Sablefish liver, grilled scallops and melon
Sablefish liver, grilled scallops and melon
Salmon (and “wing”) with homemade potato pierogi
Salmon (and “wing”) with homemade potato pierogi
The presentation...
The presentation...
The rack!
The rack!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake
Chocolate overload!
Chocolate overload!
Foie gras with Corinthian grapes
Foie gras with Corinthian grapes
Ted calling the shots
Ted calling the shots
Dinner and dessert
Dinner and dessert
Alvin is back from a year in Italy and raring to cook
Alvin is back from a year in Italy and raring to cook
Spot prawn one way...
Spot prawn one way...
And another way
And another way
Veal meatballs with gnocci in black truffle brodo
Veal meatballs with gnocci in black truffle brodo
Alvin amazing
Alvin amazing
Alvin amazed
Alvin amazed
Fuel's trademark crispy duck
Fuel's trademark crispy duck
Pulled duck with charred scallion and whole roast garlic tortillas
Pulled duck with charred scallion and whole roast garlic tortillas
Carl gives 'em the thumbs up
Carl gives 'em the thumbs up!

With Fondy out of town for two and a half weeks, I was fully prepared to follow a simple, no-fuss home meal plan (a.k.a. eating a sandwich standing over my kitchen sink) but, despite my best intentions, I’ve ended up dining out far more often than I’ve eaten it. Last week, it was a final Atlantis 2008 dinner with Bob Picardo at Fuel. We had the ever-delicious corn soup, perfectly prepared salmon (and “wing”) with homemade potato pierogi, and a spectacular rack of lamb served with corn succotash and crown pork. To end the meal, Bob enjoyed the crème brulee and split the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake

with albion strawberries, caramelized cream and vanilla foam with me (I know, I know. I don’t usually mix fruit with dessert but these strawberries were incredibly sweet with not a touch of tartness).The gang in the kitchen also created an extra-special, mind-numbingly decadent dessert that incorporated dark and milk chocolates, rich cream, crushed hazelnuts, and Nutella. I was so overwhelmed that Bob had to guide me back to my car, put a brick on the gas pedal, and carefully steer me into traffic before seeing me off.

Two days later, I was back with a hankering for more corn soup. I sat at the bar where I chatted with the crew, left me meal in Ted’s infinitely capable hands and enjoyed, yes, a bowl of the corn soup, sablefish liver a la Ted (golden fried to smooth, crispy perfection), foiegras with Corinthian grapes, pork loin and gnocci, and a sneak savoring of a new seasonal addition – a gorgeous and aromatic chanterelle soup. I decided to forego dessert in favor of a second bowl of corn soup.

Then, Sunday night, Marty G. took me to dinner. Guess where. Yep, we were back at Fuel. Again, we sat at the bar and this, time, Avlin called the shots, More corn soup, prawn two-way, incredibly flavorful veal meatballs that even my traditionally dubious Italian mother would have loved (again, served two-ways), and the restaurant’s now trademark de-boned crispy-fried duck. Martin tapped out and skipped dessert. I, uh, opted for a finishing bowl of corn soup.

Last night, Carl and I hit Cobre, the Nuevo Latino hotspot in gastown. The neighborhood is a little skeevy but, on this night, our window seats overlooked the street level action and included an unobstructed view of the crafts service table for some production shooting in the area. Between courses, Carl and I entertained ourselves by playing a little game I like to call “Teamster or Tramp?”. As for the food – Carl was mightily impressed. We ordered five tapas dishes – actually six if you count the second order of pulled duck with charred scallion and whole roast garlic tortillas – and, when all was said and done, Carl was already making plans for a return visit. In addition to the aforementioned pulled duck tortillas, we had the wild boar chorizo and nugget potatoes tortillas (a little light on the chorizo and a tad heavy on the potato), a superbly salty and sweet Indian candy tamale with green apple jalapeno jelly and plantain fritos, a fine white corn free range chicken taquitos with homemade guacamole, and the Maple chipotle glazed beef short ribs with that proved tasty but a little stringy and not all that meaty. All in all, a very good meal.

Tonight, Paul and I are heading out to dinner with some friends, including Jennifer Finnegan who most of you know as Annabeth Chase from Close to Home but Paul and I know, far, far better as Kim McCloud from our very first live-action series, Student Bodies. Well, I suppose we also know here as Jen Finnigan as well… Also joining us tonight will be fellow Student Bodies alums Sarah Edmondson and Ross Hull.

Then, this Friday night, it’s dinner with my agent followed by Saturday night’s series wrap party. Hell, there is no way I am squeezing into that tux.

Thank you to everyone who has weighed in with their thoughts on Keeping It Real. Just a reminder that you have one more day to post your questions for author Justina Robson…

Drldeboerwrites: “I definitely wanted to hear the song and was disappointed to find to be offline. I then checked Cynic Guru’s site for it and have to say that the song Doom (I agree it’s funny in itself if you ever played the game like we used to) does fit what I imagined The No Shows played, stuff not my taste (synthy rhythym & bubblegum) but technically pretty good.”

Answer: What did you expect? The band is made up of an elf and fairies. Did you know that Britney Spears is half elf on her mother’s side?

Antisocialbutterflie writes: “ I liked the fact that the demons weren’t the traditional evil creatures as defined by Christian standards, but rather they present a different side of the magical coin from the elven magic.”

Answer: Oh, agreed. I also loved Zal’s half-sister and was kind of hoping she’d play a bigger role in the proceedings. Maybe next book?

Antisocialbutterflie also writes: “ Zal failed to capture my attention to the degree I am accustomed. It may have been that he remained disconnected from the audience just a bit too long to for me to connect with him. Or it was because he was a self-absorbed jerk.”

Answer: Perhaps a little of both. It’ll be interesting to see what Robson does with the character in future books. I suspect there’s more to Zal than the mere surface impressions we were treated to in Keeping It Real.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Firstly, I Loved It! But then again I have a thing for elves…”

Answer: I knew it! The last line of my first paragraph in yesterday’s entry was a specific reference to you.

Narelle from Aus also writes: “It took me a while to grasp Lila’s essence. Her modifications made her insecure in the way a lot of women are.”

Answer: Yes, the parallel insecurities of both main characters (Lila and Zal) wasn’t lost on me. However, unlike Zal, we were offered a glimpse into Lila’s mind and, thus, were better able to sympathize with her as she struggled with her cyborg modifications. As you pointed out, Zal’s acceptance of Lila said a lot about him given the emphasis placed on the physical scarring she must live with.

Terry writes: “ The revulsion that the elves have for Lila, a product of science, is most interesting especially since Lila had an initial feeling of dislike for the non-science bound elves–I could suggest that it’s a deliberate display of the divide between the ‘green’ environmental nuts and those who live through science.”

Answer: Hey, interesting. I never thought of that but now that you mention it, yes, it’s very easy to draw parallels.


Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Ivanaaa’s cousin’s little girl.

Today’s video: A goodbye message from Paul McGillion.

105 thoughts on “September 16, 2008: My Simple Meal Plan Goes Out the Window, Keeping It Real, and Paul Mcgillion Says Goodbye

  1. I’m appreciating the “possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” links today … You know, you could also have named today’s post: “How my diet consists of every possible thing Riley can’t or won’t eat”. Being a gluten- & corn-intolerant vegetarian there wasn’t a single thing you ate that I could have! You should take me to Fuel sometime – you could eat my share of everything … so it doesn’t go to waste, you know. And I’ll drink all the wine, so you can drive home safely.

  2. Hi Joe,

    What is succotash and how do you make/cook/prepare it??

    Thanks to Paul for the lovely farewell video.

    I applied for a new job last week, and was surprised to be invited back for an interview which took place this morning. Now I have to wait – very nervously – for the manager to conduct more interviews. She has to put a new sales team in place in less than four weeks as her other workers are leaving.

    But I think I am going to like working there. The manager and I spent a hour talking, and it didnt feel like much of an interview (as far as interviews go). The sales position is at Rodd & Gunn.

    Take care. Is it safe to say, “Don’t eat too much”? I dont know how you do eat so much and don’t put on weight. I am envious. I only have to look at a Ferrero Rocher or Guylian box and I am putting on weight. 🙁

  3. Hello Joe,

    OMG… amazing food pictures… now I’m hungry! A very detailed synopsis of your recent adventurous dining experiences! Thank you very much! Will the corn soup be on the menu at Fuel in April? If not, could you ask Chef Belchmen if he’d be willing to freeze a portion or two for service in April 2009?

    Thanks for the Paul “thanks you” video. How sweet!

    When will we get to see the video of Robert Picardo answers all of our questions? Did you give him the list so he can prepare his answers?

    Oh and your comment about the ratings looking great on your résumé, does this mean that Brad Wright (a.k.a. Brad WRONG) has not picked you to be on the SGU writing team? If that is true, tonight head lines will read…”Fans of Joe Mallozzi & Paul Mullie unite … an out cry of epic portions was heard around the globe! How dare WRIGHT not pick you!!! Dam the torpedoes, full speed ahead and hundreds of other clichés…were heard as outraged fans lament woefully!!!”

    Finally, Joe could you please answers this question:
    In your humble opinion, do you think that we the fans could get MGM/SciFi/Wright to change their minds and bring back SGA for a 6th season, or is all we are tying to do in vain? If you don’t think it is hopeless, please ask all the writers and SGA crew to join us at Hey Nielsen and post their agreements and comments!

    Patricia Lee

  4. All that talk about food, you’ve made me hungry,methinks it’s time for a midnight snack!

    Short but sweet message from Paul, gr8

  5. Thanks for the Video from paul.

    I must be really hungry cause I’m thinking what you ate sounds good and usually it doesn’t. Could also be that tonights dinner was a sandwich because of my numerous meetings today. Glad to see I am not the only one who has a sandwich for dinner at times.

    Take a picture of you in the tux to show us. If you happen to get the cast too, it wouldn’t hurt (lol).

  6. Awww that was so sweet of Paul, what a guy. Love his accent.
    I think it’s starting to sink in that the SGA is really cancelled.

  7. Thank you Paul! for such a great series and also a great character. One of my all time favorites. And y’don need the accent anymore 😛

    Thanks again Joe for being such a great producer/writer and especially one that is so friendly to the community with all the extra work you do to post nightly to your blog. You are one of a kind.

  8. I loved Paul’s “Goodbye” video . . . even though it crushes my heart to tiny pieces. **slight sob**

    As for your eating plan, don’t worry. It’s what happens to the married person who is left at home to fend for him/herself. Pat (my husband) does this every time I’m not home to make dinner. It’s very rare that he’ll cook a meal for himself & the boys (his spawn, they’re evil teenagers).

    The crispy duck looked very tasty. I hope it was very yummy.

  9. To Joe: The food pics, you’re killing me. I’m going to have to come to Vancouver one of these days.

    Paul: God love ya! We hope to see much more of you in space and everywhere else.

  10. Hey Joe!

    I just ate and am stuffed (Quiznos sub 😉 ), but your pictures make me salivate still! If I ever go to Vancouver, I am definitely making my first stop at Fuel to eat, it looks too good! Now, if only scientists would develop a computer where you can grab food off the screen and eat…then your blog would be one of the most visited websites on the internet. 😉

    Thank Paul McGillion for the goodbye message, he’s such a great guy!

    Thanks as always,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  11. It’s bad enough work is keeping me busy enough to not have time for my review. But the pictures from your dinners are added torture, given the appalling meals I’ve been subjected too. Heck, I’ve even paid for two dinners and didn’t even get leftovers as my share of the second dinner. Mr. McGillion is definitely a class act, even among the wonderful cast and crew of our favorite show. Thanks for the postings, and when I finally finish off my 48 in the morning, I’ll try to get in my comments on Keeping it Real…

  12. Ya, it’s me again. Please take lots of pics at the wrap party. You in your tux of course and EVERYBODY else.
    You can tell a certain person, who shall remain nameless, it’s a fan request.


    And thank you for 5 wonderful seasons and especially being a good friend to the fans and a true fan advocate.

    Hope the dog poem is still on your fridge.


  13. Joe, your videos do NOT want to work for me lately, and it’s making me sad!

    I was wondering something, have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog yet? I have a feeling you’d like it, if you haven’t. You can buy it on iTunes or watch it for free…I prefer that…on the official site for right now, here’s the link:

    Apologies if I’ve mentioned this before, I’ve got bad memory.

  14. Hey, Joe, which book should I read first Natural History by Justina Robson or Keeping It Real?

  15. Aw, that was sweet. He took his gum out.

    I don’t think I’ll get the job I was interviewing for. Sometimes being awkward doesn’t pay off in the end, I don’t think. I’m not sure it pays off at the beginning either.

  16. Hey with SGA cancelled.. how are you going to manage to get the cast together to make the new films? Won’t they be off doing other projects?

    Gosh that food looks …….gorrrrgeous.

  17. Ugh…can’t watch that video. I really don’t like good-byes. Really. 🙁 So, gonna make this simple…I just want to thank everyone for 5 great seasons, with a special thank you from Gateworld’s Wraith Defenders – and fans of the life-suckers everywhere – to all who made the Wraith possible, especially the actors for giving life and breath to such beautiful and intriguing characters.

    And if you happen upon Chris H, Joe, just give him a great big bear hug from me…nothing creepy or untowards, if you can manage that. 😉

    And, ya know – thank YOU, too…for your part in the show, and especially for putting up with me these last few months (probably seems like many torturous years by now, eh?? 😛 ). You’re a good guy, Joe…and it’s been a pleasure.

    Oh, and one last thing:




  18. Joe,
    The video wasn’t long enough! It cut off Paul’s “Thank you.” I love his accent. Do you think he could call me just to talk? Or just leave me a voicemail to tell me thank you and about Carson’s baby turtles? I just love his accent!
    And the food looks delicious!!! Send me some…please

  19. Thanks for the Paul McGillion video =)
    Thank him from us, too!!! And tell him that, God willing, we’d LOVE to see him in a space-related context soon!!!

    Don’t feel bad about ditching the simple meal plan though… I did as well!!! I signed up for the 7 meals a week plan from the dining hall (the smallest I was allowed to!!!) and planned on eating cereal for breakfast and pb&j for lunch and using the meal swipe for dinner… well, I ended up buying a whole bunch more than just pb&j and cereal!!! I swear, I could feed a small army for a month with the food in my dorm room!!!

  20. Oh wow. Yum. Though I bet the Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Chowder I ‘m used to is nothing like what you eat. But… another month and it’ll be cold(ish) enough to make it.

    You’ve made me laugh (and hungry) tonight. Thanks for the laughter, but the hunger? I’d just made the decision to eat better and join a gym. Thanks. Bunches.

    Good luck with the tux!


  21. Thanks to Paul for the nice video.

    I couldn’t help but notice you seem to really like corn soup, Joe, perhaps to the point of an intervention and a twelve step program. 🙂 Speaking of corn products, have you ever had corn nuggets? I know it’s a local thing here in the cornfield, but it’s possible that they exist elsewhere; I’m not well traveled. They sound unpleasant, but they are very good, especially when dipped in syrup.

    Yeah, that settles it. I’ll be getting an order of those tomorrow night at Ted’s Garage. Wow, I’m glad I’m not on a diet. Your blog could easily wreck it for me. 😉

  22. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    There are three questions that have been bothering me forever and I was wondering if its not too much asking if you can clarify these with your expanded knowledge on our beloved show: SGA.
    1. We found out in season 1 that there were 60 Hive ships or more in the Pegasus galaxy, now with so much that has transpired ( Our team taking out a few, the wraith civil war, the asuran-wraith war) approximately how much do you think are still out there and will it be adressed in one the season 5 episodes?

    2. The season 4 episode harmony makay said that hes been looking for that place for months because it was where the ancients first developed drone technology. Well since the ancients didint go to the pegasus galaxy untill the whole plague thing that would mean that when they left earth, the outpost didint have any drones there and they didn’t develop drone technology until they got to Pegasus. Well if that is indeed true, then why would the ancients make thousands of drones when they got back?

    3.What ever happened to the other three planets from Weir’s list in the episode Before I slept containing ZPMs?

    Thanks a lot

  23. Any chance that Ivon will be bringing his camera to the wrap party for a DVD extra? Sort of like they did for the final season DVD special features for “Enterprise?” Would be fun for the fans to see the cast and crew, and management, arriving all gussied up…and maybe see their comments, etc.

    On a personal note, I too want to thank you for your kindness to the fans during the Atlantis run, and hope you continue to keep us up to date with your working world, your thoughts and rumminations, and your dogs!

  24. Awww, that was sweet of Paul; thank him for us! 🙂 Not just for the vid, but for his time on the show!

    Keeping It Real sounds very interesting — I hope I get an opportunity to read it at some point. And I hope you do end up doing one of the Dresden Files books for the book club — I’d be interested to see your reaction. 🙂 For that matter, did you ever get around to On a Pale Horse?

    Hey dasNDanger, we’re having an … interesting discussion on Todd on the bottom of the page formy review of “the Queen” — thought you might want to weigh in, if you have the time. (In other words, I’m thinking you might be better able to defend Todd with examples than I, so I call on your expertise.)

  25. Joe wrote:

    Answer: I knew it! The last line of my first paragraph in yesterday’s entry was a specific reference to you.

    Damn it! Am I that transparent? I’d be interested to know the psychological reasons for being attracted to elves, but then I might also be slightly disturbed. So I’ll just leave it and continue to live in blissful ignorance.

    I second that of antisocialbutterfly in relation to the Demons. Do you think it was a purposeful stab at stereotypes that religion has infused into people over a millennia or two and how just because they say so doesn’t mean they are correct?

    Sherwood Forest Maiden wrote:

    What is succotash and how do you make/cook/prepare it??

    And what do you do to succotash to make it suffer?

    Don’t worry you will get into that tux. There are probably many chickies reading this blog that will have a suggestion or two to help you out. The first one being, breathe in. And if it still doesn’t fit, the second suggestion, breathe in deeper.

    I blame you for my new Nutella addiction. I was never a Nutella person, but in Thailand it’s practically a staple food. So I decided to give it a go at a sensational place called Ninja Crepes **makes Ninja hand movements**

    Take one tin shed with a hole in the roof.
    Add one crepe made by the ever-smiling cook from Myanmar.
    Slice up one fresh banana.
    Spread Nutella onto the crepe.
    Serve with ice-cream.
    Charge $1AU.
    Soooooo good.
    I have photo’s but I don’t want to bore you any more than I already have.

    Forgot to say yesterday, “Yay!” to the ratings.

    Good luck with the meeting with your agent. I spoke to my Business Partner (actually I left a post it on his monitor because he’s off sick) and we have an opening for you as a Software Training Manual writer. The attendees of our training class may wonder why the Calendar function and Mass Emailing function suddenly break out into a sword fight, but eventually overcome the evil forces of darkness at the start of Chapter 4, but it would be worth it.

  26. Och, mon, did’ja have to puit it in black and white?

    “Paul McGillion Says Goodbye.”

    It’s enough to break the hearts of we lasses who love Carson into a million pieces, not to mention lose all hope of a stiff upper lip. Our dear doctor is such a grand fella (and so guid with the pranks!) that he’s a favorite of some of the menfolk as well. They’ll be sadly contemplating the univairse in a pint or two. Bend those elbows like Beckett, boys, and raise a glass in honor of one of the gutsiest lads in the galaxy.

    All watery thoughts aside, Cap’n Mallozzi, allowing him to give us a word “in pairson” was a very fine thing to do. And wasn’t it beautiful of our Pauly to send us his love and a promise to see us soon? It just might have made us, one and all, love him more. Whatever the case, let it be so, please God.

    Give him a bear hug for us at the wrap party, Cap’n Mallozzi. Och, if only we could do the same!

  27. A slightly geeky and off-topic comment. I noticed that for most of your wonderful behind-the-scenes tour with Carl Binder there is a muffled ‘squeak’ on the audio. I then realized it might be the mic picking up the ‘handling’ of the camera.

    There’s a rather nifty piece of camera stabilizing equipment that I own that removes your need to hold the camera directly. Also, you can get some darn nifty ‘floating’ footage. It’s a bit expensive but the Steadicam Merlin is aimed at the consumer end of the market. (Well, they push it by claiming you can use it to stabilize something as heavy as a Sony Z1, but I tried it and it damn near broke my wrists.)

    The only downside to this uber-cool toy is that it’s fiddly to balance. It’s a little bit easier when dealing with a more light weight consumer camera but does require patience. Also, the trim can be temperamental. (Wow, that was a rousing endorsement.)

    Still, you too can be the envy of all the geeks on the block… But then a more sensible person would just say that the squeak isn’t even that noticeable and why blow all that cash… (I am in the camp that will use any excuse to justify buying cool toys.)

  28. Great food pics as always – do the restauranteurs ever think it weird that you pick up your camera before the knife and fork? Or are they pretty much used to you by now?

    I’m surprised you had anything with foam (the strawberry dessert). I can’t even look at the stuff after a season of it from Marcel on Top Chef. And that was more than a season ago!

    Thanks for the video of Paul – short and sweet.

  29. Hi,
    Please can I ask what happened to the Replicator warship seen in flashback in Ghost in the Machine?


  30. Ohhhh mannnn, you got me again with the food! I’m going to have to torture my dorm mates with these early in the morning when I move up to Uni *evil cackle*.

    And, thank you, Paul, for the good bye message. I met him in Milton Keynes earlier this year, lovely guy. Looking forward to whatever him, and the rest of the cast, do next.

  31. I just listened to Gateworld’s interview with Janina Gavankar, and after hearing it I have to reiterate what I posted to your blog last week:

    You must threaten, steal, cheat, lie, coerce, bribe, intimidate, promise, give, take, destroy, build, sing, don’t sing, schmooze, flatter – whatever is in your power to get Dusty into Universe. Even if you have to quickly develop telepathy so that you can control other people’s minds to make Brad and Rob do it, then do it.

    One episode with her just isn’t enough for such a great character, played in such a fantastic way. Whispers and the end of Atlantis cannot be the end of her.



  32. Let me do a Nostradamus on the movements of the writing staff after Atlantis:

    Joseph Mallozzi – Gone (Well, hopefully to write something brilliant)
    Paul Mullie – Gone (ditto)
    Martin Gero – Gone (ditto)
    Carl Binder – SGU
    Alan McCullough – SGU
    Brad Wright – SGU (duh!)
    Rob Cooper – SGU (ditto!)
    Alex Levine – SGU

    How did I do? Anywhere in the ballpark?

    Cheers, Chev

  33. Joe! I’m finally getting around to reading The Empire of Ice Cream (I do everything in my own order and time…) and I was so absorbed in A Night in the Tropics that I left the milk on the cable car.

    It was the only thing I was asked to pick up on the way home from work. Do think if I keep quiet my flatmates won’t notice?

  34. Thanks again for the videos Joe

    Thanks again to all the cast and crew of SGA for their hard work & dedication.

    Joe: Answer: What did you expect? The band is made up of an elf and fairies. Did you know that Britney Spears is half elf on her mother’s side?
    Now, that’s an insult to elves, The No Shows & Cynic Guru. I know you know your rock music and will agree that all are better than her. And fairies don’t want nothin to do with that chick either.

    DD 😉

  35. Coucou!!

    Sa va Joseph!!
    Hummm miammiam toute ces photos^^!!! Vous avez de la chance de manger aussi souvent au réstaurant!!!…C’est sur,sa ne doit pas être la même nourriture qu’a ma cantine lol, je me souvient encore des 300 intoxication de l’année derrniére lol XD
    Snif paul, il va trop me manquer! =(

    1)A votre avi, Carson sera présent dans le film de SGA?
    2)Qu’aller vous faire de votre temp libre quand la saison 5 sera finit?

    Aller gros bisou, je vous adore♥ Bonne journée!

  36. Thanks for the foodie pics. They always make me hungry in the AM. And thanks to you and Paul McG for the video!

    And this probably goes without saying, but we’re looking forward to LOTS of pics from the wrap party.

  37. I, for one, don’t think I’d like to see any more pictures, vids of these final days – at least, not without a warning to have hankies ready… ( Yeah, I know, I know, there’s a DVD movie coming but somehow it doesn’t feel the same…)

    Ages ago, there was a thread on Gateworld, something along the lines of ‘how would you like episode 20, season 5 of SGA to be, bearing in mind its the 100th. episode?’ The answers were variable, of course. Humourous. Downright crazy. Cliffhanger out of hell. It was to be celebratory, after all. I don’t think anyone envisaged, it could possibly be the absolute final episode that no SGA fan could possibly want to celebrate.

    I’m being so gloomy here… resigned to fate… that’s what your video of Paul has done… on a brighter note, a question! Why don’t you guys, cast and crew alike, stage a sit-in when you start filming SGA:The Movie ?!!! Hey! I’m a Season Six Campaigner – that suggestion had to be worth a try!

  38. Now I am hungry for something really good to eat.

    Goodbye Paul we will miss you much.

  39. @ wolfenm – I’m afraid that right now I’d jump into that discussion and declare, “Who the hell cares if he’s good or bad?! He’s totally freakin’ HAWT – AND has smiley eyes, to boot!” 😳

    Yeah…Chris totally did me in with that performance… just his best since Common Ground – I still haven’t absorbed it all.

    And THAT was a long discussion – longer than any discussion I have ever commented upon…lol. I skimmed it over, and thought you did a good job. I agree that some things are left open-ended so fans can take away what they want, and – honestly – I have no idea which direction they’re taking Todd. I LOVE him right where he is…to turn him into a complete villain would be a waste of such an great character, but it would be a waste to make him too warm and fuzzy, too. ANYone can be a villain. ANYone can be your best buddy – but it takes a very special formula (and performance) to create The Great Stirrer of the Pot. And that’s what Todd is, the pot stirrer – you just know he’s going to make something happen, and you love him for it.

    That’s why The Queen was SO perfect – we saw softness in him (his reassuring tones with Keller and Teyla), and we saw him capable of total, raw brutality (murdering the Primary). I couldn’t ask for anything more in such a character…except continued existence without going too far one way, or the other. Too many folks expect him to go total villain, while a few others expect him to become Sheppard’s golfing buddy. But I don’t want either…I want Todd leaving everyone scratching their heads (both characters and fans alike), wondering what he’s up to.

    Since Joe suggested that Todd may be in the movie, I hope that his current relationship with the Lanteans continues as is. Even if he was to become their tried and true ally, I don’t want another ‘Worf’.

    I’ve been wondering why I feel this way, and I realize it’s because I LOVE tension between ‘friends’. The SGA team is all lovey-dovey with one another, with only mild disagreements before everyone goes back to hugging and kissing. To me, that’s rather boring.

    So, I was thinking about why I love Wolverine (in the comics). Well, it’s because he shakes things up – he disagrees, he gets into Scott’s face and snarls his objections, he threatens fellow teammates, nearly killing them in the Danger Room because it’ll ‘learn ’em good’ . Sometimes he does it because he truly wants them to be toughened up for their own good, but sometimes… sometimes there’s this sadistic glint in his eye, and you just KNOW Wolverine is pushing the limits because it excites him.

    THAT’S why I love Todd – and his current relationship with the Lanteans. He’s just like that right now – a sort of ‘Wolverine’ character. At this point his very body is a weapon, and he’s driven by animal instincts that makes him unpredictable and fierce. Yeah, Wolverine. But at the same time he’s trying to play nice-nice with humans, suppressing some of his more aggressive tendencies until he lets them slip out and show – like that total ‘berserker’ look he gave Teyla after killing the Primary. So vicious, so very perfect.

    So…if you were to take this Wraith version of Wolverine (as he stands now) and make him an ally – but one never fully accepted because of prejudice and apprehension – then it can only make for very exciting dynamics between teammates. Todd continuing to challenge and basically do things his own way because he sees the bigger picture from a much different angle than the humans do, while Sheppard (Cyclops) cautiously sticks up for him and Ronon (Sabretooth) keeps up the threats and the surprise ‘attacks’ – with Teyla (Jeannie/Phoenix) hovering somewhere in between – and Rodney (any new student) trembling like a little chihuahua every time Todd walks into the room.

    That would thrill me to no end. THAT, and a scene where Sheppard invites Todd to watch a Dracula movie…the Béla Lugosi, one, of course. I can just hear Todd now…

    Todd: “So, this Dracula…he feeds on human blood through his…mouth? How impractical.”

    Shep (munching on popcorn): “Yeah, why’s that?”

    Todd: “It is an inferior method. He cannot look the human in the eye while he feeds. How can he see their fear? Sense their feelings? Taste their defiance? And how can he vocalize the sheer intensity of his pleasure? No…such a method of feeding is unexceptable.”

    *Todd reaches over for some popcorn – his hand misses the bag and lands on Sheppard’s chest. Their eyes meet – there is silence…*

    Shep: “Yo, buddy! What do ya think you’re doing?”

    Todd (quickly withdrawing his hand): “My apologies. My hand, it just slipped.”

    Shep: “Yeah, I explained that to my girlfriend once. I still got slapped. Just don’t let it happen again.”

    Todd: “It won’t.”

    Shep (munching on popcorn again, staring at the screen): “Ya know, I still have a hickey from the last time. Anything I can do to get rid of that?”

    Todd: “I would not know…though I understand that a comb scraped over the skin works wonders.”

    Shep: “Different kind of hickey.”

    Todd: “Oh, is that so? You must tell me about it.”

    Shep: “Well, not sure you’d ‘approve’. See, it involves sucking on a person’s neck…with your mouth…”

    Todd: “Like Dracula? And humans do this…to one another? For what purpose?”

    Shep: “It’s uh…ya know…for pleasure.”

    Todd: “Ah, I see. So, humans see fit to kill Wraith, and these…vampires…because we both must feed in order to live. But humans can suck on other humans – just for pleasure – and this is a good thing?”

    Shep (with a wry smile): “Yeah.”

    Todd: “Your planet’s weird.”



  40. What a sweet man Paul McGillion is.

    Nice food pics but can we have some doggie updates please?

    My central heating is halfway there and the plumber is feeling ill so probably won’t get it finished this week. I can virtually guarantee a heat wave once my heating is up and running tho LOL.

    Might I take the opportunity to recommend a book or three? Terry Brooks’ The Word and the Void a part of the Genesis of Shannara series. I tried reading the Shannara books years ago and gave up due to the similarities with LOTR but having read the Genesis books I’m all fired up for another go.

  41. Somehow seeing the actors say goodbye makes it seem far too final.

    Thanks for the goodbye Paul!

  42. @ ATTC – Yeah – I don’t like the good-byes because it feels like a total end to everything, as if the movie[s] will never become a reality, and the last episode will be the last we will ever see of this team, and – ya know – my buddies, the Wraith. So, I’m avoiding all the good-bye stuff…except to say thanks on my end. Just too depressing otherwise.


  43. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the video from Paul. He’s a sweetheart!

    And great… now I have such a craving for Fuel! *sigh* I suppose enjoying it vicariously through you isn’t such a bad thing.

    Now please excuse me while I go and eat some cheddar cheese on Wheat Thins and pretend it’s gourmet cuisine. Do you feel sorry for me at least a little? I’m playing my invisible, silent, violin, too. Also, I’m giving you my best sad puppy-dog look. Is it working? Because if it is, I just might try it on TPTB over at MGM and Sci-Fi!

    Trish 😀

  44. @Das ~ ROFLMAO!!!! XD I like your take. I can live with Todd at the middle ground — an ally but not exactly an easy one. (Okay, so I actually would love him being Sheppard’s golfing buddy in the long run, when the war is over, but I’m content to leave that in fanfic territory. :)) So yeah, he is fine where he’s at (although I wouldn’t say no to a friendlier moment between the Atlantians, just now and then — like the ones he’s had a few times with Rodney already). But like you, I wouldn’t want to see him turn out to be only power-hungery/bad, with all his planning to that end, with no compassion or sense of doing it for the greater good of his people. I mean, I’m sure he does *have* a desire for power, but I feel like he wants it because he feels he would do the best job as a leader for his people, to bring about the best possible existence for his hive, not for your typical villainous reasons for wanting power — I can’t see him wanting to be waited on hand and foot or anything. That he might happen to enjoy his position is just a happy fringe benefit for him. 😉

  45. Read the casting call for Universe on Gateworld an hour ago.

    …and I’m still laughing.

    I’m sorry Joe that your amazing show was trashed for this questionable product.

    But seriously, Chloe Carpenter, party girl?

    I’m glad I made the decision to stop watching the franchise after the Atlantis and SG movies are released when I heard the series was cancelled. But if I hadn’t this certainly would have done the trick.

    Thanks again for Atlantis.

  46. 1. Thank you Paul M. Hope to see you in the movies!
    2. Joe, how are you not 300 pounds? Unless all that corn soup makes things just pass on through, if you know what I mean.
    3. With so many people appearing in the last episode, will any one character get more than a line or two? I hope so.

  47. @ wolfenm – Yes, Todd obviously wants power…he needs power right now in order to survive. And I say, give it to him. I said somewhere…not sure if it was here, or on Gateworld…that Todd would be the perfect ruler of the Pegasus Galaxy. For one, he can sympathize now with both humans and Wraith – no other human, or Wraith, can truly do that. Put anyone else in charge, and there will never be peace; human rulers out of sheer spite would want to annihilate the Wraith – even if they found an alternative way to feed – and Wraith rulers would be too short-sighted to see the advantage of cooperating with humans, and would probably revert back to their old culling ways.

    Only Todd, with his eyes on the stars, has the vision to see that things can, and should, be different…IF he’s written that way. So far, he has been…but I still fear what lies ahead in this final season, and beyond.


  48. Hi Joe

    The Universe casting calls are out… I was one of the people who told all the moaners to wait and see, that it WASN’T going to have cliched OC characters, but… It’s starting to look like I was wrong. I am going to give it a chance, but sadly that’s more than I can say for some. This is truning a lot of people off Stargate Universe, I’m very hard pressed to find positive comments.

    If MGM/SciFi are trying bring a younger audience and make a more BSG-esque show, they seem to be going the wrong way about it. You don’t have to have the majority of the characters in their early 20’s to do that. The worst thing about this is, I REALLY can’t see the SGC approving a team like this. It defies all logic.

    Are these casting calls true? Are the majority of the characters going to be in their early 20’s? :S

    I find it hard to believe Brad and Rob would think this is a good idea. I’m thinking it’s more to do with MGM and SciFi foolishly thinking this is a better idea than Atlantis or SG-1…

  49. Also just read the casting call for SGU….
    REALLY? This isn’t a joke? What was the point?
    Yikes, how could they cancel SGA for this drek….
    I know for sure, now, that I won’t be watching.

  50. “Keeping It Real”

    Zal’s half sister does appear in the second book. I’m not as fond of the second one as the first primarily because of the shifting POV. I don’t usually mind moving around the characters and seeing what’s going on in their part of the world, but in this case, I prefer Lila’s perspective and there’s a lot of plot to keep track of. On the plus side, you get more understanding of Zal.

    I’m sure to get the third book too.

  51. I also just read the supposed casting call for SGU. I am seriously hoping this is a fake. If it’s real, it’s worse than I expected. I think that deep down inside, while I was discouraged and concerned, I felt that hey, this is Stargate! It’s not possible for Stargate to go for the “young” audience in a way that I would hate.

    I guess perhaps I was wrong. I have a hard time believing that anyone ever connected with Stargate in any form could possibly come up this, I am terribly sorry to say.

    Not only are these characters lame and not at all interesting, the whole set up is sexist. Beautiful young women, one sexy and a party girl, and the boys are about as cliche as one can imagine. I find it rather interesting that the physical attributes and general sexiness of the boys aren’t mentioned. I didn’t believe that anyone associated with Stargate could possibly come up with anything this sexist.

    And how these people ever could go through the gate or end up on a ship or team is unimaginable; the SGC has collectively lost its mind. The descriptions of these people don’t even show an education; wait, they’re in their early 20’s! They don’t HAVE educations.

    Will I give this a chance, as I had vowed earlier? I’m not so sure.

    I hope this is a fake. It’s Stargate meets Star Trek: Voyager meets Wesley Crusher meets 90210 meets the OC. Oh, please, with the least amount of real input Stargate. Or if it’s real, something happens between casting and scripts that makes up for the deficiencies. Still, I am not at all interested in a whole crew of people in their early 20s with a Jack clone commander babysitting them.

    I have never gone this negative with Stargate, and I’m actually rather shocked that I am. But I cannot contain my dismay.


  52. Nice rack.

    Any dessert involving Nutella has to be good!

    Perhaps a mistake was made with the SGU acronym, looks like it should be SUX?

    We had a wonderful little pug wander into the yard a couple days ago, she had no up to date tag, no one on our street knew her. We kept her overnight, she was well behaved in the kennel but kinda nutty when we took her out. Adored my hubby, freaked out the felines, spilled coffee and piddled everywhere. Nice dog, obviously spoiled. I felt bad when we turned her over to animal control; but they promised she wasn’t going to be put down. If her parents fail to claim her, she’ll go into the permanent adoption program. She wasn’t microchipped even. I feel a little guilty, but the cats vetoed any thoughts of her joining our family. I made sure that evening that my old Cricket had up to date tags on her collar. Now if only the cats would wear collars! Everyone’s fur babies have tags at a minimum? Chips? Yes? I’m nagging here!

  53. >
    >Mr. M please delete my previous posting

    Ok Mr M, my 2 cents on the SGU casting call

    It looks like your typical ensemble action show. Elderly male CO (military field commander are usually in their early 30’s). The unready underling. The martial fighter. The non-social mr know-it-all. The medic/healer. Plus the female interest.

    Hmm. This isn’t the Stargate Voyager 90210 as some people feared. It’s much worst. It’s the A-Team.

    A-Team actor ______SGU character

    George Peppard -> Colonel Young (elderly CO)
    Mr T -> Sgt Stasiak (fighter)
    Dirk Benedict -> Lt Nash (underling)
    Dwight Schultz -> Hitchcock (fixer)

    Melina Celea/ -> Chloe (female interest)
    Marla Heasley

    It even got similar premise. The team gets in trouble each week follow by a chase/fight scene then onto the next location(episode).

    Hopefully TPTB will re-launch SGA or SGC(Stargate Command) after SGU have run it course. If SGU is anything like the A-Team, it would have a short lifespan.

    Really Sad.

  54. Hey!

    So, I’ve never really been a whiner. If I don’t like an episode, I shrug it off and wait for next week. I’m generally a very optimistic guy! I’ve been optimistic about SGU for some time now, but I’m going to have to take a step back and brand myself “cautiously optimistic” after the casting call was posted on Gateworld.

    I’m of the opinion that no matter how terrible one aspect of tv/film may be, it can be salvaged by a great execution, so I’m not going to form any final opinions. However, it is worth noting that the cast list is a teeeeeny bit frightening. If it in any way begins to resemble the O.C., 90210, or any other soap, then SGU has failed.

    That’s a big IF though. I feel like Brad Wright always knows what he’s doing, so that is very, very reassuring! Also, I’m still optimistic in a sense, just cautious. I know you have nothing to do with it, but figured I’d say something to any PTB who would listen.

    Also, if it is stylistically very different, it will clash with the dvd movies.

    Also, one more request: I think it’s great that SGU is seeking out to expand into a new demographic…… just don’t abandon the old one while you’re at it! I’ve been a Stargate fan for fourteen years, ever since the original film came out. That’s loyalty! Don’t leave us behind! lol

    Anyway, keep up the great work. SGA is great as ever!

  55. Joe:

    I know it isn’t your show, but have you read the SGU casting call descriptions? I did think that some of the early descriptions of the show as “Stargate: Voyager 90210” were a bit over the top, but not any more. Is SGU suppose to be a comedy? Please tell us this is a joke — BW and RCC pulling our collective leg. I cannot believe TPTB axed SGA for this trash.

  56. Well, I never thought I’d see the day…
    The one thing that could unite Stargate fans –
    How Sucky Universe sounds!

    hope the execution is better than the presentation

  57. Ah, “Teamster or Tramp”; wasn’t that the working title for Cagney and Lacy?

    I loved the food pics but the “wing” made me think of getting feathers stuck in my throat, gack. What was the wing made of, really?

  58. So sorry to hear about the show, it is a massive blow to myself and the various other fans. I’m Curious, however, to know, how the hell to I start a screen play? I’m writting one for my Spring Show at SBHS and I’m am at a total loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  59. I rarely post, but after reading the rumored casting call for SGU that was posted on GW, I must say it is very disappointing to say the least. Except for the commanding officer, no one in the cast will be over the age of 25! I mean, a party girl a la Paris Hilton for pete’s sake! What are TPTB thinking? Do they really believe that they will win that youthful demographic that they so covet? And to add insult to injury, the diehard older fans who make Stargate as popular as it is, are now shunted to the side and either must make do with a few movies a year, or forced to watch angsty teenagers in outer space. No thanks.

  60. Ok I read the SGU casting calls. Most of those characters have potenstial to work out well with good actors and decent backrounds and stories. The one I am scared of is the Senators Daughter and party girl. How in the name of all that is holy did that type of person ever get near the Stargate program, much less get to go on a mission to an expiermental ship from the ancients?

  61. Thank you for posting that good-bye video from Paul. He seems like a very sweet man.

  62. @ wolfenm – Sorry, I wanted to add something further about Todd…

    I, too, wouldn’t mind seeing ‘friendlier’ moments between Todd and the Lanteans, but…I think what I really would like to see – more than anything – is a ‘moment’ between Todd and Sheppard. Nothing too sentimental or anything…just an open, more personal moment…without an audience… where they each acknowledge their respect for the other. We kinda sorta saw that sort of thing between Ronon and Todd in The Last Man, though that could also be interpreted as Ronon just being happy to finally kill the guy. 😉 But I think – now – there needs to be something between Todd and Sheppard – if not during this season, perhaps in the movie.

    But like I said – nothing too mushy. Not like Shep and Rodney sitting on the pier in The Shrine, but more like what we saw in Common Ground after their escape, both just being themselves – no posturing, no artifical airs – just an open, natural exchange, something they couldn’t do in front of others.

    That said, I have to admit that my favorite scenes in The Queen were Todd’s more aggressive moments..I just LOVED his volatility, changing from submissive knave to vicious killer in an instant. Loved how he ‘instructed’ Teyla, loved how he leered at the other commander – such a contrast from the happy-go-lucky fella flitting around Atlantis, checking up on his patient. So – if they do keep Todd on good terms with the humans, I hope he never loses that edge…that unpredictability…that, well…that Wraithy ‘crankiness’.


  63. Have to add my opinion to those commenting on the casting list for SGU. This has to be a someone’s idea of a cruel joke. They are dropping Atlantis for this.

    I always said I would give Universe a chance. If this is any indication of what we’re going to see, I’m giving up right now. I’m afraid Universe is going to crash and burn so bad and take the whole franchise with it.

  64. I know what I just read may not be completely true, but if it is I will not be watching SGU. I usually give a show a chance, especially if it is Sci fi and also part of a franchise that I have already been watching. I do not see the need of series with all young people. For one there are plenty of young people that watch both SG1 and SGA.

    When I first started watching Sci fi was with the Classic Star Trek and Lost in Space of course both were syndication. The cast from both shows were obviously much, much older than me and I still loved the shows. In fact the sci fi shows that followed such as The Next Generation, X- Files, and others the cast were all older than me and I still enjoyed all the series. Now that I am in my mid thirties I have a show (SGA)where the cast is around my age or the same age as me and I can relate to the characters. How am I going to relate to a bunch of “children”?

    I guess I will stick to the SG1 and SGA movies. I also have Sanctuary coming up that I will follow. but once the movies are done I am done with the franchise. The only way I will watch SGU is if Joe M and Paul M are on the writing staff.

  65. I’ve always thought of Tayla as a bit of an odd duck in terms her romantic interests. I completely enjoy her character, but because she is a woman of such presence it is difficult to find a love match for her. Sheppard is not debonair enough. I mean that he is articulate and decisive, but ultimately he’s a man of action. Someone said earlier he moves from adventure to adventure. Tayla is a woman of deep water: she is tribal and yet has the palpable air of sophistication. Her current hippie paramour (the father of her child) doesn’t really ‘fit’ her; Sheppard’s not refined enough, Ronan–completely not her type (she’s more like a mother to him, or a chiding aunt). The more I think on it, the more I see that the one individual on the show who is her best match is Todd. He’s a man of action, but also has the gift of diplomacy. He enjoys the “dance”. She WANTS to be swept off her feet. But he’s dangerous…and against her better judgment she is drawn by this. He is the one and only who has the presence to match her own. Their chemistry is electric. Even when he was Hal, he and Tayla had a dynamic connection.
    Interesting implications, interesting, interesting. (scratching my chin)


  66. Hi Joe the last time you heard from me I was quite angry and told you I was done that was until I heard SGA was canceled and I thought I had stuck it out this long might as well see it to the end. I hope the movie writing is going well.

    I just read the SGU casting call and I am not happy there is no one for me to relate to at all. I was going to give it a chance but now I will wait for reviews from critics and my fellow fans and my SG friends online. I think SG-1 and SGA are the only ones that I will follow now so hope the movies keep coming.

    Here is a link to the thread with the reaction to the casting call you might want to forward this to RCC and BW they need to see this.

    Anyway do Teyla and Daniel have any scenes together?

    Are there any Ronon & Teyla scenes that I should look for in rest of season 5?

    Could you please find out if Brad Wright likes the character of Vala there is some debate on that on GW I know you told me before that all the writers love Vala but it seems like he doesn’t because in a couple interviews he doesn’t even mention her. I just don’t want her dropped and there are lots of D&V shippers I would say on SG-1 it’s only second to J&S. I really want Vala to be in future SG-1 movies she’s so colorful and interesting and I love the D&V banter.

  67. Hey there ^^,
    first a general thanks for writing this blog, I love the inside-information and tours around SGA but of course, I also like to read the rest even though I haven’t had the time to read any of the books yet… (I’m still having a pile of books about the size of a small mountain to read… time’s just not on my side 😉 )
    And it was really slow from me to discover your blog only a few month ago…

    Today’s food pics don’t look that appealing to me but as long as it was tasty for you o.O”

    Thanks to Paul McGillion for the vid ^^

    I really like reading the discussion about Todd here and on wolfenm’s side, Todd’s a great character and I prefer him the way das said:
    in between, both good and bad, everyone expecting him to fully turn to one side every second but he always stays in the grey shades
    that’s a part of what makes Todd so fascinating even though (in my fangirl heart 🙂 ) I would love to see him as Sheppard’s golfing buddy xD

    and at last, about the news about SGU on gateworld: I hope it’s fake
    I mean, I was pissed about SGA’s cancellation (I like the prospect of movies, but a whole season would have been much, much better) but wanted to give Universe a try… it’s just that those characters kinda scare me away o.O”
    I am still going to watch it (at the very least the pilot) but unless the characters news prove as fake I’m expecting the worst

  68. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    I know this is a question that you probably can’t answer or have no idea how to answer, however since you actually reply to comments I figured it was worth a shot. has just released a rumor about what types of characters Stargate Universe will have. I was wondering how does somebody get auditions for parts like that, when they haven’t done any acting professionally. I have done a lot of acting since I was really little in plays, musicals, student films, and such, but have never wanted to pursue it as a career enough to get an agent and do casting calls and things. I just wanted to ask because Stargate literally changed my life and episodes of SG1 and Atlantis really helped me through some tough times for me, and working for the Stargate franchise in any capacity would be a dream of mine. Like I said I know this is a huge long shot just to even receive a reply so no worries. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done with Stargate, thank the crew and the cast also, we will definitely miss Stargate Atlantis on tv, but I look forward to the movies. Thanks.


  69. @ WK – You, of all people, know that I am NOT a shipper…just not my thing. But I have to (reluctantly) admit to the chemistry between Todd and Teyla…I was truly surprised. I’m not sure if it’s just that the actors are comfortable with each other, or what…but…well…you know that look Todd gave Teyla when he reassured her about the Primary liking her…well…he looked absolutely smitten there! They both had this aggressive yet somewhat coy thing going on between them that gave me the impression of an unspoken attraction between the two, one that they would never dare admit, seeing as how such a thing would be a sign of weakness, and all… 😉

    At this point, all I can think of is the line from Father Goose, when Cary Grant’s character and Leslie Caron’s character decide to marry. When they make the request to wed, the commander exclaims, “Married? Goody Two-Shoes and the Filthy Beast?!”

    Teyla could easily be Caron’s Goody Two-Shoes, and Todd is definitely the Filthy Beast. I hate to admit it, but I really find such a match-up quite…amusing.

    Especially since I’m now comparing Todd to Cary Grant… 😕

    I think I have officially lost my marbles. Damn that Heyerdahl! Why did he have to give Todd such charm, such character…such a great swishy walk??! Next thing, I’m gonna want to see Todd in remakes of Gunga Din, Arsenic and Old Lace, AND His Girl Friday, all of which I’m sure he could pull off brilliantly!

    Okay – time for a nap, before I implode or something… 😛


  70. You may not know, but it can’t hurt to ask. Can you say whether the casting notices for SGU are real or fake? I’m hoping the latter, as “party girl” isn’t what I care to see on any Stargate 🙁

  71. I think, given what I have read, that, for the most part the Stargate franchise has been populated by pretty nice, mostly easy to get along with folks, both cast wise and crew.
    Brad Wright and friends are not only taking a big chance on an entirely new new show that may or may not be accepted by the fans, but also that these new people will not gel and that the “family” feeling will be lost. I know that is not a reason to keep one show over another, but it still would be a loss.

  72. Another post:

    Thanks Paul McGillion for a wonderful spell as Carson. He certainly is the heart of Atlantis.. xx

    Thanks Das for a hilarious script.. although the school ma’am in me wants to let you know that it’s ‘unacceptable’……not ‘unexceptable’ 😉

    Gosh those pics of food are unreal… I want to eat my screen. I might end up doing that as preparing for a big move to Sydney from Fremantle and have bugger all food in the house.

    Yes.. noticed the squeaky sounds in Joe’s vid.


    Where is weird food purchase of the day? Can we loyal bloggees choose stuff for you to try?

  73. To Das,
    I am glad you and others like the somewhat “grey” Todd, I just got done listening to the Podcast about the Queen on Gateworld and the moderators were saying how they’d like to see him go totally evil. I thought that was a horrible idea, the ambiguity and uncertainty are what make him such a lovable rogue of a character.
    PS – I would love to see a Todd and Shep scene too, there is something about their relationship (not ship!) that needs to be explored further – “you are more like Wraith than you know” must mean something
    PPS – I don’t think of Todd and Teyla are in any way romantically attracted, but I think he has that instinctual need to respect his Queen and she totally flummoxes him – he knows she’s human but has the same queen-worship feelings warring inside of him.
    PS – the SGU thing sounds so funny! Absolutely nuts! Why oh why oh why have they cancelled SGA for this?

  74. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting the goodbye video from Paul, it was short but very sweet!

    dasNdanger – OMG, the John and Todd scene was GREAT!! I just could not stop laughing after I read it. Thank you so much for sharing that with us!!! It was a kind of day in which I really needed this bit of humor to bring up my spirits!

    On Hey!Nielsen – we lost a little of ground today and I think maybe it may be due to fans from another TV show trying to bring down SGA so their shows stays on top. The other shows fans are rating SGA as -5 (intensely dislike) to bring it down in the ranks. All who can, please go to Hey!Nielsen and rate the opinions and make a comment (the comments count for alot).


  75. Hi Joe!

    I know i don’t comment often but i really had to ask…please tell me that the rumor for the casting of SGU is not true?

    I usually am cautious over major changes to shows that i love but this just can’t be true! I mean Chloe? The silverspoon-born college party girl? If i wanted to watch The OC i actually would have watched it.

    Do TPTB really think that casting 20-25 year olds will really gain them their target audience? Because i’ve got to say that being a 23 year old female (which i’m guessing early 20’s is their target audience) there is no way in hell that i would watch rubbish like what is currently being described.

    I really hope that this call sheet is someone’s idea of a practical joke.

    I love the Stargate series and i just wanted to say that their “younger audience” already exsisted. i started watching the show when i was 11 years old and my niece who is 10 has just started to watch all of my old SG-1 dvds with me.

    Sorry for taking up your time but i really feel that whoever is in charge of this, really dropped the ball on this one.

  76. @ Das ~ totally agree n both points. Would love to see another Common Ground moment between Todd and Sheppard (that’s why I was so pleased by Sheppard’s saying he thought they were better off with Todd in charge, because that kind of was him doing just that — to bad it wasn’t directly to Todd) and that it was great fun seeing Todd’s more agressive side. 🙂

  77. Hey did you hear… over at HEY Nielsen, the fans of Moonlight have knocked our rating down -5 % from 3rd to 4th, by voting negatively on all our comments. I don’t say this to get you to retaliate, (we won’t sink to their level) but rather to encourage all of you to go to the Hey Nielsen web site daily, post a comment every 24 hours and rate everyone else’s comments that are already posted. If you love SGA, show it by going to the following web site and joining the fight! PLEASE! And Thanks!


    Patricia Lee

    Ps… If you haven’t seen this “goodbye” from cast of SGA… I suggest you get a tissue or two before you hit play!

  78. @ Annie – LOL…thank you! I looked at that word for the longest time – I knew something was wrong with it – but – believe it or not – I’m sick today, doing whatever I can to keep my mind off of my stomach (the reason for so many posts), and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong with it. Thanks. I feel less stupid now knowing that my eyes were right, even if my brain was in a fog. Now – go make Joe correct it for me. 😀


  79. So called casting call for SGU? They have got to be kidding, right? That is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me turn my TV off. Not feeling very hopeful here. Actually I’m quite depressed.

    Sorry Joe. Thanks for the videos.

  80. Lol that image(food one) you called the presentation looks like an alien, like some kind of creepy Sci-fi bug you’d see.

    Food looks interesting yet one would probably wonder about the calories, do people beyond Size 0 models ever think of calories these days?

  81. Joe,

    Am I one to hope that Michael (wraith) is still alive; cause if he gets a demise like to see it in the movie since he has been a great villian for Atlantis since this was someone they created.

    Looking forward to the rest of the eps this season getting excited for the Michael/Daniel eps coming up and “Vegas” sounds intresting.

    Sad the show had to end but looking forward like SG1 to buying the dvd movies; show can stay alive that way.

    Yes someone who half a** watch the show but enjoy meeting the cast at cons and makes me think oh I should watch the show more and do in reruns on syndie and scifi.

  82. Just here voicing my opinion along with Annie from Fremantle! 😀

    I, too, miss WFP of the day! And I would LOOOOVE it if us loyal bloggees got to pick the *food* for you to try! 😆

    Annie from Fremantle: Great idea!

  83. Hey Joe,

    Are Brad Wright and Robert Cooper out of their minds? They said they were looking to attract a tad younger audience but the casting call is just crazy. They have the entire cast in their 20’s and early 20’s for that matter. I cannot believe we are losing SGA for this. I want to give it a try and I will, but I have serious doubts. 🙁



  84. Questions for Justina Robson:

    1. Are you a fan of high fantasy? If so, what were some of the less obvious classics of the genre that inspired you in writing Keeping It Real (LOTR was obvious).

    2. Did you know this was going to be series when you started writing Keeping It Real? I ask because it’s a pretty self-contained story.

    3. Were you ever into role-playing games like WoW or D&D?

  85. wolfenm wrote: “…and that it was great fun seeing Todd’s more agressive side.

    Fun? FUN??! I was thinkin’ it was totally freakin’ HAWT!!!

    Uh…not that I look at Todd in ‘that’ way or anything… *whistles innocently*



  86. Joe,

    Is this kinda casting call normal that SGU has? Out of curiosity, how did atlantis’ first casting sheet look when the series was just starting to be formed? What I read there does have me a bit concerned….

  87. @dasNdanger: I hate you right now…kidding ’bout that. I’m dying laughing here, that was hilarious! You gave me a headache from laughing too hard, though! Or maybe it’s the three cups of frozen, sweet tea on my nightstand…

  88. @ Angel B – Ah, sorry…I missed you. I didn’t hear the podcast (I tend not to listen/read too much stuff, I have enough trouble keeping up with the couple forums I’m on)…but I know some want Todd to go totally evil. If that happens, it will destroy everything, even the show.

    See, I think there are two types of Todd fans. First, there’s those who like the character, but don’t really CARE about the character. They like him because he’s exciting, the guy who shakes things up a bit, but they don’t look at the character any deeper than that. For them, the coolest thing would be for him to do the big doublecross, and then go down in a hail of bullets! WOOT! COOLNESS!

    But there are those of us who love the character, really care about him and see him as something much more than just a plot device. He actually represents something to us – the ability to change despite previous conditioning, the ability to rise above…the ability, perhaps, to make a difference. To turn Todd into just another generic villain would totally destroy the character. Like I said before, ANYone can be a villain. But it takes a very special character to dance between the raindrops, and that’s exactly what Todd does.

    I guess it boils down to this – they have created one Wraith who is unique among his own kind, one Wraith who has shown such wonderful potential. THAT is what we love. That is why we care about him. That is what makes him special, and why we want to see him succeed. To see such an interesting and multifaceted character wasted as a mere villain would undo ALL of that – it would mean that there is nothing special about him, that there is nothing redeemable in any of his kind. It would turn Common Ground into a total piece of shit, because everything in that episode would be a lie. Everything in all the other Todd-related episodes would be a lie, too. It would piss on the most amazing character arc the series has had yet, and would make the show – especially the latter seasons – unbearable to watch.

    So, your ‘let’s blow everything up!’ sort of fans want him to turn evil because it’s fun, but for those of us who really care about the character, it would be gutting, and would kill the entire series for us. We want – almost need – Todd to succeed. Among Wraith fans he’s our only hope, as it were – our only chance of having one Wraith character who doesn’t end up dead, who is worth redeeming, who can prove himself different. If they ruin all of that by making him evil, well…yeah. That would kill everything that I have loved about the show since I started watching, especially since it was Common Ground and Todd that turned me into a fan.

    So, I HOPE that the writers treat Todd well…I don’t mind it when he sticks it to the Lanteans now and then, I can live with that…but I can’t handle the idea that they may reduce him to just another bad guy who needs killin’.

    As far as Todd and Teyla go – oh, I don’t think it is a romantic attraction in the traditional shipper sense of the word (i.e. ‘sexual attraction’). But Todd had to respect Teyla’s courage, and Teyla, I believe, had a chance to see Todd in a different light – to see where he came from, what shaped him into what he is today. When that happens – when you gain respect for or understanding of someone – sometimes there’s just this ‘feeling’ between people, an attraction, not necessarily a sexual attraction, but an attraction nonetheless. In this, the actors had chemistry, and it showed in their performance.


  89. @ das – Todd is an interesting character for certain. But I think it would be a mistake to think that he’s really changed – he’s adaptable enough to make the humans from Atlantis THINK he’s changed, but it seems to me that what he is really doing is using them for his own purposes. He apes human behavior and conversation, but I think it’s a mistake the Lanteans make over and over to trust him and think he’s changed. Oh, he’ll go along with what they want so long as it suits his purpose, but at base, he’s still the rather ambitious predator he has always been.

    And to me, that makes him more interesting than thinking that he has actually changed to become more humanlike. Certainly he’s a fascinating character, the most interesting of the Wraith by far. Much of that is the writing, of course, but Chris Heyerdahl is really amazing in the part. I like him much better as Todd; I disliked Halling intensely. Halling’s a jerk, IMO. Todd is a wolf; he will don sheep’s clothing to get what he wants from the humans, but in the end, he will still be who he is. The Lanteans forget that sometimes.


  90. Glad to see you’re alive, Joe – I was starting to worry…lol…

    @ Mary – See, here’s the thing. I don’t want Todd to become more ‘humanlike’ – I love him just as he is. I love his swagger, his double-talk, his cunning ways…his cranky ol’ self. I would not want any of that to change, even if he becomes the Lanteans bestest buddy in the whole of the universe. He must be what he is – I love WRAITH, not humans in green face paint. Love their humor, their aggressiveness, and their lack of awareness of how creepy their environment/tech is to humans (something fun about the fact that it’s all so normal to them, while Rodney’s always creeping out over it). I even like not being able to fully trust them, but LOVE it when they surprise me by proving otherwise, if only for a time. It’s what makes them exciting…unpredictable.

    However, the fact that the Wraith are part human means that they do have human qualities, they just suppress the ‘weaker’ ones. But they have to feel more than just aggression – they are not robots, but flesh and blood – there needs to be some sort of range there, something that creates friction within as well as without. Ellia showed that under that hardened exterior, Wraith are capable of displaying softer qualities. They have the capacity of love, for instance, but they must suppress it and any similar qualities – anything that could be a sign of weakness – in order to survive.

    So, if they couldn’t make ANY personal choice as far as their actions are concerned, then they would be one-dimensional beasts, and that’s it. But Todd showed that they CAN make personal choices, within the boundaries of their instinct to survive, of course. But he did what no other Wraith had ever done (saved a human and restored his life as a true gift) and that makes me believe that he CAN be different, if the writers so wish it. Of course, we only have the rest of this season, and whatever may happen in the movie, but…I have my fingers crossed that, despite any double-crossing that may occur, Todd will ultimately decide to do the right thing by Shep & Co.

    Besides, he’s too sympathetic a character now to turn him into something evil. It would ruin all that has been created in him and piss a LOT of people off. So, while I don’t mind if he sticks it to the Lanteans now and then (in fact, I welcome it!), I would not enjoy seeing him turn totally against them as a threat that must be eliminated. And besides, he’s just so perfect as the pot stirrer, or button pusher, or whatever…and every show needs that. He’s like…Captain Jack Sparrow – comes in, shakes things up, and then flits away, all pleased with his slimy ol’ self. THAT is what I love about the guy. He makes me smile…and few characters do that.

    For the life of me, I could never understand why Kolya was never elevated to ultimate villain – he was the perfect material for it. At this point, Michael is almost too sympathetic a character, as well. My only wish is if a new enemy suddenly emerged (much like the Borg after the Klingons became more Federation-friendly) – something so evil and so unstoppable that no one has any qualms about seeing it brought to ruin.

    And I am soooo rambling.


  91. Watching the lovely Paul McGillion say goodbye has really made it hit home that Atlantis is finishing. Now I feel sad all over again. 🙁

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