Moose sausage
Moose sausage



 In the past, as part of the ongoing Book of the Month Club discussions on this blog, I’ve given away prizes to random participants. Lucky winners have received signed books, magazine subscriptions, and signed scripts (among many other things). But, next week, those taking part in our discussion on David Weber’s On Basilisk Station have a shot at some truly impressive swag compliments of Baen Books. How impressive? Well, according to email I received today from the ever-pleasant Laura at Baen:

“We’re sending you two sets of Weber/Baen gift bags, which are sturdy black and red Baen logo tote bags that zip up and are filled to the brim with all of the Honor Harrington books, plus a Baen water bottle, and a Storm from the Shadows galley and bookmark.”

And to those of you who haven’t been able to track down the book, Laura points out that it’s available for download from the Baen FreeLibrary, here:   

Free Library? How does that work? Well, author Eric Flint explains the concept here:

And yes, Laura assures me, it really is free!

Well, I was on a bit of a roll today. I almost completed the Wray-Young fireworks scene coming in at a whopping two full pages! I celebrated by sampling some of Gaffer Bruno “Fish On!“ Bittner’s home made moose sausage for lunch. Delicious! Brad and Rob were in and out of conference calls all day. Paul is still working on the outline for the second half of the mid-season two-parter. And Carl finally received notes on his script. Next week, we hear our first freelance pitch.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners whose triumph in suckitude handed the Florida Gators last night’s game. For a while there, I feared that they were going to snap their 4 game Bowl losing streak. Perhaps realizing as much, they abandoned the straight ahead running game that had racked up the big yards up to that point in favor of lumbering sweeps as soon as they got to their opponent’s goal line. I agree with Carl. The Sooners and fellow Big Bowl Patsy Ohio State should be barred from further bowl appearances if, for no other reason, the sake of their fans.

A little mailbag:

PG15 writes: “Water? I might as well just start the Gateworld thread about Brad Wright’s 104: “Fire” then. Heh.”

Answer: Pretty much, yeah.

PG15 also writes: “what’s happening with episode 9 of Universe? Any development on that yet? Have you guys gotten a writer for it yet?”

Answer: Rob mentioned the fact that he’d like to spin it soon. Probably next week.

Ganymede writes: “At the very least, EAT FRUITS!!!! They DO contain other things that are vital to your survival like various electrolytes, etc. Try the better ones like blueberries, tomatoes [yes, it is a fruit! And high in lycopene, although surprisingly not as high as in watermelon!], kiwi [has potassium, you need that], oranges.”

Answer: I’m still eating cherries and avocadoes.

ShadowStep writes: “What are you drinking? I mean now that you are dropping a lot of your old intake routines for something hopefully healthier, what are you drinking? Just water?”

Answer: Besides green tea, I generally drink water.

Trish writes: “Just curious. Why did ya think this WFPOTD would be sweet?”

Answer: I was kidding.

Johnny E! writes: “Have you been keeping up with Deadpool and Darkseid? Deadpool has his own ongoing comic, and is featured in the Wolvirine movie by Ryan Reynolds. How do you feel about that casting call?”

Answer: I think Ryan Reynolds would make a terrific Deadpool. I’ve heard about the new comic series but haven’t checked it out (Joe Kelly’s run on the first series ranks as one of my favorites of all time). With regard to comics – my interest in them waxes and wanes. Every few years, I’ll stop by my local comic store and pick up every title. As the weeks progress, I’ll drop those that don’t interest me until, eventually, I’m no longer reading anything. Then, after a year or two, I’ll repeat the process. Come to think of it, I believe I’m due.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Anyway, look closely at the back line, near the edge of the ‘gate is our hero Carl Binder but just a few feet away (to Carl’s right) is a guy wearing a trilby type hat and is making a very RUDE gesture!!! Who is this guy?? Also, can you confirm that it’s Andy Mikita peering around the corner (look to the right of the picture!)”

Answer: Yes, that is Andy Mikita. And, are you kidding with regard to the individual making the rude gesture. If not, it’s none other than Jason Momoa.

Sheryl writes: “joe pick up the chestnuts!!”

Answer: Got them early this week and had some. Very tasty!

MaggieMayDay writes: “Sounds like the sugar-free thing is going well. Does this have a time limit? A goal or deadline?”

Answer: I’d like to see if I can go two entire weeks.

Davidd writes: “Before the show was cancelled, did you already know how you wanted the final episode to be (general storyline, etc.)? Is Enemy at the Gate somewhat the same as your original vision, or is it totally different?”

Answer: When the script was written, we didn’t know we were about to be cancelled so Enemy at the Gate was intended as a season finale, but a special one given that it is our 100th episode.

fathercrow writes: “Is football in Canada like football in the U.S., or is it football like the football in Europe?”

Answer: More like American football with a fatter ball and, as someone once put it, “a field the size of a cow pasture”.

Lindagagne writes: “Was that Weird food purchase sugar free or taped before the sugar fast?”

Answer: Yep. That was mom’s basement in the BG.

StellaByStargate writes: “On that note…if you were a betting man, would you put money on the SGA and SG1 movies being released in ‘09 or is 2010 a more likely target?”

Answer: If I was a betting man? 2010.

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Well, that just may be enough incentive for me to read the BOTMC book this time. Maybe. If I can cram it in. At least I finished The Giver last night, though (and now have the irresistible urge to write the ‘what happened next’, which I’m sure I would have been assigned to do had I read this in a sixth grade lit class like most people).

Also, regarding comics, I tend to lapse for a while, then get really into certain ones. If you watched the Buffy and Angel series, both of those shows have been continued on in comics (called Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall). As in, full-on canon, overseen and sometimes written by Joss himself, not the typical spin-off stuff that has nothing to do with the actual people involved in the show. So, they’re pretty good, as you might expect from Whedon. Also, I’ve been enjoying the various Marvel Zombies comics, for some reason I can’t quite describe, because I find zombies to be quite freaky. Maybe it’s just because I find them slightly hysterical, in a really morbid way. Like when Zombie!Spider-man eats Aunt May and Mary Jane, then some random superhero pops in the window and is like, “Dude, what are you doing?” and he’s like, “I can’t help it! I’m hungry!” Or when Wolverine goes to slash at someone with his claws and the force of it rips the decomposing flesh away from his adamantium-laced bones and he just looks annoyed. Or when the Hulk… well, I guess that’s actually enough to get the idea across. The Civil War storyline from a few years ago was also very interesting. Super-people are told to register their powers and work for the government, or face the consequences. Some of them aren’t keen on that idea. Chaos ensues.


I sequestered myself in my own bedroom to watch the final episode.

And wit less than 15 minutes left to go until the end . . . I am not a happy girl right now.

How could you?!?!

**small cry**

Oh . . . you are so lucky! Lucky I tell you!

You’re just lucky it wasn’t Beckett! I would have to hurt you if you did that again! :-p

Nice ending you. Thanks for all the memories . . . SG1 and SGA.



Hey, Stargate: Atlantis just ended. One thing I noticed: What is Sun Tzu? A new Deadalus class, Chinese maybe? Why haven’t we heard of it before?

NICE episode, maybe a little too quick though. Would have worked better as a 90-minute ep.


Tonight’s episode was fantastic! I was thrilled to see Atlantis return home, but I wonder what her role will be now.I cannot wait to see the film!

Sorry for the spoilers for those who have not seen it yet!


Oh, forgot this one! Are the newly casted Universe team members gonna be shown to us this week or not? razz I’m waiting anxiously.

Deni B.
Deni B.

Hi Joe, Enemy at the Gate was effing FANTASTIC. I cried (thought you’d really killed Ronon and after Data died in Star Trek “Nemesis”, I wouldn’t have doubted it for a sec), I laughed and I actually clapped at the end. Way to go (and way to go out, too)! Thanks so much for 5 fabulous years! I’m sad to see it go, but happy it ended so beautifully. By the way, I really loved the reference to General Hammond – nice touch.


Ohio State Football game day at my house usually tends to be a big thing with my entire family. Everyone but me pretty much graduated from OSU…My family is a very superstitious lot when it comes to watching football. If OSU scores a touchdown while my Gran is in the kitchen, then she’s usually barred from leaving the kitchen and returning to watch the game. haha.

In fact, I think I learned all the slang in my vocabulary from hearing them watch the game when the Buckeyes are sucking. I’ve never heard the word suckitude though. lol. Nice one.

OSU did win a Bowl game not too long ago. It doesn’t matter as long as they beat Michigan though. I still get the OSU/Michigan game from my Aunt even though I’m in Australia right now. haha.


I think Gateworld went down again! Just in time for the big finale!
Bet Darren is pissed.


Atlantis just finished, how sad that it’s over. I want Teyla to be able to be with her son.

The staff and actors did a wonderful job with this series kudos to you all. I will be looking forward to Universe.


I just watched ‘Enemy at the Gate’ and I was very pleased. A fabulous way to end the series after the lackluster ‘Vegas.’ If the series had to end, that was definitely the way for it to go out. Great work on an awesome episode!

I had a quick question that I haven’t seen answered elsewhere. Now that Atlantis had its splashdown on Earth, and even though it’s under a cloak there was the gigantic fireball seen by the “commercial radio traffic” people, will the people of Earth be told of the Stargate program? If not because of that battle, when then? Will they ever?

Any insight given into this would be gratefully received. Oh, and good luck on your sugarfree journey. I could never do it, I’m too closely tied to the Pepsi running into my veins by IV.



Oh wow, guys. Everyone at Stargate Atlantis, that was awesome. Five great seasons. You deserve a standing ovation…hope a virtual one will do for now.

Enemy at the Gate:

Kavanaugh!! HAHAHA!

Todd — at the top of his game. Atlantis being a “respite.” The “you know how to talk to me” and that laugh! And that “Will there be a next time?” I hope the Todd fans are happy, he got a hell of a send-off. (Temporary though, right?)

So nice to see Amanda Tapping again.

The re-naming of the ship to General Hammond. I don’t quite have the words. Brought tears to my eyes.

Sheppard, ready to sacrifice himself, as we know he would. Very fitting that he and the team went back for Ronon, too. We know well by now how he hates to leave anyone behind.

Flying that whole city of Atlantis to Earth and landing it in the Bay. Talk about full-circle for a series. (Not to mention over the top effects!)

Amelia coming to walk Ronon out to the balcony. Woo hoo!!

The whole team looking out over the Bay. Loved it.

Thanks, everybody. Thanks so much. We had a great time.

Deni B.
Deni B.

Oh yeah, GO GATORS! I live in Gainesville, my daughter went there for her BA and her MBA, and my son will be attending soon wink

@ for the love of Beckett: No, I named Elway – used to be a Broncos fan in the good old days! Hubby’s a Dolphins fan, the poor guy.

Deni B.
Deni B.

Oops, sorry about that Joe, wasn’t thinking and couldn’t contain myself…

Stephen Jarvis

Hey, New to your blog but man is it a little crazy to follow sometimes…. I like it. And the finale was amazing, if not a little rushed however. I am looking forward to the movies. Thanks for an amazing 5 seasons of SGA and 10 of SG1.


WOW!!!!!!! Now that is the way to end a series!!! I really hate to see Stargate Atlantis end before its time, but Enemy At The Gate was a fabulous send off. It does makes me wonder, though, what direction season 6 would have taken if Brad Wright hadn’t decided to shoot the series in the back. *sigh* I’m really going to miss my weekly Stargate fix. :-/

My thanks to you, Joe, and everyone else who has had a hand in bringing us 15 seasons of the two best sci-fi series on television for many years.


Sir I would like to inform you that episode made me physicaly sick due to the sence of lost it created.. not that it was a bad ending or anything it was an all around great show and every last one of you did a very great job.

Looking Forward to Universe and hoping you are well



I just wanted to express my deep gratitude and congratulations for an entertaining show. I’m definitely going to miss it and all the characters I have grown to love. It was a thrilling ride!
Thank you!

Linda Gagne
Linda Gagne

It is a very sad night. Although Enemy at the Gate was a fantastic episode, it was still hard for reality to hit (which hit for everyone involved with the show a while ago I am sure). There are very few shows I will dedicate my attention too and Stargate Atlantis is one of them. I will miss it.

My daughter only threatened to hit me 3 times when I moaned and groaned and wanted to cry. She reminded me of the season 1-4 DVD’s I have already and all of them on Itunes as well (SGA travels to hotel rooms with me on vacation, I plug in the earphones and fall asleep to it, lol). I reminded her that this meant no more 20 episodes for us fans. Yes, there is the movie. I’d like to say movies, but I am not sure I have too much trust in tptb for that.

So, thanks to all involved with the show actors, producers/writers, crew, directors and just everyone who helped to make the show what it meant to me.

Another question for Rob Cooper for “Vegas”
A curiosity questions;
The cut under det. John Sheppard’s left eye, we saw it but it was never really shown how he got it. He went from not having it to it being there. Was the cut meant to be there? Were we to assume he had a run in with a bookie before getting to his office? Or, did Joe Flanigan get the cut and no one bothered to cover it up?

Thank You Paul Mullie for a great episode, Enemy At the Gate. I love your writing, it always seems to be quite believable or it could be that I am just in a fog while watching especially tonight.

Question: One of the last scenes that has Todd and John in it, can we take from what was said that perhaps Todd and John will meet again in the movie? They are just great together (I like John and Rodney together too).

Ok, I am off to sulk a little more………………..


Overall a nice solid episode, it had some really good moments and I did enjoy it. I had a great time watching it the first time so please bear that in mind when you read this. This is one of those episodes, however, that, the more I watch it and think about it, the more I find to be picky about. Which is just the opposite of Vegas, with that one, each time I watch it, I love it more. Although I got a kick out of seeing Beckett fly Atlantis, it kind of diminished Shep’s “specialness” again, about which I am always unhappy. EatG would have benefited a lot , IMO, if it had been a two parter, as it did feel a bit rushed, and there were not many good team character moments. I could have done without, say Brainstorm or Tracker, and had the extra episode to really expand the character interactions more (and maybe do some more explanation about the Wraith ship and the wormhole drive). After all , we may never see them again, barring the movie, and I’d have liked to see the Team aspect of SGA spotlighted..
I also REALLY AND TRULY did not like the very ending scene. Come on, the entire 5 seasons boils down to Rodney and Keller love? (I don’t believe for a moment that this relationship will fare any better than Rodney and Katie’s did). That should not have been the very last thing we are left with; it should have been something about how the Team has bonded and changed the universe. Because the Team’s adventures were what the show was about, not the soapy stuff. It cut Rodney apart from his Team, who have been his true and stalwart friends throughout the series.
I would have liked either to see just the 4 of them, Shep, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon on the balcony, or, if you wanted the other characters there, have had Zelenka and Lorne there and Marie and Chuck. They have been with the show as much or more than Banks and Keller, and deserved a last good bye.


Don’t understand why you didn’t comment on the last episode. Moving on already?

The show was very good, if not alittle rushed. Will be a nice lead in to the movie.

Are the ratings in yet for ‘Vegas’?

Thanks for a wonderful SGA ride for five years!


@ Joe & Shawna – Right now, I’m reading two Iron Man titles (main & Invicible), 3 Wolverine titles (main, Origins, First Class), X-Force (black ops X-team with Wolverine as leader), a couple Wolverine-based minis, and every one-shot that comes out featuring the hairy little fart, not to mention Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers…soon to be reading the new Dark Avengers…and then I try to keep up with most of the ‘event’ stories…just finished up Secret Invasion, and now going into Dark Reign, and Manifest Destiny, and Ultimatum…oh, and there’s X-Men Noir, and soon Wolverine Noir – really looking forward to that – and, oh! How could I forget! Mice Templar and trying to catch up with Kabuki, and I grab the occasion Daredevil now and then, and…hey!

Who says I don’t read??!!

Joe – why don’t you just switch to trades? That way, you get the entire story. If you like the X-Men, the recent Messiah Complex story was pretty damn good. It’s in hard cover now, I think.



Pardon the second post, but I forgot to add a few things in the emotion of the moment. :-/

This comment contains spoilers for Enemy at the Gate, for those who haven’t seen it yet!

*******SPOILER SPACE*********

The renaming of the Phoenix to the General Hammond was a really nice touch and a wonderful way to remember Mr. Don S. Davis in the series. It made me tear up, and I’m not the type to cry over something in a work of fiction.

Despite the fact that I’m a dyed in the wool McShepper, I really do like what being with Jennifer has done for Rodney. He has been growing as a good human being throughout the series and definitely has refined trinium (well, okay, at least good steel) in his spine these days, but I think being with Jennifer has helped to settle him a bit more. Of all of the characters in Atlantis, I’m going to miss him the most.

Lastly, I really love that Atlantis touched down in San Francisco Bay! It made me giggle a bit at the nod to Star Trek’s Starfleet Headquarters, even though that may not have been your intention.


Thank you, Joe, and the rest of the cast and crew for five great years of Atlantis.

I liked how Unending was just about the main SG-1 characters but in Enemy at the Gate, you threw just about everyone in (even if only for a few minutes). I can’t wait for the movies, and I’ll even tune in to SGU when it airs.

I think I need a moment now, to let reality sink in. I can’t believe it’s over…


Hmm, Joe, do you realize your entire entry is in bold text? wink



Hi Joe – Since SGA had to end at its 100th episode it was a good way to go out – on a high note. There was the “oh my god” when Ronan was stabbed and the “oh gosh” when the team overheard Sheppard telling SG Command that he was ready to nuke the Wraith. Overall a fine episode. It was very touching to include such kind words for General Hammond and remembering the great contributions of Don S. Davis.

Final scene was so great with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thanks for 5 great years – wish it was 10, instead. Looking forward to more DVD movies! Many thanks to the whole cast, crew, writers, producers, etc. etc. for their dedication to creating a high quality series.

Here’s a few questions for Mr. Rob Cooper:

Todd said that only his subordinate Wraith and hive, in our reality, received the coordinates to Earth, from the Wraith in “Vegas”. Was this due to just being in the right place at the right time? Any chance another Hive picked up on the same transmission, though it was weak signal?

With Atlantis back on Earth, what repairs need to be done to get it up and flying again?

By its very presence on Earth, is there any chance that Atlantis could introduce a Pegasus-type bacteria or virus into Earth’s environment that could cause a serious worldwide health problem?

Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.