Talk about signs of the apocalypse! First we had snow in Vegas. Then we had the New England Patriots fail to make the playoffs. And now, my writing and producing partner Paul Mullie has agreed to do a fan Q&A. This from a guy who has made it a point to shun all fan forums and Stargate-related internet chatter over his 9+ years with the franchise, in that time routinely avoiding interviews, viewer mail, and, whenever possible, walking by his office window whenever a fan demonstration was taking place outside. I’ll be gathering questions for the Howard Hughes of the Stargate writing department (as he put it: “I’m coming down with Kleenex boxes on my feet and my jars of urine!”) starting Friday night, right after the airing of the Atlantis season finale, Enemy at the Gate, which he wrote and produced.

Back in the office today, working on my SGU script. A little slow-going but I’m managing to maintain the snail’s pace of one scene a day. By comparison, Carl and Marty G. have already delivered their first drafts. Rob and Brad have almost completed episode #3. And Alan reports that he is well into the third act of his script. Paul, thankfully, is only two pages into the outline of his episode.

More news on the casting front. We have our Scott and Stasiak! Official press release to come!

Sugarless Day #4 was typified by headaches, lethargy, and feelings of despair. Tomorrow promises slight nausea, tremors, and the overwhelming desire to chew on the crumb-speckled paper plate upon which sat the morning office muffins. Fondy is quick to point out that, starved of glucose, I may also experience some brain shrinkage during this two week period. Out of curiosity, let me know if anyone notices a difference.

Oh, and before I forget – Congratulations to the Utah Utes who, having disposed of former #1 Alabama in impressive fashion the other night, thereby completing the season as the nation’s only undefeated team, should by all rights lay claim to this year’s national championship over (at least) 1 loss also-rans Oklahoma (who suffered a 10 point loss to Texas. At home!) and Florida (who lost to 20th ranked Mississippi. At home.)


Shawna writes: “Can you rec five sci-fi books that have strong, interesting characters who aren’t overshadowed by the scientific or philosophical aspects?”

Answer: Hmmm. Try: Old Man’s War (John Scalzi), The Dark Beyond the Stars (Frank Robinson), The Player of Games (Iain M. Banks), Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card), The Speed of Dark (Elizabeth Moon). Start with those.

Joebags writes: “So word on the street says SGU PTB have hired a 20 year old Canadian Idol reject as one of their stars.”

Answer: Really? I also heard that ground rhino horn increases your libido. Fascinating.

AV Eddy writes: “ Do you find that you aren’t sure of what books you have in your extensive library? A cataloging librarian friend of mine told me about”

Answer: My books are right in front of me (in my office) and I keep track of them with a handy Word document. I like LibraryThing but last time I checked it wasn’t WordPress- compatible.

Craig MD writes: “Regarding the Stargate: Universe casting, I don’t remember seeing a “Scott” listed in the casting calls that were released (available on gateworld). Is this a new character or did Jared Nash get a name change?”

Answer: Scott is the new Nash. And green is the new red!

Brinzy writes: “So my question is, do you know what channel it will be airing on and when (if you know), cause it would be a lot more entertaining to watch it on something bigger than my computer screen.”

Answer: Sorry. Aside from Friday at 9:00 p.m. on SciFi, I have no idea where and when the show airs in your area.

Terry writes: “You have a couch in your kitchen?”

Answer: Our kitchen opens out into the living room. That way, on those rare occasions when we eat at home, we can choose t.v. over meaningful dinner conversation.

Terry also writes: “Five writers left? Who? I assume you and Paul? Do Brad and Rob count as part of the writing staff or are they more producerly sorts?”

Answer: Brad and Robert are most definitely part of the SGU writing department.

Shiningwit writes: “Baboon? Baboon? People’ve been hung up by their ankles for less Mister! The librarian is an Orangutan.”

Answer: Ook! My bad!

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “How is Carl Binder lately? He has been awfully quiet? That’s generally not a good sign!!Is he making progress on the new SG1 Movie Script? Also how is your Super de Duper Secret Project?? Have you moved on from the Retirement Home scene???”

Answers: Carl is well. He delivered the first draft of his SGU script today. Also, he’s well into the SG-1 movie script. As for my super, secret project – I’m well past the nursing home scene and well into the hotel room browbeating.

Drldeboer writes: “This isn’t the first cat loss for me (Ralph was 21), but it NEVER gets easier.”

Answer: Didn’t get around to saying it the other day but just wanted you to know I was very saddened to hear about Jet.

Tamijb writes: “So with the casting coming to an end does this mean that we may have SGU airing in the fall.”

Answer: If I was a betting man, I’d be looking at a summer premiere.

Tammy writes: “I’m excited to hear about new writers for the show! Do you put out a call to agents or is it possible for an agent, or even a writer, to contact you directly about submitting a spec script?”

Answer: The production contacts agents who submit clients they think would be a good fit. Their (non-Stargate) spec scripts are read and, if a particular writer looks promising, he or she is invited to pitch.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Sorry Joe, forgot to ask, how is the Wii going?”

Answer: We’ve both been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to set it up yet.


84 thoughts on “January 7, 2009: A Surprise Guest Blogger, Sugarless Day #4, and the Mailbag

  1. My deepest sympathies on the sugar withdrawal symptoms. While I refuse to go cold turkey and undergo the horrors you are suffering, I’m working on the old exercise more/eat less formula. At the moment I have a residual amount of holiday candies to resort to fend off nasty side effects. Once that is gone, I’ll have to resist selling off my dvd collection to purchase more. Until then, I’ll draw strength, and a few laughs, from your heroic efforts.
    glad to hear Mr. Binder is still with the Stargate franchise. Alas, I fear that means certain other writers are moving onto other things. May I assume that Mr. McCollough is one such? I can’t resist asking though I know you’ll inform us eventually. The whole not eating and my muscles are sore thing has my patience at an all time low…
    VERY exciting news on Mr. Mullie’s agreement to do a guest blog. Thank both him and Mr. Cooper for their willingness to interact with their fans. I wish I could promise we’ll be gentle, but I expect both gentlemen are more than capable of handling a little rough treatment.
    As for the press anouncements, any more “big names” being considered at this point? No matter who is cast, known or unknown, I’m not really excited over the casting. It will all depend on the characters, and how the actors bring those characters to life, that will tell the tale. No matter how good or qualified an actor is otherwise, if they don’t make the character their own, it will show on the screen. Thanks as always for all you do for the fans, and what is your reward if and when you reach the two week mark on the sugar free lifestyle?

  2. Day #3 of the Sugar-Withdrawal: I had convinced myself it was the flu & fought the urge to go home early from work. Figured I might as well get paid for feeling that crummy. 2 weeks is appearing to be an eternity at the moment.

    Does left-over Christmas fudge count as sugar? And, my brain seems to be doing fine. What is .369×2 again?

    I face the prospect of being snowed in for the finale. Yay! martinis anyone? I mean, what’s done is done, might as well go out with a bang! Anyone have an “Atlantis-tini” recipe yet?

  3. That’s even better than fall. I look forward to the Season Premier. Which character is Robert Carlyle playing again?

    @Trish: Glad to see that Annebelle is doing well. I know what you mean by tumors. My sister’s dog, who is a pure black doxin had a tumor removed last month. Although it was benign they still had to remove it. She is doing good. What kind of dog is Annebelle again?

    @Das: I was wondering where that squeel came from. I thought a mouse got in a house. I hope your friend is true to his word. That would be cool to meet the actor who played Steve. LOL!

  4. Cool you’ve casted more of the SGU team. Can’t wait to hear who the cast is going to be. Waiting on pins and needles!!!

  5. Okay…


    Brad and Rob, you and Paul, Alan, Carl, and Marty. That makes 7, right? Two leaving…you and Paul?! Carl and/or Alan and/or Marty?!

    With Paul finally shuffling out in his Kleenex box slippers and jars of urine, and you not being very forthcoming, it has me a tad worried. 🙁

    In other news…have you ever said something, then couldn’t remember if you just repeated yourself…and by doing so, maybe lied? Well…remember when I said I just noticed that Janina looked like my foster sister’s sister, blah, blah, blah? Well, the more I thought about it, the more I think I may have said something similar after Whispers, and if I did, I’m sorry. I hate repeating myself…especially when I don’t know if I am repeating myself, but have a gut feeling that maybe I am, especially when I may be claiming to just realize something when, in reality, it dawned on me before…which, by me repeating it as if it’s the first time I’ve said it is – technically – a lie, and I hate to lie.

    Hey! Are you following me here?



  6. Start with those.

    Excellent. Will do. Thanks!

    Following up on Tammy’s question about writing… What would you say are good shows to spec if a writer wants to be considered for Stargate? I’m afraid I’m not all that familiar with most of the non-Stargate sci-fi shows right now, and I understand that shows not currently in production are pretty much useless as far as spec scripts. Also, would it be better to do a spec for an established show, or an original show idea, or does it matter?

    drldeboer — I just wanted to add my condolences about Jet. Each pet is so special, and no matter how many you may have, or may have in the future, when one is lost, it can never really be replaced.

  7. I’m sad that the last episode is this weekend but look forward to all the movies and SGU! I just went and bought 5 more of the SG-1 and SGA books. Not as good as an episode but way better than nothing.

    And although you can’t eat sugar, at least you can eat. I got my wisdom teeth out this morning and can’t move my mouth in order to eat at all. So I’m suffering along with you [although I get tylenol 3 to help me through :)]

  8. Are you sure it’s safe (for us fans) that you’ll apparently suffer brain shrinkage while writing your SGU script? I mean, I for one don’t want to see an episode where it’s fine at the beginning, but quickly turns into a mess by the second act with characters just repeating “NEED SUGER NEED SUGER NEED SUGER NEED SUGER” over and over and over again. 😉

    I’m also confused. So there’s now 5 people on the writing team…but here all 7 writers are delivering scripts? Are these the last scripts for those who are departing?

    So many unknowns.

    Also….green is the new red? Does that mean that the Universe Stargate will have green chevrons? That’s it, isn’t it? I’m so smart.

  9. Urgh… today was an interesting travel day for me, to say the least. The weather changed from sleet to freezing rain to sunniness to snow as we drove further west!!! Finally got back home 8 hours later… a trip that was only supposed to be 6! But safety first and all that jazz.

    Congrats on making it thus far with no sugar!!! Good luck with the rest of the 2 weeks!!! 🙂

  10. Joe, how hard was it getting all the music heard in “Vegas”? I understand just getting “Have you ever seen the rain” in “Unending” was difficult.

  11. Hey Mr. M!!
    I hate OU (Arkansas fan) but in their defense, the one loss they had wasn’t at home. It was at a neutral site, in TEXAS! btw, thanks for 5 awesome years of Atlantis and I can’t wait for movies and SGU.

    Question time: Why did Sci-Fi stop airing ATL and BSG back to back? I know that you might not have the answer but it never hurts to ask.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  12. TV recommendation:

    ABC’s “Homeland Security” documentary series

    I worked for one of the precursor agencies 20+ years ago. Last night’s premiere, IMHO, was accurate, entertaining, and enlightening.

  13. @ drldeboer: I guess I’m a little late with this, but I would like to offer my condolences as well; Jet is at a better place now, and I can only hope that your emotional recovery from this tragedy is a smooth one.

  14. @ tamijb – No, not the actor who played Steve – that was James Lafazanos. This actor is Luke Goss, who played Prince Nuada in Hellboy II , and who’s pale, elven make-up and long white hair made him look very Wraithy, a la Steve:

    Of course, Luke is kinda bald, and has eyebrows…but I can handle that, I think. 😆 Really though, I don’t think I’ll ever meet the guy…you know how people say stuff, but really don’t mean it. But he does know where I live – and my husband is his parent’s locksmith…so…ours is a small enough world that if he does bring the guy to town, he can easily get in touch with me if he so pleases.


  15. Paul is coming out from under his rock! Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Now to think of a half intelligent question.

  16. I’m supposed to be working on my review of Vegas this week and I keep getting distracted by the SGA marathon of reruns on Sci Fi. XD I’m both eager for and dreading Friday. 🙁

    @ drldeboer ~ My condolences on the loss of your kitty. 🙁

    @ Joe ~ my condolences on the sugar withdrawal. For myself, bread carbs are my weakness, but the withdrawal is still bad. XD

    @ das ~ mmmmm, Nuaaaaadaaaa ….. Thankee for those piccies ….

    @ Trish ~ glad Annabelle is doing okay 🙂

    @ Laura ~ hope you recover quickly

    @ Anne Teldy ~ hope you’re doing better!

    Oh, and as someone who has also had to have blood transfusions, I second Anne Teldy’s plea for donations! Bright blessings to all donators! …

    Okay, Have I missed anyone? XD

    To everyone, a reminder: I’m hosting a “Goodbye to the ‘Gate” virtual party on Fri, Jan 9th, at 11:10 PM EST, in my Whirled chatrooms. You don’t have to register to chat; you can participate as a “ghost guest”.

    Feel free to use the chatrooms any time you like, though. 🙂

  17. Deni posted this tonight January 7, 2009 at 9:24 pm: on the Jan. 6th blog:

    So, I’ve apparently got a clot in my leg and have been trying to get into the ER all day (it’s packed), and tried to leave again a while ago. As I was headed out the door, my beatiful dog had a major seizure. What next? So, husband will stay with dog, I will go to the hospital and will be reading this thing tomorrow, hopefully! Everyone else, please be/stay well! Deni

    Hang in there, Deni! If you see this in time, one sure way to go to the head of the line in an ER is in an ambulance. And a clot is life-threatening. Would hate for you to spend the night in the waiting room when you’ve been waiting (not getting treatment) all day. An ambulance is pricey, I know, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Do what is best for you, quickly please! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way, as everyone else will, too.

    Ditto the prayers also for drldboer’s family and Anne Teldy (blood test results??? We’re cheering for you!), Rose/Annabelle, and Shawna.

  18. Are there plans to bring any women onto the writing staff? Not that I don’t love the writing on the show, but I think the female characters have suffered by not having a female writer, and often come out, well, two-dimensional.

  19. Drat! Also meant to say that we’ll be remembering your dog, too. Peace and healing to you and your dog on this crazy night. Peace also for your hubby.

  20. The chemistry between cast members for both SG1 and SGA was great. It was fun to know that the actors all genuinely liked and respected each other. And I think that really came across on screen for both shows. Is chemistry something that has been considered in casting for SGU?

    I’d also like to add my deepest sympathy to everyone who has suffered the recent loss of your beloved family member. And my sympathy as well to those folks who don’t have the love in their hearts to see them as anything other than family.

  21. Joe, I’m proud of you for keeping with the sugar cut. Whether you start back to it after 2 weeks or at least reduce for good, way to go. Every year at midnight I swear to have more patience with stupid people, and by morning I’ve broken it one way or another. Kudos.

    To PG15: I think it was a political statement. Some people fear environmentalists the way they once feared communists.

    I’m seriously considering a series rewatch. Let’s see, five seasons, 20 episodes at aprox. 45 minutes, thats…75 hours!!?? Well, maybe just season 5.

    While I’m thinking about it, I do have a couple of questions for Mr. Mullie.

    1. Being an apparent expert on the topic, what is your opinion on the outlandish notion seen in “The Aviator” that a man who pain-stakingly consumes the same things everyday and goes through the same physical activity everyday would have jars of urine, the color of which varies so widely?

    2. The article about you is a stub. Can I help Wikipedia by expanding it?

    3. May I?

  22. G’day!

    Short time reader, first time commenter. 🙂

    Re: Spec scripts

    Have you ever considered approaching some of your favourite sci-fi book authors about writing or collaborating on a script?

  23. I’m baaaaaack! Did you miss me?

    *looks around*

    Does anyone even remember me?

    *looks sad*

    How soon they all forget. *sigh*

    I guess it’s my own fault for being gone so long. But…but…there were vacations and then work and then holidays and I had my appendix out last month…and…and…um…I…uh…. I just ran out of reasons.


  24. das —

    Personally, I think a lie requires an intent deceive. If you do it by accident, it’s not really a lie, just a… misspeak. Okay, maybe that’s not universally applicable, but that’s how I would describe the case you mentioned.

    Also, those pics… yeah… hot. *ahem*

  25. Hi again Mr M!

    Thanks (as always) for taking the time to answer my questions. Glad to hear that Mr Binder is ok…. I miss the video tours of the sets! Perhaps a sneak peek of SGU? Can you ask him to PLEASE give Charlie Cohen a speaking part in the new SG1 movie!!! *I feel a fan petition coming on* “Let Charlie Speak”!!!

    Glad also to hear that the Super de Duper Project is progressing well. When can you unveil same?

    By the by, if you see Marty G, can you ask him about the YPF release in Europe? Is this going to happen?

    Best to all


  26. Scott is the new Nash. And green is the new red!

    Watch out at the next zebra crossing

    Friday at 9:00 p.m. on SciFi

    Ooh – sounds pre-canceled !

  27. Nice to hear that you have found more cast members.

    I was thinking a while back, that Kristin Kreuk would be one of the new members, so I’m eager to see if im right!

  28. Paul doing a Q&A? Holy crap! Maybe there was something to that alignment of stars last week.

    So are you going completely sugar/carb free, or just items containing raw sugar? Ie: no bread, rice, pasta etc…

  29. @everyone who loves their pets and considers them to be family
    Thanks very much again, your support is very much appreciated by me and my son Eric, who I had come here and read the comments. It helped a lot. We really appreciate your stories and offer our prayers for quick healing of your ailing animal friends, and again our sympathies to those who have also lost. Eric considers Jet to be in “cat heaven”. I consider Jet’s soul to be looking for another body. And fortunately, I also have the rare kid who actually listens to his parents and not so much other opinions- my ex also loves animals.
    In fact, my ex now says he can’t take his cat Hanna with him when he moves again (new job) now Eric is afraid he’s going to lose her, so I guess that means she will be coming to live with us in a month or so. Funny how things work out?! I’ve never met Hanna but Eric says she’s nice. Nope, won’t replace Jet but certainly can’t let Eric’s “other cat” get given away.

    @Anne Teldy & other ailing people– thinking of youse too! get well!!

    Consoling ourselves with the marathon SGA in HDTV. Damn it looks great.

  30. That makes two great Q&As I can look forward to ^^
    and I actually made it through On Basilisk Station (given the giant amount of time for that book, it’s not really something to be proud of but still 😉 )

    The writing stuff number is a little confusing and disquieting for me. Same with the yet-to-be-revealed bittersweet news.
    Can one write episodes for a show and not be considered writing staff? o.O

  31. I read on a canadian fanpage, that the character bill lee could be a returning character on universe. he’s a wonderful part of the past two series. would be really great.

  32. So word on the street says SGU PTB have hired a 20 year old Canadian Idol reject as one of their stars

    So nice to hear that Ben Mulroney is finally getting some work.

    My question for Mr Mullie: How do you store your urine? In a woodshed behind your house or a climate-controlled vault in the basement. Laugh if you must but future Howard Hughes’s want to know.

  33. Hey Joe,

    I hear insanity is also a side-effect to nixing sugar in your diet. 😉 And your brain does look a bit smaller. Hmmm… interesting.

    Woo hoo! Paul is gonna come by here?! And I have NOT A CLUE what to ask our resident Howard Hughes. Oh! Does he have the really long finger nails like Mr. Hughes did? Oh! Is THAT why the wraith have them?

    @DeniB: Wow. That is a tough day for you! When it rains it pours. And usually they say bad things come in threes. But in my family more like 5’s or 7’s. Maybe just in 2’s for you. Hope you and the doggie are doing well.

    @Ponytail: When I lost Sebastian it was the hardest thing I’ve gone thru. We were afraid to get another dog. I looked up the pyr rescue near us online, though, and the girls and I loved Ziggy from the start. Then when we met him it took about 5 minutes for me to bond with him. I do not regret getting him at all. He now has a forever home! And I love him so much! He reminds me of Sebastian and yet he’s an individual. I really think it helped to get a rescue dog. Ziggy needed us. And we needed him. In a way, Ziggy’s given us the ability to step out of our grief and yet remember Sebastian in ways I never even considered. For us, the right decision was getting a dog. Ziggy does stuff that Sebastian used to and it makes us remember the good times. Like the burp greetings. Ziggy walks up to you, sits down and looks at you so regally and dignified as only a pyrenees can. And just as you go to pet his head he burps in your face. It’s hilarious! And never gets old. Also seeing how happy Annabelle is with Ziggy makes it worth while, too. She, too, was so depressed. She didn’t play at all. Then we had Ziggy and now Annabelle’s like a puppy again. I just wanted you to know that I understand exactly where you are coming from. And that it’s not so scary as you might think, to open your heart to another pet. If I didn’t have Annabelle and the girls, I’m pretty sure Jeremy and I would still be waiting to get another dog. I did get another dog more for everyone else. But I ended up benefiting just as well as the children and Annabelle. I just really felt like I needed to tell you all of this. I guess because I know where you are coming from. (((((hugs))))) to you!

    @Tami: Annabelle is a golden retriever/great pyrenees mix. Her mommy was supposed to mate with a poodle. But the woman who owned the kennel totally underestimated the power of an intact male great pyrenees. 😯 So she ended up with a bunch of *golden pyrenees* instead of *golden doodles*. Jeremy and I took Annabelle because the woman said Annabelle would probably just live outside if no one wanted her. 🙁 So, in a way, I feel like Annabelle is a rescue dog, too! She was so scared when we first brought her home. But we’re always working on making her feel happy and secure. If i knew how to post pictures I would! She’s super pretty.

    @PG15: Oh… the chevrons will be green and not red. you are on to something. Yup… you are very smart, indeed. 😀


  34. Ah, sugar withdrawal. My Dad gave up sugar a few years ago (he says he’s allergic to it and he gets weird reactions when he eats it) and I remember going through the withdrawal stages. Absolutely no fun. But he’s gotten to the point where he can go without sugar, but still eat a cookie or piece of cake or something without getting “addicted” (so to speak) again. He never said anything about nausea, but he did get headaches. If anything, he seems smarter now than he did before, so I doubt you have to worry about serious brain-shrinkage. Good luck!

    I’m very excited to hear about who’s been cast! Very excited…

  35. My hubby donates blood all the time, he has to, he has hemochromatosis and must be bled on a regular basis. Giving blood reduces your cholesterol levels, as does selling plasma. I used to be a donor, but now they don’t like the cancer survivor part of my medical history. Give Blood!

    I don’t follow football, but I am rather proud of the Utes, being an alumni. And now the Ute Marching Band has been invited to be in the Inaugural parade. They’re scrambling to raise $150K in two weeks to get them there and back. Go Utes!

    My poor old Cricket is full of large fatty masses. My poor hubby develops them too … small ones. They removed the first batch, but the doc is unconcerned with the new crop. About the size of my thumb, they’re really odd, he’s very slender so the lypomas are very pronounced. Plenty of lumpiness in the family.

  36. @for the love of Becket: Thanks so much for all the good advice/wishes! My fiendish plan worked and I got to the ER with one person ahead of me. Was in and out in 3 hours, and best of all, no clot! Poor Elway had 4 major seizures but is doing fine this morning. He does this every 2 or 3 months, regardless of how many anti-seizure meds he’s on. He’s a happy boy otherwise, though. Hubby sends his thanks as well.

    Joe! It’s super cool of you to let us all play here and make friends. Thanks!

  37. I”m going to get my question in for Paul now while I have it in mind.

    Okay. This was a question that was posed by all the Major Davis fans over at Gateworld forum.

    WHY has Paul Davis never been promoted past Major in the last 12 years, while many other people including Walter Harriman has received promotions???

    This has become a lively debate over there and has now reached 3+ pages!!!



  38. I wanted to let you what my top favorite Atlantis episodes were of Season 5:
    Search and Rescue, Broken Ties, The Daedalus Variations, The Queen, First Contact, The Lost Tribe, Outsiders, The Prodigal and Infection

    The reasons I like those episodes were:
    the fact they had Teyla and Ronan in, Teyla got to kick butt in The Prodigal, some of the episodes from Search and Rescue to The Lost Tribe had hints of John and Teyla which I thought the writers had chosen as the canon ship since the pilot, Teyla was very well written in The Queen and The Prodigal, Infection was great team episode which is what this final season seemed to be missing overall and it was great to see Daniel in First Contact and The Lost Tribe this season.

    The only thing that seemed to be amiss in Outsiders was the fact the Teyla didn’t sense the Wraith but other then that it was a good episode especially since Beckett was in.
    I did like Vegas better then Brain Storm but not as much as the episodes above.

    What are your feelings on how Sheppard, Teyla and Ronan were used in Season 5?

    Do you foresee other writers of Atlantis like Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough, and maybe even yourself getting the chance to write a future Atlantis movie if the first1 or 2 two do well which I hope they do.

    What would say your top 4 favorite characters were to write for in Stargate franchise overall (both SG-1 and Atlantis)?

  39. My last comment should have said at the beginning
    Questions for Robert C. Copper but I forgot to include it and didn’t realize that I forgot until after I hit the submit button.

  40. Question for Robert Cooper:

    Vegas was awesome, really enjoyed it. Was Joe Flanigan trying to be “Grissom like”? He was kinda Grissomish, he did an terrific job. Also – in the scene where McKay and Sheppard were alone in a room and McKay was telling Sheppard all he knew about him, he mentioned that Sheppard wasn’t married but recalled the Afghanistan incident. Was the fact Sheppard wasn’t married just a slight difference in the parallel universe or an ooops?

    For Paul Mullie :
    Thank you for taking the time to answer some fan questions.
    You and your partner Joe seem to get along famously, where /when / how did you guys become friends and writing partners? Also, what do you like to do in your spare time, for fun?

  41. I knew of the sugar withdrawal headaches, but not about brain shrinkage. Now that is interesting and scary all at the same time.

  42. The SciFi marathon is proving incredibly distracting. I have projects I keep meaning to start, a to-do list to work my way through and yet…ooh, which episode is this? Have I seen this one before? Maybe if I just watch for a couple minutes…

    I can stop anytime I want, by the way. I really can.

    (There wouldn’t happen to be an Atlantis 12 Step Program, is there?)

    Yesterday was especially cool, with season three episodes that somehow I missed the first time around. Thank goodness for the DVR, which saved me from having to sit in front of the TV for the better part of the afternoon. (Sat in front of it last night instead, hah!)

    While it’s been fun, it’s also bittersweet. I’ll miss this show a lot after Friday. How long till the DVD movie again? Huh huh?

    Okay, anyhow, back to watching “Vengean…” er…I mean…back to work. Yes, that’s it.

  43. Coucou, vous allez bien?

    Moi oui! mais je speed toujour!!! J’ai des tonnes de choses à faire!

    Snif aujourd’hui contrôl de comptabilité! une vrai catastrophe =( ….et Lundi mon stage commence! j’espere que tout ce passera bien.

    Demain contrôl sur l’art et la litterature…YOUPI =)

    Bonne journée, a demain!

  44. Oh, Joe…I suppose you can be excused, being up in Canada and all, but only Ivy Leaguers and … well … journalists (blegh) call it Mississippi. When we play sports, we’re Ole Miss, k?

  45. Hey Joe!

    Glad to hear that you’re getting your actors/actresses for SGU along. Greatly looking forward to the press release!

    Also, you are going to love your Wii. Anybody I know who got one would play it for hours on end, plus, it can be very amusing to tape. I recommend you and Carl get together and play a round of Wii tennis and post it on the blog. It would be very amusing, lol. 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  46. Saw Vegas last night, when it finally got to England… Very good show, especially since I’m a CSI: New York fan and it was very reminisent (which I can’t spell…) of the style of the CSI franchise, which I assume was the intention?

    Can’t wait for Enemy at the Gate, although I’m sad that it’s the last episode…

    I also wanted to ask, on the subject of Terry Pratchett, I wanted to ask have you read Men at Arms and Feet of Clay? Personally, I think they’re more interesting so far as his books concerning the City Watch (my favourite Pratchett characters) than Guards! Guards!, which I have to admit to not enjoying that much. Although this was possibly because I had read the more established books first before going back to read the first book to include those characters. That being Guards! Guards!

  47. Hey Joe.

    Wow……….you have nerve being able to last an entire week with no sugar!


    Hey Rob. First of all, I really liked Vegas! Great second-last episode. It’s obvious that a lot of the scenes are shot in a “CSI-styled” way. So my question for is: Did you have to be careful when shooting/editing the film to not make it look too much like an episode of CSI? Are there rules you have to follow when doing this kind of a…..parody (if that’s the right word) of another show?

    Thanks for the Q&A!

  48. Put a few raspberries into plain yogurt, add a little sweet n’ low or stevia and some nuts; it’s a fast creamy treat. has tons of sugar free recipes that’ll keep your brain from shrinking and keep you satisfied.

  49. Hey,

    I wrote this in an older post, so Im not sure if you’d see it. Anyway I am an actress who auditioned for one of the parts for SGU. Do you know if all the characters have been cast yet?


  50. Hey, there is a great discussion going on at Daily Kos about books and ones that people find comforting. There are now over 700 comments with people sharing their favorite books. It’s a great way to get ideas about books and authors.

    I wrote a comment, encouraging people to check out your blog, since you do such a great job getting people enthused about books.

  51. For Robert Cooper: This is not a question re: “Vegas” (which I loved), but…. Originally, some sort of John and Teyla ship was planned for SGA (per an early MGM SGA website character description). At the beginning of SGA, Sheppard was intelligent enough to have passed the Mensa test, and he possessed the Ancient gene. Can you please tell us why these Sheppard “attributes” were later forgotten about, ignored or downplayed during the course of SGA’s run?

  52. almost bedtime. What a day! Taking SGA Season 3 with me and not coming out till I’ve finished. Yeah! Right!

  53. Joe,

    have you heard at all when season 5 of Atlantis may be possibly released on DVD (and hopefully Blu-ray)?

    By the way for the Wii, there will be a Wii Sports 2 coming out soon, it’s like $30, you should get it.

  54. Does sugar free chocolate count toward your NO SUGAR ????
    Gotta be a way around it.
    I loved the VEGAS episode. The music was wonderful, thanks Joel and I am looking forward to the last episode and I will for sure miss my Friday night Stargate fix..
    Am anxious to see SU also, a new place to hang out, thanks for all you do Mr. M. This blog, the shows, the food reviews, the books,enjoyable all around. 😉

  55. @das: Sorry I miss understood what you wrote.

    @Deni: Glad to hear that you and your dog are doing well. That’s a lot of seizures in one night. How quickly does your dog recover from them? Mine had one Dec 13. We came home from my in laws christmas get together and we noticed he was acting strange. We also noticed signs of a seizure and ended taking him to the nearest clinic which was an hour away at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Found out he had a seizure which we suspected but wanted to make sure that was it was. He has been fince since and hasn’t had one since then.

    @Trish: What does a pyreness look like? I don’t think I have seen one before. How old is Annabelle? Speaking of rescue animals my family is known for rescueing animals as well. We’ve rescued a dog, a couple of birds, and now a cat. My mom saw a cat sitting out on a country road in November on her way to work. She prayed that it would still be there when she got off work and it was. She picked it up to take home till she found someone else to take care of it. Now instead it is part of the family.


  56. @das: Me again. I meant, I miss understood what you wrote about the Steve the Wraith. That is what I meant to write before.

  57. Hey Joe…So Brad mentioned that he had to fight to get Amanda Tapping for the part of Sam, that the network wanted someone else…Do you know who they had in mind?

    I am so glad Brad won, I can’t see anyone playing Carter other than Amanda 😀 She rocks 😀

  58. two questions for Robert Cooper on episode Vegas-

    Did Sheppard live?

    Did McKay know that Sheppard -at least in other realities- had the gene? a lot of us wondered why McKay didnt have Sheppard touch the chair when they were there.

  59. Uh-oh… just caught something posted on GW… (title: Wright discusses third SG-1 movie)

    “The film is currently being written by Wright and former Stargate Atlantis writer-producer Carl Binder.”

    Does this mean our Carl is one of the writers who is leaving the fold? I mean, after giving forth his brilliance on the SG-1 and SGU script assignments of course.

    OH NO — Say it ain’t so! CARL!
    Or is it “former” because SGA is done? ❓

    @drldeboer – sincere condolences to you & your family. Cherish all the memories and be glad when stray thoughts lead you to an unplanned reminiscence, those are the best.
    Take good care…

    Carol in NJ

  60. @ tamijb – No worries! I knew when I wrote it that it was a bit confusing…but trying to remember an exact convo and not make it all rambly…well…I didn’t explain things clearly. But no problem! It gave me a really good excuse to plaster links to half-naked, flowing-locked pallid fellers all over Joe’s blog. 😀


  61. Hi Joe, happy ne wyear. Can I say, “I MISS WINTER?” Seriously I do, but in the last three weeks we have had temperatures that have been an average of 26 deg Celcius – EVERYDAY. Today it cooler as it rained overnight.

    My fav Pratchett book is Wird Sisters. Hogfather was good too as was Masquarade!! LOL.

    Am trying to read Guards!! Guards!! at the moment, but seriously, those magicians annoy me.

    Question for Rob Cooper :-

    1. When writing for a new character, do you sit down and work out a list of charactieristics and personality first??

    2. Is the character development process different for regular, recurring and one-off characters??

  62. To Rob: All of the questions that I can think of have already been asked, so I just wanted to say thank you for all of your work with Stargate and for going out on a limb and writing the fantastic Vegas episode. It came together beautifully. I agree with some of the other posters that it would be interesting to see a alternate universe SGA series based on this. 🙂

    I believe that you also wrote SG1’s season 9 Avalon Pt 1 &2? Those two episodes are two of my favorite from SG1. They were written very beautifully. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your work in Universe and the movies. 🙂


    I hate the fact that someone leaked the finale so early…it’s getting more and more difficult to remain spoiler free, even when reading the Universe threads at gateworld. I can’t wait to hear who’s been cast for SGU. At the same time though, I’m really going to miss the weekly Sheppard dose. There are a lot of great actors out there and in Stargate, but Joe F. always (without fail) delivered a captivating performance.

    Joe, out of curiosity, do you personally feel that there will be any more relationship developments in future SGA movies? Or more of the classic sexual tension between Sheppard and Teyla that many fans love? Or is the book pretty much closed on that aspect? Thanks. 😉

  63. Apologies, I haven’t participated in your BOTM series for a while, but have added some of your suggestions to my reading list. At present I have a pile of books I haven’t got to yet, but at your suggestion, I’ve managed to read Ender’s Game, Player of Games, A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords (and I’m not even really a fantasy fan, but those three are terrific), The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (reread), and have added several more authors to my must-read-in-the-future list (Kage Baker, Jeffrey Ford, etc.). In addition, I have three of Robert Zubrin’s nonfiction why-we-should-be-a-spacefaring-race books to my pile.

    Thanks, JM. Especially for getting me back into science/speculative fiction, which I had all but given up in the deluge of swords-dragons-and-magic gumbo.

  64. hey Joe,

    a few weeks ago (December 17, 2008) someone asked if you and Paul are going to be consultants on Stargate Universe. you replied: “We’ll be writing some scripts along with Brad, Rob, Carl, Martin, Alan and….?”
    according to this there are 7 writers currently working on SGU. however in yesterday’s blog entry you said: “Given recent developments, the writing staff now numbers five, but there is talk of adding at least one more newbie to the mix in addition to freelancers.”
    5 writers? I thought it was 7? did I miss something? thanks 🙂

  65. Joe, please delete that last comment. Something went wrong with it. What I meant to write was

    Joe Mallozzi said:

    And now, my writing and producing partner Paul Mullie has agreed to do a fan Q&A. This from a guy who has made it a point to shun all fan forums and Stargate-related internet chatter over his 9+ years with the franchise, in that time routinely avoiding interviews, viewer mail, and, whenever possible, walking by his office window whenever a fan demonstration was taking place outside.

    Gosh, I feel special! But I can’t think of anything to ask.

  66. @drldeboer: I’m so happy we all could help you and your son. That’s so great! And you are getting his other cat? Really, it is funny how things work out. That’s such a great story! And now I’m in a wonderful mood. 🙂

    @tami: Hopefully the linky will work. Without further ado, I introduce you to the doggie-love of my life, my soul-mate breed, the Great Pyrenees:

    Hope that works! Ooooh! Just on a hunch I googled Golden Pyrenees. Wow! That dog, Fluffy, could almost be Annabelle!

    So… here’s the Golden Pyrenees:

    Just warning you though, Pyrs have a potato chip factor. Ya can’t have just one!

    And Annabelle turned 3 in October.

    @Anne Teldy: I’m going to try to donate blood tomorrow. I’ve had no alcohol and no asprin. If I get rejected for low iron (it’s happened) I’ll be so upset. I’m hoping tomorrow I can tell you that I donated! 😀

    @KDVB1: And who are you again? Ha ha ha just kidding. Nice to see your smilin’ face on here. 😆


  67. @ Deni
    I am so glad that you are all right, and the dog baby, and hubby, too! Might not be a bad thought to do a follow-up with your primary care doc re: the leg pain.

    If your dog has lots of seizures, is he/she on Phenobarb? Many years ago, our German shepard was on it when she had seizures as a puppy/youngster. She outgrew them, thankfully.

    Again, grateful that things are back to normal for you!

    ~ for the love of Beckett

  68. Jinx asked, “Does leftover Christmas fudge count as sugar?”


    Sis: Thank you. I hear you. Some of the coolest dogs I’ve seen or heard stories about are rescue dogs. I am actually thinking about getting 2 dogs of different ages. Kinda reverse psychology. If you can’t get 1 then get 2.

    Trish (aka whovian): The entire 16 years of my dog’s life, I remember thinking that even with all that pet owners go through, that it was worth it. Never regretted any moment. And when she died I thanked God for 16 years. Some owners don’t get that. So I know when I get another dog, we will both be blessed. I bet your Annabelle is a beautiful dog. Mine was part Golden Retriever, part Border Collie.

    Deni B.: Glad you’re okay! Is Elway a beagle? I’ve read they are pron to seizures. Just wondering.

    Joe Mallozzi: Thanks for the use of your blog. You are so patient. Your blog is so reliable, sometimes I get confused about if I’ve heard something (what people say) at work or on your blog.

    I’ve always wondered, can Anais33 read English?

  69. Joe, good luck with getting off the sugar. Are you cutting carbs as well? For me, the problem is carbs, not sweets. I had to go on a high-protein, low carb diet when I was pregnant to help stabilize my blood sugar. It was a challenge. But it gets easier with time.

    @trish: Thanks for the links! Does Annabelle look like the Golden Pyrenees in the picture? Fluffy seems like an extremely appropriate name for that breed!

    If you click on my name, you’ll go to my nearly empty blog site (I’m just haven’t had time and energy to do anything with it yet) where you’ll get to see a picture of my puppy, Aisha, in the snow. Well, she’s actually 5 years old, but she still thinks she’s a puppy.

    @das: Nice wallpaper! And keep us posted on developments with Nuada, uh, I mean Luke Goss. By the way, is there a smiley for extremely jealous? 😉

    @deni: glad to hear you are o.k. That must have been very scary.

  70. @Trish: Thanks for the link. It worked. I’ve seen those dogs before. I just didn’t know what they were called. If that is what Annabelle looks like, she’s beautiful. I couldn’t believe how big they are. I expected them to be small dogs. I know what you mean by a lap dog. My dog is a Golden Retriever, German Sheppard, Great Dane, and Alskan Malmute(Sp). Yes, I know that’s a lot of breeds. I think the chip factor must be the Golden in them, because he runs into the room whenever he hears a chip bag or any kind of bag sound.


  71. I meant to add that he thinks he is a lap dog at times to even though he’s too big.


  72. @for the love of Beckett: Thanks so much for caring 🙂 I’m supposed to follow-up with a 2nd ultrasound if it’s not better in 3 to 5 days, so we’ll see. Elway (dog) had another bad seizure late this morning, so I let him spend the afternoon with his favorite doctor (she’s fabulous) and although he’s still a bit out of it, we’ve been seizure-free for almost 12 hours. Yes, he’s on Phenobarb twice a day and Potassium Bromide once a day as well. This place looks like a pharmacy – diazepam in every conceivable form, Denamarin and milk thistle for his liver, the works. Then there’s the incontinent old Greyhound and the Cocker with cherry eye! It’s nuts in here I tell ya! I stay home now and hubby works long hours, but we love these guys (and girls) to pieces, so it’s worth whatever we have to go through. I’m off to bed, I’m pooped! Atlantis will be the bright spot in the week, until you realize that there’s only bs to watch next Friday night, hey? Have a great night!

  73. Hi kdvb1
    Glad you are back in the fold! Your smiling face and witty comments were missed…indeed !!!
    Patricia Lee

  74. @ Trish – What a lovely dog! Do you have any pics of your baby?? Is this the rescue dog you were getting? It was you, right? My memory is sucky…sometimes I’m like Dory the fish in Finding Nemo. 😛

    @ Shawna – I know…but I probably should stop posting them, otherwise people might get the idea I’m a tad pervy. 😛

    @ Deni B. – So glad you’re okay, and hope your pup’s condition stabilizes, and all is well in the morn. Yup – even when they have troubles, we still can’t help but love them to pieces!

    @ Sparrow_hawk – Oh, don’t be jealous. I have about as much chance of meeting Luke as Atlantis has of being renewed for a 6th season. In fact, I think Johnny was a tad surprised when he said, ‘Luke’, and then seemed to struggle to find his last name, only to have me quickly filled in for him. LOL. He got this look on his face, kinda like when you realize that maybe the person you’re talking to actually knows more about the subject then you do…lol. With my husband telling him about working on the local film that was made here, and then me talking about Joe, this blog and Stargate…maybe he thinks we have more connections than he does! 😆

    Of course, this is the same guy who asked for some of my ‘expertise’ when he wanted to open up a shipwreck and pirate treasure-themed museum…mainly because I was working on our state’s tall ship at the time. Maybe he thinks I’m brilliant, when – in reality – I’m just enthusiastic about my obsessions, even when I don’t know squat. 😀

    I’m not easy – pretty skeptical really (remember me not believing Tubbs was really Tyler?). And I’m especially skepical when people I only see once or thrice a year want to include me in stuff, just out of the blue. It’s fun to talk about, but I’m under no delusions…I know he’s a bunch of hot air, and he knows I’m not the sort to hound him to make good on his offer.

    I only do that to Mallozzi. 😀


  75. Mr. Cooper,

    I have a few questions about SG-1. Why was the decision made to (in effect) remove Sam from command when a new full-time leading man was brought in? Did anyone recognize that that might be seen as…. not entirely fair, genderwise? As she had been written as having done a good job, to just (in effect) give the position to someone else (for any reason)? Then put her in the same position (if not rank) as she had 8 years before?

    Also, when Vala was brought in in S9, according to Claudia even while filming the early eps it was known that she was wanted back later. So why was Vala (already a thief) also written as an unrepentant (all eps), ransoming (901), slaving (905), dominatrix dressed, (901) sexually harassing (901-905, 919, 1002, and others) “whorelette”(904)? (That last being Claudia’s term.) Why make her so unsustainable, needing to remake large parts of the character in S10 to make her ‘worthy’ to be on the team?

    Sorry for the tough questions, but nearly 4 years later and i *still* don’t get the decisions.

  76. Joe,

    You need some type of sugar. Fruit works. So do veggies. It’s absolutely amazing how good a clementine (or bing cherries – freeze ’em on a ziplock!) tastes when you have a craving. Cutting the processed stuff is enough. You don’t need low blood sugar from not getting enough readily available bursts when needed.


  77. Woah, the Neil Jackson from Blade the Series? So cooool! He was my fave character in Blade on Spike.

    Thanks to dasNdanger for unmasking the Vegas Rocker Wraith.

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