My dogs were up at 7:00 a.m. this morning, excitedly bounding about the bed and all over me. I figured it was because they needed to relieve themselves. Or maybe they were hungry. As it turned out, it was neither. My pug Bubba informed me (Via telepathy. Duh! How else do dogs communicate with humans?) that they were ecstatic because their new twitter account had garnered a little over 100 followers overnight (130 last time they checked). Maximus was so thrilled that he had to get online and leave a message thanking all of you who signed up to get your up-to-the-second canine insights into everything from wacky stuffed chicken toys to the struggles of the auto giants in their respective bids to fend off bankruptcy. However, as I was approving comments this morning, poster Margaret directed me to two pre-existing pet twitter accounts. The first, presumably written by a cat called Sockington, is clearly somebody impersonating a cat. What this means for the actual Sockington, I’m not sure. The second account is more problematic in that it is written by a dog (né: Wesley Von Spears) and makes use of the same M.O. as my dogs. My other pug, Bubba, was understandably crushed. So, after much discussion, we figured we’d differentiate their twitter account by not only offering written updates but the occasional pics as well. I went out and purchased a lipstick camera that I incorporated into a hat which any one of my dogs will be wearing on a given day. It’s been set to snap a pic every twenty minutes. At the end of the day, the dogs will go through the photos and upload the one that does the best job of encapsulating their day and general mood. Head on over and check out today’s entry: ( And tell your friends, family members, and strangers you meet on public transport to sign up. The dogs are aiming for 1000 followers before month‘s end!

Hey, I spoke to Robert Cooper this morning. He’s back from his week in New Mexico which he described as “Hot!”. He’s incredibly happy with the footage they got and made special mention of the cast who maintained a positive and professional attitude throughout despite the eyeball-sizzling/shoe-melting/hair-igniting conditions.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular for the love of Beckett.


Major D. Davis writes: “ Speaking of the video, what did you think of it? Did you like it?Did I look at all like you thought I would?”

Answer: It was truly inspirational. And you looked exactly like I imagined you would.

GatFanSamJack writes: “What will be the word count on your short story?”

Answer: It comes in at a little over 40 pages, so I guess it’s novella-length.

Kanadra writes: “So if you two are only going to write the story line who will be doing the art work any ideas yet??”

Answer: No idea. Hopefully if and when it’s a go, the publisher will recommend some artists.

Kanadra also writes: “Ho I almost for got did you see the story on T.G Fridays.. Some one put a snake head in the veggies.”

Answer: Sounds terrifying. Yet potentially tasty.

Amy Lynn writes: “ Curious here but what is your idea of a perfect crepe? Sweet or savory?”

Answer: Nutella. That’s it.

Quade1 writes: “Joe what breeds are Bubba, Jelly, Maximus, Lulu, and Brie? Do their breeds have anything to do with their ears? And did you get them all around the same time or are you slowly building up your army over the years?”

Answer: Jelly, Maximus, and Bubba are pugs – droopy-eared. Lulu and Brie are French bulldogs – bat ears. Jelly is 10, Maximus is 9, Bubba is 7, Lulu is almost 2, and Brie is 3 months old. Army? Yes. I plan to train them in blade work, small weapons fire, and the ancient art of karate.

Eve28 writes: “Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?”

Answer: Sure. All Sheppard has to do is off Kanaan and make it look like an accident.

Artdogspot writes: “Glad we’ll be seeing SG1 folks in the premier episodes of SGU. Any news from Chris Judge these days?”

Answer: He dropped by the production offices last month. All seems good on his end.

Vincent92 a ecrit: “1) Avez vous un Mac ou un PC ?

2) Aimez vous Nicolas sarkozy ?

3) Connaissez vous Avignon en France ?”

Reponses: 1) PC.

2) Je ne le connais pas.

3) Non.

Translations: 1) I work on a PC.

2) I can’t say whether or not I like Nicolas Sarkozy because I don’t know him.

3) I’m not familiar with Avignon, France.

Trish writes: “Also, it seems like we’ve been waiting 5 years for SGU. TPTB act as if ANY info gets out about the show it will tear a hole in the fabric of space/time thus ending the world and univers in which we live. But ONCE it (finally) airs will they relax and let you happily post pics again?”

Answer: Hopefully before then.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Studios are cutting the number of writers on shows next season. Apparently, it is the most likely and easiest cost cutting area of a production. Do you expect that this will affect StarGate and therefore, you, Paul or Carl in any way next year?”

Answer: Doubt it.

Tammy Dixon writes: “I went to the Memphis Zoo today. I still don’t understand why anyone would get into the polar bears exhibit.”

Answer: Ours is not to question why but to laugh about it later.

JediMaster writes: “ 1) Unless I’ve been reading a lot of incorrect things from Cooper/Wright, was it NOT stated that there will BE NO cross overs and will BE NO contact with earth in SGU, so NOW there’s been a MAJOR U TURN, that was the point I WAS MAKING!!!!”

Answer: I don’t recall anyone ever stating there will be no crossovers or no contact with Earth.

JediMaster also writes: “2) AND SG1 WAS NOT CANCELLED IN FAVOUR OF SGA, that’s another MAIN POINT!!!!!!!!!!”

Answer: If you can point out the article or quote that confirms SGA was cancelled in favor of SGU, I’d love to read it.

JediMaster also writes: “ 3) AND searching for Atlantis WAS a major plot line for SG1 and for Jackson.


Answer: So you’ve already read the script for the SGU pilot and feel the guest appearances weren’t logically motivated?

78 thoughts on “May 10, 2009: The Dogs Catch Twitter Fever, New Mexico Check-In, and Some Mailbag

  1. Hi Joe,

    I love the dogs twitter account. Like you I am absolutely against twittering, but to please your dogs I have decided to sign up and follow them… as soon as I figure out how. I love the dogs ideas on how to differentiate themselves.

    All those caps in those last questions.. whew, lots of crazy anger going there. 😉

    Oh, and despite previously disliking it– I have no come to enjoy cottage cheese. This is good as I consider myself a cheeseaholic, therefore I must logically try to enjoy as many cheeses as possible.

  2. I find it quite hilarious that your dogs are on twitter when you are so against it. But DUDE! I so did NOT need to see your dog’s butt! Just EWWWWWWW.

  3. Thank Bubba and the gang for me. I got their message that the winning MegaQuizillion Dollar lottery numbers will be posted by them sometime in the next couple of months, and I’m busy interpreting their code as they continue to provide samples. I’d sneak into a top secret installation and program a Cray Computer to do it for me, but that would seem like cheating. As for the twitter thing, I’ll see what I can do to round up some recruits.
    My thanks to those posting their comments on the Star Trek movie. For now, I think I’ll pass on paying to see it. The deciding comment was made early on(sorry I forgot by whom) about plot holes. That, and the recycled villian concept are enough to confirm my suspicions about this movie. Thanks Mr. M. for letting your critters do the Twitter thing; looking forward to many more entertaining tweets.

  4. VBG! Popping out of long time lurker mode to comment. I’m from Las Cruces in New Mexico; a hop, skip and jump from White Sands. Yeah, it was a little warm this week, but I’m not sure I’d call it eyeball-sizzling! LOL! It didn’t even break the century mark! – well, maybe it did at White Sands. Reflected sunlight and all. And of course you all aren’t used to the heat. July and August is when it really gets hot here. I just hope everyone remembered to slather on the sunscreen! And at least the winds stayed down, which can be a little problematic this time of year. The sunsets out there are fantastic. Did they do any night shots?

  5. Unfortunately i’m with joe. I don’t need to know everything someone is doing at any one time. I wonder how long it will take to put this twitter account to rest. No offence to the dogs! So back to work tomorrow.. Hope your office has been fumigated of all diseases! Good luck! Lol

  6. If I follow the dogs on Twitter, what does that say about me? I don’t follow Oprah, or Ashton, which I think shows that I have SOME sense, but then following dogs? Hmmm. I did follow a big block of cheese for a while once, because that’s just too funny. I suppose it wouldn’t be any stranger to follow dogs. And your dogs seem to send out tweets at just my speed.

    The best part of Mother’s Day was when GeekBoy got his finger stuck in his root beer bottle at Red Lobster. I thought we were going have to ask for some garlic butter (assuming I could stop laughing long enough), but he managed to get it out before we had to flag down any help.

    Before that highlight, we went to see Star Trek, and after that and the dinner entertainment, we watched an episode of Midsomer Murders. That’s such a relaxing show, I think. Murder and mayhem accompanied by lovely soothing music…

  7. Don’t you just love it when people don’t realize how child-like they’re acting? That’s right, Joe; hit them with the logic. Hopefully the resulting display will be even more hilarious.

    I can’t wait to see what the doggies will come up with as they scurry through the house (or, in the pugs’ case, lie around the house). This first one was obviously obligatory, but just imagine the shenanigans we will witness down the line!

    Congratulations on the big Leo wins! You guys deserve it. 😀


    Now that the production is back at Bridge Studios, what episode is going under the cameras next?

  8. @PG15 Yes… it’s aggrivating when people don’t realize they are behaving like four year olds.

    I, on the other hand, have totally embraced my toddler-like actions. In a word… I’m a brat and I know it. 😛 😉

    @Deni: Ugh! Yes. Ok… so it’s not just me. That was a HORRIBLE choice in Spok’s mom. It’s good to get confirmation.

    Again, in case anyone missed it: CONGRATS to the Leo Award Winners! 😀 😀 😀

  9. Joe. That’s horrible. The mini devils have twittedized you. I didn’t think you would actually update your twitter page. Ha. Inspirational. Since when did a movie with fake guns and poopy audio(except for the gun sound effects) become inspirational? LOL. I just talked to a sg1 fan today had he said he was afraid SGU might be a voyager rippoff. Any thing you would like to say in response(besides saying watch the pilot, which he said he would already do)?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  10. Ummmm, ok, so maybe I’m not in the best frame of mind today, but lipstick camera and then a picture of a dog’s butt? Anyone else out there reference “lipstick” with a dog (particularly a male one) in a slightly different way?


  11. It’s like, for once a team I wanted to win the amazing race 14 has. Season 13 had an annoying team victory, 12 sorta deserved it.

    Oh, anyway good luck on your writing.

  12. I think JediMaster has been brought over to the dark side. Or should I say, the DARK SIDE!!!

    Eve28 writes: “Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?”

    Answer: Sure. All Sheppard has to do is off Kanaan and make it look like an accident.

    Nothing says I love you like giving your beloved the severed head of their current spouse. Now that’s being committed – in both senses of the word.

  13. I would much rather follow your dogs than Oprah.
    Congrats again on the Leo wins, especially Rob Cooper, as Vegas was one of my very favorite episodes ever!
    Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Narelle: Oh! 😯 Ew! Yup… I know what lipstick is in reference to a dog. How did I miss that?

    I’m feeling pretty happy that my dogs have so much fur it’s as if they are wearing clothing. Suddenly I’m quite happy to constantly be sweeping, vacuuming, pet rollering all my belongs and brushing the dogs. 😀

  15. Hi, Joe.

    Mega congratulations on the Leo Awards for Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Continuum (and Sanctuary).

    Looking forward to the next Twitter from Maxiumus, Lulu, Jelly or Bubba.


  16. Hi Joe,

    Question for you, since Ronon was on the run for 7 years how did he keep his gun charged for so long?

    I mean lots of the planets he went to (that we saw anyway) had no to very little technology to speak of, so how would he keep it charged and how would he charge it up? Did he plug it into something? How long dose each charge work for since it is a energy type gun.


  17. …mmm, Nutella… anyway Joe, quick question. I’m slowly piling together books for summer reading, and wanted to know if you have any suggestions for apocalyptic lit? I’ve already added Earth Abides due to an earlier post of yours, but was hoping to get another suggestion or two. Thanks!

  18. @MyNameIsNada Try “A Canticle for Leibowitz” (Walter Miller) I’m reading it right now and it’s a pretty decent read.

  19. I’m not seeing the pick on twitter, but I have decoded their tweets. I’m not saying what the encryption is, but let’s just say your dogs are a lot smarter than most people think. (Took me hours to figure it out.)

    Honestly, your dogs are celebrities.

  20. @ Trish: And I respect you for your toddlerific ways. In fact, I respect anyone who shows that their inner child has not died of neglect. Thing is, it just baffles the mind when somebody would choose to use the voice of a toddler to argue a point he/she is passionate about, and think that that will actually succeed in convincing anyone of his/her point, when more than likely it will instead succeed in convincing everyone that he/she is a giant idiot.

    Of course, in this case even the point itself is baseless, so I guess this is MOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!ONE!!!!one!@!#@!

  21. I just read an article here:

    “There will be no crossovers, guest spots, or contact with Earth in [Universe]. It is simply about a bunch of people on a ship with nothing to do except their laundry. Their only challenge this season will to overcome the obstacle of translating ‘Cold Rinse’ and ‘Tumble Dry’. If you are expecting ships, aliens, planets, and action, you better watch something else.” – Joe Mallozzi, Writer/Producer, Stargate Universe

  22. @ Maj. Cliffhanger — seconding your climate observations. I’m in San Antonio, but I visited El Paso /Las Cruces in Spring 2006. Just a few degrees hotter and drier than SA, even in April!

    Joe, please give cast and crew my sympathy re the NM climate. I still hope to escape to cool YVR this summer.

  23. Adding my congratulations on all the Leo awards, especially for Atlantis. So well deserved.

    Sorry I can’t join the pups Twitter page as I don’t speak puganese, and after viewing today’s photo, I don’t want to misinterpret what’s obviously an important social interaction.

  24. Hi Joe.

    Great news from the Leo Awards! Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing us SG Continuum and especially SG:Atlantis!!! Best Dramatic Series – fantastic!!!!

  25. @Trish

    Read somewhere that the casting of Spock’s Mum was make by J J Abrams himself. I agree with the comments so far about this strange casting. Maybe some back room machination or J J is a fanboy of the person cast.

  26. PMSL. love the critter-twitter puts all those self important people in their places. Whose butt was that then?
    I thought my elderly cat was in trouble this morning, he was meeowing outside my bedroom window in a really odd way and when I got outside to check there he was with a mouthful of young rabbit. I told him it was impolite to speak with his mouth full but he just glared at me and sodded off again as I disposed of the evidence before the dogs could get a hold of it and incriminate him. I honestly didn’t think he still had it in him

  27. Eve28 writes: “Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?”

    Answer: Sure. All Sheppard has to do is off Kanaan and make it look like an accident.

    I sense a Halloween special…

    Also, I love Nutella.

  28. I’m thinking a stop motion animation series (comic book too perhaps) with your four pugkids as the stars… fighting the eviiil Baron Von Destructo and Nigerian scammers with their powers of stuffed toys and flatulence… using twitter as their way of coded communications…

    feasible eh?

  29. Obi-Wan was never rude and never shouted. Where have all the good jedi gone? I miss them. Oh hey, there’s a nice one called jedi43. Great question btw.

    Cheers, Chev

  30. Eve28 writes: “Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?”

    Answer: Sure. All Sheppard has to do is off Kanaan and make it look like an accident.

    See now that would be easy for Shep. He’s very clever and resourceful.

    Can you write something like that one day for me please Joe, only make it ambiguous so you’re always wondering?

    I find Kanaan annoying and not because I think Sheppard has to be with Teyla. I could quite happily see Sheppard fooling around with Larrin. She was fun. Chev is pro-Kirk.

    Cheers, Chev

  31. Love the Dog twitter. Too cute.

    Congrats to all the Stargate Leo Winners. Am majorly proud of all of you!!!

    Hope none of our Wayward NM travallers got any sunburns!!!

    As for JediMaster, CALM DOWN PLEASE!!!!!

  32. Hi Joe,

    Chuck Campbell said on a convention (source youtube) that he has a background for Chucknician – that he is a ninja. Is there any possibility that he could train your pugs/French bulldogs army? Trying to picture you and Chuck in the lead of this army, reaching for the world domination …

    Btw. how is Jason Moma doing? I know he was injured during that awful bar incident, but didnt read anything about his recovery…

  33. Ok…I am still resisting the urge to go check the twitter site. The cats had no interest…

  34. Hooray for all the Leo awards!!! Do you have any pictures for us? Tell Rob, Michael, Amanda, Brad, and umm, everyone else, that we say congrats!!!

  35. Ooh a few thank-yous and congratulations.

    Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the verandah discussion. I learnt a new term – lania. I think I’ve always called them enclosed patios, but I like lania better. Sounds fancy.

    I’ll keep you all informed and maybe upload a photo once it’s done.

    Congrats to everyone involved in Stargate Atlantis and Continuum and especially to the award winners. Well deserved.

    I was wondering how competitive the writers were. Do you, Paul & Brad have to wash Alan’s car for a week or something? Wow, maybe Alan should have been nominated for a Nebula. 🙂 (Glad I didn’t bet on that one, ‘cos I would have put my money on Brad **runs and hides**).

    Congrats to the Sanctuary winners too! I can’t wait to see it, it’s premiering in Australia on the SciFi channel on May 28th.

    Cheers, Chev

  36. Hi again Mr M!

    Was off-line for the weekend.

    Catch up: Lovin’ the Twitter thing. As I don’t blog or have any other presence on the ‘net other than GateWorld and….well…here…I decided to sign on for Twitter. (
    Agree that it is well kinda silly (but FUN silly!!). Will be signing on to follow the dogs, though I can hear the low growl from my dalmation as I type!

    Thanks for the question answered re: FF2…and a big HELLO to Lou. @Lou Anders: I presume that “Death Ray” has made its way over and you see the glowing review I mentioned…. A buddy of mine insists on now rerferring to you as just..”THE PULSE”! (Intersting name for a comic book hero by the way!!) Re: those anthologies for 2010…will be on Amazon for same.

    COngrats on the Leo Awards all….very well deserved! Bravo!

    @Bailey: Pic of JF really funny…I am old enough to remember “V”…one of my fav series at the time

    Best to all at The Bridge


  37. Love your answer to the pets on planes gripe lol. Dog haters are weird.
    Toronto is giving in to that crazy bunch and have just recently banned poochies from the Beach. Considering that a large amount of people who live in the Beaches own dogs, it’s a pretty stupid rule.
    I was walking my dog a couple of weeks ago and got chewed out by some guy because she dared to go pee on my driveway (which is next to an apartment building). I got so mad I actually snapped back at him (for me that’s big, I don’t normally confront).
    I think pet haters exist to make other people miserable.

  38. Cngratulations on the Leo wins(sorry Joe that you didn’t get the best screenwriting award for remanents, I was really hoping you would). Oh and thanks again for aswerning my questions. Oh, And you won the award for best dramatic series. YEAHHH!!!!! Awards per episode are

    Enemy at the Gate-2
    The Queen-2( Yeah for Mrs. Halverson, please tell her Major D. Davis congratulates her on her leo award )
    First Contact-1 ( A well earned VFX award, You earned it)

  39. “It comes in at a little over 40 pages, so I guess it’s novella-length.”

    Sounds more like novelette length, but it depends on what definition you’re using. In the SF world, the usual definitions are the ones given for the Hugo and Nebula awards, in which Short Story is anything up to 7500 words, Novelette goes from there to 17,500 words, and Novella goes from there to 40,000 words. Above that, it’s a Novel.

    If you’re using Courier 12 point and double-spacing, 40 pages would be about 10,000 words, so it would be a novelette. On the other hand, “word” used to be defined as a measure of space taken up on the page; more and more, publishers are paying based on a word count as determined by Microsoft Word, which means that a page of writing that used to be considered 250 words is now often a lot less, closer to 200 words. But 40 pages still reaches about 8000 words, which falls into the Novelette category.

    Probably more than you needed to know…

  40. “Eve28 writes: “Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?”

    Answer: Sure. All Sheppard has to do is off Kanaan and make it look like an accident.”

    Sweet! Thanks for giving us hope! If you need any ideas on how to kill him off…I’m full of them. Been watching too much Dexter. haha.

    Just kidding…or am I? 😉 Glad to hear the dogs are doing good.

  41. Yes, Mr. M. I did laugh about it and shake my head (about the polar bear). Probably the best day those bears had in a while.

    About the twitter, I’ll sign up to follow your dogs. Just because I want you to meet your goal:-).

    I’m wondering about the dangers of twitter, though. I grew up when John Lennon was murdered by a stalker. Later Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered at just 21 years of age by a stalker.

    I enjoy occasionally reading D.Hewlett’s/Jewel Straite’s twitters. They seem like down to earth, regular people. Do they take any kind of precautions on twitter?

    I live close to one of the most dangerous cities in America. Memphis ranks #1 or #2 in the nation (depending on who you read).

    Now that they have a serial killer on Craigslist, can Facebook or Twitter be far behind?

    Think long and hard about putting Jelly and Lulu through this public scrutiny. The next thing you know, paparazzi will be following them around. Think Princess Diana!


  42. ok Joe I think it’s time for a new blog segment, where we will pit two fictional characters head to head and deterime an outcome. First up I would like to offer up Wolverine vs Darth Vader.

    I think it would be a tough battle, but the deciding factor would be, whether or not a lightsaber could penetrate adamantium. If adamantium is equal to or more powerful than a lightsaber, Vader would definetly be done for. Unless he were to somehow decapitate Wolverine’s arms and not allow him time to regenerate them back on. Anyone else got any theories on how this would go down?

  43. Hi Joe,

    thanks for answering my question.

    Mayby Kanaan could die of an strange illness or from a broken heart? That’s because Teyla loves John;-)

    Great news from the Leo Awards! Congrats!

  44. Coucou Joseph! ça va ?

    Moi super, aujourd”hui on à vraiment eu un temp étrange…avec de la pluit, de la grêle trés grosse et tout de suite aprés du soleil….oula le temp est indéssi, il faudrait savoir!

    Je ne connait pas encore trés bien la langue canine mais je vais demander à mon chien de me donner des cours.

    Passer une bonne journée, Kisou!

  45. Me revoila =D Je vient de voir la video de la MGN ou vous parlez du final de sga…rolalal vous êtes beau comme un dieux O_O

    Bon je ne sais pas si vous faite “maiblog” demain mais je voudrais vous posez une question?

    Il parait que l’actrice Ona Grauer jouera dans SGU, gardera t’elle le rôle d’Ayana ?

    Merci encore=)

  46. Random Minor Evil Plan: Find an impressionable pregnant young woman, and convince her “Nutella” is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

  47. For anyone interested, one of the volunteers at the Leo Awards has posted pictures she took with Stargate folks on her LiveJournal. You can find the link via:

    It’s the second item on the page.

    All the SG/Sanctuary stars look so great in their party duds.

  48. Hi

    You have said that your dogs sleep in your bed, Our Pug Ugg sleeps in ours but somehow he becomes the size of a Great Dane once he settles and my wife and I seem to have none of our king size bed left. So how do you cope with your army at night?

    Also is it annoying that some “fans” are already finding fault with SGU before a single episode has been shown?

    Finally my wife wants to know if you want a full time dog sitter!

  49. Hello Joe, I have some questions for you:

    1) Will we see the Dark Asgard in the SGA movie? (It would be a pity without them)

    2) Has Brad Wright title for 3rd SG-1 movie now?

  50. Hi Joe,

    Do the dogs watch T.V?

    If so what do they watch and would they consider doing a review on twitter?

    Can’t stand the twitter revolution myself but I might just consider signing into your dogs.

  51. The polar bear thing seems funny on the surface, but… when Mum was still lecturing in vet science the guys who look after the polar bears at Sea World on the Gold Coast were doing a guest talk on something; they told her that in addition to all their regular polar bear related duties, every last one of them has to be a crack shot for exactly that scenario. It’s not the idiot human who’s clambered in there that they’d be aiming at, but their own beloved bears. It would be exactly the same scenario at most zoos around the world.

    Mmmm.. Nutella crepes. In fact, you could ditch the crepes and still be well on your way 😉

  52. @ MyNameIsNadia: any suggestions for apocalyptic lit?
    I know your question was for Joe, but I have to put in my two cents worth – – try “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.
    And Joe – any chance you would consider this for a BTM? It’s an oldie but a goodie.

    Also for Joe: As to the artist(s) chosen for your comic series. What happens if the artist’s concepts differ from yours? For instance, what if your idea is for a Pugzilla, and the artist comes back with Pug-wimp. Do you and Paul get the final say on the artwork?

  53. @PG15 I totally agree. Actually, since I have two kids and even my *gulp* now 8 year old doesn’t behave that way I do find it particularly ridiculous. And to further the point… A very young person like even 5 or 6 can win me over with a mature, logical discussion. I’ve got a gazillion nephews (and the newest arrived today, BTW… I’m an auntie again) and I’ve been persuaded to see their side of things when they discuss it and have facts and logic to back it up. It’s so aggrivating when a person thinks they can throw a tantrum (online or in person) to accomplish something. What really chaps my hide? When the other *seemingly* logical people around said person give in. This is one reason why I love Joe and why I love the blog regular.

    As for me, I guess my inner toddler is tantrum free. Unless you’ve eaten the last of my mini vanilla cupcakes with the multi-colored sprinkles on top. 😀

    @Montrealer: Hmmm… interesting. Jeremy had actually suggested something was up with JJ. Which I laughed at. 😯 Maybe he’s just a fan boy like you suggested? Glad to know I’m not the only person scratching my head over this. Well, Jeremy is, too. But he’s just my husband and his opinion doesn’t really count. 😉 I’m just anxious for the rest of my family to see the dang movie already because I want to hear what they have to say about her.

    @Maggiemayday AH! 😆 You crack me up! How great would it be if someone did name their baby Nutella?

  54. Joe, does your mom make “Spaghetti di mama” that tastes the way only your mom’s spaghetti tastes? Or is her spaghetti just spaghetti?

  55. Hi Joe

    I’ve been enjoying your posts from lurkdome and I know that you’re holding out on the new Star Trek movie for the moment. I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind mentioning a Trek event here in Vancouver that will be taking place this Saturday, May 16th. The folks at Second Level Wizards have organized a mini Star Trek convention, Khan Con. It will be a fun day with lots of original series flavor and capped with a viewing of the new movie for a discounted price.

    I’ve listed the website for this post and if you have a moment, it would be great if you thought it might be fun for some of your local readers.

    Thanks and thanks for all the wonderful Q & A’s, pictures and related antics.


  56. @MajCliffhanger: When we went to Seattle/Vancouver BC in 2001, we heard people in Seattle complaining of their 80-degree temperatures in August. We were secretly laughing at them (August in Houston? 100-degree heat/100% humidity.)

  57. hi, joe,

    i got my mom the book ‘the big over easy: a nursery crime’ for mothers day. i’ll let you know what she thinks.


  58. @TammyDixon: I had a blogger stalker on the Fox 26 Houston website. He got my email and was harrassing me. I contacted their webmaster to let them know just in case I turned up dead (sent them all the emails sent to me). I was on a segment of their 5:00-5:30 news for a segment called Your Family Matters for several months last fall, and they had my real name; they know my son, too, since they did a story on him and our local school district (so they knew what school district we lived in). It probably would be pretty easy to figure out where we lived. Then they, under a different blogger name, casually said I should be killed after their original blogger name was banned. Again, I just let the station know. But I never thought it would happen; I just got tired of them harassing me. They were banned from the blogs and I blocked them from sending me email. They eventually went away…at least I think. LOL.

  59. @ Trish: I know right? A few days back The Daily Show had a segment where one of the “correspondents” interviewed kids and they seemed smarter than most adults they’ve interviewed! It was crazy, and I was very impressed.

    Congrats on becoming an Aunt again!! 😀

    Note to self: stay away from mini vanilla cupcakes with the multi-colored sprinkles on top, or risk personal injury. 😉

  60. @Deni I noticed a DAS absence as well.

    Das… if you are reading this I hope you are safe, well and jerk-doctor free.

    @PBMom That’s very creepy. I’ve run into a few nutter-butters on the net but never a full-blown stalker. I’m glad all turned out well for you.

    @Chevron7 Horray! I actually helped. 😀 Yes, lanai makes me think of Hawaii. So it’s like an exotic fancy name for me, too. Please do update us on your new fancy-schmancy lanai. 😆 I love home remodeling projects… when they are someone else’s.

  61. Colloquielle: Sadly, I know you are right about the polar bears. I always feel bad for the elephants, who after a life of working the circus go ballistic. Tina Louise (Ginger on Gilligan’s Island) started an elephant santuary near my mom’s house in Hohenwald, TN.

    PBMom: So glad the nutcase moved on. Trish right, very creepy. I’ve been physically attached twice in Memphis and it’s not a fun feeling. So glad that it never got violent.

    Chevron7: Your new lanai should make your house increase in value.


  62. Yes hope das is ok also, noticed she is not here, gone walk-about??
    – Joe I turned the rotated the puppy picture,(twitter)wasn’t that what we were supposed to do and couldn’t find the hidden dog toy, you hide them real well!!

  63. Oh, sorry folks! I’m around…just giving Joe a break. Had a very busy weekend that involved housework, yardwork, services, a dinner party, Star Trek (YAY! It was great!), and a rock through the window of my husband’s van (BOO! Seems everyone in the neighborhood got the same ‘gift’). On top of it, my mind is just elsewhere lately…*cough*Elric*cough*

    Anyway – been reading…just too busy and distracted to post. But, as always, love the blog and the comments. Sorry. Didn’t think people would worry. 😛


  64. Robert Picardo is on Castle RIGHT NOW!!! It’s one of my new favorite shows; great to see another familiar face! 😀

  65. …oh, and I forgot…was also up to the wee hours both Friday and Saturday nights hanging out with the band – one night at the hotel where my husband works, and the other at the dive bar around the corner. I felt like I was 19 again! 😀 Woo!


  66. Hey das! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I liked the Star Trek movie, too. Not quite as much as some of the original cast movies, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

    Have you seen the Elric – The Making of a Sorcerer graphic novel? I just picked up a copy. And all my Elric novels arrived, too. Maybe this weekend will be an Elric-fest.

    Oh, hi Joe! How are you? I haven’t seen your dogs on Twitter. I refuse to tweet or twitter or whatever it is, so I hope you’ll continue to share the canine exploits of the Furry Fantastic Four here on the blog.

  67. Sparrow_hawk – I am aware of the graphic novel – was going to look for it but then thought it may eventually be included in this Del Rey series. But now I’m jealous that you have it, and I don’t! 😀 I. must. get!

    I found a better chronological list, too:

    I found that and realized I had to go back and fill in a few blanks – reading The White Wolf’s Song today – it’s very short and I would be done it by now, but I started reading something else 😛 (damn you, Joe!)

    Speaking of which…

    Joe – I dropped you a note via e-mail.


  68. @ Narelle

    I loved that scene.

    insane, crazy, boanzie, no longer in control of ones self, three fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!!!!!!

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