Tessa and Sandy
Tessa and Sandy
Maybe I'll try the cuttlefish next time as well
Maybe I'll try the cuttlefish next time as well
Tuna Panga
Tuna Panga
Bicol Express
Bicol Express










Halo Halo
Halo Halo

Despite appearances to the contrary, I don’t frequent upscale restaurants every night, and I do check out new places every now and then. Take today for instance. With Fondy out of town, I decided to just hop into my car and motor off in search of a hidden treasure. My impromptu road trip took me down King Edward and up Main street to my ultimate destination: Sandy‘s Cuisine. I’ve passed the place countless times but never thought to drop in – until I discovered it served Filipino food. Well, what goes better with NFL football than Bicol Express and Halo Halo? Okay, beside pizza and wings.

It’s a low-key cafeteria-style set-up offering a wide range of Filipino faves – and then some. I approached the counter and explained it was my first visit. The woman behind the counter, Tessa, was more than happy to give me a rundown of the various dishes: the Bicol Express (spicy pork in coconut milk), the Caldereta (braised beef with tomatoes and potatoes), the Bistek (beef strips in a soy, lemon glaze)… “Hang on,”I said, pointing to one of the selections she’d missed. “What’s that?”

“Sauteed beef lungs,”she informed me, no doubt expecting me to roll my eyes, shudder, or both. “I skipped it because I didn’t think you’d be interested.”

I informed her I was very interested – and up for anything. Seemingly impressed, she moved on to the other offerings: Callos (beef tripe in a tomato-based stew), Tilapia in coconut milk, Sinigang na Baboy (pork soup in a sour tamarind-based stock). Tessa suggested I might like to try one of the restaurant’s more popular dishes: Tuna Panga (tuna jaw). It was a foreboding-looking piece of fish but it did come highly recommended so I went with the tuna jaw – and four other items including dessert. While I was ordering, owner and chef Sandy Daza came out of the kitchen to say hello. I learned that, n addition to running his restaurant, Sandy also hosts his own cooking show, Cooking With Sandy, on our local SHAW Multicultural Channel. As I prepared to head out, he packed me up a portion of the Caldereta, the braised beef dish I’d failed to order.

So I got home, unpacked the food, heated up my tuna jaw as instructed, and settled down for lunch.

First things first. I thought the grilled tuna jaw would be interesting at best, but one bite and I was wowed. The flesh was moist and tender, perfectly grilled and utterly delicious. It came with a soy dipping sauce that I didn’t even use. The tuna was that good.

The Bicol Express, spicy pork in coconut milk, was another winner – again very tender and very tasty. It’s one of those dishes that sneaks up on you, its sweet and savory flavors so delectable that you’ll forget you should have stopped eating ten minutes ago.

The Bopis, the beef lungs, were also very good – chopped and then sauteed with tomatoes, chiles, and onions.

The Sisig, according to the menu: “pork face served on a sizzling plate”, was the only disappointment.  As most of you know, I’m usually all about the pig face yet this version didn’t fare as well in comparison to other’s I’ve tried.

I did enjoy the Caldereta however. Like the meats, the braised beef was fork-friendly and flavorful.

For dessert, I had the Halo Halo, a popular Filipino dessert comprised of shaved ice, milk, and an assortment “sweets” that included red bean, sugar palm fruit, coconut, caramelized plantain, and purple yam. This was a first for me and, surprisingly, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the shaved ice. I removed the bigger shards, waited for the rest to melt, then enjoyed the fabulous results.

Sandy’s Cuisine is a terrific find and one I’ll certainly return to, preferably sooner than later as the owner is considering a move out of the neighborhood to more parking-friendly environs. Next time in, I think I’ll try the Kare Kare (ox tail in satay), the Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork belly), and the Bangbus (smoked boneless milkfish). Who’s with me?!

Sandy’s Cuisine
4186 Main St.

53 thoughts on “October 5, 2008: Sandy’s Cuisine

  1. I think you managed to get in a couple of weird food entries with your trip to Sandy’s. If I were within a thousand miles of the area, I’d drift on over to give the place a try. Though I have doubts about the Halo Halo. I will not mention what it resembles…
    the worst thing about today’s post is that I’m surviving on what meager food supplies are left in the house, none of which sound or look as appetizing as most of what you pictured. Glad you enjoyed though, and if and when I ever make it to BC I’ll add Sandy’s to the list of “must do” places. You will inform us if they move, no?

  2. Dang that sounds amazing. Have to say I haven’t heard very much of Filipino food. The Bistek sounds pretty good. I should make my parents take me there!

    Here’s a stargate question I was wondering you could answer if you had time:

    What is the Department of Homeworld Security? I’ve heard it mentioned in certain SG-1 and Atlantis episodes, but it’s never been explained as to what it does, or what it oversees?

  3. Coconut milk makes everything taste great!

    I love food from those regions because they use all of the animal. No wastage which is great. I admire your intestinal fortitude. While I don’t usually go for the unusual parts of the animal, I find that when cooked in the fashion of Stone Soup, I’m up for anything!

    Count me in if I ever get to Vancouver. I’m more likely to get to the Philippines first however. We have Malaysia, PNG, Thailand and Philippines earmarked for a scuba/surfing expedition next year **fingers crossed**. Probably won’t make it to all of those places, but we’ll make it to at least one. For sanity reasons.

    What did the owners say when you asked to take photos?

  4. Tuna jaw???? What….I’m sorry…that just sounds…gross. Though, maybe because just the smell of tuna makes me want to throw up. I won’t hold it against you though..lol.

    Pass along for me that Sanctuary was freaking amazing. I loved the webosides and I’m way too excited about seeing on SciFi. And it’s great to see all the familiar faces mixed with some new ones. Christopher was fabulous, and creepy.

    And finished this book last month I think, and it’s one of the best I’ve read in a long time. Just wanted to pass the recommendation…because I think it’s a little different than what I usually see on the blog.

    The Book of Joby by Mark J Ferrari.

    Check it out next time you’re at a bookstore.

  5. I can easily say I am NOT with you on this one. I saw Brains in the market over the weekend and ran far away. Very far. Wish I had your adventurous appetite. Actually, not really. But enjoy!

  6. Joseph, I am never with you on your food choices, you know that. The sauteed Beef Lungs could of been a weird food purchase of the day as far as I am concerned.

    What’s worse is I am just getting back from a long girls weekend and the stomach is a bit upset from an all liquid diet (lol, all you can do at the gambling tables is drink), so, the pictures are not helping not to mention the food descriptions.

    Also, just caught up on the blog from Thursday, and well, Das must of been really happy with you pictures.

  7. I read “The Physics of Superheroes” for my physics class in 10th grade. I think I didn’t give it a fair chance because I didn’t know any physics at the time and I had never read any of the comics that the characters were from.

    Have you read “Time Traveller’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger? If not, you should read it before the movie comes out. It’s about a librarian called Henry DeTamble who involuntarily time travels, and it’s amazing. It’s not very sci-fi, though.

    I saw Spamalot for the first time today. It was hilarious, even though I’d listened to the music hundreds of times beforehand. As far as I am concerned, one of the best parts was the knight who said “ni” claiming to be the real father of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby.

    I’m letting you know that I have a huge interest in “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” and I’m begging you to post the outline.

  8. Hey Joe! Glad you enjoyed the Filipino food. I love Halo Halo, Lechon Kawali, and the Sinigang na Baboy. I grew up with these lovely smells whenever my parents would cook for the family. Definitely try the Sinigang na Baboy with a little bit of rice. I don’t know what other desserts they have the you might like. If they have it ask for the Camote (Ka-mo-tay) it’s basically sweet potato that’s been drizzled lightly with caramel.

    Here’s to exploring more good eats!

  9. hi, joe,

    i didn’t get the chance to comment in your previous entry, but i’m VERY glad to hear that the brad wright guesting is still on! so please let us know exactly when we should start with the questions.

    btw, did you watch ‘sanctuary’? you would have been proud of amanda! 😀

    sally =D

  10. Wow. You’ve officially made me hungry. Everything looked really good. Except for the Halo Halo. The description didn’t really help it much although from the looks of it, I was expecting worse.

  11. Oh I’m with you! I haven’t yet eaten any Filipino food before. I was in Aberdeen in Richmond the other day and I had awesome Bakpao, which was very exotic for me haha.

    I loved how your dogs were hanging out together in the sun, my dog aloways finds the last ray of sunshine in the backyard at the end of the day.

  12. I think tilapia is an underrated fish, so I think I’d opt to try that.

    I hope you’ve been enjoying the NFL season. I hope the injury to the Bills’ quarterback doesn’t ruin your chances of winning the dark horse…

  13. Ugh, I HAVE to stop reading your blog when I’m hungry, Joe. It does NOT make for a very happy stomach, especially since my uncle hates when I eat too much. He got very pissy when he came home from the gym and the last slice of cheese was gone. I need to find a Filipino restaurant here in California, because that stuff looks good. All my great-grandma ever makes is adobo and lumpia. I’ve never even heard of any of what you ate.

  14. @ Linda Gagne – I died at least 6 times that day…maybe 7. 😛

    @ Joe – I have Filipino friends, but I must admit that the only thing I’ve been brave enough to try is ponset…because I can identify everything in it. Even at my friend’s wedding I stuck with the identifiable items…I’m just a chicken that way. I REALLY should be a vegetarian. So I give you a lot of credit for being so gastronomically courageous (though I hope you don’t discover the real reason behind the name Bicol ‘Express’ tomorrow morning… 😉 )


  15. Never tried Fili-food before but it sounds interesting. However, I feel I would try more stuff if they didn’t tell me what it is. The very idea of eating lungs or brains or stomach just puts me off so… I’ll never know if it’s really good or “an acquired taste”, I guess. But the tuna jaw sounded wonderful and the Halo Halo would have me there every day!

    I swear, one of these days I’m gonna make it up there and just follow the list I’ve been putting together for Where To Eat from your blog…

  16. Mmmm, the halo halo sounds *amazing* and all the meat sounds delectable as well =)

    Which is saying something, since the strangest meat I’ve tried to date is duck.

  17. To answer:

    Doesn’t anyone in Canada just eat steak and potatoes?

    Yes, my husband and kids…. picky eaters the lot of ’em!

  18. A lot of times I don’t even recognize the names of what you eat, and the ones I do, I’m pretty sure I can live without ever trying. However, on this one, some of those things sound pretty darned good! The bicol, bistek, and even the tuna jaw sound pretty interesting. Naturally, I’m stuck in the office with a bottle of root beer and whatever I can find in the vending machine, so good food is pretty much out. At best I might be able to beg a patrol officer to do a drive-thru for me at McDonald’s or Wendy’s, but that’s as good as it gets tonight.

    We took GeekBoy out for steak last week, and after eating his 9-oz filet mignon, he announced that while it was good, he really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. He’d have been just as happy with some grilled cheese sandwiches from Sonic! Next time we’re leaving him at home.

  19. My wife is a beautiful filipina and I enjoy her fabulous asian/spanish/native fusion cuisine all the time! 😀

    Perhaps I gave you a subliminal message in a previous posting you may have read through and planted the seed to try it out 😀

    Er… by the way the um… fish at the end is Bangus…er… the other way as spelled refers to a website that might be more, shall we say, not food “in that way”.

    Bangus is my favorite fish, by the way. The trouble is, it has to be extremely fresh and not milkfish grown in a fish farm. If not fresh and from a farm, usually it tastes like dirt.

    It is amazing when wild caught. Some are instant frozen and exported. Perhaps that is what they use, and that’s pretty good too.

    You should see if they happen to have fried pork intestine called Chicharon Bulaklak. Masarap! (delicious!).

    The other thing is Dineguan. Pork cooked in pork blood. Good when it’s piping hot. One of my favorites.

    Honestly, a vacation one day soon would probably be an amazing experience.

  20. Oh man, I love Philippino food! What, no lumpia and pancit? Okay, that’s what the moms brought to the potlucks, but I’ve had food that was terrific in Angeles City. Just don’t ask about the hotel rooms … yikes! Half the cooks in the chow hall on Diego Garcia were Philippino, and they’d cook up a traditional feast about once a month.

    We have snow in the mountians now, check my blog for pics.

  21. The gals at work had a Halo Halo day a few weeks ago (kind of like an ice cream social?) – it was really good!
    Hope you had a nice weekend and get to go back and enjoy Sandy’s soon.

  22. ok Joe here’s my question.

    You eat some, let’s say, interesting food. Did you grow up eating hamburgers and fries or something a little more exotic like the pictures you show? I know your Canadian not American, Like me, and that different cultures eat differently, but the two countries aren’t that different and I know you have cows up there too. 🙂 One of my friends is Indian and eats pigs feet. I’m just your garden variety boring meat and potatoes gal. I didn’t even eat sushi until I was an adult. And was really picky when I was little. Did you grow up eating the more interesting meal plans or did you have a meat and potatoes childhood and then decided that was to boring and stagnant. You are way braver then me when it comes to food choices. I don’t even eat venison anymore cause I can’t stand the fact that it was Bambi in the woods when one of my relatives decided it should be on the dinner plate. Cow, chicken, turkey, pig that’s my palette choice. That and vegetarian dishes. Have you ever tried things like deep fried spiders or??? I wish I was braver with my meal choice’s sometimes but alas I’m just boring as usual. Thanks as always, Nicole.

  23. Bopis?

    Either I’m pronouncing it wrong, or that’s a very unfortunate name for a food item.

    At least it’s not a drink.

  24. This entry actually made me pretty hungry, which is really surprising, given the fact that I’m a very picky eater. Extremely picky, just ask my fiance and my parents. I love fish though, so that looked pretty good.

    I’d take you up on your offer to eat things like beef lungs, pork belly, ox tail etc, if my fiance and I could meet up with you for dinner while we’re in Vancouver for our honeymoon next August. We’d both love to have your autograph 😀 and to experience some of Vancouver’s fine dining. And, of course, a set tour of Atlantis would make eating such things worthwhile as well. 😉

    I’d even volunteer to help out as a PA one day for Universe or SGA (if they are filming the movie by then).

    If SGA is filming the movie, then the cast should come to dinner too! I’d love to meet them, but I could settle for a set tour and a picture in front of the stargate in order to eat the lungs and stomach foods. 🙂

    What do you say? 😀

  25. I really shouldn’t read your blog when I’m hungry, especially before bedtime. All of that looks good and sounds even better, except for the cuttle fish (I’m afraid the smell of the dried stuff being boiled put me off of it for good). One of my First Sergeants was a Fillipina and always brought the most wonderful food to the unit’s organization day picnic. She contributed several wonderful recipes to an Asian and Pacific Islander heritage cookbook put together and sold for a fund raiser, which I have around here somewhere.

    The books you have lined up to read look interesting. I’ve read most of “Little, Big”, but couldn’t quite manage to finish it. It’s a bit rambly for my taste, and that’s saying quite a bit. On the other hand, R.A. MacAvoy’s “Tea With The Black Dragon” is an excellent read! If you don’t enjoy that one, I’ll gladly buy it from you since my ex got our copy when we split and I haven’t replaced it yet. I do hope you eventually decide to read Susan Petrey’s “Gifts of Blood” and will buy that one from you as well if you decide it wasn’t worth the money, especially if you buy the hardbound edition that collects all of her work.

    By the way, a friend posted a link to an article on Jay Walker’s library and I thought you and many of the folks who read your blog would be interested in it. That is, if you haven’t already read about it on Wired. Here’s the link.

    I would love to read any of the outlines for stories that you mentioned here that weren’t filmed, so I hope you do post some of them. Most of the ones you mentioned in last Tuesday’s blog looked interesting, but especially “The Replacements” and “Carter Rashomon”. I love Kurosawa and “Rashomon” is one of the best movies ever made, though I’m more partial to “Kagemusha”, “Seven Samurai” and “Ran”. I really wish we could have seen what you guys would have done with the “Carter Rashomon” idea. Please post that one some time!

    Lastly, please pass on to Christopher Heyerdahl how much we love his acting. I’m not a big Wraith fan at all (please don’t hit me, Das), but you can’t help but like Todd and I love his portrayal of John Druitt in “Sanctuary”! Good lord, the man’s natural, un-Wraithified (yes, I know it’s not a word) voice is downright mesmerizing. He reminds me somewhat of Nicole Williamson’s Merlin in “Excalibur”, but with much, much more resonance and a deeper timbre. *coughs* Why no, I don’t have a thing for voices at all, why? *blushes and runs away*

  26. Just catching up with the IgNobel Prizes for 2008.

    A few that caught my eye:

    Puzzle solving slime molds (but can they master Sudoku I ask you?)

    Fleas on dogs jump higher than fleas on cats (wow!)

    The opposing research articles on whether Cola is an effective spermicide (apparently the sugar makes the little things explode, who knew? Just don’t go out and put all your faith in Coke people :-D)

    Cheers, Chev

  27. I.
    Hey, there long Time no see! Sorry, my Lap was away for checking!

    Can you ‘Dedicate’ today’s blog entry(06’th of October) to me, cause it’s my Birthday?! Please?

    Also, I took a look at the SGA AU Season 06 Sheet! How sad is that, I bet that Eps 5, 7 & 9 would have been very interesting to watch. Now I am even more sad!

    And finally IV.
    Bye for now, I have to go and bake a huge Cheesecake and an Applecake for my Family!

    P.S.: I feel ill after looking at the bigger verison of the Halo Halo Pic! D:

  28. *pokes nose back in momentarily*

    Sorry, I forgot to mention. I seem to recall that you’re not a great fan of Mexican food in general, but there’s a little Mexican panaderia called La Unica in Aberdeen, WA, that has the best menudo (tripe soup, which you probably already knew) I’ve ever tasted, served with fresh chopped onions, fresh cilantro, fresh lime, and chopped fresh jalapeños on the side as well as more dried, crushed chili peppers if you really want it hot. It’s on S Park St between W Heron St and W State St. They only make the menudo on weekends, but their baked goods are definitely worth stopping for any time, most especially the calabasa (pumpkin) empanadas. Give them a try if you’re ever down in this neck of the woods.

    Also, I’d definitely be up for joining you at Sandy’s, if only I didn’t live around three hundred miles away. :-/

  29. Haha, and here I am sitting eating toast.

    You make things that I would usually wrinkle my nose at sound delicious; a very important skill 😉

  30. Hi Joe,

    Back in June, you dedicated an entry for my sister who was having a tumor removed from her kidney. She ended up having the entire kidney removed along with the tumor but all went just fine and there is no sign of anything bad beyond the tumor which was removed!

    She had a bone scan recently because of some pain she’s having and the doctor’s want to be sure it’s nothing serious and only a muscular or chiropractic type issue.

    Would you mind dedicating an entry to Amy, as she gets the results on Wednesday…cross the fingers and think good thoughts! The surgery went so well I figure your blog MUST be good luck. 🙂

    Thanks Joe!


  31. hm… I don’t think Sandy’s cuisine is something I’d enjoy *looks-very-sceptically-at-pics-and-descriptions*
    especially the Halo Halo doesn’t look like something I want to try at all
    I am a giant coward when it comes to trying unfamiliar food.
    But as long as you enjoy your discoveries ^^

    I forgot to join the plea for your color-coded outline of “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” yesterday so I’m joining now: please post it ^^

  32. Hi Joe,

    It’s been a while since I’ve commented regularly, I know, but I have been reading as avidly as ever. With a slow internet connection and my final weeks of study closing in I just haven’t had time to do justice to your writing with any comments.

    Sounds like you found another great restaurant though. I’ve never had Filipino food but from the sounds of it I’d like it.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d drop by and remind you that I’m still around, reading as much as ever and glad to know you’re doing good.


  33. Those foods sound delicious, next time try cuttlefish , I prefer it to squid, specially when it’s cooked with the ink.

  34. Hey Joe.
    Just popping in to say I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth just yet! I’m still reading your blogs and waiting for your next weird food purchase of the day video!!
    ~Chelle 🙂

  35. Well, Joe your writting talent makes me at least want to smell the food, not so sure I’m daring enough to try it. There’s another thing you could do if all else fails and you can’t find a job writting scripts, you can write descriptions for food entres .(did I spell that correctly?, it’s too ealry here) for restaurants.

  36. I cannot believe what you eat!
    The term iron stomach definitely applies to you.
    I have to say that I wouldn’t have eaten any of the stuff you ate at Sandy’s. Sorry.

  37. coucou joseph!!!

    Miame!! Sa a l’aire trés bon! dommage qu’il n’y est pas de Sandy’Cuisine prés de chez moi^^!!!

    Désoler mais demain je ne serais pas là, je serais entrin de chercher mon stage en ville..jespert trouver O_O!!

    Aller bisou! passer une bonne journée!♥

  38. Coffee time!

    With no SGA last Friday, it’s given me some time to finally digest some of the things I’ve seen over the last few weeks. (Some spoilers ahead)

    First, going back to The Queen. A couple months ago (or more), I expressed a desire to see Wraith ‘morality’ from their standpoint, and not from a human standpoint…and not in their dealings with humans, but when dealing with their own kind. What is acceptable, and not acceptable, among Wraith? Well, we finally got a glimpse of this – it is acceptable for one queen to kill another, but not acceptable for a male to kill a queen (or, at least, not the Primary). Had they learned that Todd killed her, his punishment would’ve been death. So, they do have boundaries, and punishments for overstepping those boundaries.

    I was very pleased with this. It’s something we needed to see – to know what, if any, limitations they had among their own. Now we know – they do have rules, and they do have lines that should not be crossed.

    Another thing I was pleased with was learning that the Wraith ‘seek to be ruled’ and ‘fear being without a queen’. First, I find this a bit amusing. It’s as if the Wraith are an entire society of submissive males, led by a Dominatrix queen. It certainly may explain some of their bondage-like attire, especially in S1 & S2. Hmmm…I wonder if they like being spanked, too. 😈

    All joking aside (I think), I did get that ‘submissive’ vibe from Todd when he was in the presence of the Primary. His stance reminded me very much of a male who is used to being dominated, who is used to taking a lower position when need be. Of course, we can pretty much assume that Todd is different in that he’s the one who wants to do the controlling, and not the other way round. Still, he was well-familiar with the routine, and ‘played his part well’, too. I particularly liked it when Teyla reprimanded him over his plan, and he – in what seemed to be an instinctive reaction – bowed to her and backed away. Nice touch.

    I hope that we learn a bit more about this, but in the time remaining, I doubt it. I like the idea that the Wraith seek to be lead IF this means they can be lead in new, and perhaps survivable, directions. If it just means leading them over a cliff, or into destruction in some other way, then I’m not for it at all (especially since it would be contrary to their instinct to survive). I guess time will tell what you guys decide to do with them, but I certainly wouldn’t mind it if we see Todd slip into the stilettos and black leather corset, and whip the Wraith (or at least some of them) into submission to a new set of ‘rules’, ones that are – perhaps – a bit more (but not ‘too’) ‘human friendly’.


  39. @ pg15 – 😆 LOLOLOLOLOLOL! 😆 I NEARLY spit out my coffee over your comment! “Bopis?…At least it’s not a drink.” BWAHAHA!! (I’m probably pronouncing it wrong, too. 😳 )

    @ sulien – No worries. I’m not a hitter (despite what my previous post may lead you to believe). I will pout, however. 😀 Hey, just as it is hard for people to see the appeal of the Wraith, it is equally as hard for me to grasp how they fail to see it, so I understand. Different strokes, and all that.

    That said, I agree with you about Christopher’s voice. Just last night my husband and I were discussing how awesome it is, and how we’d love to hear him doing a voice for the next big animated movie that comes along. He just has such a great vocal presence…it really IS mesmerizing. And I get the whole ‘voice person’ thing. I’m first and foremost a ‘hair person’, followed by a ‘chiselled features person’ and a ‘hand person’. There are other things that I am instantly attracted to (eyes, smile, etc), but those three are at the top of the list, as well as a tendency to be drawn to extremely thin guys, muscles optional. I guess it’s why I’ve always liked sleazy rock band guitarists – thin and pale and undernourished, with long stringy hair and slender fingers. My folks are SO happy that I ended up marrying a normal, ‘Scott Summers-type’ guy…although – as my attraction to the Wraith proves – I still can’t get ‘creepy skinny guy’ out of my blood. 😛


  40. Hi again Mr M!

    Thanks for answering my question the other day…Much appreciated!! So, a blue comedy eh? Is that American Pie-ish? Mmm…interesting.

    Any-hoo, you recently asked us to post our favourite Ronon lines for Mr Momoa…. That got me thinking, what with the old nostalgia flowing for all things Stargate Episdoic…..Favourite lines from SG1 and SGA overall…. Well, I recently caught “Bounty” from SG1’s Season 10, which is a mine of great lines…Including Vala to Darryl:
    Vala: “My husband is a religous zealot, bent on the complete dominiation of the galaxy and enslavement of all humans”.
    Darryl: But you guys are separated right?
    (..or something to that effect)

    Again in Bounty,..I also noted that in the intro for Carter at the Science Convention she is credited as having “…..won the prestigous Binder Prize” …which of course is fitting considering the Carl Binder Memorial Theatre in Brain Storm !

    Anyway, best to all


  41. Interesting eats.

    I was thinking South African food. Have you tried it?

    Ostrich mince, Kudu steak, Springbok Boerewors (sausage)?

    If not, Google “South African Food Vancouver” I did and was quite amazed to find out there is quite a variety to choose from.

    (Us south Africans get everywhere! :D)

  42. Did you notice if they had Chicken Adobo.Pancit,or Lumpia??
    When are you going there again???

  43. Did you watch Santuary’s pilot Friday night? Or did it show there?

    It was good. Hints of past connections between characters are already there. What was the importance of the boy that Amanda’s character saved him or was it conincidence?

    I have to admit to fangirl squeals of delight when I saw Christopher Heyerdahl (okay… I squealed “It’s Todd!”). Christopher does frightening very well.

    As far as Brad Wright Q&A, I believe I’ll withhold my questions since they wouldn’t be nice ones, but I’m sure that many will have polite ones for him.

  44. There is this filipino bread that’s made with coconut that’s to die for; little soft buns that full of coconut goodness. I don’t like the shaved ice in halo halo either, but I do like that purple ice cream made from a type of yam, I forget what its called. And the Panzit noodles are my fave because they are a mellow contrast to other spicy foods.

  45. @dasNdanger
    I was thinking the Wraith need to be led by a Queen because they are evolved from an insect, like bees. Also, to me, Todds submisive behaviour would have been learned very early in life so it would be instinctual, like a Canadian saying ‘Sorry’ or ‘Eh?’ all the time!

    I really liked the episode overall, but was distracted by Teyla’s chin….

  46. @ Lolli – Totally agree. Like bees, the Wraith would become confused or disorganized if they were to lose their queen. She is what binds them together. Though some hives can function fine with just a commander, it would seem that those ships try to join alliances that do have queens, as Todd did.

    I was just being facetious about the bondage thing. 😉

    And who in their right mind would even be looking at Teyla’s chin when she had that delicious piece of bugmeat standing by her side??! *shakes head* Learn to focus on the important things!! 😛

    @ Leila – I couldn’t agree with you more about Christopher’s performance. I just watched his bits at the end again, and I’m totally amazed by what he did. How he could send chills down my spine, and make me feel sympathetic towards John at the same time, is beyond me. Besides SGA, I’ve only seen Chris in Blade Trinity and Smallville (and that 21 Jump Street bit), so this was a really nice treat for me. I’m mostly a fan of characters and not actors, but so far I’ve been very pleased with everything I’ve seen Chris in, and will keep an eye out for any future projects he’s involved in.


  47. Hey Joe!

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never had Filipino food. And I actually want to try some now! Thankfully, my dinner is all ready for me to eat. I’m hungry after those pictures and discriptions.

    Maybe not the tuna jaw. I’m squeemish after all. But I could go for many of the foods you listed. Even the Halo Halo! Why is Vancouver so far from Tampa?

    Poor Jeremy is deathly allergic to coconut. I avoid it now because I’m afraid of bringing it home with me and somehow *infecting* him. *sigh*

    In other news, I posted on yesterday’s blog because I *thought* I’d clicked on today’s. 🙄

    So… if anyone wants to read my puppy-search update, *cough*dasnarellepat*cough* you can look at my comment to yesterday’s blog. 😀 And laugh at how lame I am for not knowing which day I’m posting to.


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