A bucket of mussels
A bucket of mussels
Duck confit mac and cheese
Duck confit mac and cheese
Filet mignon
Filet mignon
Buttery mash
Buttery mash
Fondy's dessert.  Note the fruit peeking out from beneath the chocolate and whipped cream.
Fondy's dessert. Note the fruit peeking out from beneath the chocolate and whipped cream.
No monkeys were harmed in the making of this monkey waffle.
No monkeys were harmed in the making of this monkey waffle.

Sometimes, when you’ve got multiple projects on the go, it’s easy to become distracted. You end up jumping from one to the next and, when all is said and done, not all that much gets accomplished. Rather than simply tackle whichever one happens to interest me whenever, I think I’m going to have to demonstrate a little more self-discipline and dedicate an entire day to one – and only one. Here’s what I have on tap:

The outline for the first part of the SGU mid-season two-parter: Well, despite the introduction, I did make headway by completing a first pass. It’s a pretty solid story, full of action, twists and turns. My only uncertainty stems from some of the locations and weapon systems given that the ship is still being designed as we speak. One more pass and I’ll be putting it out.

The outline for the SGA movie. Paul sent me the revised version this morning. He was working on it while I was in Japan and has come up with some great ideas. We’re two-thirds of the way through and now all we have to do is figure a way out of this fine mess. Lots of fun cameos and a major contribution from one recurring player in particular that is certain to have at least one fandom faction in a frenzy. Still in the process of working out that momentous shift in the status quo that will impact the lives of our characters. I’ll be shifting my focus to this (and only this) tomorrow.

The super, secret project. Which, with time, becomes less secretive but no less super. It’s a short story. I’ve found that writing blog entries is much, much easier.

My fourth and final (for now) pilot. No rush on this one but I simply want to get it done. Finally. After a long lay-off, I rewrote the opening and now consider the first half of the script very tight. The second half is a might looser in that it has yet to be written. I suppose the creative stagnation on this one stems from the fact that I have to be in a certain mood to write this type of script. The mood = seriously pissed off. I appreciate the efforts of a handful of you in this regard and request you continue to persevere in this noteworthy endeavor. Just the other day, I was imagining my obit would read something like: “The writer-producer, known for his work on Stargate, passed away after a long and courageous battle with fans….”

The other night, Fondy and I went to Bistrot Bistro where we enjoyed, among many other things, some terrific mussels marinieres, a tasty filet mignon, and the duck confit mac and cheese which has finally found its way back onto the winter menu. Fondy’s review of this particular dish: “Insanely good!” and “The best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had!”. As usual, we over-ordered (two appies, three mains, and various sides) – which prompted a curious Chef Lauren to come out of the kitchen to investigate. “I should have known,”he said as he approached our table, all smiles. “With that kind of order, I knew it was either someone who had never eaten here before, or Joseph Mallozzi.” We finished with desserts. Mine, pictured above, was the monkey waffle (served with banana, chocolate, whipped cream, but no actual monkey). Fondy was amazed that, in spite of the variety of dishes we’d ordered, there was not a disappointment in the bunch. She’d enjoyed everything.

Hey, check out today’s installment of The Weird Food Purchase of the Day…


62 thoughts on “December 10, 2008: A Plethora of Projects, the Duck Confit Mac and Cheese Back, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. The mussels look absolutely delicious!

    Thanks for the updates on the various projects you’re working on. The SGA movie sounds exciting…I can’t wait to see who the recurring character is that will be in it. I’m guessing either Beckett or Todd…? lol.

    Anyway, I hope you have a good evening. 🙂

  2. Ya dag! You could have eaten that mustard with some ham… lol

    As for the SGA movie, I’m waiting with bated breath (original spelling of the word) for it!! Gosh sounds like a lot of fun..

    That food isn’t good for me at the moment because I’m STAAAARRVING and waiting for my (healthy) lunch to heat up!

    Do you feed the pugkids any scraps? Or are they strictly dawg food only?

  3. Glad Fondy enjoyed the meal, especially the duck confit mac and cheese, it looks delicious!

  4. Joe – and I one of the ones successfully pissing you off, or one of the ones that fall into the ‘frenzied fandom faction’ …or a little of both? 😉


  5. … and a major contribution from one recurring player in particular that is certain to have at least one fandom faction in a frenzy.

    Oh sweet Gaia, please let it be Todd. With an at least moderately happy ending for him, if not better. *crosses fingers*

  6. OK, I get it. Wondered why you continuously goaded the 7 paragraph rant responders. Hey, if it gets you in the mood!

    You amaze me. Not only do you have 4 (is it 4? I lost count) projects in the creative works, but you keep them straight, while at the same time eating mustard laced with honey & peppers straight from the jar…by the spoonful.

    Yeah, not something I would ever consider.

    Wonder what it would go well with though….

    Question: Have you ever mixed up project story lines…out loud?

  7. You’re truly insane, or simply insanely brave, to invite a certain segment of fandom to burn you in cyber-effigy. Though I suppose if that’s the price the Muse demands, needs must. So, now that the super secret project is only super, in what venue can we look forward to actually seeing the final results? Love the teasers on the movie, and I’ll restrain from making my guess, for now. I imagine there will be plenty of people posting their suppositions, and I’m feeling too lazy to duplicate their work. That monkey waffle alone looks like enough to feed a firehouse. How you manage, even with Fondy’s help, to pack away so much is an ongoing mystery. Still, thanks for sharing, and keep up with the teasers, please.

  8. Hey now Joe: If I have ever offended you enough to royally piss you off, I expect a thank you when you become rich and famous. Richer and Famouser?

    Anyway, please please tell me one of the cameos is my all time favorite villain, His Royal Hotness, the one and only, Ba’al. And, since I know you can’t be bought, I won’t even try (psst, the Porche will be in the back alley at Bridge studios).

    Patricia (AG)

  9. How was the acting final, you ask?


    Was tooling right along, realized I wasn’t using the Southern accent as planned, went completely UP. Couldn’t recover, stopped halfway through.

    Not a total loss; had a B as of two weeks ago.


  10. Talk about having enough projects, Joe! Strange thing though, I got half way through this entry and started speculating about whether you would ever consider writing a short story, next thing I read you’ve got a super secret project going and the two words that attacked my eyes just happened to be “short story”.

    (I had a joke about speculative fiction in there, but I’ve decided to leave that as an added option. Would you like me to share? Yes? No?).

    So, do you have your work set out for you next year?

    I’m sure the answer lies in all the entries I’m catching up on, but just humour me this once, ok? I’m eagerly reading them all (and based on it guessing your career is still as booming as ever), but that question is burning a hole in my attention span.


  11. I can’t believe you did that. The moment you dived into the jar I just knew you were gonna come up with a spoonful – I was cringing like mad shouting “no, no, no,no” and there it was, a spoon full of mustard straight into your mouth!!! YUK!!!
    How the hell do you keep a straight face?!

    Anyway, about the need to feel really pissed off – just email, heck i’ll send you my number if you really want to feel pissed off – all in the name of artistic intent.
    I’m qualified in pissing people off, I live for it LOL… Especially as you’re now working on you’re 3rd chin!! Believe me, I can help with this.


  12. Oh, Joe! A short story! That’s great. Isn’t it a fun way to be frustrated? It must be. That’s how I spend my time.

    The SGU and SGA outlines sound intriguing. It makes me look forward to seeing them. And that little tidbit about the recurring character makes me speculate. That’s very crafty of you, Joe. Very crafty. 😉

  13. Joe – me again! 😀 First off, THANK YOU for finally sharing a meal with us that I can relate to! Everything looked delicious, especially the filet, my favorite!

    Some questions (real ones this time):

    1. Did you drink a big glass of milk to put out the honey habanero mustard fire?

    2. When you write scripts and stories, do you write longhand, or type? In which form do you find your thoughts flow more easily? At any time, did you start out preferring one form, and then switched to the other, or did you always prefer one over the other?

    3. Do you ever actually use your kitchen for cooking, or only as a backdrop for your weird food purchase taste tests? 😉

    4. Will you ever humor me and try a 100-year old egg for your weird food purchase of the day?



  14. Mmmm, Mac and Cheese looks excellent!!! And the waffle looks good, too, although I think I probably would eat that as my meal and not for dessert… I’m a bad girl like that 😉

    Still in the process of working out that momentous shift in the status quo that will impact the lives of our characters.
    Does this momentous shift happen in Enemy at the Gate, or between that and the movie? Or can’t you tell us yet?

    A short story! Yay!!! I’m über excited now! 😀 Are you going to sell it to an online company, like Subterranean Press or Tor, a lá John Scalzi (so we can all read it)? Or do you have other, super secret plans for it?

    Regarding having several projects to work on at once: I actually get bored with working on one thing all day, so I actually find my productivity increases exponentially when I spend only small chunks (1-3 hours tops) of time on a project, then rotate projects. But that’s just me 🙂 Maybe it makes a difference if you’re getting paid to do it, rather than paying to do the work!

  15. Dear Joe,

    Thanks for the gourmet Restaurant Advice for Las Vegas: So this is our definte restaurant itenerary for our week in vegas: Le Cirque@ Bellagio, Sensi@Bellagio, Tender@Luxor, Mix@Mandalaybay, Cathouse@Luxor, Guy Savoy@Ceasar’s and to finish with style L’atelier de Joel Robuchon@MGM. I

    Now buddy, concerning Atlantis I have my ultimate questions to ask of you: by this I mean its the last time I will bother you with Atlantis related questions.

    1. I was wondering if the Zpm arc will by wrapped by the season’s end. What i mean by ZPM arc is will our atlantis team (a.) figure out a way to create new zpms or refill depleted ones or (b) will they find a substantial amount of left over zpms to fully power atlantis and their other needs; by this I mean of the likes of the Daganian Zpm or others.

    2. Approximately how many drones does Atlantis ( is it in the hundreds or thousands) have and how many are left in the outpost after the Anubis battle (not a lot I think) since thousands were fired at the anubis fleet?

    3. In the episode Adrift I counted 16 jumpers, how could this be if central tower can house only twelve and the secondary bay wasn’t accessible due to the shrinking of the shield?

    4. So far, according to the 97 episodes of Stargate Atlantis I have watched and by watched I mean memorized, I calculated that at least 28 Hive ships and 6 cruisers have been destroyed not taking into account any that were destroyed during the events of the Attero device or any from the wraith civil war that wasn’t infered from the character dialogues. My question to you sir is do you believe this figure should stand as accurate or do you think more were destroyed?

    Thanks buddy

    Have a great weekend

  16. I got an idea for your weird food purchase of the day….. Sheep Eyeballs preparer a la maroccaine…. if u want the recepie let me know

  17. I’m not sure if this is some odd quirk of my computer or what, but your blog appears to be snowing. It’s a little odd, although I do quite like snow.

  18. Oh my, I would not recommend a full spoonful to taste either especially since you did mention the habanero part. wow! Hope there was no capsaisin “burns.”

  19. @ wolfenm – Happy ending for Todd?! NO, no ‘ending’! A happy continuation for Todd – like Jack Sparrow, sailing off into the sunset with a devilish glint in his eye, leaving everyone to wonder what sort of mischief he’ll be getting into beyond the horizon.



  20. I was going to ask a Keller question, but whoa! Enough is enough already.

    So, I read THIS on Gateworld about SGU, although due to a senior moment I don’t remember who said it:

    “It’s definitely going to be a show that I think new viewers will find really easy to come into and old viewers will feel like they’re home again.”

    Where are these new viewers coming from? Seriously, unless there is a marketing campaign that can spend some big bucks promoting the show beyond the Sci-Fi Channel, new viewers are going to be few and far between. With NBC-Universal, which owns the Sci-Fi Channel, facing a $500 million budget cut next year, I don’t think advertising SGU is going to be on the top of the priority list, and promos on other studio owned cable outlets like USA Network or The Weather Channel just ain’t gonna do it.

    Also, how is “old viewers” defined? Viewers who have watched the show for maybe a year and are 18 – 22 years old, or the rest of us?

  21. OMG I can’t believe you just ate a spoonful of mustard. The only thing I eat entire spoonfuls straight from the jar would be peanut butter. I can’t imagine the intenseness of that flavor!!

    However, that mac ‘n cheese looks amazing. I don’t know though…could it really compare to the “Wisconsin” Mac ‘n Cheese served at Noodles and Co? That’d probably be a tough call.

    I love the cooks comment. And those desserts look…way too edible.

    Good for you accomplishing stuff! You never fail to amaze me with all the things you manage.

    Have a good day.

  22. Kelly – I’m glad you mentioned the snow! I thought there was something wrong with my eyes at first, but now that I’ve adjusted to it I think it’s quite cool.

  23. Wonderingbrit writes: “Anyway, about the need to feel really pissed off – just email, heck i’ll send you my number if you really want to feel pissed off – all in the name of artistic intent.
    I’m qualified in pissing people off, I live for it LOL… ”

    PMSL. I guess it must be a brit thing as I too am uniquely qualified at pissing people off, it is my vocation in life and the reason I refuse to snuff it just yet, too many people I haven’t managed to piss off yet.

  24. You did not just put a whole spoon of mustard into your mouth! ::shudder:: I love mustard, but that’s a LOT of mustard.

    And your dinner does look delicious. It’s hilarious that chef knows you both so well merely by what is ordered.

    Best of luck on catching a writing muse.

  25. @Gilder – Talk about accents…I learned to speak in North Carolina with a southern drawl. Then, I moved to Ohio and picked up a northern mix. As if my accent wasn’t bad enough, I’ve been living in Australia for the past 2.5 years now. You can imagine just how bad it is.

    My dad claimed that not even God would be able to tell where I was from as my accent is a mix of (to quote his words) “Alabama Australian” LOL. 😛 I literally change accents halfway through even small words like no. *laugh*

    However, my strange exotic accent mystifies the people here…as they swear I do not sound American whatsoever, nor Australian. Now that’s a scary accent. lol. 😛

    Accents are tough to master. I’m sure you did just fine and will get great marks. 🙂

  26. The mash and the mussles look delicious! Now as for duck, no thanks. Ew.

    Mmm looking forward to the movie. Can you hint at the script enough to tell us whether the movie will be shot mostly inside the studio or outside in the open air? And if outside, whether this is going to be just Canada/USA or whether any other parts of the world will be involved? (tropics, ocean, arctic, desert, tundra?) The last movie with all the arctic shots was just so mesmerising, and the episodes Last Man and Sanctuary and The Storm, were the embodiment of beauty with their settings of deserts, rainforests and the ocean… Those were visually very pleasing.

  27. The duck confit mac & cheese looks amazing!

    I had a thought: You could combine “weird food purchase of the day” and placate some of those unruly fans at the same time by letting them see you suffer. Eat a habañero on camera!

    (insert harp strings here) I remember the first time I popped one in my mouth, way back in culinary school. It was…enlightening. By the way, they freeze well. I have 1-2 lbs in my freezer at all times.

  28. The mood = seriously pissed off. I appreciate the efforts of a handful of you in this regard and request you continue to persevere in this noteworthy endeavor.
    So, you and Joe F. Is it that he is 1) an unmerciful tease 2) smarter than you 3) doesn’t like you 4) garden variety asshole 5) none or all of the above?

    @Das- get back to work 😉 PotC (an acronym as funny as EatG) Sparrow hmm, no Disney has never come to mind, I was thinking more along whales= Doppelganger =Ahab lines. Huh maybe MGM park should add Wraithland. I would pay to see that.

  29. All I want for Christmas is a Monkey Waffle ( and a chaser of Imitrex) That looks like it would beworth it!!!

  30. Your comment about not knowing about the ship is holding up your writting the episode of Universe, makes me wonder how do you write anything for an Universe episode especially one in the middle of the season, when nothing is set in stone yet? You don’t have the ship designed, the sets, the casts uniforms, weapons that are being used, etc..

  31. Why do they call it a monkey waffle? From the view I have, it doesn’t look like a monkey.

    Ohhhh yesssss, the SGA movie. That is very important to focus on, well at least to us die hard and/or dedicated SGA fans. I don’t even mind Todd in it. Yes das, I like him in the mix. Mostly with sheppard, but it is fun with ronan too). Since this is the only Stargate I will get next year (other than my DVD repeats), I hope it is fantastic.

  32. Mmm, filet mignon, drool drool. The duck n’ cheese looks wonderful. No monkeys in the monkey waffle? Just as well, I suppose a monkey waffle which included actual monkey would be an Evil Monkey Waffle.

    I adore mustard, any type, on almost anything. Almost. I do prefer my habaneros with chocolate, however. Hmmm, habanero-honey mustard on chocolate-covered bacon. Yep, that’s the ticket.

    I think I broke my foot. I find out this afternoon. This has not been a stellar December. I sincerely hope everyone else is doing well, feeling fine and enjoying the snot out of life. Please.

  33. I suppose the creative stagnation on this one stems from the fact that I have to be in a certain mood to write this type of script. The mood = seriously pissed off. I appreciate the efforts of a handful of you in this regard and request you continue to persevere in this noteworthy endeavor. Just the other day, I was imagining my obit would read something like: “The writer-producer, known for his work on Stargate, passed away after a long and courageous battle with fans….”

    Um. My apologies and you’re welcome? XD

  34. Dude. I so would have started with a smaller bite of that honey habanero mustard! Gah!

    Anyhow, playing a bit of catch-up and wanted to comment to all the people who said that Vega (if US military) and Lorne couldn’t be out and gay because of Don’t-Ask/Don’t Tell/Don’t-Pursue. Keep in mind that while the Stargate universe and ours share a lot of history, it isn’t the same universe. At least, I don’t remember the Hayes/Kinsey ticket in 2000 or 2004…

    There’s no reason to assume there ever was a President Clinton in the Stargate universe or that his policies were exactly like his in our universe and, therefore, to assume that DADT exists in Stargate. That could either be bad (the military is left with the previous policy of no gays allowed at all (people used to be asked as part of their entrance requirements), if it’s even hinted you’re gay, you will be investigated, and you will be kicked out for not only being gay but for lying to get into the military) or it could be good (the no-gays thing was repealed altogether by Hayes or whoever was President before him, possibly even a gutsier Clinton) or it could be neutral (a similar policy was passed with a few mostly cosmetic differences).

    That said, I’m not sure a gay military character would exactly endear Stargate to their Air Force advisers…

    For me, Carson is pretty much canonically bi. While we’ve only seen flirtations with women, Weir’s choice of the very loaded ‘smitten’ to describe Carson’s behaviour toward Lucius Lavin (and no one at all acting surprised at the thought nor objecting to it on grounds of orientation (including Carson)) pretty much cemented in my mind that Carson was bi and not particularly closeted about it. I certainly don’t feel Weir would have used such a loaded term on someone who might object to its use in relation to someone of the same sex.

    Zelenka doesn’t work for me. I could see him as bi, but not gay. He got giddy around Elizabeth Weir for a *long* time, ogled Carter’s boobs, and apparently sniffed Keller’s hair.

    Lorne would be my first guess, although it would be terribly stereotypical to make the gay guy be the sensitive artist who grew up in San Francisco and ralphed on his shoes at his first sight of a dead body (back in his SG-1 appearance). At least he’s got his C-4 and P-90 to keep him from being entirely stereotypical and didn’t go, “Girlfriend, don’t you know it’s a big mistake to wear knee-high boots with a cocktail dress?” (Though, really, I wish *someone* could have fashion-mavened dear Jennifer.)

    Chuck would be my other guess, because I could see the writerly folks going “He’s Canadian! We could show how much more civilised and tolerant we are than those silly Americans!” Not as stereotypical as Lorne, but I’m not fond as Characterisation-as-Social-Statement characters, either, so if it’s him, I’m glad it was never “convenient” to mention it.

    Which brings me to my last point. How is having a character make an offhand comment on an ex- or current boyfriend any harder to achieve than having one comment on their hometown, mom, sister, nephew, food dislikes, allergies, favourite sports team, movie, comic book, ex-girlfriend, former college roommate, membership in the Eager Beavers, etc? We get all sorts of glimpses into the characters’ personal lives and backgrounds. How is it so hard to just have the character BE GAY? To me, that’s just ohbythewayDumbledoreisgay cowardice on the part of the writers to say, “Oh, well, yeah, we had a gay character. It just wasn’t, you know, CONVENIENT to show he was gay…”

    You know what? Either grow some balls and actually write it or don’t mention it.

  35. Hey Joe!

    Hmm, honey jalapeno mustard, sounds quite neat. As somebody mentioned above, it sounds like it would be a great sauce for dipping ham in. Sounds like something I should look out for, especially since I love hot mustards. 😀

    Glad to hear that the SGA movie and SGU are coming along well, I eagerly await both of these! Plus, those food photos, well, now I have to go get some food, they look so good!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  36. Hmm Monkey Waffles sounds a bit like Terry Pratchett’s dried frog pills, the recipe for which says to
    “..carefully take NO frogs and do not dry them..”

    On a positive note I’ve got my first holiday in 9 years booked and sorted. We’re going to Scotland YAY!!!! bit of a drive from Cornwall but no matter, now all I have to do is practice getting past Okehampton!

  37. I love mac n’ cheese, but with crispy duck on it? Fabulous, go Fondy! This is making me so hungry. I may try my own version, but will have to be with chicken considering the economy. If things get worse I may have to switch to pigeon, one of the few things that are free and plentiful on this side of the border.

  38. Yay, we got under his skin. Mission accomplished, now all he needs to do is have Keller fall over the railing in Atlantis and have a tragic death and we’d all be happy.
    But anyway, we were happy to be of service helping your new project.

  39. Coucou Joseph!

    ohhh non ne me montrais pas cela…mes pauvres petit ravioli en boite il ne paye pas de mine devant tout ces joli plats

    Et bien moi pas grande chose d’intéressant aujourd’hui, 8 heure de cour,1heure de trajet et me revoila à la maison.

    Merci de nous faire partager toute ces photos et cette video!

    Bisou! je vous adore♥

  40. @ drldeboer – Oh, I don’t mean Todd is like Jack Sparrow – please, no, no, no. Two totally different personalities (well…Todd DID remind me a bit of Jack when he was prancing around Atlantis, inquiring about his patient! 😆 ).

    No – I mean they are the same sort of characters – both use their mouths to get out of sticky situations, both are grey-area characters, both are pot-stirrers…and both know how to really work a coat 😉 . While Todd is a much more serious character than Jack, they both bring a spark to every scene they’re in, and as such are much better as the sort who ‘sail off into the sunset’, awaiting the next adventure (even if it never comes to fruition on the screen), then to finalize their story in death, or some other depressing way. It’s what made the ending of the first POTC movie so good – and something the second two films failed to capture. In that first movie, when Jack sails off into the sunset, the audience – and their imagination – sails away, too…very effective, and very uplifting. Such a great feeling, and I’d love to see the same thing for Todd, because – by now – he really deserves something good.


  41. OML that fillet looks ridiculously good. There is nothing quite like a finely grilled piece of cow.

  42. @Alexandria

    Thanks! Though raised in New Jersey, USA, my parents/extended family were Southerners, and I moved South as an adult. I wanted very much to try the accent.

  43. For the SGA movie, are you and Paul truly co-writing or would you say one of you is writing while the other is giving feedback?

  44. “A major contribution from one recurring player in particular that is certain to have at least one fandom faction in a frenzy” in the SGA movie? I’m inclined to believe it’s Todd you are thinking of, because we tend to be very loud at expressing our joy when he has significant screen time.

    And yet, after “Infection”, I’m afraid I don’t feel that enthusiastic. What’s the point of seeing my favourite character humiliated, insulted, trampled on, forced to suffer the death of his people, robbed of everything he ever was? And even worse, see those responsible get out of it not only completely unpunished, but even better off than before? Sheppard may have done nothing worse than Todd would have in the same situation, but there are two major differences that change everything. First, Sheppard takes the liberty of playing all morally superior. Second, Todd loses his team and his home every couple of episodes (“The Seer”, “Spoils of War”, many casualties in “The Kindred I”, many casualties in “First Contact”, “Infection”… Within a year or so, he lost his hive, *three* times, and a significant part of his crew, *five* times!), while Sheppard goes out of it without any loss (okay, yes, he lost two anonymous soldiers here, but it doesn’t nearly compare). I wouldn’t be so angry at Sheppard if he had paid for it, or even if he had at least been forced to face blame for his actions. But no. Todd even feels grateful… I wonder what for. Sheppard merely honoured his part of the deal, and only because he was half convinced Todd would die anyway.

    You see, I take no pleasure in witnessing a character I love suffer. It’s actually even worse than not seeing him at all – except it allows me to stare at delectable screen captures, I admit, so, well, it may be better than nothing after all. But I prefer to remember the admirable Todd of “Common Ground”, the sly Todd of season 4 and the victorious Todd of “The Queen” than the submissive dog of “Infection”, that licks its master’s feet after being beaten, just because the master takes it out.

  45. busy lately? isn’t SGU start filming in Feb, which should give you atleast 3-4 more months to finish the mid season episode, when is the SGA film going to start shooting?

    And if you ever need a guest spot for the film, gimme a shout. I will do anything, even play Maj. Lorne’s boyfriend!! god i hope that will be in the movie.

  46. “Lots of fun cameos and a major contribution from one recurring player in particular that is certain to have at least one fandom faction in a frenzy.”

    So… Wombles then?

    And i’m gonna bite my tongue/fingers whilst refusing to snap at the bait of protecting Shep again. I know.. it only MILDLY pisses me off that he’s constantly coming under fire for decisions made/not made/screwed up/taken out of his hands by Writers-Producers-local elections-weather forecasts-and the occasional passing comet.

    Hey.. if this keeps up much longer, we’ll be able to toss him in there with Keller. Have ourselves a merry little christmas witch hunt and burn both’ve them at the stake 😀

    Leave Sheppard alone ffs! 😛

  47. @ Perragrin – Weeeeeelll…Shep has been known to be a bit douchey at times… 😉

    Thing is, remember back when he was turning into a bug, and going all crazy?? THAT Sheppard I really liked because he was at odds with the rest of the team. I love stuff like that…it’s a bit more exciting and less predictable than only being the dark and controversial sort around his enemies. Shake things up a bit – give Ronon a good dressing down once in a while, or something.

    For instance, I loved his reaction to Teyla’s pregnancy – that was great stuff…the type of tension between team members that I’d like to see more of…instead of only taking his frustrations out on the enemies.

    @ Laura Dove – Did you switch bodies with me?? 😉

    I agree with what you are saying (of course!), but I don’t think the writers understand Wraith fan mentality. We are not whumpers…we’re lovers and tree huggers. 😀 Watching Todd suffer doesn’t make us all giddy with delight, instead it just makes us feel really sick in the pit of our stomachs…that same sicky feeling you get when you see a race horse limping off the track, and you just know it means the poor thing is going to get a bullet in the head.

    Okay – gonna shut up now before I start getting mad again. 😉


  48. @ das (sorry, a bit late) —

    You certainly sound like an interesting person! I’ll admit, I was never much one for teenage angst either (which is only one of the many reasons I don’t much like the last Harry Potter book), but Twilight has other things that I enjoy. The vampire/human romance is actually pretty far down the list of draws for me. The hilarious and heartwarming vampire family interaction is what sells me.

    I totally agree about the whole black/white thing with the wraith. I’d much prefer that the shades of grey were explored a bit more, and that the Lanteans even considered finding an option other than killing wraith or making them human. Well, I suppose that’s what they were doing with the whole “get rid of the need to feed” thing, which I think is at least a step in the right direction. Personally, if they could do that and it worked, I would be okay with that. From a moral (for lack of a better word) standpoint, though as a viewer I think it might make it a bit dull and take away what’s fun and unique about the wraith. My greatest hope in regards to the wraith has always been to see one join the Lanteans like Ronon did, as a trusted team member. All the better if that happened while at the same time he had to constantly resist the urge to feed on them all.

  49. Hey Joe,
    I’m back after a long absence. I’ve recently gotten into watching Corner Gas. Have you ever seen it? If you have, what do you think. It has some of the funniest bits I have ever seen anywhere, especially the largest thing episode.

  50. Sorry this is so late, Cap’n. Tried to post it last night and it didn’t show. No worries; didn’t want to double post and they usually show up later, right? Not this time. So here ‘t’is now.


    (Peeking around the corner…) Is it safe to come back now? Are the flames dampered a little?

    Just wanted to say “Hoo-rah!” (originally a British interjection, predating we Yanks’ immersion in North America, yes?), to the return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day videos. The choux crème looked scrumptious. When you announced the honey hanero mustard, I responded with an instant, “Oh, yeah!” I’m truly a wimp when it comes to habanero heat, but love the combination of those three flavors. Nice reactions on camera to the flavors, too. It’s fun watching faces tell a story, as well as having good dialogue.

    BEEFCA-A-A-A-KE! Congratulations on aping it up for Pilota’s and our benefit. It’s good to see you able to “play” so soon after having had to don your fire retardant suit and wade into the melee the other day. What a nice giggle. That’ll be a good pic to show your kids some day. P. sent you lots of swag. More pix later? It all looked like cool stuff. (Is there such a thing as swag envy?) Paulette, am hoping your next gig is just as great as the last.

    Oh! More teases about the SGA movie. Lots of fun cameos and a major contribution from one recurring player in particular that is certain to have at least one fandom faction in a frenzy. Be still me heart. I’m hoping it’s the darling Scotsman. His wit, quick thinking, and a wee bit of attention from a certain girl doctor might make for a nice addition to the movie.

    The Bistrot Bistro pictures about made me melt in my chair. Good thing computer monitors don’t have any flavor, or I’d nibble on mine! Glad also to hear that you and Fondy still go out on dates. Un question pour le mailbag: A là a certain movie where a certain rat-atouille” launches his culinary carrière, have you ever been tempted to cook, at least at home? What did you make, and how did you like it?

  51. @ Shawna – Not sure I’m so much ‘interesting’ as I am ‘weird’. At least that’s what my family says – ‘you’re weird’. My husband says I am unique, and he’s never bored because he doesn’t know what woman he’ll have from day to day – Suzie Homemaker, Sacagawea, Anne Bonny, or some drunk rugby fan streaking across the pitch. 😀

    Well, okay – maybe just streaking from the shower to the utility room to get fresh pair’a drawers outta the dryer, but still. 😛

    Anyway – where was I??

    Oh, Wraith. I am just so torn about seeing any of them lose the total ability/need to feed. It is that little problem that makes their interaction with the humans so exciting. HOWEVER…I could live with the idea of their need just shifting to regular food if they became like locusts…needing to eat far more than humans in order to maintain their ‘gifts’ and their metabolism. Now THAT would be an exciting turn! What if they now started competing with humans for the same food supply, and with such ravenous appetites that it made it nearly impossible to satisfy them? Now that would be a unique turn that wouldn’t totally neuter the Wraith as some of us are afraid will happen with them losing their need to feed on humans.

    As far as a Wraith joining the team – I’d be all for it if it would add that much needed friction the team has lacked since the get go. I’ve thought of a full life-sucking Wraith on the team – technically, it could be done. Based on the information provided in the show, Wraith need about one human every couple of months in order to survive – that’s maybe 6 to 8 humans a year. Now – the team certainly could confront at least that many bad guys during a season – so, instead of Ronon just shootin’ ’em, just let your Wraithy pal sneak up from behind and suck ;em dry!

    But I’m sure TPTB would have a problem with that, so I guess if a Wraith ever makes it on the team, he’d have to be a non-sucker. That would be okay if it adds some sort of tension to the team, or if his appetite for regular food is nearly insatiable. OR, if he just has the ability to do both, and just resists the urge to feed…which would add the greatest dynamic.

    I guess I love the threat they pose as life-suckers (that makes them exciting), but at the same time I feel they have just as much a right to exist as humans, or any other living thing in the universe. If the threat could still exist some way, and revolve around the same basic need (the need to eat), then I will be happy…as long as extermination is taken off the table. Learning to coexist with the problem is a lot more entertaining that just simply eradicating the problem.

    I know. I have squirrels in the backyard. 😀


  52. Okay – I just re-read my comment, and I just noticed that I just say the word ‘just’ just too many times, don’t I? I just have to learn not to do that.



  53. Wow, why didn’t I think of that? Duck confit AND mac and cheese! What a way to make something that’s already horrible for you and make it even worse! It does sound sinfully amazing though… *sigh*

    As for the mustard, sounds like something that would go great on a turkey sandwich! Or ham. Or with both ham and turkey…

  54. I’m sorry you’ve been pissed off.

    I understand people who don’t particularly like a plot/character/event/etc (as I have with many shows, including SG1 and SGA), but I don’t understand those who go and whine about it to the writers in such a way it makes them sound like irrational thirteen year old girls.
    That type of criticism doesn’t accomplish anything.

    You could just take all those complaints as people love the show sooo much that emotional responses to anything they don’t like are amplified accordingly.

    Don’t be angry, they just feel a personal slight against them that the show they love did something ‘wrong.’

    Oh, and I wanted to say thank you for the earlier post about the development of McKay and Keller development. I thought it gave terrific insight and made terrific sense. I have no problem with how it was handled at all 🙂

    I’ve seen plenty of nerd guys get into relationships where they were friends with the woman before, and therefore got to know the woman and skipped the early stages of the relationship.
    I’ve also seen nerd guys who were massively in love with their friend for years and got their hearts broken. McKay was one of the lucky ones 🙂

  55. Hay Joe
    This is a question you might have been asked before.
    Here goes there are only 9 origional storys in sifi in general would you agree or disagree????
    I disagree with the rise of the Stargate it has invented more different story lines compaired to other sifi seris. Stargate is based around this time and not the future and thats the difference.
    First time posting.You are doing great work with the SG series,I hope SGU lives up to the SG name. Big fan

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