Remember the good old days when radio stations actually played music? Back when DJ’s were merely on air to provide inoffensive filler between songs, their serviceable presence as pleasantly innocuous as egg-shell blue wallpaper? Sadly, nowadays, the airwaves are cluttered with radio personalities all vying to be the next Howard Stern. And being subjected to their “best efforts” can get downright aggravating given that most of them possess the intellect of circus ponies. Take the on-air trio I happened to discover this morning, discussing Barack Obama‘s recent appearance on Letterman. What captured their interest (and held it for a good fifteen minutes of the radio show) didn’t have anything to do with politics or a humorous exchange between Dave and his guest but, rather, Obama’s use of the word “connote” (“But, you know, it’s a common expression in at least Illinois,”said Obama. “I don’t know about New York City. I don’t know where you put lipstick on here. But in Illinois, the expression connotes the idea that…”). It struck them as nothing short of amazing that a presidential candidate would be making up words. Connote?! Just to be sure, they went online to make sure such a word didn’t exist. Spelled K-O-N-O-T-E, it did not. Weird. What the hell was Barack Obama trying to say? Well, while the average dolphin could have probably figured it out, these three rocket scientists didn’t have a clue – until Google spell-checked their search and spat out “connote = imply: express or state indirectly”. The gist of their conversation went from “Obama’s making up words!” to “ He’s using archaic language!” Rather than simply adding the word to their limited vocabulary and moving on, they fixated on its obscurity as if it was last used by Chaucer in The Summoner’s Tale where even he hadn’t quite known what to do with it, as curiously antiquated as the practice of alchemy or an Eddie Murphy comedy.

Which got me thinking. The English language is in a constant state of flux as certain words are added to accepted vocabulary while others fall by the wayside where, in time, they become as irrelevant as those Waz Up guys. But we, as occasional conversationalists, can change that by keeping them alive and ensuring they do not simply fade away. Join me in my bid to save the following words by incorporating them into your daily chitchat:

1) shemozzle = n., a state of chaos or confusion (Wikitionary)

2) jeremiad = n., a long mournful lamentation or complaint (Collins)

3) contumacious = adj., willfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient (Wordnet)

4) intertrigo = n., chafing between two skin surfaces, as at the armpit (Collins)

5) spoony = adj., old-fashioned (Collins)

6) espial = n., the act or fact of being seen or discovered (Collins)

7) educe = vb., to draw out or bring out; elicit; To infer or deduce (Wiktionary)

8 ) lorgnette = n., a pair of spectacles or opera glasses mounted on a handle (Collins)

9) divagate = v., digress: lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking (Wordnet)

10) quaky = adj., inclined to quake; shaky (Collins)

At the very least, see if you can work them into you posts.

Hey, Bob Picardo promised to come by my office tomorrow and field your fan questions as part of a special Bob Picardo Video Q&A Video Segment. If you have any questions for Bob, post them anytime between now and when he walks into my office tomorrow.

Today’s video = Touring the FX Stage with Carl Binder, Part IV

137 thoughts on “September 11, 2008: An Unduly Prolix Entry

  1. Hey, where’s the mailbag, Joe? It’s the only reason I read your blog…. I mean, it’s very entertaining and one of the many reasons I read your blog…
    Anyway, hope you’re well and the dogs are behaving!

  2. Help I can’t get yesterdays or todays vids to work. they go for a bit and then stop dead, 🙁

  3. Joe, Questions for Mr. Picardo:

    A non-stargate related question if it is allowed:

    What was it like to work with Andy Dick on Voyager?

    A stargate related question:

    If given a choice, would you prefer the Atlantis uniform or a suit and tie to wear when portraying Woolsey?


  4. Will try to be spoony and not be contumacious regard the timeing of questions for Mr. Picardo.

    Alas, many of our minds are shemozzled, but we will comply without jeremiad.

    You, Mr. M are extremely gifted and adept to educe questions for your guest bloggers. I hope I have not disappointed in my attempt to use your new vocabulary. Cool!!!

    Before I forget, I hope you have at least a lorgnette or very cool binoculars to watch the demonstrations on Friday,

    But, I divagate and will stop being quaky and list a couple of questions for Mr. Picardo.

    1. Please share any thoughts regard the cancellation of SG Atlantis.

    2. Please share description of a couple of scenes with the cast that stand out as memorable to you personally. How was the interactions such that you gained some insight or meaning for SGA?

    3. I have enjoyed your roles from China Beach, and Voyager – and have to admit that the role you had in SG-1 was not you/not the person we know as Robert Picardo (from your convention appearances) or from the way you worked your prior roles.

    I think the closest was when you apologized to Daniel Jackson for your support of an action that would have been disastrous…and which was not followed. You were very human, humble, and sincere.

    I am delighted with your role as the leader of SGA – you have made your character personal and human and someone who has feelings and can administer with both his head and heart.

    Sorry for the long winded post…but this is special treat to ask questions.

  5. Joe,
    Loving the tours! But, is the weird food purchase of the day going to make a comeback?

    For Bob:

    First, do you have any thoughts/comments about the closure of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas?

    Second, how has Stargate differed from Star Trek for you?

  6. Sorry, Joe, I think I lost some brain cells at the con, so no new vocabulary efforts for me. Besides, people are always looking at me blankly and saying I use big words anyway. ;P

    I’m irritated with the radio today because the DJs on the station I’ve been listening to said several times (I’m paraphrasing) “The lead singer of BNL was arrested for cocaine; he also survived a plane crash recently.” Um, there are TWO singers for BNL — Steven was arrested for cocaine possesion, while Ed was the one who luckily walked away from the plane crash! I could see a TV station screwing that up, but DJs for a pop station should know BNL has two singers, and that the news items referred to two people, not one! It’s like they think the guys are actually siamese twins or something …

    You know what I would love to see in SGA, be it a miraculous sixth season or one of the movies? A story either start or end with the team at the beach, since JoeF and Jason are both surfers. It’s something I can easily see John teaching Ronon to do on their downtime (and them see Ronon quickly surpass his teacher), and I can just picture Rodney with his face covered in suntan lotion, whinging about sun and sand (like I would be doing in such a situation). 🙂 Ah well, I guess I can just daydream (to the tune of Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride …).

    @Das ~ your reply about Wraith culture had me in stitches! XD

    If it’s not too late to ask qs, for Jim Robbins:

    Whose Idea was it to have Sam buy the box of Frootees in Continuum? I loved that little in-joke!! 😀 I adored A Dog’s Breakfast!

    Was being a propsmaster something you planned from the get-go, or did you sort of slide sideways into it? Do you do other art-related but non-TV-related work?

  7. My question/comments for Bob Picardo:
    There are many reasons that I am bummed that SGA has been cancelled and one of them is: we’re just getting to know Woolsey better! Hopefully we will see you/him in the Atlantis movies. What more character development would you have liked or would like to see happen to Woolsey? [For instance, I would have loved to have seen him forced to camp outdoors with nary a cozy lodge or clean outhouse in sight. 🙂 ]
    Also, just wanted to say you’re a fantastic actor and I’ve loved watching your work since ‘China Beach’. You’ve helped create some of the most endearing characters I’ve encountered in any media. Good luck to you.

  8. “But, you know, it’s a common expression in at least Illinois,”said Obama.

    Lie. I lived in Illinois from 1984 to 1998 and never once came across that word. Granted my little 13 year old self didn’t possess a huge vocabulary at the time, but still, never heard it.

    Though those DJs are idiots. I would’ve known how to spell it and what it meant from the context in which it was used. I’m pretty sure everyone else who reads this blog would too.

    Can’t post a comment without a question! On the topic of the English language, what is your favorite funny-sounding word. My best friend thinks “squeegee” is hilarious, but I’m partial to “weasel”. Think about it: weeeeeeaaaaassssslllllllllllllleee. It’s fun to say!

  9. I am really enjoying the set tours. Many thanks to Carl for taking the time to play tour guide for us. It’s remarkable that those sets can end up looking like something much bigger than they are and that they can look so different in the final product. Thanks to the videographer as well for waylaying Mr. Binder and convincing him to do the tours.

    For Mr. Picardo:

    I want to say how much I enjoy your acting. The first show I can remember seeing you in was Innerspace (Cowboy, No. Don’t do that!). Being able to make a stuffed shirt like Woolsey likeable takes talent.

    How is it being a regular on the show instead of an occasional guest star? Do you do something like the Vancouver/LA commute Joe F. does, or do you simply stay in Van for the duration?

    Anyway, after all those years on Voyager playing a character that didn’t have a name, how big was the bribe you had to pay to the Atlantis folks to actually give your character a name? Could you have had the name of your choice if the bribe was big enough?

    Also, in Joe M.’s August 15, 2008, blog post, the caption to the picture of you with your arm in a sling and a cut on the forehead is: “Bob Picardo learns a valuable lesson: Don’t change the scripted dialogue!” Who was it that dared to hurt you that way? Producer, director, scriptwriter, person that puts tape on the floor so the actors know where they need to be because they can’t get there any other way? And are you suing for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, damages, etc.?

  10. I did regret I had no lorgnette to take to Don Giovanni. No, really.

    I think nifty and keen need to make a comeback. Along with Grody Ala Mody.

    What do you have against circus ponies?

    Mr, Picardo, I’m not a question kinda gal, but I would like to thank you for the many enjoyable performances you’ve given us. I loved to hate Woolsey! And then I liked him. Thanks.

    Um, Wolfenm, the Frootees were Jack’s favorite cereal, (almost, Foot Loops and Frootees are kissin’ cousins) from SG-1. Granted they were in Dog’s Breakfast, but I’d bet dollars to donuts it was a Jack reference. Even devalued American dollars. That’s would be why Sam had such a sad look on her face. Yes? No? Mebbe so?

  11. My questions for Bob:

    1. You are an amazing actor and I’ve admired your work for years. What do you use for inspiration and how do you prepare for your roles?

    2. The first thing I remember seeing you in was The Wonder Years. What was that like?

    3. You’ve had guest roles on so many different great shows throughout your career. Any favorites? Any you wish you could have gone back to play character again?

    4. What was your favorite part about playing the Doctor on Star Trek?

    5. What is your favorite part about playing Woolsey on Stargate? I hope we get to see you in the SGA movies. I love your character more and more with each episode this season.

  12. Questions for Bob Picardo:
    What adjective would you use to describe the Woolsey we first met in SG-1? How about the Woolsey running Atlantis?
    What is your favorite song or band???
    And a comment: Thanks so much for being so amazing!!! I wasn’t too happy about Woolsey being in charge of Atlantis, but thus far I’m incredibly pleased!!!

    Joe: Again, thanks for the tours =) And the amazing stories and humorous videos and such!!!
    Lol I use the word “connote” all the time!!! I guess I speak REALLY archaically, if that word is any indication!!!
    My effort to keep the words alive (an entirely true story, btw!):
    Today I encountered a bit of a shemozzle when I got overly into a physics problem at the library and forgot that I had work at 22:00… a mile away. Upon espial of 22:15 on a working chronometer, I hurriedly sprinted the mile (uphill!) to work, fearing that my somewhat spoony boss would educe from my tardiness that I was being contumacious. I arrived at work only 23 minutes late, with minor intertrigo on my big toe (I ran in flip flops!) and legs rather quaky from the expeditious journey!!!

  13. Hey Joe,

    loving the videos..

    i have two questions for Bob

    First question.
    Bob would you do another sci fi show,especially one with the word star in the title?

    Two would you do another book related to a character you played? it’d be pretty cool a woosley’s guide to command or something.
    any parody songs in the works from your stargate experience?

  14. Oooooo, creepy. I was having the same discussion with my Father re radio morons, ahem, sorry presenters last weekend.

    Since returning from our time away I had said to him that I can’t turn the radio back on because it makes me want to yell at it constantly, and I don’t want that kind of angst in my life if I don’t have to. I already have enough thanks.

    Speaking of which….
    So having left Krabi, we headed to Phuket where the shemozzle commenced of accommodation.

    We were shown our room for the next three nights which could only be described as spoony, dilapidated and we were not impressed by the view which was of a 7 foot wall.

    Having come from a stunning location in Krabi we were most disenchanted that this resort required a pair of lorgnette and some stilts to have any view of the ocean. This wasn’t going to work.

    So what were we to do? Hubby had been complaining of his issue of intertrigo since our trip out to the Phi Phi islands, so walking around Phuket looking for new accommodation was not going to be an option.

    After speaking to the Customer Relations manager, of which the general conversation turned from observations in relation to the condition of the room to quite a jeremiad, due in part to their contumacious attitude, we were able to educe that their sister resort in Karon could be a much better option.

    After 4 hours in a taxi without any food to get to Phuket my hands were quaky; I was in desperate need of sustenance (and possibly an alcoholic beverage) so we decided to move henceforth to Karon Beach in the hope we could find better lodgings.

    We were shown their best suite (as apparently that was all that remained), I was not happy about the price. I kept whispering to my Husband, “Get me to an internet connection and I’ll get this place for a third of the price”. He commented that perhaps I had was being divagate and that the true question was, “Is this a place we will be happy in for the next three days?”.

    I agreed with his deduction so we decided to accept their offer of the suite.

    Our only problem was, we were right above the pool and restaurant and without curtains fully closed and the location of the facilities within the suite there was a few unfortunate incidences where espial became an issue.

    All in all, it was a great time in Phuket. Afterwards we headed off to Koh Samui and if you have another 10 words handy I’ll see what I can do about telling that story.

    PS: Shemozzle is a word used daily in our house.

    No questions for Robert Picardo other than to say I’ve always enjoyed everything he does and I always think of the Johnny cab in Total Recall when he speaks.

  15. @ Rachel — I could very easily be wrong, but it looked like the quote in question was talking about an expression that was not included in the quote, and that the word “connote” was part of an explanation of whatever that other word/phrase was.

    Regarding the DJs… Sometimes the stupidness of people hurts my brain. Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? Scarily not outlandish.

    Question for Bob Picardo: You wrote a few comedy songs about Star Trek (and other things) when you were on Voyager. Would you do any about Stargate? Because I for one would love to hear them.

  16. @Das…very comprehensive list. But you left out someone. Lt. Cadman. I would love for her to return in the movie. Other than that I think you hit up on everyone that could be in the movie. I guess they will have to make it a six hour epic to fit in all of them!

  17. This mean seem like sneaky self promotion. (It really is. *grin*)

    But if you or any of the blog regulars are interested in a internet based radio station that has several live shows (as opposed to “playlist” only) each day,
    check out:

    One the oldest and still alive internet MMO radio stations.

    It’s a non-commercial/non-profit station, run by gamers for gamers, each live show is usually broadcast from within the virtual world off the MMO Anarchy Online by Funcom.

    Lots of Geek and Gamer and technology love.
    Free to tune in. Is broadcast in AAC+ so you need Winamp 5 or some other player capable of playing AAC+. Or just use our own player available on the site.

    GSP try to keep professional quality but still have that underground anti-establishment feel. But we do have “fake” ads and humorous fillers and promos related to in-game organizations.

    Although we are based in AO, many of our listeners as well as DJs/Hosts play other games (Stargate Worlds perhaps when launched?), or listen to us from work all around the world.

    Ok, I’ve gushed enough about how “cool” we are, just felt the need to post in response to this blog entry as there are independent/amateur internet radio stations out there that are more professional than the “pro” commercial stations out there. *wink*

    So if your at the computer, it’s silent and you don’t feel like listening to your own music collection, or your local radio sucks, give us or one of our competitors a shot. You might actually like it. (check the calendar on our site for when the live hosted shows are on and what style of music each DJ plays)

    (PS! Joe, if you want to do a interview live or pre-recorded (easiest?) with GSP let me know and I’ll make arrangements, our listeners are huge Sci-Fi fans (Anarchy Online being a Sci-Fi MMO and all) and many of us watch Stargate as well. Might be fun. *grin*)

  18. Was just wondering if the double Sept. 10 postings were on purpose for some reason or you’ve been presently working in some sort of time-dilation field for whatever reason and are running behind us…

  19. Questions for Bob:

    Your charity auction dinner was just awesome! How did you manage to be the entertainment , plus have such great entertainment, and be the autioneer at the same time and the whole show not coming off without a glitch?

    How do you feel about having your hopes up about possibly being in another long running scifi show to having the rug pulled out from under you in such a short period of time?

    Now that SGA is canelled, will you be doing more convention appearances or will you be taking on more acting roles? What are your up in coming projects?

  20. Hey again Joe,

    We do have two radio presenters in Melbourne that are great.
    They are two retired lawyers (Ross Stevenson and John Burns) with a great sense of humour. Their professional experience makes them extremely knowledgeable on a large number of issues and you actually learn interesting facts from them.

    You can listen to them online which is great, seeing as they start at 5.30am so I can listen to them when I start work at 7am, and I guarantee you will get a laugh out of them. No garbage or tasteless humour, just clever and quick witted men.

  21. Joe
    OMG!!! I was saying the exact same thing about radio stations just the other day. That and when movies in the theaters played previews and then the movie, not car commercials and deodorant brands. Here’s another one, do you remember when people said excuse me instead of just plowing into you, thanks when you did something nice, and when MTV actually played music. Hmmmm what a concept. Oh the good old days, when you made calls from your house not your restaurant table and a stamp didn’t cost more then your car! 🙂 Nicole.

  22. Dear Joe Mallozzi,

    I have two questions to ask, the first on is for you and the second is for Mr. James Robbins.

    1. We found out in season 1 that there were 60 Hive ships or more in the Pegasus galaxy, now with so much that has transpired ( Our team taking out a few, the wraith civil war, the asuran-wraith war) approximately how much do you think are still out there and will it be adressed in one the season 5 episodes?

    2. Mr. Robbins I just wanted to thank you for the amazing creativity you brought to Atlantis regarding the designs of the many starships we see through out the years. Ever since I was a little kid watching Star wars or the original Star Trek series I was very attracted to the uniqueness and particularity of the intricate designs of the various space ships. My question to you sir, is the following:

    What is your favorite ship that your team and yourself have created for Atlantis and why? Also, with regards to scale, our fan site puts the Daedalus star ship at 335 meters long and the Aurora class at 2200 meters long and the Wraith Hive at 5.5 Km long. Do you agree with these figures?
    Thanks a lot and may God Bless you.

    Merci Bien Mr. Mallozzi

  23. Apropos of not much, I was reading GateWorld’s article “5 ways to make SGU great” and they had a picture from “Proving Ground” on the topic of making the cast young. So, bring back Satterfield. Her current show will be over by then… 😎 If she gets SGU she won’t need to move. Continuity for the long time fan. Whaddaya think? 😎

  24. I used to work telephone customer service for a cell phone company. I actually had a woman call in once, complaining about her (now this is how she pronounced it) “wun-rus” bill. She kept using the word over and over. I eventually figured out that she was trying to incorporate the word “onerous” into her complaint, no doubt to intimidate me into giving her what she wanted. I educated her that her bill was correct & that there would be no credit but — before I let her go — I advised her to make sure she could actually *pronounce* the Big Words before using them, otherwise she came out sounding like a fool. She did NOT call back to try & weasel the credit out of another agent.

    And, yes, radio has started down that death spiral that is already claiming MTV. Used to be music videos, there…

  25. Rachel: I think Obama was saying that “lipstick on a pig” was a common expression in Illinois, not “connote”.

    Question for Robert Picardo:

    First is from my other half, who asks: Why did they drop the whole “naming the doctor” thing on Voyager?

    And from me: If you had to play a Stargate bad guy, would you play a Goa’uld, a Wraith, a Replicator or a Prior of the Orii, and why? (Yeah, yeah, I know – Wraith and Prior are off the list immediately because the makeup is a pain…)

    My other question: Why are you so awesome, Robert Picardo? Do you try to make potentially a#@hole characters equivocal, or is that just a special talent you have?

  26. You two seem to be having an awful lot of fun doing these videos. Thanks so much for posting them! I think it’s pretty cool getting a peek at what’s behind the Great and Powerful Oz’s curtain.

    Looking at all of these sets, it brings to mind a question about the SGA movie(s). Do foresee using these sets a great deal, or do you think you’ll have an opportunity/budget to do a lot of location shooting? Or perhaps C) All of the above?

  27. Dear Joe,

    I have a question regarding Harmony and the origins of drones:

    The season 4 episode harmony makay said that hes been looking for that place for months because it was where the ancients first developed drone technology. Well since the ancients didint go to the pegasus galaxy untill the whole plague thing that would mean that when they left earth, the outpost didint have any drones there and they didn’t develop drone technology until they got to Pegasus. Well if that is indeed true, then why would the ancients make thousands of drones when they got back? Or is this just Mr. Gero screwing up and not doing his homework 😉

    thnxs sir

  28. For Bob:

    1. Did you always want to be an actor when you were growing up or did you want to do something else?

    2. How hard is it as an actor not to crack up when your talking to someone dressed up in a crazy alien custom?

    3. Whats the one role that you’ve always wanted to play?


  29. Hey Joe!

    I have a question for Robert Picardo:

    Hello Mr. Picardo, first of all, thanks for the autograph from FanExpo Canada two years ago. 🙂 My question, since you finished filming Voyager about 3 years after you started portraying Woolsey, how about did you get the job initially, and then how did you end up becoming a full-time cast member of Atlantis? You’re doing an amazing job, and you are an absolutely great actor. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks very much for this opportunity Joe, and your statements about the English language are absolutely true. Hmm, the intertrigo from my quaky arms…whoops! Sorry to divagate from the topic, I can be quite contumacious or spoony. Remember, Forbearance is the watchword. That triumvirate of Twinkies simply overwhelmed my resolve. Now there’s a Machiavellian countenance. Ooo, a sextet of ale. Blast, the advertising for this product is incorrect, for it is not ‘fresh and smooth’! Disingenuous mountebanks with their subliminal chicanery! A pox on them!


    – Enzo Aquarius

  30. Do you think vala and daniel will ever be in a serious relationship? With the ori gone, will the ori ships eventually lose all the technology and stuff or will they stay like they are unless destroyed?

  31. Wow.. Bob, huh?

    Well, i’ve gotta run out really early this morning, so will have to toss in something a little more shemozzled later on, when i’ve the time. But for Bob, here’s a quick flyby question off the cuff:

    Bob, thanks ever so much for giving us Richard Woolsey. He’s been an absolute hoot and pleasure to watch thus far and I only wish we’d been given a little longer than one season to get to really know him.

    I know you’ve commented in the past on the warm, family-like atmosphere prevelant on the Atlantis set and how it differs from everything else you’ve worked with in the past.. But can you actually pinpoint one favourite moment in particular, that stands out above all else? Something funny that happened? Something perhaps that someone said? Something that would summarise your time spent with the crew and cast, since Dick first passed through the Stargate?

    Okay.. that was kinda three. Apologies. It’s still pre-coffee and brain-kicking time.


  32. I’m going to brag on my dad here a moment, so skip the following if you are so inclined.

    In the course of playing Password** over the years, I have personally heard my father — who never went past 8th grade — use four of Mr. M’s vocabulary words. I, with some college under my belt, have never used any of them in conversation or writing and only recognize about half from my reading.

    Anne Teldy

    **There is a wonderful little game called Password that my family has played for years. For those not familiar with it, here’s a quick rundown: Teams of two. Player A and B look at a word in secret and then, alternating one word clues, attempt to get their partners to say the secret word first. The less clues it takes, the more points earned.

  33. So, my apartment is in a shemozzle today, my uncle’s coming home from Vegas tomorrow, so I need to wash some towels, wash dishes, take out the garbage and the recycling, water the plants, I’m taking the dog for a walk in a few minutes…yes, at eleven at night. I know I’m an idiot, I have pepper spray and a heavy flashlight, though, and I can be very contumacious when I decide to do something, even if it’s moronic. I just hope there’s no intertrigo at my elbow when I’m trying to keep the dog from tearing off. I might take something to eat, maybe a little bag of grapes, I’ve been a little quaky today. I’m surprised I haven’t turned this into a jeremiad, though, that’s surprising for me. I divagate, though, I’m just hopping about online tonight, looking for a lorgnette to purchase, I’m hoping to have a ticket to go see Wicked in San Francisco in March, for my birthday. I’m educing from my grandfather’s silence that he’s still deciding, but he’s a bit spoony about birthdays, he likes all presents to be a surprise, I’m thinking he’s avoiding espial by not giving me the chance to ask about it right now.

    YES, all ten words!

  34. Questions for James Robbins:

    1. I had the pleasure of seeing you at the 2006 Comic Con, in the Legends booth; you were promoting a new book based on your production art. Do you have any news on when it might be published? I’m looking forward to it!

    2. How long does it generally take you to design a prop? How about a whole ship or building interior? Joe has provided photos of some of your production drawings, which are beautiful! But they don’t seem as detailed as architectural drawings. How do you collaborate with the shops such that your ideas get turned into “reality”?

    3. What designs are you most proud of? Were there some that didn’t meet your expectations?

    4. Were any of the designs of Atlantis inspired by artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh (eg the stained glass)?

    5. How important are drawing skills for a production designer?

    Thanks for all the great work, James!

  35. Joe, thanks for the vocabulary lesson.

    For Mr. Picardo,

    First I must say how much I’ve enjoy every character you’ve portrayed. You rock.

    As for questions,

    What are your thoughts and opinions on the development and character growth that your character has gone though from your first appearance in SG1 to your new role as the commander of Atlantis?

    If there was time, what type of story would you have liked your character to have experienced?

    Are there any behind the scene stories you can share with us?


  36. Question for Bob Picardo:

    If you could have one stargate episode dedicated completely to your character, what would you like to have happen?


  37. I knew there was a good reason why I *don’t* listen to radio! Not to mention, WHEEL OF FORTUNE! [People, don’t waste money on the vowels! There are only 5, do the math in your heads! As for the other 21 letters, only a few of them actually go together the same way…]

    Even money that not one of these roadkill-IQ braintrusts can tell time on a regular clock either!

    BTW, Joe, have you tried Oxford or Webster as a reference source…? I also find that when online, is a great site to access. Spell-checks for the most part pretty much suck!

    Of course, this all makes one wonder at times – *what* are they teaching or better yet, *not* teaching children in school these days [as in probably the last decade!]? Case in point, I was recently visiting my great-niece who is 8 and
    supposively well advanced in her reading skills… yet, she complained to me about my use of “big” words that she had no comprehension of… After I raised a brow or two over this, I continued my use of big words in hopes that a few might eventually attach themselves to a brain cell in search of radical adventure!

    The Ancestors Save Us! When I was 8, I was starting to read Verne!

  38. Sorry about the extra post Joe.

    I have a question for Robert Picardo.
    SOCAL Hula Dance Championships?!! Really?
    I am in awe! Hula is so difficult.
    What made you decide to take Hula up?

  39. Your latest blog entry will no doubt produce a jeremiad from logophobic denizens of this virtual jungle. I anticipate numerous pedantic ravings that will shemozzle neophytes to the blog. I do admit to an infatuation with spoony colloquilisms myself, but feel an urge to be contumacious in utilizing your listed catalogue of outre vocabulary builders.
    I don’t understand why lorgnettes should find themselves on your list however; surely the use of these fine vision aides is ubiquitious? One would have to educe that you are attempting induce us to divigate from the primary purpose of posting promptly; perhaps to persuade persons from pestering Picardo with persistant posings of pertinant questions? Those of a timorious nature might indeed be quacky at the prospect of interogating such an accomplished thespian.
    Speaking of which, just a quick question or two for Mr. Picardo. First, what do you most enjoy about playing Woolsey, and what do you think is the character’s biggest contribution to the show? What would be your dream role, whether on stage, in movies, or on television? And finally, what do you like best and least in doing a television series, especially one in the sci fi genre? thank you very much for being gracious enough to stop in and answer our questions. And to Mr. Mallozzi for providing us the opportunity to do so.
    Also, the tours continue to inspire both pleasure and pain, fortunately with the balance leading to the former. And how evil to throw in teasers! I want to savor the remaining episodes on the one hand, drawing them out, but your offhand comments in the videos makes me revert to those childhood days of “I want it NOW!” Lovely torture.
    And on a terminating note, might one not stretch the the meaning of intertrigo to embrace the concept of an assailant repeatedly inflicting contusions and eccchymosis to the visage or torso of an unfortunate recipient of unsolicited shellacking?
    Ok. It is DEFINITELY time to go to bed. And maybe talk to my doctor about medications….

  40. Questions for Mr. Picardo

    I love Richard Woosley, you’ve turned him in to an amazing character that as a fan, I can’t wait too see what Richard will do next! I’ve loved all your characters since China Beach, and wish you all the acting jobs your heart desires.

    I had the very brief, but amazing pleasure of meeting you at Bridges Studio on Aug, 22nd (in the production office) and I wanted to ask these questions then, but totally forgot in my flustered, star struck panic. I am looking forward to seeing the horror movie SENSORED. The behind the scenes on the website are great and the trailer is shocking and scary:
    1. What was it like filming such a deep physiological thriller? (I am looking forward to seeing you play such a disturbing character!)
    2. Did you ever scare yourself?
    3. Did you ever have any nightmares, during or after filming wrapped?
    4. You said in an interview that this is the first feature to finish filming using the revolutionary Red One camera from Red Digital Cinema Camera Co. What was the most striking difference using this new technology? In your opinion, how did it improve the look of the movie?
    5. What was the funniest thing that happened to you while shooting this movie?
    6. When will it be out in theaters and/or DVD?

    Oh and I laugh out loud many times watching The Blacksmith and the Carpenter
    Please do more comedy too!!!

    Patricia Lee

  41. If you really want to test your vocab go to

    It gets challenging around level 30

  42. Hi Joe:

    Please don’t forget some of the other words that will soon no longer be part of our vocabulary, such as 8-track, rotary dial, turntable, party line…I don’t think you are too young to remember those, are you? As an aside, my sons had no idea how to work a rotary dial phone when presented with the opportunity to do so. And, when turning on an old record player, they attempted to place the needle near the center of the record.

    For Robert Picardo:
    I enjoyed your character in China Beach. He was one of your best. But then, the doctor on Voyager was also very intriguing. You were wonderful at demonstrating his frustration when his little world of sickbay was ignored by the rest of the crew. Of all the characters you have played, which was your favorite and which one the most difficult to portray?


    Patricia (AG)

  43. I’m with Rachel. I have lived in Illinois for, oh, my entire life (1965 till present) and I’ve never heard connote used. Of course I spent my childhood living on a tiny farm outside a village and my adult life living in a small city. Both are in the middle of the state. So perhaps I needed to be in the ‘big city’ areas of the state. And, yes, from the way it was used, you can figure out what it means. The spelling might have been trickier although my first guess would have been a “c”. But, strangely, I did know six of the words you listed.

    The video tours have been fantastic, Joe. Thanks for them. And Carl makes a very good tour guide.

  44. Boy am I embarrassed this morning!

    It seems, Joe, that once again you will educe from me a jeremiad about what happened last night at the Annual St Alban’s Last night of the Wraith party (actually it was our pre-last night of the proms party but were were a) Stargate fans and b) overly extended in the alcohol region).

    You see, after imbibing copious and admittedly rather superfluous quantities of Lantian Real Ale, I got in quite a shemozzole and dropped my lorgnettes, which seemed to me to have gone under the table next to the very nearly Toddlicious Dave from Bangor. Actually, he doesn’t really look that much like Todd but he does have rather lank, shoulder length blonde hair and after a few drinks, who knows?? But I divagate.
    Now, being a somewhat contumacious type, I had to try and recover them myself rather than just ask Dave to pass them to me, so I lent over his left shoulder from the front to try and reach where I thought they had gone. This caused me some intertrigo as you can imagine, when the thin strap of my dress caught on the arm of his chair. I immediately reached in with my right hand to pull away the offending material and gave Dave a full in face view of my left mammary pertrubance. Needless to say, Dave was rather excited by this and being a little quaky himself from all the alcohol, dropped some of his ale down the front of my dress. Well, obviously no true blooded Welshman will lose his beer in such a way, so he leaned in to suck my dress dry.

    Jane, my erstwhile and somewhat spoony friend, thinking she had seen something she really had not, related to all in the crowded bar that Dave and Barbie were engaged in nefarious practices over the far table. I immediately denied her espial but the damage to my reputation was irreversible. It seems I am henceforth to be known as Toddlicious Dave from Bangors tittylikky friend Barb from Birmingham.

    Really not the notoration I wanted! Plus my lorgnettes hadn’t gone under the table at all, they were found sticking out of Freaky Freddies riding boots, so no one believed my tale.

    A cautious if somewhat embellished reminder of the dangers of mixing Stargate and alcohol, I feel.


  45. For Robert Picardo: Did you actually have to wear an alien suit in Explorers, or did you just provide the voice?

  46. dear joe,

    1.What ever happened to the other three planets from Weir’s list in the episode Before I slept containing ZPMs?

    2. Will we have a follow up to the brotherhood in season 5 or whats left of season 5?

    Take care

  47. Hi again Mr M!

    Thanks for the Village Tour, wow that place changes constantly…It’s very different to how it looked in April…

    Question for Mr Picardo!

    Firstly, thank you for taking the tim e to answer questions and thanks also for the many years of Woolsey, who is one of my favourite characters. I’ve been a fan of yours since China Beach!!
    I understand that you are a trained opera singer? I seem to recall an episode of Voyager where you sang? So….my question is: What is your favourite opera, and given the chance to play a lead role, which lead opera role would you pick? …And finally, as this is a video segment, any chance to hear a couple of bars???

    Many thanks!!


  48. Bob Picardo question: I’ve really enjoyed watching Woolsey, he seems to be coming into his own as a leader. I think he always had it in him…..SGA related question..what has been your favorite scene so far? Who is the most fun to work with?

    Non SGA question..I love “China Beach” and really wish it would be released on dvd, but hear it may never happen because of music rights. If it did, would you be willing to provide commentary?

    I caught you on “Smallville” last night (not a regular watcher) What has been your most memorable guest starring role (non SG) and why? (My students had to write a prompt similiar to this the other day)

  49. I could have just been me Joe, but the video jumped around a bit at the beginning, things were out of place.

    2 Questions for Mr. Picardo

    What are your favourite moments as Woolsey? Least Favourite?

    also a Star Trek related question, have you seen any of your old cast mates out side conventions, like randomly meeting them some where?

  50. I wonder if the lack of comments is because people are trying to figure out how to fit those words into their posts…

    Which is what I’m doing right now. And failing appropriately.

    (I applaud sylvia’s efforts. I was much amused =P)

    To divagate, my Mum said that your comment (“most of them possess the intellect of circus ponies”) is very insulting to circus ponies.

    Might be back later with a question for Bob Picardo. Or then again, I might choose to be contumacious. We shall see.

  51. Good morning Joe!

    And Hello! to Bob Picardo. It seems like the fans have really taken to Woolsey (me too!). Did you have concerns about how Woolsey would be received by Atlantis viewers? Do you think the character has changed as a person, since we saw him since SG1, or are we just seeing a different side of him?

  52. Did you mean to put it as the tenth of September again?? I got a little confused there thinking where’s the eleventh… but you’ve got ten twice.

    Also there was something I was curious about, you obviously know about the Large Hadron Collider and I was wondering if Project Doranda in Trinity and the thingy in McKay and Mrs Miller were supposed to be like more sophisticated/futuristic versions of it? They do seem to have a little in common in terms of function. Anyway like I said I was curious.


  53. I think what scares me even more is that no listeners called in to straighten them out!

    I weep for the future of the English language.

  54. Thanks the videos continue to be great!

    *REALLY* looking forward to The Queen, yet another one of my most-anticipated eps.

    That’s right, vocabulary cramming isn’t just for college entrance exams. I should get back in the habit of learning a new word every day. However, I have to adjust the daffynitions so I remember them better:

    shemozzle = last spoken by Laverne or Shirley
    jeremiad = plenty happin’ here re SGA
    contumacious = my parents but not my kids
    intertrigo = to be used in the next porn flick script
    spoony = describes grandma’s lorgnettes
    espial = peekaboo
    educe = shame on Dr Watson
    quaky = the reason I don’t live on the West Coast
    divagate = whenever I talk about the “dog’s breakfast” phrase here.

  55. While not exactly a question, I felt it necessary to mention how fantastic it would be if Woolsey were to ask somebody what the nature of the medical emergency is. Or if he became a hologram in some episode. HA! HA HA!

    Actually, I do have a question! Do you prefer playing the part of a hologram or a “real” person? I mean, as a hologram, any way you act that people question can just be explained away as “Oh, well, you know. That’s how a hologram acts. Programs and all that…” But as a person you have to be like “Oh, uh, well. That Woolsey, you know… he’s pretty zany like that…”

    Ahh, Atlantis and Voyager. My favorite shows ever. Thanks!

  56. Nope, not going to be contumacious.

    Bob Picardo: I really enjoy your role now on Atlantis as base commander; although I loved both Weir and Carter as leaders of the expedition, the difference in personality and attitude that Woolsey has to the two women makes things more interesting (and sometimes more comical).

    Two questions:

    1) Were you a fan of Sci-Fi before you were first on Star Trek? If so, which Science Fiction based television shows did you enjoy?

    2) Do you like to cook? If you do then, what is your favourite food item/meal to cook? Or, if you prefer to eat out, then what is your favourite food to eat out?

  57. First, you might want to make the date the 11th 😉

    Wow, Bob Picardo’s dropping by?


    First, do you have any new projects in the works?

    Had SGA had another season, are there any changes you would have liked to have seen in Woolsey (beside the uniform?)

    Any comment on the Save SGA campaign (which might be happening while you’re there)?


  58. Hmmm, September 10th happens to be my ultimate favorite day of the year, any reason why you have two Sept 10th entries?

    Many times, when I can’t think of the common english word I try to use a spanish word and make it english, most of the time it doesn’t work as well as it works in french, but my surprise always comes when I look it up later in the dictionary and voila! there it is… but yes, what I get is, it’s archaic!

    Some of the words above, are very spanish alike with spanish meaning… so it’s done, I’ll join your cause… as for others, I’ll have fun to using them in my next staff meeting “shemozzle” sounds good… now I need to figure out the pronunciation…


  59. Question for Bob;

    1. What will you miss most about your fellow cast members and why?

    2. If you travelled to a parallel universe – what do you think the Bob Picardo in that universe would be doing?

  60. Joe, Are we going to get any more back story for John Sheppard?

    For instance, I would like to know:
    1) Where did he go to college?
    2) What are his degrees in?
    a) Bachelors
    b) Masters
    3) What happened to his Mother?

    Thanks 🙂

  61. Questions for Bob Picardo.

    If the Woolsey character isn’t kill off this season. Would you like to reprise you Woolsey role in the forthcoming Stargate Atlantis movies?

    Since you have been in the entertainment business a long time. What’s the big difference for actors between film and digital cameras?

    Question for Mr. M

    Is there any consideration for re-edited extended versions of the SG1 & SGA DVDs if MGM can legally do it?

    Most radio DJs are quite ignorant of the real world and how things work. One wonders if they even finish High School.

  62. Hi Joe!

    Hope your having a good day!

    Bob Picardo,

    I have enjoyed watching you from China Beach to Voyager to SG-1 and now SGA! 🙂 My questions are:

    What episode or scene, in any show you’ve been a part of, has been the most difficult for you?
    What has been the most fun/funny?
    Which one has stood out in your mind the most?

    Thanks for answering our questions! Hope to see you sometime at a convention in Chicago! Have a great day!

    from Indiana 🙂

  63. For Bob Picardo: I just have a comment…we enjoyed you very much on Star Trek and I have enjoyed your work on StarGate too. I think you have done a real fine job on StarGate. Thanks Bob!

    And thank you Joe for the wonderful set tour videos.

  64. YAY!!!! Bob Picardo. Thank you for inviting him to drop by. : )
    I was so wanting to see him at Dragon*con but alas I couldn’t afford it.

    To Bob.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Dragon*con to tell you in person how much I admire your work. Thank for agreeing to pop by Joe’s blog and answer some questions.

    I love how Woolsey grew into more than just a hard ass character. What were your first thoughts about Woolsey when you were offered the role? Did you think that it would be a one shot deal or were you given any indication that it might be come a recurring role?

  65. @ Rachel
    “Can’t post a comment without a question! On the topic of the English language, what is your favorite funny-sounding word. My best friend thinks “squeegee” is hilarious, but I’m partial to “weasel”. Think about it: weeeeeeaaaaassssslllllllllllllleee. It’s fun to say!”

    I’m partial to the word “icky” – it’s one of those words you can’t say without making a funny face. Try it, I dare you.

  66. For Bob Picardo:

    Hello from Philly! (actually NJ, but I’m right across the bridge) Do you ever get back to the area?

    Woolsey has really grown on me over the years, after the initial extreme dislike I felt for him in SG-1’s “Heroes”. I especially enjoy the “fish out of water” feeling now that he’s in charge of Atlantis. What are your feelings on how the character has progressed in the last four years?

    The shemozzle is fading after the initial quaky jeremiad following the cancellation of Atlantis, but I am still contumacious at the spoony “F you” delivered to the fans by MGM & SciFi.

    However they attempt to divagate our attention with the promise of “Universe”, it still educes the feeling of intertrigo to some extent.

    Hey, I wonder what I can espial with my lorgnette??

    (How’s that??)

    Happy Friday.

  67. I love the words!! I often pass the time by looking up the weirdest words I can find. It’s quite fun. Anyways, I think my favorite is “snollygoster.” It means a shrewd, unprincipled person, usually a politician. Haha! Makes me laugh. Anyways, I divagate. (It’s sad, though, because the spell check on my internet doesn’t recognize divagate as a word..)

    Question for Mr. Picardo:
    What is your favorite thing (or favorite things, if you have more than one) about working on the Stargates?

  68. I wonder if the fact that I not only knew the word connote but what it means makes me archaic. Personally I would call the DJ’s and tell them they are hebetudinous and make them look up the word for the definition, not that they could spell it.

    A new station appeared in my area a couple of years ago. There is very little interuption from the DJ’s. Most of it is just pre-recorded messages that are very brief. It quickly became my favorite station.

    Question for Mr. Picardo….

    Aside from SGA do you have a favorite show that you love to watch? Also is there a show currently airing that makes you question why we as a species we haven’t been struck down for watching such inane garbage?

  69. Hey Joe.

    Good luck with those words!

    Question for Robert Picardo:

    Hey Rob. I am a big fan and really enjoy your work. I was wondering: What do find is the biggest difference working on Stargate as opposed to Star Trek?

    Thanks Rob!

  70. @ Joe – You’re so contumacious I doubt you’ll answer this, but I’ll try again: With lorgnette held to my eyes, I examined those warrior pictures from yesterday more closely, and I still think that one fella looks a lot like Chris – so, again I ask – is he a relative?

    Also – and perhaps more importantly – when wearing all of that hot leather, do the Wraith use talcum powder to prevent intertrigo?

    @ Mr. Picardo – Joe said that there is an upcoming scene in a future episode that would have Todd/Woolsey ‘shippers’ abuzz. From this, I educed that some sort of close contact was involved between you two. I don’t mean to be spoony, but PLEASE tell me this doesn’t mean that the two of you kissed! 😮 (But if so…ummm…what was it like?? 😳 )

    Thank you both in advance!

    (and Joe, are you pleased that I made this relatively short and light, and didn’t divagate or turn it into yet another whiny jeremiad?)


  71. Hi Joe,
    throw us a bone and answer one of yesterdays wraith questions.
    pretty please.

    i don’t mind the word gouache. You get 15 art students all saying it repeatedly like croaking toads and you can drive the teacher from the room quite quickly.

  72. Hi Joe,
    I’m enjoying the tours and you and Carl seem to be having a good time strolling through those memories.

    Questions for Bob Picardo

    How much input do you give about your characters? Woolsey has grown so much since we first met him on SG-1.

    So far, what has been your most memorable moment (either on- or off-screen) on Stargate (SG-1 or SGA)?

    As an actor, what draws you to a part?

    You seem to really enjoy your work. What kinds of things do you do in your off time for fun? travel? read? watch TV? surf? etc.

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the character of Woolsey as he has become a much more integral part of Atlantis, and I think that has a lot to do with the writing but mostly it has to do with your acting. Loved you in China Beach & Voyager. Thank you for a job well done.


  73. What the hell?

    I use connotation and connote with extreme frequency. While I am an English literature major, these are words that were part of my vocabulary for decades and ones that I encounter in common every day speech.

    I’m Australian so perhaps this accounts for the language difference. Reading that ‘connote’ is archiac or rare feels like an episode of the twilight zone however.

    Incidentally I did not come across the term ‘jeremiad’ until recently when I began studying American literature. The fact that it is considered archiac or rare within the US makes me feel sad.

    It is a key term for understanding your own history. The fact that is has fallen out of use probably explains why the principles of liberty the country are founded on are also falling out of the public conciousness. Very sad indeed.

  74. @Rachel ~ I too lived in Illinois for a goodly while — 24 years — and don’t recall ever hearing “connote” either — but, at the same time, like you I thought the usage was fairly obvious. Nobody is willing to look at base words or context anymore, it seems … And even if it were a new word after all, so what, right? So long as one can educe the meaning, it still works! (Hah! I did it! :D)

    BTW, “Wea-e ..seeel!” You’re really Pauly shore, aren’t you? 😀

  75. For Robert Picardo:

    Thanks for taking time for this! :o)
    I really love the Doctor in “voyager” and think you did a great Job with him. Especially the humorous part of him. I was so glad when I recognised a humorous part in Woolsey, too. I did expect him to change, or at least the way he is shown when I heard he was going to assume command but it’s still awesome to see that enacted.
    At first he was pretty annoying and nowhere near loveable. (That was pretty hard for me btw as I loved the doctor :o)). Now my questions:

    1)Woolsey started to change already in the episode “the return” in season two. Was it your idea to make Woolsey more human and likeable or where just just instructed to act him like that?

    2) What are your plans for the future?

    3) What are your favourite sports?

  76. Connote is considered archaic? Could have fooled me. Or perhaps I’m thinking of connotate. At any rate, you are so on target about the absurdness of many of today’s radio DJs.

    Now, question for Mr. Picardo:
    I’ve come to appreciate Woolsey as a character. Despite the fact he’s often come on the scene to cause difficulty for our favorite heroes, I think Woolsey is an honorable man. He stands up for what he believes. He also isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong, and to try learning from his mistakes. What traits do you find most (or least) appealing about the character? And what’s been the most enjoyable aspect about portraying him?

  77. Last time i saw “connote” it was some twit on Television without Pity who thinks “stewardess” is a pejorative expression (that the dictionary doesn’t agree with her didn’t sway her) – so I’d say its still much in use.

    But I think you were stretching for some of those words *g*

    lorgnette ! I’m about as likely to weave that into conversation as i would be operculum (cool tasting word though, we need an Operation Operculum)

    But if we are naming words we’d like to see added to the save the words campaign, i nominate:

    * Mephitic

    * Charette

    * Flagitious

    * Meretricious

    * Privation

    * Ratiocination

    * Subdolous

    * Foofaraw

    * Obmutescent

    * Ensorcelled

    And I’d like to see Obama use them all in a sentence! (Or rather, I’d like to hear it and see the reaction of the interviewer 😉

  78. I hate listening to the radio for that very reason! as soon as there isn’t music playing I switch the station… which is why I usually end up listening to classical stations. My brother tried satellite radio for a time and even they talked too much. And they seemed to be on a short loop for the music they played. sooo…. I prefer CD *pops in Joel Goldsmith soundtrack*

    Questions for Mr. Picardo:

    When will we get to hear you sing in Atlantis!?

    I absolutely adored Woolsey in “Seed”, “Broken Ties” and “Ghost in the Machine”. Of the episodes we have yet to see, which is your favorite Woolsey episode? (maybe the mid-season two parter or inquisition or a later episode?)?

  79. Bob Picardo:

    Firstly, I have to let you know that I love Woolsey! I think that he’s a great character. From the beginning where I loved to hate him and wanted to throttle him right along with the SG team to where we see him realize he’s being used and has a conscious to Commander Woolsey.

    I think you have done a great job of bringing depth and realism to Woolsey.

    Good luck with all your future endeavors.

    Question: Knowing the joksters you are now working with: Has there been scenes that call for extreme seriousness that was hard to do because of off-camera actions making you want to laugh out loud?

  80. For Mr. Picardo:

    I don’t have a question, but I do want to say that I’ve been a fan of yours since China Beach and Voyager. We finally get you back on weekly television and it’s too short a run. I hope to see you in the SGA movies and perhaps another series very soon. You do good work and it’s always a pleasure to watch you in action. 🙂

  81. Ah the obscurities of the English language reminds me that I really do miss my weekly scrabble-fests to which I shall be returning dreckly (Dang- a bit o’ cornish slipped in there)

    *hot flush* bloody hormones!

  82. Dear Mr. Picardo:

    Here’s a couple of (probably dorky) Actors Studio 101 questions:

    Years ago, I read an interview where Alan Alda said he hadn’t felt “fully in character” as Hawkeye without wearing Pierce’s “combat boots.” How do you get “into character” for a role? Is it just following the beats of the script vis a vis what your character’s history is? or working with the environment you’re playing in? Or something else?

    You’ve played a variety of roles, including: doctors, cops, a computer program, and now an intergalactic bureaucrat. What have you found the most challenging aspect to play with these characters? What’s been easiest?

    I too have been a fan of your work since “China Beach”, and wish you continued success–hopefully including seeing Richard Woolsey in SG-1 and Atlantis movies. Thank you for your time.

    And thank you Joe, for offering this forum.

  83. On holiday in Rome, I have probably walked about sixty miles over the last six days in sweltering 35 degree heat, carrying for much of the time a two year-old/a child’s buggy/both.

    The result?

    A rather serious case of intertrigo, and not in the armpit…

  84. Hi

    I would like to thank you for all the wonderful work
    you have done on Stargate over the years. My favorite
    episodes of Stargate SG1 were The Fifth Man, Window of Opportunity and 200. Oustanding! Also everything
    you have done with Stargate Atlantis. I really look forward
    to the movie. I know it is in good hands.

    I would really appreciate if at all possible if you could
    forward my appreciation to the following people. I’ll do my
    best to express my thoughts.

    To Martin Gero: Your humour and sensitivity really show
    in your writing. Two of my favourite episodes of Atlantis are
    Sunday and McKay and Mrs. Miller. Your episodes always
    make my cry. I also thought Young People….. was
    excellent. Good luck with everything. P.S. My daughter
    goes to Arts Canterbury High School and she thinks its
    really cool she shares that with you.

    To Joe Flannigan: I really believe you have one of
    the hardest charactors. You have to be the strong
    one in control yet somehow let us see the emotions
    underneath. Your performance in The Shrine was
    perfect. It’s always amazing to me what the eyes
    can convey. Brillant.

    To David Hewlett: How are you so awesome!. All of
    my favourite episodes are Mckay centered. That says
    it all. I sincerely wish you all the best for the future
    and look forward to anything you do. All the best
    for you and your family.

    To Rachel Lutrell: Your true beauty shines through.
    You handle the emotions and physicallity of the charactor
    brilliantly. Your singing in Critical Mass was beautiful and
    moved me to tears. Good luck with your career and your
    new family.

    To Jason Momoa: You also have a difficult charactor to play.
    The episides where you have to bring out Ronan’s sensitive
    side really touched me. Runner was fantastic and showed
    all your talent. It’s a pity we didn’t get too many Ronan
    specific plots. The ones you had were wonderul.

    To Paul McGillion: I warned my daughter after I watched
    Sunday alone that a main charactor died. The first thing
    she said was “it better not be Carson”. She was absolutely
    devastated and couldn’t understand why you were killed off.
    She said you were the nicest guy on the show. We were
    absolutely thrilled you were brought back. Your humour
    and kindness really shine.

    To Jewl Staite: I think your charactor’s vulnerability brought a new aspect to the show. I could really identify with Dr. Keller
    which is a credit to you. I was apprehensive with the “New
    Doctor” but I was really impressed. Good luck in the future!

    To Robert Picardo: I knew you would fit in well the
    Atlantis crew and I was not dissapointed. I always loved
    the charactor which is a testament to you. Too bad your time
    on Stargate Atlantis was cut short.

    Final thought: To all the cast and crew, thank you for
    making Stargate Atlantis such a great show. It takes
    everyone working together to produce such an outstanding

    THANK you!

  85. Massive thank you to Mr.Picardo for answering our questions!!! YOU ROCK!!

    ok a question…hmmmmmmmm

    If you could play any other character on Atlantis for one day who would it be and why?

    Go raibh míle maith agat!
    (A thousand thank you’s in Irish)


  86. I can’t listen to the radio in the morning anymore. I heard one trio discuss “boobies” all the time giggling like idiots everytime they said the word. To me, a candidate with a brain is definitely refreshing.
    For Robert Picardo:
    1. Loved China Beach – you did a fantastic role in that show. What was your most memorable episode or scene?
    2. On Stargate Atlantis, how does it feel to go up against ‘beloved” characters – for instance, like your investigative roles on the show?
    3. On Voyager, I loved your search for your name – also on the last episode, you showed up at the party with a beautiful woman AND you looked the same – nice revenge. Did you ever get tired of saying, “What is the nature of your medical emergency?” I don’t know about you – but I HEAR you say it as I type the words…
    4. Thanks for your great characters – wonderful job!!

  87. Wow, those DJs are pretty sad. I couldn’t escape the word “connote/connotation” my last two years of high school English class.

    For Mr. Picardo: What is one way in which you are similar to Woolsey and one way in which you are different from him?

  88. Question for Bob Picardo

    Between Star Trek and Stargate what is your most memorable experience on each show and why?

  89. “Confuzzled” is one of my fave made up words. What does the boss want me to do? I’m confuzzled about this. That’s not to be confused with “combitching” a combo of complaining/bitching simultaneously.

    And with regards to the rant about DJs – I TOTALLY agree. I really REALLY hate the talking. If I want to hear people talking about things I don’t care about, I’d listen to my husband 🙂 or at the very least, turn to talk radio! Otherwise, I want the music. Plain and simple.

    Happy weekend!

  90. maggiemayday said …
    Um, Wolfenm, the Frootees were Jack’s favorite cereal, (almost, Foot Loops and Frootees are kissin’ cousins) from SG-1. Granted they were in Dog’s Breakfast, but I’d bet dollars to donuts it was a Jack reference. Even devalued American dollars. That’s would be why Sam had such a sad look on her face. Yes? No? Mebbe so?

    Sounds like it’s a meeting of the worlds, then, to me. Perhaps Brad watched ADB and thought, “You know, Jack loves Fruit Loops …” and then asked Jim if he still had the prop from ADB … Although, did Jack still love Fruit Loops after “WoP”? 😉 And did Jack’s love of Fruit Loops give David (or Jim) the idea for using Fruit Loops in ADB in the first place? At any rate, being one of david’s Squirrels, I can’t help but appreciate the use of the packaging in Continuum, regardless of the true intent, seeing as the squirrel on the package was a shout-out to us in ADB

    Incidentally, I refer to crazy people as Fruit Loops or as being “fruitloopy”. And considering Patrick’s behavior during the Frootees scene in ADB, it’s apparently quite apt. XD

    Nicole Gustas said …
    Rachel: I think Obama was saying that “lipstick on a pig” was a common expression in Illinois, not “connote”.

    Can’t say I recall ever hearing “lipstick on a pig” before either, though, in Illionois or anywhere else …

  91. For Mr. Picardo:

    Do you find there are differences playing Woolsey on SGA as opposed to SG-1?

  92. This Question is for Mr. Picardo, I have loved your work from Voyager to Smallville and Stargate. What has been your most challenging role as an actor? Do you find Sci-fi a hard genre to act in, or are there other ones that are more difficult. Thanks for your work and great and memorible characters!

  93. Question for Bob/Rob

    How is the chemistry between the cast members different from Stargate as opposed to Star Trek and other shows that you’ve done?

  94. Coucou Joseph!

    Alors la forme? Moi super!!! Je suis enfin en week-end ^^!! C’est cool!!
    Merci pour cette vidéo =)!
    Rohh j’ai déjà du mal en anglais, alors si vous rajoutez des mots lol…

    Hier j’ai déjà écrit votre futur carte d’anniversaire^^!!!
    Mais je ne sais pas quand le tournage de la saison 5 sera finit et si je peut encore vous envoyez cette lettre au studio..d’ayieur je n’est même plus l’adresse, vous pourriez me la redonner?

    Merci beaucoup!!
    Bisou, je vous adore!!

  95. The sad part about radio and sometimes TV host shows is that people into them really believe the person without finding out facts for themselves which is why nobody called in to correct them.

    I was trying and trying to find a way to put one of those weird words into my comments, but it took too long to think (lol) cause it just doesn’t sound right, I guess I am just a spoony tyep of person in the end. I will try to do better in the coming days. It’s not bad enough I am trying to learn french, now I have to think about how to use these words (lol).

    For Bob (if he hasn’t gotten there yet, I tried to stay up late last night but had to go at 11:30):

    When I first heard of Woolsey becoming commander in the gossip world, I was like, “Oh my God” it will be a nightmare, but then it came about and I really ended up liking Woolsey in the position (I kinda always liked Woolsey cause he add comedic value to the episodes, I was just not sure of him in a leader role). Do you hear this a lot?

    Great Job!

  96. @dasNdanger – the date isn’t wrong. It just a continuation from Septemeber 10’s post. Unruly prolix – prolonged. Meaning prolonged entry.

    Mr. Picardo – Thank you for a wonderful job on protraying Richard Woolsey. I have to admit I didn’t like that you were coming on board as the leader at first. Mainly because at first your character on SG1 seemed too strict and played by the book character. but now that your character has grown. I just wished we had another season to get to know your character more. Thanks again for a great job on SG1 and SGA.

    If you had to choose what would be your weird food purchase of the day? Or are you not as brave as Joe?


  97. I can’t be there today – not enough notice and deadlines at work.

    I just wanted to say – Thank you for 5 years of the best show on TV.

    It’s the only show I make plans around – in that I’m watching live every Friday night it is on and I tell my movie going friends – how about tomorrow for that movie? Or how about we leave Sat. morning for that trip, I’ve got PLANS for Friday night.

    I will miss SGA more than you can imagine, and I’m trying to bury Sci-Fi and MGM in lemons.

  98. The contumacious hurricane continues to track toward my house (among others) in Houston, Texas. I hope to watch “The Queen” tonight before the power goes out. I first heard the word “spoony” in a Strategy RPG called Final Fantasy Tactics. I assumed the word was simply the result of poor Japanese-to-English translation (a character is referred to as a “spoony bard”). I wonder if Jason Momoa considers himself a spoony bard? Will we see Ronan do anything “spoony bard-like” this season? 🙂

    I have a question for the great Robert Picardo: I’ve been a fan of yours since the Voyager EMH days. I think Woolsey’s character development has been fascinating. Will we find out about Mr. Woolsey’s hidden opera background this season- perhaps in a scene where Woolsey is singing in his quarters? Thanks so much for taking the time to be here.

  99. Take heart, Joe: Firefly Fan is single-handedly attempting to improve the public’s vocabulary via the TWOP Motivation thread here, one letter at a time. (Sadly, I’m not sure the words will be what everyone remembers…)

    SGA Topic? Plowing through my S4 dvds at a depressingly rapid pace. Absolutely loved Tabula Rasa, I didn’t hate Keller in Missing, and am still stupifed at the levels of idiocy the team displayed in Miller’s Crossing. (They brought Todd to Earth, through the Midway station? They’re pretty much earning their own doom.)

    So here’s a question. I thought the whole Dark!Shep thing was pretty well done, until the final scene. Sheppard’s obviously not thrilled about it, but in about 30 seconds tosses it off to go have pie and joke with McKay. Yet he knows – he knows! – just what a wraith feeding means, and from that particular Wraith! Wallace, while the villain, wasn’t an evil guy – and he had no idea, no frame of reference, for the Wraith. And even if he was all bad, as Kolya said, “No-one deserves this.” (What happened to Weir’s “You’ve cropssed a line?”) So who decides to end something like that on a jokey, light note? Did MG just not think the our heroes deciding give someone an agonizing death was that big a deal? Or did the network want a lighter ending? Or is this a reflection of the writers’ opinion of the average US military officer? (Sometimes I do wonder about that one.)

  100. I think I might be contumacious and not comply to your challenge to incorporate these spoony words no one uses anymore. 😀

    Radio DJs certainly are annoying. I’m a fairly loyal fan/listener, but I’m about to abandon this one station I listen to because of the DJs. They’re not nearly as funny as they think they are. (If I were really good with my words, I could make his a jeremaid and not just straight-up complaining.)

    For Mr. Picardo:

    Can you think of a sentence using Joe’s words that he wants to save?

  101. @ Rachel – I live in Illinois and have done so since I was 3, when my parents moved from St. Louis over to Cahokia across the river. From there we went to the Chicago area. I was in Champaign-Urbana for 7 years for college and law school, and I have lived in the Chicago area since then. So I have lived in Illinois for 51 years.

    Re use of the word “connote,” if that is the word you are talking about, yep, I’ve heard it used, I have myself used it many times. It’s not at all unusual for educated people in Illinois to use that word. And it shows up in writing all the time. As you said the dj’s were idiots. Sadly, altogether too many people are idiots, and even more sadly, stupidity seems to be a value among certain Americans.

    Now, re the phrase involving a pig and lipstick and its use in Illinois, I’ve heard it in Illinois. More than once. Perhaps lots of times over the years. I don’t think I have ever heard it in Chicago, although it seemed to be in fairly common usage downstate. And there are many, many neighborhoods in Chicago with people of many, many different cultural backgrounds; Chicago itself is a big city in a state with a huge rural and farm background, and Chicago was the end point in great migrations of people from the rural south up the river and railroad systems. People bring words and phrases with them that one might not otherwise find in an urban area but which still linger.

    There aren’t too many pigs in Chicago, although some folks do keep the pot bellied variety as pets. In more rural areas, I think that the phrase would be more common, although it must be used in the City because I don’t think Obama spent much time downstate or in rural areas.

    Obama wasn’t lying. Just because you hadn’t heard a phrase somewhere in Illinois before you turned 13 doesn’t mean that other people don’t use it. Also, a 13 year old might be expected to have different conversational experiences than an adult.


  102. Evenin’, Joe

    Well.. i’m knackered. And about as likely to ponder on the complexities of the english/american languages, as I might be to take a quick jog through the Alps right now. That said, I found this gem whilst catching up on the news and almost re-dressed my laptop with coffee once again.

    Thought immediately of you..

    Give Bob another hearty thanks and pat on the back. And if you see him… tell Joe F, I need the spec for his skateboard. Jenks killed mine last night and I need to buy one without fang imprints in what’s left of it’s tattered wheels.

    Uh.. that’s once i’ve sold this exquisitely fashioned, Labrador throw rug.

    Mayhaps he’d do a swap?

  103. I know it’s not actually the last day of the show exactly, but in the sprit of the rally, which I think is intended to show support to the studio as much as protest the cancellation, and which I would have attended if I could have, I just want to thank everyone there for the five seasons (even as I still pray for more). It means a lot knowing that you all would keep going with the series if you could, and are committed to at least one film. I’ve already said my thanks to Hewlett several times over, but please extend my thanks to him agian anyway, and especially to Flanigan and the rest — their video reactions were very moving. I’m glad that playing those roles seemed to have brought them as much joy as their playing them had brought we the viewers. And, in a strang way, I’m glad they aren’t totally relieved that it’s over — I thought for sure Flanigan would be, considering he schedule and the flying back and forth, but it cheered me to see that he will genuinely miss the role, and that he worries about our feelings on the matter. I wish I could tell him I wasn’t offended by the sreasoning I’ve heard behind the decisions on the part of Wright, MGM, and Skiffy, but that would be lying. Still, Flanigan can rest assured that we aren’t offended by him, or his fellow castmambers and most of the writing staff, at least.

  104. Two words for you, Joe: Satellite radio. I hate the inane chatter of so-called radio personalities and I hate commercials. It’s worth the money to buy a receiver and pay a small monthly fee.

    For Robert Picardo: If a viewer totally dislikes a character who is supposed to be disliked, then the actor who is playing the dislikable character is doing a great job. So congrats on that. That’s all I wanted to say. Best of luck with future roles.

  105. Any chance we could see Lorne or Zelenka in Universe as main characters? I have to say they are a few of the favorites that are talked about in the dorms here. We’re all just wondering what they will be up to come series finale.


  106. (If its not too late already) For Robert Picardo: Do you prefer to play the baddie, a neutral character or part of the good team?

  107. Apparently these DJ’s need to read more. I am not embarrased to say that when I read I have a dictionary handy. Especially some of the Sci Fi books who’d a thunk? : )

    For Mr Picardo: Your a fine actor, honestly Woosley – not my favorite guy, because of the staunch attitude Woosley had, but you did you job well if Woosley wasn’t liked. However, Woolsey has grown on me, I think it was the dog. Even though Woolsey relaxes in a suit… it still gives him a humanistic quality. Were there any challenges portraying, Woolsey’s character?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, appreciate it.

  108. Hey Joe.

    I forgot to post this yesterday, but here is a link to my first video on YouTube. It’s a tribute to 9/11.

    Um, I’m not quite sure how to do the whole link thing, so if you want to check it out (it’s only 2 minutes long), then just copy and paste the link below:

    Let me know what you think about it!

    Thanks Joe.

  109. atlantisfreak: Thank you for everything you so eloquently wrote in your comment (#85 above, found here). You expressed much of what I’ve been trying to put on paper but haven’t been able to.

    Karen wrote:

    Apparently these DJ’s need to read more. I am not embarrased to say that when I read I have a dictionary handy. Especially some of the Sci Fi books who’d a thunk? : )

    What timing!! Just last night, I was horrified to find out that my younger sister says she doesn’t make notes while reading for pleasure! I asked “What if you see a word or reference you want to look up later?” She said if she doesn’t already know them, she just ignores them. She then accused me of being weird because I never read without pad and pen handy. (I don’t have room for a dictionary now but used to keep my unabridged on one nightstand.)

    Davidd wrote:

    Um, I’m not quite sure how to do the whole link thing,

    To create a clickable link use [a href = “URL OF TARGET WEBSITE”]text you want clickable[/a]

    Anne Teldy

  110. Davidd, don’t forget to change the square brackets [] to angle brackets><. Sorry I forgot to add that.

    Anne Teldy

  111. according to wordweb (some ad-on thing my semi-computer geek brother put on the computer) connote also means; “involve as a necessary condition of consequence; as in logic”
    logic being something some “radio personalities” lack.

    if it’s not too late for questions for mr. picardo, i have 2.

    1. what, if any, are the differences between star trek & stargate in regards to fan support & attitudes?

    2. is it true that ms. kate mulgrew kept a day-to-day work journals, 1 for every year, while on voyager? & are there any plans to publish said journals?

  112. Question for Robert Picardo:

    What was it like, in the early stages of your career, to find work as an actor in a business so unpredictable and cutthroat?

    (pointless biographical data about me… gotta love the internet) I’m a drama student studying a degree at Goldsmiths University, London, England, and am getting to the point where I’d like to branch out into professional theatre. I’ve found the step to be most challenging… knowing where to find work, what skills I need, and what is worth pursuing, all at the same time juggling the requirements of my studies.

  113. Hey Joe,

    Now I feel all sad. Maybe I don’t use the word connote but I recognize it as a true word. And I get its meaning.

    I’m wondering if people around me think I just make up words. I’ve been told before I use words that others don’t recognize. Hmmm… the next time someone says that I’ll have to ask if they think I’m making up words. Maybe I should start carrying a pocket dictionary with me.

    And the fact that I actually use the word quaky in my daily vocabulary makes me feel a bit spoony.

    Maybe Californians or former residents of California (such as myself) are used to the quaky things in life?

    Or maybe it’s the fact that, in my family, we try to increase our vocabulary constantly. In fact, as my parents and I took my big sister, Barbara, to the airport today we were discussing how it is illegal to fard while driving a car. In fact I love to point this out to my friends. They always hear something different than *fard*.

    And no, I’m not telling anyone what it means. I will tell you what I heard my entire life growing up: LOOK IT UP! 😛

    So… no farding while driving, ok?

    And Joe, maybe you should invest in some CDs to listen to. I cannot stand the radio. I always feel as if my IQ is lowered by listening to all that *Howard Stern-esque* drivel.

    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to tell Allison to clean up her room. It’s an utter shemozzle!

    Trish 😀

  114. In reply to anneteldy:

    Thank you so much for the compliment.

    I regret not having signed my actual name though.

    I wonder if anyone will actually get to see it?

    Sandra Good

  115. I do NOT believe my crap luck…there is a big rainy bit fast approaching, due to be on top of my satellite dish at…you guessed it – 10 pm! Aaarggh! My only hope is that it’s a light rain, and not a godawful thunderstorm, or something. If I miss tonight’s episode, you will all hear ‘the scream heard round the world’ tonight!

    @ wolfenm – Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully you’ll never look at horses (or Wraith) the same way again!

    @ Tim Gaffney – I was going to include Cadman, but I couldn’t remember what happened to her (alive, dead, otherwise). 😳

    @ compactbarbie – I’m…jealous.

    @ tamijb – Ya ol’ kiss up. 😉

    @ Iberostar – I always giggle when I hear the word ‘boobies’. It’s just…funny.

    Of course, mentally I’m like…12…so that may explain it. 😛

    RE: DJs – I gave up on talk radio a long time ago. I used to love Stern, but after his movie came out, he went from being extremely entertaining and brilliant, to this totally obnoxious thing that I no longer recognized. And those who try to imitate him? Ugh. Can’t stand ’em. I listen to the radio for music, so will either flip between the 3 alt/metal rock stations I pull in – 2 from Delmarva, 1 from the Atlantic City area – or listen to the classical station, or cds. If I want ‘talk’, I listen to NPR. But I avoid DJs now like the pox on mankind that they are.

    @ Joe – I’ve been meaning to ask about the title ‘Whispers’ and what it referred to – I’m SURE you explained it somewhere here before, but I must have missed it.



  116. I dare not connote the idea that I express myself so expressively or in such an articulate nature in everyday life, however, my contumacious dog has been much the subject of my many jeremiads that appear to be occurring at much greater frequency as of late which has led me to this state. While Obama’s use of language could be denoted as “archaic” or “spoony”; it leaves radio station quacks, quaky and in a shemozzle as they try to dig out of the hole they have dug from their position of espial at his true, correct use of language: this amuses me more than the act of inducing intertrigo upon my brother when I add a little too much starch to his cycling outfit.

    Oh dear, I feel my thoughts have begun to divagate; one must feel the need for a lorgnette to see deep enough into my ramblings to educe my intended meaning.

    For now I will leave you with one of my greatest jeremiads; why, oh, WHY must George Bowie of Radio Clyde 1 finish every sentence with “know what I mean?” It’s not like we can answer anyway! You’re ON THE RADIO!

  117. Bob–

    You have had a short but brilliant run on Stargate Atlantis. Great job! You’ve never left me anything short of impressed!

    My question: If TPTB ever desire to bring Woolsey into a future story, be it an SGA or SG1 film, or even the upcoming SGU, what are the odds you’ll come back and reprise the role?

    Thanks! And keep up the good work. You have yourself a lifelong fan here.

    Plus, if I might fanwank for a moment here, I would like to tell you that I am a music composition major, and that some day, I may be writing a theme for a future character of yours!

  118. did anyone else notice that the opening theme was cut short?
    hope this epi is better than last week as good as DV

  119. Please give my regards to those responsible for the wonderful hive-ship battle sequence in The Queen, it was one of the best-looking wraith-battle scenes yet!

  120. WHOA!!! Was that really Rachel under all that “Queen” getup???

    Also, I didn’t like the absence of my favorite title sequence… names are good, but music, faces, and names are even better!!!

  121. Oooh, and with regards to the radio: this is what iTunes and CD’s are for!!

  122. Questions for Bob if I’m not too late:

    I’m really looking forward to Season 5. I think Woolsey was a perfect choice for command. How did you approach the Woolsey character in this Season as opposed to others. Were there major changes, or just subtle ones?

    What’s something we don’t know about Dick Woolsey?

    Cheers, Chev

  123. This was the scariest episode of the season also the second best. why it was not the best as a lot to do with the first act i believe it should have start on atlantis and then carried over to todd’s hive ship.
    still the best scene was Teyla walking the Wraith procession line – just creepy!

  124. Don’t suppose I could throw a question in, real quick (though you’re probably even in the course of writing a blog as I type)— is it just me, or was The Queen conspicuously lacking in an opening sequence? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the mini-opener, but it was, well… short. I don’t particularly care about the images that go up, but I did miss the music, it helps set the tone and bring one (okay, me at least) into the Atlantis universe.

  125. I. can’t. BREATHE!!!!


    *gasp*…Joe…can you PLEEAASE give Alan a big kiss, full on the lips, for me? Then Chris (two kisses!), then Alex, then Brenton…then…Oh, you get the idea! *gasp*

    *dies again*


  126. Joe, I just saw the Queen and I was flabbergasted. I was truly blown away.

    Got three questions I would like to ask. Joe, did it scare you a little at the end with Teyla acting all Wraith-ish? How many hives have been destroyed on screen in total? And is there any chance of seeing Wraith Queen Teyla in one of the Atlantis movies?

  127. English language is really dynamically been in the state of flux, because in it’s dictionary some new words are added continuously and it’s word’s pronunciation is also being changed in a short of period.
    Arden Kaisman

  128. Joe,
    Just saw “The Queen.” Great episode, especially Rachel’s performance. It was also great seeing Todd again.

    What was up with the opening title sequence?

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