An email titled simply “THANKS” found its way into my inbox last week. Short and sweet, the message within read: “I have a new email address!” and it was signed Miss Kate William. Kate William? Do I know a Kate William? I don’t think so, but my alter-ego Percival H. Lintmuffin might. Lintmuffin wrote back:

“Dearest Kate,

Profusest of apologies but I seem to have misremembered where it was we met. My instincts tell me that it was at the StillLivingAtHomeWithMyMomCon’s Furry Meet-and-Greet-and-Orgy. I was Fleegle from the Banana Splits. I spent most of the evening at the bar, drinking peach daquiris and doing it with H.R. Pufnstuf. How about you? My guess is that you were either a womble or the pink french poodle fellating the aptly named Big Bird? Am I right?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Percival H. Lintmuffin”

It’s been so long since someone actually responded to my response to their spam mail that I didn’t even bother checking Lintmuffin’s yahoo account until this morning. And, lo and behold, dearest Kate had answered back:

“Dear Lintmuffin,

It was through the grace of god that we meet and enter into a business transaction. I am by profession from burkina faso,it’s just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I have the opportunity of transfering the left over funds ($10.8million) of one of my bank clients who died along with his entire family,Hence,i am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 60/30,.further details of the transfer will be forward to you…”

And she goes on to request Lintmuffin’s personal information to help seal the deal. Score! Lintmuffin wrote back:

Dearest Kate,

No, no. Now that I think of it, we didn’t meet through the grace of God but by way of an introduction from a Magilla Gorilla in leather suspenders and matching undershorts. That said, I would be delighted to assist you in your business transaction. Would it be possible to meet up at this year’s Leave-All-Your-Money-At-The-Door-And-Maybe-You-Can-Walk-Out-Of-Here-With-An-Autograph-Or-A-Commemorative-Plate-With-A-Picture-Of-The-Guy-Who-Played-Duke-Depalma-In-Team-Knight-Rider Con? I will be attending as Darwin, that lovable Bottlenose Dolphin from Seaquest. Let’s meet at the Manimal panel. I’m very excited about this one as it will bring together all of the show’s cast including the panther, snake and horse but not the hawk who, sadly, took his own life last summer.

See you there!


Percival H. Lintmuffin”

Well, you’ll be pleased to here that I was far more productive today, completing my outline for the first part of the Stargate: Universe mid-season two-parter AND picking up where Paul left off on the Stargate: Atlantis movie outline. Hope to have the latter finished by early next week.

Things I learned today…

1. Hey, whaddya know. No two snowflakes ARE alike:

2. Some guy with A LOT of time on his hands builds his perfect woman. She speaks English, Japanese, and does chores. No word on whether she writes outlines:

3. Now MY adventures as TinTin can be captured for posterity:

4. I always wondered what Santa did with his slower reindeer. Now I know:,0,3689772.story

5. Why adopt a child when you can adopt a much cuter koala? I’m already transforming my home office into a playroom for the little guy. I shall call him Athelward:;_ylt=Agv4zAKKWmJfhzodFDYssAkSH9EA

49 thoughts on “December 11, 2008: Percival H. Lintmuffin Hits the Con Circuit

  1. Why, just the other day we were commenting on how boring it must be to be a koala & never eat anything but eucalyptus. Once you adopt Athelward, your office will smell like a cough drop!

    At least you had a productive day!

    I, on the other hand, had to bring tax forms in negative 4 font to proofread because no one would leave me alone at the office today!


    You’re fun, ya know that?!

  2. It’s really disappointing to see how one-note these spammers are. It’s entertaining to see how you respond to them, of course, but it would be nice if they acted remotely as if they’ve read what you wrote. … Kinda reminds me of the other night when I was on one of those dating sites and some guy started a rather inappropriate chat with me, so I tried to annoy him by asking rhetorical questions, correcting his spelling, quoting Star Wars, and warning him of the dangers of sharks and jellyfish until I got bored and just blocked him.

  3. You sure about that snow-flake thing? Because I’m seeing, right now, some pretty-similar-looking snow flakes. They all look like white dots.


  4. Just a call out to my fellow New Jerseyans… Jerseyites…hmm. 😕 To the other people here from New Jersey… 😀

    You guys still have your heads above water? lol. I haven’t seen rain like this since…ohhh…I dunno…last time I hung out with Noah?

    We just got power back, so gonna try to catch up before it goes out again…

    Woo! I loves me some rain!


  5. Thanks for the laugh, Joe, it’s been a long time since I’ve read anything from the Spambait front. I liked Darwin! – were you a fan of seaQuest? (I even remember that capital Q in the middle).
    Hope you keep up the productive writing!

  6. You are one funny man! Woe unto ALL who send spam mail unto you… or something like that. Anyway, I finally tried to watch your videos and they’re giving me problems. It’s probably either the dial-up connection or the five year old computer that is refusing to load the audio, or both. I do know this, it takes about 45 minutes to load a minute and a half video. Sorry, but I’m not gonna wait that long. Until the local providers decide to either extend the cable service, improve the lines to support DSL, or Hughes net drops about $100 off their monthly service, I’m stuck in the stone age. Anyway, have a great TGIF and a fantastic weekend.


  7. @ Shawna – I replied to your comment under yesterday’s entry…I probably should have just ‘forwarded’ here, but I didn’t.

    @ pg15 – That’s not snow. That’s the tears of Sheylas and anti-McKellers. 😉

    @ Joe – Percival H. Lintmuffin’s message actually made me blush. Oy! My virgin eyes!!!

    However, you…I mean, ‘he’…mentioned the Banana Splits. Now – I was a fan of Danger Island – a little live action series that was featured on that show. I absolutely loved Chongo – as in, ‘Uh-oh! CHONGO!’ Anyway, I asked Bam Bam if he knew Chongo – a.k.a. Kim Kahana, a fellow stuntman. He said he knew of him, and thought that Jason Momoa may be related to him, but wasn’t sure. Any way you can find out if this is true? And speaking of Jason, how’s he doing?? Tell him we’re still thinking about him!

    Thankies. 🙂


  8. Aw, Joe, look what you’ve gone and done…I used to love that dolphin! I’ll never think of him the same way again!

  9. Oi! Cap’n Mallozzi, it was, um, interesting to see Percival Lintmuffin again. Had no idea he was so randy. To those who were wondering what “blue comedy” is, that would be it. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t stow away to Tokyo in your suitcase after all. Lord knows what district you would have ended up in…

  10. Thank goodness for the educational benefits of CSI. Your post had me rolling at the mental images my mind was conjuring up with your passages. Unlike das, I haven’t the shame to blush. And the Banana Splits. Had to wrack my mind for that show. So, have they allowed you to outline a four hour movie so that you can satisfy all the fans, and bring in all of our favorite recurring or guest characters? Thanks for the laugh, and the progress reports.

  11. There once was a fellow named Joe
    Who produced a scifi TV show.
    Very popular it was –
    It caused quite a buzz –
    And many shows was it preferred to.

    Well Joe wrote sometime last December,
    ‘bout a year ago as I remember,
    For the fans, a spoiler poem
    ‘though he has yet to show ‘em
    Which episode each verse referred to.

    So please Joe, don’t keep us waiting.
    We have long been anticipating.
    Were our guesses right?
    Or way out of sight?
    While some will no doubt
    Have reason to pout,
    Many others I’m sure
    Made good conjecture.
    Thus I make this appeal
    For the big reveal…
    Our curiosity you will be sating!

  12. @ Thornyrose – Sad thing, I didn’t have to wrack my brain at all! We grew up on the Banana Splits – my sister always insisted that she ‘was’ Fleagle and Bingo – and she made me ‘be’ Drooper and/or Snork…mostly Snork because he wore glasses, and didn’t talk…like me. She was a bully. 😛

    She did the same thing with the Monkees – she wouldn’t let me like Davy Jones because she laid claims on him, and Micky – and made me ‘take’ Peter and Michael…but I didn’t like them…I wanted Davy! 😡 (I stole him while she wasn’t looking. Just like I stole George Harrison from her, too! 😀 )

    Fortunately, Pufnstuf was too weird for her, so she let me have Jack Wild. And she let me have Speed Racer, too, because – according to her and my mom – *he* wasn’t real. 🙄 When you’re only five, they’re ALL real!! I also got Fess Parker, and later…David Cassidy. 😀

    And then there was my thing for Tiny Tim 😕 …but we won’t go into that… :rolleyes: (Hey! I was only like 5 or 6 – gimme a break!)

    My tastes in men have improved immensely! I mean – I’ve gone from Tiny Tim to Todd! There’s absolutely no comparison! (Except, maybe…the hair…aaannnnd, the teeth. 😛 )


  13. I’m pleased to hear you had a productive day =)

    I’m also quite happy that Percival Lintmuffin seems to enjoy conventions so much. Lol too bad “Kate” doesn’t seem to remember the con she met him at 😉 I’ve only ever gotten e-mails like “Yes I am a real person” or repeats of the spam sent in the first place when I e-mail the spammers back saying “You’re not who you say you are. Please stop spamming me thanks.”

  14. @Das OMG I had TOTALLY forgotten about Danger Island-“Uh-oh Chongo” so cheers for the blast from the past! BTW I heard that Snork(?) from the Bananana splits was finally arrested for indecent exposure after it was discovered that actually his genitalia had been on view the whole time!
    I’m now mopping up my morning coffee from my keyboard and monitor after reading todays blog.

  15. Can’t beat that poem.
    Btw, I think I’m glad I didn’t get a lot of the allusions made by Percival H. Lintmuffin… the general gist was enough.

    I didn’t have a productive day. I think the most I managed was to have a shower, buy mum a birthday present I’m not sure she’ll like and pick my brother up from school camp. I still have a story to finish before the end of the year and I haven’t even begun reviewing it!

  16. I was only thinking yesterday (one day in the whole year, it’s special) that I hadn’t seen any new spam/snarkiness for a while. I love it when people persist. And I love your replies.

  17. I bequeath two gold stars to Mr Lintmuffin for the Seaquest reference.

    How would one go about making a Darwin costume? 😛

  18. That poem is worth a response.

    @das where in NJ are you? I come from S Jersey as much as Phila, both sets of grandparents lived down there. (in FL now)
    Re Todd well so far, he did go happily off into the “sunset”.

    Identity, yet another body swap. DVR

    Have you noticed the “snow” accumulates at the bottom of the browser? *looks for virtual shovel*

  19. OML someone else who has seen the tragedy that was Team Knight Rider! An elusive bunch rarely to be seen.

  20. I see you are getting those wacky emails again Joseph. I wonder why you get so many?

    Just got electricity back here in New Hampshire (USA). I am telling you I went stir crazy with the ice storm taking down transformers and power lines. Now that I have electricity, I find out my cable is out which wouldn’t be bad, but not only is it a SGA night, but they are supposed to be having an all day Stargate Atlantis marathon on. Just my luck I get the day off and can’t watch the marathon. My plan tonight, if it is not back on is to go visit a family member with cable still and watch it. Grant it, they may make me go to someone’s bedroom, but hey I gotta try something. I’ve already called neighbors to report the outage because apparently the more complaints the faster they work on the problem.

  21. OMG, talk about a child-of-the-80s flashback!! I remember Banana Splits! XD

    And Manimal!! I *loved* Manimal!! (Did you know they brought him back in Nightman, in the nineties? Of course, *that* show was cancelled not long after. XD) Yeah, a show about a shapeshifter? I am *so* there, if anyone wants to revisit that territory! Big Animorphs fan here, too, although I didn’t like the changes the TV show made ….

  22. Know why Koalas are always so cuddly and laid back? They get stoned off the eucalyptus. No, don’t try smoking it people, you do not have the physiology of a koala.

  23. Since you’re still working on the Atlantis movie script, can I put in a request to include Sgt Chuck in the movie? Amelia seems to have taken over console duties, and while I appreciate adding another female to the cast, Sgt Chuck has been a reassuring presence for all these years and I hate to see him not make it into the movie. Maybe Woolsey will have learned his name by then. He doesn’t seem to have any problem remembering Amelia’s name. Why not include them both? Thanks.

  24. So have you got your festive deccies up yet? I’m doing mine right now and am just about to go and egg some nog and all will be well in my world.

    … hour later……

    Feck me! Kids have absolutely NO idea do they? Here’s me rushing round like a blue arsed fly putting the tree up, decorating the windows etc and the kids are sitting on the sofa bobbing their heads around me as I get in the way of their TV viewing. I wonder why I fecking bother!

    Merry bloody christmas!

  25. coucou Joseph!!

    ahhh enfin oh week end, petit week end que je t’aime…quel long journée! Sa fait du bien d’être chez soit! En plus demain je suis inviter à un anniversaire, mais je préféré cela au cour^^!

    Et bien vous m’en avez appris des choses^^!! Moi aussi je préfére le Koala^^

    Aller gros bisou!! je vous adore^^!!!

  26. Great. And now i’m gonna spend the next few days with the Banana Splits theme tune dancing through my noggin.


    Danger Mouse, The Wombles, Paddington, The Clangers, Bagpuss and of course the unbeatable Flan Flingers of Tizwaz.. A tv show that was about as educational as the Queen’s speech and gave grown men a free licence to run around behaving like kids for a couple of hours.

    Classic. I miss those shows.. >.>

  27. @ drldeboer – I’m down in the Cape May area…tip of the penis, where everyone pisses their life away. My grandmom was from Audubon, however – and mom grew up in that area. Dad, he’s from Iowa – there’s just no excuse for that. 😉 My sister moved to Florida – down near Melbourne – a couple years back. Seems people from Jersey tend to do that…then regret it. She hates it down there, but her husband (The Poopiehead) doesn’t want to come back up north.

    As far as Todd goes – yes, so far he’s managed to sail off into the sunset. However, he keeps running aground on Atlantis, so you just never know when the humans will have their fill, and finally scuttle his ship, once and for all. If that happens, I’m not sure I’ll be in a very forgiving mood…


  28. long story short, i hurt myself at work, got some pills that have a side effect of gastro-something. so with a bit of time on my hands, or rather on my toilet, i wrote the ending to the SGA movie for you!!

    The team stands at the base of the stairs while the gate dials earth. After a job well done and the satsifaction of saving the galaxy, everyone is eager to begin their R&R. Ronon, Teyla, child and Wolsey stand at the top of the steps to send them off.

    Keller: It’s going to be the best 3 weeks you have ever had. The Parthenon in Greece, the Leaning Tower in Italy and the Eiffel Tower in France.
    McKay: France you say? That sounds nice, maybe we could swing by and visit the LHC.
    Keller: Whats the LHC?
    McKay: It’s only the biggest architectural marvel in the world.
    Keller: Well that sounds lovely.
    *Keller kisses McKay on the cheek and walk through the gate

    **Cut to Chuck and Zelenka**
    Zelenka: So what will you do on your time off?
    Chuck: First I will visit my mom, I miss my mom. Then I might write a book.
    Zelenka: Oh a book, a book about what?
    Chuck: Well the statute of limitations on our contracts expires in 25 years, and I think alot of people would be interested in somethings I have seen.
    *As Chuck is walking through the gate Zelenka follows with his hand held up as if to interrupt him
    Zelenka: I don’t think that is exactly legal

    **Cut to Sheppard and Lorne**
    Sheppard: So anybody special you will be visiting?
    Lorne: Actually….
    *Lorne pulls out a small box and opens it up to expose a wedding band
    Lorne: I have a pretty big night planned
    Sheppard: Well congratulations, how long have you been seeing each other?
    Lorne: Me and Charlie? Well we were dating for a year before I took this position. So about 7 years we have been on and off.
    Sheppard: Ya those long distance relations really suck.
    Lorne: Since I took this position it’s been tough on our relationship. Charlie has stuck with me so I think I owe him this much.
    *Lorne walks through the gate.
    *Sheppard walks towards the gate with a perplexed look on his face
    Sheppard: HIM?!?!?!

  29. @ Perragrin –

    One banana, two banana, three banana, four
    Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more.
    Over hill and highway the banana buggies go
    Comin’on to bring you the Banana Splits show

    Makin’ up a mess of fun,
    makin’ up a mess of fun
    Lots of fun for everyone
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la

    Four banana, three banana, two banana, one
    All bananas playin’ in the bright warm sun.
    Flippin’ like a pancake, popping like a cork
    Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper an’ Snork

    Makin’ up a mess of fun,
    makin’ up a mess of fun
    Lots of fun for everyone
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la
    Tra la la, la la la la

    Doncha ya hate me now?? 😀

    Worse than the song, is the mental image of Mallozzi in a Fleegle suit…which – despite the claim that it was actually ‘Percival H. Lintmuffin’ in that suit – I still can’t shake from my head. And even more troubling than that, is the fact that Joe even knows what a furry is. I mean…someone only just recently had to explain it to me, and I still have nightmares about it.

    Very, VERY disturbing. *shudder*


    PS…For the record, Todd doesn’t fall under the category of a ‘furry’, no matter what anyone tries to say!! 😡

    He’s a bug. Therefore, the only thing I’m guilty of is buggery. 😀

  30. Joe, a couple of thoughts I’ve had before and were reminded of today I thought I’d post for you:

    I find it very strange that I understand most of the old show references – I’ve spent so much time with people much older or much younger than myself I could almost believe my own upbringing may have occured in an AU. I’m glad I found this site (been a year now). Its a fun place to feel like I belong.

    It’s also strange to me when I think about how you, Joe, and so many of the other SG writers/directors/cast are around my own age and this world you’ve made that I love is so amazing and cool – not that the lab stuff I’ve done to check out organ donors for transplant or getting blood and bone ready for folks having surgery isn’t important – but you guys are COOL.

  31. OML…as we Tiptoe through the tulips…lol.

    The name Lintmuffin just appears – brightly as:
    belly button lint. Thus, cannot read without laughing.
    Thanks for the day brightener!!!

  32. Hey Joe,

    I have a question or two about Infection.

    Did Todd ever try to control his Warriors, tell them not to attack the Lanteans? Or did they not listen anymore because of the transformation? Or they were perhaps simply too hungry…

    Where there any other faced Wraith aboard? Todd mentioned that he experimented on, or treated his entire crew, so there must have been, but we never saw them… I was hoping for another possible Tyler appearance.

    I don’t suppose you can say if we’re ever going to see Kenny again? Was he on that Hive? I sure hope not. 🙁 He was so lovably dry.

    Thanks! And nice snow on the page!


  33. A koala hey? Well why didn’t you say so before, I could have shipped one out to you from my Museum of Australian Animals With Strange and Disturbing Courting Rituals. Just wait til you hear that guttural call the males make – it’s so much weirder in person.

    Any chance you might want a drop croc as well? I’m just sick of constantly having to look up for him.


  34. @dasNdanger

    re: “You guys still have your heads above water? lol. I haven’t seen rain like this since…ohhh…I dunno…last time I hung out with Noah?”

    What ever you do, DO NOT WATCH “The Day After Tomorrow”
    It sounds eerily similar to your situation, and it ends badly. 🙁

    Great post as always, Joe.


  35. das —

    That’s an interesting idea, the locust thing. It would be an interesting spin on the same sort of problem. And, after all, the Lanteans couldn’t really get as righteous about that, since the wraith wouldn’t actually be killing humans. Well, unless the wraith killed humans just to get them out of the way. But then, who would grow the food? Might end up with more a slavery than cattle issue.

    You bring up an interesting option as far as having a “good guy” wraith just kill the bad guys by feeding on them. Because, of course, either way, the bad guy ends up dead. But you just know that the Lanteans would have a problem with the idea of letting the wraith feed on people, even an enemy. Which is really kinda silly because, again, it leads to the same outcome. But the humans in charge never seem to see things that way. Frankly, I think it would be kind of hilarious to give Shep an ace like that up his sleeve. “Tell me what we want to know or I’ll let this wraith here feed on you. No, really.” Haha. But yeah, that would only be an empty threat, most likely (but then, he was willing to blow a guy up for betraying them, so who knows?). Seems to me the major benefit of having a wraith on the team would be the whole “giving back life” trick they can do. Seriously, having that on your side? You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be a darn handy advantage.

  36. Okay – I really enjoyed Indentity…very suspenseful.

    Just a couple of problems…

    1. Chick can out-Ronon Ronon…but Wraith can’t??! Ya know – if you guys didn’t write the Wraith like a bunch’a pansies all the time, maybe we wouldn’t be so hellbent on defending their poor smacked-down behinds!

    Sexy behinds, that is. 😀

    2. This episode proves that the Wraith aren’t the baddest dudes in the galaxy, so STOP KILLIN’ ‘EM ALREADY!!!!

    The End.


  37. @ Shawna – Only problem now with the gift of life is that – with the gene therapy – the Wraith have no feeding orifice…so how would they gift life? With their…mouth?? Kiss of life? I can just see the slash fiction that will come out of that!! 😯 I can just hear Todd now… “I promise, John Sheppard…no tongue.”

    Oh, yeah…a real treasure trove… 🙄

    And I won’t even get into the whole ‘humans shoot people to death, and that’s okay – but a hungry Wraith feeds, and suddenly he’s a demon’ thing. It’s just so incredibly lopsided…but I’m in a good mood and so I’ll save that rant for another day. Probably in a month when Todd gets screwed over again, or something. 😉


  38. Joe didn’t approve my comment 🙁

    Just like he didn’t approve of a Season 6, otherwise he would have had to kill off Keller;
    Beckett was killed off during his 3rd season, and season 6 would have been Keller’s 3rd.
    Keller’s last name consistes of 6 letters, also divisible by 3
    Keller is the 6th member of the team.
    Keller was born on June 6 1972 at 6am, making her 36 years old.
    Keller’s hair isn’t natural, it’s Blonde dye #6
    Keller was born with a 6th finger on her left hand, which she had surgically removed when she was just 3, by herself.
    Keller buys lotto tickets every saturday and always selects the same 6 numbers, 3,6,12,18,24,30 but has never won.
    Keller wears a size 6 womens shoe
    And the only reason Keller is dating McKay is because Ronon’s lucky number is 7

    It’s all so clear now, Mallozzi had Atlantis cancelled to spare his favorite character!! I’m calling Dan Brown we need to put a stop to this.

  39. @ Arctic Goddess – I don’t watch disaster movies…so, no worries. According to my friend who’s an amateur meteorologist, we got nearly 5 inches of rain – the most in one day since 1957! We really needed it, too. Overall, our rainfall has been on the low side, and so this will really help get our ground water up, which is needed to help prevent salt water intrusion. A lot of local wells have been on the dry side, my parent’s included, so I really welcomed the rain.

    And besides, it cleaned all the bird poop off’a my car. 😀


  40. I’m sure you’ve addressed this before, but although I used your search engine, I couldn’t find an answer to my question. Why would Michael have a Southern accent when he first wakes up? He was a Wraith, and as far as I know, not a Wraith from the South! I never liked/believed Connor Trinneer’s accent in Enterprise and thought it was very much the same in Atlantis. Florida, Texas, it’s all the same!

  41. Uhm. Yeah there’s a wasted episode. We pretty much saw this back in SG1 except somehow Vala was good and Neeva is bad? And the Atlanteans are now going around threatening the people of the galaxy? Wow, what a far cry this is from the Brotherhood of the 15 episode back in season 2 or so.

    I can’t find anything particularly wrong with the episode, it’s just… unremarkable, really. Not what I’ve come to expect of stargate atlantis. No doubt the unoriginality of the plot is at fault.

  42. Joe I just read the description for the last episode and I started wondering something.

    Remember in SG1 with the quantum mirror it was pointed out that in the vast majority of the alternate realities, earth was overrun by the Goa’Uld, and that there were only a lucky few who weren’t. Presumably, of those few lucky realities, in another large percentile earth eventually succumbed to the Ori threat.

    Leaving us with only a rare reality here and there where Earth would have been able to mount an expedition to Atlantis. Of these rare realities, we have seen that a number would fail due to the enlargement of the star, others – due to that even stranger enemy than the Wraith. It’s also logical that in a number of these realities, the Wraith or the Replicators would’ve destroyed Atlantis and that in many of these realities, Elizabeth Weir wouldn’t have gone back in time to alternate between the 3 ZPM’s over the centuries to save the expedition, resulting in the death of the entire expedition upon arrival.

    So we’re left with only extremely few realities where there is actually an Atlantis expedition present in Atlantis. We have seen the team from one of these very rare realities killed in the “Daedalus variations”.

    So how many realities do YOU imagine are out there in total that are still similar to the one on TV? And how do you imagine are the chances formed of going to one of those extremely rare realities, at random, using a quantum mirror or quantum drive?

  43. I can’t help but squee at the koalas (so refreshing to see a non-Aussie who actually refrains from adding “bears”!) – they’re thoroughly grumpy little buggers, though! I don’t think you really want one in your office! And they don’t smell like eucalyptus, unfortunately.. they whiff a bit 😉

  44. Hey, Joe, totally off-topic, but can you dedicate your next blog to jumble, a dear friend on GW, who got hit by a car yesterday?


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