Okie-dokie. I’ve had it. Last night, I didn’t need vomiting dogs to keep me up. I was asleep at 11:00 p.m., up at 1:00 a.m., back to sleep at 3:10 a.m., up at 6:15 a.m., back to sleep up 8:30 a.m., up at 12:15 p.m. And, no, I don’t feel particularly well-rested. I’d love to blame it on the jet-lag but that was over a week ago, and while I could chalk it up to an over-active mind, the truth, my mind is a blissfully blank slate. So what’s the deal? Could it be that I’m subconsciously troubled, unwittingly struggling with a matter of great import while my conscious self focuses on more present issues: my writing, the approaching holidays, will Bob be able to stave off elimination and make it through this Sunday’s Survivor season finale? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything that’s been troubling me of late but, of course, since it’s something I’m wrestling with subconsciously, it’s not something that would readily come to mind.In times like these, I consider myself fortunate in that I need not go it alone. Despite the seemingly frustration, I can always seek comfort in one very special place. No, not the arms of my wife or the understanding of a close friend! I refer, of course, to the ever-reliable problem-solving wonder that is Nyquil.

Hey, just received the first draft of the second part of the Stargate: Universe opener. Some late (hopefully not too late) night reading.

Things I learned today:

1. A recipe for a delicious early morning snack guaranteed to start your day on the right foot…or an ambulance:


2. I may not need Brad Garrett to play the part of Lurch in my Addams Family Reunion movie after all:http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/forbes-superstar-flops.html

3. “Do you have a map? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.” Cheesy yet effective:



55 thoughts on “December 13, 2008: Sleep-deprived and Cranky

  1. Hi Joe:

    Thanks for the images of poor Zalenka getting stabbed. I think he needs his own Whump thread on Gateworld, poor man.

    It’s very cool to also see that Bam Bam is right there as Fight/Stunt Coordinator at the stabbing. He really does have an awesome job, as do you and everybody else at Bridge Studios.

    As for not sleeping, a reminder that the Stress Cd that I sent you is a very effective non chemical way to relax. Please do give it a try.

    Patricia (AG)

  2. On the plus side, you may find the chronic sleep deprivation lets you see the world in ways most people never do. Different colors, different smells, and visions of creatures you thought existed only in mythology. With luck and your nyquil, you’ll not join those of us who are already in that pre-Ascenscion “higher state”.
    Thanks for the links and videos, and good luck on the search for sleep. And thanks for the reminder about Survivor; Bob is the only reason I’m still watching, and cheering him on.

  3. Wow, that sucks. Hope your night’s better tonight.

    Thanks for the videos. I’d love to see more like that in the future. I find it rather fascinating to watch actors and directors working. It looks like it would be kind of hard to be a TV actor, with all those people around. I wonder how they focus.

  4. Thanks for the clips. It was interesting to watch. The bacon link at the bottom was hilarious! lol.

    I must admit, I loved Friday’s episode. It was beautifully done. I admit I snickered a little when Dawn made the “make love” suggestion in the puddle jumper, and at how quickly Rodney suggested it to Keller later. haha.

    I loved seeing Beckett back! I also thoroughly enjoyed the connection to season 9 of SG1. Thanks for a terrific and entertaining episode. =) I only wish we could see more of Beckett and Atlantis in another season. I think everyone wishes that though. Excellent work.

  5. Write something when you’re on the Nyquil. Seriously, that would be awesome! All the crack!fic writers and fans would love to see some of it reach the screen.

    As for the cranky, listen to Sia’s Some people have real problems. As serious as some of the subject matter the lyrics deal with is, I swear it’s impossible to listen to it without bouncing just a wee bit more through the day. Or maybe that’s just me. Actually, it’s depressing. Don’t listen.

  6. Cool vids from Indentity. Very much enjoyed the episode. Was horrified at the stabbing so early in the show..then whew, Zalenka is recovering.

    I looked or tried to look and could not spot the pineapple. The action was a bit too riveting and distracting…lol.

    The timing for Ronan to zap the gizmo was priceless.
    Hmmm, although the visual suggestions of the bady’s demise were rather strong, will we ever learn of what happened or at least what your vision was for her?

    I need some benedryl to get some sleep, so I toast you good night. Hopefully – a good night’s sleep will be had by all.

    Hope the puppies feel better, so you can have less night time distractions.

  7. Joe, I hate to ask this question when you are cranky, (maybe you need a laxative?) but . . .

    Will Ronon get a hair cut for the movie? Just answer a) yes, b) no, c) I’ll see what I can do.

    Since you are writing the movie, I have an idea, free of charge. The 4 team members are overrun and in a fierce battle on another planet. McKay screams he is out of ammunition. Ronon toses McKay his sword. After looking at it like ‘what am I suppose to do with this’, McKay, still screaming, starts swinging wildly. He accidentally clips Ronon’s hair, cutting off a big chuck. Back on Atlantis, Teyla finishes cutting the rest of Ronon hair to even it all up. McKay feels bad, Ronon (now a super stud) gives him dirty looks, Sheppard makes fun of both of them and Teyla likes Ronon’s new look. And of course, Keller thinks maybe she picked the wrong guy.

    Please tell whomever it concerns, that Ronon IS NOT Felicity. And Jason Momoa certainly IS NOT Keri Russell. The fans can handle Ronon loosing his dreads. PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE.

    Also, all the experts say, never feed a dog table scraps, or restaurant scraps, or any type of scraps at all. When my dog was young, I fed her all the different flavors of a certain canned dog food. She was regularly throwing up. When I decided I might be causing her to have an upset stomach, I settled on one flavor and quit changing it all the time. She quit throwing up.

    Gotta go!! ‘Reunion’ is on in 2 minutes on another channel. Can’t miss that! Thank you for writting it. It is one of my all time favorites!

  8. Welcome to my last week.

    In my case acting as the saviour, the tranquillisers that they dispense at Bangkok Airport. The instructions are in Thai but through trial, error, and bouts of lengthy unconsciousness, you get to know how many to take.

    **skulks back into hiding**

  9. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes awesomeness!!! 😀

    Yay Nyquil! Here’s hoping it solves all your problems and more. Being awoken in the middle of the night due to puppies is okay, because at least you have a decent excuse and the love they give you in return is totally worth it. Waking up in the middle of the night for no reason at all isn’t half as much fun. 🙁

    Was just rewatching Ripple Effect (one of the SG-1 episodes I picked out of my iTunes queue to watch with my little sister when I get home for break on Thursday) and saw that you and Paul wrote it. Can you ask Brad if he plans to include a reference to Mitchell’s “Cut the green one” hint in the next movie? I can’t remember it having any mention after that in the series’s run, or in AoT or Continuum. It would be nice to have a throwback to one of my favorite episodes in SG3!!!

  10. Joe,

    So I presume the Nyquil in Canada hasn’t been ruined by removing the pseudoephedrine?

  11. Sleep, what is that? If something is bothering you, you’ll eventually figure it out. Maybe it is an early mid life crisis (lol) wanting to do something new, different and exciting. Oh, wait a minute, you already did that on your trip.

    Who knows, your not sleeping well still could be from the trip just coming up on you now or the dog getting sick at different hours of the night. It is just like having a baby in the house.

    Still, I know I worry about squeezing in time to get my last minute gifts I need to get to the point that I have to write a list so I can let my brain shut down and go to sleep. There are just so many parties to attend, preparing and not to mention work.

    Tonight’s party was my best friend from High School’s family. This one is always interesting since her grandfather thinks he is a prophet. He even wrote a book and paid for it to be published (he’s working on the sequel now). don’t ask me what the title is, because we have done a great job of avoiding him when he begins to mention that we should read it. Having alcohol on hand doesn’t hurt either.

    I hope you figure it out and get some sleep.

  12. @Shawna & @multisemi…I had the same question after first seeing the picture of the guest actress who played Neeva wearing Keller’s uniform. I think it would have given Jewel a chance to show a different take on Keller. It is not like we had to see who was who to understand what was happening. I was still extremely happy with the episode, one of my favorites of the season, it just would have had a very different take the other way. Perhaps Joe will tell us the thought process the writers had for doing it they way they did. I also thought Jewel looked great in her costume, too bad they already had the Q&A with the costume designer.

  13. I too am a big fan of Nyquill. I remember one day in high school, I was feeling absolutely horrible, horrific cold in both my head and lungs, but my mum was still making me go to school. So I took Nyquill and basically slept through allllll my classes. It was almost as restful as staying at home, save for the damn bells! *G*

  14. Loved the behind-the-scenes vid of Zelenka!
    But Oh My God, that poor woman needs a huge 5 course meal at Fuel quick!
    Had no idea she was that skinny!
    Get some sleep!!!!!!
    Don’t take Ambien – it makes you crazy.

  15. This week marks my one-year anniversary of being addicted to Stargate SG-1. 🙂 😛 😀

  16. Hey Joe.
    Sounds like all those sweets you love to eat are finally catching up to you. Here is to a much better night’s sleep tonight. Oh, by the way, awesome episode last night.

  17. @ Joe – I think what’s deeply troubling your subconscious are the injustices suffered by the Wraith – and especially Todd – at the hands of the Lanteans, while the team continues to be praised as heroes. 😉 Either that, or you’re just eating too much weird crap.

    @ Perragrin – RE: The Dream. I KNOW! I cannot recall ever dreaming about Todd. I had a dream of a Wraith who I could not identify, and he told me his name – Dagule’la (I saw it spelled out, too). I remember a dream about Tyler Wraith invading earth and becoming a showgirl in Vegas – that will always be my favorite. I remember a strange dream about Edward Sleazyhands (from The Hive), the details of which slip my mind at the moment…but I remember him saying he was taking me to a room to meet someone. And then there was a naughty little dream about ‘shirtless Steve’: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/dasNdanger/shirtlesswraith4.jpg 😳

    But so far, none of Todd. 🙁 It’s just not fair! 😡


  18. @ Joe – Sorry – hubby called me away and I didn’t finish something I wanted to say about the sleeplessness.

    I have that problem a lot, too. Sometimes it’s anxiety, sometimes it’s bad habits (napping, heavy meal, or alcohol too close to bedtime), or sometimes it’s too much mental stimulation – when my ‘creativity’ gene goes off I just cannot sleep at all. If I’m sketching, or writing, or even redecorating a room – anything that taps into my creativity – I just can’t wind down. Right now you’re working on several creative projects – perhaps it’s just put your mind into overdrive. It’s not anxiety, but more like excitement…like the kid who can’t sleep Christmas Eve, just knowing that there are prezzies awaiting him under the tree.

    Or, maybe you just need a new mattress. 🙂

    Reading usually puts me to sleep. 😛 And, for some odd reason, so does chocolate (not too much or I will wake up in a few hours, wired and ready to go). I also have a tea called ‘Relaxing’, made by Triple Leaf Tea, containing Chamomile, Catnip, and Valarian, among other herbs – that sometimes helps. But my best sleeping pill will always be old movies…Double Indemnity has been my drug of choice this week. For some reason, the more I love a movie, the easier it is to sleep to…like a ‘comfort’ movie.

    Sometimes it’s just age, though, or bad habits. If I sleep too long (8-9 hours), I will not be able to get to sleep, or stay asleep, the following night. I find I sleep best when I make myself overly tired, then sleep for about 6 hours, deep and solid. But I am an ill-disciplined creature, and rarely follow a routine, no matter how well it works for me. So why the hell am I giving you advice??! 😆

    Stick with what works – if it’s Nyquil – then go for it, baby! (Just no drinkin’ it out of a brown paper bag, ya ol’ whino, you!) 😉


  19. Hi Joe

    Noticed your new books. I have read Young Miles and found it very good. Lot of action, bit of humor , keeps you rooting for the underdog. Read Cordelia’s Honor after.. that one is so so.. Re Terry Pratchett I love his humor, the little things he adds that gives a chuckle. Right now I am going through his whole Disc World series. I have not read anything of His that you have purchased recently. Please keep us informed.. Getting excited about the new series. A lot depends on who you choose for the main character.. Do you do any test for likeable quoitent before you sign a new actor?


  20. Joe (possibly posted this twice – first time seemed to disappear but you may see it twice with slight changes as I, sadly, don’t have a photographic memory)

    Sorry you can’t get to sleep. Can’t give much advice but I do think it is related to how much you have going on. Too much on your mind will definitely cause lack of sleep.

    On an unrelated front, you inspired me to document a meal this evening. My husband and I went to a local LA restaurant Cliff’s Edge

    There are photos on the site but we took the liberty of shooting our own (see below)

    Be warned – the pictures are not great. My husband protested using a flash as he didn’t want to disturb other diners. How do you handle this when you are at a fine restaurant and want to take pictures?

    Here goes…

    Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartar with Mango, Seaweed-Sesame Salad & Wonton Crisps
    No picture – no flash + shaky hands = bad photo
    This is one of there signature dishes and was really great. Very fresh and a little spicy.

    Vassoio di Formaggi – Cheese Plate with Seasonal Fruits & Toasted Nut Bread
    Nice mixture of hard and soft cheese, fruits and the most amazing truffle honey ever

    Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage & Brown Butter Sautéed Swiss chard
    Nice mixture of sweet and salty with a lovely light sauce. Really great dish.

    Shrimp and Scallop Risotto
    Definitely the winner. So good.

    Dessert – Profiterole with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

    Chris and I show off our dessert

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for the inspiration and stay well.


  21. Coucou Joseph!

    Lol mais ce n’est pas possible vous fâites comme moi, cette nuit j’ai trés mal dormie et bas trés longtemp. Lol télépatie

    Merci pour ces video, j’ai bien aimer cette épisode!

    Aller gros bisou, a bientot!

  22. Tim

    I think that question came to me partly because I just watched this movie called The Secret, which is kind of like an adult version of Freaky Friday, where both a mother and daughter are inside the daughter’s body, but the actress did such a good job that I didn’t for a moment wonder who was in emergence, so to speak.

    Not that I’m criticizing the episode at all. I’m just curious why they went that way instead of the other way. Both ways have been done before, of course, but it is a bit harder to pull off the other way.

    I’ll agree that Neeva’s costume was really hot. And I mean that in a totally hetero/jealous way.


    I seem to remember Joe or someone saying something about that “green wire” bit at one point. I think it was just alt-Mitchell messing around with Mitchell. I mean, they aren’t exactly on friendly terms, and he did just have his entire plan foiled and is being sent back to his home universe empty-handed. Even if it did reference something real, which I doubt, he’d probably be unlikely to give him advice that would help. Nah, I think it was just his way of getting off one last shot at Mitchell for being a pain in the ass.

  23. Yo! Just saw Identity, and thought it was great. One thing… I, personally, would have preferred to see the characters as they appeared physically, not who they really were. I no Keller-hater by any means… in fact, she’s one of my favorites. However, giving Jewel Staite more screentime in distress only gives the Keller-haters more fuel. Also, it just would’ve VERY interesting to see a dangerous, violent Keller. Also, that would’ve allowed us to see Neeva Casol as both herself, and sweet Keller.

    It takes a lot more than that to ruin an episode for me though, I still enjoyed it thoroughly! You’ve mentioned that you appreciate the occasional constructive criticism, so there’s my two cents :-).

    I’m VERY much looking forward to Vegas! Have a good one!

  24. Your blog was having a veritable blizzard this morning when I got here but it seems to have calmed down somewhat now, thought I was going to be shovelling my way out!
    I’m going to finish watching Identity today as soon as there is peace and quiet…..or not.

    I can sympathise with the sleep deprivation thing, I don’t sleep too well at the best of times with one thing or another and what works one night doesn’t neccessarily work the next, its very hit or miss but then I happen to know I DO need a new bed and to finish my christmas shopping, just hanging around waiting for payday now, roll on Friday!

  25. Now all I’ve got going through my head is what a woman would say if anyone thought it strange that she liked corny pick up lines: “I’m just reallly fertile”

    On another strange note, I thought you might be interested in the following article. Lucky props aren’t often that potentially fatal:



  26. Best of luck with a solid night of sleep, tonight. It can be annoyingly frustrating, can’t it?

    Be sure you’re following good sleep habits for at least a few days and you’ll get yourself back on track.

  27. Ok I’m thirty minutes in and I’ve had to restart my computer so I could take you guys to task over this but I couldn’t help but notice AGAIN that the anti-good guy Magistrate seems to be channeling Tim Curry. another bloody brit accent, do you guys dislke us THAT much?

  28. Sleep is over-rated.

    My sleep deprivation is caused by two very large fluffy cats who want to assure me, several times a night, every night, how much they love me. That, or they just want me to know I forgot to fill their bowls.

    Here’s hoping whatever it is clears up & allows you a peaceful slumber soon.

  29. on Dec 12 @ libkat wrote

    Joe –

    Ah, “Young Miles.” You are about to have your world rocked by Vorkosigian awesomeness. After you read it let me know if you think anime would be the way to go to convert the Miles saga into film.

    That’s a terrible idea. Don’t really think anime is suitable for complex story telling. The usual low animated scenes count in most animes became tedious real quick. If you want the non-live action route for the VorKosigan saga would be better using near 3-D CGI animation (e.g. Reboot, Tripping the Rift, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, etc). Clearly some elements of the Vorkosigan saga is not film able in live-action due to technical and cost reasons.

  30. I’m with you Bailey,gee, Dawn appears absolutely anorexic in that vid clip. Her hair is beautiful, but without nutrition to bolster it, will start to wither and fall out. Someone tell Dawn to EAT SOMETHING. Food good.

    Skeletalis NOT sexy or smart or attractive.

    Radek/David — you remain one of my all-time favorite actors! Good job guy!

    Joe, welcome to my world…insomniacs unite!
    In my case, it’s a combination of anxieties and a subconscious of overactive abundance. Of course, just being laid off from my job doesn’t help either. And during a really severe recession. And amongst the highest unemployment in 27 years. And just in time for Christmas…grumble…

    Um, more behind-the-scenes vids please sir… 😉

    Carol Z
    shivering and sleepless and jobless in NJ

  31. @Shawna Buchanan:
    Oh, thanks. I searched for “cut the green one” and got no hits, but that could be because I was being too specific! I get that alt-Mitchell would be angry with the real SG-1 for foiling alt-SG-1’s plans, but I believe that they really did have their hearts in the right place and that alt-Mitchell was really trying to help (perhaps because he felt guilty about what they had just done?). Anyhow, I guess it’s already been answered, so thanks again 😀

  32. Tylenol PM. Works well, no grogginess the next morning. I take it traveling with me, especially for that first night in the hotel room when every little noise wakes you up.

  33. libcatI’d love to see some of the Miles Vorkosigan stories brought to the big screen! And LMBujold’s “Curse of Chalion” and “Paladin of Souls” too!

    Montrealer said:

    Don’t really think anime is suitable for complex story telling.

    I disagree! I think anime is a fine medium for telling a story, even a complex one. The quality varies with studio, but there are really some excellent ones out there. I’m not a fan of the CGI features I’ve seen – Beowulf comes to mind. They have a peculiar artificial quality to my eye, but that may be because I am not a videogame player and am not used to that look. However, I love some of the CGI cut scenes I’ve seen in some online games like World of Warcraft and video games like Final Fantasy as well as some of the X-Box 360 games that I have only seen in passing when my son is playing them. so maybe it would work. In my opinion, the best option would probably be a blend of live action and CGI.

  34. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the great “behind the scenes” videos. I love looking at those and seeing how they (the actors, directors and all) put the scenes together.

    One question that’s been bugging me.

    In seasons 1 and 2 McKay usually went off world with only a 9 mm. By seasons 3 and 4 he usually had a P90. This season he was back to the 9mm most of the time. Whose decision is it what, or rather how many, weapons he carries? Also, why the change?

  35. Nice vids. Thanks 😀

    Joe: Sleep depravation.. can be a bitch. You have my sincerest sympathies. Could be a physical imbalance or emotional pining on a subconcious level?

    In the first instance, i’d suggest taking a walk down to your local Tavern shortly before hitting the sack.. Dose up on enough alcohol to float the US Navy and then sleep peacefully through until the hangover kicks in.

    In the second instance.. A Military Coup. Forcibly remove Brad and Rob from their thrones of power and re-establish Season 6 of Stargate: Atlantis.

    Job’s a good one. You’ll sleep like a baby 😀

  36. @ drldeboer – Sorry, I almost missed your comment from yesterday about Jersey. Palermo? I guess you are well-familiar with Ocean City, then. In my youth, I rarely ventured that far north! 😆 Hubby’s from the Atlantic City area, though…so Ocean City used to be his summer stomping grounds, while my feet were firmly planted in the sands of Wildwood. 🙂 I stopped using Cape May beaches when the greedy town whores started using beach tags – I’m not paying to enjoy what God gave me for free! I have my principles!!

    Although…I have been known to slip down for a quick dip, dodging those bigass broads they hire as beach tag inspectors. It’s a great game of cat and mouse, and I haven’t been caught yet! TAKE NOTE of that, Joe! If I – a middle-aged hobbit in a black and white polka dot bathing suit – can evade beefy beach tag inspectors, surely a couple stealthy, superhuman Wraith can out-smart a Lantean now and then! 😡



  37. Mmmm my firefox doesn’t seem to be any longer updating the live bookmarks. ANybody ever seen anything like it?

  38. Blog snow is cursor following…try moving your cursor right, left, down. It won’t go up tho…yeah, I tried that.
    COOL. Let it snow!!!!

  39. Shiningwit, I caught the Tim Curry thing too. Hilarious.

    My doc put me on the Ambien train a while back, apparently Tamoxifen steals your sleep. I don’t take it often, and I’m already crazy, so thats not an issue. Somehow I don’t think a lack of estroegen is your trouble, hmmm? I hate Nyquil, makes my skin crawl. Hope you get some restful rest!

    We finally had pretty fluffy snow and now the sun is glaring, uh, shining, off it. I got the tree up, but think ornaments are more trouble than they’re worth when I’m in such a bad mood. Which is silly considering most of my ornments for the small tree are all Swarovski with glass candy canes and icicles and all very, very pretty.

    If I dig out the big box, I have enough ornaments for three full-sized trees.

  40. Well – I’m friggin’ 30 today. I wish for time to stop and if you want to…give me a small hint for any plot, subplot or cool dialogue b/w McKay and Sheppard for the SGA movie outline you all have been spinning. Come on — you can lie if you want but…I missed Friday’s ep (due to much partying) and now I have to wait till after New Year’s for the end of the season. 🙂 So, it will be fun…give a girl a surprise. haha

  41. @Narelle: You cracked! You read and commented! Was it our reminiscing on Friday that lead to your falling off the wagon? Glad to see you back. 🙂

  42. Poor Zelenca. That extreme close up on the heavy duty scissors/clippers showed how gruesomely stabby the weapon was. I liked seeing how the united colonies are faring now that they can track criminals and have rules of law. Nice to see some well-spoken villagers. Civiliazation jas come to the galaxy at last. But I will miss the random violence and mayhem.

  43. i didnt realize that you were such a fan of bacon. the southern chef Paula Deen is a big fan of good eats and bacon. there is a funny website called, “Paula Deen is trying to kill us”, referring to her love of bacon and butter and cream and, well, all the good stuff. here -take a look at one of her creations, a burger made with bacon, fried egg, bacon, hamburger, bacon and ..oh yes… the bun is actually a DOUGHTNUT!! now that would make a weird food purchase of the day.


  44. Insomniac entry, Check.

    Videos, Not Checked.

    Haven’t been able to watch a video clearly since the animated snow flakes have arrived on the blog.

  45. “While you were NOT sleeping…”

    Cap’n Joe, are ya okay? Taking a long winter’s nap after the insomnia? Or evening’s feast at a favorite restaurant? T’is a few hours past yer normal posting tame. As Hagrid would enquire in Harry Potter, “All right, then?”

    I just finished On Basilisk Station this week. NO spoilers here, I promise. A few pages or chapters a night reading in bed, in the dark, with a flashlight (LOL, but it’s a comfy old habit), will send me off to ZZZ-zzz-zzz land. It was a great read, but when one hits a 3-page aside on the physics of hyperspace travel at the end of a long day, it’s easy to fall and stay asleep. Something about giving the subconscious something pleasant to occupy itself with while you sleep.

    On more difficult nights, a warm bath, or a microwaved neck pack to ease muscle tension (mine is filled with rice) works wonders.

    Ya can’t save the galaxy in one day, Cap’n. Rest easy. Sleep well.

  46. Could the sleepless nights be caused by the pending end to Stargate Atlantis (the airing of the final episode) starting to sink in? Afterall, it was partly your baby. (Well, after they pulled the plug it was in a Maury Povich “Who’s your babies daddy” sort of way)

  47. So…I’m posting from the on-line gaming room at my local comic shop. 😛

    It’s their customer appreciation night, and I’m stuck here while Mr. Das and a bunch’a 17 year olds kill zombie mutants.

    Anyway, Joe – I know I mentioned it here before, but I was wondering if you ever read Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone series? I have been warned that – despite being quite good – it’s a dark and depressing tale…and yet…

    I am intrigued.

    Any feedback would be appreciated from anyone who has read the books (WDC folks are more than welcome to remind me of what you told me before about the stories).



  48. I’m not really sure who dsa is… 😉

    serves me right for typing in the dark…


  49. @das I haven’t read Elric myself, but I think you would completely fall in love with Wendy Pini’s Law and Chaos, a collection art she did in the hopes of doing an animated Stormbringer film a long while back, when she was still in college. Elric is absolutely stunning in it. It’s out of print, but it looks like you can get it used off of Amazon.

  50. Hey – I keep escaping to your blog for a break from work I had to bring home, but no blog. Hope you and the family are ok.

  51. das wrote:
    I know I mentioned it here before, but I was wondering if you ever read Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone series? I have been warned that – despite being quite good – it’s a dark and depressing tale…and yet…I am intrigued.

    Read it! It’s great and I’m quite sure you will love it. I did! And not only “Elric of Melniboné” but also “Corum”, “The History of the Runestaff” – simply all books about the Eternal Champion. I adore Michael Moorcock.

    And yes – all are dark but if you like stories about tragic heroes you will love these books.

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