Will gives this blog two thumbs up.
Will gives this blog two thumbs up.
Fun in the sun.
Fun in the sun.
Will lets Evil Kenny have it.
Will lets Evil Kenny have it.

Hey, look at who dropped by with the answers to all of your burning questions. None other than fab Stargate Atlantis director Will Waring! Initially reluctant to guest here and lay bare his inner soul, Will finally came around after a little coaxing, a dash of needling, and some good old-fashioned sleep-deprivation.

Check out Will’s Q&A, then scroll down to the bottom of this entry for Part 5 of our stroll through the FX Stage. And, in the coming days: the fan protest, my dinner with Bob Picardo, Atlantis physics consultant Mika McKinnon, pics from the set, and a video tour of Stage 3.

First a big thanks to Joe for finally letting me onto his blog , and a thanks to Joe and Paul for another great SGA year. Ok here goes. 
Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “(i) Can I ask you the pineapple question? Including both SG1 and SGA, how many episodes have had pineapples appear in the background as an innocent prop? I think the story is that you had to drive a car through a scene at the start of your career and a pineapple rolled around the back windscreen and since then you have tried to incorporate a pineapple in every epiosde you direct…Is this true? Anyway, curious to know if you have kept count of the pineapples.

(ii) What for you as a director is the most fun part of your job? and also the reverse…what is the least fun part of the job?

Thank you for taking the time to read (and answer) the questions…. I too also love the audio commentaries you take part in for the DVD box sets…. Your insights into what happened on set really bring the episode to a real context..Many thanks for this and (as always) please keep up the good work!”

1) What pineapple? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
2) The most fun is seeing a plan come together, watching a great performance in a scene, and seeing a cut come together better than imagined, or reading a script and laughing out loud going holy shit can we do that? It’s fun to watch the great crew and cast work together to pull off what we do every day. The least fun is running out of time and sometimes being the mean school bus driver.
Alexandria writes: “Will – You did a truly amazing job bringing the story to life. Is is more difficult to direct a horror style episode than the normal Atlantis episodes? I definitely think Alfred Hitchcock would be proud especially given how the suspense built up beautifully.
You are too kind. There are actually hundreds of hardworking people that bring this (and every episode) to life. From James’s amazing production design that includes the creatures design drawings before Todd Masters and his crew work their art to the plastic model of the creature doll, Set dressing has to make all those crazy busted market kiosks, rigging crews have to pre-light and pre-rig all the rock and roll trusses for the flyaway tents, Michael Blundell gets to do all the scary low level lighting. (He actually really mostly only used flashlights in the tunnels). Hordes of special make-up people have to come in at ungodly hours to make the creatures look, well you know. Costumes have to be designed and made and torn and fitted, special effects runs around with foggers and bullet hits and water sprayers and huge exhaust fans to de-fog the stage after each take, dead grass and trees have to be gathered and bolted to stands, visual effects people painstakingly fix things frame by frame painting out wires adding fog and muzzle flashes, editors and music composers and a stellar cast and shooting crew. And it all starts with Joes’ story. Was this episode more difficult? Oh hell yeah. 
Thornyrose writes: “What inspired you to make the jump from camera operator to director, and how did you go about convincing people to give you the opportunity? Was there any particular aspect of Whispers that you found especially challenging? What would be a “dream project” for you to work on in the future, in or outside of the Stargate franchise? With the changing technology, such as HD, do you feel that they provide more opportunities, or more challenges or difficulties than the older technology you first began working with? And finally, how hard was it to film Whispers with Mr. Mallozzi prowling about the sets? Thank you very much for guest appearing on Mr. Mallozzi’s blog, and thanks Mr. M. for lining up yet another great guest.”
Jim Menard covered my jump to directing in his earlier,whoops the cats outta the bag, blog entry. I thought I’d get some second units to cut my teeth on or a clip show (the kind where the cast plays poker and remembers when), but no such easy start.… I got to direct Meridian! As to HD and ‘older’ tech, if by older you mean 35mm film cameras well I’m still a fan of the plain old 35mm Panaflex, nuff said.
Joe’s prowling the set kept us all on our toes, “Look sharp people, the boss is here!” Actually having the executive producer/show runner, who also wrote the episode, and as a bonus is a super nice guy, on set every day is a real boost. Plus he kept us hopped up on his fancy chocolates.
Chevron7 writes: “1. One of my fave Atlantis eps was Common Ground. How difficult was it shooting in the cells when Sheppard was talking to the wraith (now Todd)? Was there much of a choice of angles etc without giving away the identity of the neighbouring cellmate? What was the location night shoot like?

2. You also directed the very huge Meridian. No pressure, just Daniel’s farewell Do you ever find yourself being swept up by the emotional performances like everyone’s individual farewells to Daniel in the isolation room or are you too busy looking at all of the technical things?

3. Does everyone hand you the video camera at family events?

4. What are some of your favourite films to watch?

5. I was going to stop at 4 but it suddenly occurred to me that you get all of the death episodes. Why is that? Do the actors worry when they hear you’re attached to an episode?”

Thanks, one of mine also! Great script written by Ken Cuperus and Brad Wright. Shooting in the cells was actually a lot of fun because the walls were wild and the ceiling was shootable. Bruno (our Gaffer) lit those scenes on a second unit day. Removing all the light from ‘Todd” before the reveal worked out really good keeping him in the shadows. Night locations are not my faves because of the time crunch and everybody is knackered on the first night out. Brenton, our DP taught me just how far you can cheat a reverse shot in the woods at night and now I do that on almost every exterior, day or night.
2) Meridian, In the farewell scenes I like to keep things simple so there are no distractions, and when you have those performances, yeah I get caught up. You just let go of anything technical and just watch the scene. In Sunday when the bagpipes start playing in the funeral scene? Did all the wide shots without the pipes then had him play for real in the close ups, yeah that works, you can’t help it.
3) No
4) Action, Comedy, Suspense, Horror, Romantic Period Costume Dramas (really!)

5) Luck of the draw, and I’m sure they do but it has nothing to do with the script.

DasNdanger writes: “First, Common Ground is my favorite episode ever, it’s what got me hooked on SGA. Several things I loved about it, especially the handling of the cell scenes and the cut away from Sheppard coming face-to-face with his cellmate for the first time, to Ladon saying something like, “Of course, you would see him only as the monster who tried to take your city away from you.” The two-fold meaning behind that statment was just so perfectly placed, it’s one of my favorite nuances of the episode.

So, a couple of questions:

1. In your mind, how long had Todd been held captive?

2. After the last feeding in the prision, Todd leers at Kolya as he’s taken away. I found this very effective in suggesting his readiness to turn on his master. Who’s idea was this – the writer’s, Chris’, or yours?

3. In the scene where Todd is looking down through the bars at Sheppard, I swear he’s positively purring under his breath as Sheppard says “I could’a sworn I was gonna wake up dead today.” Again, a little detail that caught my attention and made me think more deeply about the scene. Was Todd’s ‘purring’ vocalization here your idea, and if so, what was your thinking behind it?

4. Funniest moment in the episode was when Todd ‘pointed’ the gun at Shep as he examined it – hilarious, without one word being said. Was this scene done as scripted, or did the actors ad lib at all?

I could go on for hours about this episode, but will stop there. I just thank you so very much for being a part of its creation.”

Thanks see above, doesn’t Todd reference how long he’s been there?
2) 3) and 4) These are all straight from Chris whom I didn’t get to see out of make up till the episode was almost over! It was real interesting carrying on all these heart to hearts with 6’3” of imposing wraith, But with really smiley eyes!
Monica writes: “For Will Waring: Thank you for this Q&A session. I really enjoyed Common Ground and Sunday and I hope you’ll continue on with the Stargate franchise. For Whispers… (1) rehersals were emphasized before the fog was brought in but were there still accidents filming those scenes? (2) How much can the actors see through their creature masks? (3) Were the stasis pod chambers a 100%practical set, or was the ‘extended length’ look of them CG’d in? (4) The forest location scenes…from what I read before, filming on location is not usually done for small scenes alone because of the cost factor. Were other scenes from other episode(s) filmed together at this location then? or is this so close to the studio that it doesn’t matter? (5) the P90 flashlights malfunctioning…how was that done on set? did the actors turn it off without showing the camera or did the props person rig a remote control for them? (6) are you a fan of horror or have you filmed horror before? you’ve captured the tone of it for Whispers! Thank you!”

Muddypiddypop writes: “Question for Mr. Waring. When you shoot an episode like Whispers, how do you choreograph movement with limited visibility? It seemed that scenes with running or lots of actors had less fog, but ones with walking had more fog.”

Monica/Muddypiddypop combo!
We rehearsed everything without fog to be safe and keep ourselves sane, then down would come the tent, which measured about 20 by 30 feet and 20 feet high, and we would fill it for shooting. Fog is so tough to shoot in, too much and you can’t see shit and the lights wont penetrate, too little and you see the edges of the tent and what’s beyond, if you are too close to the actor the fog looks thin and too far, you get the idea. Even with all the tests we shot it was a learning process every step of the way.
The tent idea itself was a genius idea from James; cause after that first fog test where we filled stage six there were a lot of long faces. So we broke down the fog scenes and figured on 4 tents, one around the house, one for the alley that Porter hides in, one around the tunnel were Becket meets his buddy, and the large one that could hold the well, the market and what ever else was needed, this let us only fog the entire stage on a limited basis.
The stunt performers could not see too much at the best of times then add heavy fog and low lighting and a bunch of dead trees with eyeball pokey branches.

Half the room is practical half is CG.

We had only a half-day of Whispers exteriors so we piggybacked it with a Tracker day, you will see that where the two teams met takes place in the same location as the where the villagers leave in Tracker.

The p-90 flashlights were a model shop creation on wireless remote control so that the actors could react to the situation and not be thinking about timing cues.

Yes, no, and thanks.

Jumperpilot writes: “Questions for Will: When directing an episode do you tend to be more picky with the camera operators because of your background, or do you give them more leeway, or does it depend on the person? Also, do the pineapples you put in your episodes always make it to the final cut, or are they sometimes in scenes that don’t make it through editing? Thank you for your work in the Stargate franchise so far and I hope it continues into Universe. By the way, “Whispers” was a fun episode. Everything fit together nicely. Great job!”

I can’t help myself, But lately I’m learning to let that go, maybe it’s because they‘re great operators!
Many many times they don’t make it through editing, and glad you had fun.
Jedi43 writes: “Where was the pineapple hidden in Whispers?”
It’s the bookmark in Dusty’s novel. 
Linda Gagne writes: “Which episode would you say was the most difficult to do and why?

Do you like directing more action episodes or emotional episodes?

Which episode was the most fun for you?

Which character do you look forward to directing?”

Whispers for difficulty and read all answers for the why. Uh, actiony/emotional episodes? If I had to pick I’d lean to the emotional, nothing better than two actors and a great scene. For fun, Tracker, there is this one scene where I’ll burst out laughing every time I see it. Ohhh can’t pick only one character. 
Ellen writes: “Thanks for directing a classic Atlantis episode! I noticed a lot of possible homages to some of my favourite horror movies in the course of the episode, including the Descent (always great to see well-drawn, well-acted female characters in horror), the Mist and Evil Dead. Were these deliberate? What are your favourite horror movies?”
Thanks Ellen happy to oblige and glad you enjoyed it, Joe wrote a very cool script. At the beginning of prep Joe gave me a pile of films to view for creepiness, atmosphere, horror, and cool shots. Ringu, The Descent, Shutter, Session 9, I am Legend, Silent Hill, and Dead Birds. We’d sit and watch sections and discuss what we liked or not, so yeah lots of deliberate nods . My faves? Maybe a little off beat but, Polanski’s The Tenant, Herzogs Nosferatu, and anything with zombies.
AMZ writes: “You’ve done a lot of work as a camera operator and I’m just wondering which you were more interested in at the start of your career – camera operation or directing?

Also, in a similar vein, do you think the knowledge you gained from working as a camera operator has influenced the way you approach things as a director? If so, could you give an example (or two)?

“Whispers” seems quite different in style to a lot of the other episodes you’ve directed for the Stargate series’. Was there a conscious decision to try something new for this episode?

How did you approach it, considering the scare factor is quite high?

And finally, thanks for agreeing to do a q&a with us! It’s been great getting to know your work on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and I’ll definitely keep an eye on other projects your involved in down the track. Like most people who’ve worked on Stargate Atlantis, you’re incredibly talented, and it’s great to get the opportunity to ask you questions first-hand (well, sort of first-hand anyway, thanks Joe!). “

Early on operating for sure, just like that guy on the crane in the Marlboro cigarette ads. And I think I might stage things differently due to my background. But every script and scene is different so uh maybe yes. See above for approach taken on Whispers.
Squeakiep writes: “What was the creepiest thing about filming “Whispers” for you? Was it tough to keep a “creeped out” attitude going for the actors, or were they there from the start? It was a wickedly scarry episode and one that will leave me scared for life!”
It was really creepy having all these eyeless creatures shuffling about set constantly inching closer and closer gnashing their teeth and then there was this one guy in the gas mask who kept asking for his mom. The cast could go from cutups to creeped out in a split second. 
PolarWonder writes: “Hey I have a question for Will, what was your favorite episode to direct and why? Also who was your favorite character from SG-1?”
Couldn’t possibly pick one. But Meridian stands out. I guess you always remember your first. Really dug Whispers, Tracker, Collateral damage, Common Ground. 
Aboleyn24 writes: “Did anyone put on the gas mask and run around set asking “Are you my mummy?” during the shoot and if not what a lost opportunity.

Also you are responsible (because I refuse to take the blame) for scaring the crap out of my eight year old son. As a special treat, he wanted to stay up and watch so I let him. I think I had to peel him off the ceiling when the creature jumped on Sheppard. The boy screamed and was literally airborne off the couch. I was thinking its SGA how scary could it be, I was wrong.”

OK… I do not know that reference. And for scaring your son? Sweeet! 
Ellie writes: “To Will Waring: thanks for the commentaries on the DVDs. Always interesting!

Do you think that the 43 minutes constraint on TV episodes makes for better quality storytelling (No time for self indulgence from the director or writer!)? Or is it just too creatively frustrating (Do you end up cutting so many corners that you wish you were filming movies instead?)

So many movies seem to be about quantity rather than quality these days. 45 mins of plot padded to fill 3 hours. On the other hand, SGA leaves me feeling like I’ve watched a whole movie every time! I love every single episode. Very satisfying they’re so crammed full of good stuff!

Will, thanks for taking the time to answer my – very crammed! – question!”

Thanks Ellie, 43 minutes does fly by pretty quick. By indulgence do you mean like hiding things in the shot? As for corner cutting, well that‘ll happen when the sun starts to drop or the clock is really kicking your ass. And if you feel you’ve watched a mini movie every episode then that’s all in the stories the writers tell. 
Ytimyona writes: “What is your favorite film to shoot with??? (HD, 35mm, et cetera…)
What has been your favorite non-Stargate project to work on???”
I’m a big fan of 35mm cuase that’s how I started and everyone knows its language , its fast and light and works every time , that said, nothing can keep you shooting into the darkening evening longer than HD. My fave non Gate project? Operating on Elf. 
Perragrin writes: “Will, firstly thanks ever so for popping by and putting up with the Inquisition. You’ve directed some of my favourite episodes in the past and I appreciate the added bonus of listening to your audio commentaries on the DVD’s. A week or so ago, I was watching/listening to the audio commentary fo ‘Travelers’ and was amused to hear you talking about the complications involved in building the set depicting the inside of Larin’s ship. Quite a few of your directed episodes seem to involve either complicated or intricate sets and it begs a couple of inherently nosy questions:

1. Do you choose to direct an episode that will involve a fair amount of complicated – and often cramped – set work, or are you ‘pinpointed’ for the job?

2. It must have been fairly difficult at times, directing for ‘The Seed’, simply due to the jungle-like nature of the set. Do you ever get to the point where you think something just isn’t going to work because of it’s complexity.. and if so, how do you go about compromising without actually dragging one of the Writers onto the set by the scuff of their necks?”

Glad you enjoyed it; Jim Menard and I had a blast in that set. Too bad we only got to see it that once. Director’s slots are scheduled early on, before all the scripts are written. The Seed was complex and not everything worked out like we tested. In prep Jim and I shot all these tests with the ‘vines’ like dragging over a body and playing back in reverse, whipping sticky vines around wrists, they all worked perfectly in the test day…not so much on shoot day. In fact I had to shoot inserts at a later date because the vines just were not co-operating on set. Ivon has some good rants from me on that one.
I’d never go for the scruffs of their necks, they lift weights! And speed dial on the cell works just fine.
LyraLori writes: “Questions for Will Waring-Do you have a favorite film director or director of photography or someone whose style or work you really admire? And I don’t mean on SG-1 or Atlantis. Is there a particular style of filming that you’ve wanted to try that you haven’t gotten the chance-like black and white? Or another genre? And last, did you get a degree in film and if so, where? Thanks Will! I love your stuff! Good luck in your post-Atlantis future.”
Good question but I’ve learnt the most from our Directors and DP’s.
And I’ll watch anything if the trailer grabs me, which is how I lost 2 hours and 12 bucks on Bangkok Dangerous. Ever since film school (out at UBC where I did an MFA in film) I’ve wanted to try a noirish b+w, that would be a hoot. As to a Post Atlantis future? Taking a dog shiatsu course for Fondy’s shop!
Thanks to Joe for having me out and thanks for the questions!

63 thoughts on “September 12, 2008: With Special Guest Star Director Will Waring, and the FX Stage Tour Part V

  1. Before I start I have to ask…where was the opening credits?!! Is Sci-Fi/MGM so cheap and petty that they can’t have the 30sec. of credits that showcase the great actors and music that make Atlantis what it is. In SG-1 Season 9/Atlantis Season 3 they cut the opening credits for half the season and after the fan outcry they put it back in for the ending of the season. Of course now they can just say screw you to the fans of the show.
    Anyway on to The Queen…another excellent episode. Not quite on par with last week but once again we have one of the leads going above and beyond with their performance. First Jason, then David H., and now Rachel. What an amazing performance! First, how hard must that have been for her to shoot in that uncomfortable prosthetics. She must have been a real trooper to endure that. She came off as a pretty convincing queen, although she never truly went to the dark side, even with the attack on the other hive. I thought she would give in to her “Wraithness” but she had the strength to retain her human nature. I loved how she put Todd in his place at the end of the episode.
    As for Todd, I am truly amazed at how you have brought what could be a generic villian and turned him into such a complex character. One minute you think you can trust him just a little bit, and he goes and puts his own plans into action. And yet they keep going back for more. Ronan is on to him, and he is still alive. We never really had a ga’ould like this on SG-1, the most colorful one was Ba’al and he was more over the top than dangerous. It would have been interesting if you had been given another season, where this character would have progressed to.
    Can’t wait for next week…Bring on Tracker!!!

  2. Thank *YOU* for all your hard work on SGA, Will! 😀 And for a fun and informative bunch if answers. 🙂 (I hope Joe has since explaine dthe “Are you my mummy?” thing — if not, in a two-part episdoe of the new Doctor Who, there are people running around in gas masks asking that very question, so now fans of Who have been conditioned to think that question whenever seeing a gas mask. *Grin*

    Now, Joe, regarding “The Queen” ….

    I was looking forward to the ep almost as much as “The Shrine”, and I was not disappointed! It was great to see so much of Todd, and this was a great ep for Teyla! I had worried taht the boyos wouldn;t be in it much, but there was a good sense of a presence of them. I am well pleased!

    I’m relieved that Todd didn’t pull some sort of uber-betrayal — based on something you said a while back, Joe, I was half afraid they would end up enemies with him by the end!

    It’s funny, I play Todd in an RPG, and I had *him* approach the Atlantians about using Michael’s research in order to eliminate the need for feeding, as a tactical advantage. It’s interesting to see how on-target I was in one respect, yet how off-target I was in who broached the topic. I’m fairly sure Teyla and John are right, that the whole reason he’d agreed to the meeting in the first place was because he wanted Teyla’s aid. I hope he is considering the treatment, though — if Keller can fix it so that they retain their regenerative abilities, it would make sense for him to do so, after all. Of course, they do have a good point about fearing that the Wraith would just shift their focus from feeding to slavery — they’d need someone to gather and farm for them, after all. But were I one of their potential victims, I think I’d prefer farming & giving a tithe of fruit to being eaten myself! XD

    I don’t think it was wise of Teyla to have taunted him — he could have just kill her right then, and the other Wraith would have been none the wiser! I think it speaks well of him that he didn’t do just that …. And really, if he doesn’t want to worry about Teyla revealing the truth, now that she’s out of reach, he kind of *has* to seriously consider the treatment, doesn’t he? They could always test it on enemy wraith, anyway ….

    It was interesting to see the more forceful side of Todd — he’s usually so laid-back! And yet it didn’t seem at all out of character — we’ve seen *hints* of this side before. It amused me to see Ronon all gung-ho to kill him — oh Ronon, if you only knew …

    The surgery thing confused me — I assumed it would be a matter of transforming similarly to the way John did in “Conversion”. If it was cosmetic surgery, I’m surprised it was so easy to alter her back again. How did they change her skin colour and give her the veins? Why are there no cuts on her? But really, that was the only thing that bothered me in any way, at least that I can think of at the moment.

    Love Todd’s line about hoping the fruit is as delicious as the farmers who grew them. XD

    Much love to “teh Hyerdahl”!

  3. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you, Joe, and Will Waring, for a terrific blog update. I’ve always enjoyed Will’s directing, ever since he took on ‘Meridian.’ Very interesting work.

    ‘The Queen’ airs on the west coast in 50 minutes! Woo-hoo!


  4. Hey Everyone…

    Look here,

    In just a matter of a few days SGA has gone from 2647th to 7th out of 12,749 and from a negative 0 (-9.6%) to a +8 (29.9%) on the Hey Nielsen web page where people can post what show they like and get others to either disagree or strongly agree with them. I and others have encouraged many people on different forums to post their opinion here in the last few days and it seems to have worked a bit.

    H!N Score
    +8 (29.9%)
    #7 out of 12749
    Each topic (TV show, Movie, etc.) earns a Hey! Nielsen Score out of 100 possible points. The score is determined by user opinions, comments, and fan ratings. Calculated daily, the Hey! Nielsen Score also factors in internet buzz via BlogPulse.com as well as weekly chart data compiled by Nielsen for music, box office results, and TV ratings.

    So I encourage all out there who love SGA to keep up the posting…and just maybe TPTB at MGM and SciFi will hear about it!

    Patricia Lee

  5. Joe,
    I enjoyed The Queen epi tonight. Todd was great! I really like watching Todd, you just can’t let your guard down around him for a second. It is maddening wanting to trust him and knowing you can’t.

  6. Hey, I’m so glad I asked. Will’s got taste. Nosferatu’s one of my favourites too! Great interview, thanks very much. And absolutely loving these set tours. Seeing behind the scenes always makes a production look about 5 times as fun even than seeing the finished product on screen.

  7. A quick word of thanks to Mr. Waring for guest posting, applause for all involved in The Queen, which is yet another on-target episode, and a cheer for all those who participated in the Bridge Studio protest/rally, and who continue the good fight.

  8. Thanks will for your answers and taking the time for us.

    Wow, someone could get lost in that stage for days and not find their way out.

    Great episode tonight. I am just getting done the 2nd showing. Bittersweet to watch tonight with the thoughts of it all wrapping up (I don’t have any faces to put in, but if I did it would be a big sad one).

    I went to the HeyNeilsen.com site and see that Stargate Atlantis is in the Top ten of their overall categories (even sadder).

  9. Aww, no mailbag, or comments about our brilliant usage of your vocabulary words?

  10. Im a bit behind in reading your blog. I have been working and taking care of my brother who is mentally challenged so its been a bit of go go go. for me. I did finally get to see whispers, really great. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Thats you guys did great work.

    Can i have the doll for my collection i want tell any one where it went. hehehe….

    The Queen was really great also. I love how Teyal put Todd in his place at the end. I dont think he was quit happy with is new queen.lol… I guess he did too good of a job training her to be a queen.

    Will its off to bed so i can start another busy day. I have to take Dave home on my way to work. Have a great weekend …..

  11. I wasn’t actually watching the clock, but it seemed to me the first act (is that right for the time before the first commercial break after the teaser?) was considerably longer than usual. I assume the credits were shortened because of this?

    Excellent episode, by the way.

    Anne Teldy

  12. Thank you VERY much, Mr. Waring. Your answers have made me love Chris, and Todd, even more – especially after tonight’s episode. It was good to see some of Common Ground-Todd re-emerge in this episode, especially his irritability…lol. It was one thing I just loved about him in Common Ground – he was so powerful, so aggressive at times…and yet…well…ya know, so ‘Todd’.

    And no, Todd never says how long he was in prison – only ‘many years’…which could be 10, 20…100. But that’s okay – we need to keep some mystery now and then.

    I swear…tonight’s the best night ever! First Mr. Waring’s answers, second, The Queen. And yeah, rain once again messed with my satellite – RIGHT as the episode was starting. But we have two DVRs, and it seems the one holds the satellite signal a bit better, so we just switched rooms, and got to enjoy the episode without interruption. I’ve watched it 4 times – 2x all the way through, 2x in part – already. I just love it. My second favorite ever to Common Ground…absolutely fantastic!! And every single Wraith in this was gorgeous! Even the bald one (what a lovely tattoo!). Nice to see Tyler again, too…at least he survived THIS episode.

    Oh, and one thing that really worked well for me in this was seeing more than 2 Wraith on a hive ship. It was good to see several, especially in the last throne room scene – didn’t make the ship seem so empty like it usually does.

    Only disappointment? I REALLY wanted to know if there are bathrooms on a hive ship. *sigh* Guess we’ll never know now…


  13. Thanks so much for convincing Will to visit the blog and answer our questions. It was great to read his answers!

    They have some webcams set up at CERN to watch the action. I definitely recommend checking it out.


    You will be amused 🙂

    I look forward to hearing about your dinner with Bob and any strange food encounters there. Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  14. What is with the shorter opening again?

    And the show filmed in haunted houses and the like is “Ghost Hunters” I know I watch it every Weds.

  15. Do you think that the wraith will always be enemy to the people of atlantis? You think the wraith and atlantis will join forces like they did in BAMSR with their ships?

  16. Man, Joe, how’d you get so lucky to be able to work with and near so many great people?

    Speaking of lucky, you have my permission to congratulate me. After four months of searching I finally have an interview as a secretary at a radio station. I might finally be able to pay my bills AND eat.

    Dear U.S. Economy,

    Please get better soon.


  17. “The Queen” was a fabulous episode, Joe! I never would have pictured Todd as the Wraith version of Henry Higgins, but Chris Heyerdahl pulled it off brilliantly. I also loved the twist in the plot when Todd killed the Primary queen and put the knife in Teyla’s hand. And speaking of Teyla, I loved the way Rachel Luttrel was able to show so much emotion under all of that latex prosthetic. I am missing my show already and it isn’t even close to the middle of the season, blast certain individuals’ hides.

    Also, I probably already missed my chance, but just in case I didn’t, I’d love to tell Robert Picardo how much I’ve grown to love Richard Woolsey since the beginning of this season. I didn’t think it was possible, but he did it and now I’m going to miss him when the series ends as much as I’ve missed Elizabeth and Sam. Please make sure he’s in the Atlantis movie. And I do have one question for him, and for you.

    Would it be possible to have Mr Woolsey sing something in episode 100? He has such a beautiful, rich voice it seems a shame that we’ll have to miss out on the opportunity to hear him sing.

    Again, if I’m not too late here, please tell James Robbins that I love the work he and his department have done on the Atlantis sets. My question is what method and colors did they use to achieve that beautiful patinaed look on the walls of the gateroom in Atlantis? I would love to know so that I can use it some time.

    Thanks again for allowing the fans the opportunity to communicate with you and some of the other folks who work on the Stargate Atlantis production, Joe. Not all of us can make it to a convention to do so and no one ever seems to book the behind the scenes talent anyway (which is a crying shame, in my opinion).

  18. Thank you, Mr. Waring!

    I loved The Queen tonight. It was interesting to get more of an insight of the workings of Wraith society. I love Todd, too. He is such an opportunist and ever so slightly a snake oil salesman. It’s always fun to see what he’s up to, and Chris Heyerdahl does a great job with him.

    I must give kudos to Rachel Luttrell, too. Despite the heavy make-up, she was fabulous. It was very nice to see her get a good story.

    Thank you!

  19. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from Sunny Tipperary.

    A big THANK YOU! to Mr Waring. Does this mean I have to re-watch all the eps to “spot the pineapple”??? DANG!

    It sounds (like I imagined) that when Will is in the chair there’s always a fun time had by all. Thanks again Mr W….Looking forward to the remainder of the Season and the Audio Commentaries!!!

    @Ellie: We almost had him re: the pineapples (hiding things in shot)!!!!!

    Thanks again Mr M for organising all these fab people for the Q and A…It really is a rare treat, particularly for those who can’t get to conventions, or production that usually don’t do panels.

    By the by, a thought struck me on the way to work this AM, with the 3 Millionth Visitor looming, a prize perhaps? I had a fiendish idea…. How about a mention for the lucky winner in one of the Episode Commentaries for the Season 5 box set? You know, kinda slip it in during a pause? Stargate Fame Assured! For those of us who dreamed of being drafted onto SG1 or indeed Shep’s team, with the cancellation, that dream is now over, *sniff*, this could be a last chance shot at Stargate Immortality buried deep within Audio track…..mmmm…reminds me of something…I know a pineapple!!!

    Thanks again


    PS: Carl Binder and juggling…..Is there no end to that man’s talents?

  20. Many thanks to Will Waring for stopping by.

    The Queen – rocked!

    The set tours are great..thanks to you and Carl Binder!

  21. Coucou Joseph^^!! Sa va bien??
    Moi oui, j’ai passer une très bonne nuit =)!

    Cool ces questions poser à Joe…incroyable vous vous appelez tous Joe ou quoi O_O , toi c’est Joseph le seul et l’unique ♥ ^^!

    Lol la vidéo, superbe jonglage de Carl avec des pierres lol!!

    1 Quand sera exactement finit la tournage de la saison 5?
    2) Avez vous prévu quelque chose avec les acteur pour cette fin?
    3) je pourrais avoir une adresse où vous écrire?

    Passez une bonne journée!!! Bisou je vous adore♥

  22. Hi Joe, just to let you know that I was among the fans protesting today in front of the studios (Im the French one!). It was one of the longest day (from 12 until 10:15pm!) of my life but it was so worth it!!! Through you, I’d like to thank the entire cast and crew of Stargate Atlantis for 5 great years but also for today. Special thanks to the Davids for the yummy cookies, to Giovanni the security guy, to Bridget and Robert Picardo for taking us on the set. I would have never imagined that this would happen in my life. I know that the protest was kind of pointless but it was a fun thing to do, lots of cars honked for us, did you hear??? Anyway, thank you again to all of you! We’ll try to drop by again next week!!!

  23. Was the shortness in credits to include scene material that would have otherwise had to be cut? Or was it a sci-fi option to advertise more this time around?

  24. Sure that episode didn’t at all make no sense. I can’t wait until next weeks episode when McKay gets turned into a goa’uld and Sheppard gets turned into a fish.
    It might have been a better episode had it had a slightly more plausible plot. I also think had the focus of the episode been more refined in terms of the main focus being what we’re finding out about the Wraith queens and alliances that it may have flowed better.
    Season 5’s been good on the whole though, this is just a little more what I like to call a blip 🙂 4/10.

  25. For what its worth-that show that your wife watchings (you spoke of in the video) probably is Most Haunted (on the Travel channel here in the US at least)

  26. The Queen…

    Very cool. I always love seeing a good species-switching. Great ep for Todd and Teyla. I guess I don’t have a lot of specific things to say, just a general, “That was cool.” Todd’s definitely a great character. The dynamic between him and Teyla and this was very interesting to watch. After she walked away from him at the end, and at other times when she was acting especially commanding and wraith-like, I couldn’t help wondering if certain thoughts might not have been crossing his mind. Ah, it’s hard to explain; it was just a lot of fun. When Shep & co. were captured, I was expecting them to be brought in front of Teyla, and that could have been an interesting scene, her trying to tell them what she had to while not giving herself away. I wondered if she might not even be forced to feed on one of them to keep up the pretense (and then give the life back later, of course). Having her experience feeding would certainly have given her an interesting perspective on the wraith. Although that would depend on one thing… Was Teyla actually turned into a wraith, or was she just made to look like one?

    Oh, and in that last scene where she took her leave of the hive and all the wraith were bowing their heads to her, all I could think was, “It’s good to be the queen.” Seriously, how awesome was that?

  27. There once was a group of show writers,
    who had trained to become ninja fighters.
    When Atlantis reached season 5,
    they all jumped on a hive,
    and joined Ronon’s band of wraith smiters.

  28. Hey Joe! Two things…

    1) Ur um… I thought the 11th’s post was the 12th’s, so I submitted my question/comment to Bob Picard over there. Sorry!

    2) I understand SGA getting canceled and have no mirth toward anyone who made any of the decisions… however… I feel that the fans deserve the full opening theme by Joel Goldsmith on the last season. I’m not whining AT you, because I know that’s not your call, merely TO you in case you ever have an opportunity to tell someone who does make that call how the fans feel. Not that I’m speaking for them, but I can easily assume in this case lol.

    Anyway, The Queen was FANTASTIC!!! I caught it on my friend’s DVR (god’s gift to the third-shifters). OH, that makes me think of one more question…

    3) Was Teyla genetically transformed into an actual Wraith with feeding desires, or was it simply cosmetic and nothing more? The way she was looking at her hands, and John’s comments at the end made me wonder.

  29. Hi Mr!
    How are you ?
    Wow I have to say that I’m in a best mood lol I watched The Queen and what episode !
    It’s true that I am not really objective I’m a great Teyla fan but this episode was awesome.
    Rachel did an awesome job as a queen, she is totally one it was awesome and the way that she puts Todd in his place at the end was just perfect I so love it.

    I loved the story of course really well imagined and written. The story was in my opinion really imaginative with the idea of keller and I didn’t expected some twist and once again was really stunned by the play of Rachel and Chris most importantly.

    More than happy that Teyla and Todd save the day or at least didn’t need anyone.

    Glad too to see some interaction as the John Teyla that I started to miss, but Ronon support as always for Teyla even as a wraith and Rodney’s reaction were priceless. Glad to see the support of their friendship.

    I loved the atmosphere, the decor, Teyla outfit and once again Teyla as a queen. I didn’t believed I would like it as much but clearly she kicks ass.

    Finally the end scene, I think that once again Teyla is profoundly touched. It happened a lot of things to Teyla lately and she seems always really disturbed but it isn’t really aborded after. And sadly I think she has always to support things a little on her own, particularly since Heightmeyer death. Did what happened in this ep will have some influence later ?

    Once again thank you what an awesome ep which just gain the first place in my order list even before Search & Rescue and Whispers 😀

  30. Afternoon, Joe

    And thanks for dragging Will into the blog. It was great to hear from him and get a little more insight into his ways of thinking/directing/driving buses.

    Sooo, uh.. what’s with the weights, huh? This some last minute revelation about you guys in the Production Offices? I’m currently bombarded with some pretty bizzare images of you, Carl and Martin sporting the lycra down at the Gym.. Not adviseable, considering i’m still only on my second fix of caffeine.


    Great eppi last night. Thoroughly enjoyed watching – as always. And re: the nielson ratings.. I’ll say it again, but if ratings were taken on average from around the world, Atlantis would be looking at at least another couple of seasons right now. I’m still a little stumped into the shortsightedness of Execs, who feel the global scifi fanbase can be projected by a tiny little corner of the north american continent.

    Obviously, i’m talking from the northern frontier of the Roman Empire, here.. We’re still celebrating the discovery that the world isn’t flat and if you annoy them long enough, the Italians build really long walls to keep us penned in.

  31. I loved The Queen last night! I didn’t think I would, and it turns out it’s one of my favorites. I was expecting that something would go wrong in the conversion process, and I was very happy to be wrong! It’s the first major Wraith episode I’ve seen in HD, and the prosthetics looked fantastic.

    Was the short-version credits due to the episode running long? Or was it a network decision?

  32. BTW, I was also curious about the credits and why they took the opening out.

    To Das: It was funny that I thought of you when Todd was on screen (lol).

  33. Thanks to Will Waring for answering those questions! 🙂

    Hehehehe..juggling with fake rocks! 😆

  34. I love your guest blogger features. Thanks to Mr. Waring for answering everyone’s question.

    Carl Binder trying to juggle those faux rocks literally made me laugh out loud.

  35. Yeah, what happned to the opening credits, I was watching it recorded, I had to rewind, I thought I’d missed something.
    Was it shortened to make time for more citical scenes?

    I love when the animated headshots become stills. Can we get those as pc wallpaper? Cool episode, nice job!!!

  36. It has been busy at work so I haven’t had the time to read all the comments on your blog.

    I know I have already done two today, but it is Saturday and I am just catching up. I feel I need to state my position on this Movie set up and possible cross overs (not that you want to hear them). Please don’t do cross overs us fans that love Atlantis want to see the Characters we have grown to love. SG-1 has their own movies. You don’t need them to make it good.

    To those with the thoughts that tptb won’t do more than one movie, sadly, I have a feeling they don’t care about Atlantis and that will happen. Joseph, if you have anything at all to say about that, please don’t let that happen.

    I don’t trust tptb. The SciFi representative that was at San Diego Con saying that Atlantis would stay for a long time. Well, apparently her idea of around and what the audience’s intensions for around are two different things.

  37. I have heard a lot of people upset about the shortened credits…from my previous tv knowledge, the abbreviated version was used as the show likely ran a little long. This is a common practice to keep the integrity of the show so no crucial scenes end up on the cutting room floor (and obviously, so the show doesn’t run over).

  38. Wow, I absolutely loved The Queen. It was a great episode. I loved the end bit with Teyla’s threat to Todd… he looks like he wants to strangle her! Great preformances all around, but especially Rachel and Christopher! Wow, that was good.
    Will Teyla’s ‘Queenship’ come back? How will this effect the events of the mid season two-parter? I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Why did Rodney bring up the Hoffan infection to make Todd accept the treatment? I thought Todd’s alliance was made immune to the Hoffan drug, as seen in ‘The Kindred’?

  40. Oh, and another question… Do you think Todd started thinking of Teyla as ‘His Queen’ or just as ‘that human pretending to be a queen’?

  41. Hey Joe,

    The Queen was an excellent plot and character driven episode and truly bridges earlier seasons of Atlantis with the new seasons of Atlantis. Excellent job. It makes me sad once again this is the last season.

    Hey do you know if Alan is going to have a Q & A session again like DV?



  42. I am very disappointed to see that the episode of Stargate SG1, that was on today, stooped to throwing in a sex scene. Up until know I thought the show had more class. I was wrong. You’ve lost a fan.

  43. Hey Joe,

    The Queen was FANTASTIC!!! I loved that epi so much. I love Todd because he uses our beloved SGA stars but doesn’t eat them. I knew he was up to something but I had no idea what. I can’t even be angry with him for that.

    I’m also glad I’m not the only one who noticed the very short intro. I say it was for more commercials. Maybe the epi ran long. If it’s the latter than I have no beef with sci-fi. If it’s the former then… 👿 GAME ON!

    Joe, when will the discussion for *City of Saints and Madmen* begin? I can’t remember and I need to crack that whip on Allie. Plus I’m TELLING her, not ASKING her that she WILL have questions for the author this time. So now you are all witnesses! 😛

    @Das: I’m glad to see you posted. I was afraid you’d died of happiness after the Queen AND Will’s amazing answers to your questions. Join me in a *dreamy sigh* for Todd, will you? 😆


  44. @Dyginc: I am smacking myself! For three days I’ve been meaning to tell you how sorry I am to hear about Gus. Since I’ve just been thru this with my own beloved friend, I truly feel for what you are going through. (((hugs))) from me and my family, ok? It does get better with time, though. I hope you are doing well.


  45. Thanks, Will, for nearly answering my question! I have a follow up one that you can nearly avoid answering: have you thought of pineapple JUICE for your next episode? Everybody will be going nuts trying to find the pineapple while it will be slowly disappearing down someone’s throat in plain sight!

    Thanks Joe, again and again, for the behind-the-scene guest bloggers. Every single one of them re-inforce my conviction that everyone working at SGA has to be a genius, they are all so funny, intelligent and witty and so good at their jobs!

    It makes it even worse to think that SGA is coming to an end. I can’t bear to watch the behind the scene videos. I’ll come back to them later, when the emotions are not so raw.

    @ Shirt@n Tie: I thought a pincer movement would do it! He sidesteps your straightforward question and neatly falls into my trap. Maybe next time!

    I have a question or 2 for James Robbins if it isn’t too late:

    I love the Daedalus! It’s on my desktop at work (Advertising SGA to all and sundry!). But staring at it all day, I couldn’t help but notice its striking and forthright phallic shape! I know weapons usually are because they are boys’ toys but space ships? There is no atmosphere in space to, shall we say, penetrate!

    1/ Who is responsible for this outrageous design? Please tell me so that I can… thank them! (If it is you, thank you!)

    2/ Is it – and all the other ships – a purely computer design or does it also exist as a model or a part model for some shots?

    Thank you James for making SGA such a believable and interesting world!

    And thanks again Joe!

  46. Sorry Joe, but I have to get this off my chest: I am seriously perturbed by my avatar! And since it is coming back everytime I post, I have to assume I’m stuck with it for good.

    It’s not so much the blobby thing. I’m not blobby at all.

    It’s the banana thing.

    For one thing, I am woman. For another, even if I was a man, I’m quite sure I would not have a banana there. In fact, I checked very recently and I can confirm that men don’t have bananas anywhere on their person. Well, the one I checked didn’t. He did have a look of sheer surprise though.

    Anyone knows of a good avatar divorce lawyer? Maybe it’s stalking me? I’d love to be able to put up a pic of my own jack russell terrier, Suzie, there. She’d make a good guard dog against any banana yielding blobbly avatar.

    Sorry again Joe!

    Have you heard anything about your own future regarding SGU?

  47. Great episode again. The entire cast was great as usuall, but especially Chris Heyedrahl and Rachel Luttrel. It was interesting seeing Teyla working with a Wraith considering the history of her people with the Wraith. I loved how Teyla put Todd in his place. She kick’s but. I also liked how we were able to see more into the Wraith culture as well. I like the name that Sheppard gives Todd’s second in commend. Does that mean that if he is killed Todd can say “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!”

    As for the treatment I hope in a way it doesn’t work. I would rather see Todd in command of the alliance. At least this way they know that they have an allie among the Wraith. I mean what right do they have to change the Wraith? Didn’t they learn the first time with Micheal?

    @das – and of course I had to think you everytime Todd was on screen. LOL!

  48. Joe,

    Thank you for such a great episode, The Queen. Rachel was fabulous! and the chemistry between Todd and Teyla was phenomenal! For this season, it ranks right up there with Search and Rescue.

    This is why I love SGA. Thank you.

    Have you heard any word on the SGA movies? Is the two-hour SGA movie a go for sure? If not, when will you know?


  49. @Patricia Lee – I tried to go to the Nielsonwebsite, but for some reason I am having trouble with it. Whenever I click on the vote for Stargate Atlantis button it takes me to a sign in page. And I do have a username and password. Do you know by chance it would do that?

  50. @ Linda Gagne – Yeah, I tend to have that affect on people. At Wizard World Philly this year, I met Marvel comics artist Mike Choi for the first time (Uncanny X-Men; X-23: Target X). I *knew* Mike from a comic book creators’ discussion forum where we had interacted on occasion, but had never met him in person. From the forum, he knew I was an avid – and outspoken – Wolverine fan. So, when I meet him in Philly, I introduced myself as ‘das’, and he said, “You’re das?! Everytime I draw Wolverine now I think of you, and worry whether or not you’ll like the way he looks.” 😕 Poor kid…

    @ Trish – *Dreamy sigh…*

    I was so hyped after the episode, I was up until about 3 am (which is bad because I had to be somewhere by 9 am this morn, so didn’t get much sleep last night).

    There is so much to absorb from last night’s episode it’s going to take a few days for me to get my thoughts together. SO much was addressed – much of which I already assumed, but was glad to see made canon in an episode.

    Spoilers ahead:

    Some things I can express right now – First, everyone’s acting was exceptional – Rachel and Chris were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t ask for anything more. The other Wraith actors, Tyler (Kenny), Richard (Commander) and James (Bridge Officer), were all great as well.

    I really liked the Commander of the Primary’s hive, and sympathized greatly with him because Todd and Teyla were royally screwing him over. I was actually sad to see him killed, even if it was by Todd.

    I loved seeing more Wraith active in the hive – it didn’t seem as empty as hives usually do.

    Loved when Ronon confronted Todd, and Todd’s reply. I could have just kissed him right then and there! He was prancing around Atlantis like he owned the place – or…caught a case of Jacksparrowitis.

    Loved the comment about the fruit tasting as delicious as the farmers who grew it…lol! He was really pushing it there…the Wraith humor doesn’t always set well with their food.

    I was curious about how softly Todd told Teyla that the Primary liked her, made me wonder if Todd was a bit smitten himself…well…until Teyla proved herself almost more than he could handle! It’s interesting – could Queen Teyla be Todd’s ‘Michael’ – he’s created her, and now he must suffer the consequences. Like others have said, I swear he wanted to strangle her at the end.

    I am under the impression that Todd is NOT like most Wraith who ‘seek to be ruled’ – I think he’d prefer to do the ruling. Some compare Todd to Ba’al – and though I am not that familiar with Ba’al due to never watching SG1, I know enough to hope that’s not the direction they’re taking Todd. Todd seems more of an enemy to his own kind than to the Lanteans, and – though tricksy – has never (yet) purposely caused the Lanteans harm. He uses them to get what he wants from within his own society. Of course, if his plan is to eventually grow strong enough to rule the galaxy…well…so be it. I certainly wouldn’t mind!

    I have a lot more in my head about their culture, but I really need to organize my thoughts. I am just grateful that Alan and everyone else involved created this story – it was MOST satisfying!

    Oh, and one last thing…

    One of my favorite moments was when Queen Teyla wiggled her butt into the throne chair 😆 ! So funny, and Todd’s reaction was great! Loved his snarliness there…just nice to see him so Wraithy for a change.

    Shutting up now…


    (Joe – my ‘puter went flukey – if this is a dup, delete one…thankies.)

  51. “The Queen” was a fantastic episode! It happens rarely that I totally agree about your view of the Wraith but here I agree to 100%! The social behaviour of the Wraith, the coming to power of a new Queen, social structures within the Hive – everything fits. I have no objections to raise. 😉

    Todd seems not really be pleased with the end of the story. Will be interesting to see how or if he manages to get out of his dilemma …. 😀

    @to all
    How did the commander of the Hive call his ship? I didn’t catch the word.

  52. ACK! My italics got messed up in that last post. I hate when that happens…almost as annoying as the Rogue Winkie – though I haven’t seen him in a while. Joe – did you kill the Rogue Winkie??

    I also forgot to say that I loved the Primary Queen as well…I just haven’t had a chance to look up the actor’s name. She was quite interesting, and I’m sad she also went the way of all queens, although it was about the best OMG! moment in the episode! Todd totally blew me away there, and then the way he ‘apologized’ and gave Teyla the knife…great stuff! I was like, ‘what the hell are you doing, Todd??! You’ll never get a girlfriend this way!’

    So, yup – really liked the Primary…sorry I didn’t mention her earlier. I tend to forget about the queens because 1. they never live long enough to care about them, and 2. they’re the competition. 😉

    @ tamijb – Yeah…seems a lot of people were thinking about me. But I wasn’t thinking about anyone else ‘cept that sexy hunk of bugmeat on the screen. Oh, my…he was exceptional last night. I just hope they don’t screw up his character down the road (the writers, not Chris). He’s so perfect the way he is, to make him too warm and fuzzy, or too nasty, would be a heartbreak.

    Oh, and I wanted to say earlier that I am a bit scared about the treatment. I really don’t want the Wraith to lose the ability to feed – that’s what makes them so exciting…so unpredictable. Take that away, and they’re just green guys in cool coats. I’d like to see them able to eat regular food as an alternative, but not as a total replacement. Of course, I have no say in the matter…but it just would be more interesting that way. Besides, those handgina things are kinda sexy. 😉 Loved seeing a nice close-up of Todd’s last night…but I divagate.

    So anyway – for them to be sustained by regular food, but with the ability to still feed if they so desire, or need to, would be perfect. First, I love the fact that they do so because of their nature, their instinct. So, you could have Todd happily eating mangos, but all the while he’s eyeing up Ronon, imagining what the big Satedan would taste like. I’d hate to see that instinct taken away, but would rather see them work hard to suppress it for the greater good.

    Blah. Gonna stop. I could go on and on…but I won’t bore you all with my thoughts…I do that enough already. 😛


  53. tamijb
    @Patricia Lee – I tried to go to the Nielson website, but for some reason I am having trouble with it. Whenever I click on the vote for Stargate Atlantis button it takes me to a sign in page. And I do have a username and password. Do you know by chance it would do that?

    @ Hi Tamijb
    Sorry I don’t know why it is doing that, if you have signed in, it should work. Maybe try closing it and signing in again.
    Anybody else have any suggestions for Tamijb?
    Hope it works for you!
    Patricia Lee

  54. Ya know, I’m thinking Todd went and shot himself in the foot by creating Queen Teyla. Therefore, I am dubbing her The Bride of Frankentodd. Can’t wait for her to meet Michael… 😉


  55. Hey Everyone! Lookie here.


    The H!N Score has jumped in less than 24 hours from 34.79 to 37.19

    Each topic (TV show, Movie, etc.) earns a Hey! Nielsen Score out of 100 possible points. The score is determined by user opinions, comments, and fan ratings. Calculated daily, the Hey! Nielsen Score also factors in internet buzz via BlogPulse.com as well as weekly chart data compiled by Nielsen for music, box office results, and TV ratings.
    37.19 H!N Score
    +2 (7.0%) \
    #7 out of 12757

    Keep posting folks and who knows. May be well make MGM and SciFi regret their decision! Cheers!

  56. @Patricia Lee Thanks for your help. I will try that again and see if it works.

    @das – Untill I read your posts on the Wraith I have never really thought of them the way you do. Now that the writers are exploring their culture more the Wraith have become more interesting. Before it was always the Wraith come, conquer and culle the planets then get their buts kicked by Sheppard’s team. We never saw anything revealing their culture. In fact I think the Wraith are more interesting than the Replicators. Its funny but I think the Wraith are more human than the Replicators. Imagine that. Maybe because there seems to be more than one side to the Wraith like Todd.


  57. @ tamijb – The Wraith are more interesting than the Replicators because…well, because they actually have personality. They have feelings. Todd said to never show weakness. That – coupled with the Broken Ties Wraith’s ‘no retreat in the face of battle’ – might suggest that the Wraith are cold, heartless, mechanical…just like the Replicators. But they’re not…they fear, just like you and me, because Todd said so. He said, “most Wraith seek to be ruled. They FEAR being without a queen.” This suggests that they are not what they appear to be on the outside.

    We already know they are driven by an instinct to survive, but now we know that fear is part of that driving force. They want to be ruled, lead…they fear not having such direction. I’m sure they fear other things, too…maybe even spiders. 😉 But they wouldn’t dare show such fear because it would mean their death. Remember what Steve said? “You hide your fear poorly, major.” I imagine the Wraith are EXPERTS at hiding their fear, no matter what. Imagine living like that…always on your guard, never once able to show how you really feel (something Todd was actually able to do in Common Ground, thank goodness). This makes the Wraith easier to relate to…despite their weaknesses, they must put on a hard exterior in order to survive, just like we have to at times. This gives them depth and dimension, and makes them so much more interesting than those godawful (boring!) Replicators (and Ancients).

    The Wraith ARE the best Stargate creation to date…hands down.

    That’s just one thing. This episode showed us so much. The Primary’s commander obviously had affection for his queen, but – because of their culture – he was forced to submit to another. But you knew his heart was always with his fallen queen.

    The fact that Todd could soften his tone at times when speaking to Teyla suggests an awareness of her feelings, her apprehension. Unlike even some humans, Todd has the capacity to empathize. He also showed some consideration to his human guests by providing them with a familiar setting while they were aboard his ship – a table and chairs (love the fact that at least one chair had a tiny star carved in the back of it – Todd and his stars. 🙂 ), and fruit to eat. Of course, he had to make a joke about the fruit – but could that have been a display of strength?

    Think about it – to ‘care’ about his human guests being comfortable could be seen as a sign of weakness. What better way to prove that he’s no softy than to brush off his considerate act with a rather disturbing joke?

    If Todd can have such feelings, all Wraith can…but they hide them under a hardened – and oft times snarky – shell, most likely to avoid being killed by one of their own. A brutal society, because most of their leaders are brutal, and most of the subjects ‘seek to be ruled’, without questioning that brutality. Now – what happens if they get a more compassionate leader? Could this not affect their entire society? Perhaps – if he or she lives long enough to make a difference.

    Oh, right. Series cancelled. Well, that’s the end of that. 😉


  58. *waves*

    Chrystal i’m not having much luck uploading the spider stuff… still trying though… Mr M if you’re not using McKay anymore can I borrow him for a little while, I promise faithfully to return him. 😛

    Now onto other important matters.:D Remnant pics are out, and Mr M are you trying to whump us? My goodness those pics just make me go weak at the knees and I feel the urge to run around the room in full squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mode. 😳 that just slipped out, honest. Thank you *hugs* So quick question while i’m here, with all that hurting, will Shep get any comfort? Even just a smidgen? Shall I beg? 😛

    Anyway thanks to you and Carl for the tour around the set, it brought back wonderful memories, and i’m glad the protesters got a look to. Thanks again. 😀


  59. It is UNACCEPTABLE that we are being forced to accept a new Cast for Stargate Universe. Its not right. There must have been a way to bridge over from Atlantis and Sg-1 Slowly. I adore your work Joe, but if you could pass along an opinion, forcing a new Stargate and getting SGA cancelled for fund issues is a real let down to the fans. You might as well be killing a puppy. Is this what is going to happen to Stargate Universe after 5 seasons? Someone gets bored and has a new wet dream? AS the ratings clearly show..we were all just perfectly happy with Sheppard and McKay and Ronan. I will be sending this along. And if I don’t see more than one cast member from Atlantis on Universe…I will not watch IT EVER.
    Perhaps the actors are afraid to complain, lest get their characters killed off…but as a DEVOTED (and totally hot) Fan…I will say that ‘Universe’ will go down if you ignore the fans. AS a sweet and caring person(and not an A** kisser) …I must say I think you have the cutest smile.

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