The Staff Recommendation
The Staff Recommendation

Almost didn’t make it into the office today. Hell, I almost didn’t make it out of the alleyway behind my house. I backed out of the garage and then spent a good fifteen minutes spinning my wheels in frustration before finally managing to work my way free. In retrospect, good thing I was delayed because, just as I was about to roll away, I received a call from Fondy informing me that I had forgotten my laptop and (more importantly) my lunch inside.

The laptop turned out to be of less importantance as we spent most of the day watching casting streams. So far, we have our Rush, Young, and Eli (official announcements on the latter two to come later this week). And, after today’s session, it looks like we may have our Tamara. We have two terrific candidates for both Scott and Stasiak, and a very likely Chloe. Otherwise, a fairly quiet day. Given recent developments, the writing staff now numbers five, but there is talk of adding at least one more newbie to the mix in addition to freelancers.

With the month of December behind us, I’d like to make quick mention of my two favorite reads of the past month. Just the other week, I was discussing the frustrations inherent in the writing process and yet, today, I’m singling out two authors whose stories are so imaginative, prose is so engaging, and books are so full of wondrous detail that I have a hard time imagining they ever hit the wall. I refer to Terry Pratchett and Jeffrey Ford.

Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! is one of the funniest books I’ve read in recent memory and, thus far, my favorite entry in his Discworld series. Our protagonists are the motley members of the City Watch, a lovably colorful crew who end dealing with a little more than your typical civil unrest when a dragon (the stuff of legend!) begins stalking the not-so-fair city of Ank-Morpork. Palace intrigue, errant magic, unlikely heroes, an inscrutable baboon librarian – this is Pratchett at his very best, delivering a narrative replete with comical misadventure, hilarious turns of phrase, and fantasy tropes skewed and skewered. If you like Pratchett, go get this book. And if you don’t like Pratchett – what’s your freakin’ problem?

The Physiognomy is an equally remarkable novel, a astonishingly imaginative tale compliments of Jeffrey Ford, one of the most inventive writers in any genre. For years, Physiognomist First Class Cley has served the Well-Built City and its enigmatic ruler, The Master, rooting out conspiracy and deception via the science of physiognomy, the assessment of character through the interpretation of an individual’s general appearance. But when he is dispatched to investigate the disappearance of a mysterious white fruit rumored to have originated from the Earthly Paradise, Cley quickly discovers that appearances can be most deceiving and his hitherto comfortable existence surreptitiously surreal. Original, enthralling, and wonderfully weird!

So, last night, I walk into the kitchen and find Fondy sprawled out on the couch, watching the season premiere of The Bachelor. Lame. I was about to move on when she called out to me: “Come watch with me and check out the women!” Well, in the interest of spending some quality time with the wife, I went and got my laptop, then settled in and joined her. Onscreen, the first delivery of desperate women arrived. I worked and watched, revising the opening scene to my script while, onscreen, the soon-to-be-laid lothario subconsciously signaled his interest (“Wow, you look beautiful.”) and lack thereof (“She’s a very special woman.”). Just as my interest began to wane, it was immediately restored by the promise of “The greatest twist in Bachelor history!” coming up after the break! As it turned out, it really wasn’t much of a twist at all and I was left disappointed and, frankly, a little misled. I was about to give up on the show when the voice-over announced “The most shocking rose ceremony yet!” coming up after the commercial break! Intrigued, I stuck it out. Again, I don’t watch the show so it may well have been “the most shocking rose ceremony yet”, but this only leads me to assume that all the previous rose ceremonies must have been pretty fucking boring. Still, I have to admit I was shocked by the fact that the doofus sent my favorite gal packing. “I can’t believe he didn’t pick Shelby!”I expressed my outrage at the early exit of my favorite hottie, expecting my wife to chime in in agreement. Receiving no response, I turned to discover the other couch was empty. Apparently, Fondy had left about ten minutes into the show and gone upstairs to work. Well, being the completist I am, I stayed for the tearful goodbyes (“Boohoohoo. It’s back to speed-dating and church potluck lunches for me. Boohoohoo.”) but DID NOT watch scenes from next week’s episode.

Though I hear it promises “The most shocking rose ceremony yet!”. So maybe I’ll just tune in for that part.

90 thoughts on “January 6, 2009: Back in the Office, My Top December Reads, and The Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Yet!

  1. First, neat pictures in yesterday’s entry.

    Confused. You wrote I walk into the kitchen and find Fondy sprawled out on the couch, watching the season premiere of The Bachelor

    You have a COUCH in your kitchen? I’ve never seen a couch in a kitchen before…

  2. I’ll have to pick up Ford’s Physiogomy, but Guards! Guards! is my all time favorite Diskworld novel. I have an immense poster from its theater run in England a decade or so ago( with Captain Vimes played by Paul Darrow, Avon from Blake’s 7 for the serious sci fi trivia fans).
    I’ll resist asking who is still on the writing staff. And not to be quota-conscious or anything, but I’ll be cheering for a woman to take a permanant slot in the writing bullpen. Time will tell I guess. Really, really looking foward to the discussion on Basilisk Station.
    I have only one request. Just confess. You watched the Bachelor, not because of Fondy snookering you into it, but because of your determination to stay on top of social trends, hip or not.

  3. I have to ask, who left the writing staff. I also have to thank you, i decided to pick up basilisk station and ended up reading the whole thing in 1 day it was a great book and i’ve already finished the second in the series and am midway through the third, i’m looking forward to the discussion on the book.

  4. I had forgotten my laptop and (more importantly) my lunch inside.

    You… keep your lunch in your laptop? O_o

    I still haven’t read Prachett and I still need to. I think what always stops me is that, for fairly short novels, they still cost as much as ones twice as thick, and I can hardly ever find them in used book store. Which, of course, is even more of a sign that I should read them. … Yeah, I know that reasoning is pretty pathetic. But then, I’m just now getting around to reading The Giver, which most people seem to read somewhere around sixth grade.

    Okay, book question: I’m a big fan of sci-fi when it comes to TV and movies, but it seems like whenever I read a sci-fi novel (an original one, that is, not based off of a TV/movie franchise), it always has a really depressing ending, usually involving the death of the main character and/or the end of the world, and they usually seem to be more concerned with the scientific/philosophical concepts than the characters. Now, I’m all about characters and don’t much care one way or the other about the science most of the time, so this disappoints me and puts me off reading sci-fi. (The two that spring to mind that I had this reaction to were The Puppet Masters by Heinlein and Childhood’s End by Clarke.) Can you rec five sci-fi books that have strong, interesting characters who aren’t overshadowed by the scientific or philosophical aspects? (I already bought Old Man’s War and The Android’s Dream, though haven’t read them yet.)

  5. Glad you liked Guards! Guards! Most of the City Watch Discworld books are top-notch, and the Death ones are stand-outs in my mind too.

  6. So word on the street says SGU PTB have hired a 20 year old Canadian Idol reject as one of their stars. Carlyle is going to be the only interesting dude on the show and rumors of “Stargate 90210” are apparently true, especially after hearing the hurl worthy spoiled rich “hawt” chick is about to be hired. These teeny boppers in peril aren’t worth it. Not watching.

  7. Never seen a couch in a kitchen? lol. Well, I’ve seen a 17ich LCD television in a fridge door. haha. My fiance would have spent the 2k to buy it too if it would have fit in the fridge space in our kitchen.

    Funny entry today =) Thanks for making me smile. I’d love to drop my name in the hat for the newbie writer. Or I’ll happily volunteer to write a couple of clip shows for when the time comes for the experience.

  8. Hi Joe!

    Just finished reading BW’s Q&A from Jan 2. Wow! That was long and sorta involving. Love to Brad and the respectful fans, eh?

    Love your ep. review of The Bachelor. I’ve been blessed to never have seen that drivel, and certainly don’t need to see women disrespecting themselves. Guess I’ll have to live never seeing a “rose ceremony.” Sigh. Such is life.

    Do you find that you aren’t sure of what books you have in your extensive library? A cataloging librarian friend of mine told me about . I signed up for it and even bought a cool cat-shaped barcode reader, so I can easily catalog my and my hub’s books. (This will really help our families at holiday times as they usually purchase us books.) Dunno if it’ll be helpful for you, but wanted to let you know.

    I’ll be checking out the next month or so’s BOTM club selections.



  9. Joe,

    Seriously. Step away from the TV. You’ve already confessed to watching Survivor. Start watching The Bachelor and you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from The Real Housewives of Orange County. And believe me — that’s the way to hell.

    Just. Don’t.



  10. Have you watched “Renovation Realities”? That is the funniest show ever! My husband is in the middle of renovating our bathroom despite a definite lack of carpentry or plumbing skills. This show makes him feel better about himself. Waaaaayyyyy better! And after watching the wives on that show, he appreciates me so much more! After all, I didn’t say a word when he accidentally cut through the water pipes with the electric saw.

  11. The Bachelor bores me to tears… lol I’m so thankful for USA… there’s almost always either House or NCIS on for my late night viewing pleasure!!!
    I have a 6 hour car ride tomorrow… in rather snowy conditions, too! Instead of making it snow when I wanted it to snow, God decided that the night before I have to go back to Cleveland to be the most appropriate time for the precipitation. Dang!!! Hehe perhaps we should pack a shovel and some strapping young men to help us dig out if we get stuck!!!

  12. You should’ve watched Elimidate sometime, it displayed the verastile range of the human condition: Girls pick a-holes over the nice guys, and all guys tend to go with the biggest skank.

    [My sister is playing Sarah Palin clips in the other room, and it has completely thrown off my groove. That broad is not keen on blinking. Or books.]

    Speaking of, thanks for the reccomendations, I’ll check ’em out. I might have one to suggest, but I want to hold off until I finish it.

  13. I try and sucker my Hubby into watching America’s Next Top Model with me under the guise of “Hey, almost naked girls here Mr”. I’m yet to be able to find an equally appealing reason for him to sit with me and watch Sci Fi so I have to work with what I’ve got.

    Even with the premise of scantily clad women (and in this season just don’t look too closely at the bulge in the front of that girl’s bikini) it still isn’t enough to bring him across to the dark side. He also says it’s not natural for someone to enjoy watching both Stargate and ANTM. Something about breaking the laws of physics. Pfft!

    Shall check out the reading recommendations.
    Thanks for posting them.

    It was great to be in Borders the other day and to now recognise a lot of the Author’s on the Sci Fi/Fantasy shelves. Thank You. It’s also just nice to see some kind of variety in the genre. Usually you find yourself in the darkest, dustiest, least cared for region of the bookstore trying to work out why Mr Snuffalufagus Gets New Shoes is in amongst Douglas Adams.

  14. Regarding the Stargate: Universe casting, I don’t remember seeing a “Scott” listed in the casting calls that were released (available on gateworld). Is this a new character or did Jared Nash get a name change? Also, is Robert Carlyle’s character a series regular or is he just making an appearance in the pilot like Robert Patrick did in Stargate: Atlantis?

  15. Hey there Mr. Mallozzi.

    It’s to bad you guys are still experiencing snow problems there in far away Vancouver. As for those of us in Victoria, we are getting set for a nice long rain to get rid of the last of our snow, and let me tell, it is beautiful to see the grass again (not to rub it in).

    Now I do have a question for you, so I hope you aren’t too offended/angry to answer.

    I must confess that whenever a new episode of Stargate: Atlantis airs that I wait for it to come onto the internet to download, but with the series finale airing next week, I would really like to watch it on TV. So my question is, do you know what channel it will be airing on and when (if you know), cause it would be a lot more entertaining to watch it on something bigger than my computer screen. Thanks, and I look forward to your contribution to SGU!

  16. Nice to see Janina Gavankar on NCIS tonight! Good ep and McGee rocked! 😀 Janina did a great job…and looks a lot like my foster sister’s sister, who was my sister’s foster daughter. Confused yet? Anyway, they’re from India originally, and I didn’t know until I just googled that Janina was also of Indian descent. Cool.

    Anyway, took up too much of your time yesterday, so just want to say that I am looking forward to news on the cast, and not looking forward to news on who’s no longer with the writing team.

    Have a good one, Joe.


  17. Joe, that’s the first cuss word I’ve heard you say!!! Hope your mum isn’t reading this.

    I detest “reality tv” except for How to look good naked. My girlfriend is in love with it so I too must be. (Which by the way she’ll be home from Thailand in 21 days YIPPY)

    Read On Basilisk Station last saturday and finished The Living Dead today. Had to order City of Saints and Madmen Barnes and Nobel should have it here this weekend for me. Yeah another trip to the city!

    So Diskworld, I love a good series. Will have to look that up. How many in is Guard Guard. My analness will force me to read them in order. Once I start reading a series I can’t stop till it’s finished. You should have seen me when I started reading the Dune books last summer. Those months were kinda gray for me…

    You didn’t mention how the no sugar went today? I slipped up when I had a glass of wine tonight.

  18. Joe!!! How could you?

    I just googled Diskworld there are 47 books and no apprent order. I cross checked with the library and they have none. I’ll have to go by release date. It will have to be this summers reading project. Grrr It sounds awesome though. Thanks for the recommendation.

  19. You have a couch in your kitchen?

    You were so wrapped up in “The Bachelor” that you didn’t even notice when your wife left? It must have been much more riveting than your write-up makes it sound. I fear for your sanity. Nah, I’m sure it was the script that had you preoccupied.

    Script? SGA movie?

    Five writers left? Who? I assume you and Paul? Do Brad and Rob count as part of the writing staff or are they more producerly sorts?

  20. 😛 All I’m gonna say Mallozzi is OOOK! 😛

    “an inscrutable baboon librarian – this is Pratchett at his very best, ”

    Baboon? Baboon? People’ve been hung up by their ankles for less Mister! The librarian is an Orangutan. say it slowly or-ang-u-tan.

    *falling about with laughter and lack of caffeine* I’m surprised no-one else has picked you up on that one.

    I’ve just started Nation. Pratchett’s latest although not a discworld novel it is pure Pratchett.

    Have a good day, its almost the weekend

  21. Hey Joe,

    Long time no speak… but the writers situation particularly peaked my interest. Doing the math – knowing the writers for sure will be Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Carl Binder (since he’s doing the SG-1 script), yourself, and you said yesterday Martin had a draft in for Universe.. that would make 5. That leaves out Allan and Paul. Am I correct?

  22. For Robert C. Cooper:
    Firstly, thank you for all your tireless work on Stargate throughout the years. It is much appreciated. Secondly, when you write a script you know you’re going to direct, do you write it any differently than you do for a script you aren’t directing (such as more or less camera directions)? Thirdly, in “Vegas,” why were the writer and director credits combined (“Written and Directed by”), whereas in your previous writer/director outings, did you have the credits separated?
    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

  23. Hey Joe,

    Ha ha ha ha ha! You watched The Bachelor!!?? 😆 Ha ha ha ha ha! Actually, I had no clue that show was still on. Someone needs to kill it. Kill it NOW.

    @Narelle: OK. I DO watch ANTM. It happened when Allie decided she might want to be a model. So I had her watch the show to see what models put up with. Needless to say we got hooked. And Allie’s decided modeling is soooooo not worth it. But Jeremy won’t ever watch it with us. Instead he’ll stick his head in and occassionally make comments like, “Have they had their pillow fight in their underware yet?” And that just annoys me because that almost NEVER happens on that show. 😉

    Alrighty the girls have piano today and the vet is coming to check on Annabelle (finally!!!!). Busy day. Lots to do!

    Trish 😀

  24. See, there’s always a good reason to run late…lunch being on the top of the list. (Of course, since I’m the only one at work who brings one, I get no sympathy when I run behind.)

    Our driveway is a sheet of ice, not likely to melt any time soon. Seriously, take you life in your hands, slick, smooth, “we need a zamboni” ice.


    (No comment on The Bachelor & all the similar drivel out there.)

    Wait…that in itself is a comment.

    I’ll stop the sugar when the last of the Belgian chocolate seashells is out of the house.

  25. These are questions for Robert Cooper. Thank you Joseph for allowing all these Q&A!

    First, I’d like to say that except from the camera flashes and the “Solitary Man” music, I loved “Vegas”! It is by far my favourite episode of the second part of season 5. The change of tone was great, and the wraith in disguise was awesome, both strong, intelligent, and sympathetic in his despair and anger of having lost his hive. Also, to be honest, I enjoyed Sheppard’s death at the end as a welcome punishment for his behaviour in “our” universe, especially in “Infection”. Of course, this particular Sheppard didn’t deserve to die alone and I shouldn’t rejoice of a punishment for what he merely WOULD have done if given the chance, but still, it was very satisfying for me as a viewer.

    As you kindly accepted to answer our questions regarding “Vegas”, here are mine:

    1. It seems that all main characters in this universe were very similar to the ones we know in the regular universe, just with their dark side much more prominent. Sheppard, McKay, Woolsey, Zelenka had their known personality, but with a darker tone. Every personality trait already exists in our version of the characters; it’s the balance that is different. Which brings me to Todd: His “Vegas” counterpart had fallen into complete insanity because of the suffering he was inflicted. While our Todd is not starving, does it still mean he has a propensity towards insanity?

    2. Are male wraith supposed to be able to read the minds of regular humans (not those with wraith DNA like Teyla) in the regular universe, or was it a particularity of the “Vegas” universe? I ask because in “The Gift”, Weir said they can’t seem to.

    3. There seemed to be an eerie connexion between Todd and Sheppard during their brief encounter. Sure, as McKay says, “they can get in your head”. But is there more than mere telepathy? Did Todd, and possibly Sheppard too, feel the connection that exists between them in the regular Stargate universe, despite having never met before in this one?

    4. I loooved the shirtless wraith scene, spine included (spine especially!) However, it raises a question: Such prominences look more reptilian than insect-like. The slitted eyes and the nose pits do too. Are all these makeup choices a voluntary step to indicate that wraith are more than a mixture of just human and iratus and they also have some reptile DNA, or simply an aesthetic choice without hidden meaning because it looks so super-cool?

    5. The “cut finger” dialogue in the casino was hilarious in a very disturbing way. Where did the idea for it come from? Was it supposed to give an insight into something particular regarding the main plot?

    I have a few more general questions, if you don’t mind:

    1. In your mind, do wraith have names? An hypothesis I like is wraith having no spoken name, but a telepathic identity instead. What is your idea on the question?

    2. I second Das’ question about the translucent blue finger armour most wraith wear. 😉 What are they for? A tool? Jewelry? Something else? Todd had none in “Common Ground” and in “Miller’s Crossing”, but he had one in all his other episodes, including in the glass cell in “Vegas”.

    3. When you first imagined the wraith, did you expect how cool they would turn out? Did you recognise from early on that what opposes them to humans is not the differences between the two species species, but the similarities?

    Joseph, you’re more than welcome to give your own answer too, if you wish. 😉

  26. Coucou Joseph!

    Sa va ?

    Moi oui, il fait un froid de canard aujourd’hui, ce n’est pas une journée pour mêttre le nez dehors^^!

    J’ai toujour autant de travail en cour et la sgc me prend le peu de temp libre qu’il me reste.

    Le bachelor? je regarder avant, mais ce n’est plus diffuser, je trouvais sa drôle^^!!

    Bon j’ai pleins de chose à faire….

    Bisou, à demain.

  27. Hey there Mr M!

    Hope you are not snow bound today. Interesting news on the casting front re: SGU (*Still hold out hopes for the plucky Irish Stow-away Paddy O’ Shamrock!*)

    How is Carl Binder lately? He has been awfully quiet? That’s generally not a good sign!!Is he making progress on the new SG1 Movie Script? Also how is your Super de Duper Secret Project?? Have you moved on from the Retirement Home scene???

    Caught “Vegas” last night! Wow, SGA meets CSI! Very stylised, visually gorgeous, and a vertiable audition for rotating director for the CSI franchise! Is there something Mr C wants to tell us??? Aside from CSI, I got the sense there were a few tip’o’the hats to the following:
    Oceans 11/12/13
    Natural Born Kilers
    Raising Arizona
    Vega$ (the original detective series with the late great Robert Urich)
    The Rockford Files
    Pulp Fiction

    Any-hoo great fun, and Zelenka in a suit?! Check out the eye-shadow on Keller (as commented on by my small girls – I hasten to add!) Any the ever cool Gary Jones!!!

    Question for Mr Cooper:
    Greetings once more Mr C and thanks for taking the time to answer the many questions! I really enjoyed Vegas, and loved the whole hommage thing! Given the time/budget and perhaps a longed for 6th Season, is there any other style of show for a potential cross-over/hommage that you have considered in giving the Atlantis treatment?

    Many thanks


  28. You’re better off not tuning in.

    Me, I barely got my car started yesterday. It’s been freezing here! We’re getting temperatures as low as -21C, that’s -6F.
    For a country where it rarely even really freezes in winter… Well that’s a lot. At any rate it’s not been snowing, other than one or two snowflakes that seem to have gotten lost on their way to Canada, so driving around isn’t really much of a problem.

  29. Hi again Mr M!

    Meant to add, Vegas also had one of my FAVOURITE cameo appearances!! No, I’m not talking about the superb gents from The Sopranos, but rather one of the other card players at the table….Last seen wheeling an injured Daniel Jackson in a wheel chair in Continuum and previously seen at the Craft Services in Wormhole Extreme……Yes indeed the Legend that it : Charlie Cohen!! The man who holds the fate of (the) Universe (literally!!) in his hands! Hats of to Mr C for a nice though script less role…Will we ever get to hear him speak??

    Best to all


  30. Hi Joe, I’m glad you liked “Guards, Guards!” and I happen to be one of those people that loves Terry Pratchett. I like the City Watch, Death and Rincewind story arcs (not necessarily in that order – depends on my mood) better than those featuring the witches. And “Pyramids” which focuses a bit on the Assassin’s Guild was a lot of fun, too.

    Someone asked about the order of the books – an excellent question since there are more than 30 now. If you’d like to read just the City Watch books in order of publication, they are: “Guards! Guards!” (1989); “Men at Arms” (1993); “Feet of Clay” (1996); “Jingo” (1997); “The Fifth Elephant” (1999); “Night Watch” (2002); and “Thud!” (2005).

    I hope that helps!

  31. Can I ask this Joe, do you feel like you lost a few IQ points by actually watching an episode of The Bachelor? j/k I hope your snow troubles go away soon, sounds like you guys have had days of bad snow trouble.

  32. That should teach you to be more quiet when you walk into the kitchen.

    How much snow did you guys get? Seems that either no one plows there ever or you get daily snow. Here we are plowed merely hours into the storm so we are on the roads while the storm is still going on if we wanted to that is.

  33. my guilty shameless TV reality show is Bret Michael’s Rock of Love train wreck, er bus wreck. 3rd season! I’m sure he’ll be looking for “true love” as long as the ratings hold. Too bad because both times before, he picked the women I would’ve picked. Don’t know if that’s a complement to my taste in women, or his.

    @Trish, Das & Narelle
    Thanks for your support, especially hard for my son, this is the first pet he’s lost. We had a “funeral” when we buried him.
    I’m not particularly caring for some friends & family telling him “It was just a cat, you can get another one…” No. No. “It” was our friend Jet. Pets- like people- aren’t disposable. This isn’t the first cat loss for me (Ralph was 21), but it NEVER gets easier. It isn’t supposed to. IMO the day you don’t mourn the death of a pet is the day you stopped being human.

  34. I’m not particularly caring for some friends & family telling him “It was just a cat,
    scratch that phrasing. Actually, I’m outraged.

  35. 1. Sean Maher for SGU?
    2. And has there ever been a talk about maybe a mini-series for SGA to keep it that arm of the franchise going? If so, what was the consensus, as you’ve not gone with that option.

    I mean if SGU is as successful as everyone hopes and the loyal viewership of both SG-1/SGA are so eager to see more, in SGU’s “off season” could either of it’s predecessors make a short comeback? I know it seems desperate but it has worked for Battlestar in the past.

  36. BTW, What powers the engines and the Daedalus class ships as a whole? Could a few of those not be used to power each pier of the city or something? I was just thinking alternatively to the use of ZPMs, Atlantis maximum viability.

  37. Is it just me or is it ironic that a science fiction writer watches Reality shows? More than likely just me. For me I hate reality shows. The only one I watch is Ghost Hunters and sometimes Survivor with my husband. I think I don’t like reality shows, because there is so much going on in real life that I just want to get away from it for awhile. Even if it is just for an hour.

    So with the casting coming to an end does this mean that we may have SGU airing in the fall. Although its not SGA I’m looking forward to SGU. By the way I like one of the characters names, Tamara. Will she be called Tamara or Tami or will it depend on the writer of that particular ep at the time?


  38. Come check out the women? Understanding wife. *g*

    You watch casting streams – that’s streaming videos from the office? Would be efficient.

    Btw, if you start saving up for snow tires now, you’ll be ready next winter 😉

  39. Brinzy:

    I must confess that whenever a new episode of Stargate: Atlantis airs that I wait for it to come onto the internet to download, but with the series finale airing next week, I would really like to watch it on TV. So my question is, do you know what channel it will be airing on and when

    It’ll air on Movie Central 1 on Monday, January 12, at 7:00 p.m. PST.

  40. Hey Joe, since Michael is long dead now and it’s unlikely the subject will be brought up in the finale, would you be willing to finally tell us how Michael managed to copy Carson’s consciousness into his clone? Was it another Wraith tech we’ve just never seen, or do the Wraith’s psychic abilities sort of cover that? How were you and the others planning to explain it?

  41. @Tami: I did have a good birthday. I got to spend it with family and friends. Really, that’s the best kind of day for me. 🙂

    @drldeboer: That’s so NOT supportive for people to tell your son Jet was *just a cat*. 🙁 I can tell Jet was special. You are so right; for not caring about the passing of a pet is to not be a human being. And I do get it being hard for the children. It was my youngest’s first experience with death, also. She was barely seven at the time and FULL of questions. We were all there when our boy was put to sleep. And Jeremy and I were crying so hard that we couldn’t answer little Erin’s very massive questions. The vet was a true saint here. He not only did NOT talk to our daughter like *just some kid* but as a person, he also did not lie to her. He explained everything to her so she could understand it. When Sebastian was gone Erin asked if he would wake up again. The vet told her he wouldn’t, he was not with us anymore. Erin burst into tears. And I knew she understood. The vet then told her to kiss him good-bye. So she did. Right on my favorite place to always kiss him. That velvety spot right above his nose. It’s something I’ll never forget for as long as I live. My one baby saying good-bye to my other baby. I’m sorry we don’t live closer to you. I would be happy to listen to you talk about Jet. And I would never, ever, EVER tell your family that he was *just a cat*. Friends aren’t disposable or replaceable. We have Ziggy now. And Ziggy has us. And it helps us to be happy. But Ziggy is not Sebastian. He’ll never take his place. And even if he could, I would not want that. Again ((((hugs))))) to you and yours.

  42. @ drldeboer – Well, you just tell those folks to keep their opinions to themselves because, obviously, they don’t know how it – and specifically, you – feel. When our kitty died (our black girl, Shoobie), my husband cried for two days, and couldn’t go to work…it upset him that much. Her last hours were rough, and it was late at night and we couldn’t get a vet – if we had been able to we would have put her to sleep because she was really struggling to breath. I think seeing that – being with a dying animal for the first time – and his first kitty – just devastated him. I’ve gone through a lot of cat deaths, so I’m able to cope a little better. But it doesn’t mean that it you still don’t get that sick, empty feeling in the pit of your tummy for a while. 🙁 Cat or dog or any other pet – it’s still a life gone, and it still hurts like hell.

    {{{hugs}}} again…and give your son one from me, too.


  43. I’m excited to hear about new writers for the show! Do you put out a call to agents or is it possible for an agent, or even a writer, to contact you directly about submitting a spec script?

  44. Hi, this is a urgent request!! Me and many others are admiring the work on Vegas, and really REALLY want to know what a certain song played during the episode is….

    Its played during the chase scene when John chases a Wraith out of the poker game at the casino…

    I put this on youtube, and getting quite a following of people hunting it on there and various forums..

    I would really appreciate any help you could give


  45. Did you watch Janina on NCIS? I thought she was great! She would have made an excellent villain in SGA!

  46. Hey Joe!

    Ah yes, the ‘stay tuned for the most shocking twist yet’ hitch. Reality shows and game shows always do that today, and it’s darn annoying because it is usually nothing special and just made for people to stick to the televisions. If you stayed around for the ‘next week episode’, they probably would’ve said something about shocking twists and ‘something spectacular never seen before on The Bachelor!’. It can be darn annoying. 😛

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  47. Baboon, my hairy red ass! OOK!

    The Bachelor? Yuck. I do like watching ANTM for the clothes and make-up. Otherwise I just want to smack the whiny girls.

    I gotcher rose right here, mister.

    What was that reality show where they moved in the conservatives with the freaks? I loved that. Of course, I’d never get to be a contestant, I’m not, um, normal. And I’m pretty sure I’ve met Avocado or whatever his name was at Burning Man.

  48. Hey, Shadow Step….she is not an “understanding wife” as much as she is a SMART WIFE! :-))))

    Mr. M….I have never posted here before but I would like to thank you for your entertaining and informative blog….being a HUGE Stargate Fan, it is much appreciated to hear about the show from someone who actually knows what’s going on…..!!!

    Happy New Year to everyone….

    ….and as always….

    Have A Very Stargate Day!


  49. Vegas was awesome, I kept thinking I was watching CSI. The cinematography was so alike. Do you guys need permission to copy that?
    Maybe this is a question for Robert, when McKAy and Sheppard were in the scene where McKay was telling Sheppard how much he knew about him, McKAy stated that John had never married,but McKay described the same Afganistan scenario. Was that just one of many differences in the parallel universe?
    Was Joe intentionally trying to act like Grissom?? There were just some things that were so Grissom.
    I have all of season 5 on my DVR, except for the last episode, I just can’t delete any yet. I think I need therapy.

    I have been trying to post this from work, but it seems that they have tweaked the filters. I am allowed 60 minutes on your blog, Joe and I wasn’t able to post my comment. During Christmas, I click on a link and was blocked because it was considered “Tradional Religon” – they are spelling medikcal center a li

  50. My question to Robert Cooper:

    A while ago Joe made the following statement on his blog:

    “In fact, for several years now, there has been one recurring character who, in my mind, is gay but there has never been an opportunity to confirm the fact. While I feared that suggesting it in a throw-away (“I’m heading back to Earth to spend time with my boyfriend. See ya!”) would seem like a truly forced WTF moment for fans, alternately, making a big deal of it felt wrong as well. So, unless the right circumstances present themselves for this character, the fans can simply go ahead assuming he is heterosexual until such a time that, in a Rowlingesque postscript, I can add: “And, oh yeah, by the way – he was gay.” ”

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on this statement and on the lack of Gay/Lesbian Characters in North American SciFi TV shows. I find this obmission to be odd since some of the other networks (which are supposedly more conservative) seem to have no problem with the subject. The ABC show “Brothers & Sisters” is a great example of showing how a gay couple is just like any other couple.

    I don’t think you need any special or right circumstances to introduce a gay/lesbian character(s). They are just ordinary people like you and me except that this time they just happens to be stuck on a spaceship in a distant part of the galaxy.

    So Rob, Have you ever thought of including a gay/lesbian character on SGU?

  51. Medikal Center with a k these days, can you believe that???

    Sorry don’t know what I hit to send this in two parts. It’s been a hairy 24 hours

  52. My first comment here is mostly to say “The Bachelor? WHAAAAA?”

    And new writers and freelancers? I should get around to making my Stargate-idea into a script. I’ll have it done in an hour. Maybe two. Perhaps a day or three, possibly a month or twelve.

    But I should probably finish my first script ever first. I’ve just written the opening scene. Yay, me. I’m guessing it’s best to start as a Private, and not try to get promoted General before even entering the Script Force. Uh. Yeah.

    But before I start writing again. Caffeine overdose. Here’s to great ratings, scripts, actors and Universe. Cheers.

  53. Well the vet just came and left. And it was great news!

    Annabelle is totally fine! I’m so relieved/happy/amazed. Annabelle’s mass is nothing to worry about but something to keep an eye on. I can do that! And she’s not in any pain. Even better. Phew. 🙂

    And Ziggy is a really weird dog. He purred for the vet. One thing: what dog loves the vet? Even a vet as wonderful as ours? And another thing: what dog purrs? I swear we pick the oddest animals. I guess that’s why I love them so much. Ziggy is about 10 months old. Good lord the boy weighs 80 pounds already! He’s a healthy, happy doggie. That’s what matters.

    @Das: I soooo understand about watching your kitty suffer up till the end. That’s how it was with Sebastian. He had such a massive stroke and couldn’t even walk or stand. And the vet allowed Jeremy 24 hours to decide that we had to put him down. Jeremy couldn’t go to work after that, either. The thing is, they are all so worth it, though. And I’m so glad other people out there (like you, obviously Joe, drldeboer, rose, noir, etc., etc.) get it. And by the way, I love the name Shoobie for a black cat! She and Sebastian with his tons ‘o white flowing fur woulda made a strinking dog and cat couple. 😀


  54. uh… I meant *striking* couple. Have no clue what strinking is… sounds like a new drinking game where you streak at the same time. :blush: Again… would love it if wordpress had an edit function.

  55. @drldeboer, My condolences on the loss of your cat. I too have been heartbroken by loss of pets and anyone who would say its “just” a cat doesn’t get it, will never get it and they are the poorer for it. They will never appreciate how much joy, pleasure and fulfillment a pet can give. My autistic nephew recently was bereft after the loss of his rabbit, we had a burial and everything for him and he has added Kenoki’s photo to his “shrine” for his passed away pets. I actually think that when his mum and I pass away we too will be added to the collection- one either end of the mantlepiece but there are worse places to spend eternity.

    People should be less human and more animal. The world couldn’t be any the worse for it!


  56. Hey Joe.

    Wow, either you have a very small couch or a very big kitchen 🙂

    Well, I started my new job at Canada Post yesterday. It’s actually really fun. But, I had a HUGE back-ache this morning because I spent all of yesterday evening lifting heavy boxes that people needed to mail. Hopefully things will go well.

    Good luck with your writing!

  57. How cool was Janina on NCIS? Bitch slappin’ guards and roughing up poor Probie. I once believed a spell in jail would do me good; I could catch up on my reading, not have to worry about the latest fashions and get three squares a day for free, sort of like a Fullbright without the classwork. But I’ve been scared straight by Janina. And it was so cool to see evil Seska from ST: Voyager playing another of the bad girls.

    BTW I just combined the Twix that melted on me with a banana and let me tell ya, bananas dipped in melted Twix is darn good.

  58. Hey Joe,

    Happy New Year!

    I’ve just sent you an email with another update. Just want to be sure you’ll receive it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  59. Shiningwit wrote:

    I’m surprised no-one else has picked you up on that one.

    I started reading Guards! Guards! last night and thought the Orangutan must do some morphing through the book to become different variations of the primate family before it settles on being a Baboon. Joe, I trust you too much. **makes shifty eyes**

    Trish – I do love the slap of reality check those girls get. For the finale I sit down with a good glass of wine, comfy clothes and cushions and laugh my head off. Especially at the ones that walk in with a big grin, a cocky walk an attitude to match and announce, “I AM America’s Next Top Model”. Ah, priceless moments.

    I’m not a huge fan of Tyra Banks, but she does help some of those girls grow up and give them some life guidance. Many of my dancing friends turned to modelling after retirement. Tough gig, but if you get something recurring (such as a lot do the Bridal Expo’s and magazines) you can make a good living out of it.

    Joe – I never understand television marketing. The other night we were trying to be convinced to tune in to a show because “.. and an ending you won’t belieeeeeeeve”. See, that’s not a good thing. If the show is well written then the ending should be completely believable. I don’t want to finish watching a show and be disappointed at how “unbelievable” the ending was. Or am I just reading too much into what they say?

    Also, maybe Fondy didn’t get up and leave quietly, but you blacked out from lack of sugar intake..

    MaggieMayDay – Your comment made me think of Beauty and the Geek. An interesting social experiment.

    drldeboer – The hardest part is ignoring them.

  60. One day my husband was getting on my case for watching a Reality Show, and my reply to him was, “You watch reality shows all the time – they are called college and pro football and basketball. I’ll stop watching my unscripted, non-actors on Project Runway and Top Chef when you give up watching all your sports programs on TV.”

    So there. And, we remain at an impasse.

  61. Sorry Joe, forgot to ask, how is the Wii going?
    Is there a clear champion yet between you and Fondy?

    Last night Hubby and I played Wonder Boy on the Arcade Table for about 2 hours (getting through the 1400 games is taking a while). We were seeing how far we could get. Only problem is, you aren’t allowed to leave the table for more than 10 seconds otherwise it goes back to the start. Made for some interesting sprints through the house, but a lot of fun. Highly recommend these tables to anyone that grew up in the 80’s.

  62. As far as kitchens and couches are concerned I am positively GREEN with envy of anyone with a bigger kitchen than and that means most of you, my kitchen is barely big enough to have a kitchen in it never mind a bloody sofa! *dreams of knocking out living room wall and making a dream reality* (shame about the steel girders in the walls that prevent me from actually doing it)So just HOW big is your kitchen?


  63. there’s supposed to be a “mine” in that last post – bugger – should definitely have given up an hour ago.

  64. I’m going to be an orangutan in my next incarnation. all those books to keep under control as well as all the banananas you can eat….OOOK!

  65. So RCC, now normally I love your work on stargate, you have done some wicked cool eps on SG-1 but i’m afraid Vegas was very bad IMO…It was boring and a very poor attempt at CSI…To me it’s the worse ep of the series 😮

    I don’t understand why the wraith were at earth…If John never went to Atlantis then the wraith wouldn’t have been alerted and they wouldn’t have gone to Athos and captured the earthlings, that’s how they found out about earth in our universe, right? Also I don’t understand why Teyla wasn’t in the ep…Some say it wouldn’t have made sense for her to be there but to me it made as much sense as the wraith being there…

    Also JM, first off before I start, I don’t want you to think i’m being rude or anyhting like that but I don’t know how else to write what i’m about to write while getting to the point 😉

    Anywho, why did you give us that romantic dinner dream scene in S&R between John and Teyla if there was no intention of even remotely exploring the possibility, why give us hope in the first place? If you had no intention of exploring John/Teyla then I think IMHO you should have done that scene differently and not started it off with a romantic dinner between the two, it just gave us hope that there was still a chance for them but then that hope was crushed into a million pieces 🙁

    I’ve also not been happy with the lack of Teyla and Ronon, I thought they were supposed to be part of the main team but they’ve either been absent or standing in the background for a lot of eps this season…It seems to be all about Rodney this season which is disappointing because he is one of my least favourire characters..

    I’m afraid after i’ve watched the last episode at the weekend i’ll be removing myself from SGA, I haven’t liked the direction it’s been going so I can’t bring myself to watch any movies that will be made 🙁 I’ll always support SG-1 though but that’s the only one i’ll be supporting from now on 😮

    Anywho thank you for letting me vent and ramble on and get that out of my system 🙂

  66. Seska was on NCIS?! MUSTSEE!
    Sessy is a mix between Seska, Sassy and Sexy in the first place!!!

  67. My condolences to drldeboer.

    Joe, just watched Vegas again last night as my housemate has arrived back from her christmas trip to visit family. Enjoyed it very much second time around, too, and the housemate thought it was a blast. Still didn’t notice the absence of nipples … I’m assuming slo-mo was involved for those that did notice?

    There seems to be a lot of talk around the Wraith mental abilities when it comes to impacting on humans. I seem to remember that in No Man’s Land, Michael was able to manipulate Carson into releasing him from his bindings, and the Wraith Queens have always been able to make Sheppard kneel… I don’t see a problem with the Wraith manipulating his way to big poker wins. (And now, I’m envisioning the Wraith making humans cluck like chooks for fun …)

  68. @drldeboer – My sympathies at the loss of your family’s pet. 🙁 It’s never easy, especially with children for whom the loss can be even stronger. A cat is never “just a cat.” Never.

    @ Robert C. Cooper – Hello and thanks for Vegas! I am wondering when preparing for episodes with such a different visual and musical style from typical SG eps whether you have to have extra meetings with your production crew to go over the style changes? Do episodes such as Vegas and Sateda take longer to shoot, edit, etc.?

    Take care,


  69. Hi Joe,

    I Haven’t been able to get “Guards Guards anywhere! I have tried so many book stores. I might have to get them to order it in or something. Cause I have heard really great things about this book.

    I am waiting with baited breathe on the casting for SGU. So far there is Robert Carlyle. I hope there is at least one other name I have heard of!. I am willing to give SGU a chance to see how it pans out.

    Have a great day! Is it still snowing there? Its finally cooler today here in Sydney! The heatwave has ended for a bit! Thanks goodness!

    Happiness always!


  70. @drldeboer: I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. And you’re right — it is like losing a friend and never gets any easier. I think the only people who can say “it’s only a pet” are people who have never had a pet. I feel the same way about it as das, shiningwit and trish and I can’t add anything to their eloquent words.

    @trish: Glad to know that Annabelle is fine! My lab developed a lump on her belly a year ago and I was terrified it was something malignant. Fortunately it turned out to be a benign fatty tumor; apparently Labrador retrievers are prone to getting them. Who knew?

  71. I found this not too long ago about losing a pet. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it, but it’s comforting at the same time as I know I’ll meet up with my beloved pets again one day.

    – Rainbow Bridge –

    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…

  72. I read the first two Discworld books, and just couldn’t get into it. They were okay stories, but it just didn’t interest me enough to pick up the third book. Which is sad, since I have another one on the bookshelf behind me.

  73. @sparrow hawk: Turns out many breeds are prone to getting them. Seems like one of the best kept secrets of the dog world. I’ve had dogs my entire life and love them to bits. I don’t recall anyone’s dog have such a huge mass as Annabelle’s. Who knew? is exactly what I was thinking! Plus it wasn’t there one day and was there the next. Very creepy. And I guess people can get them, too! Weird, right?

  74. @drldeboer: People like the ones you are outraged about deserve your outrage (and more). Think about the atrocities committed against animals every day and you have to wonder what’s wrong with people. Do tell your son about the Rainbow Bridge – it really helps children (even older ones) to start healing. When my kids were little and we lost a pet, I’d take them outside at night and show them the stars. I’d pick one and tell them that’s where Tiffy/Barney/Shoshone/Waldo was now and that they could always look up and see them. It helped!

    Otherwise, my daughter and son-in-law’s dog went to England on Sunday and returned yesterday. The international microchip either migrated or broke, but the officials in the UK couldn’t read it with any scanner and she was denied entry. This for a little Cocker Spaniel that is afraid of everything. I’m hoping they’ll just let us keep her and not put her through all this again, but we’ll see. Either way, Ms Molly will be with us at least 6 months, and she’s thrilled to be back 🙂 Be well, and a hug to you and your son 🙂

  75. I adore all of the Discworld novels, Terry Pratchett has some hilarious insights into the human condition! The Night Watch series is excellent with The Fifth Elephant probably being my favourite. 🙂 How far in the series have you got? Are you reading the novels cronilogically (i.e. as they were written) or picking a novel at random.? I think its better to read them in order but all the novels can stand on the own (although this dose mean there are repeated desciptions of the discworld and it’s bizaar make up for each book 😀

  76. Hi Joe

    I agree wholeheartedly with your view of Terry Prachett’s work and Guards Guards is a great one.. I have determined to go throught the whole series. I Have watched The color of magic on DVD but do believe the books are better. His play with words and the humor is much more appreciated in his books..

    A Question for Rob Cooper.

    Do you lean more towards the fantasy side of fiction or Sci Fi? I ask these because of the last two seasons of SG1 were heavily fantasy. I enjoy both . I still miss SG1. All the best for the new series .. I think it will be great . The casting so fars seem spot on especially the Scottish one. Could you write in his Scottish accent please?

    All the Best..


  77. So I’m going to try to sneak this comment in before you put out the next post…

    Joe, I can definitely relate to the bad reality TV issues. Replace “Fondy on the couch” with “finished shampooing carpets” and replace “the Bachelor” with “Superstars of Dance” and you have my Sunday night. I feel a little dirty.

    On the subject of Terry Pratchett, while I haven’t read any of his solo work he was co-author of one of my favourite books “Good Omens” with Neil Gaiman (one of my fav authors). If you haven’t read it, I’d suggest picking it up. It is roll in the floor hilarious.

    Other notes…

    I received my first issue of SciFi Fantasy magazine today. Yea!!!!! Thanks again. I can’t wait to read it.

    Conveniently located next to my magazine (which looks more like a short novel) was my postcard from Neilson telling me that I have been selected. I hope its a diary. Oh the power. Nwahahahahhahaha! It won’t help much for SGA but maybe I could contribute to the success of Universe (assuming that it turns out as promising as you claim). I may take chocolate as a bribe.

    Have a great evening and thanks again.

  78. Hope everybody’s well tonight…

    Just a couple things…first, nice to know a couple folks out there know about hoagies. 🙂

    Second, just ran into this guy I know who dabbles in film.

    I’ve never taken him seriously ’cause, ya know – local kid, and all. His folks’ place is right across from my folks. They were summer people who finally moved down year-round, and so I’ve only known Johnny about 20-25 years. Anyway – like I said, never took him seriously.

    Until I ran into him in our local dive bar tonight…he was there playing pool, I was there eating something deep-fried. 😛 Anyway, we got to talking, and I told him about you, Joe…talked a bit about Stargate (yeah, he knows the show), and I showed him my photo keychain…which just happens to be…um…Steve. Yeah…as in, ‘The Wraith’. 😳

    I am such a geeky fangirl. 😛

    Anyway…he saw the picture, and he points at it and says, ‘Ya know – I know that actor… Luke…played in the Hellboy movie this summer…he looked like this guy.”

    My eyes grew wide and I said, “You know Luke Goss…the guy who played Prince Nuada?!”

    “Yeah,” he said, “my buddy was just filming with him. You saw Hellboy, I take it?”

    I nodded enthusiastically. “Saw it, loved it…and loved Luke’s character the most.”

    “He did a great job,” he said. “Ya know, we’re supposed to get together with him soon. I’ll give you a call if we do…”

    Okay, yeah…I died right there. 😛

    Of course, I don’t know how much he was bullshittin’ me – but I didn’t mention Nuada or Luke or Hellboy or anything – he just offered up the info based on the similarities in appearance between Nuada and Steve the Wraith. I’m not holding my breath, but if I ever do meet the guy, just be ready for the squee! heard round the world! 😉

    Now…to start that diet…


  79. Alexandria – I have that Rainbow Bridge story. It is neatly folded inside a small beautifully hand crafted wooden box. On a small golden plate fastened to the outside of the box is the engraved word “Georgia”. Also inside the little box is a dog collar, and the remains of my beloved 16 year old dog who passed away a little more than a year ago from cancer. One day I will summon enough courage to bring another dog into my life. But for now, still, the pain and sadness of her death keep me from taking that step.

    Just when I think I’m a little closer to getting a new dog, someone posts a sad story which makes me back away.

    Please also post the good stories about your pets. I’d love to hear them.

    To anyone who loses a pet, I am crying with you.

  80. Laura Dove
    These are questions for Robert Cooper. Thank you Joseph for allowing all these Q&A!

    First, I’d like to say that except from the camera flashes and the “Solitary Man” music, I loved “Vegas”! It is by far my favourite episode of the second part of season 5. The change of tone was great, and the wraith in disguise was awesome, both strong, intelligent, and sympathetic in his despair and anger of having lost his hive. Also, to be honest, I enjoyed Sheppard’s death at the end as a welcome punishment for his behaviour in “our” universe, especially in “Infection”.

    Um what? ‘Punishment? Oh yeah, punish the guy who’s only saved the city and put his life on the line how many times? riiiiight.

    The military has to make tough choices every day. Get over it.


  81. So, I’ve apparently got a clot in my leg and have been trying to get into the ER all day (it’s packed), and tried to leave again a while ago. As I was headed out the door, my beatiful dog had a major seizure. What next? So, husband will stay with dog, I will go to the hospital and will be reading this thing tomorrow, hopefully! Everyone else, please be/stay well! Deni

  82. To karen: I mean punish the terrorist who likes to threaten allies and dreams of breaking truces and murdering diplomats. Sheppard is a war criminal. Get over it.

  83. For Ponytail,

    The grieving process after losing a pet is different for everyone. This is how I see it: You may not want to adopt a new pet after your fur companion passes on because of the great sadness and pain you experience. Remember that your pain is minor compared to the pain of never having had the chance to be loved at all. Adopt a homeless animal.

    Previous fur children are NEVER “replaced”, but new fur children are given the opportunity to have a wonderful life.
    I vow to always have the maximum pets allowed by my city – 2 dogs and 2 cats.

  84. dasNdanger, thanks for the hedz up on Luke Goss, loved him in Hellboy GA. Didn’t realize he was a brit pop singer. He did look quite Wraithy in HB. Who played the bad ass Wraith in Vegas, btw?

  85. Re: Bachelor

    Y’know, the same thing happened to me. But being a devout procrastinator and incompleter of everything I changed the channel before he actually eliminated/picked anyone.


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