Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. In addition to all of your much-appreciated posts, my inbox was full of e-cards and personal notes, and my voice-mail held some truly memorable messages. My favorite was from fellow Exec Producer and writer Carl Binder who I kind of raked over the coals last week as he prepared to head back to California for a month, strongly suggesting his presumed trip home was just a clever ploy to make me think he was leaving so that he could surprise me on my birthday. Well, this morning, I received the following voicemail message from him:

“Hey, Joe it’s Carl calling. I’m, uh, here at the office wondering where you are. I just wanted to wish you happy birthday and so I thought I’d come in and surprise you but you’re not here. So, um, I guess I’ll just head back to the airport and fly back home. Anyway, hope you’re having a great day. See ya. Bye.”

As a matter of fact, I am having a good day. The dogs, perhaps sensing its significance, didn’t wake me up at 8:00 a.m. sharp and actually allowed me to sleep in until 9:15 a.m. I worked out, had my shake, worked a little on my super, secret project (I have three full pages that I’ll no doubt rewrite ad nauseum between now and then), enjoyed a leisurely dim sum, gave some thought to the SGA movie and the horror movie pitch (I need a title!) and read. Tonight, Fondy and I are headed to (where else?) Fuel for an extra special birthday dinner.

Oh, for those of you interested (which, I assume, is all of you), on this day in history:

1311: Council of Vienne (15th ecumenical council) opens. It eventually withdraws papal support from the Knights Templar, the mime guilds, and a local hosiery wholesaler notorious for its ill-fitting tights.

1427: George-Louis Hevin invents the library fine.

1513: Explorer Ookie Bumgarden, correctly assuming no one will ever name anything after him, officially changes his name Ferdinand Magellan

1741: Ludovico Morretti invents the bicycle, parks it in a sketchy neighborhood, and has it stolen. Fifty years later, some guy in France invents the bicycle. He also invents the bike lock, thereby securing his place in history.

1793: Marie Antoinette beheaded in France.

1824: First murder on record in which a pince nez is used as a murder weapon.
1861: Confederacy starts selling postage stamps. Their initial line includes the very popular Young and Old Alexander Stephens collector stamps.
1867: Alaska adopts the Gregorian calendar. Before then, Alaskans would have to check with their southern neighbors to find out what day it was.

1869: Hotel in Boston becomes the first to have indoor plumbing.
1985: Intel introduces the 16 MHz 80386 processor.

1992: After decades of hard work in self-imposed isolation, industrious members of a Luddite colony invent liquid paper, the Frisbee, and Velcro, only to discover they’ve already been invented.

2008: Madonna and Guy Ritchie announce their divorce. I ask you: If someone like Madonna can’t make her marriage work, what hope is there for any of us?

I’ve always been fascinated by the different ways the same holidays are observed all over the world. So, out of curiosity, how are those of you in Europe, Australia, and South America celebrating my birthday? Let me know.

Well, that’s it. I’m off to get ready for dinner. Pictures tomorrow and, if you’re nice, some of the behind-the-scenes snaps I’ve been sitting on and saving for a special occasion.

103 thoughts on “October 16, 2008: My Week-Long Birthday Festivities Get Underway!

  1. Wow! happy birthday fellow libra! 😀

    I am to have my birthday on the 18th. Very cool.

  2. Joe,
    Cause you are such a great guy I’ll say it again….


    I’m glad you are having a great time. 🙂

    Talk to you tomorrow after tomorrow night’s episode.

    Can’t wait to see Carson. I love that man and his can’t even begin to imagine how much. But this is your one more time…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  3. Hope your birthday was awesome!

    Interesting facts about birthdays in Denmark.

    A flag is flown outside a window to designate that someone who lives in this house is having a birthday.
    Presents are placed around the child’s bed while they are sleeping so they will see them immediately upon awakening.

    If a man or a woman has not been married, by the age of 30, he will be called a “pepper man” and she will be a “pepper maid”. Friends give the person a peppermill or a pepper shaker to mark the occassion.

    The celebration of birthdays such as 20, 30, 40, etc. can boast an impressive guest list of sometimes hundreds of people. Guests can expect to be seated at a dinner table for at least six hours as speeches, songs, and sketches by friends and family.

    Sounds like a great party!!!!

    Have you heard from any of the cast about how they
    are doing and what their up to?

  4. It’s your birthday? Well, happy birthday! (Sorry, I’m clearly out of the loop.)

  5. Hey,


    Um, actually, at the moment, my family is celebrating my youngest niece’s brithday. She’s turning four. These few months are full of birthdays.

    Ah, you gotta love your dogs!

    Well, once again, Happy Birthday from ‘The Land Down Under’!

    For he’s a jolly good fellow,
    For he’s a jolly good fellow,
    For he’s a jolly good fellooooW!
    And so says all of us!

    (Ah, hope you don’t mind) *insert embarrassed smiley here*

  6. hey, happy birthday!!!! :):):):):)

    haha “Ookie Bumgarden” that works.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow night’s episode of SGA. Not to mention the Office episode I’ll watch online.

    3 Hyperspace-Related (yeah, I have no life) Questions:

    1. How come the Daedalus never exits hyperspace closer to Atlantis, say right next to it

    2. How come a spaceship can’t exit a hyperspace window inside Atlantis’ shield?

    3. How come we have never seen an F-302 jump into hyperspace? The hyperdrive on the other craft worked when used in short jumps.


    Glad you have having a great day and dinner at fuel!

    Did you like the birthday song that Trish, ElisaD and I sang to you last night, figuratively speaking ah…singing?

    Patricia Lee

  8. I was reading the “automatically generated” related posts on the above tab and one of them is “You know you’re a teacher when…” I read it and, yes it is frightening, one does start to categorize student behaviour by the moon’s cycles. Do you have any input as to what is “automatically generated?”

    Oh, and I wanted to ask you–do you have final say on the story arch of a season? So, are you the go to person for what has taken place in each episode? What happens if you don’t agree with the direction a particular episode has taken, do you have to pick your battles for time sake?


  9. Do you think that Elizabeth Weir will ever return in the movies, in any form?? It seemed that there could have been a chance in your version of season 6. . And please don’t not bring her back because of Torri Higginson’s reluctant attitude on returning. And I do believe Torri only didn’t return because she believe Weir kept getting de-humanized or something, I guess that’s off the subject. I am mereley an Elizabeth fan hoping for hope. I have been loving Atlantis lately, but have felt a hole the way Elizabeth was left. Sorry for kinda rambling!

  10. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you’ve had a great day!

    My thoughts on birthdays are make it your own. Make it special.

  11. Happy birthday! My Mom’s birthday is Saturday (18th). October birthdays are nice – it’s fall! The weather is warm, but not too warm, and very lovely; the crisp, crinkly leaves flutter to the ground in the late afternoon breeze; the hillsides are dotted with reddish-brownish puffs of tree-tops; all seems right with the world. Sorry, I get a bit carried away..Anyways, have a great birthday! Enjoy cake and presents and the company of tolerable people!

  12. A very happy special birthday week. but I think we need to petition to make it a birthday month; only the best for you! May you and Fondy celebrate many many decades of future birthdays as joyous as today’s.

  13. I’ll never forget where I was when I heard the news of Madonna’s divorce: I was eating breakfast when it was announced on the radio. I found that I didn’t care in the slightest. 🙂

    I do hope dinner at Fuel was good. Again, happy birthday!

  14. Well Joe,

    In honour of the hard work you do on this blog, for your Birthday I have done a “Joseph Mallozzi – This Is Your Blog’s Life” over on my blog.

    It was a bit rushed, and probably will contain some factual errors, but you will get the general idea 🙂

    Happy Birthday in your timezone!

  15. Glad you’re having a good day! Ohh, pleeeeease can we see the behind-the-scenes stuff?

    “1793: Marie Antoinette beheaded in France.

    1824: First murder on record in which a pince nez is used as a murder weapon.”


    What is a pince nez??

  16. Happy Birthday Joe!!!!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful time, and it sounds like you had a great day! I’m sure you had some special concoctions a Fuel, can’t wait to see pictures! Strange things that happen on dates, isn’t it? Besides celebrating your birthday today, I am celebrating George Washington’s Victory over the British in Yorktown, The opening of the first birth control clinic (New York, by the way), and the Jamaica National Heroes day.
    Have a great evening, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  17. Hey Joe!

    I’m celebrating your birthday by some hard studying in school…

    … 😛 Glad you had a good birthday. Hope the Fuel dinner was good as well! Judging by how good it is, I’m sure they will make something extra special for a birthday.

    For your Horror Movie title, perhaps something outside of the box like ‘…’? Wouldn’t have to worry about the name in commercials, just make it one of those commercials where the announcer doesn’t say the movie title. 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  18. Happy birthday, Joe! I’m glad the dogs let you sleep in for your special day. 🙂

    October seems to be a popular birthday month for me: both parents, four cousins, an aunt, three friends, and now you. I’m going to have to put a limit on it or it will end up looking like December (19 birthdays…Hallmark could make a fortune off of me).

    As for your horror movie, why don’t you just call it “In Which Scary Stuff Happens”? Worked for Snakes on a Plane. 😉

  19. Ookie Bumgarden, eh?

    What kind of workout did you do? And what flavor shake? What a way to start a morning 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what your super secret project is… it seems kind of short right now… so maybe a short story? Or a speech?

  20. Happy Birthday, Joe! Glad you got to sleep in!

    I see you’ve finished Tea with the Black Dragon – what did you think?

  21. Hi Joe,

    Happy Birthday! Glad your dogs let you sleep in till 9.15am.

    So your going to have your celebratory dinner at fuel! Oh! Dim Sim! Love ’em!

    How am i spending you birthday you ask! Well, Iam going to have dinner out at my favourite place oporto’s! Then I am going to my mum’s place who lives on the lake at Lake Macquarie & get to play with the dogs!
    That’s how I’m spending your birthday here in Australia!

    Have a wonderful evening & a lovely birthday!

    Take care & happiness always!



    Enjoy your dinner at Fuel.

    How are the rest of us observing this great holiday? Here in the U.S. we are celebrating your birthday by indulging in all the dark chocolate we can hold. At least some of us are ;).

    And we really are VERY nice and deserving of any behind the scene pictures you may have.



  23. “…had my shake… Joe, that made me lol because when I first read it, I imagined you shaking like a wet dog, just come in from the rain…it took several moments for it to register that you were talking about a drink. At least, I *think* you were talking about a drink…

    So, you’re looking for a title for your horror movie? Can you give us a slight hint of what it’s about, maybe we can help you out. In the meantime, the most horrific thing I’ve heard lately is ‘cancellation’ – it doesn’t make for a good movie title, but it sure does instill sheer terror whenever it’s mentioned.

    Have a good one!


  24. You forgot to include that some guy that has the same name as you was born in 1965.

    Anyway . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  25. Hi Joe!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I’ve been celebrating your birthday for two weeks now by going to a beer festival, throwing a surprise birthday party for my hubby (wasn’t he surprised that the party actually was for you!), and I’ll finish celebrating your birthday by going to my local brewery’s Oktoberfest (both nights). I do what I can to make your birthday celebration last as long as possible.

    Belated congrats on The Lost Tribe‘s great 1.5 ratings!!! I absolutely loved First Contact and avoided every spoiler and promo so I could be surprised by the Big Bads of TLT. I am so glad I did! We were both so surprised to see a lost tribe of bad you-know-whos!

    After seeing First Contact, my hub exclaimed, “They’re canceling this show?!” He’s not the kinda guy to make such exclamations often, so you guys must be doing a lot of things right! 🙂 🙂

    TLT was very, very cool. Todd & Woolsey, Ronon &/Not& Jennifer, Shirtless Shep (thunk!), lotsa Radek, Daniel & Rodney (fastest mouths in two galaxies!), The Bad Guys Who I Used to Miss, and good story stuff.

    SGA has been hitting it outta the park this season. I’m gonna miss this show!



  26. Happy birthday Joe…are you going to behead anyone in revenge for Marie Antoinette?

    hugs and plastic pineapples.


  27. Joe, Happy Birthday! Eating to much birthday cake will give you a stomach ache so be careful! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  28. Hoppy Birthday, Cap’n Mallozzi!!!

    Such joy ya’ve put in air hearts with the byoo-tiful photos of Beckett/Paul McGillion. And the delightful videos of an ebullient Carson do brighten a pairson’s day.

    Normally we do natter on about our darling Scotsman, but today it is the Cap’n’s turn to “feel the love,” as they say.

    We’re that pleased to be celebrating your special dee.

    Now, is it that ya get to eat as many dessairts as ya are old? “COOO-KIEEEEEEE!” indeed!

    Well, maybe not in the same 24-hour period. Would that be yummy-ness or punishment? Hard to tell…

    Or ya get to read as many books as ya are old?

    Or write as many Atlantis epi’s/movies as ya are old? (Birthday wishes do come true, ya know!)

    Or get as many hugs and well wishes from family & friends as ya are old?

    Now that one is easy peasy. Piece o’ cake — birthday cake!

    The Lord bless and keep you, Cap’n Mallozzi.
    Heaven knows we love you, too.

  29. Hey Happy Birthday! Here’s a birthday treat: I was just watching a 3 minute demo on my TIVO for the downloadable movie rental services they have, etc. etc. and Stargate: Continuum is one of only a couple of movies they use in their “examples” screens, under Top Movie Rentals. Just kindof cool. I saw the Atlanis season 4 DVD box set at a tiny book shop in the Baltimore airport this summer too. Long Live the Franchise…

  30. Happy Birthday! My sisters is on sunday and I just remembered that I need to mail her a card…

    Have you considered “mac and cheese” for the horror movie title? I find that stuff horrific.

  31. Happy birthday!!
    Here in Europe is actually already the 17th while I’m reading this – so it’s also HB to me. 🙂

    I wish you many, many more fabulous shows, fantastic dinners, memorable books and sleep-in days!

  32. I clearly don’t have the right friends, or co-workers, acquaintances, or pets . . . My birthday (coincidentally, the same week as yours only on Oct 17th) is never celebrated for an entire week! I think I’m jealous.

    Just a teensy bit.

    Keep busy, keep sane, and always keep creating.

  33. Happy Natal Day!

    Hope you have a wonderful celebration with family and friends that lasts all weekend long!

    And thanks again for letting us see a part of your world. You have really helped and inspired a lot of people.

    Including me! I’m planning a book-about at Stanley Park when I come up next week. If I can find a nice day and don’t freeze to death, I plan to sit for a couple of hours, then take a brisk walk, and sit again until hopefully by the end of the day, I’ll have travelled around the park and finished a book. I never have read much science fiction (it’s usually science fact), but you and everyone else have raved about “Old Man’s War”, so it sounds like an interesting start.

    Hope you had a fantastic celebration at Fuel. And I hope we all can celebrate another kick ass rating tomorrow night for “Outsiders”.

  34. Aw HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!!!!! ^^

    Well I celebrated your birthday in spectactular fashion down here in Australia. I went to the Japanese Gardens with my family (Which were so beautiful) and then was promptly vomited on 4 times by my OLDER sister…yes..a lovely day indeed…..I cant tell you how ‘happy’ it made me.

    I hope you had a fantastic day!

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I can’t wait to have her birthday dinner on Saturday because I get to have sushi. It’s been so long since I’ve had sushi.

    I picked up Acacia and am trying to finish the book I’m currently reading to start it. I wasn’t planning on buying the book right now because I can’t really afford new books, but one of my friends is paying my to help organize her office and I found myself in the little bookstore in Mammoth Lakes. I was just browsing and there it was sitting on the shelf and it was the last on they had so I had to buy it. I kind of chuckled when I first read that you were going to have this as one of the BOTMC picks because my cousin’s name is Acacia. My eye also landed on Ender’s Game and, again, it was the last one on the shelf as well so I had to give it a home too. I’ll let you know what I think. I know you suggested it because I’m trying to get into SciFi. It sounds really good and it’s something to get me out of my vampire mood.

    Sounds like you had a great day and I hope Fuel puts together a wonderful and special meal, as I’m sure they will. It was nice of the dogs to let you sleep in too.

  36. Been innermitten on the post’s as of late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it’s tuns of fun!! Cant wait for Friday’s episode. Each week I get so excited that there’s a new show to come back too when i’m done working my crappy job. So Joe Feel any older?? Yeah silly saying but hey gotta stick with the oldies but goodies. Happy Birtday and a wonderful weekend. 🙂 Nicole.

  37. Happy Birthday!!!

    Why was he born so beautiful?
    Why was he born at all?
    Because he had no say in it,
    no say in it at all.

    Must have cake!!


  38. >>If someone like Madonna can’t make her marriage work, what hope is there for any of us?<<

    Let alone for Keller and McKay. HA! *g*

    Belated happy birthday. 🙂

  39. Does your birthday have a special holiday name – like, Interntational Joe Day?

    It needs to be something more unique though, preferably with a catchy acronym.

    I spent the very special day drinking good coffee, watching cheesy sci- fi shows and playing Mario Kart.

    A good use of my time, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    How was Fuel?

  40. Hope you had a great day, Joe and that the food was as ever, excellent at Fuel.

    Re: Carl’s voice message… Bless.

    “So, out of curiosity, how are those of you in Europe, Australia, and South America celebrating my birthday? Let me know.”

    Unfortunately, the only birthdays we get to celebrate officially as a nation over here, are Queenie’s (naturally, I found the reference to Marie Antoinette quite poignant on that front). So, t’was the usual mundane Thursday with alot of typical falling dampness all around. How did I spend it? Umm.. well, I started another carving, decided to send that painting off to TX, took Jenks for a run up into the Peaks and spent the rest of the day rubbing my sore ear and wondering why Mum’s jetlag hadn’t lasted a whiles longer.

    I did, however, stumble across another historical event to mark your special day..

    “16th October, 2008: A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served.

    The suit was launched by Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers, who said he might appeal against the ruling. He sought a permanent injunction to prevent the “death, destruction and terrorisation” caused by God.

    Judge Marlon Polk said in his ruling that a plaintiff must have access to the defendant for a case to proceed. “Given that this court finds that there can never be service effectuated on the named defendant this action will be dismissed with prejudice,” Judge Polk wrote in his ruling.

    The court, Mr Chambers said, had acknowledged the existence of God and “a consequence of that acknowledgement is a recognition of God’s omniscience”.

    “Since God knows everything,” he reasoned, “God has notice of this lawsuit.”


  41. 1427: George-Louis Hevin invents the library fin

    And Joe’s life has never been the same since…..


    We want food pics! *gets ready to lick her monitor screen*

  42. “[…] 1985: Intel introduces the 16 MHz 80386 processor.”

    I wonder what would McKay say about that (since he still remembers DOS hehehehe)… me, I’d say that was an awesome invention… along with the 486, Windows, the Pentium processors, 3D graphics cards, Doom, and GTA. 😀

    About birthdays, I think the tradition to celebrate birthdays at home has pretty much gone away, being replaced for the birthdays at the cinema, McDonalds, the disco… can’t celebrate anything myself though, being so many hours at the office.


  43. I can’t believe it, I was waiting all day to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your Birthday and I fell asleep early thinking I was just resting my eyes. DARN!

    Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your dinner was GREAT!

    You could make great Birthday cards, the ones they have now that list the events that took place the year you were born. Except your twist is the day. Even though beheading and library fines are not exactly the cheeriest events, interesting though.

    I know I am in the USA, but birthdays here range from don’t bring them up to all week events. I myself come Nov. 4 want to go back to FOXWOODS and party, but don’t know if I can convince my non birthday celebrating sisters. They are such TOOLS sometimes. My cousin celebrates the whole week of her Birthday.

    Denmark has a neat way of celebrating, pretty cool.

  44. Hi again Mr M!

    Well, I hope Fuel was a treat and that Chef Belcham and Tom Doughty looked after you royally.


    Celebrating Joseph Mallozzi’s Birthday:

    The National Air Display Team started with a blistering display of multi-coloured streaming…A resolution was passed in Parliament that the day be marked by all the citizens to undertake a Weird Food Purchase of the Day….Each citizen was then instructed to reply to a phishy email in the voice of a cartoon/children’s tv character…The national Pug population were to be pampered….And everyone had to read at least one Sci-Fi genre book….Oh, and 24 hour marathon of SG1/SGA on the tv networks… Followed by a large open air outdoor projection of The Princess Bride……Too much ya think?

    Best to all


  45. Sorry Joe, but Ookie was wrong about how he’d be named-after-less; I’ve just named by butt “Bumgardena”. It seemed to be appropriate. So nuts to him.

    I don’t know about how the rest of the world is celebrating your birthday, but I do know that, for my part, I burned an effigy of Captain Spectacular in your honor, as I had promised. Now, I didn’t know what he looked like, so I just modelled him off of Carl Binder, because he is spectacular.

    I was getting some weird looks from the neighbors. My waving and smiling widely at them didn’t seem to help as I poked the effigy with hand-made scimitars and a crossbow made of duct tape, string, and a crossbow.

    So anyways…I hope you had a happy birthday!!

    Oh, and horror movie titles? “President Palin”

    I know I’d scream.

    @ Narelle: That. Blog. Entry. Is. Brilliance. I’m impressed, nostalgic, hilaritized, and ego-boosted that I got mentioned multiple times. It’s absolutely incredible how…TV-show-like Joe’s blog life has been! We started off with a bang, in a far away land, got introduced to series regulars and recurrers early on that have kept in touch (wow, the beginnings of book recommendations! Lulu! The Mailbag!), had our schisms and dramatic periods, including the rip-roaring time we all had lamenting and exploiting the time Blogger f’ed up (I had dreamt up a plotline for that whole rescue thing and everything! Also, I didn’t know you joined right before that), and all complimented by awesome commentary on your part! Well done, and bravo!! 😀

    Oh, and it was the Holy Flocking of Holinessness first by 250000th posting, and then the SG1 DVDs of SG1nessness by being smart and quick with the Search function. 😉

  46. Sorry, nothing special to report for your birthday from Germany.

    Have a nice dinner (as always 😉 ) Any surprises?

    By the way, I’ve just bought a Vancouver guidebook and yes, Fuel is mentioned. 🙂

  47. Happy Birthday Joe.

    We here in the shire of Oxford on the Island of Britian will be celebrating your birthday in the traditional method.

    Starting with a small gathering of family and close friends to eat jelly and ice cream and then a very, very large slice of cake that has some how survived the weight and heat of all those candles.

    Then on to the local pub to meet up with more friends and complete strangers and drink until all feeling has been lost in our legs, then its off to the donner kebab van for a midnight snack.

    Then a £20 taxi ride home because the bus driver won’t let us on the last bus home, which is increased to £70 as some one can’t hold their alochol and kebabs and vomits in the taxi.

    Once home, the evening will be rounded off by a quick prayer to the porcelain god, T’oliet, before managing to collapse on the bed with most of your body on it.

    All in all a fine way to celebrate any birthday!

  48. Glad to hear that you had a good birthday (lie ins make for the best of times)!

    I celebrated your birthday by actually going to lectures and fighting with the internet, among other things. Oh, and I finally managed to watch Whispers; very spooky, well done ^.^

  49. Here in Aus I am celebrating your birthday by going on leave and packing for my trip to Peru.

    Happy Birthday Maestro!

  50. Well, well, well….:) Happy birthday, Mr M.

    As for your question…here in our little corner of Germany we “celebrated” your special day by staying on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and cursing the SOB who sneezed or coughed on us. *sneeze* *cough* *sniffle*

    But we did have cake (apple tart) and pizza and apple mush — too many apples decided to give in to the last days’ storm and parted company with their tree home. So lots of apples lying around the garden. Couldn’t let them go to waste, which means apple mush, apple tart … not apple pizza 😀 … and apple hot pot (a very yummy local apple-potato pot). Can one have too many apples?

    Anyway, happy celebrating and hopefully many happy returns of the day.

  51. Happy Birthday Joe 😀

    Hope the food is sumptuous and the cake candles luminescent!

    Have you ever read any of Katharine Kerr’s Deverry series? Would you consider including them in your book selection of the month or do you prefer to only include fairly stand alone novels?

    Have a wonderful day!

  52. Hey Joe!

    Happy belated! 😛

    Hope you have an awesome week, lots of fantastic food, and many friends!


    PS- how exactly does one murder with a Pince-nez? Squeeze until they can’t breathe? Strangulation (would have had to be a really tiny murder victim)? Or perhaps they were used to excruciatingly slowly convert a sun beam into a tiny laser and thus fry the victim millimeter by millimeter? Just curious….

  53. Happy Brithday from me as well!
    And as for Madonna – well, I come from a pretty big family (and I mean BIIIIIG ^^) and we have not a single divorce. So, don’t worry too much, there is hope for everyone. I have proof right here with me =D

    Okay, a different note: there’s been mucho discussion about Keller and how the haters are never satisfied, no matter whether she’s insecure and scared or kicking ass. Now, I can only speak for myself here, but maybe it can shed some light:

    Let’s start at the beginning: when she comes to Atlantis Keller is pretty insecure and, let’s face it, not really capable of handling herself in a dangerous situation. The problem with that: credibility. Why in the seven Hells would the SGC send someone like that into a war-zone (and if Carson’s death *on Atlantis* and *during a day off* isn’t a clue that Atlantis/Pegasus is highly dangerous…)? Even the IOA has to see that you don’t give a freshman a gun and send them of to Iraq; it’s dangerous not only for said freshman but also for everyone around (say, liability?). That’s what made me wary of her in the first place. If you wanted to bring in Jewel Staite, then why not give her a personality like Janet Fraiser? Or the woman Carson read the file of in ‘Intruder’ (the one who enjoyed horseback riding and basejumping)? It could have been a personality like House, for all I care (and would that have been hilarious!), just something a bit more realistic. Just because it’s SciFi one can’t just suspend realism whenever it’s convinient.
    Then, later on, Keller suddenly kicks ass and stuff. Now, I *do* like that better because it makes a few things more believable (like Ronon’s interest in her…but I digress), but the problem with that is that we never see the transition, we don’t get the developement. She just jumps from one personality to the next and that makes people believe that she suffers from multiple personality disorder (I think it was KayD who made that point in a previous post; if not, my apologies!).
    Incidentally, a similar thing makes Ronon’s interes in her so…unreal (apart from the fact that in the two years his character has been established he has shown *very* little patience with people as…hm, weak (well, maybe not the right word, but I can’t think of a better one right now; and seriously, that’s how I think Ronon would see her in the beginning) as Keller): in ‘Sunday’ Ronon states that he’s not ready for a relationship yet. Well, where was the point he *became* ready? Why don’t we ever get to see it? It would be a great character developement, as well as a possibility to explore Satedan culture, not to mention a lovely nod to continuity. But unfortunately, as soon as Keller appeared Ronon’s established personality went out the window…

    So, yes, loooooong post, I know. And to be clear, it’s just my opinion and my reasons not to like Keller. Maybe I’m too nitpicky.
    I don’t accuse Keller of taking away Teyla’s screentime (even though I have to say that, yes, I do think that Teyla has disappeared or something…), there are other characters who contribute to that as well. But she does get an awful lot of episodes centered around her; certainly more than Carson ever did, and that has some people wary.
    Oh, and there has been a lack of real team-episodes like ‘Daedalus Variations’; team episodes where the team works together *without* one of them needing rescue (as much as I like that).

    Okay, long post is LONG! And I think that’s the most I’ve ever commented on *anything*, so…yeah.
    I’ll just stop, lest I take up the whole blog ^^’

    Greetings, and Happy Birthday (again), complete with really nice fancy e-cake (I’m a confectioner, I know how to make nice fancy e-cake 😉 )

    ~ Kirst

  54. Happy Birthday, Joe!!! Sorry it’s a day late…
    God bless you and all the best!
    – Karen

  55. Happy Birthday (is it belated now, is so, much apols!).

    Me, I’ve celebrated your birthday by writing a small fanfic – but of course, I can’t share it with you!!! Oh well…

    But be sure, I will also make time to eat a muffin (or other form of cake) in your honour sometime today!

    Hope you have/had a wonderful day (darn these time zones, I get so confused!).


  56. Happy birthday!

    In Russia, it is widely believed to be bad luck to congratulate somebody before their actual birthday, let alone to celebrate it beforehand. Furthermore, an even number of flowers (2, 4, 6, a dozen) are considered very bad luck, as they’re only given to the dead. Religiously, it is held that on a person’s birthday, their guardian angel is weekest and that one should therefore refrain from dangerous activities such as far travels, duels, dangerous work, sports etc. Some blelieve that if one prays at 3 in the night on their knees before an image of Jesus or Maria for a wish, the wish will be granted. If one sees a falling star on their birthday, one will die shortly, therefore one shouldn’t look at the night sky. This is also the reason why one shouldn’t allow the dog (if there is one in the household) to howl along with the singing of the people, the dog might call misfortune into the house.
    Forks and knives are not given as presents, as is salt (even bath salts) as it is believed to make the receiver have fights with those around him. In the old days, the day a child was born also determined what name it would receive, as parents tried to christian the child with a name of the saint, whose namesake was celebrated either on the birth day or within a week after it.
    Some people believe that when passing around birthday cake or candy or other kinds of sugarstuffs, the person should whisper something to the extent of “as sweet as this cake is, that’s how sweet you’ll think I am” to ensure long lasting friendships and lack of fights with friends and colleagues.

  57. In Scotland I celebrated your birthday by going out to a concert. Oh no wait….that was for mine! If only I’d known I would have been doubly happy! I saved you some cake.

  58. Carl’s cool! xD

    generally, in Germany birthdays are celebrated very similar to the way sandygood described, except for the fact that unmarried people getting thirty and having the “right” friends won’t forget the day 😉
    Usually they have to sweep a more or less crowded place (it can be in front of the city hall or just their own court or anywhere else) which has been messed up by those friends beforehand until they are freed through a maiden’s kiss. They sometimes have to wait rather long.

    as for the way how I “celebrated” your birthday I spent a lot of time dealing with plants and razors for the “perfect cut” of them -.-”

    thanks to Narelle for “Joseph Mallozzi – This Is Your Blog’s Life”, for a noob like me it was very, very interesting and fun to read ^^

  59. Hey Joe!

    Glad you had a great birthday. Do they make birthday cake at Fuel? If so I hope you have pictures!

    We took the girls to the Air and Space Museum to see the Star Trek Exhibition. It was pretty cool, actually. Aside from the fact that Erin thought she’d be like her big sister and hurt herself. Erin actually fell off of the bridge of the Enterprise. 🙄 Yeah… the original Star Trek bridge and my daughter falls off of it. She’s OK. She just scared herself along with her parents and the people working the exhibit.

    I guess San Diego and the Myers family don’t mix well.

    Allie’s knee is still sore. So she gets an MRI when we are back in Tampa.

    Joe, I hope your birthday was pain free! And that is troubling news about Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Makes me wonder about my own marriage. 😉

    Trish 😀

  60. Happy belated birthday, Joe!!

    My birthday was on the 8th. I have looked up what happened in history on my birthday, and I don’t think Chicago is a fan of it…

    1871 – Four major fires break out on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Holland, Michigan, and Manistee, Michigan. The Great Chicago Fire is the most famous of these, leaving nearly 100,000 people homeless, although the Peshtigo Fire killed as many as 2,500 people making it the deadliest fire in United States history.

    1969 – The opening rally of the Days of Rage occurs, organized by the Weather Underground in Chicago, Illinois.

  61. Happy Birthday, Joe.

    And I just watched First Contact and The Lost Tribe…

    and I just wanted to say there were a lot of really cool yet understated details in these episodes that I loved. The water mark on the walls of the lower level corridors was brilliant… the Daedalus VFX during the entry of the planet’s atmosphere was awesome… and so were the explosion effects when Sheppard destroyed the facility… the shield around the Gate and the explosion of the tower… the space battle again, was great.

    Todd is always a favorite and Chris actually made me feel for his dilemma about “what will we do… what will we be then?” introspection/reflection…

    I thought it was GREAT to see Major Marks get a lot of “up front” time.

    I like the way Keller is asserting herself in the last few episodes. She’s coming across as finding her feet amongst the team members as well as being able to face the issues that they all face in the Pegasus. But she’s still learning a lot and loved her knee-jerk reaction with the P-90 and hitting the two Wraiths. I thought that was funny as “beginner’s luck” goes and then her heated reaction to Ronon that she’s only ever shot one while on the range. lolol

    My one question is…… what happened to Caldwell? After Todd got the ship he never came back. Was that an oversight or did Mitch have somewhere else to be during that episode? Woolsey did a great job and I really like the way Todd was “embracing” Woolsey, giving the impression that “feeding” can be perceived as a very intimate event. And I suppose it can be… not in the romantic sense of the word.

    Anyway… I thought the two-parter was entertaining and action packed. Great job to everyone involved.


  62. Happy Birthday, Joe!!!!! Hope you had a great time at Fuel. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Take care, and enjoy the rest of your day.


  63. Happy Birthday, Joe!

    So, the horoscope in my college’s paper for your birthday said:

    “You could be surprised by all the opportunities that come your way this year. Spontaneity will work well. Your ideas will tend to be more solid than in the past.”

    I’m don’t usually take these things seriously, but I hope this one bodes well for you! Have a great one!

  64. Happy belated birthday Joe.

    I spent the day sitting on my bed feeling depressed cos I have my foot in a cast (after an operation) and I cant do anything. Its driving me crazy!!!!!! I dont think its a special day in the UK apart from the fact that its your birthday! LOL

    John Sheppard is my happy place

  65. Ah, more than 86 comments down.

    Comfy in my warm blanket of much more interesting and relevant comments.

    Well, as a U.S. tradition people here usually celebrate your birthday by pretending as if nothing is going on at all. We usually go about our business, uncompromised by having to buy presents or plan a party. But rest assured that it’s in all our minds (really far in the back of them) that there is something special happening on this day.

    School isn’t off. Work isn’t suspended. In fact, your birthday is the most unique holiday of all in the fact that while on other holidays that are just as important we often get in such a tizzy to get ready for them that they become more trouble than they’re worth, but for your birthday we act completely normal. It really is a marvelous day.

    Question for the Mailbag:

    Will you still have the same fan mail address for a while or will that address move to somewhere else other than Bridge Studios? Stalking will be incredibly inconvenient without this pertinent information.

    p.s. This one’s an actual question so I’d appreciate an answer. I know I usually leave questions not expecting nor desiring an answer. But for reasons you’ll no doubt receive in the mail sometime in the near future, I’d like to be privy on this information. (Which, admittedly, sounds even creepier than the fake stalking comment.)

  66. Well, for the past few years we have always taken my son to see the latest Harry Potter movie.

    Hollywood has thrown a HUGE wrench into birthday plans this year!

    Well, that and the fact that he moved to his dads in Tennessee.

    Hope you have a very good birthday. I’m sure Fuel will fix you something unique and wonderful.

  67. Me and my little grey monster icon hope you had a good meal at Fuel. I’m sure you’ll understand when I scroll past the pictures. My vegetarian mindset just can’t bear to witness some of what you eat.

    Supposedly you share October 16 birthdate with Eugene O’Neill, Oscar Wilde, Noah Webster AND Suzanne Somers. Three word masters and the seller of the thigh master. Yup, very august company.

    Marie Antoinette, the first atomic bomb detonated by China, John Brown takes the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Sanger opens the first birth control clinic, the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis? What a busy day in history. It’s a day for revolutionaries or rabble-rousers or change. No wonder you’re so outspoken. It’s in the air on October 16.

  68. *waves*

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday meal. We had two birthday peeps in the office today, both came back to work slightly pissed and with rosy cheeks. Spent a very unproductive afternoon giggling over the slightest thing. Even though they didn’t get any work done for me, it was highly amusing watching them try to. And after the horrendous back stabbing day I had, it was more than welcomed. 😆

    So hope your day went a hell of a lot better than mine!! Could do with some cheering up. I’m throwing myself a pity party. 😛


  69. And for something else entirely:
    Joe, do you happen to know if there’ll be a box of the five Atlantis seasons like the big one with the big ring in the middle for SG1? Cuz if that’s the case I wanna hold off on buying the seasons till the purdy box becomes available…

  70. Happy birthday! Sorry I am a bit late. Hubby had his birthday the 15th; I gave him a Craftsman tool chest for his garage. Libras rock, yes?

    Check my blog, not today’s entry, but the pic before. We had the earliest October snowstorm; I had snow on my pumpkin.

    Best news: my brother is home! Yay! He’s still quite sick, and has to live in “clean rooms.” Sort of a half-a-bubble boy. Half bubble, not half boy. Speaking with him is strange, the meds had serious side-effects which impair his facilities. He’s improving, so a patient attitude is required.

  71. Hi Joe,
    Happy Day After your Birthday Day!
    I celebrated by going to work late after having gone to see 9 to 5 at the Theater the night before.

  72. Oh, I missed your Birthday! But I still celebrated it unintentionally 😉
    I haven’t been able to read your blog for a couple of days (okay, a week) and I was seriously intrigued by the Doctor Who/Criminal Minds suggestion. Which Doctor were you thinking of. I think Tom Baker.

  73. With Halloween approaching, will you be dressing up the dogs and posting pictures?? 😉

  74. Oh sorry I missed saying the Birthday wish sooner Joe! Happy Birthday, I agree with you, I at least celebrate my birthday for a few days! LOL Have a good one, have a great weekend. Good luck with the horror movie, maybe you could poll us all here on the blog to help you choose a title? Can’t wait, I LOVE horror movies. I saved all mine to watch specifically this month of October, the horror movie month I like to call it.

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