Moose sausage
Moose sausage



 In the past, as part of the ongoing Book of the Month Club discussions on this blog, I’ve given away prizes to random participants. Lucky winners have received signed books, magazine subscriptions, and signed scripts (among many other things). But, next week, those taking part in our discussion on David Weber’s On Basilisk Station have a shot at some truly impressive swag compliments of Baen Books. How impressive? Well, according to email I received today from the ever-pleasant Laura at Baen:

“We’re sending you two sets of Weber/Baen gift bags, which are sturdy black and red Baen logo tote bags that zip up and are filled to the brim with all of the Honor Harrington books, plus a Baen water bottle, and a Storm from the Shadows galley and bookmark.”

And to those of you who haven’t been able to track down the book, Laura points out that it’s available for download from the Baen FreeLibrary, here:   

Free Library? How does that work? Well, author Eric Flint explains the concept here:

And yes, Laura assures me, it really is free!

Well, I was on a bit of a roll today. I almost completed the Wray-Young fireworks scene coming in at a whopping two full pages! I celebrated by sampling some of Gaffer Bruno “Fish On!“ Bittner’s home made moose sausage for lunch. Delicious! Brad and Rob were in and out of conference calls all day. Paul is still working on the outline for the second half of the mid-season two-parter. And Carl finally received notes on his script. Next week, we hear our first freelance pitch.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners whose triumph in suckitude handed the Florida Gators last night’s game. For a while there, I feared that they were going to snap their 4 game Bowl losing streak. Perhaps realizing as much, they abandoned the straight ahead running game that had racked up the big yards up to that point in favor of lumbering sweeps as soon as they got to their opponent’s goal line. I agree with Carl. The Sooners and fellow Big Bowl Patsy Ohio State should be barred from further bowl appearances if, for no other reason, the sake of their fans.

A little mailbag:

PG15 writes: “Water? I might as well just start the Gateworld thread about Brad Wright’s 104: “Fire” then. Heh.”

Answer: Pretty much, yeah.

PG15 also writes: “what’s happening with episode 9 of Universe? Any development on that yet? Have you guys gotten a writer for it yet?”

Answer: Rob mentioned the fact that he’d like to spin it soon. Probably next week.

Ganymede writes: “At the very least, EAT FRUITS!!!! They DO contain other things that are vital to your survival like various electrolytes, etc. Try the better ones like blueberries, tomatoes [yes, it is a fruit! And high in lycopene, although surprisingly not as high as in watermelon!], kiwi [has potassium, you need that], oranges.”

Answer: I’m still eating cherries and avocadoes.

ShadowStep writes: “What are you drinking? I mean now that you are dropping a lot of your old intake routines for something hopefully healthier, what are you drinking? Just water?”

Answer: Besides green tea, I generally drink water.

Trish writes: “Just curious. Why did ya think this WFPOTD would be sweet?”

Answer: I was kidding.

Johnny E! writes: “Have you been keeping up with Deadpool and Darkseid? Deadpool has his own ongoing comic, and is featured in the Wolvirine movie by Ryan Reynolds. How do you feel about that casting call?”

Answer: I think Ryan Reynolds would make a terrific Deadpool. I’ve heard about the new comic series but haven’t checked it out (Joe Kelly’s run on the first series ranks as one of my favorites of all time). With regard to comics – my interest in them waxes and wanes. Every few years, I’ll stop by my local comic store and pick up every title. As the weeks progress, I’ll drop those that don’t interest me until, eventually, I’m no longer reading anything. Then, after a year or two, I’ll repeat the process. Come to think of it, I believe I’m due.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Anyway, look closely at the back line, near the edge of the ‘gate is our hero Carl Binder but just a few feet away (to Carl’s right) is a guy wearing a trilby type hat and is making a very RUDE gesture!!! Who is this guy?? Also, can you confirm that it’s Andy Mikita peering around the corner (look to the right of the picture!)”

Answer: Yes, that is Andy Mikita. And, are you kidding with regard to the individual making the rude gesture. If not, it’s none other than Jason Momoa.

Sheryl writes: “joe pick up the chestnuts!!”

Answer: Got them early this week and had some. Very tasty!

MaggieMayDay writes: “Sounds like the sugar-free thing is going well. Does this have a time limit? A goal or deadline?”

Answer: I’d like to see if I can go two entire weeks.

Davidd writes: “Before the show was cancelled, did you already know how you wanted the final episode to be (general storyline, etc.)? Is Enemy at the Gate somewhat the same as your original vision, or is it totally different?”

Answer: When the script was written, we didn’t know we were about to be cancelled so Enemy at the Gate was intended as a season finale, but a special one given that it is our 100th episode.

fathercrow writes: “Is football in Canada like football in the U.S., or is it football like the football in Europe?”

Answer: More like American football with a fatter ball and, as someone once put it, “a field the size of a cow pasture”.

Lindagagne writes: “Was that Weird food purchase sugar free or taped before the sugar fast?”

Answer: Yep. That was mom’s basement in the BG.

StellaByStargate writes: “On that note…if you were a betting man, would you put money on the SGA and SG1 movies being released in ‘09 or is 2010 a more likely target?”

Answer: If I was a betting man? 2010.

145 thoughts on “January 9, 2009: Swag! Sausage! Sooners! And the Mailbag!

  1. Well, that just may be enough incentive for me to read the BOTMC book this time. Maybe. If I can cram it in. At least I finished The Giver last night, though (and now have the irresistible urge to write the ‘what happened next’, which I’m sure I would have been assigned to do had I read this in a sixth grade lit class like most people).

    Also, regarding comics, I tend to lapse for a while, then get really into certain ones. If you watched the Buffy and Angel series, both of those shows have been continued on in comics (called Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall). As in, full-on canon, overseen and sometimes written by Joss himself, not the typical spin-off stuff that has nothing to do with the actual people involved in the show. So, they’re pretty good, as you might expect from Whedon. Also, I’ve been enjoying the various Marvel Zombies comics, for some reason I can’t quite describe, because I find zombies to be quite freaky. Maybe it’s just because I find them slightly hysterical, in a really morbid way. Like when Zombie!Spider-man eats Aunt May and Mary Jane, then some random superhero pops in the window and is like, “Dude, what are you doing?” and he’s like, “I can’t help it! I’m hungry!” Or when Wolverine goes to slash at someone with his claws and the force of it rips the decomposing flesh away from his adamantium-laced bones and he just looks annoyed. Or when the Hulk… well, I guess that’s actually enough to get the idea across. The Civil War storyline from a few years ago was also very interesting. Super-people are told to register their powers and work for the government, or face the consequences. Some of them aren’t keen on that idea. Chaos ensues.

  2. I sequestered myself in my own bedroom to watch the final episode.

    And wit less than 15 minutes left to go until the end . . . I am not a happy girl right now.

    How could you?!?!

    **small cry**

    Oh . . . you are so lucky! Lucky I tell you!

    You’re just lucky it wasn’t Beckett! I would have to hurt you if you did that again! :-p

    Nice ending you. Thanks for all the memories . . . SG1 and SGA.


  3. Hey, Stargate: Atlantis just ended. One thing I noticed: What is Sun Tzu? A new Deadalus class, Chinese maybe? Why haven’t we heard of it before?

    NICE episode, maybe a little too quick though. Would have worked better as a 90-minute ep.

  4. Tonight’s episode was fantastic! I was thrilled to see Atlantis return home, but I wonder what her role will be now.I cannot wait to see the film!

    Sorry for the spoilers for those who have not seen it yet!

  5. Oh, forgot this one! Are the newly casted Universe team members gonna be shown to us this week or not? 😛 I’m waiting anxiously.

  6. Hi Joe, Enemy at the Gate was effing FANTASTIC. I cried (thought you’d really killed Ronon and after Data died in Star Trek “Nemesis”, I wouldn’t have doubted it for a sec), I laughed and I actually clapped at the end. Way to go (and way to go out, too)! Thanks so much for 5 fabulous years! I’m sad to see it go, but happy it ended so beautifully. By the way, I really loved the reference to General Hammond – nice touch.

  7. Ohio State Football game day at my house usually tends to be a big thing with my entire family. Everyone but me pretty much graduated from OSU…My family is a very superstitious lot when it comes to watching football. If OSU scores a touchdown while my Gran is in the kitchen, then she’s usually barred from leaving the kitchen and returning to watch the game. haha.

    In fact, I think I learned all the slang in my vocabulary from hearing them watch the game when the Buckeyes are sucking. I’ve never heard the word suckitude though. lol. Nice one.

    OSU did win a Bowl game not too long ago. It doesn’t matter as long as they beat Michigan though. I still get the OSU/Michigan game from my Aunt even though I’m in Australia right now. haha.

  8. I think Gateworld went down again! Just in time for the big finale!
    Bet Darren is pissed.

  9. Atlantis just finished, how sad that it’s over. I want Teyla to be able to be with her son.

    The staff and actors did a wonderful job with this series kudos to you all. I will be looking forward to Universe.

  10. I just watched ‘Enemy at the Gate’ and I was very pleased. A fabulous way to end the series after the lackluster ‘Vegas.’ If the series had to end, that was definitely the way for it to go out. Great work on an awesome episode!

    I had a quick question that I haven’t seen answered elsewhere. Now that Atlantis had its splashdown on Earth, and even though it’s under a cloak there was the gigantic fireball seen by the “commercial radio traffic” people, will the people of Earth be told of the Stargate program? If not because of that battle, when then? Will they ever?

    Any insight given into this would be gratefully received. Oh, and good luck on your sugarfree journey. I could never do it, I’m too closely tied to the Pepsi running into my veins by IV.


  11. Oh wow, guys. Everyone at Stargate Atlantis, that was awesome. Five great seasons. You deserve a standing ovation…hope a virtual one will do for now.

    Enemy at the Gate:

    Kavanaugh!! HAHAHA!

    Todd — at the top of his game. Atlantis being a “respite.” The “you know how to talk to me” and that laugh! And that “Will there be a next time?” I hope the Todd fans are happy, he got a hell of a send-off. (Temporary though, right?)

    So nice to see Amanda Tapping again.

    The re-naming of the ship to General Hammond. I don’t quite have the words. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Sheppard, ready to sacrifice himself, as we know he would. Very fitting that he and the team went back for Ronon, too. We know well by now how he hates to leave anyone behind.

    Flying that whole city of Atlantis to Earth and landing it in the Bay. Talk about full-circle for a series. (Not to mention over the top effects!)

    Amelia coming to walk Ronon out to the balcony. Woo hoo!!

    The whole team looking out over the Bay. Loved it.

    Thanks, everybody. Thanks so much. We had a great time.

  12. Oh yeah, GO GATORS! I live in Gainesville, my daughter went there for her BA and her MBA, and my son will be attending soon 😉

    @ for the love of Beckett: No, I named Elway – used to be a Broncos fan in the good old days! Hubby’s a Dolphins fan, the poor guy.

  13. Oops, sorry about that Joe, wasn’t thinking and couldn’t contain myself…

  14. Hey, New to your blog but man is it a little crazy to follow sometimes…. I like it. And the finale was amazing, if not a little rushed however. I am looking forward to the movies. Thanks for an amazing 5 seasons of SGA and 10 of SG1.

  15. WOW!!!!!!! Now that is the way to end a series!!! I really hate to see Stargate Atlantis end before its time, but Enemy At The Gate was a fabulous send off. It does makes me wonder, though, what direction season 6 would have taken if Brad Wright hadn’t decided to shoot the series in the back. *sigh* I’m really going to miss my weekly Stargate fix. :-/

    My thanks to you, Joe, and everyone else who has had a hand in bringing us 15 seasons of the two best sci-fi series on television for many years.

  16. Sir I would like to inform you that episode made me physicaly sick due to the sence of lost it created.. not that it was a bad ending or anything it was an all around great show and every last one of you did a very great job.

    Looking Forward to Universe and hoping you are well


  17. I just wanted to express my deep gratitude and congratulations for an entertaining show. I’m definitely going to miss it and all the characters I have grown to love. It was a thrilling ride!
    Thank you!

  18. It is a very sad night. Although Enemy at the Gate was a fantastic episode, it was still hard for reality to hit (which hit for everyone involved with the show a while ago I am sure). There are very few shows I will dedicate my attention too and Stargate Atlantis is one of them. I will miss it.

    My daughter only threatened to hit me 3 times when I moaned and groaned and wanted to cry. She reminded me of the season 1-4 DVD’s I have already and all of them on Itunes as well (SGA travels to hotel rooms with me on vacation, I plug in the earphones and fall asleep to it, lol). I reminded her that this meant no more 20 episodes for us fans. Yes, there is the movie. I’d like to say movies, but I am not sure I have too much trust in tptb for that.

    So, thanks to all involved with the show actors, producers/writers, crew, directors and just everyone who helped to make the show what it meant to me.

    Another question for Rob Cooper for “Vegas”
    A curiosity questions;
    The cut under det. John Sheppard’s left eye, we saw it but it was never really shown how he got it. He went from not having it to it being there. Was the cut meant to be there? Were we to assume he had a run in with a bookie before getting to his office? Or, did Joe Flanigan get the cut and no one bothered to cover it up?

    Thank You Paul Mullie for a great episode, Enemy At the Gate. I love your writing, it always seems to be quite believable or it could be that I am just in a fog while watching especially tonight.

    Question: One of the last scenes that has Todd and John in it, can we take from what was said that perhaps Todd and John will meet again in the movie? They are just great together (I like John and Rodney together too).

    Ok, I am off to sulk a little more………………..

  19. Overall a nice solid episode, it had some really good moments and I did enjoy it. I had a great time watching it the first time so please bear that in mind when you read this. This is one of those episodes, however, that, the more I watch it and think about it, the more I find to be picky about. Which is just the opposite of Vegas, with that one, each time I watch it, I love it more. Although I got a kick out of seeing Beckett fly Atlantis, it kind of diminished Shep’s “specialness” again, about which I am always unhappy. EatG would have benefited a lot , IMO, if it had been a two parter, as it did feel a bit rushed, and there were not many good team character moments. I could have done without, say Brainstorm or Tracker, and had the extra episode to really expand the character interactions more (and maybe do some more explanation about the Wraith ship and the wormhole drive). After all , we may never see them again, barring the movie, and I’d have liked to see the Team aspect of SGA spotlighted..
    I also REALLY AND TRULY did not like the very ending scene. Come on, the entire 5 seasons boils down to Rodney and Keller love? (I don’t believe for a moment that this relationship will fare any better than Rodney and Katie’s did). That should not have been the very last thing we are left with; it should have been something about how the Team has bonded and changed the universe. Because the Team’s adventures were what the show was about, not the soapy stuff. It cut Rodney apart from his Team, who have been his true and stalwart friends throughout the series.
    I would have liked either to see just the 4 of them, Shep, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon on the balcony, or, if you wanted the other characters there, have had Zelenka and Lorne there and Marie and Chuck. They have been with the show as much or more than Banks and Keller, and deserved a last good bye.

  20. Don’t understand why you didn’t comment on the last episode. Moving on already?

    The show was very good, if not alittle rushed. Will be a nice lead in to the movie.

    Are the ratings in yet for ‘Vegas’?

    Thanks for a wonderful SGA ride for five years!

  21. @ Joe & Shawna – Right now, I’m reading two Iron Man titles (main & Invicible), 3 Wolverine titles (main, Origins, First Class), X-Force (black ops X-team with Wolverine as leader), a couple Wolverine-based minis, and every one-shot that comes out featuring the hairy little fart, not to mention Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers…soon to be reading the new Dark Avengers…and then I try to keep up with most of the ‘event’ stories…just finished up Secret Invasion, and now going into Dark Reign, and Manifest Destiny, and Ultimatum…oh, and there’s X-Men Noir, and soon Wolverine Noir – really looking forward to that – and, oh! How could I forget! Mice Templar and trying to catch up with Kabuki, and I grab the occasion Daredevil now and then, and…hey!

    Who says I don’t read??!!

    Joe – why don’t you just switch to trades? That way, you get the entire story. If you like the X-Men, the recent Messiah Complex story was pretty damn good. It’s in hard cover now, I think.


  22. Pardon the second post, but I forgot to add a few things in the emotion of the moment. :-/

    This comment contains spoilers for Enemy at the Gate, for those who haven’t seen it yet!

    *******SPOILER SPACE*********

    The renaming of the Phoenix to the General Hammond was a really nice touch and a wonderful way to remember Mr. Don S. Davis in the series. It made me tear up, and I’m not the type to cry over something in a work of fiction.

    Despite the fact that I’m a dyed in the wool McShepper, I really do like what being with Jennifer has done for Rodney. He has been growing as a good human being throughout the series and definitely has refined trinium (well, okay, at least good steel) in his spine these days, but I think being with Jennifer has helped to settle him a bit more. Of all of the characters in Atlantis, I’m going to miss him the most.

    Lastly, I really love that Atlantis touched down in San Francisco Bay! It made me giggle a bit at the nod to Star Trek’s Starfleet Headquarters, even though that may not have been your intention.

  23. Thank you, Joe, and the rest of the cast and crew for five great years of Atlantis.

    I liked how Unending was just about the main SG-1 characters but in Enemy at the Gate, you threw just about everyone in (even if only for a few minutes). I can’t wait for the movies, and I’ll even tune in to SGU when it airs.

    I think I need a moment now, to let reality sink in. I can’t believe it’s over…


    Hi Joe – Since SGA had to end at its 100th episode it was a good way to go out – on a high note. There was the “oh my god” when Ronan was stabbed and the “oh gosh” when the team overheard Sheppard telling SG Command that he was ready to nuke the Wraith. Overall a fine episode. It was very touching to include such kind words for General Hammond and remembering the great contributions of Don S. Davis.

    Final scene was so great with the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Thanks for 5 great years – wish it was 10, instead. Looking forward to more DVD movies! Many thanks to the whole cast, crew, writers, producers, etc. etc. for their dedication to creating a high quality series.

    Here’s a few questions for Mr. Rob Cooper:

    Todd said that only his subordinate Wraith and hive, in our reality, received the coordinates to Earth, from the Wraith in “Vegas”. Was this due to just being in the right place at the right time? Any chance another Hive picked up on the same transmission, though it was weak signal?

    With Atlantis back on Earth, what repairs need to be done to get it up and flying again?

    By its very presence on Earth, is there any chance that Atlantis could introduce a Pegasus-type bacteria or virus into Earth’s environment that could cause a serious worldwide health problem?

    Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

  25. Hey Joe,

    I enjoyed the finale but it felt a little rushed; why not a two-hour show? Also, the promo for Universe before the credits was a huge faux pas in my opinion. Why rub salt in the wound?

  26. das —

    Holy crap. There’s no way I could keep up with that many. For that matter, most of the comics I read, I either get trade paperbacks (I’ve got the first couple from Wolverine Origins, which I need to read), or just back issues, with only very few (Buffy, Angel, and whatever Marvel Zombies stuff I spot) that I try to keep current on. And even then, I fail miserably. I just recently acquired the entire run of Exiles comics (such a great idea, and AoA Sabretooth is a just plain cool), and various other AU, What If?, and those sorts of things. I also recently discovered a deep and abiding love of Nightcrawler, so I’m trying to get more of the ones with him, too. It’s weird, though–as much as I love AUs, I kind of detest the Ultimate comics. It’s probably because of the way that it seems to be usurping the ‘real’ Marvel universe, especially with how the third X-Men movie was utter crap largely because of how, I think, it pulled more from the Ultimate universe than from Earth 616, for some baffling reason. Maybe once the Ultimate universe comes to an end, I’ll go back and read some, once I’m sure that it won’t completely change what I like about 616. I will just mention, though, that my favorite AU, and my favorite universe-wide storyline so far is the Age of Apocalypse. I think I’ll need to find the Messiah Complex TPB, as well as some of the House of M ones (I’ve got one or two already).

  27. Like some curmudgeonly fan used to say in all the old sports flicks, “We was robbed!!!” SGA and its fans should’ve had a two-part finale. I enjoyed what I saw; it just seemed like it went by too fast to do proper homage to one of the best sci-fi TV series I’ve seen. Guess I should be grateful we’ve got a movie to look forward to, just like when the poor, deprived Firefly fans had to settle for Serenity for our last fix. (Killer movie, as I trust SGA will be on the big screen. And naturally, I blame Skiffy for all of this. [I’m sure you’re relieved.] )

    As many others will be saying or thinking, for you and all the crew and cast, thanks for the memories. The spouse and I will show our gratitude more tangibly when we get the *sniffs loudly* final season DVD.

  28. Hi Joe,
    I have five very important questions for Mr. Paul Mullie:

    No.1. Why did you write Sheppard as being so horrible to Todd in Enemy at the Gate?

    Todd doesn’t deserve it at all, he has suffered in many ways: frequent loss of his own hive ships, nearly dying from radical treatment, so he could stop feeding on humans and even changing into stupid clothes (why a black T-shirt underneath? that was cruel to us;))
    He has saved their lives (Infection), helped in the war against the Replicators and has just handed them the ZPM’s to save Earth!
    I expected a little hostility between them, but Shep went too far. Like the line “To be honest, I didn’t think you were going to live!”
    Just as well Todd’s above all of Shep’s hot air and didn’t react to any of it.

    No.2. WHY did you not show us so much as a glance of Todd’s feeding hand. We want to know if he was restored fully by the bug or just partially?
    Please tell us, does Todd have a feeding hand in EatG??

    No.3. Thankyou for leaving Todd’s story unended because I’ve been praying for him to be in the SGA movie. This is now a strong possibility! Right???!!!

    No.4. When Sheppard called Todd “Todd” at the beginning, did Todd not hear him? Or if he already knew, are there deleted scenes somewhere that show him first finding out what Shep named him? Can we please have this and lots of other yummy “Todd” deleted scenes on the Season 5 release? and can the release also please be available on Blu-ray??? (For the UK-Aus market as well as the US)

    No.5. Can you please scrap SGU and make SGW instead?
    StarGate Wraith! We would love that, but Christopher Heyerdahl has to be in it, as Todd.

    Thanks heaps,

  29. I about had a heart attack during the finale tonight. I was ready to start balling…chanting to myself that there’s no way you guys would do that…

    Oh, are you guys so lucky that you didn’t…

    Well, now that I said that…I loved it. Definitly was worth to be the last epi. Although, I am sad to think about how fantastic season 6 could have been…with the city on Earth for a while.

    Season 5 was amazing. I was a little scared when I heard who the new commander would be, but I love how you transitioned Woolsey into a great commander. And Robert Picardo is always great. I am looking forward one day to meeting him at a convention.

    And…totally guessed the Amelia interest. I actually do agree with Jason when he said it would be a better choice for him. The fangirls are going to go crazy with that scene at the end.

    My emotions still can’t work themselves out yet. I’m sure it will hit me a few days, that Friday nights will never be the same again. But I’m still way too excited with how this epi ended.

    And totally way too excited with that little SGU thing at the end…I was actually hopping up and down like crazy. What can I say, my life wouldn’t be the same without a little Stargate…so looking forward to this summer…

  30. oh yeah, and I did nearly cry when I heard the name of the new ship…and interested as to where the new SG1 movie may be going…

  31. @ Gen – It’s hard to figure out us Todd fans. 🙄 We love Todd, love what Chris does with him…the character just keeps getting better and better and he was in top form in this episode. But at the same time I try to protect myself a bit because the constant threats of death are really wearing on me – you just can’t allow yourself to love a character marked for death. It’s like…well, like seeing a gun held to the head of someone you really care about, week after week, not knowing which time there will really be a bullet in the chamber. So I’ve tried not to feel too attached to Todd during the second half of the season…trying to distance myself, numb myself…prepare myself for his death. That’s why I joke so much about him, and the Wraith in general – make them a big dumb joke in my head, then I won’t care when they get killed.

    Doesn’t always work. 😛

    So, I have mixed feelings about tonight’s ep. I want – really need now – for something good to happen to Todd. I always wanted him to take control of the Wraith and find some way to co-exist with humans, while still being a danger but not necessarily an ‘enemy’. But clearly the Wraith will always be marked for death, and the gene therapy failed, and so…yeah, that’s no good now. So, the only other thing I can hope for is for him to find a way to live with the Lanteans, even if it means abandoning his own kind. But I don’t think that’ll happen either. So, yeah…right back to feeling depressed over the whole thing, so shutting up now. (repeat after me – ‘it’s only a show, it’s only a show…’ 🙄 )


  32. *sigh*

    I may be in the minority, but I liked “Vegas” better than E@tG.

    The tribute scene (avoiding spoiler) was cute (can’t think of a better word), but felt incongruous/artificial. Frankly, I would have preferred a memorial dedication in the titles.

    Finally, if Colin Cunningham’s character recurs in the films, PLEASE promote “Davis” to LT COL. He’s long overdue by the standards of both series canon and real life.

  33. A fitting end to the show, though I was hoping for one teeeeny little scene. Namely, Zelinka or McKay ‘accidently’ dropping the shield as Atlantis floated off the coast. Otherwise, the cameos/appearances by various recurring cast was nicely handled, the story was engaging, and I actually cried out and cheered at a couple of points. When my mind is less awhirl I’ll write a more detailed review/critique I think.
    Meantime, I’ve tried to come up with a few questions for Mr. Mullie. I believe you are accepting them now? Anyways, here goes. Mr. Mullie. When working on a story/script, what is your approach to it? By which I mean, do you take a starting point and run with it, or decide on your climax or punch line, and work backwards? As half of a working team, what do you feel are your strengths in the partnership? Do you have any pet projects you like to work on on the side? If and when your involvment with the Stargate franchise comes to an end, what would you consider to be a “dream job” to move into? Thank you VERY much for participating in the blog.

  34. Dear Joe,

    Happy New Year buddy and what a great episode Enemy at the Gates. Thought it was a great way to finish off the great series of SGA. Still got tears in my eyes. However I have a question concerning the story line:

    So how many Zpms do we have now? Is it still three from Atlantis, one in the Odyssey and another in the chair of Area 51. Or was the later destroyed along with the chair.

    thanks buddy

    By the way, during my trip to Vegas I have to say my top three restaurants were: L’atelier de Joel Robuchon, Alex at the Wynn and last but certainly not least Fleur de Lys the Mandalay Bay

  35. LOOOOVED enemy at the gate. Like OMG love!

    List of goodness:
    AH Ronnon!
    General Hammond *sob*
    Atlantis Vs Hive
    Special Effects of awesome-ness
    And the last scene was so great.

    SO hopefully that didnt give away any spoilers for ppl who havent seen it yet.

  36. 2010??? Doesn’t that really suck?

    Yes. I believe that does suck. It sucks something fierce. Can’t we crank that estimate back a few months?

  37. The new 304, formerly to be called The Phoenix. Is the ship’s new name General Hammond (as many websites call it) or is it the George Hammond (or the George S. Hammond)? The latter fits in more with the realworld seafaring vessels.

  38. Joe,

    Thank you for that amazing finale. Great way to say goodbye to an amazing show. I was honestly on the edge of my seat with my heart pumping. Who needs exersice?

    I will miss my Friday nights spent in Atlantis.

    I would love to ask a question of Mr. Cooper but none come to mind and since I don’t want to ask somthing inane just to get my fake name in the blog please just pass along to him that I loved Vegas. I like that a risk was taken to make somthing so “alien” to SGA. I enjoy a good homage now and again and Vegas was a great one. Fantastic editing and lighting that really set it apart from any other episode. Loved the music and costume choices. I think what I liked best was the choice not to have the Wraith say anything. He had such an incredible physical presence in the role that lines weren’t needed and would probably have detracted from the performance.

  39. OK…did Beckett ever get out of the chair?

    Sugar be da**ed, I’m having a couple glasses of wine after finale night tonight!

    And, free or not, after the wine, I now have to figure out which format the Mac is compatible with…..I WILL read this book!

  40. Enemy at the Gate just aired.

    Goodbye SGA. Thank you for a wonderful 5 years. Wish you had been around for 5 more.

    We’ll miss you.

  41. Thank you, Joe, for writing the perfect final episode of this wonderful series. And please, give Paul a hug… you know, in a manly sort of way. Your collaboration brought so many years of faithful viewing to a pleasant and fitting conclusion.

    BTW, “will there be a next time”?

  42. Do I have to mention that there are Enemy at the Gate spoilers here? Well, there are.

    I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed the finale. You nearly had my daughter in tears at one point, but you redeemed yourselves in the nick of time.

    Todd was at his amused and amusing best. He seems to get such a kick out of toying with Sheppard and their scenes together… priceless! He knows they are always going to be at odds, but that once in a while, their courses run parallel. “Live Grenade” indeed!

    @gen: Yes, gen, this Todd fan is quite pleased. Even though they did leave us hanging ….. the stinkers!

    Well, it seems I do have a question for Paul Mullie after all:

    First, thanks for stopping by and agreeing to take questions. Nice job with Enemy at the Gate! I really enjoyed the episode: action, epic battles in space, daring rescues, suicide missions, and most of all – Todd! He did have a lot of the best lines and he brings out the snarky best in Sheppard. Zelenka’s sudden revelation of the new drive was a bit of a stretch, but it was nice to see him saving the day for a change.

    Question: That final scene with the Golden Gate bridge reminded me of the scene in Star Trek: The Voyage Home, one of the most fun of all the Star Trek movies, in my opinion. Mere coincidence or did you toss it out there for the geeks like me in the audience?

    Joe, life has thrown me yet another a curve (my son may be leaving the college he is currently going to and we are scrambling to line up an alternate plan), but I will get some thoughts together for the “On Basilisk Station” discussion. The swag is good incentive.

    And is that “notify me of followup comments via email” a new feature, or have I been inattentive?

    @das: Girl, you have an insatiable appetite for comics!

  43. Joe I forgot to comment on your blog…

    I too agree that OSU should be banned from further bowl games. And yes I am only saying that because I come from 3 generations of Michigan Alumni.

    Is there any reason you are over looking blueberries as an exceptable fruit? They are wonderfully good for you. I too am trying to loose some weight. I started last October and have lost a total of 28 lbs. My ultimate goal is to loose 120 lbs. (I’m a big girl right now.) I too cut back on my sugars but left in the complex carbs. I’m in love with flax seed bread. If you ever get the notion I can send you some loafs after your 2 weeks are up. It’s just as squishy and wonderful as white bread but breaks down better than wheat. It’s also awesome with a little bit of Halibut and dilled dressing.

  44. I’m a writer and a fan of the SG series going back, what, 12 years? I pounded my fist in frustration as the plot’s broken bones showed in ‘Enemy at the Gate’ which should have been a cliff-hanger.
    To your credit, the dialog, and SFX for the first 85 percent of the script you were forced to shoot because of…them…were damned fine. As good as any in the SG canon. You played your audience like a violin. That was one hell of a send-off for a series that should never have been canceled, and as a fan and a writer, I tip my hat.

    I almost think of the SG characters as family (and as a writer, I see that every one has untapped depths), and would love to do a script for SU; I have ideas that I would like to explore, but obviously need to know the context. NDAs are fine — no objection — so If there is a writer’s guide, I want a copy (I assume you can get my email from your blog software).

    If it interests you, I’m also a David Weber fan and have lived in the Honorverse as long as you’ve been doing SG. I like what he does. We are both influenced by Heinlein (Hard SF with strong characters–no Trek-Speak), so there are far worse models than DW — though getting his material, especially the later books onto the small screen would be a challenge.

    There is, as you well know, a similarity between what Weber does and you do on SG, and that is (over the life of a series) creation of characters so well shaped that they become like family for the reader or viewer. Fans invest themselves in your characters and in David’s — a sign of gifted writing, and a gift to the viewer too — and the loss of one, like R tonight, bites deeply. To me, that is the difference between worthwhile reading/viewing and trash. If TV series characters do not become family, the concept and scripts are fatally flawed — it’s obvious that you know that. And obviously, as much as I respect him, it’s why Strazinski’s follow-ups to B5 failed; he was betrayed by casting and character.

    I don’t want to say more here, but would appreciate a back-channel email address so we might talk.

    I am attracted to the serialization approach, but my ideas might fit better in season two. I expect a lot of establishing shots (as it were) in season one, and hopefully no ‘monster of the week’ stuff. Got enough of that in X-Files.

    Sorry to go on, but I only decided to write on the spur of the moment. No first drafts for such as this.


  45. Hi Joe

    Awesome episode.

    Question for Paul

    Now that Shep has saved earth does he get the metal of honor just as Mitchell did in avolan part 1. Also wouldn’t that merrit a promotion finally to a full bird colonol.

    What would have happened if Shep got to the chair on time.

    Love it and thanks for making the hero of the show the hero of the last episode. Loved the way they went back for Ronan and that they were all willing to die to save earth


  46. As a Penn State student and fan I have to totally agree with Ohio State being blocked from any future bowl games. Although I can’t really say much since we pretty much played a craptastic bowl game too. However, the fact that Ohio State lost as well (and that we beat them in the regular season) does help a little.
    Awesome final episode! I absolutely loved it and actually got to watch it with my family for a change. It seemed very fitting for the last one, but I’m still sad to see it go. Thanks to everyone who helped make the show possible. It was a great run!

  47. So, you crushed Angel island and most of Tiburon.

    Bummer about Angel Island.

  48. No SGA movie until 2010? Really? Does that mean not filming until 2010 so a possible even later release? It’s all over, I guess. Too bad. (Don’t mind me, I’m a pessimist by trade).

    The end of SGA? Cast looked good, some great moments with the team, some fun familiar faces (Major Davis isn’t promoted yet?) and curious to have the city on Earth. A bit of an opportunity there, no doubt. For a minute there I thought you were plunging into the dark side with Ronon. I imagined this blog ablaze with activity. But then he was saved. Also fun? realizing that the universe in Vegas didn’t interact with our universe. Instead, they encountered a different universe with a similar self-sacrificing Sheppard. Apparently the guy has a hero complex in many universes.

  49. Joe
    I’m pissed, pissed, pisssed, oh yeah, did I mention Pissed that SGA is now over. Tonight’s episode is the reason it shouldn’t be canceled. Well that, the peoples choice award, the huge fan base, the great potential, the fabulous scripts and actors, and well BECAUSE IT’S TOO DAM SOON! Ok I’m done now. I hope everybody knows that this show rocked and should not be going away. Stupid Sci-Fi, MGM, PTB. UUUrrrggg. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Once again life slapped me in my face and chucked me off a cliff. 🙂 Thanks for all your work on SGA.

  50. Hi Joe,

    I know Atlantis the series has been over a while for you and that the movie is still very much a part of your life. But for me it just ended. I must admit I have some very mixed emotions. On the one hand, after months of dread, there’s finally some closure and I feel I can move on. And on the other hand I’m going to miss those characters terribly, especially the core team. Kudos to Paul for taking on the daunting task of writing the series finale. He did a fine job and should be very proud. I wish I had something more unique to say than what I’ve said before but I don’t. So forgive me for repeating: Thank You to all the people who worked on Atlantis. You are truly a class act.

  51. An online library? Free reads? I could CRY!!! That link makes me so happy 😀

    EatG spoiler warning!!!

    1) I loved seeing Amelia Banks there at the end with Ronan! Can we pretty please see more Dex-Banks action in the movie? Preferably action of the kick-butt sort?

    2) How did Atlantis manage to land without causing a massive tidal wave? Especially since Beckett had lost control?

    3) Why does the hive ship’s hull protect the ship from a nuke on the outside but not from the inside? (The inside of the ship would be obliterated, but the hull should remain as intact as it would have been if the nuke had been detonated from the outside, right?)

    4) Was there more about the “wormhole drive” that was cut out? What exactly constitutes a wormhole drive?

    5) How does the person in the ancient weapons chair know how much power is left?

    6) The projected landing spot as shown by the computers in the SGC showed Atlantis landing in the north Atlantic. But wasn’t that the Golden Gate Bridge they were looking at in the last scene?

    7) Why not make Sam the permanent commander of the SGC? She’s certainly qualified!

    *Shep is awesome… I think I’m in love 🙂
    *Amelia Banks looks *very* different with her hair down!!! And she is also awesome.
    *I think I heard Sam slip into a teensy tiny little bit of an English accent there… is AT perhaps channelling Dr. Helen Magnus 😉
    *Good to see Lorne… I absolutely love Kavan Smith’s acting!
    *Ronan dies: “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Commercial break fight: “well… they *are* on a wraith ship, maybe one will bring him back” “no way, that’s so predictable.” Ronan gets his life back: “YESSSSSS!!! But wait, how’s he gonna get away?” Ronan gets rescued: “Awesome. Wait. How did they know where to find him? Didn’t they think he was dead?”
    *Hey it’s Major Davis!!! Cool!
    *The General Hammond. A fitting name for Sam’s future ship. I wonder if SGIII will take place on it???

  52. thanks for the link to the book wish it was sooner but hey i’v been known to read a book quickly.. tried to get it from library but it was out.. darn.. i will definitely give it a go… this will be my first time participating.. so far what i read it looks good..

    i have to pass on my thanks for five years of atlantis.. i recently got my sister hooked..

    i’m looking forward to universe..

  53. Hi Joe,

    Said it privately (ish) and will say it now.


    Kudos to you and to Paul; tight, fast-paced, exciting episode and it gets better with each viewing.

    Looking forward to SGU and SG1-3.


  54. @ Shawna – And I probably missed some! 😛

    I started out as a Wolverine fan, and he is still my favorite. Sometimes the other books get into too much technical mumbo-jumbo, which loses me at times. But Wolverine I understand perfectly. For as much as he thinks he’s an animal, he’s really about the most human out of all comic book characters, ever. I’d love to sit down and have a beer with the guy someday…well, if he was real and all. 😉

    I’ve enjoyed Origins, but it’s not everyone’s cuppa. A new character was introduced in the story, and I really like him…I won’t spoil it for you, though. He’s pretty cold…loved the way we got to meet him. I have a 4-ish arc that I need to read regarding this character – I’ve been saving it for ‘special’ – and hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    Anyway…back in ’07, I took Wolverine Origins #5 to Wizard World Philly and had Joe Quesada sign it. Well, Joe Q signs really big, so I asked him to sign it small, on Emma’s butt. 😀 It’s a beautiful cover… I love it so much I even framed a slightly larger print of it (caution, really crappy cell phone pic!):

    So, when I had my minute with Joe Q, I asked him about this new character, he helped me out with the name (it’s Japanese), and – well, it was nice having the op to tell him how excited I was about the guy. Dan Way is the writer, and at the time I was moderating Marvel’s forum, and I was able to arrange to do a Q&A with Dan Way about the book, and that was a bit of fun, too. But I stepped away from that – moderating the forum was okay, but too time consuming. It was a nice experience, however…not the first forum I modded, but it was the first corporate-owned one, and so the rules were a bit more strict than most.

    And I am so rambling…

    Anyway – lots of good books out there. In fact, I really should be reading them right now, and not sitting here, pecking away at the keyboard…


  55. Oh, and I almost forgot:
    To Joe and the rest of the writing/producing team, the cast, crew, and everyone else who came together to give us 5 great seasons of Atlantis: thank you so much for the laughter, tears, inspiration, escapades, and pure entertainment!
    @tm: While a recent convert myself (by SG standards I’m such a newbie… I first got addicted to SG-1 13 months ago), I also recently converted my sister, who in turn converted other people. For one such person, EatG was his first new episode… imagine that! He watched the marathon this week though, so he got his money’s worth out of it, haha!

  56. Hi Joe,

    I just finished Enemy at the Gate. What a great way to end the series, these final two episodes have been fantastic!
    Very nice touch with naming the ship the General Hammond, that was unexpected and such a nice tribute to Don S. Davis.

    My problem with this show was what the hell did Major Davis do to not get promoted in over 10 years?

    Thank you for your years of hard work on both SG-1 and Atlantis. I hope you stick around for a while on Universe if that’s your choice, I really enjoy your writing style.

  57. sigh…snif…
    The finale is so final. It was brilliantly done – writing, acting, everything. Very wonderful tribute to Hammond.
    This episode had everything you could possibly sqeeze into an hour; well the time allotted with commercials, and all. Thank you for bringing Atlantis and her crew home.
    Loved it and now soooo sad because it is over.

    THANK YOU to all who made SGA!
    And, thanks for a wonderful 5 years for SGA, 10 for SG1.

    Now to patiently await SGU. Need chocolate!

  58. @ Shawna – I forgot to say that I liked the Ultimate U, especially in the beginning. Wolverine was wicked in the beginning of that book – some really good stories early on, and it was my favorite story for a long time.

    @ Sparrow_hawk – I have an insatiable appetite for comics because no one ever stays dead, not even the bad guys! Oh, how I would LOVE for a Wraithy comic book!! There is that brilliant one on deviantArt – VERY entertaining! But I’d love to see one that’s a bit more serious, and more true to the show.

    So glad you were able to enjoy Todd so much! I just can’t let myself love the guy too much, it’s just too painful. I know I’ll feel a little better about the ep tomorrow, after I’ve had a chance to digest everything, and after I’ve watched Todd’s scenes again. But right now, I’d rather talk about Wolverine…



  59. das —

    What an interesting cover. I like Wolverine okay. He was my brother’s favorite when we were kids. I’m totally excited about the upcoming movie and hope it doesn’t suck. But I tend to prefer slightly more complex characters. Not that Wolvie’s not complex in his own way, with his backstory and all. I loved, in the first, Origin story, to discover just what he was like as a kid. That was hilarious and awesome. I most love when characters turn out not to be quite what you might expect them to be by looking at them, or when what they were in the past is vastly different than what they are now–and finding out what the reason is for the change. That’s one reason I love Nightcrawler. The whole ‘looks like a demon’ thing provides a wonderful juxtaposition to the fact that he’s one of the most religious characters in the Marvel universe. Especially when one considers that he is, in a way, actually part-(other-dimensional)demon. And when one considers who his mother is, and the fact that she’d tried to kill him to save her own skin, and the persecution and prejudice he’s gone through because of how he looks… I just love it when characters who by all rights should be evil are good anyway. It means that those characters that don’t have such good reasons have simply no excuse for being evil. Which is one reason, I suppose, that I wanted Michael, or at least one of the wraith somewhere, to be good. For one, to prove that they can be, and two, because by doing so it would justify the way that the Lanteans treat the rest of the wraith (sort of), so that I didn’t have to be so annoyed at the good guys. … Of course, one could say the same thing about Wolverine, being good when he could justifiably be bad. He’s just more of an anti-hero, I suppose. And Nightcrawler’s also funny because he generally has a very upbeat disposition, unlike the perpetually grumpy Wolverine. Actually, I love the interaction between those two. They’re different, yet similar, and I think they compliment each other well.

  60. Very good final epsiode. Really enjoyed the action and most of all TEAM feel of Enemy. I loved that John Sheppard got to be the hero and we got lots of him. Nice scene with he and Sam remembering Gen. Hammond. Too bad Brainstorm couldn’t have been killed so we could have had a two hour finale. I really, really, really wish the show would have ended with the team as the focus on the balcony, of the 4 heroes together looking ahead to going HOME to Pegasus. I am sick to death of the McKeller garbage, still not believable and Rodney is not better with her, and wish we wouldn’t get slapped in the face with it. Thanks to Paul for making it a Keller lite episode. I love the Todd-Shep scenes throughout, “John Sheppard, you know how to talk to me,.”, and am happy that you left the last scene with them open. I appreciated Woolsey asking Teyla and Ronon if they wanted to stay and the end when Ronon said he was home. Loved the team interaction throughout. I appreciated that Enemy didn’t feel nostalgic or melancholy or like an ending, but rather a beginning to get back home to Pegasus. I can’t wait for the movie. Please, please, please make it team centric with lots of Sheppard McKay snark. Please, I’m begging, no McKeller at all. Any chance they will have had there inevitable break up by then? Thank you for John, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon! I will miss SGA more than I can say.

  61. Mr. Mallozzi,

    Wow, what an impressive episode! The series finale/100th episode was everything and more than I hoped. I’m sad that the series has ended, but I am so glad that you and the rest of the cast, crew, writers and everyone were able to put out 5 good years. Kudos to you all, and Thank You.

  62. Very sad Atlantis is over. Really gonna miss it. All in all, I was kinda let down by the finale. Not because it was a bad episode. I felt like the least Sci Fi could have done was give the show 2 hours to finish. It was all just *bang* *boom* action and hardly any character stuff. Keller was barely there. How fair is it that Amanda Tapping left the show and got more to say and do in the finale then Jennifer did? I’m sure some are happy with that fact, but not me. And after all the McKay/Keller build up, we get a “glad I have you” and a shoulder squeeze. Wow, pitter patter goes my heart…

    Okay, I’ll admit that I’m still bitter that the show is done. If this had just been the season finale, I’d have thought it was terrific.

    Guess I’ll just have to hope for a little resolution in the movie(s) for some of the issues I have.

    HOWEVER! I do want to thank the whole cast and crew for 5 fabulous seasons and I know you all worked very hard to bring us this show every week. I know none of you had anything to do with the cancellation and I really look for ward to more adventures with the crew of Atlantis. I’m pretty curious to know what happens now that the city on Earth.

    Good luck with “Universe”. I haven’t been following what’s going on with that series and right now I have no intention to start. We’ll see what happens.

  63. Shawna wrote: “I just love it when characters who by all rights should be evil are good anyway. It means that those characters that don’t have such good reasons have simply no excuse for being evil. Which is one reason, I suppose, that I wanted Michael, or at least one of the wraith somewhere, to be good. For one, to prove that they can be, and two, because by doing so it would justify the way that the Lanteans treat the rest of the wraith (sort of), so that I didn’t have to be so annoyed at the good guys.”

    EXACTLY! Are you listening, Joe… 😉

    Of course, I don’t see the Wraith as evil, just as a species hell bent on eating…kinda like, oh…I dunno…Mr. Mallozzi?? 😉

    What I like about Wolverine is probably what you don’t like – with him, what you see is what you get (mostly). Main problem with him is that he’s in EVERYthing, and sometimes the character suffers because of it – over here you have the writer who’s portraying Wolverine as all claws and bubs, and over there you have him as the gruff ol’ mentor, trying to teach kids how to fight, without them turning into killers like himself…then getting all angsty about it when they do, trying (rather unsuccessfully) to drown his sorrows in beer. He isn’t as complex as Nightcrawler (who is a great, and underrated, character), but I think Wolverine is about the most honest out of them all, and because of it some of his complexity goes unnoticed, simply because he is all right there in front of you…his soul exposed for all to see.

    If you ever get a chance, pick up The Brotherhood (Greg Rucka/Darick Robertson) arc…it’s in TPB. THIS is the Wolverine I love…and there is a beautiful scene between Logan and Kurt at the end.

    And on that note, I’m off to bed. I’m sure Sparrow_hawk will convince me not to be so gloomy over Todd’s mistreatment and fate…so maybe I’ll feel better about things tomorrow.


  64. Other than that mckiller part at the end, it was a wonderful episode. I really liked it, thank you all so much for 5 wonderful years!
    So looking forward to the movie !!!!
    To Pegasus and Beyond!

  65. Okay. So. I feel like I should observe a few minutes of silence or something…………..

    You guys did great on the last ep. It was rushed, but there was a lot to cover in 45 minutes. And seeing as this was the last ep, I’m glad you got it in. A few heart-stopping “Oh, no they’re NOT going to do that” moments. The whole Atlantis to the rescue thing was great. And it was great ending with a team adventure and appearances from so many of the recurring characters. And yes, McKeller. Yeah!

    Yep, Season 5 was the best. And I miss SGA already.

    Well, it’s official – I just cancelled the Season Pass for SGA on my Tivo. To 5 great years of entertainment….BRAVO.

  66. J
    Vegas doesn’t make any sense to me. The wraith wants to feed, contact his hive and get off the earth. Why does he leave his kills out in the open for stargate command? Why does he go to a casino? He’s on hundreds of video cameras in the casino. How does he get invited to a private game? How does he talk without someone noticing his voice? If he needs money why not kill a pimp or drug dealer? No one would care. The wraith was putting himself in a position to get caught.

  67. Hi Joe,

    Just as I suspected…it was great–so great, in fact, that I totally forgot it was the last episode until the final shot, when it hit me that my Friday nights will never be graced by the tales of Atlantis again.


    I’m not sure 2010 can get here fast enough.

    A few questions for Paul…

    Nice call-back to General O’Neill–is there some reason why Jack himself didn’t take command of the Ancient Chair Platform (aside from the fact that he’d probably have been killed and therefore pretty much ruined the 3rd SG1 movie)?

    Sam looked very comfortable commanding the SGC. Was there any backstory in your mind as to what she’s been doing to occupy her time since her return from Atlantis or how long it will be before she assumes command of TGH?

    Will there be a dovetailing of the events from EatG with the 3rd SG1 and the 1st SGA movies–I guess what I’m asking is, were there specific beats you needed to have in the episode with regard to the characters and technology (including the ships) to set up the subsequent storylines?

    Thank you!


  68. Outstanding!

    Standing ‘O’!

    Take a bow, Messieurs Mallozzi and Mullie. “Enemies at the Gate” was a laugh-out-loud, hold your breath, gasp-out-loud, tear-jerking, cheer-out-loud exhilarating ride. It should have been a two-parter!!! There was enormous story in it and it was very strong. With the further development, it could easily have been a feature film realeased in theaters. I so wish it had been!

    What’s more, it was a worthy equal to “The Rising,” a fitting bookend to a marvelous adventure about characters we love. (Using present tense, in anticipation of the movies to come.) In “EatG,” Atlantis’ journey came full circle, ready to start another arc. You did it, Joe and Paul. The story was not only satisfying, it was right. And you gave it the perfect close: the team filtering out to line up on the balcony, a visual tribute and honor to the series, like “manning the rails” in the Navy.

    I can ditto many things others have already said, or will say. Here’s another of my favorite “full circle” – and character – moments.

    Just as Carson Beckett was the first team member to sit in the Ancients’ chair, he was also ‘the last.’ In “The Rising,” the medic we laughed with accidentally set off a drone that nearly killed Shepherd and O’Neil. In “Enemies at the Gate,” the decisive doctor we love flew the massive ship that was Atlantis itself. This time he successly launched a crippling barrage of drones at the monster of all Wraith hive ships.

    Another favorite: we got to see Atlantis FLY!!!!
    And it was thrilling!

    NOW can we get the flying Atlantis T-shirts? Like the one Marty was holding in the picture posted here on the blog?

    Thank you will never be enough to everyone involved in the creation of Atlantis over the years, but…

    Thank you!

  69. das —

    Of course, I don’t see the Wraith as evil, just as a species hell bent on eating…kinda like, oh…I dunno…Mr. Mallozzi?? 😉

    Haha! Aw, they’re not evil, just hungry. Now, I can totally see the what you’re saying, but I also totally understand the point that humans must defend themselves against people who want to kill them. It’s like the people (and they do exist, somewhat to my astonishment) that think that, if a mountain lion strolls on into town and starts picking off small children, it would be wrong to kill the animal because “we encroached on its territory”. I see it as a similar situation as the wraith and the human response to that. However, it’s when it got more complicated than that, when we started getting glimpses of the wraith as more than just monsters, when issues like trust and betrayal got involved, that I started feeling a lot more sympathy for the wraith. And anyway, like I sorta said, just because someone’s perfectly justified in acting a certain way doesn’t mean that I don’t hope they’ll react in a better way.

    I see what you mean about Wolverine being “honest”. I can see the appeal of that. There are actually other characters I like for that reason. Maybe I just find his eternal gruffness tiring. I’ll definitely have to keep a lookout for that TPB.

    B Angel —

    Other than that mckiller part at the end

    I do hope you meant McKeller. Because the only thing I can think of for McKiller is McKay/Miller, and that’s just all kinds of wrong.

  70. Thanks to Paul Mullie ( you have pretty eyes ) for a great final episode. It was a nice conclusion bringing Atlantis to earth. I enjoyed all the cast standing out on the balcony on earth in the end. If gives the movie a place to start. Where do they go from here? Do they fly the city back out? The only scene I did not like was were Woolsey was telling Teyla and Ronon they could split now if they wanted to. It was like telling an adopted child your not really a part of this family.

    So, I have a few questions for the lovely and talented Mr. Paul Mullie:

    * Would you have preferred a 2 hour finale like most of the fans wanted?

    * Did you come up with the name the “General Hammond”?

    * Since you ended the series on earth, will the movie start on earth?

    * Mallozzi said you wrote this episode yet he got credit also. How does your writing partnership work?

    * Mallozzi referred to you as the “Howard Hughes of the Stargate writing department”. Is this because you are a recluse, exceptionally wealthy, building a huge bulky plane in your back yard, or are you deathly afraid of germs?

    My bet is on the germs theory. Thanks one last time to a great CAST and CREW for bring to life the vision and ideas of the creators and writers of Stargate Atlantis. Time to move on. At least I have my DVD collection.

    And also, I am a Ronon fan, so we hate the Wraith. But I must say to whoever created them, that they are the COOLEST ALIENS EVER! I totally understand all the worshipping. I am going to miss them too. (Don’t tell Ronon I said that.)

    Good luck to all.

  71. @ Shawna
    Re McKiller, oops, typo. That would be really wrong…
    Although since I wish the McKeller ship would die a timely death, maybe that was a freudian slip!

  72. For a second there I thought that moose sausage was a ‘gift’ of doody left by one of your pugkids.

  73. thank you, joe, for including sam/amanda in atlantis! 😀 commanding the sgc (even if it was temp) and then getting her own ship to command… well done, sir. 😉 😀

  74. Wow! What a great action packed episode and a fantastic end to the series. Including all the characters we’ve grown to love was brilliant. Thanks again for five fantastic years, and I hope you got the box.

  75. I may be WAY off here, but I’ve picked up what might be a clue. OR it may not, but that’s why I’m running it by you.

    You said Scott is the new Nash, and green is the new red.

    The Stargate Universe promo that ran just after Enemy at the Gates showed, for a split second, a stargate with red chevrons. Assuming the promo was made before the color was changed to green, does “green is the new red” right after a factual “Scott is the new Nash” imply that the chevron colors for the new stargate once going to be red, but are now green?

    In all actuality, I figure that Sci Fi just slapped together a quick promo, but it’s worth asking! By the way, between red and green, I prefer green. Red is too similar to the yellow/orange/reddish of the Milky Way gates.

    Have a good night!

  76. Man, responses pile up right quick, don’t they?

    Joe, how do you feel about tabs? I know the specs for script writing, and before I learned the exact tabs I could wing it rather well. If somebody submitted a script, how much is placed on that aspect of presentation alone?
    FYI This hypothetical script is unrepresented and unsolicited.

    Shawna: It’d be good to chat about the post-TV Buffy and Angel. The prior’s gone more or less the way I would have thought, but I didn’t much count on the super-division of L.A. thoughts?

  77. Coucou Joseph!

    Vous allez bien? Moi super! Le soleil est revenu!

    L’épisode Vegas à été diffuser hier non? Dommage qu’il soit deja sorti sur le net, j’espere que cela ne fera pas baisser les audiences.

    1] A quel date sera la Super Bowl?
    2]Allons nous voir des hologrammes ou même de vrai anciens dans SGU?
    3]Quel sont vos bonbons préférer?

    Passer une trés bonne journée! Bisou

  78. Before I read everyones comments I have a question to ask and with your background I thought you might be able to advise me, or could refer me to somewhere that could advise me, on any particular animation software that is available. This is for my nephew who is a talented artist and does his own storyboards etc. He is autistic and has such focus with his artwork his teachers are really excited that he is to be allowed to remain in school through sixth form(12thgrade) as normally he would be left high and dry by our sadly lacking education system. Animation is his REAL love and he is self taught mostly. My sister and I want to do everything we can to stimulate that and so his next step is animation software. Absolutely any advise in this area or pointers to where to go would be gratefully accepted.

    Cheers Mr M.

    Your adoring acolyte:P


  79. EatG is made of awesome.

    My favourite moment has to be the General Hammond moment. It’s perfect. Like others have said, an unexpected and touching tribute. I realise you probably have no idea, but do you know if Don’s wife has seen it? The reference is a beautiful way of acknowledging Don’s contributions to the franchise and his awesomeness in general.

    Just please don’t tell me the General Hammond was in the way of the darts that got to Area 51.

  80. Loved Enemy at the Gate. Shepard’s exchanges with Todd were brilliant and I love how you left Todd’s fate ambiguous. The renaming of the Phoenix was another great touch. I’m curious about whether the battle above and on Earth will have. Satellites have picked up images of Anubis’s fleet and the Prometheus. Is there a chance that this episode’s events might lead in to the premise of the third SG-1 movie? Also, is the Odyssey’s mission related to Universe at all?

    Oh, and how far along are the Universe sets? Are you still at a concept stage or are floor plans being drawn up?

    Thanks for a great five years of another spectacular show. Words seem inadequate when trying to express how much Stargate has influenced my life and the way I see things. Thank you.

  81. Is it decided in wich “format” Universe will be recorded in? I prefer the SG-1/Atlantis style before BSG/Firefly/Lost style

  82. Congratulations on the best Atlantis episode EVER (not sure whether it’s the best SG episode ever, but I think it might)! I loved every minute of it. I also respect the Hammond reference. Well done, and what a way to end a series (though of course I rather didn’t see it end at all ;)).

    Thank to everyone at Stargate!

  83. Great news about SGU! I’m really getting excited now. I still think that some of the charas are too youg, but maybe, with all the other “older” people around that doesn’t really play a role.
    And about “Vegas”: Terrific episode!!!! Really loved it and it would be useless to search any other words to praise this episode that haven’t already been said by any other fan about it.
    But if I may ask, who chose “Beautiful People” (M. Manson) for the wraith-becoming-a-human-scene??? Soooooooo great! Sooooo great! Thank you!

  84. Oh man, having just discovered Honor Harrington through the BOTM club, I have to say I envy the heck out of whoever wins one of those Baen gift bags. The truly great thing is, I have a whole bunch more Honor Harrington novels to look forward to before I’m done reading them all — definitely cause for celebration!

    Mention keeps getting made of writing team changes for SGU. Will there be an official announcement about this at some point? Do shows even make official announcements about writing team changes?

    You know, I’m starting to look forward to SGU, something I once thought was impossible. I hope it blows everyone’s socks off (metaphorically speaking, of course). (Though thinking about it, it would be kind of fun if the show literally blew the socks off everyone. Just think, it’d be followed by years and years of new premieres, all trying to outperform one another in the clothes-blowing-off-capacity.

    “Tune in to Nascent Werewolves: the show that blew people’s shoes off! Thursdays at nine on Sci-Fi.” Followed, naturally, by an advert for puppy food.


  85. Hey Joe. Really enjoyed the finale. I have some questions about the Sun Tzu…

    1. Is it a Chinese 304?
    2. Is it destroyed already like the Korolev, or is it more of a ‘Defiant in Star Trek: First Contact’ situation, adrift but salvageable?
    3. Will we be seeing the ship in future Stargate productions, the movies, or even Universe?


    4. The super-secret odyssey mission. Will we find out what that is?

  86. We chocked at the game, and the daily paper ( The Oklahoman) even ran an article suggesting that it might be time to let Bob Stoops take the offer from Denver if it comes his way. They are REAL serious about their college football here!!!! I, for one, think his bonus should be less for this year (thereby giving my colleagues and me a raise next July-something he got this year and we did not!).
    Enemy at the Gate was stupendous as a sendoff for the weekly showing of the series. Hats of to all, cast, crew and writing team! I will now have to find something else to watch on Friday nights…something I’ve not hand to do in a longgggggg time. Or perhaps I’ll just read a book. Not sure when Universe will air on SciFi, and Sanctuary finished up season 1 last night as well.
    Again, as we said in the Navy, Bravo Zulu to all for 5 glorious seasons of entertainment!

  87. Congrats for the series finale!!!
    Very strong episode in terms of characters and plot developments. It gives sense of closure. It all started on Earth and ends there. Atlantis on Earth – great starting point for the movie. Thanks guys, for the wonderful 5 years. Let’s hope for at least another 5 with SGU.

    Joe, now that it’s over, when you look back, is there something that you would change – in the major storylines in SGA?

  88. Hey everyone, now for the holiday recap.

    Firemen, nature in action and a cruise ship on the doorstep

    Well it was an eventful week down at the beach. It started the morning we were leaving when I went out to get some breakfast and found a brushtail possum on my lawn…in full rigor :eeew:

    Monday – my sister burnt the toast at lunch. While we were trying to get rid of the smoke with the air conditioner, rangehood and tea towels the smoke detector went off. Man it was soooo loud. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t shut the thing off. Then we heard a fire engine. That couldn’t be for us, could it? Uh-huh! The fire brigade turned up and my sister hid in the bedroom with her kids. Chicken! Well I explained that it was just burnt toast and the guys came upstairs to help shut the thing off. They need an industrial fan to get rid of the smoke, before they could reset the board. They were pretty nice about it, I was paranoid about any indoor cooking after that.

    Our next adventure had all of the makings of a wildlife documentary. One Blue-tongued lizard vs a flock of seagulls, not the musical kind. While strolling along the boardwalk my niece and I spotted a blue-tongued lizard and a group of squawking seagulls. We grabbed my sister and nephew to come and watch the unfolding drama. In about 15 minutes we watched as the lizard (who we’d named Lizzie) crept along the grass towards the seagull protecting it’s nest. As it got closer, some of the seagull’s pals got bored and left leaving only 4 seagulls to make a last stand. They weren’t enough to repel the bold lizard, who swept in, launched itself at the seagull to get it to leave the nest and swiftly stole an egg. In that instant 30 seagulls descended on the scene – too late.

    Towards the end of the week I awoke from an afternoon siesta to find a massive cruise ship across from our balcony, about 400 metres from shore. It was the Millenium Cruise Ship, one of the Celebrity X cruises, carrying American tourists to New Zealand. It stopped to shuttle passengers ashore for the Penguin Parade. At night we positioned ourselves on the balcony with our blankets and watched the ship all lit up prepare for departure. Who needs TV?

    So there are some of the highlights of the trip. Of course there was also a lot of swimming, sitting out in the sun reading Fast Forward 2 (only a few pages to go) and a round of Crazy Golf where I was beaten by my 12 year old nephew by 4 strokes.

    So, what have I missed?

    Cheers, Chev

  89. Eatg was a rushed finale that literally just crammed non stop action into 45 minutes. I guess that means no one needed to worry about any character moments. After watching season 5 I should be pretty used to the lack of them. The characters went from interesting, friendly and warm characters to boring sterile and emotionless ones.
    Season five killed everything that used to be great about SGA. It seemed to end up being all about Rodney’s love life. I just fail to see what the obsessin was in putting so much effort into that forced relationship and ignoring everyone.

    I can hardly recall any interaction between Ronon and Teyla, or Rodney and Teyla and pretty much nothing at all between Sheppard and Teyla. These frienships were what drew me to the show.
    The relationships between the characters is what makes a show and takes it a cut above other shows. But sadly this was all tossed aside in season 5. The relationship/friendship that was introduced from the very first season between Sheppard and Teyla was non existant in the final episode. Kanaan was never seen since Daedalus Variations and when he was Teyla showed no more love or affection for him than a pet. All the relationships that had being building up over the years got ignored and we ended with with McKeller. Again why this fancination with giving Rodney a happy ending when no effort was made for the rest of the characters.

    When I heard of the ending of SGA I was devasted but seeing how the characters have been treated during season 5 has made me glad the show is ending.
    It’s just so sad seeing this wonderful cast tossed aside for the shiny new toy. SGA had the potential to be a great show but favouritism towards certain characters and the complete underuse of others, ruined what could have been a wonderful show and a show that deserved to be on the air for many more years if it had received the love and attention it deserved.

  90. Joe,

    Enemy at the Gate was just fantastic! It was great seeing the SGC again, and I actually cheered when the shot of Cheyenne Mountain appeared. (Woot!) The nod to Don Davis was just awesome. I got all teary eyed for a sec. I guess he will live on in the Earth ship “The General Hammond”. Very cool. Very, very cool.

    I’ve got to admit, I thought I had the whole thing figured out when Ronin died. I said “Ok, this has to be an alternate reality. Because McKay did say that the signal was broadcast to many different realities. But they wouldn’t end the series with an alternate reality.” Ronin being revived by a Wraith? Did NOT see that coming. Was that “Kenny” by the way? Looked like him. Todd did mention that his subordinate betrayed him.

    EatG will go down as one of my favorite ATL episodes, bitterwsweet though it was. The City coming home was a nice little gift. Woolsey has really come a long way, and has firmly established his leadership of the expedition.

    Thank you, and everyone at Stargate for a great run. Some of the best sci-fi to ever appear on television. You’ve created a rich mythology that surpasses that of even Star Trek. An encyclopedia’s worth of races, cultures, technology and stories that everyone involved should be very proud of. I’m going to go drink myself into a stupor now, and relish the memories. I’m very sad that it’s over, but I’m patiently waiting for Universe.

  91. Great final episode. It was a wonderful culmination to the series. I especially liked seeing all the old familiar faces and particularly the homage to Don Davis. I have one gripe and one question for Paul.

    First the gripe. Banks did not belong in that final scene. Now I have no problem with Ronan and Banks becoming an item, although their relationship came out of nowhere. However, that spot in the final scene should have been filled by someone else more integral to the series such as Carter, Zelenka (who’s been there from the beginning) or Lorne. Heck, even Chuck would have been less of a sore thumb than Banks. A minor gripe, but it bugged me.

    Now my question for Paul. This goes back to something I asked Joe a few weeks ago. All through seasons 3 and 4 Rodney rarely went off world without a P90 (unless they had another team with them). By the end of season 5 he rarely had a P90 and in Identity and EATG he didn’t even have a TacVest. Joe’s answer was that he doesn’t carry the P90 if he doesn’t think he’ll need it. So my question is: Why wouldn’t Rodney have a P90 when there were only 4 of them invading the Wraith ship and they knew they’d probably have to fight their way through? Heck, without the TacVest he didn’t even have a bandage for Ronan (not that it would have helped but still). It just seems like an odd choice.

    I’m very sorry to see the show go. Definitely could have done without the SGU commercial at the end of the show. Like someone said on Gateworld forums, it felt like SciFi was rubbing salt in the wound. It’s been a great run, looking forward to completing my SGA DVD collection. I still doubt I’ll watch SGU, I’ll give it a try, but I’m not very encouraged by what I’ve read.

    Joe, Thank you very much for this blog. It’s been great reading it. I’ll probably keep reading for awile but without anything to comment on, will more lurk than anything. Gotta come back to see if Paul answers my question.


  92. Enemy at the Gate = Anticlimactic Not So Special Episode 100 Finale. Sorry Paul. Yes, it would’ve served ok as a season end but not series. ONE hive? why’d ya make it so easy? Cripe, I was expecting at least THREE super-hives to attack. And to have some Ha’taks & Tel’taks to defend Earth. And NOT to destroy the Antarctic weapon chair. OR to see someone besides Sheppard fly Atlantis… a freakin DOCTOR CLONE can fly the city?? (The extermination of the “ATA gene as special” storyline has been the most disappointing development of all.) And, I had no problem seeing Starfleet Headquarters from Atlantis’ balcony. Also assuming Sheppard didn’t kill Todd. Kudos for renaming the Phoenix to the General Hammond and giving Sam command, fitting tribute that I expect to see resurface in a movie. Teyla & Lorne make a great team. Still MAJOR Davis?? Kavanaugh LOL. Knew you weren’t killing off Ronon and knew Sheppard was going to have to see him for himself so that was pointless. And, once again, the only solution Sheppard could see was to oh-so-easily die.
    Yawn. Amelia at the rail and not Zelenka, Lorne or Chuck. Boo. Sheesh. Except for the space battle (reused) and Atlantis flying and where to take Atlantis next, pretty boring. Back to Pegasus? Surely they must go back, lots and lots of loose ends there. Kanaan & Torren? the rest of the Athosians? people= not disposable.

    Anyway, thanks again for the ride.

  93. @ Shawna – Yeah…I’m one of those ‘we’re encroaching on its territory’ types. 😳 I’ve always felt that if you’re going to live where big cats or bears dwell, then take precautions, but still respect the animal’s right to exist. It really irritates me when people move into the ‘country’, and then want to kill every living thing around. If you don’t like wildlife, stay in the freakin’ city!! 😡

    Okay…I’m feeling a bit of Prince Nuada coming on, so I better stop now before I get really mad and release my tooth fairies… 😛

    Anyway, if one’s life is directly in danger (i.e. animal is attacking), then you have to do what you have to do. But to hunt down animals because they *might* eat your babies…well, no. Keep your freakin’ babies inside! (Said the never-mother who keeps her distance from those fussy little human-types with the goo and the poo oozing out of every orifice of their bodies…*shudder* ).

    RE: Wraith/Todd – Exactly. We have seen different sides to the Wraith – they are more complicated than I believe they were originally intended to be. But now, they ARE complicated and complex, now we understand them, and now I just can’t accept that the only solution for the Wraith ‘problem’ is death. I really don’t care what Todd’s longterm plans are – if they are to take back the Pegasus for the Wraith, I have no problem with that (except that it would mean his death). Afterall, all living things must eat. 😉 But if he’s starting to actually like the Lanteans, specifically Sheppard, and if all the sacrifices he’s made and all the cooperation he’s given isn’t *just* to advance his position, but also because he has a certain soft spot in his heart for this particular herd of humans…well, THAT is even better, because it would mean that all we have learned about Wraith (they are capable of fear and love, they seek to be ruled, they are shaped by their society and not inherently evil, etc) would make sense. Todd would be, in effect, the example of what Wraith CAN be, given the chance. It would mean that they – as individuals, and even perhaps as a species – CAN act in a better way once they learn that things can be done differently. It’s hard to expect a species that has been this was for hundreds of thousands of years to change in just 5 – you (i.e. The Lanteans) can’t expect miracles. But they should at least see the potential in the species…see that, perhaps, changes can be made without necessarily changing the essense of the species. Sheppard’s comment about maybe Todd’s changed could give me hope, if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t trust the character right now, given how dark he has become this season.

    That said, I don’t want it to sound like I hated the interaction between Todd and Shep in this last episode – no, quite the opposite. I’m just weary of Sheppard’s attitude. Thing is, I can’t tell if he’s bluffing, or not. Not sure Todd can tell, either. I mean, at the end of Infection – without Todd around – he seemed eager for Woolsey to let him go and find his treatment. But then, in Todd’s presence, he is just the opposite. Is it to show his strength, knowing that any sign of compassion or even respect would be a sign of weakness? If so, then I would like that made a bit clearer. But if not – if Sheppard is just being a douche for the sake of it (which is how it seems to me) – then I do have a real problem with that. I can hope for some clarification in the movie, but right now I am left hanging.

    RE: Wolverine’s gruffiness. Probably why I can handle it is because he is just. like. my. father., only without the claws and the healing and the adamantium. But otherwise, yeah…my dad acts like a backwoods Canadian! 😀 So, I guess I am used to that sort of personality. But it also depends on the writer – some are able to find the perfect balance of gruffiness and badassery and moodiness. I tend to like moody/conflicted/self-loathing Wolverine (NOT my father) better than surly Wolverine (my father)…and there is a difference. The Brotherhood story I recommended strikes that balance…in the beginning you’re introduced to the ‘mean man’, and in the end…well…gotta read it to find out! 😉

    RE: “I do hope you meant McKeller. Because the only thing I can think of for McKiller is McKay/Miller, and that’s just all kinds of wrong.”

    😆 THAT was the best thing to wake up to! Thank you for making me lol, I really needed it!! Sooo…this is McKay’s dirty little secret, eh? Shhh…listen. I can hear all the little fan ficky fingers frantically pecking away at their keyboards as we speak! 😆


  94. Still crying over that last episode.

    Thanks for giving us a great ride out! I was shocked. I was thrilled. I was happy. I was sad. And a little touch of romance.

    ::sniff:: A brilliant bow.

    Thank you!!!

  95. Hey Joe

    There are only 3 shows I watch each week: Atlantis, CSI, and 30 Rock. While I’ll still have comedy in my life, I’m going to miss all the quality drama (between our dear crew and Grissom leaving). Its quite the melancholic start to 2009. Still, as they say, tis better to have loved and lost…

    Thank you again for Atlantis and the wonderful adventures. I’ll miss it, but will also keep a hopeful eye toward the future.

  96. One more question for Paul…

    With Area 51 destroyed, are we to assume that all the other really cool technology (including possibly some Asgard tech) that was being researched there was lost as well? Also…was The General Hammond under construction at Area 51 and if so, what happened to it?



  97. Hey Joe,

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit teary-eyed after watch the FINAL EPI EVER for SGA. *sob*

    Thanks for the moment to remember Hammond. That did get me started on the tears.

    I was yelling at the screen and biting my nails thru this episode.

    It makes me mad because I’d be happy to watch another four years of SGA. Many, many stories to tell. Good ones, too!

    Alrighty… I’m gonna go drown my sorrow in a nice, juicy caramel machiotto. My parents are finally back from their cruise.


  98. Joe,

    Do you take all of us audience to be stupid? People around the world that has any type of telescope would have seen that battle. Also Atlantis landing outside San Fran would have caused a big splash that all of the city would have seen.

  99. D’oh! Forgot my question for Paul!

    For Paul: Hi! Thanks for stopping by here! I feel very honored!

    My question is really from me and my friend Kimberly (aka kdvb1): My favorite episode of all time is SG-1’s Window of Opportunity. What Kimberly and I would like to know is, was Jack eating Fruit Loops as a joke because he and Teal’c kept looping? Kimberly realized the connection. So we are both wondering if that was intentional.

    And then my other question is more of a thank you. I was really touched by the renaming of the Phoenix to Hammond. I know Don S. Davis was a great man. And I miss him terribly. So thanks for giving him a moment in the final episode of Stargate Atlantis.

    Thank you!


  100. Thank you! The finale had the whole family on the edge of the sofa (and was everything we’d hoped for, too). We’re still very sad to see Atlantis go as a weekly series, but wow–what a lot you guys packed into the ending. Thank you!! Looking forward to the new series.

  101. Enemy at the Gate was Freakin’ Awesome. Most Excellent. Coolio! Thank you, thanks everyone. And I agree with all the nice remarks made before me …. much yummy goodness and heart-thumpiness and Noooo!!! moments. Nice. Tasty.

    As for the nay-sayers, of course you are as entitled to your opinions as I am to mine. My opinion is that y’all can bite me.

    I cried when I de-programmed my DVR for SGA.

    Re: Your Blog. Moose Sausage? Suckitude? Do I just have a dirty mind?

  102. Thanks for SGA…most of all I thank the talented actors who made it all come alive and mean something week after week. I hope there’ll be a movie, but even if there isn’t one, thanks for this tremendous chunk of Sci-Fi history.

    best, Susie

  103. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for the link to the On Basilisk Station eBook! This will be my first eBook, so it’ll be neat to read. I’m going to start reading it tonight and during my free time, hopefully get it done before we start reviewing it next week!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  104. Loved the last episode, kudos to everyone for a phenomenal job 🙂 I look forward to the movie. It was great to see Amanda Tapping and thanks for the head nod to General Hammond, I was so sorry to hear of Don’s passing.

    I just had a couple questions with the last episode. How did Todd know the chair had been moved to Area 51? I was a bit surprised, although it did make for a very dramatic fight with Atlantis to save the day at the last minute…

    And will we see wormhole travel in the future, say with SGU or the future movies? Liked the concept by the way 😉 and I would have looooved to see McKay’s reaction at not being the one who thought of it.

  105. Questions for Paul:

    – With Todd’s “recovery,” does he need to still need to feed on humans, or do his choppers actually work now?

    – Michael Beach once again appeared only on video (as he did in Ark of Truth). Was it difficult to convince him to fly up to Vancouver for that one scene?

    – Earth knew the Wraith were coming. Would they not set up a full-scale command center, with all sorts of Generals in charge, and move the chair? That sort of threw me, although I loved the whole nuclear self-sacrifice back-up plan.

  106. My thanks to everyone responsible for the wild, wonderful, five-year run of SGA (and that includes a number of people who have provided often entertaining and insightful comments here on Joe’s blog)!

  107. So, Atlantis is located on Earth now. :-/

    I really hope they won’t stay there for the movie because, turning Atlantis in just another space ship under Earth’ command and having it at their disposal whenever they want is … well, neither particularly creative nor is it a new or exciting idea.

    Having Atlantis cut off from Earth and forced to fend for their own when they weren’t able to fly was really something special, something exciting. It lost somewhat of this when we got the Daedalus visiting every six weeks and when the Gatebridge was installed … well, let me just say I was thrilled that thing exploded. *g*

    And now they’re not only sitting on Earth, they have a “Wormhole drive” at their disposal that can take them everywhere in seconds. *sigh* Way to convenient, way to easy. IMO not exactly a suspenseful or thrilling outlook for the movie.

    I’m glad and grateful for the five seasons of Atlantis we were given, but I also can’t shake the feeling that it could have been even *more* if they hadn’ established and then maintained contact with Earth this early, at the beginning of season two, and this easily.

    Could have been interesting to see Atlantis struggle to make do with the things Pegasus provided instead of having a steady supply and support from Earth.

    As for everything else, I’m pretty much with Deker on what she (or he?) said.

  108. Osiris: Sun Tzu wrote a book called The Art of War. Kind of an appropriate name for a Daedalus-class ship 🙂

    Mr. Mallozzi, my goal now is to get published and be an interviewee for the BOTM club. I know, my goals are set way too high!

  109. Sorry Joe! One more question for Paul.

    Caution! This question contains massive spoilers for the final epi: Enemy at the Gate! You have been warned.
    My sister, Colleen, wants to know: If Ronon was dead how could the wraith bring him back to life? The wraith can’t feed off of dead humans so how could they restore life to someone who’s already dead?



  110. *waves*

    Things have been hectic, hence my not being around lately, but I couldn’t let the day go by with Atlantis’s last ep, and not saying how much I enjoyed it. Gotta say it’s probably one of the best ones you’ve written. And it made me all snuffly knowing that was going to be the last ep. At one point (the bit with Ronon) I couldn’t even watch it until a friend said don’t panic. 😮 And I call myself a whumper? 😮 Maybe I need to hand in my membership card. 😆

    I really enjoyed EatG there were some lovely moments in there for everyone, and my goodness Shep looks so hot in green. *cough* sorry had a fangirl moment there.

    Anyway, although we’ve not always seen eye to eye on things, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for making my life that much more bearable for the last 5 years. It’s been a pleasure. Although i’ll still be around, with everything that’s going on, and no wonderful Stargate to distract me until the DVD’s come out, then i’ll just be wandering. So take care, I hope you let us know when you do the audio commentary’s etc and how they went. (If you’re doing them).

    And I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you for shirtless Shep. *squooshy hugs* Out of everything, that’s what i’ll remember the most… well that and the set visit, and meeting you, and for the great whumpy eps… although still waiting for that intubation scene for the shep whumpers of course. 😉 It has been one hell of a ride, Mr M, and an absolute pleasure. Take care.


  111. Enemy at the Gate was excellent. Congratulations to you and Paul. Watched it with my husband over a celebratory sushi dinner complete with sake and Kirin. We both loved the episode. Exciting and well paced. Thanks for hitting it out of the park for the finale!!!

    No questions for Paul but do tell him I say “hello.”


  112. Nice finale, Joe! I admit, I think it was a little too fast paced, but I guess I shouldn’t complain since it helped to ignore the plot holes and we honestly haven’t had this good an episode for a while (if you don’t count Vegas, which was sheer brilliance!).

    I absolutely loved the line “It looks like Atlantis is coming home.” While the home may be the Pegasus Galaxy, it did make sense for Carter to say that. And it was beautiful line, took my breath away.

    I only wish you had skipped the McKeller thing at the end. Just… eww. Way to harsh my squee, the team (+Woolsey & Carson) would have been enough.

  113. MIght have been mentioned in one of the many posts above, but quibbles on “End of the Gate.’ Overall, it was pretty good but did feel rushed, but…

    1) Since when do the wraiths carry knives?? I honestly don’t recall any episode where they carried knives. Stun guns yes, knives, shivs, etc., Nope.

    2) Landing a city the size of Atlantis is going to cause some serious water displacement. How will the government explain the wave surge/mini-tsunami that took out a bunch of waterfront parking lots and stores???

  114. Damn! Damn! Damn!!!! Is Todd dead or not!?????? You can’t leave us hanging like that!

    Otherwise well done.

  115. Is there such a thing as a writers packet for freelancers to retain continuity when writing scripts for Stargate?

  116. Enemy at the Gate = Fabulous!
    I only wish it could have been two hours long!
    Furthermore, what will I do without Rodney? sniff, sniff
    Okay moving on, will we get SGU in July or August?
    Who are the stars?!?! You are killing me!

  117. I liked Enemy at the Gate a lot – I even watched it a second time through on the hour later rerun, and I’m saving the dvr recording. There was a lot to like; I enjoyed seeing team action, I liked seeing old friends at the SGC (although like many others, I do not understand why poor Major Davis is still a major), I loved seeing Shep in action and the almost telepathic interaction between Shep and McKay, the story was fast paced and exciting and somewhat unpredictable, and I loved having Sam in even temporary command of the SGC and in line for her own ship. I’m not entirely sure it makes up for my disgruntlement since Mitchell was put in command of SG1 over her, but it goes a long way in that direction.

    The nod to General Hammond and Don Davis was a very nice touch.

    As my favorite city in the world is San Francisco (so why I live in the Chicago area is something I really wonder at sometimes, like today when there is at least 12 inches of new snow on the ground at my house), having Atlantis land just outside the Golden Gate bridge was extremely cool. I think, though, it would have been even MORE cool to have it visible, with the show ending on the question of what next for the Earth, with a flying city just outside of a major American city and the sudden revelation that We Are Not Alone.

    Of course, I do like it that there are unanswered questions concerning when and how they’ll get back to Pegasus, how Teyla is going to deal with not being with her son and mate, and what they’re going to feed Todd, not to mention, what Todd’s OTHER scientists are doing with all the other ZPM’s I’m pretty sure Todd had.

    SG1 is still my favorite, but I will miss SGA as well. I’d like it to go on later, especially since I have a stronger appreciation of Shepard than I once did. It will be interesting to watch reruns with that in mind.

    Thanks for a good run.


  118. maggiemayday said:

    “As for the nay-sayers, of course you are as entitled to your opinions as I am to mine. My opinion is that y’all can bite me.

    I cried when I de-programmed my DVR for SGA.”

    God love ya for that, Maggie!

    And it’s funny you mention the DVR. I was just going through my list of recorded shows and had a depressing moment when I realized there wouldn’t be any new Atlantis recording next Friday night.

    To all at Atlantis: It’s probably very hard to wind up five years in a one hour show. Everyone has their favorite characters and things that they want to see. But I think Joe and Paul did a hell of a job with the writing. Enemy at the Gate was a great episode, and I think the series went out on a high note. Thank you to EVERYONE for five great years!!!

  119. Only me again, you know it’s either feast or famine with me. I was going to ask the bit with Shep and Todd, when Shep is about to walk in to see Todd, and Todd is ‘meditating’, whose idea was it for Todd to know it was Shep coming to see him before he walked through the door. Loved that bit. And do you or Paul think or did you write it that way, that the two men have a special bond with each other because of what they’ve both been through. Or is it simply just Todd tapping into his spideysense. I hope the former, but wanted yours and Paul’s take on it since you put it in.

    Boy that was longwinded. 😆

  120. Greetings Mr. M.,

    Cheers to you and all the cast and crew of SGA! WELL DONE. The last episode was GREAT!

    All the questions that needed to be asked are already posted so please pass on my congratulation to Paul Mullie!

    So have you already recorded all the Season 5 DVD commentaries or are there more to complete?

    Lastly, has your blog reached the 2 millionth mark yet?

    Patricia Lee

  121. hey Joe,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Enemy at the Gate, it was a truly epic series finale. aside from the obvious stuff, I really liked that you brought back characters who played a vital role in Atlantis’ past ie Sam, Caldwell, Ellis etc. poor Major Davis, still no promotion huh? Woolsey even mentioned Jack, that was awesome! renaming the next 304 is probably the best way to remember General Hammond and also Don Davis.
    I was wondering, if Sam’s in command of the SGC until Landry returns, why was she wearing a SG-1 patch? thanks

  122. @ wraithfodder – Todd carried a knife in The Last Man, and in The Queen (albeit one up his sleeve), and the Commander in Outsiders also carried one.


  123. I actually read through all of the comments.

    Some good reviews and some points that struck me as valid questions about the action during the episode….

    …. most notably – to me – the lack of a serious wave where the city hit.

    The one quibble I had was that they didn’t seem to have anyone in the Ancient chair at Area 51 before it was destroyed. I understand wanting Shepherd in it when he was available, but, if a doctor can be pressed into service to fly the city, then a doctor/pilot/barber could have been pressed into service at area 51 to operate the chair until Shepherd got there.

    Small point and one that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the episode.

  124. Hi Joe,
    Had to drop a note off on how much I loved Enemy at the Gate! (didn’t love that it was the last show) but wow you all did a great job! As great as it was I did have a couple questions;
    1: Was it ever considered to make it a 2 hr show instead of just the standard hour? And if so what more might we have seen?
    2: When Col. Caldwell says that the Odyssey is on some super secret mission are we to “assume” that SG1 is on board? I ask because while yes I agree that this show (especially this show) should focus on the Atlantis team/characters as a fan I found it odd that if Earth were facing such a dire situation we wouldn’t see Mitchell, Teal’c and Daniel lending a hand, Mitchell in one of the F302 for instance. Now I’m not saying that’s what should have happened, because as I said this is/was Atlantis and it should be their characters that saved the day but a better explanation of where SG1 was did seem appropriate, so in my mind to explain SG1’s absence I put them on the Odyssey.
    3: Why would O’Neill want Sheppard in the chair instead of doing it himself, is it because Sheppard is more experienced and adept at it (sort’s along the lines of what Rodney was talking about with the “chair interface aptitude”?
    4: Why was the gate tech with the hots for Ronan included in the end scene? I get that it’s cool we see some possible love for Ronan but her being there just felt a little strange.

    Those questions asked I must also say again that I loved the show! Starting with bringing Carson back to fly the ship home with his “CIA” being the 2nd highest to Sheppard’s, and just the fact that it brought Carson back to the team (please, oh please tell me that you and Paul have Carson as part of the movie). I also thought the scene with Woolsey, Ronan and Teyla was very thoughtful. As Woolsey pointed out the expeditions’ (or Earth’s) priorities as not always the priorities of those from the Pegasus Galaxy, and Ronan and Teyla’s resolved to stand and fight was perfect. To that, at the end when Ronan says this is my home speaking of Atlantis was also very poignant. Then to top it off, the balcony scene with everyone looking out of the Golden Gate Bridge was priceless! While I’m not a big fan of the Rodney/Keller thing (basically just because I’ve never liked the Keller character much) I did find the end with them standing together cute… Keller’s questions about no one can see us and then later Sheppard’s “nice view” comments with the team standing together was almost perfect, I think the only thing I might have changed would have been take away the female technician and put her with a group we just see walking onto the balcony behind our team, that includes, Lorne, Chuck, Zelenka, and everyone else. But then I’m not a writer so I shouldn’t complain! Can’t wait for the movie! Great job Joe and Paul on the writing and producing, Andy for the directing and the cast, Joe, David, Rachel, Paul, Jason, Robert, Kavan, David N, and yes even Jewel and the crew you all are the best and will be sorely missed on my Friday nights.

  125. Just saw on Pop Culture Zoo a quick Q&A with Robert Picardo, amongst others:

    PCZ: Would you be interested in reprising the role of Woolsey for guest spots on Stagate Universe?

    RP: I have already been approached by producer Brad Wright and I told him I would be delighted to do the show. “

    Is that true? Are they considering Woolsey for Universe? Or is it just a cameo where he’s waving goodbye to them?

    Been reading the comments and have to agree with some:

    Loved the Hammond tribute
    Didn’t like the corny McKeller moment, didn’t understand why Banks was there. I think it should have been a team moment (Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon).

    [cue my final scene]

    Sheppard interrupts Bank’s visit to the infirmary and says he wants to show Ronon something. Ronon’s leaning on Shep as he helps him to the balcony. Sheppard tells Beckett “nice landing Doc”. Beckett smiles and he and Woolsey leave.

    Sheppard and Ronon join McKay and Teyla at the balcony and says to Teyla and Ronon “Welcome to Earth”. Ronon says “I thought it’d be bigger”. Sheppard says “I’ll see if I can arrange a ride in an F-302”. “You know we’ll get you guys and Torren back home as soon as the repairs are done. Teyla looks at Ronon and says “Atlantis is our home John”. McKay and Sheppard smile. McKay says “So where’s the cake? We’ve just saved Earth from being the main course at a wraith picnic and there’s no cake?” Sheppard says, “I’ll place an order – Lemon or Orange?” McKay looks aghast and they all laugh. They turn and walk off laughing arms around each other. You can just hear in the background Shep asking, “So what movie are we watching tonight? Independence Day?”

    [end scene]

    While I like that Ronon is alive I couldn’t see the reason for the wraith bringing him back. Why did it matter how many people were with him? I didn’t think the Intel was valuable enough.

    I really loved Rodney trying to back out of sacrificing himself and then with a look from Shep he sucked it up and handed him the remote detonator. Ever the reluctant hero. Lorne as always was Mr Professional. I also loved Rodney’s look when he realised they’ve gated to the hive ship and he has a plan and Shep’s look when Teyla shakes her head re Ronon. Joe F was brilliant throughout and I especially loved the scenes with Chris.

    Cheers, Chev

  126. spoiler for ‘enemy at the gate’

    seeing as area 51 was destroyed, was sam’s new ship, ‘the general hammond’, destroyed too?

    sally 🙂

  127. Ok sorry for the double post after all the rambling I did earlier you’d think I wouldn’t have more to say but I do…

    First I forgot to say a big, big thank you for the nod to Don S. Davis by naming the new ship the General Hammond!

    Oh and I couldn’t agree more with something said early by for the love of Beckett… the bookends of Rising and EATG with how Carson for lack of a better way to put it but matured, starting out hating the chair and being afraid of it, not able to control it very well to in total command and looking every bit confident in his skills, Thank you for that!

    Now a few questions for Paul (and/or Joe):

    Why hasn’t Maj. Davis been promoted in the last what 12 years, he should at least by a Lt. Col. by now.

    I’m guessing we are to assume that the chair and everything else at Area 51 was destroyed, will that play into the next movies (SG1 and SGA) as well as SGU?

    Since we see no evidence that the city caused a massive wave causing damage to SF are we to assume that Carson was able to gain some control of the city and set it down relatively gently (that’s how I explained it)?

    Was the choice of setting the city down in SF a homage to Star Trek?

    OK I think that it’s for now… Thanks again!

  128. Hiya Joe.

    Loved the last episode. Naming the ship the General Hammond was fitting and perfect. Was there any scenes that you wanted to keep but didn’t make the cut?

    Is there any chance Joel Goldsmith would be able to do a Q&A?

  129. “I want you to have a bite of my pork.”

    Tonight I made Puerco Pibil (also called Cochinita Pibil)…and it is YUM! (caution – fuzzy cellphone pic:)

    I got the recipe from the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD, and this is the third or fourth time I’ve made it. It’s very good, a bit spicy, and once you find all the ingredients, quite easy to make (Mexican, Indian and Asian grocery stores are good places to find the achiote seeds and banana leaves).

    Here’s the recipe from the DVD:


    Puerco (Cochinita) Pibil

    5 tablespoons Annatto seeds [achiote seeds]
    2 teaspoons Cumin seeds
    1 tablespoon Peppercorns
    1/2 teaspoon Whole cloves
    8 Whole allspice

    Grind spices in a coffee grinder [one used ONLY for spices] until VERY, VERY fine. this may take awhile, but be sure to get them as fine as possible.

    Next, combine in a blender:

    2 Habanero peppers, chopped [remove seeds to reduce heat, or leave in to keep the heat]
    1/2 cup Orange juice
    1/2 cup White vinegar
    2 tablespoons Salt
    8 cloves Garlic, chopped
    Juice of 5 Limes (DVD calls for lemon, I prefer lime)
    Splash of top quality tequila [clear tequila – avoid the ones with a carmel color as it might alter the flavor]

    Add in the spice mixture and blend well.

    5 pounds Pork Butt [or Pork Loin for less fat, but using loin will make the dish drier]
    Banana Leaves

    Cut the pork into 2 inch cubes…put in a large plastic bag and pour in the sauce…mix and let sit while lining a baking dish with banana leaves. Add pork and sauce, cover/wrap with more banana leaves and seal the whole thing well with tin foil. Then slow roast at 325 degrees for 4 hours.


    It’s very tasty!

    Now…I gotta run. Hubby – the teetotaller – had a little too much tequila. You know how I know? I know because we’re sitting here watching Monk – the ep where Monk goes off his nut because of the garbage strike and starts ranting on about how Alice Cooper killed the guy so he could steal his antique wingback chair – and Mr. Das looks at me with these glazed eyes of his, and says, “So, Alice Cooper is the killer?”

    Yeah. Mr. Das, -and Lt. Disher – bought right into that crazyass theory. Oh…and he just told me to ‘think outside the chalupa’ – whatever the hell that means. 🙄


  130. @ das…be careful of that annatto/achiote. I’m a “food sensitive” and just learned the hard way that it can trigger severe indigestion.

    @ the person who asked if RubyDavis saw the tribute scene: Doubtful, but I let her know about it privately. (became friends with the Davises over past few years)

  131. @ gilder – Thanks for the heads up, but I’m okay with it. I’ve made this several times before, and never have had any trouble.

    Of course, we might have to wait and see what happens tomorrow morning… 😆


  132. @ Trish, to explain the reverse-feeding: you can’t drink water out of an emory glass, but you can pour water into it. 🙂 Now equate the water with the lifeforce and the glass with the body, and voila. 🙂

  133. I fell in love with Kind Bars in LA; they don’t have sugar, just some kind of fructrose and fruit and nut, soooo good. They sell em at my local Giant, and at Whole Foods n such:

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