Whoa! I’ve heard of companies going to high uncharacteristic extremes to help offset the effects of the ongoing economic downturn, but this is truly shocking. Taking a page out of competitor WestJet’s playbook, Air Canada, this country’s biggest airline and flag carrier, is adopting a more customer-friendly approach. In the words of one Air Canada official, the new company CEO “wants to reverse customer-unfriendly policies that have been instituted over the last few years” (Brent Jang – “Air Canada goes soft, woos travellers with pillows, pets” – Report on Business – May 8, 2009). Weird. Next thing you know, Iran will be abandoning its nuclear ambitions and Kim John Il will be hosting meet ‘n greet potlucks with his southern neighbors! According to the Report on Business article, there are plans in place to, among other things, “pare some extra fees and bring back pillows and blankets.” More importantly, so far as I and many pet owners are concerned, it’s looking to ease its restrictions on in-cabin pet travel, letting “dogs, cats, rabbits and birds back in the cabin, as long as the weight of the container and pet is less than 10 kilograms and fits under the seat in front of the pet owner”. Yeah, good – but they can do better. How? Well, how about dropping the restrictions on in-cabin pet travel entirely, losing the weight restrictions, but charging a premium? I know a lot of pet owners who would sooner skip a trip than submit their pets to the horrors of traveling cargo. So why not tap into this potentially lucrative market and offer seat sales to animals? What the hell difference would it make whether they’re on the seat or under it, so long as they’re firmly secured? It doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out that selling a couple of tickets to a Lhasa Apso and her live-in companion Dalmation is preferable to allowing those seats to fly empty. Just something for the gang at Air Canada to consider as it works to, in the words of another article that appeared on Reuters today, “avoid filing for bankruptcy protection, a move that analysts had speculated the country’s largest airline would need as it faces a raft of challenges.” (“Air Canada says aims to avoid bankruptcy filing” – May 8, 2009 – Reuters: Business and Finance). Honestly, nicer blankets and fluffier pillows are only gonna get you so far.

So, hey, I’ve almost made my way through the 100+ comic book titles I picked up at my local shop as I continue to drop the many that failed to hold my interest, and make mention of the ones that did…

Ghost Rider #31-32 – Writer: Jason Aaron, Artists: Tang Eng Huat and Roland Boschi

Ghost Rider 32

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here. Something to do with devils who turn out to be angels and the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Ghost Rider was never among my favorite of comic book characters. In truth, he ranked among my least favorite. And while this book hasn’t exactly won me over, it’s proven entertaining enough to keep me around for now. A lot of it has to do with writer Jason Aaron who is looking like THE hot new up-and-comer.

Secret Six #6-8 – Writer: Gail Simone, Artists: Nicola Scott and Carlos Rodriguez

Secret Six 8

In much the same way that Aaron made the usually unpalatable Ghost Rider a bit of a treat, writer Gail Simone made Wonder Woman intriguing. Imagine what she does with characters I actually like! Well, no need to imagine. Just pick up Secret Six a book that, like Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts, focuses on a team of villainous mercenaries. What truly distinguishes this title, however, is fully on display in issue #8 which delves into the oddball personalities, quirky relationships, and team dynamics in an off-beat story involving an awkward double-date, affairs of the heart, and revenge. Love it.

Ultimatum #1-4 – Writer: Jeph Loeb, Artist: David Finch


Sorry. I’m not really up on the seemingly endless parallel realities that seem to typify most comic book universes but it’s fairly apparent that this limited series takes place in one of those alternate Earths, I believe fans refer to it as the Ultimate Universe? Anyway, great art and a terrific script make for an alternately gripping and horrifying ride in a story that sees New York inundated by a tidal wave, killing millions, including several A-list superheroes. The remaining scramble to help the survivors, then set their sights on the individual responsible for this disaster of biblical proportions: Magneto

Unknown Soldier #1-8 – Writer: Joshua Dysart, Artist: Alberto Ponticelli

Unknown soldier

Those who think comics are for kids should really check out this title, a shocking and sobering account of the ongoing upheavel in Uganda as seen through the eyes of the Unknown Soldier, a pacifist and doctor who is violently thrust into the heart of the conflict during its height in 2002. An impressive and well-researched series that does a better job of depicting the brutality and senselessness of war than anything that has come out of Hollywood in recent memory.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Shiningwit.


AussieSGFan writes: “I’m sorry to hear about Jelly. It’s not too bad, is it?”

Answer: Hey, thanks for asking. I got the call early this morning that a spot had opened up, so I rushed her to the vet today for her ultrasound. Apparently, she has mild endiocarditis (sic?), something not uncommon in older dogs. The vet suggested we keep an eye on her and continue testing over the next couple of weeks. “Poor girl!”said Fondy when I told her. “Now she’s going to have to take it easy.” I pointed out that it’s going to be tough for Jelly to take it anymore easy than she has been…


Morticae writes: “I like your Buddha statue. Does it bring you good luck?”

Answer: No doubt. Look at all the fantastic regulars who frequent this blog.

Mishmee writes: “I’m confused, if you are on Hiatus, why are they filming in NM?”

Answer: The local crew and the production offices are on hiatus because the show is shooting in New Mexico for the week.

Mishmee also writes: “Scripts have some information regarding setting and props. How do you communicate the details?”

Answer: At the script stage, we try to offer a detailed description of what we envision, ie. “Scott puts on an auburn wig with long, flowing tresses, takes the stage, and starts singing I Will Survive.”. Then, during prep week, the producer will get together with the show’s prop master to discuss, look over, and decide on the auburn wigs with long, flowing tresses available.

Mishmee also writes: “Do you have a separate document with the information for set design and wardrobe and prop people? If so, who writes it and what would it look like? And what do you call it?”

Answer: The writers/producers don’t have a separate document, but the props department certainly keeps a list of the specific props required for each episode. I’m not exactly sure what they call it, but my guess is a Wozzledy-Goggleboo.

Paloosa writes: “Are Lulu’s & Brie’s ears naturally straight?”

Answer: Yep.

Suziesbluefeather writes: “Hey Joe does it make you a bad person if you go on 2 dates in one day with different people?”

Answer: Only if you make them go to the same movie knowing the second time around that it was crap.

Fsmn36 writes: “Hey, Joe! Got to see Star Trek tonight and I totally let out a little fan squeal for Paul’s cameo. Will you be checking it out, or is it another wait-and-rent-it for you?”

Answer: I’ll wait for the Eberts at the office to weigh in with their opinions, then possibly pick up the DVD down the line.

Nadine writes: “Do you take more pics of the dogs, or of Stargate/food-related stuff?”

Answer: I definitely take more Stargate pics, but I post much more dog and food-related photos simply because the approval process is a lot less strict.

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Okay I have to pipe up on the Dogs and chocolate thing. I recently took a pet first aid class through my veterinarian’s office and was informed that while YES chocolate is deadly that it takes far more than people think to kill a dog.”

Answer: Sure, but tell that to Bubba who ate a bag of milk chocolate-covered almonds and suffered explosive diarrhea for the better part of two days.

Luis writes: “Have you heard from Gero in the Big Apple???? hows he doing ???”

Answer: I spoke to Martin the day after my chocolate party. He seems to be doing very well. And very busy apparently as he’s failed to respond to any of my emails. Well, busy or kidnapped without access to his iPhone.

PG15 writes: “Congratulations on a successful Comic Book pitch! Still, what does this mean with regards to Stargate? Are you guys going to leave it when this thing takes off?”

Answer: Even if the comic book series was a spectacular success, I highly doubt it would prove as lucrative as our positions with the Stargate franchise. Let’s just say we’re not giving up our day jobs.

JoanieC writes: “Hi Paul,

A SGA question please:- Right from the pilot Shep was the natural ATA gene carrier. If a 2nd movie is made is there any chance he might meet an “ancient” relative?”

Answer: Interesting you should ask that question because in the Atlantis movie Sheppard does…uh, wait a sec. Who’s Paul?

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Re: BOTM. Any chance of FF2 with Lou Anders?”

Answer: Not FF2 as I already read it, but certainly any of Lou’s forthcoming anthologies would be worthy candidates.

JimFromJersey writes: “So Joe, spill on Brie! Are you babysitting? Thinking about welcoming a new member to the family? Having um…doggie play-dates? What’s the scoop on that adorable little pooch?”

Answer: Let’s just say she visits a lot.

Robin writes: “Sounds like you’re going to be a busy boy this year, Joe. What’s the matter? Do you miss the non-stop excitement of being a showrunner and have to fill up your newly acquired free time with other projects? Or are you just having fun stretching your non-Stargate-related wings?”

Answer: The latter. Being less involved in the production’s day to day operations has allowed me the freedom to pursue some other projects – like the short story and the comic book series.

AVEddy writes: “ If you were going to be graphically represented as a dog, and your choices were a pug or a French bulldog, which one would you choose?”

Answer: I’d have to go with the far lazier, food-loving pug.

acting chick writes: “I have two friends who are not into scifi at all, but they read your blog for the dog pictures and stories. They started talking about Brie the other day, and I’m like, what are you talking about? I’ve been very busy lately (I’m going to acting school) and I haven’t been keeping up with your blog as much as I’d like, and they got on my case because I wasn’t reading your blog.”

Answer: They were right to do so. Thank them for me.

Major D. Davis writes: “Now that we have a entry with doggy pictures, can we get a entry with SGU pictures?”

Answer: Would love to, but thinks have reached a bit of an impasse with the High Council of Official Approvers.

Chevron7 writes: “1. Which character is the most resourceful, quick thinking?

2. Is there one particular threat, not necessarily an enemy, that hangs over their heads throughout the season?”

Answers: 1. I think they’re all fairly resourceful in their own ways – although certainly Rush is more likely to consider options the others might dismiss.

2. There’ll be plenty of threats hanging over their heads, from without and within.

Toby writes: “p.s. it’s my 21’st birthday today (Friday)”

Answer: Remind me next week and I’ll drop you a blog dedication.

50 thoughts on “May 8, 2009: Air Canada Does the Unthinkable! The Comics Roundup! And Some Mailbag!

  1. First?

    Re: pets in cabin? Ah the lovely aroma of cat pee and dog poop mixed with the sounds of birds tweeting and parrots chatting. Maybe it will take our minds of the turbulence etc.

    What next? Bring your pet to work day for the pilots?

    A threat from within? Ooh interesting.

    Cheers, Chev

  2. Oh yeah and thanks for the answer to the resourceful thinker. That’s where I was going with it – wondered who the lateral thinker was. Figured it would be Rush.

    Now onto something different. How do you stay focussed working from home? Or are there actually less distractions there than the office? I’ve always wanted to work from home but wasn’t sure that I’d be disciplined enough.

    Cheers, Chev

  3. Why is it saying it’s 9:12pm when timeanddate.com says it’s 10:12pm in Vanc. and Burnaby. Have you got the time incorrectly set on your blog?

    Cheers, Chev

  4. I’m sympathetic to owners who don’t want their pets in cargo, but in-cabin pets really suck for those of us with allergies…I don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for my ticket, only to end up with a severe reaction to somebody’s cat.

  5. I’d definitely rather have our little one in the cabin; I’d actually be very hesitant to travel with her in cargo. She’s an English Bulldog, and quite small for her breed. She’s not much bigger than a typical Frenchie and weighs about 36 pounds.
    We had a Border Collie when I was younger and he tolerated travelling quite well, but Bella’s quite a scaredy-cat and I’m pretty sure she’d be traumatized.

    Something my mom mentioned has me wondering:
    Did you have to get a special permit from the city to own 4 dogs?
    In West Van there’s a by-law saying you can only own 2 dogs, and if you want more you have to get consent from your neighbours, and go through this whole process…

  6. Hey Joseph!

    Huge fan of stargate and your blog, I’m actually catching up because I barely started reading it a couple days ago and I’ve started from the first entry up 🙂 I was actually just curious though, is the weird food segment going to be coming back, or is it retired permanently?

    -keep up the good work!

  7. Joe wrote, “Answer: Interesting you should ask that question because in the Atlantis movie Sheppard does…uh, wait a sec. Who’s Paul?”

    I’m laughing over here – real hard! Paul is JoanieC’s cousin. Come on man, keep up!

    Still laughing hard! Thanks for that.

  8. Hey Joe,

    I’m loooovin’ the pets in the cabin thing. I imagine myself in the middle seat of a three seater. On the window seat is Annabelle (naturally) and on the isle is Ziggy. And all around us? Empty seats. Ya know why? Because my big honkin’ dogs scare the bajeezus outta 60% of the adult population. 😈

    Also, EricaHP brings up another LOVELY point: We’d get rid of all the allergy people. So even more empty seats. 😈 😈

    Jeremy’s deathly allergic to cats. That means I’d be able to travel without him. BONUS!

    Uh… it’s waaaay past my bedtime and I’m in a horrible and very wicked mood.

    As for Jelly, that’s really pants (as the *kids* say these days). In other words, that totally sucks. 🙁 I hope nothing comes from it at all.

    And I saw the Star Trek movie. It was pretty darn good. One actor, in my not-so-humble opinion had NO BUSINESS being in the movie. I think that’s my major complaint. I won’t say who I’m referring to because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But when I saw this person I instantly thought, “THAT person??? REALLY??!!! Oh come on!” Jeremy agreed it was a ridiculous choice. Nuff said.

    Now I’m really going to bed.


  9. Aww, how old is Jelly? And the others? I’ve heard that pets know when their owners and each other are unwell; that they can sense it…..Do you think that Maximus, Lulu and Bubba know and are allowing Jelly rest? Please keep us updated on Jelly’s condition!

  10. I see you are talking about a doing a comic book searies. will you be doing the art work as well? I dont rember you ever talking about being an artist.

  11. Hi Jim:

    A few questions for you:

    1) Do you follow anyone else’s blog?

    2)Why are you so opposed to sites like Face Book and Twitter?

    3) Have you ever eaten Prairie Oysters, Dolts or Fiddle Heads?

    4) Do you have a favorite Canadian actor of the caliber of Graham Greene, Paul Gross, Dan Akyroyd, or Gordon Pinsent?

    Thanks for answering any or all of my questions.


  12. Haha if they can’t serve peanuts because someone might have an allergic reaction, allowing pets is really out there. I mean, the number of us with cat or dog allergies must outnumber people with peanut allergies ten to one!!!

    Argh. I’m so sick of the radio station I’ve been listening to lately. They play the same five songs each hour, with one new one shoved in there for good measure! *Not* a fan of how this new country station picks their music!!!

    Are you being secretive about Brie’s human because he or she requested it to be so, or because you like to watch us running around in circles trying to figure things out? If it’s the former, please tell Brie’s human that we absolutely adore Brie’s spunk and adorable photogenicness, and also that we don’t bite. Much.

  13. Hi Joe,
    by not answering my last question, do you mean there is no possibility or hope?

  14. Coucou Joseph! =)

    Lol oui des avions pour animaux cela serais génial, une trés bonne idée =)!!
    Je n’ai jamais lu ce type de BD…la derniére que je me suis achter c’est les simpson lol


    1) Quand son vos prochaines vacance?
    2)Croyez vous que vous avez beaucoup de fan dans le monde?
    3) Le Destiny posséde des drônes pour attaquer ou d’autre arme?

    Merci =) Bonne journée!

  15. “Look at all the fantastic regulars who frequent this blog.”

    Flattery will get you nowhere, good sir. 😉

    Anyway, it’s good to hear that you will be staying with Stargate for the foreseeable future; it just wouldn’t be the same without you and Paul somewhere in the well-oiled machine that is Stargate Productions.

  16. Trapped in a cabin with the sound of a dog whimpering from somewhere in front of you?
    The cacophony of meows from unhappy cats?

    The acrid smell of urine?

    I would rather fly Air Uganda.

    I believe there is an airline based in Florida that only takes pets. That, surely would be a better proposition, allowing you to settle back in your seat and sip your chilled wine in peace?

  17. *sniff* Thank you SO much for the dedication. you made my day and you also made me cry with your thoughtfulness. Thanks for a lovely bright spot in an otherwise shitty week.

  18. You often put photos on your blog, but your answers to photo-related questions made me wonder. Did you always take many photos (of work, friends and family) and now just happen to share some via your blog, or is your main intent of taking so many pictures nowadays to share them on your blog? I love them either way.

  19. Hi Joe,

    I dont see what the problem is with bringing some dogs into the cabin – I would rather be next to a cute dog than somebody who is seriously overweight/snores/smells/ or a badly behaved child! Now that I have offended half of the population. Here are a few suggestions that could actually make doggy travel work:-
    1. Dedicated check-in :- with a secure outside area for our doggy friends convience
    2.Dedicated seating so that we dog lovers dont have to put up with other peoples allergies/bad habits (see above)
    3.Extra insurance would be required to cover the airlines – in case of “accidents”
    4.I would watch the weight restriction point – do you want LuLu sitting next to a doberman?
    5.Female dogs would need to be dressed and all dogs would need to have their shots up to date.
    Apart from that….well if it works for Air Canada maybe it would be adopted in some of the European Airlines…

    Bye the way thanks for answering my SGA question – just have to decide if you were kidding or not…..

  20. Hi Joe
    i want to know who Paul is as well.. have i missed something

    So how about the Chicago BlackHawks playing some Vancover team in the playoffs..

  21. Pets on planes: I’m an animal lover….with extreme asthma if exposed to the wrong breed. On a long flight, I would probably turn blue & lose consciousness if there was even one Shepherd on board! No fun for me. But I don’t like the cargo hold thing either.

    As for Bubba & his gastrointestinal distress: you sure it wasn’t the almonds?


  22. I have a vacation spot open for Jelly here in Florida if she would like to take it easy here for a while. She may want to think about doing it before hurricane season starts.

  23. I’m sympathetic to those with allergies (since I am one!), so lots of animals in airplane cabins could be anywhere from annoying to life-threatening. (I have a friend who has an asthma attack if she spends more than an hour in a house that contains a cat.)

    Guess they could limit it to # number of each type of animal, but I bet they’ll stick with pillows and blankets.

    Personally, I would *much* rather have my beagle/terrier sitting next to me than some stranger.

    Thanks for the dog info! Hope Jelly feels better.

    Happy Puppy Momma Day to Fondy!


  24. Hello Joe,
    Wow i only had one question for the mailbag. Weird but refreshing. Anyways i was at a baseball game last night so sorry for posting so late. Hope the comic thing goes well. I will be crossing my finger and praying(for real). Same goes for the short story. Oh and please stay on the stargate writing team forever. I LOVE your writing. Oh and i hope your dogs get well soon.


    1. Did you actually watch that 13 second video that had me in it(I had given you a link).

    2. So the only reason we can’t see SGU pictures is because of MGM’s “Special Project”?

    3. Speaking of the Special Project, when do you think we will see it?

    4. Any new SGU episdoe titles you would care to share with us?

    5. What is your favorite and least favorite food(please bear with me i am still pretty new)?

    6. When do you think your short story will be released?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  25. Great news about Air Canada softening their stance on pets in the cabin! Although my dogs are too big to fit under a seat, its nice that other people will be able to include their pet in their travel plans. I love your idea about selling a seat to a pet – now that would be a dog friendly airline!

  26. Hmm, I like the idea of pets being allowed to travel in the cabin, but EricaHP does have a point. As for Chevron’s point, well, anyone who’s ever sat near the toilets, and/or someone who has been travelling for more than a few hours and/or has poor hygene wouldn’t be put off by the smells. Personally, I’d be happy to pay for a seat on condition that the “person” next to me WAS a pet. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with someone leaning over on me, yapping endlessly, or constantly getting up to get to the toilets. And if they did lean on me, well, I will happily pet a dog so long as I can have something to wipe drool up with.
    Lovely artwork on those covers you showed. But i’m holding out on picking up more titles for the moment. I still got to get my Shadow and Doc Savage collection restocked.
    So, when does the adoption of Brie become official? A very nice fit. And sorry to hear about Jelly’s health issues. I look forward to videos of you hand-feeding her as she catches on to your worries about her and plays them up to get the extra care and attention. Dogs may not have human intellegence, but they certainly have a cunning that mimics that feature. Thanks for another smile-producing post.

    A question/request to all those who have seen the Star Trek movie. I’m boycotting the movie based on the trailers, which do not inspire confidence in me. (Rate me a 6 or7 or so on the hardcore Trekkie scale). Without giving away too many spoilers, is it a must see, should see, or blah don’t bother? What aspect of the movie do you most or least enjoy? Input appreciated as I have some friends, including non-Trekkies, who want me to go out to see the film in theater. I’ve told them I would do so only if I get the right kind of feedback from people I trust. And go figure, I trust the vast majority of people in here…

  27. Hey Joe!

    Don’t worry to much about Jelly’s murmur (unless the vets says so of course). My own dog Mulle (jack russell) has a murmer that he got in his old age, and it’s no hinder what so ever to him. Ok, so he’s not that overly active… actually, he’s down right lazy now days… infact, I need to check every so often that he’s still only sleeping…

    Ah, oh, almost forgot a wraithy-question for ya! In the SGA-movie, will there be any hand to hand combat-scenes? (please, please, please say yes!) Wanna see more of that!

  28. I think the weight restriction on pets has more to do with safety. Imagine a large German sheppard getting loose in the cabin of a plane. Disoriented, scared and surrounded by A LOT of strangers and it can get pretty dangerous. If it is a Yorkie or Chihuahua, who cares? But a larger, more agressive breed?

    I am an animal lover and have owned cats, dogs and just about every animal that can legally be owned without special handling permits. But I still get nightmares of a German Sheppard owned by a (now dead) downstairs neighbor that used to attack me every chance it had. I am sure that the owner LOVED him to death, but most pet owners let their animals control them and not the other way around.

  29. As a former airline dependent and later employee, I’ll cite just one of many reasons to limit animals in the cabin.


    I would be very uncomfortable if exposed in a closed space. Others might go into anaphalactic (sp?) shock.

    BUT … Google “Pet Jet” … Apparently a startup airline that specializes in animal transport.

  30. <>

    Well, on that, they’ll be two in 2010. WITH GREAT POWER is an anthology of superhero fiction, with many of the contributors drawn from DC & Marvel comics (and some other names you’ll recognize). And CONQUERING SWORDS (working title and co-edited with my friend and fellow Hugo-nominee Jonathan Strahan) is an anthology of Swords & Sorcery fiction by some of the cream of the current crop of “new gritty fantasy” authors (Abercrombie), as well as some of the greats (Moorcock, etc…) . Would be happy/honored/tickled pink if either were considered by my favorite book club.

  31. brie is a nice looking dog how old is he and what breed, any chance you will keep him??

  32. What a coincidence. I had a Great-Aunt Wozzledy-Goggleboo. She passed sometime back and the wake was quite a hoot.

    The condensed version of the travails of pets traveling overseas: We traveled from Japan with a Shiba-Inu and three cats. Did all sorts of paperwork, only to have it glanced at, stamped, and attached to the carriers. The flight was delayed, and delayed, and delayed, then canceled. The hotel where they put us up did not allow pets, so the carriers were sent to the baggage room. Sand-filled ashtrays, the big kind, make excellent litter boxes. We had no food on hand, so we stole poached salmon off the breakfast buffet. Being Japanese, the dog loved it.

    The delay meant dad couldn’t pick up the cats in Los Angeles and take them to Utah. No, all the animals went with us to Detroit. Our luggage went to Amsterdam, but we did have four rain-soaked carriers which then traveled to Pittsburg, then West Virginia. Hubby had orders to San Diego, the dog stayed behind, to be shipped later. His mom never would do it for us, so we never saw our pooch again. The cats went cross-country with us in our new Jeep Cherokee. Only one was traumatized, yelling his head off so we had to leave the room which smelled of corn in Iowa early in the morning. I think it was Iowa. The two brother bobtail cats were very cool and laid back. One did disappear in a motel room in Vegas, we searched and searched as did the maid. We found him in the drawer of the bedside stand; he’d climbed under and up behind in with the Bible.

  33. Yikes, folks, listen to the man! Do not feed dogs (or cats, or horses) chocolate! Ever! Here’s the short version: generally speaking, the purer the chocolate, the higher the levels of theobromine – but even then there’s a wide range of variance. Dogs (and cats, which are even more at risk but are less likely to scoff chocs left lying around as they can’t taste anything sweet) cannot process theobromine through their kidneys in the way humans can, so it builds up to toxic levels. It can cause nausea, vomiting, tremors, incontinence and diarrhoea. If untreated, it can lead to seizures, arrhythmias, internal bleeding and death. Really not a fun way to go.

    In short, it’s a good excuse not to share your chocs with your pups!

    And the day I told all this to a friend of mine she blanched and confessed she’d just used a family-size block of Cadbury’s to teach her Staffy to sit. One of the many reasons I have always been glad my Mum’s a vet 😉

  34. I don’t know what load capacity an aeroplane has – but by the time the pilot and his/her dog, the co-pilot and his/her dog and the stewards and their dogs get on there won’t be much room for passengers.

    Is Jelly still a young lady? Are pugs long-lived dogs? I really do like Brie’s colouring – quite catching.

    My cats are against the idea of me getting a dog.

  35. Good to see Air Canada is turning around. I have always hated them for their prices, policies and demeanor. They are the leading air carrier in Canada and represent our country….poorly. I recently saw a commercial for them about their new “executive seats” that can actually lay totally flat as a bed. How the hell are they expecting people to pay more during this recession on their already overpriced tickets for a stupid bed?

    I think airlines need to go back to basics, a seat, a movie and a meal. cover their costs, eliminate the fees and take a small marginal profit. Instead of fixing the big picture they have opted to tinker around with the details and it has cost them severely to the point of bankruptcy several times.

  36. Hey Joe.

    Yesterday I went out and spent my birthday money on a new cell phone. I bought a black Samsung m540…I really like it so far. I’m not sure if you’ve answered these questions already, but I’ll give it a try…

    1. Do the main cast of Stargate get paid by the episode or per season? Or does each actor/ess negotiate their own terms?

    2. Do the production staff/crew recieve regular paychecks every couple of weeks, or are you guys paid the same as actors? Or is it by script?

    Thanks Joe!

  37. Lou Anders dropped in to comment!! Cool!!! It is always really neat to see an occasional comment left by a famous person. I usually gasp when I see their names! What an honor. It means your little blog here is famous Joe!

  38. Hello Joe!

    1. Can you tell us the official title of the third SG-1 and the first Atlantis movie?

    2. What will the episode order be in the first half of the season? Is it true that Fire or Earth will be a two parter episode?

    3. For how many episode will scenes be shot in New Mexico? Only for Air III.?

    4. Do the crew plan to shoot off-world scenes on other locations later? Where?

    5. Will SciFi show us a new trailer in the next weeks?



  39. @chevron7: “Ah the lovely aroma of cat pee and dog poop mixed with the sounds of birds tweeting and parrots chatting.”

    Just change that to, “Ah the lovely aroma of human pee and human poop mixed with the sounds of idiots tweeting (as on Twitter?) and idiots chatting.” Doesn’t sound like it would be anything different than the smells and sounds already on the plane.

    Just please no snakes.

  40. Sorry to hear about Jelly’s endocarditis but at least the vet said it’s a mild case. Sounds like she regulates her own activity level, good for her. I hope you have all of them healthy soon!

    Thornyrose: I saw Star Trek today. I wasn’t sure how I would like it. My movie “guy” is a physicist and he kept telling my about how the writer’s strike effected the movie. I will have to e-mail him and see if he saw it/how he liked it now that it has been released.

    I was surprised that I did enjoy it very much. There is one aspect I didn’t like is that they changed the future. The special effects were awesome. The characters were somewhat true to the originial show. They changed the relationships some but it was still enjoyable.

    For me, it rates about an 8 in a scale of 1-10.

  41. Eve28 writes: “Is there a possibility that teyla and John become a couple?”

    Answer: Sure. All Sheppard has to do is off Kanaan and make it look like an accident.

    Ah come on Joe there are lots of very imaginative ways you could get rid of Kanaan. Ronon kills him (accidently of course) whilst sparring. He slips in the shower, earth food doesn’t agree with him, gets blown overboard whilst admiring the Golden Gate, gets lost in Atlantis never to be heard of again.

    Or, they could just break up. They don’t seem to have the most solid of relationships and Torren just happened, so they call it a day and remain friends and Kanaan continues to play a part in Torrens life. I’m speaking from experience here and Brad and Robert seem intent of infusing more realism into the show, so what’s more realistic than a relationship that doesn’t work.

    It would be nice to see John and Teyla interact like the old days. They had great potential as a couple so I’d love to see the movie get them back on track.

    Any more news on a production date or Atlantis getting a green light.

  42. Joe, I am with Eve28 and Dana, the addition of the baby and the superfluous Kanaan, was the death knoll to a Great season 3 to 4. Please kill Kanaan! Sorry I am usually non-violent but when it comes to SGA….fans can be brutal!

  43. You thought Ultimatum was good? I guess its possible to think its adequate if you ignore every one of the hundreds of issues produced under the Ultimate imprint that went before it. It reads like something written by a 12 year old boy. These are not the characters I’ve spent a decade reading about and the deaths do not function as an adequate end to the character arcs these characters were on. It’s a horrible, horrible book.

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