I don’t know whether it was the glass of wine I had with dinner, the shot of Nyquil I downed before bed, or simply sheer exhaustion, but I slept like a dogless baby last night. Out at 1:00 p.m. and up at 8:30 a.m. No tossing and/or turning. No lying awake, watching the clock. No mad scramble to get Lulu off the bed so that she can vomit on the hardwood as opposed to my pillow. Just seven and a half hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. I woke up refreshed and raring to go and so spent the greater part of the day lounging about watching football, saving my strength for the viewing of tonight‘s two hour Survivor season finale and reunion show. Sadly, I’m out of the running in this year’s dark horse and reverse dark horse picks. The Bills were not as good as I’d hoped they’d be, the Bucs nowhere near as bad. Had I won, my winnings would, of course, have gone to a worthy cause (ie. the local center for homeless weevils for one) but, alas, the money will go to someone like Ivon (Jets), Paul (Panthers), or Carl (Browns) who will no doubt blow the money on shoes or baby food.

Oh, and of course I did find time to read the scripts that Lawren sent my way: the first two episodes of the upcoming Stargate: Universe. Those of you looking for a more character-centered scifi series need look no further. While Rush is still my fave, I also think Wray has a lot of potential for getting under Young and co.’s skin. She’s a definite love her or hate her type of character, one who’ll prove the bane to many a series regular, and probably some viewers as well. At present, a lot of the supporting players (James, Brody, Henry, Riley, Grearson, Volker, and dear, dear Franklin) hold a lot of promise as well. I’m reminded of Atlantis’s Zelenka and SG-1’s Lorne (hell, even McKay), secondary characters who, over time, developed into fully fleshed-out personalities and fan favorites.

Hey, maybe it’s time to test out wordpress’s poll function…

Which of the following Stargate: Universe supporting characters has the potential to be the next big break-out Stargate Fan Favorite?
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Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Mazeykins. Hey, where are the pics from the birthday bash?

Sylvia writes: “Cool vids from Indentity. […] Hmmm, although the visual suggestions of the bady’s demise were rather strong, will we ever learn of what happened or at least what your vision was for her?”

Answer: In Carl’s first draft, Neeva’s fate was a lot less open to interpretation. I suggested leaving it a little more open-ended because I quite liked the character that he had created and thought it might be fun to see her come back to cause some problems for the team (thus the prospective episode titled “Payback” that made up part of that AU Season Six episode list I posted a while back, not to be confused with “Revenge” which would have seen a return visit by the dark Asgard.)

Ponytail writes: “Will Ronon get a hair cut for the movie? Just answer a) yes, b) no, c) I’ll see what I can do.”

Answer: Barring a surprising change of heart on Jason’s part, Ronon will be sporting a new do in the movie.

Ytimyona writes: “Was just rewatching Ripple Effect (one of the SG-1 episodes I picked out of my iTunes queue to watch with my little sister when I get home for break on Thursday) and saw that you and Paul wrote it. Can you ask Brad if he plans to include a reference to Mitchell’s “Cut the green one” hint in the next movie? “

Answer: No, we won’t see a reference to cutting “the green one” in the upcoming SG-1 movie. Like the open-ended Neeva scene, the “cut the green one” reference was something I was hoping to pay off down the line if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Ytimyona also writes: “I get that alt-Mitchell would be angry with the real SG-1 for foiling alt-SG-1’s plans, but I believe that they really did have their hearts in the right place and that alt-Mitchell was really trying to help (perhaps because he felt guilty about what they had just done?).”

Answer: Yes, their hearts were in the right place and, in my mind, alt-Mitchell was offering our Mitchell some sound advice…should the situation ever present itself.

Dori writes: “Do you do any test for likeable quoitent before you sign a new actor?”

Answer: If you could come up with a scientifically sound means of arriving at a “likeable quotient”, we’d be happy to use it!

Shiningwit writes: “ Ok I’m thirty minutes in and I’ve had to restart my computer so I could take you guys to task over this but I couldn’t help but notice AGAIN that the anti-good guy Magistrate seems to be channeling Tim Curry. another bloody brit accent, do you guys dislke us THAT much?”

Answer: What can I say? The best actor for the part happened to British. Also, recent findings have shown that a disproportionate number of villains happen to be British. Go figure.

Montrealer writes: “Don’t really think anime is suitable for complex story telling.”

Answer: Oh, disagree. Check out Cowboy Bebop or Now and Then, Here and There and get back to me on that.

2cats writes: “Of course, just being laid off from my job doesn’t help either. And during a really severe recession. And amongst the highest unemployment in 27 years. And just in time for Christmas…grumble…”

Answer: Hey, Carol. Here’s hoping for a brighter 2009.

JoJoB writes: “In seasons 1 and 2 McKay usually went off world with only a 9 mm. By seasons 3 and 4 he usually had a P90. This season he was back to the 9mm most of the time. Whose decision is it what, or rather how many, weapons he carries? Also, why the change?”

Answer: Much depends on the type of mission the team is going out on. Usually, if it’s an op, they’ll be packing P90’s. If it’s a simple planetary investigation, McKay will usually make do with a 9mm. Still other times, it may come down to Rodney’s personal preference. Does he really feel like lugging around a P-90 on the day? Or does he wake up feeling particularly vulnerable that morning and opt for the big gun?

DasNdanger writes: “I know I mentioned it here before, but I was wondering if you ever read Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone series?”

Answer: In fact, yes, I read the entire series back in college. Very dark but terrific nevertheless.

Shaddry writes: “Have you ever been to Restaurant Connor Butler?”

Answer: I have. Do a search for Connor Butler in the right sidebar to find my review.

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I’m feeling more like you yesterday, Joe. I worked Saturday overnight and tonight overnight. Not unusual in itself, but ND’s going through a terrible, horrible, going-on-3-day blizzard. Most of us at my job have not gone home in the past day and a half. And we certainly haven’t gotten much sleep! Gotta love snow. :p Glad to hear u got some rest!

I get more excited about SGU all the time. Though I can’t believe SGA has only 2 episodes left, ever!

Hope you have a good, non-blustery day!

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Hello Mr. M.,
Glad you had a nice restful sleep last night! Here’s hoping for another and many more to come.

How’s Lulu doing? I woke up to a big sloppy mess of vomit this morning. Actually stepped in it… YECK! Wish I knew which kitty was feeling bad. I can’t tell by their individual demeanor?!?

Hey what do you know; Bob not only won the million, but he won the 100K from Sprint too! Go figure… a good guy, an authentic great guy finally won Survivor. About time!



Thanks, Joe! I appreciate the feedback on Elric – I haven’t heard anything bad yet about it, except the dark part…which I may, or may not, be able to handle…depending. I know there is a graphic novel that DC (I think) published a while back – I might start with that if I can find one, seeing as how I prefer pictures, and all. wink But tonight the guys were just praising the series so much, and – well…with my current thing for pasty dudes, I figured maybe I could at least tackle the first book if I like the GN well enough.

And – aren’t you posting awful late tonight? Still not sleeping? I’ll read the rest of your blog tomorrow with my coffee…tired now, and really need to go to bed myself…it’s been a looooong day. We just got in from my lcs’ appreciation night, and I won a D&D Black Dragon! :

comment image

Now – you might wonder what on earth I’m going to do with a Black Dragon, seeing as how I’m not into gaming at all, or D&D, or dragons. Weeeeelll…I’m gonna stick him on my desk and name him Todd! I might even slap a white wig on his head. grin


Narelle from Aus

You’re making me sleepy just thinking of a good night’s sleeeepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Cheers to a good night’s sleep! Can you please make it into a contagion and send some this way. Thanks muchly!

Poor weevels. Expect the shelter dedication in your honour to be cancelled. I heard Ali Abbas was flying out for it as your surprise guest.

@Riley – It was a combination of factors…
1. Our catch up had me thinking, “Yes, Joe’s blog has good people”
2. Having just my own voices in my head started to become unsettling.
3. Some lovely regulars contacted me and what they said made me go “Awwwww shucks”
4. And most importantly, Joe, you crack me up!

While I’ll still be “lalalalalala”ing my way through post episode rants, I have my new attitude on and full body armour **tink, tink** See, tough.


@ Narelle – Just getting ready to go to bed…saw your e-mail…will get back to you later…too tired tonight…only thing keeping me awake right now is a cat compulsively licking my arm. unamused

@ wolfenm – Thanks for the recommendation! Once I get through my backlog of comics (I’ve been a slacker bint lately razz ), I’m going to check the books out – might not dive into them, but I will look them over!

Nite, Joe!



Hi, Joe!

From The Hollywood Reporter:


Hollywood Reporter: Robert Carlyle is next ‘Stargate’ leader


I slept like a dogless baby last night

Oh, what a lovely thought! My 14-year-old dog thinks he has to sleep tucked up against me at all times. When I want to roll over, I have to shove him (nudging doesn’t work). He then staggers to his feet and stares at me like “What?!?” Then he has to work at re-wetting his tongue, which is dry because it sticks out when he sleeps, and THEN he starts the circling, circling, circling on shaky old legs until he’s found the perfect spot curled up against me as tightly as possible. I regularly find myself clinging to 6 inches of bed without any blankets while Radar sleeps blissfully on my electric blanket with his head on my pillow. Then I shove him over and tug on the blankets, and the whole thing starts over again.

As I’m typing this, he has managed to hurl himself up onto the couch (his jumping ability is not what it was, but he won’t admit it) and curl up against me, shoving my elbow out of his way, which makes it hard to type…he’s a sweetie, but I really wish he’d sleep somewhere else!


Yaaay! You’re not dead! I feared the worst when you didn’t post at your normal times. I imagined that, perhaps, you had gotten your tongue stuck to a pole outside in this Vancouver-frigid weather here in Vancouver, and the exposure, mixed with a random tomahawk to the head (they’re all the rage these days, I’ve heard), had killed you.

Luckily, that did not happen. All is right with the world.

Anyways…those are all secondary characters?! Wow. Hmm…you named a character after my buddy Henry and not me? That’s unfortunate. Universe is official ruined for me.

But before I take my leave forever and always…that’s COOL! It seems that there’s going to be more of a community on Destiny than even Atlantis’s first year.

I wonder though, with such a large group of characters, are we going to arrive at a situation where a character may not appear in an episode while we deal with another group of characters, like in Heroes? That’d be very interesting indeed. I think it’s time to step away from the “on opening credits = more important” style and just focus on character interaction and development, regardless whether they’re Young or Volker.

Speaking of Rush, Robert Carlyle is playing him! Is that good? I’ve never seen him before. Hopefully that’s good.

But it sounds to me like Wray is the character I’ll probably love the most. Sounds like a Vala, and I love Vala!

So I’ll go with Wray.

Oh, did you tell Wray Douglas that you named a female character after him? Is he going to blow something up as a result?


Where was the pineapple hidden in the episodes Common Ground and Identity?


I knew that was Carl! I hit rewind and paused at the picture…my friend watching it with me thinks I’m insane for even knowing what the writers look like.

Read the entry from a few days ago about not being able to write a beat sheet…I was laughing so hard, because I do the same thing. I’m always giving “I know, but” to my professors when I send in a novel as a beat sheet rather then just a page, or two. Hell…I’d be lucky to get them down to 5.

This is why I can’t write short stories…It’s probably why I hate reading them too.

It really is a relief knowing a professional has a hard time doing it too…really…and I mean that in a good way.

My problem…it’s always backstory…and I always piss myself off because I spend so much time on it and it NEVER goes into the script. But I can’t help it…I’m obsessive and I need to know why they don’t like red. Why they prefer cats. And a million more whys for everything to make since…I drive myself crazy..

But it’s just so much fun…hehehe…


I’m just looking up any local courses for would-be supervillains, aliens and mutants and I see the local council runs one on a Thursday afternoons in the village hall, it even allows concessions for people on certain types of benefit too. I’m off to sign me up!


Robert Carlyle cast as Dr Rush??? Impressive casting if true.


I can finally hit the hay knowing the blog’s up, the work’s done, and thank God it’s raining!

But I’m more confused than ever about SGU. In what way is SGU going to be more character-centered than SG1 or SGA was? What I’m missing in SGA right now is emotional conflict between some of the main characters within some of the storylines, other than McKeller thing. If SGU is leaning towards that kind of interaction, then I’m interested.

@AnneTeldy – I expect to see your Paul Weller rendition on YouTube! The movie is yes, but it may take awhile. So in the meantime, let me know what other old flicks you like.


Narelle: Delighted to see you back Shiningwit writes: “ Ok I’m thirty minutes in and I’ve had to restart my computer so I could take you guys to task over this but I couldn’t help but notice AGAIN that the anti-good guy Magistrate seems to be channeling Tim Curry. another bloody brit accent, do you guys dislke us THAT much?” Have you not noticed how The Bad Guy usually carries a specific accent depending on the type of role he’s playing? It was probably a Hollywood phenomena at first, but everyone else seems to have followed suit to one extent or another. Not that I mind a Brit taking on the role of Mr Dark And Evil Incarnate. Typically, I think we have some of the best actors to portray those roles. Just think of Alan Rickman (Quigley Down Under; Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves; Die Hard), or Tim Curry (It; The Three Musketeers; Rocky Horror Picture Show – if you’d count that as ‘baaaad’). The British accent fits in well. It’s clean, leans to a (more often than not) well educated background.. And you always know the guy rubbing shoulders with Queenie is gonna turn around at some point and demand world domination. Blame Bond. Or any other number of well spoken Villains. Tis our lot in life – The Die Hard Cowboy : ex-Navy SEAL or Special Ops Turncoat, who, disillusioned with the way the world/Government has turned it’s back on him, will usually run into the room with guns blazing, carrying several tons of C4 and continue to blow-the-shit-out-of-the-place before asking any pertinent questions.. often portrayed by an american accent. – The Religious/Political Zealot: having grown up knowing only conflict/war and brainwashed whilst still in the cradle, is the type of character who will go to any lengths to gain worldwide media coverage for their plight and isn’t past using means of transport or public buildings to shove several tons of explosives/a nuclear missile under and threaten to light the sky for weeks to come.. often portrayed by an Eastern European/Middle Eastern accent. – The Thug/Drug Baron: a cool, suave character who wears well-tailored suits, has a Vidal Sasoon haircut, carries a diamond encrusted watch on his wrist and likes to beat people with a blunt shovel before dipping them in concrete.. often portrayed with a latino accent. – The Ice Man: engineered to the point of pure genius and notorious for cutting out their own hearts with a blunt spoon during early adolescence, this character works to perfection like a machine and expects the same of everyone else around them. Blonde hair, blue eyes, clean-cut and not a speck of stubble in sight, this Villain will happily mow his Grandmother down with his brand new BMW 7 Series in an effort to ensure he’s not late for his dinner appointment.. often portrayed by a Germanic/Scandinavian accent. – The Brains: an Oxford Graduate, son of a wealthy family, tailored to pristine lines of absolute perfection and with… Read more »

Mackenzie's Momma

Morning Joe!

Glad you got some sleep.

First off my dad had a question that I couldn’t answer ‘sufficently’ for him. *cue eye roll*

Why do all the Wraith seem to use a Canadian Dialect when they speak? (Process especially seems to be a favorite)

I tried to explain that with it being a Canadian production that their words were bound to slip now and again.

Oh and I must say that I have been having a good laugh lately, as my favorite radio station(that happens to be out of Vancouver) has been running a Zellers advert. Something about their “Your everything from A to Zed” store just gets me giggling everytime.


Sleep? That sounds like something nice(it’s been an all nighter at work). Glad you found a cure for your insomnia though. I tried the poll, without bothering to look back at the character descriptions. Is the plan to still go with a “big-name” lead character? How close to casting the role are you folks? And how pleased are you at the Survivor results? Alas, I missed the show from right after the first immunity challenge, but managed to catch the last few minutes of the live broadcast. Geeks rule!
To Das: By all means, pick up the Elric saga. I can never hear organ music without thinking about a Melnibonean Organ. They make the Wraith look like cuddly friendly puppies by comparison. And Elric is a perfect tragic hero.


So finally Robert Carlyle will be the lead actor for SGU ! It is a great news for the franchise. I think it will bring a famous actor as known as RDA was for SG-1 (and eventually ends the rumors of Carlyle as the next Doctor Who). Did you already speak to him ? What do you think that, as an actor with its own talent, he can bring to the show ?


\o/ sleep! Good for you, Joe.

Also \o/\o/\o/ RILEY!!! You named a character after me? Aw, shucks Joe! Is it a girl Riley, like me???

Finally, \o/ Narelle! Welcome back.


typically Mr mallozzi. vote for a fan favorite, and all we know is a name grin

well, im curious for the results.

proper sleeping. exactly what i need

Joe Julians
Joe Julians

Damn you Malozzi and all of you at Stargate Universe! I’ve been saying how bad Universe is going to be and I was all ready to say goodbye to Stargate in episodic format and them you all go and pull Robert Carlyle out of the bag which draws me back in!

What kind of evil geniuses are you?!


I’d love to answer the poll, but I’ve got no idea who any of them are! Last thing I paid attention to for Universe was — I think? — the original casting sheet. Is there some more updated info somewhere?


Hey Joe,

Considering Robert Carlyle is a Scot, Will Dr. Rush be speaking with a Scotish/British accent or will Robert fake an American accent?

I hope British, Never can have too much “Oh, Bloody hell” and “This is bullocks” being thrown around razz


So I see that Robert Carlyle has signed up to play Dr David Rush……any other big names signed on….


Can anybody tell me where I can find character descriptions of these SGU guys?? Brody, franklin, Volker, Riley, James…WTF?