Hey, I heard from Bob Picardo today. He’s doing well but feeling somewhat nostalgic as the series draws to its official end tomorrow night. Apparently, he has one final interview to do, the last of his Atlantis-related duties. Until, of course, we start shooting the movie. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it: Bob is a class act. He wanted me to know how much he enjoyed working on the show, how much he was missing the people and the city, and how much he was looking forward to making the trek back in the coming months. And, it goes without saying, that we’re all looking forward to working with him again.

Finish up On Basilisk Station all you stragglers because author David Weber will be coming by next week to answer your questions. And, if you haven’t already done so, get started on The Living Dead, the killer zombie anthology edited by upcoming guest blogger John Joseph Adams. And, finally, start prepping this month’s fantasy selection, City of Saints and Madmen, as author Jeff Vandermeer will be joining us later this month. I’m reading the latter right now and, while I liked the first story that kicks off the book, I am absolutely LOVING the second entry, The Hoegbottom Guide to the Early History of Ambergris. Do check it out.

Back in the office today where I completed a little more of the script, writing and rewriting the same ten pages. But what a ten pages! Carl’s script, Water, finally went out and it includes a touching reminiscence of a dog delivered in Carl’s inimitable style. I’m tearing up just writing about it. But I’ve already said too much!

Sugarless Day #5 went much better than I’d imagined it would, devoid of the expected nausea, jitteriness, and inhuman cravings – although I did find myself gazing a little too longingly at the plate of macadamia chip cookies every time I walked by the kitchen. Rob invited me over to his place to watch the games on Sunday, quite literally sweetening the offer with a promise to make waffles (incidentally, he is the waffle king. You thought Vegas was good? Try his home made waffles with ice cream.). Alas, as much as it pains me to do so, I might have to pass and endure a waffle-less football afternoon. Is there anything sadder?

Scroll down past the mailbag to check out today’s Weird Food Purchase of the Day video installment.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Sandra and her daughter.


Thornyrose writes: “Thanks as always for all you do for the fans, and what is your reward if and when you reach the two week mark on the sugar free lifestyle?”

Answer: Hopefully, a slimmer waistline.

Shawna writes: “What would you say are good shows to spec if a writer wants to be considered for Stargate?”

Answer: Original one-hour dramatic pilots or features are good as are specs for genre shows. I’m sorry to say your old Mary Tyler Moore spec won’t cut it.

PG15 writes: “I’m also confused. So there’s now 5 people on the writing team…but here all 7 writers are delivering scripts? Are these the last scripts for those who are departing?”

Answer: Quite possibly.

IMForeman writes: “ Joe, how hard was it getting all the music heard in “Vegas”? I understand just getting “Have you ever seen the rain” in “Unending” was difficult.”

Answer: This is more a question for Rob but indications suggest the process was a lot easier on Vegas.

Kody writes: “Why did Sci-Fi stop airing ATL and BSG back to back? I know that you might not have the answer but it never hurts to ask.”

Answer: I believe that decision was born of a desire to offer their viewers year-round original programming.

Wolfenm writes: “Joe ~ my condolences on the sugar withdrawal. For myself, bread carbs are my weakness, but the withdrawal is still bad.”

Answer: Yeah, I’ve cut out bread, rice and pasta as well.

Lizzyshoe writes: “Are there plans to bring any women onto the writing staff?”

Answer: We have invited at least one female writer to pitch.

Line Noise writes: “Have you ever considered approaching some of your favourite sci-fi book authors about writing or collaborating on a script?”

Answer: Funny you should mention that…

JimfromJersey writes: “So are you going completely sugar/carb free, or just items containing raw sugar? Ie: no bread, rice, pasta etc…”

Answer: Add fruit to that list as well. Hardcore.

OrdinarySuperHero writes: “I also wanted to ask, on the subject of Terry Pratchett, I wanted to ask have you read Men at Arms and Feet of Clay?”

Answer: Not yet, but I will.

Pandy writes: “Do you know if all the characters have been cast yet?”

Answer: Not yet.


106 thoughts on “January 8, 2009: Bob Checks In, Mailbag, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. I applaud your dedicated effort at weight watching. No FRUITS? Does your current restrictions allow you to eat anything besides cardboard and those styrofoam packaging peanuts?
    Thanks for the latest Weird Food of the day offering. I am so going to have to find a food or drink product labelled Bile now, though. Which will, if discovered, will be immediately forwarded to you for testing. And Fondy should consider increasing your insurance coverage. It just cannot be that healthy conducting all of your experiments. Thanks for the chuckle, and the little teases that are definitely increasing my curiousity about SGU(and the fate of certain writers).

  2. What?!? No sweets, carbs or fruits? Good luck with that. I don’t know if I could do it…

  3. Nice job on the sugar free control. Just wondering if you could shed some light on why scifi is calling the last episode “the final mission” instead of “enemy at the gate” or are they just saying that it’s the last mission rather than giving the title. Also what happened to the Tria, is it still in the void between galaxies?

    Thanks always,


  4. Answer: Original one-hour dramatic pilots or features are good as are specs for genre shows. I’m sorry to say your old Mary Tyler Moore spec won’t cut it.

    Thanks for the info. Good to know. Haha, Mary Tyler Moore… yeah, maybe not. Still, it’s a pity that some old school Trek or even Journeyman or Moonlight is out. *shakes head sadly* But original scripts is better than something I’d have to catch up on to write about, I suppose.

    You know, I tried cutting out sugar once. I lasted a few months. It wasn’t pleasant. Although… I did find one thing interesting. Before cutting it out, I drank a lot of Mountain Dew (and, unfortunately, I’m back into that habit again), but when I cut out the sugar, I didn’t have any for two and a half months, then when I had one, it tasted so weird and rich. Like I was drinking liquid candy. Odd how the body adapts to things.

  5. I’m sensing a kind of elemental theme to the SGU episode titles (Earth, Air Water- who’s writing Fire?) …. Anyway, something I thought you might find interesting: a man named Jeffrey Deskovic came to my school yesterday to speak to us. He was wrongfuly convicted of a rape and murder at the age of 17, and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison despite the fact that DNA evidence proved his innocence. 16 years later, in 2006, he was released and the real murderer was caught. Here’s a link to his website: http://jeffreydeskovicspeaks.org/index.php .

    Questions for you: Is the city of Atlantis sentient? Can people with the ATA gene really hear or sense the city’s consciousness? Also, are we going to find out anything more about McKay’s childhood in the movies?

    For Rob Cooper: First of all, I want to say that you’ve written some of my favorite episodes of all time. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for Stargate. Second, have you been interested in sci fi your whole life? What books and shows have influenced you the most?

  6. thornyrose asked:
    >Does your current restrictions allow you to eat anything
    >besides cardboard and those styrofoam packaging peanuts?

    Maybe you could sautee the packing peanuts in that squid brand fish sauce from the holiday edition WFPOTD. Yum.

    Ooh. We just had an earthquake here in L.A. Fun. Think I’ll scrounge up dinner now in case it’s a precursor to a bigger quake…

    – KB

  7. Oh, yes, and questions for Mr. Cooper about Vegas…

    1. In this AU, what happened to the rest of the team? Are Ronon and Teyla still there? If not, who does McKay’s team consist of? (Assuming, of course, that there is a “lead team” in this version.)

    2. What led you guys to pick this route, to show a whole episode entirely about an AU? I love the idea, and the execution, but I just wonder what made you go there. I imagine some people may have been disappointed that the “real” characters never showed up.

    3. How do you go about determining what the alternate versions of characters would be? It seems like this Sheppard was sort of determined by that failed rescue attempt and everything that followed. But what made this McKay who he is? Was it simply the lack of Sheppard’s influence, or something else? Where do you start with answering those sorts of questions for the characters?

    4. Is there a character that you would have liked to have seen in this universe, but just didn’t fit into the storyline? If so, what do you imagine they would be like?

    5. (Just because he’s my third-favorite character on the show…) What happened to Michael in this AU?

    6. How much fun is it playing in an alternate universe, where nothing’s granted, even basic things like a main character’s survival?

    7. This one’s not a question. I just wanted to say I loved this ep. It was utterly fantastic in every way, and is definitely among my favorites of the series, and of Stargate in general.

  8. sorrykb —

    You felt that, too? I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it, as no one around me seemed to react.

  9. I take it the diet is for a limited period? Cutting out fruit is generally not a good idea for vitamin-related reasons, and having friends of Italian ancestry, watching them go on Atkins and give up bread and pasta was interesting, to put it politely (I’ll give them credit, they lasted a whole six days). I’m sure you’re going through that withdrawal now. Has the gang at Fuel phoned to see if you’re ok?

  10. I commend you on your willpower, Joe. You’re a better man than I am and not just because I’m a woman. A world without carbs is not a world I can live in.

    I’m gambling with fate on the horror selection for the BOTM. It’s on my wishlist. I didn’t get for Christmas and if I don’t get it for my birthday (which is Monday), then I’ll get it with one of the giftcards I got for Christmas. And then all I’ll have to do is read it.

    Yeah, I’ve seen too many sitcoms to know that this will all work out in my favor.

  11. I thought we had covered the Italian/bitter warning?!

    And, sweet? Did you break your “no sugar” pledge to bring us our viewing pleasure? Such sacrifice, such dedication!!

    I’ll miss Bob……

  12. What you say? the mary tyler moore show was the best sci-fi show ever. Ted bakster had to be of an alien origin. and mary’s hair was a spieces unto itself. Murry was creepy Golum like and who was the giant orc like man that lived in the small room that ruled the office with his grouchy sneer. yes much sci-fi shinanigans were had with that zany bunch. in the opening credits mary throws her hat into the air therby signaling her demonic alien overlords to invade earth by taking over the airwaves. many hours were stolen from a unwitting or unsuspecting public by being brainwashed in to watching this show. and so it continues with a whole network devoted to the genre.

    my god what will we do? hope for better writters i suppose. hehehe.

    write on good man, write on.

  13. Joe,

    I was going to post and tease you mercilessly for saying Utah deserved the National Championship over Oklahoma.

    But considering how things went tonight…

    …never mind.



  14. Sure hope you drank that sweet/bitter concoction before you went sugar-free! And love the eyebrow thing you do when eating/drinking all this stuff. It’s like your very own built-in weird-o-meter, or something. 🙂 SEE??! You’re doing it now as you read my post!!

    I went carb-free for a few months a couple years back (as carb-free as possible – I don’t do sugar substitutes, and I can never pass up good chocolate 😀 ). Well, I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. I nearly killed every living soul I came in contact with, snapping at everyone like a pit bull on steroids. I also went into a deep depression, and got really suicidal (in thought, not in action – no worries, it’s nothing new, and I deal).

    That is, until our annual company dinner. Over the course of a few hours, I drank a bottle of wine, and a couple other things. NEVER, ever been so drunk in my life! I even had a little gap in my memory…although Mr. Das gladly filled me in on the details. 😳 I’m usually a two-drink max person, so all this alcohol hit me like a freight train. I had a really good dinner that night, too – the best lamb, EVER, it just melted like butter in my mouth. There were lots of other goodies that the kitchen sent out to us, too. Everything was delicious, and I ate like a pig…or, like a drunk girl who hadn’t tasted a potato in about 4 months. 😛

    Well, I figured I’d pay for it in the morning…maybe even that night. But I didn’t – I never got sick, I slept like a baby…and I woke up feeling GREAT, with the most positive frame of mind I’ve had since I was like…4. Never felt so good before, or after, and I attribute it to totally overloading on carbs after denying myself for so long.

    Ever since, I’ve really been scared to go low carb – it messed terrible with my depression. I don’t medicate for it because I’m so used to it, I don’t think I’d recognize – or even like – myself without it. It is what makes me ME, afterall. Anyway, I try to avoid things that make it worse, and the low carb thing really fired it up…even worse than dead Wraith or cancelled shows…so I’m not eager to go that route again.

    So, I give you credit, Joe. If you can go two weeks without wanting to kill someone or something, then more power to ya! 🙂


  15. Water? I might as well just start the Gateworld thread about Brad Wright’s 104: “Fire” then. Heh.

    It’s great that there is such a connection between episode titles (when’s the last time Stargate did this? Maybe the “Serpent” eps in early SG1?); it seems to me that you guys are really taking care to put as much serialization as possible within the series, and that’s a big plus for me. Also, the Elements are awesome, because Avatar: The Last Airbender relied on them. You must watch that show, Joe; it’s so awesome, it will take your mind totally off of the suger cravings. I guarantee it.

    Huh, that paragraph changed topic fairly quickly.

    Anyways, this entry was just full of good news! Well, outside of the answer to my question. It’ll be tough to see these proven writers go, whoever they end up being; they did a great job with Stargate SG1/Atlantis.

    But onto the good news: potential female writers and authors! WOOHOOO!! I think hiring female writers will be a good move; not that I think they’ll be better than you guys (I doubt creativity is that sexist), but it’ll be a “symbolic” thing for some of the fandom, I’d imagine; they can no longer refer to you guys as a boy’s club. Besides, if the female writer ends up sucking, it’ll shut ’em up. 😉

    The authors potentially pitching for the show is also great news; in my uninformed opinion, since they aren’t encumbered by budget, their imaginations are free to soar in all sorts of crazy places…which is exactly where SGU needs to go if it wants to live up to its “explore the Universe” premise! I can’t wait to see where these go.

    Ok, questions: what’s happening with episode 9 of Universe? Any development on that yet? Have you guys gotten a writer for it yet?

  16. My first post to you. I’m a blogger on Fox 26 Houston and am also on Fox 26 Houston 5:00-5:30 Thursday news segments of Your Family Matters, giving a perspective of what family life is like having a child with multiple disabilities with the big issues facing all of us. Have been lurking and reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time. Big fan of the franchise. People like me who have insulin-resistance issues just cannot process sugars, including fruit. It is miserable at first, but when your body starts feeling better and you have more energy, you understand that you are eating properly for your body type. Not sure if you’re just attempting this way of eating for health reasons or other, but it is very difficult at first to change. Also, once you do switch, if you do eat those food types, you will feel very differently. You are doing an awesome job, not only with the diet (LOL). Keep up the good work. You never know who you might inspire out here in lurker-world.

  17. Good job on the sugar thing! And while I know you’re not a big fruit person in the first place, I can’t imagine life without fruit. What is it you are eating without fruit and bread and other such stuff? Chicken and peas? I had planned to start my new work out program tomorrow (not as a new years resolution but for my own reasons), but alas, weather (and apparently avalanches) will keep me tied up so that I will be on the road all day until I have to work. Guess it starts Saturday, eh?

    Questions for Rob:

    I’m sure every Vegas question possible has been asked (although, amazing job. Definitely one of my favorite episodes), and I don’t want to give you a hard time for Brain Storm (especially since I like McKay/Keller), so I’ll focus on some other things.

    1. Brad touched on this a bit in his Q&A, but I’m wondering how you two met and how you came up for the idea of developing Stargate into a TV series.

    2. You and Martin worked together to create a little known (adorable!) movie called The Impossible Elephant which has one of my favorite actors in it, Nicholas Lea. How did you get involved in that project? Did you ever consider Nick for a guest role in Stargate at any time?

    3. What is your favorite episode: written, produced, etc? Is there a difference between your favorite one you wrote verses the one you maybe had the most fun doing? And I’m willing to hear this across SGA and SG1. Least favorites? Any particularly hard episodes to write/produce/etc?

    4. How many actors were on the top of the list for Sheppard? While obviously JF *is* Sheppard, is he exactly what you envisoned before you cast him, or was Sheppard originally thought of as blond or southern…and so forth. Brad mentioned fighting to get Amanda Tapping cast as Carter. Were there any actors you had to fight for? For either show (or SGU).

    5. And finally, how many more wonderful spin-offs do you have brewing in that great brain? Would you do Stargate (some form) forever if you could, or do you look forward to one day working on a big motion picture or another series of some sort?

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  18. The Atlantis marathon on SciFi has really sucked me in this week. (I know. My to-do list has gone out the window, too.) This morning they aired “Sunday.” And even though I know he comes back, when I saw Carson “disapparate” from the pier, I couldn’t help but…




    You know, this has been like a week of mourning… and celebrating the high points, too. It helped to actually hear the musical score. Oh man, if I get any more emotional, I’m going to have to break out the brogue.

    J-Joe…Do ya think if meebee any of the staff, cast, or crew have any final wairds of farewell for us, that they could shaire them here? Kind of an Atlantis farewell party on your blog? We know that quite a few read the blog right along with us every dee. We’d luff to hear from everyone who had the experience of creating that wairld.

    Please, Sir, Cap’n Joe?

  19. [b]Shawna and sorrykb[/b]

    The, ah, earth moved for us too. I was at a story meeting in LA when everyone paused and looked around, one or two reached for the edges of their chairs. The meeting broke up rather quickly after that! LOL

    And Joe…what’s not to love about MTM? (grin)

  20. Such faces! You look like a little baby getting his first taste of peas! Have you ever eaten/drank anything that immediately came back up? I’m waiting for that video!

  21. *hugs*

    Thank you Trish and Patricia Lee!!! I’m glad I’ve not been totally forgotten…lol.

    Psstttbb! To everyone else that didn’t remember me! *grins* (that’s supposed to be a raspberry)

    (If you never met me…you are excluded from that…*wink*)


  22. Wow, lots of earthquakes all around. I read an article on yahoo about the unusual amount of earthquakes surrounding Yosemite and the supervolcano there. Apparently, if it were to erupt like it did some 70 million years ago, it would spread ash over the entire North America continent and dramatically change the world environment permanently. They believe that the way the stratosphere is now was due to a volcanic eruption.

    I read that there was an earthquake in Costa Rica recently as well.

    I wish those near major fault lines are safe.

  23. @ Joe ~ No bread carbs or fruit sugar either?? Egad! Don’t pass out from low blood-sugar on us! 🙁

    @ Deni ~ hope you and your pup get well soon!

    Now some comments/a q for Mr Cooper:

    As a die-hard Daniel/Vala shipper, I want to say thanks very much for “Unending”! I even started a fanfic community that’s specifically for “tags” to the episode, there’s just so much ground there to explore! So thanks for that, all the “plot-bunnies”, as well!

    Actually, thank you for “Avalon” 1 & 2, & “Origin”, too, as those episodes are what brought me into the SG fold! I had seen the movie and a little of the show before then, but Vala and her relationship with Daniel is what made me … well, let’s face it, obsessed with the franchise. 🙂

    And thank you for the little McSheppy bones in “Vegas” (whether you intended it or not), as I have come to love McShep every bit as much as Daniel/Vala, if not more ….

    So, anyway, my questions …. I see people have already covered my qs for “Vegas”, so I just have one, for “Undending”:

    Regarding the scene where Vala is crying and Daniel takes her in his arms: what, in your mind, happened there?

  24. Hey Joe!

    Wow, talk about hardcore dieting, with even no fruit! You got some guts! Keep it up, and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of results in a week or so, you’re doing an amazing job!

    Thanks for the weird food purchase of the day (always love them!) and thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  25. Heya Joe,
    You are BRAVE – not just a sip or two…but almost a guzzle of “strangeness.” Your expression – the eyes, mouth, shake the head were all priceless. wow.

  26. Since you brought up Bob Picardo, I just want to say that he has done one helluva job taking the words and actions from the writing staff and fitting his character into a very believable leader of Atlantis. He is by far the best leader Atlantis has had, in my opinion, and who would have ever thought it of Woolsey based on what we saw in SG-1? There were days, back then, I just wanted to brain the character.

  27. @ Alexandria: Actually, it’s Yellowstone that might blow up and kill us all, not Yosemite; also, I believe Yellowstone only blew up ~640,000 years ago, which is coincidentally the average amount of time between eruptions for this supervolcano. Neat, no? 😉

  28. Hey Joe, this is blasphemy. No cutting out pasta! Your italian after-all. It is a sin!

  29. Just a thought; are the writers even “considering” making the leader/protagonist of SGU Rob Carlyle, and axing the important B-team leader fairly early in the show. Not unlike Sumner?

  30. I’ll miss Woolsey, too. It was nice seeing him grow from the stick-in-the-mud suit to getting involved with the other major characters, going from love-to-hate to love-to-love.

    I’ve never heard much from people who have worked with him, but in interviews he came across as a good man. Unless he’s the type that says he doesn’t have any more gum when you totally saw him open up a new pack, like, ten minutes ago. But I know he would give you some. Well, maybe not you Joe, since you’re cutting out sugar now.
    Right then. Please pass along kindest regards to Mr. P and all that jazz.

    As for Vegas music rights, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if anything having to do with John Fogerty were more difficult thand something not having to do with him.

  31. Just watched the WFPOTD video. First of all, noticing you’re much more with the indoor voice.
    Holiday bile. Terrific.

  32. First off, I’m no “doctor”, BUT… cutting out ALL types of sugar for that length of time withOUT being under the supervision of a physician IS actually quite dangerous! You could seriously compromise your body’s natural insulin production. Not to mention, biochemically speaking, your cells NEED a certain amount of carbs [starch] and sugars to process the protein intake and use oxygen to produce energy to, well, LIVE!!

    SO, unless you feel like Superman or something, I wouldn’t be operating any motor vehicles from this point on unless you feel it’s your civic duty to PASS OUT and maybe kill someone! — It’s called insulin shock [AND you don’t have to a diabetic to get it!] – and BTW, it’s not pretty either!

    At the very least, EAT FRUITS!!!! They DO contain other things that are vital to your survival like various electrolytes, etc. Try the better ones like blueberries, tomatoes [yes, it is a fruit! And high in lycopene, although surprisingly not as high as in watermelon!], kiwi [has potassium, you need that], oranges. You can cut out apples [higher in natural sugars and not enough other better things]

    If you really want to reduce poundage or whatever, you DON’T crash your metabolism like that. The only “sugar” you need to cut, is the processed stuff, fructose [which doesn’t translate to fresh fruit!], anything with corn syrup in it, and CHEESES. Eat oats, instead of wheat. Start there. Oh, and “exercise”, but not while you’re doing what you are now, cause you WILL end up living yourself a heart attack!

    FYI – these type of “hardcore” type diets more often than not, later lead to other metabolic imbalances, food allergies and intolerances… No more Weird Food Videos… Trust me on this one – I was wired shut for 6 weeks once, a lot of stuff I couldn’t eat then, despite liquid nutional supplements… been a couple of decades now and I still can’t eat a lot of stuff that I used to enjoy. It totally screwed with my digestion!

  33. Hi Joe,

    It sounds like SGU is coming along nicely for you! I am looking forward to seeing it now!

    I really like Bob Picardo! He seems like such a great guy. I get to meet him next month in Sydney! I’m so excited! I cant wait!

    I really feel for you & your sugarless time! Hope it works out for you!

    Take care & happiness always!


  34. Shawna said:I didn’t have any for two and a half months, then when I had one, it tasted so weird and rich. Like I was drinking liquid candy.

    Sounds like me and coke. I can’t drink it. I could easily give up sugar for 2 weeks, more of a savoury girl. Gave up wheat/rye/barley/anything with gluten 6 months ago and have never felt better. Heaps of energy and revoltingly cheerful. (Except when woken by my mobile phone at 1.30 in the morning, by someone who doesn’t speak english and doesn’t understand “You’ve got the wrong number.” Repeatedly. Tonight, I’m very tired and somewhat cranky.)

    I loved the way you kind of slid into frame for this WFPOTD, by the way. Quite slick. When you held up the bottle I did wonder whether it would be like chinotto. You can buy chinotto everywhere here – very Italian neighbourhood. And Greek. You can buy tins of dolmades bigger than your head. What’s Vancouver like on the multicultural front, Joe? Is it easy to get foodstuffs from different cultures?

  35. What are you drinking? I mean now that you are dropping a lot of your old intake routines for something hopefully healthier, what are you drinking? Just water?

  36. As to SciFi channels decision to air BSG separately ….

    In the first couple of years, it would have worked well I think that to have them run separately. However, after the last season of BSG, I know a lot of people LESS likely to tune in just to see BSG. A scifi series that is strange is good. A scifi series that gets strange just because it doesn’t seem to know how to wrap up the story is a different issue.

    As to Vegas …

    It didn’t surprise me to not see Teyla or Ronon in “Vegas”. While both are an integral part of the team now, they were first brought on board due to their relationship (rocky as it may have been) with Shepherd.

    If Shepherd wasn’t on the team, it would make sense that they were not either.

    I didn’t have a question for Rob Cooper originall, but now I am curious about his waffle recipe.

  37. How goes it on the SGA movie front?? You haven’t mentioned it in a few days. And just be careful about what and how you say things about the Sooners (hahum…my paycheck and all)!
    For Rob:
    Vegas was great! Quite an interesting AU. How did you decide to kill off the Shepard character at the end of the story? Was it just the opportunity to jetison the “lead” of the show, without really doing so in the usual universe, that moved you in that direction?

  38. I have a question for Mr. Cooper about Vegas.

    I was wondering about Todd’s speech in the show.
    Was his comment about the river being dried up a reference to either starvation, or – perhaps – the ‘river’ – the flow of thought from other Wraith – as being dried up? In fact, could you please explain any special revelance to any part of Todd’s speech that you might have had in mind when you wrote it. Thank you!! 🙂

  39. Hey Joe,

    Just curious. Why did ya think this WFPOTD would be sweet? I kinda thought it would be bitter since that’s what was written in bold letters on it. What has happened in your life to make you not trust the labels on food? 😆

    You’ll let us know when you start taping for the SGA movie though, right? Pretty please?

    @Tami: Yes, my Annabelle looks very much like that Fluffy Golden Pyrenees. It was very odd pulling up that website because I could have sworn it was MY dog on there at first glance. I need to see if Jeremy (my husband) put pictures of the dogs on his smugmug account. Then I’ll add a link here if I can. Your dog sounds totally awesome! I love all those breeds! I’m guessing your dog is more on the large side, too?

    @Dory… I mean Das 😉 : Annabelle (my Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix) is our *sort of* rescue dog. We consider her a rescue because her previous owner made it clear Annabelle wouldn’t have had a *loving* home if we didn’t take her. But Ziggy, our NEWEST member is straight from the Great Pyrenees rescue in my area! He was turned in to the rescue because his previous owner *didn’t know he’d get THAT big*. 🙄 Uh… the breed isn’t called GREAT for nothing. *sigh* That guy’s loss is certainly our gain. Ziggy is perfect. Totally insane. But that’s perfect for our totally insane family. And I loooove Dory, BTW. Can you speak whale, too? 😆

    @sparrowhawk: I took a peak at your website. What a beautiful puppy you have! Oh how I want to hug and kiss your doggie. I call them puppies their entire lives. So, yeah… beautiful puppy!

    @Deni: I’m so glad things are a bit calmer at your house. My sister’s german shep had seizures her whole life. It was always a balancing act with the meds. I understand how hard it can be to find the right dosage. I’m thinking good thoughts about your leg!


  40. Just wanna say thanks Joe for letting us comment among ourselves here, I haven’t been ignoring you. Best wishes with your diet adjustments and I appreciate you bringing on the guest bloggers.

    Well here we are at last, end of the TV serial Atlantis road. Yes I agree this has been a week of mourning, a weeklong wake for SGA on SciFi. But, what an amazing 5 year ride it’s been, thanks so much again to all of you behind the show who worked so hard and especial thanks to all the cast over the years. I think they were all class acts.
    While the series did veer from what I had imagined, like SG-1, I was willing to stick with it all the way because of my love for the characters and don’t regret doing so one bit.
    My fave seasons in order, best 1st: 1, 4, 2, 5, 3.

    Of course, SG-1 and SGA haven’t ended for me, there’s still more movies to come and I read all the MGM officially sanctioned as canon Fandemonium books, some of which have been outstanding in both story and character service.
    Because some of those writers have been women, I will applaud the addition of a woman writer to SGU. I think the perspective has been sorely needed.

    Enemy at the Gate, hope it’s a fitting end.

  41. Good morning Joe! How the hell are we expected to get anything done today? Screw it, I’m taking a shower, getting another cuppa and planting myself in front of the tv with the dogs. I’m happy we get the marathons anyway, it’ll be a while (I’m sure) before we can buy Season 5. You know you’re going to get inundated with comments tomorrow, don’t you? You poor man 🙂

    @wolfenm : thank you! Pup got through the night w/o any seizures and I’m still here! Enjoy tonight!

  42. I admire your adventurous spirit for tackling weird food purchases. I’m curious if you have a particular game plan for recovering from the unpleasant ones? Any drinks or foods that you have on standby to rid some horrid taste from your mouth after those weird food purchase gone bad experiences? ; )

  43. I just recently found this blog, and it was quickly become one of my daily web visits!

    I especially like the book club, seeing as I’m trying to branch out in my reading, but never know what to choose. On Basilisk Station was really great, and I’ve picked up Old Man’s War based on your appreciation of John Scalzi.

    If it’s not too late, a question for David Webber – First off, On Basilisk Station was fantastic and I am definitely planning on reading the rest of the books in the series! Did you do any research into naval tactics the novel? Or naval procedures and protocols?

  44. The script you are working on, is it SGU or the SGA movie?

    Today is a sad day, but I am excited about seeing what the very last episode is like.

  45. Hi Joe,
    Do you know whether there will be a sendoff from SGA to SGU, like in the beginning of “Rising” with SG-1?

    And, by the way, GO GATORS!!!!!!

  46. Hey Joe,

    This question is for you: Have you been keeping up with Deadpool and Darkseid? Deadpool has his own ongoing comic, and is featured in the Wolvirine movie by Ryan Reynolds. How do you feel about that casting call? Darkseid has taken over the DC Universe! He is turning earth into a new Apokolips by him and his gods conciousness overtakeing humans! It is some wild and tripy stuff! Grant Morrison is writing it. Have you seen it? It is Great!

    This question is for Mr. Mullie,

    1. Joe is a self described comic book villian fan (Darkseid, Deadpool, Doom, Mysterio, etc.), do you have any favorite comics, or characters?

    2. I know on the commentary for season 4’s episode “Prodigy” you and Joe Sang the theme song ya’ll had written for the show. Who really wrote it? or was it truly a collabrative effort. Thanks!

  47. I know from previous entries that you’re not a big fan of fruit. Or maybe that was as or with dessert. Meh.

    Anyway, I’ve been putting some thought into the forthcoming “bittersweet” announcement regarding the writing department. I’m going to guess that something you and Paul threw against the wall in LA may have stuck, and you’ll be leaving your full time posts @ Stargate. Staying on in an advisory fashion of course.

    Have a great weekend Joe. I’ll eat your share of the sugar. Go Birds!

  48. Sugarless… Wow. Myself, I’ve given up non-whole-wheat products, as well as white rice, pizza, hot dogs, chinese and any other kind of fast food (except the salads at mcdonalds), cheese, fries etc years ago… But sugar… no way!!! NO NO NO NO WAY!!!!

    I’ve quit since new year’s day. Decided not to pick up a new pack at the gas station, and mom’s quit now too so the temptation to grab a smoke at mom’s home isn’t there either. Not that I was a big smoker before, only a few cigarettes a day, but it was escalating.

  49. Hi again Mr M!

    Am away from base today and in an Internet Cafe!

    Popped into my local bookstore yesterday, and picked up a re-issued version of The Princess Bride (edited by William Goldman) very interesting. Any-hoo, while there, I succmbed to my occasional weakness and picked up the Official Stargate Magazine. I don’t buy this every month for fear my wife will leave me (she already thinks I spend too much time watching/talking about Stargate Related issues) It’s the 100 Episode Atlantis Special Edition – c’mon you gotta get it!

    Anyway, the reason I mention the mag, is on the last page is a Cast ‘n’ Crew photo Season 5…in the Atlantis Gateroom(actually three pics spliced together) As I’m sure you have seen this, you are there standing beside Marty G (in red t-shirt, fist in the air…not sure why?) I’m assuming it was taken during shooting of Vegas and Enemy at the Gate, judging by Mr Hewlitt’s attire (from Vegas I think)

    Anyway, look closely at the back line, near the edge of the ‘gate is our hero Carl Binder but just a few feet away (to Carl’s right) is a guy wearing a trilby type hat and is making a very RUDE gesture!!! Who is this guy?? Also, can you confirm that it’s Andy Mikita peering around the corner (look to the right of the picture!)

    Best to all!


  50. Just an FYI to my fellow McSheppers — contrary to what I’m seeing stated everywhere, Rodney *does* in fact refer to the medic in “Vegas” as a “her” at one point:

    “That field medic – the one you defied orders to go back and try and rescue. You knew her personally. You were … involved.”

    Sorry, folks, we can’t use that bit as “proof”! (And here I was thinking I was a bad McShepper for not noticing an “in” for that reality’s John being bi or gay. XD)

  51. Just wanted you to know . . . I will probably be in tears tomorrow night as I watch the final episode of SGA.

    But, at least Paul is back for this one . . . so that’s one good thing about the end.

    Bah, who am I kidding . . . I’m going to be very sad for a couple of days.

    **le sigh**


  52. To Wolfenm, The scene between danial and vala was SUPPOSED to have been that she had just lost a pregnancy, so says the commintary(spelling) on the dvd after the epi. I think? Yes i’m watching the sga marathon and have been ALL WEEK , even though I own all the dvd’s! Several times hubby has sat down with me and ended up watching several hours with me. His comment- ” and Why are they taking this off?” I totally agree! Sci-fi just showed 2nd part of danial jackson special- and saw the adapose challenged sheppered! Boy is he thin! .But still cute! ANNE T. Hope you are feeling better! Sheryl

  53. Sounds like the sugar-free thing is going well. Does this have a time limit? A goal or deadline?

    And here I am trying to get more fruits into my eating plan. If I do without complex carbs, I get lethargic; too much protein, I get wicked and edgy. There are so many foods I cannot have that I’m not going to give up any one group entirely. Everything in moderation works best. I’m going to go graze the sugar cube box now.

    Hubby brought home “All Natural Polenta-Guacamole Corn Crisps.” First time I’ve spit out food in ages. Bleck.

  54. I’ve never met Bob Picardo, but he does indeed seem like a class act. We will miss him too, at least until the movie.

    I still remember that scene with Woolsey in his quarters, listening to music, and wearing his suit. I honestly don’t know what it was about it exactly, but that was the moment where I fell in love with the character.

    Cheers, Mr. Picardo!

  55. Hey Joe.

    Before the show was cancelled, did you already know how you wanted the final episode to be (general storyline, etc.)? Is Enemy at the Gate somewhat the same as your original vision, or is it totally different?

    Thanks Joe!

  56. Hey almost forgot GO GATORS BCS Champs!!! Sister lives in Gainesville Fl. Both of our kids go to different University’s in Fl. Still, keep the bcs in Florida!!!bye, joe , sheryl

  57. coucou Joseph!! Sayer!! c’est le week end =)!!
    Lundi mon stage à la clinique commence, je ne préfére pas y penser.

    Je vais pouvoir enfin travailler plus pour la sgc!!

    Sympas la video, sa fait plaisir de vous voir :).
    Impatiente d’en savoir plus sur SGU.

    Gros bisou, bon week end!

  58. Is football in Canada like football in the U.S., or is it football like the football in Europe?

  59. Oh hey, how about we introduce the Wraith to Pod-people, then all the Wraith would still get to eat people, but they’d be vegetarians! lol

  60. Is there anybody that lives in Chicago area right now? I believe you guys are getting the Snow storm that is heading our way. Sometime this evening a snow storm is suppose to hit till Saturday night. We’re suppose to get up to 10′ of snow. Hey Joe, didn’t I say you guys can keep that snow in your area? Honest, you don’t have to share.


  61. Hi Joe,

    thanks for Picardo news, it brought a big smile on my face! Bringing him as a leader of Atlantis was a perfect idea. I’ll miss him a lot. And the other too…

    Anyway, don’t be too hard on yourself with “no sugar” and working out. Yup, health comes first…Just no cruelty 🙂

    –Answer: We have invited at least one female writer to pitch.–
    … Shiny! Reminds me that folks from D.Hewlett’s board started new SGA related RPG forum so you can always do some auditioning there 😀

    take care

  62. I wanted to apologize for not keeping up on your daily expolits, you see my new job is not quite as lax as my previous one. So I have to work extra hard to make it look like I’m working…unlike my previous place where I could blatantly goof off. Anyway, I think I’m just about up to date reading through the archives, and thought I should de-lurk for a bit. On an entirely different note, thanks for doing the book club. Though I haven’t yet made it to the discussions, I’ve been introduced to several new authors I don’t think I would have ever encountered. I’m anxiously awaiting anything new from Joe Abercrombie, and John Scalzi’s stuff has become instant favorites (I really want the sequel to The Androids Dream). Ok, enough rambling, back to work.

  63. @ Trish – I love how people get pets then give the whole ‘I didn’t know it would get this big’ excuse for getting rid of the animal. They see the puppy, they want the puppy, but they don’t take the time to find out FIRST what they might be getting themselves into. So many irresponsible people out there, and not just those who buy the animals, but those breeders, etc. that are just in it for the money and don’t care who the pass the animal off to, or what condition it’s in when they sell it.

    As far as your question goes, well…I only speak wail. 😉 I’m afreared I’ll be doing a lot of that tonight. I can’t even bring myself to watch the SGA marathon this week – too depressing. Not sure how I’ll feel tonight. Not because the show is ending, per se, but because…well, you know why. Let’s just say it has to do with injustices.

    @ Joe – You are worrying me about the writing team changes. I would be sad to see you and Paul leave, that’s for sure, but I’d also miss the others, too. I first thought of Alan, because I just equate him with good Wraith stories, and – well – no real need for that now, is there? Not that he can’t write other stuff, though. 😉 Then someone suggested Carl, and another suggested Marty (elsewhere)…but for two to leave at the same time, well…I keep coming back to you two. The fact that you were lamenting about your writer’s block over the holidays made me suspicious, too. Then, with Paul coming out of hiding to mingle with the fans, all sorts of red lights went off. Can’t you just put us all out of our speculatory misery and tell us what’s happening, or do you have to wait for things to be ‘official’? It’s terrible to tease us like this during Atlantis’ last week, our hearts are heavy enough!

    I guess most would like to feel some sort of behind-the-scenes continuity between the two shows, with everyone carrying on as usual for at least a season or two. But now – wow – I guess if there are major changes in the writing department, Universe WILL feel like a totally different animal…which may be good for bringing in new viewers, but not so good for long-time fans who are used to things as they are.

    Ugh. I really can’t wait for Saturday. 😛


  64. Hey Joe Good Luck on your no suger diet I could never do it I love sweets too much.

    For Rob

    I just want to say thank you for creating Vala Brad has informed the fandom that Vala will not be in the third movie and some of us are very dejected and disappointed will this be a permanment move or is there hope for Vala fans for future movies after the third one?

    For Paul

    Thank you for talking to us first off and my question for you out of the all the regulars characters on Stargate and Atlantis which one was the hardest to write for and who was the easiest?

  65. OMG! No sugar, carbs or fruit! Not that I care about fruit, but carbs too. I would just shoot myself.

    Was that Weird food purchase sugar free or taped before the sugar fast?

    Sad that tonight is the final night. Have been going home for lunch to watch the marathons and have instructed family and friends not to bother me between 8pm and 10pm.

  66. @ Deni – glad to hear it! 🙂

    @ Trish ~ W00t!!

    @ Sheryl ~ Thanks for the info! I thought as much, but I ficced it a little differently ….

    @Ava ~ Ahhh, if only they *could* get writers that way. XD Course, despite being a squirrel myself, I’m actually RPing for SGA elsewhere, so I guess it’s moot ….

    Reminder: I’m hosting a “Goodbye to the ‘Gate” virtual party tonight at 11:10 PM EST …


    Hopefully my review of “Vegas” will be up at PinkRaygun.com this evening, before the final ep airs. XD

  67. My site at http://www.abbaskarimjee.wordpress.com [copy-paste link if clis hosting a discussion which is scheduled for 9:00pm -10:00pm during the live debut of Enemy at the Gate.You can share your thought ,feelings and anything else on the episode during the discussion.

  68. Hi Joe,
    Just catching up on your post since I’ve had company in town. So Happy New Year! Good for you giving up sugar! That’s on my to do list! Seriously, as soon as my company is gone, which will be Monday!
    Thanks for the link to the Macbook Wheel. I laughed non-stop through the whole piece & immediately sent it to my brother who is so like the guy who said “I’ll buy anything if it’s shiny and a Mac” LOL
    Read Mr. Wrights responses to our questions. Thank him for me for taking the time to do it. I know many of the questions were rather pissy, including mine. And I really have to watch out for those typos.
    Well, tonight is the finale. Don’t know what to say except thank you again for all you hard work on a great series. I don’t know what I’ll watch now.

    For Mr. Cooper:

    Thank you for creating Rodney McKay! He is my favorite character in Stargate and I believe I have you to thank for him. since he first appeared in an episode you’re credited with. So my questions are:
    1) Is he based on someone you know, met or just an archetype?
    2) When he was first conceived/constructed, did you think he would be a one off character (48 Hours) or were you planning on using him down the road as well (Remdemption1 & 2)?
    3) I’ve read that the studio (and you and Brad?) didn’t want McKay for Atlantis. What changed your mind (if’s it’s true you didn’t want the character) & how did you change the studios mind?
    4) By my count, there have been 4 AU versions of Rodney (Moebius, McKay & Mrs. Miller, The Road Not Taken & Vegas). And I would argue that the McKay in 48 Hours isn’t the McKay we see in Atlantis, how could he be? How could you have a main character with no redeeming qualities? Anyway, even if you argue that the 48 Hours McKay is the same as the Atlantis McKay, it is far more versions than any other character has had. Why do you think Rodney lends himself to alternate versions?
    5) I especially loved the banter between Rodney & John. I found their friendship to be quite sweet since I know they would never have been friends if it weren’t for the expedition. Was it your intention from the beginning to have these two become the Jack & Daniel of Atlantis?

    Thank you for Atlantis, thank you for SG1 and thank you for taking the time to reply.

  69. wolfenm, isn’t that 2:10 am this morning sat. est ? Don’t know if i can stay awake, but i will try! What about you joe, will you be there? sheryl

  70. Another reason to not like this date in history very much…

    I just took Allie to the doctor. Her wrist is hurting her. The doctor sent us to get x-rays. 🙄

    And now we play the waiting game. Possibly all weekend.

    Hopefully Allie has carpel tunnel and NOT a fracture. She needs her wrist to play in the music festival in February. I’m freakin out a little bit. Yes I am.

    @Das: That is EXACTLY how I feel about breeders and people who buy dogs without the research. I remember being around 8 or 9 and my mom took us to the library to learn about Great Danes. We all wanted one so badly. So we read and read and read about them. It’s how I was raised. And I could NEVER breed dogs. For one thing almost NO ONE would ever be good enough to take my babies home. And another, I know I’m sorta an idiot and would be so worried about messing up the breed.

    @Deni B: Sooo glad your dog is doing better. Here’s hoping the seziures will be under control from here on out. And I hope your leg is better. Clots are so scary! And I hear they are painful.


  71. Joe! Wow, I’m really impressed. Just finished watching Enemy at the Gate and wow you’ve really outdone yourselves. I admit I wasn’t always a fan, but this last ep did the whole series justice.
    I loved that you were able to include Becket, Carter, Paul Davis (!!), Walter and even the whole SGC. Even a mention of Gen O’Neill! It sort of felt like Lost City, which to this day is one of my top SG eps of all times. And I don’t mean just the battles/drones, more the epic feel to it all. I’m surprised you managed to this in one ep and not make it feel rushed.
    Brilliant ep and a wonderful send off to Atlantis.
    I wish SG1 would have gotten something similar instead of Unending.
    Great work and thank you!

    I d’ld the ep but waited to watch until to day when my American friends will get to see it too. Feel free to approve after it aired on Scifi or not at all. I really just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it.

  72. Hi Joe!

    For Rob:

    1. What prompted the change in style for “Vegas”?

    2. Did you really film inside the Planet Hollywood Casino? It didn’t look like it but then again I haven’t seen every inch of the casino. What, if any, filming did you do in Vegas? And where?

    3. Did the actors have any input on the music choices? was that all you? a magical happenstance?

    4. I liked the darker edge this episode seemed to have, along with the myriad of other things I loved, do you think the perceived “darkness” comes from the fact that there was more violence? (I don’t think so. There really was no more violence/death than any other ep) Or because it was set on Earth and not in space making it more real and believable? Or perhaps because this AU you created in this ep seemed so hopeless and downtrodden?

    5. Was “Shepard” killed in the ep? I would LOVE it if he died! Not that I want Shepard to die or anything, I just thought that cutting his hand off in Remnants was such a brilliant dramatic move and then killing this Shepard would be another one!

  73. @wolfenm – Hey, your party is at the same time of the second showing 🙁 Why don’t you do it at midnight? Betcha everybody will watch it twice! If you make it midnight, I’ll be there!

  74. Hi Joe!

    How’s it going? Thanks for the info on Robert Picardo. He’s so cool. 🙂

    *sigh* I’ll be downloading EatG tomorrow morning, as soon as iTunes has it available. *sigh* As my hub said, “All good things must come to an end,” but I wish it was coming to an end next year!

    Still, I have the SGA DVDs to keep me company and S7 of Buffy to amuse me through my short moping phase.

    *mope* *mope*

    The one bright spot is the SG-1/SGA movies and yes, even perhaps, quite possibly SGU. 🙂

    Oh! Here’s a happy thought! 24 premieres on Sunday! (says the fickle fan)

    All the best! I’ll check back in after watching the *sniff* SGA series finale *sniff*.

    Take care!


  75. Hi Joe,

    You know you don’t need to go on a diet right? Your great just the way you are 😉

    But if you feel you need to, just spend your time on GateWorld! I lost some weight since I’ve been there lurking and posting…GateWorld the next great diet plan and it’s free! 🙂

    @Trish – /
    Your donation will help to save lives!! That one unit of blood that you donated will be split into – Packed Red Blood Cells, Platelets and Plasma. The Plasma may even be further split into – cryoprecipitate, albumin, and Factor VIII.

  76. @Trish – Looks like we’ll ALL have a better weekend than anticipated (except for the Atlantis thing)! Elway’s seizures are about as under control as they’re going to be, every 2 or 3 months we go through this. No matter how many times it happens though, you never get used to it and it’s always really scary. Somehow, I manage to keep it together to administer meds, but lemme tell ya, I’m shaking afterward! Glad to hear all’s well at your end!

    JOE, will you be joining wolfenm’s virtual party later on? Come on…

  77. Hi Joe,

    Another night of mourning at our house for a “final” episode. I can’t wait to see it, but it will surely be bittersweet. Like many others, I’ve sated myself this week with the SciFi SGA marathon and I have to say, it’s been great. So thank you for 100 fabulous episodes and 5 great years, and here’s to more than one SGA movie on the horizon.

    On that note…if you were a betting man, would you put money on the SGA and SG1 movies being released in ’09 or is 2010 a more likely target?

    *off to ready the popcorn and set the DVR*


  78. Chinotto is awesome.

    Being from Fremantle which has a high percentage of Italian population, we get treated to lovely continental stores full of Italian goodies!

    Yum… the bitterness of it just enhances the refreshment.

  79. @ Deni
    SO glad both you and Elway are still in the clear. (Hubby named him?) Stay well, especially this weekend, what with weather, etc.

    I was afraid one of the departing writers was going to be Carl (still am), but Das, now you’ve got me worried about messieurs Mallozzi and Mullie. You’re right, there was the Cap’n’s angst before New Year’s, the distinguished Paul Mullie’s de-cloaking… And now the Cap’n’s fit-and-trim-in-a-hurry regimen makes me worry. (Yes, Joe, you can laugh at us for being silly, and for rhyming inappropriately.)

    God love ya, mon. Ya better put us out of our suspense as soon as decently possible. Well… God love ya, for all the great writing we’re about to see come to fruition tonight.

    A ce soir. (See ya later this evening.)

    P.S. Who are you watching the show with?

  80. @ Trish ~ Glad Allie’s wrist isn’t broken! Give her hugs from me, okay?

    @ Sheryl — I don’t understand what you mean? It’s 11:10 EST — just ten minutes after the airing of Sanctuary’s season finale on the East coast (where I am — I’m in Florida), on Sci Fi. That would be 10:10 Central, 9:10 Mountain, and 8:10 PST. Uh, I think. (We only have 4 time zones in mainland USA, right?) Unless you’re in the UK?

    @ Deni — I’ll likely still be in there at Midnight EST — 11:10 is just when it *starts* 😉 It’s a little late for me to push the scheduled start back now. XD

    And the review of “Vegas” is indeed up. 🙂

  81. Another quick question for RC Cooper if it’s not too late…

    How long did it take for Neil Jackson to get into that Wraith makeup, especially the torso makeup. Tattoos on the back??

  82. Oh man….30 minutes till SGA’s finale and my cable goes out!!! 🙁

    Also, I can’t get on to GateWorld, anybody else having problems or is it my computer?

    I’m really hating it right now!

  83. Hey, Joe.

    I was curious about the tablets used in SGA. I have the Motion Computing LE1600. I was wondering what information you could provide on the ones used in the show. I believe they’re M1400s, or 1300s, they both look alike. Many of them use bump cases. I wondered why you decided to use them, what Windows is used, and the programs McKay may have on his. Anything else about them would be much appreciated.

    I hate to see SGA come to an end, I’m watching the marathon on SciFi as I type this.

  84. I hope I’m not too late to submit a question for Mr. Cooper!

    I absolutely loved Vegas! It’s definitely one of my top 5 fave eps. The soundtrack was fantastic, every song fit perfectly. I was curious about one thing in the ep: Both Rodney & Radek are wearing wedding rings and they fight like an old married couple. So, my question is, is it being insinuated that they are married to each other?

  85. Oh, and I totally forgot!

    Thank you, both Mr. Mallozzi & Mr. Cooper (and all of the cast and crew) for 5 fantastic years! I’ve enjoyed this series more than I can say and, while I’m sad to see one chapter ending, I look forward to the next.

    Now get crackin’ on that SGA Movie script! ^_^

  86. I have my mom watching the finale in the US for ratings. I can’t wait to see it later on tonight hopefully. 😀

  87. @ for the love of Beckett – I’m not sure if Joe laughs at us, or just rolls his eyes. A LOT.

    I’m watching Vegas right now, depressed out of my skull. Really, I am ready to be put out of my misery. Get the show over, and let me get on with my life! 😆

    Ahhh…EatG…and Todd…looking so much better now. Love him…and I have a really bad feeling about this… 😛

    Well, Mr. Das is on his way home from work…which means I have to rewind, and all of that. Then Sanctuary, then the news. I might be back, I might not…all depends on how much of a bummer the evening proves to be.


  88. Just heard Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s baby has arrived – Congrats to Jason!

    Here’s what I found on the baby’s name:

    The name is pronounced Na-Ko-Ah Wolf Mana-Ka-Ooh-Ah-Po Namma-Kay-Ah-Ha Mo-Moa, a Hawaiian source told Access Hollywood.

  89. I’m baaaaaack!!! I’ll recap the holiday a bit later. I just need to get in some questions for Rob & Paul. Hope I’m not late.


    Bravo on Vegas. That was quite likely the best episode of any Stargate ever. I cried.

    1. Did the episode turn out exactly as you had imagined? Or better? What was the spark that developed into Vegas. Was it a scene or an idea?

    2. How did you do the escalator scene with the wraith? That was an interesting technique.

    3. Was the chase scene difficult to choreograph?

    4. Do you prefer to direct your own scripts, rather than have someone else direct? I guess you don’t end up quarreling with the writer.

    5. How did you decide to link Vegas and Enemy at the Gate? I saw them in reverse order so the payoff for me was in Vegas and it was mind-blowing.

    Thanks for creating Atlantis.


    Thanks for taking the time to venture out of hermitdom into scary fan world. Kudos on Enemy at the Gate. You made me cry.

    1. Is there a question you’d like to ask us? Absolutely anything.

    2. Did you approach writing the last episode like any other?

    3. Which Atlantis character do you most identify with as a writer and personally?

    4. Will the Atlantis movie pick up where EOTG left off?

    5. Who has the bigger office, you or Joe?

    Thanks for all of you hard work on Atlantis.

    Cheers, Chev

  90. @Das,
    I KNEW you’d start hating Shep again while watching this one!
    This is a bittersweet nite, so long Atlantis!

  91. @ Hachi – So far, it’s not inspiring me to stick around for the movie. I mean – Sheppard wants to kill Todd, why? Because he stirs stuff up a little? Gimme a break!

    It doesn’t help that hubby is running late from work, so I’m watching this alone (me and the computer, that is), and so no one is around to help me see reason…lol.

    But it is so draining to love one of the best characters the show has created, knowing that in every episode he’s marked for death. I really can’t take much more of this, and – for that main reason – I, like a lot of other Wraith fans, are almost glad the show’s over. It should be fun for us, but it just keeps getting more depressing, especially this second half of the season.


  92. Paul Mullie is sooooo bad!!!!!! First it’s Ronan, then the team, then the city!!! How wonderful to see the entire Stargate team at the end. And landing in essentially my home town (I “grew up” in the Snata Clara valley).
    For Paul:
    I would love to hear about the spin session for this one. How did this story come to fruition??? What was the beginning idea for this story? How did it morph into what we saw tonight?

  93. Thank you for not killing Todd. Yet. At least, I don’t think you killed him…

    Dammit. I need a hug.


  94. Mr. M,

    Will you and Fondy watch tonight’s episode? Does it even show tonight in Vancouver?

    Please share your bitter sweet thoughts about tonight’s LAST episode with us, your loyal fans?

    This Hail and Farewell is dedicated to all the cast, crew, writers, producers and directors at SGA…this last night of original episodes. It will be greatly missed. You ALL have done a wonderful 100 episodes. Congratulations to everyone involved!

    I will miss SGA!
    ***sniff, sniff***

    Well Done!!!

    Patricia Lee

  95. @Das,
    Since there are an infinite number of realities out there in the Stargate universe, can you be comforted by the thought that somewhere, somehow, the positions are reversed, and Todd is getting his revenge on Shep as we speak?
    I still think the dynamic of the relationship between Todd and Shep is one of the best ever created, I wish it had gone in the direction of respect and friendship, like I had hoped when I first saw Common Ground. I still think they are the same character, just different species. Maybe in the movie?

  96. Two thumbs up on the finale!

    Had all the little touches and the appearances from all the part-time characters we love. Special thanks for including the reference to General Hammond. Although most Stargate fans never personally met Don we felt as if we knew him and it was an appropriate way to remember him.

    The episode had me expecting a different ending between the chair blowing up, Ronon and no mention whatsoever of Teyla’s baby. I suspected an alternate universe involved. I don’t know why exactly – the description of why the chair was moved was all too plausible given today’s international political climate.

    The actual ending had all the heart that Stargate has provided through the years …. “saving Earth never gets old” after all.

    I don’t know that if was intentional or I was just imagining it, but I felt a slight nod to Star Trek in the final scene.

    Overall, I would say it was among the series better episodes and I felt even a bit more ‘Stargate-ish” than the SG-I finale.

  97. Hachi wrote: “I still think the dynamic of the relationship between Todd and Shep is one of the best ever created, I wish it had gone in the direction of respect and friendship, like I had hoped when I first saw Common Ground. I still think they are the same character, just different species. Maybe in the movie?”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I was so ready for a ‘friendship’ of sorts, not the constant dishing out of threats and stuff. The threats just stagnate the relationship, and nothing moves forward. The tension could remain, just in another form – without death always being on the table. Oh well…like you said, maybe in the movie, but I doubt it.

    As far as AUs and all of that, that’s fine…but I would still like things to work out in ‘our’ reality, just ’cause.


  98. Just saw Enemy at the Gate. AMAZING episode. Loved every minute of it. It’s sad that Atlantis is over now, but at least it went out with a bang.

    Just a quick question about the ending. Did you pick San Francisco to be the landing spot as a tribute to Star Trek? Since San Francisco is the capital of the Federation?

  99. Wow, you’re really going all out for this sugar-free thing aren’t ya? I could never do it myself but I totally applaud your commitment Joe.

    Ah Bob Picardo….I miss him and the entire Atlantis Cast already and we don’t get the finale until Tuesday here in the UK. 🙁

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