It’s stormy at sea. It looks like you’re going to have to abandon ship. But all is not lost! There’s an island within swimming distance – an island with food, water, a working dvd player and, conveniently enough, the electricity to operate it. With mere minutes to go before the rattling death trap sinks to the bottom of the ocean, you have time to grab five TV on DVD collections to bring with you to that island. Which five t.v. shows are you taking with you to that deserted island?

Well, in the likely event that I found myself facing such a scenario, I’d be

Arrested Development: Marty G. used to rave about this show but the only bits I’d seen involved actor David Crosby’s Tobias Funke character parading around in denim cut-off shorts. That led me to dismiss the show as silly – until I finally sat down and watched it. Guess what? It IS silly. And the funniest series ever produced.

Rome: Probably the most expensive series ever produced, the short-lived Rome was nothing short of magnificent, each single episode offering the dramatic intrigue, performances, and visual opulence of a big screen release. High school history was never this much fun.

South Park: The most wickedly subversive and clever show on television, deftly handling the type of hot button topics other series steer well clear of. Hilarious, unpredictable and, at times, downright shocking, but ever so smart.

The Sopranos: My Italian mother hated it, but I loved it – at heart, a compelling, often touching, character study of a mobster and his relationship with both his family and la familia. Terrific characters and touches of dark humor abound amid the drama, violence, and swoon-inducing capicolla – the whole marred only slightly by a disappointing finale.

The Shield: This series gets my vote for greatest ever series opener with an episode and final scene that had me completely floored – and completely won over. Like Tony Soprano, Detective Vic Mackey is a deeply flawed individual who will go to any length to get the job done. Unlike Tony, however, he’s one of the good guys. The series focuses on Vic’s search for redemption as he and his strike team do daily battle with L.A.’s notorious criminal element.

Rounding out the top ten or – the other five shows I’d attempt to salvage from the sunken wreck:

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The FamilyGuy

The Office (British version)

The Simpsons

Six Feet Under

98 thoughts on “February 28, 2009: My Deserted Island TV On DVD Library

  1. just a quick pop by to say “HI” as it has been a very long day on the farm today.

    Went out this morning to do chores and did the standard headcount and came up with 8(supposed to be 9) and went off in search of the missing goat. Ended up finding that wee little Carter (June Carter Cash as she was ‘officially registered’) had passed away sometime during the night.

    Of course that is how you always want to spend your Saturday on the farm.

    Okay will pop back later to actually catch up on the blog.

  2. I’d have to say…

    1. Firefly
    2. Stargate SG1
    3. Star Trek TNG
    4. 24
    5. Top Gear

    6. Star Trek DS9
    7. Stargate Atlantis
    8. ST TOS
    9. ST VOY
    10. ST ENt

  3. Tell Brad congrats on the nom…that’s fantastic!!! I love that epi. A great character piece.

    Great choices when it comes to the TV shows. Rome is def up there for me…speaking of for me, this is what I would choose.

    For me:

    Third Watch
    Stargate Atlantis

    runners up:
    Battlestar Galactica
    Friday Night Lights

  4. Oh wait, replace Farscape with Heroes in top 5, and then Farscape with ER in top 10

    can’t forget Heroes.

  5. joe, please tell amanda that i’m holding my breath until she gives you the answers to her fan/blog questions…

    did i mention… i’m holding…

    ~feels dizzy~

    i see pretty floating cows…



  6. I’ve seen Arrested Development a few times. It is quite funny. But at the top of my list would be Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. Those are my DVDs I watch the most. Third would be Firefly (just got it for my birthday). Fourth would be Boston Legal and last would be Star Trek TNG or Voyager. I could probably survive for a long time with just Stargate though. I bought it in June and am on the third time through it (the second time that I’m going through in order). Next episode up is Learning Curve.

    Not sure how cold it got in Vancouver this week but I live near Edmonton and can’t wait until spring. Windchill at the airport yesterday was -45! On the coldest day this past week I got a flat tire, which was not fun. And we got a fresh dump of snow so now the roads are ice again – especially since side roads only get cleaned once a year. I’m really hoping for an early spring this year.

  7. I spent my teenage years planning to be an undertaker because of 6 Feet Under. It fit into my interest in the medical profession without the chance of hurting someone if I fucked up. I thought I could be there for the families left behind.

    I got over that lapse in confidence- hopefully as nurse I can do some good without screwing up too badly.

    As for my list:

    1. House. Watching 4 1/2 seasons in a month means I was repeatedly banged over the head with the eventually obvious formula but I just love this show. I love the extra time we are getting on Wilson and Cuddy this season, and I hope the original 3 fellows continue to get more screen time and development.

    2. Farscape. Fantastic. It saddens me that so many people who would really appreciate this show dismiss it as silly and childish because it is so much more. Similar to Arrested Development in that way, I guess.

    3. Stargate. Can we cheat and include all 15 seasons as one show? (Please?)

    4. Bad Girls. Just the first 3 seasons will do- when it still lived up to it’s discription of gritty realistic prison drama. Jumped the shark when they started hiring models.

    5. Bones. Come on… the rest of my life on a deserted island? Eye candy please. Bones, Booth, Cam, Angela, Jack… this show has some ridiculously gorgeous people on it.

    I agree with you on Arrested Development, Rome, South Park, The Office (British Please), Simpsons and Family Guy. I’m going to go ahead and assume we are on the same island. Even if you don’t share, I have a good 20-30 years to enjoy them once you’re gone.

  8. Wow. Funny how I watch none of those shows. We apparently have a completely different taste for tv shows, unless stargate is one of your favorite shows.

  9. Joe,

    I had a short love affair with The Sopranos but so much damn time passed between seasons I lost interest. And the finale sucked. The Shield, on the other hand, rocked every single episode and the whole of the final season just blew me away.

    As for myself, I would save I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, four and a half seasons of Atlantis, Corner Gas and my Three Stooges collection (hey, that’s a series).



  10. Hi, Joe.

    Interesting choices for TV Shows on DVD’s for a desert island. Mine would be:

    Law & Order (the original series)
    Stargate SG-1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Babylon 5

    For backup:

    The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
    The X-Files
    Quantum Leap

    Loved the casting choices for SGU! And congratulations to Brad Wright for his Nebula Award nomination. The Shrine is so worthy! (As is Brad!)

    Best wishes.

  11. Joe, there are dozens of Nevernudes worldwide who are alienated enough. We shouldn’t mock them.

    In no particular order:

    1. Lost
    2. Arrested Development
    3. Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined)
    4. SG1
    5. Buffy

  12. @ Mackenzie’s Momma – So sorry about your little goat. 🙁 {{{hugs}}} Very sad.

    When I was a kid, I used to take care of a neighbor’s goat – love that old gal! She was big, and liked to butt now and then, but for the most part she was pretty gentle. Goats, chickens, ducks, and bunnies…they had them all and I’d care for them when they were away. It was a nice experience, and a great way to start the day before going off to school, and dealing with human beings. I’ll take the animals any day!

    @ Joe – 5 tv shows on DVD? Well, this is very easy for me, as long as I can include those shows which aired in movie format.

    1. Columbo
    2. Northern Exposure
    3. M*A*S*H*
    4. Star Trek (original)
    5. Stargate Atlantis (Hey, I need my eye candy!)

    And, following your lead, rounding out the top 10:

    6. Mystery Science Theater 3000
    7. ST:The Next Generation
    8. 21 Jump Street (I gotta have Johnny!)
    9. Monk
    10. Hawaii 5-0

    Hmmm…Not as easy as I thought.


  13. Yikes! I don’t think I’ve watched any of those shows..Nope, not one of your top 10.

    I wouldn’t have the problem of picking 5. Every DVD I own is in one of two DVD sleeve cases! But, if I had to pick 5, I’d be bringing:

    1. Firefly (I can watch it over and over and it never gets old)
    2. Stargate SG1 (Ditto above sentiment)
    3. Stargate Atlantis (Ditto above ditto)
    4. Psych (Provided I had all the seasons – still collecting..)
    5. The Unit (Such a great show, but doesn’t get much hoopla)

    Rounding out the top 10:

    6. Burn Notice (Wonderful show, highly recommend it)
    7. Deadliest Catch (I’m addicted!)
    8. Moonlight (Something Vampire)
    9. Dirty Sexy Money (If I had the DVDs….Need..Sale…)
    10. Can I bring a collection of movies? If so, the three Underworld movies would definitely be on board!

  14. I would take to the island:
    The Universe (series from The History Channel)
    Stargate Sg1
    House M.D.

  15. I would have to say;

    1- Star Trek DS-9
    2-South Park
    4-The Shield/Awsome!!
    5-BattleStar Gallactica

    For Reserve;
    6-Star Trek TNG
    9-Arrested Development
    10- The Simpsons

  16. My survival DVD’s would be:
    1. Atlantis
    2. SG-1
    3. Lost
    4. House
    5. Farscape
    6. Babylon 5
    7. NCIS
    8. Bones
    9. Highlander
    10. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Firefly would be on my list, but since there are only 13 episodes compared to the 100 plus of most of these others, it becomes an honorable mention.

  17. @Das- thanks for the hugs. I’ve always been an ‘animal girl’ myself, ever since I was little so (almost sadly) this was just kind of ‘meh’ on my scale of things happening. Now the day that my dearest goat Jesse passes away(she’s getting up there will be celebrating her 10th birthday next month) may just do me in.

    I think the worst part of the day was the realization that ‘uh well I spent 10 hours saving this goat back in December just for her to kick the bucket *now* when winter is nearly over’. See back when Joe was in Montreal us out here in the west were banked in snow(over 100cm’s at my house) and she got hypothermia and nearly died then. Add in the fact that this follows the whole ‘I had to put McKay to sleep’ of late ’07, and you get *heaps* of guilt.

    @Joe- No idea which 5 shows I would take with me to the island. Just can’t even fathom only having 5. 😉

  18. Series I’d take:

    1. Stargate SG-1: Best dram-acti-fi series ever.
    2. House: Perfect blend of comedy and drama.
    3. Doctor Who (Post Restart): This may drop depending on how Matt Smith does as #11, but don’t know if he can really bring the excellence of the David Tennant episodes down that far.
    4. South Park: The Simpsons… with balls.
    5. Collection of Daily Show and Colbert Report DVD’s: Bit of a cheet, but how else will I remember the news I did not get from actual news sources?

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Cartoon Network fun for kids and adults.
    Stargate Atlantis: At it’s best as good as SG-1, but at about half the episodes makes it a slightly weaker choice
    Scrubs: At it’s best excellent television, at it’s worst, cringeworthy.
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force: see Scrubs.
    Law and Order SVU: Really good, just don’t know if I could stand that much seriousness at a time. With four other shows to balance it out it could be good.

    To be added in 5 years:
    Psych/Burn Notice/Trust Me: Just started watching the past month, each may move up once more of the series come out/have been watched. Great promise.
    Sanctuary: First year was pretty good. Just keep improving every year like SG-1 and you’re in.
    Stargate Universe: Only added already so I could ask, what exactly is this Icarus Base you have mentioned?
    Rage of Angels/Starcrossed: If they ever actually get made that is.

    Not on DVD:
    The Norm Show
    Rocko’s Modern Life
    ESPN World Series of Poker

  19. Arrested Development is easily one of the finest TV shows I have ever seen in my life. It set a high peak for TV comedy and the only two shows I’ve ever seen come close since are 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother. Both of which, if you’re not watching, you should be. Anyway, my top 5 DVD choices… like I can pick, but if I had to try:

    1) Arrested Development
    2) SG-1
    3) Atlantis
    4) Boston Legal
    5) Chuck

    And that list leaves out so many favorites, it’s not even funny.

  20. I’d switch out Arrested Development and The Sopranos for Stargate Atlantis and Babylon 5. If available, I’d toss in The Carol Burnett show for the rest of my dose of humor. Another oldie to flesh out genres would be Have Gun Will Travel. I’d say ST-DS0 for the mandatory Star Trek fix, though it would be a close call with TOS. Monk for the detective genre,as well as the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes tales. And as my final oddball choice, I’d take Blake’s 7. Makes my choices a bit heavy on the sci fi side, but I could watch these shows over and over for far longer than my expected life expectancy. Which brings up a nasty idea. What if Hell is choosing your favorite shows, only to be forced to watch them ad infinitum? Hmm, no more late dinners for me. Thanks for sharing, and one last request. Perhaps a picture of Lulu tomorrow, just so we can see she’s back to her boisterous self?

  21. I would choose those shows:
    House M.D
    Stargate Sg1
    The Shield

    Back up:
    Stargate Atlantis
    Studio 60 on the sunset strip

  22. Mine:

    Star Trek DS9
    Stargate SG1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Star Trek Voyager
    Northern Exposure
    Burn Notice
    Dr. Who
    and a couple of other I won’t admit to 😉

    Have a good Sunday, everyone!

  23. @ Mackenzie’s Momma – No, I understand the ‘meh’ thing to an extent. It’s like me with cats – I’ve had so many in my life, that now when one dies it doesn’t hit me as hard. I still get that sicky feeling in the pit of my stomach for a couple days, but I’m not devastated…not like when I was a kid.

    I guess one thing that helps me is that I always get another cat. My husband had a dog growing up, and when she died, his parents decided it was too emotionally upsetting, so they didn’t get any more pets. He never really got over that dog – not for years into our marriage. So, when our first cat died, my husband could not handle it – he couldn’t go to work for two days, he was that upset. But we soon had a new cat find us, and that helped him get over it. That’s why I always get a new kitty as soon as possible – the new ‘baby’ just seems to heal the heart best.


  24. Hi Joe,

    Hmm. Don’t usually play these games, but what the hey…

    1. ST:TNG (One word: Jean-Luc Picard…okay…that’s 3…or is it 2…)
    2. Stargate SG1 (I get to bring Ark of Truth, Continuum and (do we have a title yet?) too don’t I???)
    3. ST: Voyager (Kate Mulgrew and Robert Picardo…need I say more?)
    4. M*A*S*H (Slapstick to pathos…even if it does have a laughtrack)
    5. Stargate Atlantis (Because it’s Stargate. And Atlantis. And Awesome)

    If I could grab 5 more?

    6. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (One of better written period dramas that stands the test of time – and you can tell CB I said so)
    7. China Beach (if it ever comes out on DVD…and did I mention, Robert Picardo??)
    8. Bones (Yes. I can be shallow too…)
    9. Ken Burns: The Civil War (Best. Documentary. Ever.)
    10. The X-files (Love the show, but I’d grab this last, cuz I think I’d be too freaked out watching it all alone on a deserted island….)


  25. Annyong!

    Arrested Development would totally make my list. Along with The West Wing, SGA, Traders & Buffy, if I must stick to 5. I’m currently rewatching The West Wing from the beginning (we’re on to Season 4), and damn, but it’s a fantastic show!

    I saw Season 1 of The Sopranos last year, and really enjoyed it. When we moved on to Season 2 it seemed to get more graphic (in terms of violence, although I could easily do without the naked women, as well) and I didn’t enjoy it so much.

  26. I’d take:
    Stargate Atlantis
    First 2 seasons only of new BSG
    The Dog Whisperer
    Dirty Jobs
    Chuck or Psych or Reaper, just to pass the time

  27. I’m taking with me:

    1. Stargate Atlantis – don’t leave home without it.

    2. Everybody Loves Raymond – I love comedies.

    3. Frasier – another favorite comedy.

    4. Lost – I got the first 4 seasons for Christmas.

    5. I’d probable drown trying to decide on a 5th one.

    Bonanza – gotta love that Little Joe.
    Little House On The Prairie – Little Joe does good.
    Starsky and Hutch – love watching them race around in that car with no seat belts on.
    Farscape – I absolutely loved this show!

  28. Let’s see….

    Stargate SG-1
    Star Trek TNG
    Doctor Who
    Big Bang Theory
    Star Trek DS-9
    Star Trek (original)
    SeaQuest –I’m still mad they canceled it.

  29. Hi Joe:

    Are you the one to blame for encouraging Jack O’Neill and the Simpsons, then? 🙂

    To Mackenzie’s Momma:

    I hope this link will help you feel a bit better:

    My choices for DVDs:
    1. Stargate SG-1
    2. Sanctuary
    3. Stargate Atlantis
    4. BattleStar Galactica
    5. Lost
    6. M.A.S.H
    7. Barney Miller
    8. Eureka
    9. Star Trek Deep Space 9
    10 Star Trek The Next Generation

    Take care all,

    Patricia (AG)

  30. ATLANTIS – It really is pretty much ALL I watch! Hello..?

    And in no particular order:
    SG1 &the movies
    X-FILES&the movies
    HEX – [still waiting for season2 in N.America!]
    MONTY PYTHON [but I’d give up the movies to make room]
    BABYLON/CRUSADE &the movies
    FARSCAPE &the movie
    HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE… [UK original version]

    And if I had “movies” to pick…
    KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Scott at his finest! And I happen to know one of the mid-range cast members 😀 But still a film that I wish more *really big* TPTB folks would see and ‘get a clue’! The planet would be a better off place…]
    THE RED VIOLIN [check it out People, a quirky yet well written and editted flick!]

    You know, I’m looking at my lists… Wow! I’m a real sucker for highend SciFi with a twist & a bit of British DNA, British comedy, and well written Historical type pieces – with a twist… Huh?

  31. @Das- yeah well also my future career choice has made it so that I’ve become almost immune to loss of pets(I’m going to be a veterinarian in about 2024 at this rate 😉 ). This one was definitely ‘easier’ than the last kids I lost which was the last kids out of my favorite doe who is now retired and I was very attached to. Thankfully I have the other 8 girls out there to cheer me up so its not super bad(and I *do not* need more as goats are like potato chips- you can’t have just one).

    @Patricia(AG) – thank you for the link it did bring a smile to my face *hugs*

  32. For the most part, I seem to be stuck in the ‘60’s:

    The Fugitive (David Janssen)
    X Files
    Stargate Atlantis

    Since the news has been so dismal these days, I decided to check out movies from my library that I hadn’t seen in a long time, like over a decade. I plucked out one that I didn’t know when I originally watched it had been filmed in BC. There was a shot of the Vancouver skyline as it was over 30 years ago. And just like when I originally watched it, I was sobbing at the end. Jeez, one of these days I’ll grow up. Anyway, if you want to see a wonderful Canadian made film (from a beautifully written book), watch “I Heard the Owl Call My Name”.

  33. My First-Choice List:

    1. Stargate SG-1
    2. Firefly
    3. MacGyver
    4. NUMB3RS
    5. NCIS

    I’d totally dive in after:

    6. House, M.D.
    7. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    8. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
    9. Stargate Atlantis
    10. LOST
    11. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    12. CSI:NY
    13. Moonlight

    SG-1 is awesome, because it’s long enough to be *two* shows. Makes up for Firefly being so short! And MacGyver might actually come in handy on that deserted island!
    It was so hard to choose!
    Looking over the list, I realized that CBS owns 7 of my top 13 choices… wowzers!

  34. AD: Brilliant.

    Rome: Fantastic.

    Sopranos: N/A (But I could. I really could…I’ll get to it later)

    The Shield: He’s angry.

  35. Hum…
    Pushing Daisies (short as it is)
    (Bonus:Emergency!–purely for nostalgia. It’s why I became a paramedic in my first life)

    Movie? Blast from the Past

  36. I’m taking these 5 to my island:

    1. Stargate SG-1 (not surprising)
    2. Firefly
    3. Heroes
    4. Friends
    5. Stargate Atlantis (again, not surprising)

  37. 1. SGA
    2. SG1
    3. Scrubs
    4. SImpsons
    5. Star trek (TOS, next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise… which ever I can grab first)

    6. Star trek (The other 3 that are left)

    9. Firefly (only that far back because it’s only one season and I’ll be needing all the time I can get on DVD :P)
    10. Sanctuary

  38. Well, it seems my list, unsurprisingly, has some of the popular choices with the other people here.

    1. Star Trek TNG
    2. Star Trek DS9
    3. Stargate SG-1
    4. Stargate Atlantis
    5. Buffy
    6. Firefly
    7. House
    8. Angel
    9. Boston Legal
    10. The Invisible Man

    I was tempted to include Family Guy, but like so many comedies, it’s just not all that rewatchable for me. Great the first time, less so in subsequent viewings.

  39. Always fun to think about lists 🙂

    At the moment,

    Deep Space 9
    Family Guy

    With runners up :-

    West Wing
    Deadliest Catch
    Star Trek Next Generation
    CSI Vegas

    but it could all change next week……

  40. oooh good topic, I wanted to see Rome but it was always on when I was sleeping, and I don’t wanna buy the DVDs on the off chance I don’t like it. Anyways my list would be:
    1. Stargate Universe
    2. Band Of Brothers
    3. Baywatch
    4. South Park
    5. Viva La Bam

    The only reason I don’t list SG-1 or Atlantis is because I have seen every episode atleast 3-4 times each, so I can just play them in my head.

  41. Coucou Joseph!

    Vous allez bien.?

    Moi je regarde trés peut de film, et les seuls film que je regarde son en streaming, sauf stargate, bah oui justement j’ai trop à faire avec stargate pour m’intérésser à d’autre chose =)

    Dites j’ai une question?

    Pourquoi les derniers film de stargate ne sont pas sortie au cinéma?

    Voila =) Merci, a bientot

  42. What, no Stargate on your list? An overdose of Stargate isn’t lethal, right? Ah well…

    My list:
    1. Stargate Atlantis
    2. Desperate Housewives
    3. Stargate SG-1
    4. Prison Break
    5. McLeod’s Daughters

    Yup, I love science fiction, drama, and action. If I’d be stuck on an island, I’d like to have some options =)

    SG-1 would be the most tactical choice, btw, because it has the most episodes, and would therefore provide you with more time to watch!

    Question: since we’re on uninhabited island topic, which Stargate actor would you prefer to find yourself stranded with? And which character?

  43. top five

    South Park
    Midsomer Murders
    Black Adder
    SG Atlantis (only because i want to ogle all that lovely green)

    runners up

    Boston Legal
    Family Guy
    X-files (s1- s3)
    Father Ted

  44. I applaude the choice of the British version of The Office, tho I can only assume you like all that have watched the greatness of Ricky Gervais and the David Brent dance have tried to mimic the dance….hilarious images of the SG team dancing Brent style are now forming.

    Have you seen Boomtown? Also short lived but worth a watch, the style of editing make for an interesting watch. Also the way the episodes unfold, the characters involvment and growth through each version keeps the audience guessing.

  45. 💡 If I had time to fetch 5 DVD’s I probably would have time to unbolt the dish and grab the satellite decoder (and all the leads and plug, which would help 🙂 ).

    However, to play along, I would take Air Crash Investigations, Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters, SG1 and NCIS.

  46. Hey hey! I’m back. Had a doozy of week with 3 midterms.


    1. Arrested Development
    2. Stargate SG1
    3. Stargate Atlantis
    4. Avatar: The Last Airbender
    5. The Simpsons

    Fairly airtight list. AD is just genius in pretty much every single way (some AD-style humor for SGU please?); SG1 and SGA are both awesome and long enough so I can watch ’em over and over again without getting bored; Avatar is again pure genius and awesome, and Simpsons fit that “long and great” criteria as well.

    So, when do we cast off? 😉

  47. 5 shows, well, here is my list:

    X-Files: Have all 9 season now on DVD and have started to rewatch them.

    24: Have to be watched in a marathon in 2 days.

    SG-1: Don’t need an explanation.

    Jericho: Great series that ended to early.

    Entourage: It just makes me happy.


    Atlantis: Great, to fiew seasons thou 😉

    John Doe: Ended way to early

    Heroes: Exiting series

    BSG: Have the 2 first seasons now, will start to watch when im done with X-files, have only seen the miniseries

    Rome: Have always wanted to watch it.

  48. 1. Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
    2. ROME
    3. BONES
    4. Seinfeld
    5. Farscape
    6. 24
    7. Star Trek The Next Generation
    8. Magnum P.I.
    9. House
    10. Quantum Leap

    as for movies:

    1. star wars
    2. the matrix
    3. the sixth sense
    4. Insomnia
    5. batman begins

  49. Bonjour,
    For me

    top 1 is ….. THE WEST WING.
    2 ROME
    3 Regenesis
    4 Farscape
    5 House
    6 The Tudors
    7 X-files
    8 The prisoner
    9 The Shield
    10 Battlestar Galactica

    Ciao christelle

  50. Hmm except for Rome, it would suck to get stuck with you. I can honestly say I never need to see episodes of the rest of those shows again. Like the movie Sixth Sense, good the first time, but the surprise/suspense is now spoiled for me.

    Here are some series I have on DVD that I’m not yet tired of rewatching (in no order but top 10)
    Star Trek (remastered)
    ST: TNG & Enterprise
    The Monkees
    Buck Rogers in the 25th Cen
    Battlestar Galactica THE ORIGINAL
    Miami Vice
    Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis
    a set of rock music on DVD – gotta have music.

  51. Rome is definitely magnificent, but I’d go practical rather than entertaining and get National Geographic and Discovery and whatever survival and how-to series of all kinds.

  52. I havent seen any in your top 5 0.o

    1. SGA (noo season 5’s not out yet!)
    2. Scrubs
    3. LIFE
    4. NCIS
    5. Supernatural

    6. House
    7. Heroes
    8. Dexter
    9. Greys Anatomy
    10. Flight of the Conchords

    And of course I would already have an emergency anime pack on my back XD

  53. *GASP* I forgot SG1 am I having a mental blank or what? Can I swim back and save it?

  54. I guess having brought up boys I don’t need Arrested Development, my list would include*goes to look*

    The Outer Limits
    I’m gonna cheat and include the entire Star Trek franchise because I can
    Babylon 5

    thats THIS weeks choice, next weeks would probably be different!

  55. SG-1
    SG Atlantis
    Fawlty Towers (even though it is only 12 episodes)

    I’d probably drown trying to make the final decision for #5…

  56. No particular order:

    Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
    Firefly (it’s a sin we only got one season)
    The Office
    Leverage (one of my newest favorites)
    Northern Exposure (thanks to those who reminded me about this one)
    The Dog Whisperer
    and…okay, not sure about the other two. Maybe Mythbusters. Or Storm Chasers!

    Although BSG is probably one of the finest shows I’ve ever seen on television, it is also hands-down the darkest and sometimes most difficult to watch. I do have some of the DVDs but I don’t know that I’ll ever dive in and watch again. Know what I mean?

  57. My top 5:

    Stargate: Atlantis
    Pushing Daisies

    …Spot number five would be either Farscape or SG-1. I think I’d try and duct-tape them together so it only *looks* like I have 5.

  58. dvds would be

    !. firefly and serenity
    4. scrubs
    5. red vs blue

    back up wing (brilliant program)
    9. two and a half men
    10. sanctuary

  59. My TV DVD Library:
    1. Stargate Atlantis
    2. Stargate SG-1
    3. StarTrek Next Generations
    4. Sopranos
    5. Homicide: Life on the Streets
    6. West Wing
    7. Battlestar Galactica
    8. 24 (early seasons)
    9. Dune (made for TV series)
    10. Dexter

  60. mmm,

    1. Highlander
    2. SG-1
    3. Futurama
    4. Farscape
    5. SGA

    and 6. Family Guy
    and 7. Star Trek TOS
    anything else, I can take or leave even if I love it.

    and … oh. wait. I’m looking at my DVDs.


    1. The Magic Christian
    2. Animal House
    3. Blues Brothers
    4. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    5. Phantom of the Paradise

  61. The Prisoner
    The Office (British version -Please)
    South Park
    Brisco County Jr.
    The Sandbaggers

  62. Jericho! Of course, Jericho. How could I have forgotten that one??

    The producers are working on a movie, by the way.

  63. @ BluerJay – I had Midsomer Murders on my list, too…but took it off in favor of ST:TNG. However, now that I’ve had time to sleep on it, I find Midsomer Murders much more watchable over the long run. For some reason, I never tire of murder mysteries, even when I know the ending.

    Mirjam asked: Question: since we’re on uninhabited island topic, which Stargate actor would you prefer to find yourself stranded with? And which character?

    Certainly Chris Heyerdahl, actor-wise. He seems to be a deep – perhaps abstract – thinker, he speaks three languages, and I can’t help but feel he’s probably as quirky as me, if not moreso. Probably quite a character to be stranded with, someone I could have good conversations with, and plus he’s tall, so he can reach the coconuts much easier than me. 🙂

    Character-wise it would be REALLY easy for me to say Todd, but we all know that wouldn’t end well. 😛 I really can’t think of anyone else, though…maybe Sheppard, but I’d probably kill Mr. Bossy within the first week, and Rodney or Woolsey would make me wanna kill myself within the first week. Ronon is too goonish, and don’t wanna be stranded with another woman, or Lorne. 😉 The intelligent choice would be the one you think could either get you off the island, or at least make it possible to survive on the island, so Sheppard or O’Neill or Sam or someone along those lines are the logical choices…but…


    I’ll go with Todd. First, without any other humans on hand, it would really motivate him to find a way off the island, ASAP, because – once I’m gone – he’s still gonna starve to death anyway. And besides, even if there isn’t a way off, at least I’d finally have someone to sit around with and pick apart everything that’s wrong with the Lanteans and their treatment of Wraith.

    Well, until he gets hungry, that is… 😛


  64. @ Deni B. – Northern Exposure is probably about the best thing to ever grace my tv set. I found it by accident – on re-runs that aired in the morning – and watched it every day as I got ready for work. What a delight it was! Thoughtful, funny, and character-rich – just an excellent show all the way round.

    It only comes in second to Columbo because I can watch that ratty ol’ detective 24/7 and never grow weary of him, or the episodes, no matter how cheesy some may be. It’s my ‘comfort’ show – like mac and cheese on a cold winter’s day – Columbo just makes me feel warm and cozy and content. Love him to pieces. Same goes for Hawaii 5-0, another comfort show for me, although I was never hooked on any one character. I just enjoyed it as a whole and, behind Columbo, it was my favorite show growing up.


  65. Talking of South Park, some genually funny moments mocking celebs/famous figures.

    1. They did a parody of 24, which ends up with Hillary Clinton having a nuke in her “Snatch”, they call this the Snuke.

    2. They had one of Bonno from U2 being mocked somewhat when he and Stans dad have a “Who can do the biggest poo contest*

    3. Imagination land had a reference to Stargate, I believe they travel through one.

    4. My favourite mocking of a celeb would have to be when Oprah winfreys erm lower female part takes some people hostage and has a Gun lol

    5. Paris Hilton and other not so good celebs have been mocked somewhat.

    Without wanting to go on a bit, the show can genually be funny and erm different at the same time.

  66. Northern Exposure must be about the only program not circulating on satellite unless I’m just not finding it, everything else is repeated ad nauseaum. Typical!

  67. The five television shows that I would take with me would have to be:

    (1) Stargate SG1 (because I LOVE it and there are ten seasons worth!)

    (2) Stargate Atlantis (because I LOVE it and there are four [soon to be five] seasons worth!)

    (3) DEXTER (because I cannot live without sardonic humor)

    (4) X Files (Nine seasons!)

    (5) Robson Arms (because I recently found this show and love the way the characters are developed and played out)

  68. Hmmm… Only 5????

    1. Stargate Atlantis (I know, nobody saw that coming!)
    2. Stargate Sg-1 (Even more surprising)
    3. Numb3rs (David Krumholtz is just so sexy.. LMAO)
    4. Smallville (Its a bird! Its a plane! Its SUPERMAN!!! No really its a plane)
    5. Firefly (Can I bring Serenity 2?)

    other 5 I would want to bring

    Star Trek Voyager (My fav Trek since I was 5)
    Big Bang Theory (I need some comedy don’t I?)
    Robin Hood (BBC Version)
    Alias (Still love Alias)
    Heroes (Yata!)

  69. Mind would be:

    1) SG1
    2) SGA
    3) Prison Break (Dominic Purcell what i can say)
    4) The Tudors
    5) Sleeper Cell (Oded Fehr – Tall, Dark, & Handsome)

    1) Dead Like Me
    2) Dark Angel
    3) Doctor Who
    4) Touchwood
    5) Hex

  70. Ooh, *thinks*:

    1. Battlestar Galactica; not the most cheery thing to watch whilst stranded, but I would feel that I could empathise with their situation a little.

    2. Stargate Atlantis; because I have rediscovered my love for the show this week and I’m part way through a rewatch.

    3. Stargate SG-1; those will keep me going for a while.

    4. Farscape; very amusing, and will certainly diminish my situation.

    5. Gossip Girl; just to mix it up a bit.

    Other shows I’d have to ummm and aahhhh over though would be Firefly, Quantum Leap and Chuck.

  71. This took longer to figure out than I thought it would!

    First five:
    Stargate Atlantis
    Star Trek Enterprise
    The West Wing
    Fireball XL-5

    Second five:
    Stargate SG-1
    Twilight Zone (original)
    Wild Wild West
    Six Feet Under

  72. Top Five:

    Stargate SG1
    Top Gear

    The Unit
    Dead Like Me
    Burn Notice

  73. My picks would have to be:

    1. SGA
    2. SG-1
    3. Babylon 5
    4. Scarecrow & Mrs. King (love Bruce Boxleitner)
    5. JAG
    6. MacGyver
    7. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (corny, yes, but still cool)
    8. Battlestar Galactica (original)
    9. M*A*S*H
    10. Murder, She Wrote

  74. 1. Battlestar Galactica (New series) – Some of the most epic events I have ever seen in a television show happen in this series. The season 3 finale is the best 44 minutes of television I have ever watched. The fact that Battlestar has a ridiculously huge CG budget doesn’t hurt either.

    2. Stargate SG-1 – 10 years and 214 episodes of awesome. This would last me a long time on an island, and by the time I had finished the series, it will have been long enough to start all over again. Also the only full series boxset I actually own.

    3. Who’s Line is it Anyway? (American series) – While there are plenty of very funny television shows I am a big fan of, nothing gets me laughing harder than Who’s Line improv.

    4. Lost – I have to know how it ends. As much as I hate how much of this show’s success relies on stringing along the audience (something I greatly respect Battlestar for not doing), I’m hooked. I want to know what happens each and every week and I can’t miss it just because I’m on a deserted island.

    5. 30 Rock – Very funny, cleverly written show that gets bogged down by product placement at times. This is a risky one, because I’d hate to find myself craving a McFlurry while on a deserted island.

    Didn’t make the cut:

    House – Great show, but formulaic. On an island with nothing better to do, repetitiveness is not an option.

    Dexter – The first half of season 3 was pretty bad, and it’s a predominantly dark show, which is not great for viewing when the risk of going insane is high.

    Heroes – All of season 2 was terrible, and season 3 part 1 (Villains) wasn’t much better.

    Firefly – Absolutely fantastic sci-fi, but way too short to be considered for long-time island viewing. I’ve often said that if Firefly was given a chance, it would have given Stargate a run for its money.

  75. Ooh I love a good list:

    1. Stargate Atlantis
    2. Stargate SG1
    3. The X-Files
    4. Gilmore Girls
    5. Man Vs Wild (I mean c’mon Bear would totally come in handy, especially the deserted island ep)


    6. CSI
    7. Mythbusters
    8. MacGyver
    9. The Amazing Race
    10. Simon and Simon

    There’s a whole heap more that I could add.

    Cheers, Chev

  76. Gah only five.

    1. Firefly (can I bring Serenity as part of it since its only half a season?)
    5.Flight of the Conchords

    Runners up

    6.The X-Files (season 1 -7 because I refuse to acknowlege the Mulder-less years)
    8.Veronica Mars
    10.Doctor Who

    Now if The Middleman gets released on DVD by the time of this event then I am afraid Flight of the Conchords might get bumped.

  77. 1. Stargate Atlantis
    2. Star Trek TOS
    3. Battlestar Galactica (original series)
    4. E.R
    5. CHIPS (Hey I like it!)

  78. “Gen said:
    The producers are working on a movie, by the way.

    Thanks for letting me know. I wanna know what the Texans are gonna do about the situation. 🙂

  79. My desert island DVD’s would be on “raft building”, “how to survive on a desert island”, and “playing dvd’s with the use of coconuts and palm fronds”.

    Otherwise in no order (with SGA a given considering the blog I’m in), and with a bit of cheating:

    Arrested Development
    30 Rock
    Boston Legal
    Six Feet Under
    Angel / Buffy
    Futurama / Simpsons
    Dead Like Me
    and Psych and Due South purely for the adorable factor.
    What? Shows can be adorable, and these are puppy cute.

    Am a fan of earlier seasons of Family Guy and South Park (if you like them you might like Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law), like both versions of The Office, and haven’t seen the rest. So there you go. Apparently for the most part I like comedy and shows with the underlying theme of friendship.

  80. Funny you should ask about TV on DVD Joe. Last night I was wandering aimlessly around my living room trying to figure out what to watch as a way of winding down. I always turn to TV on DVD in times like this and it got me thinking about what my favourites are.

    I think my five (in no real order) would be:

    Battlestar Galactica (reimagined) – from the first moment I saw the reimagined version I was completely taken by how intense it can be, how dark and how many philosophical questions it raises. Definitely one to think on while you’re stuck somewhere.

    24 – I’m only up to the end of season 4 at the moment, and I’m enjoying every second of it. One of my very favourite serial TV shows.

    Stargate SG-1 – one of the things I love about the series is that it’s got such a good combination of serious moments and humour, light and dark. But it’s not just that, the writing, direction, visual effects, music, cinematography, actors…all production aspects are so wonderful I’d definitely grab it from a sinking ship.

    Doctor Who – that’s probably cheating because there are so many different versions, so to narrow it down I’ll go for Davies’ four seasons. Mainly because Eccleston brought a new energy to The Doctor that I thought was fantastic.

    Boston Legal – a show that’s definitely up there in my all time favourites. Particularly in the earlier seasons I liked how it dealt with such serious issues in clever ways – the social commentary was sharp and there was a serious undertone at times which I really liked.

    Well, they’re the five I’d go with. Thanks everyone else for sharing, it’s interesting to see what other people would take with them.


  81. Five films to salvage from a wreck, I would have to say

    1 X files+films, why because know matter what, I have never watch the entire series through. All in the hope that they do a another film but this time based it on the long running mythology of the tv series, I want answers. I believe this is why the Xfiles fans stay away from the new because they wanted answers and this film was not going to supply any.

    2. Stargate g1 and Atlantis, they be on the same shelf area and plus it good entertainment.

    3. Millenium, heard good things about it but never sat down and watch, and a vocation of a desert island does seem like the ideal time to do so.

    4. Lost, well I am lost on a desert island may be that will give me inspiration to figure what the frack going on their island. Through if I see Dharma logo on the desert island, I am swimming home, probably less effort than staying on the island.
    5. Babylon 5, have not watch for so long and probably missed a couple of episodes.

    Did not quite make the list
    6. The Simpsons
    7. All of trek, what ever survives, all the series got episode which are very good, good and bad and very bad, same Stargate.
    8. House, lost track of the series, so starting from the begining would be a treat. I would not mind Rush being like house.
    9, Outnumbered, by far the best new comedy I have seen in years. Another hit for the BBC, and ITV and Channel 4 wonder why they are in trouble.
    10. Last but in no way the least,
    The Big Bang Theory, a comedy which only geeks truly understands, perfect.

    Just a quick list of stuff I would not mind if the ship did not have any of the above, Farscape, spooks, Hustle, Being Human, Earth First Conflict, Andromeda, Rome, Supernatural, Reaper, Dexter, Tru Blood, Ultimate Force.

    Things which was force me to consider suicide, Eastenders, Coranation street, Emmerdale, and many of the rubbish American tv remakes for reason.

  82. Oh, and I went and forgot The Daily Show, quite possibly the best tv programme to ever grace the screen. Plus not only could I be kept up-to-date with current events (depending on the coconut satelite feed), it could make being stranded on a desert island away from civilisation the more appealing option.

  83. Dear Joe,

    Might sound silly but since you are such a nice man…. I’ll just go ahead and shoot…. can you dedicated the March 2 Blog entry to me for my 27th birthday.

    Thanks Joe

    My List would be the following:

    1. Sga
    2. Sg1
    3. battlestar galactica
    4. Star Trek Voyager
    5. Merlin ( U.K series I guess)

  84. Hmmmmm…. 5 shows to be stranded on a desert island with eh? I think that’s pretty easy, so in no particular order:

    1. Angel
    2. Firefly
    3. Heroes
    4. Stargate Atlantis/ SG-1 (I do believe that has been decided it’s not cheating)
    5. Friends

    Got some good old drama with a good 10 seasons of laughs. That could keep me going for a bit, lol.

  85. Joe,

    My choices would be:

    1. Stargate SG-1
    2. Babylon 5
    3. Stargate Atlantis
    4. Star Trek DS9
    5. Star Trek TOS

    and the honorable mentions would be:

    6. Star Trek TNG
    7. Star Trek ENT
    8. Star Trek VOY
    9. Star Trek TAS
    10. Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined)

    Please congratulate Brad for his Nebula nomination, and tell Robert that I liked Ark of Truth better than Continuum.

    Jim from West Va.

  86. @ dasndanger- Poo, you aren’t on a deserted island so take the movies back. And secondly, are you insane?!!? Oh wait, you’re a wraith worshiper and therefore cannot be reasoned with. Never mind… :p

    I think you know who I would like to be stranded with…*coughdanielcough* However, I’m not sure if he’d be able to get us off the island. Unless we were stuck on one that had an alien ship and his linguistic skills were required to open the door or something like that. Since that’s unlikely, I’m gonna have to go with Ronan, Carter, O’Neill or Sheppard. Maybe I’ll get stranded with two people… 😉

  87. @ SciGal – POO???!! You called me POO in public??!! You do know that’s reserved only for you, Onesies and Pawzie – BEHIND the scenes, right??! Ugh. What happened in old Pirates of the Caribbean forums should have stayed in old Pirates of the Caribbean forums. 😛

    And I don’t wanna hear anything about me being a Wraith worshipper…not since I see you have that Twilight fella all over the place. Uh-huh…ya know, one life-sucker’s just like any other life-sucker, luv. 😉 Can’t defend one and condemn the other. (Besides, mine have better hair. 😀 )

    BTW, nice to see ya here, sweetie. *smooches* You must be really bored…lol. I’ll give ya a call in the next day or two…


  88. @ das– At least MY lifesucker doesn’t eat people! Yours is just a life sucking bug that has become sentient and taken human form. I sense a new thread topic coming… *goes to post on Gateworld*

    And I’m not bored. Just curious. All you ever talk about, besides the wraith, is this blog so I figured I’d stop by and check it out.

    Sorry bout the Poo bit. I couldn’t resist mate. 😉 I’ll try to behave from now on. 🙂

  89. SciGal – now, now, now – you don’t want Joe thinking I’m some kind of weirdo, or anything. 😉 You know I talk about things other than Wraith and this blog…it’s just that I’ve been saying that IF you wanna know more about Stargate, you gotta come here, and to GW.

    And no worries about the ‘poo’. The fact that I answer to it pretty much means I’ve accepted it. 😛


  90. I have a Top 8, bc I just know I’m forgetting something (or 2 somethings) I really like & I’m not at home to check the shelves:
    SG Atlantis
    Tru Calling
    Twilight Zone
    3 Stooges

    I really want to see Farscape but since I haven’t seen it yet I can’t really add it to my list…then again, something new for a glorious island vacation escape, I mean, tragic, unfortunate event that prevents me from going to work & other not-fun obligations, but be kind of fun!

  91. OMG duh – I would totally have to add Gillian’s Island, for obviously ironic & silly reasons!

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