Lulu and her pong.
Lulu and her pong.
Maximus contemplates life.
Maximus contemplates life.
Finally!  Proof that Jelly (left) and Bubba (right) aren't the same dog.  Easy way to tell them apart: Jelly's forehead furrows are horizantal; Bubba's veritcal.
Finally! Proof that Jelly (left) and Bubba (right) aren't the same dog. Easy way to tell them apart: Jelly's forehead furrows are horizantal; Bubba's veritcal.
Bubba, the inquisitive one.
Bubba, the inquisitive one.
Jelly, the soulful one.
Jelly, the soulful one.
Lulu, the playful one.
Lulu, the playful one.
Maixmus, the easy-going one.
Maixmus, the easy-going one.
...working on his tan.
...working on his tan.
Jelly's trademark "No, no, I think you're mistaken.  You DIDN'T feed us." look.
Jelly's trademark "No, no, I think you're mistaken. You DIDN'T feed us." look.
Bubba questions your last statement.
Bubba questions that last statement.
Maximus, the George Clooney of pugs.
Maximus, the George Clooney of pugs.
Lulu, the feisty one.
Lulu, the feisty one.
Jelly's trade pose.
Jelly's trademark pose.
Maximus, looking all serious.
Maximus, looking all serious.
Bubba forgets to put his ears on for the photo-op.
Bubba forgets to put his ears on for the photo-op.
Jelly settles in for her afternoon siesta.
Jelly settles in for her afternoon siesta.
Bubba tires of waiting for me to snap the picture...
Bubba tires of waiting for me to snap the picture...
...and heads off in search of a snack.
...and heads off in search of a snack.
Well, I had intended to turn this blog over to Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster for their annual Oscar Selection Show but, alas, both were caught by surprise when the Academy suddenly announced they were telecasting the awards tonight! Unfortunately, of the numerous Oscar contenders, Cookie Monster and the Baron only watched a grand total of two: The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire. They were meaning to get around to The Strange Case of Benjamin Button but those who had survived the experience suggested setting aside a good two days to get through it. Longer, of course, is always better, especially when it comes to movies (q.v. Meet Joe Black), but since neither of them actually watched the movie, they told me to tell you to tell the Academy to just go ahead and give the Best Picture Oscar to Slumgdog which all agreed was pretty damn good.

So instead of Oscar picks, how about some dog pics? Yesterday, Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu were soaking up the sun – squeezed into square of sunlight cast through the front door window on the foyer. Eventually, I got the hint and took them all out for their respective walks. And then it was downstairs to the theatre room where we enjoyed a quiet evening of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, The F Word, and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nighmares.

Well, as expected, this blog has received enough questions to keep Amanda busy well into 2010. But since, last I heard, she had plans between now and the end of the year, I’ll be wrapping up the “fan questions” portion of this Q&A tonight. Any questions posted after tonight, alas, won’t make the cut. Tomorrow, I’ll gather up what we have, trim the roster down to more manageable size, and send them her way.

Speaking of Q&A’s, author David Louis Edelman will be dropping by this week to field fan/reader questions about his book, Infoquake. If you’ve read it, let’s hear your thoughts starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we’re back on the lot as we hit Icarus Base. And the official announcement on our female cast members? I’m pretty darn sure it’ll happen this week.



82 thoughts on “February 22, 2009: Screw the Oscars. Enjoy the Dogs Instead.

  1. I love the doggy pictures tonight! Thank you, Joe. And finally enough Maximus to satisfy! And this made me lol: “Bubba forgets to put his ears on for the photo-op.” 😆

    I haven’t watched the Oscars in over 20 years – I hate award shows, and only broke my rule not to watch a couple years back to see Johnny Depp walk the red carpet…that was good enough for me, and I didn’t bother watching the rest.

    I don’t think I’ve even seen any of the movies this year. Hubby and I wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire, but we’ll just wait for the DVD.

    HA! I’m watching an NCIS marathon tonight, and I just looked over to the tv, and there was Connor Trinneer pulling a ‘Michael’ on the Director. 😀 He really does like to kidnap people…

    @ Shadow Step – A few days ago you said, ‘I have aches and pains, and the doctors don’t give a damn’ – I know what you mean! As of last Tuesday, my pneumonia had cleared up, but I still have a touch of bronchitis, sinus congestion, a raw throat, and something up with my stomach (or blood sugar), and a pain in my side (from coughing – hurts like hell), chills with no fever…and a whole bunch of other crap going on, and the doctors just throw up their hands and say, ‘Can’t help ya!’ And I have good insurance – I just can’t get a doctor to give me a thorough check-up. Mom goes on for knee surgery on Wednesday, and so the family has asked me to hold up on doctor visits until she’s over the surgery and we know everything’s okay. Until then, I hope I don’t die. 😛

    So, I understand – just hang in there. 🙂


  2. Oh finally female cast members shall be revealed! But we are not Worthy! Much appreciated your Holiness!

    guess what im doing…not watching the oscars thats what 🙁

  3. I just want to say…….

    Thank god for Joe Flanigan.

    He totally gets it. I love that he stands up for what he believes and cares so much about what he does and those he works with.

    Really digging the beard 😀

    Cheers, Chev

  4. LOL – It’ll be great to read the official announcement this week…maybe. 😀

    I hope that my questions make the cut. lol. Anyway, the pictures of the dogs are far more enjoyable and adorable than the pictures of the best dressed at the Oscars.

    And the Winner for the Best Acting Award goes to Jelly for her pose in the “No, you are mistaken, you didn’t feed us yet” picture. Too cute!

    I do have infoquake, but alas I did not get a chance to read it. I will though. Instead, I decided to move on to The Book of Joby so I can finish that in time. It’s really good so far. I’m loving it.

  5. Aw, love the dog pics.! Thank You for sharing them 🙂 Yes, now I see the difference between Bubba and Jelly. Much easier to tell when they’re sitting next to each other 🙂

  6. im not holding my breath…every week he says it has to be this week they announce them and yet…nothing…so i think is time joe just told us.
    im not watching either…except for when heath ledger gets his award because lets face it…he was awesome as the joker!

  7. Thanks for the puppy pictures!!! Not watching the Oscars this year… doing homework and watching an NCIS marathon instead 😀

    Infoquake is quite interesting thus far… I hope I can finish it soon…like tomorrow, before this blog is crawling with spoilers 😉 !!!

    Didn’t say this yesterday (was too busy SQUEEING about Amanda agreeing to do a guest blog), but thanks for sharing the stories about RDA, CJ, MS, and AT. Just makes me so happy to know that they really and truly are the awesome people they seem to be at cons and interviews 😀

  8. Whenever a dog puts their ears down like that I can’t help myself but let out an “Awwww” and then go and give them the biggest squeezee hug because you know they’re worried about something.

  9. Thanks for the pics! You dogs are so cute. I’m currently dog sitting my brothers pomeranian who I swear has A.D.D. My poor nephew (he’s 13 months old) almost gets knocked over whenever the dog is around. Are any of your dogs off the wall all the time?

  10. As for the Oscars…not sure if it’s even playing on television here in Australia. I sort of gave up on the Academy awards a long, long, long time ago. I did support Lord of the Rings, and even went out to watch the other movies that were nominated like Gosford Park for one. A murder mystery movie in which the murder in question takes place some 2-3 hours into the film. One of the only movies that I returned to the rental store half watched. heh. It was a lot like Open Water where two people swim around in the ocean for 2 hours….boring.

    It’s hard to keep up with the film industry being in Australia where many movies that are on DVD in the US are just being released in the theaters. There is a lot of buzz about Slumdog Millionaire. It’s in the theaters but with the price of tickets being some $16 a person, there’s just too many movies competing with it that I’m sure I’ll enjoy like Star Trek. *evil grin*

    Generally, I find that the majority of the Oscar nominated films are not the most entertaining films of the year. Most Artistic, without a doubt, but artistic does not always equal entertaining.

    For example the Curious Case of Benjamin Button which I considered seeing at the theater lost out to Underworld 3. I have to admit, usually the 3rd sequel sucks, but not in this case. I quite enjoyed the Rise of the Lycans. It was beautifully done.

    I’ll just admit it. I’m weird. No question. I learned this in film school when everyone listed their favorite movies…Mine was The Goonies. haha. Enough said. 🙂

  11. Did you forget to tick my comment or are you censoring because of my use of the F word?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. just saw Ben Stiller – I feel bad for laughing so much at him. Joaquin needs help, hope he gets it.

  12. Alexandria said:

    As for the Oscars…not sure if it’s even playing on television here in Australia.

    Yes it’s on Channel 9. They’re showing it live for a change.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. thanks joe

  13. Ya it was a nice weekend, my dog was laying in the sun at the patio door all day. Everytime I tried to push her out she came running back in, still too cold I guess.

    I’m still not sold on the Jelly/Bubba dilemna, that could be photoshopped. I mean you do have an entire department of CGI geeks at your disposal!!

  14. Sorry. Dogs are cute an’ all but they aren’t Hugh Jackman. Nor are they Hugh Jackman singing and dancing which is better than just plain Hugh Jackman. Do the doggies sing and dance?

  15. I don’t get to watch the Oscars because I am at work. There are no new pictures of dresses being posted so I was thrilled to see the dog pictures. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I always enjoy your puppy dog pictures when you post them. They and the Pugs I’ve met make me want to adopt a Pug, but I don’t want to have to deal with all of the medical problems inherent in the breed. I guess I’ll just have to settle for having one vicariously through your blog entries on your babies. Please give them skritches and pets for me.

    Also, thank you for your post on your experiences with the actors of SG-1. It’s good to hear that the people who play the characters I love are good people themselves, it really does enhance my enjoyment of the series. I’m really looking forward to the next SG-1 movie and hope it isn’t the last.

    I don’t have any questions for Amanda that haven’t already been asked, but I would love the opportunity to convey my thanks to her for her portrayal of Samantha Carter. Sam is the best female role model to ever grace the screen, small or large, bar none, and I am certain a lot of that has to do with the kind of person Amanda is. After a while, a character in a long running series seems to become more and more aligned to the actor portraying the character. Amanda Tapping always played Sam with strength, grace and humility and embodied all of the traits of a good officer with proper military bearing . Sam is the kind of Officer I would have been proud to follow when I was in the military. Thank you, Ma’am. *snaps off a salute*

    I take that back, I do have a question for Amanda! Well, a request, actually. Can you please show Joe Flanigan how to render a proper salute?

  17. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your continuing blog. It’s the only blog that I read religiously.

    I have to say that I literally laughed out loud at the picture of Bubba and his “forgotten” ears. We just got two puppies, siblings, today. They’re both half cavalier king charles spaniel, and the male is half lhasa apso while the female is half shitzu. Wish us luck, especially with the cats and the puppies adapting to each other (the puppies are smaller than the cats!)

    Comment and questions for Amanda:

    Amanda, thank you so much for your years of bringing us entertainment and making us CARE about your characters!

    1. How difficult is it to work so many hours and also raise a pre-schooler? What are your biggest challenges?
    2. Do you have any pets currently and what are they?

    Thanks again, Amanda and Joe
    (Amanda fan and Sam/Jack shipper)

  18. what oscars? Pictures of your dogs are better than that dribble any day.

    Max has got the most precious face. Jelly is the beauty queen. Bubba (the No Ears picture) looks like he is doing his best impression of a baby seal. Lulu has “trouble” written all over her face. In the picture of Lulu (The Playful One) and the ball in her mouth, she has those big ears and big feet. (Not exactly what a girl wants to hear.) In another picture (Lulu The Feisty One) I thought at first she had gotten a hold of Maximus’ tail and was pulling it. Yikkes! Glad that wasn’t the case.

    What a bunch of characters! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Much as I’d love to, I think I’ll pass on asking Amanda a question…simply because I believe every conceivable one has been asked! So merely pass on my thanks for some wonderful years of TV and memories and best of luck with Sanctuary.

    I haven’t paid attention at all tonight to the Oscar’s and probably won’t until tomorrow, but my vote was for Milk. Though, that’s only because I haven’t yet seen Frost/Nixon. I love Frank Langella (loved Good Night and Good Luck and House of D).

  20. My questions for Amanda that I forgot to post yesterday(oops).

    Amanda, the very first time I saw you on Canadian television, you were in an advertisement for one of the many over-the-counter pain medications. I think you were portraying a doctor in a clinic. Then, a few months later, there you were as Captain Sam Carter on SG-1. From the first episode of StarGate that I watched, those many years ago, to now, I have enjoyed your character. Not all characters in ads or on TV come across as genuine. You do. In fact, so much so, that you were memorable to me as that lady who was recommending XYZ drug.

    My question:

    1) Have you ever considered sitting down in front of your computer and writing an episode of the show you are on? If you don’t see yourself as a writer, what about partnering with someone to create your biography?

    2) Who has been your favorite guest star to work with on StarGate? And in the same vein, how was Cliff Simon to work with? I know he has his own style of preparing to act when he’s on set, and I can see that being different than that of the regular cast. How do different acting styles affect the dynamic or flow of the production?

    Thanks so much.

    Patricia (AG)

  21. Thanks Joe for the opportunity to ask Amanda questions. So, here goes:

    With all your world travels on behalf of SG1, is there anything you’ve learned about life or people that you otherwise may not have learned?

    When SG1 was cancelled I always felt that Atlantis could be (and was) a lifeboat for the SG1 actors. Is it possible now for Sanctuary to become that lifeboat for the actors of both SG1 and Atlantis?

    After all the sci-fi shows you’ve done, do you see a romantic comedy somewhere in your future?

    Thanks Amanda for creating a character with such dignity and intelligence. Oh yeah, and thanks to the writers too.

    And fantastic pics of the SG1 cast. It’s great to see them all laughing. The pug pics are equally fantastic, and adorable. The Oscar should go to…Jelly’s trademark “No, no, I think you’re mistaken. You DIDN’T feed us.” look. I’m a sucker for that soulful sweet innocent kind of performance.

  22. I’ve been watching off and on…James Franco stumbled over German and Seth Rogan giggled…they will always find a way to work Nazis into a plot for some instant gravitas…Sir Anthony Hopkins was riding a pretty solid buzz…and apparently “Slumdog Millionaire” is very much worth seeing.

  23. Cute puppy pictures!

    And from an Indian and converted Mumbaiker, hooray for Slumdog Millionaire!! 🙂

  24. I like the dogs a lot more than the Oscars!
    @Lost Chapters, do you just live to stir up trouble? Hope it makes you feel better.

  25. Thanks for the great pooch pictures; just what I needed after a long work day. I’d forgotten the Oscars were even on tonight, and I’ve only seen one of the five contenders, so I have no way to tell if they’ll actually vote on quality of product or on political/social fads as they normally do. Glad to see the response for questions was so strong, and looking forward to tomorrow evening’s discussion of infoquake.

  26. Hi Joe,
    Love the dog pics!
    Just finished watching the Oscars and hope I didn’t miss my chance to send a question for Amanda.
    I wanted to congratulate Amanda on being chosen for the Woman of Vision Special Jury Prize by Women in Film. I’d like to ask her what this honor means to her.
    thank you, kristen

  27. For Amanda Tapping:

    Fisrt let me say that I’ve enjoyed your body of work since I saw you as Miss Yansouni on Flash Forward.

    After playing Sam Carter for this long and rattling off hours of techno-babble and science speak, do you think that you’ve learned alot from playing her? Has this part given you a greater interest in science?

  28. Dear Joe,

    I sent you a cool email on your Moorysum account… check it out.

    Also, I have a question for Ms. tapping:

    Dear Ms. Tapping, Its been a delight and a pleasure watching you do what you do best during all these years in the stargate series. My questions to you miss iare:
    1. Did your real life salary as an actrice rise with your respective rank as Samantha Carter or was it fixed all this time?
    2. Honestly, what was your most cherised episode of stargate atlantis?
    3. If the stargate sapce ships were real, which one would want to own?
    4. Did you ever visit Morocco?

    Thanks for your time and patience

  29. Love the dogs! In my opinion, they are way more entertaining than the Oscars!

    It’s a dirty job…Mr. Crazymom got pressed into service as an investigative assistant tonight. He was happy to check that website for me (which was blocked at the PD) to see just exactly what that lady was selling. He was just saving the detectives some work, because, nope, you can’t sell that on the internet. Or anywhere else.

  30. Puppy squee! Some of us had worked out the difference between Bubba and Jelly, (love the ears on reference as our new rabbits put their ears away when they go to sleep) Is that a dressing gown tie that Lulu is tugging on?

    Oscars? aren’t they tropical fish?

    I’ve got my fingers crossed (and the front door locked just in case) that my daughter makes it to school today without any hassle on the bus, there’s never a wraith around when you need one is there? a bit of lifeforce-sucking would show some of these kids a thing or two!

  31. Love the dog pics Joe. This is for Amanda; When will Sanctuary First season be out on DVD. I have yet to watch an episode.

  32. @Das, hope you’re feeling better soon. I keep thinking immune thoughts cuz everyone around me is coming down with something and i ain’t getting it!!! *thinks more immune thoughts*

  33. Amanda, just know that, I love you and your work.
    In fact I’m hosting a lecture;l for video production in which Sanctuary is the main focus.

  34. There are some more fires, this time a little closer to me (probably about 25 – 30 minutes away). Hopefully they’ll get on top of it before it gets out of control. It’s a bit windy out which doesn’t help them.

    I’ve got some more sunset photos and one that shows a bit of smoke in the air.

    Sunset 1

    Sunset 2

    Smoky Landscape.

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Since in SGA you intended on Vega being a gay character and hinted at a male gay character and that SGU is ment to be more character driven, will there be room for a gay character on SGU??

  36. Hi Joe,

    I would like to ask you what is the way to approach a talant agency if you have something written (for example: tv or film spec script) and seek representation? Do you just send it by mail ad hope they read it or what? I have something and was wondering if an agency will bother to read it at all since I don’t live in US, Canada or UK.

  37. Hi there Mr M!

    Dang!! Typical!! I’m off-line for the weekends ( a self-imposed black out) so I can concentrate on their Imperial Majesties….Any-hoo, if it’s not too late, may I just ask a fast (possibly non-duplicated question) for Ms Tapping?

    I was very privileged to meet Amanda on a few occasions, Avalon, the Cast and Crew Screening and AT3 (fan convention in UK), on each occasion her sincere generous warmth was evident to all.

    I concur also with your comments re: the remaining cast. I was also priviliged to sit oppposite Mr Shanks on the (all too brief) bus trip back from the Continuum Screening and got a rare insight into the professional and kind gentleman he is!

    Any-hoo, (quick) question for Amanda:
    Hi again! You kindly answered my question at AT3 re: what main cast character would you like to have played in SG1 if not Carter (answer : Dr Frasier)…. Can I ask the same re: Atlantis? Approaching it from a “first gig” preposition, including guest star roles, if you were not Sam in SGA, which character would you have enjoyed tackling? Many thanks and continued success with Sanctuary! (See you at AT4!!)

    Thanks Mr M!
    If I am too late for the deadline, I understand, and will have to review my offline weekend policy!!

    Best to all


  38. Awwwww… the earless Bubba pic is to die for! Gonna steal that one 😛

    Bubba won Best Picture Pugscar for that one.. only Bubba might eat the award.

  39. When I finally got around to tuning in, Ben Stiller was acting like an ass as usual (Natalie should’ve been giggling), then Jack Black took his shot, and Hugh Jackman was neither drunk nor naked. Disappointing.

    Your slumdogs are millionaires.

    I will not be reading The Book of Joby. 50 pgs in = no interest.

  40. Great snaps! Even the cat loved them.

    (If that is what standing in front of the screen purring means. Of course, it just might mean he is happy he is getting scritchies & I can’t compute with him there.)

    I can honestly say I saw 2 Academy winners: Wall-E & Dark Knight. That’s it.

  41. Hi everyone 🙂 We had no interest in the Oscars, watched some SGA episodes and had breakfast for dinner – nice evening! Your dogs are, as usual, too cute. My Elway (as I write this) is acting like he’s starting with seizures (it’s about that time), so I’m outta here to get the Valium and such. Wish us luck, this sucks 🙁

  42. Your dogs > Oscars lol.

    Anyway some great choices for awards. Heath Ledger got his well deserved award, shame the guy couldn’t be there, though I’m sure he was in spirit.

  43. Woof! Love the pup’ems.

    I did watch the Oscars, it was better than usual, I didn’t fall asleep. Hugh Jackman can sing and dance! Yay! And having the group presenters was interesting. Mostly I was mesmerized by the Swarovski crystal curtain. Whoa, wow. Can I have one in my living room?

  44. Well…

    Hubby forced me to watch Wolverine doing a song and dance number. It was…amusing. 🙂 My mom saw the same song and dance routine, and now she has a crush on Jackman. 🙄 She called me up at 7:30 this morn, raving about how wonderful that ‘Wolfman fella’ of mine is.

    I didn’t bother to correct her on the name, nor did I point out that I actually like the short, hairy fella from the comic books better than the tall, sleek fella from the movies, but I did inform her that she woke me up, and that it now appears I have a full-fledged cold (with all the nose-blowing and raw-throat-feeling I’ve had since last night), to which she said I didn’t have to come in to work today. 😀

    My sister-in-law, and half the county, seem to have the same damn thing I do – so many people complaining that they’ve been sick since just before Christmas with something they just can’t shake.

    Personally, I’m thinking goverment conspiracy and germ warfare.

    HOWEVER, on a bright note, my tummy growled for the first time since mid-December. Not that I haven’t had moments of hunger, but no growly tummy that makes me actually want to eat. My appetite was non-existent for the most part, which means I lost all my ‘Atlantis’ weight (the 7 pounds I had gained back when I first started watching the show a little over a year ago), and then some. Of course, now my appetite is back. 😕 However, so far the only thing I’m really craving is hot wing sauce – not the wings, just the sauce. I wonder how it tastes on pancakes…

    Speaking of pancakes, yesterday I made the BESTEST pancakes, ever! I only use whole wheat mix, which can be a bit dry. So I added one soft banana, an extra egg, and topped them off with fresh strawberries with a dash of raw sugar, chopped fine so they made their own sweet, fruity sauce. Hubby was pleased. 😀 (Translation: Hubby didn’t complain about cleaning the litter pans. 🙂 )

    So…what should I do today?? Make pancakes? Watch TV? Read? Sleep? Whine?? Ask Joe a question about my favorite characters??

    Okay – I’ll go with the last one…

    Joe – Quick question for your next mailbag. The sheen on Wraith skin – is that supposed to be sweat, or is their skin just naturally shiny, like a snake?

    Inquiring minds need to know. 😉 Thankies in advance!


  45. We enjoy Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares too! Although my damn Tivo has been forgetting to record this season of Hell’s Kitchen, so we haven’t see so much of it. For me, it’ like watching a train wreck!
    Have fun,

    P.S. Can’t wait for AT to guest blog! Wish I had a question that hasn’t already been asked. I’m quite sure that all the AT fans have covered everything I can think of!

  46. Hey Joe,

    This might be a very tough question to answer, and I hope you can answer this. There has been rumor reports from people at cons who apparenely talk to some of the actors. Some of the actors have told these fans that they hated the Series finale of SGA, felt the direction of the show for the last 2 seasons was not good. They have even said that the SGA movie is looking grim and is having problems.

    I have expressed my disapproval of Gateworld allowing this to be posted as news since they are rumors and likely could of been taken out of context. I have heard the actors praise the show up and down and have loved working on the show. I don’t think the actors are two-faced. I predict vile fans who hate you and the show to make up such rumors.

    Joe Flanigan seems to be a sincere person who likes to poke fun at the fans, which is all good. He made fun of my handle on SCI FI and joked around. I can say that because it’s documented in an official Q&A video from SCI FI. These other folks don’t have a source just the word of a fan who happen to be at a con.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on these rumors and misquotes that happen in the industry? Every actor I know is entitled to their opinion, but when something is taken out of context and not by the actors approval it seems a fan oversteps the line.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂



  47. I must apologize for spelling Sanctuary wrong in my response yesterday, I meant GO SANCTUARY!! (thanks Amanda)
    I chose not to watch the awards either, I opted instead to watch a Macgyver marathon on the Sleuth channel on cable, Quite good, starting with the pilot until way after my bedtime! Awesome RDA, how handsome!
    Love the dog pictures, fills my animal void at the moment. Thanks as always for posting and for terrific pictures of the adorable ones. 😉

  48. The roles your lil ones play are priceless and winners in all categories. Loved the photos – can never have too many.

  49. Hi Joe,
    I did end up watching the oscars, it wasn’t too bad – a great musical number in the middle of it!
    Though I’m sure your time with the dogs was just as fun. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to ask questions to Mrs. Tapping, as well as many other cast and crew of the show, and book of the month authors as well!

    My question:
    How are you able to balance your family life with your daughter with the production of Santuary? Are there challenges, or does being a producer allow you to schedule things to fit you?
    Thanks so much, we’ve loved you for years and for many to come!!

  50. Hi Amanda I love Sanctuary and your portrayal of Dr Helen Magnus as a strong intelligent leader… damn type cast again lol.

    My question is…….was it your idea to give the character of Helen such a pronounced English accent?

    It’s a bit too much like BBC English for me and tends to distract me from the dialogue, others may disagree with me.
    You often find that some characters change from season one to season two do you plan any changes to your character?
    Pauline x

  51. Agh! I was unaware of questions for Amanda! *Hits self for only skimming the past few days*

    If possible, I have one question for Amanda, “How is the set of Sanctuary different than the set of Stargate?”

  52. I have a more serious question for Amanda.

    I imagine as an actor it could be difficult switching the characters off after a day of being someone else. How do you switch your characters off?

  53. Where are my manners Joe! I apologise for not acknowledging you when I posted my question for Amanda.

    Hits head repeatedly on keyboard of laptop until ‘eteled’ becomes imprinted on forehead.

    Pauline x

  54. Oh, ok, the pics of the dogs have to be the most adorable things I’ve seen in a long time. And the captions under them gave me a good chuckle. The ‘you’re mistaken you didn’t feed us’ look is one I see often with my own furry friends.

    On the Oscars, they’re a big thing in my little world but I was largely unimpressed this year.

  55. Coucou Joseph!

    Me revoila^^! Vous allez bien?

    La convention à attiret plus de 3000 personnes! Et je pense que la majoité des personnes été contents, sa me fait plaisir aprés téllement de travail et de stress.

    J’ai vu que l”on pouver posé des question à Amanda donc voila les miennes:

    1) Êtes vous deja venu en France? que pensez vous des français?
    2)Selon vous, y aura t’il des scénes d’amours entre Sam et Jack dans le prochain film de sg1?
    3)Allez vous apparaitre dans sgu?

    Merci Joseph! A bientot!

  56. I didn’t realize that Jelly and Bubba were Klingon. Jelly looks like a cuddly plush toy.

  57. Woo! Finished Elric of Melniboné! I should get a cookie!! 😀 Now…only…7 more to go – The Fortress of the Pearl, The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Weird of the White Wolf, The Vanishing Tower (The Sleeping Sorceress), The Revenge of the Rose, The Bane of the Black Sword, and Stormbringer.


    I think I’m just gonna digest this one, first… 😛 And now, I gotta take a nap.


  58. For Amanda:
    I read somewhere that your husband appeared in “The Changling” as a fireman. Did you meet him while filming this episode?
    Thanks for everything. I think you are a wonderful person and actress.

  59. Aaah cute dogs. Wanna see my even more cutie-wootie kitten photos? No? Ok, I understand. 🙂

    Question for Amanda. You were born in Essex in 1965 and according to IMDB relocated to Canada when you were three.
    I was born in Hampshire in 1964 and relocated to South Africa when I was six.

    Are you like me, aware that you can get a UK passport but are not willing to shell out the cash? Is it a case of, “what the heck, we’re all part of the bloody Commenwealth so why bother?” Or do you have two passports and mightily confuse yourself on long trips? 🙂

  60. Hey Chev,

    Whereabouts are you?
    Hard to believe that four fires are still out of control and now we have these two new ones.
    I’ll be sending non-windy thoughts your way on Friday!

    No rain on the forecast, but lightning is.
    Now the water companies don’t want rain because it will contaminate our water supply but the fires will keep burning if we don’t.
    Can we humans wave a white flag? Declare a walkover? Or do we need to make some sacrifice to say to Nature that she wins and kicked our butts in the process?

  61. High Joe,
    Love the pictures of the dogs. Thanks so much for posting them. Just one question. Will we learn the less important characters actor’s faces along with the female casting notice. Thanks so much!!!
    Major D. Davis

  62. Questions for Amanda Tapping:
    First of all I would like to say that Carter is my favorite SG-1 Carter and Sam/Jack is favorite SG-1 relationship. I don’t have a favorite character from Sanctuary yet because I need to re-watch the episodes I half watched but the Season 1 final, which I more then half watched, got me thinking that at the end of the episode if Magnus isn’t in bad mood already I bet she will be when she finds out what happened. Now here are my 3 questions:

    1. If you could pick an astrological sign for Carter would you pick Taurus, maybe another one, or is there one you personally think fits Carter?

    2. Do you think Sam Carter’s being bad at baking has anything to do with her mother’s death when she was growing up because at the time she found out about her mother she was baking cookies but then she told Mitchell at then end of Ark of Truth that she baked the cookies she had for him or in your opinion was she covering up for the fact that she didn’t bake them?

    3. What would you say is your favorite Sanctuary episode of Season 1?

  63. PUPPIES!!!!

    Joe, I think I almost went into a cuteness doma from your dogs’ adorableness. 🙂

    Bummer I missed the Amanda Q&A, but that’s OK. I didn’t have any questions anyway.

    Didn’t get Infoquake fully read, but hope to add an intelligent comment on the first part at least.



  64. @Jim Lawson, thats what i said on that other site. but Atlantis is in San Fransisco not near africa

  65. oh ya which reminds me why dont you guys do viral marketing for SGU? its all the rage now. on youtube video showing something weird that grabs people’s attention could get you more viewers, and there is plenty of time to do that.

  66. Wow, Squall78, you complain about people spreading rumors and misquoting the actors out of spite, and yet it is you bringing these rumors into a known volatile public forum when you are even farther removed from the situation than the original poster.

    There was no widespread bashing of JM or the show. If there were some complaints made about some choices made, the actors are certainly within their rights to express them and they were in response to questions asked to them by us. I can say this because I was there. Were you? I didn’t see the post on Gate world but agree with you. Its not news. Bringing it up elsewhere though, simply validates what was said and stirs up trouble. Why would anyone want that?

  67. amagad. i love your dogs! they all look so playful and bubba looks so innocent in one of his/ her picture. aww~

  68. I’m a Stargate SG1/Atlantis fan and am new to this blog. Just wanted to say your dogs are cute! Cats are my favorite people, and dogs are right behind them. 🙂

  69. You mean…I could have been looking at doggy pictures instead of Hugh Jackman and Beyonce’s musical number! Oh, piddle!

    I have a genuine mailbag question for you that you probably won’t answer unless I put it on the most recent entry. So, I’m off to do so.


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