Today, I turn this blog over to the toughest guy on Stargate: Atlantis.  No, no John Sheppard?  Puleeeze.  I’m talking about the real deal, the fearless one, the show’s oft-bruised and bruising Stunt Coordinator: James “Bam Bam” Bamford who has kindly taken time off from being shot, stabbed, kicked, punched, thrown, blown up, and set on fire to come by and answer your questions.  On to his Q&A…    

Ytimyona writes: “Questions for Bam Bam:
What was the hardest stunt you’ve managed to pull off?

JB-I have done a double highfall into an airbag with two jumpers, myself and another stuntman.

Are there any actors who do their own stunts?

JB-Many actors do a lot of there own stunts, but never all.

What sort of stunt is your favorite?”

JB-I have many favorites, but a well thought out, realistic fight sequence is up there with them for sure.

Linda Gagne writes: “Have you ever gotten hurt on a stunt? If so, how bad and which episode?”

JB-I have not been hurt during any stunt on SG1 or Atlantis, but I did get burned pretty badly on the last commercial promo shoot we did getting lit on fire. The wind came up unexpectedly and kept the flame in my face.

Elyse writes: “1) Have any stunts gone wrong (hopefully not horribly)? And if so, what has occurred?

JB-If anything has gone wrong, I have just rolled with the punches and adapted a new strategy…..nothing has gone REALLY wrong. Wink.

2) What was the most complicated stunt you can remembering having to set up (for either SG1 or SGA)?

JB-The Sheppard vs. Sheppard fight including all the wire gags, for “Doppleganger”

3) Do you think you’ll be going over to SGU?”

JB-I can never tell for sure, but a little bird has indicated to me that I will be darkening the halls during the prep and shooting of the upcoming excitement of “Universe”.

Sari writes: “How did you get into doing stunt work? Was it something you always wanted to do, or did you discover it later on?

JB-I saw the “Six Million Dollar Man” as a young boy and my father told me he jumped high because of a stuntman….naturally I wanted to jump as high as Lee Majors so……I was approached to be the martial arts double for Michael Dudikoff for a series, “Cobra”…the rest is history!

What kind of martial arts training have you had?

JB-Shotokan and Shorin-Ji Kenpo Karate with Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kickboxing. Also Balintiwak Eskrima.

What’s your favorite fight/stunt sequence that you’ve done on Atlantis?

JB-Probably the sword fight in “Broken Ties” or the knife fight in “The Eye”….or….

Enzo Aquarius writes: “Have you ever been serious hurt while doing your work (sorry, had to ask ), and, if so, what happened?”

JB-If you count “seriously” as tearing my lat and getting my head split open……but….no broken bones(a couple of ribs, yes) or life threatening injuries.

Star writes: “1.What is the most complex stunt you had to coordinate for the show?

JB-I think I have answered this already?

2.Have you ever had a stunt go terribly wrong?”

JB-I think I have answered this one already as well…

AndreaFWhites writes: “In “Conversion”, it looks like someone from the stunt team did most of the sparring with Rachel besides Joe, who was that and did Rachel do all of her scenes?”

JB-I used two stunt doubles for that scene as well as both actors….Jeff Robinson as Sheppard, and Lani Gelera for Teyla.

Amel writes: “quel acteur a été le plus difficile à dirigé pour les cascades?
vous arrive t-il de changer à la dernière minute une chorégraphie?
quel est ton dessert préfèré? moi, c’est une glace aux cookies….”

JB-Hmmm……ask me that one in person, at a convention. I promise to answer in full, and in French.

And Then There’s Cake writes: “As martial artists, my husband and I pay particular attention to fight sequences and how well they are choreographed and executed. Yours are surperb! How did you manage to get that “big screen” quality and feel into your scenes? (’Cause let’s face it, most TV fight sequences are crap.) Is it a difference in how you stage them or film them?”

JB-First of all, thank you very much for the compliment. The differences are….rehearsal time, and timing, period. I require my actors and stunt people to rehearse quite a bit more than the usual series. In rehearsal, I demand the timing to be delivered so as to eliminate any ugly pauses or indications of a choreographed battle.

Mondschaf writes: “To Bam Bam: Would you like to talk about some funny incidents that occured while performing stunts? Or if somehing just wouldn’t work the way intended? I’d love to read.”

JB-Well then….while performing a “Hong Kong” hand pull, I was hurled into a tree with a wire on “Dungeon Siege”. Upon impact with the tree, my pants split wide open…..and….well….I was not wearing any underwear…..ok?

Manda writes: “first of all I want to say that I love your work with Stargate, it’s been fantastic. I think my favorite fight sequences have been the ones between Ford and Ronon in “Runner” and Ronon and Tyre in “Broken Ties”. Which fight sequence(s) was your favorite to work on?”

JB-Thank you for you interest!! I have answered a same minded question already but I tend to have the same taste as you.

Chevron7 writes: “1. Who would win in an arm wrestling contest, you or Dan Shea?

JB-Would you really like to know? I’m not a wrestler by choice, but…well….that one would have to happen to answer you completely.

2. How much fun was “the big jump” in Outcast? Was that the biggest jump you’ve done?

JB-That jump was mucho fun of course!! Alas, it’s not the biggest jump I’ve done to date, sorry.

3. Were you really a stunt double for David Duchovny on The X-Files? If so, are there any memorable stunts I should watch out for (I’ve got all of the DVDs)?

JB-Yes, I was his double from season 2 until the end of season 5…..He told me to tell you all that he does all his own stunts….but check out the RV drag in “Blood”.

4. Are there any massive fight scenes coming up in the rest of Season 5? I’m thinking something along the lines of Mitchell/Marrick in AoT (which was brilliant!), perhaps with a certain Lieutenant-Colonel and an elusive Wraith.

p.s. please come to Australia, we have sharks. LOL!”

JB-I love sharks, and Australia….wow!!! Yes there are more great fights to come…..”Prodigal” will give you a few, in fact!!!

Perragrin writes: “Is there a stunt you just wouldn’t do for love, nor money.. no matter how much they paid you?”

JB-Let’s see……

Scary writes: “How did you get the name BAM BAM does it have anything to do with the Flintstones and Barney’s son? ; )

JB-My last name is BAMford. Yes, it’s that simple.

I saw on the ARK OF TRUTH Credits that you were the fight coordinator and Dan Shea was the stunt coordinator? Why the difference? Aren’t fights consider stunts? Are you in charge of both on SGA?

Thanks for all your hard work. : )”

JB-Fights are considered stunts, of course. Some stunt coordinators are not fight choreographers so they require another individual to come in and perform that particular task for them. In the case of the last couple of seasons of SG1, I served as the fight choreographer whenever there was a larger scale fight sequence to handle. I would sometimes bring in an assistant as well when I was super busy on Atlantis at the same time.

Caitylanna writes: “I have a few questions for Bam Bam – how did you get started in stunts? Which of the actors pick up the choreography for the stunts (i.e. fighting) the fastest and how long do you usually practice before you have the actors at full speed?”

JB-I got into stunts through the martial arts….I was chosen to be a martial arts double for and actor. I usually attempt to get at least 4 hours of rehearsal time with the actors prior to filming a fight sequence. Rachel and Jason are definitely the two top memories when it comes to choreography.

Cat1 writes: “Which is your personal favourite type of stunt to set up or to perform, and are there any kinds of stunts you enjoy less?”

JB-Intricate fight sequences, or driving sequences, or full body burns, or highfalls….or….I love them all!! I don’t enjoy being overly cold…so….that’s all.

DasNdanger writes: “1. Which actor’s (male/female) growth and development in handling their own physical performances (stunts, fighting, etc) was most personally satisfying to see over the course of SGA’s run?

JB-Well…..Rachel came from no fight experience to amazing on screen ability….so did Jason, for that matter……..well…..they both ROCK!!!

2. Tackling stunt work in full Wraith make-up and attire – how hard is it?

JB-Not hard at all actually. The make-up is very comfortable and easy to work with.

3. What one single moment in SGA are you most proud to have been a part of, and why?”

JB-Seasons 1,2,3,4, & 5….because I was there!!!

Ellie writes: “Bam Bam, thank you for the most unusual, varied and efficient fighting techniques I have seen in tv! It’s all a visual feast and a moving (in every sense of the word!) poem.

JB-You are welcome.

1/ Have you considered starting your own fighting school / martial art training school? (Not just for actors but also for members of the public wanting to learn martial arts)

JB-Been there with my teacher….I don’t have time to tackle a school.

2/ Have you ever considered using chen tai chi defensive moves? They are not as flashy as other martial arts moves but incredibly effective for small people to use against big attackers.

JB-I use anything that suits the personality of the character I am choreographing for….so….yes….if it looks good!!

Thanks Bam Bam! May you have a long and successful career in beating up people!”

Tim the Technician writes: “1) Were you disappointed that the Weir stunt at the end of ‘First Strike’ didn’t work as planned?

JB-I was not disappointed at all. There was a safety call made, and I stand by it %100. It still ended up looking great on film, which is the point in the end.

2) Since you’re Bam Bam, can we assume that there is a ‘Pebbles’ out there too?


3) Were you scared about the jump you had to do for ‘Outcast’?


Fantastic work with all of the stunts and fight scenes that you’ve been a part of for both SG:1 and SG:A. Thanks!”

JB-Thank you for watching!!

Firefly827347 writes: “Are you ever coming back to Gateworld?

JB-Yes….I’m just very busy working on other things at the moment…I love Gateworld!!

And do you have any movies lined up for stunt work after Watchmen?”

JB-I am currently working on a movie entitled,”RAMPAGE” as well as a day or so’s work on “2012”.

MyNameIsNada writes: “Obviously there are some actors who can do their own stunt work and other who can’t. Are there set limits and guidelines you need to follow in terms of how much of a stunt an actor is allowed to do? Have you ever been told not to allow an actor to do a certain stunt? Finally, just a random question here, if somebody was interested in becoming a stuntperson, what skill would you say is most important to master? Thanks!”

JB-Every actor is different and it is my job to get to know each and every actor I work with so I can determine what they are capable of. A stunt person is the ultimate crosstrainer, so there is not one skill you would require, but over 100.

Patricia Lee writes: “Alex Levine wrote in this week’s SGA blog about Tracker:

“As for the specific stunts, when you’re watching the show keep in mind the following: When Ronon tackles Kiryk off a cliff, there are no stunt guys or visual effects involved. Both actors actually go flying off the cliff and land on some pads out of frame. Also, Will told me that Jason actually wanted to be the stunt guy for the spiked log gag (you can’t miss it). Of course he wasn’t allowed, because if Jason gets injured, we have to stop shooting. But apparently he kept arguing with Will about it and Will had to say no a hundred times. Will also mentioned that they had a lot of laughs shooting the decapitation scene. I imagine you viewers won’t find it so funny, but shooting it was kind of silly.”

1- Could you please elaborate on what the silliness was about?

JB-That would be the “dropping of the head” into frame on every take. It made us all crack up.

2- Also, will we get to see a behind the scene extras of you and your team on the Season 5 DVD’s? If not, is there still time to ask Ivon if he would film one? Please! And thank you!

JB-Yes, there will be tons, and tons of behind the scenes footage for you all to check out on season 5….Ivon was always there, at the ready.

3- Did you go to Las Vegas? If so, what was a memorable moment in shooting there that you can share!

JB- Yes…..VIVA LAS VEGAS!!! Um….I can’t tell you the details other than I am extremely proud of this episode….extremely!!!

4- Finally, do you know yet if you will be continuing as stunt coordinator for the SGA movie? And will you be at the Creation Con in Vancouver in April 2009.

JB-I was told about a movie….we will see what happens with that….I may be at Creation, but I don’t know for sure yet.

Thanks for a wonderful 5 year run and keep us up to date on GW as to your next projects so we can look for you in the credits and actions scenes. Best Wishes!”

Trish writes: “ Hey Bam Bam! Thanks for coming on Joe’s blog to chat with us! You are the BEST fight choreographer on television! Period! And the best for the movies, too. Your fight scenes are made for the big screen.

JB-Wow! Thanks!!!

Here are my questions—

1) Please say you will be on American Gladiators in the future. My husband and I would love to watch you beat all those steroid-maniacs. If they won’t have you on the show I’m sure it’s because you’d make them all look bad. You’d be the reason to watch, though.

JB-I ran into a very nice MGM exec. In Vegas, and he assured me that he is trying to get me on there still. It may not be fair, since “TOA” is a good friend of mine…..or would it?

2) What did you want to be when you grew up? I’m thinking a librarian. Ok… Just kidding! But seriously, if you couldn’t be a super-amazing-uber stunt/fight choreography, would WOULD you be?

JB-I love what I do and would do anything else.

3) You once told me that the Jaffa costumes were the hardest to wear. Since then I’ve been wondering why. I think you said, “Oh they are awful! I hate them!” It’s not an exact quote. It’s basically what I remember. Now I’m wanting to know… are they hot? Heavy? Pinchy? All of the above? Have you worn something worse since?

JB- Heavy, hot, pinchy, awkward, slow, ….all of the above and more…yes….my least favorite wardrobe of all time to fight or run in.

4) How hard would it be to teach a wimp like me to do a fight scene? I have a minor in dance but I don’t believe fighting is like a dance. Jason Mamoa says it is like a violent, angry, dance. It seems way more complicated and dangerous than that to me. Especially if you gave me a sword or some other weapon. I think I’d just beam everyone in the room with it.

JB-Rachel had only a dance background when I began to teach her and look how she did?

5) Which brings me to my last question. Have you ever had someone who could not learn to do the fight scenes? I only say this because I’m sure I would not be able to do it. It seems MOST people would lack the skill to do a great fight scene. Am I right?”

JB-I have been able to transform some of the most unlikely people into killers on screen……but…..not everybody is cut out for it, that is correct. It just makes my job easier, and more enjoyable if the individual(s) I am teaching are capable, and not having six fingers and three hands.



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Todds worshipper

Happy Birthday!
I hate to request something on your special day but here goes: Please find a way for Christopher Heyerdahl to play Todd again in the Atlantis movie next year. I’m devastated that Season 5 will be the last Atlantis year but would be even more devastated if The Lost Tribe becomes The Last of Todd. Thankyou and again, party hard today!

Narelle from Aus

Ooooo, Bam Bam does Muay Thai.
I wonder if he does the Wai Khru? And which character he takes on for it.
Questions always come to mind after the fact.

Wraith Cake
Wraith Cake

Thank you Joe for having Q&A sessions on your blog. They’re always so enjoyable to read. Please don’t stop doing this. Also a warm thank you to Mr. Bamford.



Somebody give Bam Bam a valium…I’m out of breath from just reading that. lol

Thanks, JB! Great answers! LOL…you’re totally nuts… (that’s why we love ya!)


Annie from Fremantle
Annie from Fremantle

It’s the 16th here so I’m gonna say it.


Hope you have a bonza day and all those dinky di Aussie cliches…

yeah kick me.

No pilfered poultry for you today!


Damn, I forgot to send in my Question for BamBam! D:

But I loved his Answers!!!

Halo Luver
Halo Luver

Hey Joe!

Thank you for this review! I thought it was so interesting!!!


How come we’ve never seen a F-302 jump into hyperspace? Does it have a hyper drive? If it doesn’t how come, it looked like the hyper drive on the prototype was good for small jumps.

Keep considering my choir music proposal!

Halo Luver



It would be so great if you could dedicate tomorrow’s post to my baby boy, Zach. He’ll be seventeen tomorrow. And yes, my hair gets more gray every year.




Hey Joe.

Well, I see I’m certainly not the only one having problems with Keller. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t radically hate her or anything, and I certainly recognize the fact that Jewel is a wonderful actress, as well as that fact that when it comes down to it, she may not really have that much more screentime/storylines than the other characters. I can definitely appreciate that. Besides, I’ve seen two different posts where people of opposing opinions broke the episodes down based on how much Keller was in them, and it was obvious they both had large biases. Now, I’ll admit that if I were to attempt to break down the episodes in the same manner, I would probably make her role seem larger. Which one’s right, which one’s wrong? Neither, I would say. They both support their reasoning logically and have plenty on evidence.

So, I guess it comes down to opinion. I personally feel that many times, (not always, of course) I turn on SciFi to watch SGA, and feel like Keller is being shoved down my throat. It’s her and her theories, her saving the day, her being kidnapped, her being over-taken by some alien entity, her flirting and getting caught up in love triangles… Ha, see! I’ve successfully showed my bias! I don’t think that any of those are wrong, but I’m sure someone else could come behind me and counter everything I just said, just as well as I suggested them.

I see no problem in disliking characters. Bashing is fair nor is it civil, but I admitedly dislike Keller. I liked Carson, but I never needed him to be a big part of the episodes. (Though, being a Shep-whumper, his presence was sometimes a good thing for me. *wink*)

But anyway, I guess I just wanted to come here and add my opinion. No one’s right, no one’s wrong.

To sum it all up, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with Keller. To the point that I didn’t even watch Tracker. I know, not a good fan. I did turn it on though, so my rating was there, but… I guess she’s too much to handle. And it’s quite obvious you and the other writers adore her. Again, she’s a good character and Jewel is a great actress… I just see her as those really good, popular songs that the radio plays too much an you end up sick of them. It just seems to ruin something that was good, and could continue to be so.

Anyway, that was just my OPINION. Ha, see? Us not-so-into-Keller-people aren’t all bad. I’ll still watch and enjoy the show, of course. This isn’t a big deal, I just wanted to add my OPINION as rationally as possible..

Well, you have an excellent night!

P.S.., BAMBAM’s Q&A was awesome!!! Thanks to him for that and to you Joe for having him on!!!

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Sooo cool! BAM BAM …you rock!

Thanks for all the insight!

Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow

Hi Joe,

Please give my thanks to Bam Bam! I think he is great smile

I’m really looking forward to The Prodigal and I hope Teyla and Ronon kick @$$ in this epi. I’m an action girl and I miss Ronon and Teyla fighting! And when I say kick @$$ I mean fight till the death no holding back @$$ kicking!!

Thanks smile

Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow




Thanks for the Q&A!

Linda Gagne
Linda Gagne

Joseph, you are such a tease with the Sheppard comment.

Thanks BAMBAM!

Where it is still the 15th here, I will hold happy birthdays until tomorrow. If I am reading the comments right, that is when your birthday is. So, until tomorrow.


Thanks Mr. Bamford for a great guest appearance. In a show where so many people are involved, your own efforts make a particularly important contribution to the overall quality of the show. And I’m glad to hear we can look forward to some movies you’ve had some part of. here’s hoping for many more years of success, in and outside of the Stargate franchise, for you. Thank you Mr. M. for bringing us this guest appearance.


Do you think that Elizabeth Weir will ever return in the movies, in any form?? It seemed that there could have been a chance in your version of season 6. . And please don’t not bring her back because of Torri Higginson’s reluctant attitude on returning. And I do believe Torri only didn’t return because she believe Weir kept getting de-humanized or something, I guess that’s off the subject. I am mereley an Elizabeth fan hoping for hope. I have been loving Atlantis lately, but have felt a hole the way Elizabeth was left. Sorry for kinda rambling!


Thanks for the replies, Bam Bam!! You do a fantastic job on the show — it has some of the best stuntwork I’ve ever seen, in either TV OR movies! The fact that you got such high-caliber stunts out of actors with former training boggles my mind. My hat off to you, sir! ++++ Instead of wishing you a happy brithday tomorrow, Joe, in the spirit of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, I’m going to wish you a very merry *UN*birthday today (the 15th)! yeah, I went to the Food & Wine festival today at EPCOT, and that song was playing at the entrance, so now it’s stuck in my head. XD I was stuffed silly by the end of the afternoon. There were even things I was tempted to try but didn’t, wanting to save room (and carb allotments) for things I wanted to try more. The kielbasa & potato pirogie with carmelised onions and sour cream was good — better than last year Dad thought. The pizza in Italy was so-so; mum really liked the ziti. Dad said his sausage & pretzel roll at Germany was good, but the saurkraut was so vinegary it made his lungs burn. XD Mom enjoyed the apple struedel, but the portion was pretty small. The plumwine & green tea cooler I had in China was divine! The empanada from Chile was good, but I didnt enjoy it quite as much as last year — the filling was a little lacking somehow. Mom enjoyed her chilaquile pretty well (can’t remember what stand that was from — Puerto Rico, maybe), save that it was a bit spicy for her. Both the folks loved the cheddar soup from Canada, but then they always do; it’s a regular menu item at Le Cellier, but this saves them from having to go in. I had a beef brisket with red potatoes and some sort of horsey-laden sauce (can’t remember where from); the beef was good, but the sauce was shockingly bland, couldn’t taste the horsey at all! The highlight for me was the Ireland stand: the potato-leek soup was great, as always (although the portion was ridiculously small), and the cheese/bread/apple-chutney plate was impressive! In fact, there was so much food, and the cheese was so rich, I couldn’t finish it! The bread was really good. The chutney was okay, but not really something to eat alone (and I wasn’t about to waste the bread on it, as I just can’t eat cheese without bread or crackers in the same bite) — I would have preferred to have had some chicken for it. (I used to get the roast chicken at the Rose & Crown, and they had a fantastic apple chutney — or maybe it was an apple marmalade? — on it, better than the stuff I had today …) Actually, I could have done with less cheese (or more bread), as I couldn’t only finish about half the plate — Dad was the same way. (And… Read more »


Hi Joe

What’s this super secret project of yours? Are you writing a book? You said it’s not Stargate related so I won’t hope for a surprise announcement that SGA will be back for a partial season.

Arctic Goddess

For MELorne-Süper-Fän:

If you want to ask Bam Bam a question, now that he has blogged for Joe, you can visit my site: and ask a question of Bam Bam there. He has agreed to answer some questions from visitors to my site as well. Also, Dean Aylesworth, who played young Anubis on Threads, has agreed to answer some fan questions. So, anyone interested, feel free to post some questions for these two gentlemen.

Thanks Joe, for letting me post this on your blog.

Patricia (AG)

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Okay Blog readers… *tap, tap tap* Listen up! We’re all gonna sing to Joe Mallozzi right now! So tune up your vocal cords and watch the maestro!

Ahem… Do Ra Me Fa So La Te Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re so glad that you were born, for if you were not here,
We would not see your smiling face nor hear your voice of cheer,
It’s hard to say God Bless You to someone who doesn’t exist,
Especially on your birthday you’d certainly be missed, so…

Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us to you,
Happy, Happy Birthday may all your dreams come true,
We hope you have happy birthdays all your whole life through,
Happy, Happy Birthday, its smiles all around for you!

*The chorus bows and curtsey*

Now Joe, blow out the candles and cut the Cake!!! Hummmmm Chocolate!

****It your Birthday…enjoy it and don’t forget to thank your Mom for bringing you in this world from your FANS****

Patricia Lee



Your birthday is tomorrow too? Damn, I didn’t know that. Tomorrow’s post should definitely be devoted to yourself! Wishing you an early happy birthday,



Happy Birthday Joe. And thanks for sharing your life with us thru your cool blog. It is always geat reading and good fun. Lots of interesting people and thoughts flowing thru here.

Thanks to Bam Bam for his Q&A. He is the boss when it comes to coordinating all the fantastic stunt work. One thing he wrote, “Rachel and Jason are definitely the two top memories when it comes to choreography”. Memories. Wow. That was kinda sad. I guess Stargate Atlantis is just a memory now for a lot of those who were involved in it’s making.

And a great memory! Thanks Joe, especially for Reunion and Broken Ties. As a Ronon fan, they were two wonderful episodes written by you. Thanks.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!! grin lol smile

May all the WFP of the day NOT make you sick but instead be very yummy and make you happy!

A massive THANK YOU to Bam Bam for stopping by! After reading your responses I actually feel like I might make a good fighter after all! Bam Bam, you totally RULE! grin

@Perragrin and Wolfie: I’ll pass on the well-wishing to Allie. Her knee is still in bad shape. I guess we’re going to the orthopedic’s when we get back home.

@sulien: Allie is wanting to try the Star Trek Exhibition at the San Diego Air and Space Museum tomorrow. That is, if they have a wheel chair we can rent. I’ll let you know what we think of it!. Thanks for the info!

@das: How’re things? Do ya need hugs? I seem to have missed what’s going on. So… (((((hugs)))) if ya need them. And may you have wonderful Todd dreams. wink



Thanks to Bam-Bam for the enlightening guest blog =)
And thanks so much Joe for bringing in all the wonderfully entertaining and eye-opening guest bloggers smile

And I hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow (well, it’s already today, where I am), enjoy yourself, Joe!!!


Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Did you hear me singing with Patricia Lee? I was the one who was off key! ; )

Hope your Day is a great one! Enjoy the chocolate!