Yesterday, The Bridge Studios was the scene of a massive fan protest. Well, massively spirited anyway. When I rolled in first thing Friday morning, there were three hardy souls outside the gates. An hour later, that number had swelled to five, then eight, then ten, then back to eight (when it turned out that the two we’d counted from our office window were actually a reporter and cameraperson covering the event for SFU campus news), then back up to ten. The turn-out may have been small, but those who showed were very animated, waving signs and exhorting passing motorists to honk. Many did and I hope that most of them knew what, exactly, they were honking in support of, but I suspect that more than a few whizzed by wondering “Save sga? What a sga?”

A little before noon, Marty G. swung by my office. It was a late call and the truck was serving breakfast. He was going down to grab a breakfast sandwich and drop in on the fans. Was I interested in joining him? Was I! I grabbed my shades, my camera, and we headed down.

We walked through the gate and strolled up to the group of Atlantis loyalists. “Hey!”said one. “It’s Martin Gero and Joe Mallozzi.” Martin and I said hi and thanked them all for coming out to support the show.

“We want season six,”demanded one exuberant fan. I explained that, if Martin and I had had our way, we would certainly be doing a sixth season of Atlantis… “Please,”piped up the fan. “One more season.” I reiterated the fact that Martin and I always supported the production of a sixth season… “You can run it along the first season of Stargate Universe.” Yes. Again, I felt the need to emphasize we were not part of the decision-making process and –

“IT’S DAVID!”someone yelled. All eyes swung up the road to the approaching red car. My first thought was “How the heck do they know what kind of a car David drives?” Sure, enough, the car swung in and pulled up alongside the demonstrators. David H., all smiles, popped his head out the open window and greeted the fans. As they congregated around his car, Martin and I, all but forgotten, seized the opportunity go grab that breakfast sandwich.

Otherwise, a fairly quiet day. I watched some dailies (shoot-out, shirtless wraith, and ginormous explosion), approved some promos, and swung by set to say hi to Rob who was directing Bob, David, David, and Gary down in the command center on Stage 5. Alas, it looked to be a late night for Bob so we didn’t get around to doing our Q&A video segment but fear not. We’ll definitely get around to it next week.

And, among the other Stargate-related things to look forward to next week: Amanda Tapping, spinning the movie, completing production on Enemy at the Gate, Thursday’s final Vancouver wrap, and, of course, the 100th Episode/Series Wrap Party.

FYI – By the time I rolled off the lot to pick up the pooches at doggy daycare, the fan ranks had swelled to an even dozen.

Oh, for those of you asking – no, you didn’t imagine it. That was the abbreviated nine second main title sequence that accompanied last night’s airing and not the cool, VFX-laden full version containing the entirety of Joel Goldsmith’s incredible score. The decision to scrap the uber-cool main title sequence in favor of the truncated blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sequence was a network call. Apparently, prevailing wisdom holds that viewers possess the attention spans of coked-up squirrels who are likely to change the channel if faced with the prospect of investing up to a full minute of their time watching the main title of a show they’ve tuned into. By airing a shorter sequence, it is argued, viewers will be less likely to suddenly grow bored and wander off into the surrounding cornfields or seek out more enticing programming like, say, TVLand’s The Jeffersons/Good Times double-bill. Bottom line: Don’t give the viewer an excuse to change the channel. And, to be honest, it’s sound logic.

Provided the network rolls right into the show rather than heading into commercials which would, in effect, defeat the purpose of airing a shorter main title sequence.

Uh. Oh.

Hey, finish up Keeping It Real. I’ll be weighing in with my thoughts on Monday and author Justina Robson will be dropping in later in the week to field your questions. Then, get started on The Black Company. Author Glen Cook will be dropping by next week. And, once that’s under your belt, pick up The Missing. Author Sarah Langan will be stopping in the week after that.

Today’s entry is dedicated to all the fans who showed up yesterday to support the show. Your group may have been small but you proved yourselves loyal, enthusiastic, and, occasionally, loud and annoying. Kudos to all!

Today’s pics: Command center, Vegas.

Today’s video: The FX Stage Tour, final part.


Camy writes: “Have you heard any word on the SGA movies? Is the two-hour SGA movie a go for sure?”

Answer: It is indeed a go.  We hope to have this script finished before year’s end.

Alexandria writes: “I have heard a lot of people upset about the shortened credits…from my previous tv knowledge, the abbreviated version was used as the show likely ran a little long.”

Answer: That wasn’t the case in this instance.

Linda Gagne writes: “To those with the thoughts that tptb won’t do more than one movie, sadly, I have a feeling they don’t care about Atlantis and that will happen.”

Answer: Provided enough fans tune in to watch the television premiere and purchase the dvd, there will be plenty of Atlantis movies to come.

125 thoughts on “September 13, 2008: Fans Protest, Main Title Compressed, Some Questions Addressed

  1. Thanks for making a statement to my statement. We, know what we have to do now to get more movies. However, I am one that is still holding out hope for a miracle for a sixth season (can’t hurt to hope).

    As for the credits, I had to laugh cause I am one of those people who used to flick when the opening came on, that is how I found Atlantis in the first place. Since finding Atlantis, I never flick the station when it’s on even during the opening credits. I may get up to do something in the house while it comes on, but I have not flicked the channel. Now don’t everyone get on me all at once for this, it is something I have done forever, but am working on it. I found a great show by doing it, so, maybe it was meant to happen that way.

  2. Awwww… I was hoping they changed the title sequence just for the one episode… why change it now???

    How does Joel feel about them scrapping his sweet score? I loved watching the intro sequence with the music, which adds SO MUCH to the overall experience (even when I’m watching on iTunes I don’t skip the intro sequence)!!!

    I wish I lived in Vancouver (or anywhere within a 10 hour drive, really!!!) … I would have joined the show’s supporters out there!!!!

    Thanks for the sweet pics and to both you and Carl for the amazing tour =)

  3. Thanks for the pictures and the video.

    And, among the other Stargate-related things to look forward to next week: Amanda Tapping, spinning the movie, completing production on Enemy at the Gate, Thursday’s final Vancouver wrap, and, of course, the 100th Episode/Series Wrap Party.

    Does that mean Amanda Tapping will be doing a quest blog soon? Although I love all the SGA characters Samantha Carter is my all time Stargate character. Please, Please, please, please, please, please with cherry on top will Amanda Tapping be a quest blogger? Please?

  4. Reminder Lexa Doig will be on Scifi tonight in the movie with Jeremy London called Ba’al: The Storm God!


  5. Also: one of the “Save SGA” protesters seems to have a guitar! Did you happen to catch what they were singing???

  6. Way to go Fans of SGA… Good job!

    *Waves at Kriz*… where were you!!! You live in the area!???

  7. Joe,

    Hearing the reasoning behind the abbreviated credits made me laugh. I had to, to keep from crying. It’s a wonder that the show went for as long as it did, with these drooling imbeciles at the wheel. I used to think that their most egregious sin was their pathetic attempts at promotion but I can see I was wrong.

    I believe, my friend, that you deserve some kind of award for dealing with these jackasses for as long as you did.


  8. Cheers to those who showed up at Bridge, though I fear that the appearance will not have quite the impact desired. And look on the bright side Mr. M. You were abaondoned in favor of Mr. Hewlett. They could have deserted you for Gary Jones, or Evil Kenny, or even the UPS delivery man. And you were recognised…
    As for the logic of the shortened credits, well, I suppose I can follow the reasoning. However, those of us who are already turning into the show are not likely to abandon it simply because we’re watching the same opening we’ve seen dozens of times before. If anything, it helps me to get into the proper relaxed frame of mind to enjoy the week’s offering. On the other hand, for the casual viewer flipping channels, the longer opening offers a much more eye and ear catching sequence that then short version. I would hypothesize that the longer version is in fact more likely to induce someone to watch the show than the ADD version shown last night. But I’m becoming inured to the decisions by Sci Fi channel and their understanding of their supposed target audiences.
    Lots of great pictures of some great folks, and I am looking forward to following the progress of the movie. I do have one question for you, if by some fortuitious circumstance you’re in the mood to answer. Given the popularity of your blog, are you ever approached about what information you should or should not put up on the blog, or are matters left entirely to your discretion? I’m not talking about issues such as the cancellation, where you are not free to make statements until other parties are notified. Rather, I’m thinking in terms of the spoilers and pictures you post. I just wonder if others on the show view you as a way to unofficially put out information to the fans.
    Your ongoing stage tours are becoming more enjoyable every day, but please take care to not break Mr. Binder. Or yourself. Night vision or not, parts of your tour look just a tad hazardous. Again, thanks for taking the time and effort to put up the blog.

  9. “Linda Gagne writes: “To those with the thoughts that tptb won’t do more than one movie, sadly, I have a feeling they don’t care about Atlantis and that will happen.”

    Answer: Provided enough fans tune in to watch the television premiere and purchase the dvd, there will be plenty of Atlantis movies to come.”

    I’m not trying to be a smart-ass…but frankly the ratings didn’t mean anything for the show itself…why should we believe they’ll matter for any movies made?

    It will be hard to get too interested in any other Stargate franchises for me, at least. It’s discouraging to have fan loyalty mean so little.

  10. Hey Joe, Thanks for the pics, when will you show the video of the fans at the “ralley”? Enjoyed the “Queen” . As the epi’s go on, I get sadder and sadder!It’s like taking a piece of the weekly flow out, I will really miss SGA!It is hard to explain. Well, it looks like BBCA will start getting more of my time-prime evil ,Dr. who and torchwood. Yes , i’ll want to see SGU and Sanctuary, and Dr. Who if they show that too. (sci-fi) But nothing will replace SG-1 and SGA!! Thanks, sheryl

  11. I saw a report of the protest in someone’s LJ (the name escapes me now as I went through a few links to get there) and I wish I could have been there. It sounds like they had a really good time for the cause.

    And don’t knock the power of an old school double bill. I wouldn’t skip a new episode of SGA for one, of course, but my Batman/Green Hornet extravaganza is how I warm up for SGA on Fridays. It sets the mood, don’t ask me how.

    Thanks for the pics today. They please me muchly. 🙂

  12. That’s awful.

    The one thing that causes me to flip from a show is a commercial break. I’ve seen shows that have gone to a break within the first 5 mins of starting, and there is nothing that will drive viewers away than that. It’s not the opening at all.

    MGM cancels the show
    We respond with letters, lemons, petitions, and rallies.
    They respond back by cutting the opening sequence and treating the fans like 4 yr olds watching sesame street. Nice.

    Joe Flanigan said it well in the interview with Space…the fans are being disrespected by the network. Sadly, if they continue down this path, then they will learn that it was wrong to do what they have done here.

    I apologize, but Sesame Street on the Starship Destiny in SGU will likely not be supported by the fan base here, and if they show it at 10pm like they do SGA, then their target audience will likely be in bed already.

  13. As long as the title sequence is the longer form for the DVDs, i’ll be happy. You guys can make the call on that, right Joe?

  14. Many thanks to you and Carl Binder for the tour of the various stages. I love seeing the stuff behind the camera (and these days, the attendant green screen). Which, by the way, you didn’t answer my question as to why green screens are actually that poisonous shade of green.

  15. *GASP* RODNEY IS MARRIED IN “VEGAS”?? Of did our dear Hewlett just not take his ring off yet for the scene? Thankee for the lovely piccies! *happy sigh*

    I wasn’t there at the Rally, but I was on the “I represent the 1.4+ Million” sign as a name at least. 🙂 (And I typed it up as a PDF for Goosie to print out, althought it was a JoeF-yahoo-group fan who came up with the saying. It was a cross-country effort! :))

    Re: the shorter intro, hey, I’m a Squirrel, but I’m not coked up! 😛

    @ Das ~ I actually thought Todd showed concern for his people — he seemed disturbed, more than simply angry, when he realised she was trying to kill Wraith …. I think they don’t care so much about individuals, but I think he cares about his people as a whole …. But yes, I think he’s an exception to the whole “needs to be ruled” rule. *G* And yeah, maybe he had a little crush on Teyla 😉 ….

  16. Impressive that all the viewers managed to show up for that protest! *g*

    So, if the show is scrapped what do the network care if people zap away?

  17. I read a fan recap of the rally and am surprised to hear you guys got ditched in favor of David–though, I must admit, I probably would have done the same. I have a serious fangirl… wow, all the words I can think of to describe it sound creepy and unsafe (especially as I did know what car he drives–but he had a picture of it in his blog, I think! Maybe… Ahem.). I like the guy, he’s a good actor and a nice man. There. Except now it sounds like I don’t think those things about you and Martin.


    (LOL just a little joke. You are both nice men) Anyway, from those of us who couldn’t afford to go out there, thanks for dropping by and being so gracious! It’s sometimes hard for us to comprehend that the folks spearheading episodes aren’t the ones making the decisions about the show’s future, but I’m sure you know that.

    I have two questions, and please forgive me if I completely and utterly missed the answer to the first one, which I think might have been asked before? (note: the preceding question is not one of the two proposed questions)

    1) Is the line from the pilot, ‘Daughter of Tegan’ referring to Teyla’s mother, as some have postulated? A number of we fans have been trying to reconcile the ‘Tagan’ ‘Torren’ perceived discrepancy, but it had occurred to us that she didn’t state which parent she was referring to.

    2) Preview images for an upcoming episode show Joe and David racing remote-controlled cars in costume (and one of David’s Twitter posts mentioned this as well)–as much as I’d like to ask if this is indeed in an episode, all I need do is wait to find out. Waiting until the *movie*, however, requires a reserve of patience I don’t have, so here’s my question: is it too much to hope for that the film will spare some airtime to have character moments like these? It’s *this* sort of thing that has me mourning the loss of a sixth season more than anything else, because while yes, we’ll have our show in some capacity, what we won’t have is the time to spend on little things, like computer (and real) golf, or expository sparring sessions.

    Thanks for the pictures!

  18. Hey Joe,

    First off it has taken me to long to post this but thanks for stopping by Fuel during GateCon. I was the one that showed up late due to flight issues from CA to Vancouver. Fuel was great and it was nice to meet you briefly.

    As for the shortened credits Friday night; as a kid I started changing channels just to listen to theme songs of TV Shows. As soon as the theme song for the show that aired that I enjoyed the most finished I would switch to another network to hear what the theme from competing shows sounded like. Friday night when I got home from the game and turned on my TV to watch the episode of SGA that I had recorded started I had to stop it and rewind it because I thought there must be a problem with my Tivo at first. I truly miss the days of great theme songs for TV Shows. For me an opening credit sequence with good music will get me to watch at least part of a show to see if it is as good as the opening.

  19. Without the title sequence (which I think sucks), are the shows going to be longer from now on?

  20. Hi Joe – Thanks again for another exceptional guest blog with Will Waring.

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Queen”. Rachel and Chris really acted their hearts out for this one. “Teyla” was the perfect queen becoming more ruthless as she spent more time among the Wraith. Lots of insight into the Wraith culture and politics. Reminded me of a history I read about the Chicago mafia – every group had their turf and there were many turf wars to gain more ground and a bigger piece of the pie. The only time the “bosses” came together was to thwart the likes of Eliot Ness and any other “G Men”.

    Rachel’s make-up and costume were impressive. You could barely recognize her after “surgery”, even though you were looking right at her. Gold stars to everyone involved in her transition.

    Please tell the boys at SciFI and MGM, that I and many other fans do not have the attention span of a gnat. We are capable of sitting through the full main title sequence without becoming bored. What does bore me are people with a little power and less common sense, who make false assumptions, about what other will find acceptable. The abbreviated main title sequence IS NOT acceptable.

    Many thanks!

  21. joe said: “And, among the other Stargate-related things to look forward to next week: Amanda Tapping, spinning the movie, completing production on Enemy at the Gate, Thursday’s final Vancouver wrap, and, of course, the 100th Episode/Series Wrap Party.”

    me: WOO HOOOO!!

    sally 😀

  22. *finishes up watching The Queen …again…runs in – smooches everyone – runs out*

    das…the drive-by smoocher 😀

  23. You answered this question a question just like this yesterday, so how about a little love again?

    Have you heard any word on the SG1 movies? Is the third SG1 movie a go for sure?”

  24. Yay for the fans who showed up to support the show! Especially the person who thought to bring the sign that said they were there to represent the other 1.4 million of us who couldn’t be there. *grin* It would have been truly tempting to drive the 6 hours one way to join them, but I’m here lending moral support to my Mom who just had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery instead.

    Thanks for the pics of the Command Center, Joe. The triangles and smeared blips on the maps are in some very familiar places and I was quite surprised to see the one that looks to be in Herlong, CA. That one is almost always left off of the maps in movies and TV series, though I was also surprised to see that the one just outside of Lompoc, CA was missing. Who put the maps together? Were they told which locations to put on the maps, or is it just one of those things meant to be in the background and up to their discretion? Am I being entirely too nosey and asking too spoilery questions?

    Thanks again to you and all of the folks there at Bridge Studios. It’s a pity we can’t call for a tactical strike against the individuals who are responsible for the cancellation, but I don’t think my banana cream pie launcher has that kind of range, mores the pity. 😉

  25. Nice. Oh, and how the fans knew that was David H.’s car. David had a picture of it in one of his blogs. Believe it was the blog about the new bicycle add-on he purchased for his son so he could tow him along when he bikes. (Either that or it was a space ship and he was planning on sending the child to the moon.)

    In fact, my mom owns that car as well. Which speaks very highly of David’s choice.

    For those interested: It’s a red toyota echo and it’s excellent. It gets fantastic gas mileage and is an easy drive.

    How dare they ignore you! Though you have to admit that David oozes charm out of his very pores (which can get a might messy, I’d imagine). And to be fair, most of the people there were probably “Squirrels.” (That’s the coke-free kind that enjoy longer intros)

  26. Tonight they had the Creative Arts Emmy’s announcements. Atlantis lost in their one catagory, Special Visual Effects for a Series, to Battlestar Galactica. Congrats anyways to the crew for doing such a great job with no recognition from anyone but us the fans. You were robbed.

  27. Hi Joe,
    I’ve been busy but have tried to keep up with reading everyday (though I have to go back and watch the video for the last week or so)…. anyways, I saw it reported that SGU will start filming in Feb 09, I was wondering when we will know who will be moving over to SGU from the production standpoint. I’m assuming (and hoping) that we’ll see you and Paul and our usual stable of directors and behind the scenes people move over (while you all still do your work on the movies)… so I guess my question is when will you know if you get to work on SGU?

  28. *Head desk* *head desk* *head desk*

    Missing the rally is now my greatest single regret in the history of everything forever.

    You know, society teaches that hard work and effort pays off. Education is good, and should be put ahead of most frivolities while you are at the schooling age. If you put your heart and soul into it, you’ll come out educated and successful.

    That’s the mantra I follow almost all the time. You see, when I was driving home from UBC with my uncle, we actually drove right by Bridge Studios, to check out the rally. I had pondered whether to stop and join the fans and miss a whole night’s time that I could use for homework…or pass them by, go home, and put in the effort needed to complete what I needed to for the week ahead.

    I chose the latter because that’s how I was taught. And now… *sigh*

    But on the slightly less-dark side, according to the fans who attended the rally, you guys, along with the two Davids, came out around noon or something. It’s small consolation that, at that time, I was still stuck at University without a hope in hell’s chance of joining the rally even if I wanted to. At the same time, the Robert-Picardo-led set tour happened at around 8pm, which would be smack dab in the middle of my homework time. No way I could’ve made it without destroying my chances of ever catching up with my work.

    It’s time like this that makes me want to quit society, go live in a cave, and do whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want. It’d be so much easier.

    Oh, and the kicker? Turns out, I completely slacked off when I got home and, instead of doing homework, I watched Whispers and proceeded to discuss the episode on the web. Luckily, I enjoyed what I saw. Whispers was a cool little horror/thriller episode with some fantastic guest characters. My Gateworld review post has some extra bits in it that I’d rather you not see (which weren’t part of the review, but a reply to another poster), so instead I’ll post the review in my next comment, as it’s kinda long, as usual.

    But hey, looks like my sign was being waved about by a Bridge Studio crew member in one of the rally pics I found around the net; so I guess I was there in spirit.

  29. Whispers review (which I wrote before reading the episode breakdowns):

    So, you know…the start of school = PG‘s free time –> 0, kinda sucky, especially when it took me a week to take off enough time to watch this episode!

    And what an episode it was!

    JM said that this was just a good ole’ popcorn horror flick, but as with all Stargate episodes, there just has to be quite a bit of character stuff in it as well. Obviously it’s not on the level of The Shrine in terms of that stuff, but still. This was a fun episode! 😀

    And really, at the end of the day, that’s what it was all about. Carson’s return was very cool to see, especially as his first scene involved him being the kind, gentle doctor almost all of us have grown to love; Major Teldy’s team members were all entertaining in their own way (though Vega obviously falls short in this; at the end though, I’m glad she was the one who…uh…got it), the horror element was new to me, as I’ve actually never seen a horror movie, but this was fun and made me jump quite a few times without grossing me out with gore; the direction and the music (OH GOD THE MUSIC) helped in that too.

    Let’s do the aesthetics first. I didn’t watch it on a TV, since I’m in Canada, and I’m poor, so I thought the fog and the general cinematography and direction were pretty awesome. The zoom ins and the sudden speed-ups were unnerving, and the fog itself (perhaps combined with the slight fuzz of my copy of the episode) was incredible; at many moments I was half-trying to make out what that shape was, and half-trying to back away as I KNEW something was about to jump out at me. Either way, the fog made everything so much more claustrophobic and chaotic; exactly what you need for this kind of thing. Speaking of the fog; the fact that it came from the creatures was great; made even better by an elaboration on their biology. It’s good that they put that little detail in there; that they’re blind predators; kinda like bats, I suppose. Oh, and the blindess totally creeped me out. I’m just not good with anything happening to the eyes. Especially that scene with the growling creature above Beckett, “investigating” him…with those “eyes”…ugggggh. Very disturbing.

    But the real crown here goes to the music. Jesus Christ, Joel did an AMAZING job creating the tense atmosphere; and, of course, I jumped every time there’s that loud BANG in the music and something jumps out at you. Besides that though, there were also sequences backed by alternating notes in strings, like when they pushed into Mikey’s lab and the pods opened; it was something I’ve rarely heard in Stargate, and I loved it. It was just such a strong sound, like it’s trying to overwhelm you.

    For Stargate Universe: If Joel goes, PG goes.

    Again, despite the fact that JM touted this as a horror piece, I thought the character moments within were great; and entwine with that, were a few continuity moments. The scenes that bookended the episode, between Rodney and Beckett, were both very telling and a good way to catch us up on recent events. It is just SO Rodney to be so clingy. But that’s what was so appealing; even though Beckett’s been off on vacation for 6 months (6 months since The Seed? Wow….that’s a long time), they still seemed like great friends. Watching DGod act, it’s clear that he was trying very hard to make sure Carson stays, as it’s also clear that’s he’s missed him. Rodney has this problem, that when he’s arguing, he tends to be very mean and condescending, treating his answers as obviously right. Here, however, it’s different; he seemed to be trying to be very nice as he spelled out to Carson how he want him to stay so they can hang out and be buddies again. It was also interesting how McKay was making all the SCB arguments (“you belong on Atlantis!” :D). At the same time, it hammered home the type of person Carson really was. I loved that they refered back to the Michael problem as the incentive for him to go out there and fix the problems; it showed him as dutiful, honorable, and caring; just like the Carson we all remembered. Of course, it also gives a good reason why he won’t be back for 6 episodes. 😉

    Oh hey, and Carson’s complaining about walking, and he’s a DOCTOR. He’s such a whiner, no? 😉

    Carson spent the majority of this episode with Dr. Porter, and I loved them together; I thought they had some great chemistry, which was probably helped by the fact that both were brilliant actors. More on this later. For now, I’ll just touch upon that one scene where Dusty (who is made of the hottest caliber of WIN) said some rather…awkward things. Again, it was a continuity reference and a character moment rolled into one, and I loved it. It actually took me a few seconds to realize what just happened, and how inappropriate what Dusty said really was. After all, this would be the first time Carson had had to deal with that aspect of his life since he found out about it. It was interesting how he responded to it: he was obviously disturbed, as her remarks hit close to home. Watch Paul McGillion in that scene; he bites his lower lip and blinks multiple times. I imagine that, he’s not only remembering that revelation of his identity, but also the “reunion” aspect; you have to wonder what he’s been through during the last 6 months; it would seem that he saw his family again, his mother in particular; could his expression say that it went badly? What’s more, his tone of speech afterwards almost seem…spiteful? Depressing? Resigned? As if the fact that he’s just a copy was going through his mind, making him feel inferior and what not. It seems that he didn’t mean to express this, as he apologized to Porter right afterwards. This is definitely fanfic fodder.

    Oh, and I also loved the bits of Carson alone in the fog. The absolute terror infused in his expression was palpable. This is especially so during the scene where the creature was growling at him while on the wall; it was as if he was just frozen in fear.

    I know I’d be. Daaaamn.

    Before moving on, there’s that HUGE ISSUE of the terrorist fist jab. A whole thread devoted to people getting their panties in twists over it is flourishing, and I’ve posted what I wanted to in it, but there’s something I want to save for this: some people have said that Carson was out of character, that he was always a gentlemen and not your fist-bump type. Well, he’s a gentlemen, but he’s not exactly your wholesome doctor either. The gloating over his stopping of the drone in Rising to lady (and a guy, but he was obviously talking to the fine lass)? The jealousy of Shep because he got to bump noggin’ with Teyla in the same episode? Him pondering potential mates at the beginning of Hide and Seek? Being all flustered with Perna? Obviously treating Chaya with more than just a little respect? I’m sorry, but it seems to me that, like many Scottish lads, Beckett’s smitten by the ladies. I thought the fist-bump was hilarious, and clearly within Beckett’s character to have him do it. Overall, I just thought that it was a realistic, funny sequence; it’s like something me and my buds would do. 😀

    Moving on. I liked Mirellus. At the end of the day, he turned out to be perfectly normal, and an ultimately naive, but good person. He did a horrible thing because he wanted to see his wife, and didn’t know any better. You gotta admire that; he wandered into a cave that was said to be extremely dangerous in order to find his wife; that’s got to count for something. I was sad to see him go.

    Sheppard didn’t get much to do in this episode besides giving orders and shooting (though I think this is the kind of thing Joe Flanigan likes. :D), but I liked what I saw. I thought he was very commanding and authoritative in this episode (the quality of his command decisions notwithstanding), even when he had to compete with Teldy and Dusty, both of whom were quite strong in their personalities. Oh, and I loved the reference back to Search and Rescue with the security protocol thing in Michael’s lab.

    Ok, let’s talk about the female team!

    Vega didn’t really do much for me; but then, she didn’t really get many words in edgewise before she got killed off. Still, the little bit of screentime she had said to me that she had attitude (which is a good thing, in this case), and could’ve been a good character. Actually, she reminded me of pre-enzyme Ford.

    Teldy…isn’t she supposed to die? By Space Cow attack? What’s up with that? 😉 I liked her a lot. Again, she has a bit of an attitude, and I liked that about her; for lack of a better term, she seemed “cool”; calm and collected under pressure. Like I said earlier, she seemed, like Sheppard, authoritative, experienced, and commanding; and was similarily snarky. I think they’d make a good pair. No, not like THAT. I hope to see her again in the future.

    Porter was great! I was pretty excited when I found out that Nicole de Boer was going to guest star and she didn’t disappoint. It’s the little things that made me like her so much; for instance the “OMG you did NOT just say that” look she gave Dusty after the sock-on-the-door remark; I thought that was very cute. Overall, I thought she was very professional, but also playful and a bit snarky (Starbucks comment). I loved her “flirting” with Beckett. It was rather sweet. Like McKeller, these “two geeks in a pod” kind of things really appeal to me. It gives me hope for real life. 😉

    More Porter please!

    Dusty was clearly the best IMHO. Some have said that she was cliche, and I can see where that may come from…but it doesn’t matter to me. The fact is, she [b]entertained[/b] me the most out of the 4 women on the team. JM said on his blog that Janina’s audition was perfect for the character, and I agree. Like somebody else said, she had a spark, a special extra something in her portrayal that made her character so great. Again, it’s the little things, like the intense whispering “it’s probably nothin'” and the loud inhaling through the nose while standing guard at the well, and of course the bubble gum thing; those had me laughing out loud. And then there’s her snark, which I adored; she being disgusted and making fun of Beckett and Porter when they got all flirty was hilarious, not to mention how she pwned Shep in the Zombie-kill-count and threw it in his face. There was also a tiny moment where she just goes “Ally, you alright?” to Porter. Just the fact that she refered to Porter as “Ally”; it made them feel closer as a team, and made her more likable, caring, and affectionate, I thought. I just like her spunk and snarktastic attitude; it’s very appealing; I’d love to see her interacting with McKay. In fact, like with Teldy and Porter, I like to see more of her in the future.

    And you know what? All 4 women were pretty hot. 😀

    Overall, this was a nice little horror flick (well, actually, I’d say it was more of a thriller), and a departure from the norm; the new characters were great, and Beckett’s return was very nice as well. It didn’t have the emotional punch as The Shrine; but then, I doubt many episodes will.

    Score: 8.5/10

  30. On Behalf of us at SOSGA, I would like to Thank You for coming out to greet the Save SGA Supporters and for Answering their Questions 😀

    Giant E-Hugs from Me in NZ and I hope next week goes well!



  31. shirtless wraith!!!!
    it better be a pretty faced one!!

    which ep? which ep?

    if this doesn’t turn out to be what i hope it is i’ll wind up hounding you non stop

  32. Apparently, prevailing wisdom holds that viewers possess the attention spans of coked-up squirrels who are likely to change the channel if faced with the prospect of investing up to a full minute of their time watching the main title of a show they’ve tuned into.

    Huh. That makes a lot of sense actually – shows like Supernatural, Heroes, and Lost all have title sequences that lasts 10 seconds or less. But that holds true for me – I either wander off for awhile or I start reading whatever book I have in my hand at that time. Hurrah for multitasking.

    By the by, have you read Havemercy by Jones & Bennett?

  33. @ wolfenm – Oh, yes, yes, yes. Todd cares about Wraith – he’s NOT Michael…he wants to preserve his kind, not exterminate them. What I mean by him being a bigger threat to the Wraith than the Lanteans is that he’s a threat to the Wraith status quo…not to his species as a whole, or to their survival. Right now he’s upsetting the Wraith applecart, not the Lantean’s, and he’s probably doing so to make them stronger in the end. But in the meantime, he’s creating quite the stir, and has now placed himself in a very precarious position. He has a lot riding on this alliance, and now on his new ‘queen’…one wrong move either way and he’s dead.

    Ya know – in a small way I can’t help but feel that Todd is getting a high from all of this. He had been ‘dead’ for so long in the Genii prison, all of the risks he’s now taking probably has him feeling more alive than he’s felt in years, perhaps even in his entire lifetime.

    @ Joe – At Gateworld, a few fans have speculated over Todd’s hand-flexing at the end…any way for you to find out the significance of it? Was he ready to strangle Teyla, or kiss her? 😆


  34. Ellie wrote:

    I’d love to be able to put up a pic of my own jack russell terrier, Suzie, there. She’d make a good guard dog against any banana yielding blobbly avatar.

    If you join/register at, you can upload your own avatar. If you are already enrolled, sign in then click on “My Account”. Choose “Edit Profile” and it’s on the right side of the page.

    The “My Account” drop-down is in the upper right corner once you’ve signed in. If you are already registered and it isn’t there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on to be taken to the home page where you can sign in.

    Anne Teldy

  35. Hey Joe

    I kicked myself for not asking this when Mark Savela was on your blog, but why is it that VFX cost so much? It doesn’t seem to me that putting together some cool CG would be much more work than playing around on the computer for a few weeks.

    Thanks for all your video tours of the recording stages. I feel like I’ve been to those places now.


  36. I always find the fan-protest coverage funny. I liked the DVD extra from the latest release that showed the Carson Beckett supporters talking with Marty G. They’re certainly loyal and I can only imagine the lengths they’d go to kidnap…err support changes in production and casting.

    Too bad David H. had to steal your protest thunder. He always seems to do that…I know how crestfallen you both must have been.

    Thanks for the awesome coverage and great pictures! And special thanks to Carl for the guided tours. I’ve never had the chance to take a guest spin through the production facilities. It’s really cool to get a peek behind the curtain.

  37. I, as well, am disappointed by the shorter intro. More specifically the reasoning behind it. When I saw it, I had hoped that it was because the story was longer and a special episode. Now I find out that SciFi thinks we are mindless idiots drooling on the couch getting bored watching our favorite show. Seriously, a longer intro would be more effective in snagging the attention of channel surfers than the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it variety SciFi seems to be in favor of. And why change the intro now after the work had already been made for the changes in this season? If I had done the work on the intro for Season 5 I would feel slighted if it was just discarded in the middle of the season like this. Hopefully, as someone else already pointed out, you will be able to put the full intro back in when you make the seamless versions for the dvds.

    I really liked “The Queen”. It was a look into Wraith society without them having to posture for the humans (or so they thought), which is what I was hoping for. Chris H. did a great job as Todd in this one. I thought the scene between Todd and Ronon outside the operating room was great. Todd seemed amused at Ronon’s threat. Rachel did a great job as well. She projected a Wraith queen very well, especially as her character grew into the part.

    This season has been great so far. Looking forward to the rest with anticipation.

  38. “Otherwise, a fairly quiet day. I watched some dailies (shoot-out, shirtless wraith…”

    😯 Wait! WHAT??!!! However did I miss THAT??! (Damn my eyes!)

    If that makes it to the screen, I just might…die. For real. (Of course, it all depends on whether or not the actor has a Prince Nuada body, or a Pee Wee Herman body… 😛 )

    Oh, and it better not be a naked dead Wraith on a slab…that just will NOT do! And not one of those ugly masked bastards, either. He must be beautiful!! He must be breathing!!! He MUST be living in Jersey!!! 😀


  39. As much as I love Sam/Jack… and I know you do too, the one couple I’d like your opinion on is Daniel/Vala. I just re-watched Unending and I would love your thoughts on the odds of them ever getting together for real on screen in the SG-1 movies.


  40. It appears that 200 is becoming quite the episode of prophecies.

    First, the young and hip new team, you could say the Farscape parody was an insight into SGU and now the opening credits being cut.
    Don’t suppose Teal’c will be getting his own show soon?

    Speaking of prophecies and Nostradamus, well sort of, I heard a version of ACDC’s ‘you shook me all night long’ today sung by Celine Dion. I’m still recovering. How much codeine can you take before it becomes dangerous?

  41. Coucou Joseph!! Sa va ??

    Waaou! Super ces photos! Merci Merci beaucoup!^^!
    J’aurais bien voulu aller a la manifestation…mais bon je suis a o moins 11 heure d’avion de sa^^!
    Sa sera trop triste quand le tournage de la saison 5 sera finit =(

    1)Selon vous, quel est le meilleur épisode de ces 5 dernières saison de sga?
    2)Dans le film sur sga, pensez vous qu’on a une chance de voir un ou des personnage de sg1?

    Aller bisou bisou Joseph, Merci, je vous adore!!

  42. Hi, Joe.

    Just received’s e-mail newsletter for Sept. 14. They correctly listed Trackers as the next new episode!

    Also, Don S. Davis’ movie, Vipers, co-starring Claire Rankin (SGA’s Dr. Kate Heightmeyer), Michael Kopsa (SG1′ Gen. Kerrigan), Stephen E. Miller(SGA’s Outcast), Aaron Pearl (SG1 ‘1969,’ and ‘Lockdown’) and Jessica Steen (SG1’s original Dr. Elizabeth Weir), premieres Sunday, Sept. 21 at 9/8C on the SciFi Channel.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  43. [i]Provided the network rolls right into the show rather than heading into commercials which would, in effect, defeat the purpose of airing a shorter main title sequence.[/i]

    Isn’t that the truth. Well I have not commented on the cancellation so far. A big rant will be on my own website soon. I have been victim to the “too bad you live on the wrong continent, too bad you are female, too bad you are too old” statements for the past 20 years of watching TV shows and found my own way of protest. I target the sponsors. 😉

    Interesting is that in my own country (Germany that is), a big fight over the first and thus exclusive airing rights for the 4th season of Atlantis happened. For three seasons it was on RTL 2, which can be received in Germany without paying anything aside of the satellite dish or the cable fee. Some even receive it still in a terrestrial way and thus free.

    Now, I got curious when Atlantis was not on RTL 2’s autumn line-up.

    I am no big friend of speculation and thus I simply called them to ask. They would air it but when they could not tell me. Probably somewhen in 2009. Uh oh

    A hunch let me call the German counterpart of the SciFi channel (yes there is a German sub of that channel) and look there, from November 3rd on they do air all “4” seasons.

    The big difference? Well SciFi Germany is part of a pay-tv package called Premiere and thus not available or I should better say affordable, to all viewers. The advantage? No commercial breaks and full opening and end credits!

    I am a fan of this kind of pay tv because the channels are no longer dependant on their sponsors (the commercials). It’s most of the product marketing departments the youth delusion is coming from. Thus chain reaction: We want young males to buy our product –> see that you get the right demographic otherwise we do not advertise on your programme anymore –> show canceled.

    Commotion on the net is quite high right now. Not only cancelled but also not sure to get to view it. I guess German fans may rally as well over here in order to get to see the 4th and the 5th season at all. (Farscape never had a chance to air its 4th season over here. We do have three seasons and the movies – fans had to subtitle it for themselves, buy the English DVD set in the UK and taught others how to get the subtitles onto the originals – go figure).

    When the 4th season of Atlantis will be available on DVD stands in the stars. We are mighty pi**** uh unhappy right now.

    On another note I want to thank you for being the voice of reason in the heat of the storm and most of all for giving back. The set tours, anecdotes, script rundowns, guest bloggers and pictures I do appreciate a lot. Please extend my gratitude to all involved – crew and actors. I have enjoyed the ride tremendously and shall do so in the future. Good luck for all involved.


  44. Hi,

    I was wondering, will sales of the Atlantis movie in foreign countries, for instance the UK, affect the decision to make a fourth?


  45. Sure we know which car David drives – we know a lot of things you wouldn’t expect the fans to know… 😉
    Nah, we just saw pics of that car in his blog, from other people’s fan visits on set and he also spoke about it in several interviews. 🙂

    I’m not that sorry that he stole the show when he showed up though. Face it, there IS a difference behind important behind-the-scenes people and the people who are in front of the camera every day and on every poster, DVD, in every ad and so on… 😉

    Regarding the shortened title sequence – grrr. They already did that in what, season two? and it was bad enough then and the fan’s protest made them change their mind. Now that SGA has been cancelled they go back to their old ways. Well done, network people, that’s a nice way to show some respect…

    David’s wedding ring confused me as well. Let’s hope he ‘just’ forgot to take his own ring off, like JoeF did once in one ep.
    If he married Keller (with whom he doesn’t even have a relationship at the time of 5×08) then I don’t mind that much anymore that the show will end, because I wouldn’t want to see that.
    Sorry, just my five cents of course. 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the cool photos!

  46. I don’t know if it’s the same in all countries, but here in the UK Sky TV has an unfortunate habit of running the teaser, then the opening titles, then going straight into a commercial break.
    So I think that does encourage people to flick channels when the titles appear, knowing they have about 5 minutes before anything happens.
    There seems to be no forum for viewers to complain about this and other idiocies such as announcers talking inanely over end credits after a heartrending climax, squeezing credits to half screen to show an ad for another programme at the same time, etc etc.
    Hence the rise in DVD watching and other self-determined viewing methods.

  47. Thanks for sharing the protest pictures! If only I could jetset off to Vancouver…

    Since Bob didn’t get to his questions, does this mean we have time to ask more? I’d completely spaced out the deadline.

    And when it comes to these movies, have you thought about trying for another motion picture/big screen in the tradition of The X-Files and Firefly? I’m sure you have actually thought about it, so what’s stopping that? No studio willing to pay the big bucks, some option requiring it strictly to be done by Sci-Fi…etc?

    Thanks, Joe!

  48. Mornin’, Joe

    You know, I was actually expecting a little more than the dozen or so fans that turned up. I know, it’s expensive and difficult to get flights sorted on such short notice and hopefully most folks headed out for MGM or Scifi. Still, t’was nice they were there to show support for crew and cast. Equally as nice, was you guys going down to gawp and take the ocassional piccie. I’m sure t’was appreciated all around.

    Well, after being bored out of my brains for most of the day yesterday and remembering your previous post on ‘lost’ american words, I decided to go in search of the illusive bubba speech that has kept me so entertained on each occasion i’ve visited Texas in the past. I’ll be going through them alphabetically in my own blog, but thought you might appreciate a small, early morning taster. From A through to Z, there’s a multitude of phrases and although it’s difficult to narrow down to a particular favourite, I think this one has to be right there at the top. It certainly had me howling first thing this morning, though I make no apologies for my thoroughly british sense of humour.

    I was caffeine-depleted at the time..


    Ugly as a mud fence stuck with tadpoles
    So ugly the tide wouldn’t take her out
    Ugly as homemade soap
    So ugly his mama had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the dogs to play with him
    Looks like fourty miles of bad road
    He looked like he’d been hit in the face with a wet squirrel
    She’d make a freight train take a dirt road
    He’s ugly enough to stop an eight-day watch
    He’s a face like the back end of bad luck
    Ugly as a buck-toothed buzzard
    So ugly his mama took him everywhere so she didn’t have to kiss him goodbye
    Scare night into day
    She’s so ugly she has to sneak up on a glass of water to take a drink
    She could cook naked at deer camp and nobody would notice
    He looks like something the cat drug in and the dog won’t eat
    She has to slap her legs to get them to go to bed with her
    She looks like her makeup caught fire and someone put it out with an axe
    When he was born, the doctor slapped his mother

  49. Oh my, now that’s just sad. We could only rustle up a dozen fans in Vancouver? Take that MGM!

    LOL! **shakes head**

    Unfortunately I couldn’t travel at short notice from Australia. Although if I did, I would have stayed chatting to yourself and Martin……now if it had been Alan McCullough it might be different. **giggles** Sorry, just kidding.

    So, why was David Hewlett wearing a suit? Was Rodney on another Earth date?

    Cheers, Chev

  50. narelle from aus said:

    It appears that 200 is becoming quite the episode of prophecies.

    First, the young and hip new team, you could say the Farscape parody was an insight into SGU and now the opening credits being cut.
    Don’t suppose Teal’c will be getting his own show soon?

    Or a zombie invasion.

    Speaking of prophecies and Nostradamus, well sort of, I heard a version of ACDC’s ‘you shook me all night long’ today sung by Celine Dion. I’m still recovering. How much codeine can you take before it becomes dangerous?

    Ewww!!! That’s evil. Did she sing it word for word? ‘Cos I can’t imagine her singing the first verse. Seriously – “Knockin’ me out with those American thighs”. LOL!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  51. Hi!
    Nice pics! 🙂 Glad to hear you’d like SGA to continue.

    I’m not sure what kind of deals you TV guys have to sign to get hired, who knows what you’re allowed to say… 😛
    Though I’m sure you can support the idea of TPTB changing their minds and continue SGA, for whatever reason.
    They don’t mind making… sudden decisions if they think it’s what pays best, am I right?

    I wish I knew what fans could do to best help something like that along.
    Maybe it would make an impression if they knew just how large an anti-fan-base Stargate Universe has already?

    I know I will never watch it.

    I’m not sure their market strategist types have quite understood how fan loyalty is a two-way street. I have never felt personally insulted by a TV “franchise” before. It’s quite a novel thing!
    There’s plenty other stuff on TV. If my demographic is all Rong, I’ve nothing invested in the “Franchise”:

    The Stargate is a prop.

    Very likely I am one of the core audience they count on transferring to Stargate Universe, along with the “younger audience”.
    But IF they sink Atlantis, I’ll find myself in a weirdly opposite situation of where I am now:

    It’s petty and childish, but I’m a fan and I CARE:
    So help me, I’ll be actively convincing people not to watch Stargate.

  52. well, there were lots more of us there in spirit!
    And I doubt it’ll make you feel better, but here in NZ they (thankfully) don’t skip to commercial after the titles. After 7 years in the US its a lovely change. Of course it means that later in the ep we gets 4 mins of ads and 3 mins of show…..
    And that year long or so wait for the eps to air on TV here is a bitch :p Can the network sort that out? 😉

  53. Thanks to the fans who showed up at the studios and represented all the others who sadly couldn’t be there. What a great day you all had. Wow. And thanks to all the SGA people who are so nice to the fans. Apart from the show itself these are the things which make the cancellation so incredible sad. I really have the feeling the support goes both ways between the fans and cast and crew.

    Ah, the two Davids look very good in suits.

    Set Tour Videos: I’ve got the impression Carl Binder knows more about the sets/stages than you. Is this true? And why?

    I’m a little behind but I had to watch Whispers and The Queen a second time. It isn’t the episodes’ fault. Sometimes I just need more time to warm up with something. And now I can say they both are really great. I like them. And Todd is such an interesting and likable character – even for someone who isn’t a special Wraith fan 😉

    cheri wrote : I’m not trying to be a smart-ass…but frankly the ratings didn’t mean anything for the show itself…why should we believe they’ll matter for any movies made?

    Yes, I hope they will matter for the movies. But for the series? Wasn’t this an argument that the show is cancelled because it has success? Well, that’s the impression I’ve got from some interviews.

    wolfenm wrote:*GASP* RODNEY IS MARRIED IN “VEGAS”?? Of did our dear Hewlett just not take his ring off yet for the scene?

    Hi, hi, that’s what I thought too.

  54. I have to say that I was saddened by the shorter intro. Joel’s music is terrific and the tune is so catchy! I love flashy OP!

    And about your answer: “Provided enough fans tune in to watch the television premiere and purchase the dvd, there will be plenty of Atlantis movies to come.” Call me pessimistic but I don’t believe it. Rising/steady ratings didn’t mean zip to TPTB when facing the decision to fund SGA or their new shiny toy. And with comments like this “Hold-over viewers from the first two series, loyal as we are, will simply continue to age and lose interest” that GateWorld published in reaction to fans’ dismissal of SGU, I feel not only disrespected as a loyal fan but downright insulted. To TPTB, loyal fans and their opinion and ratings mean nothing. We could spend tons of money on the movie but if they decide they don’t feel like producing any more, they will laugh in our faces. The decision to cancel SGA broke the trust of many fans and in the end, it’ll blow in TPTB’s faces for sure because no one can hold a grudge longer than an affronted fan.

    That said, I do hope that you are right because I will be definitely pre-ordering the movie. It’s the only thing that’s left of SGA after all…

    But I have a question: How long after the movie is aired/brought out on DVD will TPTB decide if it was a success or not? Does that mean that the next movie, if there is one, would not be filmed until 2010 if that?

  55. Thank you, Joe and Martin, for coming downstairs to see us at the rally. Some were calling it a ‘protest’ but it really felt like a ‘support rally’ for all those who have worked on SGA and SG-1 shows and movies. I seriously regret that I couldn’t stay as late as the others did and missed the tour and goodies from the cast and crew. We love you all and what you do to entertain us.

    As for the shortened opening credits: doesn’t that leave people wondering what they are watching? The opening sequence is beautiful to watch and hear. Doesn’t Skiffy know that experiencing things in more than one sense – this case it would be seeing and hearing – reinforces the memory? If you blink in the abreviated credits you miss the name of the show!


  56. To me I think Sci fi cut the opening credits out to keep new viewers from watching the rest of the season. They must realize that the ratings are growing and also with the campaign as well they are beginning to realize that they may have no choice but to give us a sixth season. (Yeah right!) They would rather see ratings for the movies than the show.

  57. Many of us were at the “protest” in spirit, Joe, cause making a 3000 mile trip was just an impossibility, but I hope it made some sort of impression just the same. After all, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

    Also,re: this Q&A Linda Gagne writes: “To those with the thoughts that tptb won’t do more than one movie, sadly, I have a feeling they don’t care about Atlantis and that will happen.” Answer: Provided enough fans tune in to watch the television premiere and purchase the dvd, there will be plenty of Atlantis movies to come.
    Does this mean the Atlantis movie will be on TV first and then be sold? If correct, won’t that cut back on amount of sales?

    Lastly, I felt like I was in a time warp with the shortened title sequence. I thought TPTB had figured out their mistake with the shortened version and corrected it. It sucks, by the way. And why no Robert Picardo in this episode or no mention of where he is? Who’s running things in Atlantis?

  58. It’s funny my husband and I were watching an old episode of Quantum Leap, and he mentioned, that t.v. shows don’t have intros like they used to. They really don’t. Speaking for myself and I don’t know how other fans feel about this…
    ok the network may have a point about us viewers (humans), “possess the attention spans of coked-up squirrels.” However…. I’m pretty passionate about SGA, and there are other shows that I like that I watch on other networks and as I may not be as passionate about them as SGA, but, it’s my favorite show, trust me I am not going to change the channel. Of course I’m sure the networks aren’t thinking of just me, if they were they would have kept SGA on the air.

    The intro sets the mood, for me anyway, it makes a transition for me, from whatever I was watching to the next show. That’s just me. I guess I don’t shift gears so quickly anymore or I’m trying to be more focused and less squirrel like. I like the whole anticiaption, what’s gonna happen thing.

    So if the network wants the viewer to NOT change the channel, and they have cancelled the show, why are they worried about losing a viewer? The ads? or do they really want to deliver us more show and keep our attention? Why are they so worried about it at this point?

  59. Shorter credits?!?! No way! I have NEVER forward wound or flicked past the credits. They are ALWAYS watched as I love the music so much!
    Yet ANOTHER great way to disrespect their viewing population!!

    So glad the rally went well! Great to see that you all got the thanks and support we really wanted to convey to everyone working on Stargate Atlantis!

    And we hope to get the LA one rolling soon. Though I would like to ask anyone living in the LA area who could help us with some information to get in touch at SOSGA please!!!!

    I have been very quiet about my opinions of season five, obviously because I have been busy helping out with the campaign. So today I got the chance to catch up and I am glad I took the time. I am not going to make a big review of every episode, but I will do my best to show what I thought…..

    Search and Rescue was amazing, loved it. The space journey to Michael ‘s ship, one of the best space CGIs ever! 9.5/10

    The Seed was interesting. Nice to see how Hives are made. 7/10

    Broken Ties (I think I need to watch again uninterrupted….) 5/10

    Daedalus Variations. Interesting and mind bending.. 7.5/10

    Ghost in the Machine. (again, need to re watch) 6/10

    The Shrine. Probably the best episode in the whole of the Stargate franchise. Great story, great acting: especially by David Hewlett who made me cry. 10/10

    Whispers. Having heard bad things I did not fancy it. When I watched it, I LOVED it! Very nicely spooky! 9/10

    The Queen. Good episode. NICE shot of a wraith dart close fly by, very nice. Ending was a little dull to me, but hey, still liked it! 7.5/10

    So yeah, I still love Stargate Atlantis. I can only hope that the campaigns work and we get to have a season six!

    Will be working away at SOSGA to save my FAV show while continuing to love watching it!

    Cheers Joe, and all the cast and crew, for one of the best ever Sci fi shows on television.

  60. It would be funny if you could get a picture of the whole cast and crew standing outside protesting with the fans on the very last day.

    Why would the network care if people get the chance to change channel during the credits on a tv show they’ve already shot stone cold dead?!
    I guess this means they’ll probably shorten them all for re-runs so they can get the odd extra commercial in.

    Started job hunting yet?

  61. Hiya Joe.
    I just want to join in tamijb’s pleas for Amanda to join in on your blog someday. Although I can only imagine it would take you a month to sort through the questions!!
    If it’s not too late to pose a question to Robert Picardo…I have but one question.
    Robert, firstly, I’d like to say thank you for your entertaining portrayal of Richard Woolsey. I do hope that some day you will venture down to Australia for a visit!!
    My question: what kind of music do you enjoy most?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions. Thank you Joe for lining this up for us.

  62. @Jenny ~ In case Joe doesn’t get to answering you, when I interviewed him, he confirmed that he is indeed a Daniel/Vala shipper as well. (He did write “Memento Mori”, after all ….)

    @ Das and Green ~ You gals crack me up! XD

  63. @ Anne Teldy

    Thanks Anne! I will definitely try that. I can guarantee that it will take me a while but I will persevere until I have my Suzie up there guarding me!

    Between Joe’s musings and all the posters’ comments, this blog is proving a wonderful learning and entertaining experience!

    Thanks all!

  64. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for all the images this week! Vegas looks absolutely neat, and it’s great to see Radek and, especially, Gary Jones! 😀 David Nykl looks amazing in a suit!

    Actually, in regards to David’s car, what type of car does he drive anyways? I can’t fully make it out from the windows itself, heh.

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  65. Joe,

    Did das already let you know that she’s now thinking/hoping that Wraith have 6 nipples?

    I just really felt you needed to know what you’re doing to the poor woman.

    She’s no saner than that… 😛


  66. I’m glad the rally, even small, went well and thank you and everyone at the studio for taking the time to go and see them, it was really nice :).

    I’m a bit late on the train since I didn’t have Internet for a few weeks, but for what it’s worth, thank you (and everyone involved) for those five great seasons of Stargate Atlantis ! I’m still hoping there will be a 6th, but in any case I’ll be happy whatever happens because we have the best show and because the fandom that this show put together is just made out of the best people 😀 !

    For all the fans out there, have a cupcake for SGA 🙂 :

  67. Hi Joe!

    I am just testing to see if I have managed to change my avatar.

    If I have, it’ll be a major miracle because nothing ever works the first time around for me, especially electronic things.

    And if I have, banana yielding blobby avatars better beware because Suzie hates bananas!

    And if I have, THANKS Anne Teldy! Lesson 1 done, what’s next?

    Thanks Joe!

  68. Noooooooo! It’s the Blob!

    Didn’t I tell you? I am a complete nincompoop with IT stuff!

    Sorry I am such a poor student Anne!

  69. I enjoyed the team in “The Queen” and Teyla’s ruthlessness and handling of Todd. Todd is quite the power player!

    Though I don’t love the current opening sequence as much as I loved the original opening sequence, my love for the music never waned. I look forward to hearing it. Joel Goldsmith does a phenomenal job. I’m sorry that the network executives don’t get that we watch a show for the whole experience, main title and all. I’m also not sure i understand the logic of doing this *now* when viewership numbers are meaningless. Besides, doesn’t the network eat up enough of the viewing experience with their ads before, after and now DURING the show? Their logo and their ads for other shows displayed during the actual episode are annoying.

    SciFi never stops showing its disdain for its own products and audience. They certainly are ones who more blatantly display their view that it’s a business and nothing more. They seem completely devoid of any artistic appreciation for the medium or the genre. I took on additional cable costs so that I could watch SGA in first run. I’m thinking once SGA is done, I’ll drop the additional cost. I’ll buy the DVDs when they arrive instead.

  70. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures. If I lived closer I would have met up with the dozen or so fans to protest SGA cancellation.

    I can’t find the words to express how much I enjoyed Queen. I really love Todd; Chris does an excellent job portraying Todd.

    I’m actually wishing the days away to get to Friday. Why? Is it because Friday ends the work week? Nope. Is it because I get to enjoy Saturday and Sunday? Nope. Is it because Tracker will be on Friday? YES!

    I’m very excited about Tracker. I hope my little shipper heart does not get broken, and I pray I don’t have any WTF? Moments. In any case, if my ship sinks, I’ll survive.

  71. *sigh*

    It is indeed the final indignity, isn’t it? The loss of the opening Theme music? The music we heard all the way back in Lost City when Atlantis was first introduced…that’s brought a spine-tingling thrill of excitement down my spine for 4 1/2 seasons…that’s set up the anticipation of yet another hour of adventure in the Pegasus galaxy…. Gone.


    Please…please…we’ll get it back some day, won’t we? In the movies? Maybe even the final episode? I know it’s not your call…but if you could put in a word…?


  72. Beautiful set, great detail, Yeah! That’s how we techies do it.

    Do you guys ever make a ‘geeky joke’ reference to a script the actors have yet to get their hands on and they only get the joke days, or weeks later?

  73. Just stating that during the full credits I don’t turn the channel, I go to the kitchen for snacks to enjoy during my favorite hour of the week! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment! I will greatly miss it!

  74. Thanks for the photos. Of course, I spotted David’s wedding ring first thing, too. I wonder what that’s about. And the continuing tour of the studio. Sigh. We are so spoiled by you in getting all these wonderful behind the scenes glimpses. It makes it so much harder to say goodbye.

    Oh, good heavens! What’s with changing the opening credits? The show is already cancelled! Does SciFi have to start dismantling the show now, right before our eyes? Do we need to start a Save Our Atlantis Credits And Theme (SOACAT, pronouced “so cat”, huh, that sounds like a Go’uld name) campaign?

    Kudos to Rachel and Chris for some wonderful performances, especially behind all those prosethics and makeup. I’m sorry we won’t be getting any more stories like The Queen. I would have loved to see more insight into the Wraith society. Todd’s a rebel, isn’t he? Trying to break through that Wraith glass ceiling and become top dog instead of having a female have the ultimate power.

    Of course, I’m sorry we won’t get any more insight into Athosian or Satedan societies, either. While I understand that the viewership is US-based for ratings and putting in little pop culture jokes is fun, I would have liked more tidbits about the alien cultures of the 2 Pegasus galaxy members of the SGA primary team. There could have been world building here! And you don’t have to do whole episodes. A comment dropped in here or there would have been nice, like that comment in “Sunday” from Teyla that her people take a rest day every 4 days. I would have liked to know how was Teyla trained to be the leader of her people. Is it hereditary or was she voted in? She can’t make tuttle root soup, is she a bad cook all around? And we know Ronon is a Specialist, what did that mean in the Satedan military? Did he always wanted to be one, or was he drafted? How was he trained? That’s how you learn about the people around you, a sentence at a time. Not big heart to hearts once a year. Which are nice, too, don’t get me wrong, I love them.

    I’m so going to miss Atlantis! One dvd movie doesn’t substitute for the more constant presence of 20 episodes in my living room.

  75. Hello,

    Just dropping by to say congratulations and thank you for a trio of brilliant episodes!

    My only disappointment in Whispers was that Teyla and Ronon were absent. I’m one of those ‘everyone in every episode, even just briefly’ people, at least when it comes to the core team. I’d hoped that Ronon and Teyla vanishing would stop now Rachel’s back full-time. Are there any more episodes this season without Teyla and/or Ronon [or even Sheppard or McKay]?

    I was also curious why a new actress was brought in to play the Wraith Queen? She did a very good job.

    Thank you.

  76. Hey Joe.

    First I want to tell you that THE QUEEN was amazing. I love Teyla. I like how she was hestitant at first but BOY once she got going she was KICK ASS as THE QUEEN. I love how she told TODD to behave himself or she would be back to remove him Permanently.

    Todd sense of humor is a riot. Love the line he said when presenting the team with the fruit – “I hope they prove as delicious as the farmers who grew them”. LOL!!!!

    You might not be Interested in knowing this but BOY OH BOY, Robert, David H & David N looks soooo dam FINE all dressed up. : ) : )

    Thanks for those incredible pics. Loving the tour!!!

  77. Nice pictures and coverage of the fan protest. Sorry that you and Marty G. were forgotten as David drove up. But at least you were recognized in the first place. 🙂

    That’s good to hear Amanda will be coming back next week. Can’t wait to see Sam in the 100th!

  78. Yé! je vient de voir “The queen” Il est génial cette épisode, je l’aime beaucoup!^^
    En plus il y’a des moments “sheyla” !!!
    Sa me fait penser , jespert que vous n’allez pas faire pareil que le Jarter pour terminer sga!! Je veux un vrai moment sheyla soit a la fin de la saison ou dans le film! Sinon les fan seront déçu de voir que ce couple qu’on connait depuis 5 ans n’aura abouti a rien au final!!

    Aller bisou, bonne nuit! a demain!
    Bonne semaine!

  79. Yeah, not really holding out hope that we’ll get another season at this point. There’s bringing a character back from the death on an existing show and then there’s convincing a Network not to tear out my heart and stomp on it… Just saying.

    But I am happy we’ll be getting at least one movie and a continuation of the verse in Universe (which I imagine looking a lot like this:

    And speaking of Universe. I have the impression you guys were testing Espesito-barbie’s character on us in Whispers, but please DITCH her. She has made no impression on me WHATSOEVER! Seriously, most of the time I wasn’t even sure which of the Barbies I was watching.
    If you do want to bring over one of the galls you introduced, let it be Dusty.

    Fan favorite already! Just saying.

  80. Hi Joe,
    I think it’s wonderful how SGA’s cast and crew come out to spend some time with the people who were at the rally. I so wanted to be there, but could not manage the airfare.
    So instead I have spent the time on Hey!Nielsen voting and commenting on every single opinion that has been posted. I also left an opinion or two myself.

    I watched The Queen live this Friday and was very impressed with the episode. Love Todd and his sense of humor! And now we have Kenny too! During the episode I noted down all companies who had commericals play during the show and afterwards I left feedback to all those companies, informing them of TPTB’s decision to cancel SGA and how the fan base was protesting this decision.

    On Saturday I downloaded the episode from Amazon’s Video Streaming and found that the credits did show up here. Very strange that the credits would be on the download and not on T.V.


  81. Thanks to all the fans that showed up for the rally, I was there in spirit. Thanks for the pics Joe.

    Not happy with the shortened credits but then we all know that Scifi and MGM have no respect for the loyal fans. I’m tired of getting slapped in the face by TPTB. SGA wins the People’s Choice award, the ratings are great and they still cancel the best show on TV. Go figure.

    Kudo’s and my deepest thanks to all the writers, producers, cast and crew for five fabulous years of Atlantis. I hope we have a few movies to look forward to but I’m not holding my breath.

    So Joe, any chance of making the Shep fans happy with a pic of the Flan on your blog before you wrap up S5? Thought I would give it a shot.

  82. @ Spikey – Ixnay on the ipplenays! Sheesh, if Joe didn’t think I was crazy before… 🙄 And besides, I said it would be just my luck if they had six nipples…NOT that I wanted them to have six nipples. I mean, with six nipples it would just kinda look like they were wearing a green double-breasted suit, only without the tie and matching pocket square.


    (this might be a dup – the first one probably got eaten by the spam folder for my gratuitous use of the word ‘nipples’. 🙄 )

  83. Since you’re always so forthcoming about the process you use as a screen writer, I’m curious to what your approach of the Atlantis movie will be like.

    Will it just be you and Paul spinning the ideas? Will the rest of the writing staff that has been involved in the series have any input on the plot? If they do, will they just be fleshing out your ideas or will they have a hand in developing the overall arc of the movie?

    Once the spinning is done, how will you and Paul go about writing something that large? Back and forth in segments? Will one of you do most of the actual writing while the other comes up with the beats, and moments?

    How do you feel about the movie even in this stage? I’m curious as I know that Martin G has written the lion’s share of all the season mid two parters, openers and He seems to be the ‘go to guy’ for the ‘large’ sweeping plots.

    Are you more excited or nervous writing something that’s so ‘big concept”. I know you and Paul wrote the “Siege” part two…so I know you’ve been involved in the big action eppys before, so are you excited about having a hand in one again?

    Lastly, you were quoted in a recent interview about any SG-1 crossover in the movie and your response was

    “It’s very possible that we’ll have, at the very least, limited crossover. Given the story we’ve been spinning, it would make sense to see Carter, Daniel, and Teal’c pay Atlantis a visit.”

    I really hope these might be short cameos. It still smarts that we’re not getting a season 6th.

    Sg1 has their own movies and I want the SGA movie to be based on our ‘guys’ our ‘team’ and supporting players. I just hope these ‘guest’ appearances will brief.

  84. I’ll be honest here, I am a channel surfer during commercial breaks and especially that evening I kept going back to the weather channel to check on Ike and Texas. Like most people I despise commercials and try not to watch them. I do enjoy the longer intro though. As soon as I saw the cast names on the screen during the teaser, I knew what was about to happen-short intro. So when the teaser ended, I flipped to the weather. The only thing that will keep me from changing the station is less commercials! The intro has nothing to do with it. And like everyone else, if I don’t flip the channel then I am off to the kitchen or bathroom.

  85. I loved the part in Queen where Sheppard name another wraith, Kenny, that scene was funny. All we need now is for someone to say” Hey you killed Kenny!”

  86. This is not a ‘nagging’ comment – women don’t nag, we just mention something repeatedly until something positive happens.

    # Can you please, please put the tags back on the photographs.

    ## Mention to David N that he should be wearing a cycle helmet.

    Does the studio ever sell off props, costumes or wigs once they have been used?

  87. Heh, it seems that the cancellation of Atlantis causes some fans divagate and they are so lost in their jeremiads that they don’t even hear the meaning of your words.

    As (almost) everybody else, I loved “The Queen”! Without a surprise, I loved everything about Todd, beginning with his failed attempt to appear friendly to the team. My dear wraith, you’re not very good at it, you know that? 😀 I wonder if his “I hope they prove as delicious as the farmers who grew them” line was wraith humour or a genuine attempt to be friendly. In both cases, it was hilarious. I loved his lesson to Teyla, too, he reminded me of spoony teachers, you know, the kind to hit kid’s fingertips with a stick. I’ll end my divagations about Todd here: As a whole, I loved every single bit of him in the episode. Chris Heyerdahl was as convincing as ever in the role; please, congratulate him for me if you have a chance.

    Teyla (and Rachel Luttrell’s acting) was brilliant too. I loved how she owned Todd at the end. He was really believing he would be free from all queens domination, heh? But Teyla seemed to like the role a bit too much for his taste. 😉

    And I loved the other queen, her Commander, Kenny (his lines, although rare, were all great), and Rodney and Ronon, I loved that fascinating glimpse into wraith society, and, well, the episode as a whole!

    (Yes, some hints in this comment connote that I read your Sept. 11 entry 😉 But I’m afraid my English is quite poor.)

  88. Well I just gotta say JM….I loved the queen….It was phenomenal and Rachel was nothing short of fabulous….She finally gets something to sink her teeth into and she done a top notch job 😀 Now see what happens when she is actually used for something other than standing in the background 😉

    I loved the John/Teyla moments, I’ve missed those….They’re not yet back to what they had but this is a long way in getting them back there…They have a great bond and it’d be a shame to lose that..

    It’s about time we got some John/Teyla moments this season 😉

    It was also really good that Teyla didn’t have to rely on the boys rescuing her for a change…She was the one doing the rescue…You have no idea how long i’ve been waiting for that 😉

    One thing though…About the end scene..What was that all about when Teyla was looking at her hand and then closed it and she had this look…Is there something behind that?

    Oh and another thing….Chris was also brilliant as Todd..Chris and Rachel play off each other so well..

    One thing i’m concerned about though….Will Teyla be missing in any other eps this season? I hope she isn’t..I hate it when she’s not in an ep…Maybe i would have actually liked whispers if her and Ronon were in it!

    Oh tell Alan..That’s who wrote the queen, right? Well tell him he’s a genious 😀

  89. Hundreds more of us were at the rally in spirit. We just couldn’t all get there in time. I did think of climbing aboard a swimming kangaroo to make the trip but the roo probably would have sunk halfway across the pond.

    I realize it wasn’t your decision to make to axe the series but we keep hoping MGM will change their minds anyway.

    As for the shortened credits, I’ve always loved the SGA opening credits and never switched over when they were on. I sometimes think the powers that be don’t know Stargate fans at all. We love our show, every bit of it, even the eps we kinda wish had been different like Whispers and Travelers .

  90. Oh, I would bet the wedding ring pic was not an accident in any respect. On the plus side, a Rodney/Keller wedding will completely cure me of any lingering sadness about the show’s cancellation. Phew!

  91. At least none of the fans got run over by Moe Jacuzzi in a golf cart. 😉

    Going off of what you said about the English language, I find it fascinating that the few words that survive from Old English are common verbs which, in theory, are used in speech so often that they resist the encroachment of verbs from other languages. Such as:

    Swim, swam, swum. Sing, sang, sung. Rin (this one was dropped), ran, run.

    The word “wyrd,” meaning fate, has survived as both “weird” and “word,” and “dream” (pronounced “drey-am”) meant “joy” and survives as our modern word for, well, you know, what happens while you sleep.

    It’s fun to see what’s passed the test of time and to speculate as to why!

  92. quoting “wolfenm” – I wasn’t there at the Rally, but I was on the “I represent the 1.4+ Million” sign as a name at least. (And I typed it up as a PDF for Goosie to print out, althought it was a JoeF-yahoo-group fan who came up with the saying. It was a cross-country effort! :))

    Morning Joe,

    I was part of the 1.4million who couldn’t make it, and yes my name is on the banner also.

    Names were collected through a JoeF yahoo group and sent off to a squirrel inthe David H, ADM website, and it was nice that so many fans were connecting.

    HURRAY for cyberspace!! 🙂

    Also, on the word thing – my Mum and Dad are great for making up words that don’t actually exist. Bugs the s**t out of me, but I just respond with a blank look and a quick “say what …..!!”

    Mum died 11 yrs ago, so I cant remember any of her words, and the only word of Dad’s I can remember right now is “dechink” which means “to wrap glassware and china in paper to prevent it clinking together” :S *sigh*

    Happy Monday, Everyone!!! 🙂

  93. I would have been at the protest too, if I’d had time to make it from Australia. Many more fans were there in spirit, Joe.
    And I really miss the awesome opening for the episodes. Love the music, the art. Damn shame it had to be cut.

  94. Stephanie Pollok said:

    [i]Provided the network rolls right into the show rather than heading into commercials which would, in effect, defeat the purpose of airing a shorter main title sequence.[/i]

    Hi Stephanie,

    The coding on WordPress needs angle brackets instead of square brackets, thought you might want to know.

    Interesting that your SciFi channel fought for the rights to Atlantis. I wish the Aussie one would.

    Cheers, Chev

  95. I see David waring his wedding band in the pic you have posted. Are those shoots for the show? I think I will start looking to see who else may have for gotten to take off a ring.
    I love finding ooopps in shows.

  96. Thanks Joe for you hard-hitting coverage of the SGA cancellation protest.

    But I’m here for a different reason. The Ring. Not the movie, but the one that David Hewlett “forgot” to remove for the filming of Vegas.

    Dare I hope that this means McKay is married in the AU? To one Dr. Jennifer Keller played by the Gemini-nominated actress and all-around awesome lady Jewel Staite?

    Is he married? Is he married to Keller?

  97. Joe – I’d like to take a minute to be serious and ask you something, something I hope you will answer for me…please. Please bear with me first while I get my thoughts together – so many in my head right now.

    After watching The Queen, I realized that the reason I found it so satisfying was not necessarily Chris and Rachel’s amazing performances, but the fact that the episode answered so many Wraith-related questions, and did so without being overly vague or cryptic.

    Now, you know I was a bit disappointed with Broken Ties – NOT the acting, or even the overall story, despite the death of the Wraith (which – let’s face it – I knew was coming). No, the episode itself was quite good, really the best one out of all you’ve written this season so far, except for one thing: it failed to give a reason for why the Wraith want or need worshippers. True, in the deleted scene, the Wraith talks about victory over their enemies, but that’s not really a reason.

    And now, in light of all that The Queen has revealed, especially the fact that Wraith – at least among their own kind – seek to be ruled and fear being without such leadership – then it begs the question: WHY do they want or need human worshippers? Doesn’t such a concept counter the fact that most Wraith ‘seek to be ruled’, rather than to do the ruling themselves? UNLESS, of course, it provides them with something that is lacking in their own society. After watching The Queen, I feel that this is the case.

    I’ve speculated that it could be a *need* for devotion (which is a form of admiration and love). Much like a pet provides its owner with unconditional love, a ‘worshipper’ may provide the Wraith with a feeling of being admired and ‘needed’ – something that – imho – that is lacking among there own kind. In a sense it is an ‘ego boost’, but not just one born out of a lust for power, but instead the need to fill a void in their own society. However, that is just my impression, and I may be way off the mark on this one.

    So, I ask you – in your mind, and since you wrote Broken Ties – why do the Wraith desire to have worshippers?

    Thank you very much.


  98. Hi joe, would it make a difference if the fans protest @ mgm and sci fi? By the way please let joe flanigan that iam a huge fan of his and I would love an autograph of his! Thanks

  99. Chev said:

    Ewww!!! That’s evil. Did she sing it word for word? ‘Cos I can’t imagine her singing the first verse. Seriously – “Knockin’ me out with those American thighs”.

    I have to say that I wasn’t really listening to the words all that much as I was shouting “THE HORROR!! THE HOR-ROR!!” while randomly pressing buttons on my stereo to get it off as fast as I could.

    The Sci Fi channel has gone from my favourite channel on Pay TV to losing ALL credibility as of yesterday.

    If it wasn’t bad enough they cancelled Atlantis, cut your credits, they have the cheek to air Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson as their Sci Fi Sunday movie. The only thing Sci-Fi’y about that movie is the incredible physics behind how those boobs levitate.

    Now, I don’t want to sound all bra-burny, but surely the majority of the women that watch Sci Fi channel would be insulted by what that woman represents.

    I’d like to think that the average watcher of Sci Fi has a little more brain matter happening than watchers of the E! channel (although I watch America’s Next Top Model for amusement so maybe this pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black) so why does it seem as though the channel is trying so hard to turn us all into mindless idiots?

  100. I liked The Queen and found the info on Wraith society fascinating.
    Rachel and Chris were wonderful here.
    I liked that John and Teyla got a bit of screen time together, since there aren’t too many episodes I love any time the core team get to spend exploring their friendship and dynamics.
    (I read somewhere that the hand wringing by Teyla at the end was her wanting Shep in the usual Kneel before your Queen position…)
    Ronon being protective of Teyla was good, too.
    Obigatory Keller comment – I liked Keller here – she was being a doctor and played an important scientific/professional part in the episode, not a romance object.
    Although if you want to “ship” Lorne and Dusty I’d be happy – they could call that couple “Lusty”

  101. First, I concur with those who think that David N should be told to wear a helmet. One only has one brain.

    Re the truncated opening credits – bad idea. But then, Sci-Fi has been making some stupid decisions of late. This IS the same network that shows wrestling just because it attracts the young guys. But there isn’t any information available that shows that said young guys are watching any other SF shows. Maybe NBC Universal should just have a wrestling channel and leave the SF to Sci-Fi.

    They did the mini-credits for SG1 for a while during season 9, and they later changed it back to the longer version. Even when I watch dvds, I always watch the opening credits. When I watch the evening reruns of SG1 every night (even though I have all the dvds I do this), I watch the opening credits. I do, however, fast forward through all the commercials.

    The opening credits are one of the best parts of SGA.

    Re the Queen, actually, I found it creepier than Whispers. Not in a bad way, though. I thought it was very good. But Todd simulating human behavior and conversation was super creepy.

    My only complaint about the episode is that I thought that Teyla should have been more kick-ass around the Wraith; I found her passivity with the Wraith commander out of character. Yes, passivity. She should have kicked his behind. This is the same woman who can kick Ronon all over the gym with sticks. Once she managed to get the kick-ass part of her character back, I loved it. Her final scene with Todd was terrific.

    Oh, and Joe, I’m not entirely certain that teasing das with the thought of a shirtless Wraith is wise……..



  102. Hi Joe,
    I noticed Martin Gero with you when you went to greet the fans at the rally, but Gero’s film “YPF” debut that same day in LA. Did he get a chance to go to LA later that day? How did the debut go? I saw the trailer and the movie really looks good, do you know it will it be available on Amazon for download?


  103. I sure wish Atlantis had been on USA network instead of SciFi.
    They seem to have more mature people in charge.
    SciFi is one station I will never watch again (other than for the SGA movie) after Atlantis finishes. Since Im not the preferred demo anyway, they won’t care.

  104. Wish I lived closer to Vancouver; would have been there to add to the numbers.

    To those who were there – THANKS for carrying the cause forward and carrying the load for those of us who were missing but wanted to be there.

    New vocabulary:
    A friend of the family had a “touch of dyslexia” which resulted in a penchant for coming up with words which sometimes bore a resemblance to the original and/or proper words or were just far out originals.

    These are just a few…cannot remember more right now.,

    a. the agreement that two people sign before marriage.
    Pre-marital neptunes = Pre-nuptual agreement

    b. the Florida super market chain name:
    pubix = Publix

    c. Mexican cheese tortilla appetizer
    quesa-dish = quesadilla

    d. Hot peppers
    Japa-lenos = Jalapenos

  105. Stargate Universe will never have a full opening credit sequence will it!!! WILL IT!!! Yeah, didn’t think so….

    As an aside, I imagine it would behoove the SGU folks to reassure fans that the younger audience targeting series is nothing like SG-1’s ‘200’ spoof segment. I know you aren’t an SGU folk.. but could perhaps pass the word on?

  106. @ Anne – LOVE IT!!!! He looks so nice and…cranky. 😀

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  107. Hi!

    I was at the fan rally too. I’m just too short to be seen in any of your pictures. I was only there for a couple of hours before I was dragged away because it was too hot for me. Thanks for coming out to say hi.

    Hearing Dog In Training

  108. My nine-year-old son loves the music to Stargate Atlantis, so he is one person who does not want a ten second intro. I hope his opinion counts.

  109. Je suis français et la colére des fans se produit aussi en France.SAUVEZ ATLANTIS…
    Les fans français n’ont pas eu de chance.M6 n’a plus diffusé la série depuis la fin de la S2.Mais on regarde quand méme le show alors continuez!!!

  110. I have been enjoying you set tour videos. I hope that you might make higher quality version one available in the future. You mentioned at the end of this vid that you did Stage 2 “yesterday”. Did I miss them being posted?


  111. The bit about the shortened opening sequence is both sad and hilarious for me: sad, because I will dearly miss it, and hilarious because I think my best friend and I were probably the only ones who had actually composed a SONG to go along with the opening credits. We used to sing it, loudly and obnoxiously, every Friday. So maybe no one will miss it quite as much as we will.

    Sorry you were held responsible by the protesters; I’m sure you’re just as upset about the cancellation as the uber-fans are 🙂 I think a lot of us crazy-lovers-of-SGA just feel heartbroken and helpless, with no one to turn to. It’s pretty tragic.

    Thanks for bringing Kolya back, by the way. I’ve really missed him.

  112. why cant it be a web cast for season six just to kind of tie up the cool stuff that the movie wouldn`t have time for ?

    what do the fan have to do to keep sga on the air ?

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