So they were like “Woohooo!”

And I was like “Huh?”

And they were like “Yeaaaahhhh!”

And I was like “Uhhhh…”

And they were like “Huzzaaaaah!”

And I was like “Yeah?”

And they were like “Wheeeeee!”

And I was like “Er…wooooo?”

And they were like “Eeeehaaaa!”

And I was like “Wazoooooo!”

And they were like “Waaaaheeeee!”

And I was like “Yahahahahoooeeeeeee!” and was halfway over the hill, waving my arms in celebration when they cleared their throats and asked “Uh, what’re you doing?”

“Waheee?”I asked.

They stared back at me.

“Huzzaah?”I tried.

A stony silence.


Nu unh.

So, in a nutshell, that’s why I won’t be posting anymore behind the scene pics for now. Hopefully things can get straightened out quickly and we’ll be back on our way. “Yahahahahooooeeeeeeee!”

Hey, I’ve finally joined twitter revolution so that I too can assail you with the clipped, flip, and generally uninspired minutia of my daily existence. Or, more to the point, my dogs can – as the twitter account is in their names. So, rejoice! Every day, one of them will update their twitter by strolling across the keyboard and leaving a message. Tell your friends! Sign up to follow JellMaxBubLu! Feel free to leave questions but be sure to specify which dog (Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, or Lulu) you’re addressing. It all kicks off today with a message from Bubba:

Jason Sizemore over at Apex Books directs me to a recent interview they did with Michael Shanks:

To those of you Mark J. Ferrari fans, signed copies of The Book of Joby will be going on sale May 15th over at Conlan Press:


Chevron7 writes: “Re: pets in cabin? Ah the lovely aroma of cat pee and dog poop mixed with the sounds of birds tweeting and parrots chatting. Maybe it will take our minds of the turbulence etc. What next? Bring your pet to work day for the pilots?”

Answer: Ever had the pleasure of sharing a flight with a baby? My sister’s ex was on a flight on which the lady in front of him changed her overripe little darling right on the service tray. I don’t think it would be that hard to simply designate certain flights as pet-friendly, that way pet-owners can fly with their buddies while pet-haters (and, generally, borderline serial killers) can fly animal-free.

Chevron7 also writes: “How do you stay focussed working from home?”

Answer: At home, the only distractions are the dogs. And they don’t spend a lot of time sitting in your office, talking about golf.

Bailey writes: “ If you want to keep in touch with Martin Gero, follow him on Twitter.”

Answer: Twitter is the devil’s work. Not THE devil but one of the minor, significantly less interesting devils. You know, the one who invented baked soy chips.

Louis writes: “I was actually just curious though, is the weird food segment going to be coming back, or is it retired permanently?”

Answer: It’ll make it’s eventual return – once I find a weird enough food worth sampling.

Marsha R. writes: “Does Brie perhaps belong to someone who was in NM this week?”

Answer: No.

AussieSGFan writes: “Aww, how old is Jelly? And the others?”

Answer: Jelly is 10, Maximus is 9, Bubba is 7, Lulu is almost 2. Brie is about 3 months.

Kanadra writes: “I see you are talking about a doing a comic book searies. will you be doing the art work as well?”

Answer: Nope. Neither Paul nor I can draw.

Arctic Goddess writes: “ 1) Do you follow anyone else’s blog?

2)Why are you so opposed to sites like Face Book and Twitter?

3) Have you ever eaten Prairie Oysters, Dolts or Fiddle Heads?

4) Do you have a favorite Canadian actor of the caliber of Graham Greene, Paul Gross, Dan Akyroyd, or Gordon Pinsent?”

Answers: 1. I do check on some blogs on occasion.

2. Do a search for facebook on this blog and you’ll be directed to my facebook rant. As for twitter – Really? Does the world need to know every time you change your shoes or spot a brown-headed cowbird? Unlike blogs which, for the most part, require an individual put in SOME effort in their bid to entertain or inform, the aptly named TWITter is little more than lazy a info-dump – DUMP being the operative word.  This does not, of course, apply to animals twittering because their updates are the deepest and most meaningful of all.

3. Never.

4. Nope.

Eve28 writes: “by not answering my last question, do you mean there is no possibility or hope?”

Answer: I don’t even remember what your last questions was.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1) Quand son vos prochaines vacance?
2)Croyez vous que vous avez beaucoup de fan dans le monde?
3) Le Destiny posséde des drônes pour attaquer ou d’autre arme?”

Reponses: 1) En Juillet.

2) Je ne sais pas.

3) D’autre armes.

Translation: 1) Next production hiatus is in July.

2) I have no ideas if I have many fans.

3) Destiny’s weapon systems do not make use of drones.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Did you actually watch that 13 second video that had me in it(I had given you a link).

2. So the only reason we can’t see SGU pictures is because of MGM’s “Special Project”?

3. Speaking of the Special Project, when do you think we will see it?

4. Any new SGU episdoe titles you would care to share with us?

5. What is your favorite and least favorite food(please bear with me i am still pretty new)?

6. When do you think your short story will be released?”

Answers: 1. Yes. I was glued to my laptop screen through most of it.

2. No. That’s the only reason we can’t see Destiny pics.

3. No idea.

4. Nope.

5. I really have no favorites. I hate tart.

6. 2010.

MightyStarGazer writes: “In the SGA-movie, will there be any hand to hand combat-scenes?”

Answer: Yep.

68 thoughts on “May 9, 2009: The Woohoo of it All, My Dogs Finally on Twitter, and The Mailbag

  1. Wahoo Mr. M,
    I was the first to follow the pups on twitter…very cool of you! & FUNNY too!



  2. I just watched the Star Trek movie, it was pretty good. I’m not a Trekkie and have only seen a handful of episodes from any of the series, so I wasn’t overly excited like I’m sure some people were. But one thing that had my attention was Paul McG, I never saw him!! I was even looking for him, did anybody see him and where was it??

  3. Nutshell? Chinese puzzle boxes are more like it. Any chance of a more..coherent accounting of the reasoning the PTB have for not permitting a few pictures to appear here. After all, you’re about the only thing going as far as publicity build up for the new show, and without pictures who knows how many of us will simply wander off and forget to tune in in September?
    I;ll rush off as soon as I post this to add the dogs to my tiwtter list. Not that I check the site every day. And I refuse to have tweets sent to my cell phone. But be proud that your critters are only the fourth twitter account that I bother to follow at all. And only one of those other three are Stargate related.

  4. Haha. Twitter. Such detailed 1 sentence remarks. Also it’s so funny how more and more of my answers are becoming one word answers. Oh and about the video sorry it was kinda poop. Like I forgot to turn off the humidifier off so the audio stunk plus the guns were obviously fake. We only took 10 minutes to plan it and shoot it. I just showed it to you so my true identity could me revealed. I can do better if I try.

    Speaking of the video, what did you think of it? Did you like it?Did I look at all like you thought I would?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  5. Jelmaxbublu. My favorite twitterer. Joe you are blessed. God has truly gifted you with a fantastic sense of humor.

  6. Hiya Joe, this one had me in tears. Tell Bubba it was awe-insipiring and pure genius.

    Saw the Star Trek movie at the IMAX today, and although I really liked it, I wasn’t all gaga like most people I’ve heard carrying on about it. Kirk was excellent, Spock, no so much. The REAL Spock was great to see, although for some reason he was speaking with a bit of a lisp. McCoy was good, Scottie a bit overdone. Uhura, oh please, get real. The bad guy, Nero, was Praetor Shinzon re-visited with bad makeup. All in all (and I guess it does sound like I’m bitching), I really enjoyed it. The music was NOT what I am used to and love in a Star Trek movie, probably the only place I was really disappointed.

    Have a good night!

  7. Misunderstandings rooted in enthusiasm…everyone involved has something to be that enthusiastic about…sweet.

    What will be the word count on your short story?

  8. Hi Joe!

    Will we see Nancy or Dave Sheppard or Jeannie Miller in the SGA movie?

    @ Quade 1 – In Star Trek, Paul M was the commander who told Kirk he hadn’t been assigned to a ship because he was on probation.

  9. Twitter! Oh good Lord! Just another device to show my complete ignorance and inability to keep up with modern technology. I barely know how to turn on and off my computer, and now, to keep up with your adorable dogs, I’ve got to twit? PLEASE don’t stop posting their pictures or their adventures on this blog. Since my dog died 1 and 1/2 years ago, your dogs have been my dogs. I hate knowing I will be missing something they are doing on Twitter. Curse technology!

    But I find it interesting when you say, “…TWITter is little more than lazy a info-dump – DUMP being the operative word.”

    I guess the dogs are taking a dump on Twitter now? (haha)

  10. BOO!!! ptb on no pics of SGU BIG BIG BOO!!!

    Well here is something worth a Yahahahahoooeeeeeee about. Its taken me a month but I’ve finally gone a whole week without lighting up a cigarette.

  11. I just re-read the facebook rant from a while back, Joe (Kanadra’s comment brought it back to me). And I’ve gotta say, I really do start to agree with it. I got talked into joining up, and frankly I didn’t use it then, and I certainly don’t use it now, given all the bullshit quizzes etc that seem to have been added. So I commend you for getting out of the system – of course, your stuff is probably never out of the Facebook servers, but hey.

  12. Star Trek blew me away. It was beyond my wildest expectations. Great performances by Pine, Quinto, and Bruce Greenwood. I missed Paul M. as well, I will have to look for him on my second airing. A 15/10. J.J. Abrams is a god.

  13. Hey Joe.

    Please tell us that you aren’t, some few months from now, going to begin substituting daily blog entries for Twitter entries…..

  14. I think you’ve just created the most inane twitter (twit, tweeter, twitter account… what are those supposed to be called?) yet. And you’ve already got 23 followers. Congratulations. I think that’s made your point better than anything else you’ve said so far.

    I mostly agree with you about twitter. I did, however, recently upload facebook mobile so I could text twitter-like status updates, though. Though this came less from a desire to be lazy and not actually explain things interestingly, but from the realization that most of what I wanted to say, I couldn’t, because it would be about doing background work on shows/movies where I just really wasn’t allowed to say anything interesting, so I could only say short, vague things. Apparently everything interesting in my life is classified.

    Though I do think, as far as Twitter, one of the more annoying things is that whenever I have looked at people’s pages, most of the “tweets” are directed at specific people in response to questions I’m not privy to.

  15. Mr. M said– once I find a weird enough food worth sampling….

    You should try horned melon.

  16. I am totally following Bubba, Lulu, Maximus, and Jelly on Twitter now! Although Bubba seems to need a bit of help typing. He should ask Scalzi’s cat Ghlaghghee, who has gotten quite proficient at it!

    Argh so no new pictures? 🙁 Gorramit, PTB. You can’t keep the lid on this forever, you know!

  17. @Shawna Buchanan If the answers come with an @ sign, you can click through to that person’s page and see what he or she tweeted to the original person. Unless that particular account is private, which I don’t think many are. Also, there are a couple services (like Tweetdeck and Twitterberry I think–I don’t use them) that will show the exchanges between two users similar to Facebook’s wall to wall function. But I just like that it makes celebrities seem like real people. (I mean, David freaking Blue couldn’t find a store that sold comforters?!? That makes him seem so much more human!)

  18. Mr. M,
    Congrats to you and Paul and all the SGA Family for Atlantis’s winning best series at the Leo’s tonight… Did you go and did you take pictures? Please give us the low down! Thanks and Cheers.

  19. Also: saw Star Trek Thursday evening, and LOVED it! There were some gratuitous CGI scenes, but it was still the best movie I’ve seen in a LOOOONG time!!!

  20. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh trop contente que vos chiens aient un twitter !!!! Je sens que je vais m’abuser à leur parler^^!!!!….je suis déjà sur un coup là…mais c’est entre eux et moi et vous ne devez être au courant de rien ….O_o

    Merci d’avoir répondu à mes question =) Impatiente d’être en Juillet alors…quoi que je ne suis même pas sur…votre travail est tellement génial!

    En fan vous avez déjà moi!! et j’en vauc au moin 10 !!! Mais je suis sur que vous en avez plus que vous pensez.

    Je suis impatiente de voir les nouvelles armes du Destiny =)

    Aller bisou, bonne journée!

  21. Hi Joe,

    So, uh, just to clarify I said “KILL” not “make ILL” (common mistake, just add a letter 😉 😉 ).

    Just got back from a last minute run into town for Star Trek. Must say that I enjoyed the following:

    A} Living in a small enough town I could walk into the theater 5 minutes before the movie starts and still getting a seat.

    B} Getting THE seat that made it seem as if it were just me and the giant screen (3 rows from the door, 17th seat from the right aisle)

    C} Scaring the crap out of my seat mate as I spent at least half the movie on the edge of my seat.

  22. Hi, Joe.

    Just read Carl Binder’s Twitter that Stargate Atlantis won a 2009 Leo Award for Best Dramatic Series (and won some other awards too)!



  23. Ho I almost for got did you see the story on T.G Fridays.. Some one put a snake head in the veggies. The story is under Yahoo. news. I also posted it on my blog.I thought you might be interested with all you wired food you eat..

  24. wow that was him?? It was like a walk on role, he had maybe 20 seconds of screen time. I probably missed him because I was expecting it to be something with more than 2 lines, that’s dissapointing.

    Joe what breeds are Bubba, Jelly, Maximus, Lulu, and Brie? Do their breeds have anything to do with their ears? And did you get them all around the same time or are you slowly building up your army over the years?

  25. Thank you for having the same opinion on Twitter as me. I’m sure the dogs have lived wonderful events to bore the rest of the world with.

  26. Hi, Joe.

    The Province has an article with some Leo Awards results – Michael Shanks (Continuum), Amanda Tapping and Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary) won their acting awards, plus more awards for SGA, Continuum and Sanctuary.

  27. @ Quade1

    Paul McGillion was the deck officer assigning the cadets to their ships. Kirk has an argument with him about not being assigned and Paul’s character tells him that it was because he is under investigation. He had about 2 mins of screen time.

    I thought it was a naff film myself, little or nothing to do with Star Trek :S

  28. Joe wrote: “Though more likely dead. Do NOT feed your dog chocolate.”

    What about grapes? However, if it comes to his likings, he’d eat stones if he could chew them. He likes just about anything that isn’t his ordinary food, even my bro’s used pants (yeah, I don’t see how the dog can have fun tearing those apart).

  29. I’ll ask my cats & see if they want to follow the pups on their computer.

    I have sworn to never access that Twitterplace with my laptop.

  30. Ezydvd have Stargate SG1: COTG The Final Cut (3 disc set) available Wednesday, 5th August 2009


    Just searched Amazon and can’t find it. What gives?

    Cheers, Chev

  31. Congratulations to you and everyone involved on Atlantis’s Leo Award!! Great Job!

  32. Shawna Buchanan said:

    I think you’ve just created the most inane twitter (twit, tweeter, twitter account… what are those supposed to be called?) yet. And you’ve already got 23 followers. Congratulations. I think that’s made your point better than anything else you’ve said so far.

    I hardly think anyone following is searching for something deep and meaningful. It’s just a bit of fun.

    Cheers, Chev

  33. So do I understand correctly, MGM are saying Nuh-uh to SGU photos on your personal blog and SciFi/SyFy are grabbing the Stargate posts on your personal blog and republishing them as the official SciFi/Syfy Stargate blog?

    Rock/hard place?

    What about if you drew pictures? Does that count?

    Oh and no I haven’t ever flown with a baby and now I won’t be using the tray table thanks (not that I fly heaps, mind you).

    Cheers, Chev

  34. Has anyone had a verandah roof installed? I just got a quote for a gabled roof for my back courtyard area (plus 7m of fascia and a box gutter for drainage) and it was $10,000. OMG! It’s not the Taj freaking Mahal.

    Here it is, but the gabled roof would go 7m length ways along the back of my house.

    Stratco Gabled roof

    How much would you spend? Is $10,000 realistic? They also said they could do a Flat roof for $5,000.

    I still have to get the patterned concrete done and some furniture and pots etc.

    Thanks for any advice, stories you can share.

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Joe you are so funny, a dogs twitter,(i don’t twitter,i agree with u),hmmm,way to go! I like to laugh, and your blog helps me do that.. Have a great day!!

  36. *squuueee* sorry just had to do that…MICHAEL WON!…one very happy fan here…

    Oh and btw love the new twitter account…just hope Bubba understands my replies…can’t talk dog very well 🙁

    Kriss 🙂

  37. Whoa, chev, that’s one fancy roof. Nice, though. Our patio roof is at least 30 years old, handmade from plywood. Painting it blue was a vast improvement. Sigh, I have roof envy now.

    I twitter once a day or so, I find the 140 character limit challenging, like haiku. I follow burner friends, random folks followed by friends of friends and a few others; I switch on and off following people I don’t know. The voyeuristic glimpses into other lives fascinate me.

  38. Hi Joe,
    my last question was: Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?
    I know that Teyla is with Kanaan, but give us hope!


  39. Thank you for keeping your blog – your blog. I guess they’ll just have to do their own marketing – after they learn how to spell SyFy correctly.

    Twitter: Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame on mega-steroids. Too bad he’s gone – he probably would have been the first to respond to your doggies.

    Glad we’ll be seeing SG1 folks in the premier episodes of SGU. Any news from Chris Judge these days?

    Congrats on the Leo.

  40. Salut Joseph ! Bonne journée !

    1) Avez vous un Mac ou un PC ?

    2) Aimez vous Nicolas sarkozy ?

    3) Connaissez vous Avignon en France ?

  41. Hey Joe,

    Now I’m following your dogs on Twitter. Once Ziggy comes inside I’ll have him respond to the tweets of the canine persuasion. Maybe Annabelle has something to say!

    Also, it seems like we’ve been waiting 5 years for SGU. TPTB act as if ANY info gets out about the show it will tear a hole in the fabric of space/time thus ending the world and univers in which we live. But ONCE it (finally) airs will they relax and let you happily post pics again? 🙄

    @Deni I felt the same as you did in regards to Star Trek. I told my whole family (since 20 of them invaded my house yesterday) that Jeremy and I had seen it. Everyone said, “How was it?” I said, “It was good.” They all seem to take that as “It was bad.” It wasn’t bad. It’s just not the most amazing-super-spectacular-mind-blowing-I-can-die-and-be-happy movie I’ve ever seen. I did love Scotty though. I’m a MASSIVE Simon Pegg fan. I think Paul M. would have done a Scotty but Simon had me laughing. I can see how you would think he’s over the top. I couldn’t agree MORE about the bad guy. What you said. Exactly! That’s how I felt. But the worst part that really shouldn’t have ever happened? The person who played Spock’s mother…REALLY? HER?!!! That was not just ridiculous. It was reDONKulous! Maybe that’s just me. Jeremy and I both thought we were missing something. So, did you think they could have found maybe 100 other women to play that role and all would have been better choices? Or is it just me?

    Alrighty… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there in the world!

    Trish 😀

  42. @chevron7 Well… in Florida lanais are very popular. They are basically screened in back patios that are attached to the house… similar to what I saw in the picture but just screened on all the sides. The house we bought has a roofed lanai. But just to screen it in costs about $10,000. My parents need a new lanai and they want to screen in their pool. That will cost them about $15,000. And then my neighbors have the same sort of lanai that I do. But they’ve been thinking of having it enclosed and insulated to make it part of the house instead of an outdoor space. To do that will cost about $30,000. And that doesn’t include flooring or painting the walls. 😯 I hope this helps!

  43. haha Joe.
    I took your advice from many posts ago and responded to one of my spam messages. Lets wait for a reply. Should be good considering he was sending me stuff on enhancement products.

  44. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to All that it applies! Oh, what the hell, even if it doesn’t! Party on, Ladies!!

  45. Well done to all of the Stargate Alumni who have won a 2009 LEO Award, but as I’m an old-school SG-1 girl my special congratulations go to Michael Shanks for yet another wonderful portrayal of Daniel Jackson in Continuum!…*applauds*

    Loving your work on Twitter……I swear those dogs will make more sense than many who I’ve seen post on the damn place…

    Deeds xx *complete Twitter hater*

  46. I’m now following the dogs on Twitter.

    I think of Twitter as an advanced text messaging site. I don’t text message (i use my cell phone 5 minutes a month if I’m lucky). I’m not always writing in “what are you doing right now” and answering it questions. That I don’t get. I agree with you, Who cares what I’m doing right now. But when I saw others using it for so much more, I decided to try it. Actually seeing the David Blue was on it inspired me to join to try it out, get to know the actor behind the character more. Then I saw others. I think I follow more than being followed. So perhaps instead of just letting the dogs randomly stroll across the keyboard, what about if we ask them questions instead on Twitter — like what do you think of your owner and you can channel your dogs in response. Whether I stay or not, I will see, but it helps me, for someone who can’t keep my messages to 140 characters or less improve my writing abilities.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  47. Congratulations to everyone who picked up a Leo Award last night. Ryan Robbins now has two. He may need a bigger shelf.

    Joe, In a recent variety article (found here:, Studios are cutting the number of writers on shows next season. Apparently, it is the most likely and easiest cost cutting area of a production. Do you expect that this will affect StarGate and therefore, you, Paul or Carl in any way next year?


  48. @Trish: No kidding, Wynona Ryder? Really? What were they thinking?

    @Major Davis: Honey, Joe is not a mother 🙂

  49. congratz, stargate peeps on your well deserved wins at the leo awards! 😉 😀

    ~special fangirl mention for amanda tapping, winning for her awesome performance in sanctuary’s ‘requiem’~


  50. Well. I get busy for about a month and suddenly I see you’re on TWITTER?! Oh, uh, I mean: your dogs are on TWITTER?! I never thought I’d see the day. Can I just suggest though, that your dogs might want to think of Twitter as an exercise in being concise? I’m sure they already are, but trying to say something in 140 characters can be harder than it looks (unless you’re big on netspeak).

    Anyway, it’s great to see you’re as witty as ever Joe. Now I’d better go and catch up on all your entries here. A comic book series? What else have I missed?!


  51. Twitter is most definitely the work of the dev, because by that stage you’ve used up all your characters. Unfortunately as dissmisive I was of it at first I’ve discovered that there is a plethora of celebrities that use it, or at least people posing as them, and that this fits in nicely with being a lazy, unmotivated, barely literate, stalker. Hurrah!

    Plus now I’m following several of the Whose Line Is It Any Way members – soon I’ll have the entire set. Then I think you get 4 cents a litre off petrol, I’m not sure entirely how it works.

    Congratulations by the way for the glut of awards!

  52. I went to the Memphis Zoo today. I still don’t understand why anyone would get into the polar bears exhibit.

    Hope everyone had a Happy M’s Day.

  53. Good point about Air Canada and pets. Too bad ponies would in all likelihood exceed the size limits. However, I do think at least one would fit on that fancy-schmancy jet that buzzed NYC. – Make that two, both of them just having chowed down. I see this as an example of fitting use of certain items in the government’s inventory. My dad, a retired Army officer, wholeheartedly agrees. His pithy comments about the Pentagon (et al.) would make a nice addition to Twitter, if they permit R-rated entries.

    Oh gosh *fidgets nervously with volatile chemicals bought for science class*, I’m nearing my self-imposed character limit. So much for communicating in sound bites. Hope life in general goes w

  54. Deni B:

    I think that lisp was from new dentures. Please understand I’m not being mean. My mom sounded like that when she was (literally) trying to trap her tongue around her teeth.

    😀 Spock Prime was cool.

  55. Joe —

    Congrats to you and all the Stargate family for the many Leo Awards. They were all richly deserved.

  56. Firstly, CONGRATS on the Leo Award winners! 😀 😀 😀 😀




    My parents made us dinner. Us being my baby sis, Jess, her husband, Adam, the girls, and me. I dropped off Jeremy at the airport this afternoon because he’s out doing *work* stuff this week. Which sucks on Mom’s Day. 🙁

    However… AT my mom’s this is what happened…

    My mom has a hammock in her backyard. It’s connected between a 30 year old oak tree and a 20 year old Bottle Brush tree. Allie and Jess were in the hammock and I asked if there was room for three. *Sure!* They said. Allie slid over so she was in the middle. We were enjoying the evening breeze and the starry night sky. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Jess and I were also THROUGHLY enjoying the TWO very, very, very, very VERY strong Cosmos my dad had made us. (Have I mentioned he’s a former pastor? Yeah… he makes a fierce drink for being a man of God…)

    It was a very chill moment. And I was literally thinking, “This is nice. It’s OK Jeremy isn’t here this week. It’s all good.”

    And all of a sudden…. WHAAAM! 😯

    All three of us are on the ground. Maybe half a second later and we realize we’ve all screamed blood-curtlin’ screams.


    We broke the hammock.

    We burst into laugher. In my LIFE I’ve never laughed this hard. 😆 😆 😆 And I love to laugh.

    We continue to laugh for over five minutes. I know this because my mom had actually timed us from when we started screaming. She was on the computer inside. Don’t ya love how she didn’t come running outside to see if we were OK? Yeah… me too.

    My dad came out to see what all the *rukus* was. He sees us on the ground. We manage to tell him what happend.

    “You all need to go on diets.” 😯

    This is what he says to his two precious daughters and his 15 year old grand-daughter!!! *Luv u 2, Dad.* 😛

    Well… that started us all laughing so hard again.

    I’m sorry if this is a *had-to-be-there* moment. But really, it was pretty damn funny!

    Good times, people. Good times!!!

    Trish—out! 😀

    p.s. I may know better tomorrow but I think my tailbone is broken. :S Or just really bruised. Sooooo worth it.

  57. Joe,

    I have an idea for the weird food/drink tasting challenge. Go to the liquor store and for each liquor calculate the price of each type of liquor in terms of price per ounce of ethyl alcohol. Make a small quantity of each of the two, three, or four cheapest liquors the weird drink tasting challenge. When I was in college, I talked to someone who had done this when he was an undergraduate and ended up drinking an obscure brand of Japanese rice wine. With the selection that is surely available in Vancouver, this should result in some rather odd liquors.

  58. @deni.
    Where I come from, you say it to everyone. Oh and please pass on my sincere appologies allong to joe for mistaking for mother.

  59. @Trish: Funny story! I spent my day on-call for work (and I got BEEPED; of course didn’t get beeped on Saturday). But we did get to enjoy our pool for 2 hours. That was awesome. Nice doing laps again.

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