Hey, how nice of Joe to send me...awww, damnit!
Hey, how nice of Joe to send me...awww, damnit!

Hey, it’s March already! How the hell did that happen?! Why didn’t anyone wake me up?

Damnit! I mentioned the other day that I had received an advance copy of Best Served Cold, Joe Aberdrombie’s latest. Well, it turns out it wasn’t intended for me after all. Scribbled on one of the inside pages was the message: “Joe, If you could pass this on to Baron Destructo I’d be most grateful.” And it was signed “Joe Abercrombie”. Unfortunately, the Baron is going to have to wait as I’m roughly a hundred pages in and not about to wait until the June-July release date to finish it. Great stuff!

Speaking of our friend Joe, if you’d like to check him and his charming (I think it’s a Swedish) accent out, go here (http://www.joeabercrombie.com/2009/02/see-me-through-your-eye-holes.html) and click on the links to the five quickie video interviews he recently did.

I think I’m going to start getting up a half hour earlier so that I can get into work a little sooner as this week, we finally start shooting on the Stage 4 Destiny set. Excitement abounds! I know that some of the actors have been holding off on visiting the set so that when they first lay eyes on the ship interiors, they’ll be lit and ready to roll. If I’m early enough, I’d love to catch the look on their faces when they first step onto what will be their home away from home for (hopefully) the next 6+ years.

Oh, I know Hell’s Kitchen can be stagey and overproduced, but I’m hooked. I watch the latest season on FOX, a previous season on the Food Network, The F Word, and the Brit version of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The other day, I was out for dinner and ordered the scallops secretly hoping I would hear someone shout: “They’re fucking raw! Shut it down! Shut it down!”

I was reading an article on the recent knife attack on a tourist in Cairo by some wack job (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=68&art_id=nw20090228150710250C794618). Perhaps even more shocking than the attack itself was the following excerpt from the Independent Online news story: “MENA reported that the suspect was mentally ill and had been previously detained in 2000 after attacking tourists and policemen. He was later released after doctors decided he had no control over his actions, it said.” Well, on the one hand he is incredibly violent but, on the other hand, he has absolutely no control over his actions. Let’s just let him go to be on the safe side. Seriously. Since when did Egyptians start taking pointers from the North American judicial system?

Hey, finish up The Book of Joby if you haven’t already done so and ready your questions and comments for author/illustrator Mark J. Ferrari. Discussion on the begins tomorrow.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Mackenzie’s Momma. Condolences.


Mirjam writes: “Question: since we’re on uninhabited island topic, which Stargate actor would you prefer to find yourself stranded with? And which character?”

Answer: Do you mean which one would I prefer to have there to chop up and roast just in case I run out of papayas and coconuts, or which one would I prefer to have there to while away the days with? I’m assuming the latter. Stargate character = Samantha Carter because if anyone could figure a way off that island, it would be her. Stargate actor = Richard Dean Anderson because I figure he must’ve picked up a trick or two after 139 episodes of MacGyver.

Dovil writes: “My desert island DVD’s would be on “raft building”, “how to survive on a desert island”, and “playing dvd’s with the use of coconuts and palm fronds”. […] Am a fan of earlier seasons of Family Guy and South Park (if you like them you might like Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law), like both versions of The Office, and haven’t seen the rest.”

Answer: Actually, you’ve been gone so long I assumed you had been stranded on a deserted island. Glad to have you back. And, yes, I’m a fan of both versions of The Office but, if forced to choose, would go with the original. Also, yes, enjoy both Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law. Add Sealab 2021 to that mix.

Jenazz writes: “On a sort-of-related note: Watchmen! Yea, nay or indifferent?”

Answer: A very cautious Yea! I loved the graphic novel and really hope they do right by the source material – and all indications (based on the teasers and trailers I’ve seen) are that they will. Also, Stargate Art Director Chris Beech worked on the movie and had nothing but nice things to say about Director Zack Snyder and that makes me want to support the movie all the more. All that said, this is one of those very rare instances where I’ll probably wait for the director’s cut to come out on DVD. Does look spectacular.

Ytimyona writes: “We received a visit from a Stargate veteran who will be making a return to the franchise with Stargate Universe’s fourth episode: Fire.
Would this be a *different* veteran than the guest star you chatted with like 3 days ago? Or the same one?”

Answer: This one will be working behind the camera. The other one will appear in front of it.

Eduardo writes: “In the first picture the man who is beside Brad looks a lot like
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden Leader and Vocals).”

Answer: That’s Director Martin Wood.

TrueCat writes: “You mentioned yesterday that Mr Carlyle will be using a Scottish accent for Rush. As a very long time fan of Robert Carlyle’s this gets two VERY big thumbs up.

But will it be a softened accent for American viewers like Beckett’s in Atlantis or will it be a proper Scottish accent like Mr Carlyle’s own Glaswegian accent he used in his old BBC series Hamish Macbeth?”

Answer: How’s this for amazing? According to Rob Cooper, Robert Carlyle offered up a choice of a good half dozen variations of his Scottish accent, effortlessly flowing in and out of each impeccable delivery. I’m not sure exactly which version they decided on but, having watched the dailies, I would the accent as “definitely Scottish”.

Belouchi writes: “Any revelations regarding the actual size of Destiny, I ask only for purposes of the scope of the setting of the new show?”

Answer: Somewhere between “big” and “freakin’ huge”.

Belouchi also writes: “Might sound silly but since you are such a nice man…. I’ll just go ahead and shoot…. can you dedicated the March 2 Blog entry to me for my 27th birthday.”

Answer: Sure, provided you remind me tomorrow.

RangerOne writes: “With the new series Universe using most of the same producers and writers, why should I think that it will have any better direction and an extensive thoughtout storyline?”

Answer: Given the tone of your comment I’d say you’ve already made up your mind on the subject. Still, I think that any fan of the Stargate franchise tuning in to Universe will be presently surprised by a series that is similar to the previous two series in basic premise and mythology but very different in terms of the storytelling.

Michelle writes: “Any chance Brad would make his script available, with all his directions and notations?”

Answer: I believe a copy of the script will be made available on the Nebula website.

62 thoughts on “March 1, 2009: What happened to the rest of February?

  1. Joe will the outside of the Destiny be kept a secret, seeing as they are on the ship and it won’t be visible from planets they visit. I think that would be intriguing, since they can’t actually see the outside, why show it right?

    Then when you do run out of ideas you could show the outside of the ship. An entire episode dedicated to viewing the ship from the outside. see this writing stuff is easy, when do you want me to start?

  2. I think what the article meant was that a Goa’uld taken over and turned him into some wacko. which happens alot surprisingly. actually aside from tourists getting bombed and stabbed, Egypt is surprisingly safe.

    i would also pick Sam carter because shes smart and beautiful. so even if she couldnt figure a way off the island, i would still be delighted to have her as company 🙂 ah, that will probably make her more determined to get off the island though 🙁

  3. Can’t remember for the life of me if I mentioned this before, but I ate at a restaurant visited by Gordon Ramsay on his Kitchen Nightmares. Nice little Italian place in southeast Michigan called Giuseppe’s – I believe the episode aired this past September.

    Anyway, it was rather fun to see the place and check out Gordon’s menu. Fortunately the food was also very tasty and the staff was friendly. It was a good time.

  4. Thanks Joe,

    I hope this counts a reminder………..

    “Belouchi also writes: “Might sound silly but since you are such a nice man…. I’ll just go ahead and shoot…. can you dedicated the March 2 Blog entry to me for my 27th birthday.”

    Answer: Sure, provided you remind me tomorrow.”

    take care

  5. Abercrombie is GREAT! Can you at least drop a few hints as to the basic plot? And what a day. Just checked out Shore leave’s website, and found that they managed to sign not just Rachel Lutrell, and not just her and Jason Mamoa, but both of them AND Robert Picardo. Now I’m torn between the hope of getting to see/hear them in July, and hoping they’ll have to cancel out due to job commitments coming up.
    The other news here is it’s freaking snowing here! Looks like the kids are going to figure out what a snow day is for, and how to build snowmen. So far a minimal number of weather related calls, so just maybe I wont have to freeze my toes or fingers off tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion of the Book of Joby. I’m especially interested on how others viewed the book. Thanks for providing us such an entertaining and enlightening forum.

  6. A comment on your response to RangerOne’s question about Universe: based on the things I’ve heard about Universe I’m really looking forward to being surprised. Plus, I think SG-1 and Atlantis were two very different TV shows. Sure they’re both part of the Stargate franchise, but the tone and style of those two shows were so different that I’m really interested in seeing where you guys take things for Universe. Some may be skeptical, but I’m just plain old curiouser and curiouser.

    On the next to BOTM Club selections, unfortunately I couldn’t get a hold of them, but I’ll keep looking for Kress’ Dogs just in case. Looking forward to April all the same.

    Hey, I was wondering, seeing as it’s been over a year since that very first BOTM Club, would you ever consider listing out the highlights so far? Either in the way of books, comments or author discussions?


  7. Hey, my birthday’s on March 2 too, can I get a dedication?
    Pretty please?
    (and so is Dr. Suess and Mikael Gorbachev(which I can’t spell)

  8. Scrubs.

    There, I decided on my 5th series…hopefully before drowning. Hmm, but now I’m a day late in the comments…..


  9. Hey Joe,
    Long time reader, first time commenter…!

    I just had to comment on the fact that 1, martin wood is back in the directing chair, that is majorly AWESOME, i love him.
    And 2, i really hope that by that picture of Peter DeLuise, your telling us that he’s not only involved with Stargate again for however limited a time, but this time he’s going to be in front of the camera?

    I love both these guys and admit they rival RDA in bringing my inner ‘fan-girl’ out!

    Love your blog Joe.

    p.s.. I’m a huge Stargate franchise fan, specifically SG-1 and cannot wait for the 3rd movie, and am immensely excited about SGU, it sounds awesome!

  10. I applaud your choice of Rome as a DVD to have on a deserted isle. However, I would have expected the box sets of SG1 and SGA, as well. 🙂

    Absent the juice to run DVDs, I’d expect you to take your dogs and duly note all their antics in a goat-leather bound volume of palm pulp paper… with hand-drawn illustrations.

    In all seriousness, I look forward to the premiere of SG-Universe.

    Also, sorry for not participating in the BOTM discussions, but as fast as I try to read, my stack of unread books is now 21 (many of them your suggestions). Have you ever considered adding historical fiction — for instance, Steven Saylor’s series of ancient Roman mysteries, or George R.R. Martin’s series Song of Ice and Fire books? Just askin’.

  11. My eyes are red and crossed, I’m panting, and my tongue is hanging out, but I will be finished with The Book of Joby tomorrow dammit. But I may be too tired to formulate a comment or question that makes any sense…

  12. Hope LuLu is still on the mend. Not sure Joby will be ready for me to discuss, but I will read it sometime, since I already started it, and it does seem interesting.(large volume) I have instead started the Dogs book, a little spooky, or was it the haunted house stories I watched on tv last night, made for some strange dreams, now if I could just start dreaming those lottery numbers to win,,LOL! Have fun on the set!

  13. Scuse, the Song of Ice and Fire isn’t exactly “historical”. But anyway…

  14. Joe,

    when they first step onto what will be their home away from home for (hopefully) the next 6+ years.

    I realize that Atlantis is dead and gone but wow, that really stings. Still.



  15. I think if I had to chose 5 DVD sets…It’d be The X-Files, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Battlestar Galactica (new), and then SGA. If I got 6, NCIS would definitely sneak in there. Or SG-1. Tough call.

    I am especially excited for the Book of Joby discussion!! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about it.

    You mentioned Watchmen. I am incredibly pumped to see the movie. I’d never heard of it before, but I think it looks great. Plus, who doesn’t love AR’s in which Nixon is elected for five terms? The sheer WTFness of that is bound to be brilliant. Plus, the cinematography looks spectacular.

    Here’s to hoping Baron doesn’t decide to vanquish you when he realizes you’ve usurped his first-reading privileges.

  16. It’s not snowing in Cleveland… why does everyone else get snow? It’s almost Spring Break, so snow now would just make life seem so normal.

    Joe Abercrombie’s accent is so marvelous! I can’t place it, but I don’t think it’s Swedish… maybe more Australian?

    Thanks for answering my question. I’m gonna guess that the first person is Michael Shanks, and the second person is Martin Gero? I know you’re not gonna tell us, but can’t hurt to guess, eh? 😉

  17. Hello Mr. M.,

    I hope Lulu is doing better and that the blues have been chased away. If she needs cheering up, may suggest that you take her out for a solo outing. Just you and her. It would do wonders getting individual attention from her loving master.

    Also, can you tell us if it is true that Peter Deluise is back to direct an episode or two of SGU? I hope so! He was always a favorite of mine.

    I know that Martin Wood is directing the SG1 movie, but will he be directing any SGU episodes?

    Thanks and Cheers,


  18. Of course you’d pick Sam Carter. We all would!

    Gordon Ramsay scares me. Really.

    Quick question: Are we going to see some of the directors from Atlantis episodes show up directing Universe? I’m hoping that Rob Cooper decides to direct one of the episodes this season.

  19. Yes. Watchmen!! Bought my midnight showing ticket last week. Can’t wait for the movie. Been excited since all the Comic Con hype last summer. I just hope it’s as good as they say…

    Speaking of as good as they say, have to seen Slumdog Millionaire, Joe? I never had the chance to see it with all the awards hype until this last week, after it won the 8 oscars.

    Let me say, it is definitly as good as they say. Drama, comedy, romance. Everything a Best Picture needs. And a great story.

    YES, totally excited for the Book of Joby discussion. I can’t wait to see what you think. I’ve been recommending the book to you since last summer I believe. After it sat on my shelf for about 6 months and I finally got to it. And now officially my favorite book of all time right underneath Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. And if you like King Arthur stuff, that would be a good one to read too.

    Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow, probably checking your blog a few times every hour. I won’t be doing anything…other than continuing my Angel marathon I’ve been on the last few days…

  20. I remember months ago you mentioned you had “Dead End”. Did you ever get a chance to watch it?

  21. Ok Who sent the snow my way? I’m just getting the feelings in my toes back. My truck got stuck at 11:30 at night at the end of my drive way. I had to walk 1/2 mile in 18 inches of snow with it still coming down. And yes it was up hill. Who ever sent it my way be warned I have a wet noodle and I’m ready to beat you with it. Actually I wasn’t to mad it was very beautiful walk. You could see all the bunny and dear tracks really well and the snow just embarrassed all the evergreens along the way.

    On a more serious note I thought about Stargate today Joe. I was at work unpacking a box of blunt wraps and discovered we have two new flavors; Peppermint Rush and Berry Blue Destiny. I became very curious about how you chose the names you have for certain characters and a certain ships.

  22. Wow – nice of Mr. A to send that along to you…I mean, to the Baron. 😉 Enjoy!

    @ Perragrin – I know you’re lurking…and I’m so, SO sorry…but you must admit, Chabal was magnificent! 😀

    @ Joe – You seem very enthusiastic about the way Universe will be handled, especially how the stories will be told. In retrospect, do you wish that Atlantis had been handled in the same way? And will any of this style of storytelling be worked into the ever-elusive Atlantis movie?



  23. Oh, Joe…forgot to tell ya that I curled up with Powers, a couple cats, and a glass of Laphroaig this evening…didn’t get too far into it before Mr. Das came home, but I’m enjoying it for the most part so far. I have a couple issues with it, but these can wait until next month.

    But it reminded me of a question I asked you a couple weeks back: Do you have a home library – a room just for you and your books – set up? The reason I asked is because I have always had a ‘dream library’ in my head – all mahogany and leather, and smelling of whisky and hearth smoke. Cozy and warm with oriental rugs and lap throws and rich burgundy splashes here and there. A room like that would just beg me to come in and read. But I imagine your reading area would be very different – minimal and bright and open. So, yeah…I was just wondering.


  24. Off tangent ramble: I met my husband on a tropical, albeit not deserted, island. Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T., Chagos Archipelago, seven degrees below the equator, middle of the Indian Ocean, three thousand miles from any major landmass. Take your pick, India, africa, Australia, all about three thousand miles away. A small atoll, with a blue lagoon and pristine white beaches. Tons of coconut trees, used to be a plantation a hundred years ago. Feral cats and chickens and donkeys, lush jungle and a giant hammerhead shark. Beautiful. And hot.

    More men than women at the time, now it is the other way around. Military, mostly Navy, with a few civilian workers, but no residents. All of us 18 years old or older, and all unaccompanied by spouses or families. Work? Yes, of course, but hey, we lived on a freaking tropical paradise. I had a blast AND found my better half.

    Oh yes. This was before DVDs existed. Sure, I had a VHS and a laserdisc player, but we found better things to do than watch a screen. Wink wink nudge nudge.

  25. I’m always reminded of your defence of diseased gooses whenever I watch Gorden these days, and despite the poor buggers, one day I gotta get me some of them geese innards.

  26. I might have known it’d bloody freeze last night, my heating ran out of gas! must remember to order some more today.
    @suziesbluefeather, betcha didn’t take piccies! Mind you if I want to see bunnies right no I just have to turn around LOL

    Thoroughly enjoyed the last ep of Being Human and it looks promising for a follow-up. I am surprised however that there have been no complaints about showing the police in a bad light what with having the Police chief as a vampire. I though it was just lawyers that were blood suckers but then again with all the speed cameras and spot fines I guess its right after all!

  27. But ah ha I did take pics! Atleast pics of the snow storm at work. I did try to stop and do an open stop shot on the walk home but the wind was blowing the camera to hard everything was fuzzy. I plan of grabbing some shots tomorrow during the half mile walk back to my truck.

    I can’t go anywhere with out my camera. Recently I’ve been collecting tattoo work and stories from customers. There are these two guys that come in to the store both have similar tats with graves and angels running up both of their arms and across their backs. One is a retired marine, the tombstones have the names of fallen marines that he served with. The other guy used to be in a gang and his tombstones has the names are fallen buddies. I’m going to a tattoo party in 2 weeks. Beer and needles can’t wait and no there will be no tat for me. I have to have be surrounded by sterile things when I get my next one.

    Still haven’t been able to check out the Being Human thing.

  28. ytimynona said:

    Joe Abercrombie’s accent is so marvelous! I can’t place it, but I don’t think it’s Swedish… maybe more Australian?

    Not Australian, I’d say British, which makes sense seeing as though Joe Abercrombie is British. I think Joe was making a joke with the Swedish thing.

    Cheers, Chev

  29. damn it i forgot futurama! crud.

    Joe, who has the atlantis script at the moment and what are they doing with it?

    we had top five tv series, are we going to have top five movies now?

    @DAS, i love murder mysteries as well and MM is my favourite. Poirot and Marple are good as well. I used to watch Murder She Wrote and Colombo when i was a kid but those shows are all fuzzy now and we never have re-runs.
    I’ve been playing catch up and i read that little snippet from the SG magazine, i must get that when it comes out. Did you read the latest interview with Connor Trinneer over at GW?
    And that pic you did of Joe, spot on! evil to the core! most definately.
    And now you’ve got me thinking if it’s really appropriate to be imagining Todd singing ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts’

  30. Hey Joe, what’s in The Shield that makes you like it?. A friend of mine said that he loved it just because of the hot women and the amount of “couple exchanges” in it, something similar as to what he said about Battlestar Galactica (the new one).


  31. Rose said:


    when they first step onto what will be their home away from home for (hopefully) the next 6+ years.

    I realize that Atlantis is dead and gone but wow, that really stings. Still.

    Yeah I felt the same way. I was saying to myself it better not get 6+ years.

    Sure I may decide I like it when I see it but it will always be the upstart little brother to me. Plus, I bet it’s gonna cost a fortune to make.

    Cheers, Chev

  32. Mackenzie’s Momma – sorry to hear about your goat. I’m sure she lived a wonderful life and knew she was cared for. Not every animal can say that.


  33. Hey Joe! Have you ever heard of “The Man from Earth?” I stumbled across it and thought it’d be just the thing you’d like.

  34. Really looking forward to Universe. I seem to be getting a little more excited after every blog you do about the show.

    Any idea when the DVD for Atlantis Season 5 will be out?.
    Still not back at work yet and my house is really really clean.

    Sandra Good

  35. Joe, you say mythology but that doesnt mean anything when you put the main characters in a different galaxy or whatever. you guys at one point wanted to set this in an alternate universe, so clearly the present mythology has been left behind somehow. I say this because you guys aim a to create a more realistic world, a world away from cheesy, for lack of a better word, storytelling if im correct. well cheesy here is not a bad thing. stargate needs that kind of storytelling or else it will get dull over time.

    and another thing since you also like Rome. i consider Rome to be a good blend of things, its like soap opera, adventure, drama, great characters. and it does have a philosophy that doesnt contradict itself like most shows out there and even though its serious and complex, it is built around very simple elements like the contrast between the two main characters that complement each other and offer good banter–that carries with it some childlike elements. its like the show encompasses the big scale stuff while focusing on the small stuff. while it somehow manages to not appear pretentious. anyway i think SGU could be something like that.

    what i dont like about LOST is that it ruins the characters for me, those flashbacks are a killer. totally destroys any shred of mystery these characters had and one episode a character seems so important and the next he is like a nobody. it also tries to cover up its cheesy elements in a bad way while stargate doesnt shy from it as its somehow part of the story and isnt forced like all the other shows. a big help in that department is that its sci fi, another is that its a space opera that masquerades as a contemporary military story. so if its not broke dont fix it…keep those elements along with whatever you guys are planning for it. its best not to do a Star wars clone wars thing where you have contradictory philosophies depending on what suits the episode.

  36. Figured you’d take to Gordon Ramsey sooner or later. I really like the guy- pretty good cook, businessman and my kind of asshole- big heart and takes no shit from anyone. I’ve seen all his shows, and watching the bunch of current losers in Hells Kitchen- I love trying to guess which ones are faking the screwups and really are capable of running a million dollar restaurant. Unlike Top Chef, where you can tell right away who’s good. My fave series of his is F Word, I think Gordon acted most natural there, with his family and all. It was my son, of all people, who brought him to my attention a few years ago- Eric wanted to know if you had to swear profusely to be a successful chef.

    Another vote for Watchmen, playing Nite Owl is a guy I’ve known of since he was a kid, Patrick Wilson, son of a local TV anchor. Looking forward to seeing how he plays.

    Book of Joby- no interest. Maybe I’ll write why tomorrow.

  37. * Please delete my previous post. The sarcasm thingy got dropped

    Oh man! You’ve created Stargate: Red Dwarf. I’m never watching it. Way to go! [/end sarcasm]

    I’ve caught a couple eps of The F Word…not bad. But I much MUCH prefer the UK Kitchen Nightmares. Amazing how staged and phony the FOX version feels while the UK edition feels organic and “Real.”

    A real reality show…imagine that.

  38. Rome was a fabulous series…..and Gordon Ramsay now has a rather nice restaurant at Terminal 5, Heathrow….very handy before catching a long haul flight to Vancouver with questionable airline food on it….

    Can’t wait to see Mr Carlyle and hear whichever Scots accent he so choose to use when Universe airs…

    As for something to entertain me on a desert island….well I’d not bother with anything else as long as I had Dr Daniel Jackson, preferably “flag-wrapped” for company….Yep, shallow and incredibly proud of it!…

    Deeds xx

  39. @duneknight: It’s a commentary on their characters after-the-fact and the flashback device pays off as the show changes motifs. Any device that is deemed unconventional that aims at characterization should be given some wiggle room.

    @memnarch: Loved it, but I wish I knew nothing going in. If you’re told that one bit it changes how you see it, you don’t have the doubt the other characters do.

    Joe, do characters merely exist to further the plot or do characters themselves create the plot? Is it too much to ask that fictional people still remain masters of their own destiny? Or is the story important enough that people who could contribute more fall to the wayside?

  40. Hi again Mr M!

    Mmm, DVD box sets….
    At a push, I’d say (in no particular order)

    West Wing

    Although, there are other TV series that I can recall (though through rose-tinted youthful glasses) that I seem to remember being better than a repeated viewing would suggest (*Magnum PI ; Knight Rider*….yes, a child of the 80’s)

    With regard to Rome, haven’t seen it, but have heard good things about same.

    With regard to Curb Your Enthusiasm…. is it just me or does anyone else think of Carl Binder when you watch it? (Sorry Carl!)

    Best to all


  41. bonjour joseph =)

    Vous allez bien?

    moi oui, cette journée au lycée c’est bien passer =).

    Et oui deja Mars….^^! Sa passe vraiment vite!

    C’est rigolo mais dans mon groupe d’amis, il y’a un Canadian qui fait un séjour de 3 mois en France mais il ne parle pas français, le pauvre ^^….s’il vient de Vancouver, j’ordonne qu’il me ramène avec lui^^

    Je me posais une question? Avez vous un facebook? car certain de vos amis producteur en on un mais vous, je ne vous ai pas trouver..

    Passer une bonne journée! Bisou

  42. oops, sorry about that, I hit the submit button somehow, but anywhoooo, and many many more to both of you!

  43. Hey Joe,

    Happy Monday! 🙂

    Top 5 for my deserted island:
    1. M*A*S*H
    2. SG1
    3. West Wing
    4. Magnum, P.I.
    5. NCIS

    Wow, lots of acronyms!

    2nd 5:
    Burn Notice
    Little House on the Prairie (loved it growing up!)

    Congrats to Brad for his nomination. Keeping fingers crossed for a win!

    Saw Michael Shanks on Burn Notice last week. Yay for him! (and us!)

    Bye for now.
    Patty O

  44. “Do you mean which one would I prefer to have there to chop up and roast just in case I run out of papayas and coconuts, or which one would I prefer to have there to while away the days with? I’m assuming the latter.”

    Thanks for answering my question ^_^ You assumed right, but you’ve just given me an idea for another question: which character would you chop up and roast? (You don’t have to answer the question in regard to an actor, I wouldn’t dare put you in that position) What you could do, is give me two answers: which character could actually be tasty, and which character would you like to roast anyways?

    Congrats to Brad, by the way. The episode was wonderful, very touching, and I think he absolutely deserves the nomination. If SGU is going to be as good as the Shrine, I am going to be VERY pleased.

  45. Since it was there I had to take a shot at the Fan’s Choice SGA Blu ray episodes DVD box cover, I was really torn on design choice considering the art that MGM provided was limited. I couldn’t see fitting all 9 characters on the cover and didn’t feel right just choosing a few, so I didn’t choose any.
    Anyway have a look and vote if interested, mine is Blue City by Donna: http://www.sgafanschoice.com/

  46. Hi Jo

    Just saw Mr Carlye in a movie froom 2007 “Flood”, ok the movie was killed by critics, but mr C was great in it lots of water and swiming in studio tanks so preparation for the Star gate Franchise.

    my fab 5 DVD would be

    James Bond
    The Prisoner
    Thunderbirds ( not the trashy movie, but the original series)
    Stargate Atlantis (Series 5)

  47. It beats me how people can be upset about a program they haven’t even watched yet. It’s like saying I dislike Joe Abercrombes book because I hate the cover (even though I haven’t read it yet or know what the cover looks like).

    Hey, I feel an idiom coming over me. Aaahhh!!

    “It’s true what they say – you can’t judge a book by its cover” 😆

  48. Sorry, the last post I made sounds like I’m a total asshole.
    I designed and submitted a DVD cover for Stargate Atlantis Fans’ Choice because I absolutely love the show. And it’s not MGM’s art problem, it’s mine, my job was to take what was given and make the best of it. If I see a better design than mine I will vote for it!

    And I love my new purple character!

  49. Hi Joe,
    I was wondering could you make the primary weapon for Young and Scott a G36? I think they would look very cool with that weapon.
    Oh, and how is Lulu fealing. Better I hope. Thanks, and have a good day
    Major D. Davis

  50. Glad to be back!

    I think the English version of The Office pings more realistically, in a horrifying way, and less like a production that the American version does (bit more stagey), but I still have a soft spot for both. Though that might just be a culture clash because I’ve heard Americans say the opposite. If you get the chance you should check out Ricky Gervais stand up comedy and by the sounds of it I’ll have to grab a copy of Sealab. 🙂

  51. @ Narelle – Woot! Let it rain! I hope it pours! We had about 6″ of snow last night – that’s pretty good for us. I’ve stayed in because I’m feeling crappy again, but I have enjoyed seeing everything blanketed in white. ‘Tis lovely. 🙂

    @ Rose & Chev – Yeah, I think a few people felt like they had been kicked in the gut by that comment, but I figure Joe has to cheer on the new show, and we know he showed a lot of enthusiasm for Atlantis when it was still in production. It was us – the fans – who poo-pooed everything…and yeah, I’m guilty of my share of poo, too. So, ya know, maybe we got what we deserved.


  52. das – It was nice while it lasted.
    Now we have the gale force winds that were predicted.
    The concerns today are for lightning strikes and falling power lines. Very reminiscent of the wind storm we had last year.

    Hope you’re starting to feel better.

  53. @ Narelle – As regards to feeling better – it’s hit and miss. One or two good days to one or two bad days. Overall I am feeling better, but I still have some things that need to be checked out.

    As regards the weather…I am glad you had some rain, perhaps that will help firefighters get the upper hand. But the wind and lightning just sounds like more ‘fuel’ for the fire. I hope that this is all under control soon, and everything can go back to normal. Of course, for 200+ and those who loved them, things will never be normal again. 🙁 Please take care, and hope things start looking up soon. *hugs*


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