scarce. You definitely don’t follow it!

    Vans = trouble, probably drug related.

    Joe, I think you were a bit naive. Unless you really, really know your neighbourhood don’t go looking for trouble, cos trouble is definitely easy to find.

    @Major D Davis – don’t worry babe, me too bad speler!
    Use Firefox. It has a wicked built-in spellcheck.

    Greetings from a very windy and soon-to-be-very-wet Cape Town. Five days of rain predicted. Sunny South Africa? Yeah right.

  59. @ PBMom: My golden retriever can get a 2-mile walk, fetch a tennis ball nonstop for 2 hours, take a swim in the middle of all that, and STILL not be tired.

    I can totally symphathise – I have a high energy australian shepherd, and except for the fetch part (he’s a herding breed, after all!) he’s just the same. He gets a 2-mile run with the hubs every morning, and trips to the dog park almost every afternoon. On saturday mornings, we go to an un-official off leash park area with a pond where he gets to swim as well as run his butt off with oodles of other dogs, big and small.

  60. @ Deni B. – Guess what I’m doing??!! (And no…it’s not spelling stuff wrong…which I do on occasion… 😉 ) I’m drinking out of my brand-spankin’ new ‘Trespassers will be fed to the Wraith’ mug!! 😀 THANK YOU!!! *huggles* I LOVE it!! *does happy dance!*

    @ Narelle – Greeeaaat… Now I’M picturing old lady ‘Joe’ in a smock apron. Yeah…not a good place. 😛

    @ herbertsommerfeld – You really need to team up with Ashleigh. 😉

    @ pg15 – Totally agree on Star Trek – it was just FUN, and I really felt like the franchise has been given new life. That said, I found the ‘bad guys’ incredibly sexy…and I just wish – for once – a show would make the heroes the drop-dead sexy ones, and the bad guys the repulsive ones.

    I disagree about the character moments, though. I thought it had plenty – especially the Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock and Spock/Uhura moments. There were others, too…I thought it was nicely balanced.

    Oh, and thought of you the other day when I tried to find mustard in my mom’s fridge/pantry that hadn’t expired in 2006. Not a single jar with a ‘use by’ date later than that. I even tried to explain to her that the Chinese mustard in those little take-out packages is supposed to be light yellow, not dark brown. She just doesn’t get it.

    Needless to say, I ate my cheese and Heinz Genuine Dill Pickle (The BESTEST pickles in the whole world!) dry. 🙁 (Pickles were yum, though!)

    RE: Jason – Ah, nice of him to drop you a line! Even though I have my issues with Ronon (that dirty Wraith-killer! 😡 ), I like Jason lots. I just want to like Ronon as much as I did back in S2-4…things kinda went downhill by mid-S5 with his character, imho. I know you might disagree…but he really needs to move beyond the over-reacting goon now. I had hoped Broken Ties would have been that turning point – things were quite promising at the end…but then he was right back to pounding on control panels or shooting them up (he really has it out for the Daedalus, doesn’t he?), and doing other mindless things. I hope he’s fleshed out a bit more in the movie and more like the guy who was so kind to the expecting Teyla in S4, or that made Keller give him a second look, or who became that AU leader who could put his differences with Wraith behind him to fight side-by-side with one in The Last Man. That was good stuff.


  61. Major D. Davis said:

    @Chevron 7

    For some reason i always pictured you as a dude.

    Yeah I get that a lot online. Could be the screenname, ‘cos I always think I sound female in the way I write.

    Cheer, Chev

  62. Oh man, my stomach hurts from laughing so much! Loved the anecdote and various quips. Encore!!!

  63. Major D. Davis: This blog needs spell check! I’m not a good speller even when I’m not in a hurry.


  64. A slimming camera? Whats the make of that bad boy? or are you just refering to the zoom? Sadly the onlyway my camera makes me look any smaller is if the photographer walks a distance away. 😉

    Have you watched the new Star Trek movie? If so what are your thoughts?

    Personally I enjoyed this version enough to see another relaunch of the franchise in it’s new format.

  65. @ Trish: Yaaaay! Cupcake! 😀

    And Joe, LOL, nice save, nice save. I guess my frustration got the best of me. Sorry. You are too kind.

    Hmmm…you ARE too kind.

    Ok, where’s the real Joe? Also, where’s Baron Destructo? I miss him and his devious ways.

  66. @ das: Well, in this case I can see what you mean. It IS Eric Bana, after all. Hey, I may be straight, but I’m not blind. Haha.

    I think, instead of “character moments”, I actually meant “slower dialogue moments”, where the characters just talk. As the name suggests, they tend to be slower, and I didn’t really find too many of those in the movie. However, as I said, these probably aren’t very beneficial in movies anyway.

    No doubt, in terms of character *moments* (i.e. that little conversation between Kirk and Spock when they were about to beam to the Narada, “So, her first name is Nioda?” “I do not wish to comment on this further”), the movie was chock full of it, and I LOVED THAT. 😀

  67. Vook, thanks for the reply, I wasn’t sure if it would air in Aus or not so I don’t feel stupid for asking. It’s nice to meet other Stargate fans who assists another.

  68. Daniel Willis wrote

    …..What type of camera did they give you?…..

    According to file info from the dejected Kerry pic, it’s a Canon SD1100 IS ELPH digital camera. A mid range 8 megapixel camera with x3 optical zoom. Wonder what’s the maximum size that it can read from a SDHC memory card. Most camera of this type have read limit of 8GB. Think SDHC memory card of up to 64GB is available.

    === === === === ===
    private mssg to Mr M

    Maybe you should set the date and time for the camera. Somehow don’t think the photo date/time stamp of 1/1/1980 12:01AM is correct.

  69. Hi Joe,

    I dropped you a line about a year ago about doing an interview for (we’re big Stargate fans over here). Sorry it has taken so long to get back to it (the birth of my baby son was among the things that got in the way). Anyway, will you have time this summer and how would I get in touch to arrange it?

    Thanks and good luck with all your projects.


  70. >Major D. Davis writes: 1. Has anyone ever recognized you on the streets of Vancover?
    >Answers: 1. As hard as it is to believe – no.

    Correction: you haven’t been approached.I spotted Gero at a hardware store last year, and several of my students have identified me as Stargate-involved after I did the interview here, so I’d be very surprised if you avoided recognition.

  71. My new neighbors set up a basketball standard on the concrete pad in their backyard. Only place for it, but it is mere yards from my bedroom. Thump thump thump every afternoon. Fortunately the kids are young enough to have a bedtime. Yes, the balls go into my yard. But I’m cool with it, even showed them the hidden gate in the side yard fence. They think we’re cool. They’ll learn. The kids across the street know I’m crazy.

  72. pg15 And das: About the Star Trek movie. I liked it better than expected but it really bothers me they changed the time line (hope I’m not giving to big a clue for those who haven’t seen the movie).
    Does that make all the other Star Trek movies/shows storylines not happen? Time paradox and such. I usually don’t like the Time Line storylines. You could go on forever with the possiblities and questions….. Maybe, I should ask a writer?


  73. @ pg15 – I betcha Eric Bana with green face paint, extra nostrils, snarly teeth, and a long white wig would have been just as sexy as a bald, tattooed Romulan. Right?? RIGHT??!

    And now I see what you mean about ‘character moments’ – yeah, there was no Shep and McKay on the pier, but there WAS Uhura and Spock in the elevator! 😀

    I don’t know what made me laugh more – the thing you mentioned, or McCoy and his injections! 😆


  74. @Das: You’re welcome! I know, I’m so mean when it comes to spelling, but hey, I’m mean all over.

    Have a good night everybody! I’m so late to watch Lost, have missed 15 minutes and I’ll probably never catch up. 🙂

  75. @ deeinsouthafrica

    My father was born and raised in south africa. I have been there several times. Great beaches, very hot, great scenery(especially on top of table mountain), just to much crime and fences. lol

  76. @ Narelle from Aus: When you say Australian Shepherd, is it a Kelpie or Cattle Dog (or neither!)?

    An Australian Shepherd is a seperate breed, a little taller and generally leaner than a Cattle dog, and with a longer coat. And no tail!

  77. Hey Joe,

    I’ve got a question for you:

    I’ve just started exploring the Stargate franchise (I’m about halfway through season 2 of SG-1) but I’m intrigued by the premise of Stargate Universe and the new direction it will take the franchise. I’m also an aspiring screenwriter looking for TV work…are you still looking for staff writers or freelancers? If so, who should I contact for consideration?


  78. @ Tammy Dixon – The way I see it is this – this is an AU, in a sense. That means that everything we know from the original series onward happened on that timeline, and now this is a new timeline where they have freedom to make changes, if necessary. In other words, I believe it’s meant to leave the original series and all that followed as is so as not to piss off diehard fans, while creating a new universe that doesn’t have to play exactly by the old show’s rules…kinda like the diff between Marvel 616, and Ultimate Universes.

    At least, that’s how I interpreted it.

    @ Deni B. – You can’t be that mean, not after sending my such a nice prezzie!



    You didn’t lick it, did you???! 😯


  79. @Das: Well, duh, of course I did! 😉 Frickin’ Lost, who knows what’s going on now. Apparently, I’m more interested in seeing what’s going on here and everywhere else. Ugh. doctor tomorrow, wish me luck. Let’s see how much I can piss her off with my natural remedies (something I heard about Hawthorne berries, I’ll tell you about it in an email when I research/know more).

  80. Hi Joe,
    Nice new camera, I see it’s already getting its work cut out for it!
    So your dogs gave into the Twitter Revolution – how do you feel about that for a person who doesn’t see much use in it?
    And any plans to see (or have you seen) the new Star Trek movie? I haven’t seen it yet, but lots of people have been telling me it’s really good!

  81. @ Tammy: Spoilers…


    The writers explained this one in a few interviews. Basically, this movie starts a new timeline, but the old one is NOT destroyed. Thus, you basically have 2 almost-parallel timelines running concurrently now in the Star Trek Universe. Or, should I say, Multiverse, heh. Don’t worry, the timeline we’ve been following for 40 years is still there. We just won’t see any stories being told about that one, not for a while.

    @ das:

    “I betcha Eric Bana with green face paint, extra nostrils, snarly teeth, and a long white wig would have been just as sexy as a bald, tattooed Romulan. Right?? RIGHT??!”

    Sure das, sure. 😉

    And YES! That’s the perfect analogy of what I meant with the character stuff. Not many Beer-on-a-Pier moments (the Spock/Uhura in Turbolift, and Spock and Sarek in Transporter room scene were exceptions; there were a few more I think), but plenty of, say, Ronon-and-Todd-in-The-Last-Man character *moments*. 😀

  82. @ Deni – Well…I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday…and I’m dreading this because I think he’s going to suggest surgery. So, I’ll wish you luck if you wish me luck!

    (And I washed the cup out before I used it anyway! So there, PFFFT! 😀 )

    @ pg15 – Doh! Turbolift. I tell ya, my brain isn’t working lately. Everything you said I agree with…just too tired to make any sense right now. Probably spelling stuff wrong, too… 😉

    And see…about that other thing…I KNEW you’d agree with me! 😀


  83. Otay, I well shatop abut the facking spilling from now on, DAS 🙂 (And honey, I catch them all!)

  84. It’s hard to be zen about thieves, especially after you’ve nearly been robbed. Better safe than sorry, but I do think it would be way easier and also so much cooler and futuristic to put in high tech alarms, motion sensors and CCTV cameras inside and outside that you can monitor remotely, like a baby monitor for the entire house.

    Of course you might get caught in a lie if you say you’re busy mowing the lawn when you’re actually snoozing in the hammock. And if you’re out in front of the house getting the digits of cute old Vaudeville ladies then that’s on you.

    I say make your house London and go high tech. There is nothing that technology can’t solve.

    The motions sensors plus fun lovin’ pups equals hours of viewing fun.

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