Nebula-nominated Brad Wright
Nebula-nominated Brad Wright


Carl delivers his patented stern staredown.
Carl delivers his patented stern staredown.

Another pic of Nebula-nominated Brad Wright.
Another pic of Nebula-nominated Brad Wright.

The Mystery Man
The Mystery Man

Executive Producer Robert Cooper wonders "Who is that mystery man?"
Executive Producer Robert Cooper wonders "Who is that mystery man?"

Les chocolats...
Les chocolats...

My Chocolate Tree
My Chocolate Tree

I’d like to kick off today’s blog entry by offering my congratulations to Executive Producer Brad Wright whose script for the Stargate: Atlantis episode “The Shrine” has been nominated for a Nebula Award. He’ll be vying for top honors alongside some very impressive contenders: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan, and David S. Goyer for The Dark Knight, and Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon (Peter Docter and Andrew Stanton sharing story credit) for WALL-E. Some mighty impressive company. It goes without saying that the Nebula nomination is a huge honor for the show, not to mention Brad in particular who, like me, is a huge fan of literary SF.

So congratulations to Brad or, as we now have to refer to him – Nebula-nominated Brad Wright.

The action moved to Stage 2 today for more Icarus Base intrigue. Later, we fire off the BIG GUNS! As 1st A.D. Bill Mizel advised: “If you don’t have to be here, don’t be here. It’s going to be loud, probably the loudest thing you’ve ever heard.” Carl, standing beside me, threw me a doubtful look. How loud could it be? I assured him that it wouldn’t be THAT loud. At worst, it would shatter his glasses and trigger an involuntary bowel movement. Nonetheless, I think he’s decided to skip it.

I was outside this afternoon, hanging around the crafts service table, talking to the actors between set-ups: Brian, Jamil, and the actors who play James, Spencer, and Curtis (Yes, they have real names but I have no idea when they will be made public.). Lovely, lovely people, all very excited about the show and the general good on-set vibe.  Then, back in the production offices talking to the lovely Alaina (aka Tamara), discussing chocolate, dim sum, and what a brilliant job she did on a very tough scene the other day.   We also dropped by the Stage 4 Destiny set – all lit up!  Holy crap is it big!  And impressive!  I’ve got a backlog of pics, everything from design and construction to the finished deal, just waiting to be posted…

After lunch, I sampled some chocolates from a local chocolatier, a friend of Kerry McDowall’s. Wonderful little hand-crafted creations. I had three truffles: hazelnut, almond, and a delightfully intense caramel.  We received a visit from a Stargate veteran who will be making a return to the franchise with Stargate Universe’s fourth episode: Fire.

My French bulldog Lulu thanks everyone for the well-wishes. She seems to be on the mend from whatever was ailing her yesterday (I still suspect it was a bad case of the blues).

Finally, allow me to conclude today’s entry with a couple of interesting links…

1. What will the fashionistas of the future be wearing? Maybe something like these outfits? ( Or, maybe not.

2. How would your city fair in the event of a nuclear strike or asteroid impact. Find out here:

3. Couple tries to sell kids for $175 and a pet cockatoo (,0,562379.story). I’m as outraged as everyone else. For a couple of kids, she should’ve held out for one of them toucans.

4. Environmentalists decry the American affinity for soft toilet paper ( No, really.


65 thoughts on “February 27, 2009: A Nebula Nomination, Some Icarus Base Action, A Chocolate Sampling, and the News Round-Up

  1. Hey, congrats! I take it the Nebula award lumps tv in with movies…wow, that does seem a little out-of-balance… Now, when will season 5 be on out DVD so I can see what the fuss is about? 🙂

    On a sort-of-related note: Watchmen! Yea, nay or indifferent?

  2. Mystery man looks like PDL to me.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. mega congrats Brad. I watched The Shrine with my mum and dad a week ago. Mum was blown away. zShe loved it.

  3. Good to hear about Lulu! Hope she’s back to her usual impish self soon! And congrats to BW – The Shrine was one of this past season’s highlights …for those who like those human-centric episodes. 😉

    Today I got results back from one of my blood tests – I tested positive for Lyme Disease. Not panicking yet – my father-in-law has Lymes, and he said there are a lot of false-positives. So, I have to go to the doc tomorrow and set up for another, more accurate test. If (and that’s a BIG ‘if’) I have LD, it’ll serve me right for being all ‘outdoorsy’ with the gardening and camping and exploring in the woods and stuff. 🙄

    As I said before, I really need that Iratus cure. OR, Todd could just stop by and regurgitate some of that yummy gift of life into me…which I certainly wouldn’t mind.


    Have a nice evening, Joe!


  4. Hello,

    Congratualtions to Nebula-nominated Brad Wright! 🙂

    I’m glad Lulu is ok.

    I followed those links….future space fashion, what were they thinking?!

    Asteroid impact: In Australia, apparently we Aussies will all be gone, along with Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand and a fair bit of the Indian ocean….sorry guys 🙁 May I ask who came up with those ridiculously brutal weapons? Don’t like…

    I hope those kids aren’t traumatized or confused. Hope they’re ok…..I’ll take the Cockatoo though. I’ve heard people trying to sell family on Ebay, husbands, wives, babies etc. You’d think they would police these things a bit better, wouldn’t you

    Toilet paper and the environment…..I’m not sure what to say, I think I’ll agree with you on that one…

    Oh, that was long, sorry. But a question…Not sure if its been asked already. I was watching ‘Letter from Pegasus’ again last night. That bit where the Wraith are culling those people on the planet where Shappard and Teyla are waiting for her friends, and that beam comes down and stays and Shappard checks it out….What was that? Have we found out yet? Were they scanning?


    Sorry for the long post

  5. Awww… by “Icarus Base Action” I was kind of hoping there would be some pictures 🙁
    But I know, I know… you can’t post them yet. And every day you get me more and more excited! I seriously can’t wait!!! 😀

    Glad to hear Lulu is feeling better today… I’m told February is quite the depressing month, so maybe that is what gave her the blahhs?

    Congrats again on the Nebula nod… against WALL-E I’m afraid BW doesn’t stand too much of a chance, but I’m still hopeful 😀

    We received a visit from a Stargate veteran who will be making a return to the franchise with Stargate Universe’s fourth episode: Fire.
    Would this be a *different* veteran than the guest star you chatted with like 3 days ago? Or the same one?

  6. Wow, very sincere congratulations on the nomination. A really beautiful episode.

    Speaking of, I think I still have it saved on my DVR. Will have to check it out again sometime soon. (It’s Friday night, are you all missing Atlantis too?)

    Re the space fashions: Will we have to wear our hair like that as well? Is the makeup optional?

    Re the Ground Zero site: Remember when the TV movie “The Day After” came out? I was a kid at the time, and not allowed to watch. But I vividly remember a Detroit newspaper thoughtfully publishing a map of Michigan with sites likely to be targeted in a nuclear attack. Each area of the state was color-coded to indicate who would die immediately in the initial impact, and who would die a lingering death from radiation poisoning, either in days, weeks, or months. AHHH! I had nightmares for weeks.

  7. Wow! Congrats Brad! I’ll be rooting for you. That episode was one of my favorites.

    We received a visit from a Stargate veteran who will be making a return to the franchise with Stargate Universe’s fourth episode: Fire. Aaah! You cannot just hint around at something like that and then make us wait. Well, actually, you can because I’d prefer that to *nothing* until October. Can you at least tell us if it’s an SG1 veteran or an SGA veteran? Pretty please?

    This WAITING thing is really, really hard.

    And Lulu, the mastiff didn’t deserve you, m’dear. Don’t waste your time pining away for him. You’re too good for that.

  8. Definitely a huge congrats to Brad for the nomination. I’ve been a sci fi reader for 40+ years, ever since my dad got me interested in Tom Swift when I was in grade school. Winning a Nebula would be a real rush for him and the show, I’m sure. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for him, metaphorically speaking.
    Been enjoying your continuing reports on the start of production for the new series, and am finding myself increasingly enthusiastic for its premiere this fall. Hope MGM decides on a quick transfer to iTunes or Unbox so I can see it soon after.
    Keep up the good work, Joe!

  9. Congrats to Brad Wright for his nomination! The Shrine was really one of the best episodes from last year. I can’t wait for season 5 on DVD either. I recently started rewatching SGA from season 1 just to have something to do ’till the last season comes out.

  10. Congrats to Mr. Wright and SG:Atlantis.

    Glad to hear Lulu is better. Is she herding Bubba around again?

    Dumb toilet paper debate. Don’t blame me. Greenpeace needs to talk to God. I have always wondered why we can’t be like dogs. They poop, then trot away smiling because they don’t have to wipe their butts. Greenpeace would hate me. I buy my toilet paper in bulk at Sams and like to blow my nose with it too. I keep one box of Kleenex just for company, because when they ask for a tissue, I don’t think they would understand if I threw a roll of toilet paper at them and said, “help yourself”. Can you tell I am an only girl and was raised with 4 brothers?

    Das – hope your father-in-law is right.

  11. Big congrats to Brad for the Nebula nomination. I loved “The Shrine”. Excellent episode.

    *hugs* to Lulu. Glad she’s feeling better.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend, Joe.


  12. In the first picture the man who is beside Brad looks a lot like
    Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden Leader and Vocals).

    Sorry but I don’t know him, who is here?
    Or is Bruce Dickinson going to make an appereance on the show?

  13. And I can say Carl looks a little like Fred Mercury (Queen leader)

    Wow! You have a lot of movie stars near to your and rock stars as well.

    I can’t wait to see those pictures !!!!
    I’m freaking out !!!!!!!!

    I wish all the best.

  14. Contragulations to Nebula nominated Brad Wright. A well deserved nomination, and despite the quality of competition, he should soon be referred to as Nebula Award winner Brad Wright. Also nice to see the show get a nod, even if it’s in a Heath Ledger sort of way.
    On a bit more disturbing note, I came across the following article. Hard to believe such attitudes exist in this day and age. Perhaps something for the writers to consider, when thinking about introducing new characters. If anyone can send a positive message about something without being too preachy, it’s your writing bullpen. Meantime, glad Lulu’s on the mend, and best wishes for a great weekend.

  15. 4. Environmentalists decry the American affinity for soft toilet paper… No, really.

    I have experienced the corn-cob toilet paper of Canada’s public toilets, the equally abrasive pseudo-paper of Europe, and the something-like wax paper of southern Mexico. They can have my Charmin’ when they pry it from my… uh…

  16. Way back in 1980 I started working as a Civil Servant. Although chuffed to have landed a decent job I was horrified to find that the toilets had hard toilet paper. I think that it was called ‘Izal’ – horrible stuff like thick greasepaper with nasty sharp folds and no absorbant qualities.

    Makes me shudder. :-((

    Soft toilet paper is a must. We can give up something else to save the planet.


  17. If only those environmentalists understood how sensitive my ass really is.

  18. Now you know you must refer to Brad by that name from now on.

    Geez, I don’t think anyone would take my kids for any amount, much less an expensive bird. Teenagers. Gotta love ’em.

    I couldn’t click to level Los Angeles. I just couldn’t.

  19. Congratulations to Nebula-nominated Brad Wright. Personally, I think he and David Hewlett probably deserve Emmys for “The Shrine,” but I don’t think anyone else cares what I think.

  20. Yay Brad Wright!!!

    I live inbetween Dc and Norfolk… If a nuclear thingy happens I’m toast. Nothing new there.

    As for my toilet paper… well I do like it soft but I use septic friendly soft so it’s not that bad… really

  21. I just nuked Sydney!

    You find the darndest links.

    Hugs to Lulu, she must be lerv sick.

  22. @ Ponytail – Yeah, I’m not too worried. False-positives are quite common. It could be nothing, so until I have the other test, I’m not fretting. My father-in-law’s Lyme Disease was not caught in time, and he’s had many problems because of it – episodes over the years of fatique, and memory problems. Since those with LD often have joint problems, I doubt I have it. Never been one to have a lot of joint pain – muscle pain, yes – but my joints are pretty good. Of course, it all depends on where the spirochetes do there damage, or how long ago the infection occurred. If I have it, I doubt it’s something I’ve picked up recently – I am well-aware of the disease and always on the look-out for symptoms. But if it happened 20 years ago, or even back when I was a kid (I had a LOT of knee pain as a teenager), then qho knows. It may explain a lot of stuff I’ve dealt with over the years. However, I REALLY doubt I have it.

    @ RE – Toilet tissue. What a shitty subject. 😉 I’m a masochist. I don’t like soft toilet paper – a roll doesn’t last long at all. I’ll spare you all and won’t go into the gory details of why I don’t care for the job it does, but I find it inferior to traditional Scots toilet paper. Grew up with Scots paper products and love them all. They were bought out by K-C and now have a softer variety, but it’s not as good. Not sure how the traditional kind is made – if they use recycled paper, or what – but it is safe for septic systems, so in some ways I’d say it’s more enviromentally friendly than that fluffy, pipe-clogging stuff.

    That said, I still prefer ANY American toilet paper over some of the sandpaper and dissolves-in-hand toilet tissue used overseas…especially when they hand you a 3″ x 3″ square and expect that to do the job. Yeah, right. 🙄 Not on my fat American ass, it won’t.


  23. @ RebeccaH – 😆 LOLOL!! Pry it from…where??? 😉 Thanks for the laugh!


  24. I have to join the chorus: Congratulations to Brad Wright, and all of you who made it possible, for that Nebula nomination. Great news!
    SGA has (or rather had) matured into something very special (and IMO more original than The Dark Knight or those cute Pixar movies) during its five years, I so hope that award goes to Brad.

    And thank you for the links! Especially the guardian article. To cut down whole forests for soft toilet paper is shocking. Really! And so unnecessary. In Europe, we have very nice and soft stuff made entirely from recycled paper. Susan the tartan turtle, believe me: you would not feel a difference, it is as friendly to your backside as to the environment. 😀

  25. Coucou Joseph!

    Quel bonne nouvelle!! Je suis trés contente pour Brad =). Cela récompense son travail. Quand aura t’on les résultats?

    Je suis aussi contente que votre chien aille mieux =)

    Merci pour ces liens, et les photos =)

    Bisou Bisou, je vous adore!

  26. So a Nebula nominations eh? And this for the series that’s been cancelled. Perhaps there might be some movement on the movie now?

  27. @Ponytail, come visit me, we do the TP thing usually because the dog has hidden the kleenex but also to discourage malingering under false pretenses.

    @Thornyrose, I too was incredulous at the UK story, and ashamed of my countrymen too. I’d like to bet that those idiot parents that complained let their kids watch all manner of unsuitable crap like that Big Brother tripe and those hideous reality shows. I would have prosecuted the morons for disability discrimination and made them take some kind of awareness class, I shudder to think of the effect these people have on their offspring and agree that they shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

    @Susanthetartanturtle I remember Izal, we used to use it as tracing paper and I think it was to actively discourage the use of the toilets, you could end up with a nasty injury from that stuff necessitating the need to carry a soft pillow to sit on for a week after.

    Glad Lulu is picking up. I’m just going to nuke Plymouth, My ex lives there I might actually enjoy it!

  28. WTF do you find this crap Joe? I’ve very pleasantly distracted myself from my chores for ten minutes while I worked out the sizes of bombs needed to take out strategic places. Great fun and one step closer to global domination. Cheers!

  29. Congrats to Mr. Wright! Here’s to hoping he doesn’t develope a giant ego and starts walking around the lot with a big golden crown and a Nebula Award as a scepter. *Fingers crossed*

    Also, Whooohooo for me for becoming 25 years old today. Well, Technically I’m not going to have a real birthday for another 3 years (Leap-year) but I’m having some family and friends over anyway.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Universe in the coming months leading up to October.

    Have a nice weekend!

  30. You mentioned yesterday that Mr Carlyle will be using a Scottish accent for Rush. As a very long time fan of Robert Carlyle’s this gets two VERY big thumbs up.

    But will it be a softened accent for American viewers like Beckett’s in Atlantis or will it be a proper Scottish accent like Mr Carlyle’s own Glaswegian accent he used in his old BBC series Hamish Macbeth?

  31. well in another part of the world, people dont use that much toilet paper as they prefer a bidet instead.

    and congrats to Brad Wright! but i thought there would be some pics of the action, you keep teasing us…why? and what do actors do about the loudness of those guns? and who are they fighting? are there any Dinosaurs involved?

  32. omg i did a mistake and clicked Thornyrose’s link. Joe, dont click it! dont be a hero man.

  33. Congratulations to Brad Wright, the nomination, it is well deserved! He has written some of my favourite Stargate stories, hope he gets a win!
    and yeah I agree with the person who said the mystery man could be Peter Delouise. If so yay! Welcome back to a fantastic director!

  34. If my city gets hit by an asteroid the whole of the British isles is no more! lol

  35. Good news about Lulu!

    And congratulations to Nebula-nominated Brad Wright!

    That’s gonna take way longer to type any time you mention him now 🙂

    Looking forward to pictures someday….

  36. Congrats to Brad and also glad to hear Lulu is feeling better. Just wanted to give her a big hug after seeing that photo, she looked so sad!!!

    Major explosions (wonder if they were heard up in North Vancover) and a return visit from a Stargate Veteran. DOUBLE SWEET!!!!

  37. Congratulations to Nebula-nominated Brad Wright! That is awesome all the best you !

  38. Oh I’m so screwed. When you zoom in onto my home town, it wants to drop the bomb directly over the apartment complex in which I live! Apparently because it’s the centre of the postal code area (although it’s not the city centre, that one’s 10 minutes from here).

  39. For the record I prefer the regular toilet paper, not the two or three ply super fluffy overpriced stuff. Also I disagree with the article stating that Americans think recycled is second quality. I find that most don’t buy recycled products because they cost substantially more than the regular products. Despite the fact that paying the extra cost will pay off in the long run for our planet we Americans prefer to save the $.50 cents now. Yes, I am aware its shallow and short sighted of us.

  40. @das: Are you kidding me? What next with you? Pls take care, and yeah, don’t worry too much. I’ve just found out I’ve got hyperthyroidism (after a month of everyone thinking it was much, much worse), so enjoy the day. Be happy we don’t have recycled Brillo pads for toilet paper like they do in Guatemala.

    Congrats to Brad Wright, The Shrine is one of my favorite episodes. However, David Hewlett made the episode amazing 🙂

    Joe, glad Lulu is doing better!

  41. Congratulations to Brad! It was an amazing episode, so it’s well deserved!

    I nuked my city numerous times. Thankfully, nothing reminiscent of that War Games occurred. 🙂 If it had, then I wouldn’t be typing this to you, seeing as I’d be vaporized or a pile of ash!

  42. Duneknight said
    “and who are they fighting?”

    That’s an idea, a crazy idea:
    Oma has lost her the fight against Anubis and Anubis kill Morgan while she was fighting Orici so they are both free.
    Anubis is picking his army back and Adria is her queen. She is just waiting to has folks praying for her for she get strong and kill him. But in the mean time they are together conquering the galaxy again.

  43. Glad to hear Lulu is doing fine, my prayers were with her two nights ago!
    Also big thumbs for Mr. Wright on his nomination, hopefully you and Paul will get your chances for Project Twilight.
    Any revelations regarding the actual size of Destiny, I ask only for purposes of the scope of the setting of the new show? 🙂 I know I’m impatient…..


  44. @ Deni B. – Can’t worry about it – not until I know for sure. As I understand it, the antibodies just mean I have been exposed – the spirochete may long have been neutralized. But it may also be nothing at all. I have to have another test called ‘Western Blot’ to find out for sure. Until then, nothing much I can do, but if I do have it, it may explain many of my mysterious aches and pains. I tend to be a bit masochistic about pain – don’t go to the doctor or take meds until I can’t stand it any more – I just ‘deal with it’. Well, this (along with the pneumonia last month) will teach me a lesson to stop ‘dealing’, and start going to the doctor more often. 😛

    And no – if I do have Lyme Disease, it doesn’t make me feel any differently about those sexy green life-sucking ‘ticks’ in the PG. Still love ’em. 🙂

    But, ya know – there are a lot of other people out there with bigger problems, like crazymom’s little Emma. It’s like we’re all falling apart. I just found out today that my father-in-law, who had a bad bout of Lyme Disease, just tested positive for Lupus and fibromyalgia, probably stemming from the LD. His sister died from Lupus, so now I’m very concerned about him, and not so much about me.

    On a brighter note…

    My mom came home from the hospital today – she’s doing well. My sister is taking charge for now, since I’m still a little snotty. And we may finally get real snow tomorrow night. NOT that I want a snowstorm, but it’s been years since we’ve had more than a dusting. Being on the coast, we usually get rain, or slushy snow that melts quickly. So, with spring fast approaching, it’ll be nice if we can sneak in this last opportunity to get a little snow. Besides, snow always makes me wanna bake cookies! 😀


  45. As a Sci-Fi TV fan whose first time seeing the Stargate franchise was SGA’s pilot movie, I wonder if Universe will have any better of thoughtout storyline than Atlantis did? While I liked most episodes of season 1 since there was an underlying story arc of looking for ZPMs and discovering more about the city and the Pegasus galaxy, I thought the remaining four seasons suffered from a lack of cohesive storyline. I think the biggest mistake of the producers and writers was not thinking ahead more than one season at a time. There were good episodes here and there, but the overall show just seemed to have no clear direction.

    With the new series Universe using most of the same producers and writers, why should I think that it will have any better direction and an extensive thoughtout storyline? Is there a show bible so that things that are canon are not contradicted in later episodes because they are now inconvienient to the writers? May be I am being a little cynical and I will say I will give the show a chance but it may not last long if a lot of the things that I found wrong with the way Atlantis was written and with its direction (or lack there of) is continued with Universe.

    I am sure most people involved with Universe are excited now with working on a new show and it seems to have you excited, but I saw this same level of praise last year for season 5 of SGA. But besides a few episodes, the rest of the season was the worst of the whole series. Too many bad filler episodes and poorly thoughtout story arcs made me think it was time SGA ended. Even though I like most of the world within which Atlantis was created, I thought the stories of the last 1.5 seasons just dropped the ball from the promise of season 1.

    With the SGA movie going to be a continuation of season 5 and not something totally new, why should bother to even watch it? Will this story for the movie move the overall story of Atlantis ahead or will it be more of the same ideas that mired season 5 in mediocrity?

  46. Oh Oh yes congratulations to Nebula-nominated Brad Wright! Good Luck!! Great episode!
    -Glad Little LuLu is feeling a bit better.
    -And toilet paper ,,hmmm,never thought about the plys and not recycling, what about all that newspaper and cardboard I take to the big green bin every week, I have heard stories about the sears catalog and corn cobs, eewwwh! not sure I want to go there. as long as I have some (TP) when its necessary,,lol. and why does it cost more if its recycled, should be cheaper.
    –@das I hope you and father-in-law are feeling better soon, I am thinking positive thoughts for you all. My mom was in hospital again day b4 yesterday for a day, home now also, racing heart, I think they don’t know how to medicate, is that why they call it medical practice,,,still practicing..u think by now,,,oh well,anyway..feel better! I think maybe, just maybe Todd could help you out(make you feel better). sounds like a good plan anyway. Take care.
    Thanks Joe for the pictures, always a pleasure to see their smiling faces, and hear about chocolates.

  47. Robert Carlysle omg I looove him, such a great actor.. LD Phillips.. gosh..

    Really looking forward to SGU. Reallly looking forward to it.

  48. Video comments:
    #1 If that is what we will wear in the future I give up.
    #2 Watch out for those asteroids! Dang!
    #3 Stupid people are so numerous it is scary.
    #4 Makes me want to buy new bathroom tissue.

    Stargate veteran in a guest starring role????
    Give up some names man!

  49. @ Airelle – Thanks, much. Yup…a visit from Todd could come in handy right about now…and since I’m guessing he’s too smart to feed on a sickly human, he’d just have to give me the gift of life, eh?? 😀 Of course…then I’d be healthy… 😕

    On second thought, maybe I just better stick with doctors for now…


  50. I guess I don’t know why but I really wanna hit RangerOne.
    Hey Man If you don’t like the show get the hell out.
    If you think it’s mediocrity go find something better. And I’m very sure will be very very hard to find some sci-fi better than SG nowadays.
    If you wanna give a suggestion you have the free will but do not stay complaining like a boring child.

  51. Cap’n Joe,

    Thanks for posting earlier than usual last night. Wasn’t able to make a comment just then, but was relieved to get the good news that Lulu is better. Several of us were worried about your Frenchie grrrl. Is she eating again?

    Huge congrats to Brad Wright for the Nebula nomination for “The Shrine,” and especially for having written the two “Beers on the Pier” scenes. There ought to be “Kleenex alert” crawlers on the screen before those scenes roll. Also, another big bow to David Hewlett, Kate Hewlett, and the cast for having the depth of talent to deliver the story.

    Am still thinking about the episode, and shaking my head. Golly, there’s a reason that man’s a writer.

  52. Congratulations to Brad Wright and the Stargate: Atlantis team. He’s certainly worthy of the Nebula nomination, and I can see him giving the other nominees a run for their money (in the metaphorical sense, I’m sure awards like that aren’t too competitive, right?).

    Glad to hear Lulu is feeling better now.

    On future fashion – I saw that New Scientist article a day or two ago and couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve long held the belief that science fiction can influence science as much as science influences fiction, and in the case of those clothes, I can totally imagine them on a set somewhere.

  53. @Eduardo

    It’s not you job to criticize other posting. If Mr M deem a post is too over the top he will deleted it. It’s Mr M’s blog. He has the final say on what is allows to be posted.

  54. Congrats to Brad on the Nebula nom! I think it’s amazing that of all the TV and movie scripts written last year, he ended up in the company of just 2 great movies and no other TV scripts. Wow.

    Any chance Brad would make his script available, with all his directions and notations? If that’s what the nom was based on, we need to see it. 🙂

  55. Why,

    Is that…

    Your chocolate tree?
    Your chocolate tree?
    Your chocolate tree?

    I think it is…


  56. Aw, poor Lulu! You may have to go to the Day Care to have a Pet Owner-Teacher conference.

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