Hmmm. For some reason, I’ve been having trouble sleeping of late. I’ll be in bed by 10:00 p.m., read for three hours, eventually nod off – then wake up at around 3:00 a.m. and just lie there, my mind racing with thoughts of missed opportunities, looming responsibilities, and elaborate revenge scenarios against all those who have wronged me in the past. That’ll take me to about 4:30 a.m. to 5: 00 a.m. when I’ll finally fall asleep – only to have the dogs wake me up again at 8:00 a.m. Either I start doing Nyquil shots before turning in or I’m going to have to find more boring reading material.

Went into the office today and watched the producer’s cut of Enemy at the Gate. A fitting end to a terrific series, and one that’ll segue nicely into the movie – which Paul and I continue to spin. To those of you asking, it will ideally include all the familiar faces – and then some.

Rob Cooper was back from the Vegas shoot looking very tired but very satisfied. What I’ve seen of the episode looks fantastic (a true big screen quality production) and I look forward to watching the finished product. Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok was also on location with them, and he came back with tons of behind-the-scenes footage. And speaking of behind-the-scenes footage, Lawren Bancroft-Wilson was on hand as well to snap some great pics of the shoot – great pics that he has promised to share along with a personal account of the Vegas adventure whenever he finds the time.

Speaking of finding the time – Brad was dropping none too subtle hints about his impending Q&A here on this blog. Essentially, he said that he’d waited so long for me to get around to it that, in the interim, he had to ask and answer his own questions. Well then, let’s not let him wait any longer. If you have questions for Brad Wright, the creator and executive producer of Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and the forthcoming Stargate: Universe, let’s see ‘em.

Oh, and while I was in the office today, I helped myself to a few more books from my bookshelf because, of course, the last thing I want is to run out of books this winter. Hopefully, the to-read pile I assembled (see above) will tide me over until January.

Tomorrow, Paul and I are taking a meeting on a non-Stargate-related project. Should be interesting.

Today’s entry is dedicated to MeLorne-Super-Fan and Amy.

Today’s video: Way back in the early days of SG-1, any shot that showed the active gate was always a visual effect. Eventually, the production created a practical puddle that would obviate the need to call in the VFX team or re-use existing shots. The practical puddle has come a long way from its early, not-wholly-convincing, incarnation. Today, after much fine-tuning, it looks incredibly convincing – even when shot by a non-professional on his SONY handycam. Check it out at the bottom of this entry.

Today’s mailbag:

Annie from Freemantle writes: “I’m curious about the pilots too that you’ve got in mind… but what’s a ‘blue comedy’???”

Answer: A comedy that would be better suited to HBO or Showtime rather than any of the four big networks.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Did you guys have to do anything special for Jewel Stait to get nominated for an Emmy?”

Answer: Nope. She was one of many individuals we put forth for nomination. The Gemini committee chose to recognize Jewel’s terrific performance in Missing.

Jeff Ford writes: “Thanks for your interest in the books, Joe. Glad you liked The Shadow Year. If you’re into Banks, have you read The Wasp Factory?”

Answer: Hey, Jeff. Looking forward to the November 4th release of The Drowned Life. With regard to The Wasp Factory – well, to be honest, while I did admire Banks’ storytelling skills, I didn’t love the book.

Delynn writes: “Another question: So you’re in the midst of SGU discussions… does this mean you will be involved in the final casting and crewing? Or are the discussions more storyline/character development based?”

Answer: Brad and Rob, the show’s creators, are overseeing all aspects of pre-production, from casting to the look of the show. Once the pilot script has been completed, we’ll weigh in on the established creative.

Jill E. writes: “ I guess I’ll just have to continue reading your blog and imagining how truly fabulous you would be if we met somewhere in person.”

Answer: I don’t know about fabulous. Imagine somewhere between encountering Ghandi and the kid who played Meego.

Christle writes: “Now that I sound like a complete psycho…got any good fantasy recommendations?”

Answer: Sure. Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, K.J. Bishop’s The Etched City, Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Jeffrey Ford’s The Empire of Ice Cream and The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant, William Goldman’s The Princess Bride, Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamorra, George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, and Catherynne M. Valente’s In the Night Garden: The Orphan’s Tales – to name a few.

Tombstone writes: “I just watched First Contact again, very closely. I have to say, based on plot, dialog, acting, viz effects, and ultimately the edge-of-my-seat sense of big things happening, it’s the best episode of SGA ever (although Shrine is right up there for pure emotional appeal). I hope Marty and everyone did it again for part 2!”

Answer: You and me both.

Halo Luver writes: “What is the Department of Homeworld Security?”

Answer: It’s essentially a planetary version of Homeland Security which seeks to safeguard Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

Candace writes: “The Book of Joby by Mark J Ferrari. Check it out next time you’re at a bookstore.”

Answer: Or standing by my bookshelf where it sits along with hundreds of other books I really need to get around to.

Sandra writes: “Have you read “Time Traveller’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger?”

Answer: Yes. from Aus writes: “Do you have moping pooches with Fondy away so much of late?”

Answer: Well, Maximus (pictured above in the banner) tends to linger downstairs at bedtime and hang around the front door a lot more. He’s the sensitive one.

Maggiemayday writes: “Oh man, I love Philippino food! What, no lumpia and pancit?”

Answer: Also available, but I didn’t order them. Come on! How much can one guy eat?!

MysteryMadchen writes: “You eat some, let’s say, interesting food. Did you grow up eating hamburgers and fries or something a little more exotic like the pictures you show?”

Answer: When I was growing up, my parents used to split the cooking duties. Weekends, my mother would prepare her Italian specialties while, weekdays, my father would offer up more North American fare occasionally spiced with more unusual entries like pork hocks and duck a l’orange.

DasNDanger writes: “First, I believe Joe was just having a bit of fun, but even if he was serious, then Wraith wearing human skin would be no different from humans wearing cow, pig or deerskin. There is just no comparison to nazis.”

Answer: Agreed.

173 thoughts on “October 6, 2008: Insomnia, Stargate, Guests, Books, and Mailbag

  1. Hey Joe.

    Well, I guess it’s been quite a few days since I last commented…..anyone miss me?

    Question: If you can say, will the baddies, if there is any, in the forst SGA movie be the Wraith/another familiar face or will it be a new alien enemy?

    Thanks Joe.


    Hey Brad.

    I just wanted to know, had you always wanted to be a show-runner/creator/writer/producer/all the other SG things you do? Or did the opertunities just present themselves?

    Thanks Brad!

  2. I have similar problems sleeping and always am preoccupied with thoughts of my Anthropology and Archaeology lectures from my classes or other things not important. I actually used to take Nyquil shots but decided to stop. I will just deal with sleeping 3-4 hrs a night. I may just have a few vodka shots before I sleep now lol

  3. For Brad Wright:

    While I’m sure you’re terribly busy with all things SGU at the moment, could you please give us an update as to where exactly things are with regard to the third Stargate movie? As excited as I am for the new series, I’m afraid SG-1 will always be “it” for me, especially as I just don’t enjoy SGA. Please answer, if you will, any or all of these:

    –Who is going to be in it? We’ve already heard about Jack, and a little something about Sam, too. And I take it that Daniel and Teal’c are also a given. What about Landry? Bra’tac? Mitchell? Goa’uld? Little grey puppets?

    –When are you expecting to hear that you’ve gotten the green light on production? When do you expect to begin principal photography?

    –Will this movie be released on DVD first, as were Ark of Truth and Continuum, or will it air on Sci-Fi first, like the forthcoming SGA movie?

    –Are there any prospective titles for the film being kicked about that you’d care to share at this moment?

    –Ark of Truth was characterized as the end of the Ori arc, and Continuum as “a fun romp”. How would you describe this third movie?

    –You’ve always said that you envisioned a series of movies for SG-1. This will be the third. Assuming similar success to the previous films, how many more films do you see in the series after this one? Or are you thinking of finally finishing off SG-1 for once and for all? (I hope not.)

    –Who is going to direct the film? Martin Wood? Rob Cooper? Peter DeLuise? You?

    Thanks for your time.

    Jeff B.

  4. Dear Brad,

    Any more details you like to share on SGU?, Like say the plot story, Will the crew of The Destiny be cut off from Earth for the entire show? Something about not being able to steer the ship sounds kind of off to some of us (If not most), With brilliant people equaling the likes of McKay and Carter hopefuly coming along on what may be the most important discovery since going to Atlantis.

    The similarity between shows like Star Trek Voyager and Lost In Space being mentioned often when referring to SGU. Can you put our minds at ease and give us your view on why you don’t think these above mentioned shows are anything like the new Stargate show you and Rob are planning to make?

    With kind regards,
    Angel 🙂

  5. Finally,

    I’ve been waiting for Brad Wright to guess blog as well even before the cancellation of SGA.

    Here is Brad Wright’s question or comment:
    First, I would like to say a big Thank you for Stargate Sg-1 and Stargate Atlantis. I have been a major fan almost since the beginning of SG-1. If it wasn’t for you and Rob Cooper creating the franchise we wouldn’t have wonderful characters to fall in love with or care about in the first place. Although I am upset that SGA is being cancelled thank you for at least giving us the movies to look forward to and for giving the writing process of the movie over to Joe M and Paul M.

    As for my actual question, why does it seem that the Ancients are not so great as they seem to in the beginning of SG-1? What is the real reason why they wont help the humans when they were once humans at one time themselves? Is it because of the mistakes they made themselves, the Wraith, the Replicators, and the Ori? I was just wondering about this because of the SG1 Season 10 episodes I was watching on Scifi.

    Hey Joe, since you read and watch stories with ghost, aliens, and creatures alike does that mean you believe in ghost or a possiblity of aliens in space or is it all just for fun and enjoyment?

  6. Question for Brad Wright!
    If you could play any of the chatacters on sg1 or atlantis for one day who would you play and why???

    and on another note.
    wooo my Twin sister is officially 5yrs cancer free today woooo

    *runs off to much much as one can at 1am*

  7. Joe,

    Goodluck on conquering your book list. Mine keeps on getting longer and I can’t ever get to it because of school.

    For Brad:

    First a comment. On one of the disks from season 1 of the complete series set there is a special feature on the producers. On it you’re asked how many gates there are. Your answer: “Thousands, hundreds….at least 10 seasons worth.” When I watched this I thought it was hilarious because it had lasted 10 years. Congrats!

    When you first pitched Stargate, did you every dream that it would last for 10 seasons, still continue on in movie format, and create 2 spin off series? Or, what were you initial expectations of the SG-1?

  8. Question for Brad:

    Tv is a collaborative process and things don’t always work out just how they’re envisioned. Can you pick out one episode of SG-1 that came out way, way better than you thought it would initially? Likewise, can you tell us which episode you think is, despite everyone’s best intentions, an unmitigated disaster?

  9. Well, if it only takes you about two hours to design elaborate revenge plans against those who have wronged you. your list of enemies is still far too short. Personally, I prefer to come up with plans to wipe out all of mankind(excepting those I deem worthy of living on and/or providing the genetic inheretence of future generations). Much easier targetting individuals. Though perhaps not as satisfying, and trying to obtain materials to pull off my neferious schemes is a royal pain, especially in this age of tightened credit.
    For Mr. Wright. The plans for Universe have been in the works for a few years now, it seems. Have you already begun the process for coming up with a new series to follow Universe a few years in the future? With the cancellation of Atlantis after a 5 year run, will you be looking to make Universe and other series run for a similiar length of time, or do you hope to extend Universe’s run for longer? What has been the high point of working on the Stargate franchise in the last decade and a half? If not for the Stargate franchise, what do you believe you might be working on today? Finally, and related to the last question, what would you consider a non-Stargate “Dream job”? Thank you for your time and particiaption here, and many thanks to Mr. M. for hosting you.

  10. O.K. Joe, What gives? It’s 8pm est and 4pm where you are, are you bored? The blog is already up for today! Now, I promise , I will be as diplomatic and calm as I can to Mr. Wright- but ARE YOU CRAZY????????? OK, I’m calm now! No really, I hope to be the 1st ( or the 500th) to ask this! For For Mr. Wright, I would like you to acknowledge that you do know how sad the fans are and that we feel slighted and ” blown off” due to some comments that you made in recent interviews- and that the 40ish group are the ones who spend the money for all sg-1 and sga products! Myself and my husband have been sga and sg1 fans since DAY 1 and love everything about them, the writing is fab., cgi is top notch ( of what little I have learned over 11 years) and your choice of actors will have us watching and following them for years to come. And we will give sgu a try just due to the franchise history ! I know you have seen the posts, got the letters and petitions and hopefully recieved the lemons , AND LOOK at the ratings! How ‘s that for fan loyaliity! Just please acknowledge you know how the fans feel. I mean NO disrespect at all, and you are a wonderful writer/producer, ect. Thanks for letting me vent and I await your response. Sheryl Berwick Port Saint Lucie, Florida

  11. The gate looks fantastic!!! The production team did a fantastic job!!!

    I shall post questions for Brad Wright when I get back from my staff meeting…. I have so many that if I ask them now, I’ll be late!!!

  12. Question for Mr Wright: I really, really enjoyed Continuum – have rewatched several times and can happily pass this around my family with very few caveats. One puzzling thing: why the casting of Ben B as his grandfather? I have to say, with his distinctive voice and face, it immediately took me out of the story for those scenes. I kept wondering, why didn’t they just hire someone who resembles him? So…why was that?

    And question for Mr Malozzi: Have you read anything by CJ Cherryh?

  13. *runs in and smooches Joe (in a non-creepy kinda way)* Thanks, luv!

    Gotta go! Hubby’s taking me for walkies to the bay! Woot!! *runs and runs in circles*

    Can’t wait for baby pics, Trish!

    *grabs leash and runs out the door*


  14. Joe,

    Sorry to here of your insomnia. I also suffer from it from time to time, but I finally found something to help. I AM NOT a doctor – this is simply what I found works for me.

    I use Tylenol PM. It’s an over-the-counter medicine. It is non habit forming.

    Some people may recommend doing exercise at night, but exercise actually gives me a burst of energy, so I found that didn’t work for me.

    On a personal note, would you mind including more pictures of your “babies”? Something about their cute little faces and chubby bodies just puts a smile on my face and gives me happy vibes during the work day. 🙂 My Ragdoll cat, Loki, also seems to stare at my computer screen in wonder and amazement when I log on at home. Well, that or he is miffed I would even consider your Pugs to be in the same universe of awesomeness that he resides in. 😉

    Trish in Texas

  15. The Pegasus Galaxy Gate is so much prettier than the Milky Way gate.

    Poor Maximus. Does he do the big sighs?
    I have a very big moping pooch at the moment while Hubby is away.

    Meego and Ghandi? Can you combine those two things without spontaneous human combustion occurring?

    I can recommend any of my 1995 High School English texts for the purpose of putting you to sleep. Lord of the Flies, Poor Man’s Orange… let me know if you need any more recommendations.

    My old tactic was to listen to talk-back radio because the endless droning on about hip fractures, cold tea, personal dedications and their own insomnia issues had me nodding off in no time.

    Hopefully once things settle back down and you are back into a routine the sleeping will sort itself out. If not, go and grab the leftover Jack Daniel’s from when you were sick, have a swig or eight, and you should find yourself asleep or passed out, whatever comes first, in no time.

    I don’t have any questions for Brad at the moment, but I’ll think about it. I know if it was a sit-down conversation I would have plenty. General conversation always brings up questions. The most surreal conversation I’ve ever had was when I met Bono and Edge. I found myself on the end of their questions! Talk about throw you off guard. I guess it was unusual circumstances that our paths crossed so I can see why they had questions. At least we all got a good chuckle out of it.

    Good luck with your non-Stargate-y meeting.

  16. Ack. I should have used the search function before I asked. Sorry. I response, though, I have to say that I did like the characters. It is true that Clare mooned over Henry, but that was only because she was worried since she loved him, and the book also dealt with her feelings about being the one always left behind. It’s true that neither are great role models, but they both do their best in their circumstances. And yes, it is creepy that the first time Clare sees Henry he’s naked. Henry thinks so too.

    About changing the future, the future Henry knows that he gave Clare the lottery numbers in the past, and he knows that 9/11 happened despite anything he might have done. There’s no way that he could change either of these events. Once, he tries to change the future by doing something to one of Clare’s pictures, but she rips it off because she’s afraid of what might happen. This is part of the timeline, since the picture in the future was ripped. The lack of disappearances in public was probably due to the fact that he travelled most when he was stressed or drinking, activities that he did most in private. I always thought that it would be really interesting if he ended up travelling to the SGC.

    My favorite scenes were the one when he guided his younger self around the museum and when he travelled to the Cage and got discovered by his colleagues. They were funny and Henry was vulnerable in a very endearing way.

    I agree that it probably could have been shorter and I didn’t like it as much after Henry lost his legs because everything that made him him was gone, but I cried at his death and the last scene.

    By the way, I love Terry Pratchett and I’m currently in the middle of Guards! Guards!. I may have asked you this before or you may have answered it some other time, but have you read the DragonLance series, the Wheel of Time series, or the Wizard of Earthsea series?

  17. Hey, thanks for answering my question!

    I love the video. I never knew you guys had stopped using the VFX shot of the wormhole until a couple weeks ago. That’s cool.

  18. Questions for Brad Wright

    Mr. Wright,
    As I am sure you are aware, a lot fans are not very happy with the cancellation of SGA. Could you please explain in a way we novices can understand your decision not to support a 6th season. And is there anything we fans could do that could change your mind allowing you to fight for and bring back SGA for a 6th season; even if there is going to be a movie anyway?

    Sincerely Sadden at the lost of SGA.
    Patricia Lee

  19. Hey Joe! Sorry to hear you haven’t been sleeping well. I read somewhere that it’s a good idea to get up and walk away or doing something away from your bed from at least 15 minutes then head back to bed. I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know if it works.

    1) Has there ever been a point in your career where you’ve finally had a enough and thought about quitting? If so, what or whom has kept you motivated to write?

    2) Is there any actor(s) dead or alive that you would love to write character(s) for? Who or whom would they be?

  20. I think your sleeping problems will be clear once you get whatevers on your mind off or at least resolved to some degree, I have had the whole waking up at 3:00am before thing too sometimes, spooky the way it always seems to be around 3am.. lol
    It could just be that you’re feeling stressed or under pressure, you’l find eventually that things will probably return to normal.

    Anyway just wanted to add, I’m surprised no one’s mentioned or considered a mini series of Atlantis, not with the current cast, but exploring the Ancients when they first came to the Pegasus Galaxy, or perhaps later on as in the last few years they speant in the Galaxy before returning to Earth.
    And then kinda cue to modern day Atlantis with the existing cast in a, this is what’s up in Atlantis and how it has all ended up way, perhaps with Atlantis on one of the Earths oceans long after the Stargate Programme gets revealed to the world, or at the very most, Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.

    Forgive me for rambling a little 🙂

  21. Hey Joe!

    Nice video! Around 18 seconds into the movie, I can hear a woman talking, is it Amanda Tapping? It sounds somewhat like her.

    I also just noticed that you have a ‘smiley face’ emoticon at the bottom of the blog screen. 🙂

    If you’re having trouble sleeping, you might want to go see your doctor. Can’t have our favorite writer/blogger being tired all day, can we. 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  22. Wow! That gate is fantasatic! I always thought it was just VFX! How wrong I was.

    Thank you for answering my last question, BTW.

    Question/s for Brad (though you can answer too if you like): 1)How much military protocol did you have to learn/ know to create Stargate?

    2) How do you come up with all the different names for people and planets? They always amaze me (in a good way of course!)

    3) I tend to have fun creating story- lines and all, but sometimes they give me headaches, trying to make sure I don’t leave any gaping holes. Do you ever get frustrated with it all?


  23. Thanks, Joe! Read Princess Bride and loved it, Strange and Norrell, not so much…I’ll try the others, though, especially In The Night Garden: The Orphan’s Tales, that one sounds the most interesting to me. Now, got any good movie recs? Probably a bad idea, as I have around two hundred and sixty things on my list already.

  24. Question for Brad Wright

    Hi Brad,

    The other day I caught an Outer Limits marathon on Sci-Fi, and I just wanted to say that your episodes (Quality of Mercy and Trial by Fire) were just phenomenal. Quality of Mercy was perhaps the single best work of science fiction I’ve seen in years. And despite its age and lack of flashy effects, it holds up against anything being made today. More than that, it puts today’s stuff to shame.

    In that vein, I would say that SG-1 often times displayed a similar, if not as pronounced, exploration of the human condition and of moral ambiguity. Perhaps it was within a more intricate and less flexible framework of characters and circumstances, but it was there. Yet as the franchise has worn on and aged, I think it’s fairly obvious that much of that complexity and depth has been replaced by a more popcorn-fare driven approach to storytelling, especially once you found a home on the Sci-Fi channel. Sometimes Stargate still displays that gravitas and level of emotion, but not as starkly or as bravely as it once did.

    My question (FINALLY!) is whether this was a thematic decision that you made, to take a bit of the edge off of the storytelling, or whether it was just part of the natural evolution of the franchise. And do you think that you might return to that level of character exploration and storytelling technique in Stargate: Universe?

    PS Really, Quality of Mercy for the win. Kudos.

  25. Question For Brad Wright!!!

    What do you think of all the negative comments about the unyet aired Stargate Universe, as well against members of the Stargate family for creating this new series and not continuing with Atlantis???

    I for one cannot wait to watch Universe. And am proud of you and the others for forging ahead into the unknown!!!

    Stargate fan FOREVER!!!

    Ann-Marie Sloan

  26. Hey Joe.

    How does the Practical Atlantis gate on the set dial? can you actually key it up to spin the symbols like on the SG-1 gate? Or is that just a Viz effect added later?

  27. We need some followup Q&A time–I can never think of any questions until I’m reading the questions other people ask! Then I have plenty, but it’s too late! I had really good questions for Robert Picardo–after he had already done his blog-sub. Ah well, it’s still fun.

    I HATE that the videos are blocked here at work! Someone here said they never get on the internet here, because the IT folks can check every place we go and see what we’ve been posting…I said that if they followed me around the internet, they’d just think that I’m an even bigger dork than they realized!

    Well, I’ll just watch the video when I get home. It will give me something to look forward to.

  28. Hi Joe!

    Just got through looking over your blog about Scifi’s reveal of “The Lost Tribe”. Don’t they remember what it was like years ago when you had a “UNTIL NEXT TIME” Promo? They could have shown the armored guy turn around and then show Daniel’s face. That would have been cool!!

    My question today:

    I have quite a few of the answers for your poem. Could you catch us up on the answers? I think I may have missed some or you haven’t answered some in the blog.

    Hope you are feeling better. I have a chemistry test on Friday. Blech! I’ll be better after it. Oh the life of a mom/housewife/student. TTFN! 🙂

    from Indiana

  29. I noticed you had some Philip K. Dick on your bookshelf! He’s one of my favorite writers. Have you read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

  30. Thinking of a question for Brad is very difficult for me, because I am highly ambivalent in my feelings towards him. On one hand, the John and Rodney scenes in The Shrine make it one of my all time favorite episodes. On the other, I am still devastated by the loss of Atlantis. The comments he made in his interviews cemented, in my mind at least, that he is partially responsible for its’ cancellation.
    So I guess I would ask why, oh why, would it have been so terrible a thing, to have given SGA one more season? Would the opportunity to do SGU, which seems to be your new love, have been derailed if Atlantis had continued?
    I know many, if not most, Atlantis fans will give the new show a chance, but at this point, I don’t think I will be one of them. I still feel hurt and betrayed by this decision. Irrational perhaps, but real feelings on my part. Do you have any words of wisdom or comfort for those of us who feel this way?

  31. Hmmm…I think that puddle is calling to me. The lady who talks in the video is right; it’s mesmerizing.

    What’s that, puddle? You want me to step through you? But, wouldn’t that be…dangerous? No? You really, really want me to do it? Oh, well, if you insist…it’ll be my pleasure.

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Anyways…woohoo! Brad Wright this way comes! The head huncho, the big cheese, the Zeus of the Stargate pantheon, the man with the plan, the…uh…supreme system lord, the Wraith Qu…uh…King. Yes.

    Oh, this one’s good: the one with the hands that control the DESTINY of the STARGATE UNIVERSE. Get it? Get it?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-OH I’m brilliant.

    But nowhere near as brilliant as Brad Wright. No, really. Not being tongue-in-cheek here. The man’s written some of my favorite Stargate stories: Abyss, The Shrine, The Pegasus Project, Beachhead, Threshold, Crystal Skull, and so many more. There is something special about a BW episode, and I think Shrine, Pegasus Project, and Beachhead exemplifies that quality: they are in perfect balance, even when they don’t seem to be. By that, I mean that, in the perfect Stargate story, there is a balance of humor, plot-movement, character development, and action. Pegasus Project and Beachhead, I think, fit this criteria very well. With The Shrine, even though there isn’t much action, the sheer amount of raw character reactions more than makes up for it. The man seems to find a way to add incredible depth to the most oft-used plot elements.

    Looking back on his and Rob Cooper’s track record, I see no reason why I should be pessimistic about Stargate Universe. Really.

    So, many questions for the boss man:

    1. The character descriptions for Universe have been released onto the ‘net for quite some time now, and fandom’s in an uproar over how…uh…shallow they all sound. I attribute that to the fact that they came from a source meant for actors and agents, and thus have to focus on the flashy characteristics and looks. If I’m right, I’d like to know how YOU’D describe them, as someone who has to write the characters, and thus focus on the more in-depth stuff.

    So, the question buried in that rambling paragraph is: how would you describe the Universe characters?

    2. I’ve always loved the more arc-based storylines in Stargate, though one-off gems never hurt. Still, for Universe I’d like to see more long-term arcs that stretch across multiple seasons, being more interconnected than the arcs on SG1 and SGA, and (maybe) ultimately build to a single, epic climax for the entire series. Foreshadowing, and planting little hints throughout the show beforehand are also nice.

    Are there plans for stuff like this for Universe? Is the arc episodes/standalone episodes ratio higher for it, or would it be the same as it was for SG1 and SGA?

    3. Related to question 2: I get the sense that the arcs of pre-Universe Stargate are more…”make ’em up as you go along” kind of thing. Instead of planning out a few huge, series-spanning arcs in detail at the beginning of production, Stargate arcs are more like, “we’ll touch upon this, then leave it open ended for who knows what.” Then, some time later, “oh, remember that episode? Let’s write a follow-up that we’ll make up right now”. IMHO, this can get messy and the arc would seem directionless and dragging, while planning an entire arc out ahead of time can keep up the pace of the arc with periodic “wham” episodes and shocking twists and cliffhangers (that you’ll know how to write out of, since you planned it out ahead of time) without, say, squishing all the plot advancements into one giant episode at the end of the season. I hope I’m clear here. I tend to ramble, in case you haven’t noticed.

    So, the question is: how far ahead are you guys planning out the overall arc(s?) of Stargate Universe? Is there an/several overall arc(s?) in the first place?

    4. Are you going to hire any new writers for SGU; if so, when would “auditions” for such positions be?

    5. Related to question 1: a lot of the older Stargate fans are saying that the focus on younger characters is a sign that you guys are turning your backs on the older fans who’ve stuck with the franchise all these years, and that they’ll probably won’t find many characters to relate to in the new series due to the age difference between them and the majority of the characters.

    What do you say to this? Do you think there will be many things in this series that the older generations can enjoy? Ultimately, do you think the age of the viewer matters, in this case?

    6. Since Universe is exploring truly alien locales (being outside the sphere of Ancient influence and life-seeding), are you planning to have any SciFi novelists pitch for the show? Some of the stuff Joe and his book club have been reading seem pretty fantastic, in all meanings of that word.

    7. Maybe this is too spoilery, I don’t know, but: will Destiny play host only to the new team, or would there be more humans onboard to act as red shirts/secondary characters?

    8. And, just for kicks: What’s the name of the first episode?

    That’s all for now. Thank you Mr. Brad Wright for giving us your time and sharing your brain with us for this event; and, of course, thank you Joe for giving us this opportunity in the first place. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

  32. Hey Joe, (waves)

    You and I both know that adding another touch of “ghoulishness” to the wraith will undoubtedly repulse many viewers. You know this, I know this, most non wraith lovin’ viewers know this. After all, in our collective recent memory (cultural memory) we have the Reevers (Firefly)–lost all touch with humanity, skinned people, rapped people and ate people (all in that order if you’re lucky); Then there’s the The Cell, where Vincent D’Onofrio plays a raving psychopath who enjoys putting hooks in human skin; And don’t forget Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs who wears the skinned face of a security guard. Of course there are so many more recent films, more gratuitous, more revolting using human organs. Now, you would have us believe the wraith who supposedly make their good luck charms from human thumbs (and other appendages), or wraith underpants of our skinned asses that it’s all in the name of their culture? “it’s their CULTure” “it’s their CULTure” “My goodness fans it’s their culture!!” They’re not ghoulish monsters (silly people!), They’re JUST LIKE US and “Hey…That’s Okay” (two thumbs up) right? riiight.


    Hey, BTW have you ever tried shark moo moo?




    Have you finished the casting for Stargate Universe?

    Would you consider Adam Baldwin as a “well known” actor for this show? He has an excellent range of acting ability and a phenomenal sense of comedic timing.

    And no, I’m not his agent. No, I’m not related to him in any way. No, I’m not a friend or even acquainted with him. No, he did not pay me to ask this. I just represent a bunch of fans who think he would make an excellent candidate for what you are possibly looking for.

  34. Joe: Per Wasp Factory — I liked it a lot, but I will admit it’s more than a tad grim.

  35. Oh, and since there are 9 chevrons on the Stargate, why not make a 9th question as well?

    So, to add to my list of rambling questions:

    9. Any chance of touching upon The Great Alliance of the 4 Races in any subsequent Stargate production?

    Rest assured, this isn’t a veiled attempt to ask for the Furlings.

  36. Jeff B. asked my question above. I’m hungry for any details about a third SG-1 movie.

    Thanks for all the wonderful hours of TV! Be well.

  37. Maybe not being able to sleep is going around. I know I was like that 2 weeks ago and my sisters the week before me etc. At any rate, I was getting up every hour from 1am on and then at 3:30am I wouldn’t be able to even pass out. Ironically, I would grab my computer and watch episodes of SGA from my itunes collection. Even though it kept me up, it made me happy and I didn’t care about the fact that I had a full day ahead of me come 8:30am. After a few days like this, I would pass out at 10:30pm and get a good night sleep. One day out of four is not bad. I think mine was more things on my mind keeping me up. Then girls weekend came and 5 to 8 drinks later, like someone else said earlier, you just end up falling right to sleep like a baby.

    For Brad:

    I know Joe M. has told us that if the DVD sales are good for SGA, then there will be more movies, but I just get a bad feeling about this. Perhaps it is that I feel, like many, that the fans of SGA don’t matter to tptb. If we have to take movies we will, but we preferred a weekly showing of our favorite characters.

    My question to you is, how committed are you to the movie making of SGA? If committed, how many movies are we talking if each does well, infinite?

    Why couldn’t you have kept SGA going and SGU at the same time like you did with SG-1 and SGA (you probably would of had more try to watch the new show if you had done this and I am sure MGM and SCIFI would of let you have what you wanted)?

    Trying to end on a more cheery note, of all shows on tv now, what is your favorite to watch and why?

  38. Sorry about your sleep disruptions, Joe. Might I recommend Vitamin A. Ambien, that is. Once in a while it’s a nice helper. 🙂

    Questions for Brad Wright:

    On-line reaction to the character breakdowns for SGU has been quite negative, chiefly because of age ranges advertised on the audition sides (20-25 for all but one character). Has that reaction affected your plans at all, or do you have some reassurances to offer?

    When do you expect to be able to announce some casting news for SGU? How about writers, directors, etc?

    I enjoyed Continuum, except that to me, Daniel didn’t have nearly enough to do, nor did he drive the story. Any chance he’ll have a more central role in the 3rd movie?

    If the next SG1 movie is filmed next Spring as Amanda Tapping reportedly said, will we have to wait until the Spring or Summer of 2010 to see it? Do you worry that demand will wilt after a 2-year break between releases?

    Are you really going to “validate” the Jack/Sam thing in the 3rd movie (please God say no!) Or if you do, please validate Jack/Daniel too. Bromance is all the rage, you know (cf House) 🙂

    A non-production question: In your mind, is spiritual enlightenment required for someone to ascend, or is it a matter of physiology and technology?

  39. Joe,

    The following is for Brad —

    First, I did a little informal poll of my friends on our favorite episode of the first half of the season and The Shrine was the overwhelming favorite. For me, it jumped over Echoes and Miller’s Crossing as my favorite episode of the entire series. I can’t tell you how much I loved it.

    There was only one small part of The Shrine that left me cold and that was Rodney’s confession of love for Jennifer. I found it jarring and out of place. I realize that it’s not possible to show every single encounter between every character but there was zero build up to this. If Rodney had told Jennifer he cared for her or even that he really liked her, I would have bought it. Could you please explain your reasoning behind this decision?

    Thank you,


  40. I do have a couple of questions for Brad Wright.

    Where are you/what are you doing when you get most of your ideas? Is there a pattern to when these ideas come to you such as you are in a quite room like “the throne”, chatting with other like-minded people or find yourself in the middle of a backswing when a great idea comes?

    What was your take on the most recent Indiana Jones movie?

    Do you watch other Sci Fi shows, notice a familiar storyline and feel the urge to blurt out “Stealerer!” or do you take it as a compliment?

    Do you guys have as much fun naming new things as the characters appear to?

    I’d like to say thank you so much for the show.
    My Husband asks if you could to stop making Stargate please. He would like his wife back.

    Thanks Joe for bribing Brad to come here to answer our questions.

  41. My question for Mr. Wright:

    How much feedback (good, bad or indifferent) have you received with the reaction to the actual screen time of RDA (about 2 minutes in the beginning, 2 minutes in the middle & 1 minute at the end) in Continuum? It appeared via promos and interviews that “Jack is back!” only to be disappointed with the actual screen time upon viewing.

  42. For Mr. Wright,

    I and many others are more than concerned the way that SGA was cancelled. Why you couldn’t have waited until the season was over to annouce this is beyond many of us. Nothing like putting a damper on the rest of the season. Many of us also fell slighted over the desire for a younger viewing audience. We all feel very slighted that we have supported you and your franchise for many years and this is how it ends for many of us.

    Can you explain the decision to air the SGA movie on TV first versus direct to DVD. Do you not expect SGA to do as well as SG1? There must be some rational behind that decision. I’m sure SGA will do well in the movie end of things so….a movie or two of SGA after the first should be expected, correct?

    On a more positve side. Thanks for introducing the character of ‘John Sheppard’ to me. Joe Flanigan’s protrayal of him makes him even more enjoyable to watch.

    I remember asking you at the Vancouver convention if you were committed to SGA. You replied, “Yes”. I’m remembering that and hoping you will keep your word to all us SGA fans.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all the pro and con questions thrown your way during the Q&A. We just need to understand.

  43. I’ve had insomnia. Everything I’ve read about sleeping aids is not promising – including Nyquil and Tylenol PM (the antihistamines promote light sleep).

    In my case, there was stress involved and I’d wake up the same time every day without being able to fall back asleep.

    I gave it some time (very frustrating time), worked through some things, and normal sleep returned.

    On another note – I’m currently reading the Discworld series. It’s on the list of my favorites. I also recommend it.

  44. I keep seeing mentions of Adam Baldwin as the lead in SGU, and while I would love to see it, as I think he’s a great actor and creates great characters, do these Adam Baldwin fans realize he’s a full-time regular on “Chuck” and as the show is doing well, I wouldn’t think he has any plans to take on a second show, lol.

    To Brad: Your episodes of SG1 and SGA have been among my favorites for the character development and caring shown between team members, I hope that continues with SGU.

    My question is although I have no particular knowledge or understanding of science especially the advanced kind shown in the show, but although a fiction show, there always seemed to be a scientific logic and reality to the ideas presented which always impressed me. I have heard you were the “go to” guy for science questions. Did you have any special education in the sciences or was it mainly research through the internet or contacts you could call when questions arose.

  45. For Brad Wright:

    In a recent interview with Gateworld you talked about the upcoming SG-1 movies and the future of the team but you didn’t mention one of its members, Vala. Are there no plans to include her in the upcoming films?

    If so I just want to say that I think a lot of fans, including myself, would be very disappointed. She’s what brought me to this series and is one of the main reasons I look forward to these DVDs.

    Also, will this next film be a “team” film or more like Jack with some of SG-1?

  46. Big fan of your scriptwriting, and of course Stargate. I greatly enjoyed Continuum as both a fresh story and a “harkening” back to classic SG-1 in spirit and villains and team function–even as they got split up.

    1. Actually, the saddest part of the movie (outside of Mitchell’s…er ending) was that the team accepted being separated from each other for a year. I wondered why you chose that long a time period before Ba’al’s “arrival”, and why the team, in your view, appeared to actually abide by the terms of the agreement.

    2. In a similar vein, how much do you find your story is dictated by the production environment, and how much is it your initial brainstorming/vision? For example, I understand Daniel’s injury in the Continuum movie was added because of Michael Shanks filming unavailability, but I wondered why the injury wasn’t dealt with much overtly (i.e. therapy, limitations in walking) outside of CGI shots or an occasional limp. Could you discuss the reasoning for those decisions?

    3. What was your reaction/thoughts about the jets made available to you by the USAF? Can you share anything about that experience?

    4. How do you tend to write? Brainstorm, Outline, then right from first page/scene to last, a la Mr. Mallozzi? Do you skip around? Listen to music as you write?

    5. What was your favorite episode as a writer or producer of “Outer Limits”, “SG-1”, and SGA, and why?

    6. A lot of talk has been made of the spaceship “Destiny” for Stargate Universe–is there plans for the “Stargate” itself to be used quite a bit in the course of the series, or with filming locations becoming more sparse, will it be a more ship/space-oriented series?

    7. Finally, what’s been the biggest surprise for you over the course of producing Stargate?

    Thank you for your time, and thank you Joe, for hosting this!

  47. Crazymom1 – Glad laughter could be had. I forgot to mention the little paw prints that were all over the house too. And I’m not talking muddy paw prints. If GeekBoy wants to see a pic of the scar Ralph was sporting at the time, click here. It was nasty.

  48. *drags self in and catches up on blog*

    Hi joe! Just wanted to say thanks for sending the gremlins here- just what I really needed this week. 😉

    I just got off the phone with Verizon and discovered that 2/3 of our cell phones need to be replaced, as well as their head sets.

    That was a fun 45 minutes- not sure how much technology one person can theorhetically apply to themselves but I think I broke a personal record- 2 wired ear pieces, 1 bluetooth, 1 non-working cell phone, 2 working, a laptop, an external hard drive and a MP3 player all at once. Good times! Good times!

    Then I logged into my Apple account to finish downloading the eps I’m behind on downloading only to find that when I asked them to delete certain things that I had too many of in my queue that they deleted EVERYTHING. So now I had to fire off my 5th email this week to them.

    Oh and just be particularly pleasant I have a question for Brad- What is in your opinion the wierdest thing Joe{M} has gotten you personally to eat?


  49. This is for Mr. Wright.

    Thank you for bringing such wonderful shows like SG1 and SGA to our television sets. I love both for their wonderful dynamics and great chemistry amongst the cast. I love Jack’s witty one liners to the great interaction between McKay and Sheppard. I would not call myself a fan of the SG series, but of the shows themselves. I hope the cast of SGU can bring the same magic to the screen. I admit, I had hopes that some characters (like Sheppard) would be continuing on to SGU.

    Could you give us something more to chew on in regards to SGU?

    I was excited to hear you mention that Universe was in the works at the comic con, but I never thought it could be at the expense of SGA.

    SGA is a fabulous show that has a worldwide fanbase. This season has some of the best ratings yet and the show even won a People’s Choice Award because the people love the show. Joe was truly kind enough to post several vague ideas for episodes if the show had continued on to a 6th season. I personally would love to see those shows come to fruition. The more of season 5 that I see, the more I want to see Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, and Jen next year for another season. Thousands of fans agree with me, and I’ve even convinced new viewers to agree as well. If you are in any doubt, please check out the hey nielsen site.

    We all would love at least one more season. You said yourself at comic con in San Diego that having two shows on at the same time is like two restaurants on a street. They bring each other business. This dual showing would help SGA to end on an even higher note and SGU to begin on a high note! It’s a win win situation. 😉

    Or as an alternative, this could be done similar to what Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International does on sci fi. SGA could air for 13 episodes (half a season) and segue into SGU which would also have 13 episodes. 🙂

    I’d do anything to have more episodes of SGA, including eating the beef lungs that Joe had for dinner the other night. I’ll miss Sheppard’s beautifully done emotional scenes to McKay’s sarcastic remarks and Ronon’s superior fighting skills. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for bringing some of the most brilliant shows to life. Please, reconsider cancelling SGA and let the lost city come back for one more season.

    To Joe,

    I apologize for being so long winded, but this is the only way that I know to let Mr. Wright know about how I feel about SGA. I’ve sent actual letters, but I’ll never know if any of them will ever be read.

    Thanks for sending this on. 🙂

  50. Joe, I’ve read your tales about eating every bit of pig and cow and sheep you can get your hands on and was unmoved.

    You mention doing Nyquil shots and I gag.

    I hope your sleeping situation improves before you’re forced to resort to that. Yech.

  51. Hi Joe – I hope you will be able to settle down to a good night’s sleep soon! Maybe extra long walks with the pups might help.

    Thanks again for sharing your blog with the one and only Brad Wright!

    Question for Mr. Wright: When you first “crossed” through the Stargate so many years ago, did you even remotely imagine that this wild ride would last more than 10 years with a spin-off series, 2 DVD movies, a mdae-for-TV movie in the works and now one more series? What has been the best and worst for you, during this time?

    Sleep well Joe!

  52. Question for Mr Wright

    I have been a fan of SG1 since the beginning and have become a much bigger fan of SGA. Since my original question was already asked (why couldn’t the series run together) I have questions concerning the movie.

    You got a committment for Sg1 of 2 movies and yet we have only 1 for SGA. How are you factoring the success of the movie considering that it will be shown free on Scifi and that may adversely effect DVD Sales.

    How many movies do you anticipate a year if the first is sucessful?

    I have to be honest as it stands I will give SGU a shot but it had better blew me away to get the bitter taste out of my mouth. Your interviews showed a distinct lack of knowledge of the SGA fan base. I watched SGA because of SG1 but as I said before I am a much bigger fan of SGA and I just turned the big 50. I am the one buying the books, dvd going to conventions etc. Heck, I even took myself to a set visit (charity made out like a bandit) . I was hurt by your interview and throwing us a bone with the movies is not the same as letting SGA go with a final 6th season. Yes you might think that your internet fan base is not a true representation of the full base but I believe you made have made a major miscalculation. Have you looked at the MGM polls. Our fan base on the net cannot be so far off than those who just watch and enjoy the show on TV. I have watched the 2 series for over 12 years now and you really ticked off a true and loyal fan.

    I do want to say thank you for those 12 years and some of the best written stories but see above.

  53. If not for the whole cancellation thing, I would have asked, as a McShepper, for Wright’s thoughts on the friendship of John & Rodney, but now, I’m afraid I just have a sour stomach. I’m sure he’s not too keen to hear from me again anyway, if he saw my letter. I would have been his biggest fan after “The Shrine” — I can, at least, be gracious enough to still say that that ep is one of my very fave ever, of *any* series, and that I am thankful for all the McSheppyness. I stand by my promise, though: no SGA season 6 means no SGU for me either, no matter how awesome it might turn out to be. In fact, the better it is, the more reluctant I would be to watch even if I hadn’t made the promise, seeing as I don’t like having great things taken from me before I am done with them any more than I like being given something other than what I worked for (ie, promoting Atlantis). Don’t pay me in yen when I was working for USD, if you catch my drift. Break my heart once, shame on you, break it twice, shame on me. (Skiffy *already* did that, if you count SG-1.)

    Gomen nasai, Joe. That’s about as well-behaved as I can manage, I’m afraid. Best of luck with that project of yours and Paul’s.

    Oh, and the puddle is very cool. 😀

  54. Ooh, I see you’ve got Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods in your “to read” pile. Have you read any of his other works? I find him extremely humorous. I think A Walk in the Woods was my fave, though.

  55. For Mr. Wright:

    First, it would be small of me not to congratulate you on, and thank you for, the brilliance of your episode “The Shrine”. My niece, sister and I have all cried through it several times. It may very well end up being my favorite episode of Stargate (Atlantis or SG-1) ever.

    Now on to the questions:

    Will you please explain any of this in a way I can understand?

    The Cancellation:
    I thought the first rule of business was “give the people what they want”. Did you even consider what the fans might want when you ended Stargate Atlantis? Were you taken by surprise just how vehemently the cancellation has been opposed?

    And, from a business stand point, why would you end a going concern to take a chance on a new one?

    From GateWorld’s Stargate Universe Revealed!” April 5, 2008

    “Part of the reason it’s taking a while is that Atlantis is currently on-going,…”[snip]

    Wright said that he is not anxious to return to a schedule that requires the Vancouver team to produce 40 hours of television each year, indicating that Stargate Universe may wait until Atlantis has concluded its run.

    Do you still maintain that Stargate Atlantis was not canceled in favor of Stargate Universe?

    Stargate Universe:
    Why are you (collective) emphasizing the youth and looks of the characters? It’s been made to sound like you have no interest in having fans over the age of 25.

    From the press release on MGM’s Official Stargate site (here):

    Challenges will arise though as the ship comes into range of Stargates placed centuries ahead of the Destiny and the crew is unable to control the ship’s navigational schedule. If someone is left behind, there is no way to go back for them, adding to the drama of encountering new races, enemies and adventures.

    And they can’t go back through the Stargate and get them because…?

    From Joseph Mallozzi’s August 27th blog entry about purging the props storage:

    On the other hand, it made sense to keep a lot of the more generic items like village wear and weaponry for the new series.

    How will there be humans in this distant galaxy (I thought the first ship was placing Stargates not people?) and, if there are, why would they have anything similar to Milky Way or Pegasus Galaxy weaponry?

    Anne Teldy

  56. Tina: Congrats on the great news!
    Joe: Sorry your sleep is disrupted. But hopefully once your world settles down a bit you should be sleeping like a baby. So good luck on the meetings!

    For Brad Wright:
    1) Have you ever thought of going into Public Relations? How about taking a few public relations courses? Seriously, I recommend you look into it cause your heartless, condensing comments to the SGA fans about the cancelation of our favorite show is, frankly, still shocking.
    2) Why did you agree to Atlantis’ demise as a series? Please don’t say because it was the best thing since sliced bread & we should all be happy. We’re not, we’re mad.
    3) Why did SG1 get a commitment for 2 movies direct to video & SGA only has a commitment for 1 movie which will be shown of TV first? That will surely lower the amount of money SGA brings in on from video sales, thus hurting the chance for a 2nd movie. So I guess my follow up questions are: a) Are TPTB really trying to sabotage Atlantis? b)Who’s cutting your pay checks these days, the Wraith?
    4) Why should anyone watch SGU, when the likelihood is that when it’s hard core fan base has rallied around it, you’ll ditch it for your latest version of Stargate?

    Thank you for your time,
    Disenfranchised (literally) & still in mourning Atlantis Fan

  57. Questions (and comments) for Brad Wraith…I mean, Wright… 😉

    First, I’d like to say that I am new to the franchise, and only began watching SGA back in January. I had seen one or two episodes prior, including Common Ground, and it was the re-introduction of Todd that brought me in, and has me still watching to this day. He’s a fantastic character, as are the Wraith as a whole. I consider them the best alien creation since the Klingons, and only hope that a way is found to make them as iconic as those knobbly-headed gagh eaters.

    However, with the end of SGA (and Stargate’s overall track record with ‘bad guys’), many Wraith fans fear this will mean a final end to the characters we love most, and it’s creating quite a panic. We love these sharp-dressed ‘bugs’, from their icky tech and sexy ships, to their lovely flowing locks and unsavory table manners. And then, there are the jokes. 🙂 Yes, they are why we watch the show.

    So, my questions:

    1. Do you view the Wraith as a valuable part of the franchise, worthy of continued growth and development, or do you see them only as disposable enemies, a mere plot device eventually to be tossed aside?

    2. Do you appreciate the extent of the Wraith fanbase – not just in the States, but worldwide?

    3. How pleased are you with the development and popularity of Todd? And do you realize there will be mass rioting in the streets if anyone dares to touch a single hair on his lovely head?

    4. Who actually came up with the concept of the Wraith, and was any particular insect used for the basis of their look, or was everything just made up on the fly?

    5. For god’s sake, will SOMEONE tell me what those finger armor thingys are for??! PLEASE!!

    Thank you very much, Mr. Wright, for creating this show and these characters in particular, and for finally allowing their development to expand over the past few seasons, especially with episodes like Common Ground and The Queen. I only hope that they will continue to be a part of SGA in the upcoming movie, and beyond. I would like to say that I am on board for Universe, but I just can’t right now. I started watching because of the Wraith, and unless one finds itself a part of the new crew, I can’t make promises. 😉


    (Joe, please explain to Brad the whole one-track mind/OCD thing I have going on…just so he knows I’m nuts and doesn’t just think it. 😉 )

  58. @ Joe and das-

    Joe said: DasNDanger writes: “First, I believe Joe was just having a bit of fun, but even if he was serious, then Wraith wearing human skin would be no different from humans wearing cow, pig or deerskin. There is just no comparison to nazis.”

    Joe said: Answer: Agreed.

    Except, of course, that cows aren’t sentient beings. And the nazis DID do such things to sentient, human beings, and a lot of them.

    Normally, I rail against nazi analogies because they’re usually the last bastion of idiots making stupid arguments. Also, let’s face it, few events and people in human history (although there are some) even come close, and a nazi analogy is at best outrageous hyperbole in most cases. However, a fictional bad guy – or race – that treats human as cattle, in fact “culls” humans and imbibes their lifeforce, is way up there. If they also use human skin for leather, the nazi comparison is inevitable. This is so even if that isn’t what was intended. It’s also really disturbing.


  59. Joe, thanks for the info. I was watching the previews on Sci-Fi and they said Sanctuary will be at it’s regular time Friday 10 PM. Then I saw a preview for Atlantis and they said a new episode will be at 9 PM. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I’ve lost my mind and I distinctly remember Atlantis being on at 10 PM on Fridays. You know it’s bad enough that Sci-fi is tanking their BEST show and the one that really has a lot more life to live. But now they’ve decided to try and trick the loyal viewers into giving their ratings to sanctuary by accident and missing Atlantis? They gave no heads up or hey people we’re changing Atlantis to a new time. As far as I can tell there plan is to make people miss Atlantis so the ratings don’t keep going up and they don’t have to crawl to the viewers with their tales tucked between their legs to admit they were wrong. That way their new show gets ratings that should have been Atlantis’s and they can cancel it with the excuse that the rating were going down anyway. What BULL SHIT if you ask me! Sorry rant over, it just really urks me that they think the fans are too stupid to figure out what they are doing. Can you say wether my theory is right or wrong.? As always Joe, thanks for listening, answering questions, and putting up with my silly questions. Thanks Nicole.

  60. Welcome to the Survival Without Sleep Club! I’ve been a member for the past 15 years. I regularly get around 3 hours sleep a night and then — once every 6 or 8 weeks — I’ll end up having a ‘catch-up’, when I’ll konk out for 12 – 15 hours straight. People tell me it’s because my first jobs were all at night and now I’ll never get my system back the way it should be and that I’ve shortened my lifespan by at least 8 years. *sigh* Others say it’s because of all the coffee I drink (about 48 – 60 oz a day) but, actually, my system is reversed after all these years and drinking coffee starts putting me to sleep after about the 6th or 7th cup.

    Anyway… you said, “A comedy that would be better suited to HBO or Showtime rather than any of the four big networks.” Does that mean nudity? …foul language? …the fulfillment of the Slash Shippers’ dreams?! …a combination of any or all? My curiosity is now haunting me.

    Hope your sleep issues resolve themselves soon, although I think it’ll get MUCH better as soon as you’re sure of what you’ll be doing *after* the SGA movie.

  61. @ Joe – Your sleeping problems sound like my life. Sounds like you’re worrying a bit…subconsciously, perhaps. Same thing happens to me – a couple hours sleep and my mind awakens, and there goes the rest of the night. Sometimes it’s worry that wakes me, or sometimes creativity. It’s one reason I stay up until 1 or 2…even 3… a.m., no matter how tired I am. I need to make myself over-tired so that I am so exhausted I will sleep for 6 hours straight.

    My solution for years has been to sleep to old movies. I have to like the movie, know the movie, and it must be black and white, and not a comedy or musical (both which tend to have ‘hyper’ music and dialogue). I have several favorites on DVR – Shadow of a Doubt, The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, Murder, My Sweet, Maltese Falcon – movies I know so well that – if I do wake up – it immediately distracts my mind and allows me to go right back to sleep before the thought process kicks in. Even Johnny Depp once said that the best sleeping pill is an old movie, and I agree.

    Another thing that helps me is a small bit of chocolate (the endorphin release puts me right out) and wine – not too much – just a glass of dry red wine, and a square or three of chocolate, and I’m comatose. Like I’m about to be in 3.3 seconds…zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    But before I go, Joe – I gotta tell you a story about sleeping, and my husband. Early in our marriage, and due to work, he had to stay overnight at his folks. Well, according to him, he couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t with him. 🙄 So…he went in search of some booze…

    Now, my husband is NOT a drinker. The slightest bit of alcohol, and he’s all woozy. So, he goes downstairs, and starts rooting around in the kitchen for something to drink. He finally finds a bottle of rum in the refrigerator. He pours a glassful, and tosses it down. He thought it went down smooth enough, but decided to take a chaser of water, just in case. He went back up to bed, conked out, and slept like a baby.

    Next morning, he goes downstairs and finds his parents making breakfast. He watches as his dad goes into the fridge, takes the bottle of rum, and starts drinking from it. My husband panics!

    “Dad! It’s too early to be drinking!”

    Dad holds up the bottle of rum, and says, “Relax son. It’s just ice water.”


    So, yeah. My husband chased down a glass of ice water with a glass of tap water, and passed out like a skid row drunk. 😛


  62. Hi Joe!


    Dear Mr. Wright,

    A) Will you keep Joel Goldsmith as composer for SGU? He’s simply terrific, I can’t wait for the new main theme.

    B) Will the new series reflect on the newest scientific developments, e.g. the discovery of dark matter or the even more mysterious dark flow?

    C) Could you give us your descriptions of the characters? Some fans are worried upon reading the casting call sheet. Not me though…

    Thanks and greetings from Hungary!

  63. Hopefully, I’m doing this right. I’ve never posted here before. But, you’ve said you’re taking questions to ask Brad Wright and I’d like to contribute.

    Would you ever consider taking unused/cutting room floor footage (there is a rumor that there is a large chunk of footage missing where the team deals with Jack going to Washington?) and re-cutting select episodes with the additional scenes? Maybe release a special dvd with select episodes on it?

  64. While I haven’t read Otherland, I do enjoy Tad Williams. One of those epic fantasy writers in my opinion. That pile you have there, would sadly take me two years to read at the rate I’m going. I never fail to find it amazing that you do so much and yet still have time to read. My homework alone is enough to cut me down to one book a month, not to mention work and other activities. You are the master of time management. Oh, speaking of books, I finally got around to picking up Alas, Babylon and am loving it so far.

    Questions for Brad:

    Firstly, thanks for an amazing series of shows. Stargate really helped launch me into sci-fi. Sure, I read a few books, and I’ve been a fan of The X-Files since I was 11 or so, but SG really helped solidify my decision to watch more sci-fi and I’m utterly loving it. As for the SG universe itself, it’s brought tears and laughter, many discussions, and a mother who rolls her eyes anytime it gets brought up because I won’t shut up for at least 30 minutes once I get started. And while I’m sad to see Atlantis go, I look forward to trying out Universe and wish you the best of luck with the series.

    1) How did you go about securing the right for the franchise of Stargate? What does that process consist of typically?

    2) Did you see the characters as being different from the movie or was it just a development that happened? (I mainly mean Jack here, but in general as well.)

    3) How did you decide on the character of Samantha Carter and come about choosing Amanda Tapping for the role? (I assume you had a say in the casting, but if I’m wrong, I apologize.)

    4) What made you decide (rightly so!) that the movie Stargate would make for such a good TV show?

    5) At what point did you decide on the spin-off(s)? As in, did you always have the idea in mind, or was it something the network asked you to work on when they saw how well SG1 was doing, etc. What is the process of establishing (creating) a spin-off?

    6) What was behind the decision to make straight to DVD movies? Could you have found a studio to produce them for the big screen? Would you ever consider it?

    Thanks Brad!

  65. Question for Brad Wright:

    I only have one question that I wanted to ask you since the first season. But first let me get a bit more into details, please:

    You said this sentence, I’ve never forgotten, in the Specials of the 1st season (“It’s not easy being green”): “We wanted the Wraith to be as old as the Ancients.”

    And at the beginning of the series I thought that this would be a fact, especially because the words of the hologram of the Ancient woman in “Rising” confirmed your later words (“Then one day our people stepped foot upon a dark world where a terrible enemy slept. Never before had we encountered beings with powers that rivalled our own.”).

    For me these words – together with your sentence from the specials – expressed that the Wraith have evolved of their own and have yet been there when the Ancients arrived at the Pegasus Galaxy. And they must have been a high technology and space travelling society at that time.

    But Dr. Beckett’s Theory about the evolution of the Wraith said the complete opposite. According to this theory the Wraith would be younger than the humans! And that means that the Wraith can’t be older than about 170.000-200.000 years (the estimated period “modern” humans exist) – and so they are much younger than the Ancients! And, please, don’t tell me that the people in the PG have evolved by their own. Their DNA is too close to ours that they could be a different race that has evolved seperately from us.

    And now my question: When did you change you opinion concerning the Wraith and their evolution and what was the reason for it?

  66. Question for B.Wright:
    May I ask you a favor? In third Sg1 movie can you write Vala a little better and give her a little more screen time? She’s also a team member now, just like Mitchell, and therefore write Daniel/Vala better, with depth and humor, not the Continuum way! And I hope the third movie will not be all about Jack, especially if he’ll be dumb Jack, please ask RDA to act at his best. Thanks.

  67. Mornin’, Joe

    Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. Well, I was.. but in lurking mode and from the warm climbs of my bed. Seems this cold-virus-thingy has really knocked me off my feet. Hopefully a few days spent buried beneath a pile of sheets and blankets will help. At the very least, i’m getting the opportunity to indulge in a few Atlantis marathons. And that’s a pick-me-up on any day of the week.

    Re the questions for Brad – I’m actually stumped for once. Had you come to me with the same request a few months back, I would have bitten your hand off to toss some stuff his way. In fact, i’d have probably spammed this blog with tons of demanding questions on both SG-1 and SGA.. possibly annoyingly so. The past couple of months, however, have left me feeling somewhat apathetic and resigned towards the franchise as a whole and I don’t think it would be fair to Brad or myself to either expect, nor force, an interest right now.

    I would however, like to say the following:

    I have *the* upmost respect for Brad.

    As a Creator/Producer/Writer, he has given us some fantastic shows over the years and I am grateful for all the hard work and effort both he and Rob have put in to the Stargate franchise. SG-1 and SGA are possibly two of the best scifi shows to have ever hit our screens and I don’t think they’ll be easily beaten by *anything* to come along in the near future.

    As a PR man, however, I think he sucks and needs to go back to Diplomacy School. Not something I say lightly, considering my own sorely-lacking people skills.

    Over the past eleven years, I have developed a high opinion of Brad’s empathy and understanding of the Stargate fans. I have always enjoyed watching his interviews and felt that his aim was to entertain us with thrilling, edge-of-your-seat plotlines, centered around characters we could really care about. Believe me, in today’s throw-away tv society, that’s not easy to achieve. But Brad’s been able to do that quite brilliantly through SG-1 and SGA. And I take my hat off to the man.

    So, I am left wondering what happened.

    I can’t and won’t question the culling of Atlantis. Reluctantly, I understand that it was a business decision and something both he and Rob felt necessary in order to progress. That said, I don’t understand the way the whole matter has been dealt with. Surely with the intense following that Atlantis has, even Brad would have been able to guess how the fans might react. Cancelling Atlantis at the height of it’s success was always gonna hurt, no matter what.. but to follow that announcement less than twentyfour hours later with the trumpet blasts of Stargate:Universe, was both callous and thoughtless. To the fans. To the cast. And to the crew.

    And as if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the teeth, Brad’s interviews since then have been anything but endearing.

    I guess i’m disappointed. Disappointed that my opinion of the guy could have been so off the mark over these past few years. It’s difficult to know what to say when your image of someone is so utterly thrown into question on the wake of what seem to be a few casually tossed words. As I mentioned earlier, I have the upmost respect for his work and everything that he has given us thus far. I just don’t understand why he’s gone about things like a bull in a china shop over the past couple of months. And as a long-time Stargate fan, I find it both hurtful and bewildering.

    I do, however, wish him all the best and future success. And despite my reluctance to participate, I would like to thank him for taking the time and making the effort to come here and answer questions.

    I’m sure t’is appreciated by many.

  68. Im not sure how the whole mailbag thing works but I have a question.
    So you and Paul Mullie are writing partners, I was wondering what that means and how it works?

  69. Hi Joe,
    strangely I too have trouble sleeping. Maybe it’s the weather, the approaching winter, who knows. At least you have the dogs to wake you up at 8:00 AM. 🙂

    Here’s a question for Brad:

    Hi Brad,
    thanks for stopping by the Mallozzi-Midway Station in cyberspace. My questions are:

    1. When you created the series with Jonathan Glassner back in 1997, did you think it will become such a popular franchise in the ranks if Star Trek for such a short time?

    2. Were you ever tired of SG and wanted to move on, or you just feel too much at home there?


  70. Hi Joseph !!!!

    As director and scenarist of Stargate Fan-films, I’m a lot interested in the system you describe for the today’s video !!!

    Can you tell me more about that please ? Because, as you should know, the wormhole and active gate is always a litlle bit difficult part in fan-films’ VFX, and to have it directly on cam like that would be great.

    BTW, friday it’s my 18th birthday, can you do you something for me, I would be so happy 🙂

    Thanks a lot, a bientôt !!!


  71. Hey Joe here’s a question for Brad Wright: “When I first read the press release for SGU, like many I was quite dubious about the content. Then of course I remembered my initial trepidation about SGA and now it’s my favourite TV show still on air. With SGU being set in the far reaches of the universe will we be visiting planets with truly alien species on them rather then the usual ancient-seeded-humans fare that we had in SGA? I do hope so.” Thank you for your time in answering this question 😀

  72. Hi Joe, any chance we’ll get to see Jack in the Atlantis movie?
    And for Brad: Great work with Continuum, my only complaint would be it was very Jack-light (blink and you miss him kinda thing), and it needed more Sam/Jack ship… Anyway
    1. When is the 3rd movie going to be shot?
    2. Who will direct? (I’m rooting for Martin even though he might be busy with “Sanctuary”)
    3. Is it true it will be Jack centric? (woohoo)
    4. Can we please have a confirmation that Sam and Jack are together after 13 years of waiting? (assuming the movie will appear in 2010)
    5. Any Atlantis or Stargate:Universe characters that will be in the 3rd movie?

  73. Oh, huh. I’ve always assumed the puddle was added after the fact in visual effects. Shows what I know. *grin*

    Joe, when you’re done reading Infoquake, can you post a quick comment to say whether or not you enjoyed it? I love the title, and really want to know if the story lives up to the name. 🙂

    Questions for Brad:

    I’ve read A LOT of negative comments about Stargate Universe, especially after the casting sheets were published on GateWorld. Were those very preliminary casting sheets, and is there any chance we’ll get to see better, more up-to-date character outlines online before the series premiere? Is the entire cast for Stargate Universe going to be composed of unknowns, or will there be one or two crossover characters from the previous two series (like McKay crossed over into SGA)?

    After chatting with you and RCC, Joe Mallozzi and the other writers seem quite taken with the new series. Do you have any tidbits you could share with the rest of us to help us get as excited? Will there, for instance, be a new major enemy that the new crew will have to fend off, or is SGU going to be more like Star Trek, with a new enemy/challenge to face each week? Are there plans for season-long story arcs, a la Babylon 5 style, where each episode builds on the story told in the episodes before?

    Are you still sure that now was the right time to move Atlantis into a series of movies, especially given the way the audience numbers have increased over season 4? Will we get more than one SGA movie? I know you and Joe both think that movies offer a chance to tell stories that include bigger, more expensive effects, but when the story has to be told in its entirety in 2 hours, and when there is no season long theme running in the background, it can make for a…disappointing viewing experience. Are there any plans to make a series of movies — kind of a movie mini-season for SGA?

    Finally, thank you for helping to create SGA. It is one of my favourite TV shows, and I will miss it enormously when it is gone. And thank you also for The Shrine. Your involvement in these gives me some small hope that Stargate Universe might be worth watching after all.

  74. Usually I find it hard to sleep when I haven’t been out and about during the day doing stuff. Going for a walk or something each day helps, burns off some of the extra energy.

    I don’t have any questions for Brad but I really wanted to say that The Shrine was a beautiful episode, incredibly well written, and very moving. I’d re-watch it if I didn’t become a fountain of tears during the first scene!

  75. Destination Truth did find something interesting this past week in the Philippines that is right up your alley. 😉

    Josh came across a Philippine delicacy called balut on his latest adventure. Balut is an overdeveloped egg. I’m not sure if you’ve had the pleasure of trying it before, but here’s more about it if you haven’t.

    Of course, his reaction was not nearly as dignified as yours is when something tastes gross. *laugh*

  76. Hi Joe,
    Long time since I posted! Did ya miss me? *insert sarcastic laugh here* looks like a good book selection you have there. I like Tad Williams books there great! I might see if I can get some more books tomorrow when I go to Borders from your selection.
    Ooooooh! Special effext of the Stargate! Love it! Thanks for posting it!
    Hope you get some decent uninterupted sleep. I know how you feel that happens to me quite abit especially of late. I have getting up at 5am! I am really looking forward to my hol’s!*grin*

    Take care & happiness always!


  77. I have some questions for Brad Wright:

    1. How long do you plan the Stargate : Universe series? Will it reach 3-5 season?

    2. Which famous actor would you like to see as a series regular in the Universe?

    3. How many DVD films will be made in the next years? Can we expect 2 SG-1 and 2 Atlantis film in every year?

    4. Will MGM wait for the succes of the third film to order the fourth or fifth SG-1 film? Will you film it in the first half of 2010? Because we would like to see new movie(s) in every year, but if the special effects needs 3-4 month and you have to wait 6 months before releasing the film, than we will get DVD movie only in every second year.

    5. Have you ever considered a theatrical SG-1 film with even bigger budget (20-25 million $)?

    6. Can we expect new shooting locations in Universe? Or will there be more CGI created world or maybe digital sets?

    7. Will you make Stargate : Worlds references in the Universe series or DVD films?

    8. What do you think about Stargate : Infinity? Could SG-1 have a similar (or better) drawed cartoon season with the original voices of SG-1?

    9. What will you do if Universe is canceled after the first season? Do you have other SG spin-off plans?

  78. Hi again Mr M!

    Thanks for organising Mr W for the Q and A. So, you and Paul are pitching a non-SGA thing? Do you feel that given your long association with SF that you can fall into being (all puns intended) a little type-cast? I understand that you have written for other genres and you obviously keep your literary muscles flexed with other show-types, but I am curious about writers just like actors, do networks/studios fall into that type-casting thing as well? I must say I’ll never look at Pochahontas the same way, now that I know Carl was involved….I just see FRAN in animation!!!!!!!!!!

    Question for Mr Wright!

    Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions Mr W., It was a pleasure to (briefly) meet you in Vancouver in April and attend that special Cast and Crew screeing of Continuum….for me the ultimate uber fan experience!

    My question is this: Is there any piece of “cannon” Stargate that you have felt chained to and wish you get rid of? either mythology or race (and no I’m not talking about the Reetou or the Furlings) but just in general? Thank you again for the past 12 wonderful years, and I for one am really looking forward to Universe!


  79. Brad:

    Are there any plans to revisit the Aschen story through any arm of the Stargate franchise? I’d love it.

  80. …………………………………………
    . Q for B:
    . What were you thinking?

  81. Questions for Brad Wright,

    I am a great fan of Stargate Atlantis and so was very upset and sadden that the decision was made to not renew the show for a sixth season. So if you please I have a few heartfelt questions:
    – I was wondering if you are surprised by fans negative reactions to this decision and have you heard us plead for SGA’s renewal?
    – Do you have any concerns about taking the Stargate franchise in a different direction, of this new show being based in space and so being compared to other space shows?
    – Do you have any concerns about fans being upset in believing SGA is being cancelled and SGU was given a go to attract a younger audience and so some of us “older” fans not switching over to SGU?
    – If the SG1 movies were not so successful, would SGA have been renewed for more seasons?
    – Why was not SGU first introduced to fans through SGA and then spun off to it’s own show as SGA was through SG1? Is there anything the fans can do to bring this scenario about?

    Sincerely sadden at the cancellation of SGA,

  82. Oct 7 Birthdays! Aimee would be thrilled with a dedication and, um, I would too. Please & Thanks!

    Other ppl have asked Brad W questions that I will be interested in seeing answers for.

  83. Hello Mr Wright,

    I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for SG 1, SA and SGU, especially to hire the fabulous Joe Mallozzi (!!!). Our family was trekees and now we are full time gaters.


    1. TV is a business. Do a space show costs a lot more than vampires, paranormal or angels stories. Is it correct to say that MGM wanted to invest money in only one space show and finally, planets were aligned to put money in SGU since Farscape ended, Star Trek ended, Firefly ended, Battlestar Galactica ended etc. ?

    2.This one is more a wish than a question (maybe too early to ask) but, do you have plans for Claudia Black or Ben Browder in Stargate Universe?

    Best regards

  84. First off, thanks Joe, for having Brad Wright as a guest on your blog.

    Questions for Brad Wright:

    1. I’ve read reports that Jack will be the central character in the 3rd SG1 movie. Is this still the case? Is RDA still committed to having a larger role in the movie?

    2. Amanda Tapping said in a recent interview that filming would be in late spring/early summer. Is this still the case? If so, when will the movie be released? Are you concerned that there might be a drift in interest the longer you wait?

    3. Why haven’t there been any announcements yet giving an official go-ahead for the 3rd SG1 movie? (Unless there have been and I just haven’t heard!)

    4. You mentioned that you were writing a “romantic scene”. Does this involve Sam and Jack? (Please say yes!) Will you finally confirm a romantic relationship between Sam and Jack in the 3rd SG1 movie? I truly hope so, as it would finally wrap up a long-standing story arc, and give some closure and peace to the many Sam/Jack shippers. Please, we’ve waited long enough!

    5. Will all other SG1 characters be in the movie? Will Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c also play major roles? What about Vala and Cameron?

    6. Will there be any mention of General Hammond in the movie, in light of Don Davis’ recent passing?

    And finally, thanks so much, Brad, for entertaining us for so many years. As you can tell, I am very much looking forward to seeing the 3rd SG1 movie, but will also be on the lookout for SGU. What I really enjoyed about SG1 were the the strong character developments and relationships (the action/adventure, too, but that alone without the stong character/relationship aspects make for a very sterile show)…. That being said, I do hope that SGU will be developed with this mind… great action/adventure, and strong character development and team moments.

  85. Hey Joe,

    You might have to fish this comment out, you don’t have to approve, just thought you’d be amused at the sp@m I received today offering me a personal, home, business or investment loan:

    “I am Mr Leonard Owen, The (CEO) of Lincoln Finance Ltd, i give out loans to any interested individuals and firms, at low and high interest rate of 3% for the kindly minimum period of 5.yrs, I give out loan in this categories”

    Cheers, Chev

  86. Question for Brad:

    How did SG-1 start? I know it was based off the movie, but who decided to make it into a series?


  87. Just a quick comment to ask, are you sure that 46 (ish) books are enough to last until January?! Maybe you should grab a few more, just to be safe!

    Also, loved First Contact, just in case I haven’t already said so! Daniel and Rodney are soooo good together (loved Rodney’s bored expressions early on!! *snicker*).


  88. Salut Jo,

    Est-ce qu’on peut espérer voir Torri dans l’un des films de Stargate Atlantis ?


  89. Dear Mr. Wright:

    2 questions, 1. Why choose continuing the Stargate Saga with a new project like Universe (which I look forward to) rather than going with an established product like SGA.
    2. What is the general theme for SGU, with SG1 it was to defeat the gould (later the priors) and find new technology, for SGA it was to defeat the wraith and find new technology. Will it be a new bad, or just exploring the new gouldless universe looking for new technology? Thanks!

  90. For Brad,

    I used to be a big admirer of yours; you created the television show that it would have been my dream job to work on (I’m doing a degree in Film and Television Production). I held you in very high esteem but I’m afraid I no longer do, I am very disappointed in how you have treated the fans of SGA and would not want to work for or with someone who appears to have such little respect for the fans of their own show. I won’t be watching SGU as the concept does not interest me (it didn’t before the cancellation of Atlantis), and after reading the character biographies I am even more put off. I am 20 years old so would have thought that I was part of the younger demographic you have talked so much about but you have missed your target with me.

    My question is this: When discussing the cancellation of Atlantis was it ever considered that the fans would not react well to it or to SGU as a consequence?

    If this Q&A had of taken place without the cancellation of Atlantis and production of SGU I would have been inundating you with questions about how you got into the industry and the process of developing and running a television series but I am just too upset now.

    Cazz x

  91. Dear Joe,

    I have a question about Vegas. Since it’s a type of AU does that mean that we won’t see Teyla or Ronon? It just seem that we got so little of them so far and I was just wondering. Thanks.

    Dear Brad,

    If SGU should fail because of lack of fan support, what would you do? Would it be possible for to restart SGA or is it totally out of your hands?

    Thank you.

  92. My question for Mr. Brad Wright…..

    The Shrine will always be one of my all time favorite episodes. For me the best scenes in SGA are the small character driven ones. That is why I love Sunday as well. The scenes between Sheppard and Rodney stand out above all else, especially the pier scene, a perfect balance of heart and humor.

    As for my question, Does Rodney have a full memory of what occured during his illness? I am just curious if he remembers it all or just has a basic understanding of what happened to him with pieces of memory and no clear picture.

    I also want to share my sadness for the ending of SGA. I really look forward to the continuation of the story in a movie format. I truely hope we have more than one movie to look forward to, perhaps even a mini-series at some point. I do know that as the saying goes all good things must come to an end, and SGA is most definetly a good thing. As most of the fans I would have preferred a sixth season to ease me in to the loss, but if the movies are done right, and I stress movie(S), multiple, that will go a long way towards my appeasement.

    I will give SGU a chance. Based on the quality of SG-1 and SGA it deserves that. I think that the tidbits that are easily accessable in this internet friendly age have caused too many assumations to be made about this show. I do want to judge it for its own merit, not speculation based on little bits of casting information. But some of the uproar is also due to the way this was announced in my opinon. The cancellation of SGA followed by the announcement of SGU has linked both announcements in a cause and effect speculation that will not easily be abandoned by the internet community. As the on- line fandom is a small percentage of the over-all viewership I doubt it will have to much baring in actual numbers once the show airs, but remember everyone loves a good conspiracy theory and the way this was announced provided much fodder for that.

    Thank you for your time and sorry about my long ramblings.

  93. Can’t fall asleep?

    Eat more. Exercise less. The heart will give up and you’ll be sleepy all the time 😉

  94. Hey, I have a few question:

    Do you still plan the third Aschen episode (working title: Judgement)? I mean as an SG-1 movie. I hope you will do it, coz’ I heard that, you originally planned to the season 5 or 6. And I hope we will meet again somewhere with the Gadmeer and the unknown Alien race from episode 7×13 “Grace”. We will?

    Thank you!

  95. Questions for Brad:

    Let me preface this by saying that you are a talented writer and I will watch SGU. However I am still disappointed at the cancellation of a viable, fantastic show – the best thing on TV. You start to wonder why you should get emotionally invested in a character as some guy in a suit will just yank him or her off the air in a couple of years. Anyhoo, that’s my rant, on with the questions:

    1. Children of the Gods – The Brad Wright edition. Ok so everyone’s talked about the removal of the nudity, but what else can we expect? Is it longer, shorter? Will you be souping up the VFX ala George Lucas? Have you talked to Jonathan Glassner about it?

    2. SGU – I read that you wanted a mainstream audience for the show rather than the usual sci-fi fans – Brad Wright -“And we feel like we want to be the agents of that change ourselves, and feel like we’re capable of coming up with another engaging television show that is possibly more mainstream, possibly a little outside the Stargate box.”

    Could you please explain this a bit further? Is it not going to be Stargatey at all? (yes it’s word 😀 )

    3. How do you go about creating a look for a tv show you are developing? Could you give some examples of how you & Rob came up with the look for Atlantis and the Pegasus Galaxy to give to James Robbins and his team or is it all James? I like that it’s more realistic and not fake and freaky like Trek.

    Thanks for visiting. Please keep Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie around. They did a great job with Seasons 4 & 5.

    Cheers, Chev

  96. Question for Mr. Wright:

    I have seen someone asked about the Third SG.1 movie… and those were all good questions… but I there’s still one that must be asked:

    “What about that romantic scene that you were talking about sometime ago? It was the answer to a Jack and Sam- based question, so it was about them right? And given that everything was said before the end of SGA and before the green-light of SGU… is the movie still going to happen (with that lovely scene we’ve been waiting for over ten years?” 🙂

    Had to ask…:)

    Thanks for all you’ve done over the years – two (soon to be three) great shows, the movies and all – you did a great job!

    Sincerely hoping for an answer…:)

    I will watch everything you release! Looking forward to SGU!!

  97. Coucou Joseph!! Sa va ? =)

    Moi oui, je pense avoir trouver un stage de cabinet de comptable, il faut que j’envoi une lettre de motivation!

    Ohh je suis désoler que vous n’ayez pas bien dormi! Moi, dés qu’il y’a des gens qui disait du mal de vous, je vous défendez car pour moi vous êtes le meilleur!! Ofaite avez vous reçu ma carte..? sa va faire 2 semaine que je l’ai envoyer.

    Questions pour brad Wright:

    1) Dans stargate univers, allons nous voir un peu d’endroit ou de personnes provenant de sg1 ou sga?
    2)Qu’aimez vous le plus dans votre métier?
    3) Etes vous deja venu en France?

    Voila Joseph!! bisou!! a demain =)

  98. “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson is a fun book. I remember being appalled at Bryson’s lack of knowledge of hiking basics and yet there he was giving it a go. And the story about the fire burning under the dead town in Pennsylvania left me sad (I thought of that story when I read Langan’s book, too). Hey, you do have CJ Cherryh in the pile. Have you read “Downbelow Station” before or is it a first read?

    Insomnia? Lots of change going on for you so I think a bit of sleeplessness would be understandable, if a pain in the ass. Perhaps you should try reading some physics textbooks as a sleep aid.

    Is the meeting that is non-SGA related to the super secret project you mentioned?

    Questions for Brad Wright…

    As a creator of TV series, how difficult is it for you to give up day-to-day control of the production to exec producers once the show is up and running?

    How willing are you to let others take your characters in a direction that you may not have envisioned?

    “The Shrine” came together beautifully on all fronts, from acting to writing to music; have you ever had a script you wrote that you really liked that didn’t turn out as well on screen as you’d imagined?

    You seem to enjoy character driven episodes–does working in the SG universe or producing shows for a network that interferes in the creative process inhibit that kind of focus?

    Have you thought about doing something outside of the SG universe?

    Were you surprised by the reaction of fans to the announcement of the cancellation of SGA and the start-up of SGU?

  99. Some sleep remedies:

    1. Get up and do some housework or something productive. It’s better than tossing and turning.

    2. Write down a list of everything that’s worrying you at the moment, rate them and write down what you can do about it. Then destroy the list.

    3. Valerian – herbal remedy. More natural and gets you back to your normal sleep cycle.

    4. Ask yourself if the pugs are disturbing your normal sleep pattern.

    Cheers, Chev

  100. @ Annie from Freemantle – As I understand it, the diff between comedy, and blue comedy, is that a comedy would entertain us with the fun and high jinks of a Jennifer/Ronon/Rodney love triangle (*cue The Love Boat theme song), while with a blue comedy, we’d have Todd and Sheppard cuddling in bed, playfully pondering the implications of a homo-bestial relationship. 😛


  101. Holy Hanna! What is it about not sleeping and waking up at 3:00, for me it’s 3:30. My not sleeping started 9/11/01 – I can count on one hand the number of times since then that I have slept well. I’v been to doctors, therapist, tried OTC drugs, Ambien gave me a migraine the following morning and headaches are one of the side effects, wish I had known before I took it.

    Valarian Root and homeopathic treatments work best for me. Art as therapy helps me to relax and decompress.

    Joe, hopefully this is just stress related and will pass, but if not see a doctor or you could just be hormonal. Maybe it’s soem of that weird food?

    Take care

  102. Hi Joe
    I only lurk around here but I wanted to thank you for this blog. I’m sure keeping it running is trying at times but it’s nice for the fans.

    Questions for Brad- about SG-1 movie #3, besides the ones already asked about when and who-

    1. Will it be filmed in any interesting locations?

    2. That romantic scene with Jack and Sam isn’t going to be AU/ATL/messed-up-in-some-other-way, is it?

    3. Would you ever make an SG-1 movie with no aliens?


  103. Another question for Brad to answer if he’s willing.

    Will there be some kind of resolution/confirmation to the Sam and Jack relationship in the 3rd SG1 movie? One that doesn’t involve alternate timelines, dimension shifting and any other sort of revelation that they seem to be together in every reality but the one of consequence. (ours!)

    Rumor has it you’re writing a ‘romantic’ scene for the 3rd film. Can we hope that its one between Sam and Jack?

  104. I am sure that the practical puddle has made many advances since the first incarnation and saves a ton of vfx money – but it just doesn’t compare to the older vfx shots that are more of a translucent look than a deep water-blue.

    Are you going to bother to produce a full length opening sequence and have SciFi cut it down later, or just stick to a 3 second title screen from the get-go?

  105. To PG15 and Squall78,
    Ever since you two have “taken a vacation” from Gateworld, the forum there has been running slower than molasses.
    Did you curse the forum or something?
    Can you uncurse it please? It is very annoying.


    *I can’t wait to find out who you cast for SGU… when can we expect you to release this info?

    *Can we expect a third SG-1 movie anytime soon? Who will be writing it?

    *Did you realize, way back in 1996 or 1997, when you pitched SG-1 to Showtime, how very very big the franchise was going to get?

    *Do you experience the same intensity of fandom as other famous producers ((I’m thinking you’re up there with Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg))??? Like, can you walk into a Wal-Mart without being mobbed by people asking for autographs?

  107. Question for Brad….

    What made you decide to take the Stargate movie and turn the idea into a tv series?

  108. Dan said: “That romantic scene with Jack and Sam isn’t going to be AU/ATL/messed-up-in-some-other-way, is it?”

    Good point!

    @Brad Wright: PLEASE do not make the romantic Sam/Jack scene as another AU/ATL/alien virus or some kind of reversible scene that, in the end, does not confirm their romantic relationship in this timeline/universe/reality. I’d like to see undeniable, irreversible, incontrovertible confirmation, please… and thanks 🙂

  109. Hey Joe, any idea when we’re going to hear some info about the movie for Atlantis and now SG1.

  110. dasNdanger said:
    For god’s sake, will SOMEONE tell me what those finger armor thingys are for??! PLEASE!!

    Maybe Andee’s comment helps you a bit. 🙂
    Link to GateWorld Interview “Queen of the Hungry I”

    GW: I’d like to go in a similar vein with that for a moment. You have very unusual rings on your fingers, and one extends, I believe.

    AF: Yeah. The pieces [are] like finger armor. Now you would imagine that you protect the vital parts of your body that you’d want to wear protective gear. You would wear a harness over your heart. Well this is where we feed. This is what we use to kill. So you want to protect, with the armor if someone severs the fingers off or cuts the wrist off you’ve just lost — I mean, we have guns and other things as well, but this is [how] we feed. This is how we take care of ourselves. Especially the Queen. I’ve never had a gun. If you notice, in any of the episodes, I’ve never had a weapon — save this [holds out her palm]. Every one of my prisoners, that’s how I threaten them. So we protect it with the armor.

    GW: So when the hand closes —

    AF: — you have protection. You don’t want to get your fingers cut off. Am I letting out secrets? You’re all like [mimics writing down notes] “Ha ha ha, we got her.”

  111. A question for Brad Wright.
    First, thanks for all the great entertainmaent that you have given us over the years. The SG-1 movies have been great!
    My favorite part of SG-1 has always been the history/archeology/mythology component, and the boots on the ground style of exploration through the gate. This is something that I found to be lacking in Stargate Atlantis, and sounds like it may be abandoned entirely for SGU. Will this be the case?

  112. Question for Brad Wright.

    I was totally shocked to hear of the cancellation of SGA. You have issued all sorts of platitudes and various reasons for the cancellation that didnt really make any sense.

    You mention about the franchise having to move forward. How will SGU achieve this. My interpretation of moving forward is continually bringing new ideas to the franchise and contuning to appeal to ALL ages of the fandom. How can the franchise move forward if you dismiss most of the fandom, and only cater towards a certain age group. Why put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. You certaintly may appeal to some of the younger audience, but you are also alienating a huge portion of the existing audience.

    Why is a show full of youngsters considered moving forward. Can you not move forward with a mix of age groups as you had in SGA. Their ages ranged from their twenties to their fifties. How can you not take the franchise forward with this mix of ages, therefore attracting a wider audience. The cast of SGA was top notch but you are tosssing them aside because you either don’t know what to do with them anymore, or you have become bored with the present incarnation of the franchise. A new toy is needed.

    Instead of tossing SGA aside why not bring in new writers with new fresh ideas to take the show forward. Why cancel a popular show to bring in an unknown cast full of kids that will pretty much only appeal to youngsters. Star Wars died a death after the dreadful decsion to try and appeal to the kids. Stargate is not Buffy, it is a show that has always appealed to all age groups.

    The next reason seems to be it’s good business. Again how can an established show that is doing well in the ratings lose out to the unknown. SGU is rumoured to cost more than SGA, so again where do the economics come into play.
    Why the decsion to cancel SGA instead of letting it run along side SGU for a time, the way SG1 ran alongside SGA.

    Why the callous decision to cancel SGA and in the next breath announce the new show, no thought given to the fans whatsover. How can you expect the fans to embrace SGU when it is the reason for the cancellation of SGA. One show CANNOT be replaced by another and respectfully you are very much out of touch if you feel it can.

    I’m sure you will attract some new and younger viewers to SGU but equally you will lose I believe more viewers than you gain. SGU has no appeal to me whatsover and I wouldnt have any faith in a new show after the present one was treated so badly. If your present writers couldn’t infuse new and fresh ideas into SGA, why would I believe they can do so with SGU.

    SGA had a lot of potential and it was taking the franchise forward very nicely but sadly now I can only see the demise of the franchise. I have three children in the age demographic that you are trying to appeal to and they have no interest in SGU, I won’t repeat what they said after reading the bios. They do tune into SGA, but not as freguently as I do, as parties and their social life tend to come first.

    The younger audience are already watching SGA and a lot are not enthused at all about the premise of SGU. But with every new show you will get some new viewers but you may also lose as many as you gain, so in the end what will have been achieved. Will it really be worth it, and will the Franchise move forward or just die!

  113. For Brad Wright –
    In hindsight, do you regret how the Dreaded Announcement of Doom was handled?

  114. Coool. I want my own mini-puddle, but I may have to settle for a puddle screensaver.

  115. Wow…this is almost too much to read! If Mr. Wright answers all of these questions, I’ll truly be surprised (and delighted)!

    @ noir – Thank you! What Andee says makes sense. Although, some do wear it on their left hand…soooooo… maybe those guys just think it looks badass, or something? I noticed that Todd’s has been switched from his left (in S4) to his right (in S5). Personal preference, or did someone do a facepalm and exclaim, “DOH! He was supposed to be wearing it on his feeding hand!”

    You know, I STILL haven’t watched that Wraith featurette from S1. I kept saving it for ‘special’, and just haven’t gotten around to it yet…although I do know a little about it just from discussions. If I tried to read and watch everything about the Wraith, I wouldn’t have a life, OR a husband. 😆 So that’s why I rely on asking questions, in hopes someone knows the answer because, honestly, I just don’t have the time to search for everything. Who said the computer makes life easier?! I have less time now than I did 10 years ago! AND a bigger ass! 😡

    So, thanks again, noir! If BW has a different opinion, I’d still like to hear that, too.


  116. For insomnia try the Tilo tea; it’s popular in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, made from Linden leaves, whatever that it. It’s a nice mild relaxing tea that’s great for stress and insomnia. If I’m up late writing or reading I’ll sip some Tilo tea, get comfortably drowsy and head off to bed.

    It doesn’t have the weird side effects of drugs like Ambien; you won’t find yourself sleep-eating or showing up at work in your pajamas yelling at security guards like Patrick Kennedy.

  117. Hey Joe.

    Since you mention Blue Comedy, I was wondering if you had the chance to watch CALIFORNICATION? That is one hell of a Blue Comedy. Would yours be anything like that?

    I love the show. I think it is hysterically funny and shocking at the same time. I don’t know anybody else who watches it.

  118. I understand that you’re a fairly avid golfer. What’s your handicap? And have you ever been to the Canadian Open?

  119. Thanks, Joe, for letting us post questions for Brad.

    For Brad Wright:

    First, I really enjoyed “Continuum”. I was especially pleased that we got some nice Sam and Daniel friendship scenes in the movie. IMO the’ve been sorely missed.

    1. In “Continuum” when Daniel gets out of the cab, is he being dropped off at a rehabilitation center or an apartment? If it was a rehab facility, was Daniel still there when Sam phoned him a year later? The reason I ask, is because Daniel would have had to have gone through extensive physical therapy to learn to walk again.

    2. I was disappointed that the scene where Daniel phones himself will be cut for the t.v. version. It was a fantastic scene that was ‘very Daniel’, and a nice follow-up scene to why Daniel bought the book in the first place. I was curious why you chose that scene to cut as opposed to a different scene… say the girl flirting with Mitchell scene?

    3. I agree with you and Martin that the scene with Daniel being left on the ice was… WOW!!! Michael did a great job. Martin said that, unfortunately, some of the scene had to be cut. Could you just touch a little on what the fans didn’t get to see regarding that scene?

    4. Regarding the third movie, does the script that you are writing include Daniel? Will you do everything you can to get the original team back together again? (((please)))

    Thanks in advance, Brad, for answering our questions.


  120. Question for Brad…
    I have followed Joe’s blog but have never actually posted here, til I saw this opportunity and couldn’t pass it up.
    I am a 17 year old studying in UK. I watch SGA as it’s the only show watching on TV! But I’m a little disappointed with a few things…
    My first question is, why have you suddenly wanted to aim the Stargate Franchise at a younger audience?
    As a 17 year old, I find it hard to consider it being aimed at a younger audience, and I know many other teens who watch this show continously. I don’t quite understand this decision to suddenly aim it a younger audience, and now fear the content of SGU.
    My second question is, are you disappointed by the short life of SGA? Even though it’s running in film form, it won’t be the same, so once again I’m a little bit worried about the content as it won’t be as elaborate as a season running story arc.
    Thanks in advance!

  121. *waves*

    Mr M, your first paragraph? Welcome to my life. 😆

    And as you asked so nicely, a question for Mr W.

    Firstly thanks very much for agreeing to do a guest spot, it’s much appreciated. *passess over tac-vest*

    Now I don’t know if you will answer my question or not, but I have felt this question gnawing at me, so even if you don’t answer, it’s been quite cathartic. 😛

    From business woman to business man, I wondered what your thinking process was to bring in a show that has technically not been tried and tested and replaced a product that from all accounts seems to be doing well in the key demographics, ratings. Etc.

    I know i’m not privy to all the facts and am sure that there are other factors that are taken into account. However, from a business perspective, you’ve stated how expensive SGU will be to run in terms of graphics. Why the decision to take a risk on a product that has never been tested in the open market and replaced a tried and tested product.

    Are you relying on the fans getting needing to have their ‘stargate fix’ and that’s why SGA and SGU aren’t being run alongside each other as has been the case in the past with SG1 and SGA?

    Personally I felt your team was very smart to market both SG1 and SGA alongside each other. Now whether this was to simply test the viability of SGA or not, i’m not sure, but felt this was a very good way to transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’. Wouldn’t it have been a prudent measure to have done the same with SGA and SGU? It may not have completely softened the blow to the fans, but it could have eased the transition somewhat.

    I accept what you’ve said in your GW interview that it would have taken a lot of money and resources to run the two concurrently, but to coin a phrase, you were able to do it before. Would it have been so difficult to do it again… even if it were for just one last season?

    I guess what i’m trying to say in a nutshell (and failing miserably) is that if I were to invest in a new product, from a business perspective i’d test the market first to see if there was an ‘audience’ for that particular ‘age range’ and genre, rather than simply scrapped in a sense a product that there was still an audience for.

    Lastly while I am here, I wonder if you could let the fans know the reasons for wanting a younger audience, particular as the ‘older’ audience are the ones that have kept the franchise going for this long.

    Thanks Mr M for listening and Mr W for not falling asleep while reading this novel… unless you did fall asleep. And if that is the case, then I have the authority to retract my thank you. 😉

  122. Hey Joe,

    Looking at your books today, I noticed something — you’ve got volume one to an all-time favorite series of mine, ‘Otherland’!

    Have you read the series? What are your thoughts, briefly? I’m rereading them right now; on ‘Mountain of Black Glass’. I really dig Tad Williams’ style.

    Feel free to blast him for whatever reason if you’re not likeminded, but personally I think those are some of the most memorable characters out there. Even if the idea is a tad farfetched. (You see what I did there? Oh, I crack myself up.)

  123. This is not really a question for Brad Wright, just a comment.
    Unfortunately, when he was defending the decision to cancel Atlantis in those initial interviews, he sounded like G.W. Bush did trying to defend the war in Iraq. And some people just aren’t willing to buy the spin…
    I kind of feel bad for him, as he is one of the exec’s with a name that we can place the blame on. For the most part, we don’t know the identities of the others involved.
    It’s lonely at the top…….:(

  124. To wolfenm: Couldn’t of said it better myself.

    To Das: Hey, I am a bit OCD myself (lol). Loved the wraith questions for Brad.

  125. Please, I have a question for you!

    When are you going to realize that we the fans deserve more than 5 seasons of Atlantis. Come on man, replacing us with a younger demographic so we can get our next “fix”, well I find that kinda insulting. Personally, I don’t consider myself a druggie. I won’t watch just any show with the word ‘gate’ in it.

    Sure, I watched SG1, then SGA, but I won’t watch SGU. Even though I’m fourteen, I just don’t like teen dramas, especially those involving unoriginal ideas (hint hint: StarTrek Voyager). I want my Atlantis back, not another StarTrek Voyager. Please listen to the fans, we have experience ourselves. And we certainly don’t like be left in the dark and played with like a fool.

    We have feelings too, and you just hurt them. You should stand up for Atlantis, it deserves another season at least. Then you can run SGA side by side with SGU. And then fans will more likely cross over to the next show. You have made a mistake, your intentions were pure, but now many of us believe that you cancelled our show for some teen soap in space.

    Come on, it is only fair. We don’t want and hour & a half movie. SGA deserves to be wrapped up nice and neatly. One movie just isn’t enough. It certainly won’t get you enough fans to cross over for SGU.

  126. For Brad Wright

    The last episode of SGA will be the last of my involvement with Stargate. Season 5 was already loosing it’s way and everything I loved about the show seemed to be diminishing. Over use of certain characters and total neglet of others all led me to the conclusion that the writers had no idea how to develop any other character besides McKay and the Shrine proved this. The inclusion of Keller also proved that the well has run dry with ideas for the existing characters and therefore the addition of characters that were never needed in the first place. The show always pretty much pandered to McKay and Shep and the Shrine once again highlighted this. I realise GW has a big McShep following but if the writers were to venture outside of GW they would have seen that the Shrine was poorly received by a large number of fans. It is my least favourite episode of the season so far and on one hand I had resigned myself to the ending of SGA as the show was becoming something I didnt recognize anymore but on the other hadn I was horrified as to the callousness of the cancellation announcement.
    SGA had a lot of potential but it was squandered and if the kind of show we got in season 5 with young doctors and love triangles is anything like we can expect from SGU then I say no thank you.

    So on one hand I would like to say thanks for many good episodes of stargate but on the other hand I wish you were still prepared to put the time and effort and maybe bring in new writers to salvage SGA instead of just dropping it like a hot potato to make room for your new little project.

  127. Hey Joe,

    Sorry about the insomnia. I get that whenever Jeremy travels. *They* say taking a hot shower right before bed should help. But there’s no way I’d ever try it. Ugh.

    I’ve been trying to think of a Brad Wright question but can’t come up with anything right now. I will just sit back and read everyone else’s questions and answers. I can see I’m one of the few who hasn’t thought of something to ask him.

    On the dog front: My *home inspection* by the Pyr Rescue is set up for this Friday. I’m nervous! I don’t know why. But I really am. Fingers crossed!

    @Narelle: Thanks! I’m happy/nervous/excited! I hope the rescue *approves* us!

    @Das: I’m hoping that, before too long, I can show everyone some baby pics. 😀


  128. I’m French and I’m very upset. What have done? Have you loose your minds. Cancel the best sci-fi show! I received a slap this day and I don’t appreciate the method, kill a show Atlantis to run SGU. It’s a really bad idea. Have you respected the fan base? Have you respected all the work made by you and the cast?
    I follow the Stargate franchise since the beginning. When I saw for the first time the Atlantis pilot I’ve caught by this new show. I’ve been enthusiastic by the characters John Sheppard, Teyla, McKay. At this time you run the 2 shows alongside. SG1 arrived to its end and I continued to watch weekly Atlantis. This show is really amazing thanks of the line stories, the cast. The show become better and better. And now what do you do? You cancel it when it has the best rate (I read 1.93) It has the best episodes. When the relationships between the characters become strong, evolved well, where the complicity between the actors is obvious. For me loyalty is very important and I’m loyal to the cast and the team of Atlantis.
    We have built a strong relation with the team of Atlantis, with the characters and the actors who gave lives to their characters. The actors have built this strong relation with us thanks of their great job. Thanks to Joe, David, Rachel and Jason. They give us a lot of happiness. I’m not ready to abandon them.
    Thanks for me Joe Flanigan, David Helwett for this. There is a great chemistry between them but also between Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa who makes the success too.
    You kill this show to replace by SGU. I tell you I don’t believe at all in this show. It’s seems to me a space travel like voyager. How can you believe that young people can participate to Stargate program? I’m 49 years old and I’m obviously not in the part demographic target.
    I can tell you that I don’t believe in the movie because I prefer following weekly the characters and it’s another method to kill twice the show in my opinion. I’m Seri fan not movie. Have one yearly movie against 20 hours of series. I do my choice quickly. Without doubts the series.
    Hear the anger of the loyal fans.
    We do a great job untill now, no desappoint us now.
    More insomnia!!!!
    Thanks for listening.
    Hi from France

  129. Joe, thanks for the updates on Vegas! I’m particualy eager to seeing an Earth based Atlantis adventure 🙂

    For Brad:

    Firstly, thank you for blogging and secondly congratulations! Have just read on the Sci-fi website that Sanctury received some rockin ratings for the first episode. For my part, it was the first time I have seen Sanctury and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.

    1) From interviews we have heard there have been scenes written/in the pipeline for the Jack and Sam characters, is there hope to see Daniel, Teal’c, Mitchell and Vala? Daniel and Teal’c especially being my favourites from the series, will they play major roles?

    2) You have already given us some tantilysing hints as to what the story for the third movie may contain, dare I ask for more? 😉

    Thank you in advance and the biggest thank you for creating these shows that have entertained us for so long.

  130. Wow. All the questions for Mr. Wright. Joe…are you sure he really *wanted* to do this or was there some kind of blackmail involved???

    Still…what an opportunity. Therefore…

    Mr. Wright,

    Word is that a stuffed penguin made its way into your possession a month or two ago. Just wondered if it was sitting on the shelf, had taken up residence on your desk or had somehow migrated, with the others, to Carl Binder’s office?

    Loved Continuum btw. Send more please.

  131. I’m no friend of taking pills to be able to sleep (in general I avoid to take any pills unless it is absolutely necessary – this distrust towards medicine could be seen a little bit odd as I am studying pharmaceutics 😉 ) but if the insomnia continues and gets really, really nasty I’d go to a doctor first. Experimenting with pills just doesn’t sound like the right way. But if you’re looking for a book boring enough to let you sleep try “On the road” by Jack Kerouac (I had to read it in school and there wasn’t one of us – not even the teacher – who enjoyed it even a little).

    All familiar faces in the movie sounds great ^^

    Questions for Brad now? *panics*I need time to come up with decent questions *complains*
    I’m sure I have a lot of questions for Brad Wright but I’m not coming up with anything good now (compared to mine the memory of an 80-year-old would look great), so again I must hope everyone else came up with good questions that always bothered people.

    To Mr.Wright:
    No questions from me so far (you’ll have a lot of questions from others to answer anyway) but still a thanks for Stargate in general even though I really don’t like the fact that SGA got cancelled. Movies just aren’t the same as whole new seasons (I’m happy there’s going to be a movie – it’s way better than nothing but STILL!).
    And I hope SGU will turn out better than I fear it might, so please make sure to take the wind out of any sceptic’s sails (like me 😉 )!
    I loved the Shrine, by the way ^^

  132. British viewer here.

    I’m yet another fan disappointed and frustrated by the cancellation of SG:A. You had a good team of fine actors, good villains and a whole new Galaxy to explore. Plenty of scope for non-humanoid lifeforms as well as humans.

    I was unhappy about Carson, even though his death made a strong dramatic point. But the sidelining of Elisabeth Weir and then writing her out was almost unforgiveable [may not have been your decision, but still].

    Here we had a sympathetic, charming and strong woman in charge [at LAST!!] and it seems the male PTB just couldn’t cope. No offense to Amanda Tapping, but Carter was no replacement.

    At the moment S:U is sounding like a rehash of ‘Lost in space’, Voyager’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’. IMO, it will take exceptional writing and a stellar cast to even have a hope of being successful.

    Basically, I’m asking for a revamped S:Atlantis back. All the main cast, plus the Athosians and Satedans, with the current villains and a few new ones. And of course, some way of bringing Weir back along with that. Get the same writers to create a series arc [which also works episodically]. It can be done. Please try.

  133. I’m with the rest of the shippers! Please, oh PLEASE! We need non AU, non AT confirmation in the next movie! 13 years is too long to wait!

    SAM/JACK FOREVER!!!!!!! 🙂

  134. I am going to call this post

    the Brave & The Stupid

    The Stupid:

    Alan Fuld, CEO of Lehman Brothers. Why?? A pay packet that saw him net nearly 1/2 billion, YEP BILLION (maybe that should be buillion) dollars for 7 years work. This equates to $17,000 per HOUR. He also owns 3 properties which total nearly 40 million dollars, including an apartment in New York that is worth 21 million dollars. In addition, while he was talking to the government about a rescue package, his fellow execs at Lehman’s were voting themselves a redundancy package valued at 8.1 million dollars. AND THEY GET TO KEEP EVERYTHING!!

    someone pass me a bucket.

    The Brave:

    Part I – Joe said ” ..because Brad Wright … has promised to do a guest Q&A on this blog in the very near future…”

    Very brave given the current level of animosity leveled at him on other websites I frequent.

    Part II – Joe said “…Answer: Also available, but I didn’t order them. Come on! How much can one guy eat?!

    I can’t believe you actually asked this 😛 🙂

    my question for Brad Thanks for agreeing to do a q&a.

    When thinking about the scenario for SGU, did you ever consider taking this story in another direction? That is, instead of setting the story in today’s time zone, with a group of people finding an ancient ship, the story was set with the Ancients setting out into the universe and the initial encounters with the Iratus bug; The Ori and the Goa’uld??

  135. This is for Brad

    Do you like the Vala character because there are some that feel you don’t I want to believe you do. Vala is an interesting colorful character who I love but in some of your recent interviews you mention every character but her and I would really like you to include Vala in the next SG-1 movie I would really like to see a scene with Jack and Vala I know there are alot of us who wanted one in Continuum. I also am a Daniel & Vala shipper who would love some D&V banter in the next movie. I would also love see some Sam & Vala friendship moments too it is nice to women not acting like rivals. I would also like thank you for the great Daniel scenes in Continuum.

    I loved the Shrine and thank you for giving us McKeller shippers such a great ep.

  136. Okay, I’ve thought all day and came up with a ton of questions for Brad, most of which I crossed off because they’d already been asked (and WOW 140 comments is nothing to sneeze at!!!) so anyways, here’s what’s left:


    1) How are you so awesome??? I have long believed that aliens help John Williams compose his amazing music… do you have similar little green–or Roswell gray 😉 –men helping you?

    2) When collaborating with other writers on a script (like how you and Rob Cooper are writing the pilot of SGU together), how exactly does that work? Do you spin the story together and then one of you writes the script? Do you pass a draft back and forth between each other, revising it each time?

    3) When you said you intended to make SGU more “mainstream,” I interpreted that to mean that the average viewer (who’s never seen an episode of SG-1 or SGA in his life) could turn on the SGU pilot and understand what was going on… am I right? (I feel like people are unfairly putting words in your mouth with regards to this statement.)

    4) Since the casting call for SGU was made public, did you see an increase in the number of actors and actresses applying to be on the show?

    5) Why do male characters outnumber female characters 2:1 on all of the Stargate shows?

    6) I know this question is a repeat, but I really wanna know, so it shall be repeated: When can we expect an announcement of who the cast of SGU will be? In particular, the “name” actor?

    And some comments for Brad Wright:
    I discovered SG-1 in December 2007 and didn’t get into SGA until May of this year, so perhaps I don’t represent your average fan.
    But I feel like somebody needs to say something überly positive here: while I’m sad SGA has been cancelled, I look forward to the movies! If they turn out anywhere near as awesome as the SG-1 movies, the sheer awesomeness of the movies should counteract any disappointment in the cancellation.
    I’ve never seen Star Trek: Voyager or 90210 or any of the other shows SGU is being compared to, so the concept sounds brand new and exciting to me… and judging by your past successes, I see no reason it should not excite Stargate fans everywhere!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your imagination with us these past 12 years, and keep the awesomeness coming!!!
    And finally, thanks for this much-anticipated visit to Joe’s blog and for answering our questions!!!

  137. Oh, and über thanks to Joe for inviting Mr. Wright!!!

    (hopefully I didn’t post my questions too late!!!)

  138. kath said:

    I had resigned myself to the ending of SGA as the show was becoming something I didnt recognize anymore but on the other hadn I was horrified as to the callousness of the cancellation announcement.

    I agree the announcement was callous. It was like “Great news everyone, Stargate Universe has just been greenlit, oh yeah by the way this is the last season of Atlantis, instead we’re going to make a DVD movie.”

    Plus all of that garbage about the fans being upset for a little while, but they’ll get over it. Maybe the MGM guy should make an ad with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld – clueless, out of touch.

    Cheers, Chev

  139. For Mr. Wright

    Thank you taking the time to answer some of our questions, I say some, because you couldn’t possibly answer all of our questions unless you took over Joe’s blog for a month.

    I’ve been wondering, given the timing of the SGA cancellation, the appeal to the “younger audience” for the next series, and the debut of Stargate Worlds whether or not SGU will be an exercise in transmedia.

    Are you hoping that Stargate Worlds might interest gamers in SGU and vice versa? If that is the case, what might be the main differences between SGU and the other franchise properties that would enhance a tie-in with the game? I’m not particularly into gaming but is there something in SGU that might make me take a look at the MMORPG?

    Do you see a marketing advantage in introducing SGU at this time that would not have been the case if SGA was continued for a year and SGU rolled out a year or so later? Do you envision a broader range of Stargate merchandise to support Stargate Worlds and SGU? Books, action figures, memorabilia, clothing, music CDs?

    Because of vision difficulties I have cut way back on my television watching these days. SGA has been the only series that I watch every week and in rerun. Thanks for the memories.

  140. First of all I’d like to say thank you to you, Mr. Wright, for taking the time out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule to take part in this Q&A session. It’s so very much appreciated.

    Secondly I’d also just like to say that I’m extremely looking forward to “Stargate: Universe”! I can’t wait to see what direction this series will take the “Stargate” franchise in and its connections (if any) with “Stargate SG-1” and “Stargate: Atlantis”

    My questions for you are these:

    1) Will you be giving firm confirmation of the relationship between Sam and Jack in the third “SG-1” movie? (I had to get that one out the way first. It’s the most important to me.)

    2) Have you given any thoughts on a subtitle for the “SG-1” movie?

    3) With the previous two movies they were just known as “Stargate: The Ark of Truth” and “Stargate: Continuum”, but now that “Atlantis” is having a movie, will you start to differentiate the “SG-1” movies from the “Atlantis” movies i.e. “Stargate SG-1: The Search for ‘Ship”, “Stargate: Atlantis – The Wraith of Michael”, etc.?

    4) When “Atlantis” started, Jack and Daniel featured in the opening episode to set the series on its way. Do you plan to have any “SG-1” or “Atlantis” characters feature in the opening episode of “Universe”?

    Well I think that’s all I can think of. Hopefully I wasn’t too late in posting them. Thank you again for doing this Q&A I look forward to reading your Q&A soon. All the best for the future!

    Kind regards,
    Alan Kelly (Rhyl, North Wales, UK)

  141. I.
    Aw, thnx a lot. —<–@

    If you have trouble sleeping, stop eating 3h’s before you go to bed, that might help. Do not drink tea, coffe, cocoa, coke nor eat chocolate 5 h’s before you go to bed.
    Use only a(one) low pillow and and sleep with your feet only slightly higher than the rest of your body. 😀
    Before you go to sleep, go outside and breathe fresh, cold night air for 5 mins.

    Did you read the book on the left, 4’th from the bottom named ‘The living Dead’, and if, is it from the Romero movies or a stand alone book from someone else …and is it any good???

    Thnx once more.

  142. Joe —

    Why is Maximus the only dog on your blog banner? Is he the oldest?

    Thank you so much for getting Mr. Wright to take our questions. When I saw him at Creation Con, the melee at the microphones was scary.

    For Mr. Wright:

    1. Was it originally your intention for Jonas Quinn to be the one who could access Ancient tech rather than Jack? The hints of him being an advanced human in season 6 seemed to lead that way. If not, what was your plan for Jonas’s development as a character?

    2. Rumors persist that you aren’t a big fan of Vala as a character. Will Claudia Black continue to have a place in the SG1 movie universe? I adore the way Vala kept the snarky side of Daniel Jackson alive after RDA left the show and CB and MS have terrific chemistry.

  143. “Candace writes: “The Book of Joby by Mark J Ferrari. Check it out next time you’re at a bookstore.”

    Answer: Or standing by my bookshelf where it sits along with hundreds of other books I really need to get around to.”

    LOL…it sat on my bookshelf for FOREVER too..along with Otherworld, which I still need to finish.

  144. Question for Brad,

    Brad, first thanks for many great years of Stargate. I have enjoyed the series and the great characters you and Rob have created over the years.

    In light of that, I wanted to ask you if you knew how much people miss seeing Jonas Quinn in the Stargate world? It’s like a gaping wound in our hearts. Well maybe not that much, but we do miss seeing him a lot. I have been hoping that he would be included in the third series, but it looks like that won’t happen.

    I and many others just feel that there is still tons of room for growth with his character, and he just seems to have been completely abandoned. I hear you and others talk about bringing back “the whole team”, but there is never any mention of Jonas at all like he doesn’t matter or even exist. His homeworld fell to the Ori, but he wasn’t even mentioned by name. It was nice to see most of the team attend Ba’al’s execution in Ark of Truth, but it was also a painful reminder that Jonas has been left out in the cold.

    Do you guys realize that people feel this way? If so, is there any chance at all that Jonas might be included in a future SG-1 movie or Stargate series? People really love his character and you can’t say you want the whole team together if Jonas is not there.

    Thanks Brad!

  145. I have two questions for Mr. Wright: Sorry, I’m a little long winded.

    I imagine it is quite challenging as a science fiction writer to reinvent the wheel, especially when it comes to the more innovative aspects of the genre.
    Also, it seems that more writers, and more recent writers are moving away from terse social criticism to rather banal story lines. Science Fiction has almost become a quick overlay to simplified plots.

    Although I find the show quite entertaining, and am invested in the characters, I’m not oblivious to the criticism. So when I read reviews such as Maureen Ryan’s analysis, a reporter with the Chicago Tribune, who is equally a hard core science fiction fan and enjoys the show, but criticised it for the very reasons I mentioned above, I want to know how you approach this type of critique?

    She says:

    “Please don’t recycle the same tired plots over and over again….Sure, it’s hard to avoid the sci-fi standbys (body switching, parallel universe, alien virus, crew member kidnapped by aliens, etc.), but increasingly those go-to stories on the show were executed in a uninspired fashion.” Maureen Ryan “The Watcher” Chicago Tribune

    The second question I have, has to do with personal artistic boundaries.

    I recently came across a rather entertaining interview of Alan Moore by Stewart Lee, a comedian and writer. As many are aware, Moore has a rather eccentric reputation, nonetheless he is and was a commercial artist, and there were a few things that he found quite difficult to accept artistically. As a result of “his line in the sand” being crossed he gave up large sums of money and any sort of creative say in the films created from his work. The cool thing about this interview was how revealing it was of Moore’s charm and warmth (and humour), and how obviously difficult a decision it was for him to avoid Hollywood and all it’s dividends.

    As for me, I’ve no problems with art for money, for money’s sake—hey, everyone has to put bread on the table (though some may have better bread and nicer tables!), but I’m wondering what creative boundaries you have.

    Obviously you’ve handed off a great deal of the creative development of SGA to other writers–even Joe Flanigan has written a few episodes. Nonetheless, have you been confronted with your line in the sand?

    To Joe Mallozzi regarding sleeplessness: It’s either anxiety or anger. Figure out which it is, then get a manicure—always works for me. I like getting that mood changing nail polish—it changes with your mood and it changes your mood. Oh ya and having a strong cup of tea—lots of milk, lots of sugar. (Don’t be so cheeky, I know I’ve made you laugh.)


  146. Hiya Joe!! I think the last time I posted anything on here was when I mentioned that my 11 year old Pug had died in her sleep after we brought her home from surgery. While I still miss her-and always will-it’s getting better. I even got a new puppy back at the end of July!!! She’s a hyper little Apricot colored Pug, and she just turned 5 months old this month. Still having issues with housebreaking and training though…

    I hope you get some sleep soon. And thanks for having Brad on here.


    First of all, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done/put into the Stargate franchise. I love both SG1 and SGA. Amanda Tapping is by far one of my favorite actresses, so I was naturally sad to see her leave SGA. I understand that TPTB don’t always have complete control though, as actors/actresses do have lives of their own and occasionally feel that other things are more important or that they need to focus on other things. I must confess though that I have not watched any of SGA since the character of Sam left.

    Not that I wasn’t trying to though. I just have work and classes to take care of, and both of those are sadly more important than TV. Based on my love for SG1 and SGA, I am more than willing to give SGU a chance. I do hope that there will manage to be crossovers with some of the much loved characters from SG1 and SGA, but I understand that the premise of SGU might not often allow for that.

    And now I’ve got a question or two, lol.

    1) I have heard/read many rumors stating that there is supposed to be a “romantic scene” in the third movie. Is this going to be between Sam and Jack? A real scene, where they both remember it, time doesn’t get reset, neither one of them is under the influence of anything, it isn’t an AU/AT/Aanything? Please? Pretty please? With a viewer for SGU on top?

    2) I’ve also heard/read that Sam is supposed to be back at the end of SGA. Could you give us some insight (or more than what can already be found online) as to what her purpose will be in the episode(s)?

    3) If you have decided to confirm the relationship between Sam and Jack (lets face it, it’s been there since [i]Divide and Conquer[/i]) and make it stick/count, can we expect a bit more than another scene of them fishing at the cabin or pictures of them fishing? Because as great as it was to see them fishing and to see Sam have a picture of Jack and of the two of them fishing, that wasn’t real confirmation. It could all be chalked up to them being friends. And yet, they are so much more. I wouldn’t even necessarily mind if the confirmation were subtle, as long as it is unquestionable THERE for all to see/recognize!!

    Thanks Brad for agreeing to this Q&A session. I really appreciate it, as do many other fans of SG.

    ~Kim in Oklahoma

  147. Question for Mr. Wright,

    Mr. Wright,

    If there are future SG-1 movies, will we see a return of the wonderful team bonds and caring that characterized them in the early years of SG-1 rather than the “Who Cares What Happens” attitude that seems prevalent from seasons 9, 10, and both movies (Ark of Truth and Continuum)?

    In Continuum particularly, it seemed as if a bunch of strangers got stranded in time together…and in fact, I have witnessed strangers in a crisis behave with more care towards one another than the members of SG-1…who have allegedly served together for many years…some for more than ten.

    What brought a great number of the fans to the show and kept us watching week after week, including purchasing Showtime when we couldn’t really afford it, was the CHARACTERS. Not that it was Stargate…but what was going to happen to Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c. I don’t care, and many others do not care, what’s going to happen to another bunch of strangers that happen to have Stargate tacked onto the beginning of their series title.

    We want the quality of characters that brought us in to support the franchise in the first place. In particular…we WANT THOSE characters…


    A Very Disappointed Fan

  148. Hey, Joe, this one is actually for Brad…

    What can fans of SG-1 expect from these upcoming DVD movies? Are we going to see ALL of SG-1 or just select characters interacting? I’ve heard some rumors that Mitchell and Vala will be left out of at least this next film, is that true? I sure hope not! I really enjoy the new additions to the team and Daniel/Vala have become one of my favorite television pairings.

    I hope and trust that you will do your best to honor the ENTIRE team in these films. SG-1 is what it is because of all 10 years, no just the first 8.

  149. Hey JM, I discovered your blog a few monthes ago, and I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to answer our questions.

    For Brad Wright: I’ve been a fan of this franchise for years and I really appreciate all the work that you put into these shows. I was disappointed at the cancellation of SGA, but I look forward to the continutation of the franchise in SGU and the new movies. I heard that you were writing a “romantic” scene for the third SG1 movie and I was wondering if you plan to give all of us jack/sam shippers confirmation. I would also like to know when you plan to realease your new version of Children of the Gods on DVD?
    Thank you very much
    Mena B.

  150. .
    What will happen when SGU bombs?
    Seldom has a show started off with such a large ‘anti-following’ who also never want to spend money on the Stargate franchise again.
    Have you started working on the backup-plan?


  151. Mary said: Except, of course, that cows aren’t sentient beings.

    I suggest you go look up the definition of ‘sentient’.

    In the words of Jeremy Bentham: “But a full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversable animal, than an infant of a day, or a week, or even a month, old. But suppose the case were otherwise, what would it avail? The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but, “Can they suffer?””

  152. Questions for Brad Wright:

    Will Stargate Universe have an orchestral opening theme as SG-1 and Atlantis have? (Please don’t go with some cheesy pop song as too many shows these days do!) Also, will Joel Goldsmith be involved with the music in Stargate Universe, too?

    Will there be a nod to Don S. Davis in the upcoming SG-1 movie? (Maybe a mention of Hammond?)

    Thank you for your time. 🙂

  153. WOW Brad you asked for it and got

    thanks for the Q and A

    okay heres mine, I was watching SG-1 tonight “the shroud” and later i watched SGA “Volcano” and i was laughing my butt off!!!!! Will SGU have that same humor that we all have come to love ???

    I know not everyone is happy about losing SGA for SGU. I cant help be remember how some were not happy that we were getting SGA (me for one) but you won me over and im looking forward to SGU just to give it a try.



    owenboro, ky

  154. Hi, guys!

    I got a chance to share a viewing of Continuum last night with a friend who hadn’t seen it yet. It was a great night for a fire in the fireplace, a big bowl of popcorn (with some cajun spices on it!) and a good flick to share.

    I hope I’ll be doing the same thing with the third SG-1 movie soon enough, now that our Friday night Atlantis fixes are nearly over.

    Anyway, thanks for the great evening I had last night – and I’m really hoping that the next movie has all the same great elements in it – and by elements I mean characters! I’m hoping you guys are planning on asking as many of the regulars back as monetarily possible, and that my faves are available. *Crossing fingers for Claudia Black especially*!!!

  155. For Brad:

    Thank you for creating the show(s) that have sucessfully entertained us all these years and for agreeing to blog!

    1) I am a big Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks fan and for me he has been one of the mainstays of the SG1 series. Understandably I hope we get to see him again in the next (and hoepfully not last) SG1 movie, can you tell if he is a part in the next movie?

  156. Question for Brad Wright
    Are we simply getting one SGA movie because actors such as Joe Flanigan were actually signed onto MGM for six years – hence you have broken the contract? And if SGU is so expensive to make, hence SGA being sacrificed for it, would it not have been better to stick to a tried and trusted show such as Atlantis?

    A very angry and upset SGA fan. Wo will not be watching SGU

  157. The buzz about SGU are so strongly negative. It was a really bad idea announce the cancellation of SGA one day before The green ligth to SGU. I’m against this cancellation. and doing this, you alienated many fans of the loyal base of the franchise Stargate.
    Why don’t put on air SGU for 2 hours movie alongside the show SGA. You’d test the water before continue to series.
    So you could continue SGA on series format what your fans want .
    You have disappointed a lot of them.

    Is it right, if you maintain this decision, that there would be only one movie to put a conclusion to allthe storylines of SGA and put a conclusion to the show itself.
    I hate this idea too.

  158. Question for Mr. Wright: Will your new version Children of the Gods be available on regular DVD or will it only be Blu-Ray? All of the comments I have read have mentioned Blu-Ray. Since so many don’t yet own one of those players, myself included, I am hoping it will be released for the regular DVD player also.

  159. “To those of you asking, it will ideally include all the familiar faces – and then some.”

    And by that you mean Kavan Smith and Chuck Campbell, right? 😉 And a cameo from Bambam would not go amiss! (I mean as himself, like in The Siege, rather than being alienified…)

  160. For Brad (and thanks, Joe!):

    If the third SG-1 movie will be Jack-centric, will you be looking backwards or forwards for a character storyline? Any chance you’ll delve more into his ‘Ancient’ genetics?

  161. You created SGA and I thanks you for this.
    But now you annouce the cancellation in the middle of its success. Why won’t you leave another producers continue the adventure if SGA doesn’t interest anymore?
    SG1 have needed 5 years to develop its characters and take this advantage during 5 more years.
    Sorry to be so naive. sorry to be so bold to tell you this.

  162. At first, sorry for my english, I´m from Germany.
    Although its already to late, I have a question, maybe you could answer it:

    I watched the two new stargate movies and in my opinion both of them were not better than normal episodes.. There was to much story in to short time, continuum would have been better as a three-part-episode, the story of “the ark of truth” could have been in a half season.
    I guess, the films are better for you, because 2 films does´nt cost you as far as much as a whole season, but for me as a fan cost the same as a whole season, when I buy them in a store.
    But why couldn´t you make a new season and sell it directly on DVD? You could make a higher price, because for me and all my friends, the two films were nothing compared to a whole season and I won´t buy new films anymore. In movies the characters can´t develop, the story can´t go on, it´s just not the same. And if I want to see good action, I watch a new film in the cinema which costed ten times as much as yours.
    But for a new season, I would even pay 100 Dollars for the DVDs.. So why don´t you at least try it?

    Thank you, also if you only read it, I just wanted to tell my thoughts about it to a person who is responsible for Stargate.

  163. Dear Brad/Joe,

    First, thanks for ten years of SG1, I catch Atlantis when I can, but that’s the main one.

    Several points really, mostly Astronomy related. Firstly, where is the Pegasus Galaxy? There is the Fried egg galaxy and Stephen’s Quintet in the Pegasus cluster and a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way is called Pegasus. Also, where is Ida? The nearest big galaxy is Andromeda, where I’ve set an empire in, but I think it was Four million light years that was said in Series Four, which is nowhere, as N55 in Sculpter is Five MLY away. Triangulum is Three million light years and all the other galaxies in the Local Group are Irregular Dwarfs.

    I hope the astrophysics of SGU is better, I have spent years researching the local universe of a Billion light years for my own Intergalactic empire saga. It’s complete on the macrocosmic level, I just need to fill in the details now! With over sixty aliens/monsters and worlds/ships etc, it is quite a task. The book ‘Universe’ published by DK Books, the NASA website, and have been my main sources. Check them out.

    I also have ideas for some of the unfinished story strands of SG1- Arthur/Unas/Furlings mainly, which I would like to pitch for a British spinoff- Stargate Imperium. I have a two page outline, if you would like to see it. I could send you my resume which details the dozen scripts I have completed and what I am working on now, two are even with an Agent.

    How far are you thinking ahead with SGU? 1yr? 5yr? 10 even? What really works, I think is the exporation of evil and what it takes to fight it. Having irredeemable evil like Anubis and the Ori helped the show, I’m not sure about the Wraith as they can become Human, but that is what makes great drama for me, would you agree?

    Looking forward to Universe, thanks again.

    Ian M.

  164. Dear Brad,

    I would like to inform you about my anguishes about quality of the becoming SG:U serie. I have just read an article about it and it has not calmed me down. 🙂

    I collected some requests and hope you will appreciate them:
    1. Please don’t try to copy Heroes’ dramatics.

    2. Please don’t use pointless and so annoying camera movements (twiches, rapid zoomings) like we have seen in Battlestar Galactica, except if the scene needs it, for example exciting battles or escapes. (In battlestar Galactica it has been used all the time, it was airy and amateaur.)

    3. Please don’t take the humour and lightness of SG1 and SGA from SGU and don’t sacrifize it on the shrine of drama and excitation. 🙂

    4. Stargate command had/has a lot of Goa’uld weapons like ZAT. I have never seen why has not they given some to the Atlantis team against Wraith’s energy weapons for five seasons. They had primitive bullet weapons for years. And SGC has goa’uld healing devices and these were almost never used. SGU’s team perhaps will need them more than anyone else before… Both of SG1 and SGA had a really great global story integrity, but this deficiency has been a huge gash on this integrity.

    I thank you and Joseph and the whole team for creating Stargate Universe! 🙂

  165. And please, please, very please, do not make a soap opera from this series. I am sorry but I am afraid…

    Thanks. 🙂

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