How bizarre. I was sitting in my office, working on my short story, when the dogs started going nuts – barking, howling, jumping. I glanced up and noticed a shadow move past the glass partitions to either side of my front door. Assuming it was either a canvasser or neighbor dropping by to invite me over for a spring barbecue, I was fully prepared to ignore the doorbell – except that the doorbell never rang. Through the reflection in my office window, I saw a shadowed face peer in through the glass. The dogs continued to jump and bark. The guy continued to peer inside. Finally growing tired of this bullshit, I opened the door and snapped “Yeah?!”.

The guy, moustached and mid-thirtyish, slim build, started and stammered: “Is Stanley here?”

“No,”I informed him. “No Stanley here.”

He mumbled a quick apology and then hurried off to the white van parked in front of the house where his buddy sat waiting.

Now, normally, I would have just headed back into the office and that would have been that, but given the suspicious behavior, I decided to take note of the vehicle’s license plate as it drove off.

When I told Fondy the story, she naturally insisted I phone the police and let them know. After much hemming and hawing, I finally acquiesced and called up the non-emergency response line and let the woman who answered know pretty much what I told you. I told her: “Look, it may be nothing. But, just in case there’s a break-in somewhere in the neighborhood, it may prove useful.” (And, of course, in case someone breaks into my house and I’m not alive to tell anyone about it, you can all avenge me.).

I hung up and forgot about it until half an hour later, the same woman I spoke to at the VPD phoned back and strongly urged me to immediately phone them back if I either see the van or the individual who came to my front door in the neighborhood. She seemed quite vehement, so I asked her whether she ran the plates and if everything was alright? Her response – that the behavior I described was certainly suspicious and warranted closer scrutiny – seemed obvious. So obvious, you’d think it would have been mentioned during that initial phone conversation.

Hmmmm. No sooner do I write up this entry than the phone rings again. And, again, it’s the VPD. This time they want a description of the individual. How old was he? What did he look like? What was he wearing? How old was the guy waiting in the van? Was he sitting in the driver side or passenger side? Light-haired or dark-haired? Did either of them give you any trouble when you confronted them? I answered the questions as best I could and again wondered what was up? She informed me that the police were in the process of checking out the neighborhood, looking for the van. I hung up and my first reaction was: I hope I didn’t send the cops out on a wild goose chase. Then, my second reaction was: There’s no way the cops would go through the trouble of scouring the neighborhood unless something was up.

I’m tempted to hop into my car and scour the area myself, perhaps make a citizen’s arrest if not for the possibility that I may miss another call from the police department.

Hmmmm. No sooner do I update this blog entry than I receive a visit from a police officer asking me to identify the potential suspect. “Yep,”I told him as the guy’s face flashed up on the lap top. “That’s him.” Apparently, the guy is a prolific break and enter specialist and the van is registered to him. He and a buddy out the target home, kick in the back door, then help themselves to as much as they can before taking off. My house is alarmed but, apparently, even that doesn’t deter these jerks who are out of prison as fast as the police can put them in. Thank you liberal Canadian justice system!

Of all the houses in the neighborhood, why did they case mine?  And in broad daylight?  I’m guessing it’s the fancy boxwood lining the walkway.  Nothing says posh like boxwood. 

Today’s disquieting entry is dedicated to birthday girl Christle.


Terry writes: “ Why not have one of your writerly-type friends read it and give feedback?”

Answer: I will. But I can’t give them an unfinished story.

Terry also writes: “Do you know if there will be an announcement anytime soon about who has been signed for the SGA movie, or does the signing wait until the script is done and approved?”

Answer: No idea how the studio plans to proceed in that regard.

Silversi writes: “Hey Joe, I was just wondering if the Q&A with Dave & Roy is still going to happen, and if so if you had any idea when??”

Answer: I sent the questions Dave and Roy’s way. Whenever they’re done, I’ll post their answers as a dedicated Dave Tholen and Roy Tucker blog entry.

PG15 writes: “Hello Joe and fellow blog commenters! Miss me?”

Answer: I was about to hop into my car and go look for you.

PG15 also writes: “1. I noticed that the SGU promo was called “Frantic”; I don’t know why they’d name promos, unless there are more, with different names. Are there more SGU teasers coming soon?

2. You were right about us dissecting the promo – the puddle effect is fine, but a few fans have noticed that the gate is smaller than the gates we’ve seen in the past. Is the SGU Stargate smaller than the MW and Pegasus gates, or the same size but the promo just showed it from a distance?

3. Glad to hear that Joel is working his magic on SGU. Will he get a live orchestra for “Air” like he got for “Rising” and the SG1 movies?

4. Any plans for Joel to score the SGA movie with a live orchestra?

5. Destiny – is the ship actually called “Destiny”, or does it have an Ancient name that is translated to mean “Destiny”?

6. A non-SG question: are you a fan of Red Dwarf, the british Sci-Fi comedy?”

Answers: 1. There are none on deck but I assume that, yes, we’ll see more in the near future.

2. I’ve been on the Destiny set and, up close, the gate looks just as big as the Pegasus and Milky Way gates.

3. I’m not sure what Joel has planned.

4. See above.

5. My lips are sealed. For now.

6. Never watched it.

Kaylee writes: “I heard there will be a lot of deaths in the first few episodes of Stargate: Universe. That wouldn’t include any main characters, would it?”

Answer: No one is safe!


89 thoughts on “March 21, 2009: Hi! I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d break in!

  1. Hi Mr. M.,
    Glad you are safe and sound! Don’t take chances like that, we’d be aweful sad if you became a Headline in that way!

    Oh BTW today is the 21st!
    Patricia Lee

  2. Answer: No one is safe!
    That is good to hear. I hope you applying that to all of the production crew, it only fair, if you can kill the actors anytime that you can kill of a writer or cameraman or a director or someone randomly walking down the corridor, or just random execution every now and again to keep them of there toes.

    The trailer was wicked. Spotted some green/orange weapons effects in there, some engine effects, several blue flashes, and what is look like my favourite Stargate yet, and sets of the destiny looks brilliant.

    1. Is the new Icarus set going to be the replacement for the sgc set which was knock down last year.
    2. Can you confirm that the destiny is equal to 5 carriers as Robert Carlyle said in his interview, it seemed to me a bit on the small side, it not even as big as Atlantis is, let alone a hive.
    3. Was Rush character based on the Baltar of the new BSG, they both have a similar look and feel there characters if that makes any sense.
    4. What is your favourite script so far.

  3. Hey Joe

    That story is so unnerving I can’t stop thinking about it. So glad that the VPD caught the guy and all is ok with you, Fondy and the pups.

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted and thought… why not now. Saw the SGU sneak last night and was intrigued. It appears much darker than I imagined. I always try to watch footage/previews/sneaks etc… without bias as though I just stumbled upon it with no prior knowledge and I couldn’t help but think that some might find it very confusing if they haven’t been reading about casting/story lines for weeks. The early spots for LOST were equally confusing so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    I must admit that the BSG finale was so draining (in a good way) and I think it may have affected how I perceived the sneak. It’s good that people are watching it online and I’m sure that SciFi will continue airing it with other less heavy fare. Megalodon 3 airs tomorrow… just a thought.

    Ever see the movie RAVENOUS? It is very dark and twisted – was one of my first glimpses of Robert Carlyle’s genius.

    Happy you are safe.


  4. Hi Joe, how scary to think that had you not been home, anything could have happened. I’d worry more about the dogs than anything else. I hope they catch the guy soon. Have you ever considered getting a big dog? It really helps with these sort of things 🙂 Stay safe, have a good Sunday!

  5. Some related stories:

    Our house was broken into years ago and the one question we kept asking was “why ours and not another one on the street?” At the time, from the outside, the houses were virtually identical except for the paint jobs and flowers. This isn’t the case in your situation, but we’re pretty sure someone we knew, or someone that had been in our house previously was the person who broke in because they knew we had dogs, knew our routine and had brought meat for the dogs to keep them quiet. My dad came home while the burglar was still in the house and one of my dogs started going nuts, so he went into the kitchen where he saw the guy run across our backyard and hop the fence into the neighbour’s backyard.

    Last summer we had somewhat of a family reunion. Around 3am, after nearly everyone had left, this stranger just walks in to my parents’ living room. Long story short, the guy was drunk out of his mind, but lived a block over and had locked himself out when his friends (not wanting him to drink and drive) took his car keys, and subsequently his house keys on the same ring.

  6. Glad to hear that you and the dogs are OK. No telling what these guys would have done to the dogs. Crazy people everywhere these days.

    When I was in the grocery store the other day, some guy tried to push my three year old down. The manager was all concerned, but said he didn’t see anything on the cameras. They have 75 cameras in the store. He saw it but just didn’t want to do anything. I probably should have just called the police like you did.

    I liked the new promo. My son keeps trying to spoil me on what’s going to happen, like he knows. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  7. Oh my! I am glad everyone is ok. It does seem like trouble follows you. Glad you didn’t go out and look your self because you probably would of found them and then what?

    Although, as I read of your experience, I could just picture in my mind what you would look like going after the bad guys and trying to make a citizens arrest.

  8. Joe, thank God you and the dogs are okay!! And thank God Fondy was not there by herself! As a female, that is my worst nightmare/daymare. Criminals don’t care if it is night, day, or even if people are home anymore. Laws need to be toughened up. That is very scary stuff!

  9. Yipes stripes, man, time to go shopping and buy eggs, bread, and milk. Get some duct tape and plastic trash bags. Get some canned food, the kind that won’t go bad in five days. Get bandaids and sandbags!

    Hide, Joe, Hide! It’s the American way!!!!

    Oh wait.

    Scratch that.

    Have some ham instead.

  10. Relieved you are safe Joe.. and kudos to you (and Fondy for nagging you) for calling the fuzz (now isn’t that a 70s term? haha)

    How bloody STUPID of these dudes for keeping the same van seeing as it is registered in his name. What a dufus. Some robbers just don’t have the brains (and a good thing too).

    Hmm how much are tasers on ebay?

  11. Hello from Indiana Joe! I was just looking at some high quality pictures of of the teaser for SGU that were just posted on Gateworld. I noticed the possible lack of symbols on the Stargate on Destiny. Am I wrong about the whole non symbols thing, or do I need a better pair of glasses?? I think the teaser was great, and look forward to seeing much more in the months and years to come! By the way, I always heard Canada had no crime to speak of haha. Stay safe, and lock up!

  12. Wow, that’s pretty creepy. It reminds me of a time, a few years ago, when someone tried to break into my place. I’d been out with my housemate and friends, and we got home around 1am. Flatmate and her boyfriend went to bed, I decided to have a shower. I’m in the shower when I hear a weird noise – like the washing machine had moved (laundry/toilet/shower all in one room). I stopped the shower and grabbed a towel to see if I could figure out what had made the noise. I was at a loss, and about to get back in the shower, when I had an urge to check the window (blind was pulled down permanently). The window, which was old and jammed, had been raised two inches. Someone had stood on the drain outside, and tried to open the window to the only room in the house which was lit up and obviously occupied – fortunately, they also chose the only window which couldn’t be raised more than 2 inches. I couldn’t decide whether the culprit was creepy or stupid. For the sake of sleep, I went with stupid.

    Anyway, glad you were home, and emerged unscathed.

  13. How is House of Leaves shaping up? I’ve wanted to read it for a while because it looks bizarre and interesting, but I’ve never quite worked myself up about it enough to pay the $20 for it.

  14. From what the shows on Discovery tell me, daylight is better than darkness when breaking into houses. A person sneaking around a house at night is suspicious, and you may wake up the people living there. During the day, people are at work, and people see a white van and think delivery people or workers, and just shrug it off. So those idiots are smart for checking during the day, but stupid for picking a house with a person in it. Glad you scared them off!!

  15. @ Joe – So glad you’re both okay. They were probably looking for an empty house, but who knows. Just be careful – stuff can be replaced, people can’t.

    @ Perragrin – Not sure when that match airs here – right now I’m getting Italy v France…it just came on. I need to watch and delete several Super 14 matches so I have room for the 6 Nations…ack! I need more DVR space!!!

    Had a house full of people tonight, and I made them watch rugby clips and Todd/Druitt/Bigfoot scenes…lol. Though some could see the appeal of Todd…none could find the same in Chabal. Bah! What do they know!!

    @ BlueJay – I need a Todd fix really, really bad…the withdrawal is terrible! I taped the two Supernatural eps that Chris appears in, but I can’t bring myself to watch them because – if I do – then I have to wait until Sanctuary airs before I can get another new CH fix. Not that Chris’ characters in Supernatural or Sanctuary are anything like Todd, but there is just something about the actor that comes through each one that I can’t resist. And then – of course – there are those lovely hands of his. 😳

    Hey, I could have worse fetishes, right?? 😛


  16. Hi Joe,

    I’m very glad you and the dogs are ok. I think the pack deserves a few extra treats for alerting you to the presence of the burglar!

    Loved the promo! I’m so excited for SGU!

  17. joe, it’s time you trained your dogs to attack!

    or make fondy stand guard at the ready all the time. 😛

    but really, be careful… 🙁

  18. Good lord, Joe! I’m glad those two weren’t into home invasion robberies, I shudder to think what could have happened in that case. Fondy was absolutely right in insisting that you report the incident to the local police immediately and I’m glad that you had the presence of mind to note the plates on the van. I hope you won’t hesitate to report any similar incidents to the police in the future, though, hopefully, the crooks will not continue to target your house.

  19. PS @ Joe – I just read hubby your little story, and he reminded me that today WE took down the license plate number of a fella who was checking out our neighbor’s house. We, however, did not call the police, but – based on your experience – we certainly will next time. Since a lot of houses around us are empty in the winter, we try to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. I just know that by the time I’m 70, I’m gonna be that toothless, saggy-boobed old lady who sits on the porch, shouting “go away or I’m calling the cops!” at every stranger who walks down the sidewalk. 🙄

    And I’ll blame it all on YOU. 😀


  20. Well done, Joe! We were victims of burglars several years ago. They didn’t get much, but I learned how “violated” feels.

  21. White van? Are these guys walking cliches or something?

    I’m glad you made it through that in once piece; luckily these guys don’t go beyond stealing, it seems. That’s…good, relatively speaking. Looks like the police owes Fondy quite a bit for making you call them. 😉

    It’s situations like this that makes me wonder if our family should have a gun in the house, just in case. But then that leads to other problems. Hmmm…

    Anyways, thank you for answering my questions, and I am touched, TOUCHED that you’d try to look for me. By the way, I’ve moved, so the next time this happens, and your worry for me overwhelms your busyness/lazyness and you try to go to my house to see if I were ok, or if I were dead from a gerbil attack, don’t be surprised/devastated if I’m not there.

    I’ll tell you my new address if/when I win something else from you. 😀

    PG15 also writes: “[…] 5. Destiny – is the ship actually called “Destiny”, or does it have an Ancient name that is translated to mean “Destiny”? […]”

    Answers: […] 5. My lips are sealed. For now.[…]

    Really? Wouldn’t a simple yes/no answer the question, with no spoilers revealed? The series is THAT secretive?

    Wow…I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

    Ok, 1 more question, and I can’t believe I’m asking this but…

    In this screenshot, there’s a little green patch at the very left, behind the gate. Is that actually a part of the Destiny set, or is it just a green screen?

    Just…just don’t ask why I have to ask this.

  22. That was much with the pause, no doubt. I’m glad you and everybody fared okay.

  23. @PG15: White van? Are these guys walking cliches or something?

    Oh, dear god. I read that, and automatically my brain went, “No, they’d be driving cliches.

    ARGH. Where is my mind?

  24. Grr. One button and poof, post is lost forever. Ah well. Just wanted to thank you for doing your civic duty, and helping the police in rounding up their quota of career idiots. Such actions as yours do make a difference.
    I’d offer a life lesson gleaned from work today. Cooking rule number 34. Do not leave plastic spatulas on hot cooking surfaces, especially if you are working in an all you can eat type restaurant. It’s amazing how the hypocondriacs, asthmatics, and insurance-itis cases will respond to such stimulus.
    As a final note, my four-legged houseguest is back once again as her owner searches for a place that allows pets. While I won’t be able to keep a dog while in my present career, I am beginning to suspect I’ll be one of those old folks who die at home, only to be eaten by their pets. The danged critters have such a dangerous cute factor…
    A good weekend to all.

  25. I know from personal experience the feeling you get and your right there is nothing more disquieting than a potential threat to your home. You did all the right things. If they know you are on alert they are far, far less likley to bother you…to much risk..your just not worth the hassel .

    Feedback re SGU: I don’t normally discuss Stargate with anyone I know who dosn’t also watch/like the show, but occasionally it comes into conversation in the office when we discuss what we are watching in the week. Saying that I have been pimping Stargate SGU… and to be honest the general response is ‘what they are making another series?’ and all I have to add is ‘yes it going to star’s Robert Carlyle and other big name actors’ (spelling? I shame my Scottish roots) and their expressions turn from snobbish disinterst to a secret desire to check out a series they had before thought of as geeky and obscure. It’s amazing really, I really wish it wasn’t that way but its strange what name dropping can do. I really hope it works out for the series.


    You’ve NEVER watched Red Dwarf???! *shakes head in dismay* You really must get out more, Joe…

    @ Perragrin – Didja see that great Chabal try?! Woo!! 😀


  27. That SG-U teaser was awesome, Can’t wait to see more.

    Just one nit-pick though, Is it just me or did the visual FX crew not complete all the work on the Air trilogy yet?

    If you look closely at the gate in this picture:

    You will see the green-screen thats used to create the puddle effect of the gate.

    Might want to inform the responsible party on that 😛

  28. Hey Joe – I’m glad you and pups are OK. I also want to congratulate you on keeping your cool and noting the plate number and all of the other information on the van and the suspects. Speaking as a former law enforcement type, your information will go a long way to helping VPD get those baddies off the street.

    Keep the alarm on and make sure you and Fondy have an “exit strategy” (get out of the house safely) should something like this happen again. I’m sure you’ve already done it, but make sure important papers, jewelry, etc are secured in a hidden safe, along with ID numbers and photo or video tape of the contents of your house. Should a burglary happen, photoes of your property and serial numbers will help in possibly recovering what is stolen.

    Take care and stay safe. 10 gold stars to the pups for alerting you to the bad guy!

  29. Indeed, the babies deserve extra treats for the commotion! Glad you took note and did reported it. Even more glad all is well and you all are safe and well. Now, stay that way! please.

  30. As someone who is from a cop family [and break in victim], the fact that you had barking dogs probably saved your ass! [Yeah, I know, nothing says scary like gourmet dog puke on your shoes…]

    Nice to see that VPD is actually keeping on top of things these days as homicides and home invasions are on the upswing big time of late. The gangs have been moving in again and with the Olympics coming soon… [I think they’ve added TASERing as an event!]

    If they haven’t picked these guys up yet, DO watch out for the van and call 911! *Stupid* bad guys do stupid things and end up getting *other* people hurt!

  31. @ pg15 & Angelus – That’s not green screen. That’s Todd’s brilliance radiating through from Atlantis. 🙂

    @ Joe – Check your date, luv. 😉


  32. Joe,
    Whatever happened to the STARGATE in the Gateroom that SG-1 used???? Is it being recycled for future use??

  33. Wow. Creepy. Makes me glad I moved out of Van and into a city where one can sit on their front lawn and watch drug busts down the street.

    Speaking of which…Can we have your weather yet? I is getting sick of the snow up here, makes me want to move back down into Aldergrove, except not, so maybe Abbotsford, or even Cloverdale…

    I am now going to go back to writing my paper for my Cult TV class. Must love thy major which makes you study Cult television 😀

  34. Joe,

    I’m so glad you are safe. I can’t believe the dogs and alarm didn’t scare those guys off! Maybe they are just stupid…and maybe that’s why they’ve been in and out of prison so much. *rolls eyes*

    It’s good you decided to investigate and scare them off before they actually broke in. That would have been scary!


  35. Yay dogs! (clearly species advantage over the cat – minor, but mentionable) I’m very glad Fondy was not home alone when he was looking in your windows. (She probably would have called the cops and not opened the door I suspect.) Glad you are safe, hope you keep well.

  36. What the heck-a-doodle!

    Tonight’s not a full moon. It’s not even close to a full moon. It’s 18% full, waning evenl (I looked it up).

    And yet first it’s this and tonight it’s a smack down all out brawl down at the Waffle House.

    At first it was small, a bunch of shoving around. Then, hey look! These chairs would work well as instruments of destruction, all the pro wrestlers do it! And finally I’m being told to skitter across the counter; blood, sweat and testosterone in my wake.

    One bite of egg. One bite of hashbrown. One bite of toast. If this is a lesson in moderation I think the Universe took it a little too far.

    Bloody temples on a tattooed man being held to the ground does not an appetite make.

    On the upside, I’m a writer.

  37. Glad you’re okay, and that you and your trusty canine sidekicks helped you save the day. (Or maybe you’re their sidekick? Whichever suits you best.)

    It’s weird how the police do stuff like that. I once walking down an alleyway behind a block of terraced houses with a friend, which all the college students used to walk down to get to the supermarket, except we’d gone out at a weird time so there weren’t that many people around. There was a man and a woman down the alley, I heard the woman let out a cry and she was sitting on the floor, and when the man realised we were coming he quickly walked off (coming our way) zipping up his fly as he went. I stared him down so he didn’t try anything. My friend didn’t notice a thing.

    Anyway, when I got home, I told my Mum, then emailed the police telling them what happened. They thanked me and asked for my phone number and address just in case.

    Close to midnight that night, while we were all in bed, a police officer turned up at our house, shined a torch in the windows which my Mum saw, then got my Mum to go out of the house and to talk to him so he could ask her questions, or rather me questions but I was fast asleep at the time. He didn’t really have any reason to, but eventually he went away and we didn’t hear anything else from them after that.


  38. WHOA! scary stuff. I remember a long time ago and in a galaxy far away my then husband and I came home one night to find someone in our house, it was a stupid tosspot from round the corner known for breaking and entering so my hubby chased him to his house and bust his door down!
    When my now neighbours first moved in, their middle son was out of control (he went on to be a drug dealer and thug having both his kids removed and adopted due to physical abuse) so I bought Sassy my german shepherd and never had any trouble. Funny how certain types of people are terrified of Shepherds. She is a fantastic guard dog and totally protective of her people and I highly recommend it for piece of mind.

    Keep safe Joe, Fondy and the pooches and keep us posted!

  39. Hello Joe ! I follow your weblog for a while now, and I am glad that you stay close to the fans. Keep going !
    Concerning StarGate Universe, I’m very excited especially since the teaser. Can’t wait to see what the ship looks like, and all the interaction between the cast !
    Otherwise, I have a few questions about the show :
    – Are there any plans for multi-seasons arc(s) ?
    – Will the special effects budget be significant ?
    – The episode titles in one word are just for the first season ? Are they definitive or just code names ?

  40. Joe, you can always cloak your house. but if you see him again dont hesitate to use your Zat gun, every stargate writer’s standard weapon of defense. best part—leaves no evidence…MoHaha!

    so when are we gonna see Stargate: Heroes? yeah im calling it that now, lets see if its gonna catch on.

  41. Hey Joe,

    I’m so glad you are OK. Times are scary! 😯 Jeremy just told me that in our peaceful neighborhood of mostly families with growing kids there has been a huge escaliation of break-ins. The police that live here say it’s a group of about 30-40 teenaged to early 20-somethings thinking they are a gang. The morons.

    The one deterent? The houses with the big dogs. And yes, my house would be one of those.

    Thank God Allie walks both the dogs around the neighborhood and attracts the attention of every teenage boy within a two block radius. I never thought I’d say THAT! Allie’s pretty sure of who a couple of the low-lifes might be. She says that they are terrified of our dogs. Advertising! Ain’t it grand?

    I’ve talked to Allie about what to do if those thugs ever invade our house while I’m not home. Obviously flight first. But if not, then fight. And boy do I know how to fight dirty! 😈 You go for the eyes. To start.

    All the homes on my street have an alarm. It doesn’t matter to these guys, either. Thankfully I’m a paranoid woman by nature. I do know there are really scary monsters out there that won’t care about alarms, dogs, or dirty-fighting women and kids. *shudder* That is my worst nightmare. So I hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

    And Joe, of COURSE we’d avenge you! It’d be the least we could do. But I’d prefer it if you died at the age of 120 because you’d decided you DID want to climb Mt. Everest. That’d be the way to go. Then no avenging would be necessary.

    To be on the safe side, remove those fancy boxwoods. You don’t want to attract anymore attention from the criminal element.

    Stay Safe!

    Trish 🙂

  42. Will art immitate life? Will the characters of SGU share a dream in which each opens the door to their deepest fears – being character specific, of course?

    And then, will one character – the one we that we least suspect – be the one on the other side of the door in his/her dream?

    On a serious note:

    Give the dogs and extra helping of whatever they love most.

    No self-respecting crook wants to make the news because they fell over one dog and got licked to death by the rest. They will avoid your place in the future.

    Glad everything turned out well.

  43. Oh, and about the trailer ….

    I too was confused because the intro did say it was to Caprica.

    However, once I realized what it was, it looked great!

    It was a welcome break from some of what I saw in the finale of BSg where mythology overtook common sense.

  44. Joe,

    The Teaser showed us a Different Stargate Logo will that Logo be the Permanent Logo or will you use the Standard Logo that was released last year?

    I really hope you use the Standard Logo, the Different Logo doesn’t suit well.

    Thank You!

  45. Hmm, I’m really glad you called the police. Thanks to Fondy. How very creepy though. Were the dogs outside?

    If I was a burglar (and I’d make a terrible one) I’d avoid places with dogs because a)they might bite me, b)their barking might alert the neighbours or, in your case, the resident, and c)they could trip me over while I was stealing things. Any of those options would be enough to deter me. Then again, I’m not really burglar material.

    Hope you don’t have any more problems!


  46. Joe it is great to hear you and Fondy and dogs are ok, glad you called pd. They probably didn’t want to alarm you on your original call to them about the lowlifes in you area(creepy) Our house is alarmed too, but people are nuts. Maybe a few well placed squibs(i think they r called) might have the man cleaning his pants outside your window, you did the best thing and call pd. unless you brought home one of those zats or p90’s from the show. Hope today is productive in your story efforts.

  47. Hi there Mr M!!

    Many thanks for your kind replies. Glad to hear the Cast have taken your restaurant advice…. Speaking of which, have you been to Don Francesco’s recently?

    WRT : White Van….yep I’ve seen that ep. It’s where Carter gets nabbed from outside the gym, and Jack swaps National Geopgraphics with a homeless guy….Wait…hang on…what?

    @Das / Perregrin and other 6 Nations Watchers: *takes a deep breath* CHAMPIONS!!!!! *queitly recomposes self, smoothens out shirt and tie*
    For those of you that don’t follow rugby, Ireland beat Wales (…just about !!!) yesterday securing the coveted Grand Slam tropy….For the North Americans : think Superbowl, but add the hype of the Stanley Cup as well!!!

    Anyway, it’s the first time Ireland has beaten ALL the nations of the tournement since ….wait for it….1948!

    Anyway, great day for the boys in green!!

    And finally:

    Re: the trailer for SGU…I liked it! It reminded me of the chaos of Search and Rescue with the anticipation of Rising… But a trailer is really a teaser. I mean it’s like visiting the Fuel Website versus attending that fine bastion of great taste. No web site (however good) can give you the experience of Fuel with the ever pleasant Tom Doughty, the wonderous creations of Chef Belcham and the thoughful waiting staff….Sublime.
    So, for my 10cents, I liked the trailer and look forward to the main course!!!

    Best to all

    Shirt’n’Tie (wearing Ireland rugby jersey for the week!!)

  48. Yikes! I can’t believe someone tried to break into your house!
    Anyway, thanks for the answer!

  49. Wow Joe–awesome job with the thwarted robbery–and yay dogs!!

    Question for you (and sorry if this has been asked before, I’m fairly new to your blog)…do you think that there is even the slightest teeny tiniest chance even if its waaaaaaay far off in the future that there could someday be an Atlantis/SG-1 crossover movie? I could see it being tough, (and very expensive) to get everyone together…but I bet it would be one kick ass movie (following the trend of the kick ass SG-1 movies) 🙂

  50. The first night after your safety has been violated is ruff. I hope Fondy and you slept sound last night. I’m sorry that you had to experience that. Before we moved out into the country I was in an apartment complex. 3 people died the year I was there. The gun shots and yelling sounded so regular that at the end I just tuned them out. That’s when we knew it was time to go.

    So did the pups get a special thank you for saving you and your home?

  51. From what I have seen on the news Vancouver is sounding like quite the scary place these days. I am glad things worked out good.

    You haven’t seen RED DWARF!!! Then you are really missing out on some seriously funny stuff. The first few seasons are hilarious. I highly recommend you give it a try. There are only 6 eps a season.

  52. @Shirt ‘n Tie: Go Irish! 😀 Ooops, I’m not cheering for Notre Dame… sorry! I mean: Go IRELAND!!! 😀 😆 😀 I don’t watch any of it but I’ll still be happy for Ireland to win.

    @Christle: Happy Birthday! Eat lots of cake. And then eat more for me.

    @PG15: Glad you know what I mean, then. And I did take a nap. Turns out I really needed one after all.

    @Shiningwit: I knew there was a reason I liked you! 😀 I love German Shepherds. My parents have one now and I feel she keeps them safer than most other AARP members. She’s getting old, though. I’ve begged them to either get another German Shepherd or a Great Pyrenees. My Pyrs are excellent guard dogs, too. How scary to have someone break into your house! I’m glad you and your husband weren’t hurt in the process.

  53. Annie from Fremantle wrote:

    …..Hmm how much are tasers on ebay?

    Sorry, Mr M can not get a taser unless he gets a operating permit. Much like getting a rifle permit, much money & paperwork. Tasers like Mace sprays are restricted weapons in Canada if I recalled. However baseball bats are perfectly legal.

    Glad the VPD is on the ball. A stupid criminal is still dangerous if given opportunity, Give the pugs treats for their diligence.

    Mr M
    After watching the SGU teaser, still not impressed. The teaser reminds one of BSG’s early period. IMO the BSG hype is overblown. It’s not a bad show, but for the budget should have been much better. It fail miserably when they aired the cut down version on NBC that passes the Network standards. Like all good shows recently, you catch them on cable in the US.

  54. It creeps me out that the guy wasn’t even scared of the dogs. Mine might be bitty, but they’re mighty. Sheez, I’d have to consider moving…but I’m neurotic.

    The show looks good…although I must have blinked for 30 seconds during BSG. I watched it online.

  55. Wow, that’s really creepy. You should have just let the guy break in, then shot him in the leg and called the cops. Or are you not allowed to shoot intruders in Canada?

  56. Urgh! Usually, after hearing dogs barking, potential thieves in our neighborhood move on to the next house! Our dogs bark whenever someone comes to the door. We trained them well 😀

    I forgot my house keys once and had to break in after school (both of my parents work, so they couldn’t be home to let me in for several hours). My dogs almost ate me! They didn’t stop barking until they saw that it was me 😉

  57. Hello!
    I have another question (Or two!) for you:

    Which SGU character do you think shows the most potential?


    I read somewhere that a character named “O’Neill” will be guest-starring in one of the early SGU episodes. Can you confirm that the character is Jack O’Neill?


  58. Joe,

    Nice teaser! I had a couple of random question for you. How many gates do you all actually have? Two (SGA and SG-1)? Or is there a third on location gate? Did you retrofit an old gate for SGU or build a new one?

    Also, I don’t know if this has been answered or not, but are you a fan of scrapple?

    Thanks in advance,


  59. Shirt ‘n Tie: And a well deserved win it was too. Congratulations. I take my hat off to the Irish.. They played an absolutely terrific game that had me hanging on the edge of my seat for 80+ minutes. And although my Dragon’s tail might be slightly kinked and feeling sorry for itself this morning, I can’t think of a better way for this year’s championship to have ended 😉

    Das: Yes. I saw the try. He’s not exactly the kinda guy you miss now, is he? 😛

  60. Hi Joe,
    first I’d like to thank you for still answering our questions for so many months ! It takes time to answer to us all !

    Now that Atlantis (in its tv show form) in over and even if some movie(s) has yet to come, I would like to know if you could share with us the production arts of the beginnning of Atlantis, with the earliest concepts of the Pegasus gate, the earliest Atlantis concepts arts, etc… ??

    Thanks again for answering, and bye bye from France ! (yes I’m a frog eater ^^ )

  61. Hello!

    ça va Joseph?

    moi génial!! J’ai passer 4 jour merveilleux avec mon cheri! En plus hier j’ai vu ma best friends et son amoureux, on c’est fait une bonne raclette…bah pas besoin d’alcool et de music pour s’amuser^^.

    Et bien quel histoire! Il doit y avoir de belle maison vers chez vous. Ici aussi il y’a eu des cambriolages, sa fait peur.

    Passer une bonne journée. Biss

    Ps:Vraiment super le trailer de sgu!

  62. Just for the record, I thought the SGU promo was great. Really looking forward to the new series.

  63. Hi again Mr M

    Just read Brandon’s entry there….and it got me thinking….If Atlantis is splashed down outside San Franciso…..which gate has dominance…SG1’s Cheyenne Mountain or the Ancient Gate??? Never thought of it ’til now…I pretty sure you may have answered this already, so apologies if you have!

    Best again to all

    (Am stuck doing paper work at the Office…to make up for watching the game yesterday…hence my dipping in and out of the blog on a Sunday!)


  64. Joe, frenchygate asked a question that got me thinking.

    frenchygate asked, “The episode titles in one word are just for the first season? Are they definitive or just code names?”

    Hummmm. Interesting. Your first season episode titles could all be one word titles. Your second season episode titles could all be two word titles. Your third season would be three and so on, and so on…

    Are you all conscientiously making this decision for one word titles in the first season and will this trend continue during the following seasons and mimic the season number?

    Also, did your ordeal with the would be burglar help when you returned to writing your short story, or was it just another distraction?

    And can you post the jerks picture on your website? Maybe the Police could send you a copy. You would be like “Canada’s Most Wanted”. Lets get everyone looking for this loser. Nevermind. He would probably just move and come down to the U.S. We already have enough jerks, we don’t need anymore.

  65. I am sitting here with a slightly stunned expression on my face.

    Not because of your near burglary (though that was pretty alarming) – but because you have never watched Red Dwarf.

    I can’t believe it.

    The most amazingly awesomely funny sci fic show in the whole history of the world ever? *cough* And you haven’t seen it.???!!!

    But… but…

    Then you won’t have heard quotes like this …

    Lister – “Don’t give me any of that ‘Star Trek’ crap. It’s too early in the morning.”

    Lister – “There’s nothing wrong with boxing. It’s one of the great working class escapes, is boxing. It’s just sport, like any other. Two highly trained athletes at the peak of physical perfection, trying to outwit each other in a ring of combat. In fact, at it’s best, it’s not a sport, it’s an artform.”

    Kryten – “Female topless boxing?”

    Kryten – “This is the Inquisitor. He prunes away the wastrels, expunges the wretched, and deletes the worthless.”

    Rimmer – “We’re in big trouble ”

    Rimmer – “Step up to red alert. ”
    Kyten – “Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb.”

    Joe, you honestly don’t know what you have been missing!


  66. BTW, pretty much most residential B&Es happen in daylight – usually between 1 to 3pm… And any well kept place with landscaping that hides doors or window, no vehicles in the lane or evidence of toddlers AND no pets, if pretty much easy pickings. And the alarm system… lowers your insurance costs, but unless a security patrol car is parked on your street, it’s all a moot point. Any *good* breakin guy is in & out in under 5 minutes!

    If you don’t have one already, stick a lock on your entertainment room door and lock it when you’re out. The bad guys won’t waste time on it and will move on to the next room.

  67. OMG! That IS a scary story Joe, but glad you & family are safe. PLEASE do not hesitate to call authorities next time. Fondy was right to tell you to call the VPD.

    My neighborhood here in New Jersey always has something reported in the local press. Robberies, car thefts, car jackings, assaults, lost pets, molesters in hiding. Yeah, to be expected in NJ, I know. My elderly neighbor was robbed 3 yrs. ago and another across the street soon after. Thank goodness no one has hit my house yet. I tremble to think my DVD’s of SG-1, SGA, Start Trek and Star Wars would be at risk! Oh, yeah and my cats and laptop. Wouldn’t want to have those taken either. Shivers…

    Good for you Joe for giving such a solid description and identification of the miscreant. A lesson to all of us to pay better attention. My karate instructor always stressed being aware and alert with all senses and to walk with confidence on the street or in a crowd. While I might be a bit rusty with karate now, no doubt as my adrenaline rises, so would my ability to inflict damage. Many learned and practiced responses really do kick in when pressed.

    I highly recommend all women of this blog to take at least a rudimentary self defense class or two. You will be amazed to learn some of the simple actions you can take to protect ourself. Er… Joe, you may want to try those classes too. 😉

    Again, glad you and Fondy & pups are all okay.

    2cats in NJ

  68. Good to hear you are safe and sound!

    I live in a nice, quiet middle-class neighborhood. But I still lock the doors. There’s a lot of opportunistic rape in our little city. Biggest problem is car break-ins, smash and grab style. The good thing about living in America is the loaded shotgun under the bed. You bet I would if they came through the door or window.

    The cops in our city do not mind non-emergency calls about strange lurkers. We had a kid show up on the doorstep one evening. Want to buy a laptop? I think he’d just stolen it. Hubby said no, and watched which way he went, then called the cops. They asked us if we wanted them to stop by the house or give us a return call. We declined, but there was a cruiser on our street within minutes. We called one other time when a gaggle of boys was roaming the street and going up to doors, trying the knobs. Yikes.

  69. Hey Joe,

    Glad to hear you and yours are okay.

    Quick production question:

    It seems to be my understanding that, while your primary job on Stargate is writing, you’re not writing ALL the time you’re at work. Since you’re an executive producer, I imagine you do, for lack of better words, “producerly things”. But what does someone like a “story editor”, or a lower-ranked producer/writer do when they’re not penning their own script?

    Thanks a bunch.

  70. Wow! Kudos to you for helping them catch that baddie. Glad you’re safe. I’m also SO glad you were home to protect the doggies … I hate to think what would have happened had they been alone!

    I was wondering… do you think military protocol will be more relaxed on the Destiny due to their distance from Earth?

    And is the USAF still reviewing scripts?

  71. @ 2cats – If I’m ever attacked, I’m gonna try Kavanagh’s tactic – I’m gonna faint. 😛

    @ Shirt’n’Tie – Thanks for filling me in! My DVR cut off the last couple minutes of the match – the last thing I saw was Ronan O’Gara’s drop goal at about 77:30 – was that the last score of the match?

    Congrats to Ireland! I really don’t cheer any team on in the 6 Nations, although I am partial to Scotland because of my blood, and France because of Chabal. But I doubt I’ll ever see Scotland win in my lifetime, and just as long as Chabal does something exciting every now and then, I can live with France on the losing side. In the end, I’m always happy for anyone who wins, except England! 🙂 (I keed, I keed…)


  72. Holy frak, I’m glad you and the pups are safe and sound. Very unsettling, but good to know the pugs are true watch dogs. If the cops know so much about these baddies why not just pick them up? Can’t be that hard to find them when the cops have their pics, names and license, yeesh. Lulu, Maximus and their buddies are all heroes, huzzah!

  73. Hey Joe,

    Just another quick, completely random question.

    Why did Jonathan Glassner leave the series way back when? I’ve tried to find an answer online, but haven’t been successful.


  74. Hi Joe,

    If you’d like to consider a permanent security solution for your home, you can hire me. In exchange for food & shelter I will fiercely guard your family and home! That’s right, I accept payment in the form of bacon– my favorite! Mmmm…

    Glad you’re OK! I check your blog daily, I just keep quiet since there are so many comments already.

  75. That’s scary!! I’m glad you got it reported and hopefully they actually catch the guy and keep him locked up this time!!

  76. Ugh about the friendly neighbourhood burglar and I hope that they were chased off and/or caught.

    We just recently had a guy door knocking about trimming trees who then showed up a month later where almost every day there were reports of break-ins or attempted break-ins happening on my street, until they decided to hit my house, the neighbour saw him crouching behind a tiny shrub looking oh so suspicious, and next minute there were police dogs, helicoptors, possibly a tank or two sent out after him. He miraculously got away by participating in the Fence Leaping Olympics, but left behind a subtle clue to his identity. His car.

  77. Very scary — glad you are all okay. At least your dogs barked. My golden retriever would welcome them in and show them where the valuables were just to have them throw the ball to her.

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