On occasion, the fine people at SFSignal run something called the Mind Meld feature in which they ask important players in the SF community – and me – to respond to a specific scifi-related question. In the past week, I took part in the Mind Meld not once but twice. What follows are the questions I was asked, my answers, and the links to the responses of a very diverse group.

Q: As a reader, can you enjoy a story that is pushing a different viewpoint from one that you hold (religion/politics)? If the author is prone to holding, and writing about, views opposed to yours, can you enjoy their works or do you stop reading them?
As a writer who got his start in the wonderful world of animation at a time when “edutainment” was the industry buzzword (Hey Kids! Rockin’ Rhino says “It’s not cool to lock your little sister in an abandoned refrigerator!”), I’ve always taken issue with stories that spoon fed their audience a specific viewpoint. Seriously. If I wanted to be taught a “powerful lesson“, I’d tune into the ABC After School Special or pay to attend one of those self-help seminars where the speaker extols the virtues of positive thinking, clean living, and the benefits of paying to attend more of his self-help seminars. However, that’s not to say I won’t read books or watch shows from authors/creators who hold opinions radically different from my own. In my opinion, successful writers do two things well: entertain and challenge, often by presenting ideas that are, at times, out of the comfort zone of their respective audiences. But subtlety is the key. It doesn’t take a genius to offer up a thinly-veiled critique of the social issue du jour, yet great skill and fair amount of finesse are required to contextualize an argument within a narrative framework that doesn’t hit the audience over the head with the glory of its self-importance. Off the top of my head, China Mieville is a wonderful example of the latter, an author whose works are, on the surface, smartly written, pleasurable reads and yet, at their core, charged with provocative, even revolutionary ideas.

Follow the link to check out responses from our buddy Lou Anders and author Charles Stross among many others. http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/007167.html#comments

Q: What makes a successful sf/f book adaption? Why do adaptations sometimes fail?
The instinctive reaction to a question like this would be to stress the importance of remaining true to the original source material but, truth is, two of my favorite SF movies were adaptations that strayed significantly from the books upon which they were based. The film version of Children of Men was markedly different from the P.D. James novel and, while I enjoyed both, I have to say that I was able to appreciate them as separate entities. The same can be said for the movie Blade Runner and Philip K. Dick’s Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep?. I recently read Harry Harrison’s Make Room! Make Room!, an excellent work of noir dystopian SF, and was shocked to discover that while the book makes mention of soylent steaks, there is never any suggestion these rations are anything but soy/lentil-derived protein. In the film version, however, the protagonist makes the horrifying discovery that “Soylent Green is people!”. The movie spun the story off in a different direction and it worked. In a similar vein, while very similar in terms of story, the original Planet of the Apes and Pierre Boulle’s book Monkey Planet contain different but equally enjoyable twists. And then, on the other hand, there’s the 2001 version of Planet of the Apes with it’s nonsensical plot, deus ex machina ending, and memorable salute to the Great Emanchimpator Ape Lincoln. In this case, the adapatation failed miserably. Why? Well, simply put – because it wasn’t any good!

People need to accept the fact that books are books and movies are movies, each to be appreciated on their own merits. In a best case scenario, they compliment one another and, hopefully, draw potential fans from one to the other. In a worst case scenario, they are utter tragedies that leave fans bemoaning the fact that, say, David Lynch was ever given the green light to make Dune.

My advice to filmmakers is to avoid getting caught up in the details of the source material and just concentrate on producing a good movie. Make the movie, not the book because, let’s face it, if you go down that route, you’re just begging for direct comparisons and, at the end of the day, the book is always better.

So what makes for a successful sf/f book adaptation? Piece of cake. All you need is a great script, a visionary director, talented actors, a terrific crew, and, more often than not, a lot of money.

Follow the link to check out the responses from the likes of authors Jennifer Pelland and John Varley: http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/007185.html#comments

Your questions have gone out to author Justina Robson. Now, we move on to our next guest – Stargate Atlantis Stunt Coordinator James Bam Bam Bamford. If you have questions for Bam Bam, let’s see ‘em. Upcoming guests include Playback Supervisor Krista McLean, Editor Brad Rhines, actor and occasional wraith Tyler McClendon, and the magnificent maestro himself, Joel Goldsmith.

Today’s video: Script Supervisor Terry Murray packs up my office.


92 thoughts on “September 17, 2008: The Mind Meld x 2, More Guest Bloggers, and Terry Packs Up My Office

  1. Dear Joe,

    Please Please answer these questions:

    1. We found out in season 1 that there were 60 Hive ships or more in the Pegasus galaxy, now with so much that has transpired ( Our team taking out a few, the wraith civil war, the asuran-wraith war) approximately how much do you think are still out there and will it be adressed in one the season 5 episodes?

    2. The season 4 episode harmony makay said that hes been looking for that place for months because it was where the ancients first developed drone technology. Well since the ancients didint go to the pegasus galaxy untill the whole plague thing that would mean that when they left earth, the outpost didint have any drones there and they didn’t develop drone technology until they got to Pegasus. Well if that is indeed true, then why would the ancients make thousands of drones when they got back?

    3.What ever happened to the other three planets from Weir’s list in the episode Before I slept containing ZPMs?

    thnxs in advance

  2. Oh Joe,
    I know the video was just a tease!!! But come on! Quit tormenting us…please.

    How close is the 3 Millionth hit on your Blog?

    Will you address all the fan comments on the SGU Casting call info? Give us tidbit or two on how things work behind the scenes…please.

    And the Golf hit in the video, was that a tip on where the 100 episode wrap party is being held? Hummm… which golf course should we stake out???

    Patricia Lee

  3. I’m excited you got THE Joel Goldsmith to agree to do a guest blog!!! While the very presence of RDA is what first drew me to Stargate reruns 9 months ago, Joel’s music is what grabbed my attention and has held me since!!!

    Your advice to filmmakers (My advice to filmmakers is to avoid getting caught up in the details of the source material and just concentrate on producing a good movie.) is sound… unless it’s Harry Potter you’re adapting!!! You’d better not mess with Harry!!!

    Questions for Bam Bam:
    What was the hardest stunt you’ve managed to pull off?
    Are there any actors who do their own stunts?
    What sort of stunt is your favorite?

  4. Hi Joe,
    Interesting thoughts on the differences between the book and film medium. I know lots of my friends who get angry or frustrated after seeing movies based on books that don’t follow one another closely. Many of them don’t realize that they are two seperate mediums.
    And just wondering – if Terry Murray is moving into your office, where are you going? How long have you had your office – do you feel sentimentally attached to it in any way?

  5. …finished with my comment as I accidentally hit the “Submit comment” button. Oh joy.

    As I was saying, it’s just depressing, your videos lately. Saying goodbye to Carl? Paul McGillion saying farewell, and now you’re vacating your office?! No! Your work is not done! Come on, think on it; you must have some kind of unfinished business! What about revenge? That’s a good reason to stay a while longer, isn’t it? Revenge?

    I will not accept that this is the end! The end will come when I SAY it comes! All good things can go screw itself; it ain’t ending!

  6. Oh, and WOOHOO!! for getting the Master of Symphonies himself! Maybe he will bring some music samples? Yes? Yes? Hint hint?

  7. Is she really packing up your office? This is all too depressing. I can’t imagine how you and the others feel (cast, producers, writers etc.). I think on Saturday, if it were me, I would be feeling no pain by the end of the evening and have a ball while doing it.

    Joseph, as usual, you have stated your point of view very eloquently. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, you say it like it is.

  8. To ytimynona:
    It’s funny, some of my friends were REALLY angry over the Harry Potter movies being different from the books. I don’t mind so much, as it’d be impossible to fit all of Rowling’s work into a couple hours. However, I DO get frustrated when they change continuity between the movies. The location of the Hogwarts Express Viaduct, the stairs outside the Great Hall changed to a courtyard, a change in location of Gryffindor Tower between movies 3-4…..and I’m just getting started!

  9. Ok, am I the only one who doesn’t get all your hints? I just thought she golfed no big deal.

    Anyway, question for Bam Bam:

    Have you ever gotten hurt on a stunt? If so, how bad and which episode?

  10. I read the SGU “bios” this morning and watched your vid tonight.

    I think I need Prozac now.

  11. It’s funny, but that video is just so very sad…
    This is some kind of Alternate Universe, isn’t it???

  12. Oops, I forgot to say…,
    I read your answers on the questions posed on SFsignal the other day and thought they were perceptive and brilliant. You are very eloquent! I’d read a book by you any day, no matter the subject!

    Oh and one, no two more questions…

    What happened to the video Q&A with Robert Picardo? I worked hard on my questions and would love to know the answers.

    What about the spinning session for the SGA movie! How did it go? Did you and boys come upon any revelations?

    Have a great night!
    Patricia Lee

  13. Just a quick question.

    Ive always thought that the friendship (or alteast respect) between McKay and Teyla didnt get much airtime. In the final 12 episodes of Atlantis will we see more McKay and Teyla scenes?

  14. Argh. I see I’ve missed the deadline for questions to Ms. Robson. I’ll be looking forward to her answers to the questions others have put forward though.
    Here is my belated and highly non-awaited review of Keeping it Real, just to maintain my status as procrastinator as opposed to outright non participant(my excuse being I’ve worked 82 out of the last 120 hours this week). Anyways, onto the review.
    I was a bit leery starting into the story, with the preface/common knowledge chapter setting up the multi-dimension background of the story. It looked like the author might be overreaching her bounds in setting up such a multifaceted playing field, especially with the regions populated by denizens just begging to be stereotyped. Still, it was/is an intruging concept.
    My next reservation came with the appearance of our protagonist, Lila. A gadget laden cyborg? Such a device is often used by writers to allow their characters to pull out improbable victories against overwhelming odds, and too often this detracts from the story. I was pleased to find out as I read that this was not one of those cases. Besides the inevitable emotional baggage the heroine is carrying, it’s soon established that for all the enhancements, she is still vulnerable. And it was fun watching her “accesorize” to fit circumstances, only to find out more armor isn’t always the best thing..
    50 pages into the book and I was well and truly hooked. The action rolled along at a pace that would satisfy all but the most rabid testesterone junkies, the twists in the plots left me constantly suprised, and the touches of humor were that, touches that flavored the text like fine spices accentuating a nice cut of beef.
    There were many points to the book I especially enjoyed. Our hero’s vulnerability, despite her enhanced capabilities. They were counterbalanced nicely by the varied types of magic and how both technology and magic are affected by which realm they are being utilized in. The idea of “Gaming” as an effect of wild magic, putting people into odd situations was a striking one. And what a Game to put Lila and Zal into! The fact that there was not a winner to the Game by the end of the book was a strong point. The whole situation with Tath is something that I’m looking foward to reading about in future volumes.
    In fact, my single biggest complaint about the book was the font in which Tath “spoke”. I found it to be just a bit too sinuous, to the point of almost giving me a headache. That a font setting is my biggest complaint is an indication of how much I actually ended up liking this story. I will certainly be looking forward to the next folume in the Quantum Gravity series.
    Wonderful lineup of guest bloggers you’ve arranged, and special thanks for getting Mr. Goldsmith. I’ll work on my questions for Mr. Bamford to post tomorrow evening. Thanks for the video, and all the work you do here Mr. M.

  15. Okay – I am SO not watching that video – it just sounds depressing… 🙁

    It’s late, I’ll have to think up a question for Bam Bam that I haven’t already asked him…hmmmmm. What’s the deadline for his questions?

    And you got Tyler??! Great! I have lots to ask him! LOL…poor guy.

    Did you ever find out about that question I asked you in private?? And NO – NOT the boxer/brief one… 🙄


  16. I totally agree with you on that first question. As soon as I read the question, I thought, “Well, it depends on how well they disguise it.” I don’t like being hit over the head with lessons, even if they’re ones I agree with. I think this is one reason, generally, that “Christian” films are so utterly terrible most of the time. There’s no subtlety at all.

    The adaptation issue has been on my mind recently. I just finally got around to reading Twilight and have been looking more closely at the info and previews about the movie. It looks like it may be a fair adaptation, though a lot of the characters look vastly different than I imagined them and they’ve naturally played around with certain plot elements. In fairness, though, the book isn’t terribly action-oriented and a lot of what happens seems to be going on inside the main character’s head (at least for the first part), so it’s natural that they’d play up the more dramatic stuff that happens in the last quarter of the movie. Even so, I usually can’t help feeling disappointed with the adaptation of a book I’ve actually read. Even the ones I like a lot, like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, are really disappointing on so many levels. And it seems to me, it’s always easier to get a good adaptation of a book if 1) the book’s not very long, and/or 2) the book’s not very good. Like with fanfic. It’s better to write fanfic about books/movies/etc. that aren’t terribly great rather than ones that are masterpieces, because then you stand a chance of the fanfic actually being better than the original (which I’ve actually seen happen more than once).

    Cute video. Nice to know Venom’s been enjoying himself.

  17. It’s kind of like watching Carol Burnett cleaning up at the end of her show. “its been so nice we had this time together…”

  18. I must say, I agree with pg15 on this: you can’t be done! Find something to stick around for. Then again, imagining how depressing it is for us fans…it must be more so for you. Or, if not depressing per se, certainly more nostalgic.

    Joel!! Oh, this is exciting.

    As to that first Mind Meld question, I would tend to agree with you. Subtle is key. Or at least not bashing you in the head like The Nation (er, the magazine). I’ve found throughout my life, authors have changed my opinions drastically on some issues. That’s what I love about fiction, specifically sci-fi/fantasy. Its fun, but makes you think. For me, the most influential authors have been Orson Scott Card and Piers Anthony. I don’t even have to agree or like an author’s personal opinions to get something meaningful from their books.

    PS: Still taking questions for Bob? I’d love to get one or two in if possible.

  19. I wonder – could I possibly apply to be a Script Supervisor? I think I’m eminently qualified – I’m GREAT with boxes, I am on a constant reshuffle (in the box? out of the box?) at the moment with the builders and decorators here – and I know how to leak – er – keep a script secret! I have a certificate in that! And I did write a script for a play which was performed but I’d have to polish up the little I know about writing a teleplay. Sorry, if this is a job interview I shouldn’t be telling you my weaknesses, should I?
    Please amend that to – “I’m currently working on my cutting edge knowledge of teleplays”.
    I also had a great aunt who was a continuity person in British films, which I am sure will impress you sufficiently to take me on.
    Okay, Joe? I’ll be incredibly helpful as I supervise the script of the new SGA film! And pack things up! Shall I stuff some clothes in my bag and head on over?
    Cat, waiting with baited breath.

    Oh, and a question for Bam Bam:

    Which is your personal favourite type of stunt to set up or to perform, and are there any kinds of stunts you enjoy less?

  20. I have a few questions for Bam Bam – how did you get started in stunts? Which of the actors pick up the choreography for the stunts (i.e. fighting) the fastest and how long do you usually practice before you have the actors at full speed?

    I’m sorry to hear that you have to vacate your office. Maybe when SGU starts and you stay you’ll get a bigger office. I wished I lived in Las Vagas for when you guys will be there filming, but sadly I live about a four to four and a half hour drive away. It’s not that far but I’ve heard the drive through Westguard Pass can be brutal. I’ve never been but my parents tend to go once a year but I think they’ll skip this year because my dad just got a new job. I also finished my third day at Starbucks and I like it but I’m still a bit intimidated – way too much to remember. I did get to make a drink for a customer today and he seemed to like it.

    I also got the second book to The Orphan’s Tales today and can’t wait to start it but I’m re-reading the Twilight Saga since I just got the fourth and final book today in the mail as well. My mom seems to be enjoying In the Night Garden and I’m jealous because she’s keeping all the various stories seperate and is following them a whole lot better than I did. Now it’s 12:25 am and I have to go to work tomorrow. Have a great night.

  21. I read the character bio’s posted on Gateworld and I sincerely hope that they are wrong. I really don’t mean to offend but they are terrible. Why do we need younger actors/actresses???? I am 17 and I love Stargate the way it is with the older but not OLD actors… Are you aiming to cater for the tweens? (8-13 year olds?) Because those are the ages I see wanting to watch this… You see little kids dressing like Paris Hilton and it’s depressing, that’s what I feel this will be like, this is awful. It just doesn’t seem very appealing.

    One other thing that has been bugging me, if SGA was too expensive, won’t SGU be even more so considering a lot of it will be on a ship and they’ll have a lot of special effects for it and everything. I’m sure SGA would be cheaper in that respect.

    I can’t help but feel even more put off than before, now that I know what the characters may be like. I would really love to know what the heck were you thinking?!

  22. “My work is done here” and David Hewletts Twitter gave me a sad start of the day (even more with the casting call I read yesterday).

    Thank you for the great job you’ve done!

  23. Aren’t you just going to move back in when the Stargate: Universe starts up? or did I miss a reeeeeeeeealy important post….

  24. Did that nasty Terry want to throw all your toys out…bad person that she is!

    ***It is my birthday on 19 September – can I get a mention, please, on Thursday’s blog entry. ***


  25. Oh Joe. That was kinda sad watching Terry pack up some things into boxes. It kinda seems awful to think of you moving out of your office. And trust me when I say I know how hard it is to move on from something you have been a part of for many years.
    Have you got any big plans for the future that you would like to share with us? Perhaps a trip to Australia?? 🙂 We have some pretty weird food you could try!!
    Thank you Joe.

  26. @ DAS
    You could see Todd as Mortimer? I don’t think Todd would run about all flustered like that, then again he’s not a fit for Jonathen either. Teddy perhaps? Still, it would be hilarious to see him stuck with two batty old birds like aunt Abbey and aunt Martha. They could compare scores, though Todd would have their twelve beat hundreds of times over!

    Tylers coming, fangirl squee!
    more wraith please

  27. I’m looking forward to Viggo in The Road. I think the film will either be brilliant or not work at all. It’s probably dependent on the performance of the Aussie kid they’re getting to play the son.

    Personally I think people are adapting books (& tv shows and I’m talking cinema releases like SATC, Get Smart etc) into movies too much. I’d love to see more original screenplays get made. Perhaps it’s too risky. Studios would rather put their money behind something familiar.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. G’day Bam Bam or is it BamBam? Anyhoo, thanks for all of the arse-kickings you’ve delivered in your time on Atlantis 🙂 now onto the questions

    1. Who would win in an arm wrestling contest, you or Dan Shea?

    2. How much fun was “the big jump” in Outcast? Was that the biggest jump you’ve done?

    3. Were you really a stunt double for David Duchovny on The X-Files? If so, are there any memorable stunts I should watch out for (I’ve got all of the DVDs)?

    4. Are there any massive fight scenes coming up in the rest of Season 5? I’m thinking something along the lines of Mitchell/Marrick in AoT (which was brilliant!), perhaps with a certain Lieutenant-Colonel and an elusive Wraith.

    p.s. please come to Australia, we have sharks. LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  29. Joe – I have to say I agree with you about the movie adaptations. I know I went to Narnia and a couple other movies with someone who had extremely high expectations for the movie adaptations’ faithfulness to the books she adored so much and I just looked at her and said “it’s the movie. did you really expect them to keep in EVERYTHING?” Personally I enjoy seeing how a book is interpreted into film and if done well, it joins my dvd collection – if not, it gets mocked with friends.

    also, what is it about the Harry Potter movie adaptations that has people all up in a tizzy anyway? I had though JKR was rather involved with those… I thought they’ve been done pretty well, for the most part, especially movie 5, which I loved far more than book 5 (which I could barely read in its entirety).

    oh yeah and question for Bam Bam… first of all I want to say that I love your work with Stargate, it’s been fantastic. I think my favorite fight sequences have been the ones between Ford and Ronon in “Runner” and Ronon and Tyre in “Broken Ties”. Which fight sequence(s) was your favorite to work on?

  30. Joe, could you ask Joel if he could make a “Stargate Fans” theme? you know, a theme for the Stargate fans, and it could “premiere” here or alternately be played during the credits on the last ep of Atlantis? 🙂

  31. Have you ever read any of the Stargate Novels?

    Atlantis “Mirror Mirror” was really interesting. It had
    everything I love about science fiction: time travel, alternative universes, and Artificial Intellingence.

    Any idea when we will know what the movie will about?


  32. Packing up one’s office, apparently for the last time, very sad. My condolences. I tried to pull a Milton (Office Space), I had moved offices 3 times before finally, back in May, was given 10 min to get my shit before being escorted out.

    Never fear, your next series is near.

    SGU = PUNKED. I hope.

    SF/F book adaptions- I’ll keep naming LOTR and the Harry Potter movies as the best series so far. My pet project is Burroughs’ John Carter, I’d been waiting 25 yrs for the VFX technology to get good enough to realistically put the green Martians on screen, and now is the time. Dune, LOL I was just thinking of David Lynch’s style because of Fringe (btw, feel free to skip that series. Not impressed.)

  33. You don’t even get to keep your office as a writer for the SGA films? Will you be a producer on the films?

    David Lynch’s “Dune” is brilliant! I watch it at least once a year….okay, maybe not. I did love the first year of Twin Peaks, though. One of my all time favorites. I hated the ending of the series though; too much bitterness on the part of Lynch and Frost and that came through in how the show ended. At least I feel somewhat reassured that our main characters in SGA won’t be turned into Wraith or some other evil incarnation at the end. Right?

    Do you think that most films lack the complexity of much of the source material? Or do you think some adaptations find a successful way to either reflect it or replace it with a different kind of complexity. While I enjoy some of the Harry Potter films, I find they lack the complex political intrigue and character depth of the books. Snape in particular suffers from this. I think the films have much less time and room to play in than a book so it makes sense that some of the subtlties and things like development of secondary characters gets pushed aside.

    Some adaptations can also show where a book’s weaknesses are. For instance, seeing Sauron as this eye in the sky makes the whole concept seem a bit silly. What’s the socio-economic base for Sauron’s empire?

  34. The Mind Melds were interesting, especially the one about other viewpoints.
    I like to read different viewpoints because it often gets me thinking “Ah! You can see it that way as well!” and then pondering about it (that doesn’t mean that I adopt it, it’s more like me being surprised or even confused how facts can be turned into different directions even though they are supposed to be facts and therefore objective).
    But I agree on not wanting to be taught a lesson when reading a book for entertainment.

    After the goodbye from Paul yesterday now a packing scene >.<
    A 6th season would have been so great *sighs*

    Btw. do you like reading discussions like yesterday’s about Todd in your comments or do you rather think: “This is my blog, could you *please* have your discussions in the numerous forums available and just normally comment here, freaks?” (No offense meant to anyone by freaks, in fact I don’t really see “freak” as something negative 😉 )
    I’m just curious what you think about such discussions (I like reading them).

    To Bam Bam: Would you like to talk about some funny incidents that occured while performing stunts? Or if somehing just wouldn’t work the way intended? I’d love to read 🙂

  35. Oh Joe, please don’t go!!! 😉 I am not ready to say goodbye to SGA or you!

    Question for BamBam: (It’s in there somewhere I swear!)

    As martial artists, my husband and I pay particular attention to fight sequences and how well they are choreographed and executed. Yours are surperb! How did you manage to get that “big screen” quality and feel into your scenes? (‘Cause let’s face it, most TV fight sequences are crap.) Is it a difference in how you stage them or film them?

    Great work, and thanks for all the fantastic stunts!

  36. question:
    quel acteur a été le plus difficile à dirigé pour les cascades?
    vous arrive t-il de changer à la dernière minute une chorégraphie?
    quel est ton dessert préfèré? moi, c’est une glace aux cookies….

  37. Oh, and a quick note on the supposed ‘desired’ demographics for SGU…

    In my family alone there are 5 males under the age of 20 who watch and loooove SGA. They aren’t impressed with the cancellation at all. In fact the older three are joining in the email campaign to save it.

    So there Mr. Brad Wright et al.

  38. This is a question for Bam Bam;
    In “Conversion”, it looks like someone fom the stunt team did most of the sparring with Rachel besides Joe, who was that and did Rachel do all of her scenes?

  39. Joe,

    I know it’s not your department, and I’m not blind to the fact that you’ll undoubtedly hear these things without my humble comment, but the vast, vast majority of fandom feels like it’s been punched in the gut with the casting call being what it is for Stargate Universe. In addition to so many of us still feeling shocked that MGM and Sci-Fi went ahead and can — er, transformed Stargate Atlantis in favor of this new series, upon reading the casting sheet, there is a unified angst going on concerning the franchise’s upcoming direction.

    As I already prefaced, I know SGU’s early production isn’t your department. I’m writing to you because I would like your perspective on whether we should take the descriptions for these prospective characters at face value or cross our fingers that they don’t wind up so terribly cliche and teen-drama-esque as they sound. I’m not sure if you’ve taken a look at them, but there’s mention to a guy who evokes that ‘college football first year’ sense who is ‘every teenage girl’s dream’, a ‘somewhat spoiled party girl’ and all sorts of things that have all of fandom in an uproar right now.

    A lot of us are holding out hope that it’s an intentional mislead, because for a lot of us, that’s the only plausible explanation for a bunch of early-20-somethings that sound like they’re straight out of the new (or old, I suppose) 90210. We’ve known for a while that Brad wants to skew things younger to bring in a new generation, but by the looks of it, a lot of folks won’t stick around with this new show for the long run and Wright can’t possibly think he can make SGU work on just new fans alone.

    Please bear in mind before coming down too harshly on me that from the start, I’ve agreed with your viewpoint that these *are* the people who brought us Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis; keep an open mind. But it’s increasingly difficult to when the casting call sounds like something fresh out of Stargate Infinity, not a third live-action series.


  40. Hi Joe,

    Are you really packing up? Please say it isn’t so! While I’m sure you have not giving up the campaign to save Atlantis (“never give up, never surrender!”), I know this has had to be one hell of a week for you, so I’m sending hugs your way.
    I am wondering about the logistics of the SGA movie as it concerns the cast. I ask because it’s often been reported that the main cast was contracted for 6 years. If true, do they have to plan their work (say they get cast in another show or film) around the upcoming movies production schedule or does the cancellation of SGA release them from any obligation to make the movie?
    And I second the above reference to have a blast at the party Saturday night (though personally, I prefer to remember what I said & did, less likely to be blackmailed that way). I think I’ll have a party myself, make some of Kimberly’s Florida Sunsets and raise a toast each and everyone one of you.

    Take Care,

  41. Questions for James Bamford.
    1.What is the most complex stunt you had to coordinate for the show?
    2.Have you ever had a stunt go terribly wrong?

  42. Hey Joe!

    Question for Bam Bam:

    Have you ever been serious hurt while doing your work (sorry, had to ask 🙂 ), and, if so, what happened?

    Well, all good things come to an end. That’s a great video, funny and sad at the same time. Nonetheless, you’re a great guy, and you have lots of potential for future work (including the Atlantis movie 😀 ).

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  43. Oh, all kinds of sad lately coming from SGA people. 🙁 Just one question, what happened to the video interview with Robert Picardo or did I miss it?

  44. Questions for Bam Bam:

    How did you get into doing stunt work? Was it something you always wanted to do, or did you discover it later on?

    What kind of martial arts training have you had?

    What’s your favorite fight/stunt sequence that you’ve done on Atlantis?

    Question for Joe:

    Can you tell us about some of those episodes you had waiting in the wings but never quite made into the schedule?


  45. Hi Mr M!

    For some reason my comments for yesterday got lost in Cyberspace.

    Firstly: Thank you to Mr McGillion for his kind words. I hope he makes a return visit to Ireland.
    Second: caught GITM on Tuesday night….Wow!…Great ep. I felt that the Fran/Weir character was excellent…The Weir mannerisms and inflections were spookily good!!
    Also, what a performance by Mr P….. a great bluff for the sinking of the city…a tremenduous piece of acting and why this actor is really at the top of his game….or as they say in telly-speak…”he really brings it”
    Third: Enjoy the wrap party and pass on my heartiest congrats to all those involved…


  46. Some time ago, I believe Rob Cooper asked your blog readers for a listing of movies we felt were better than the books. I remember posting a list of my thoughts on the subject, and others did as well.

    Since opinions are based on preferences and not facts, I do disagree with your statement that “the book is always better.”

    I had a great list of examples regarding movies versus books. If you’re able to find it in all your spare time, you might take a look and see if I am able to persuade you to rethink your opinion.

    I am, after all, immensely persuasive and influential, oh, and very busy and important, too.

  47. Questions for Bam Bam:

    1) Have any stunts gone wrong (hopefully not horribly)? And if so, what has occurred?

    2) What was the most complicated stunt you can remembering having to set up (for either SG1 or SGA)?

    3) Do you think you’ll be going over to SGU?


  48. So Joe. I take it you will be back when Atlantis starts filming the first movie? Or will that be at a different studio. Sure going to miss it. 🙁

  49. One more thought Joe. Please take some awesome photos at the series wrap party and share them with us. Please. 🙂 It would be nice closure.

  50. Hey Joe,

    Please get lots of pictures of today’s wrap? Thanks! You’re the best!

  51. OMG, Mr.M, “coked-up squirrels??? LOLLOL

    (what comes to mind is the old saying “takes one to know one”, perhaps that goes for the network execs, too?) – ah poor us, people raised on MTV, we certainly can´t keep our minds focused longer than a nano-second….; )))

    So, about The Queen, well, Todd rocks ; )) Just got to love this chameleon of a character and Mr. Heyerdahl delivered as always –a s did Rachel Luttrell. Wonder if Toddy can make it to the movies?

    That episode could have easily been a two-parter – enough flesh on that plot bone. Was it ever considered for that?

    Was surprised about the buttoned-up queen-outfit of Teyla, though, not that I needed anything skimpy, defintely NOT – it just struck as different from the usual wraith queen fashion option cross of diaphanous lingerie and dominatrix with lots of cleavage.

    One thing struck me as odd though, it was the curious dynamics between Sheppard and Teyla. Right after S & R, I had thought that tension fixed, but after that the awkwardness was – is – back.

    I wonder whether this is intentional and if so, will it get addressed during the course of the season?

    I always loved the Sheppard-Teyla relationship as presented on screen. (and to all those banto bashers out there -for my usage of the term relationship see end of post) – Teyla and Sheppard were the first to bridge the gap between the Pegasus and Milky Way folks and also on a more personal level.

    For me, John and Teyla is about the soul, about depth and layers of feeling. And I love how it when those layers are played at with just looks and gestures.
    The true challenge IMHO for Shep is not out there in any galaxy but within him

    Their relationship doesn´t necessarily equate romance (though I´d take that – if – big IF-intelligently rendered and true to character).

    Sheppard and Larrin on the other hand (she has that Indiana Jane thing going) are fun to watch, there´s sparkle and Larrin definitely has her own agenda, so surprises abound. Travelers was great fun! But characters like Larrin are all about entertainment and a good time. It´s a pity that Jill Wagner couldn´t reprise her role.

    So wishing all of you a – well – good, satisfying, rambunctious, funny, entertaining wrap–up party.

    Off to new horizons – what else can you do?

    cheers, Deb

    Let me quote Merriam Webster to state my usage of the term relationship here (es.1 + 2): –
    Main Entry: re•la•tion•ship
    Function: noun
    1: the state of being related or interrelated 2: the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship: as a: kinship b: a specific instance or type of kinship 3 a: a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings b: a romantic or passionate attachment

    So don´t beat me with those bantos sticks, go and kick some Wraith or MGM, ahem, behind, ; ))

  52. Um, if you’re staying on to do an SGA movie, won’t you need your office? [Is concerned]

  53. Hey Joe.

    No question today. Interesting responces to the questions though!

    Thanks Joe.

    For BamBam:

    Hi James….um, I don’t have a question for you today, seeing as I’ve pretty much asked you everything on FB 🙂


  54. It’s sad to know that you’re moving out of the office. It kinda makes everything seem real.
    On another note… Penguins aren’t feet scrubbers! 😉

  55. Hello,

    I was told by Darren from Gateworld.net, that your blog was the best way to get a hold of you. I had heard that casting calls were going out for Stargate Universe and i was interested in auditioning for a part. I have read over the character discriptions that are out now and think that i can bring great depth to a character. I would like to try and see if i have what it takes. Now i know that the casting agent is the one to get a hold for casting calls or auditions, but i just do not have their information.

    Again thank you for your time and good look on all your endeavors.


  56. Coucou Joseph! Sa va ???
    Moi je suis trop fatiguer!! 2 heures de sport et 4 heures de Comptabilité! oufff enfin la fin de journée!!

    Demain et Samedi je ne serais pas là, je serais avec mon wraith d’homme♥ C’est dommage que les décor de la citée soit enléver, car d’ici quelque années on se serait marier dedant lol XD ..et on vous aurez inviter Biensure!

    BamBam?? c’est le nom d’un lapin sa? O_o
    A non c’est PanPan. Rasurez moi ce n’est pas son vrai nom??? lol

    “Même si mes cours me prenne beaucoup de temp en ce moement,j’ai toujour un moment pour pensée a vous, je vous adore Joseph♥”

    Bisou Bisou!

  57. @BlueJay- Yes, Todd as Mortimer…with his own twist, of course. Chris wouldn’t play it all flustery…but I would just HAVE to see Todd as Mortimer for one scene – and one scene alone: when he pokes Jonathan (Michael, of course) in the leg with the fork. His expression alone would be priceless!

    And Teyla would just have to be Elaine…”OH! Mortimer!



  58. For those of you which are not willing to give up Stargate Atlantis, there is a petition on my site which youcan sign.www.abbaskarimjee.wordpress.com.If enough people sign, then I will send it to the Science Fiction Channel.


  59. HeY Bam Bam.

    2 questions

    How did you get the name BAM BAM does it have anything to do with the Flintstones and Barney’s son? ; )

    I saw on the ARK OF TRUTH Credits that you were the fight coordinator and Dan Shea was the stunt coordinator? Why the difference? Aren’t fights consider stunts? Are you in charge of both on SGA?

    Thanks for all your hard work. : )

  60. Evenin’, Joe

    You know, with all this flurry of Atlantis coming to an end, it reminds me bizzarely of those final few steps taken between the ‘apartments’ and the public gallery within the Tower of London. I can quite easily see TPTB sat merrily clicking away with their knitting needles along the edges of the crowd.. cawing and grinning, whilst waiting for Atlantis to lay her head on the block.

    Don’t think I saw you or Carl there.. but tis a noisy and rather gruesome crowd that’s gathered. Outnumbered mayhaps only by the furious peasants/fans banging their fists against the locked Tower gates.

    SGU sat in waiting within the stocks?

    Think I need to take more water with my coffee.. >.>

    Question for BamBam:

    Is there a stunt you just wouldn’t do for love, nor money.. no matter how much they paid you?

  61. I agree with Krissie! Careful with Nell’s penguin! 😛

    I also agree with the other person who was talking about the SGU characters. I’m only 15, but I think that early to mid-20’s is simply too young. I like SG-1 and SGA, where most of the characters are old enough to have some prior experience. I also am not to thrilled about the descriptions of the characters. I mean, “party girl” and “every teenage girl’s fantasy”? With characters like that, I’m not sure how SGU will avoid becoming a show about “who’s sleeping with who”? Sorry for the rant.

    On a much more positive note, just wanted to say how much I LOVED “The Queen”! Oh, so many props to Rachel, she was absolutely AMAZING! And I loved seeing Todd again! He’s just such a great character!

  62. Okay, I’m just feeling very sad and melancholy right now between DH’s goodbye Twitter and your video (which I WON’T watch) and the bios of the SGU cast…

    From what I’ve read about the environment on the SGA set being like family, it seems to me that the cast and crew must be feeling a certain melancholy, too, over the fact that this family is scattering. Sure, there will be the movies (hopefully movies in plural – although in the cynical mood I’m in at the moment I’m not holding my breath that MGM/SciFi will do more than one) and I would think that many of the cast will stay in touch – especially since it seems many will be in L.A. looking for other projects. But it won’t be the same as seeing each other almost every day.

    It seems to me that when you have a work environment that’s as special as I’ve heard SGA folks say theirs is (was) – it’s not an easy thing to find again, especially in the tough entertainment industry. Sigh.

    I’m feeling sad for me, too, as a fan. It’s been fun being immersed in the SGA world – being privy to the behind-the-scenes and the personal side of the cast and crew and being able to interact with fans and cast/crew through blogs like Joe’s and DH’s. Reading the fan forums and convention notes, viewing the fan videos. I assume some of this will continue even after the final SGA episode airs and we wait for the first movie. But, for me at least, it won’t quite be the same without the weekly TV series as the glue that holds it all together. And while something similar may arise around Stargate Universe, I don’t see myself being part of that – especially not after reading the casting call bios for SGU…. Ewww.

    On the upside, there are tons of personal projects that I’ve been meaning to get to, and once the final SGA episode airs, I’ll have Friday evenings free! Writing is one of those projects, and interestingly enough, Joe, reading and posting to your blog has helped focus my desire to get on with those writing projects. So, as my SGA fan involvement (okay, some may say obsession) wanes, I’m excited about what’s next on my horizon. And, of course, I’ll still have all five SGA seasons and the upcoming movies on DVD…

    Thank you and the whole SGA team for a fabulous five years, Joe.

  63. Joe, if you are leaving your office now … where is the film going to be written/made???

  64. Hello Joe!

    I am not watching that video, no way. I am of the firm opinion that if you deny that something has happened, is happening, will happen, it won’t! I’m with the ostriches, in sandy territory.

    So my questions to Bam Bam might be a bit inaudible!

    Bam Bam, thank you for the most unusual, varied and efficient fighting techniques I have seen in tv! It’s all a visual feast and a moving (in every sense of the word!) poem.

    1/ Have you considered starting your own fighting school / martial art training school? (Not just for actors but also for members of the public wanting to learn martial arts)

    2/ Have you ever considered using chen tai chi defensive moves? They are not as flashy as other martial arts moves but incredibly effective for small people to use against big attackers.

    Thanks Bam Bam! May you have a long and successful career in beating up people!

    (And I notice that after all, I did manage to set up my Suzie in guard position! Ha! Take that, wobbly bobbly!)

    Thanks, Joe, for the eloquent and well considered responses to the Mind Meld questions. Food for thoughts. I like thinking.

  65. Still a bit sicky…trying to think up a good question for Bam Bam. I haven’t read over all of the questions, so this might be a repeat:

    1. Which actor’s (male/female) growth and development in handling their own physical performances (stunts, fighting, etc) was most personally satisfying to see over the course of SGA‘s run?

    2. Tackling stunt work in full Wraith make-up and attire – how hard is it?

    3. What one single moment in SGA are you most proud to have been a part of, and why?

    Thank you very much!


  66. I was wondering, if Torri Higginson did return in “Ghost in the Machine” how would that episode have ended? please answer!

  67. Joe – not sure if you’re doing any mailbag anytime soon, but I do have a couple questions (besides my naggy one about the gift of life 😉 )…

    1. I know others have asked, but if you’re moving out of your old office, where are you going? Home? Another location? How will people send you coolio stuff now??! 🙂

    2. Anything else in the works yet that you can share with us? Even a wee little hint?

    3. Only if you really care to share – but how are you feeling right now? I mean, we all tend to think of ourselves, but this was just a tv show for us, not our jobs. We really do care about how you’re holding up, and not just dwelling on our disappointment…even if it may seem the other way round. So, I hope we at least give you a smile now and then…especially now.


  68. Hey Joe

    Got a few questions for Bam Bam:

    1) Were you disappointed that the Weir stunt at the end of ‘First Strike’ didn’t work as planned?

    2) Since you’re Bam Bam, can we assume that there is a ‘Pebbles’ out there too?

    3) Were you scared about the jump you had to do for ‘Outcast’?

    Fantastic work with all of the stunts and fight scenes that you’ve been a part of for both SG:1 and SG:A. Thanks!


  69. Actually, why are you cleaning out your office now anyway?
    They’re just finishing up filming, dont you have quite a bit of post-production work and show-runnerer(?) stuff to do before the end of the season?
    Or do you just do it in a different location?

  70. Hey Joe,
    I have questions for Bambam…

    Are you ever coming back to Gateworld? 😀

    And do you have any movies lined up for stunt work after Watchmen?


  71. Hey Joe!

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who hated the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie. *cringe* I loved your answers to sci-fi signal. It’s so true that movies are movies and books are books. Lord of the Rings is a perfect example. I have had MANY people say the books were far better because they had more in them. I think Peter Jackson made the movies long enough. It’s impossible to fit in all that extra info into a movie.

    Okay, I have questions for Bam Bam. Yes I do!

    Hey Bam Bam! Thanks for coming on Joe’s blog to chat with us! You are the BEST fight choreographer on television! Period! And the best for the movies, too. Your fight scenes are made for the big screen.

    Here are my questions—

    1) Please say you will be on American Gladiators in the future. My husband and I would love to watch you beat all those steroid-maniacs. If they won’t have you on the show I’m sure it’s because you’d make them all look bad. You’d be the reason to watch, though.

    2) What did you want to be when you grew up? I’m thinking a librarian. Ok… Just kidding! But seriously, if you couldn’t be a super-amazing-uber stunt/fight choreography, would WOULD you be?

    3) You once told me that the Jaffa costumes were the hardest to wear. Since then I’ve been wondering why. I think you said, “Oh they are awful! I hate them!” It’s not an exact quote. It’s basically what I remember. Now I’m wanting to know… are they hot? Heavy? Pinchy? All of the above? Have you worn something worse since?

    4) How hard would it be to teach a wimp like me to do a fight scene? I have a minor in dance but I don’t believe fighting is like a dance. Jason Mamoa says it is like a violent, angry, dance. It seems way more complicated and dangerous than that to me. Especially if you gave me a sword or some other weapon. I think I’d just beam everyone in the room with it.

    5) Which brings me to my last question. Have you ever had someone who could not learn to do the fight scenes? I only say this because I’m sure I would not be able to do it. It seems MOST people would lack the skill to do a great fight scene. Am I right?

    Okay… I think I have enough questions for you. 😀 Thanks, again for stopping by! I am looking forward to seeing your work on future episodes!

    Trish 😀

    P.S. PG-15: I thought your first post was awesome! Then I read you hit the submit button too early. 😯 I think the first post sums up how I feel though. Joe’s work is NOT done! It CAN’T be! *sigh*

  72. Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to read the entire article, but I do want to respond to the last section of your own MM Q&A.
    “People need to accept the fact that books are books and movies are movies, each to be appreciated on their own merits. In a best case scenario, they compliment one another and, hopefully, draw potential fans from one to the other.”

    Books better than film. This is an old worn out argument isn’t it? For instance:
    Books, of more artistic merit than film – why? “Because” (…wah?)
    Science Fiction is not real fiction—why? “Because”
    Women writers cannot be accepted into the cannon –why? ”Because!”
    People of colour having a place in the cannon should not occur –why? “Because, Because!”
    Writing things down, for that matter, should NOT happen –why? “Because…I dunno?” (Sophocles, believed the written word was a useless technology that would undermine civilized society)
    Obviously, film is a different art than print art. A writer’s tools of the trade (rhetorical device, imagery, metaphor, alliteration etc.) are not a film maker’s or a teleplay writer’s tools of the trade. For instance, you Joe Mallozzi are a teleplay writer; you focus (as you have said before) solely on dialogue for screen, all the other stuff is directed. You can’t paint the same object in oil paints and water colours and expect to get the same results. I realize, you ARE saying this but isn’t this a no-brainer? I guess not eh?

    “In a similar vein, while very similar in terms of story, the original Planet of the Apes and Pierre Boulle’s book Monkey Planet contain different but equally enjoyable twists. And then, on the other hand, there’s the 2001 version of Planet of the Apes with it’s nonsensical plot, deus ex machina ending, and memorable salute to the Great Emanchimpator Ape Lincoln. In this case, the adapatation failed miserably. Why? Well, simply put – because it wasn’t any good!”

    –Right. Not because it was committed to film, but because it wasn’t done well to begin with (in film). dues ex machina or is it dues ex filmica be damned!

    Planet of the Apes, the novel, was in part a response to the explosion of primate research and revelation carried out in the 60s. The 2001 film version, with Mark Wahlberg partly incorporated that information in its telling. It did this by attempting to show the intelligence of gorillas based on the research by primatologist Penny Patterson and Koko, the signing gorilla.

    “In a worst case scenario, they are utter tragedies that leave fans bemoaning the fact that, say, David Lynch was ever given the green light to make Dune.”

    I have to disagree with the comment regarding David Lynch as the director for Dune. (I think, though I am not sure, that you have this same view) As I have often said and will say here, for all intents and purposes, film art (out of all the arts in culture) is a rich man’s business and that rich man dictates to US, the viewing audience, what we will see and be influenced by. Our culture is dictated to us, in this sense, unless you are one of the few who have the time and/or the education to be a film connoisseur, among other things, and can appreciate good narrative regardless of the budget; –but very few “regular people” with hectic lives have time to do this. For the most part, we (the rank and file) just want to plop down on the sofa, stretch out our howling dogs, at the end of the day, and stare wide eyed at the boob tube and the pretty moving pictures. Pretty, pretty, pretty pictures.

    So to clarify, although Ridley Scott was the intended director, his focus (for various personal reasons) had to be set on Blade Runner which itself was rife with setbacks and financial meddling by producers. Also, it too was panned by critics at the time and took some 20 years before any audience on mass appreciated it. Dune however, AT THE TIME won an Oscar, a Saturn and a Hugo award. Sure, they may not all have been given for directing; however he must have gotten a few things straight. And now the film is an enormous cult favourite. The sad thing is, Lynch himself distances the film from his career; not because it wasn’t a work of art “in process” albeit, but because he was prevented from achieving his vision. Perhaps he was not as surly or feisty as Ridley Scott is, and therefore did not fight hard enough to “get his way” –I don’t know. But to deride Lynch as “not able” to direct the film is silly. He was probably the best creatively to direct it because of the eccentricities needed to bring Frank Herbert’s novel to the screen. I don’t know if you’ve read the novel, but it is dense—very dense and difficult and wondrous! All of the elements Lynch is capable of.

    “My advice to filmmakers is to avoid getting caught up in the details of the source material and just concentrate on producing a good movie. Make the movie, not the book because, let’s face it, if you go down that route, you’re just begging for direct comparisons and, at the end of the day, the book is always better.”

    This is true. It is a curiosity though that people will favour one medium over and above another depending on which one he/she sees first.

    So what makes for a successful sf/f book adaptation? Piece of cake. All you need is a great script, a visionary director, talented actors, a terrific crew, and, more often than not, a lot of money.

    Again, a rich man’s (or woman’s) art. Unless you have the mula (and the complete control—essentially winning the lottery), you’re not going to be able to tell that story in that format. This is why those of us (will sound bitter right now), who enjoyed SGA, will be subjected to 90210-SG-whatever, because the assumption, by the good ol’ Hollywood boys who have money, is that everyone wants to see Young People F###ing. Or was it Young People Getting STDs? No, no that’s not it…Young People’s Fecundity…or Fettuccini …or fishy, fish, fish? Sushi, it was sushi. Young People Sushi (lol)! Am I laughing at my own joke? Yes, I think I’m laughing at my own joke.

    Here’s some pictures of my kitties:


    I think I’ve double posted, because I can’t see my comment here. 🙁 Oh, well, I’m going to Post this at the WDC too. 😀

  73. I have a question for Bam Bam Bamers:

    So, you’re, a cutie. Have you ever kissed someone with your wraithie teeth in?
    So, whaddayou think: Is it “really” dangerous to french kiss a wraith?

    …serious question. I guess 😉 (snicker)


  74. Question for BAM BAM…

    Alex Levine wrote in this week’s SGA blog about Tracker:

    “As for the specific stunts, when you’re watching the show keep in mind the following: When Ronon tackles Kiryk off a cliff, there are no stunt guys or visual effects involved. Both actors actually go flying off the cliff and land on some pads out of frame. Also, Will told me that Jason actually wanted to be the stunt guy for the spiked log gag (you can’t miss it). Of course he wasn’t allowed, because if Jason gets injured, we have to stop shooting. But apparently he kept arguing with Will about it and Will had to say no a hundred times. Will also mentioned that they had a lot of laughs shooting the decapitation scene. I imagine you viewers won’t find it so funny, but shooting it was kind of silly.”

    1- Could you please elaborate on what the silliness was about?
    2- Also, will we get to see a behind the scene extras of you and your team on the Season 5 DVD’s? If not, is there still time to ask Ivon if he would film one? Please! And thank you!
    3- Did you go to Las Vegas? If so, what was a memorable moment in shooting there that you can share!
    4- Finally, do you know yet if you will be continuing as stunt coordinator for the SGA movie? And will you be at the Creation Con in Vancouver in April 2009.
    Thanks for a wonderful 5 year run and keep us up to date on GW as to your next projects so we can look for you in the credits and actions scenes. Best Wishes!

    Patricia Lee

  75. Mr. M,

    1. As the lady in the video put everything back, I assumed you were just ‘winding us up’ with the whole office packing thing. Once again, I have to ask, am I just stupid or did the other commenters just not watch to the dire end?

    2. While packing up your office, she didn’t happen to come across that special thing you promised to send me after “Whispers” aired, did she? When I sent you the chocolate mixes and the thank you letter I made a request you agreed to in your blog entry. Remember? I also reminded you during the filming of the episode. Any of this sound familiar? I’ve recently re-sent my address to you at moorsyum so you don’t have to go digging for it. Reply if you need more hints. 🙂

    3. [I hope the following is coherent as I’m extra-doped up today due to an ‘incident’. This issue interests me greatly.] I would read a novel by someone from a political party other than the one I back, but only, as you said, if the story didn’t beat me over the head with the author’s politics. I would judged it as I would any book. Same for authors who have different opinions — moral, religious, political or a combination — on issues such as abortion, immigration, etc. As long as their views aren’t gunking up the story, I’d finish the book.

    There is, however, a limit to just how different that viewpoint can be for me. I don’t read books or watch movies made by Nazi collaborators or people who espouse such causes as racial inequality, ethnic cleansing, or Man-Boy Love even if those issues/beliefs are never mentioned in the book. Same with books by criminals exploiting their crime for profit.

    Do you have a limit? How far out of your comfort zone is too far? My sister and I argue over this quite often.

    Is taking your children to the local Catholic church’s Summer Social when you yourself are a nonbeliever — maybe even an atheist — wrong? What about buying a book of photography by a woman known to be a Nazi sympathizer and strongly suspected of being a collaborator?

    Where is that line?

    Anne Teldy

  76. Bam Bam,
    Obviously there are some actors who can do their own stunt work and other who can’t. Are there set limits and guidelines you need to follow in terms of how much of a stunt an actor is allowed to do? Have you ever been told not to allow an actor to do a certain stunt? Finally, just a random question here, if somebody was interested in becoming a stuntperson, what skill would you say is most important to master? Thanks!

  77. Hello again Joe,
    I been meaning to ask, why the posting time on your blog always an hour behind?

  78. I figured that since you are doing the SGA movie that you would be in your office at least until then. Is this a joke or am I wrong. It must be some bittersweet times right now no matter which it is.


  79. Ok, first Paul’s goodbye video and now the packing up video – are you trying to make me cry Joe? 😕

    I don’t like this. I don’t deal well with change goddammit!!!

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