Prepping for surgery on the mystery patient
Prepping for surgery on the mystery patient
Emergency surgery
Emergency surgery
In the O.R.
In the O.R.

First, let me start off today’s entry by saying if you have any questions about the new spin-off, Stargate: Universe, I’m not the person to ask. Hell, I didn’t even know the ship was named Destiny until I read it in the press release this morning. What I do know, however, is that with Brad and Rob at the helm (you may know them from such works as Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis) it’s sure to be a quality show.

Secondly, to all those of you seeking clarification, let me emphasize what I wrote in yesterday‘s entry. Team Atlantis – Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan, and myself – was hopeful that, when all was said and done, the show would get that elusive sixth year pick-up. I can assure you that had we received the go-ahead, we would have been both thrilled and thankful to be producing a season six. Yes, we’re disappointed. And, yes, had the order come in for both shows, you can be damn sure we would have found a way to make it work. In the end, even though it didn‘t pan out, there is still plenty of Stargate to look forward to in the near future.

Thirdly, thanks for the all-around well-wishes. I was surprised to discover that quite a few members of the cast and crew read this blog and they’ll surely appreciate your kind words.

Fourthly, what does the future hold for Paul and I? Well, an Atlantis movie for one. It’s still in the very early planning stages but it will be big and chock full of great character moments. Beyond that – it’s too early to tell.

Fifthly, I have no intention of packing things up here at wordpress. This blog will continue to be a daily source for those seeking information related to my outrageous culinary exploits, my dogs, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster’s film critiques, and assorted things Stargate. How assorted remains to be scene. See “Fourthly” above.

Sixthly, I had two fillings replaced this morning. My dentist strongly urged me to avoid chewing my numbened tongue and cheek at lunch (Alan felt this was sound advice I could apply to most any meal). To avoid any possible sesame beef and peanut butter dumpling mishaps, I asked Lawren to chew my food for me. “Do you prefer three-bite or a twenty chew mincing?”he wanted to know. But, in the end, I was so hungry I couldn’t wait and decided to fend for myself. Big mistake. I ended up chewing my lower lip. Not exactly a Weird Food Purchase of the Day entry but definitely tastier than that Chinese medicine I tried the other day.

Seventhly, lost in all the recent discussion is actress Sharon Taylor’s impending visit. Feel free to include questions for Sharon (a.k.a. Gate Technician Amelia Banks) amid the understandable venting.

Eighthly, I empathize with the fans. I realize that many, MANY, MANY of you are upset and as long as you have something to say, I’m willing to listen. So if you’re taking the time to post your thoughts on recent developments, then know that the least I can do is take the time to read them and hit the “Approve” button.

I took some great shots on set today that I’ll be posting in tomorrow’s entry. Hopefully, they’ll put a smile on some of your faces. In the meantime, enjoy tonight’s episode, The Shrine, as well as a few snaps from a couple of the episodes we happen to be shooting…

285 thoughts on “August 22, 2008: Firstlies through Eightlies…

  1. We haven’t given up hope!

    Do you want more than just a movie? Help Save Stargate Atlantis at

    Campaigns are already in planning stages and we have a vlog/photo compilation idea planned already lol.

    Just to let everyone know, the site is in beta mode. It is 100% functional but tomorrow I (the web designer with no current internet access at home!!!) will be completely redoing the site to make it look as good at the first flash intro.

  2. Hi Joe,
    I’m glad you are reading all our concerns, emotionally vented to you….sorry for all the wailing, crying, and all around gnashing of teeth. I for one understand that you really have no power to really do anything about this issue, so I’ll vent at other sites. Thanks for listening.

    **deep breath**

    Now on to other things….surgery, surgey…who is going under the knife? Glad to see the pictures. Thanks. And looking forward to the next batch. Also looking forward to your next weird food of the day. Those videos are just too funny and lord knows I could use a good laugh!


  3. Thanks Joe for everything, we will keep hoping for …Something, but let me wish the best of the best in your life and write us one hell of a movie ok?…no pressure.


    And if some of the cast and crew reads this:

    Thanks for all those wonderfull seasons!! you guys meant the world to me.

  4. Hi Joe,

    When will Atlantis be filming her in Las Vegas? Is there a chance that fans can come by and visit? Also if you are going be here will you have time for a fan dinner????



  5. Aw, Joe I hope your mouth is un-numbed (is that a word?) now. All I can think of is that old comedy skit Bill Cosby used to do. (Oh boy, I’ve just dated myself) I hope you wore a bib to catch any embarrassing drool. :p

    Glad to also know that you’re not closing up shop. I may not always comment, but I truly look forward to reading your entries.

    I’m also pleased to know that our support and well wishes are reaching some of the cast and crew. Without them, we would have had 5 great years!

    And littlemckay beat me to it! The website looks great and we plan on launching an attack that would frighten the Wraith!

  6. Ugh, that was supposed to read: Without them, we would not have had 5 great years.

    Never try and type while fighting a kitten for control of your laptop.

  7. I’m happy to hear the blog is here to stay.

    Looking forward to the Shrine and hope that for 1 hour I can enjoy SGA and forget that there is a declining number of episode left 🙁 I hope that Enemy at the Gate lets us end the series with a bang – it’s making me both excited and dreading January. Excited to see the episode but dreading that it will be the last until the movie.

  8. Joe –

    The last pics you had that were clickable were of the dogs. If you right-click and look at Properties of those pics, they have “link properties”, where your pics of the last two nights don’t. Is that something you usually have to add when you upload the pictures?

    Marsha (not quite tech support)

  9. As I don’t know how to get in contact with Brad and Rob personally, will you be so kind as to pass along this message? “Universe, geared towards a younger audience? AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

    Or something to that effect. Feel free to rephrase slightly if needed. Probably you should include some arm-flailing when you relate it. Just a suggestion, though.

    I feel a little badly, by the way, that the Sharon Taylor interview, here on the blog, has fallen to the wayside a bit. I’m trying to think of a good question or two, but as I don’t know much about the character, I’ll settle for just hearing her thoughts/insights about Amelia Banks. 🙂

  10. Thank you Joe for your reassurance of continuing with the blogging. I enjoy your sense of humor and your culinary tas….. recomm…. uh, adventures!

  11. Losing Stargate Atlantis is definitely a blow. But I am glad to hear that people are moving on and that the franchise will not end here. I hope only the best for you in the future, to the success of the movies!

  12. “…with Brad and Rob at the helm…”

    Any chance for guest bloggers? *cough* ^_~

    The new series is bringing up concerns that it’s going to be that scene from 200 meets the Enterprise crack addicts that killed Star Trek.

    There’s online riots going on… seriously… with torches and pitchforks and… ok… more like tears and wanking… but still…

  13. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for five great seasons of Atlantis!! Best wishes in life and the future and good luck with the movie!!

    Also, I’m watching the new episode, “The Shrine” right now. What an awesome opening/teaser!!

  14. I.
    Wow, nice to know you got blog-readers among the Cast and Crew! Also please thank them from a lot of Fans again and again for 5 awesome Seasons!

    To Mrs. Taylor – Looking at IMDB it seems she hasn’t done a lot of work. My question is… are these small acting Roles just something for fun/money/hobby or are we going to see her more often in the coming Years as she works more as an Actress.
    (Hell, this all sounds so gibberish in hindsight)

    Once more, I still think we should %(&* the Sci-Fi Channel’s and MGM’s HQ’s for canceling SGA!!! *shakes fist*

    Just a random thought… You have given some People the Time and Space in your Blog to answer Questions from Fans. Is there ever the possibility you could kick, hit and threaten Mr. Kavan Smith to something like that.
    Also, if he kicks back and says no… how about Mr. McGillion?!? 😉

    I cannot click on your Pictures for about two days now!?!?!?
    Why??? Please, look for a solution, ja?!

  15. hey Joe, that’s a very reassuring blog entry. thanks! a lot of fans are upset about the cancellation. there’s a new interview at GateWorld where Brad Wright tries to explain this decision. however no matter how much he tries to put a positive spin on this, I’m pretty sure that MGM wanted to produce SGU and since Ark of Truth and Continuum were a huge success why not do the same with Atantis?! don’t get me wrong I’ll definitely check out “Universe” but will certainly miss Atlantis. s5 is kind of bittersweet at the moment but I’ll definitely enjoy the remaining 15 episodes (starting right now with The Shrine!).

    obviously there are a lot of questions regarding the movie. you said it will feature the entire cast. does that mean the main cast + recurring (Zelenka, Lorne, Chuck etc) and what about Carson? you also mentioned “a certain gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star”. Todd? will this movie be Wraith-centric and/or resolve the Michael arc? will Weir or any other replicators appear? since Sam’s supposed to appear in the 100th ep, is it possible that we’ll see her in the movie?

    honestly Joe I really don’t expect you to answer any of these questions. you’re right “It’s still in the very early planning stages […]”, those are just the kind of questions I read at certain threads over at GateWorld. once again I’d like to thank you, the cast and everybody else for five amazing years of Stargate Atlantis! I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to the remaining episodes and of course the movie!

    also good to hear that you’ll still update this blog. it’s become a daily ritual to read your thoughts and tirades, rants and ruminations (LOL) and it’d be really strange to suddenly have to stop doing that. oh and I can’t wait to see the next Weird Food Purchase of the Day video

  16. Wait…you’re not moving over to SGU… 🙁 Are any of the writers?

    Oh, this can’t be good…



  17. Joe

    I don’t comment often. The latest news prompted a note and reading your last post I just want to say how much respect I have for the way you’ve handled this whole situation. You are honest with and loyal to a group of people that (for the most part) you only know as lines of text on your computer. I came to SGA on my own and found this blog as a result. For the past 6 months, I have looked forward to reading it on a daily basis – and not just for the SGA insider info. I will miss having the show in 2009 but am happy to know that you plan to keep the blog going.


  18. Okay, I know I’m gonna get smacked around by some of my fellow fans for this, but what do you think of some people playing the ‘blame game’ with Keller and insisting she’s the reason the show was canceled? Which I don’t believe at all, as I said in my comment on yesterday’s entry, Jewel’s the reason I started watching…though, apparently I’d watched her as a kid as well, I loved Flash Forward and So Weird(so I MUST have seen the episode of that that she was on)…so I personally think it’s a little irrational. -waits to get smacked-

  19. Hey Joe,

    I can sympathize with the lip-chewing, done that myself. And on a trip to Canada, no less.

    RE: SGA and all. I’ll reiterate my sadness at the show’s demise and look forward to movies – SG1 and SGA. I’m excited about SGU, but had a huge giggle with my family about the premise. I’d sat and pitched an entire new series idea to them (they make a great sounding-board) and it revolved around a colony shop traveling through the far reaches of space… I even had character names and breakdowns too. They were skeptical, then I showed them the press release from GW last night and had the last laugh.

    Okay, well second-to-last laugh, I guess, since Brad and Rob are actually *doing* the show and I’m not…and mine was in the ST universe.

    Oh well, on to the next great idea.

    Seriously though, I hope that the new series and upcoming movies mean gainful employment for your fantastic crew who deserve only the best upon which to work.


  20. Oh how I wish there was a WP edit button. Meant to say that I pitched my idea to my sounding-boards two months ago. Oops.

  21. I am still stunned about the sinking of Atlantis but am realistic enough to know that for the cast and crew it is all part of ‘show business’.

    But I do hope that everybody manages to find regular work before too long.

    The worse thing that could have happened to Atlantis is for it to have become stale and boring.

    Thank you for keeping me entertained for so long. One of my cats loves the shop big time – lots of action on the screen or maybe he is a Wraith lover.


  22. Universe wouldn’t be universe without the Paul & Mallozzi touch, you were around in SG1 -> Atlantis and should be for Universe.
    In my opinion.

  23. I don’t understand the world of TV, but SGA has such a wide range of audience and fan base, maybe another network may pick it up?

    And I hope for the actors and crew that they had a great experience over these 5 years and that they decide to get back together for the movies!

  24. I so sorry about what’s happened to the show but I refuse to give up hope yet, I know it’s the nature of the beast that is television networks, but these last few days I have read all over the Internet people’s heart felt feeling about losing Stargate Atlantis and I myself have shed more than a few tears, but should the campaigns fail I sincerely hope we get much more than just one movie. To lose such wonderful characters of sci fi would be a crying shame. As for the SciFi network I feel it is not good news for them, people have been saying once Atlantis has ended it’s run they will have no need to subscribe to it any more, and I can hardly blame them. I also want to say people have been expressing the bad timing of the news when only 5 episode have aired well take pity on us UK fans who only got to watch 1 and then got the news the every next day.

  25. Hey Joe,

    So sad about the cancellation 🙁 I”m gonna miss my weekly dose of the team, and although I’m confident we’ll be seeing Joe, Jason, David and Rachel in future endeavors, I’m really gonna miss Sheppard, Ronon, McKay and Teyla.

    So now that there really is NO season 6, any chance of you letting us know what the Hexed storyline was supposed to be? Maybe some fodder for some fanfic writers?

    I’m off to go adopt a puppy tomorrow from a shelter. Wish me luck!

  26. Hi Joe!

    *waves at Li’l McKay – one of my fave SG video chicas*

    Oooh, sorry about your tooth! That really sucks! 🙁

    Thanks for saying,

    I empathize with the fans. I realize that many, MANY, MANY of you are upset and as long as you have something to say, I’m willing to listen. So if you’re taking the time to post your thoughts on recent developments, then know that the least I can do is take the time to read them and hit the “Approve” button.

    You so rock!

    Wow, that Chinese medicine must’ve really been terrible if chewing your own flesh was better than drinking it! (I hope you’re rinsing your mouth out properly to prevent infection!)

    I must admit I am feeling a bit concerned that SG, one of the coolest franchises in any galaxy, is getting “WB’d,” with the new show, but I’ll wait and see what the final result is before judging it. Heck, when I first heard about Raiders of the Lost Ark, it didn’t sound interesting – boy, did my mind change on that! 😀

    Hmmm, can’t click on the surgery pics to look for clues. Strange…

    Was hoping to tell you I was going to watch The Shrine live tonight, but turns out even though AT&T said I could get Uverse, I’m too far from “the box” to get it. Grrrg. *sigh* iTunes, here I come again! (This would’ve been the first SG ep ever I would’ve seen live on first run. Yeah, my life is soooo harsh. 😛 )

    Anyway, S2 DVDs are calling me back. Aurora with commentary by MW and PDL!

    Live well, Mallozzi!


  27. I’m guessing because you’re probably writing the code wrong. If WordPress is like lj this should work.

    [a href=””][img src=”″][/a]

    Replace [ ] with

    Can I haz Lizzie now? LOL

  28. Hi Joe!

    I´m so sad about the cancellation news, but, as you have said
    “Whenever a gate closes, a hyperspace window opens…” (It´s difficult to believe that a grandmother said “hyperspace”, just kidding)

    The last 2 seasons I´ve been very disappointed with the cast changes, but it doesn´t mean that I stopped my support to the cast, the crew, the writers and the producers of SGA.

    But, hey! Now we have the movie! so, I´m trying to don´t think on the cancellation as an end, just as the begining of a new phase.

    I have a question:

    When you read the news, seems like SGA is going to continue as a movie franchise, so IT MEANS MORE THAN 1 MOVIE??

    I hope at least 3 movies!

    By the way, I really hope that you could include Weir and Becket in the movie(S).
    It will be cool. I know it´s to soon, but it would make the movie Perfect. Please!

  29. Read the summary for SGU, sounds like a live-action stargate: infinity, and we all know how well that turned out. (Sorry, for being snarky, but i’m still upset about Atlantis’ cancellation)

    Just a quick question, Are you planning on wrapping up the wraith story line between now and the movie, or are you gonna save them for other movies (if there are some *crosses fingers* pleasepleaseplease)

  30. I guess my biggest sadness was that the new show is targeting a ‘younger demographic’ and that the implication is the current audience/cast is too old to either be relevant, interesting, or attractive. I definitely get that it’s not all controlled by you folks, and that for the sake of the franchise, its important for everyone to behave in an… upbeat manner. But it *stings* to have my favorite show cancelled, then be told ‘you guys were too old anyway’ on top of that. Exaggeration much? Yep. You betcha.

    On a higher note, I really, REALLY love season five so far (about to head over to a friend’s house to watch The Shrine!), and I want to thank you all for that. Literally the first thought I had when I saw the cancellation was to feel concern for the feelings of the cast and crew, because it’s so clear that you love your jobs so much. I would have loved to have this announcement come after the mid-season break; is there any reason why it needed to be this week? Was it an illustration that audience/ratings were NOT the cause for the cancellation? I ask, because I know David’s episodes tend to be very popular, and The Shrine is one of those.

    I wish you guys all the best, but I really don’t see myself watching SGU. Not after hearing the premise–we LJ’ers are already referring to it as ‘Stargate: 90210’ and ourselves as the Stargate Geezers…

    a bit heartbroken, a lot confused, very grateful for what I’ve had up till now

  31. If this doesn’t work I give up.
    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

  32. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for the photos and the update.

    I LOVE Stargate Atlantis. Am I sad that this season will be the last? Yes, I am. I am looking forward to the new movie, and hopefully many MORE movies in the future.

    Much the same as I LOVED Stargate SG-1. I loved both Ark of Truth and Continuum, and I’m looking forward to more movies in the SG1 vein.

    Plus, I have my dvds, and the reruns in syndication and on the SciFi Channel to keep me entertained 24/7, 365.

    Wishing everyone at Stargate the very best in their future endeavors. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work, their creative talents, their inspiration and perspiration, humor and for sharing your lives with us all these many years.

    Happy Gating!


  33. Hey, WordPress experts. Why are my photos no longer clickable?

    Looks like that’s a new “feature” of the interface. It doesn’t have the “link to image” anymore, right? I think you might have to choose Large and leave it at that, because full-size will be too big for the page.

    Meanwhile The Shrine is on and I’m completely captivated! Wow.

  34. Just wanted to know that this news has even spilled over to the website solely devoted to GI Joe. So their’s missing Stargate Atlantis.

  35. My last word on the cancellation. I knew it would eventually come. Doesn’t make it hurt any less though. I just can’t believe the incredibly careless and classless timing of the annoucement! It’s not even midseason! As a courtesy to the fans couldn’t Wright, Cooper, MGM, and SciFi have waited till the season was over. Nothing really has been accomplished by this other than to hurt, confuse and alienate alot of people who have been incredibly supportive of this fanchise from the very beginning. It just leaves a very sour taste in my mouth for anything that foursome puts on the table from now on.

    I do want to thank you and Paul and the gang for providing me with some excellent entertainment over the past 5 years. And also, a great deal of gratitude for the the eye candy provided by Joe Flanigan.

  36. Hey Joe,

    I think I’ve had that Chinese Medicine before. The taste is up there with the post-vomit taste of Noni Juice but with more of a “I smell like I’ve just had a massage” undertone, or overtone maybe. My family looks towards traditional Eastern medicines before Western in a lot of cases so it’s a shame I can’t send you a smell file of some of the different herbs, roots and miscellaneous objects in my cupboard.

    Trish I should have been expecting bad news on my return. We had such an amazing time in Thailand that the universe had to balance itself out somehow. Enjoy your champa’s!

  37. Goody, goody, goody, you are still going to post on wordpress!!. thanks for the pictures even if I couldn’t get the pictures to work either, thanks. Dental hygiene is very important, but the numb thingy is dangerous,,maybe not as dangerous as pre-chewed food, sorry for your luck! that would have been a good video,,LOL!
    –Onward and upward to hyperspace, Godspeed! Bring on the movies and the Universe!!
    –Sharon Taylor question–?? Is working on the show as much fun as it looks? What kind of hours are required to do the character? thanks for taking the time here. 🙂

  38. PS: Sorry Joe, can’t help you with the non-clickable photo’s. My brain hasn’t revived itself from hibernation enough yet to provide IT support. Maybe Monday when the shock of being back at work sinks in.

  39. Ohmygoodness!!!
    I was out with a friend and I FORGOT that today is FRIDAY!!!!!
    Good thing there’s a second showing at midnight!!!!

    I hate dental work… hopefully your mouth will heal faster than mine usually does, Joe!!!

    The web site looks awesome, littlemckay!!! And we have 4400+ signatures already, and it’s only been a couple hours!!!

    And to anyone who is involved in SGA’s production who may be reading this: you give me something to look forward to every week and I have honestly appreciated your work more than I think is humanly possible for you to comprehend =)

  40. Hey Joe, did you link the image to the url? You normally have to tell the programme where to find the image first, and then create a link second – creating the link will make the picture clickable for the larger image. If that makes sense.

    Also, I think you should contact Homer Simpson for one of those nodding birds to take over the ‘approve comment’ facility for you. Don’t want you getting RSI from our angst.

  41. Thanks for keeping us all informed about the goings on of Stargate with the consideration that Atlantis is in transition now. After the experience of SG1 going from TV to feature I’m less aghast by the network’s decision to not renew for another season.

    After working a little in television production I’ve found that usually you tend to exhaust yourself trying to keep coming back every day with great new ideas and material that will wow the masses. Moving to a new format can always provide a fresh canvas to draw on.

    I can’t wait to hear more about SGU and The SGA movie!

  42. Oh my…what an episode. Kept me in tears most of the time. Brought back memories of my mom’s last year and her struggle with Alzheimers. But how I feel for Keller with Rodney’s admission on tape…but something he will probably not admit to quite as easily now that his mental state has been returned to “normal.”

    Question…in S&R I thought John said he didn’t watch the Simpsons or drink beer. So, why was he drinking beer with Rodney on the pier? Did I misunderstand his comment in S&R?

    We get an Enterprise 16 hr marathon next Friday so no Atlantis. On the bright side, it’s Connor Trinneer without his wraith makeup! Two weeks looks like Whispers at last!!

  43. Ok….wow. My typing skills have much to be desired. I guess if you can read between the lines you’ll see the words I missed. Starting here: Just wanted to let you Know ……and…. So there’s to missing Stargate Atlantis. Hahahah. Good one sir!

  44. Eat with mirrors…. Worked for me when I had corrective jaw surgery years ago, wired shut for over 6 weeks… whole chin was deadmeat, couldn’t even feel myself drool! Hence the need for reflective surfaces nearby. Thankfully had a missing tooth space in which to inject – yes, *inject* – processed food through, and raisins, peanut butter sandwiches [I actually had 3, squished and cut into little chicklet size pieces…], and oh, let’s not forget the chocolate pudding!!

    Nothing says Yum, like pudding squirting out of a 50mm bore syringe – except when the plunger catches you the wrong way… just not safe being a girl sometimes…

    So anywho, dead face chewing – been there, done that, learned early on in life to *know* where everything IS in my mouth!! Not like some people with self-cannibalistic tendencies who video themselves putting strange things into their mouths and swallowing!

    Even money says you were the kid who used eat gum from off the ground on a dare from your sister…

  45. I hope you will continue on with the book club. I didn’t get to read Valente’s book in time but I’ll be ready for the next one, I think.

    I loved “The Shrine.” All of the actors really have stepped up their game this season and David Hewlett was his usual awesome self. As always, great chemistry between Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett. I even liked Keller. The show is definitely in the groove this season.

  46. Joe,

    I am shocked that you (and Paul) are not involved with Stargate Universe! Why? You both have been an active part of Stargate whatever for a long time. Who do we have to “stalk” to make this happen?

    Slightly off topic, which is more likely to occur first, the third Stargate movie or the Stargate Atlantis movie?

  47. I almost forgot. The previews for next week’s ep, “Whispers”, has totally freaked me out. This is one ep I can’t wait to see.

  48. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for being willing to let us vent. I really, really mean that cause here I go. I am still quite angry, especially after finding out it was a “mutual” decision on MGM & Brad Wrights part to cancel Atlantis (Cooper was not mentioned in the press release). His obvious lack of support & boredom of the show is glaringly apparent in the interview on Gateworld.

    So for all the bitching about MGM & SciFi, it really comes down to the co-creator of the show not giving a shit. I have no illusion that TPTB ever care about “the fans”, we’re just so much riff raff, a disposal commodity cause there’s another 20 year old around every corner. But a rational person (which is desperately hard for me to be right now, I am literally biting my tongue over what I would really like to say) would think that he would have the decency NOT to tell us that canceling Atlantis is a good thing. What a complete & utter git. You asked us to “watch it live” , “tell your friends” , “find someone with a Neilsen box” & bring those number up. Well, we did that. Ratings up. And the dvr ratings quite a bit up (everyone is delusional if they think that Stargate Voyager will not befall the same mode of viewership). As for the “it’s the economy stupid” line, well, that’s on the production side, so rein it in. I know salaries go up & fuel is sky high & the price of a good filet mignon… But would the show be sabotaged if we didn’t see an entire minute of that missle fly throw the atmosphere? A sequence of a spaced suited CGI Shep & Zelenka leaping across a chasm? Or a pull back from a rubble strewn planet’s surface through a worm hole past a blazing sun to it’s planet with a ship in orbit around it? So you can show us Michael inside said ship? Like it matters where the ship is in space? The damn thing has hyper drive! And we all know he’s going to show up at the most inconvenient time anyway. I know they’re cool shots but there’s enhancing the story (which you do so beautiful most of the time) & there’s showboating. After hearing that the little inexpensive bottle show Trio (which I loved, not because of the set or effects but because it was a 44 minute long character piece) ended up being one of the most expensive shows of last year I just have to wonder who’s minding the store. The writer’s seem to pride themselves on who can spend the most money. Didn’t ya’ll hear? Brad Wright, the co-creator & executive producer is gonna make a show that is “more character driven” and with “less mythology”, in other words, cheaper. Well, don’t you just feel overdressed? Oh, yeah, he also mentioned something about Atlantis having running it’s course. Guess you missed that memo as well. But not surprising since he’s been too busy wheeling & dealing his new Stargate: The ADD Generation. With MGM bankrolling his shiny new toy, no wonder he’s so happy he can hardly contain his irritatingly inappropriate delight at not only firing those wretched old Atlaiits actors but in further alienating the Stargate fan base.

  49. Sad to hear and really shocked.
    I was so sure that SciFi would pick Atlantis up for at least another season. Especially with Battlestar Galactica gone, I thought SciFi would have left one of their best shows alone.


    Movies are one thing but I would have loved my weekly Stargate Atlantis fix. But I’m pretty sure Universe will be as good.

    Thanks for your great work Joe, the show will surely go out (of TV) with a bang!

  50. I don’t usually post about the shows, as my opinions are usually reflected by other poster, but I had to say The Shrine was awesome. Eerily poignant but amazing. The parallel between the canceling of SGA and the imminent premature death of Dr. McKay was not lost on me. I think perhaps someone timed the announcement to the airing of this particular episode just to make the millions of SGA fans cry simultaneously.

    Extra kudos to Hewlett for his excellent acting. Even though I was all teary he still managed to make me giggle every time he said “Ronon Dex.” Additional kudos to Jason for a spectacular performance on his part. And the other Hewlett and Jewel and Bob Picardo and Brad Wright and Andy Mikita and the crew, hell it was one of the best EVER.

    Two cents isn’t worth too much these days, but there you have it.

  51. I’m sorry. I just laughed hysterically at you eating your lip. I know, I’m a horrible person. My friends tell me that all the time. My family would have laughed with me, though. Evil is genetic.

    BTW…Just watched “The Shrine”. So good. So very, very good.

    @shansgrl…If you’re dated, then I’m dated. I still know that whole album by heart.

    And a ridiculous question for Miss Taylor…I hear that catering on the set is good. What’s your favorite thing to eat while at work?

  52. Thanks for being there for us, Joe. While I’ve not been all that happy with how things have been going on the show lately, I do appreciate your willingness to listen to us fans.

    As a Beckett fan, please allow me to express my sincerest hopes that you will ensure Beckett gets some good dramatic scenes in the SGA movie. It would just tear my heart to pieces if Paul McGillion’s awesome talent didn’t have at least one more chance to shine after the series is all said and done.

  53. Loved “The Shrine” tonight. So much in fact, I got teary-eyed in a couple of places. My favorite scene was John and Rodney on the pier when John refuses to say good-bye. Nice character moment, the nicest one so far this season.

    It was a doubly sad episode because now we know the series will be ending this year. Atlantis is my favorite show, and I’m going to be bereft when it’s gone. A movie is nice, but doesn’t make up for the weekly visit.

  54. Wow! I thought tonights episode, The Shrine, was one of the best of the series. Fantastic story, great performances by the actors, especially David, and even the FX shot of the team atop the Stargate was top notch.

    Even Robert Picardo has succeeded in tranforming Woolsey from a weasley beaureacrat into a thoughtful leader in a few episodes.

    Ironic timing with the recent news.

  55. Just want to say that “The Shrine” was a wonderful episode, and kudos to the writer, director, and especially David.

  56. Well, The Shrine would have been Best. Episode. Ever. — if not for the last few seconds. Jeez, they just had to go there.

    But yeah, the non-ship aspects were completely awesome. Bravo to all involved. Rodney calling for John will spur more fan fiction than anything you could have ever done, fear not!

  57. The Shrine was brilliant.

    David Hewlett was brilliant. If some sort of acting award doesn’t come his way for tonight’s episode, he was robbed plain and simple.

    And the scene on the pier – priceless.

    (And, given the recent news, more than a little bittersweet.)

    I quite literally loved each and every scene – each hit on all cylinders albeit for different reasons.

    The good news….. The Shrine will inevitably be shown in every Stargate Atlantis fan favorite marathon on SCIFI into the distant future so I can look forward to seeing again and again.

  58. Hey Joe!

    Yay! I’m glad to hear that SG:U got the green light. With Atlantis movies, Universe and Stargate: Worlds, I’m quite happy. Who knows, Stargate: Atlantis movies may become big and may result in many movies. 😉

    Might want to e-mail WordPress in regards to the pictures not being clickable (I think it started yesterday). Could be a simple press of a button. Nonetheless, you best send an e-mail, especially since we love your photos!

    Thanks as always, and wish the cast and crew the best for the rest of the season!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  59. I LOVED The Shrine!!!
    Great Story, Great Acting By DH Just Great Everything!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


  60. Ok, firstly, I’ll try to avoid discussing the decision to cancel the show here any more. The decision didn’t come from your side of the production, and I will address the parties responcible in other venues. As far as Universe, I’ll be there to watch it, because you folks at Bridge Studio have earned that much loyalty I believe.
    Secondly, we’re expecting great things of you for the movie, and you better leave room to segue back into another season. We’re not giving up that easily…
    Thirdly, I wish there was some way to express my gratitude and appreciation to the efforts put in by the cast and crew over the run of the show. For all my lifelong love of Sci Fi, I’ve never had the emotional investment in a sci fi series as i’ve had with Atlantis. I’ll be looking forward to seeing all those who’ve provided years of pleasure doing well in their future projects.
    Fourthly, I know you’ll keep us informed.
    Fifthly. Good.
    Sixthly. No video of the suffering? Ah well. I guess we can wait till the beginning of next week to let you get to feeling up to entertaining us once more.
    Seventhly. With apologies to Ms. Taylor, I’m not up to asking questions tonight. If you’re still taking questions tomorrow, I should have a couple ready.
    Eightlhy, see firstly above. You have enough on your plate at this point without further ranting from me. It’s already enough I ramble on too much as it is.
    Ninethly. Oh gods, how many McSheppers collapsed during tonight’s airing? Another great episode, with the acting by all parties incredibly strong. No doubt the advancing of the Keller/McKay relationship will set off some howls. And personally, I’d just as soon they not end up together. But in the real world, it often takes time for people to realize that they are not ultimately meant for each other. So I’m happy to let things unfold as they will.
    Lastly. Two #)%*(# weeks before Whispers! Dang these inconvienant holidays I’m really looking forward to your Stargate version of a horrror story, not to mention seeing Mr. McGillion back on the show. And our all female Away team! Thanks for having the patience you’ve shown in the last few days, and tell Fondy you’ve earned a little pampering at home. If Lawren won’t chew your food for you, maybe she will. Or at least she can get the pooches to do it for you….

  61. I also wanted to say how glad I am you’re not planning on dropping the blog. Hopeful you’ll continue to eat strange things for us, too (better you than me, y’know).

    Also want to wish everyone involved in Atlantis the best for their futures. While we are facing the loss of our beloved characters (hey, that title isn’t surgically attached to Dr Beckett – the others qualify, too), the cast and crew are looking at a shake-up in their livelihoods – often quite a stressful experience. I certainly hope I’ll be playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with the crew as well as the cast (being a compulsive credit reader) in the future.

    Currently awaiting my McKay dolls in the post (my Sheppards are lonely) – I foresee much fun in my workplace, as little McKay zings Sheppard with many a cutting remark about his intelligence. Currently the little colonel is reduced to playing with the kitties that came with my Crazy Cat Lady figurine (proudly presented by one of my colleagues with: “Look, Riley – they made an action figure of you!”)

    Oh, and lastly – Das, I found the perfect address for you, go check it out:

  62. The Shrine…WOW!! First Jason had his Emmy episode and now so did David. He hit it completely out of the park in this episode. How he was able to run the gambit from angry Rodney to scared Rodney to almost childlike Rodney is a testament to his skill as an actor. And it was great to have Kate back guesting as well. I hope she will be back before the end again. I would like to know how long it took to shoot the scene on top of the gate. How long did the actors have to stay drenched like that? It was certainly the money shot of the episode. Who came up with that idea?
    Line of the episode: “My brain is not some new deck you are trying to build.”
    Great work by all the actors. You can see the chemistry that these teammates have with each other.
    Bring on Whispers!!!(Two weeks…..ARRRRGH!!!)

  63. The Shrine was awesome! Cried in the first 15 minutes. Loved John and Rodney’s friendship moments. Great to see Kate.

  64. Thank you for the fist through eighth. I sincerly hope a fantastic position is offered to you on SGU. Or even bigger and better things.

    I just finished The Shrine and it was amazing and beautiful. The performances of the entire cast were breathtaking and David Hewlitt is (not awesome since he hates that word) brilliant, funny, heartbreaking and blew me away. The man is genius, but he already knows that.

    Each episode is bittersweet for me, knowing that the amount left dwindles with each week. As much as I look forward to every Friday, I sort of dread them too.

    I feel the need to constantly thank each and everyone involved for what truely amounts to art for me.

  65. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear about your chewing problems at lunch, I know how that feels. I had dental work done last year, just a filling but for some reason that part of my gum would not go numb..finally after 7 shots of novacaine or whatever they used it finally worked and I was able to get on with my day. Went straight to work with half my face numb and was drooling all over the lips felt like what I think getting collagen would, but the worst part is I didn’t realize how bad I looked until I walked into work and was the joke of the day.. 🙂

    I love tonight’s epi, especially John and McKay moments, McKay calling John Arthur was priceless! Loved it. I will truly miss watching my SGA team weekly, but look forward to the many movies I hope you and the gang are able to do.

    On another note, I just wanted to let you know you guys broke my little shipper heart with McKeller thing. This is what I posted in the pro Ronon/Keller thread…

    I’ve loved you for a long time now?? Who the “f” is he talking about or to did he not realize he was talking to Jenn, Ronon’s woman? If I wasn’t a grown woman I would have cried!!!!! That just damn near killed me especially after this canceling the show “BS”

    Anyhoo..I still have hopes for Ronon and Jenn but will follow SGA no matter where it goes.

    Thank you Joe for allowing us to post, when I read your blog I actually feel like you care we think….

    Sorry for the long post, I know you don’t have time to read all of I should stop now. 🙂

  66. Yay pics tomorrow! ^^
    Though its hard for me to tell when your tomorrow is, I mean we have different time zones, I think we are 10 hours ahead of you guys. 0.o

  67. A last check-in before blast off…

    If I weren’t so distracted, I’d be far more upset. I’m glad the blog will continue, and I’ll tenaciously read it.

    A giant thank you to you, the cast and crew and well, everyone. SGA is a great show! Now if I could only get my season one dvds back from my ex-friend…..

    Now, who’s ready for a party?


    I am totally in love with tonight’s episode — definitely worth the wait!!!! Please thank Brad Wright for me from the bottom of my McShep-lovin little heart!!!! And congratulate the cast on an ep very well-played. Hewlett’s performance in particular was obviously gold — and so was Flanigan’s!!! (I’m still squeeeing as a type!! To quothe Eddie Izzard, I’m “so vely exciteeed!!”)

    I will be honest and say that it did not *replace* “Tao of Rodney” as my fave — but it certainly *tied* it, which is an atronomical accomplishment in my eyes. It’s just both eps cover some different territories that I loved exploring in equal measure.

    For fave moments, I could say the whole thing, but I guess I can pinpoint a few moments that were extra special:

    Loved Ronon’s dedication to McKay. He doesn’t often show it, particularly not to that extent, so it was very wonderfully poignant to see — especially his words to Jeannie about feeling the way she did. (Wait, was he talking about McKay or his *grandfather* there? Well, even if he meant his grandfather, I’m still satisfied that he was deeply upset about McKay too.)

    Rodney’s asking Keller to dinner was adoreable. His admitting his love for her was sad and sweet — it’s hard, but I manage to put aside my McShepper and my Ronon/Keller sides enough to appreciate Rodney being happy/in love. And I do like their friendship at the very least. She’s much better with him than Katie, that’s for sure! And, well, now that I see having McKeller won’t ovverride McShep (there was easily as much McSheppage in the ep, if not more), that makes it easier to accept too. 🙂 That said …

    Loved Rodney’s *constantly* looking for John, and his calling him by his first name so much — broke my heart each time, and I enjoyed every instance! (I will not apologise for being a fanatical McShepper. :P) Loved the grieving look in John’s eyes in the infirmary when they went to ask Rodney if he wanted to go. (I’m thinking there was at *least* one other instance where he had that wonderfully heartbroken look that made me all McSheppily melty, but I’m blanking. Oh no, I have a parasyte!! XD Anyway, if Flanigan could bottle that look and sell it to other actors, he’d make a mint …)

    My very fave bits, of course, were Rodney’s seeking John out in the night, and their talk on the pier. The peir scene was probably the most beautiful, most heartwrencing scene (for me) next to Rodney’s attempted sacrifice and John’s refusal in McKay & Mrs Miller (which is probably my second-place ep, but that scene was my all-time fave scene until now). The lights of the city behind them really heightened the beauty, too, so bravo to the special effects department!

    Loved the little smile on John’s face as he remembered that night on the pier while he was flying the jumper.

    Even little things, though, like Ronon carrying Rodney through the gate, or Teyla feeling his forehead, made me squee. 😀

    The only downside? It wasn’t long enough. I woudl hav liked to have seen more of Rodney’s actual deterioration, as well as some interaction with Zelenka, and a bit more with Teyla.

    No wait, there was another downside — that this episode just makes losing the show that much harder to take.

  69. i love joe’s laugh with rodney when rodney called him arthur. funny thats way i love this show. maybe they will go out on top and with sga writers you know their movie(s!!) will be great lets just give them time to develope the best story for the first movie. And yes i enjoy this episode as well!!

  70. Tonight I watched the first half of GitM – I had missed it last week. Even with the full picture, I still really hate the replicators! Still, there were some funny moments in the beginning that I had missed last week…and I liked the bit about how unpleasant it was for them to exist inside Wraith tech…cool. And GOOD. Stinkin’ rotten meddlers… 😉

    And wow…just watched The Shrine – I think it’s my favorite so far this season. I just had to go back and look – BW wrote that one, right? Very well done. Just something about it hit the right chord with me…I think it was that moment on the pier…just a wonderful moment – the stuff we fans long to see. And I really liked the ending, too…very touching…made hubby and me cuddle. 😀

    Yeah…and now I’m starting to feel the pain again…JUST when I thought I had convinced myself that I was over it. I think it’s because I assumed everyone (yourself included) was just going right over to the SGU production, and so the ‘family’ would stay together. If you’re not moving over, are any of the others? Alan? I really like him…he writes the bestest Wraithy stuff! Now I’m bummed again.

    And I feel bad for being so rough on you about stuff (you know what stuff I’m referring to). Most of it’s done in playfulness…but…well, sometimes I can be a bit pissy…like after Broken Ties. I really did like the episode, I was just upset about you-know-who going the way of all Wraith, and – of course – I just wanted more. Blame it on hormones, or whatever. Mostly, it’s selfishness…or just being plain ol’ greedy. Whatever it is, sometimes I haven’t taken into consideration your feelings, and I apologize for that.

    And finally, for some lame-o reason, I never thought that the actors, etc visit this blog…I dunno why, just figured only crazed fans come here. And people who read books. Now I’m kinda embarrassed… especially if any of the Wraith actors stop by, seeing as how I go on and on and on about…oh, god.

    Yeah…gonna go hide under a rock right now… 😳


  71. Joe,

    I promise there won’t be another one of these bitchy posts but after watching the magnificence that was The Shrine, it makes me even angrier to know that this great show will be done in a few months.

    David Hewlett was amazing, as always. But this was so much a team episode, too – all the characters were wonderful and I loved that it was Ronon who came up with a solution to the problem.

    But it was the moments between McKay and Sheppard that really broke me. They have such a great friendship and its that I’ll miss most when the show is gone. I thought Joe Flanigan was just fantastic — he really showed his range tonight and it’s considerable.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the replay and cry some more.


  72. You have enough patience and humor to be a middle school teacher; however, the pay sucks.

    Best of luck with your future.

  73. Heya Joe,

    Yeah, no doubt your lip was far tastier than that medicinal stuff, but still…ouch. *remembers doing the same thing and cringes*

    I love the photos that you’ve posted and I have to say that the Stargate Atlantis sets are some of the most beautiful sets I’ve ever seen, right up there with the elaborate ones from the Lord of the Rings movies. Your set decorators are really top notch. I hope they leave the sets intact after you complete filming, because it would be a real shame to lose them. Especially the gateroom set, with all of that beautiful stained glass and the verdigris walls.

    As far as the venting goes, I just read an article on in which various folks from MGM and SciFi make statements about wanting to cater to a “younger audience” and bring in a younger set of actors. I don’t think I need to elaborate as to how offensive many of us find that. They’d better hope that they get a lot of support from that younger generation audience, because they’ve royally pissed off the old dogs. Yeah, that putting the old dog down to get a new puppy analogy is becoming more and more apropos.

    Lastly, but most importantly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to vent here on your blog. I may disagree pretty vehemently with some of the things you’ve done with the shows on occasion, but I have to say that I think you’re one hell of a stand up guy, Joe.

    Please keep us informed regarding the fate of the various crews. It would be nice if the ‘little guys’ didn’t lose their jobs over MGM’s greedy rush to dump everyone and run with a younger cast. I’m pretty certain most of the cast members will land on their feet, they’re a talented bunch who are sure to be snapped up by different productions. I’m just going to miss them desperately.

  74. Mr. M

    SGU reminds me of that ancient disaster called Starlost from 1973. The theme and back story is quite similar.

    I not so hot on future Stargate movies as currently formatted for Skiffy usage. Both AoT and Continuum seem rushed, under-budget and short running time. I see only marginal improvement from the TV 2-part episode arcs. Another problem with movies is that people lose interest in shows that pop up annually.

    I don’t think a full season six is possible. But are there any chances of SGA getting a mini season six with 4 to 5 episodes so there would be 24/5 episodes instead of 20 presently in the franchise annually. This could also be a fall back for the Studio in case of SGU under-performing. Rather have the mini seasons than the no-budget TV movies.

    Repeating question to Sharon
    Did your character get to beat up anyone on the show?

  75. Hey.
    I haven’t visited your blog in a long time. I have to say I am a fan of the show, not ardent, and while I may not have been pleased with a lot of things about the show(episodes, plotlines, casting decisions *cough*), it was a show I appreciated, and what I really appreciated were the characters, which I am sure is a reason why most people would watch the show.

    My condolences to all of you cast and crew who will have to find new work starting next year. I wish you all the best in your future careers. I really hope they get good and better gigs in the future.

    I understand the financial reasons that even with good ratings, the show is expensive with the weak US dollar etc. But honestly, a 2 hour movie while a “Bigger canvas” does not mean a better experience than 20 hour tv season. I mean explosions and special effects only go so far if the story is deplorable or the lacking of character development.
    Honestly, its just a cash cow for the studios, and its just exploitation.

    I have to express my dismay at the appalling way this cancellation and greenlighting of SGU(or Stargate 90210) has been done, one day differerence between the announcements! Then there is the desire for the younger audiance and younger new cast??? What is up with that? Is there something wrong with the current audiance?? I mean geez wasn’t that notion been made fun of in the 200th episode of stargate? Saying its better to go out on top? Its one thing to say ahead of time a series should end at a certain point is one thing but cancelled because its better to go out on top?

    I certainly won’t be watching. And while a lot of people may tune into SGU, just the circumstances of the past few days and the way the execs are trying to sell the new show, and our favourite characters will not be on the new show, I don;t see the new show lasting for long. And whoever is in charge of orchestrating this fiasco should be fired for their incompetence. I mean… this whole situation could have been handled better, and without the taste of betrayal in the mouths of fans.

    Once again thanx for all that you(cast and crew) have done… the show was far from perfect but it was decent entertainment and there were some great characters. May they livelong in fanfic.

  76. The Shrine has turned me into a puddle of goo.
    Hewlett is just amazing. Always amazing.
    The chemistry between he and Joe Flanigan is something
    that doesn’t happen often, and I will be very sad that we will
    no longer be witness to it on a weekly basis.
    Fine performances by Jason, Rachel, Jewel and Kate Hewlett.

    I believe I used an entire box of tissues watching it.
    Definitely hit some of my buttons.

  77. This is just a kudos to you guys at Atlantis (well, you know, Vancouver or wherever you film). I am one of the ‘upset’ because of it being canceled *but* I’ve loved this show from day one and want you guys to know that I’ve appreciated the hard work and sacrifices by cast and crew. Thanks for a magical five years.

  78. So you can’t confirm that Robert Picardo will be moving over to Stargate:Universe – where he will play a holographic representation of Ricard Woolsey who will offer the crew suggestions and support as they venture forth into the unknown? o:-)

  79. Like everyone else, I am sad, sad, and did I mention, sad, that season 5 is the last season for Atlantis. The stories have been getting better and better over the years, and while it is a shame that we won’t be getting weekly doses of SGA, I am glad that there is support for at least the one movie, and hopefully more.

    It sounds like you’ll still have lots to keep you busy, what with the movie, the restaurants, the book club, the dogs… I first started to read your blog for the Stargate info, but have continued to read it because you are such a fun writer – whether you are writing scripts, describing your recent meals, candidly reviewing books, or taunting spammers – its all good. Especially the dogs.

    No need to approve the comment – I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thanks for everything. And best wishes on the rest of the season and the new movie!

    –Pauline in Minnesota

  80. Well, I’m pretty dismayed about SGA being cancelled. While my heart mostly belongs to SG1, quality SF is still hard to come by on tv, and I do like Atlantis, even if I do whine and complain about some things. The Sci-Fi Channel has way too many bad monster movies and creep shows, the ghost and paranormal things are just plain stupid, and I won’t even get started on the wrestling idiocy. But Friday nights belong to Stargate, both SG1 and SGA, and they’re both intelligent shows. With SGA gone, Dr. Who not around, and Galactica cancelled, the only decent show that Sci Fi will have left is Eureka. One wonders how long that will last. It’s like they’re getting rid of anything with any intelligence.

    My best to all the cast and crew of Atlantis. While the movies are better than nothing, a couple 2 hour movies aren’t the same as a 20 episode season of actual employment.

    Re Stargate Universe, obviously it’s always best to wait to see something before one criticizes it, but the emphasis on youth concerns me. I am pretty much uninterested in the doings of 20 somethings and the things that interest 20 somethings (an exception to this was Jeremiah, but that got cancelled). And the press release makes it sound a lot like 90210 meets Star Trek: Voyager with a Stargate overlay. I don’t much care about kids who are lost in space having kid drama. Youth culture is pretty uninteresting to me; been there too many years ago. In my opinion, tv shows, including SF, are best when they have characters in all age ranges, including 20 somethings and older adults.

    On the other hand, I have a *lot* of faith in Brad and Rob, so I will wait and see. I also know that what is said in press releases to grab up the 18-34 year old male demographic isn’t what always ends up on the small screen.

    Does Sci Fi get it that a HUGE part of its audience is adults OVER age 30 and women too?

    Now to the really good: The Shrine blew me away. I saw it with the crowd at the Creation convention in Chicago early this evening and again at home on my nice hi-def tv. I kind of expected Flowers for Algernon and expected to like it, but this is one of the best episodes ever of Atlantis. It was moving even without music in the version we saw at the con.

    I found myself in actual tears when Jeannie was trying to talk to Rodney for the first time. I would guess that the scene was very real for Kate, and I found myself feeling what I would feel were this my sister and me. It was so real. The scenes of Rodney trying to hold on to things were so moving.

    I also think that Joe Flanigan was at his absolute best in this one. It was all so real to me. I have never liked Shepherd more. I don’t really even have words to describe just how good this was. I just loved the scene on the pier. And who knew Shep wore jammies with pandas?

    Everyone was wonderful. And even Woolsey was human.

    Oh, and that shot of the team on top of the gate has to be one of the coolest visuals I have ever seen on the show.


  81. I’m still compleatly mistified on how anyone could think canceling SGA could be a good idea. I just finished watching tonight’s episode The Shrine, and it just blew me away. There are not enough words to acuratly describe how awesome the acting was, and I am not ashamed to admit that I wept through most of the episode, and I never cry during a TV show.

    I do thank you and everyone connected with the show. It’s been a wonderful 5 seasons, I just can’t help feeling that SGA had at least another 2 good seasons in it.

  82. I’m sorry, I don’t get it or agree… the SGF is an amazing winning formula and an almost guaranteed investment by any TV company.
    What I mean is this, it makes no sense what so ever to have production cast and crew biting their nails every year to see if or not they’re going to be picked up for the next season.
    If they can see from the initial 6 – 10 episodes that is yet another hit, why can’t they say offer minimum term contracts up front of several years dependent upon a base line of viewer ratings?
    One of the things that stands out with this show compared to lets a soap is the fact that the fans don’t want to read gossip about cast/crew and how they get on or not with each other. This because from the outset of SG1 and all the way through the SGF, there is this persistent feeling of friendship, ‘team’ and dare I say ‘family’ within the ranks of cast, crew and production. Even if this not the actual case, no one wants to hear the bad stuff and in todays world – that in itself is amazing.
    Even when Amanda Tapping and Dave Hewlett started to do their own projects, everyone came running to help and get involved.
    What we have here is an incredible and rare existence in the world of 21st Century entertainment and one of the main reasons why every corner of the shows production is popular.
    That said, maybe the uncertainty of each season is what helps glue it all together.

    Does anyone have the figures of exactly how much revenue the SGF has generated over the years? I bet it’s not a small sized one.

    Eating with numbed mouth;
    Why oh why didn’t anyone video that? LOL

  83. Thank you and all the cast and crew for five amazing years. We all wish you the best of luck in the future, and I for one am very happy to hear that we will at least get a movie, hopefully more movies! On a personal note thank you for this wonderful blog, you have given us an amazing insight into the writing and production process, and you have personally inspired me to continue working as a writer. While I’m sad that there won’t be a regular supply of SGA, I’m very happy to know we’ll still have a daily dose of Mallozzi! One last thing, as a way of lifting spirits here, could we please have some more dog video goodness? Your little crew brighten each day for me!

  84. Well, Joe M – I had my little rant and rave re TPTB on the various GW threads.
    Baby boomers being ditched for the teenyboppers, who are OUT – RAVING their little heads off – on ‘the most dangerous night of television’, no less, and don’t have a bean to pay for the DVDs and Skiffy. Well, now. What do we have here? Hm?
    Maybe I’ll take my own paltry bean elsewhere. Like it’ll put a dent in the 93 million Skiffy subscriber list, but – what the hey, right?
    So, now we have the delicious misnomer ‘Stargate 90210’ for SGU as you are no doubt aware by now – that is bloody brilliant. And it’s gonna stick. Har de har har. Pass that on to BW et al. Booyah!
    *does happy bunny dance of meagre consolation*
    I came up with SGWDU – Stargate Waste Disposal Unit. Hey, if the idea is to go cheap, how much cheaper can you get? I was happily shoving SG action figures down the chomper-grinder WDU ‘stargate’ upon the Dreaded Announcement of Doom.
    Now, as I’ve cooled down a tad, I only want to stuff TPTB effigies down there. And film it. With lots of ketchup. And utterly evil sound effects involving the food processor, a bag of marbles and a couple of parakeets. (Their names are Snafu and Fubar. No, really.) Now we know who to blame for this whole sorry scenario. Blinkered, they are. And I’m being very polite here. Are you paying attention, MGM execs, up there in your ivory tower? Remember, you don’t have the ATA gene…
    *insert evil cackle here*
    I won’t go over to SGU. I’m on the most likely doomed campaign ‘Keep SGA’ bandwagon along with other SGA fans.
    But – here’s my two pennorth –
    Keep SGA for that last season while the cast is under contract!
    Wind up the series with a modicum of dignity!
    I posted earlier that the cast kicked it up a notch in the season premiere. Tonight EVERYONE was fantastic. ‘The Shrine’ was excellent.
    This season is amazing.
    And I still feel sad.

    Since you say the cast read this –
    Hi, Joe F! Love you!

    Already posted that Joe F is up there with Harrison Ford. We know he already knows that. He is brilliant. How can TPTB let him ‘slip right through their hands’? Duh!
    However, with 3 little boys, it makes sense for him to have an ‘out’ to be back with his family. I can understand that.

    Joe F – I, too, have 3 boys… mine are 21, 18 and 14 – Have fun! Enjoy them. 😀

    And I never even got to see/swoon over Joe F at a con…

    -Shai aka Pissoffsnotface

    *saunters off to watch ‘The Shrine’ rerun at midnight*

  85. I took my ball and went home for a while. But I do appreciate, what you’ve said about people taking the time to post a comment. 🙂

    I wanted to know, if another network picked up the show …never mind don’t answer that question. Let’s say, because you’re a huge fan of network tv, what are your favourite ones?

    What is the ideal time you should know by if another network wanted to take the show?


  86. Why do I get the squiggly germ like icon in a chastity belt? Did you draw those? Hey, it looks like it’s wearing Dorthy’s red shoes.


  87. Hi Joe,

    I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you won’t be getting to do season six and wish you the best. I’m sure you have plans already in motion and soon we’ll have amazing Atlantis movies to wait for. And think of the huge movie size budget you’ll be getting. Think of how great the effects will be, how terrific the music score will sound, and the amazing actors you can hire…wait, don’t you already have that? Anyway, as you said, one gate closes… I also wanted to thankyou for your kind words to me last week in my job search. Still looking, but not that hard, figured I’d take a bit of a summer break :o)

    On a final note. As musch as I’ve enjoyed the previous seasons, I’d have to say this one, so far, has been the best. Tonights episode, The Shrine, was incredible. Some of the best acting by David Hewlitt. And if you can, could you put his sister in the movie? Good luck and please continue on with your blog if nothing else…maybe you can publish it as a book and make money that way :o)

  88. Well, what a “CRAP” week! No more “CAKE” or “HAIL MARYS” ! The daughter missed her college theatre auditions-yes she is a theatre major and i’m a proud mom univ. of central Florida– due to our 5 stright days of rain and 50 mph winds thanks to tropical storm FAYE, our city is under 3 feet of h2o-Port saint lucie Fl.-thank g-d our house was spared and now a cancelled SGA?! How much more can a person take? Yes , a little mello dramatic i know, but you get my point! I hope Ms. Tappings – Sanctuary does well and i will watch sgu , but NO ghost hunters or any of that other S–T sci-fi has on that THEY think is good t.v. I STILL miss my SG1!!. Thanks joe, i will always be a loyal fan. SHERYL

  89. Okay Kids – I just got a great idea for a new show:


    But this one will have the unique twist of its entire ensemble cast being made up of all the *children* of SGA’s cast! I’ve no doubt that the acting gene has been passed down to most of them.

    So, what… 15 years give or take a solar flare…?

    Then we’ll get to see the talents of Aidan, Truman, Fergus, Sebastian, Caden, Lola AND her soon to be sibling! [Congrats Jason & Lila!]. Oh, and with numerous guest appearances from Olivia. — have I forgotten anyone?

    Oh, and let’s hope that there’ll be special appearances by Uncles Carson and Todd!

    All kidding aside, this is one “younger” cast that I *would* try to live long enough to watch!

  90. Joe….can you do me a favor if you see David Hewlett can you tell him that Danielle said- “Thank you for an amazing performance in the shrine” he was very acurate in his acting, my mom worked around people with Alztimers(forgive my spelling mistake) and it was amazingly acurate. So please if you can…tell him i said thank you and i’d ask you to give him a hug for me but a pic of his reaction will be enough. Thank you.


  91. This whole cancellation thing still sucks the big toe! Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m surprised at it – 100 episodes being the magic number for syndication. Yes, SG-1 ran for 10 years but, if you think about it, it was really two 5-year runs: one on ShowTime and one on SciFi. So five years for Atlantis is, disappointingly, no surprise.

    Ah, well, at least we got the “Urk” on the Season 4 DVDs and fanfic to read.

    I want to say, though, that Altantis was the one show that I absolutely would not miss a first run episode of. Record it and watch it later? Never! Record it and watch it again later? Absolutely! But never miss the actual airing.

    Best wishes to all of the cast and crew in your future endeavours and thanks for a wonderful five years. Hopefully, Atlantis will result in quality work for each of you on other productions.

    And . . . I look forward to a movie that puts the spectacular SG-1 movies to shame.

    As for Universe, don’t know much about it, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

  92. One more thing. Make your pictures work! Is there a blog mechanic in the house that can fix Joe’s pics?

  93. Yes, I’m emotional and venting, but as the shock wares off I’m also a bit guilty. It was not “my” job that was just cut.

    So, to all of you who have brought us Stargate Atlantis, my heart felt hope that there will be another job just around the corner. ( Including working on the Atlantis movie). The production values and acting of this show have always been top notch. This years episodes have been the best. You should all be proud of the work you’ve done and I know I, and a few thousand others, appreciate all your hard work.

    Also, I for one, and yes those other few thousand, will continue to do what we can to convince the powers that be to change their minds and keep Atlantis as a series. Wish us luck.

  94. Ah Joe.

    I didn’t comment yesterday on the horrible news, but I thought I might today.

    Yes, I am upset. Yes, I am a bit (or a lot) resentful towards SGU right now, but with time, I know that will pass. I might even grow to like it one day, though without John Sheppard and the team, I’m not so sure. Bottom line, I’m okay with it now. *ducks away from rocks.* Don’t get me wrong. This whole thing sucks and I wish it didn’t happen… but it did. And I can accept that.

    While I still find it hard to believe a show as good as Atlantis that was receiving such approval and good ratings was cancelled, I am beginning to understand the positives of this scenario. I still think that SGU had a lot to do with the decision, but SGA truly went out on top, and many shows can’t say that. When I thought about, and thought about a quote from the latest Batman movie: “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian” (or something along those lines.) Not completely applicable in this case, perhaps, but the general idea. Many really good shows push it and lose so much of what they were, it’s hard to remember just how wonderful they used to be. I would never want that for SGA. I guess Michael Jackson works here as well. He ws on top of the world, but… well, he got a little weird.

    Hmm, that doesn’t exactly work here either, I’m afraid. I know you understand… This is kind of difficult, but I’m trying very hard to be positive.

    I’m also holding out for the movies. Not my first choice, but it’s a lot better than being left stranded, I suppose. Well yes, of course it is.

    Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much. It’s not every day you find a top dog who can find the time to blog every single day and give us info and… I don’t know. So much. I appreciate it so much and I feel honored to have spoken to such a talented, and intelligent man.

    And then there’s the cast I’ve fallen in love with. Joe Flanigan, that beautiful, talented man. I’ve got the feeling that he’s quite out-spoken and not the ideally complacent actor producers and directors hope for, but I’ve always found him entertaining and so much more than just a gorgeous face.

    David Hewlett… what can I say about David Hewlett? A truly amazing, talented, funny, wonderful actor (and from what I’ve seen, person in general) and I will truly miss watching Dr. McKay every Friday.

    Rachel. What a truly beautiful person, inside and out. Talented, as well, but all around wonderful. I’ve always found her to be that glowing light in every episode, and even moreso now that she is a mother.

    And Jason. Haha, I don’t know that man, but I love him and I really think I woud love hanging out with him. I see him as being the perfect dog. That sounds horrible, but it means so much more to me. I’m a HUGE dog person, like, I usually prefer their company over people’s. Ha.. I don’t know. I’ve seen him grow in this show and really flex his acting legs and I’m very impressed. I could certainly see him on the big screens, doing crazy stunts and becoming that hunk that all the ladies are talking about.

    And the crew. The unsung heros. I can’t list them name by name, but if I knew those names and knew those people, I would take the time to do so. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, once she figured out how many there were, she wouldn’t say that.” And maybe you’re right, but I would try and get pretty far at least. Bottom line, I am extremely thankful to them and they have all done an amazing job at keeping this show so wonderful.

    Well, I’m tired. I just got done with Tropical Storm Fay and got my power back in time to watch the 12 am showing of The Shrine (which is making me depressed that Atlantis is ending because it’s blowing me away thus far.) and I’m exhausted so, I think I’m going to end this.

    But, thank you. For everything. Please pass these words along. We care. Maybe more than the “normal” person should, but it doesn’t matter. Thank you. To all of you.


  95. Hi Joe,

    The Shrine just ended a little bit ago and




    If that ep doesn’t win David Hewlett a very large, very heavy, very *shiny* acting award, then there’s just no justice in this world. He was brilliant.

    – The writing, directing and editing for this ep was amazing. The ep was a great idea well executed. Excellent job revealing Rodney’s decline and juxtaposing that with unfolding current events. I imagine it was a difficult thing to pull off in a non-linear storytelling fashion, but it worked perfectly! (I also loved the fact that Rodney got nicer the less intelligent he got. All his defenses dropped away.)

    – So many scenes made me cry. So many! The opening with Rodney calling for John (John, not Sheppard.) just ripped my heart out. Then there was the scene with Rodney running to Sheppard’s quarters when he got scared… and that beer scene on the pier! (John refusing to say goodbye, Rodney trying so hard to hold on to himself, the Arthur joke and spit take! Again… Oh. My. God.) And Ronon with Jeannie, Jeannie with Rodney, Rodney’s “I love you” on tape at the end. So many beautiful character moments. I cried. SGA made me cry.

    – Great special effects, from the underwater gate to the MALP scenes. And that parasite crawling out of Rodney’s head? EW!

    – The acting was superb. I believe I may have mention David Hewlett? Well let me do so again. BRILLIANT! Seriously, the man needs an award. His portrayal was so honest, so purely in the moment, so raw at times that it was painful. But really,the acting in this ep was wonderful all around. Kate Hewlett, Robert Picardo, Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa, Jewel Staite… and Joe Flanigan! Gosh, Joe’s reactions to David were just… just… wonderful. (Need I go back to the pier scene?)

    **There’s one thing I’d love to know: That beer scene on the pier ended with Rodney joking “You’re a good friend, Arthur” and Sheppard doing a spit take. Was that scripted or improvised? I’m dying to know!

    So, in sum, spectacular acting, powerful writing, a fantastic kind of reversal of Flowers For Algernon. One of the best eps ever– not just for SGA but for SGA and SG-1 combined. *Sigh* This ep just makes this week’s announcement that much harder. You just HAD to make such an amazing episode before the show goes off the air. Like Rodney going to the cave and suddenly knowing what he’s losing, this is torture!


    Thank you for a memorable episode.


  96. Great episode tonight Joe! Please give my regards to Brad Wright for an incredible script and to David Hewlett as well for what can only be considered his greatest acting feat to date.

    – Ace

  97. I just wanted to say how much my friend and I enjoyed The Shrine – Brad wrote a wonderful script and everyone gave amazing performances. Special thanks to Joe Flanigan and both David and Kate Hewlitt for expressing emotion so tellingly, truthfully and unsentimentally – but everyone worked so well together. Beautifully directed too.
    And oh, the pier scene – that heart-wrenchingly normal scene, full of strong emotion, friendship and compassion.
    I understand that we have to lose this once-weekly delight, and I am looking forward to however many films you and the team want to produce. I know that you will deliver more great character scenes like the ones in this show. So many times we saw them at their best.
    Thanks, Atlantis team – this was an unforgettable experience.

  98. I didn’t read your blog yesterday so I just read the news now and aside from being in shock I am so mad that I can’t even read any of the 400 posts from yesterday.
    I would like to say thank you to everyone involved (except sci-fi – the stupid jerks!) for giving me so much enjoyment over the years. I’ve watched SG1 from day one and then Atlantis which has become my favorite tv show of all time and it breaks my heart to see it end but as you posted it’s better to go out on a high.
    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you for keeping us fans so well informed with this blog – YOU ROCK !

  99. Im very pleased to here you will keep your blog open more oft then not you put a smile on my face, with your good hummer.

    The show tonight was great i cried a lot tonight thank you very much…..

    Davids role was wonderful i did not know he had such a range. It was also nice to see his sis.

    So far i think this one will be the most memorable for the yr.

    I was also able to see a fatherly side to Joe F. in this episode. It was also kinda kool how you had ronan fight for his fiends sanity. It came off very tough guy like.


  100. PS ~ Kudos to Kate Hwelett, too — it was a pleasure to see her again, and she totally hit it out of the ballpark in the scenes where she first talked to Rodney and when she talked to Ronon immediately after! I hope she makes it into at least one of the movies!!!

  101. Less than a minute in to tonight’s episode and I was almost ready to cry watching Rodney’s video tape. Serious, serious kudos to everyone on the SGA team for creating an opening scene that grabs your heart and breaks it in an incredible way.

    I have the feeling that tonight is going to be especially bittersweet. Nothing like what promises to be a spectacular episode right after the cancellation announcement. *sigh*

  102. Hey there, Wraith Cake – you got the ‘squiggly germ in a chastity belt’?
    With Dorothy shoes?
    I got some kind of irate apple with ‘noodly appendages’.
    Hope the blessed thing is self-aware and can zap TPTB.
    And now back to –

  103. Das, make that a boulder. I think all of the regulars here have made a statement or two that might cause us to blush, or worse.
    Waybeyond soccer mom: ohmygosh. You hit it on the head! I’m afraid SGU is ruined for me, no matter how well done. Your comment will always be there in the back of my mind…
    Shadowstep. What a great idea! Alternatively, the writers can have Rodney create a holo-McKay to send along. Or a holo Zelinka. Or holo-Sheppard…but your idea is the best. Experience does count for something.
    Now, did the blog eat my first post, or are things backed up? Or did I step across some line? Guess if I don’t see it later, I will try redo it. Meantime, just counting away the time till I can download Shrine and watch it a couple more times…

  104. Okay, I’m definitley suiuspecting parasyte — I meant “Miller’s Crossing” when I said “McKay & Mrs Miller”. *DOH*!! And sorry to Kate for mistyping Hewlett. XD

    Saw Nyssa’s post — so Brad gives us such a fantastic ep but goes and cancels the show?? I don’t know whether to hug him or *bite* him right now! 🙁

  105. I am slowly coming out of the depression the cancellation has sunk me into.

    I promise to never fall in love again with another TV show. I promise to never fall in love again with a man who has a super cool blog and the most adorable little dogs. (You used those dogs to suck me in – didn’t you Joe!)

    But I am keeping my intense love for Jason Momoa. Jason’s drop-dead-gorgeous looks and awesome character portrayal of Ronon was the reason I got hooked on the show. Thank you Jason! Favorite episode: Sateda. Thank you Robert Cooper for writing and directing it.

    I love all the cast and wish each of them much success in the future. Thank you for the best show on TV.

    And Mallozzi, don’t give me that declining US dollar crap. The good companies (and the American people) will ride it out and the economy will eventually turn around. You guys just bailed out. I will never understand killing a great show.

  106. Joe,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in this. This season has become my favorite thus far in terms of character development and remembering just how much I have grown to love them, up there with Jack O’Neil even.

    Tonight’s episode was fantastic. David Hewlett astonishes me.

    But Joe, I wanted to express my sincere condolences at the ending of this show. Life goes on, right?

    However, I also wanted to express a great fear that I am sure I share with many with the recent announcement of Stargate: Universe.

    Truth be told, it was a series when mentioned a couple years ago that I was looking forward to. But not at the expense of an early termination of Stargate: Atlantis. To be honest, 6 seasons really is the magic number for a full bodied series. I guess just not in the eyes of the bean counters.

    About that fear. It is not the change in series, or the characters per se. But how this is all being handeled, as well as how Sci-fi has been handling it’s “original series” as of late. Watch Eureka and you can’t get away from constant camera pauses on product spots completely destroying story continuity. I have a feeling that this is part of why MGM and Sci-Fi collaboratively decided to can SGA. Especially with this targeting of a “younger audience” stuff.

    Please, I beg of you in all that is holy and good and cleaner than Woolsey’s living quarters that you express to the powers that be that every series, it doesn’t matter what it is, who tried to target a “Younger Audience” died a quick and painful death. Easy example Star Trek: Enterprise. I want you to understand something, or at least make sure you understand it. Stargate has been a part of my life since the movie and since I was thrilled to learn that the series was taking up almost right after the move left off. With that said, I have grown up with it since I was 16. I am now about to turn 29. I was the younger audience even with Children of the Gods. Corporate table planning of “what the kids wanna see” NEVER works out to be good, at all. None of them have any remaining shred of reality left to them and is the older parent type person trying to talk jive with the kiddies to sound cool. That NEVER works!

    Just don’t do it. Don’t let them do it for the sake of Stargate as a whole. I understand it is time to move on. Fair enough. Lets do it. But lets do it right. Don’t let them insult our intelligence by targeting a younger crowd. That is a huge mistake and you will find there is absolutely no one interested.

    The first think my Kid brother said today when reading the press release? “Uh… what is with this younger crowd business? Do they really think I am that stupid?” He is 16.

  107. What’s with the smileys? I don’t DO smileys. I don’t DO emoticons.
    This is me on a daily basis:
    This is me totally squiffy:
    See? I can handle my own emoticons, thank you very much.

  108. I’m about to set the smiley on the evil apple.
    Take that!
    Which takes me to evil-Sheppy ‘whacking’ Ronon in ‘Doppelganger’, which takes me back to –
    No more SGA!

  109. While you’re figuring out how to make the pics clickable, if anyone wants to see the pic fullsize, all they have to do is:
    1. right click on the image and choose “properties”,
    2. copy the address/url and paste into the address bar – and then delete everything after the “.jpg” bit (the end bits limit the size the pic is displayed in on your blog).
    3. Hit enter!

  110. Joe I want to write a letter to all of the controlling interest’s in renewing Atlantis. I am hoping the fans can get at least one more season of Atlantis and would love it if you would post this long one for people to copy and send and then the shorter one as well so people can send with their name if they want. I’m going to do all I can to get the show re picked up with the help of all the fans if they are willing. Is it ok if I post it here? Please and thank you, Nicole.

    To whom It May Concern;

    I am writing in regards to the recent cancellation of STARGATE ATLANTIS. I must say that I find this decision not only ill timed but offensive as well.

    I remember a time when television shows were kept on because of their immense success, not penalized for it. Why would you insult the fans in this manner? We are not only loyal and proud of the show, but diligent in our following and desperately desire another season.

    Why would you chastise us by discontinuing a program that was our pick as the Peoples Choice Award Winner and continue to support by providing you with high ratings? A show that is far from stagnant or lacking viable entertainment! STARGATE ATANTIS could have years of life left on television in addition to the movie market if the opportunity was only provided.

    I have lost faith in many things in this world both professional and personal, including many networks and companies in the entertainment venue, but held out hope that both MGM and the SCI-FI Channel wouldn’t let me and all the millions of loyal fans down by canceling one of the last good shows left. A program with elevated ratings, humor, the grip of drama, and exceptional actors does not deserve to be thrown aside. I can say now with certainty that I have given up on all networks, companies, and even the all important ratings with this decision. What this tells us, the fans, is the old adage; Your dammed if you do and your dammed if you don’t. Therefore leaving us with only one solid conclusion: Why care or engage in any show at all? No matter our praise it will be gone with in a matter of years leaving an empty feeling of contempt and distrust in it’s wake.

    Please I implore you, renew STARGATE ATLANTIS. Prove to the fans that you do hear us. That you do value our involvement in your establishment. Give US, the fans, something to look forward to in such a dark, unincombersing world of havoc and uncertainty. Give us the ability and opportunity not provided in real life to suspend our disbelief and get lost in a world of entertainment and pride. Even if it is only for 22 48 min installments, it gives me and others like me, the chance to leave our lives behind and venture somewhere else for a while. I look forward to Fridays for that reason and don’t want to see that extinguished.

    Why should the fans ever put our trust in your network and company again when our continued viewer ship, support, and praise goes unnoticed and ignored? People from all over the planet love this show. I have heard on many occasions from several different varieties of people, that STARGATE ATLANTIS is the reason they ventured into science fiction in the first place. Do you really want to loose that demographic? Cast them aside as harshly as you are doing the show? People who never had an interest in science fiction before are tuning into your science fiction program. Something which they never would have considered before but took the chance because of the exceptional premise of this show? Do you want to alienate the loyal fans and supportive factions that have put their trust in you for their entertainment when they could have easily thrown you aside as you have us?

    I know you plan to go forward with ATLANTIS movies in order to supervent the complete death of this beloved series, but that will only serve as a tease to what we are missing. I’ve gone out of my way to see STARGATE ATLANTIS as have millions of others and only getting 2hrs a year of our adored show is not a compromise I am willing to except. Can you please reconsider your decision and give us at least one more season? Let the writers, actors, and staff have the pleasure and enjoyment of giving it all they can to bring a heart warming transition? So many people are loosing their job’s, there homes, and they dreams, do you really have to take away our entertainment as well?

    I have argued the point on several occasions that SCI-FI and MGM are supporters of their fans and take their opinions into consideration as well as the bottom dollar. Proving that you are instigators of fabulous entertainment and that Science Fiction as a whole is the last great installment of entertainment because it thinks of it’s fans and gives a fantastic ride in the process by taking chances that the rest of the industry has forgotten about. Replacing it with reality television and placid cop outs. Please do not prove my words wrong!

    Please, Please I beg you to renig on your prior decision and re-instate STAGE ATLANTIS for a 6th season. Don’t let everyone who has supported and stood by you down by slapping us so obviously in the face and proving once again that the fans are a useless commodity of the entertainment conglomerate. That we are nothing to you and that our voices are not heard but disregarded and ignored.

    Thank you for your time
    Nicole Owen-Lambert

  111. Good lord, Joe!

    I had to post a second time to tell you how amazing “The Shrine” was! I’m glad you warned us that this was a tear jerker, because I think I used a half box of tissues. David and Kate Hewlett and Joe Flanigan blew me away completely and the rest of the cast were excellent as well. I especially loved the scenes between Rodney and Jeanne, but the scene on the pier was my favorite. The chemistry between David H and Joe F is absolutely amazing and one of the reasons SGA is my favorite show, and as much as I love my McShep, the Rodney/Jennifer pairing you guys have going on is winning me over completely! Jennifer not only appears to love Rodney for who he is, but she understands him and doesn’t take any guff from him, giving back as good as she gets.

    Please give my thanks to everyone who worked on this episode, it was spectacular! The work the SFX crew did on the city background for the pier scene was truly magical and I think frame captures of it will be showing up on a lot of computers as wallpaper very shortly.

    I’ve already said it in a post a couple of days ago, but I’m going to say it again: thank you to everyone for 5 great years of a truly wonderful series! I sincerely hope all of you get the projects that you want after this; whoever is lucky to get all of you should be grateful because you’ll make their production shine.

  112. Joe here is the shorter version, i may still tweet it, but i’m hoping that my words could maybe help even a little. Thanks again, Nicole.

    To whom It May Concern;

    I am writing in regards to the cancellation of STARGATE ATLANTIS. I must say that I find this decision not only ill timed but disheartening as well.

    I remember a time when television shows were kept on because of their immense success, not penalized for it. Why do this to the fans? We are not only loyal and proud of the show, but diligent in our following. We Want Another Season.

    Why chastise us by discontinuing a program that was chosen for the Peoples Choice Award and that we continue to support by providing you high ratings? STARGATE ATLANTIS is far from stagnant! It has years of life left on television. In addition to the movie market, ATLANTIS will persevere if only given the opportunity.

    I am loosing faith in the networks and companies of the entertainment venue, but held out hope that you wouldn’t let the fans down by canceling this show. A program with elevated ratings and the right mix of humor, a tantalizing drama, and exceptional actors does not deserve to be canceled at this point. I have given up on all networks and companies supplying television today, as well as the premise that high ratings make a difference. What this tells the fans, is your dammed if you do and your dammed if you don’t. Leaving only one solid conclusion; why care or engage in any show at all? No matter our praise and delight it will be canceled, leaving an empty feeling of contempt and distrust in it’s wake.

    Please, I implore you, renew STARGATE ATLANTIS. Prove to the fans that you do hear us. That you value us and our concerns. Give us something to look forward to in this dismal world. The ability and opportunity not provided in real life to suspend our disbelief and loose ourselves in something magical. Even if it is only for 20 48 min installments, it gives us the chance to leave our problems behind and venture elsewhere. I wait all week for Fridays just so I can follow the characters stories, laugh at the humor, and enjoy the fantastic ride.

    Why should we, as fans, put our trust in your network and company again when our continued viewer ship, support, and praise goes unnoticed? People all over love this show. I’ve heard several times that STARGATE ATLANTIS is the reason they ventured into science fiction in the first place. Do you really want to loose that demographic? People who never had an interest in science fiction are tuning into your program because it has that special something. Do you want to alienate the loyal fans and supportive factions that have put their trust in you? Just give us one more season, one more ride before letting it go.

    I know you plan to go forward with ATLANTIS movies in order to keep this beloved series alive, but that will only serve as a tease. I, as well as millions of others, have gone out of our way to tune into STARGATE ATLANTIS. Only getting 2hrs a year of this adored show is not a compromise I am willing to except.

    Can you please reconsider your decision and give us at least one more season? Let the writers, actors, and staff have the pleasure of 20 more episodes. In the grand scheme of things it’s seems a pretty small task on your part. So many people are loosing their job’s and homes, do you really have to take away our entertainment as well?

    I have argued the point on several occasions that SCI-FI and MGM are supporters of their fans. That you consider us as well as the bottom dollar. I always believed that Science Fiction as a whole was the last great installment of entertainment because it thinks of it’s fans, taking chances that the rest of the industry is too scared to attempt. Please do not prove my words wrong!

    I beg you, please to renig on your prior decision and renew STAGE ATLANTIS for a 6th season. Don’t let everyone who has supported and stood by you down, proving once again that the fans are a useless commodity of the entertainment conglomerate. Please show us that we are important to you and that our voices are heard ignored.

    Thank you for your time
    Nicole Owen-Lambert

  113. The Shrine was wonderful, good job to everyone. I loved the moments with Jeannie & Ronon, how Rodney called him Ronon Dex. David Hewlett was excellant and so touching. Robert Picardo never ceases to amaze me and I loved the story he told of his father. Knowing Ronon had family and hearing about them was outstanding. Again, Great job!!!

  114. Ok so I’m going to post one more time. I am a shep whump fan as you well know, but the SHRINE is excellant. The inneraction between Rodney and Sheppard was out standing!!! I just CAN’t beleive that the network is slapping the fans and the cast and crew in the face with the news of cancellation. Do you think there is any hope the fans can bring Atlantis from the brink of extinction. Stargate SG1 got a go ahead for season 10 when everybody thought it was over. Atlantis is showing no signs of slowing and has soooooo much more to offer the television world. I DONT WANT IT TO END YET. They need to reconsider. Thanks for letting me vent and again, WOW the shrine was EXCELLANT. Thanks Nicole.

  115. Barefoot Shep in a panda T no less, bearing his soul. OMG…
    And TPTB want to chuck this away in favour of a bunch of kids who haven’t LIVED.

    (I’ll tolerate the evil apple – just don’t stitch me up with a smiley.)

    I said ‘No! Effing! Smiley!’


  116. I wonder about the ‘less mythology’ part…

    Perhaps it’s all the whining we Wraith fans (I) did, wanting to know more and more about their culture and history and biology – perhaps it required too much thought for someone who just wants to make things go ‘boom’. 🙄

    Now, being a comic book fan, I really don’t mind action-based stories…sometimes I prefer them. I might like the new show, who knows. However…I do feel a bit…INSULTED…that the cancellation is partially due to the fact that we’re old. For weeks now I’ve been suggesting that this was working against SGA, just because I know how little older viewers are valued (I even suggested that Jewel was brought in in an attempt to woo the coveted young male audience). So, now…it’s basically confirmed that they wanted a younger audience, and are willing to sacrifice loyal fans (not necessarily me, since I’m kinda new) in the process.

    Old People Getting F***ed Over.

    Hey, can we complain to civil liberties, or something? Can’t we get Jesse Jackson to fight for us? He’s old… 😆

    Oh, well…screw them. I might be old, but I spend money like it’s going out of style on the exact things marketed to young adult males. Action figures. Posters. Games. Comics. DVDs. Oh, right…young guys don’t buy those…they rent ’em and then copy ’em and share with their friends because young guys are cheap bastards! I know…I’m married to one… 😕


    Granted, I understand this mentality when it comes to theatrical releases – it is the young male audience (and me) that flocks to the big blockbusters. But when it comes to tv – well, that’s usually the older folks home watching, while the kids are out having a good time. Except the geeks, that is…they’re in the basement, playing WoW.

    So…yeah. It’s a slap in the face, really. I felt the same way when Murder, She Wrote was cancelled for the same reasons, and now Jay Leno gets the boot for the same thing as well. TV wants to draw the young male viewers in, and so they stick it to the old ladies. Remember that thing I said a few days ago about not liking female professionals and all of that? Well, it’s true – but I also don’t like it when I know I’m being screwed over just because I’m a woman. Call me a contrary, or an oxymoron (or just a moron), but I both hate my sex, and at the same time I’ll adamantly defend it.

    Ya know – instead of lemons, we should send the PTB truckloads of granny pants. Really BIG, raggedy ones. 😀

    @ rileyo – What a great picture!!! Love it! And yes, the composition is excellent. Love pictures like that – I used to take pictures of all the tall ships I was on, looking straight up the mast into the rigging. This picture reminds me a bit of that, only the lines are going a different way. Thanks for sharing!!


  117. Joe, you ask WordPress why your photos are no longer clickable. It’s because they’re mad at you too!!!!!!!

  118. Heya Joe!

    Thank you so much for hearing the fans’ voices during this time. I was very disappointed, but not shocked to hear of Atlantis being canceled. It seems to me the writing was on the wall when everyone started to talk about Atlantis movies. It just doesn’t seem right to cancel it so soon in the season when there’s so many stories yet to tell.

    I know a lot of fans are fighting for it and I wish them the best of luck. At the moment, I don’t have the time to actively campaign with them since I’m already busy with that other campaign going on in the States.

    Thank you, the show’s creators, the writers, the producers, the actors and the crew for giving all of us a show we can believe in. Thank you for giving us characters that are realistic. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful show to life for all of us to watch.

    I’m going to miss seeing Atlantis on my television but I know all of you will do it justice in the movies.

    Good luck with whatever life brings you, Joe! Hopefully, you’ll find a spot with Stargate Universe or something just as exciting. 🙂

  119. First of all, I haven’t been online in a few days, so I found out about the cancellation right after watching what has become one of my favorite episodes of all time, “The Shrine.” That was actually worse than watching “Sunday” for the first time right before studying for a huge American History test. I honestly can’t believe that SGA would be cancelled now that it’s doing so well, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without Stargate as a constant presence in my life. I signed the petition, and I’m definitely going to write letters.

    Okay, now on to praise for “The Shrine.” I started crying almost instantly. Rodney insisting that he couldn’t be called a doctor anymore because he wasn’t smart was really painful, and I couldn’t stand it when Jeannie was talking to him. I felt so bad for Rodney because losing his mind really was the worst possible thing that could happen to him, and that scene on the pier was just incredible. David Hewlett’s performance was absolutely perfect. My grandmother had Alzheimers, so I knew what it looked like, and he was just amazing.

    There was only one thing that I thought the episode needed, and that was a scene in which Rodney actually thanks Ronon for coming up with the idea to bring him there and not giving in to Woolsey. There haven’t been many of those- in fact the only one I can think of is in “Tao of Rodney” when he gets rid of Ronon’s scars.

    Anyway, it was a great team episode, and Kate Hewlett as Jeannie is always fun. Please have her in at least one of the movies!!! And if there is anything that we can possibly do to save SGA, let us know!

  120. “Hell, I didn’t even know the ship was named Destiny until I read it in the press release this morning.”

    I guess you know where you stand with Brad and Rob, which is a real shame and hugely unprofessional of them. You and Paul, as present show runners, deserve better than that! SGA isn’t being canceled; it is clearly being replaced. Furthermore, this deal didn’t happen overnight – it’s been in the works behind your backs for a long time.

    It is a well-known fact among fans that Rob Cooper dislikes the “fanatical fan following” that the Stargate franchise has found so lucrative over the past 11 years. Well, after reading the various press releases about “Universe” and now your blog, this fanatical fan is done!

    I just finished watching “The Shrine”. What made it so amazing was not Brad’s writing, but the incredible performances from Joe, Jason, Jewel, Robert, Rachel, and, most of all, Kate & David. That kind of acting only comes from a seasoned, professional ensemble, not a bunch of youngsters stuck on a ship somewhere in space. Ugh! (BTW, the off-world footage and sets were stunning, which is part of what helped make SG-1 and SGA a long-term success – new fanciful worlds and imaginative foes each week.)

    Today is my 53rd birthday and, at this point in my life, I can’t imagine having much of a desire to look at Brad’s & Rob’s new installment in the SG franchise that features a “younger vibe…targeting a younger audience”.

    Whatever it is that you and Paul choose to write next (beyond your SGA TV movie commitment), I hope it will air in the US because I’m looking forward to more of your writing that entertains adult minds and challenges great actors!

    You guys are going to land on your feet – good writers who are also seasoned pros are evidently hard to find (as evidenced by Flash Gordon, Painkiller Jane, and the abysmal swill Sci-Fi shows on Saturday nights in the form of cheesy, often crass movies – “the most dangerous night of television”, indeed). You and Paul have a proven record of accomplishment with a bright future ahead of you and I eagerly await the next chapter in your careers beyond the SGA movie. Were I you guys, I would wipe the gate dust off my feet and move away from Brad and Rob as quickly as I could. Run, boys run!!! (However, you might want to consider dragging Carl B & Martin G with you on your way out.)

    Thanks for your commitment to keeping up with the blog. It is a high point in my day!!! At least I have something entertaining to look forward to….

  121. Wow. This “Brad” Wright kid sure can write a mean episode. You guys should really let him do a few more. Too bad he’s out of a job now. Sad really.

    Big props to the effects guys on this one. The scene with Rodney and Sheppard drinking beer had some seriously gorgeous visuals. In fact, the whole production has looked super slick this year. It’s too bad it won’t be back.

    Oh and Joe, I was having a Stargate-y evening, listening to you and Martin Wood doing commentary on Ex Deus Machina after the new Atlantis. You’ll never guess what was playing when I switched off the DVD player. Your favorite episode of SG1! Emancipation! I’m a human being, not property! Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that.

    BTW, do you know what your plans are after the Atlantis movie yet? I hope you stick around for the new show, unless of course you and Paul get your own show. Best of luck either way.

  122. Official Memo From The VFX Department of SGA:

    As we near shooting of the fifth season of SGA, we at the Stargate : Atlantis VFX Department would like to collectively give our thanks to all the people involved in an amazing five year run of a wonderful series:

    To the fans: So many thanks, for all your continued support, appreciation, critiques, well wishes, love and appreciation for a television show we really, really, really have loved to make and be a part of. The SGA fans will always be the best.

    To our Writers/Producers: Thank you so much to Brad, Robert, Joe, Paul, Martin, Carl, Alan, Alex for giving us the best and most challenging/interesting material to work with in all of television. We would never have any fun if it wasn’t for you.

    To our cast: Joe, David, Jason, Rachel, Jewel, Robert, Amanda, David, Paul, Kavan. You guys are the best. Thank you for your confidence and belief that something was going to be there at that big screen you were looking at. Without your conviction, we would never get the accolades we do.

    Our amazing crew: Thank you for experiencing five amazing years with us, it have been a blast.


    Department of Monkey-Headed Waffle Trumpets (TV Division)

  123. I’m very upset about SG:A ending.

    However, if one of the movies could be a musical, that would go a long way towards fixing things.

  124. To all the people who have contributed their talents to SG1 and Atlantis:
    Y’all have all done a ridiculously wonderful job and you have my heartfelt thanks! For everything: the ideas, scripts, characters and their relationships, and everyone’s contributions to the final productions I saw on my tv. Those episodes gave my son and me little pockets of refuge during serious illnesses, job layoffs, broken bones, job searches, broken romances, stresses of new jobs – the stuff that can seem overwhelming. Stuff you just need to be able to view from a distance. Light years are good for science fiction fans. Keep well and we both look forward to your future efforts. As we say in my part of the world, “Y’all come back now, hear?”

  125. Love the whole ‘Flowers for Algernon’ tribute tonight. Hard to believe the book was once blacklisted. Sure-fire way of making everyone rush out and snagging it, mind you. >:-D
    Oh, how can SGA possibly be canned? Every bloody episode surpasses the last one! Esp. this season.
    Joe F and David H – you are both adorable and wonderful and incredible and brilliant.
    I wish you both and of course the rest of the cast all the best, and a heartfelt thankyou for all you have invested in SGA. I look forward to following both your careers.
    Puh-lease let me know how to keep track of you.
    Pod person – I mean, mod person – no smiley face, remember? I’ll permit a panda face just now, but that’s about it. ;-D

    Still pissy that I never made it to a con with Joe F and David H.
    *looks around like Sheppy behind bars on the Aurora, hoping for a quick fix*

  126. Watching “The Shrine” after hearing that this will be the last season was almost more than I could take! What an amazing episode. Blew me away how touching it was. My God…David Hewlett deserves heaps of kudos for his talent. Everyone who worked on this episode should be proud. It’s my new favorite of any season. So touching and beautiful. I especially loved Ronon. Was he refering to anything specific when he said he owed Rodney (like when McKay took his scars away) or was it just a general “he’s saved our asses so many times” kind of owing?

    I knew Rodney was gonna tell Jennifer that he had feelings, but when he said he loved her…I melted. I could not be happier that it didn’t work out with Dr. Brown.

    I, too, just loved the whole panicked McKay running to Sheppard and then the pier scene. I think Rodney should call him Arthur for the rest of the season.

    I could go on, and on and on and on about every moment I loved, but I loved them all, and you’ve seen the episode. Just…a fine job done by all. Truly.

    Thank you all for doing such fine work on “Atlantis”. I’m going to miss watching it every Friday night. I wish it could have gone on a little longer with Robert and Jewel as regulars. It’s amazing how much I love Dr. Keller after being so pissed that Carson was gone. And I love that Rodney loves her!

    Thanks to you, Joe, for the blog and for the little tidbits and teasers you’d give us. Just enough to make us squirm and hope for more! And the pictures! I love the pictures!

    Sigh…I’m really sad.

  127. I still think they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on you and this blog. One of these days I’m going to be employed again & I can start trying to find some of that chocolate you’re always describing…

    The Shrine was fantastic – ! It plays twice on Dish and I watched it both times. Wished for the first time that I had one of those DVRs. Then came the crap of having to wait an extra week for Whispers!!! Ergh, SciFi is so not helping my opinion of them.

    Anyhow… I, personally, am scared s**tless of the dentist & have to be put out in order for them to do the slightest thing to me so I have tons of sympathy for you. Hope everything’s much better and you can at least enjoy your weekend.

    P.S. I still think they’d be assured of getting an audience for SGU if they’d populate the cast with members of SG-1 and SGA. *nudge nudge wink wink*

  128. Hi Joe,

    I’ve emailed Baron the details to fix the clickable image problem you are having. Check with him.

    If he can’t find the email, the short answer is to make sure you are clicking the File URL button once you’ve uploaded it.

    Cheers, Chev

  129. Joe,

    Thanks for letting us know that you too are saddened and upset by the cancellation of SGA. I’m so sorry to hear that you won’t be working on SGU. *wonders what they are thinking* I hope you find a wonderful show to work on that will be steady work for you…but will allow you to work on SGA movies also.

    I just watched the vid of you drinking the medicine! OMGosh how freakin’ funny was that? I am just glad I wasn’t drinking anything myself or my screen would have been splattered as it came out my nose! LOL

    Thank you to whomever left this link:

    It got me fired up and I left a really LOOOOONG comment. Then I had to edit it a bit and blog it. My first blog here at wordpress. *big sigh* I’m not much of a blogger obviously…lol. ( I think you can just click on my name and it should take you there…um…if anyone actually wants to read it…lol…ahem…ok..nevermind then *wink*)

    I’m glad you will still be blogging Joe…I would really miss you if you stopped!

    Also, does this affect Creation’s con in April…the one with the Bridge studios tour? I still haven’t gotten to see the sets…and the stargate. I hope they will still let them do the tours. I assume since there will be SGA movies made, that the sets will still have to be somewhere.


  130. Testing, testing –

    winky emoticon
    pissy emoticon
    squiffy emoticon
    totally rat-arsed emoticon

  131. Can’t leave well enough alone, can you.
    So, as I wax lyrical about SGA – NO SMILEY EMOTICONS.
    I get it.
    Lesson learnt.

  132. Hey, other than that last few moments of McKeller nonsense, The Shrine was an amazing episode. I even liked Keller here, she did a great job as an intelligent, creative physician. And the performances by everyone were outstanding. David was brilliant as were Joe and Kate H. The absolutey best best best best best parts were those between Rodney and John, no matter what else happens, their friendship and love for each other is what has made this show a part of my heart, and it shone through in this episode.
    How can Brad Wright write something so wonderful and then diss the show like he did? What is wrong with the man, perhaps a parasite in his brain needs removing? I have a drill in my garage……

  133. @ Thornyrose…

    Yeah, but I’m the only one who wanted to know if the Wraith were green all over….



  134. Just watched “The Shrine” and I have to say that I loved it. I’ve loved the character of McKay since “48 Hours” on SG-1 and I also own A Dog’s Breakfast. I read his blog as much as I read yours. Stargate has turned me into a David Hewlett fan. The gut-renching scenes between him and Kate, as well as him and Joe Flanigan, are great and you can tell that they didn’t really have to act to get to the tear-gerking moments. I loved the scene when McKay and Sheppard are on the pier and McKay calls Sheppard Arthur (or something like that) and Joe Flanigan nearly spits out his drink. I just wonder if that was in the script. Great episode and great acting by everyone. I think this was one of, if not the best, acting by David in all of his Stargate episodes.

    Sorry to hear about the cancellation, but I am already looking forward to the movie and hopefully many more to come in the future. I understand how difficult it can be for a show after even one year let alone five. Most of my favorite shows get cancelled within their first three seasons, so I’m glad that you’ve all made it this far. I’m sad that I won’t get to see Atlantis every Friday night for a few months out of the year, but like the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” I think this is too soon of an end for Atlantis, but I’m pretty sure The SciFi Channel and MGM have their reasons. Thank you for giving us a great five years and ten for SG-1. It’s been a wonderful ride for me since I’ve only been into SciFi for about five and a half years and Stargate is to blame for my discovery of the SciFi genre. I know all of you will go on to many great things in life and will always be there for all of us Stargate fans out there that will continue our love for the show for many years to come. And, also, like they say, “Nothing ever truely dies in SciFi. Anything is possible.” I love all of you at Stargate Productions. Keep up the good work no matter where life takes you.

  135. Coucou mon Joseph!!

    Merci pour ces photos! Surtout n’arrêtez pas votre blog!! Comment je vais faire pour avoir des new de vous? Même si je suis un très grande fan de sga, je suis aussi fan de vous!!

    Je voudriez vraiment que vous puissiez faire quelque chose dans SGU !!! Comme vous ne pouvez pas répondre a ma question d’hier, je vais vous la poser a vous!

    En temps que producteur, pensez vous que Micheal Vartan serait bien dans le rôle du nouveau leader de SGU?

    Car moi je pense vraiment qu’il est l’acteur idéal! Si vous voyez Brad ou Rob, pouvez vous leur en parler??

    Ne vous inquiétez pas, je suis toujours aussi fan de sga et sg1, mais j’assaye de me dire qu’un film en plus et une nouvelle serie ce n’est que du +. Je ne pense pas que beaucoup de fan on la chance d’avoir tous sa!!!

    Aller Gros bisou joseph!!! Je vous adore fort fort!!!! Merci pour tout!

  136. Mornin’ Joe,

    You know, I saw those piccies after clawing my first coffee from the kitchen at 08:00 this morning and my initial (albeit, somewhat blurred, sleep-induced) thought was, ‘Oh.. Cool. Joe and Co have decided to take matters into their own hands and change Brad’s mind themselves.. ‘

    .. then reality bit in after the first slurp.


    Still, t’was a nice, if brief, way to start the day. And now i’m cradling a burnt tongue, a lungful of coffee that’s gonna smart all weekend and am left wondering which poor sod volunteered for the spoon and fork routine.

    Nice to hear that some Cast and Crew read through our rantings. And from what i’ve read here over the past couple’ve days, they’ll have a healthy appreciation of just how grateful we are towards them. Sorry that you’re taking some of the angry venting yourself; I guess there’s a pretty miserable sense of helplessness amongst the Fans and as you’re an accessible commodity… Well, do the math 😉

    Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s piccies. Despite the vast expanse of the Atlantic and time zones I personally feel should be put up against a wall and shot.. tis nice to wake up in the morning and see what you’ve had to say.

    And on that note.. Cya tomorrow.

  137. *Avoids “The Shrine” talk*

    Well Joe, what can I say. I’m still bummed about this, and I think I’ll be even more bummed after The Shrine, as it’s getting steller reviews (I don’t read the details, just the opening few lines to judge how the viewers are feeling). That said, I must thank you for your entry tonight, and specifically to this part:

    “Eighthly, I empathize with the fans. I realize that many, MANY, MANY of you are upset and as long as you have something to say, I’m willing to listen. So if you’re taking the time to post your thoughts on recent developments, then know that the least I can do is take the time to read them and hit the “Approve” button.”

    You are my favorite Executive Producer of all time, and know that the way you have interacted with us fans: caring about our various plights (health or otherwise), humoring us when we’re acting silly; entertaining us with, not just the show, but utterly hilarious online contents via your blog, sometimes at the risk of your own health and comfort; entering in in-depth discussions about books and our various other thoughts; and browbeating the idiots; it’s always been welcomed and appreciated in more ways than you think. At the same time, you’ve had to put up with hate posts and extreme immaturity on both sides of the aisle, while still managing to produce a steller show for hardcore and casual fans alike. I don’t know how you do it, but as far as I’m concerned, you’re an extraordinary individual.

    So I thank you, thank you SO much for all you’ve given us. Know that you have become an important part of so many people’s lives. Whether it’s because your blog is the highlight of many’s days; or you’ve personally sent us gifts; or you’ve provided a window into the workings of our favorite shows; or you’ve comforted us with the power of words while we were suffering through personal tragedies; or just because you entertain us on a daily basis with great humor; etc. etc. you’ve become a friend to us, though most of us have never even met you. As fans we don’t get much recognition except as a conglomerate (“we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the fans!” etc. etc.), but you actually hear us; you read our comments, and when you have time, you reply to them. You’ve provided us with a voice, Joe, and that is one of the most precious things there is. So many times us fans are faced with problems with the shows, and feel as if we have no way to see them through. With this blog, that’s no longer true. If we have a gripe, or praise, we know at least one of the the Powers that Be will read them and perhaps respond to us.

    And now, with this cancellation, you’ve given us an explanation of what happened, and ensured us that you will continue to give us a voice, and all at one of our darkest times. It’s incredible.

    I will continue to read this blog for as long as you keep updating it, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and the Stargate Atlantis movie. If, God forbid, you are no longer working on Stargate after that, then I can only hope that you manage to get yourself on a more successful show. Hopefully though, you’ll get yourself on the writing team of SGU in one way or another so you can continue your Stargate exploits.

    These things had to be said. Once again, thank you, Joe, for everything you’ve given us. You are Awesome.

    But of course, well-wishes must go out to everyone else as well. I wish the best for the others of Team Atlantis. Carl, Alan, Paul, and Martin have all proved to be exceptional writers and, again, hopefully they’ll get their chance to continue playing in the Stargate sandbox with SGU. If not, then I can only hope that they will go on with their careers towards an even brighter future. I think the cast will suffer the most though, as there is no chance that they can have a future in SGU, and that’s too bad. Though they may not have been given an equal share of the pie in terms of screentime (sorry Joe, but it’s the truth), they’ve all proven to be brilliant whenever they are showcased. They all deserve much success, and I’ll be looking out for any series that have them in it. Finally, the unsung heroes: the crew. They, I think, may be the best off since it would be moronic to fire them and NOT use them for SGU. I mean, what would be the point of that? Thus, assuming they will keep their jobs, I wish them the best of luck making SGU! Though I doubt they need it; they’re so freaking good at their jobs as it is!

    Well, that’s that for now. I’m still bummed, but hopefully I’ve made a few others slightly happier. Maybe.

  138. Ah, rats. What is the saying – the heights of joy to the depths of dispair? I logged on here to extol how wonderful The Shrine was, only to be crushed by the news of the cancellation.

    As one of the hated “older viewers”, I’m not surprised. I kinda expected this. But I wish certain people (no names) would reconsider their disdain for “older viewers”. All Nielsen and other ratings surveys show that 20-something viewers pretty much aren’t watching TV, and sure as heck aren’t home watching TV on a Friday night! They’re out partying and clubbing, like I did when I was that age. I wish that SciFi, MGM, and others would understand that there is nothing evil about viewers over 30. We have more money, dudes — we have way more disposable income and we SHOULD be more attractive to advertisers, not less. Pretty soon, those people are going to be part of the hated ‘older demographic’ themselves.

    I do understand the ‘less mythology’ aspect, though. Many of my friends were unwilling to sample SG1 in it’s later years, or SGA, becuase of the perception that it’s a convoluted series not accessible to the casual viewer.

    I loved SG1, and SGA, and I will miss both. I’ll give SGU a fair chance, but I’m not hopeful. If it does indeed turn into Stargate 90210 — if it ends up looking like the parody in “200” — I’m outta there. And so help me, if a 13-year-old twerp is working helm on the ship………

    Thank you to all the cast, crew, directors, and writers of SGA for five wonderful years, and may you live long in SGA movies. Good luck to everyone in their upcoming projects, whatever those may be.


    I don’t feel like writing alot about The Shrine right now, too unhappy. But what a wonderful episode. Brad Wright and the cast knocked this out one of the park. Gold Medal Winner. Whatever other sports metaphor fits. Aces all around.


    Thanks for saying you’ll keep up with the blog. I really hope you keep recommending books. Thanks to you I’m back into reading SF again, after not reading much the past few years, and now have a new favorite writer in John Scalzi, who I spent most of Denvention (The World SF Con) stalking from panel to panel he was on, and even getting up at 7am after going to bed a 3am, to be sure I could sign up for his “Kaffeeklatsch”, which is a chance to sit at a table with an author and only 8 ‘fans’, and have a real one on one. He is as funny in person as he is in his writing. For this alone, I owe you so much. Thank you, thank you for everything.

    I’m so sad.

  139. Oh crap! I forgot Alex Levine! It’s horrible that, just when he gets his foot in the door in writing an episode, the show ends. Well, like the other writers, I wish him the best of luck in getting a position at SGU, or finding even more success elsewhere. His SciFi blog has been a great read, second only to Joe’s of course. 😉

  140. Oh, and Lawren! Good luck to him too, in whatever he does in the future! Being an assistant to Joe must’ve been…fun. Heh. 😀

  141. Joe,

    Watched tonights The Shrine. Thanks for making me cry like a baby. Loved it! Rodney and John’s moment on the pier was great. Sad the show is ending after a great run. I’ll be a fan for life. I respect all the actor’s and the crew for putting all their talent to a great show and entertaining us week after week. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. Thank you for this wonderful show! All the best for Stargate Universe, Atlantis and SG1 movies. Okay, “tear”, If any of the staff and crew and actor’s are reading this, thank you for your hard work in making Atlantis a great show. Thanks, Joe! Love your blog!

  142. Thanks Joseph for being our sounding board even if we are stomping hard on you and we know it is not you.

    I didn’t know the cast and/or crew read your blog, so, in the event they do again, I just wanted to say thanks for entertaining me as well as making me feel like a part of a hugh family. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Joseph, will we get more than one movie? Like I said last night, maybe 4 or 5 a year (lol) or at least 2 or 3?

    It is all so depressing. My friend was like, “Linda what are you going to do? you love that show”. I had no words or answers for that matter.

    I have only felt like this for one other show in my time and that was when the did away with “Emergency”. Ok, I was like 10/11, but I liked the show a lot. I actually like Stargate Atlantis more.

    Have to get some sleep now need to get up in 2 hours. It is gonna be a long saturday.

  143. Oh my how I wish it was Sheppard having the emergency surgery! Oh but I know deep down that it isn’t *cries* ( I know we will never get ‘ginger cake’ for Sheppy!)

    It is probably lady whump – eek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. WHAT THE ….GET THE ….Cancelling SGA?? ratings better than last year?? A show that has not even reached its prime yet. For a show called Stargate Universe geared around teenagers? Joe and Paul are not even writers on this series Frick and Frak are the only one’s hogging it up. Hey Coop this one looks like its headed down the Coop shoot.

  145. Well, I haven’t been around to comment on your blog lately, when I dropped by today and saw the last two entries I was sorry I hadn’t had time.

    So firstly I just want to say I’m sad to hear that Season 5 will be the last season for Atlantis (at this stage at least, it’s science fiction so I’m of the mind that anything is possible).

    Secondly, I’m relieved to hear your wordpress writings will continue. They’ve been endless entertainment and insights for me since I started reading your blog (just over a year ago actually…happy anniversary!).

    Thirdly I’m excited about the idea of a Stargate Atlantis movie, and also about what the future holds for all the people who’ve worked on Atlantis. Over the past few years I feel I’ve become familiar with the work of the cast, crew and writers (I think “writers” are in a category all of their own, and not in the “crew” one, but I could be wrong there and no offence is meant).

    What I’ve noticed is consistently high standards of work from all areas. When a viewer can tell who has directed an episode, or who’s written it etc before the opening credits, that to me shows a distinct style and quality which I believe will lead to many great things for the people involved in creating Stargate Atlantis. It takes a lot for a production to work, and I think you guys had a great run, so while I’m sad it’s coming to some sort of end (what is an end, really, but a new beginning?), I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for the names I’ve seen every time I watch an Atlantis episode. Everyone involved has my support, and I’m sure it’s the same with many other people who watch the show.

    Thirdly, due to four jobs my busy life has led to a lack of reading time for this blog. So I’m off to catch up on all I’ve missed this past month. No doubt that will keep me entertained for a while…


  146. littlemckay said:

    We haven’t given up hope!

    Do you want more than just a movie? Help Save Stargate Atlantis at

    Campaigns are already in planning stages and we have a vlog/photo compilation idea planned already lol.

    Just to let everyone know, the site is in beta mode. It is 100% functional but tomorrow I (the web designer with no current internet access at home!!!) will be completely redoing the site to make it look as good at the first flash intro.

    A good start littlemckay, but the site needs a lot of work. A professional site is taken more seriously. I think you need to start with a stronger logo.

    I whipped up an idea for a logo – check out my blog. Feel free to use this idea if you wish, or not. Please let me know if you need any help.

    Cheers, chev

  147. Sorry if there are duplicates…either puter or wp was chewing up the post.

    Heya Joe,
    Absent due to being in Vancouver for Gatecon.

    So thrilled to be at the convention to see RDA and be close to the StarGate “native land,” and so disappointing to learn what is happening in “stupid executiveland.”

    The decision to not re-up for season 6 is shocking, stupid…insert adjective(s) or expletive(s) of choice. Actually heart breaking as we love our SGA episodes and our family – cast, crew, writers, and all connected with the preparation and delivery of episodes to fans.

    The movies are not a replacement for our weekly episodes; however, will most certainly get them as they are released. I need my Stargate fix!

    Thank you for all the reassurances of continuing to keep your band of blog readers sated with all of our escapades and possible StarGate related items and news. Remember, yes, we love and want to learn of StarGate Atlantis, but we also love to hear about things = Joe.

    Need to pout some more…

  148. Hi Joe, sorry to hear about SGA, hope we’ll get lots of Atlantis DVD movies instead… Tell Brad Wright I loved “The Shrine” especially the Rodney/Keller moments and tell David he’s a great actor. However I’m pissed off that this ship (Rodney/Keller) got so much in just one year (date, love confession, kisses, future marriage, …) while we, Sam/Jack shippers, are still left hanging after 11 years…

  149. I have to agree with the others that find the whole ‘catering to a younger audience’ thing a bit offensive. I mean, I just turned 31 this month and I in no way consider myself old and I don’t find any of the regular cast to be geezers either.

  150. “However, if one of the movies could be a musical, that would go a long way towards fixing things.”

    ‘Todd: The Musical’


    Oh yeah, I wasn’t gonna do that anymore… 😛

  151. Hey ponytail – JM is the last one to blame. Those decisions are made in higher offices. Unfortunately.

    But we are promised more Stargate so YAY . I love the team chemistry. And i like season 4 – though I might belong to the minority there. I missed Carson a lot but there were good stories in it. Mistakes have been done but they listened to us fans – so what can we expect more? We cannot undo things. Stargate is a franchise which is really close to its fans and I love that. So please stop these hate mails. show your love and sign the

  152. To the Department of Monkey-Headed Waffle Trumpets (TV Division):

    Thanks doesn’t seem like much of a word to convey how much we appreciated the hard work you put into the show. It was one wow after another. So anyway, thanks!

    Cheers, chev

    p.s. still scratching my head about the waffle trumpets and why they have monkey heads. maybe you had to be there.

  153. I just watched “the shrine” episode 6 of season 5, and it was easily in my top 3 atlantis episodes. Its nice to see that atlantis is only getting better as it enters unfortunately its last season. SG-1 was the gateway drug for me into scifi, as I enter my last year of highschool. You should be glad to know that unlike many scifi fans, I did not grow up with ST or SW (as much as I now enjoy SW:RTOJ or TNG :p) I grew up with stargate. Infact I live by the studio, in burnaby and often took the skytrain past the studio wondering if there were other SG fans on the train. I also would like to wish the cast and crew of atlantis and bridge studios the best of luck, and hopefully we’ll see much more from atlantis after the end of the tv series.

  154. My dentist strongly urged me to avoid chewing my numbened tongue and cheek at lunch (Alan felt this was sound advice I could apply to most any meal).

    I concur, Alan is a smart man.

    Like I said yesterday (although wordpress appeared to have changed my name) the writers, cast and crew have done the most spectacular job, I am very appreciative of you all. A big well done.

    Joe, I’ll be sticking around to read about “outrageous culinary exploits, my dogs, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster’s film critiques, and assorted things Stargate.” I read your blog first thing in the morning when I wake up; it never ceases to make me laugh and gives me a wonderful start to the day. Thank you. =]

  155. I can’t believe what a great epi the shrine was, but is was bittersweet. I am now even sadder. Knowing this is the last season makes watching the rest of this season very hard. Was hoping sgu would be something to watch, but with what has been written so far, I think not. I didn’t like 90210 when I was young, and now a little older really don’t want to watch it. It feels like the loyal fans are being taken advantage of. TPTB figure we the older group will watch because it is sg, but I think they will be surprised. Hope many movies are made of Atlantis. Hope the cast and crew the best. Will support them in all they do. Thank you Joe for letting us vent. Hope the cast and crew understands how in not the best of times they have made Friday nights fun, and giving us oldies a chance to escape for a while.

  156. Loved loved loved loved loved LOVED LOVED the shrine! I couldnt take my eyes off the screen! Its one of my all time favourite episodes, it was fantastic!!!!!!!!! So funny, sad, uplifting and heart warming, god I loved it.

  157. Well, firstly thank you for saying you are not going to abandon us here at your daily blog – my breakfast here in the UK would never be the same.

    Secondly, appalled that SGA is being put to movies already -sounds like a Sci Fi money spinner to me, but better than not having Atlantis at all. Can I put in my request for sex with Todd again, please???

    Thirdly, I now have the answer to why so much Keller. Stargate Voyager, sorry Universe, will be for the ‘younger’ generation and Keller is an example of what the younger generation want to see, obviously, so yah boo sucks to me and the oldies over 30!!

  158. Dear Joe,

    The Shrine was AMAZING! One of the best episode ever!!
    Please, let the Atlantis movies be like that… with team bonding scenes, and plots were the characters grew closer. They are a family and we love them just for that.

    And again, I want to thank you all for the oustanding work you did. Season 5 is the best season so far…. and knowing that it’s going to be the last, make me feel so sad.

    P.S. Aww…I’m sorry for the chewed lip

  159. Re: pre-chewed food…you are weird! 🙂 (I know you were kidding…but weird! It is one of the things I enjoy about you.) Hope your lower lip isn’t too torn up. Ouch. And glad to hear there’s a future at wordpress. Where else would I go for this kind of stuff?

    The Shrine was fabulous! I cried my way through it. What writing and performances…Dave Hewlett was incredible. My family all watched and said “wow”. We’ll be rewatching it this weekend.

  160. Oops–meant to add that the “sitting on the pier” scene was incredibly beautiful. I’m always amazed at how real the make-believe stuff looks and feels.

  161. Without the great cast (and more so the crew-can’t have a production without them) SGA wouldn’t have gotten so far.

    I’m just glad I got to be fan of SGA. People (ie the fans) just need to realize that things like this (cancellation) was eventually going to happen. Yes, I would have LOVED to see season 6 but things happen and those cards were dealt.

    This show just re-enforces why I want to work in the “business” (as a crew member) even with heart ache that happens with a cancellation.

  162. So, this SGA movie, according to Brad Wright, is a stand-alone story that will ‘attract new viewers’? I’m dissapointed. The least that could’ve been done was wrapping up the story for the old fans. Sigh.

  163. Joe,
    will you keep us updated on what Carl and Marty G and Alan are doing. (I know I’m not supposed to be mean spirited but I just don’t care about BW and RC.) On a happy note it’s coming into footy finals time so would Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster like to do a review on Australian Rules Football?

  164. Hey Joe, firstly, can i thank you for all the years of SG-1 and Atlantis that you’ve given us, and for maintaining this blog. Its rare that i comment, yes, but its always a chuckle reading about your adventures, as well it is insightful learning how much work truly goes into the making of these two shows.

    Secondly, about tonights show. I loved it. I’ll not brown my nose as much as to pretend all episodes of SGA are truly amazing, but The Shrine was amazingly well put together. My credit to the writing team, as well as David Hewlett for his amazing portrayal as a dementia patient. I work 19 days a week (ha) in a residential care home, and I was impressed with his acting.

    Thanks Joe.

  165. And, just to point out, we’re not stupid. Atlantis gets cancelled and SGU gets a green light the next day? Wow, what a cosmic coincedence. Sorry BW, but if Atlantis gets cancelled for SGU then just admit it instead of going through this bullshit. It just pisses me off.

  166. Well, got home last night just in time to see “The Shrine.” What a great episode, and I screamed at Rodney’s admission of his feelings on tape. The fact that Jennifer was watching it over and over again made me doubly happy. The scene that was the best to me was John and Rodney on the pier. Kudos to all, particularly David Hewlett for a great performance.

    Then I got online and saw the horrible news. I am not a “younger viewer” and everything I’ve heard about Universe makes it sound like a cross between Voyager and BSG, two shows I have never liked. Add to that the fact that my favorite series gets tossed aside for this new show makes me angrier. Now, I see that ridiculous interview with Brad Wright, how wonderful this is for the fans that we have a new series. Come off it, Brad, we got screwed for your new baby.

    I’ll probably give Universe a try, but I’m not stupid and won’t watch the show simply because it has the name Stargate. If it stinks, I won’t waste me time.

  167. Re: “The Shrine”.

    Incredible, poignant, heart-breaking episode.

    And *this* is the episode aired after news of SG:A’s cancellation? Could there be a more nonsensical decision on the part of MGM?

  168. Don’t kill Zelenka, please!
    I think there is room on the Destiny for a Czech funny little scientist.
    After all Zelenka is young, hot and aimed at a younger generation!
    And please Joe, don’t forget the
    Jack/Daniel confirmations!!!

  169. *puts soapbox down and walks away from it*

    I’m NOT getting on it no way, no sirree bob!

    I’m just going to say thank you to everyone, cast, crew, writers, directors all for making our lives a little brighter than they were. You came into fans lives like a breath of fresh air and we’re glad to have been around to join the party. Joe, you especially have opened my eyes to what a special bunch of people you all are and have shared with us some of the truly intimate moments behind Atlantis.

    I for one will follow your work wherever you may go as I have gotten used to your ugly mugs and you don’t write too bad either.
    Great news that your keeping this den of iniquity open too, you might want to start serving coffee tho.

  170. I was doing fairly well accepting the news of SGA’s cancellation until I read Brad Wrights interview. What a slap in the face to the loyal fanbase that has supported Stargate for the past 11 years. I think it’s totally callous to announce this new pet project without even allowing the news to sink in about SGA’s cancellation.
    So SGA is being replaced for a new and younger model. Sorry but I have no interest in teenage Stargate and I have 3 teenagers who have no interest at all in scifi. They are too busy out partying to bother about sitting in to watch scifi shows. The ptb are clueless when it comes to demographics.

    On another note the Shrine offered wonderful performances, especially by Joe Flanigan. David did a good job too but his acting style have never really appealed to me. I’m still hoping that Joe Flanigan will also get his tour de force episode, though with the show ending this season I fear I won’t get it.
    As much a I adore SGA I won’t miss the obsession with McKay and the chunk of the meaty material being lavished on his character. But hopefully all the characters will get the attention they deserve before the show sails off into the night.

  171. Hey Joe,

    I just wanted to quickly say that “The Shrine” was absolutely beautiful.

    Good job!


  172. One more from me!

    The Shrine:

    First off, given the recent news, that was just a beautifully cathartic episode. Whew.

    Bravo David Hewlitt. Very moving performance, and it was good to see another side to Rodney. His admission to Jennifer was surprising, but touching too.

    The pier scene, with the beer, funny and moving all at once. “Arthur” cracked me up.

    Woolsey talking of his father and Alzheimers. I’ve no doubt many fans were watching and thinking of someone they know who has been affected.

    The shrine, which we’ve heard will be the scene for a poignant last day together so that a person can die with honor, and how does McKay react? WHAT? Classic McKay.

    Great episode everybody!

  173. How much wouldit cost to save Atlantis. I have about £800 thats like $1600 canadian. Is that enough???????


  174. My.. I seem to be in a spamming mood today. Apologies.

    Anyhows, just finished watching ‘The Shrine’ and t’was absolutely brilliant. The on-screen chemistry between Joe and David is second to none. They seem to play off one another to perfection and I, for one, am gonna miss that kinda character bond/relationship/friendship more than anything else once we reach the end of the season.

    Loooved the beer scene. And spat my second cup of coffee over the laptop at ‘Arthur’.

    Someone owes me a new one.. >.>

    Anyways, great work guys. A thorough enjoyment and an absolute pleasure to watch. In fact, so much so, that GW got an ‘Outstanding’ on my poll today.. and I don’t give those little buggers away lightly.

    Was enthralled 😉

  175. Thank you Joseph for your explanations around the cancellation of SGA and what to expect next. (And I sympathise with your point “sixthly”, aw!)

    It is very comforting to know that the last episode of the season will not end on a cliffhanger. At least, we will get some sense of closure and be able to look back at the past 5 years and be glad of how great it was. SGA will go away with its head high and proud.

    And of course there will be the film (filmS? fingers crossed…), which I’m already very eager to hear about. I sure hope the mysterious guest character is Todd, and that he continues his series of uneasy alliances with Atlantis. I love how they work together, not being able to fully trust each other, but still helping rather than fighting each other. Scary, unsettling, but ally, that’s the way I love Todd. 🙂

    Nevertheless, I feel sad. There are still so many things we don’t know (about wraith, notably!) Even though I’m excited about the future films, they can’t really be the same as a full season. They will have to be more fast-paced, more self-contained if they want to attract a larger audience, or I suppose so. Fast-paced and self-contained is great in its own way, but it leaves less room for more subtle character development and other kind of things that develop only with time. And of course, unless you make 10 films a year, our hunger for SGA will not be fully satisfied.

    So while I’m happy to get neat 5 seasons + the films, I’ll miss the main team, the great and mysterious city of Atlantis, Todd, the wraith as a race, the Genii, the replicators (yep, I’m one of those rare replicators-fans), Zelenka, Lorne, Woolsey… You all did a wonderful job during this five years.

  176. *ducks flying opinion*

    Wow. There are a lot of feelings up there. I feel ya guys, I really do. Just a little overwhelming for a person who tries to read a majority of the comments.

    *big breath*

    Alright. Let’s see. *rubs hands together*

    I am acutely aware of the fact that David Hewlett does not like the word “awesome” for various and sundry reasons, I’m sure. But I must say that “The Shrine of Talus,” in the most original definition of the word, was awesome.

    It wasn’t “hey man that’s cool” awesome it was “totally riveted me by acting and story concept to the point where my eyes were constantly wide to see what came next” awesome.

    I loved the plot. I’m a big fan of non-linear storylines that lead up to a unified conclusion. And wow, if this is truly the last season of Stargate Atlantis you are pulling out all the stops in character development. I’m sensing you were more sure of this being Atlantis’ last season than you were of what would happen after the 5th season of SG1. I don’t know the reasons for that and I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

    I feel as if I needn’t say anything about the acting that hasn’t already been said. (But I’ll say it anyway…) John Sheppard! You do have feelings! Joe did fantastic. I joke to myself about John being the Tin Man because he’s the stereotypical suppressed hero-type. But Joe really does to an excellent job playing that.

    Jason continues to surprise me with his acting. I guess all that time on Baywatch did pay off. He was on Baywatch, wasn’t he? Not that I watched Baywatch…

    Kate is pretty much cut from the same acting mold as David, I’ve decided. This means that she can be such a powerful acting presence, it hurts. This is a good thing, I promise. I’ve killed two emmy-deserving actors with one gold plated stone in this paragraph.

    And wow Jewel shone in this episode. I’m kicking the fact that this might be the last season for her and her character won’t be able to grow series-wise.

    Everyone was just so very good. A very well done character driven episode all around in every department. I do wish it wasn’t so sure that McKay was going to survive. That would have added a whole new layer to the emotion felt while watching this episode. I think a lot of that has to do with the way the promotions are run. I remember when I used to watch TV and really didn’t know whether this or that character was going to survive the next episode. But I think the fact that this episode was just a great episode all around helped me to overlook the predictability of the ending.

    Oh, gee. What else. Hm.

    Well, for anyone interested, Target in the U.S. is selling a bunch of plastic lemons for 5 bucks. That’s probably less than a dollar a lemon. You know. Random interesting factoid and all.


    If you get a chance (and it’s okay if you wrap up this sentiment in everyone else’s online comments, I’m okay with generalization) tell everyone, cast and crew, that you can get your hands on when next you see them how very much it has meant to have them make and produce this series. It’s been a fantastic romp. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the genuine niceness of everyone involved to the fans (thoroughly impressed to the stamina on that front as well).

    I don’t know what the “young people” want (I’m 25, beats me what my generation craves in television) but I hope Stargate Universe does its duty in appealing to them. Though I’m upset about SGA ending, I have a feeling that because it wasn’t unexpected everyone has been on the search for what they want with the next stage of their careers. I also won’t boycott Universe though I shall look at it a bit more critically than I even looked at with Atlantis. (I wasn’t at all sure about Atlantis when I first saw it).

    I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next. Keep in touch, complete stranger.


  177. Ok, reading all the comments in your blog is making me cry! I don’t want SGA to be cancelled, especially not for SGU!:( Yes, yes, I know. Business decisions and all. But I’m still heartbroken, and angry.

    I don’t want a Stargate show aimed at a younger demographic. What’s wrong with older viewers? Huh? We have a much more disposable income, for goodness sakes! It feels like you reach 30 and then you’re just a has been -no longer required or needed as far as MGM and SciFi are concerned. I don’t want SGU, I WANT ATLANTIS!

    When I watched the pier scene in The Shrine, I just shook my head and wondered why the hell ANYONE in their right mind would cancel a show which can produce that sort of writing and most importantly, acting! The chemistry between Joe and David is just unique, and I’m going to miss that so much! I had tears rolling down my cheeks when I just watched that scene, and now I’m sad and mad as hell that I won’t be able to get my weekly fix of SGA next season. I think seeing that scene really hit home for me what I’m not going to be getting soon 🙁

    I loved many parts of The Shrine. The scenes between McKay and Sheppard, particularly the pier scene and the scene leading up to that…well, I was in tears. As I was in the opening scenes with Jeannie talking to Rodney. Sniff.

    I found some scenes incredibly hard to watch as McKay deteriorated. It was terrible! Sniff.

    I can’t pretent I liked the McKeller bit at the end. Bleh. But I can overlook it, I guess. I still think Keller is waaay too emotionally involved in her patient and that it’s not appropriate though. Sorry. 😆

    But, I did think The Shrine had some wonderful, memorable scenes. One’s I’ll always treasure. I’m sorry, but let’s see if SGU can equal that, huh?

    Anyway, I just saw the promo for Whispers, and I’m very excited about it.

    I’m still so sad about SGA’s cancellation. It makes the recent set visit I was so lucky to have EVEN more special to me. Sniff….

  178. Although I’m sad that the show wasn’t picked up, I must say that you did a good job preparing me for the eventuality. It will be nice to see it go out on a high – this season has been terrific – and there is some merit to not dragging the show out past the point where the actors and writers are engaged and producing top of the line work. 5 years is a great run.

    Oh who am I kidding? I’m disconsolate.

  179. Just saw The Shrine…

    This is one of my very favorite types of episodes, the team friendship focused kind. It was so great to see how McKays friends dealt with it, and the talk between him and Shep was very nice.

    Jeannie’s always great to see. I heart teh Hewletts.

    I did have a “WTF?” moment, though. For the fourth time in as many seasons, elements of an ep have borne very strong resemblance to a SGA spec I wrote at the end of the first season. In this case, the whole thing about an alien parasite being lodged in McKay’s brain and sending tendrils out to affect his mental function. Of course, in my script the effect was entirely different, but still… seriously weirded me out. On the one hand, this is cool because of what I like to call the Stargate Psychic phenomenon, which I’ve seen other cases of as well, where somehow I or another fan will accidentally predict certain elements of upcoming episodes (as opposed to when I intentionally but incorrectly predict elements). On the other hand, it’s just one more thing that makes my script pretty useless as a spec because it looks like I ripped off the idea. …Seriously, though, that alien brain parasite thing (same character, even)… just such a specific coincidence that it kinda freaked me out a little.

  180. Forgive my typo previously! I meant ‘pretend’ not ‘pretent’ Guess I just invented a new word! 😆

  181. Said it before – Joe you’re a class act.

    Do you still plan to post a Q&A from Catherynne M. Valente or hasn’t she responded yet?

    The Shrine – for 41.5 min. one of the BEST SGA eps EVER. More tomorrow.
    Take care

  182. I am very saddened to hear about the cancelation. I agree that its had its ups and downs, but I really have enjoyed it. I also want you guys to know that I loved “The Shrine” Brad did a great job writing it. Personally McKay is my favorite character and I think this was his best episode, I hope that the growth continues. It’s hard to believe he is the same character that was giving Carter a hard time those many years ago.

  183. Hello Joe!

    I have never ever posted a comment ever before. I am a posting virgin, please be gentle with me everyone! I don’t even know if this is going anywhere, I am such a dork with IT stuff! And I am very sad that the occasion of my fist comment turns out to be the cancellation of SGA.

    My daughter and I only watch 2 shows on tv: SGA and The Unit. Because we live in the West of Ireland, I have to subscribe to Sky to see them both (500 + channels of mostly crap for 2 shows!!!)

    She started watching SGA because I did and I started watching the Unit because she did! She would drift by when I had SGA on and she started drifting slower and slower over the days and finally she sat down and watched a whole episode, entranced.

    And then she said: Mum, do you mind if we watch this from the first episode so I’ll know what’s going on?

    As if!

    It was wonderful watching it all again through the eyes of a newby! A few comments she made, which I fully share. come to mind:

    – The special effects are worthy of full blown movies

    – Why does every epi feel like you’re watching a whole movie’s worth of adventure and development when they’re only 42 mins long (Or should it be short?)? How do they do it? It’s why it’s called sci fi I suppose!

    – The set is amazing, beautiful. Atlantis is a character in the series.

    – All the actors are amazingly talented, even those who are not part of the main line up. We both love everyone on the show and enjoy the main actors’ performance enormously and equally, although we both have our favourites. Everyone of them created well rounded and believable human beings.

    – After watching DVDs over and over again, you start noticing details, people in the background and how well everything holds up to repeated watching.

    – The writing is astonishing, clever, funny, always interesting. The characters are so believable because they are flawed, they make mistakes but they also learn and grow, as we do. And they reflect the best that we can aspire to be.

    – We love every single episode! They all have something that we enjoy. They are not all on a par, quality wise, but they are all enjoyable for one reason or another. And depending on our moods, our favourite will change, which means that this show will stay with us forever. There isn’t another show amongst the many that I have seen over the years of which I can say that and I am no spring chicken (I am an autumn chick! Latest update: I’m told I could pass for late summer!)

    All of the verbiage above is to let everyone involved in SGA know that they are much loved and will be greatly missed, from the crew to the actors and to the writers, you included (Although I will keep up with the blog.) I have kept in mind what you once said about letting artists know that their work is much appreciated and you are all artists of the highest caliber! Be proud of yourselves and your work!

    I will make a point of following the actors’ further adventures in films/tv land and I am looking forward to the SGA movies but I can’t bear to watch SGU because I will be aware that SGA was cancelled just so SGU could see the light of day. It will be tainted for me.

    Thank you Joe!

  184. *sigh* So much for my “logic” thing. 🙁

    While I admit that the ONE movie TPTB have committed to so far is a good thing (can’t see many more coming for various reasons, one of them being actor availability — those girls and guys need a bit more than a movie a year to keep their families fed after all), I’d still much rather have 20 more episodes.

    Announcing the cancellation of SGA as a series now at least gives us the time to annoy MGM and SciFi for the remainder of season five. 😀 Have already bought plastic lemons, emptied juice out and signed them with the immortal SGA phrase “Oh crap!”

    PO doesn’t work at the weekends here, so they’ll go off on Monday. Even if it probably won’t change much, it’ll make me feel better.

    May I add my thanks to you all – writers, cast and crew – for the tremendous job you’ve done the past 5 seasons. SGA has filled my weekends with fun and adventure and I was hoping it would continue to do so for at least one more season. At the moment I am still harbouring the hope that a campaign CAN change TPTB’s minds for I’m too old to wait for movies spaced out months or even years apart — who knows if I make it that long? Yeah, I’m one of those “old” people who apparently aren’t wanted. 🙁

    Yesterday I listened to Brad Wright’s interview on Gateworld. All I can say to that and still stay polite is — lousy timing, bad choice of arguments. As someone who works with words for a living, he should have been able to do much better than “Hey, look at the new toy I got!”

    SGU will certainly get an audience of sorts, but I wouldn’t hope for too many of the SGA fanbase to make the move. My daughter is 23 and has been a Stargate fan for most of her life (okay, she had little choice, her mom has been an SF fan for the past 40 years and so there was not much of a chance to get around that). But like me, she doesn’t think the Stargate franchise needs rejuvenating. So, if not even the younger fans think SGA is old, who are TPTB trying to reign in?

    Ah…no more ranting. It makes my blood pressure go up and I don’t need that.

    Off to watch “The Shrine”. 🙂

  185. I’m avoiding dealing with my cancellation grief, right now, so I’m just going to compliment you on The Shrine.

    Honestly? I haven’t cried that much for an episode of TV in a very long time. And I think the last time I cried that much for Stargate was when we lost Janet Frasier. (Daniel’s first ascension was pretty close, though.)

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! An amazing acting job done by all concerned. A moving story. Great art direction. This episode had best win you guys some awards.

    I hope the damage you did to your mouth wasn’t too bad. Do you have some subconscious urge to go back and see your dentist? Because you keep doing things to provoke visits….

  186. Hey Joe,

    So lots of people on Stargate read your blog? Then I have a message for them:

    For everyone who works on Stargate Atlantis: YOU RULE!!! My WHOLE FAMILY (that’s me, my husband, my 14 year old daughter, my seven year old daughter, even my dog, my mom, my dad, AND my sisters AND their families) LOOOOOOOOOVES this show! You have given us FIVE AMAZING YEARS of excellent, witty, funny, touching, and even scary as well as exciting television. Friday nights will not be the same without our SGA. We truly appreciate the fantastic work you have all done here. Many thanks to all of you and best of luck in the future.

    I want to say a couple things about the Shrine. Brad wrote a beautiful story. Of course it had me crying. I thought the ending was very smart. The timing of this episode with the timing of the news of SGA being over after five seasons made it a VERY difficult epi to watch. Especially with all the talk of “Good-byes” and such. 🙁 Life is nothing if not ironic, eh?

    Joe, thank you for this blog. And thank you for listening. I hope you understand just how much it means to the fans. I talk about you and your blog to my friends and family. You have more fans than you know! Even if they don’t read the blog, I make sure they at least hear about it.

    And now Princess Erin has to get to her voice lesson. And then Jeremy and I have an actual *date* night. Still, I’m doing everything under one of those cartoon storm clouds. It seems it’s just raining over my head. *sigh*


  187. Hey Jo!

    Absolutely gutted to hear the news. As often happens we foreign fans are at the mercy of an American network when it comes to preserving the show we love.

    I believe that Atlantis has surpassed SG-1 in terms of quality, writing and character development to make it a better show than the one that gave birth to it. You are a part of the reason for that.

    I don’t care how much Wright tries to fudge the issue with diplomatic overtures to the fans but it seems quite clear that Atlantis is the sacrificial lamb in order for the new cash cow to take its place. The repeated use of the word “franchise” as if we are talking about some cheap and awful fried chicken outlet is indication enough of Wright and Copper’s train of thought.

    Am i angry? No, its only a tv show. I am, however, dismayed. I love the whole premise of Stargate, in all its guises, yet i find myself questioning whether i would even bother to watch the new show.

    Perhaps i read too much into it but i get the impression you might not be that involved with Universe. Hopefully you are but if not then stuff them. You’re a talented guy. I’m sure you’ll find work elsewhere.

    Rest assure that this guy in Scotland, no matter what it is, will check out whatever project you partake in next. I make no promises if that project is Universe though.

    All the best.

  188. Oh – wow, Joe. You guys get cancelled and then this episode airs? Every single thing about this episode was great. The script was fantastic, the performances – well. How is it possible that everyone broke my heart? How? David Hewlett … dear god. Joe Flanigan … likewise. Jason, Rachel, Kate, Jewel … everyone knocked it out of the park. (Jesus, you’ve got me gushing in sports metaphors!) And Atlantis at night … how much do I want to live there? With a holiday home on the Shrine planet (no wonder the wraith set up there, that place is awesome!)

    You know, this just kinda makes it harder to lose the show. Perhaps if you just make the next few episodes suck it’ll get easier? (Yeah, don’t do that.)

    A very sweet note from the VFX team above. They should also be patting themselves on the back tonight (and knocking back a few to celebrate). That submerged gate scene was awesome! Pretty damn special for a bunch of monkey-headed waffle trumpets, I say.

    And finally, RIP little parasite. That’s what you get for messing with our Rodney!

    *sigh* SGA – I <3 you!

  189. The Shrine


    Wow! Oh wow! It even brought tears to my eyes and I rarely, rarely react like that to a TV show!!

    The squeeing started at the first scene and just didn’t stop!! This is up there with Tao of Rodney and Grace Under Pressure for me, my two most fav eps (not three most fav eps!).

    Excellent, excellent episode. I can honestly say I liked everything in the episode (except for a minor shudder at the surgery bit – but hey, that doesn’t stop me watching House and this was less squicky than some of their scenes!!). I even like the McKay/Keller bits, which I thought were well handled, and although I wasn’t sure about this ship, I am now firmly in the pro-McKay/Keller camp – and am actually looking forward to seeing what happens in Tracker with Ronon… which is odd, ‘cos I normally so don’t do ships!

    As for that scene in John’s room and the pier…pure SQUEE!!!

    And Ronon; so determined, as is Teyla. And Jeannie!! Oh, wow!

    It was well written, excellently acted by all, especially David and Kate, and so, so full of angst! Poor Rodney, losing his mind must be his worst nightmare, no wonder he’s so terrified!

    I’m sure there’s loads I’m missing out here, but coherency is being drowned out by the total and utter glee I’m feeling for this episode!!


    Leesa – who has to watch it again…and again…!!

  190. I understand your tooth-pain. That happened to me once. I was so numbed up that I bit my lower lip. It swelled up like a balloon and stayed swollen for about a week (made even worse by the fact that I was a freshman in high school and had to give a presentation about something..eek). And then there was the wisdom teeth incident, but that’s another matter.

    To any cast and crew reading this, thank you so much for a great 5 seasons. I truly enjoyed watching your work and falling in love with the show. It will be missed.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thank you for keeping it going! Though I don’t comment often, er..rarely ever, I stop by every day to read what you say. Your sense of humor is refreshing (I think much the same way, and few people I run in to appreciate it..).


  191. You know, I was just thinking that perhaps some casual viewers will have heard of SGA’s cancellation, and then since there is no ep next weekend, get the false impression that the show is off the air permanently. I wonder if some people didn’t turn in to see The Shrine because they thought the show was gone.

  192. Mais cette serie m’inquiéte un peu jespert qu’elle sera aussi bien que sga!

    Il veul toucher un public plus jeune en plus, et toute les fan que je connait on entre 13 et 25 ans O_O. Et a 18 ans je ne me trouve pas veille.

    Je me demande se qu’i vont nous sortir de plus jeune ?? Lol quelque chose genre Dora l’exploratrice XD

    Dora Univers:

    Hello! my name is Dora!
    It ‘s a gate!
    Repeat please, a Gate!

    Yééé, you are a winner!!*

    lol…désoler pour ce moment d’égarement ^^!

  193. This will probably get drowned out in all the SGA cancellation stuff, but hopefully you see this. It’s a comment that has nothing to do with the (unfortunate) cancellation:

    I just wanted to say a big thank you – to Brad Wright especially – for The Shrine. It… was a moving episode. It’s the best episode I’ve seen this season*, and one of the best episodes that you have ever made on both Atlantis and SG-1.

    (*Although we haven’t seen Whispers yet Joe, so you never know!!! 😉 )

    It was an episode that surprised me, and I like it when I get surprised. I was expecting Sci-Fi Cliche Plot #4b – Character loses memory slow, other characters try to find way to fix character, character gets fixed. The end. I thought we’d already done the memory thing on Tabula Rasa (an episode I really enjoyed, but didn’t think we needed to do the ‘memory thing’ again).

    But rather than that, we got a detailed character piece that really showed what Stargate is capable of. Rodney’s frustration in the videos, his regressed and – I have to say it as there’s no other way to say it – retarded mental state, and the anguish that everyone else goes through – Keller, his sister, even Ronan, was incredible.

    But then we get that scene where Rodney comes running to Shep’s door, and those two scenes (in Shep’s room and on the pier) were just perfect. The episode never once focused on the ‘will he survive’ aspect of it, because you guys have long since learnt that putting our main characters in jeopardy like that doesn’t work because we know they’ll be back next week (Paul McGillion notwithstanding).

    I’m still digesting all my thoughts on this one, and I’ll know I’ll be watching it a couple more times, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Brad and to everyone who brought this episode to the screen. It was memorable. It was perfect.

    Thank you.


  194. Oh, and before I forget, also I thought the bits with Keller and Rodney were great. I’ve never been one for ship, especially when it’s something that’s forced (something I always felt the Sam/Jack thing would be if it had ever actually been seriously acknowledged).

    The Keller/Rodney thing, whilst out of the blue in The Last Man (although perfectly understandable given their situation in that episode), has been working this Season, and it just feels ‘right’.

    So thank you to everyone involved for not shying away from that.


  195. I’m 30 years old but I guess I’m too old for MGM target audience. I gave 10+ years of my life to SGA and SG-1.

    I guess SGU is for the Hollister and Abercrombie crowd….

    Funny, because that crowd is the kind that doesn’t even care about sci-fi……

    I wish SGU the best of luck, I just don’t feel lightning can strike twice this time around….

  196. I wanted to say how much I loved The Shrine and the beautiful moments between Rodney and John.
    So sorry for the cancellation, you guys and gals have done an excellent job for these past few years. Please accept my thanks to you, the cast and crew for a job very well done.

  197. Joe…I’m going to try (TRY!) to put on my serious face for just a moment…so bear with me.

    As you can probably figure out, most of what I say here is a bit tongue-in-cheek – I nag, I whine, I go off on tangents – but for the most part I’m having fun, and though I am dead serious about the survival of you-know-who (Todd!) and you-know-what (Wraith!), I do realize you cannot cater to my whims, so please never feel like I’m trying to ‘force’ something on you. I feel comfortable voicing my opinions here because you’ve made me feel comfortable, and so I ‘talk’, just to be able to say the stuff in my head (and sometimes my heart) out loud, even if it will never matter.


    I do ask of you this one thing…

    Help us understand where you stand in all of this, and where we can play a part. As fans of the show, and as fans who appreciate all you have done for SGA, we really would like to help, not hurt, the continuation of this part of the franchise. However…things are so cryptic right now it’s hard to know WHAT we should do, or where we should rest our hope.

    First off, we know that the show would not continue until the end of time, and though it did end prematurely, at least we have a movie to look forward to. It’s not ‘over’, it’s just changed format. However, this raises both questions and concerns, some of which I feel should be addressed now, hopefully to refocus fans and turn their frustration with the cancellation to enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

    I realize some of these are very hypothetical questions and you cannot make promises. I am NOT looking for promises, just trying to figure out what role WE fans can play in helping YOU – and the rest who made SGA possible – during this time of transition. So, here goes…

    1. I have to get this one out of the way: Is it possible that this movie is merely a ‘bone’ tossed to both fans and crew/cast alike to appease them, with no intention of making a second or third movie down the line? Please be as frank as possible here, we are NOT fools, and can easily see through corporate hooey (especially now). If you sense insincerity in their ‘promises’, please, let us know now so that we can have our voices heard well enough in advance of any final decisions.

    2. If other movies are planned, it still seems to me that the future of SGA hinges on the success of this first movie. If it does not do well, that will be the end. Am I correct is saying this?

    3. If the first movie is well-supported and successful, then how often do you see SGA movies being produced? Once a year? Twice? More – less?

    4. Is this first movie definitely going to be an on-air Sci Fi movie, followed by DVD release, or is just a DVD release? If the first one does well, what about the release of future movies, or is it too early to tell?

    5. If all goes well, what do you foresee as the earliest possible release ‘date’ (i.e. beginning/middle/end of a particular year) for the first movie? Latest date?

    Joe, by addressing the above as honestly as possible, you can help us rally behind you and the cast and crew and the entire SGA franchise. Already some have said they’d even boycott the movie, which – in my opinion – would just be a bullet to the foot. If the cancellation is a done deal, then at least we can support the future, IF there is going to be a future. With so many disheartened right now they really need something to look forward to, so if that ‘something’ is going to be movies, tell us HOW TO MAKE THOSE MOVIES A SUCCESS, but at the same time, you need to reassure us that it’s going to be worth our effort.

    Otherwise – as with Michael – two betrayals may be more than we can take.


  198. Hey, I liked this episode much more than I thought I would. I expected to be bored – I generally don’t care for Hewlett’s over the top acting style and I really dislike watching even more subtle actors play mentally disabled people. So that part of the story I did not enjoy at all.

    But Joe Flanigan (speaking of more subtle actors) was just so good. Really touching, but in a believabley Sheppard way. And the bare feet and the silly giggling on the pier. Very cute.
    I liked Teyla and Keller here too. And Woolsey in his short scenes.
    It’s because of their performances, not because of McKay, that I enjoyed the episode.
    Plus, the scene of the team on top of the gate was beautiful.

  199. As one of 200 posts I really shouldn’t be posting a second time. I know this may sound inappropriate given all the sadness and venting, but are we going to hear from Mrs. Valente this week? Are we postponing comments and questions from The Church of Dead Girls?

    Basically I’m wondering if we are postponing BoTM and for how long.

    Thanks Again Joe

  200. I’m still feeling very upset and angry over the whole thing but I do want to say a HUGE thankyou to you Joe, for understanding why so many of us feel the way we do about the cancellation and for giving us the opportunity to express that here.


  201. Chevron7 – you really REALLY don’t want Hexed as apparently it might involve hair whump.
    Now, that kind of whump is too extreme to even be contemplated.
    *shudders at the very idea*

  202. Watched “The Shrine” last night, OMG, what an utterly gorgeous episode. I teared up several times during it. Fantastic performances from all the actors, especially the Hewletts, and Joe Flanigan. The scene between Sheppard and McKay on the pier was one of the loveliest, most touching moments in all of Stargate. Thank you (and everyone involved) for this.

    It truly saddens me that MGM/Sci-Fi have seen fit to cancel this show. And replace it with something that sounds rather dreadful. But I guess I’m too old to be of interest to them as a viewer.

  203. And…as always…in my haste I forgot to say ‘Thank you for considering my questions’. 😛 Bad habit of mine…which I blame on my itchy ‘submit comment’ finger, and the lack of an edit feature…AND that tricksty Rogue Winkie.

    So, thanks, Joe. I do appreciate you taking the time to at least read my comments, even if you cannot respond to them.


  204. Wow. I just watched The Shrine and I have to say that with each episode passing this season, I am growing more and more impressed with the show. The characters /actors are have finally found their skin. They are fluid, emotional, believeable…whatever. I can’t seem to explain it right. Everyone worked together to create a seamless show. VERY impressive considering the show has now been canceled. Still don’t understand it, no matter what reason is thrown out there. But I’ve accepted it because that’s life.

    So I’m sure a ton of others are asking this, but the scene at the pier in The Shrine, near the end…was that ad-libbed where McKay says “Aurther”, quickly followed by Sheppard spitting out his beer? LOVED IT.

    Thank you a million times over to the cast and crew for giving us little slices of escape from reality. 🙂

  205. Questions for Sharon: How has it been working on Atlantis for your brief time? Any memoriable scenes that have stuck with you?

    By the way Joe, will we finally get to see Micheal and Todd in the same place and at the same time or are they actually just avoiding each other?

  206. I have a better idea: Why don’t TPTB give the show with the People’s Choice award and solid ratings another season and run the Stargate Universe concept via a couple of movies to see if it captures anyone’s interest?

    BTW, TPTB should realize that the younger audience they are wooing were introduced to Stargate by fossils (er, i mean fans) like myself. My kids (age 15 and 19) and their friends were equally appalled by the cancellation news. Atlantis has a multigenerational appeal.

  207. Two days I could not follow the news online and I got such a surprise as I then took a first look at the new mails regarding the cancellation of Atlantis.

    I was not always happy about Stargate Atlantis. First I was quite opposed to the show as the Wraiths were announced and described as the new enemy of the new SGA Team (Space Vampires?!).
    Then throughout the first season I began to like the new show, the new characters, the humour and the dark sides that were shown. And after Michael was brought in, I also enjoyed the Wraith storyline.
    Not all episodes were good ones in my opinion. Some were not very logical or just lame. The moment Beckett was killed, was a huge incident for the fan base. And the way you brought him back, was not very adequate for some fans. All things changes, and SGA changed a lot in the last seasons. That’s the way life goes.
    But I have not yet seen all the latest SGA episodes, so I can not make a full review here.

    Stargate Atlantis was a nice spin-off for Stargate SG-1. But it never came equal to the original series. SG-1 is a big ideal model for the Fans and we will see how well the next series will fulfill the hopes and expectations of these Fans.

    I am happy that you will continue with your blog. Although, I comment not usually, I enjoy reading it. And it is really interesting how a person can be so interested in special food. 🙂

    Best Regards,


  208. Just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful episode. To me, this is what Stargate is all about! The “Arthur” crack between John and Rodney had me laughing and even tearing up a bit. So great to see the team all working together again to save one of their own. Thank you!

    Going back a few days, we didn’t end up doing the “fast walk” competition in my team meeting. Instead it came up in a manager meeting and now we’re doing a whole Olympic theme for a department-wide contest, including of course, the fast walk. 🙂 Should make for a few laughs! 🙂

  209. WOW! The Shrine! This was absolutely amazing. There were so many great character moments, and the acting all around (but especially David Hewlett) was incredible. This has got to be one of the better Atlantis episodes – just very moving all around. They slowly lose McKay, then all of a sudden they get him back, then they have to tell him he’s going to die anyway…wow.

    It’s usually Sheppard that always comes up with the crazy plan that works in the end, but I love that in this ep it was Ronon who came up with it and pushed for it. Sheppard gets his crazy plan moment later with the drill, but Ronon started it.

    Great special effects. The gate underwater was just cool. I would have loved to have seen them first stepping out of the gate and into the water. The parasite thing in the brain was very cool looking too – so creepy, it gave me chills.

    The video segments showing the progress of the disease, I think because it was just McKay’s face, was really in your face and personal. It forced you to go through was the other characters were going through in watching him degrade. Totally heartwrenching, and again kudos to all the acting.

    “You’re a good friend, Arthur.” My favorite line of season 5 so far.

    Thanks to everyone for putting out such a great episode! (what episode are those emergency surgery pics from? – ooh, I can’t way for the rest of this season…!!!)

  210. Hello,
    I have never posted on a website before so I thought this would be a good place to start. I’m pretty disappointed in MGM’s decision to end Stargate Atlantis, their tactics don’t really make sense to me but hey thats politics for you. Not that long ago I wrote a short story that I shared with a few friends of, including an English professor from the local college here, and they told em to give it to you even though the show was canceled. I don’t know if you want any other people’s ideas or not but I thought this is the best way to get a hold of you. Maybe someday we’ll see that movie come out or possibly two. Which would be great, so I hope everything goes okay for the entire cast and crew. I’m really sorry you guys are getting the boot, that really sucks.

    I hope everybody has a great day,
    my condolences to the cast and crew and thank you all for a wonderful job that you all done over the past years.


  211. Shrine=greatness. Wow, just wow.

    Sharon: Sometimes do you wish the gate would work?? *g*

  212. Just wanted to say how much i loved the the Shrine, i think that has to be one of star gates best ever eps and was the Arthur line ad-libbed.
    Just wondered because never seen the 2 charters of John and Rodney laugh like that before so i thought maybe it was David and Joe laughing sorry if that does not make any sense.

  213. Mr. M, thank you for listening to our venting & for your understanding.

    I’ve been reading fans’ comments to yesterday’s entry & there are a lot of thoughtful, aggrieved people speaking their minds. I’ve also read your today’s blog, and I must (grudgingly) say, that I feel comforted by your words.

    I’ve made my peace with SGA’s end, and I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL to the cast, crew, the writers and producers for giving us good 5 years. (I’m willing to disregard a couple of low points 😉 I wish you all well, and hope to see you involved in SGA films as well as other projects. Here is my big collective ***HUG*** to everyone involved in SGA’s production. You’ve enriched my life in more ways than you’ll ever know. Nani

  214. I was about to ask you the same thing – why aren’t your pictures clicking anymore! Sadly, I have no idea how you would fix it, though I’m sure you’ve already read all those computer experts who already posted.
    I loved the Shrine, it took me on a whole roller coaster of emotions, and even knowing beforehand that McKay’s mind was going, I was surprised how emotionally affected I was. Great writing from Brad Wright, and phenomenal acting from David Hewlett. It’s episodes like these that make me sad that the show is going. Funny, though. I was able to enjoy the episode more and less. Bittersweet I suppose. Less, because I know that there will be no renewal. More, because I didn’t spend the episode (as I do alot) worrying that not enough people around the country are watching it at the same time as I did. I just got to watch it and enjoy.
    I’ll still always enjoy reading your blog everyday (even though I don’t comment often), if only for the exploits of Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo!


  215. Heya Joe,

    Can’t say as i’m surprised either. It was two years ago when I got the news of the cancellation of Stargate SG-1. Which so peeved me off. I am more of a fan of SG-1 than i am of SGA, but I have watch the show and enjoyed them emencely. Especially between Sheppard and Mckay. Loved those guys.

    All the best to you and your future endeavours. And give all my love to the cast, I will miss watching them in action.


  216. “The Shrine” was such a bittersweet episode. I had pretty much settled into never getting what I want from this show, eg a hug between McKay/Sheppard (well yes more then that but I know you guys are not the writers for Torchwood) 😛

    Then Brad goes and writes this! Dam it! So close again but not quite there, but it offers hope. *paint me happy* David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan were wonderful. You are sure we can’t just keep them and start a new show? I’d watch and I know thousands of others who would too 🙂

    While I can’t lie and say the cancellation of SGA is a shock, it really isn’t, I was shocked by what Brad/MGM/SciFi channel had to say about the reasons and what the possible SGA movie might be about or rather what it won’t be about…. Stand alone? What? To me that just says filler, no connections emotionally to what has gone before 🙁

    Tell me Joe, it ain’t gonna go down like that? 🙁 The reason I loved “The Shrine” is all due to the emotional, the caring, the bonding of the characters, hell even shipping McKay with Keller strangely fitted…. My point? I don’t want to watch a movie that ultimently has no heart to it, that could have been two eps anywhere in any season of the show 🙁

    btw The Lighting in “The Shrine” was wonderful too. I love a well lit episode.

  217. Thanks Joe for the updates and the understanding. Please understand that the venting is not directed at you even if it seems to be.

    The Shrine. What can I say? I watched it. I cried. I watched it again. And cried again. I intend to watch it again today and cry again.

    David was brilliant at being childlike and not -brilliant! He wrung emotion from my very core. And Kate – when she had to leave the room to cry – I sobbed with her.

    And Jason – big hugs for the big guy. Who knew that Ronon liked McKay that much?!

    Rodney and John out on the pier drinking beer…. I cried…

    Okay, so I am sick and congested at the moment, but I am always an emotional movie watcher. I cry; I laugh out loud (even at the theater); I jump and scream when the bad guy appears from no where.

    The Shrine has to be the series winner for emotional payload.

  218. Pardon the multiple postings. First, to Das: to answer your question, yes they are. Also, in case the PTB are reading this. My continued loyalty to SGU will be contingent on the loyalty given to those who have brought us SGA. If I notice that the crew, writers, producers who brought us SGA are being put out to pasture in order to bring in untested “new blood”, I’ll consider myself justified in not continuing to give the new show a chance. And one question. Why in the world do you want to bring in “new viewers” to a show that isn’t on the air any more? Surely the syndicated/repeat episodes themselves are capable of doing that. Ah well, time to head out and get some letters (and lemons) ready to mail.

  219. After The Shrine last night I have to ask, is there going to be anymore Ronon episodes with Keller. If this ‘triangle’ everyone’s been talking about is going to be believable then there needs to be more Ronon stuff coming. Right? I mean there was Quarantine for Ronon and now Last Man AND Shrine for McKay. So is the playing field going to be leveled at some point?


  220. Are Brad and Robert fans of “Farscape”, by any chance? Because that was a great example of a show about a group of diverse characters trapped on a ship, unable to go home, and forced to reply on each other in a dangerous universe… Just saying, it would be good inspiration for SG:U.

  221. Geez, reading some of the other comments on here about the ‘younger demographic’, I must be abnormal! I’m 21 years old as of this past March, and I’d much rather be home watching SGA on a Friday night, I hate going out and partying. I’ll go if it’s at a friend’s house, so I can sneak off to a TV, but other than that…

  222. Hey Joe!

    I just wanted to say that “The Shrine” was absolutely amazing. David was amazing. Jewel, Joe, Jason, and Rachel were amazing. Did I mention that David is amazing? The episode was just great; it’s definitely on my list of favorite SGA eps of all time now.

    And this only makes the cancellation even more painful for me. SGA is what I look forward to every week. Although it may sound really weird, but the show seems real because I love the characters so much. The Shrine really dove into the characters, and that was what i loved most about it. The scene with John and Rodney on the pier is probably my new favorite SGA moment of all time. Also, the scene where Rodney tells Jen that he loves her made me scream with happiness! That completely made the episode! The more McKeller this season, the better!! (oh yeah, and some John/Teyla too )

    And I would just like to say thank you to all of the cast and crew of SGA for creating the best show on television. Thank you for five amazing seasons, and five amazing years. Thisshow will go down in history as one of the best SciFi shows of all time. Thank you for putting all your efforts into making the show. The show means more to me than anyone would ever know. So again, thank you.

  223. Hey Joe!
    Just wanted to thank ALL you guys- TPTB in general- for such an awesome episode of SGA!! The Shrine was great, but not only for the McKeller shippiness(a SUPER bonus that’s left a bunch of people squeeeing on GW… including me :D), the way the ep was written, David’s performance, the team vibes (even though it was McKay centric)… i could go on for a while….!
    So yeah- props to you guys for creating this one. It’s now one of my all-time fave episodes:).
    Viva SGA!(and TPTB)


  224. I am typing this as I wipe the tears from my eyes. The Shrine was beautiful. Great team moments, John and Rodney friendship (I am sure you have made alot of McShep very happy as well) and the pier scene with John and Rodney made me cry and laugh. John refusal to give up and Rodney’s deterioration just wrecked me. Then Rodney declaration of love to Jennifer made me SGUEE!!!!!! Love that pairing.

    John grabbing Rodney by the shoulders to calm him now just before they went to sit on the pier and John having his arm around McKay’s shoulder guiding him into the shrine is probably as close as we will ever get to a hug between those two.

    Jeannie and Woolsey just blow me away. It saddens me to think we won’t get to see more of these characters next season. Any chance you could put Jeannie in the Movie? : ) : )

    David said this was going to be an incredible piece and boy was he right.

  225. *waves*

    I’m trying to keep my mind off the cancellation, because otherwise i’ll just tick myself off. 😆

    So, watched the Shrine a couple of times and I do love it, I confess I wish I had a box of tissues handy, because once more you made me cry…. that seems to be a recurring theme this season. 😳

    I loved the cinematography, the sets, the locations, the story, the score…but most of all I loved the character stuff. The pier scene was just magical and wonderful all rolled into one, and funny to boot. So was that ad libbed? 😉 Everyone just blew me away. The sweet tender moments of friendship, which broke my heart… the goodbye’s and not wanting to say goodbye. *sniff* The whole thing just pulled my heart strings in all the right places and it was beautiful. From all ends of the spectrum this ep hit a home run and the pier scene will go down as one of my fave scenes of all time.

    Still don’t agree with the McKeller thing for ethical reasons, but at least Keller stood up for her patient, now that’s what I like to see. I didn’t however like the stroking/ruffling of McKay’s hair, felt it was unprofessional… and the I love you bit, sorry, don’t like it.

    But when all is said and done, the scenery, on the ‘gate and the waterfall sets, beautiful. Character moments in this are just too indescribable, and what’s sad is that this is going, we’re not going to get moment’s like this on a teenybopper show. I like people who have chinks in their armour, are older, people who have lived, and i’m struggling to see how i’ll fit in to this whole SG Universe, especially as i’m not the demographic they’re looking for….

    But as Linz has said, I can look back and remember the wonderful time on set and meeting all the cast and crew and have great memories of that day. I’ll cherish it always.
    You have a wonderful cast, crew, writers and it’s a shame that the family feel will no longer be there, I wish everyone all the very best and may your cup of happiness overflow in whatever crosses your paths.


  226. Joe,

    first of all let me add my voice to the thanks and appreciation to you and the rest of the cast and crew of SGA for 5 great years.

    I have seen “The Shrine” and I really enjoyed it.

    Particular loved the pier scene between John and Rodney – what a wonderful moment. Joe and David have an amazing chemistry as actors and it saddens me that we will not enjoy it for much longer.

    How can they cancel a show that can still deliver episodes like “The Shrine”?!

  227. “Universe” is going to target a younger audience? So I’m guessing they’re going for the “High School Musical” crowd to get some ratings??? Yeah, color me excited. Paging Colonel Hannah Montana to the Gate Room.

    Oops…guess my bitterness is showing. Sorry. It’s really very nice of you to let the fans vent on your blog. You’re probably the only person who will listen to us and give a flying monkey.

    I am curious about Zelenka’s 2 second walk-thru in “The Shrine”. Was he originally going to have more to do in this episode and it got cut? I thought it was strange that he was only in the episode to walk through and look sadly at Sheppard.

  228. About the *fans* of SGA… Yeah, it’s certainly all ages… My mom and dad love it. My husband and I love it. And our kids love it.

    Even last night Erin was freaking out about her beloved Rodney. Yes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Erin’s seven. She probably WILL NOT be watching SGU. And Allie might find it *boring* or *lame*. So I am wondering exactly *who* the target audience is for it and why end a show that is for all ages?

    It doesn’t make sense to me.

    @Das: Now that you mention it, it’s TOTALLY the *I’ve stuck my finger in a light switch* look to Todd that’s appealing. When I was about 8 my cat had five kittens. Only one kitten had that *shocked* look to her fur. She was certainly my favorite! 😀 So that’s probably the appeal for me as well.

    Trish (aka grumpypants)

  229. Green, Green, Green – *sigh* – Sheppy a Tin Man? You’re sh*tting me, right? Joe F plays it subtle, with emotion flickering across his face which is then immediately subdued, but we all know what Shep is thinking, how he’s feeling. Joe F has always done so much more with less. First we had the TOTALLY HOT cocky flyboy, then the TOTALLY HOT angsty CO fraught with loss and emotional baggage, and now – yay! – finally! – Sheppy’s heart on his sleeve, albeit in squiffy mode. Methinks that’ll be short-lived – the barriers went right back up, but the pier scene was a delightful, poignant insight into the amazing, complex (and, dare I say, totally hot) character that is John Sheppard. (Though it was probably more of a Joe/David moment than a John/Rodney.) I thought I loved Mulder, but Joe F gives just enough away for us to see past those angsty barriers. Looking forward to Joe F’s upcoming and belated tour-de-force aka what makes John Sheppard tick.
    Go, Joe!
    *cybersquishes Joe F*
    I’ll never be able to drink a Bud Lite again without thinking of a burp, a splutter and a giggle.
    What a brilliant plug for Bud.
    And, methinks – a marvellous tribute.
    Okay, hit me with the darned smiley.
    Good grief.

  230. WOW.

    The Shrine is what SGA is all about. Family and team. Please, please be sure those themes are in the movie.

    From that opening scene where Rodney was calling for John..OMG I was already all a wibble. And while Keller had to remind Rodney that she was his friend–he knew who John was.

    Loved the gate flooding scene. So beautiful!

    Loved how they filmed the camera sequences out of order, really just gave this overall gut wrenching feel. Doing this in a linear way would have been boring.

    I’m glad Jeannie was there and put her foot down on Keller and fought for her brother. And they all fought in some way.

    Ronon’s idea to take Rodney to the shrine, insisting, willing to do it himself. That was awesome!

    John coming up with the plan to get there, then insisting that Keller operated, even though URG…omg what they were willing to do. Drills? wow…and John’s expressions of unease.

    Teyla had a strong supporting role, though I wish we had seen more of her.

    And yes, OMG. THE SCENE on the dock. Rodney running, yelling for John—waking him up. John comforting him, going to to the dock drinking beer. This is the SECOND time John refused to say good bye to Rodney. John’s emotions here were amazing, he actually let them show instead of holding them in.

    “You’re stuck with me Rodney. Just accept it.”

    Teehee–Joe, you wore your own clothes.

    The emotion was just off the charts in this.

    Loved Woosley’s moment, he’s so amazing this season. Sharing memories of his dad, then allowing them to go.

    Of course Rodney was ticked off at first, to revert then have to face it all over again. And epp Ronon wanting him to join his party.

    In the end, they each had a part in saving him. Even though I was annoyed how many more scenes Keller had then the rest of the cast with Rodney, that last scene was very good and I understand the need to build up to it. But still wanted more team.

    Overall, just am amazing eppy. I am on a high.

  231. So the one person (that would be YOU) that fans connect with in TPTB isn’t already written in stone to be part of the new Universe? Do they not realize how many fans find them to be a bit … hm.. trying to be diplomatic… cold, um… uncaring of fans… condescending? Well you get the gist.

    Already their descriptions and words have turned a lot off and many are already vowing not to bother with the new show. So the person we might trust to care about us OLD FART fan base is not IN? Can you please tell them I said they are seriously in need of some superglue coating and a kick into the clue dumpster?

  232. Hi Joe,
    Oh. My. God! Did you see last nights episode?! Did you?! OMG! David Hewlett’s acting was phenomenal!! He has got to be up for an Emmy or something and win- I am serious! Please tell David and Brad Wright what an awesome episode this was and that I was in tears the whole time and that I had a couple of questions: 1) was the Arthur joke scripted or an adlib by David? 2) was the women David spoke of that he saw in his dreams his mom or Atlanits? WOW, I’m off to see it again!


  233. Hello Joe,
    let me tell you that The Shrine was awesome! One of the best. And the main reason was Mr. David Hewlett and his fantastic performance. Can you recommend him for some actor´s award please? He was great. The others, too, especially Kate, Joe and Jewel. They all were so great.
    The other thing I am excited about is the McKay/Keller thing. I believe this might actually work and I hope they´ll stay together in the end of the season, maybe even soone so we can enjoy them more. Jewel and David are good acting couple and I am sure they would make a nice couple in the show, too.
    So thank you for The Shrine and for you-know-what 🙂

  234. Went through the family history files yesterday, was reminded of this entry.

    Joe M. on July 21 or 22:
    –Less cause for celebration on the naming of the one of the characters in the script. “I need a name for the English scientist,”Martin informed me.–

    Was that for the “Malcolm Tunney” character?

    If it was a different character, hope you’ll let us know whether Martin used one of the blogger suggestions.

  235. Loving Woolsey. And he is waaay older than me.
    Oh! Oh! Wait! – tsk, tsk – what a dozy bat I am – I’m not supposed to give a toss about someone purportedly older, according to TPTB.
    No, no! Don’t invest emotionally in anyone out of college!
    Shock horror probe!
    I don’t give a toss about a bunch of jocks and bimbos in the upcoming SG 90210. I have 5 kids, 2 girls and 3 boys. If they were stuck on a ship, I’d tell them I love them ahead of time, (they’d know it anyway,) but knowing that I’d taught them well, they would just have to suck it up and grow up.
    As for the ship being called ‘the Destiny’ –
    “It’s official. You don’t get to name ANYTHING.”

  236. I would like to preface this by saying…I am not a big cryer at movies. Usually the only things that can get to me easily involve sad things with children. That hits home with me as a mother. Other than that, I usually only get a bit teary eyed and fight the tears back, and I’m ok. So…this was different:

    I just watched The Shrine this morning and cried almost the whole time! I was ok during the first part, where he said he wasn’t a doctor any more….pulled my heartstrings but I held it together. Next, seeing the crew talk to Jeannie and John looking SO concerned and sad…pulled some more strings. But, the part where Jeannie comes in and talks to him was SO emotional…I just lost it. Full tears running down my face…I was a blubbering fool. He was so sweet too.. “You’re crying because of me”. It really hit me hard to see their interaction. I lost it just like Jeannie did.

    Kate Hewlett was wonderful…the emotion she showed really got to me. David Hewlett was absolutely brilliant! He nailed the part and was so fantastically believable. I was dragged into the emotion of the story immediately and was hooked.

    There were SO many good parts. Rodney always looking for John…his buddy, the guy that he trusts implicitly, the one he knows would protect him and give his life for him….just unbelievably great stuff! When Rodney was afraid in the middle of the night and ran to John….afraid he was going to lose his mind by morning, John was so good with him. We laughed out loud at John saying he drinks beer. *smirk* I loved when they were on the pier and John wouldn’t say goodbye. God, the looks on John’s face…I thought he was going to cry. Such emotion. (Joe Flanigan did that so many times in the show…so absolutely wonderful to watch) And, then when Rodney says “You’re a good friend Arthur” and John spits his beer and they both laugh. LOL

    That looked SO natural…I wonder if any of it was ad-libbed? The spitting and laughing certainly looked like it just happened spontaneously.

    I was wondering if David Hewlett would channel his Grant Jansky character at all(when he became nice)…but he didn’t. I’m almost disappointed about that…except that he just totally rocked that part so I can’t be! *smirk*

    I got the feeling that Rodney/Jeannie’s mom died when they were young. The way Rodney said he sees his mom when he closes his eyes and that it was so long ago. He also said she’s talking to me but I don’t understand the words. At first I thought maybe she died before he was talking…but that wouldn’t make sense as Jeannie is younger than him…I’m thinking by at least 5 years…probably more. But, he would be talking pretty well by 5 so he would understand their mom’s words. Anyway…just noticed it and thought it was interesting. Maybe he didn’t understand the words because of the parasite?

    And, OMG….He told Jennifer he loves her and has for a while!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    And, Jennifer keeps re-playing it…and re-playing it….and re-playing it! Awwwww…how sweet! The look on her face was just priceless! Ok….I have always liked their interactions together…she really “gets” him….but I have now turned into a McKeller shipper! All that was missing was a kiss…but we got that in Last Man, so I’m ok. *grin*

    I watched it alone the first time, which was good…as I was such a crying mess…and had to replay a lot of stuff…which drives my husband batty. Then he came in and I watched it again with him. Um…I cried again! *big sigh*

    I can see SO much fanfiction coming from this episode! From so many different factions and I’ll enjoy reading it all.

    BTW…what was on John’s shirt? It looked like a cute panda…then when I looked again, it looked like a vampire panda….lol. What the heck was that?

    Emotionally wrought,

  237. I fell asleep before the midnight showing, so I bought “The Shrine” from iTunes!!! And loved every second of it!!!
    Congrats and a big huge thank-you to all involved in its production!!! Pass along huge compliments to David Hewlett and his awesome sister, as well as the rest of the gang… they ROCKED it as usual!!!

    Questions for Sharon Taylor:
    What does your average day as an actor on Stargate:Atlantis look like???

  238. Oh, and btw, Joe: you’re gonna have to pass along the compliments to David Hewlett, because comments/discussion boards are down on his site!!!

  239. Joe, you are a champ for letting us say what we need to say about the stupidy going on around you— we appreciate that

    Saying that… you know, I just watched THE SHRINE and yep, I can understand what they are talking about.

    That episode would have been SOOOOOOOO much better with a cast of people in their 20’s with great tans and cool haircuts.

    Yep, now I understand. Good thing they are going for that younger vibe ’cause who cares about friendship, family ties and emotional connections?!? screw that crap!!!!

    I’m betting the new ship will have at least 4 pools so we can have plenty of bikini time for the ship’s science officer, Pari’z and Captain Steve can wear his space speedo.

  240. I’m just here today to say “you’re really cool, Joe and we appreciate you understanding our anger and upset and shock isn’t directed at you”……. and to say….

    Holy crap!! The Shrine blew me away! Everytime I think they cant get better.

    David and Joe reeeeeeeally hit it out of the park. THIS is the type of character stuff I was whining about all last season. THIS is the treasure hiding in plain sight in Atlantis!!

    McKay and Sheppard exploded on screen… I… I really am speechless believe it or not. And I’ve watched it three times already. AMAZING performances and THAT is what I knew was there and have been waiting to see.

    I have to ask though… was the “You’re a good friend, Arthur” scripted or ad libbed, because it seemed that David really took Joe off guard. LOLOL it was another “eternally funny” moment.

    Great job to all of you but really.. a standing ovation for Hewlett and Flanigan. Oh and speaking of Hewlett… Jeannie’s bit with her brother tore me apart. Holy crap. I broke. And maybe it was just everything this week piled on… this particular episode, the outstanding excellence in everyone’s performances including Robert, Jason, Jewel and Rachel too…

    but the whole theme of this one.. watching a close friend slowly fade away from you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it was just too close a parallel to the news we got this week and how helpless we all feel to stop the loss of Atlantis……. but I had to put my horse down on the 21st, the same day as the announcement was made…. and then this outstanding episode….. I truly broke.

    This is what we’re fighting for, Joe. When you guys connect you just hit it over the wall. Kudos.

    – JS

  241. Je viente de regarder The shrine, et c’est un épisode magnifique!!!
    Trés émotionel, de plus DH est vraiment un trés bonne acteur!
    Cette épisode et d’autant mieux car il y’a du Mckeller, je trouve vraiment ce couple magique.

    D’ayieur jespert que dans les épisode a venir le Mckeller et le Sheyla son de couple qui vont ce dévellopper!

    Bisou; a demain =)

  242. I wish to thank the cast and crew for a great performance over the past 5 years. you have been great

    However i must say that we fans will not let the show go without a fight. A campaign has been set up called Stargate Atlantis:Save The Lost City. We have a main site, a gateworld thread, a facebook group, a my space group and a petition (which has more than 6000 signatures in 72 hours). Below are the links if you/cast/crew want to view them. Also any fans who havent joined already, join the Lanteans and lets save the show!!!

  243. Joe,

    Wonderful show last night. David and Jewel, i love the idea of them having something special with each other in this timeline too. Even if just a close friendship. Very nice touch at the end with her watching the video. McKay and Shepard….so funny out on the pier drinking beer! And you brought back Kate Hewlett, thank you for that. Her acting is wonderful…i cried when she cried. All around loved this episode! :o)

    Questions for Sharon Taylor:
    I realize this is an Atlantis blog area, so forgive my first question, and feel free to skip it. IMDB has you listed as playing on Eureka (2 episodes). However, it doesn’t say your character name…who did you play on Eureka?

    As for the Atlantis question(s):
    1. Have you been in any scenes that have been cut that made you worry that you were part of this great show, but no one might ever know it?
    2. Are you glad that you (in playing Gate Technician Amelia Banks) don’t have the lines “chevron 1 encoded, chevron 2 encoded….”?
    3. Do you think your character could ever become as well known as the Sgt. Walter Harriman character on Sg-1?
    4. Did you start off as an extra (perhaps a friend of the show staff/cast) or did you audition to be this exact character?
    5. Did your character have a name at first, or did you come in to play a no-name character on the show….and were you worried the “curse” of the no-name character who tends to get killed off in 1 episode?
    6. Have the other ladies on the show been willing to share tips and secrets to working on a sci-fi show?
    7. After working on Atlantis, have you gotten the Sci-fi acting bug, or do you want to change things up in the future to act in another area?
    8. Since learning of the show not getting a season 6, do you plan to wait around for a movie call back…or will you seek a job elsewhere?
    9. Since you have no bio on IMDB…could you fill in a few basics; birth country, acting education, and anything else basic that we might find interesting to learn about your path that took you to be on Atlantis?
    10. Do you love or hate the military hair style you need to wear on set?

    Ok, feel free to answer any of the above questions. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us on the blog here. I’m sorry your questions got mixed up in all of the show cancellation stuff. Best of luck in your career and i look forward to seeing where they take your character this year on the show!

    Michele Blue

  244. Well I’ve logged in this morning at the tail end of a wonderful weekend in Sydney with my lovely boyfriend to see we’re cancelled. In the immortal words of Keanu, … ‘whoa’.


    At least we have a movie to look forward to. Joe’s gonna keep his blog.. that’s comforting to say the least.

    hugs to all of us here. xx

  245. Hi there,

    I’ve been following SG1 and SGA since the beginning and “The Shrine” is part of my top 5 episode; Altought I couldn’t say which is first and which is 5th….

    Like many others, I’m shock, desapointed and totally “P****d” to see SGA in its final season. Is there anything that could change there mind ?

    Back to “The Shrine”, I have to give a A+ on performances, script, VFX and even “ending”… I’ve been looking on different blogs and altought many disagree with McKay’s love with Keller, I find it refreshing and hope that something will happen between these two. When I saw “The Last Man” and saw McKay & Keller together, the missing side of McKay just appeared… What I mean is that a character cannot be only bright and annoying, he must have a good side (besides saving the day at the last second)

    Pass along my highest compliment to David Hewlett for this impecable performance (by the way, the whole cast deserves it too)

    Long life to the stargate franchises, in series or movies.


  246. I’m a lurker, but I’ve enjoyed reading all of the insider stuff and keeping up with my favorite show.

    Speaking of Atlantis, we’re really going to miss it. Friday nights just won’t be the same anymore.

    We do buy the SG-1 movies and will definitely buy the Atlantis movies…hopefully WAY more than one……but it’s sad to see the new episodes ending.

    Thank you all, writers, crew and actors for some really wonderful shows.

    You will be missed.

  247. Joe M – we’re pouring our hearts out here.
    Bottom line – what can we do to salvage the situation?
    If only I could win the lottery this w/e – I would fund SGA for that One More Year…
    One. More. Year.
    TPTB –
    You are getting sleepy…
    You are pulling your fingers out of your collective arse…

  248. Ahhh, it’s nice to see there are other McShep fans here. I was desperately trying not to see anything to do with The Shrine, because here in Canada we don’t get to see it till Monday. But I did keep finding references to McShep, and now I’m looking forward to it even more.

    Since I still can’t find it, does anyone here know Joe’s email? Joe probably gets tired of being asked, so I thought I’d ask all of you fellow commentors.

  249. Joe F and David H on the pier.
    NOTHING has come close or ever will.

  250. I’m sorry to see the end of Atlantis. I wasn’t all that surprised. I mostly lost interest in the show with season four. That’s when the writing was on the wall.

    Kill of two original characters only to replace them with refugees from other scifi series (Tapping and Staite), who really weren’t of interest to me. Cut off Atlantis from Earth again, for all of two episodes, then back to the same old status. Weaken the Wraith, kill of the replicators and replace them with……nothing. Barely any team episodes or exploration. What I considered to be clever dialogue was replaced with action hero cliches and juvenile humor.

    I pretty much stayed as a viewer out of nostalgia for the characters I loved (Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla) and a hope for better days to come. Poor Teyla suffered along with a lame pregnancy arc and now mommy angst. Sheppard was relegated to dull lines, standard heroics and sad looks. Ronon still mostly stood around in the background. I’ve found McKay mostly annoying for several seasons now (I overdosed in prior years. I guess I’ll never like him as much as you guys apparently do.)

    I did love seasons 1-3. There was lots of team goodness, interesting stories and a whole lot of potential, so I’ll leave you with thanks for creating some wonderful characters that I’ll never forget, and three enjoyable years of SGA.

  251. Hi Joe (and anyone else from the stargate cast or crew that reads this),

    I’m sorry that atlantis was cancelled, but I’m really glad that stargate isn’t going anywhere. Looking forward to the first atlantis movie. Keep up the good work!

    Question for Sharon:

    If you could have anyone’s job on atlatis (assuming everything on the show is real) what would you do?

  252. Its unfortunate the world caters to the young but
    that’s how it is. This new Stargate Universe doesn’t
    sound promising.

    Us old people (40’s) also have money and buy DVD’s.
    We also bring our kids along for the ride. My 14 year old
    and 12 year old daughters love SGU. When I told them it was canceled they were so crushed they said they wouldn’t give the new show a chance. I just hope this decision to gear themselves towards a younger audience doesn’t come back to haunt them. Fads can come and go with a “younger audience” Us old guys tend to stick to what we like and are extremely loyal followers.

    Saying that, I’ll give it a try.

    Joe, I just started reading your blog a few months ago
    and I am glad to hear you will be continuing with it.

    Also, I will miss the DVD commentaries with yourself
    Martin Wood and Martin Gero who are absolutely hilarious
    as well as informative. Do you know if they will be at all
    involved with the new show?

    Sad in Ottawa, Canada


  253. Joe;

    Hi sorry to hear that people are ragging on you. I could tell that your were just as surprized and upset by this news cancellation as the rest of us. Thank you for letting us vent and for the support that you give us the fans. I wish I could say that for all the people involved in SGA ie the decision makers to cancell our show. Again thanks to you, the actors, and the production crew for all you do, and with any luck you’ll be telling us about the sixth season because the fans got their point across, finally to those who can reverse their decision. Nicole. 🙂

  254. Speechless. That’s what the Shrine made me. This season keep on getting better and better. Amazing acting. Especially David, Joe and Jewel. Even a granite block like myself got a little teary.
    The scenes with McKay and Sheppard at Sheppard’s quarters and at the pier are among the greatest scenes of SGA ever along with the McKay and Keller kiss in The Last Man.
    Every McKeller moment is deeply appreciated :D. The scene where McKay professes his love for Keller can be seen over and over again for hours.

    Only 14 episodes left. It feels like having a friend dying of cancer and there is nothing you can do but sherish the time that’s left.

    Godspeed on anything you partake in the future. Tell the entire cast that it’s been fantastic 5 (12 ;)) years of greatness.
    Much apreciated from 13 long time fans from Southern Sweden.

    I sincerely hope that Stargate Universe will turn out to be of similiar greatness as SG1 and SGA.

  255. I have only one quesion for you, Joe, will Elizabeth Weir ever return(now that SGA is cancelled)? Now that there are going to be movies, will she return, maybe they will need her help or something. I loved “Ghost in the Machine”, it made me believe there coud be more and a great end to the storyline, but not to the character, I believe that she deserves more than that epsode. I love this show and will continue to watch without her, but will you please answer my question to if she will ever return.

  256. error!!! My daughters love Stargate Atlantis!!!not
    Wow thats a big slip of the tongue.


  257. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I am one of the people who are helping with the heading up the Stargate Atlantis: Save our Lost City Campaign. (<– I came up with that slogan! lol ) We would really appreciate it if you took the time to go through the thread, on gateworld, which myself along with 2 other people have created. This thread is really the mother thread of the who thing if you understand what i mean. It would really boost things even better, if you (along with anyone else if they want) posted a little note on the thread, even if its just to say, “Hi!” If you don’t want to say anything, please just at least have a look. I have provided the links to that AND the petition (which already has over 6100 signatures) below!

    Thank you,


  258. I’d just like to add to the chorus of what a brilliant job David did in “The Shrine”, along with the rest of the cast – Rachel, Jason and Robert – but especially Joe Flanigan. He was great and he made David’s performance all the better.

    The buddy stuff always brings me to tears, and it just shows what a incredible chemistry this cast has. A chemistry that also seems to be shared among the writing, producing and production folks, whose efforts has been extraordinary. I truly appreciate the devotion and even love everyone has for their work and the show. And that’s what I’ll miss most when it ends.

  259. Hi Joe,
    I write this as I am mopping up my tears. I just watched “The Shrine” for the first time. Wow! What a spectacular hour of television. I just LOVED LOVED the team interactions, Jeannie, Woosley, everyone. David Hewlett knocked this one out of the park and Joe Flanigan was amazing. There were many moments throughout the episode where I was one the verge of tears or crying. This episode, I rank it a half Kleenex box (that’s a pretty high rating!) 😀

    The two scenes really that stood out for me involved Rodney and John; Rodney running down the hall banging on John’s door and the scene on the East Pier. *squee* This is what I will miss most when the series is over, weekly doses John and Rodney’s friendship. Btw, were those Joe F’s real clothes in the pier scene? LOL I think I’ve seen him wearing that red plaid shirt in a few convention videos on the internet.

    Last but not least, I think you have a new McKeller fan, I was not a lets say “enthusiastic” about the McKay/Keller budding relationship but this ep has won me over.

    Overall this episode is tops on my list of favourites, it is also bitter sweet. The episodes thus far have been getting better and better every week and I can’t believe this is the last season. *sniffles*


  260. Questions for Sharon:

    1) I actually often wonder this about people who play side characters. How much background did you get about your character and how much have you built with your own creativity? Can you tell us a little more about her from your perspective? If she was a regular character what role, do you think she would play?

    2) How much did you already know about Atlantis coming in? What did you learn?

    3) If given the chance to play any “bad guy” that has appeared in the entire Stargate franchise what, do you think, would be the most fun to play. (Assuming, of course, that you know enough about the Stargate universe to sufficiently pick.)

    4) Does Paul McGillion smell good? I’ve always had this sense that he would smell really well.

    5) Favorite monologue you’ve performed.

  261. Joe,
    Taking a cue from your format….

    First – I have to say that The Shrine was a wonderful show! Beautifully acted, written, and directed. David was phenomenal and everyone else playing off of David showing the emotion was like a masters class, Joe, Rachel and Jason with Katie were awesome. (yes I know I left one person out and I will say that this was one of the few times I could tolerate Keller and Jewel’s portrayal of her – I have to say that I did sit for an hour and think the only way this would have been better would have been to have it be Carson dealing with this and to have Paul’s chops as an actor would have made it perfection)

    Second – Dang I can’t even begin to read all the comments anymore.

    Thirdly – I know you said you’re not the person to ask about SG Universe, but I hope you do become one of those… I will admit that while I fully intend to give the show a chance as I’ve stated before. I am troubled as some of Brad’s comments (in part for some reasons others have put out that it sounded in a way like he was disregarding some of us fans just cause we are past 30) and because of the statements from both him and scifi that the new show would have a “younger” vibe to it. One of the things I’ve always loved about SG1 and SGA was that they stayed family friendly. While over the years we’d get character shows and there’d be “shipper” that was either outright or fan’s imaginations it was there. When someone says they want a younger vibe relationship driven show I’m scared of what that means, I don’t want a soap opera. I don’t want to see who’s climbing into bed with who. That’s not family friendly I refuse to watch crap like Gray’s Anatomy because of that aspect of the show, I stopped watching many other shows when they became all about the “relationships” and who’s with who. Don’t get me wrong I love the relationships that SG has done, teams! I like seeing how our hero’s interact but I don’t care who they are sleeping with nor do I want to know. I may be overreacting and I hope that I am, like I said I will get the show a chance. But at 35 years old if it’s being geared toward our non imaginative, youth who’s minds have been numbed but countless hours of video games and sex on TV I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. I enjoy TV that forces me to use my mind, maybe I have a high standard but I pride myself on the fact that I don’t watch the same crap my students watch, and well I actually earn a paycheck and spend money of the stuff the sponsors of a show advertise last time I checked my students might get an allowance but that’s about it.

    Sorry Joe, I know that you didn’t make the decisions but you are our outlet. And again while my post may seem negative I’m of the mindset that if you prepare for the worst and get surprised that’s better than being disappointed.

  262. I am very sorry to hear of the cancellation of “Stargate Atlantis.” I thoroughly enjoyed the three seasons that I had the pleasure to see on DVD and had looked forward with anticipation to watching the remaining seasons.


    I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Thank you so much for all the fun, adventure and sheer entertainment that SGA has provided over the past five years. And a special thank you for your magnaminity in sharing so much behind-the-scenes information and backstory on this blog. That has been a real treat.

    I hope that the promised SGA movie comes to fruition and is a smashing sucess.

    To the cast: Rachel Luttrell, David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Jason Mamoa, David Nykl, Paul McGillion, Kate Hewlett and all the other regulars and guest stars that made this show as wonderful and well-acted as it was, including, but certainly not limited to:

    *** Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, and Micheal Shanks***

    Robert Picardo – Richard Woolsey !!
    Kavan Smith – Major Evan Lorne!
    Rainbow Francks – Lt. Aiden Ford !
    Mitch Pileggi – Colonel Steven Caldwell!!!
    Gary Jones – Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman !!!
    Craig Veroni – Dr. Peter Grodin!
    Bill Dow – (Dr. Bill Lee)!
    Trevor Devall – Hermiod !
    Robert Davi (Commander Acastus Kolya!)
    Claire Rankin (Dr. Kate!)
    Ellie Harvie (Dr. Lindsey Novak!)
    Dan Shea (Siler!!!)
    Christopher Heyerdahl
    James Lafazanos
    Dean Marshall
    Connor Trinneer
    Andee Frizzell – Our Wraith Queen
    Kirby Morrow
    Linda Ko
    Heather Doerksen
    Scott Heindl
    Ben Cotton (Kavanough was such a creep.)
    Edmond Kato Wong
    Boyan Vukelic
    Patrick Sabongui
    Sharon Taylor
    Ryan Robbins
    Beau Bridges
    Dan Payne
    Michael Beach
    Brenda James
    Annalise MacCullouch
    Gerry Durand
    Jeffrey C. Robinson
    Erin Chambers
    Garwin Sanford
    Colm Meaney
    David Ogden Stiers
    Brendan Penny
    Lindsay Collins
    Donna Soares
    John O’Callaghan
    Leela Savasta
    Anne Openshaw
    Sheri Noel
    James Bamford
    Clayton Landey
    Jaime Ray Newman
    Sean Campbell
    Aaron Abrams
    Johann Helf
    Mark Dacascos
    Michelle Morgan
    Joseph May
    Peter Flemming
    Darren Hird
    Martin Christopher
    Reece Thompson
    Yee Jee Tso
    Rob Avery
    Woody Jeffreys
    Niall Matter
    Casey Dubois
    Melia McClure
    Aleks Holtz
    Craig Fraser
    Ron Blecker
    Glenn Ennis
    Jodie Graham
    Brendan Gall
    Steve Archer
    Conan Graham
    Madison Bell
    Colin Corrigan
    James Chutter
    Colin Decker
    Geoff Redknap
    Richard Kind (even though I hated his character)
    David MacInnis
    David Quinlan
    Brahm Taylor
    Elias Toufexis

    To the crew and production team and everyone else who worked behind the scenes to deliver such a high quality show:
    Robert C. Cooper
    Joseph Mallozzi
    Paul Mullie
    N. John Smith
    Brad Wright
    Carl Binder
    Martin Gero
    Martin Wood
    John G. Lenic
    Alan McCullough
    Andy Mikita
    Peter DeLuise
    Ron French
    Jennifer Johnson

    Series Original Music by
    Joel Goldsmith (99 episodes, 2004-200

    Series Cinematography by
    Brenton Spencer
    Michael C. Blundell

    Series Film Editing by
    Jeremy Presner
    Mike Banas
    Brad Rines
    Judith Burke

    Series Casting by
    Paul Weber
    Stuart Aikins
    Sean Cossey

    Series Production Design by
    Bridget McGuire
    James Robbins

    Series Art Direction by
    Thom Wells
    Peter Bodnarus
    James Robbins
    Melanie Cassidy
    Mira Caveno
    Richard Cook
    Eric Norlin
    Barbara Wilson

    Series Set Decoration by
    Mark Davidson
    Robert Davidson

    Series Costume Design by
    Christina McQuarrie

    Series Makeup Department
    Leah Ehman
    Nicholas Podbrey
    Leeann Charette
    Céline Godeau
    Kyla-Rose Tremblay
    Rachel Griffin
    Lisa Leonard
    Pauline L. Tremblay
    James Dean Patten

    Series Production Management
    George Horie
    Michael S. McLean

    Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
    Colleen Mitchell …. first assistant director: second unit (39 episodes, 2005-2007)
    Ryan Kosmynka …. second assistant director / first assistant director (20 episodes, 2004-2007)
    Steve Eathorne …. second assistant director (20 episodes, 2006-2007)
    Gordon MacDonald …. first assistant director (4 episodes, 2007-200
    Nico Sachse …. first assistant director (2 episodes, 2004-2005)
    Peter Dashkewytch …. first assistant director (2 episodes, 2004)
    Janice Genn …. third assistant director (2 episodes, 2004)
    James Bamford …. second unit director (1 episode, 2004)

    Series Art Department
    Rodrigo Segovia …. assistant art director / set designer (39 episodes, 2004-2006)
    Sean McGee …. assistant property master (39 episodes, 2006-200
    Dean Goodine …. property master (18 episodes, 2004-2007)
    Melanie Cassidy …. assistant art director / art department coordinator / … (12 episodes, 2004-2006)
    Kenny Gibbs …. property master (12 episodes, 2007-200
    Andrew Bagoly …. property assistant (2 episodes, 2004)
    Barry W. Brolly …. on-set dresser (2 episodes, 2004)
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    Steve Craine …. paint coordinator (2 episodes, 2006)

    Series Sound Department
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    Rory O’Neill …. boom operator (2 episodes, 2004)
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    Series Special Effects by
    Dan Rebert …. creature effects supervisor: Masters FX LA / prosthetic supervisor: Masters FX LA (71 episodes, 2004-200
    Wray J. Douglas …. special effects coordinator (59 episodes, 2004-2007)

    Visual Effects, Costuming, Sound Effects, Music/ Scoring, etc.
    Jonathan MacPherson
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    Greg Massie
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    Alec McClymont
    Dan Shea
    James Bamford !!!
    Kimani Ray Smith
    Lani Gelera )
    Jeffrey C. Robinson
    Rob Hayter
    Chris Webb
    Trevor Jones
    Leanne Hindle
    Kylie Furneaux
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    Cliff Hokanson
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    Luisa Dalmagro
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    Allison Volk
    Brae Norwiss
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    Troy MacNeill
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    David R. Anderson
    Alex Levine
    Lawren Bancroft-Wilson )
    Carole Appleby
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    Robert M. Malachowski Jr.
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    Larie Stoley
    Chenelle Hrankowski
    Heenan Blaikie
    Carol Horn
    Jennifer Roe Emery
    Darren Giblin
    Rick Heal
    Nicholas Humphries
    Nicholas Podbrey

    To one and all I wish to give my sincere and heartfelt “Thank You!”

    “Stargate Atlantis” will always be a favorite and I thank everyone who was a part of making the show. Best wishes to all and God Bless!

  263. On a slow afternoon at the office I introduced a coworker to Baron Destructo. We spent the next 45 minutes smothering laughter — if the GNP dropped a few tenths of a point as a result, it’s entirely your fault.

    David Hewlett’s forum is still down, or I would post this there: brilliant performance in The Shrine, watching Rodney’s sharp, prickly exterior slough off, leaving just his underlying sweetness behind. I thought Michael Shanks was great in season seven when he played multiple personalities, but I’d nominate David for a best performance in a Stargate episode award.

    Also an outstanding performance by Joe Flanigan — he really does well in close-ups, with those subtle washes of emotion. A lot of his acting is in his eyes.

    That scene on the pier was pure gold.

    This is the friendship that hooked me into Atlantis, back when John threw Rodney off a balcony in season one and a gleeful Rodney bounced back up. Their teasing and mutual harrassment is still there. And John refusing to say goodbye, and the way they crumpled up, laughing. Arthur–ha!

    Great writing, great acting, and glorious image of Atlantis in the background, too. The Shrine has it all.

  264. One of the above replies to your blog really made sense. Stargate Atlantis seasons 1-3 really were the shows best years. As season 4 came in, it felt like the show was playing cast shuffle rather than trying to expand by bringing in others from SG-1. The main Atlantis cast sort of took a back seat, becoming two-dimensonal and lacking any real development. They werent fleshed out as well as SG-1 had been. The same enemies (the replicators) were recycled, and in the end killed off. The arc with Weir captured could have been used to create a new dimension to the replicators, a new hybrid-human replicator species capable of ascension, whatever! There was the opportunity to separate itself from SG-1. The concept for Stargate Universe sounds like a jump the shark opportunity. Stargate Atlantis really needed that sixth season to take the characters where they needed to go and maybe a chance for the show to gain its feet again. No movie I feel will provide this opportunity, it just provides us with one last visit to Atlantis and its crew.
    Im sorry to see it end, and see the potential fade away. Overall, the cast and crew did an excellent job bringing Atlantis to life.

  265. I loved The Shrine, one of the best episodes the show offered us. I was truly amazed.

    But I didn’t like the whole McKeller thing at all, to be honest. It’s just way too unprofessional and inappropriate. Besides, I could see Rodney telling Jennifer that he really really liked her but the whole love thing? Sorry, but I’m just not buying it.

  266. Firstly, the Shrine was fantastic. David did a great job and if you intended for tears to flow then you were very successful!
    Secondly, I will continue to use you as my all things Stargate source. Thanks!
    Thirdly, your daily exploits are very amusing to all of us blog followers and we think the weird food is a hoot!

  267. Okay, gotta point out some…inconsistencies which you, the other producers, MGm and SCI FI are spouting. You all keep saying that you just found out about SGA being canceled and it wasn’t canceled to make room for Stargate Voyager?? This says different. It is from an article by SyFyPortal:

    “Brad Wright did tell us in April that he personally did not want to go back to doing two shows simultaneously again,” Sumner said. “They did ‘SG-1’ and ‘Atlantis’ simultaneously for three years. That’s 40 hours of television each year, and he wasn’t eager to going back to that knowing that [MGM] wanted to do more movies for ‘SG-1.’ Either ‘Universe’ would have to wait until ‘Atlantis’ was done, or ‘Atlantis’ would have to be done right now.”

    We really can’t trust any of you, can we?

  268. How could you guys can the show 2 seasons short of the 7 year deal

    come on dude people and fans arnt gonna like this please get the show back on man unless you want nasty letters aand letter bombs sent to yous or spam

    come on joseph man


  269. If my assumptions were off the wall, then why was SGU announced the day after SGA was canceled? From what I understand, getting the go ahead for a television show takes time. Does that mean that within a week mgm and scifi decided to make SGU because SGA was canceled? I’m not trying to be obnoxious, I’m trying to understand. And a lot of other people are too.

    To have SGU be announced the day after SGA was canceled was beyond insulting.

  270. Also, for the record, I wasn’t saying that the decision was made three months ago, only that SGA was canceled to make room for SGU. If I didn’t make that clear, I apologize.

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