Enjoying two of my gifts simultaneously!
Multi-tasking: enjoying two of my gifts simultaneously!

Loving my new shoes.  Note my new hairdo.
Loving my new shoes. Note my new hairdo.
Guess who else is doing something new with their hair?  And redirecting packages meant for me to her office?
Guess who else is doing something new with their hair? And redirecting packages meant for me to her office?
The gals from Accounting celebrate a birthday!  Then dock everyone a half hour's pay for the time wasted eating cake.
The gals from Accounting celebrate a birthday! Then dock everyone a half hour’s pay for the time wasted eating cake.

They say it is better to give than to receive, and this is true provided they’re talking about criticism or roundhouse kicks. In most cases, however, it is actually better to receive than give. Take today for instance, a day in which I received not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE unexpected gifts. The first was sitting in my mailbox when I got in this morning. Compliments of blog regular and wraith-worshiper DasNDanger (Thanks, Das!), it was a beautiful pewter and leather book I can use to write down my own daily affirmations (ie. Nothing can surpass the loyalty of a true friend. Except for a really well-trained baboons.). Then, on my way down the corridor, I popped into Ashleigh’s office to welcome her back – and noticed a package sitting on her shelf with a familiar PYR Books label. She noticed me noticing and quickly informed me: “Oh, yeah. That’s for you.” Right. I returned to my office and opened it up to discover the latest book in Mark Chadbourn’s Age of Misrule trilogy (Thanks Lou and the gang!). After lunch, I received another package, this one from the gang at SyFy. Qu’est ce que c’est?, I wondered. I opened it up and discovered a brand spanking new camera inside – perfect for taking non-blurry on-set behind-the-scene blog pics (Thanks, gang at SyFy!). As I settled in to review my last pass on Space, Ashleigh walked in with yet another little something – a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir compliments of two visitors from the land of the hobbits (Thanks! I forgot your card at the office but will check it tomorrow so that I can actually mention your names!). Paul was positively jealous. And then, to cap off the day, Exec. Producer Rob Cooper gifted me a pair of Cole Haan dress shoes that he picked up but can’t wear on account of their being cursed (or something). Thanks, Rob!

Well, in addition to the gift-getting, I did manage to squeeze in some Stargate-related work. Read Paul’s first draft of Divided (loved the Eli-Rush head-to-head) and Brad’s pass on Justice (He dedicated the opening scene to me since, as Paul pointed out, it’s something would do. I’m touched.), then went over the Atlantis movie script with Paul. He wants to make a few dialogue tweaks but is otherwise very happy with what we’ve got. “It aint cheap!”he said, stating the obvious. No, it certainly isn’t. Paul also pointed out that we still need to come up with a title, something better than Stargate Atlantis: The Movie. Working on it.

I swung by Stage 4 and said hi to Robert Carlyle who is happy to be back in cooler climate, then warned David Blue that my dogs were hot on his twitter heels. Last time I checked, 212 followers and counting! If you haven’t already signed up, head on over and bring your friends (http://twitter.com/JellMaxBubLu). My dogs want to reach 1000 followers before month’s end.  Help make their dream a reality.

Hey, got a call from actor David Nykl today. He just got back from L.A. and is checking in. It’s always nice to hear from him. A hardworking guy with a terrific attitude, he’s a real pleasure to work with. We talked SGA movie and I warned him that Zelenka could look forward to a fairly busy outing. He seemed pleased to hear it.

Also heard from actress Sharon Taylor. I let her know that Amelia would be making an appearance in the movie as well. Another Atlantis alum I look forward to working with again.

Finally, Kirsten asked me to mention the little Star Trek convention – Khan Con – happening here in Vancouver Saturday, May 18th.


Karen MT writes: “I find it quite hilarious that your dogs are on twitter when you are so against it.”

Answer: So long as they’re happy, I respect their life choices.

PG15 writes: “Now that the production is back at Bridge Studios, what episode is going under the cameras next?”

Answer: Next up is Time.

Jedi43 writes: “Question for you, since Ronon was on the run for 7 years how did he keep his gun charged for so long?”

Answer: He made sure to plug it in every night before bedtime.

MyNameIsNada writes: “I’m slowly piling together books for summer reading, and wanted to know if you have any suggestions for apocalyptic lit?”

Answer: Check out Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of Sower and Parable of the Talents. Also, Walter M. Miler Jr.’s A Canticle for Leibowitz, and Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Sounds more like novelette length, but it depends on what definition you’re using. In the SF world, the usual definitions are the ones given for the Hugo and Nebula awards, in which Short Story is anything up to 7500 words, Novelette goes from there to 17,500 words, and Novella goes from there to 40,000 words. Above that, it’s a Novel.”

Answer: Egads! It’s longer than I thought. That’s 42 pages single-spaced. At about 500 words a page, that’s more Novella length. Not my intention when I first started writing it but, as I told my editor – It‘s somewhat longer than I‘d originally envisioned but, fro the get-go, I knew where I wanted to end up and these were all the steps I had to take to get me there.

Eve28 writes: “Mayby Kanaan could die of an strange illness or from a broken heart?”

Answer: Don’t think so. He seemed pretty happy last time we saw him and he just passed his annual physical with flying colors.

JoanieC writes: “Do the dogs watch T.V?”

Answer: Bubba does.

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Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Sounds like a great day for you joe. And I guess the fact that I did not have any mailbag questions is iceing on the top. Got some questions coming later. 20 question’s hiatus is over.


Hey Joe,

You got spoiled today!

So after reading your blog daily for the last year and a half (and posting ocasionally), I will no longer get my daily dose of Joe. I’m moving from Alberta to Alabama for the summer to work at a summer camp. I’m not too sure how often I’ll get to be on the web so now I’ll only be able to check every few days. This is why I was not sad when SGU got moved to the fall because now I get to enjoy it when I come home!

I’ll try to check in every once in awhile and hope everyone has a great summer!


What’s wrong with Stargate: The Movie-Working On It? You could either market it as a spin-off of Dirty Jobs or a fitness video.

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Oh and can I buy you a gift. What do you want? Seriously. As long as it is not to expensive. I am actually being serious.


Why are your book shelves on angles? Do you have odd shaped walls in your office or you like the feeling of being closed in?

Narelle from Aus

Well aren’t you one spoilt Blogger/Executive Producer/Consulting Producer/Dog Nanny/Husband/Short Story Writer/Comic Book Creator/Book Club Moderator/Restaurant Reviewer?

I’d watch the shoes. No one gives away good shoes. Your assumptions are most likely correct. They are evil.

Major D Davis – O’Neill summed it up. I’m considering having my head Araldited to my desk. It will save all that lifting and dropping.

Margaret Clayton

Cursed shoes? Some gift. Did they arrive with enchanted socks?


Inform Paul that he will have no need for jealousy if he created his own blog, and thus his own loyal group of gift-giving blog regulars. To sweeten the deal, tell him that he can easily make his group into an army, with which to attack your blog regulars. You two will be like Gods…or at least, the Goa’uld.

But no worries Joe. We will not lose the battle. I will pretend to be a fresh-eyed Stargate newbie and join the ranks of Paul’s blog army. There, I will act as your spy. I will call myself PG16. Nobody will expect a thing.

Anyways, congrats on the gifts, and thank you for answering my question and providing more SGU and SGA movie hints!


Have you begin thinking of methods of revenge for Ashleigh’s virus-riden antics in the week before?



Direct your dogs to this comment. I just wanted to let you know that I have been spreading the name of your Twitter account to everybody I know and am demanding that they sign up if they know whats best for themselves.

In other news, I must agree about the gift getting part. Of course I dislike the reduction of my bank account, but more than that, I just find it difficult to find and give good gifts. When I was little I could get away with some coloring I did with crayons- most of which ended up outside the lines- and everybody was happy. You try that when you’ve aged and all of a sudden its offensive and rude! Hmmph!

I’m graduating in a month from now! I have been sheltered in the academic world for 17 years and will soon be released to the wild. Hey, suppose you guys need any more accountants?


Ahh, Joe…? About those probably rare and/or no doubt expensive “figures” that you have so nicely displayed on your window sill… are they ceramic or of a similar type material? Cause if they’re not and happen to be of some synthetic or resin, then they are on their merry way towards losing their molecular integrity by being exposed to all that direct sunlight! — I realize that the Greater Vancouver area is far from being noted for its high ratio of “sunny” days, but the ‘direct’ UV exposure is still there and I seriously doubt your office windows have been installed with UV filter glass….

As I packrat of *many* varying things, the “preservation” of said items is something that I’m constantly aware of… And no doubt Ashleigh probably “forgot” to polish them with SPF Pledge!


I don’t see why Shep has to kill Kanaan off.
Can’t he just conveniently leave him in some San Francisco seafood restaurant when Atlantis flies off to Pegasus? Kanaan could become a famous food critic and post blogs about his gastronomical adventures and never want to go home again, Teyla and Torren notwithstanding.


I think Kanaan had better not walk too close to any of the myriad balconies on Atlantis.


Let me say that I’m glad that Kanaan is as happy as he appeared to look and that he passed his annual physical.


Only because you asked on behalf of your adorable bow-wows, did I become a twitter follower. Otherwise, I would not. Twitter, facebook and similar are really a PITA.
But, for JellMaxBubLu – it is my honor to serve.


If the dogs are looking for Twitter followers, maybe an incentive is in order.

http://twitter.com/james_gunn – occasionally donates $ to Red Cross or other charities for each new follower

http://twitter.com/steveagee – read over 5000 usernames on his podcast to fulfill his promise

Others have offered to get tattoos of Oprah on various body parts for a certain number of new fans. Your dogs are cute, sure…but what’s in it for us?


Hey Joe,

Wow, sounds like you cleaned up in the gift category today!

Cursed shoes? Hmmm. I wonder what happens if you click your heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like Stargate…”

Oh, and wasn’t Bob Picardo great on ABC’s Castle? He’s so good.


Or maybe Michael switched conciousness’ with Kanaan right before Teyla kicked him off the balcony and she actually killed Kanaan herself!
So Michael in Kanaan’s body escapes to plan World Domination (with Baron D), leaving Teyla to find comfort in another’s arms.
(Honestly, I’d rather see Teyla and Ronon together and Rodney and John as a pair, nice Team action there!)

David Blue


You know, if you want to make it a completely fair little twit-off, you’d mention MY Twitter as well. ;P




So is sCIfI planning on letting you post any of the pictures you take with said camera they gave to you?

Enjoy the cursed shoes. Oh, and I like your new hiar style. At first i was all “What did he do to himself?!?” but it looks good. Everyone needs to mix it up a little now and then. It’s different, but pleasantly so. Ashleys is grwat too, almost as good as yours. It makes her look a lot younger. I like it.

As far as your dogs vs DB on Twitter, I’ve already cancled my DB subscription just to show my suport. I’m thinking about making like a hundred twitter accounts and subscribing them all to your dogs.

God to hear Zelanka is gonna have some nice screen time in the new movie.

Maybe Kanaan and Keller could fall in love? Then we’d kill two birds with one stone.

Trish (aka whovian)

Hey Joe,

Happy CHRISTMAS IN MAY!!!! lol That is very cool. You got quite the pressies. And you actually got a present from people who live in Middle Earth? In the SHIRE, no less? Wow! Ha ha! Ok… so someone from New Zealand?

And PG15 is right, all Paul needs to get spoiled like that is to have his own blog. Or maybe at least allow any pets he might have get their own Twitter accounts. wink

I like Ashleigh’s hair. So is her’s naturally curly like mine and she’s using a flat iron to straighten it? Or did she bite the bullet and get it permanently straightened? Now I seem a bit too interested in her hair. I’m not. Let me reassure you I’m interested in it the normal amount.

Trish grin

@PG15 You can have one of my mini cupcakes with the multi-colored sprinkles. Just not the LAST one. wink

@Das YAY! You’re ok! And BOO! Sounds like you had a thug throwing rocks in your neighborhood! evil I can’t stand it when people do crap like that. I hope it’s not too expensive to fix.

@Tammy Ah! That’s not good. My mom was attacked twice back in the day. Both times she screamed and a total stranger came to her aid. I’ve been raised by a mom who has always been overly-cautious about safety. I’ve never been attacked. Do you take self-defence courses? I really should. All women should. Just remember… go for the eyes! It’s a natural reflex to block your eyes when they’ve been poked hard with someone’s car keys. If you’re protecting your own eyes you’re not able to attack another person. Also, you can grab their ear like it’s a door knob and twist it as hard as possible. I’m told it’s quite painful. If they get you from behind act like you’re tugging on a stubborn drawer and let your elbows jerk back as hard as possible. Your elbows are like little battering rams. If that fails (because they’ve grabbed you and have their arms pinning your arms down) do the fake *head-snap-sneeze*. Hang your head down and then fling it backward with all your might. It’s possible to break someone’s nose this way. Or so I’ve been told. I might watch too much TV on this subject.

Uh… now my paranoia I inherited from my mom is showing. But hey, even though I worry a couple times a day I might get attacked doesn’t mean I am not living my life. It just means that I run through scenarios and think of how I’d defend myself. It’s like a hobby. smile


I’ll bite….why are the shoes cursed? I’ve had devilish ones, but never cursed.


You are SO loved, nay WORSHIPPED by your minions. I want some minions so I may also be thusly adored.


OK SyFy, a new camera is a good blog compensation start.
As long as Joe doesn’t have to give it back.


Glad you liked, Joe. smile

Man…last night while I was waiting to see Russell Brand on Leno (I like Russell…he’s deliciously insane!), and for the new blog entry, I had a cup of Tazo ‘calm’ tea. Now, I’ve had calming teas before, and they really don’t do much. But this? Dangit! Even Russell couldn’t keep me awake! I fell asleep sitting at my computer, somehow managed to crawl off to bed, and still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. But before I went sleepies, my husband just cracked me right up…

As I got into bed, my husband – who was already asleep – says in a sort of aggravated voice, “Why are you getting into bed with a bag of marbles?!”

Huh? unamused

RE: Doggy Twitter – too funny! Do I have to sign up for something to follow them? I just hate joining more things, but for the puppies, I just might. (Damn you, Joe! First the books, now the dogs…you’re like the pied piper and I’m the mindless rat.)

RE: Gifts – I was torn between the journal, and this, but I figured without matching shoes, you wouldn’t use it:


RE: Kanaan – Uh…isn’t Todd getting a bit peckish by now?? Ya know…just a thought… wink



Gift filled days are always a good thing. Poor Paul, I am sure that he will be showered in gifts one day.

Okay, the whole offing Kanaan thing, leave the guy alone people. He never did anything, he’s a good guy, Teyla likes him etc etc…
Frankly the thought of Teyla and John together makes me rather nauseas… seriously. If anything I am with Bailey on the Teyla/Ronon scenario.

If Sheppard gets hooked up with anyone it should be Larin. That woman kicks a** and would be a great match for him. She’s like a female Shep.

Larin and the Travelers totally leads me to say how awesome Michael Cram is doing on “Flashpoint”.