Lovesick or just plain sick?
Lovesick or just plain sick?
Well, I picked up the dogs from daycare today and Lulu seemed unusually sulky.  She’s been moping around all night. Either she’s feeling under the weather or that mastiff she has a crush on spurned her and hurt her feelings. Whichever the case, I think I’ll be keeping an eye on her tonight.

More Icarus Base today. Jamil (aka Sgt. Greer) looked like he was having the time of his life. Tomorrow, we head Exterior.


Herbertsommerfeld writes: “It was good to see you today Joe. From a fan’s perspective…SGU is going to be nothing short of amazing! I look forward to watching the finished product.”

Answer: Thanks, Herb. And some great panicked running today!

Green writes: “I would really like to know about it, if there’s going to be a gay character in the new series.”

Answer: As much as possible, we’re going to try to have the Destiny crew present an accurate, albeit highly dramatized, reflection of our society.

Fred writes: “On a more serious note (although I am quite serious about the offer), could you please tell us which of these actors are regulars and which are reccurring?”

Answer: Sorry, no can do. That would spoil the groundless speculation.

Shirt ’n Tie writes: “I occassionally glance over at your reading list and have just discovered that you have finished reading “Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep?”. I assume that this was a re-read. I wondered what sparks you to pick up a book you have read already?”


Answer: Although I consider Blade Runner one of my favorite SF movies, I never got around to reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? until now. It was one of the titles outputted by my random-book-generator.

Shirt ’n Tie also writes: “ Thanks for the update on the Short Story Super Secret Project. Any sign of release/ publication?”

Answer: From what I hear 2010.

Inpa writes: “Hey can you confirm Carlyle’s portrayed accent yet if it will be his natural one or not?”

Answer: The Rush character will have a Scottish accent.

Demon Hunter writes: “Was there anyone of the origional Atlantis Cast that you actually enjoyed working with?”


Answer: Welcome to what must undoubtedly be your very first visit to this blog. May I direct your attention to the search function just above the Archives. Feel free to use it to seek out past entries in which I’ve commented on things like Jason Momoa’s incredible performance in Broken Ties or Rachel’s impressive turn in The Queen. Enjoy your stay.

Thornyrose writes: “Do you happen to know the release date for the book?”

Answer: According to Amazon – July 29, 2009.


PattyO writes: “You’ve said that in keeping this blog going you are exercising your writing skills. How much time do you put into this daily? Do you ponder what your daily subject will be, or just write off the cuff? Loading and deciding what, if any, pictures you post must take a bit of time as well.”

Answer: The time I spend on the blog is entirely dependent upon the subject matter. I’ll usually spend anywhere from an hour to three on an entry. Sometimes, I plan ahead (ie. the book club reviews) but usually I just wing it, writing about what happens to capture my interest on the day. Perhaps the most time-consuming aspect is the uploading of pictures. I’ll usually multi-task – either read or watch t.v. – while I’m waiting for them to individually load.

StellaByStargate writes: “I miss SG1. You never forget your first, you know? And speaking of which…how are Brad and Carl coming with that script…???”

Answer: My sources tell me the script is in Brad’s hands and he is working his magic as we speak (er, write).


63 thoughts on “February 26, 2009: Mailbag and a Feeble Frenchie

  1. Poor Lulu!! I hope she feels better soon! Give her kisses from me!

    No…on second thought, don’t. She might catch whatever the hell it is I have. 😛

    Enjoy your evening, sir!


  2. Their filming outside tomorrow. Brrrrr..hopefully it will be much warmer for cast and crew.

  3. StellaByStargate writes: “I miss SG1. You never forget your first, you know? And speaking of which…how are Brad and Carl coming with that script…???”

    Answer: My sources tell me the script is in Brad’s hands and he is working his magic as we speak (er, write).

    that’s wonderful to hear, joe! 😀

    question: did brad and carl write the movie together, or did carl just do the outline for it?

    i can’t wait for it! 😀

    and hurry that amanda up with her q/a answers! really, if she gets up at 3am for a couple or so days, she could have this thing done! 😛

  4. In regards to the question regarding a gay character on the show, I was wondering if you ever look at the forums or message boards on IMDB. There was quite a huge debate (where I was misunderstood time and time again as being homophobic…which I’m not..just for the record). It got a little out of hand and I’ve finally stopped getting angry replies.

    Speaking of missing SG1, I started working my way through the entire series a few months ago, and I’m happy (and a little sad) to say I’ve just started on season 10. I’m hoping to get through the rest of SG1 (and the movies) and Atlantis before Universe premiers. Does this make me an overly-crazy-obsessed fan, or just a marginally-crazy-obsessed fan? Haha!!

    I hope Lulu feels better soon! Give her a pat and a biscuit/cookie/treat from me!

  5. Thanks for the mailbag, and we will be expecting a followup report on Lulu. Here’s hoping the end of February will also signal the ending of winter. Long past time things warmed up…

  6. Lulu has a crush on a mastiff? Oh, dear. Someone should tell her that there’s just no way for that to end well.

  7. Well, you keep ignoring my Q’s so I’ll just ask something completely unrelated:

    Have you ever read any books by Alastair Reynolds? I would recommend the Revelation Space series (you don’t have to read them as a series though, they make sense independently of each other). It’s just great SciFi, and it’s quite realistic compared to some things out there (at least, until later books when it is speculating about space warping and stuff. Sigh. You can’t win ’em all.)

  8. Answer: Although I consider Blade Runner one of my favorite SF movies, I never got around to reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? until now. It was one of the titles outputted by my random-book-generator.

    Hey, I’m in the middle of reading that right now! So what did you think of it? I’m only slightly lost, but only reading during my lunch break kinda slows things down. I’ve also never seen Blade Runner, so that throws me off even more.

  9. Outstanding! Can’t wait to see what kind of magic Brad does wind up working on that 3rd movie script. To that end, any further info on when said movie might film? Come on, you know what we’re all reading here for……

  10. Oh no! Poor, sweet, precious Lulu! What is wrong with the little pumpkin pie? I say, “off with their heads” at doggie day care, letting her get sick! What is wrong with those people? I hope she gets better real fast – like tomorrow. The poor sugar plumb princess. Give her a big kiss on the nose for me.

    OOOHH, and I know who sent Anne Teldy the Teddy Bear. It was Joby and his Knights of the Roundtable! I’m sure of it!

    I picked up The Book of Joby again and I am reading my little heart out trying to make your deadline. Ever grant an extension, due to the fact a book is reeeaallly loooong?? I ddn’t think so. I’ll keep reading ……….

  11. Hi Joe, so both of us will be keeping an eye out for our dogs tonight – Elway’s due to have seizures (he’s actually on a schedule, every 7 to 8 weeks) any day now, and the Greyhound has the runs again. Hope Lulu’s better in the morning!

    Just watched Burn Notice, and really, Michael Shanks is on for maybe 2 minutes – what’s that about? They should make him a regular! Damn, that man’s a hunk and a half.

    So, ignoring me are you? Really, come on, is Joel’s Q & A ever going to happen?

    Have a great night 🙂

  12. Hey Joe,

    As today was my birthday (woohoo for 41! 16 year breast-cancer survivor), I treated myself to a wander around Barnes and Noble. I was delighted to find this: The Stargate Conspiracy: The Truth about Extraterrestrial life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

    What really gave me a giggle was that A) I immediately flipped it over, fully expecting to see Daniel Jackson’s “geeky” pic smiling back at me; and B) despite the title I could find no mention of either the movie, the series, or the franchise.

    Have you read it?

  13. *turns around…and around*

    Yes, I do believe that was the complete circumference of my question. Thank you. I was actually wondering about the perimeter measurement and, as I hate to figure the diameter and formulate, I’m glad you were there to inch along the edge and help me out.

    No, but really, I’m ecstatic that you’re going to be representing as much of our society as possible in the series. Warms my heart.


    I just can’t prevent this comment from sounding sarcastic. Rewriting hasn’t helped. I’m gonna go now.

    I hope Li’l Lu is okay. I’m so used to seeing her up and about. Keep us informed.


  14. Ada: In regards to the question regarding a gay character on the show, I was wondering if you ever look at the forums or message boards on IMDB. There was quite a huge debate (where I was misunderstood time and time again as being homophobic…which I’m not..just for the record). It got a little out of hand and I’ve finally stopped getting angry replies.

    I don’t know if this was pointed to the questioner (me) or the one who received the question (Joe), but on the chance that it was for me, I’ve not been to the message boards. I’m not really fond of message boards. But I’ll stop by, now, out of pure curiosity and desire for morbid amusement on the debate. Thanks for the heads up. If that was meant for me.

  15. Can’t find the afore-mentioned homosexual debate on IMDB. Which is all the better, I suppose.

    (I’m trying not to clog up the comment list, I promise)

  16. @Pol: First congrats on the past 16 years. Now just aim for another 60. Second, I’ve seen some other stuff that talks about a Stargate that is described more like a future viewer (look up Project Looking Glass or Project Camelot).

    Joe, I feel like a complete jerk for asking Amanda Tapping who her second favorite Beatle is and not asking for yours.

  17. I hope Lulu’s all right! Just be sure to remind her how cute she is and hopefully that’ll perk her right up. And I know you’re getting secret joy from not telling us who’s regular and who’s recurring, but that’s all right–I’d probably do the same thing.

  18. Oh, Lulu… Poor baby grrrl! She really does look sick. I double-clicked on the photo for a closer view. Her eyes are kinda glazed and hurty looking. Don’t laugh, but feel her forehead just above her eyes (the “stop”), and the pads of her feet. Do they feel the average kind of warm, or do they feel hot? There’s always empirical confirmation, if you really want to know. A dog’s normal temp is 101. Also, there’s fluid and food intake and output. If those are per usual, that’s good. If she won’t let you hold her or pet her, that’s a sign she does not feel physically well.

    What did she eat, chew on, or get into, at doggie daycare today? That would be a good guess, given Lulu’s oral fixation. Listen to your instincts, etc. You’re her Doggie Daddy and you know her better than anyone else.

    Get better soon, mademoiselle Lulu! Then you’ll feel up to chasing Bubba, or gnawing on him, and helping Auntie Das feel better, too.

    (Cap’n Joe, you never told us your Frenchie grrrl was so beautiful. In other photos, her coat looks black. In this one, when clicked on, her coat shows up as gorgeous deep, dark chocolate brindle color, complete with caramel highlights.)

  19. I might explode from all the anticipation if you don’t post some of those pictures soon 😉 I can’t wait to see what the set looks like and to see the cast in action+costume!!!

    For the past hour I’ve been deep in philosophical discussion about marriage and the benefits thereof, so I’m mostly out of interesting things to say tonight! Other than I would love to see a well-acted and well-written homosexual character on SGU. Yup, I think that is all. Good night!

  20. Just wanted to add my own “Woohoo!” over the SG-1 movie to everyone else’s. Sooooo cannot wait for it, Joe. Please tell Brad to hurry up! I’ll admit to drifting away after RDA and Amanda left, but picked up Continuum after seeing the kickass commercial on TV one day. Of course I thought it was great fun and now can’t wait for more movies!

    I’m looking forward to Universe, too, as a chance for my love of Stargate to really be rejuvenated.

    PS The blog is great, too. I’m hooked!

  21. Hi Joe,

    any development on the Main Title Sequence of SGU? A while back you mentioned that you guys have an idea about something new. How is it going along?

  22. Did I miss all the Infoquake discussion? I haven’t had a chance to contribute because my first week of my nursing degree has been hella busy.

    I’ve read through the other posts on Infoquake and have found the discussions very interesting. I agree with you and Thornyrose about the original imagining of a future sociaty very different from others I have read about. The serious and thought provoking topics (government as a consumer choice, distribution of power) was offset by the more light hearted details such as the fluctuating building size, the fact that most of Quell’s bio/logic programmes are for his asthma. These details are.. playful.

    I must admit that I stopped after the 2nd sentence and wondered what I was getting myself into, with Natch “like a crazed robot stuck on an infinate loop.” I tend to be distracted by over the top imagery, but as I got drawn in it worked. Edelman did a great job weaving his figures of speech throughout the narritive with the result being a very real, 3 dimensional world we were sucked into without being distracted by those very details that made it come alive.

    Interestingly enough, I seemed to pick approriate locations to read this book. Because I was reading it in snatched moments of time between work, study and family I found myself in some very fitting locations- conducive to drawing strong parallels between Edelman’s world and our own. For example when I was reading about the differences between fiefcorps and memecorps, I was sitting in the breakroom at work- a government funded organization in the health sector with the ever looming threat of privatisation. I sat on a step on Cuba Street in down town Wellington reading about the diss, with the odd transient or homeless person shuffling past me as I read. I read about TubeCo and Natch’s trips to be alone with his thoughts as I was on a train travelling the gorgeous NZ country and beaches on the way to and from town. Very cool, if thought provoking.

    I hope we learn a lot more about Jara in the future books. Even the parts that were written from her perspective were very Natch-centric, I really hope we will see Jara really come into her own!

  23. Get well soon wishes to Lulu. Agree with Fred. My golden retriever just soaks it all up when I tell her how beautiful she is. I really think she understands.

  24. *sigh*…give Lulu a big hug from me , she can chew on my shoes if it makes her feel better. Let us know how she goes??

  25. I hope Lulu feels better. Give her a good scratch on the belly and behind the ears for me.

    As for Ada Caley far watching all of SG1, the movies, and Atlantis before Universe starts. I did that before the 10th season of SG1 and the 3rd season of Atlantis began and yes, in my opinion, it makes you an overly-crazy-obsessed fan, but the question you need to ask would be is that alright? My answer: yes. I’m sure all of us on this blog would agree to that and even place ourselves in that category. You’re not alone, trust me.

    I’ll keep this short as I have to work at 8am tomorrow and it’s MY BIRTHDAY. Woo Hoo 27 on the 27th. Someone told me that it means it’s a golden birthday or something like that but I don’t know if it has any signifigance to it like a golden wedding anniversary. I’m just looking forward to good Italian family recipes to fill my tummy tomorrow night. Hopefull my cousin has a venison steak waiting for me. I’ll try to snap some pictures for you. Treat you to a restaurant review (but this might not count as it is a family restaurant).

  26. Lulu needs a chocolate flavoured bone, she is hormonal, I recognise myself in that picture pose. That or she’s just read someone’s question regarding the inclusion of gay characters in SGU, this debate has been raging for the last 40 years since Star Trek and the original fanfic slashers. I say why the preoccupation with sexual orientation ? with good writing, casting etc we don’t need a soap-in-space leave that crap for Eastenders and all those other unmentionables.

    *falls off soapbox and runs for cover*

  27. I’ve a big (and by that I mean HUGE, Siberian) male black cat sitting on my lap who’s showing a disproportionate interest in your dog, Joe.
    You may wanna hide her, before he eats her.

  28. Coucou Joseph =) Vous allez bien?

    moi oui, je profite de mes derrniers jour de vacance! Hier c’était repas en famille Mouahahaha j’adore trop, il y’a pleins de bonne chose à manger^^! J’aime trop la nourriture ♥_♥, defois je mange plus que mon pére, mais bon sa va car je grossi pas vraiment.

    Bon j’y vais

    Bisou Bisou , a bientot

  29. Joe says: “As much as possible, we’re going to try to have the Destiny crew present an accurate, albeit highly dramatized, reflection of our society.”

    hehe, you dont know your audience. if i wanted real society i would look out the window. lol im looking forward to watching StarGay Universe. and im sure John Scalzi can help you guys out on that. aside from the great actors cast, i have a feeling that SGU wont be on my fav list of shows. you should add a ‘B’ to it in the beginning and call the show BSGU instead.

  30. argh, who am i kidding, i’ll probably watch it. its as close as space exploration can get. I’ll just watch SG-1 after each SGU episode to remedy that sick feeling you get when watching too many characters whining about their lives.

  31. Hey there Mr M!

    Many thanks for your kind replies. Mmm, first time with DADoES? It’s a great book! I particularly like the fact that our hero is married in it. It gives a little more realism. I’d be interested in your thoughts re: book to screen adaptation. (I know that this is an old chestnut, but as you have just read it…)

    So, we’ll have to drum our fingers re: release of the short story? Ah well, that’s ok. We can guess.

    Actually, given the scenarios you mentioned, retirement home, brow beating hotel room scene, return to the scene, unexpected reunion etc, I have fashioned my own story to fit those markers. Though of course my story is set in Ireland, featuring a dashing young sci-fi fan / dental surgeon / married father of 3…..

    Best to all


  32. Hey Joe ^^
    Havent commented in a while but ive been reading your posts.
    I hope Lulu is well

  33. I hope Lulu was just tired from a busy day and not sickly.

    I, myself, spent all night with my black lab Maddy who had surgery to remove two cysts. (And while she was under, the vet tormented her with a teeth cleaning.) The pain meds wore off earlier than expected, so she was an unhappy baby.

    However, the next dose of pain meds seems to have reset her back to semi-normal; allowing her to get used to having those roguish soon-to-be scars on both sides of her body.

  34. Joe, what do you think of the british sci-fi series, Doctor Who? I just got into it a couple months ago, and i hate to say this… but i find myself liking it far more than stargate! maybe it’s because doctor who’s earth knows about alien life? (HINT, HINT, HINT!!!) especially the series 4 finale, when Earth returns to its proper place in the universe, all the news networks go crazy with that. But, when you had atlantis return to its home after 10,000 years what do we get? nothing, but another elaborate cover story! i hate to say this, but i was mighty disapointed with that…. rest assured, i am still a stargate fan and promise you i will tune in for universe every week faithfully even if it does not live up to my expectations. Stargate remains close to my heart, next to the Doctor.
    Stephen Sheridan

  35. It was directed at whoever. Haha.. Yeah, it’s probably better you didn’t find it. I’m not normally a fan of message boards, but occasionally I’ll stray over to see what’s up. Since that one, I haven’t been back! I wonder if they took the board off the site…

  36. Here, I found the forum. I’m not sure how to make links work…

    I’m Luna_16. I’ll admit I come off a bit strong in the beginning, but I try to explain myself after everyone starts yelling at me! *And, for the record (since everyone seems to be so touchy about it), I’m not homophobic or against gay people; it’s fine if you’re gay, just don’t feel like you need to prove “Hey, I’m gay, but I still belong!” to me*

    Sorry, Mr Mallozzi, for clogging your comment section. You don’t need to approve this if you don’t want to! No hard feelings. Haha…

  37. Hi Joe,

    a question for you :

    Do you happen to know the release date of SGA season 5 in DVD ?

    Have a nice day

  38. “Accurate reflection of our society”?

    Well, yes, in the varied ethnicity of cast. SGU character names so far don’t seem to reflect the variation.

    As a military caseworker for American Red Cross, I served many Hispanic-surnamed families. Official USAF demographics (Google Randolph afb afpc demographics Hispanic)* show almost 10% of active-duty airmen claim Hispanic ethnicity.

    *Sorry, posting from phone, can’t cut/paste link.

    In fairness, y’all reflected ethnic diversity fairly well with SGA’ s multinational crew. But SG1, as I recall, had maybe one or two minor characters named Gonzalez or Díaz.

    ’nuff said.

  39. I think Demon Hunter was being sarcastic. and your uploaded pictures are HUGE, you can resize them before you upload them. unless they are pics showing SGU production stuff then leave them HUGE.

    and in SGU, will there be Dinosaurs? because that would be cool. like the quest but for real this time. I want to see a Dinosaur running after Wallace while Sgt. Greer tries to stop it with a G36. oh wait where are they gonna get their ammo from?

  40. OH no! I hope LuLu feels better soon, let us know.. Any other symptoms, warm nose/ears,not eating. I do hope for her to be all better soon! Sending her best hugs in your direction. You feel so helpless sometimes and wish they could talk. 😐 Have a grand day!

  41. I certainly hope Lulu is feeling better. Poor baby! One of my cats (she’s 14 and a half) hasn’t been feeling well. Turned out when I took her to the vet on Monday that she has mammary cancer which has spread to her lungs. All we can do is make her comfortable for however long she has left. Seems that most likely the early stages of the cancer would have been showing up at the same time that my husband was dying. Which would explain why neither of us noticed anything. Also, she has never been a lap cat and rarely allowed anyone to pet her tummy. She didn’t show any outward signs of illness until recently.

    I’m sure Lulu is just dealing with her first ‘broken heart’. Ah, puppy love. But she’ll definately be in my thoughts.

    Belated Happy Birthday Pol! And congrats on being a survivor for so long!

  42. Poor Lulu!!! Spurned by a man and such a babe. Life isn’t fair 😉


    Would Sci Fi or MGM or someone on the production crew consider having a daily ‘twitter’ about life on the SGU set. I know some ‘crazy’ folks are dissing a show they have never seen. It might be cool to let folks see what y’all are about!!!

    I for one will be watching in October!!!!

  43. @ shiningwit – I agree with you about the preoccupation with sexual orientation. We live in a gay town, my husband’s boss and several co-workers and friends are gay, and they never make an issue about sexual preferences – theirs or ours. It’s just such a non-issue in real life around here that I get very tired of it being an issue on TV. If there’s a gay character, fine – just as long as they’re not a force-fed plot device.

    @ Becky L. – So sorry about your kitty. 🙁 You’ve been through a lot, and things like this are never really easy. I had a wonderful black cat named Shoobie that we lost to the exact same thing – mammary cancer that spread to her lungs. She showed no early signs (cats are very good at masking illness – probably better than dogs), and we only started to see her loss of energy in the last month or so. She was fairly good up to a day or two before her death – just more tired than usual, but still eating and all – but then she really started to struggle those last two days. Our biggest regret is that we didn’t ease her into passing, but let her do it on her own. It was a very distressing night for us.

    So, please take care, and love her as long as you can.


  44. @green: I share your morbid curiosity, but it’s probably better for the blood pressure not to read the tired old “I have no problem with gays, but I don’t want to see them in Stargate” wanking. (As if those people would have the guts to say the same about people of color.) I hope half the crew is gay and doing each other. Heh. If there’s even 1 gay, and even if it is a hot chick, well, that’s progress I guess!

    @Joe: yeah, you should downsize your images before you upload. You can easily save a factor of 10 in file size while still having nice big pics in the blog. I would tell you how to do it, but I’m a Mac person — you need a Windows expert to explain it!

  45. Joe has there been any discussion on taking Stargate to a new channel?? I know SciFi has been backed Stargate for most of the show, but not everybody gets it, and SciFi has never treated it fairly.

    If Universe moved to NBC, it would easily double the ratings. Stargate never had a good network or timeslot, not to mention lack of advertising. I don’t watch alot of TV but I have still never seen a Stargate commercial EVER, not even for the movies!!

  46. Joe, you usually spend one to three hours each day on this blog? Where do you find the time? But then, on the other hand, I can spend that much time reading and enjoying it! Thank you for your daily posts. You are a very interesting person (who just happens to have 4 adorable dogs). Thank you!!

  47. shiningwit said: I say why the preoccupation with sexual orientation ?

    Because it’s a part of our reality. I don’t think anyone would suggest the crew should be all white, so why should it be all straight? In my office, we have 3 gay guys to 5 straight. There are 11 women in my office, of which one is a lesbian and at least two are bisexual. It shouldn’t be an issue on the show, it should just be that someone is gay – the same way it is in life.

    If the cast of characters were all white, people would feel something was wrong pretty quickly. A lot of people feel the same way about the all-heterosexual casts of characters that are found on tv.

  48. Joe, I can’t believe how amazing the SGU film crew is. The production feels more like filming is being done for the big screen than for a TV production, but they’re doing it at TV production speed. It was great to watch Andy, Rob, yourself, and John (and Bill, Vince, Trevor, and the crew) all doing their jobs with machine like precision with half a million extras running about.

    As far as fans saying this is going to be 90210 in space…I just didn’t see it at all. I don’t want to make comparisons to anything because it might give something away, but 90210 in space or the like, nope, it’s not that. It is new, exciting, and yes, highly dramatized, but if it wasn’t, what would be the point of watching it? All I can really say is that the fans are going to love the show!!

    Anyhoo, I am off not to pick up a copy of The Book of Joby, by Mark J. Ferrari (I already have a copy of Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl).

    Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t clog up your comment board every time I am on the show, (which looks like it will be a lot the next few weeks). Have a great weekend.

  49. Hi Joe,
    Sorry Lulu is not feeling well. I will be praying for her. Oh and tell her that i hope she gets well soon. So how is the Atlantis Movie script going? Have you started writing it yet?
    Major D. Davis

  50. Joe — hope Lulu is better today. It’s a helpless feeling when your “babies” are sick — cause they can’t tell you where it hurts 🙁

    @Pol — congrats on the 16 years! I’m a 6 year survivor myself, and so is my Mom. We teased the surgeon and oncologist about getting a family discount 🙂

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