Holy shit!  Amanda Tapping is standing beside me!  Somebody, please take a picture!
Holy shit! Amanda Tapping is standing beside me! Somebody, please take a picture!







Whenever my career draws to its inevitable conclusion, I’ll be able to reflect back on the many fond memories of my time in “the business“. I‘ve had good times, bad times, and everything in between. That said, the high point for me were the years I spent working on Stargate: SG-1. They were memorable for a number of reasons, but chiefest among them were the incredibly talented and wonderfully generous people I was fortunate enough to collaborate with over the course of those seven years: my fellow writer-producers (especially Brad and Rob who gave us our first shot and showed us the ropes), the directors, the crew, and, of course, the cast – specifically, that core team of Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), and Christopher Judge (Teal’c). These four were a pleasure to deal with both on and off the set and, in the ten years the show was on the air, they made fans of, not only the viewers at home, but the people they worked with as well. A couple of weeks back, I wrote: “If you want to get the real story and truly separate the princes from the pricks and the beauties from the bitches, then get to know the men and women who spend the greater part of their days on set with these people…”.

Yes, the crew is the ultimate bullshit detector. Their exposure to actors isn’t limited to the t.v. interviews and convention appearances in which everyone is on their very best behavior (ie. Fan #1: “Wow! I met Charles Manson who was out promoting his new book! He took a picture with me and talked about his family! He is such a sweet guy!”). They are with these people 12-16 hours a day, 5 days a week, 6-7 months a year (and, the case of SG-1, 10 years!). They know them better than they do their own wives, husbands, and significant others. So what did the crew think of team SG-1 after all that time? Did they respect them? Are you kidding? Yeah, they respected them. Hell, they loved them! Every time any of them made a return visit, be it for the SG-1 movies, or a guest spot on Atlantis, the set was a veritable love fest. Everyone was all smiles and the positive energy carried over into the episode itself. It was – and I hate to say it – like a family reunion.

I hate to say it because, all too often, I hear people liken the casts of certain shows to families. “They’re like family.” or “They’re one big happy family.” Yeah, sure, to the uninitiated they may seem like family but, when you’re in the business, you become privy to the real behind-the-scenes drama behind numerous productions and, while there are some great family-like relationships between the cast members of some shows, this is usually exception rather than the rule.

In spite of what some would have you believe, I refuse to bullshit. If I like something or someone, you’ll know. And if I don’t like something or someone, you probably won’t know only because, as my mother would say: If you can’t say something nice about someone…keep your mouth shut. But when it comes to Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, and Chris Judge – I have plenty to say. They’re talented, hardworking, and generous professionals who cared deeply about the show, their characters, and the people around them. And when I think about these four, certain memories crop up that, personally, capture the essence of who they are.

In the case of Rick, it was the very first day we met. I was settling into my office, putting my Simpsons toys up on the shelves, keeping an eye on my pug Jelly who I’d brought in for the afternoon, when THE Richard Dean Anderson poked his head into the doorway and welcomed me to Stargate. He noticed my collectibles and, being a fan of the show as well, he started to talk about his affinity for The Simpsons. At one point, I turned away to set up my laptop, said something, then turned back – only to discover he wasn’t there anymore. I was briefly stunned, wondering when he’d left and if I’d said something to offend – then glanced down and realized he hadn’t left at all but was down on the floor, playing with Jelly. I’ve always been of the opinion that anybody who loves dogs has to be a good person at heart and Rick, the original Dog Whisperer, is a perfect example.

In the case of Amanda, it was the day my auntie Antoinette came to visit. Now I rarely go to set, partly because I’m usually up in my office working, but mainly because I don’t want to bother the actors while they’re working. But, on this particular day, my aunt had come to visit and really wanted to see the sets. So, we went down to one of the stages where they were in the process of shooting a scene. We hung back and watched Amanda finish up an exchange with a guest star. When the director called “Cut!”, signaling it was okay to move around (ie. slip away before the cameras started rolling again), I was about to steer my aunt away when Amanda walked over, all smiles, and greeted us. She introduced herself to my aunt and then spent a good twenty minutes happily chatting with her before she was called away for some hair and make-up touches. I was truly impressed by that display of genuine kindness and, to this day, my aunt still mentions the day she “talked with Amanda” as though they were two old friends.

In the case of Michael, it was late in season six, the Jackson-less year. Like me, Michael is a passionate individual, and its this passion that makes him such a hugely talented actor. I look back over his body of work on the show and am amazed, and frankly, a little pissed off, that he hasn’t been recognized for some truly remarkable performances. Of course, that has everything to do with the bullshit nature of the Canadian awards systems that punishes Stargate for having the audacity to be: a) science fiction (and thus, not to be taken seriously), b) an American production (even thought almost everyone working on the show is Canadian), c) a west-coast production (as opposed to the far more deserving east coast productions). Anyhoo, Michael is a passionate individual and he won’t bullshit you. If he doesn’t like something or disagrees with you, he’ll let you know. And back in season five, he let us know. And I disagreed and let him know. So, anyway, Fondy and I were downtown one night when we ran into Michael and Chris. I hadn’t seen him since season four and wondered how he’d react. Would he chew my ear off? Slug me? Ignore me and walk off? Try: none of the above. He bought a round of shooters and we rechristened our working relationship through his generosity and the magic that is Jack Daniels. A class act.

In the case of Chris, it was actually a post-SG-1 incident. Early Atlantis’s fourth season, the character of Samantha Carter leaves the SGC to assume a command position in the Pegasus Galaxy. I was working on the script in which Carter says goodbye to the life she knew and, for it to work, I needed someone to see her off – a touchstone representative of her time on SG-1. I approached Chris Judge but was somewhat hesitant since we hadn’t budgeted for a big guest spot. He’d be in one scene, a cameo, and would be looking at a nominal fee. Well, before I could even get into money discussions, Chris smiled and told me he’d be happy to help out in any way he could. End of discussion. That demonstration of generosity and loyalty neatly encapsulates the kind of guy Chris Judge is – and it pretty much guaranteed him a return engagement in a later episode, Midway, in which we thanked him for that cameo with a kick-ass guest spot.

So all this to say that, yes, it IS like a family reunion whenever I run into any of them. I miss writing for the show, miss writing for their characters, and just plain miss them in general. Chris dropped by the office the other day and it was great to see him. And, when I asked him if he’d be up for a fan Q&A, he was, not surprisingly, good to go. “It’s simple,”I told him. “I gather the fan questions and send them your way. You can pick and choose among them, answer the ones you like, then send them back my way and I’ll post as part of a special Chris Judge entry.”

“Too complicated,”was his response. “Just take me to lunch.”

Done and done. All I have to do now is find a way to slot that lunch into his busy schedule.

But, in the meantime, another big announcement: I was exchanging emails with the lovely Amanda Tapping and I asked her whether she might be interested in doing a fan Q&A. Well, I’m happy to report that she’s more than happy to visit with us. And with production on Sanctuary’s second season poised to begin soon, she has a rare/brief window of calm before the inevitable storm. So…

If you’ve got questions for Amanda Tapping, start posting. But please avoid duplicating questions that have already been asked. Be concise and let’s avoid burying Amanda under the inevitable avalanche of well-wishes and meandering queries.

163 thoughts on “February 21, 2009: Fond Remembrances and a BIG Guest Blogger Announcement!

  1. I agree about dog people being good people at heart. I don’t see how anyone could abuse or purposely neglect such great creatures.

    I will have to think of questions! Or I can wait and enjoy the fruits of other peoples’ labor…Hm.. tough choice. I shall ponder. Yay for Q&As!!

  2. my question for amanda is…
    how many sg1 movies would you be willing to come back for in the future?

  3. “…let’s avoid burying Amanda under the inevitable avalanche of…meandering queries.”

    Damn. Guess that leaves me out. 😛


  4. What a great entry and some fantastic memories of the cast. I just saw Michael’s return on “Burn Notice” and can’t wait to see him in more eps.

    I know someone will ask about her favorite episodes, etc. I’m wondering what is her favorite shot? What shot sticks out in her mind?

    I’m enjoying Sanctuary and wonder how hard it is to act without the benefits of sets? Are there any tricks they use? I remember in one commentary, someone mentioning that the SG1 actors were the best at acting to nothing, so what does she use for Sanctuary? And massive love to Christopher Heyerdahl, he is as wonderful in that as he is as Todd.

    Also you said there would be a guest director. I noticed on IMDB that Martin Gero is slated for an episode, so I’m assuming it’s not Peter Deluise, whom I really miss.

  5. holy squeeee!!


    *takes moment*


    k… i’ll think of a question….

    i’m thinking…


    k, i’ll get back to you with that question…



  6. WOW! Q&A with Amanda Tapping! The lady is a true star! See I’m tongue-tied at the mere mention of her name! *also seem to have come over all exclamatory*

    On another note, I’m still trying to get to sleep. *its now 4.27 am*

  7. Joe, thanks for the great candid of Jason & Amanda!! — I really wish that there had been more one-on-one scenes of them together like there had been with him & Torri… *Any* chance in the movie perhaps…? I’ve always imagined Sam doing a little target practice ala John-golfing and having Ronon drop by and observing… AND her ending up being a better shot than him… [BTW, you *have* my permission to use this thought if you wish!]

    As for Amanda questions & comments:

    “I had the great pleasure of meeting you once at the first GATECON in Vancouver… My fondest remembrance at that event was when BOTH you and Don ‘borrowed’ my lipstick to kiss napkins for the charity auction! You guys totally ROCKED!!!”

    “How’s Olivia been doing? Did [and/or does] she ever get to ‘playdate’ with the other SG1/SGA Cast offsprings?”


  8. k, here’s my question(s) for amanda –

    hello, amanda! 😀

    1- what is your fondest memory of working with richard dean anderson?

    2- now that we’ve met helen’s father, are we going to see her mother?

    3- do you miss being a blond at all?

    sally 😀

  9. A fan Q&A with Amanda? What a fabulous idea!

    My question: Amanda, I’m curious as to what kinds of things we can expect from Sanctuary’s second season? Are there any details that you’d be willing to spill to satisfy some curiosities?

  10. Speaking of Chris Judge:

    A couple of weeks ago, I started transferring all my old footage of projects I worked on from Beta before my old Betas completely bite the dust. Yes, I’m that old-fashioned, I hung onto the better quality of Beta until the last moment. Anyway, when I first came to LA in 1989, I worked on a couple of short films for Chanticleer Films.

    On the third one, “Little Feet”, starring Evan Richards and Ed Gale, I was watching these two jocks come into the college men’s locker room and harass Ed’s wheel-chaired character. I thought, I know that voice, I know that face, I know that smile. Sure enough it was Chris, listed in the credits as Doug Christopher Judge.

    I remember that scene with the jocks in the locker room, but I was the assistant to the director so I was working mostly with the main cast not the day players, and my involvement with the jocks was fleeting that day. I never even recalled working with Chris for what amounted to an afternoon until I saw that footage again.

    The three shorts I did were televised on Showtime’s 30 Minute Movies, introduced by Rob Reiner, which is how I got the footage. Since it was televised, I’m surprised that it isn’t listed on IMDB and inquiring is now on my ever-growing list of things to do. I’m sure that Chris isn’t interested in his half day work as Jock #1 being on IMDB, but my commitment was much longer and I’d like it on my IMDB page.

    And even though I mostly have seen Chris and Mike at cons back in the day when I went to them, I, too, miss them.

  11. For Amanda Tapping:

    I think we have seen Samantha Carter’s first meeting with all the major characters on SG-1 onscreen except Cameron Mitchell. If you were scripting that first meeting, how would it have happened?

  12. Thanks for the insights into the cast of SG 1, and the glimpses into their personalities. It always intrigues me how shows manage to get their episodes produced. Not all that long ago there was a bit of a bruhaha concerning one network proram and its production demands, where one of the actors seems to have spoken up and managed to work out some changes. I notice that most of the time, the Stargate episodes talk of 12 hour work days, and occasionally longer hours. On many other shows I hear that the shooting schedule is more often closer to 16 hours. A measure of professionalism of the crew and producers, and one that certainly plays a part in the higher morale of the cast.
    I’m looking forward to Ms. Tapping’s guest appearance, but I’ll pass on questions. I’ve seen her at a convention not all that long ago, and I expect any questions I have now will be asked by others here. But thank you very much for offering us this opportunity, as well as making the extra efforts it will require for you to bring us the Chris Judge appearance. And a final thanks for the great pictures. I’m still eagerly anticipating Stargate Atlantis news and pics, but SG-1 was the first of the franchise, and does enjoy a place among my favorite sci fi shows.

  13. I really get to ask Ms. Tapping a question? *fangurl moment* *is nervous*

    Ms. Tapping,

    The late Don S. Davis once said that to prepare for his character he liked to know everything about them…from their favorite color to their politics . When you prepare yourself to portray Sam, especially over the past few years, do you have a specific backstory in mind for the part of her life we don’t see, and if so, could you share some idea of what it is which helps you shape your performance?

    Thank you!


  14. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for arranging the lunch with Chris and the Q&A with Amanda, and an extra-special thanks for sharing the above stories. Very cool

    My question (and yes, it was inevitable…you probably expected it)…

    Amanda, will Sanctuary be accepting script/story submissions from freelancers this season? Have you done so in the past? If not (to either of the above), do you see that happening in the future? Thanks so much for the great (past, present and future) work in both the Stargate universe and Sanctuary.


  15. There are a few interviews where you have mentioned Sanctuary’s Requiem and how you had to act like you’ve never acted before. How would you compare your experience in Requiem to the different instances in SG-1 where you portrayed all of the alternate Sam Carters?

  16. This blog was a great way to end my birthday celebration. No fancy dinners, just simple, as I am in no way a foodie such as yourself.

    As to a question to Amanda: If I bribed you with a cooked dinner [i.e. a) not knowing how to get it to you and b) not being too much of a cook], what would it take to get Richard Dean Anderson on Sanctuary? Preferably as a bad guy. I mean, have you seen him as a bad guy? Totally hot!

  17. I have an Amanda Tapping happy moment as well. A young friend of mine had just buried her dance teacher, whom she had been very close to. She was devastated and had gone into a depression. I sent a message through Damian Kindler to Amanda about my friend. Well, Amanda took the time to not only autograph a photo but to send her well wishes to the young lady through a Sanctuary staff person. My friend was thrilled. She did still grieve her teacher, but knowing that someone like Amanda cared that much made a world of difference. I agree, Amanda Tapping is a class act.

    Patricia (AG)

  18. Joe,

    Thanks for all the personal remembrances. Would you ever consider writing a book about your adventures in the industry? I wish you would because I think it would make an awesome book.



  19. For Ms. Tapping, You are a wonderful role model for young female actors. What 1 piece of advice would you give them to watch out for when dealing with casting, producers and directors? (I hope you get my meaning, without comming right out and saying it?) joe, present company excluded! This type of stuff is never discussed, but is a big concern for females, thanks, Sheryl.

  20. First off Joe…I absolutely loved reading your blog today. No surprises there about the fine people on and off the set of SG1.
    Awesome news about Amanda agreeing to do a Q&A. Now I just have to make sure I pose a great question.
    How about this:
    Hi Amanda. In the episode Prisoners, you had to eat what looked like gray porridge. What was it you had to eat and what is the worst thing you have had to consume on either Stargate or any other production you have worked on?
    Also, on Sanctuary, will there ever be any answers pertaining to how the embryo was frozen back in the 1800’s and what, if any, catalysts pushed Helen to decide to bring the baby to term?
    And one more…What strengths in both Sam Carter and Helen Magnus, are reflective on you?
    Thank you so much!!!!
    Thank you Joe. I’m sure you’re gonna get a huge amount of questions flow through. With many many thanks. 🙂

  21. I am so glad that Amanda has agreed to a guest blog. Okay I’ve got a few:

    1. What are some of your favorite memories working on Stargate? Favorite episodes?

    2. How hard is it to work on an almost all green screen set on Sanctuary? (Love the show by the way.)

    3. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not acting?

    Okay I can ask quite a few more, but I’ll let my fellow fans have their chance. Amanda has become one of my favorite actors and I hope to meet her at the San Diego Comic Con this year if she’s there.

    I’m almost done with In the Cities of Coin and Spice and I love it as much as the first. It’s a little more graphic but just as intricate of a story as the first. It has a nice twist in the middle and I don’t believe in ruining stories for people so I’ll leave it at that.

  22. “For Amanda Tapping:

    I think we have seen Samantha Carter’s first meeting with all the major characters on SG-1 onscreen except Cameron Mitchell. If you were scripting that first meeting, how would it have happened?”

    I would like to rewrite this one slightly.

    “I think we have seen Samantha Carther’s first meeting with all the major characters on SG-1 except Cameron Mitchell. Joe has implied on his blog that anything but a professionally friendly relationship between Mitchell and Carter would seem almost incestuous. Would you agree or, if you were scripting that first meeting would you have made it into something more exotic?”

  23. Thanks for sharing your memories, Joe, and the pictures. (Are you sure RDA didn’t come to visit Jellly and then got distracted by you and the Simpsons memorabilia? You know how dog people get. 🙂

    Questions for Ms. Tapping:

    1. What’s your favorite part about playing Helen Magnus, and what’s the most challenging?

    2. In Chimera’s dvd commentary, you mentioned how weird it was to play Sam “dressed up”, rather than wearing combat boots and fatigues? Did the uniform (or anything else) help you get “into” character, as Sam or any of your roles? Or was it just the script/interaction, something else?

    3. Is there any chance of seeing some other onscreen Stargate alumns in your professional baby “Sanctuary”? Teryl? David? Rachel? Michael? Chris? Colin? Jewel? Carmen? More with Kavan? (Not that I’m not happy to see Sanctuary stand on its own two feet, just miss your onscreen chemistry)

    4. If and when Sam gets to be piloting the “General Hammond” ship, what do you see her wanting to do most?

    Thanks for your time and for playing such wonderful characters for our entertainment. (And thanks again Joe for hosting this opportunity)

  24. Question for Amanda:
    As an actress, what is the biggest difference/challenge between working on an actual set with buildings and objects you interact with and working on a virtual set where you essentually have to imagine them. It seems like it would take a lot longer to film on a virtual set because the actors would miss their marks more often than on the physical set. And could you answer the question as an executive producer as well.

  25. Thanks Joe for sharing some SG-1 moments. I really miss getting new SG-1 episodes so its always nice to get some old stories

    For Amanda:

    Which was the hardest episode for you to film?

    Did you ever watch any scifi tv shows/movies before you were cast in SG-1?


  26. ooohh, one of the first comments for today!

    Questions for Amanda:

    1. What’s your take on Sam’s and Jack’s relationship? Dating, Engaged, Married?

    2. Do you want to see an acknowledgement of their relationship in the next movie? If so, will there be one?

    3. What are the chances you can get either RDA or Michael Shanks or Chris Judge to guest star in an upcoming Sanctuary episode?

    Thanks for answering and keep up the good work!

  27. I was curious how much gender bias you find in your new role as a producer now that Sanctuary is off the ground as producers seem to have remained much more of a male-dominated role in television. What are the most successful strategies you have used to have new business associates understand the value you bring to the team (experience, female perspective, etc.)? Also how would you described your management strategy for the Sanctuary production? I’m always curious to learn from the experience of successful female executives and managers.

  28. That was one of my most favorite reads of any of you blog entries ever. But I do have one question, can I be your long lost uncle who you take on a tour of the set of SGU?

  29. I’d first like to thank you for your heart-felt memories, Joe. Even though it’s been some years since the original SG-1 has been together (apologies to Corin Nemec and Ben Browder), it’s still nice to hear stories about the troupe.

    I am glad Teal’c came back for Carter’s farewell. After hearing that Amanda and Chris played “Unending” as if they were in a relationship, I always look for those moments whenever they’re together onscreen.

    I’ll keep my mind out for questions for Amanda Tapping.

  30. Questions for Amanda: You were super cute last Halloween on Ghost hunters. How scared where you really and did it effect your beliefs in the supernatural any?

    Second question How come Ryan Robbins isn’t considered part of the main cast credit wise. He is an awesome actor and my heart just drops each time I don’t see his name in the opening credits. Please don’t kill him off. His character is my favorite of the sanctuary team.

  31. Thank you for the wonderful stories about the SG-1 cast!

    My questions for Amanda Tapping:

    1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Sanctuary’s first season and cannot wait for season 2. What has been your favorite scene or episode so far, and what storylines are you looking forward to most for next season?

    2. I loved your work in Requiem, especially seeing Helen slowly lose those layers of control because of the parasite. Under normal circumstances, what do you think it would take to make Helen lose control like that again?

    3. What has been the most enjoyable part about being Executive Producer on Sanctuary, and has there been an aspect to the job that has surprised you in some way?

    4. Finally, do you have any idea when the Region 1 DVD set will be available?

    Thank you so much for doing this Q&A, and best of luck making Sanctuary season 2! 🙂

  32. Hey Joe! Amanda Tapping! yesssss!

    Question for Ms.Tapping,

    “What were the most memorable moments of your life growing up that truly shaped you into being the actress you would eventually become? Any random quirky tales from your past you’d love to share with us?”

  33. Joe, a most delightful, wonderful blog entry. Thanks for sharing the pics and commentary. Sigh…..

  34. A couple of questions for Amanda

    Question #1: Your success has been in the realm of science fiction. Do you worry that you could get typecast in sci-fi, and after Sanctuary ends, would you like to do comedies, romance, dramas, anything else except scifi??

    Question #2: What is the biggest appeal of being an actor?

    Thanks very much.

  35. Joe,

    Thank you for sharing your memories! It is always great to read that people you already like and admire are truly as amazing as you have always thought them to be! 🙂

  36. Thank you for this entry, love to hear about the cast 😉

    For Amanda,

    I have a feeling that the writers/producers get help with the military stuff they need to create (like dialouge and what kind of outfits you should wear). Did You actors receive any special education about the military way of things? Were You educated on the different (Earth) weapons you were supposed to handle?

    Finally; thank you for being such a great person, I have heard so much positive feedback from other fans, and I am looking forward to seeing you at AT4!

  37. Great blog!

    For Amanda:

    What is your fondest memory regarding your fans at conventions/events and why does it stand out?

    You are known as one of the most down-to-earth actresses in the scifi world and very much loved, do you ever worry about disappointing your fans?

    I miss the show terribly, do you think that you would continue to participate in the movies for as long as possible?

    I seriously adore you as a brunette!

    With live from Texas!!

  38. Hey Amanda, I love the idea of a true green set. The no paper cup thing is awesome. What other green initiatives do you have going on set? See you at AT4!

  39. Question for Amanda,

    You have being doing Sci-Fi for a long time, do Sci-Fi fans ever surprise you in some way, shape or form?

  40. For Amanda Tapping:

    “How do you guys at sanctuary conduct your historical research for the show?”

    I am a history thesis student and I love the little historical twists and references on the show, and I wonder how they plan them.

    Media role models can make a difference. Amanda’s Sam Carter was a big favorite of mine as a little girl. I liked that she was a “doctor who wasn’t a doctor” (an MD) and when I was little that became my plan.

    I am not saying that a tv show set the course of my life, but it and the character did play a small but important role by saying that yes women are intelligent and don’t have to be a ditz or some idiots accessory to be signifigant. Amanda always played Sam as smart, capable and confident, never apologizing for it, which is extremely important.

    And from what little I know about her professionally it seems that she is a real life inspiration to women in the entertainment industry as well. So thanks and keep up the good work on sanctuary.

  41. Question for Amanda Tapping:

    Hi Amanda,

    Since Sanctuary is sure to begin filming soon, and since both you and Martin Wood will be busy with that, how will you guys accommodate the third SG-1 movie if it’s to film in late spring/early summer as Brad Wright has said? Do you anticipate Sanctuary limiting your involvement in the third movie at all?

    (Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much enjoying Sanctuary, but would be sorely disappointed if your involvement in the third movie was curtailed.)

  42. Questions for Amanda:

    Sam Carter was definitely the biggest draw for me into the Stargate world-it’s rare to see such a strong, positive female in a lead role, and I always got a kick out of seeing your character take charge and save the day. As I go back and watch episodes over again, I am constantly pleasantly surprised and reminded of her genuinely good qualities. If we had a chance to glimpse Carter’s life ten years into the future, where do you see her? Do you think it is more likely that Carter lives out a long, satisfying life at the SGC, or to go down as a fallen hero, along the lines shown in SGA’s “The Last Man”?

  43. Hello Joe,
    I almost think you say more with what you don’t say than with what your do, but honestly, I don’t think I’m prepared to hear it….

  44. I’ve been one of those lurkers reading the posts, but not really offering my two cents for a while now. But with the opportunity to potentially have a question presented to Mrs. Tapping, how can I resist?

    To Mrs. Tapping:

    I first of all wanted to say that, for all of us astrophysicists who are also science fiction fans, you have turned into somewhat of a mascot for us: proving that you can be brainy and cool all at the same time. I was curious to know if, given your experience in Stargate and Sanctuary, you’ve developed a real-life interest in science and technology and what you think about having provided a positive image for young people who want to pursue a career in science (I actually 11 years old when SG-1 started and watched it all the way through an astronomy major in college).

    Also, Mr. Mallozzi:

    Good luck with all the upcoming work with Stargate Universe. I can imagine that starting up a new series, while exciting, must be tremendous work. I’m quite eager to see a fresh, new series in the Fall!

  45. Hi Amanda! I got some questions:

    1. If you weren’t an actor, what would your dream career aspiration be?

    2. Out of all the episodes on SG-1, what was your least favorite episode to film? Was there any episodes that you would’ve liked to redo if you could?

    3. If you could describe Sanctuary in 5 words or less to someone who’s never watched it before to get them to watch, what would they be?

    Thank you for taking the time to do a Q&A with yours fans! It means a great deal, 🙂


    1) I remember very vividly you mentioning that Teryl Rothery’s laugh was very bubbly and infectious. Do you have any other awesome traits in your SG-1 cast members you’d like to share? 😉

    2) What was it like being the only female member of SG-1 for so long? (ie: big brother type teasing, not a big deal, treated like a lady, et cetera?)

    3) Do you ever slip into your Dr. Magnus accent during normal conversation?

    4) How much of Sam’s technobabble did you usually understand?

    *Thanks for inspiring a generation of female scientists! You brought to life a character that literally changed lives. (I’m a future physics teacher myself and quite heartened by Sam.)
    *Sanctuary is AWESOME!!! What an original show and you and the whole cast are just brilliant!
    *Just wanted to let you know how much we, as fans, appreciate the commentaries you are able to do for seasons released on DVD. The insight you are able to give into the little things that happen on set and into the very heart of each episode you commentate is highly valued. We listen to each and every one. Thanks.
    *Good luck with Sanctuary season 2! Here’s hoping it’s even more awesome than the first!!!
    *Finally, a big huge thanks for coming by to answer our questions!

  47. Hey Amanda,

    Not sure if this is a similar question to one I saw above. But I asked Michael this, when I met him last year at Creation Vancouver. And wanted to know your answer.

    Here goes:

    For you, what was the best part about working on Stargate???

    BTW…was going to ask this question of both you and RDA at GateCon, but they ran out of time before I could!!!


  48. Question for Amanda:

    What was your most memorable (not necessary favourite) episode, or one of the more memorable episodes of SG-1 (it could be filming process and/or the script itself, anything) and why?

  49. What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you.

    I met Amanda while I was covering the Stargate Continuum press premiere at the San Diego Comic Con. Yes… she’s totally down to earth, and it was a real pleasure chatting with her.


    a) I was wondering if, like some othergreat shows out there, you have a multi-year story plan for Sanctuary? Do you have an end-game in mind?

    b) Do you know if Major Carter might have any appearances on Stargate: Universe? It might be too early for that, but my curiosity compels me to inquire.

    Thank you everyone for your time.

  50. Very heartfelt entry. Very nice. I just had one question. What was Jelly doing on the floor and not the couch? Did you not have a couch? Or even a soft leather chair? I’m just saying …..

  51. Thank you so much Joe for sharing this! And thanks for the photos too! 🙂

    For Amanda,

    Which kind of episodes do you like acting in best? Angst, comedy, action, small character moments, etc?

    When playing Samantha Carter, how hard was it to remember all the scientific words and details? Did you ever get tongue- tied?

    Thank You! You are brilliant!

    Thanks again, Joe!


  52. Hi Amanda!

    For starters, I just want to add my voice to the clamouring mob here telling you they love sanctuary and look forward to the next season!

    Now, the questions!

    1. After all those years spouting scientific gibberish at the drop of a hat, were there ever any lines you simply could not get straight in front of a camera no matter how many takes you took?

    2. Had you seen much of Farscape before Ben Browder and Claudia Black joined up?

    3. Have you been brought in to do any voice work for Stargate Worlds?

    4. Do you have any plans on writing any of sanctuary?

    And to close on a mildly-to-moderately unsettling note, by my count I have 143 pictures of you in my room.

  53. Hi Joe – Thanks for all of the great views and behind-the-scenes stories on the SG1 cast. Also, thanks for keeping this blog going. We all know you are a busy guy and appreciate your daily updates and photographs.

    Many thanks to Amanda for answering our questions.
    Two Questions for Amanda:

    1. Since you wear both actor and Executive Producer hats for Sanctuary, how do you manage to juggle both roles, so effectively? Good planning? Good karma?

    2. If you had the opportunity to produce and direct a movie about a key female figure in world history (living or dead), who would you pick as your central character?

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us. See you at the April Vancouver Con (one more time)

  54. Love the bit about Michael…thanks Joe!…always did wonder how you guys buried the hatchet…and I am glad to say not in each others backs…:D….Now you will just have to get him to do a Q&A session…now that would be interesting…mmmm

    Looking at the questions for Amanda looks like someone has already asked what I was going to ask…so won’t repeat it…:-)

    Thanks Joe for all the memories and photos they are truely appreciated!

    Kriss 🙂

  55. Great pics. Wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing!
    I believe you, and I am glad for you to have had such geart times. (In my own TV or movie set experience, all production teams are like families – but usually the unhappy ones, with a lot of mistrust, selfishness and envy under a shiny surface. Love fests are exceptional. I had that only once, and will always cherish that memory.)

    A question for Amanda Tapping – hmmm. Sanctuary hasn’t been broadcasted in my part of the world (yet), so I am rather ignorant about her current work, and I am afraid my questions about that series would be beyond stupid.
    But I still would like to know everything…
    …so here it is:

    Dear Ms. Tapping, what are your plans for future projects,
    a) in terms of genre (Sci-Fi or something else?) and
    b) in terms of new challenges – specifically, will you be directing and producing more? And if so, what do you like best about working behind the camera, as opposed to in front of it?

  56. Hi Joe, what a wonderful walk down memory lane; thanks for making the QA with Amanda and Chris possible.
    Qs for Amanda
    Sorry, yet another ship question 😀

    1. After “Continuum” where do you see Sam and Jack:

    A. Married (shortly after she broke up with Pete)
    B. Together but not married yet
    C. Promised, but waiting to get together when one of them retires from the AirForce
    D. They’re just close friends
    E. Other (please elaborate)

    2. I’ve heard you and Chris played Sam and Teal’c as being lovers in “Unending” (final SG-1 episode).
    A. Did you and Chris realize that by doing so you’ve basically left Teal’c in love with Sam at the end of the episode? (as he remembers the 50 years) Was that your intention or was it an oversight?
    B. Did you think of the impact it would make on Sam/Jack shippers who have waited 10+ years for some confirmation?

  57. Questions for Amanda Tapping:

    I’ve wanted to know this since 1999 and never remember to ask at conventions:
    1. In the Stargate SG-1 episode “Learning Curver” (written by Heather E. Ash) where Brittney Irvin played the 11-year-old reactor expert from Orban who works with Sam to help build a reactor using earth materials, Sam Carter tells “Merrin” that “Half the interesting things in my life didn’t happen till I turned 15.” Merrin asked what kinds of things, and Sam dissembles. What “interesting things” do you think Sam meant?

    2. Many actors comment that playing the villain is more fun than playing the good guy. In Stargate SG-1, we had Black Ops Jack O’Neill who had done some “d**n distatesful things”, Teal’c who had killed many as Apophis’ first prime and many Goa’uld who tortured and killed countless victims, not to mention The NID/The Trust. Did you ever tire of playing Sam “Mary Poppins” Carter, and if so did the AU/RepliCarter Sam Carters help alleviate that? Did you enjoy Sanctuary’s “Requiem” more than the usual play of Helen for the same reason?

    3. How on earth did you film the scene where Martouf joins all the various Sam Carters in the room in “Ripple Effect”???

  58. Ah yes……gotta admire the straight-talking, talented and wonderfully lovely Mr Shanks…his most excellent acting skills should have been recognised far more widely by now imho……and Jack Daniels – how apt….*winks*…

    Deeds xx

  59. Thanks by this great blog, Mister Mazzolli. The news that read here on SG 1 or Atlantis were always marvelous. I do not believe that be the end of its career, alone of a phase. And the beginning of another new and brilliant one, as was the one that now closes. Thanks by the series, its effort, its constant contact with the fans to traves of this blog. This is my question for Q&TO. It is not very original, but if something that the fans want to know (is more than we would like to see).

    Again, thousand thanks.

    Beloved Amanda: In the next movie: You believe that the history between Sam and Jack deserves an end? Which you think that should be?

  60. Questions for amanda
    hey amanda, whilst i was at vancouver film school emilie paid us a visit as a past alumni and we had the chance to talk to her for the afternoon and she was amazingly candid and delightful person to spend the afternoon with. my question is the same as we asked emilie, what were the biggest struggles and obsiticals you had in starting out in your career and how did you over come them.
    Also whats the best piece of advice you have been given in terms of acting?
    Thank you
    Bex Calpin

  61. Joe —

    Thank you for the lovely blog post today. I especially enjoyed the one about you and Michael Shanks disagreeing, getting over it and moving forward like adults do . It’s a maturity we in fandom sometimes fail to show.

    For Ms. Tapping:
    I remember that you directed an episode of SG1 back in season 7. Is that something you would like to pursue further? Do you think it would be more difficult to direct Sanctuary since so much is virtual?

  62. Thanks for sharing those memories Joe!

    And question for Amanda: In the opening credits of Sanctuary we see you with a cute blond girl, is that Olivia?

  63. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about the last years on stargate.
    I always doubt the sicerity of people who say the family thing about their filming crew, be it movies or tv-shows. But what you wrote is pure honesty.
    That you only wrote about SG-1 makes me wonder about Atlantis. You not mentioning the 5 years with them at all makes me think that the atmosphere on set wasn’t as good as on SG-1. But on the other hand, what SG-1 has been is probably unique.

    OMG! Amanda Tapping. That’s absolutely awesome. I’ve read now all commetaries/questions that have been written for now so I woin’t repeat a questions already asked

    1. How does being a mother in real life influence your protrayal of the mother Helen in sanctuary?

    2. Did you ever think about stopping working entirely to spend more time with your child.

    3. We Stargate fans get pretty excited when we meet one of the actors from Stargate. Which actor or other famous person would make you that excited when meeting him /her?

  64. Hi, Joe.

    Terrific blog update and thanks for reposting those photos from previous entries. Nice to see them all on one page. 🙂

    Question(s) for Amanda (and thank you for this opportunity too, Joe!):

    1) Does Helen Magnus have any siblings?

    2) In “Unending,’ Sam Carter chose to learn how to play the cello. If you had the opportunity, what musical instrument would you like to learn how to play? And, do you already play one?

    3) Thinking of your favorite movies, which one if it were to be remade would you like to be cast in? (PS, I totally see the cast of Stargate SG-1 in Casablanca…)

    4) Do you have a portrait of yourself displayed in your attic?

    Best wishes to Amanda and Joe and everyone at Stargate.

  65. For Amanda: “I was recently watching old episodes of the X-files and noticed you alongside Mitch Pileggi in the episode Avatar.
    How was it to work together again on Atlantis? Though of course with significantly more screen time!”


  66. Well my questions for Amanda are:

    -I was at AT3, and you said that you will work your french, so do you work it a little for AT4?

    -In Sanctuary, Helen said that her godfather was Louis Pasteur, so can we expect to see Helen speaking a little bit french in this second season or not at all?

    -Are you going to Haven 1, in London in October?

    -And my last question: Who is the little girl in the opening credits?

    Thank you so much to take the time to answer to your fans Amanda! I hope you will have a great day! I wish you the best for 2009 and I really look forward to see you again to the Collectormania in june!

    big hugs from the south of France

  67. Question for Amanda:

    It was great to see you back on Atlantis for the finale. You were deeply missed in season 5, but at the same time, Sanctuary is phenomenal. Thank you for bringing us such an entertaining, high quality show.

    I think I miss the Sheppard/Carter interaction on Atlantis the most. They certainly made a great team. Their discussions really added to the depth of the characters.

    1 – Is there a chance that Joe Flanigan will ever guest star or have a recurring role on Sanctuary? You both seemed to have a great chemistry.

    2 – You always look absolutely fabulous, can you give me any tips on losing weight for my upcoming wedding in August? 😀

    3 – Will you be at the Chicago convention in August? We may be flying through there on our way back to Australia after the wedding. We will stop there if you’ll be in attendance. 🙂

    Thanks for taking time to do the Q&A. You’re an amazing actress, and I’m looking forward to the next season of Sanctuary! I loved last season’s twist. Take care and I wish you all the best!

  68. Here is a question for Amanda:

    While on Ghost Hunters, did you ever get scared by anything that happened? Or did anything really happen to you on the show? Also, are you going to do another Halloween show? I loved seeing you on last year’s show.

  69. Questions for Amanda Tapping:
    1) Do you plan to do any more directing?
    2) Are there any other episodes of SG-1 or SGA that you would have liked to have directed? What would you have done differently in that particular episode?

  70. Mr M
    What did you bribe Amanda with for her to find some time to do a guest blog?

    Questions for Amanda:
    Which of the SG1 and SGA costumes is the most comfortable and easy to work with? Which is the most difficult to work with? Which costume is the most outlandish?

    A final thought Mr M.
    You sneaky devil. You bring in poor Amanda to quiet down the nagging queries about the SGU female cast.

  71. Question for Amanda:
    Hi !!!!

    Can you say to us How many episodes will be season 2?
    Twenty episodes would be just great. I love sanctuary !!!

    Thanks for the great time you have given to us sci-fi fans.

  72. What lovely memories & pix thanks JM.

    Dear Amanda, congrats on Sanctuary’s success, a huge thanks for casting veteran fan faves Peter Wingfield and Jim Byrnes, I was THRILLED with their characters and we had a field day imaging what might have gone on off camera given their history. Are there any amusing stories from their time on set? Any outtakes that might show up on a DVD box set? Thanks again Amanda for giving me many years of superior entertainment, and I hope to keep watching you for many years to come.


  73. Gracey, thanks for the reminder about Burn Notice, I’ll have to see if there is a repeat on this week. I’d heard the show was good and especially wanted to catch Michael Shanks’ performance.

    And Joe! Nice way to start off Sunday morning: pictures and stories about one of my favorite casts, thank you. (Some people begin their Sunday with the newspaper. Not me! I’ve got my priorities straight, dammit.) I’ve never met Amanda, Michael, Chris or Rick, but I’m glad to hear that the relationship between the characters is mirrored in real life.

    I especially loved the story about Rick suddenly “disappearing” and then seeing him on the floor with the dog. I agree about dog lovers being good at heart. My husband is such a person.

    This past week, we lost our beloved husky mix when she somehow popped the latch on our back gate and got out into the road. She was hit by a car, and the driver never stopped or slowed down to see what had happened. We are grateful, though, for the two kind people who did stop and tried to help and offer comfort. They stayed out in the cold and the dark for nearly an hour.

    Our dog was smart, full of energy and enthusiasm, and had a wild and unapologetic crush on my husband, and he loved her just as much. He’s lost a good friend, and I’m sure many here can relate.

  74. Question for Ms. Tapping:

    As Executive Producer on Sanctuary, how much influence, if any, do you have on the storyline or character development, especially that related to Helen Magnus. I ask because I find her to be one of the most complex and truest female characters I’ve seen on television in a long time and was wondering how much of that is your influence and how much is derived from the genius of the individual writers. (yes, I fangurl Damian Kindler unashamedly) Or, more simply put, how are the major story and character arcs developed?

  75. Oh boy, oh boy, what to ask Amanda? :P.

    OK, I think I got it :).

    Amanda, after 11 years of great success with Stargate, and now that you’re finding fame with Sanctuary, my questions to you are:

    1: So many people look up to you, and consider you their role-model, how do you feel knowing you have such a big, and positive influence on people’s lives?

    2. This may be a silly question, but who do you think would win in a fight, Sam Carter or Helen Magnus? Or, since their both played by a wonderful actress such as yourself :), do you think they would team up and work together? 😀

    3. If you could have 1 thing happen to Sam Carter and Helen Magnus that you want, what would it be?

    4. After an awesome performance in Requiem, how hard and long did it take you to prepare for those scenes? Because you rocked ;).

    Thank you Amanda for taking the time to answer your fans question :). And thank for being a wonderful actress, and an even better human being. Keep up the awesome work :).

    You rock Amanda ;).

  76. What a cool blog entry. I love to hear how well and family like people are in the work place. I have a very dysfunctional atmosphere at work, so it gives me hope that my office could be like that. I try to get along with everyone and speak my mind, but with respect. Some people just don’t like it when I try to change things… like getting our dept. to wear jeans on Friday’s and dress down. What’s so wrong with that???

    Anyway, AMANDA TAPPING!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited.

    I love Sam Carter. She is a wonderful role model for young women today and she’s been a great role model for me. You have done a great job with Sam. ( I used to get teased about being a “brain” growing up and I kinda hid that, but now I don’t care and it pays off) I admire the fact that she isn’t a “space kitten” and is smart.

    Was there anyone in your life or someone else you looked up to to help develop Sam Carter?

    I am enjoying Sanctuary very much. All the best to you and the rest of the cast.
    Thank you.

  77. Thanks for sharing that. It’s always fun to hear about great experiences in “the business”, especially with all the negative experiences that the media is constantly alerting us to. I think that atmosphere you describe really comes through in the finished product. Not the details of it, of course, but there’s just sort of… a vibe, I think, that the people are enjoying what they do and who they’re around. And especially with such team-oriented shows as Stargate, well, I think that’s important.

    I really wish I could think of some decent questions for Amanda.

  78. Hi Joe

    Great pics as usual.

    For the Q & A:

    Hi Amanda

    I’m so looking forward to Season 2 of Sanctuary.

    Since most of the population are unaware of the existence of abnormals in the Sanctuary universe it’s good to have characters trying to make sense of their occasional run in with them. I’m thinking of mainly the reporter Amy in Instinct and Detective Joe Kavanaugh in first episode and Edward. They remind us that the Sanctuary and everyone involved with abnormals is separate and secret from the main world. I really like this approach and hope to see more of it, especially Kavan Smith in his role as the detective, as the Police Department must be inundated with bizarre and unusual reports. Kavan is excellent in the role and … he’s so easy on the eye as well. Are we likely to see the lovely detective in Season 2?

    Also, do people treat you any differently now you’re a brunette? It looks great by the way.

  79. Questions for Amanda Tapping:

    1. Are you by any chance taller than RDA? 🙂

    2. Which character is easier to play, Sam or Helen?

    3. where you ever uncomfortable with the idea of being the only woman on the SG-1 team?

    4. Have you ever visited egypt? and if not, will you ever? (yes im egyptian i have to ask)


  80. For Amanda:

    First, I would like to thank you for your contributions, both to Stargate, and now especially to Sanctuary, my new favorite show! Just a couple questions:

    1. The one thing I love about the ‘message’ of Sanctuary is that there’s an attempt to save all they can, even the most dangerous, if possible. This gives the show a positive vibe, even in the most intense episodes. Will this underlying positivity continue, or will the show grow darker and grimmer as time goes on?

    2. I admire Chris Heyerdahl’s work very much, especially as Todd, and now as ‘Foot and Druitt. He has a magnificent presence on the screen, and there is great chemistry between Druitt, and Helen. Will Druitt’s role become more prominent in the show, especially in relation to his family, and if you care to share, what is it like acting a scene with Chris?

    Thank you very much!


    (sorry Joe…I can’t seem to ask a question without meandering first. 😛 So I put the actual question in bold…if that helps. )


    1. Since you have made the move from Stargate to Sanctuary, and have more of a hands on role in creating that show, do you find it easier or harder to go in to work?

    2. Who was YOUR most memorable/favorite Guest Star on SG-1?

    Thank you so much for hard work on SG-1, Atlantis, and I will check out Sanctuary once the DVD arrives (i don’t have cable, sorry).

  82. Joe, that’s one hell of a family reunion. Shucks, y’all made me feel warm and fuzzy. Stop that, I’ll lose my curmudgeon credentials.

    For Amanda, what would be a “dream role” outside the realm of sci-fi?

  83. Oops, i meant “were you ever uncomfortable with the idea of being the only woman on the SG-1 team?”

    seriously, Joe how are you able to manage your time and keep this blog up-to-date? i got like silly assignments due and i cant make time to think of a proper question for Amanda. and im so lazy at times, if you were anything like me you would start writing your script the day before its due and hope you finish it in time-thats the case with me always.

  84. My questions for Amanda-

    Will you be trying to look for directing jobs in the future, possibly not with shows you are personally involved with?

    And do you think the Sanctuary writers are trying to push for a Will/Helen relationship in future seasons due to some of the hints in the first season?

    P.S. August 28th is a great birthday, Virgos are awesome!

  85. Question for Amanda: If you had a selection of shows to be the top guest star on, say like being part of a flashback on Lost or a commander on Battlestar Galactica, what show would you choose and what would be your dream role? Thanks!

  86. My comment appears to be awaiting moderation….sorry if I said anything wrong…never meant too…

    Take Care

    Kriss 🙂

  87. haha this is savage!!

    Q for Amanda Tapping:

    What was the best prank ever pulled on the Stargate set??

    Thanks for doing this it is awesome!!!!


  88. Questions for Amanda!

    (1) What do you like best about Sanctuary?

    (2) What do you miss the most from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis?

    (3) When you started the role of “Samantha Carter” could you ever imagine the direction in which your character and RDA’s character would slowly and subtly (over 10+ years) develop a bond beyond a working relationship?

    Thanks, Amanda!

  89. Questions for the lovely Amanda Tapping:

    1. Right now, if you could look forward 10 years into the future for Samantha Carter, where do you see her both professionally, personally, etc? How has she changed and grown, what remains the same as it always has?

    2. I was curious, many actors mention they create “back story” where the scripts have yet to fill in, or never do. We learned in the show that Carter lost her mother at a young age and for a long time it caused problems between Sam and her father. Did you create for yourself any additional backstory about Sam’s relationship with her mother before her death? Or any details about her mother that influenced Sam through out her life, long after her mother was gone?

    3. What is it like sporting hair that is two colors now? That must be pretty interesting! 🙂

    Congrats on the success of Sanctuary and good luck with season two!

    My question for you is this: In 200, why was the decision made for Vala to portray Dorothy and you play Glinda, when Sam clearly held that role in the team all those years. Heck, Cam even directly refers to you as “Dorothy” once! So I’ve just always been curious why that was, and what your thoughts were around that!
    Thanks again! You’re the bomb!

  91. Question for Amanda. For the upcoming SG-1 movie, will you be returning to the blonde hair or using the wig again, like in Enemy At The Gates??…..I didn’t like the wig at all, it made Carter look like an exhausted housewife and not a commanding officer.

  92. This is a test…(of your patience… 😉 )

    No, really…it’s just a tech test…


  93. Salut Joe,

    Merci de l’opportunité que vous nous offrer de poser des questions à Amanda. Je pense qu’il faudra lui traduire sauf si elle a fait des progrets en Français lol.


    1) Allez-vous jouer dans le 3e film de SG1 ?
    Si oui est-ce que ce sera une petite participation ou un rôle significatif (j’espère que ce sera le deuxième)?

    2) Allez-vous jouer dans le film SGA ?

    3) Pensez-vous qu’il y aura une saison 3 ou même 4 de Sanctuary (Je l’espère car cette série est tout simplement incroyable) ?

    4) Vous avez été totalement géniale et éblouissante dans “Requiem”, verra-t-on de nouveau le “côté sombre” de Magnus dans la saison 2 ?

    5) Avez-vous encore des contacts avec vos anciens partenaires de SG1 et si oui avec qui en avez vous le plus ?

    Merci Amanda de prendre de votre précieux temps pour répondre à nos questions et encore merci à vous Joe. Comments vont les chiens ?

    Val (Belgique)

  94. Thanks for those great pics. : )

    The one things that I have always admired about Stargate is the respect and friendship that everyone (cast & crew) has with each other. Knowing that just makes watching the shows all that more enjoyable. Besides a series doesn’t last 10 years if they are “difficult” individuals involved in the making of the show.

    For Amanda,

    I am really enjoying SANCTUARY. I love the entire cast.

    I was disappointed to see that David Hewlett’s part never made it from the webisodes to the TV series. What was the decision behind that and would you consider him for another part on your show?

    Any chance we might see you at Dragon*con 2009? I can’t afford to go to Vancouver or England. : )

  95. Hi Amanda! I’m so glad that you are doing a Q&A via Joe Mallozzi! Thank you so much!

    How much do you miss Stargate SG-1? What do you miss the most about being on the set of Stargate SG-1? Also, I have noticed in pictures that your blonde roots are growing back. Are you going go back to blonde or dye your hair the brunette color you had for Sanctuary?

  96. Hi Joe,

    I enjoyed your comments about the original SG1 cast, and it’s so lovely to hear the warm regard that you have for them as well as for the crew.

    Also, as a Canadian, may I say how proud I am that this is a show that is produced in Canada with a mostly Canadian production team, and that it truly is sad that it is not recognized more. Unfortunately, science fiction is not seriously recognized in most, if any, countries, so the cold shoulder that you receive from the industry is, although undeserved, not surprising.

    Thanks also for allowing us the opportunity to ask Amanda some questions.

    My questions for Amanda Tapping:

    1. I love your strong, intelligent portrayal of Sam Carter. I’ve read in interviews that you’ve described yourself as a feminist. Would you say that your feminist beliefs has had a strong impact on how you’ve portrayed Sam and Helen, and also the kind of roles that you accept? Thanks, by the way, for describing yourself as such, and not shying away from using the “f” word. As well, thanks so much for showing women as strong, intelligent, well-educated, sexy, kind, and compassionate individuals. I’ve always thought of Sam as being a strong role model for all women.

    2. Joe mentioned the lack of recognition from the Canadian entertainment industry regarding science fiction shows, and SG1 in particular. As a Canadian actor and producer, do you feel that the Canadian industry as a whole has not embraced SG1 and Sanctuary as much as it could? Are you indifferent about this, or does it bother you?

    3. As a Sam/Jack shipper, I would love to see some on-screen confirmation of their relationship. How do you feel about this… Do you think that they are already in a committed, romantic relationship? If so, do you think they’ve been together since the end of season 8? In movie 3, will you be portraying Sam as someone who is in a relationship with Jack (either subtly or not-so-subtly, depending on the script)? Thank you!

  97. Hi Amanda!

    I like Sanctuary very much and am impatiently waiting for season two. My two disappointments with the show have been the overemphasis on Will each week, often times to the point where I’m not sure Magnus is the lead character, and the lack of any focus on Ashley as a character.

    Is there a change on either of these fronts in the coming season? Will Ashley and her realtionship with Helen become more prominent? I admit to finding Will the least interesting character and find that his scenes inevitably slam the brakes on what are usually interesting and engaging stories. Perhaps a little less of his Daniel-lite routine next season?

    Thanks for answering all these questions and for being so friggin’ awesome. It must be exhausting kicking ass and taking names with such impunity.

    Jean Latour

  98. Joe — Thanks for arranging the Q & A with Amanda.

    Questions for Amanda:
    1. Do you have a deal yet for appearing on SG1’s third movie?

    2. Can you tell us if we will see more of Helen’s past? I am especially interested in how she was able to cope through the decades of seeing her loved ones die while she did not age.

    3. In Sanctuary, how does Helen pay for upkeep of all the Sanctuaries? What is her source of income?

  99. AWESOME!! It’s always great to hear from the Queen of Sci-fi..Ok my question:


    I haven’t met you personally (hope to one day) but i do have friends from across the world that have. Your generous heart, and love for your fans shows through the many photos and video clips i’ve seen. I’d like to know if your parents would ever be open to be interviewed, reason being i would like to ask them what they did to raise such a wonderful well rounded human being?

    Seriously, not trying to brown nose here, but i would love to hear from or shoot, i’ll even put out there, meet one day, the people who made Amanda the person she is today.

    If we had more Amanda’s in this world, the world would be a better place!!!


  100. Joe,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. It’s nice to see that they are really nice and not just putting on a show, if you know what i mean.

    I have never had the pleasure of meeting any of them at a convention, however in saying that, there’s a small SG1/SGA fan convention happening in April (yes in a couple of months) here in my city. We will be getting together at a hotel, screening the movie Continuum, eating and mingling. There’s even a costume contest of which I’m trying to get something together. It’s too bad that no one from SG1/SGA will be there. That would be so cool if someone showed up for it. They managed to get a guy who acted as Chewie from Star Wars to attend it. But anyway, in the words of Jack O’Neill, “let’s not dwell”.

    To Amanda,

    Do you think you will ever get to my part of Canada? St. John’s, Newfoundland. Would love to show u around if you do.

    Anyway, that’s it for me. Till next time.

  101. With all the deep questions already asked… A fluffy question for Amanda Tapping.. What do you order at Starbucks?

  102. Joe thanks for sharing and keeping us in our happy place 😀

    Goodevening, Amanda 🙂

    Q1: One thing that left the Gateworld Sam/Jack family wondering after viewing Continuum; What IS that moonbase?

    Q2: If there is one thing you’d really like to do on Sanctuary (either in writing, acting or just touching a taboo subject) but are a afraid to do so. What would it be?

    Q3: Is there something you’d like to share with us that you learned from Richard concerning kids or having kids?

    You are a beautiful person in every essence of that word; inside and out. Thank you so much for sharing with us your talent and giving me something to be part of; Gateworld Sam/Jack Family.


  103. Hi Amanda,
    I have always loved your Sam Carter.
    Haven’t watched Sanctuary as of yet, but hope to soon.
    Do you find yourself evaluating your own peformances differently, now that you are a producer?

  104. Hi Joe, I don’t leave a comment very often but I wanted say thank you for the great entry and the trip down memory lane you shared with us, I know its been a few years since we said goodbye to original SG1 (sorry Ben and Claudia) but I still really miss that original team.

    Question for Amanda:

    Hi Amanda!!

    I’m really enjoying Sanctuary!! With Helen being as old as she is, what changes has she seen, if any, in the definition of what an ‘abnormal’ is? For example in Victorian times do you think ‘abnormal’ could just be someone with a disability that the doctors of the day just didn’t understand?

    I have a disability and have often wondered. 😀

    Can’t wait for season 2! My Sanctuary withdrawals are getting bad LOL.

    See you at AT4!


  105. To Amanda, I know Joe said “let’s avoid burying Amanda under the inevitable avalanche of well-wishes and meandering queries.”, but sometimes we don’t listen to him very well. That said, I wanted to thank you for so many laughs during my darkest hours. I’ve always been amazed at your acting ability in Moebius I and II, and wondered who you channeled to play the part so well? How’s Miss Olivia? Thanks! Deni

  106. Thanks for this, Joe!

    Hi Amanda –

    Thanks for all your hard work on SG-1, SGA, and Sanctuary.

    If there were no obstacles, what part would you most like to play on stage?

  107. Hi Amanda!

    My first question is not very deep, but it’s is something that I’ve always wondered.

    “We know that on SG-1 Sam Carter loves blue jello. How did that get started, and what are your thoughts on the treat?”

    Secondly, “I’m curious to know whether or not we’re going to have canon ‘ships on Sanctuary.” Right now fans are so divided in what they’d like to see for the characters, whether it’s John/Helen, Will/Ashley, Ashley/Henry, Helen/Will, Helen/Tesla . . . All I know is that I really don’t want another Sam/Jack ship, where we fans have to wait for SO long for anything to happen between them.

    Just want to say how much I absolutely LOVE Sanctuary and can’t wait for Season 2. I’m also so excited for the third SG-1 movie next year. “You’ve expressed a lot of interest in returning for that movie, have you been offically approached by TPTB to be in it?”

    Looking forward to your answers, and thank you so much for being such a great role model for me and other girls! ~Jess

  108. Oh, I forgot to ask one more question of Amanda:

    Will you be at the Genie Awards this year, taking placing in Ottawa? If so, is there an opportunity for the public to meet with you? Thanks!

  109. First of Joe, I loved your entry of today, it was good to read those stories about the original SG1 castmembers.

    I also have some questions for amanda 🙂

    1) How did you, together with Martin and Damian came on the idea to make a tv-show(or internet show) like Sanctuary? And how did it progress from an idea to actually making this show?

    2) You also directed some episodes on Sanctuary and one in SG-1? Did you learn a lot of aspects for directing from Martin Wood?

    3) Also some of us were wondering when Martin Woods birthday is? We can’t find this anywhere on the internet. Is it an state secret or are you allowed to tell it?

    4) How is it to work on a project together with Martin and Damian? This is because you know both of them.

    5) Do you already know something more about the 3th SG1 movie?(more than that it is written)

    6) If I recall correctly you said on AT3 that if Sam won the lottery she would buy acres and acres of land around a certain cabin in Minnesota, would Sam also go into that certain cabin? Together with a certain (retired) General(alone)?

    Many thanks for doing this Q&A!


  110. Joe, thank you for arranging this Q&A with Amanda. My questions:

    Amanda, first of all, congratulations on the successful launch of Sanctuary. And thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    1. As a producer and business woman, and even as an actor, I am sure you had to do tasks that are outside your usual comfort zone or that you simply didn’t think you could accomplish. How do you go about dealing with such challenges and how do you get motivated to at least give it a try?

    2. While I love every aspect of Sanctuary, I am especially fascinated by the mother-daughter relationship between Helen and Ashley. Will we see (much) more of this next season?

    3. You mentioned your fear of heights you had to face for the filming of “Trio”. I too am deadly afraid of heights and was wondering if you could share how you managed to overcome it.

    Lastly, just a big thank you! While Sam Carter and you were a true inspiration and influence during my twenties, the much more complex, complicated, and intriguing Helen Magnus is simply a joy to watch. Love the accent you chose and was blown away by your work in “Requiem”.

  111. No questions here for Amanda. I know all I need to know about her. When she smiles I crack up. Thanks for being a beautiful soul.

    Anne Teldy – I’m flattered that I’m on your list of people that may have sent you your Teddy Bear, but no it was not me. Has the mystery been solved yet? I’m just glad to hear it brought a smile, even if it was through tears, to your face.

    Joe – Are there any bets going around as to how many questions will be racked up for Amanda? More than all previous guest bloggers combined?

    Be careful to not get Book Club questions mixed up with Amanda’s. Although it could be fun seeing how David Louis Edelman answers questions about various changes in hair style and colour.

  112. Hi Amanda,
    First off, thanks for bringing one of my all time favorite characters to life for so long. I truly enjoyed getting to see Carter every week. For my question, you have been on both shows, SG-1 and Atlantis, and I’ve heard that pranks on set were common occurrences. What is your favorite prank that you were present for on each show?

    Thanks again for bringing Carter to life and can’t wait for the third SG-1 movie and if you’re in the Atlantis movie, I hope that is the case.


  113. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for sharing those memories, and also for the opportunity to ask Amanda a few questions.

    Here is mine :
    Hi Amanda, you’ll be honoured with the ‘Woman of vision’ award from the Women in film and Television Vancouver in a few days (which is so awesome !!) how do you feel about that ? Do you still have time to mentor women with Sanctuary ? What did you learn from your participation in this program ?

  114. Holy mackerel! A Q&A with Amanda!

    Question from Amanda:

    In Enemy at the Gate, I was touched to see the homage to the late Don S. Davis. What were your thoughts when you read the script and saw that Sam would be the one to pay homage to him?

  115. Hi Joe, and hello and thank you Amanda for answering some questions for us!

    I’m wondering (a) if you have any advice for the new cast of Stargate: Universe, especially regarding the technobabble. You pulled it off so effectively, and I’m wondering if there is a secret that should be passed on! Also, (b) does your daughter watch you on TV at all? If she does, what does she think?

    I cannot wait for the third Stargate SG1 movie. I really, really hope it is going to be made.

    Thanks so much! I wish you all the best.

  116. ::waves hello to Joe:: Thank you for sharing those memories of the cast.

    Questions for Ms. Tapping:

    First, I’d like to say that one of the things I like best about Carter is her independence. She is a career officer with an incredible posting, and has solid friendships with some of the best and brightest folks around, and every day she rubs elbows with the upper echelon of rank and genius. Now that truly is “having it all”. 🙂

    1. Two part question for you about parenthood: What do you like best about being a mom? What have you found to be the most difficult aspect?

    2. When you spend all day on the set being a particular character (whether it is Carter or Magnus or whoever) how long does it take you to shed that character once you go home? Do you find yourself still thinking and reacting as that character for while?

    And along more fannish lines…
    3. In the movie Continuum, after Carter, Mitchell and Daniel wind up in the altered timeline and are separated – do you really think the three of them obeyed the proscription against contact? Or do you think before they were separated they devised some clever & subtle ways to contact each other?



  117. Hi Joe

    It’s great to see the SG1 team again great pic’s I take it this is the set for he new movie hope so.

    A question for Amanda ,

    Do find it hard work to be working on both Sanctury and the SG1 movie at the same time ? Do you get lines mixed up from both ?

    Last Question I know that Stargate con’s happen in the UK ,But do you know of any plans of any in Ireland?
    It would be great if you guys could make the trip!

  118. Super nice blog entry, Joe. Thank you sooo much for sharing your fondest memories with us regarding Rick, Amanda, Michael and Chris. Loved seeing the pictures again too. (((Thank you)))

    A question for Amanda: Michael and Chris have both said that you’re like a sister to them. Could you please share you’re fondest memory that you guys had on the set of Stargate?



  119. Can’t think of any questions for Amanda…but, you can tell her I’m looking forward to meeting her at Grand Slam in May…I’m sure I’ll have questions then…

    Oh, and the story of meeting RDA is hilarious…putting it in the memory bank and planning on asking him about it if I ever meet him at a Con.

  120. OMG, havent’ been able to read a single entry for weeks!!!
    But I’m trying to catch up as much as possible. 🙂
    The last 2 pix are so cute!

    I am not sure if it’s ok to ask her here on your blog about Sanctuary, but I hope it’s alright non the less.

    Q I.
    Will we be able to see more of Charackters like Nikola Tesla and Detective Joe Kavanaugh in the second Season?

    Q II.
    Is there any possibility for a Sanctuary 90 tv film(sorry I don’t know the proper english definition)?

    Q III.
    How did you feel about the, to some extent, negative feedback about your british accent as Helen Magnus?

    P.S.: Amanda Tapping is the only Actress on TV, imho, who looks more beautiful with every passing Year. 🙂

  121. Hi Joe!

    I have 3 questions for Amanda:

    -How is it to wear some Victorian clothes?

    -If you could write a story for sanctuary, what kind of story it would be?

    -Do you have some advice for young actresses?

    Thank you very much Amanda, for your answers and to take the time to read us all! I wish you the best for this new year!
    take care

    Bug Hugs from France

  122. Questions for Amanda

    1. With all of the goofing around on the SG1 set, how do you prepare yourself mentally for an emotional scene?

    2. What’s your favourite Sam Carter hairstyle? There’s been quite a few. Personally I like late Season 4 (the short hairstyle in 2010 etc).

    3. Sam, much to her displeasure, got stuck in the transporter with Zelenka in Quarantine. Which character do you think she wishes she was stuck with?

    4. What’s your favourite book to read with your daughter?

    Cheers, Chev

  123. For Amanda: I just wanted to thank you for 10 seasons of SG-1 and then a season of SGA with Sam Carter. You’re such an amazing actress, and I loved all of the Sam-isms (which I guess are really Amanda-isms because I’ve seen some of them in Helen too.) Here are some questions:

    1. If you could portray any character from a book, which one would it be and why?

    2. Since Sam wasn’t allowed to get a job in any of the science fields she was familiar with in Continuum, what kind of work did she end up doing?

    3. How difficult was it for Sam while she was on Atlantis to let McKay handle all of the technical problems?

    Again, thank you, and I can’t wait for Sanctuary Season 2 and the 3rd SG-1 movie!

  124. Hi Joe
    Thank you for sharing your stories with us, they are golddust for someone like me who has never met any of the actors .
    Questions for AT:
    – What were the first impressions you had when you met Rick, Michael and Chris, and did you change your opinion once you got to know them?
    – We all know you loved being on SG1 for 10 years , but is there anything you regret not doing because of your long involvement with stargate?
    – last one, after spending so many hours for so many years with the cast and crew of sg1, did you make long last friendships or keep in touch with any of them ?
    Thank you for the both of you

  125. Thank you so much Joe once again, for all the incredible guest bloggers you’ve shared with us over the years. Even now it is such great fun to go back and read through them from time to time.

    I have just one question for Amanda,

    What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you? There may or may not be a story to go along with it, all the same, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Look forward very much to your future projects and adventures.

  126. Aw Joe, thanks so much for the very good pictures of the actors, such a wonderful story you tell about friendships and family, kind of hard to think of them as actors, they do it all so seamlessly, makes it seem real… and of course the writers are a big part of that…. 😉
    >> Question for Amanda- Did Olivia keep an interest in the baton twirling?
    >>and I just wanted to say thanks entertaining me with all that you do, Keep up the great work,,GO SANTUARY!! 😎

  127. Loved your trip down memory lane about the SG1 cast.

    Do you have fond memories of the Atlantis cast that you could share?

  128. Hey Joe,
    Loved all the behind the scenes stuff and truth about the actors. Given how they all seem to care about charity work and the like I am not surprised at all.

    My questions for Amanda- Will it be strange to have Ashley as the enemy next season and what do you think Helen”s feelings are concerning this?

    Kudos to the tribute to Don Davis for the SGA finale. Do you know whose idea it was or did several people come up with it?

    Final Question- I have heard the next movie will involve RDA will you strictly on the Hammond or a different role for the movie?
    Love Sanctuary and Stargate SG-1 keep up the excellent work you do.

  129. Joe,

    Your written voice sure says to me you preferred SG-1 over Atlantis (and, well, you kinda just outright said it as well). I must say that, while I may have preferred some of the plot lines of Atlantis to SG-1 (the Goauld became a joke while the Wraith were always an interesting threat), I always preferred the characters f SG-1. Would you say you agree? And if yes or no, why? Your insight to this is very interesting to me.


  130. Hey Joe, great pictures. Thanks for doing the Q&A with Amanda.

    For Amanda:
    If I were an eccentric 157 year-old, the last thing on earth I’d want to do is run around in high heels! Is this a personal choice on your part, perhaps a backlash from having to wear combat boots for 10 years? 🙂

    Also, I’ve always been curious about bouvier de flanders. It’s not the most common dog breed. Where did you first encounter them, and why did you fall in love with them?

  131. Amanda,
    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this Q&A with your fans.

    Thanks for posting great pictures and I love reading you blog.


    1. Do you like the direction that Santuary is going where it appears Ashley has flip to the dark side?

    2. Any Opps moments you like to share about working on a Green Screen set on Santuary?

  132. Hey, Amanda! I could probably sit here and ramble on and on (and on and on) about how much I loved you on SG-1 but Joe said to be concise so…

    …I was wondering, what was it like for you to make that shift from Season 8 to Season 9 & 10? You had just had a baby and it must have been a little strange to come back and find two new faces in the cast (and one missing). Did working with Ben and Claudia change anything about the way you approached the character or the scripts? I always thought you and Ben had such nice chemistry – you seemed to really come alive in your scenes together.

  133. hi!!

    my questions for amanda:

    -do you think start again the theater or to write play theater in futur?

    -do you make artistic creation at home? if yes, what?

    thank you so much


  134. Hi,

    I have a modest question for the lovely Amanda Tapping. How was it to work (briefly) with David Hewlett on the set of Sanctuary (the 1st webisode)? Was it fun for you (two) that he was playing such a different character from SGA?

    All the best,

    (a huge fan)

  135. A question for Amanda?
    As someone who has had a very successful and fulfilling professional career, how do you find the balance between giving 110% to one of the most entertaining and inovative tv shows during the day, yet still making sure you are home in time for story and bedtimes (and all the other important parts)? If you know the secret, mothers of preschoolers everywhere would like to know. 🙂

  136. Hello!

    My question for Amanda is actually the same as always

    Is a German TV Station already interested at Sanctuary and what about visiting Germany again?


  137. Question for AT…

    She spoke briefly once, in another interview about the fact that she wants Sanctuary to be very green, so, my question is… What makes sanctuary so green? (ie, not just the green screen, but environmentally green)
    And as a follow up, would she, or anyone within the sanctuary crew, ever consider partnering with an environmental group as a way to help spread the news? Using their celeb clout to help out the environment… by using the show as an example of how to create a more environmentally friendly model.


  138. My quesitons for Ms. Tapping is

    1. Is there a public email address that fans can send fan mail to?
    2. How often do you get to read your fan mail?

    This actually goes for Mr. Mallozzi as well. 🙂

  139. Great memmories, thanks for sharing .

    I was especially toutched by your story with Mr.Shanks. A class act indeed .

    I agree with you about the great performance of Michael shanks as Daniel Jackson over the 10 -11 years of the show. He made a fictional character so real , so alive & very interesting.
    He deserved more recognition for his talent indeed.

    Looking forward to more of Daniel in the movies & in SGU .

    I’m also looking forward to a Q&A with Mr.Shanks soon.

    Thank you .

  140. My questions for Amanda is:

    1. Why haven’t “The Five” developed any more abilities or have we just not seen them yet?

    2. With vampire blood being a big part of Sanctuary it has reminded me of a very good sci-fi book about the subject matter called “Fledgling” by Octavia Butler. Is there any chance parts of Fledgling would be used in future seasons of Sanctuary?

  141. I actually have a question for you in regards to research. I write Stargate SG-1 fanfic and like to have my stuff as accurate as possible. If you have time to help out a wannabe writer, I would really appreciate it.

    A question for Amanda: How was it on Stargate being the only female for the most part with all those wonderful guys? Did they spoil you or make you the den mother?

    I hope that Mr. Shanks will also do a Q&A with you. That would be fun.

  142. Oh wow, I really hope this isn’t too late! time zones argh!!!

    Firstly thanks to Joe for doing the amazing Q&A’s with the SG-1 cast – we miss them too!

    To Amanda, you’re a total inspiration as yourself and the characters that you play on screen, Sanctuary is amazing and I can’t wait to see more in season 2.
    My favourite interview was one from years ago where you took the journalist Kayaking, my question is, with everything you have going on do you still find time to find your zen on a kayak?

    Vancouver and the islands are definitely the best place!

    Thanks 🙂

  143. Thanks Joe!!

    To Amanda:
    1) Congrats on your Women of Vision Award, you totally deserve it!
    2) Have you ever, or would you ever, form a friendship with any of your fans? I know you hold them dear to your heart, but has there been any that you “clicked” with and have kept in touch with?
    3) Would you consider doing any type of even like GABIT, or an offical site, or charity fund raiser in the USA? Something for your US fans?

    Thank you for your time! We love you!
    And thank you Joe for making this happen!!

  144. Thank you Mr. M.!!! What Fun!

    Hello Ms. Tapping:

    It was terrific to meet you the day of the premiere of Sanctuary at Rock Center at the meet & greet….you were very gracious and kind to everyone! And congratulations on the success of your first season of Sanctuary!

    My questions are:

    1. What advice would you give to the new female cast members of Stargate Universe?
    2. What is Richard Dean Anderson like to kiss?…optional :-))
    3. What is the one thing that you like best about doing Sanctuary?

    Be well,

  145. FOR AMANDA-

    Thank you for your wonderful years as Sam Carter!!! You are a beautiful actress and i absolutely LOVE Sanctuary!
    If you wouldn’t mind i have a few questions-

    1. Will Sanctuary season be coming onto a DVD Boxset? If so what special features can we look forward to seeing?

    2. Are you going to be going to any conventions in the New Jersey area?

    3. David Hewlett is going to (hopefully) be working on a new movie soon, if he asked you to be in it would you?

    And finally….

    4. What is your favorite sam and jack moment in SG-1? (I had to ask at least ONE SG-1/Sam and Jack question lol! You can blame the wonderful people on the Sam/Jack thread on Gateworld lol ^__^)

    Thank you for your time! *hugs*


  146. I like the word “bullshit” too!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about people who are family who aren’t related. I’m not sure why when people say “We’re like family,” others immediately tend to get this sweet visage of running in the park, tossing a ball back and forth, and group pictures at [enter famous amusement park of choice here].

    Whose family, quite honestly, is like that? Whose family is like that for even half the time of existence with each other?

    My roommate and I, we’re like family. I’d never had a sibling until I moved out on my “own.” Now, suddenly, there is this really annoying, really cheesy, really obnoxious presence in my life that I couldn’t live without if I tried.

    There is a kind of trust that comes from absolutely bombarding one another with just the right verbal weaponry to tweak and push buttons. It is a trust that no matter what we do to each other or how mad we get or how ugly we become there will always be love. Or, at the very least, trust.

    So, yeah, I’m pretty much in the school of thought that people who spend an inordinate amount of time with each other on set on a television show ARE like family. Rotten, stuck together, obnoxious, aggravating, ugly, gorgeous, beautiful, trusting, loving family.

    On the last note, I’m very excited to see what everyone is going to ask Amanda. I’ve…I’ve absolutely no idea what to ask. Nothing significant, anyway. I love her acting very much (which is a platitude of millions) but I’ve not a clue what I could pick her brain on that won’t be used by about ten others with nothing more to say that general questions.

    Oh jeeze. Yeah, I’ve nothing to ask. My mind is completely at a loss. I’m embarrassed, to say the least.



  147. Hi Amanda, first I zqnt to thank you for all.
    A lot of questions that I had, had been already asked, I just want to ask you:

    * Will we get the oppuotinity to see more actors from stargate in Sanctuary in the future

    *I heven’t had the chance to meet you again, I wanted to know if you will attend to more conventions next year especially in europe since I’m from Algeria

    thanks a lot to answer to our questions it’s really sweet of you, sending you big hugs from Algeria


  148. To Amanda Thanks for being a great role model, a wonderful person, and a great actress!!!
    Q.1-Do you still talk/hang out to Richard, Michael, Christopher, Ben, Cluadia, and teryl?
    Q.2-Will the Watson like character show up on sanctuary again?
    Q.3-If there is another stargate movie would you do it?
    Thanks again for bringing your talent to t.v and allowing people to turn on the t.v and see what amazing people such as your self can bring to t.v and the world in general. Sanctuary is an awesome show excited for the 2nd season and love the show and the people that make it happen!!!

  149. And another question Amanda is do you ever get the time to read your fan mail since you are a producer/actor and a mom?

  150. Hello Amanda, I have 2 questions for you.

    1- Can we expect see you in futur Atlantis movies ? In the first one you confirmed your presence, but if there are another one, would you be in ?

    2- more personal, what do you do with the present’s christmas and birthday from your fans ?? like jewel (gem, pendant…), DVD, soft toys (this one, maybe you give it to Olivia !!)…

    thanks to take time to answer to fan’s questions.
    love you

  151. Joe, the “rememberances” were lovely. Thank you for posting them. Also- as a Veterinary Technician, I have to say that “Jelly” is one of the best Pug names I have heard of. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to ask Ms. Tapping some questions.

    Someone sort-of already asked one question I had, but in a different way. So, I’ll ask anyhow…

    1) What is Sam Carter’s deal with blue Jell-O? I found it funny that alternate time-line Dr. Carter liked red Jell-O. 🙂

    2) Carter wore, what looked like, a “hemp” or woven-type bracelet for quite a few SG-1 episodes. I also noticed O’Neill wearing a beaded-type bracelet. Neither of them seem “military issue”. Is there a story behind them?

    I had a Sanctuary question, but it left my brain…

    So, thank you for being part of such quality entertainment.

    – Heather F.

  152. all great. q: in stargate sg1 amanda aka(samantha) father died! and in atlantis episodes he is alive and that talon guy living on earth and so on, just wondering,….. weird….

    waiting stargate project new film.

    keep up great work.

  153. i love dogs!!!! i used to own them (all labradores) and i always wanted to have either an australian shepherd or a huskey but i could never get them :(. anyways another thing i shall say is stargate sg-1 will live forever in my heart and i will never forget it.

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