Director Peter DeLuise during a break in the action.
Director Peter DeLuise during a break in the action.
Peter kindly advises Director of Photography Jim Menard about his lighting preferences.
Peter kindly advises Director of Photography Jim Menard about his lighting preferences.
By now, the SGU promo has aired (on the east coast at least) and I’m sure fans everywhere are carefully dissecting it. I was on set earlier this week when Rob was viewing an early version of the trailer on his laptop. Amidst the quick cuts was an extremely brief cutaway to the gate without a finished puddle effect. It was such a brief flash, a fraction of a second blink and you’ll miss it shot, that someone asked whether the visual effects department really needed to finish the shot. Rob grinned knowingly and said: “Are you kidding? The second after it airs, the fans will have it up on the net, frame by frame.”

Yesterday, I was over on Stage 2, watching Peter DeLuise direct the shuttle sequences in Fire. Boy, that shuttle is a beauty. Someone referred to it as “a puddle jumper on steroids”. Anyway, enjoy some shots of Peter in action.

Did some work on the short story today and, I must admit, I’m none too happy with the last two scenes. I don’t know. Maybe I’m too close to it. Maybe I’m being too critical. Or, maybe, the scenes are shit and, after a strong start, this story is doing a fast fade. I have got to get a first draft done before the end of this month because next month is…

My annual chocolate party. It’s going to be tough to beat last year’s shingding ( But, of course, I’m going to try.

Hey, for those of you looking ahead to the May book of the month club selections and Michael Burstein’s I Remember the Future in particular, check out Michael’s site for more information about the author and the book:


JJ writes: “After Syfy airs sneak peek of SGU, can you post some set pics?”

Answer: Nope, sorry. It’s the studio keeping the set under wraps fore the foreseeable future.

Suziesbluefeather writes: “Do no up dates on the pups how are Lulu and Jelly doing?”

Answer: All four dogs are doing great – although the pugs are looking a tad chunkified after all that home cooking.

Thornyrose writes: “We will mourn the passing of your manliness, and honor your memory. And don’t you fear some sort of backlash from your co-writers and producers for venturing down the veggie path, even temporarily?”

Answer: They were more interested in their barbecue chicken.

Patricia Lee writes: “Have you decided on a date and participants for the WFPoTD – Alcoholic’s anonymous!”

Answer: Looks like it’s going to be me, Ivon, Lawren, and Carl sampling the exotic offerings of my liquor cabinet. Root beer schnapps, here we come!

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “How are the new cast settling into Vancouver life? Have they taken you up on your restaurant recommendations?”

Answer: From what I hear, they’ve settled in quite nicely. And those who’ve taken me up on my restaurant suggestions have enjoyed themselves.

Shirt ’n Tie writes: “ Oh, and by the by, when is the Joel Goldsmith Q and A??”

Answer: Soon, soon. Joel has been busy working on the SGU theme.

Jessica writes: “I haven’t been around for a while, kinda been lazy, but also I’ve started uni so yeah. Anyway thought I’d pop by and see how you’re going, by the way, did you know that the sequel to ‘The Name of the Wind’, ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ is supposed to be available this April?”

Answer: Hmmm. I loved The Name of the Wind. Perhaps a potential June BOTMC selection?

Robotpo writes: “Would you able to tell us if we’ll be seeing alien races, one of the major draws of sci-fi, (not SyFy though), on the show? Or is every week going to be something going wrong on the Destiny, and the crew struggling to fix it before they run out of air/water/whatever? This isn’t going to be a remake of Battlestar Galactica through the prism of Stargate, is it?”

Answer: Given the premise of the series, it will be darker and more serialized than SG-1 or Atlantis. That said, there will still be plenty of opportunities for humor and the series will be firmly rooted in established Stargate mythology. Yes, the series will focus on survival, but it will also focus on exploration and adventure – and, by extension, the occasional alien encounter as well.

Deni B. writes: “Meanwhile, Flannery the Greyhound is sick and I have spent all morning at the vet.”

Answer: Hoping Flannery is on the mend!

Major D. Davis writes: “1. What is the budget for Air (all three parts)?

2. What will the budget for a normal one part Universe part be?

3. Will the Atlantis movie budget be 7 million dollars?

4. Will you help Paul write Project Twilight?”

Answers: 1. A significant amount.

2. A significant amount.

3. Theoretically, it could be anything.

4. Yes.

Juralas writes: “I can’t think of a better time to air the SGU promo than during the BSG series finale tonight. Have you ever seen the show and if so, what do you think of it?”

Answer: Haven’t seen it but have heard good things. When the box set comes out, I’ll no doubt pick it up and watch it with the wife.

Tim Gaffney writes: “The Syracuse Orange will win the NCAA Tournament!”

Answer: Syracuse? Really? I thought SYR stood for Syria.

Sherry writes: “Just saw the trailer…not impressed.”

Answer: Well, I guess that’s it, everybody! Strike the sets! We’re wrapping up production and going home.


67 thoughts on “March 20, 2009: Promo Particulars, DeLuise Directs, and a Modest Mailbag

  1. have you heard anything from amanda on how close she is to finishing her q/a?… *waits impatiently* 🙂

  2. Either I missed the SGU sneak or it did not run in Central time zone. Lots of promos for broadcast of the SG 1 films next two weeks.

  3. I just watched the trailer on YouTube. I couldn’t DVR BSG because of Dollhouse and Dog Town (two shows I’m not yet willing to give up..) and, from what I could see through the grainy-ness, I’m excited! It was good. I only watched it twice (so tired!) but had to come on here and spread the cheer. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. I even downloaded a Countdown app on my hand-me-down iPhone and set it for the premier date I found. So, very excited.

    How are your doggies? Are the upset-stomach issues getting straightened out?

  4. regarding the short story, you may be too close to it, as you suggest. Why not have one of your writerly-type friends read it and give feedback? Perhaps that’ll help shake something loose for you or at least offer you fresh perspective?

    Do you know if there will be an announcement anytime soon about who has been signed for the SGA movie, or does the signing wait until the script is done and approved?

  5. Thanks to the MGM site I got to see the trailer and I LOVED IT!!!!

    Can’t wait to see more!!!!

  6. Speaking of the Memphis Blue Barbeque Restaurant here in North Vancouver (see everytime I am on Lonsdale). Plan on giving it a try one of these days. Let you know what I think!!!

  7. Haha Rob knows us well 😉
    The trailer is available online for those among us who didn’t watch BSG tonight. It was edited together to make it seem all edgy and stuff, but all it did was hurt my eyes. I’m hoping the camera work won’t be so frenetic in the actual show!!!

  8. I thought the trailer was very impressive. I’m still concerned that this show will be too great a departure from the things that drew me to the original movie, and to SG-1, and perhaps not to my personal taste, but you are all clearly doing a wonderful job. The show is certain to find many fans. And I’m relieved to hear you say that there will be some humor and exploration… In any case, the acting, directing, and sets look top-notch. Congratulations!

  9. Hey Joe.

    It’s been a while but I guess that’s what happens when I have to borrow a computer to even READ your blog.

    Thank you guys for the sneak peek: it looked really cool but I must confess that I didn’t make any connection to SGU until the title popped up on the screen. Sorry.

    I hope the weather is calmer up there than it is here… this is the beginning of severe weather season here on the edge of Tornado Alley.

    Speaking of, I hear thunder. Time to unplug stuff.

    Have a great tomorrow,

  10. Just watched the trailer on-line. Probably not a smart thing for me to do right now, considering how the day’s been (which I won’t bore you with). But it’s really hard to tell what the show will be like from such a brief clip – it certainly had a BSG feel to it, but given the time and place for the trailer’s debut, I understand. I just hope there isn’t a lot of screaming in the show…I can’t handle screaming – not in tv shows, not from animals in distress, not from crying kids, not from my dad and all those fights he had with mom when I was a kid.

    I hope their won’t be any screaming…

    I miss Todd. 🙁


  11. Hey Joe, I was just wondering if the Q&A with Dave & Roy is still going to happen, and if so if you had any idea when?? It’d be a fun read 🙂

  12. Sherry writes: “Just saw the trailer…not impressed.”

    0.o Wasn’t it just like 29 seconds with words… can you possibly base your opinion on that!?

    I thought it was intriguing…intriging? intrig… GAH you know what I mean. ANd the gates red oooooooooooooh shiney!

  13. Questions about the trailer:
    It looks like there are about a hundred people in one of the scenes. Just how many people were there at the base before they evacuated? There was an SG-1 episode on the other day and it seemed like there was only a couple of dozen people at the Gamma site. Will all those extras be in future episodes?

  14. I just got back from my SGU Sneak Peek Party (watching two hours of some show called battleship galacticon or something like that so that I didn’t miss the SGU trailer…which wasn’t on the channel I was watching, but I watched it online afterwards anyways and it was great). Yup, it’s going to be awesome.

  15. Joe I just sent the link for the trailer to all my friends so they can watch. Was so glad that Syfy put it online. Turns out I didn’t have to see any BSG.

    I feel like Oliver at the orphanage asking for more porage… “please sir a bit more”. I understand that the first ones are short. I liked the trailer but wished it was longer.

  16. So Battlestar Galactica is over and there’s that sense of loss again…the same I felt when Atlantis ended =(

    The SGU promo gives me hope. What you wrote about it being dissected brings up an interesting topic.

    *The following is spoiler FREE*
    io9 interviewed Battlestar creator Ron Moore about a certain character in the series in which he (and the writers) had not given much thought about, but a character the fans had nonetheless clung to, desperate for more information. Here is Mr. Moore’s response to the question of who the character is and whether it would be revealed in tonight’s finale (names removed):

    “You know, the XXXXX thing is going to be one of the great fiascos of the show, in terms of what fans thought and what the truth was. Because XXXXXX was not intended to be anything more than an interesting bit of backstory in that episode. And that’s how we approached it…That was all it was.

    And then after the show aired, I started picking up all this stuff about how fans were obsessing about XXXXXX and how [people thought] XXXXXX was XXXXXX, and he was the big surprise. I started thinking, ‘Oh shit, slow down people, I don’t want you to really get invested.’

    I usually don’t like to go out there and say, ‘Oh, that’s a bad theory,’ because part of the enjoyment of watching the show is coming up with ideas. But this was gathering such momentum, I didn’t want people to be going into the finale and really be waiting for the XXXXXX shoe to drop, when there’s no shoe.

    It’s one of those things where you’re inside the show, [and] you look at it, and go one way. And then it’s broadcast, and an audience sees it, and then they seize on this piece that you never really anticipated, and then you’re sort of amazed. And you’re saying, ‘Slow down, no – come back.'”

    The audience reaction to this character reminded me very much of the Furlings and the fan reaction to the simple mention of their name. I can already see the fan theories flying back and forth on the internet over the 30 second trailer and the split second gate apearance.

  17. I watched the East Coast feed and I could swear the promo said “And now a sneak peak of Caprica”– *shows Caprica logo* then they played the Universe teaser. Bit of a screwup. I was confused that Caprica had a stargate.

  18. Re: SGU trailer

    I really like the way the trailer was filmed, with a darker harsher feel. Is that going to be the majority of how the show is filmed or were those scenes picked for their edgier look?

    I think, in a perfect green loves it world, the premium SG:U would be edgy but also still smart and witty, it would have action and adventure by the same ratio it would have intense character study, and it would have no sound effects in space.

    Now, I’m off to make my own series.

  19. Now wait a minute!!! After all the waiting and finally we have cast names, and a sneak peek…don’t blink cause it is so short…NO quitting – FCOL we don’t have at least one episode to view yet!

    Saw Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips, a very blurry David Blue. A back drop of dust and blur and faces just barely visible for a nanosecond or more. Yes, that tease appears to be dark and a little or a lot apocalyptic. Would be nice to have story line to understand what was happening.

    But, I do believe quite a bit more is required for an informed opinion….LIKE 40 minutes with sound and dialogue and all that good stuff.


  20. A question for the Dave and Roy Q & A. Black holes have always intrigued me. They are scary, big and suck everything they can inside. Do we have any idea where things go to? How could a black hole compress all that mass/energy? Is there any way a black hole could be a type of a wormhole to another galaxy or universe?

    Any facts or theories about black holes?

    And, I saw the SGU trailer and I’m hoping the series won’t be as dark as the trailer seems. Not much to go by of course with such a short trailer.

    aka Kdvb1

  21. Whoo-hoo! Just watched the trailer online and all I’m gonna say is Robert Carlyle is THE man! I’m SO looking forward to seeing where y’all are going to take us on this trip out!
    I feel a Robert Carlyle fest coming on this weekend.

  22. It was like halfway thru the promo when I realized it was for SGU. That’s what I thought at first, but I was like, no…looks totally different than the reg SG mo. But when I saw the puddle blue light on them…I totally freaked out.

    That was amazing. Has a kinda BSG feel to it. The darkness and stranded themes I mean.

    Speaking of BSG…probably the coolest space battle on the show EVER…but the battles in the Resistance still run a very close second.

    And the ending was CRAZY…I knew they had to end up at our Earth somehow…wouldn’t be any fun otherwise…[spoiler edit…I was less than a foot away from the TV the whole 2 hours. And the last efw mintues were fabulous…[spoiler edit]….INSANE!!!

    I was holding very high expectations for this epi…and it definitly exceeded them. But, I didn’t expect anything less. [spoiler edit].

  23. Hello Joe and fellow blog commenters! Miss me? 😉

    School’s been hectic as heck so I haven’t had time to comment, but I do still read every blog entry every day.

    Saw the SGU promo, and was very intrigued by it. It definitely had a different feel to it; it seems more realistic (i.e. panicked screaming and shouting overlapping each other, like in real life) than SG1 and SGA, and had a sort of “viral campaign” vibe to it, like the promotional stuff for Cloverfield. There was general confusion until the last brief split second when the gate showed up. Very cool.

    I was also surprised at the sheer number of extras that was featured in one of the shots. It looks like the scene where the group first get to the Destiny will be a pretty frantic one. I can’t wait!

    Definitely, definitely hungry for more.

    Hey, maybe you should get Fondy to read the short story and see how she likes it. A pair of non-writers’ eyes could help, no?

    Some questions before I go to bed:

    1. I noticed that the SGU promo was called “Frantic”; I don’t know why they’d name promos, unless there are more, with different names. Are there more SGU teasers coming soon?

    2. You were right about us dissecting the promo – the puddle effect is fine, but a few fans have noticed that the gate is smaller than the gates we’ve seen in the past. Is the SGU Stargate smaller than the MW and Pegasus gates, or the same size but the promo just showed it from a distance?

    3. Glad to hear that Joel is working his magic on SGU. Will he get a live orchestra for “Air” like he got for “Rising” and the SG1 movies?

    4. Any plans for Joel to score the SGA movie with a live orchestra?

    5. Destiny – is the ship actually called “Destiny”, or does it have an Ancient name that is translated to mean “Destiny”?

    6. A non-SG question: are you a fan of Red Dwarf, the british Sci-Fi comedy?

    That’s that. I’ll try to comment more often, soon!

  24. Hey Joe,

    I saw the trailer. Actually I missed it the first time because Ziggy decided to bark at me and Jeremy. This is why DVRs are good! I could rewind and see it. As others have said, it was very very short. I guess they are taking the term *Sneak peak* literally? What the trailer really did for me was make me miss SG-1 and SGA all the more.

    I miss Todd and Ronon too. AND O’Neill, Teal’c, Carter, Jonas, Daniel, Vala, Cam, Carson, Teyla, Weir, Dr. Lee, Radek, Thor, Bra’tak, Orlin, the Nox and Ba’al. But I really, really, really, REALLY miss Rodney.

    I actually think I took far more time in writing an opinion on the sneak peak than it takes to watch the thing. So, ’nuff said.

    @DeniB: I wrote a comment to you on yesterday’s blog. I said it there but I’ll say it here, I hope Flannery is ok. 🙂 She sounds like a good girl.

    @Das: My kingdom for an edit feature on wordpress. I feel your pain. And your pain for missing Todd, too.


  25. I’ve heard from others too that they didn’t like the trailer… so I decided to not watch it because I wont watch it without prejudice and also I’m kind of afraid that it might be bad indeed and for now I’m really hoping that SGU turns out the way SGA did when it started…

    Somehow I don’t make any sense today.

  26. Answer: Hmmm. I loved The Name of the Wind. Perhaps a potential June BOTMC selection?

    I think that would be awesome, I haven’t participated in any of the BOTMC selections because I found my local library lacking in good books and my time taken up by other activities but if you were to choose it for one, I would definitely participate with enthusiasm.


  27. Great Teaser, nice cuts, and really something i expected! Congrats for that part of work. I am really excited which way the SG “Universe” will take now 🙂

    There is just one question left: The Gate at the End of the Teaser looks a bit small in compare to the SG1 and SGA Gate, is there any different, or anything you are allowed to tell us?

  28. Hmmm…hope the screaming was just for that particular bit. I’m with dasNdanger, I can’t handle it either.

    Also…Fall? Rats was hoping for July.

  29. Saw the SGU trailer. I’m impressed that it contains scenes that have actually been shot! Red flash fire. Hmmm.

  30. Just watched the trailer online. My only problem is I have to wait until FALL. I wish it was coming on this summer, ’cause I’m ready to start watching it now!

  31. [i]Sherry writes: “Just saw the trailer…not impressed.”

    Answer: Well, I guess that’s it, everybody! Strike the sets! We’re wrapping up production and going home.[/i]

    Best. Reply. Ever.

    I enjoyed the trailer. It definitely hints at the dark and gritty tone you have teased us with.

  32. All that trailer shows is just how similar SGU will be to 90210.

    Yes I’m kidding.

    Looks great. Can’t wait for SGU. 🙂

  33. Thanks for the reminder about the SGU Teaser. I checked it out on the SCI-FI site. I thought it was quite exciting.

    I just wish I knew if it was going to air here in Canada.

  34. Hi Joe, thanks for the good wishes for Flannery 🙂 Happily, I didn’t have to watch BSG and saw the trailer at, but must tell you, it really did ha

  35. Ah shyt, I hate this new computer, so sorry. Anywho, it really did have a BSG feel to it, so please make that go away and make it look like Stargate. I miss McKay (never thought I’d be saying that back in the SG-1 days when he was so creepy/slimy). The way I’m feeling right now is that you’ve always given us excellence in entertainment in the past (or we wouldn’t be here bitching about everything), so why should SGU be any different? Just please, please don’t make it look like that POS frakking BSG.

    So glad your pups are doing well now!

  36. Morning Joe! I just wanted to pop in to let you know I watched the SGU preview and it looks bloody brilliant! Do you know yet what countries will be airing it and through which means? I’m crossing fingers that Australia gets it on one of the free to air networks. Unfortunately for us, Sanctuary appears to be going straight to pay tv so we won’t be able to see it but I’m hoping that SGU doesn’t follow suit.
    Another concern will be when we get it down here. We’re still waiting for season 4 of SGA to air. It’s very frustrating for scifi fans in Australia as our tv networks don’t seem to cater too well in the scifi division.

  37. Hi, Joe
    So sad that you took alot of set pics, but TPTB wouldn’t allow you to post some.
    And the trailer was awesome, but only 30 seconds. Did you know that how long does the sneak peek take?

  38. So, you can’t show us photos of the set, but can you at least tell us if the SGU gate is as big as Milky Way and Pegasus gates? It seems to be smaller in the sneak preview, but that could be because of the crowd in front of it.

  39. Jessica writes: “I haven’t been around for a while, kinda been lazy, but also I’ve started uni so yeah. Anyway thought I’d pop by and see how you’re going, by the way, did you know that the sequel to ‘The Name of the Wind’, ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ is supposed to be available this April?”

    Answer: Hmmm. I loved The Name of the Wind. Perhaps a potential June BOTMC selection?

    Eh, no. Book’s officially delayed. I hope it’ll be out before the end of the year but I think we’ll have to wait until 2010.

  40. Just watched the trailer, Whoa, I think I likie! Felt some of the darkness. thanks to all for sharing. Have a great day!

  41. Hey Joe,
    I just caught the trailer on youtube. I have to say that I can definitely see the “edgyness” you were talking about. It almost had a horror feel to it like the movie Alien. I’m intrigued. I also just saw the cast photo and I’m glad you’ve got a big teddy bear kinda guy in there. Will he be the comic relief? I do like the fact that the show has some new blood mixed with some seasoned actors. It will be interesting to see how they work together/their chemistry. Unfortunately I don’t see anyone who could become my new Stargate heartthrob like Michael Shanks and David Hewlett. 🙂

    The pics of last year’s chocolate party look amazing. I would love to go to an event like that. I love gourmet and very dark chocolates, and those pics were mouthwatering!! If I lived in the area, I’d be begging for an invite!


  42. @PG15: Um, as opposed to being sick or something… that’s what I meant to say. Busy with school isn’t so terrible. Ugh! I think you know what I’m saying. Or attempting to say. Or, to be quite technical, what I’m attempting to type. 😛

    Just… I’m glad you commented. 🙄 I’m shutting up now and taking a nap. I think I’m overly-tired.

  43. Hello Joe!
    The trailer was very exiting, but I noticed two mistake:

    – they should have used the “official” Stargate : Universe logo at the end
    – the gate’s size seemed to be too small

    I hope the CGI team can make the gate look like bigger as earlier was in SG-1 and Atlantis. Or is the new size connected to the new dialing mechanism? I will accept a simle yes or no without spoilers. 🙂

    Thanks. I hope I could help.


  44. I can tell from the trailer that the show will not have dinosaurs 🙁

    i cant believe i’ll have to wait till fall. thats torture. the problem that i have the trailer is that it relies on the reality aspect of it, i wouldve liked some music, some interaction, less shaky cam. its a sci fi show not Reno 911. but other than that it was great to see some footage at last. this is the CSI:NY of stargate basically and we all know what happened to that. im sure the bleak look will change overtime.

    but i must say, as a fan of SG-1 and SGA for all these years, this trailer felt like a being in a nightmare.

  45. I have to admit I agree with Sherry. I wasn’t too impressed with the SGU preview. My SGU scale was at 8/10 and now its only a 7/10. Could be that I was enormously dissapointed in the BSG finale and that dissapointment carried over to the SGU preview. It almost looked like some sort of zombie/horror flick and if not for the event horizon, I wouldn’t have guessed it to be Stargate.

    I have to say after seeing the BSG finale, I will advise you to skip the series. What a waste of time, I could have spent that hour each week doing something alot more productive, like watching my SGA DVDs.

  46. “Sherry writes: “Just saw the trailer…not impressed.”

    Answer: Well, I guess that’s it, everybody! Strike the sets! We’re wrapping up production and going home.”

    Touchy, touchy.

    Well, I saw the trailer too and i’m still feeling neither here nor there. I don’t like BSG and tend to turn Sky off/over when it shows it’s face. Too dark. Too angsty. No room for the kinda escapism I need. Still, I can’t form an opinion on just 30 seconds of vidclips and will wait till the eppis hit the screen. Tis only fair.

    I do miss my SG light-hearted humour though. Hope you guys have managed to keep it in there somewhere, amongst all the darker stuff.

    Das: Wales v Ireland.. what a match! 😀

  47. thanks for answering my question, and an apology for questioning your masculinity., Had I thought more on it, any male who has so steadfastly taken on so many weird foods should never have their manliness questioned. And were you able to snag some of the bbq chicken to clean your palate with?
    Caught about half the promo for Universe, and couldn’t stay up to watch it again. guess I’ll be looking it up on the web. What little I recognised looked promising, anyways. And BSG’s ending was ….nice. Plenty of action, and a bit of a suiprise as to how Galactica finally met her end. I see they’re trying to retain viewers on Fridays by plugging in the Stargate movies. I may go ahead and watch then, but that still leaves a LOT of Friday nights with nothing to look forward to.
    Looking forward to the report on the chocolate party, and best of luck outdoing last year.

  48. Hey, Joe, can you dedicate today’s blog to me, please? It’s my 22nd birthday

  49. It’s good to see Peter D back directing, I still watch his “directors cut” things on the old SG-1 DVD’s and boy, he sure has lost some weight, lookin’ mean and keen

  50. Noticed online on Gateworld(Someone posted a link to a Rob interview) that Robert Carlyle noted that 3 people die and 1 person commits suicide by Episode 6 of Universe..
    Lol spoilers..

  51. everybody misses Todd.

    it’s horrible going through Todd withdrawal.

    we’ll need a good strong fix of behind the scenes Toddly goodness when the movie finally gets going.

  52. @Stephanie: I completely agree, we need our Daniel Jackson (ish) guy here. I never thought of David Hewlett as a hearthrob, but Jason Momoa, that’s another story.

    Joe, do you know what percentage of Stargate viewers are women? Just wondering.

  53. Hi Joe!
    Sorry if this has already been asked, but:

    I heard there will be a lot of deaths in the first few episodes of Stargate: Universe. That wouldn’t include any main characters, would it?


  54. YEAH! we want some light-hearted humor! man im gonna miss stargate. i dont know how SGU will please stargate fans. I know im gonna like it anyway as long as it has a stargate somewhere…I mean the only real challenge is running out of original stories, being trapped like that kinda puts a limit to what you can do.

    and there will be puddle jumpers? oh man i was kinda hoping for ground vehicles. so is there another trailer? and will it show more?

  55. Missed out on commenting the last couple of days, but I enjoyed your account of the foray into vegetarian dining. It may sound disturbing to you (brace yourself), but I often opt for vegetarian meals when I’m out because I’ve found some of them much more appealing than the meat options in Brisbane restaurants.

    I have yet to see the trailer for Universe, but seeing as it’s no doubt made it onto YouTube or somesuch, I think I’ll scurry off now and take a peek.


  56. Saw the trailer, doesn’t do much to inspire my interest but it was to short to get much of an idea from the clip. I’ll give the show the first couple of episodes before I decide to stay or go, after all, I was refused to watch Atlantis when it first came out but now admit the error in my judgment back then :). (Hope it’s not BSG’ish, I couldn’t get into that show no matter how hard I tried.)

    I miss John and Rodney and Ronan and Teyla. Wish JF had been mentioned on the ‘Goodbye Atlantis’ vid. Not sure what the deal was there, don’t wanna know either, but it bites the John Sheppard fans to see JF excluded. 🙁

  57. Hi Joe!

    Saw the SGU trailer. Oooh! Danger! Darkness! A bunch of people running! Cool. 🙂

    Still have to get cool cable to see it, or maybe get it through iTunes, if that’s been arranged.


  58. Wow, you people are hard to impress. Everyone’s a critic.

    I thought it (the SGU preview) looked great and it made me want to know more about it. I hope many more people thought that, too.

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