Jelly and Brie
Jelly and Brie
Jelly gnawing on her bone
Jelly gnawing on her bone
Bubba, Lulu, Brie, and octopus
Bubba, Lulu, Brie, and octopus
Lulu, Brie, Bubba, and octopus
Lulu, Brie, Bubba, and octopus
Tojo's Tuna
Tojo’s Tuna
Spider Roll and Golden Roll
Spider Roll and Golden Roll

Fantastic. That’s how today’s phone pitch went. I started off by talking a about what the hell Paul and I have been up to for the last ten years, then went over some of the reasons why I thought the comic book medium would be the perfect home for our little SF series. Then, I launched into our opener – essentially the pilot script – and, from there, the overall concept and character arcs. The response was very positive. Next step – some conversations on their end and, if all lights go green, we can actually start mapping out those first issues.

After a quick lunch, I packed up two of my dogs (Lulu the frenchie and Jelly the pug) for a visit to the vet’s. Lulu was battling aspiration pneumonia last week and x-rays reveal she is on the mend. Jelly has been feeling under the weather of late and a cursory examination revealed she has a heart murmur. She’ll require an ultrasound but the radiologist is all booked up tomorrow so we’re on a waiting list.

Tonight, I had dinner with the lovely Kim Cowan, former publicist on SG-1 until the show’s fifth season. We had a great meal at Tojo’s – plenty of sushi, sake, and fond reminiscences. Hopefully, it won’t be another five years before we do it again.

Received an email from Ashleigh today informing me: “Too bad you aren’t in this week, I brought in fresh cookies today J

Now come on! That’s just downright cruel! Why the hell would she bring cookies in on a week when nobody else is there? I mean, seriously!

Today’s pics: The dogs. And Kim.

Today’s mailbag:

Major D. Davis write: “You had said a couple days ago that the reason we could not see the destiny set pics was because MGM had something special. Is the special thing a trailer?”

Answer: At present, I can’t comment on what it is exactly, but it’s even more special than a trailer.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “Does Paul have any non-show projects of jis own, like you with your short story?”

Answer: Yep. Several kids.

Mix-Martes86 writes: “I’m not much into the “know your dog” stuff, but since my bro is quite the bugger with the issue, I thought I might ask a veteran dog owner like you some questions, to check how much truth is in some of his statements.

First, he says that if we feed our dog chocolate (I love pure black chocolate, by the way… liked it even more since my trip to Belgium), he’ll become blind.”

Answer: Though more likely dead. Do NOT feed your dog chocolate.

Silversi writes: “Hey Joe…do you think we’ll ever learn in a future SG-1 movie why Mitchell needs to remember to ‘cut the green one’ ?”

Answer: Hey, if Paul and I write the fourth SG-1 movie, I’ll explain it then.

Maddog1995 writes: “According to IMDB, you’re listed as a consulting producer. What are the differences between , executive, consulting and just plain old producer?”

Answer: I’ve already answered the producer question. This year, as consulting producers, Paul and I are in the offices reading scripts and outlines, spinning stories, watching cuts, etc. However, unlike previous years, we are not producing our own episodes (overseeing prep, dealing with the network, doing out own cuts, etc.).

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Will you promise to at least check out the pilot or the first few episodes of west wing? I really think you will love it.

2. Can you give me all the stuff on your desk that you are going to throw away?

3. So if you and Paul never write anything together, why are you credited together?

4. When will fans get to see the new SGU trailer?

5. Are you still filming life or have you moved onto time yet?

6. Do you find it supprising that I got the nckname 20 questions at a summer camp?”

Answers: 1. Sorry, no promises. My t.v.-watching dance card is pretty full.

2. For obvious health reasons, no.

3. We are still a producing team. Also, he tends to do a lot of the heavy rewrites on other scripts (which I don’t do) so things even out.

4. No idea.

5. We’re actually in New Mexico shooting Air III now.

6. Actually – no.

65 thoughts on “May 7, 2009: The Perfect Pitch, Doggy Doings, and Dinner With Kim

  1. Yay!!! A comic book I shall absolutely NEED to read, even though I’m not generally a fan.

    I saw Star Trek like four hours ago and it was PERFECT!!!!

  2. Yes, the Ashleigh fan club is a must. Definitely t-shirts, and maybe a set of trading cards based on your pictures Mr. M. And stuff, lots of other stuff.
    You realize of course, that an Ashleigh fan club is in your own best interests. You’ve grown too complacent over the years, falling into a rut as you’ve had no commpetition to stir your inner Baron Destructo. So all of this should help ignite all those wonderful base instincts that let you level heapings of torment and pain on characters we love. Or will come to love, as your comic book project moves forward. Congratulations on your pitch.
    Thanks also for the pics. How long before you file adoption papers on Brie?

    @Das: just an fyi the reason I suggest filing the report is simply to help inform others. As I said, I dont expect such a filing to trigger a disciplinary action(ok, maybe I didnt say it) but it will not only help warn others, but perhaps send a message to the doctor to reconsider his manners. Though I do like your response of sending him the documentation.

  3. (Well, there were some problems with the physics, but I was referring to the acting, script, story, humor, directing, et cetera…)

  4. Love the pups! I’ve always said that if I got a dog, it would be a Lab, or maybe and Australian cattle dog. I’ve never been a fan of little dogs, but Lulu and Brie are slowly changing my mind. Just too adorable! Not that I don’t find the pugs equally as cute, but I can’t resist those ears! 😀

    Have a good evening, Joe. And don’t fret over missing the cookies, I’m sure she licked every single one. 😉


  5. Awwwww. The puppies are so cute. Thanks for answering my questions. I will try to withold from questions for a while. Lol, would you believe i was about to ask you this “Is my asking you so many questions getting on your nerves?”. When I just realized if my questions are getting on your nerves you just wouldn’t answer them. Anyways, I try to sometimes ask “spoiler” questions. I just really like the part of being involved in revealing new info about a show.

    Thanks so much for putting up with me,
    Major D. Davis

  6. I’m sorry to hear about Jelly. 🙁 It’s not too bad, is it?
    I wish her well!

  7. Oh…an (exchange that for the ‘and’ in my previous post) I miss your ‘Twitter’ report. 🙁 They’ve been quite amusing…and kinda disturbing if some of that stuff is really going through your mind. 😉


  8. Joe,

    Sorry to hear about the cookies. I’m thinking its probably for the best though, she’s probably doused them in a layer of her swine flu. Although, if it were some white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies I’d probably risk it.

    I like your Buddha statue. Does it bring you good luck? Other than the guy that tried to burglarize you, I mean.

  9. Hi Joe,
    Ashleigh is certainly a sly one. First she contaminates your office and then cookies while you are not IN the office. That is pure tortue. Imagine all the fun to be had when you are back at the office, de-contamiating everything you touch and see. And then hunting for the crumbs you just know Ashleigh left in your chair, because that is the best place to eat decandent horded cookies when the boss is absent.

    I’m confused, if you are on Hiatus, why are they filming in NM?
    How long does the break last? Don’t you hate breaks when you don’t really take a break but keep working, but on other stuff?

    I have a script question. Scripts have some information regarding setting and props. How do you communicate the details? Do you have a separate document with the information for set design and wardrobe and prop people? If so, who writes it and what would it look like? And what do you call it?

  10. Every time I see Brie I keep thinking they’ve shrunken boxers. She looks just like a boxer I grew up with, only tiny. I noticed her tail is docked and that Lulu doesn’t seem to even have one. And then I had a horrifying thought about their ears, having bad memories of my poor dog having her ears cropped when she was a pup. Are Lulu’s & Brie’s ears naturally straight?

    Also hoping Lulu keeps getting better and Jelly will be ok.

  11. Yikes don’t spoil Star Trek for me please. Have hot date on Sunday to go watch it. 😀

    Hey Joe does it make you a bad person if you go on 2 dates in one day with different people? Watching X-men at lunch and then Star Trek after dinner with someone else. Or at least should I be honest and let the ladies know what is what?

  12. Woohoo! Happy to hear the pitch went well. I trust you’ll keep us posted.

    … So, one of the “possibly relates posts” under this one says “Come to Baby Mama”. I’d really like to know how the internet came up with that connection.

  13. Hey, Joe! Got to see Star Trek tonight and I totally let out a little fan squeal for Paul’s cameo. Will you be checking it out, or is it another wait-and-rent-it for you?

    And I hope your comic book goes through. It will officially be the only comic book I’m ever willing to read beyond Calvin&Hobbes (I read the comics section once in awhile and am reading Watchmen, but the print makes my eyes

  14. Your dogs are heaps funny… I look at them, and expect them to start talking (aka – men in black :p)

    Joe, I will buy your comic book as soon as it comes out! Please tell them it has to come to Australia!!! Please keep us updated!!!

    I have seen Star Trek twice, (first about two weeks ago – I love working at a cinema!!) and second time yesterday. I think it is a film that helps to watch it twice… You get things you missed the first run through.

    I have never been a Star Trek fan, but have always followed J.J.Abrams work. There is a great cast, an amazing score, and fast-paced action. I loved it! BUT, take closer attention, and you will see a lot of shots are out of focus. I have no idea how this could have happened with such a massive budget. If it was deliberate, WHY? It looks stupid!!! Also typical Abrams-style, with a tone of lens-flares where there is no light source.

    I hope it does really well, because there are very few traditional sci-fi movies being released… ie, aliens, space etc. It would be good to see the genre make a comeback.

    It would be awesome to see the SG1/Atlantis movie/s on the big screen! :p


  15. TFIFriday! What a sodding awful week its been and thanks SO much for the brilliant puppy pics. That Brie should be in advertising cuz I’m sold. Jelly looks really embarassed at being caught with the pink thing, Bubba and Maximus hang on to their dignity and Lulu doesn’t give a shit. What wonderful therapy this mornings post is.
    Have a good weekend all, I’m going to dig myself a fuckng big hole, crawl in and wait for the impending apocalypse.

  16. Absolutely love the dog pics. We take tons at home of our own bulldog. My dad will stick the memory card in the computer then goes “who’s been *taking* all these pictures?!”.

    Do you take more pics of the dogs, or of Stargate/food-related stuff?

    Glad to hear that Lulu’s on the mend. Hope it’s not too serious with Jelly!

    Do you see a vet who specializes in the breeds of dogs you own?

  17. Okay I have to pipe up on the Dogs and chocolate thing. I recently took a pet first aid class through my veterinarian’s office and was informed that while YES chocolate is deadly that it takes far more than people think to kill a dog.

    For example an 80 lb dog would need to eat 4lbs of Dark Chocolate(which has far more of the ‘lethal’ ingredients than milk chocolate, though Baking Chocolate is the worst).

    Personally I’d be far more concerned about Coffee, raisins/grapes, and Macadamia nuts than I would chocolate.

  18. Coucou =) ça va ?

    Moi super !!! Une journée Stargate aujourdui, que demander de plus?

    Merci pour ces photos, tout ces chiens sont adorable!!

    Bisou, bonne journée =)

  19. Answer: At present, I can’t comment on what it is exactly, but it’s even more special than a trailer.

    I know – you are going to fly the ship around the planet first – beaming down to chat shows and interviews before sending it on its way by a magic wormhole.

    I am still ‘sad’ that Atlantis has gone as a regular series but am looking forward to Universe.


  20. Now now, Joe; don’t be mad at Ashleigh just yet (about this). I mean, why would you want her swine-flu-infested cookies anyway? See, if you had gone to the office, she’ll still be laughing at you, because you’d be sick now.

    They were probably infested with cooties too. I know how these evil girls work. They work evilly. Heck, she’s obviously beckoning you to her new swine-flu-infested lair (aka. your office) so that you can be infected. She’s an evil genius, but luckily I’m a step ahead.

    Do you think she’d find that attractive?

    Congratulations on a successful Comic Book pitch! Still, what does this mean with regards to Stargate? Are you guys going to leave it when this thing takes off? :S

  21. Dang, that smilie didn’t get through.

    Ah well. I think it still represents my emotional state quite well. S is for “sadness”. The colons says that the situation before it (you guys leaving) will in turn result in S. I.e. Sadness.

    That made sense, right?

  22. sorry to here about jelly. I hope its not too bad. I am glad to here lulu is feeling better. I know when my cats are ill they wont leave my lap…have a great day.

  23. Hi Paul,

    A SGA question please:- Right from the pilot Shep was the natural ATA gene carrier. If a 2nd movie is made is there any chance he might meet an “ancient” relative?

    Also as a dog owner myself – do your dogs cast? – My westie got his coat cut yesterday and I still have tuffs of hair flying about everywhere.

  24. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from Sunny Tipperary!

    Firstly, my last comment got chewed in Cyberspace (?) Any hoo, Ashleigh = Very very funny.. If she’s looking for her own Fan Club, then look no further!

    Re: BOTM. Any chance of FF2 with Lou Anders? And Lou swinging by again?…Seeing as he kindly mentioned us all in the preface!!!

    Re: Comic Book Deal : Wow! and again Wow! That’s great news!! Perhaps some cover art as a tasty prize further down the line to celebrate the 4 millionth visitor to the blog???

    And finally, are the SGU crew back from New Mexico yet?

    Best to all


  25. Brie is just absolutely adorable!

    Best wishes for Jelly.

    And good luck on the comic!

  26. @ ytimynona “I saw Star Trek like four hours ago and it was PERFECT!!!!”

    I also saw the new trek movie yesterday and was massively disappointed by it. Did all of the gaping plot holes not bother you?

  27. So Joe, spill on Brie! Are you babysitting? Thinking about welcoming a new member to the family? Having um…doggie play-dates? What’s the scoop on that adorable little pooch?

  28. On the Australia SciFi network, they’re including Stargate in Star Trek triva and promotions. I have no idea what to make of this, but I had to share the weirdness.

  29. “Jelly and Brie”

    Yum. Break out the crackers and wine! 😉

    Seiously though, I hope Miss Jelly can be fixed up. She looks so cute chillin’ with the Buddha.

    Sounds like you’re going to be a busy boy this year, Joe. What’s the matter? Do you miss the non-stop excitement of being a showrunner and have to fill up your newly acquired free time with other projects? Or are you just having fun stretching your non-Stargate-related wings? Either way the owner of my local comic shop will be thrilled to hear that I have a reason to give him even more of my money. (But then, so am I.)

  30. Hi Joe!

    Wow, the *most* cutest puppy pics *ever*! (Phew! I’m so glad I’m not hyperbolic.)

    Those are very good photos. The first one with Brie could almost be used in a glossy dog magazine ad. Also, the Jelly & Budha pic is so precious. Not sure which one is Jelly, though! ;P

    Read yesterday’s blog too. I love Ashleigh. 🙂

    The rolls look good. Not so much the uni, but I’ve never tried it.

    I’ll say it again. Everyone who works/worked on SG shows is very good looking!


    If you were going to be graphically represented as a dog, and your choices were a pug or a French bulldog, which one would you choose?

    Have a really good one, whatever your one is!


  31. Hi Joe,

    Must be dog hair on the brain or the fact that my cousin Paul came in when I was reading your blog….SO, SO sorry!
    Wouldnt blame you if you never answered any of my questions….

  32. Hey Joe,

    Loved the pics of the doggies. And Kim. And the food.

    Hope the dogs are all well and good. I swear if it’s not one thing it’s another. It’s the same in my house with all four of my kids. Usually the two furry ones cause the most trouble.

    It’s getting very exciting about your possible comic book series, then. *fingers crossed*


  33. Thanks for the doggie update. I hope the heart murmur is no big deal for Jelly.
    Did they sedate Lulu for something and then she got the aspiration pneumonia? Or was her pneumonia related to the coughing? I hope she completely recovers soon.


  34. Loved the dog pics – the octopus toy is wild. It would be a kick to see them all pulling it in a video. My Mom’s pug, Penny, used to growl under her breath when playing tug o’ war.

    She was a wonderful pug. When we let her outside, we’d have to call “Foo-doo-la-de-la-falina for her to come in – kinda of a dog/human joke. We’d call, “Penny!” and she’d turn around and look – if we didn’t launch into the Foo-doo name, she’d turn around and run away.

    With your dogs, working at home and all your friends – you have a great life, you know. Nice! Knowing your work touches so many people must be so personally satisfying – and of course, eating all the best chocolate in the world made by man/woman isn’t so bad either!

  35. Your dogs are so photogenic, or perhaps it’s that you are such a good photographer. I have two friends who are not into scifi at all, but they read your blog for the dog pictures and stories.

    They started talking about Brie the other day, and I’m like, what are you talking about? I’ve been very busy lately (I’m going to acting school) and I haven’t been keeping up with your blog as much as I’d like, and they got on my case because I wasn’t reading your blog.

    I’ve been properly chastised and I promise to read regularly again.

  36. dasndanger wrote:

    I miss your ‘Twitter’ report. They’ve been quite amusing…and kinda disturbing if some of that stuff is really going through your mind.

    What goes through Mr. M’s head is disturbing? Have you read your own posts? 😀

    Anne Teldy (who’s been an emotional and physical wreck all day. Thanks for the distractions, all!)

  37. Check this out re the Star Trek movie:

    I’m hoping to shanghai hubby to see it at the IMAX in Tampa tomorrow 🙂

    @das: You SHOULD get a dog, any kind of dog. They’re so good for the soul!

    Hey Joe, sorry to hear about Jelly, but I will tell you not to worry too much. Flannery’s been living with a heart murmur (the opinions vary from doctor to doctor, but hers is between a Stage 3 and 4, and recently a 2, go figure) for many years and has always done well. Hell, I’ve been living with one for years as well! She’ll be fine, you’ll see. I think all your dogs are adorable, as is Brie, but I have a soft spot for Jelly. Elway, Summer, Molly and Flannery send little wet kisses to all of yours. Please keep us updated!

    Otherwise, couldn’t you use a little trip to Chicago in August for the convention? We’d love to see you there! Enjoy the weekend!

  38. Now that we have a entry with doggy pictures, can we get a entry with SGU pictures?

  39. @Anne Teldy: ROFL!!! True… Das has quite a disturbing mind when compared to Joe’s. 😆

    @PG15: Weeeell… I hadn’t thought Joe and Paul would leave SGU but they’d do the comic book thing on the side. Now I’m worried about THAT! 😯 But maybe I’m right and it’s something they can handle along with SGU.

    Also, I thought Ashleigh’s cookies might be cootie infested as well. And does this smiley work? —-> :/

    memeber of the Asheligh Fan Club

  40. Are you giving out dog advice?
    I have two dogs, both females and spayed, who have been friends for several years. While they mostly play around together in a friendly fashion, a few days ago something must have set them off because they actually began fighting for real.
    And drew blood! I was too scared to try to pull them off each other as they are fairly large and it was vicious. But they quickly stopped and just looked very sheepish and contrite the rest of the day. They are both rescue dogs, but I think they each have some pit-bull in them. Not sure if that matters, they are generally very sweet dogs.
    Do you think this is a problem that might reoccur?
    Or just a one-time strange pack dominance thing?
    Thanks for any insight into the canine psyche, I’m really a cat-person at heart.

  41. @ Thornyrose – Back when my old family doc suggested I go see this guy, he said, ‘He’s a good doctor, but I’m not sure he’ll be good for you – he doesn’t have the best bedside manner’. I think his reputation is well-known, but it’s never bugged me before (I’m fairly tough). However, his attitude was way over the top this time. If I get a chance, I will send him my medical records from this winter, just so he knows I wasn’t making excuses. But I’m done – I don’t need that sort of thing.

    I dropped one OBGYN because she told me to stop fiddling with pens and stuff while we talked. 🙄 I’m under the impression that some doctors just cannot handle people with social anxiety, OCD and ADD. It’s NOT like I am aggressive or go into rages (I’m more the meek and apologetic sort), I just get nervous and chatty and fidgety, and some doctors are annoyed by it. But since doctors are well-familiar with ‘white coat syndrome’, they should also know how to handle patients that have this sort of anxiety. My dentist is a great guy – as soon as he realized my level of nervousness, he put me right at ease by telling jokes and stuff. Now I hardly have any anxiety when I visit the dentist – he’s the bestest! 😀 (He’s also cute. 😉 )

    @ Deni B. – If I could be a stay-at-home ‘mom’, I would have a dog. But as it is, cats are MUCH easier to share a house with right now.

    @ Anne Teldy – The thing is, Joe pretends to be normal, I don’t. 😀


  42. @Das: This is twice I’ve heard of this cute dentist…should Mr. Das be worried? Oh, before I forget, the condor has flown. ROTFL, I really do crack myself up, no, really, tears here. Expect the condor on or about Wednesday. On a more serious note, I think you underestimate how most people are at the doctor. Nothing you are doing is THAT out of the ordinary. I’ve seen grown men act like the doctor is a Wraith about to have them for a quick snack before his/her next appointment. For me, when I first came to live in the US, going to the doctor was shocking. I’d had my doctors in Guatemala all my life (was still seeing my pediatrician at 19) who babied me and actually cared about me. In the 30+ years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen a huge shift toward “Housiness” (without the brains) and it’s downright scary. It’s not you, it’s them. You fiddle with pens and be anxious all you want – that’s who you are, and you’re not alone. It’s THEIR job to be doctors (and yes, that does include having compassion and understanding of whatever you’re going through), not yours. That said, there are still some wonderful doctors out there, you just have to find them! Now that you have my wonderful words of wisdom, go and enjoy your weekend! I wish you many wonderful dogs in the future 🙂

    @Daniel fans: I have FOUR, count ’em, FOUR photo ops with Michael for Chicago. I love Mother’s Day.


  43. @Tammy, they are both girls and fixed. They’ve been fine ever since, so hopefully it was a one time thing?
    @das, I work with surgeons and other physicians on a daily basis. It is the rare doc who has patience for their patients, OCD or not. If you find one, keep him or her as they are hard to find and valuable. I agree they need to work on their people skills, particularly because most people seeking medical attention are at a high level of stress to begin with.

  44. @ Bailey – Thanks. My sister has a great doctor – but he’s in Florida. 🙁 I’m gonna keep looking, but hopefully the one I’m going to in a couple weeks will be okay for now. Hopefully. In the meantime, I’m out one endocrinologist, and the other endocrinologist was that OBGYN who scolded me for playing with pens. I think endocrinologists just don’t like me. 🙁

    @ Deni B. – Uh…oh. Should I be worried?? 😉 I’ll keep a sharp eye out!

    About that dentist – Mr. Das thinks he’s cute, too… 😀

    “…I’ve seen grown men act like the doctor is a Wraith about to have them for a quick snack…”

    Yup. That’s Mr. Das when he sees a needle… 😛

    @ Joe – We haven’t forgotten about you! I actually have a serious question, too! 🙂 RE: Producing – You seem like a guy who likes to be involved with his ‘babies’, but now you have to hand them off to others. Will you miss not being involved in producing your own episodes??



  45. Glad to hear Lulu is on the mend. 🙂 My cat Gemma was diagnosed with a heart murmur and lymphoma a year and a hald ago. She’s 17 now, still a bit sicky, loves her snuggles, but still runs around like she’s a spring chicken.

    Hope you’re giving Lulu lots of TLC and i’m glad to hear she’s on the mend.

    On a completely different note, I know i’ve not been very active the last few months, Mom’s been extremely poorly and i’ve been stressed. I’m slowly getting back to my old self again, and the mention of some Shep whump in the movie brightened my day, so big hugs for that. And now i’m off work for the next few weeks, I might even get time to read a book! At the moment i’m busy playing with my new camera Nikon D50.. well not that new, but new for me 😆 . If you’re feeling bored one day, here’s the link. *endless shameless promotion*

    Take care and look after Lulu.


  46. Congrats on the comic pitch going well.

    I hope the dogs are feeling better soon. Love seeing them. It always brightens my day.

    And yes, do come clean about Brie. Babysitting, dog play date or future owner of Brie.

  47. Thanks for the puppy pictures, they are all so cute! Hope Lulu gets better soon and that Jelly is ok also. I hope you have lots of photo albums for them, and it looks as though you already have the dog friendly carpet and furniture. Now Ashleigh has made me hungry for cookies, chocolate chip I think! 😀

  48. Das – When I was growing up, as an Air Force brat, you did not have your own primary care physician. When you were sick, you went to the Air Force base hospital and sat waiting your turn in a very long, crowded hallway. Your doctor that day was whoever walked thru the door. No doctor/patient relationships were ever established.

    Even though today I have a primary care physician, I still only go whenever I have to or need to. And I want out of there as fast as possible. I say what needs to be said and take notes on what she says (I keep pen and paper in hand). My doctor is extremely nice and seems willing to spend as much time with me as needed. She sees a lot of elderly patients. They tend to move very slow and like to talk. I’m sure my “get me out of here” attitude is a welcomed change of pace for her. Maybe you should look for a doctor who sees a lot of elderly people. I think they are special doctors who show more kindness

    I also have a specialty doctor. When I was 39 I was diagnosed with an eye problem more common in people age 65 and over. Needless to say, I am usually the youngest patient in his waiting room, with the average age in that waiting room being 80 years old. (and they keep that room so damn hot because those old folks get cold!! And it takes 5 mintues to get them from the waiting room to the exam room because of their walkers and canes and they all move soooo sloooow!!) That doctor is also extremely nice and patient. He has an excellent bedside manner.

    I guess what I’m saying is, it takes a special person to treat the elderly. I think those doctors might have a kinder and a more gentle personality. So I’d look for a doctor that has lots of elderly patients too. Plus, the doctor will be nicer to you because you are a more long term patient, whereas their elderly patients….well…you know…

    Good luck finding a new doctor. There is one out there just for you!

    PS: My dentist (former dentist) is a crazy loon! There was something mentally wrong with that man. I need to find another dentist because he left the country to go help those less fortunate. (He was probably kicked out of this country!) (but at least he was nice)

  49. @Das: Ha ha ha! 😛 It’s just the depth of how much you love Todd. 😉 But I think you’re right. Joe *pretends* to be normal. I think he’s just as weird as the rest of us when it comes down to it. 😆

    @Bailey I worried about having two dogs because I was afraid they wouldn’t get along or they’d fight with the children around. My dogs are pretty well behaved. While I had Sebastian there were a few fights. Annabelle always seemed to start them. Sometimes it seemed over nothing. Once it was so bad that Sebastian cut a few cuts on his face. I always seemed to know right before it would happen. I’ve learned that if I see that *odd* look in either dog’s eye I yell out “AH!” or “HEY!”. Now we have Ziggy and Annabelle. They have gotten into fights, too. Again, Annabelle starts them. So I do keep an eye on her if I give both the dogs a treat. That is usually what starts the fights between them. The other day, though, I don’t know what it was. My yelling works the best. Both dogs are over 100 pounds and could cause me serious injury. The loud noise thing (maybe if you had a whistle) or even a spray bottle of water (a trick my mom used to use) can shock them out of it.

    I think that like people, dogs get into moods and things happen and they will fight about them. I just try to stop it from happening in the first place. I no longer worry about my dogs becoming mortal enemies. And when they do fight when I’m not around I don’t really worry about it. I think your dogs will be ok.

    That’s my humble (or not so humble) opinion. 🙂

  50. Bailey: Trish had some good points. Like why were they fighting? Some dogs fight over food. Some fight for dominance. (they probably aren’t fighting over territory) Like she said, dogs get into moods. Watch them to find out what triggers it and go from there. If it becomes a problem then ask your vet. A lot of vets love for people to ask them behavior questions.


  51. Thanks Trish, they haven’t had another fight, so I will just wait and see.!
    I wonder if pugs and french bulldogs are more or less “scrappy” than other breeds? Joe?

  52. Mika said:

    On the Australia SciFi network, they’re including Stargate in Star Trek triva and promotions. I have no idea what to make of this, but I had to share the weirdness.

    Yeah I saw that too last night. It was weird but I’m grateful ‘cos it was something new.

    Now tell me Trek fans, I don’t really watch Trek but I’ve been catching a few episodes of Enterprise lately. Is it me or does Connor spend an awful lot of time running around in his underwear? I’m not complaining though.

    Congrats on the pitch Joe. Do you find it more difficult to pitch over the phone than in person? Missing the non-verbal cues etc.

    SGU questions:

    1. Which character is the most resourceful, quick thinking?

    2. Is there one particular threat, not necessarily an enemy, that hangs over their heads throughout the season?

    Cheers, Chev

  53. As a long time reader of your blog i was to say i really enjoy your work.

    Whispers was one of my favourite SGA episodes ever as it was something completely different.

    I’ve spent the past 2 years looking at your blog and enjoying every entry as i think your writing is both emotional and action packed. I think you deserve a massive pat on the back for your work along with the many hundreds of people that have made the series possible.

    I have every possible ounce of faith in the writing team and i cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.

    You guys are amazing. and dont let the nay sayer put you down.


    p.s. it’s my 21’st birthday today (friday)

  54. I was making myself crazy trying to remember what show did the show titles like you want, thanks garakaki for reminding me.

    By the way, my daughter graduates from college tomorrow.

  55. Oh I just love your dog photos, you know that’s one reason I love this blog because of the dog photos and you love dogs too. Brie is one beautiful lady. I am following Bubba on twitter! hehehe Thanks Joe for the updates.

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