By now, I assume you’ve all heard the news. This will be Stargate Atlantis’s fifth and final season. I’m disappointed but not surprised. We came into this year knowing that renewal would be a longshot. With 100 episodes under our belts, rising production costs, and the US dollar’s steep decline, the odds were stacked against us. Still, we’d heard no definite word either way and if SG-1’s surprising 10-year run taught us one thing, it’s that anything is possible. The circumstances that contributed to SG-1’s longevity were very different but, back then, we hadn’t expected it to get a sixth season pick-up either. Furthermore, with our strong premiere numbers and the equally impressive showing of the ensuing episodes, some of us were, if not exactly upbeat, then cautiously optimistic. We watched. We waited. And, finally, received word the other day.

We told the cast first, then headed down to set and broke the news to the crew. These are people who have given so much of themselves over the show’s five-year run and we felt it only right that they hear it from us rather than finding out about it elsewhere.

It’s been a bittersweet couple of days. On the one hand, I’m sorry to see the series end but, on the other hand, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished. 100 episodes is pretty damn impressive feat and, as evidenced by the quality of recent stories and the uptick in the ratings, we’ll be going out on a high. Even though I see a lot of anger directed at both MGM and Sci Fi, the fact is we couldn’t have done it without their support. And we’re going to count on that support as Atlantis continues its adventures as a movie franchise.

Episode 20, Enemy at the Gate, will mark our 100th episode and, contrary to online speculation, we will not be ending things with a cliffhanger. Regardless of whether we got the pick-up or not, we had always planned a clean conclusion to our 100th episode, one that would hopefully leave fans satisfied yet eager for more. And that “more” will come in the form of the Stargate Atlantis movie…


About a month ago, with so much uncertainty about the future of the series, Rob Cooper pitched out the idea of shooting the SGA movie at the end of this season. His thinking was that if the series did end, we would have a movie in hand. If, however, the series was picked up, the “SGA movie” (codenamed Project Twilight) would simply become the opening two episodes of the show’s sixth season. Alas, this notion never got past the consideration stage and, as a result, we won’t be rolling right into it as planned. On the bright side, however, the network has greenlit the movie and we do have a terrific idea in mind. Obviously, I can’t say much about it at this point but suffice it to say that it should include the entire cast in addition to a certain gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star. And, if it proves anywhere as successful as the first two SG-1 direct-to-video features, you can be assured that this will be the first in a long, long line of Stargate Atlantis movies.

Like my grandmother used to say: Whenever a gate closes, a hyperspace window opens…

447 thoughts on “August 21, 2008: All Good Things…

  1. Glad to hear that the 100th ep won’t be a cliffhanger. I didn’t want to wait for a year or so for the conclusion.

  2. i’m sorry to hear about the series getting canceled i wish you and paul had taken over sooner

    look forward to the movies and any future you and paul do together

  3. Sad that it had to end, but as you say it had a good innings. Does this mean an imminent announcement of Stargate:Universe and will you be involved in that?

  4. Hey Joe,

    Though its not over yet, I’d like to pass along my thanks to you and the rest of the cast and crew for providing 5 greats years of entertaining television and I can’t wait to see what is in the future for the stargate universe as a whole.

  5. Heartbreaking that it’s ending. I actually cried when I read it..
    Such an amazing cast and crew.. will be missed so much!! I wish you all the best, Joe.
    I’m glad the last one won’t be a cliffhanger though.

  6. I’m sorry that the show is ending, but very excited about the upcoming film! Thank you for letting us know!

  7. Joe, I have to say that all the fans appreciate all the hard work the cast, crew, writers and everyone involved have put into the show. It’s been an incredible 5 years and a hell of a ride.

    I must also say that we are not taking this lightly, nor are we taking it lying down. There are still stories to tell, and we want to see them.

  8. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting early tonight and thanks for the info. Wow, your grandmother was quite ahead of her time, eh? Cool. 🙂 My grandmothers, whom I love and miss very much, would’ve told me to get off my butt and do something. Sorta the same thing. 😉

    I am glad, amidst the sadness and frustration, SGA had a five-year run. Not ready to “thank” MGM and Sci-Fi right now, but I’ll get there. Linzi is my current inspiration for looking on the bright side. 🙂

    Glad to know our favorite tan-challenged guest star will make it onto the DVD. I’m sure Das will be doing a cartwheel or two. (Can I watch?)

    I’m going to finish my wine and eat my dinner now. Nothing fancy, but with S2 SGA on my TV, even leftover ham is a gourmet meal.

    Fan-love to you, the crew, and the cast!


  9. Joe,

    I can’t express my disappointment in this news. I never had any interest in SciFi shows until Stargate Atlantis and at this point, I don’t imagine I’ll have any after the show is gone. TV movies are well and good but nothing can replace seeing the characters you’ve grow to love in 43 minute installments every week.

    I suppose we should say thanks to the SciFi Channel and MGM for giving us five years of Sheppard and McKay and company but truthfully, I’m feeling pretty bitter right now.

    Please express my gratitude to the cast, crew and writers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  10. Bravo, Joe, and to everyone at Stargate! Thank you all so very much for all your hard work.

    Best wishes to everyone!


  11. ‘Should’ include the entire cast? Oh, the uncertainty. Didn’t the cast sign up for 6 years? Does that include movies? Or will there be just the one with (possibly) the current cast? Either way, one or even two movies cannot equate with 20 episodes. This is devastating news.

  12. With entire Cast, do you mean Mr.’s Kavan Smith & Paul McGillion will be included in that SGA Movie???

    Will you still use this wordpress account to make us laugh? Yeah? 🙂

    P.S.: I am watching SGA only for 12 Months now, why is it always that a certain Series/Fandom closes whenever I find it and have fun in it?!?!?!

  13. Hi Joe,
    I’m a long time reader but a first time poster. I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing run on Atlantis. I know it’s not necessarily the end of the road for Atlantis, but still, it stings. Thank you to you and the cast and crew for giving us five wonderful years of new adventures through the gate. If Ark of Truth and Continuum are the caliber of work we can expect for the Atlantis movie(s), I can definitely say that this fan will be looking forward to it.

    Best of luck!

    A quick question that’s been nagging me though… In last weeks “Ghost in the Machine,” how did they pump all that water out of the city? Are whole sections flooded out again?

  14. This really sucks. Really, really sucks. However, I’m thankful for SGA. Thanks to you, Mr. Mallozzi.

  15. Well the series had a nice run… but sadly, it has ended too soon. 🙁

    Best luck in future projects.

  16. I am sad to see the end. I was starting to enjoy SGA once more this season. I enjoyed GitM tremendously.

    Thank you for some great episodes and original characters. Hope you do consider bringing TH back for the movie. Same goes for Paul M.

    Good luck to you, the cast & the crew.


  17. Sorry to hear about the show ending.

    If Stargate: Universe is ago will there be any cast members from SGA or SG1 in the series?

    Will you also be apart of the series?

    Will you keep this blog going when the show ends so we can stay in contact and know whats going on for the movies and the new series?

    Is there is a chance we can save the show if all of us write petition letters to MGM?

    As one mentioned before did they not consider the other countries, Canada, UK, and Australia?

  18. Joe,

    I have to say, Stargate Atlantis is my favorite show, I’m always online checking out the new news, I wear t-shirts on campus and my desk is surrounded with books, DVDs, action figures and just about everything else Stargate I can get my hands on. Hearing about the news yesterday, I was shocked, saddened and I didn’t want to believe it was true. Today however, I have to say thank you.

    Thank you Joe, the other writers, producers, the staff and the cast for giving us five amazing seasons, each one better than the last. I will miss the show, the fantastic actors, amazing writers and everyone who made Stargate Atlantis possible. The show has brought me such joy, and though I still can’t imagine my Friday nights after “Enemy at the Gate” airs I will always have the five seasons (and hopefully many movies).

    Keep up the good work as the season comes to an end 😀

    While I’m at it, I do have a question. I found a behind the scenes photo from “Ghost in the Machine” where Joe F. is wearing his famous big fluffy jacket, which begs the question, are the sets really that cold? Or is the jacket just something Joe really digs?

  19. Thanks for the information. Despite the odds, you do understand that many of us will attempt to get the PTB to reconsider their decision. It may not work, but I for one will see to it that they do not benefit financially from their decision. The timing was at least good enough to prevent me from dropping another two hundred dollars on Stargate Atlantis products.
    An online friend has stated she plans to send a card to thank cast and crew. I’d like to second that idea, and invite others to do so. I think it would be terrific if we could get enough cards sent to stretch around the studio itself. That being the case, Mr. M. is there a person to whom we might address the cards? I don’t want to unduly disrupt the continued functioning of the studio in the mailings.
    To Kaziwren: thanks for the laugh. “click” indeed.
    To pg-15. Ok on the real lemons. But several suggestions have been offered. and I think people can decide what they like to use best. But someone at MGM and Sci Fi are getting lemons in one form or another…and yes I’m going to be polite.
    AlexEmanuele. Loved the lemon candy idea. I picked up a pound today from my local shop, and will be sending that along with my first letter. I’m just checking on who to address stuff to (not asking you for names Mr. M; this is a project for those of us who wish to tackle it).
    The news so upset me I forgot to check on the sequel to Orphan’s Tale. On the plus side, I got the third part of Abercrombie’s trilogy today, so I’m set on reading. Trying to finish off this month’s horror offering by Monday. The world comes crashing down, and we continue on with our routines….

  20. The only way the “MOVIE” will succeed is if you bring back Torri.I’m telling you-the Only way. Oh and I’m all for the Ronon and Teyla marriage. It’s only natural. lol

  21. It is a real shame that Stargate Atlantis got canceled! It was & will always be a great show! I just want to say a huge thankyou to you & all the cast & crew for bringing us such wonderful storylines. I for one am going to miss my favourite show Stargate Atlantis.
    I am happy that you are going to do SGA movies though! I will be waiting for them.

    Good luck on your future endevours!

    Take care & happiness always!


  22. Man, I am so sorry. I hope everyone in the cast is doing as well as can be.

    Of course the SGA fandom is going apeshit, but hell, there’s always fanfiction and cons to keep the fans active between Stargate Atlantis movies.

  23. Thanks for the explanation, I and I’m sure many people appreciate it.
    Stargate Atlantis interested me a lot more than SG-1 and I hoped to see it develop as far. It’s a great show and I look forward to collecting any movies or SGA related DVD’s in the future.

  24. I am still not sure I like the idea of SGA not getting a Second Season…though I will say the movies are an ok idea…


  25. Very sad news indeed. I’m sure it was hard for you all to break the news to cast and crew. Thanks for taking the time on such a crazy day to report with clarity and calm what went down. I look forward to the rest of the season as well as the movie/s.

  26. god damn it Jackie! Being awake for 24 hours does nothing for you!

    I meant SIXTH SEASON!


  27. Hi Joe~~
    I’m so sad about the show ending…I’m still in shock….Check out /tv discussions..someone posted the cancellation…how did the cast take the news?? I bet just as hard as us fans*sighs*…there’s a petition going around online…..would that matter to tptb??
    Thanks for an amazing show….

  28. Joe,

    Thanks for the info. I am glad to hear the cast and crew were told before this broke. The world of TV isn’t always so thoughtful. Finding out on the 5 o’clock news isn’t fun.

    I am still upset about the whole thing. I think I would have been okay if it had been Sci-Fi that had pulled the plug instead of Atlantis being traded for Universe.

    I do, however wish the best of luck to the cast and crew and thank all of you for what we have been given.

  29. Joe,

    Please let the cast and crew know that they have brought joy, and laughter, and angst, and whumpage into many, many lives. Thanks so much.

    This show has captured a special place in my heart. It has been a bright spot in some pretty dark days. It may be “only a TV show” but it has been something in my life that made me very happy when little else could.

    SGA is the only TV program that I watch. I do not have cable, nor digital, satellite, antenna, or rabbit ears. I do have a dear friend who records the show each week and mails it to me. (I then purchase the DVDs the following summer when the become available.) I look forward to those parcels so very much. Now that will be over.

    I’m not sure how I’m going to break it to my little guy that “Dr. K” is done. I thought that SGA would be around for many years to come.

    And onto more positive things…
    This morning I was going to post and say how much I enjoyed “Broken Ties” which I viewed last night. Joe – I thoroughly enjoyed “Broken Ties.” It was a fantastic bit of writing and so well acted by Jason. Wow. The show just keeps getting better and better.

    I do have a question. The stained glass windows of Atlantis are gorgeous and I would love to replicate them (much smaller) as a gift for the friend mentioned above. Is there any copyright on these patterns? Thank you.

  30. I hate how creativity has to take a backseat to business, and I really don’t have it in me to feel anything but anger towards the network that canceled my favorite show out of concerns over production costs and the weakening of currency. Having said that, however, I want to thank all the great people, cast and crew, who consistently entertained me almost every Friday night for the past five years. I’m also excited about the movie(s) coming out, and I hope you can retain the same cast (and crew!) as you move onward.

    But seriously: Project Twilight? There weren’t going to be any, uh, sparkling Wraith or anything like that, right? Right?

  31. Joe,
    I would like to say Thank You to all of you at Stargate Productions. Thank you for all the wonderful Friday nights I have spent over the last 11 years watching 2 of the best shows on TV ever.

    I can not begin to say how much joy you, all the actors and all the writers & crew have brought in to my house.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you and I for one will look forward to whatever Stargate brings us in the future.

    Sam & Jack Shipper
    Shep & Teyla Shipper
    A Shipper forever 🙂

  32. I’d like to take a moment today to say thank you to you and the cast and crew for the five great years of adventure in the Pegasus galexy. I will miss my friends on Friday evenings. I can watch them any time on DVD…but the new stories are always such fun. Please pass on my congratulations for a job well done to the cast. They deserve to go out on a high.

  33. How can such sad news be suddenly wiped away with news that the one with the wavy hair that looks terrible in captivity is in the movie?

    Well, I got a good excuse. I’ve felt down all day long, had to type some of my disappointment off, and then we get the news of a closed season 5 ep, *sniff* , and Todd and then boom! Adrenalin shock…

    I’m curious to what I’ll be feeling tomorrow.

    I can render a guess as to what could happen in that movie, if someone is still alive after 5×14… And I don’t want that to happen. I really don’t. He doesn’t deserve it. It wasn’t his fault. (One could argue that he went to far, okay, but there wasn’t much of a choice for him…)

    And about that ‘long, long line’ of Atlantis films? Anything alike:

    Todd: The Movie?

    Dude, Where’s My Hive?

    Okay, it’s 2.30 in the morning, time for bed, I get it already…

  34. Now that atlantis has been canceled, where does this leave Stargate: Universe? Will that be a priority for the Stargate producers, or what?

  35. I, to, am sorry to see the show end, but am happy with the thoughts of a movie. Thank you for the post and the explanation, it is much appreciated. I cannot make final judgments on the rest of season five, but the show sure has had a great run. I’ve enjoyed every episode and thank you for all the hard work you have put into the show. I know I can expect a great movie, how can it not be with everyone that will be working on it.

    And if you could pass along the message to the crew, cast, and everyone that makes the show so great,

    Thank You,

  36. Well, the depression and anger haven’t gone away yet. Thanks to Joe F., Rachel, Jason, David H., Jewel, Robert, Paul, Torri, Amanda, Mitch, Rainbow, Kavan, David N., and everyone else on the show for being the best actors on television. I am so glad I decided to get tickets to the convention in November in Burbank. I can see 4 of the regulars(David H., Jason, Rachel, and Jewel) as well as Kavan and thank them for their hard work on the series.

  37. Well everyone, we can’t say Mr. M didn’t do his best to prepare us. He’s mentioned in many a post about the financial aspects, weak dollar, rising production costs, etc. would factor strongly into the renewal decisions. Yes, the ratings have been good and the audience has actually grown in a key demographic. But alas…

    Hey, I’m as passionate a fan as anyone else and I will truly miss my SGA Friday nights, but I also understand this is a business decision. Sometimes, those kinds of decisions can be difficult, but I’m hopeful the bitterness and anger displayed on boards & blogs will temper with time. Come on folks…

    Let’s enjoy the rest of SGA S5 and all the wonderful performances, good stories and lovely Joel music while we have it. The direct to DVD films may be astonishing you know, with a larger budget and 90-120 minutes to spin SGA magic (no commercials)!

    I remain thankful for all the Stargate I have enjoyed thus far. Again Joe, thanks to you, Paul, Martin, Carl, and the entire SGA family for one hell of a ride. It ain’t over yet!! 😀

    God bless,

    Carol Z

  38. Hey Joe,
    Like everyone too, i share my saddness at this announcement and also my excitement for what the future does hold. I wish you, the other writers, and all of the crew the best. I may not know all the details of every little thing that everyone does but they go down in my book as the most talented people ever!
    i have a question though, and this may seem dumb, but what is going to happen to all the sets???? Will they be packed up into storage??? What happened to all the SGC sets?
    thank you again for everything you have done for us. I am greatful to have gotten a glimpse behind the scenes from you.
    Oh, one thing… if it can be a suggestion, instead of a demand. Since you and Paul are writing this new grand adventure, and probably producing, its my hope that for this movie that you can get Martin Wood to direct. He has done the most episodes and i think he should get the honor???? Actually who is directing Enemy at the Gate??
    again thank you and best wishes to all

    Blaine Nielsen

  39. Joe, I really am so sorry that it’s ending. I hope the movie will be a massive success (I’m sure it will!) and there’ll be lots more to come from SGA. Thanks for clearing up some of the online rumours. Glad to hear it won’t be ending on a cliffhanger, and i can’t wait to see it! (says she who hasn’t even seen S&R yet!!)

    Best of luck to yourself, and all the cast and crew!! 🙂

  40. Joe,

    Your words have helped a little, but it will take awhile for the sadness to go away. I just wanted to thank you, along with the entire cast and crew for 5 wonderful years. May you all have good luck in your next endeavour, be it the movies, Universe or something away from Stargate altogether. Enjoy shooting the last few episodes and may your memories and friends you’ve made through Atlantis last a lifetime!

    Thank you so much for sharing thoughts through your blog. I really am going to miss the behind the scenes of Atlantis.


  41. Hey Joe,

    It’s really sad that SG:A is ending. It’s been a while since I haven’t had new Stargate on the TV to watch, so I’m wondering what to do in the intervening period.

    I really hope you’ll continue the blog wherever you might go. The daily post is one of my high points of the day.

    Wishing you and all the cast ‘goodbye, farewell, and amen’ for the TV series, and godspeed with the new movies and TV show.


  42. Truthfully, I’m not nearly as big a fan of SGA as I am of SG1 (only started watching in s4 because of Carter), but I do feel sad for everyone, including fans, cast, and crew.

    I hope that the movies and SGU prove to be successful, and that these ongoing projects will keep everyone at Bridge Studios employed for a long, long time. Thanks to you all for a dozen wonderful years of Stargate, and looking forward to more.

    On a related note, since MGM has already announced an SGA movie, will this impact negatively on a third SG1 movie? I know that the pot is only so big, and although I’m pretty sure that there will be a third movie, I’m just a wee bit concerned because there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet.

  43. Joe,

    Thank you for your kind words. It is good to know you broke the news to the cast and crew before they got it from rumors.

    Thanks for the update.

    Thank you for letting us know about the movies. MOVIES. just knowing that it is a possibility makes me smile :o)

    Michele Blue

  44. Nice citation with the hyperspace window 😉

    But YOU said us that #100 would be a cliffhanger, so, please, don’t speak about speculation.

    BTW, it’s great that Atlantis continues, as film, and stop me if I mistak, but the original concept of Atlantis was a film to conclude SG-1, no ?

    La boucle est bouclée…

  45. It’s hard to believe that come January, for the first time in 11 1/2 years, I won’t have a Stargate series to watch/look forward to watching on Friday night. To quote Teyla in “Sunday”, I feel a great sadness.

    And while I’ll certainly watch whatever movies are produced, it won’t be the same as having the delightful David Hewlett show up for a visit on Fridays for twenty weeks as Rodney McKay bringing fresh new snark and brilliance and vulnerability and surprising bravery. Do good by him in the movies, ‘kay?

  46. Thank you, Joe, for your kind and comforting words regarding the conclusion of the SGA show on SciFi. I’ve paid attention to passing or off-hand comments you and others have made over the past four or five months and really felt that this would logistically (you know I’m really talking about “cost” right?) be the last season. When very few cast members (or yourself) showed up to ComicCon, I saw the writing on the wall. I am thankful to know now so I can savor and enjoy each and every episode that is left. I have a few (forgive the nagging nature of them) questions for you:

    (1) Will you still continue your daily blog here?

    (2) What kind of timetable would you expect for the SGA movie? ( 12 months? 18 months? I’m assuming “when hell freezes over” is NOT an option.)

    (3) What kind of timetable would you expect before the next series premieres (or am I assuming that SciFi has given the go ahead on the next series?)

  47. Okay… in regard to what was said in the GateWorld article, dated April 5:

    [The experiment is “to send a ship across the universe, and to send one ahead of it to seed the galaxies with Stargates, and that they would one day use the ninth chevron to get there [to the ship]. And that’s what Stargate Universe is.”
    Millions of years ago (before their conflict with the Wraith and possibly even before they moved Atlantis to the Pegasus Galaxy), the show would reveal, the Ancients sent out two ships: an automated vessel to place Stargates throughout multiple galaxies in our universe, and a second ship to follow up and explore.
    A standard, 7-symbol gate address allows for travel within the same galaxy. Use of the Stargate’s eighth chevron allows for travel to a different galaxy. And the ninth chevron will allow the team to reach this second, still unmanned Ancient ship.]

    Is there any way that the Atlantis expedition (or at least Sheppard’s team) could end up splicing into this? You know, having one of those solar flares just as they’re going thru a gate in their jumper, only to end up at this ship? I know it sounds like a long shot but — at the moment — I’m grasping at straws!

    Sorry to have sounded to *grrrrr* yesterday. I’m resolved to try and change MGM’s mind but I’m not quite so “on the edge/crazy” as I was 24 hours ago.

    Looking forward to what will hopefully be the first of many SGA movies anyway!

  48. Well, crap!

    I wonder if we’ll now get another class of SciFi channel original productions as bad as Painkiller Jane, Flash Gordon and their botch-up of The Dresden Files in SGA’s place.

    What a lousy way to start GateCon.

  49. Oh come on, we can’t just fold up and call it a day. No offense Joe, but unless those line of movies are each ~44 minutes long and we’ll be seeing 20 of them in the near future, it’s not worth it for me. If this is their method to keeping the franchise alive, feeding the fandom a tiny morsal of material every few months, then they’re mistaken. Look at how the ratings suffered after the 6-month break in the middle of Season 3; really think that should be repeated? The only reason AoT and Continuum were as successful as they were, IMHO, is because they had a ongoing series, Atlantis, in the background keeping the fans safely in the seats. Without that, the movies are nothing.

    Is there no chance that a fandom uprising can make whoever it is that made this stupid decision (calling it as I see it) change their minds and at least make a 6th and final season? What if the ratings spike for the rest of the season? Is there ANYTHING that can change their minds?

    I ask again, hoping you’d answer: who is responsible for this decision, MGM or SciFi?

    And then there is the fandom conspiracy, namely that SGA was sacrificed to make way for Stargate Universe. Any credence to this?

    You know, I don’t deny that MGM and SciFi have supported the series, but frankly, that support vaporizes now that they’ve betrayed us like this.

    Brad Wright told Gateworld earlier today that the Stargate franchise is stronger than ever, and with all due respect to Mr. Wright, I just have to laugh. How can the franchise be strong now that both of its series have been cancelled? How can it be strong when the once 40 episodes of Stargate per year powerhouse now dwindles to maybe a few TV/DVD movies a year?

    As for Atlantis, I don’t even know how I can enjoy the rest of the episodes anymore. When I watch an episode, it is always facinating to wonder what will follow from it; in traditional Stargate style, follow ups are usually in the next season. Well, there’s no more of that, is there? With every episode is 1 more closer to the end.

    This fucking sucks. Hard.

    I’ll leave you with another question:

    Is Enemy at the Gate going to *feel* like a series finale? For instance, Unending felt like a finale thanks to its various endings and differences to the rest of the series. The Asgard dying, the team living out the rest of their lives, the CCR montage, and especially the full-team gate-ramp walk-up at the end; they gave the episode a finale feel. Will Enemy at the Gate be similar like that?

    Looking forward to the movie…for now. With no series on air my interest on the franchise’s future usually fades pretty quickly. It happened with Star Trek, and it’s happening with Avatar.

  50. Sorry to hear the news. Thank you to you and the rest of the cast and crew for 5 great years. Best of luck with the movies. Glad to hear we’re definately getting an Atlantis movie, but has there been any word on Project Terzo or SG Universe?

  51. Thanks for giving us the explanation. If the fans are so heart-broken about the news, I can’t even begin to imagine what the cast and crew are going through.

    I can only wish the whole team the best for their future projects.

    Thanks for a great 5 years.

  52. Great! now i’ll NEVER get my chance at a get in the gate contest! I just thought….just one more year! I’m 17 and you need to be 18 years or older to enter and now i’ll never get my chance… sucks….


  53. I can’t help but feel a little cheated since I came very late to this fandom (like this summer), and was so looking forward to a lot more SGA. I will add my thanks to the cast, crew & writers for hours of (condensed, catch-up) entertainment, and wish the best for all.

  54. Now that the shock and initial anger has worn off, I find myself still sad, but I’m happy for what we’ve had. I don’t know why I was shocked – in retrospect I suppose we had plenty of hints – but for some reason I had convinced myself S6 was a sure thing. Ah well.

    I do want to communicate my thanks to the wonderful cast and crew that brought us these amazing characters for five years. I have never gotten as involved in a show as I have Atlantis, and quite frankly I never intend to again! It’s too stressful!!!! 😀 But I know all of you have worked hard to bring this show to us, and many many thanks to all of you.

    Thank you also for not telling us that this was the best thing for the show (although I do understand that there were other considerations). I don’t think many of us would believe that right now. Movies can never take the place of having a full season, but I do appreciate that we get that at least, for however many we may get.

    I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Atlantis.

  55. Thank you Joe for a great run. I really like Stargate Atlantis. I will miss seeing Rodney. You have employed some of the best actors. They have gone above and beyond for fans. David Hewlett was sweet enough to send my daughter a personalized message she could use for her media project last year. 🙂 I hope you can continue to have SGA and SG1 movies. Hope the other series starts up, as well. Keep us posted on the project and if you are going to appear on Iron Chef America! Thanks bunches!!!

    Jen Draves
    from Indiana

  56. I am glad that the 100th episode will not be a cliffhanger. I would just hate to have that big of a hole in the series. I do hope that the movies will be successful too. A part of me is still very sad to see the series end, but at the same time I’m glad that the series will end, like you said, on a high.

  57. Joe, I’m sorry about the end of Atlantis ,I was just wondering if you’ve read the forums on GATEWORLD!!!!
    So will Stargate Universe be on this fall? I am freaking mad at Scifi ,MGM ,or who ever Skippy is!!!! Cancelling their only good show!!!! Lets face it the movies on the channel suck, so with a final note ,Fight for SGA instead of these movies, or speed up SGU or I’m fed up with SciFi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I was not a regular watcher of SGA until Carter joined in season 4. Although I was disappointed at how the character was subsequently written out I had previously vowed to watch season 5 as I do like the show and you had been very supportive of both Amanda and the character. Accordingly, I’m very sorry to hear the news. I would like to add my thanks to all those involved in the show and wish you all continued success in the movies and other ventures. If Carter returns for episode 100 it will certainly end on a high note for me.

  59. The fans are definitely livid.
    GW is abuzz.
    Petitions are being signed.
    We should at least have gotten another season to wind things up well, and endear us to SGU if need be.
    Season 5 opened with brilliant acting – (almost) everyone kicked it up a notch.
    Joe Flanigan surpassed himself, if that’s even possible.
    He’s already way up there alongside Harrison Ford.
    This is a slap in the face to the wonderful cast and crew as well as the fanbase.
    Is there any hope that this can honestly be salvaged with a movie?
    What are your expectations re keeping the cast and upping the ante with this new format?
    Or even re keeping the fanbase?

  60. The “Scifi Channel” is quickly becoming the network that doesn’t have any Scifi on it.

    I’m sorry Joe, I really am. It’s so easy for a person like me who has Stargate spec scripts laying around and a fresh list of ideas sitting on his desk (that aren’t even 48 hours old) to think about the loss of opportunity, to think only about me and how badly I’ve always wanted to write for this franchise.

    It’s easy as a fan and a writer trying to break in to think about what we’re losing, to be selfish, instead of thinking about all the people that are losing their jobs in a tough global economy, but beyond that jobs they also love that may never be replaced.

    You and everyone working on SGA have given us some damned fine entertainment that was never given the credit it deserved. There are a lot of shows on Scifi that deserved this, but SGA wasn’t one of them.

    Thank you for five great seasons.

  61. Hi Joe,
    I was sorry to hear the news but I understand, it is after all show business, emphasis on the business part of it sometimes. The writing on ti`sMany great shows never make it to five seasons so we fans have been very lucky. I am excited about the movies though. As I was telling my sister at dinner, she just recently became an Atlantis fan after being a long time SG-1 fan, that all shows must end and I would rather it end on a high note, and have movies to look forward to.

    Take care,

  62. It’s too bad that SGA is canceled 🙁 But I’m glad to hear about the movies. There’s been a lot of talk on the internet – that another SG1 movie was greenlit, a third series was greenlit, and now an SGA movie was greenlit. This seems like a lot (although with enough man power feasible). Do we have anything definite for sure that we’ll be seeing? As in, all three? Or only the SGA movies?

  63. Sorry to hear this Joe, the show will be dearly missed.

    But immense thanks to you and the rest of the cast and crew for a terrific TV run, especially with seasons 4 and 5 – it’s been a blast to watch. All the very best for the SGA movie!

  64. Hi Joe,
    I was sorry to hear the news but we fans should understand it is, when all is said and done, show business, emphasis on the business part of it sometimes. Many great shows never make it to five seasons so we fans have been very lucky. I am excited about the movies though. The writing on the show is great, the production is great and the actors are great, so I am sure the movies will be great. As I was telling my sister at dinner, she just recently became an Atlantis fan after being a long time SG-1 fan, that all shows must end and I would rather it end on a high note, and have movies to look forward to. I am kind of sad that some fans are taking the cancellation as a personal attack on them and also blaming Stargate Universe for the cancellation. Many of these same Atlantis fans said the exact same thing about Atlantis when it was first announced. I’ll always be a fan, and have converted others to the fandom, and will continue to be a fan no matter what format the stories are in, either weekly shows or movies. I’ll give Stargate Universe the same chance I gave Atlantis and with luck it will have at least five years also.

    Take care,

  65. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to say I’m of course extremely disappointed, but more importantly, thanks a ton to you and the rest of the crew for 5 fantastic years! Best of luck to everyone with whatever comes next, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the movie franchise. 🙂

  66. Hey Joe, well obviously this sucks but to quote O’Neill: “let’s not dwell”. I’ll definitely enjoy the remaining 15 episodes and am looking forward to the movie. have you been watching any Star Trek lately? “All Good Things…” reminds me of the TNG finale. anyway thanks for the info regarding the 100th episode and movie

  67. As I said yesterday JOe, I really do want to thank you and everyone involved in the show for all the hard work you have done during the run of the series. We’ve given a lot and it truely is appreciated.

    Don’t know forsure if I will be watching “The SHrine” tomorrow or not. I’ve been looking forward to it, but last weekend we had a situation that, from the sounds of it, was similair to what will be on the show. The difference being that on th eshow, all will be alright by the end. Can’t say the same here. Just may hit too close to home right now.

    But again, Joe, thanks to all fo everything.

  68. Hey Joe,

    I know you tried to prepare us for this. It’s just not something I could ever be prepared for let alone be *ok* or *at peace* with. I just see so much garbage on tv and it is painful to watch a good show end when the people who make the show and the show’s loyal fans don’t want it to end.

    That being said, I hope you will continue to blog for us!

    I’ve lost the use of David’s site. Now I’ve lost SGA. I’ve had enough of loss. Your blog is certainly a bright spot.

    Here’s hoping we do get a LONG line of SGA movies.


  69. Aw gee Joe, I’m sorry. What a shame that it has to end when it’s doing so well.

  70. Thank you for 5 wonderful, entertaining seasons of Stargate Atlantis. I joined SGA fansites and groups just this season, and this happens. I’m saddened by this news. Please thank the cast for bringing us such awesome characters, and to the crew, writers and producers for putting this great show together.

    I will miss watching Stargate Atlantis every week, and will miss everyone involved in the show..especially Joe Flanigan.

    I look forward to the SGA movies.

  71. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved with the production for a wonderful run!

    I’m still sad at the cancellation, but am looking forward to the rest of the episodes and the movies.

    You had mentioned in a few postings in the past concerning Daniel Jackson: “If we do get a sixth season pick-up, he’s at the top of our list,” and “The more Daniel, the better.” Will this apply to the Atlantis movies as well? I’d love to see more of Daniel in Atlantis, personally. 🙂

    Again, thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  72. Joe,

    I didn’t know before I read your post tonight that SGA was cancelled, so right now I’m just sitting here in shock. I knew it would happen sometime, but I never really prepared myself for the actual event. Right now I don’t even know what else to say other than a big Thank You to all the cast and crew for making SGA a great show for five years.

  73. If it had to be done I guess it is better to do it now while you are still together. It would super suck if you had all (cast & crew) finished up and went your separate ways expecting to see one another for a new season only to find that you weren’t all coming back and the show was cancelled.

    At least this way you can, as one big family, turn to one another for support.

    Didn’t you say the last days of production were on location in Vegas? So I was wondering when is the official last day of shooting at Bridge Studios for the cast & crew?

    If you can’t maybe some other poster can, (I must be out of the loop or something) but I don’t know who you are referring to when you say a “certain gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star”? On the other hand do you mean Zelenka because I never thought of Carson as pallid?

  74. Well a big ‘thank you’ to you Joe and all the cast and crew for your hard work.

    I will console myself that I still have a season and a half to watch.

  75. Hi Joe, I’m so sorry to hear that news. Thanks for all the years of great entertainment. I’m really not sure what Sci-Fi is thinking. Stargate is one of the only 4 shows on that entire network that are actually watchable.

    I’m sure I speak for everyone else here when I say I hope that all of the hard working crew and staff are able to find jobs yourself included, hopefully on another stargate series?

    Also I hope that you will continue your blog regardless of your future plans.

    Perhaps you should have included some of the cast of ECW wrestling in Atlantis… the vegas episode could have centered around a wrestling match? Get that demographic that apparently Scifi is catering to- 10 to 17 year old males. That is the only group watching scifi except for stargate, dr who, and bsg fans.

    Is there any possibility that stargate could be picked up by another network as it was when cancelled on showtime?

  76. Joe,
    Thank you for always trying to keep us informed. Please thank the cast and crew for a great 5 years. I will take comfort in knowing there will be SGA movies and the series finale is not the end of this wonderful team I have come to know and love over the years.
    Just a comment question, I know you most likely can’t say anything but will some of our favorite characters from SGA, make it to SGU. Not that I’m over SGA or the news its being cancelled but I’m just curious. I was hoping my favorite characters (John, Ronon, Rodney, Teyla Torren and Keller) would somehow get separated from SGA and make it onto SGU…just wishful thinking! 
    Other than that, I can’t imagine watching SGU without these familiar faces
    Take Care,

  77. There are already nearly 3000 signatures on that petition, if only it could actually do any good.

  78. @Go Spikey: If I could wish for one thing right now, it would be that YOU could name the SGA movie. Todd: The Movie ???!! It’s just tooo awesome to hope for!

    And…. Dude, where’s my hive? I can’t think of anything better.

    Lemme try: Wraith Busters! 🙄 Dances with Iradus Bugs. Ok, that’s lame. I know! Finding Ford! Get it? Like Finding Nemo. 😆 Don’t hit me. I know that is HORRIBLE.

    Yours are better. Go Spikey… you have made me smile. You RULE! 😀

  79. Joe,
    Again I still think this sucks! But you had been trying to prepare us for it (don’t get what they at MGM or SciFi are thinking but then again I’m just a JR High teacher not some tv network bigwig)…

    Please let the cast and crew know that we appreciate their hard work and the entertainment they provided us over the years!

    As other have already asked I’m also wondering if the movie will include Paul McGillion (please say yes)… Also if and when SG- Universe starts up will you and Paul M be a part of that? I hope so as I’ve always enjoyed what you and Paul brought to SG1 and then SGA. Also please tell us that you’ll continue to blog.

    Once again I’m upset at the news but will say that some of the comments that have been made in the last 24 hours go a little overboard, I don’t think it’s fair some of the things that have been said about you all and the direction the show turned… hey I didn’t agree with everything but I still watch! and the negative comments that people made about SG Universe, a show we haven’t seen yet… like I said I’m concerned with some of the news that makes it sound like we’d never see or hear for our known characters but I’m willing to give it a shot and if the same people are involved that have done SG1 and SGA over the last 12 years and doing this one I’d guess that it would be something that will offer me entertainment as these 2 shows have done.

    So I leave you this evening with my heartfelt thank you for a job well done, the best wishes of a VERY successful movie so that we’ll see many more of them to come!

  80. Joe,

    As sad as we are at our house over the cancelling of the show, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and the others gifted writers, the talented cast and the dedicated crew for five fabulous seasons. We eagerly await the first movie and hope that it’s just one of many SGA and SG1 adventures to come.

    And now I’m going to go be depressed for a while longer before I shake it off and really enjoy the rest of the season.


  81. Hey Joe,

    I’m really sorry to hear about the cancellation, but glad you folks have a movie already in the mix. I’ll definitely be purchasing the movie when it comes out, always supporting you all. 😉

    Here’s to a great remaining season, and future movies to come!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  82. Sad to hear of the show’s cancellation, but I’ll certainly pick up the movie when it hits DVD (and any future SGA movies). I love this show. Its the best thing on Sci Fi right now. I really hope that amid the cool effects and battles in any future movies, we continue to get some great characterization for Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woosley and Keller.

    Oh, and don’t forget Zelenka, Lorne, Chuck and Beckett.

  83. *sigh* This is just depressing. There’s only two tv shows I found worth watching every single week. Stargate: Atlantis and Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. Now I’m down to one…

    I guess the TV makes a good bookshelf.

    Seriously, I am sad to see the show go; it’s reawakened my enjoyment of science fiction in many ways.

    *sigh* Okay, time for me to go drown my sorrows in much chocolate and coffee. 🙁

  84. Sorry, Joe. I’m still pissed about this. Over the next few weeks my anger will subside, but I will still blame SciFi for what I consider to be a poor decision on their part.

    I am curious though is there a chance the show could be picked up by another network?

    Is ending the series a closing of the door on the Stargate Franchise?

  85. Oh. Wow. I am devastated by this news. We’ve been with you from the very beginning. Thank you all so much for amazing writing, and of course to the cast and crew. Best wishes for a quick return to another fantastic series and of course we’re preordering any and all DVDs.
    – Alyssa Day

  86. @ JakeBolt – not sure if you’re serious, but “Skippy” is actually “Skiffy,” another way to say Sci-Fi.

    @ PG15 – need a hug?

    @ Joe – Looking forward to tomorrow’s ep.

    @ everyone else – Hello. (in a Fran-like manner)


  87. Hello Joe -_-

    I really feel ashamed of what I wrote yesterday but the pain and sadness,I have loved of sci-fi to lose an one belonging to the serieses what else it is hard 🙁

    SGA is the one and only series of sci-fi than really of he has gotten to the heart….and cancellation decreased to me like a water bucket cold.

    But now that I have calmed down only I want to tell you….
    Thanks :)…For everything 🙂
    Thank you Joe, the other writers, producers, the staff and the cast for giving us five amazing seasons, each one better than the last. I will miss the show, the fantastic actors, amazing writers and everyone who made Stargate Atlantis possible. The show has brought me such joy, also MGM SCI although even…I hate them a little *x*,but it is truth thanks to them himself I achieve the series and I come to his 5 season,but I continue to be sad…T-T…They will be able to replace the episodes even with the films and seeing to our dear team every week replaced by one or two films every year,even so thank you for the effort work and the love that you gave this series.

    A thing but since I come from another country ( Colombia ) I Would Like It that you express,To all of the actors and team of work my gratitudes to afford to love and seeing a series that I fulfill myself a vacuum in my heart ^-^

    And than from here my country I desire a lot of luck in his future projects to all of them and to you also than all your projects prosper.

    Thank you for getting a time to explain to us and we waited than next year SGA’s films and that they be better That SG1 give them to.

    The last thing thanking the actor JOE FLANIGAN thank you for being a Hero and a great actor I admire it and I have seen it in all the serieses and films that he has sold off
    I desire a lot of luck in his future projects and than thank you for being the best Lt Colonel John Sheppard why I do not see another actor making the character than the he did
    The he will be always John Sheppard in my heart.

    Good Luck and thanks to:

    Joe Flanigan (Coronel John Sheppard) Again xD
    Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett)
    Doctora Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson)
    Teniente Aiden Ford (Rainbow Francks)
    Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell),
    Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion)
    Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa)
    Coronel Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping)
    Radek Zelenka, (David Nykl)
    Coronel Steven Caldwell (Mitch Pileggi)
    Doctora Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite)

    And the rest of the technical staff….xD

    I LOVE FOR EVER =^-^= SGA FOR EVER =^-^=

    PSD:”I apologize for some error I am learning English”

  88. This makes me want to cry Joe – I seriously am. I always will look forward to anything from the Stargate franchise, but with no comfirmation of a pickup for Stargate: Universe, I fear the end, and I mean the very end. Movies are great, and Ark of Truth and Continuum were true gems, but there’s nothing like looking forward to a new episode every week. The continuiing, developing story-lines, the speculation for each new episode. The emotional involvement we fans get from following each step of the progress – from hearing about a new script, to the filming, editing, and the big payoff of the actual episode – each year of this Stargate ride has been incredible for me. I have been a fan of the franchise since the very beginning: always watching SG-1 and Atlantis. I’m only 21 years old, so you could say half of my life has been wrapped around this wonderful, magical, and uplifting series. Thank you Joe and everyone working with you for producing some truly amazing stories, adventures, and surprises. I will always remain true to this franchise, and the fans will always be there for you. Knock ’em dead with this film Joe! I, for now, will do anything I can to get Atlantis back!

  89. So, is this where the future of television sci-fi is headed every time?

    Will there be a churning out of series to gauge viewer responses, catch them, keep them hooked, make them devotees, then pull the pin prior to resolution so they can make movies (and subsequently MORE PROFITS) from them??

    Shameless, foolhardy, opportunistic. Greedy. And above all, unintelligent.

    Tell the network heads they’d better stop working this formula. Otherwise, with technology advancing so much, they’ll find NOBODY will bother to watch television anymore and create their own entertainment.

    Joe, I’m seriously gutted by this pathetic attempt by arsehole executives to wield their axe yet again without doing their damn homework. Talk about killing a golden goose. They deserve all the flak they will receive from Stargate fans. They EARNED our disrespect.

    To the cast & crew of Atlantis – I’m sorry that your hard work has been so seriously undermined by fathead morons who sit in leather-bound offices signing your livelihoods away because their sole interest is in profiteering. Your talents and skills ARE appreciated by your fans, and we will NEVER give up the fight.

    To MGM – you suck like a hoover on high. If I had connections to the mafia, you’d be swimmin’ wid da fishies by now…

  90. I’m heartbroken that the series is ending after this season, but more or less expected it, considering all the variables. I’ll be looking forward to the movie.

  91. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear about the show ending like this. {{{{HUGS}}} to the cast and crew that gave us 5 wonderful years in the Pegasus galaxy.

    I can’t wait for the movies to come out so we will still be getting some SGA now and again even though it won’t be weekly.


  92. Hey Joe,
    sniff sniff when i read the gate was closing i started to cry too (lol) and then i said what about Joe. Thank you for giving us your letter on the news. It must of been hard on you all having to tell the cast and crew. Remember we love you and no one is taking us a way from here!!!!!!


  93. WOW! I’ve gone through all the emotions with this news!
    First I was TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FUMING MAD, then I was sad, then kinda happy about the idea of having movies to add to my library(aka my own room lol), Now I’m Pissed more then I could say, and also at the same time I’m ready to cry and pleague SciFi with some letters about them canceling SGA AND SG1 THE 2 BEST SHOWS THEY HAVE EVER AND WILL EVER HAVE ON THEIR STATION!

    OK, well I’m really sorry for you and everyone with the show. That’s really sad news. Can’t wait to see the rest of season 5. And you can be assured that I will be buying the movies as soon as we hear about them. 🙂

    Hugs, Prayers, and Blessings,

  94. Wow. No, I hadn’t heard. I’m a bit shocked to be honest. And really depressed. But, I’m very glad to hear that movies are already in the plans. And now knowing this, knowing that many things I’d like to have seen won’t happen, due to them being more arc-related, I would beseech you…

    1) Please do something about Ford. It’s never felt like his story is concluded and, while he was never my favorite, I do think he was much more interesting after the wraith enzyme thing, and leaving him in limbo just wouldn’t do justice to the character. And don’t just say he died in some off-hand way. If he must die, actually show it. Although my preference would be that they’d find some way to save him and he’d go home to his family.

    2) Don’t kill Michael. Even if he must stay a villain in any subsequent reappearances, please don’t kill him. I’d love to see him turn good somehow, both for his sake and for the Atlantis team’s sake, but if not that, then at least leave him at large so that the possibility might exist. There’s been too many people that the team’s screwed over in consideration of their own survival, and those people always pay the price while the Atlantis team learns nothing. Michael just has too much potential to be summarily killed off.

    3) For that matter, please don’t kill any more of our heroes. We’ve already lost Weir and Carson, and if we lose any more of the originals I fear it just won’t be the show we love any more. Too often TV-show-movies take the opportunity to kill off major characters for a cheap climax. It’s just not fair.

    So anyway, those are my hopes… I’m so depressed now.

  95. Dear Joe,

    I just wanted to chime in on the cancellation of the next season. Although I cannot begin to know what actually went on during the decision making process of the higher ups in the Science Fiction Channel I must conclude upon hearing about this cancellation that they have completely lost their collective minds.

    I have been a SciFi fan from the first day of its broadcasting. I remember how cool it was to see all the great shows that I grew up with on one channel. Who could forget when we were kids rushing home to see what would happen next to the Robinson Family and the Jupiter 2, or even those old black and white shows of Flash Gordon where you could still see the wire holding the space ship as it flew round and round in circles trying to escape the Merciless Ming? SciFi was the one that brought it all back and how great it was.

    SciFi has evolved over the years and grown into a place that we could not only enjoy the gifts from the past, but it became place where we could watch new and exciting things that brought new filming technologies and great new stories.

    Unfortunately over the last few years I have noticed that the station has become a place of reruns and marathon showings of past shows. It has only been the small amount of shows that air between 8 and 11pm that actually keep it worthy of watching.

    Atlantis is one of these shows. Not only have we seen the depth of characters grow and the storylines get better and better, but we have gotten to relate to these characters and grow to love them. This show is and has been in my opinion one of the best shows on the channel. I cannot begin to understand why they would pull the plug on it.

    Seven years back when I heard that there was going to be a spin off of Stargate I thought to myself “How in the world are they going to create another cast that could possibly encapsulate the spirit and fun of the original cast?” Well by golly they not only did it but they created an entire new universe and a whole set of new problems for us all to enjoy watching get unraveled and solved.

    I am truly sorry to see this story end and just want to say to you and all those involved in bringing it to us each week “Hats Off and Job Well Done” Thank you so much for giving us 100 episodes of the best SciFi has to offer.

    As for the SciFi Channel I am raising a really big Tealc Type Eyebrow at this decision.

    I’m totally bummed out about this.



  96. Right now I am eating handmade, blueberry, cheesecake ice-cream yum yum.

    SGA ending eh? It’s always been about the money. (don’t take what I’m saying too personally. I bitter, what can I say?)
    If this had been one large story arch like Babylon 5 for instance, it would feel like it was a complete story with a beginning, a middle and an end. There would be closure when a show ended. But because this is more of a soap, (am absolutely loath to say it) it’s part of people’s routine. And people don’t like their routines being disrupted. Either an audience can be weaned off of a show because it starts to get crappy, or there is a complete story ark so when the show finishes, it feels finished.

    This isn’t going to be the case with SGA. It will just end, the wraith won’t be able to redeem themselves, and Joe M and his side kick will have to go fast forward jamming in all sorts of untied up loose ends–making the show crappy for the final season as well as stopping any potential of the show being brought back.

    Oh well, that’s show business.
    I feel like I’ve broken up with the guy who was so much fun but who I always knew was a bit of a twit. Now I’m dealing with his ding-dong –ery full on. Why am I surprised?

    Bringing out SGA movies eh? Jamming in two hours what can barely be contained in 40 minutes? (In other words, I’m saying some of the episodes seemed like they have been artificially trimmed back–like Whispers. Some stories just need more time to be told.) I like books. I give up on the boob tube.

    So, Mr. Joe, who doesn’t moderate your own blog even for the sake of the fans (even slight moderation, so you know….everyone is civil), I know you are as distressed about this as we are/ I am, though you’ve had more time to get over it. JW got eight seasons out of Buffy, I believe six out of Angel, SG1- ten seasons, Farscape eight–what’s the problem?

    If SGA is a cash cow, well then, milk that cow!

    Persuade the MGM Producers!–If you have more stories to tell, pitch it to them!! They’ll be persuaded if you’re passionate enough (or persuasive enough).

    If you want me to, I’ll do it—who do I talk to?

    I’m not up for commiseration right now, I’m up for salvation. How do we save the show? —We brought Carson back didn’t we?


  97. Thanks for staying positive, Joe… it helps us all to hear that you’re thankful and not bitter at SciFi and MGM.

    Question: Are you going to definitely be involved in the movies??? (I’d like to see you write and produce a 3rd or 4th SG-1 movie, myself!!!)

  98. Wow, those chairs there under the stargate, so final and sad.

    A day later and I am still in shock. I just found Atlantis and was completely won over, I wanted more time like all the others. I felt like I was part of a family even though I don’t know the cast, crew, producers, writers directors etc. Everyone put so much into the show that it felt like something special. I do thank everyone for that wonderful feeling. I am sure I will be crying even more so at tomorrow’s episode.

    The guy at work said he was putting me on suicide watch (everyone is a comedian). I told him I was past the wanting to shoot myself stage and now at just banging my head against the wall stage. It just feels like I was stunned over and over again (I can’t even imagine what the cast and crew felt).

    The think about Universe is I am not sure I want to do this again to be disappointed in the end. Of course if
    Joe Flanigan and David Hewlitt are on it then I will (lol).

    How did the cast take it? Did they expect it somewhat too? If they were optimistic about the movie thing then I guess I can feel a little better, because I was feeling bad for them too. It’s just too sad, but hopefully Atlantis doesn’t fall by the wayside, like I fear they will. I just feel like this is happening so they can make way for Universe and if that is so, it is not right.

    Hopefully, more than one movie is made. If you make 3, 4 or even 5 a year, maybe I can live with that and see a brighter side of this nightmare (lol) (pllleeeeaaassseee).

    I got very passionate (to take a term from Joe Flanigan) when I heard this bad news, I just felt I had to do something. It was and is an awful feeling. I am not sure I like that I can be like that, but it was an emotional day all around (my brother had fallen 8 ft and landed on his back, luckily he did not break it or anything else and then to come home to this news).

    Joseph, thanks for your blog, it is real fun and you do put up with a lot. If you keep it, I’d like to stay (as long as you don’t make me read, although you have made me think about it more).

    God Bless everyone involved with the show!

  99. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for your comments tonight. Hope the cast and crew didn’t take the news too hard. I’m still looking forward to the rest of the current season. I’m also excited about the prospect of SGA movies – without the constraints of having to structure the story into 5 acts for episodic television, the possibilities are endless!

    Oh, and your grandmother was very wise…


  100. It’s too soon to say goodbye!
    ….OKay that was from “Les Miserables” but that’s how I feel!
    Stargate has been in my life since 97!!!

    and by far atlantis is my favorite show ever, I am never watching tv again!!!

    Nothing will ever be the same Atlantis was special and wonderful, damn this economy!

    No sci-fi TRULY has nothing to offer the viewers other than retarted B movies!!!!

  101. “…in addition to a certain gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star.”

    Sometimes, Joe…I just love you. Really. In a totally non-creepy kinda way, of course. *smooches*

    I can sleep well tonight…

    ….until I have to pee.


  102. So Trish/Whovian really helped make this a better day! That’s another thing to thank you, Joe, and David H for — if not for Atlantis in general and Rodney very in particular, I wouldn’t have met Trish or her family, and I would have spent half of my birthday *alone*. (You can imagine, after last night’s news, being along was the last thing I wanted!) Instead I had fun playing games and riding rides, looking in shops and having the best burger I’ve had in a very long while. So thank you too, Trish, and your family (& Jen), for sharing my day with me and helping me to forget for a while! *HUGS*

    Todd will be in the movie? 😀 That akes me feel better too, so thank you for that, Joe. 🙂 (I just hope Todd doesn’t die and is at least uneasy allies — if not outright friends, although I would be deliriously happy with that — with Team Sheppard when the movie ends …)

    Bright blessings and big hugs to you and the crew.

  103. Atlantis, Sg-1, The Outer Limits, Farscape, First Wave. One could make a dream line-up out of the shows The Sci Fi Channel has cancelled. I’m certainly looking forward to whatever lame drivel they plan on showing on Friday nights now. I’m thinking tele-novellas (Spanish soap operas). It would fit right in with their ‘other’ sci fi shows: ECW, anime, and of course their truly horrid Saturday night b-movies.
    Anyway, thanks to cast, crew, and tptb! As others have said, I hope you will continue your blog!

    Berry of Texas

  104. Thornyrose said:
    To pg-15. Ok on the real lemons. But several suggestions have been offered. and I think people can decide what they like to use best. But someone at MGM and Sci Fi are getting lemons in one form or another…and yes I’m going to be polite.

    Awww! Do we hafta be polite? How about writing “This SUCKS!” across the lemons? That’s polite enough…right?? *wink*

    aka Kdvb1

  105. Dear Joe,

    I have loved the stargate universe since the gate first opened in 1994 with “Stargate” the movie. In 1997 my heart was glad with the creation of the exquisitely fun “Stargate SG1”, followed by “Stargate Atlantis”, and now the SG1 dvd movies. I am compelled to look forward to what you have in store for the next incarnation of the franchise. I have no choice. Stargate has captured a corner of my being and it’s not giving up without a fight!

  106. This is a little sad, the decade of Great Sci-Fi is ending (well except for Dr. Who, thats only gone for a year)

    SGA has ended, BSG has ended, No more Star Trek (save for the movie) Star Wars is being run into the ground. And Dr. Who won’t be on again for another year! I’ll have nothing to watch… *GASP*, I’ll actually have to read for enjoyment. Maybe I should finish “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” 5 part trilogy.

    So long and thanks for all the fish. Well, actually it isn’t so long, there is till a movie to be made!

  107. Still crying here, and planning to send lots of lemons to MGM and Sci-Fi. Can you hint who we should bombard more? Like you mentioned, the ratings were improving, so the timing of ending now seems totally out of the blue! *sniff*

    I am glad to hear that you had not planned on a huge cliffhanger for episode 20.

    I was worried all this talk about Stargate Universes would sink SGA. I was not one of those clamming for ‘new, new, new’. I was quite happy with SGA. *pout*

  108. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to let you know that we the fans are not ready to give up. There are all sorts of campaigns in the works, ranging from letters to lemons. Here’s hoping for the best!

  109. Whatever ends up happening in the future, I wanted to thank all the writers, producers, the cast, crew and everyone else involved in making the show for giving us 5 great seasons. This franchise has always been very fan friendly, from interacting with us online, to all the great extras on the DVDs. Thanks for a great ride, and I hope to see more great stories from you all in whatever form I can get.

  110. This has been an incredible series, and I loved it from the start — and I’m certain I’ll love it at its finish (or not quite, since there will be moves, thank goodness). I only wish that the Powers That Be could have invested in Atlantis a bit longer, as opposed to some of their ‘movies of the month’, but that’s the way it rolls. Thank you very much to the cast, crew, and writers for bringing us all on a phenomenal adventure.

  111. Joe, while I certainly appreciate that both SciFi and MGM are businesses and they have done a lot for the franchise, I am still floored that two very successful shows are being shelved. SciFi is a “specialty” cable channel that depends on a fan base to survive. (Well, nowadays there is also wrestling) I have been loyal to SciFi specifically because of the SG franchise. (I was not even a BSG fan and got into it because of “SciFi Friday)

    I for one, will stop watching the SciFi channel (and I assume that others will also follow suit) once SGA comes to it’s conclusion.

    I am very disappointed to say the least. We have been left with several open story lines. I would imagine that the network and MGM would want to produce as many shows as possible for syndication and that they would continue to produce it as long as it was profitable. But apparently there are no limits to greed. (Weak dollar or not, I am sure that SGA was not operating in the red and will continue to generate money for decades to come)

    Alfredo & Erica

  112. I’m glad there will be a movie but I’m still really upset about the cancellation. Any chance SciFi may reconsider?

  113. I’m still sad at the cancellation as well. I will miss seeing Atlantis every week next year. I am defintely looking forward to the rest of season five.

    I also just wanted to include another heartfelt job well done to all the cast and crew. Thanks for bringing us so many great adventures.

    I am looking forward to hopefully many Stargate Atlantis movies in the future and many more adventures with our beloved characters. Can you tell us if the “entire cast” for the first movie will include Paul McGillion, David Nykl and Kavan Smith? (please say yes)

    Oh and one other note…I do hope you will continue to blog for us whatever your future endeavors!!

  114. Hi, Joe.

    I’m so sorry about the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis. After Stargate SG-1, it’s my favorite show. I thank you and all the writer’s for wonderful stories on both Atlantis and SG-1 that you have given us over these wonderful years of great entertainment. I also thank all the actors of Atlantis for entertaining us with these wonderful stories. Well….I certainly hope this isn’t the end. I will definitely be looking forward to Stargate Atlantis movies to come out on DVD. Also….I think it would be wonderful if there could be Stargate SG-1/Atlantis crossover DVD-movie. I think that would be the best. Just something to think about.

    I also…..please…..keep your blog alive. Keep us updated on all the Stargate news about movies, series, etc. I always look forward to reading your blog.

    Best wishes,

    Sue Jackson

  115. pg15
    Oh come on, we can’t just fold up and call it a day. No offense Joe, but unless those line of movies are each ~44 minutes long and we’ll be seeing 20 of them in the near future, it’s not worth it for me. If this is their method to keeping the franchise alive, feeding the fandom a tiny morsal of material every few months, then they’re mistaken. Look at how the ratings suffered after the 6-month break in the middle of Season 3; really think that should be repeated? The only reason AoT and Continuum were as successful as they were, IMHO, is because they had a ongoing series, Atlantis, in the background keeping the fans safely in the seats. Without that, the movies are nothing.

    I have to agree with this. I don’t normally buy many dvds and I wouldn’t have bought Aot or Continuum if I weren’t so into SGA.

    I got hooked first on SGA. I never watched SG-1 until I was hooked on SGA and wanted to see Mckay in SG-1. Then I began to like SG-1 also. But, SGA was always “the show” for me. And, it was the characters and their interactions that hooked me. Not the blowing up stuff scenes. McKay and Sheppard are the two characters that captured my attention and held it so long. I am going to be SO lost without my McKay and Shepp fix. And, I know that SGU will not be able to replace them in my heart.

    Is there no chance that a fandom uprising can make whoever it is that made this stupid decision (calling it as I see it) change their minds and at least make a 6th and final season? What if the ratings spike for the rest of the season? Is there ANYTHING that can change their minds?

    I surely hope so pg15…I surely hope so! And, I’m with you…we should definately try! Some friends of mine are starting a website to organise some kind of action to save SGA. When it’s up and running I’ll post it here.


  116. Hey Joe – I was already having a lousy week at work and this announcement really made my day go downhill.

    I’ve really enjoyed Season 5. The cast is acting its heart out, the writing is super and the production value are bordering on the superb. The ratings are steadily improving from one episode to the next!!

    So who’s the bean-counter at MGM and SciFi who doesn’t understand that you have to spend money to make money? Do I need to give someone a lesson on “return on investment” and “cost benefit analysis”? Do the fans needs to start a trust account and donate funds to pay for a 6th season episode by episode? Why not a 6th season with 10-12 episodes? It would be a cost savings and still provide the best entertainment not only for us die-hard fans, but for all of the new folks just discovering SGA. I’d settle for that.

    I think MGM and SciFi are shooting themselves in the foot!

    Regardless, my deepest thanks to you and the gang in the writer’s room, to an extremely talented cast, a super crew and all the folks in the back office that keep everyone and everything on track. You’re simply the best!!

  117. I can’t begin to say how disappointing this news is for me. I just hope you don’t decide to kill off any of the characters before the series ends.

    Thanks for a great five years.

  118. Joe-

    Thanks to you and the rest of the cast and crew for a wonderful run. Best of luck to all of you. I hope will be seeing some familiar faces (and names in the credits) with the up-coming projects. Like many of the others, I hope you continue to blog, the weird food puchase of the day makes me either smile or cringe. Again, Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing the rest of the season.


  119. Well that sucks. I haven’t been online in two days, so I didn’t know. I have been a fan of the franchise since the second season of SG-1 on Showtime and I can’t imagine how sucky my Fridays will be. I agree with someone who said Scifi Channel is quickly becoming a no-scifi channel. The only other shows I watch on the channel are “Dr. Who” and occassionally “Eureka” Sorry but the rest of the shows are horrible…..

    Thanks to the cast and crew for bringing such enjoyment into my life…….and hopefully you’ll keep up the blog….It’s such fun to read….

    and I know someone who met and sat at dinner with John Scalzi at ArmadilloCon last weekend and said he was an extremely nice man….

  120. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for all the great work. The picture with today’s entry is perfect.. My friday’s won’t be the same when Atlantis is gone but I look forward to the movie(s).

    Again Thanks to you and everyone involved with the show..

  121. What’s up with the weird icon thingies–does this mean I’m a virus?

    Probably. So, can SGA be aired on Canadian Network TV?
    Is there any other station that would pick it up?

    Who would you need to negotiate with? I know SG1 was on Show Time cable network in the US.

    What if you could get in contact with a producer from a Canadian Network Station? Or an American one or even Show Time?

    If you could get in touch with an American Network Producer, who would pitch the show?

    What I’m saying is my significant other is a major contract negotiator for a large Canadian/American firm. Rarely, but sometimes he deals with a few key people in the film industry. Can I help you? I don’t know if I can, it maybe a loooong stretch, but I may be able to.
    We know a few people.
    If you think I can, let me know.



  122. I truly love the show and hate to see it be cancelled. Hope it all works out. Can’t waite to see the movies.

  123. I second the vote for WOOD to direct the movie!!

    Also mucho thanks to *ALL* the crew and contributing never mentioned other people who’ve been a part of *This* over the years.

    And of course, the Cast – and their families, some of whom have had to be apart from them…

    Now, for *my* Wish List while there’s still time to insert before the end of the Season.

    1. – Ronon loses the “Rug” – [I just can’t see Jason wanting to go back to it for the Movie and if he ain’t in the Movie… (insert worst nightmare here) …]

    2. – Ronon *MUST* get LAID!!! [..Hey, what’s that noise? … Oh. It’s just Jason cheering in the background…] — Okay, it doesn’t have to be actually filmed, BUT, a “mention” of it would be good! — My money is on Novak! Besides, she must be missing Hermiod something wicked. And nothing cures the hiccup like… well, you know…

  124. Hi Joe,

    I was introduced to Stargate Atlantis in season 3 by a friend of mine. After watching one episode I ran out and bought the DVD’s for seasons 1 & 2, and have continued to watch each week and buy the dvd’s each season. I have enjoyed each season, love the characters, stories, and special effects.

    While the news today is very sad, I’m glad there are more great episodes coming this season, and the bright spot of a movie(s) in the future.

    I just wanted to say thank you to you, Paul, and the amazing cast & crew for jobs well well done! It has been my pleasure to spend my Friday nights in Atlantis!

  125. I need to know, is the problem getting in touch with the decision makers of various cable network shows, or is the problem pitching it?

    Is MGM willing to sell it, or do they think the movies will make money enough not to be willing to sell it to another network?

    You probably know, sci fi fans have a great deal of technical savvy (though typically lacking in ‘social capitol’), thus they would down load a show like Fire Fly, for the sake of it. Then not get around to watching it until it was canceled after the first season. This would probably be the case with the SGU movies. You know the best bet with the stories that still need to be told with SGA is to have another network pick it up.

    Please, please, please explain what needs to happen.

    I know I’m a little grumpy sometimes,
    I’m sure Martin is a lovely person, I just can’t help thinking of him as your younger brother????


  126. Dear Joe,

    I’m a relative newbie fan to “SGA” but, in that time, I have enjoyed reading about the show in your blog and wanted to, first of all, say thanks.

    I am completely and utterly crushed over this. I adore “SGA”. I only started watching about a year ago when I caught some reruns and just fell in love. With the city, the plots, the Wraith, and mainly the characters with a huge emphasis on John and Rodney together.

    I am not a science fiction fan in general. I’ve never really even watched “SG1”, but I just love “SGA”. It is one of my few favorite tv shows ever, and one of only two new shows that I will make a point of watching.

    For one hour every Friday night, for me, everything stops. The rest of the world pretty much ceases to exist and all that’s left is Atlantis. I’ve laughed, yelled, sat on the edge of my seat and even teared up a bit while watching. I also tend to go totally fangirl-y(especially over David Hewlett who, to my neverending regret, I missed being able to meet at the Con in my hometown a few months ago).

    I’m angry and kind of disgusted over the cancellation. Mostly, though, I’m just sad and disappointed. I’m really going to miss this show.

    Please, if you would, give my deepest thanks to the absolutely amazing cast and crew for five seasons of a wonderful show and tons of joy.

    Good luck and Good karma,

    Baltimore, Maryland

  127. I am very sad at the news. I don’t know what to think right now. I have never invested so much time and money in a tv series. I was kind of expecting it, because of the things you were writing. I just hoped it wasn’t true. I do want to think you , cast, and crew for a great 5 seasons of Atlantis and 10 years of SG1. Thank you again Jami

  128. Hi Joe,

    Words cannot express my sorrow over the news of SGA’s cancellation. While vehemently opposing several changes in Season 4, I NEVER wanted this to happen. I sincerely wanted the show to continue as long as possible. I fully expected its end to come much later than now. I think the emotion that was most prominent when I found out was shock. Five years, while a terrific feat, does not seem enough for such a wonderful show with such an engaging cast.

    I first became a Stargate fan late into SG-1’s run. I relished being in on Atlantis from the very beginning. When the first season came out on DVD, I had just transferred to a new college, my first year away from home. My academic regiment was quite demanding. Combined with the homesickness and the rat’s nest that I was living in, my spirit was less than stellar. Despite my busy schedule, I would always watch an Atlantis episode on my laptop in my bed before going to sleep, no matter how late, and believe me, I’m talking late…

    It helped me unwind. It helped me get through a particularly tough time. The enjoyment I received helped recharge me. It was important to me. I looked forward to graduation when I could watch the show in happier times. Well, I graduated, but I will not have quite as many years as I would have liked. Still, the show will always hold a special place in my heart. I will always remember it as something that helped me when I was hurting.

    So, thank you. I may have disagreed with some of your decisions over the years, but I cannot fault your hard work and dedication to creating a show that was truly something special. You, and all of the cast, crew, producers, writers, and directors that have worked on the show for these five years, have my undying thanks and gratitude.

    Also, know that there are those who are willing and able to fight for this show. Let us know if there is anything that we can do.

    The honor is to serve,
    ~Derek Diltz

  129. Nothing lasts forever; just long enough. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t feel like long enough.

    I’m still a little bummed about this. It totally wrecks my Friday night ritual (reruns of Batman and Green Hornet followed by SGA, viewed during a dinner of either fajitas, fish tacos, or, in the winter, steak and rice bowls).

    I can safely say that SGA will be one of the few series I own entirely on DVD. Right now the only other show in my collection that can claim my fame is The A-Team. I am nothing if not consistant with my love of snark and explosions.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and the movie. It’s good to go out on a high, if you’ve got to go out at all.

    I’m gonna go play Mah Jong Safari and cheer up. I’ll save my tears and accolades for the last episode.

    BTW…I love my little bat-brain doodad. He pleases me, tentacles and all.

  130. Hi Joe,

    I am very disappointed that Stargate Atlantis was cancelled. Please tell everyone we wish them the best always. I for one will not go quietly into the night. I’m calling, sending letters & cards, blowing up emails & servers as I go. I suggest we all write & call to show how much we love this show. Are any of you going to be around for the Creations Convention in April? Everyone should come and we make a party of it. Have a huge party at the studio to say thank you. How bout it?

  131. I’m so disappointed. Not being involved in the show or the industry, I don’t know who really is to “blame” for the show’s cancellation… but like most people, I’d suspect Sci Fi had something to do with it. When I look at Sci Fi’s lineup, I have to wonder, “What do they think they have that’s better than SGA?” They show a lot of British programs, B movies, Ghost Hunters, and well, not much original content. Stargate (both of them) was the best thing they had, and then they decided not to continue it? Any possibility that the show can move to another network?

    So so sad. But I’m glad to hear there will be an SGA movie in the works.

  132. Hey Joe,

    So saddened to read the news that my favorite show on tv has been cancelled. Rage, anger, denial, and finally acceptance have all been emotions that I have been warrng with since this morning when I first read GW. Thank you for a wonderful 5 years. I don’t know what I will do with my Fridays once this run ends. It’s been Sci-Fi Friday for me for 5 years……now I guess I’ll have to get a life. If Sci-Fi thinks that it will ever have the same kind of line up as they once had with SG-1, SGA and then at the time BSG then they are sadly mistaken. I look forward to the remaining season, and the eventual movie that has been greenlit. Please let the cast, crew and writers know how much their hard work has been appreciated. Oh, and thank the producers and directors too. Live long and prosper, no that’s been done…..may the force be with you, no that’s not right either….see you on the other side.

  133. Will be missed, for eight years i have truly been entertained by your/the producers/show-runners production of this franchise, thank you (and yes i am holding out for a miracles for someone/some company to step forward and provide a new home ala scifi). Again i hope that a majority of the cast/crew would be able to provide commentary for the dvd boxset.
    some Favs
    Children of the Gods
    Lost City
    New Order (o’neill: “you got asprin?”)
    Within the Serpent’s Grasp
    The Serpent’s Lair
    The Tok’ra
    Maternal Instinct (Maternal Instinct)
    The Fifth Race
    Nemesis/Small Victories
    The Changeling
    Thirty-Eight Minutes
    and many others, thanks again

  134. I’m so disappointed that SGA’s been cancelled! Really loved the show and was looking forward to at least another year or two. Is there any possibility whatsoever that the show could be moved to another network? I can think of at least one show that was cancelled early in the process by one network, only to jump to another, where it enjoyed quite a long run. From what I know about the show, it has quite a following overseas. Might there be enough of a following in Canada, Europe and Australia to generate a season 6 with the idea that it would also be released on DVD or online (perhaps via subscription) here in the US? I can only speak for me, but I’d subscribe to get another full season (or two, or three, or more) of McKay, Sheppard, and the rest of the crew!

  135. Hey Joseph,

    I am really sorry to hear the BEST sci fi show along with SG-1 has been canceled, I would put all the blame on Sci – Fi channel for canceling the show. What are they trying to do destroy the sci fi genre, the Sci Fi channel is there just to earn some money. Thank you Joe for the memorable series unfortunately I may have to wait a year to see the SGA again just like SG-1. This is the darkest day of my life. This is a real shame a dark chapter and end of an era of wonderful Sci Fi shows imo. Don’t make movies of the shows because I felt after buying the dvds of the first two stargate movies I felt they rushed imo. I hope Stargate Atlantis comes back as a series in the future. Now I can’t watch anything on the Sci Fi channel which is new and interesting show, I am going to stop watching the Sci Fi channel from now on.

    Thanks for the eps

    Amay Mankad

  136. I’ve no doubt that we’ll continue to see great things from the SGA cast, even if it is on other shows. I was pleased to see Lexa Doig pop up on Eureka, and Bob Picardo on SGA, not to mention the wonderful Connor Trinneer. I’m certain that the actors we love will continue to appear on Sci Fi shows in the future, and I think all the actors are better for having this SGA experience. I never found the pretty surfer dudes on Baywatch to be that interesting, but Jason Momoa has created an incredibly complex, tough and funny action hero through SGA. And you’d never confuse our charming and brave Joe Flanigan with that jail bail chasing wank he played on Dawson’s Creek oh so many years ago.

    Rachell Luttrell’s fights scenes were as good as any John Woo film but then she’d break your heart in the next scene. And I’m now such a fan of David Hewlett that I even rented a Dog’s Breakfast.

    The SGA franchise has taken chances on new writers and has given them a very rare opportunity to write for a hit show. On any other show Martin Gero would still be making the coffee instead of writing and director some of my favorite episodes.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, the new movies and to seeing what’s next for these wonderful actors, writers, producers and crew members.

    Good luck to you all!

  137. Joe –

    Thanks for the classy post. Thanks to you and everyone else involved for what’s been coming out of that Gate and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on the other side of that hyperspace window!

    Marsha R

    p.s. I still owe you corn tamales and BBQ pulled pork. 😉

  138. Joe,

    I think I”m still in shock at the news since I just found out about 30 minutes ago, but I had to come and thank you for the wonderful show that you and Paul have led for the past five years.

    I’ve never done and/or experienced anything like this. I have no time to do any of the things that I’ve done in this fandom and yet, I have because I love this show like no other before.

    Right now, my heart goes out to all of you. As a fan, I’ve made a connection with John, Teyla, Rodney, and Ronon like no other characters in my entire life. They have made me laugh, cry, scream, and most of all, love. A part of me will be saddened by their loss, but I’m hopeful at your enthusiasm and possible future for Atlantis.

    The fan in me was born out of my fascination towards Teyla. I will miss her the most. She has graced the screen with her soulful beauty, strength, wisdom and love and because of her I fell in love with John Sheppard, as well. I tolerated Rodney’s antics and I accepted Ronon despite my love for Ford. Because of her, I sympathize with Elizabeth, fought for Michael’s right alongside her and wept and cried at Heightmeir’s loss all because I experienced it through her eyes. And I could go on.

    My point, I do love all of these characters and my heart goes out to Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, David Hewlett, Jason Mamoa and the rest of the cast and crew because their team work and performance I was able to view one of the best shows in television history. And I thank you all for that.

    Yes, there were gaps and holes and I am still hopeful for the impossible to come, but in the end it’s been an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

    I do believe you when you write this is not the end, but the start of something new. And you will continue to have my support.

    I wish you all the best and I am anxiously looking forward to the end of this season and the continuation of Atlantis in a new form.

    Thank you,

  139. Joe,
    I just wanted to add my thanks for 5 years of excellent and very enjoyable television. Once again, a favorite that I have come to enjoy, and in some small way feel a part of, is killed off for reasons that are frustrating and uncontrollable. Logically, I can understand there are business reasons behind all these types of decisions, but emotionally, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept. I hope all of you are able to continue to create the worlds we have come to enjoy for many more years to come, be it as dvd movies or broadcast movies that will also be available to those of us that get by on iTunes and dvds. Best wishes and best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  140. Hey Joe,

    Having been addicted to SGA since they first walked throught he gate into the sunken city, I’m incredibly disappointed and saddened to see it go. It was my favourite show, to the point where I even religiously watched the repeats. All the repeats.

    I know that fan uproar is going to be loud and furious. Are they dead set on the movies or is there any chance season 6 could come out of the loud spoken crowds?


  141. Oh, jeez, most depressing blog pic ever.

    I for one was so upset at the news that I went out and bought, and then ate, an entire coffee cake. And some chocolate for good measure. I’ve never done that in my life.

    I’ve from righteous indignance to the kind of depressed that only a single girl who lives alone with her cat and has nothing else to look forward to on a Friday night can be.

  142. Hay Joe,

    Well it is a sad day and I see that a lot of people have expressed much anger towards this situation, including my network question yesterday. Alas we all need to realize that the wonderful world that you, Paul, Brad, Rob, and everyone else involved has brought to us is not coming to an end. It may seem that way since our Friday nights will eventually become a little lonely after episode 100, but Stargate still lives on. We will still get to see our favorite actors blow up a sun or be threatened by citrus, it just wont be as often. With the promise of an Atlantis movie and I’m sure more SG-1’s to come, we should celebrate the fact that this isn’t a complete end. I’m sure everyone out there can think of a TV show that they enjoyed that ran it’s time and then was never to be seen again. For us, this is not the case. Sure we will not see as many new adventures as we are use to but, ultimately, this is not the end. We all need to stand strong and support the show in any form we can get it, TV, movies, or the new series because as long as we keep watching they will keep making it…


    Like my grandmother used to say: Whenever a gate closes, a hyperspace window opens…

    I noticed this line and I am curious, is this a hint for a possible guest star for the Atlantis Movie?

  143. I must say, that I am very, very, sorry to see the end of Stargate Atlantis as a weekly series. It use to be heaven when Stargate SG1 would run, to be followed by Stargate Atlantis, followed by Battlestar Glaticta. Then my all time favorite SG1 got cancelled. The movies are wonderful. I have purchased both, and bought Continuum in both DVD and blu-Ray, inorder to have a Blu-Ray disc on hand when I bite the bullet and buy a Blu-Ray player later this year. Right now I have only two shows that I watch on SciFi Channel Eureka and Atlantis. To me they will be sorely missed. I guess that because I am 63 years old and way over the age the SciFi Channel is looking for (18-49 year olds) my vote doesn’t count: (I do have more disposable income than many 18- 25 year olds). I will tell you that I am upset about all of this! I do however, hope that the Stargate Universe, is picked up for next season. I hope that the Stargate movies, will continue to be as good as the two that have been produced do far. I also hope, that all the Actors can be rounded up for each new movie each and every year: so we don’t have movies with only one or two of our favorite Actors showing up because some of the others were too busy to become involved in another project at that time.

  144. gosh darn, I’m sad about this. You can bet I’ll pre-order the movie. Hugs and best wishes to all.

  145. Joe:

    After my last post, I did want to write another reply and thank you and the cast for the wonderful job you have done. There are very few routines I have that I look forward to, watching the new episode of SGA was certainly one of them. I will miss the show.



  146. Hi Joe,
    I would like to send a great big thank you to the cast, crew and writers and producers for the 5 season run. You can really see the all the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating SGA. I really appreciate all the hard work. Please convey my thanks. I will truly miss watching new eps every week and most of all I’ll miss the main cast. I watched SGA for the cast as much as for the storylines.

    Will you be continuing this blog? What do you see in your future? Will you move on or continue with the Stargate franchise in some capacity? Have you ever thought about becoming a professional food taste tester?

    Oh hey, did you send me your stomach bug? I’ve been feeling nauseous all night last night and all day today. This is punishment for laughing at you yesterday isn’t it?


  147. Oh JM~

    I came by earlier and saw my shippers, and Squeed.

    I came by later and saw that my SGA had been cancelled and cried.

    This is my first ever comment on your wonderful, insightful blog… and it is to say thank you for all the hard work that you have given us for so many years.

    So Thank you for SG1… and thank you for SGA… thank you to the cast and crews.

    Here’s to the Third SG1 movie… and to Project Twillight!

  148. THIS IS A SHAMLESS PLUG!!! If it is becoming too expensive to film the series in Vancover Canada, why not move your props to the Screen Gems studio in Wilmington NC for Stargate Universe. North Carolina offers several Tax relief packages to producers to film here in North Carolina, and Screen Gems has started a large expansion project. to be finished by early next year.

  149. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to look at it the way you are doing now but right now… Right now I just want to throw a hissy fit and be angry.

    Yes I’m glad that MGM gave us 5 wonderful seasons but with ratings ticking up and SGA receiving nominations it just doesn’t make sense from where I sit.

    Maybe cost is going up on the established series but at least it was a proven winner. So they end a success and introduce a new series that may or may not succeed? If Universe came out a few years from now I’d probably watch it but it comes out soon and I doubt I’ll even give it a chance because of SGA’s loss.

    Perhaps that’s petty but that’s how I honestly feel and I think that that’s one thing appreciated here. Honesty.

    I do wish you and the other writers, the cast and crew all the best in your future endeavors.

    Hopefully your blog will continue. Especially the weird food purchase videos.

    A special request: Perhaps some last words vids from the cast.

  150. Oh, Joe!

    So, I called my BFF this morning to tell her the sad news and we got to talking about it and came to the conclusion that, while sad (so very very sad!) at least we get to say “That was SUCH an awesome show!” and will never have to say “Wow. They should have canceled that a long time ago, before they ran out of new material. What a shame.”

    Lots of weeping, and a decent amount of relief that I’ll never have to say “Joe! What did you do to my show?!”

    Giant hugs to you and the cast and crew.

  151. Friday nights will be come very lonely once more i see. I am sadden to tears.

    Please do us a favor and don’t leave us with unanswered questions. All the shows i seem to favor seem to end with no ending. Like John Doe, and so many others. To this day my mom has been driving me nuts about how Angle ended. She just recently found the show on TNT and has fallen in love with it.

    Well i just hope you boys give us a really good yr. and i hope nothing get in the way of the movie.

    God i will i live with out John and the rest of the bunch!! I just hope the book writers don’t quit on us too!

  152. hi, joe,

    i’m sorry to hear about atlantis’ cancelation, but i’m happy to hear it’ll live on in movies.

    i hope you’re going to be part of stargate universe. BIG part.

    sally, stargate fan =)

  153. Thanks for 5 amazing years and I’m so very happy to hear that there will be movies to look forward to (as well as the rest of this season which looks like it is going to be fantastic).

    I also wanted to thank-you for being upfront about how things went down. There are so many crazy ideas swirling around the fandom and I knew right away that I had to head over to your blog to get an honest, level-headed answer. Thanks for letting us, the fans, know the score.

    I raise a glass to you, the cast and crew of Stargate Atlantis – best of luck for the future.


    ps have you heard about the lemons?

  154. I will truly miss my weekly fix of Shep and McKay. They are why I watched and am fairly devastated thatt the McKay and Sheppard show is bowing out. Their scenes together were priceless. A two hour movie will not leave time for those little moments that mean so much.
    Plus I’ve had great love for Teyla and Ronon, Zelenka and Lorne, and this season Woolsey has been wonderful. So very sad.
    I hate to say, but having just listened to the Brad Wright interview on Gateworld, he seems to have played a major part in the cancellation. He seems to be quite happy that Atlantis is no longer going to be on the air, and can’t wait to get the show on the road for his baby, SGU. I just got the impression he never really liked Atlantis, and was more than happy to put it to bed so he can get to the stuff he really wants.
    He said he’d like to write something more mainstream, less SciFi’y. Sorry but I wont be watching. I feel betrayed by someone who should have been our show’s biggest advocate. Like a child who finds out his parent doesn’t really love him.
    I feel very very very sad about this.

  155. I’m just gutted. I’m swaying between bittersweet tears for the show I love & fighting mad toward the ones I blame for ending it. So I can only image how you, the cast & crew feel. Let me add my sincere thanks to everyone at Atlantis for making my Fridays a lot more
    exciting (38 Minutes, The Storm, Hot Zone, Critical Mass, Adrift, Be All My Sins Remembered),
    moving (Poisoning The Well, The Defiant One, Instinct, Before I Sleep, Common Ground, The Last Man),
    intense (The Seige Part II, Grace Under Pressure, Progeny, First Strike, Missing)
    & humorous (Duet, Harmony, Trio).
    And thank you especially for those wonderful episodes with a mix of emotions (Letters From Pegasus, Aurora, The Lost Boys, McKay & Mrs. Miller, Echos, Tao of Rodney, Sunday, Adrift, Doppelganger, Search & Rescue)
    It seems likely that the production side of Atlantis will be shifted to Stargate Universe. I doubt the same can be said for the actors. (All new cast, I remember seeing at one point). And though it my be unfair to all the highly talented people who work on the show, it’s the actors who bring it to life for me. So I’d like to thank them in particular for making me love this show. So Thank You each & everyone:
    Torri, Paul, David N, Kavan, Rainbow, Jewel, Amanda, Bob, Conner, Chris &, Andee.
    And especially from the bottom of my heart
    Joe for investing more angst into Sheppard with each passing year.
    Rachel for her quiet & patient warrior queen. She’s like the cool kid I always wanted to be.
    Jason for never letting Ronan, the archetypical, hyper aggressive he-man, become 2 dimensional.
    David for his courage to never hold back in playing McKay in all his emotional glory. He’s why I started watching the show & why I still do.
    I may not follow Stargate into the future but I will follow David in whatever he does.
    In the meantime I’ll fight for Atlantis. You may have to play nice cause you still work for the bastards, who haven’t even had the decency to advertise Atlantis in their front page banner with the other current on air shows this summer, but I don’t. So bring on the petitions, order the lemons & let’s knock some sense into their bubble headed brains.

  156. I am very disappointed in MGM/SciFi ‘s cancelling such a fine show. I have greatly enjoyed the last five seasons, and if they do not re-think this decision, I for one will no longer watch anything on SciFi chanel.

    Thank you to everyone that has worked on the show.


  157. Hey Joe!

    It’s 1:12 in the morning here, and I’m getting ready to hop on a plane in five hours to head over to Chicago for the Stargate convention there. Its going to be my first one, I’ve been looking forward to this since March when I first planned it.

    Well as I said yesterday, I told my two friends at our weekly Stargate Marathon of the cancellation of SGA. They were both quite upset, but took it much better than I had expected. They tend to be a bit on the rabid fan side of the spectrum in everything they do. They are both looking forward to whatever the Stargate franchise brings us next. Lucky for them, since they’re only in season 3 of SG-1, they wont have any long days waiting for the next Stargate show/movie to come. By the time they’ve caught up, the movie will probably have already come out. Again I say, lucky them. But I am more than willing to wait, especially seeing the looks on their faces every Thursday as they shout questions, predictions, and “you stupid idiot!”s at my television screen. Oh to know the future!

    Okay, well I’m off to hopefully get a few hours of shuteye before I have to head to the airport. Hoping to have a great time in Chicago, and looking forward to catching up on your blog when I get back!

    Many thanks for many years.


  158. I would like to thank you and the rest of the cast and crew for the wonderful work and entertainment over the past several years (except for killing Carson. no forgiveness for killing Carson. tell Gero.)

    Rodney McKay is the logical character to move on to SGU. <_< Um. He started on SG1, grew on SGA… I’m just sayin’… 🙂

    It sounds like this decision was made before the season began, which makes no sense. And now, they’re probably going to kill their own numbers with this announcement. Self-justification? Self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s circular. They’ll be able to look at the dropping numbers and point, never acknowledging the numerous people who’ve thrown in the towel *because* of the announcement.

    I don’t know why I’m surprised. Maybe I thought things would improve with Bonnie Hammer gone. Silly me. It’s a Sci Fi Network virus that can’t be stopped. Bring on the next awful realitywrestling/horror show.

    I am still hopeful the fans will turn this around for one more season.

  159. Wow. Just…wow. This is, perhaps not unexpected/shocking, but certainly not what I was expecting to read tonight. It’s been a long, fruitful journey for you all, I’m sure, and very pleasurable TV viewing for me (and other fans). It’s sad to see the end of an era, but as you alluded in your title, all good things must certainly cometo an end. And I certainly commend the staff for deciding on a non cliffhanger–I don’t know how I would have stood an untidy end, having to wait till a movie. I’m sure you’ll go out with style, though! Thank you, the cast, the crew, and everyone else involved for a wonderful franchise.

  160. After reading the Sci Fi Channel’s press release (found here), and reading the last two pages of Part 2 of Brad Wright’s “Breaking the Ice” interview (found here, and what you’ve written here, it seems to me everything was considered except the fans. This was a bad decision.

    Anne Teldy

  161. Hi Joe

    I just wanted to add my heartfelt thanks to the cast and crew for giving me five great years. I was really counting on the 6th but alas it is not to be. This is the first show I actually cried when I found out it was cancelled.

    A few quick questions.

    Do we have to wait for ratings and DVD sales in order to find out if we get another movie? SG1 got a commitment of 2 right from the start.

    Will the free airing on TV hurt the DVD sales to the point where the TPTB might not think it as successful as the first 2 SG1 movies.

    And finally if there is a large time span between movies are you guys going to ignore or include that in the movies.

    In review everything said I still believe that the advent of SGU =the demise of SGA as a series and for that I will never forgive SGU and will have to think twice about even trying it out. For me SGA did not take off SG1 so I did not have mixed feelings on starting the sequel.

    Again, even show I know you put your heart and soul into the show and I think season 4 and what I have seen of 5 are the best error. Keep harping on them for movies.


  162. Thanks for your thoughts, it was wonderful to read them. I’ve been checking all day to see what you would say about Atlantis.
    Thank you Joe, for 5 great years and 100 hours of television. You, the other writers, the cast, crew, and heck, even the craft services people have made a huge impact on the lives of thousands and (dare I say it), millions of people.
    I’m glad to hear season 5 won’t be ending on a cliffhanger, and now eagerly awaiting the story you and Paul are creating (and maybe a ressurection of Project Twilight somewhere down the road?)
    I hope your hyperspace jump takes you to success, in whatever form that may be.


  163. I am so very grateful for all of the hard work (and many hours of entertainment created as as a result) that you and your cast and crew have given. I am sad to see another in a long line of great science fictions shows come to an abrupt and undeserving end.

    As far as SciFi and MGM…I harbor a little carry-over bitterness from the SG-1 and BSG cancelations and now that bitterness is renewed with this news. I stand by my comments on the GateWorld announcement. I feel very strongly that this is a mistake on the behalf of these two organizations, a mistake that will no doubt have long lasting and severe consequences.

    I am sorry it had to come to this. I have always felt that something worth doing is something worth doing well and worth the cost…and in taking care of loyal customers and supporters…this is apparently a poor business model. To be honest…I will put good money on the notion that advertisers would be willing to pay a more premium price to be involved in the Atlantis time slots, making up some if not all of the added production costs…look at SG-1. But what do I know.

    thank you for the good times (and the not so good! LOL!)


  164. No I heard through you Joe. 5-6 years is the average for a decent tv series so we can hardly complain.

    I again advise all the cast and crew to move to Australia if you wish to continue the series and sell it to our networks, it’ll be cheaper, though I know that is highly unlikely.

    We can all be happy though that the Stargate franchise will live on, and it will, because it is the new Star Trek and You Can’t Stop the Signal.

  165. Wow… That’s… wow. This news, while not unexpected, has absolutely floored me. I started out as a big fan of SG-1, but when I saw the first two episodes of Atlantis, I was immediately won over.

    By the time The Storm aired, I was hooked and had decided that Atlantis was my favorite of the two Stargate series.

    I want to thank you for giving us such great entertainment, with the wonderful writing you and your colleagues have given us. I also want to thank the cast for all of the moments of laughter and tears that they’ve provided us.

    Best of luck in your endeavors, Mr. Mallozzi. And I most certainly can’t wait for the upcoming movie.

    Again. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done.

  166. I had so hoped it wouldn’t happen. I’d much rather have the show every week than a movie now and then but it seems it’s a done deal. Thank you to all the cast and crew of this wonderful show for giving me something wonderful to look forward to every week and for firing our imaginations.
    Can we please have Carson in the movies, Joe???

  167. Well, this is a very depressed household right now, I just told my uncle about the cancellation, so we’re planning on renting all four of the other seasons on Netflix, since we only have NBC.

    Unfortunately, I’m not as eloquent as my fellow fans, so I’ll keep brief.

    The one I’d like to thank most for this wonderful show is Jewel Staite, I started watching because of her, and you and the rest of the writers, cast, and crew got me hooked even more, it’s been a good year for me, and I’m going to miss it. This is not over yet, we won’t give up!

    P.S. Someone send a lemon for me.

  168. And I agree with Vee. Come to australia and make the show – cheaper, friendly, and our shows stay on the air for years. Look at Neighbors, and Home And Away

  169. Joe; Is there anything the fans can do to bring the show back from cancelation? I know it has been done in the past and would like to know if you think that is even a possiblity. My heart sank when I read your blog tonight. The network has got to be crazy, why would you do that not only to the cast but the fans of this very popular show that has sooooooo much more life in it. Peoples choice award, high ratings, and HELLO I don’t get my extreme shep whump episode!! There’s got to be somthing the fans can do, One more year at least. Stargate was almost killed a few times and came back strong I want that to happen here too. I don’t want to see the actors go to other shows, and I hope that the fans can band together to get the show picked up for at least one more season. I’ve had such a bad week and this just makes it even more raw. For you, the actors, and the cast I’m sure this is a pretty depressing thing and I’m sorry that the network doesn’t realize what it’s loosing out on. I hope they see the light and change their minds. Thanks for everything Nicole.

  170. YEAH!!! I’m with Annie & Vee – move SGA production to Australia! Joe Flanigan’s surfed Byron Bay – is infinitely better than bloody Malibu!! And we Aussies are a very laid-back lot – we’d love to take you all on board!!

  171. I’m writing this as it is being dictated by my grandson, Jack, who is ten.

    Jack says
    Dear Mr. Boss
    I’d just like to ask why the heck did they cancel SGA? We like watching it together and my favorite episode is Hide And Seek when Rodney gets the personal shield. Please bring it back.
    It’s my birthday on Monday and that would be a cool present if I found out it wasn’t cancelled anymore.
    From Jack (Australia)

  172. Bad news, thanks to all the cast and crew and good luck to everyone with future projects

  173. You know, I could take this more philosophically if it were really the network that had pulled the plug, but Atlantis fans have effectively been shafted by Wright and Cooper who wanted to ditch Atlantis for their new baby. They had no commitment to the product. You might ask them, then, why on earth (or any other planet) do they think people will want to get invested in the new one? Displaying such breathtaking contempt for the fans, they can hardly be trusted not to just drop Universe when something shiny comes along, now can they?

  174. Hi Joe, hi fans of Stargate Atlantis,

    first I want to thank Joe, Paul, Rob, Brad, Martin, Carl, the rest of the crew and the cast for those amazing five years. The cancelation decision is obviously a business one. This is the latest example how show get shut down because of money. Sure, we have 100 episodes, but we could have had 120 or 140. We will have SGA movies, but it’s not the same. This must be really hard for the crew, since some of them are there from the beginning of SG-1. We can only hope that in fall 2009 we will see Universe, and all the familiar faces behind the camera as well.

    Again, thank you for these wonderful 5 years of SGA and those amazing 10 years of SG-1. We, the fans, are proud for being part of the franchise. We wish you all the best!!!

  175. Bloody well said Joe. And thanks to you and the writers for giving us five awesome years! All is not lost more eps to go and a MOVIE!? Awesome!

  176. Dear Joe,

    so that’s it…. there isn’t really any hope to bring SGA back on tv, right?
    Well, just like you I’m disappointed but not surprised.

    But even if the news of more SGA movies to come is appealing, I have to admit I’m little pissed knowing that MGM is more than glad to spend money for a COMPLETELY NEW tv-show (aka S-Universe) rather than for a well known and LOVED serie like Stargate Atlantis.

    I would have preferred them to renew their efforts (and money) for a well known tv-show. But obviously they seem more interested in new projects….. and this just sadden me even more.

    Anyway, I really would like to THANK all the actors for their AMAZING work, and all the writers and crew for realizing this FANTASTIC show. I LOVED every bit of it and I heartily hope to see lots of movies in the future.

    Stargate Atlantis will always have a special place in my heart.

    Good luck to all of you. I love you so much!


    P.S. Hope to see the first of a LONG series of SGA movies soon. 😉

  177. No matter how the executives, the Powers that Be, want to twist it, they dropped SGA like a hot potato to make room for their new pet project, Stargate Universe. Even though many fans warned them in their reactions to interviews etc. that if they did that, they wouldn’t watch SGU on principle. And the fact that they want to aim SGU at “younger audience” predicts that it will be one huge, expensive flop.

    I’m grateful for the movie, at least, and I hope that there will be more of them with our beloved team still intact. But I can’t help but be bitter about this cancellation. Very bitter indeed.

  178. Well, would you look at that. Stargate Universe has been announced:

    Well gee, if that doesn’t add fuel to the conspiracy fire…oh boy. I gotta say though, the premise intrigues, but also worries. Targetting a younger audience? Young and desperate explorers? What does that mean? I usually don’t go to the worse conclusions right away, but this reminds me of that sequence from 200. I think you know what I’m talking about, like, Joe. Cuz, like, it’ll totally be, like, odd. Yeah.

    I think all this betraying of the fans that I’m feeling have worn me down a teeny, tiny bit. A man can only be logical and rational and objective for so long before the kicking starts to irk.

    Also…Destiny? Odd name for an Ancient ship, though I suppose it can be called something in Ancient that translates to English as “Destiny”, but besides that I kind of like it. The obvious slogan would be “Destiny awaits…”, of course. Go ahead, use it. I like it. Heh.

    What also intrigues is the fact that the team is stranded, which gave SGA’s first season an unique feeling. Then again, the article also says that guests from SG1 and SGA might show up, which is again odd considering that I have no idea how that is possible. I suppose things are due to be developed though, so I’ll keep my concerns to myself from here on out. Maybe.

    But, enough about me. I think it’s time I got off of my lazy bum and do something for you guys, for all the crap you’ve had to put up with, from fans and execs alike, and for making a great show. I’m not making any promises, but you might get something cool in the next few weeks, or days.

  179. McWraith wrote:

    Poor Narelle’s going to die when she logs back on after her Thailand holiday..

    **Clutches at chest, room goes spinny, Is that you Grandpa?**

    Who, what, where, how? **pinches self to check she isn’t still in Thailand and dreaming** Did my plane pass through some kind of wormhole where it arrived on an Earth where Atlantis has been cancelled? **sigh** Guess it is reality. A shock to read as I sign in for the first time.

    A big thumbs up to the years of work you guys have put in, not just on Atlantis, but SG1 too. It’s an amazing franchise with great people behind the scenes as well as on screen.

    The movies will have the support of the fan base (except I guess for the Weir fans who are telling you Joe the movies are going to be a big flop) and I for one are looking forward to them.

    I hope we still get to hear about you dogs, and I see some strange food purchases (I have a lot to catch up on), which also deserves the double tag of “Strange face for the day”, your book club and whatever you take on next.

    A big round of applause and general cheering – Yaaaay, woop, woop – so now all of you please take a bow.

  180. No, the sadness and anger aren’t less than yesterday.

    @pg15: I really share your opinion. *hug*

    Joseph Mallozzi: “And we’re going to count on that support as Atlantis continues its adventures as a movie franchise.”

    Yeah, well, about that. I bought two SG-1 movies which are equal the time of four episodes. But I paid approximate the same money like I would have bought a whole season with 20 episodes. And I can’t say that the movies are greater than the single episodes. Just longer with more ‘filling-scenes’. So, no, as a not so passionate SG-1 fan, I won’t buy the next SG-1 movie.

    And now I shall do this again and again? After such a decision I just can’t understand and the treatment of the fans and apparently the cast and crew, too? What am I for TPTB, a dumb money-cow (don’t know if this is even a real word)?

    Everything has a point where it’s just too much too often. And maybe this is the piont for me. I’m not totally sure yet. Because I love SGA beyond anything before. But I have 5 great seasons I can watch again and again and again. So, movie? Hm.

    Just a single opinion from a single fan-girl. But I have to make my decisions just as TPTB are doing theirs. They don’t give a … about the fans – why should I care any longer for the franchise? In order to support this kind of business policy?

    Yeah, you see, still very, very mad….

    Only happy thought: still 15 episodes left.

  181. Joe,

    So many emotions – anger, frustration, confusion, sadness, etc. – but most of all gratitude for you, the writing staff, the actors, the production staff, and everyone who has brought us years of solid, satisfying science fiction entertainment! It’s just a shame, I think, to pull the plug now because S5 has really hit its stride with the overall character & story development and the addition of Jewel Staite & Robert Picardo to the cast of regulars. I’ll miss the weekly dose of a fresh episode, but there are always the DVD’s and the fond memories. The two SG-1 movies were great, so I know that you’ll do no less well with Stargate: Atlantis features.

    Please, no matter what the future brings, keep doing your daily blog. I’ve looked forward to your thoughts on a wide variety of subjects, including culinary delights (or not) as much as I have your fine program!

    Thanks again to you and everyone involved for producing one long, classy act!

    Blessings to all!

    Cole J

  182. Actually, I’m looking forward to new StarGate adventures. For me, Atlantis wasn’t the same when Weir and Beckett left.

    I do hope that both characters will be in the Atlantis movie. Though it would be quite of a challenge to get Weir in I guess.

  183. As much as the next fan, yes I will miss seeing SGA every week. One thing I am glad of though is that whomever (it had to be more than one person right?),etc. made the choice for cancelling did it BEFORE the filming season ended. When the networks do it after- then it really sucks.

    And great for the movie(s). Guessing you’ll keep us updated as much as possible. But if only 2-4 (including SG-1) movies made a year-how can the PTB justify the cost of keeping the sets up in the current studio space. Oh,US dollar’s steep decline-hate that too.

    This fan is fine with it all-as much as I can be.

    Thanks to everyone.

  184. Hi,

    I’m usually just another silent reader of this blog, but, even though I didn’t comment for when SG1 was cancelled, I think this event just calls for it, given its dimension.

    It’s too sad to see the show ending for good. If SGU is good enough, it’s probable I’ll be watching it, since well, I like good Stargate-themed stories, but that doesn’t mean I don’t share the anger of the rest of the fans towards the different “money-makers” (because ultimately, it’s the only thing they do, apart from broadcasting) involved in this closure.

    My most sincere thanks to the cast, crew, writers… for their hard work in the show through all these years, that’s made for some great quality entertainment (hard to replicate) and a bond between the fans and the cast (hard to replicate as well), being that the reason for which you see everybody sad or angry with what happens around.
    I hope everything goes well in your daily lives from now on, and wish you the best of luck in your professional careers.

    Know that you’ve had lots of success not only in the US. In Europe we’re watching you guys as well (let me tell you, the french have some amazing fanbase around Stargate, they even make cool games).

    With no Stargate around to watch, I think I may have to stick with House (the other series I was watching along with SGA), the reruns of Law & Order and its spin-offs, and Family Guy… I’m lucky I don’t get SciFi on my cable though. Looking at its programming, it doesn’t seem to have that much SciFi in it, so I wouldn’t want to be paying for that faking.

    Cheers from Spain

  185. Thank you for five great seasons. You all have done amazing. 🙂 Sad to see the show not picked up, but understandable with the rising costs. At least you all know now and can start planning. That would be great to have some SGA Movies.

    Hope you and everyone else has good luck in finding other things to do.

  186. First, congratulations on taking the series to new heights. Atlantis really made my week; every episode has been a great way to escape my week, and every so often you suprise me with something new.

    Yeah, its disappointing. But out of this we’ll get movies and a new series.

    So what’s next for you Joe? Universe? New Series?

    Anyways. Just wanted to say thanks for the fun!

  187. My heartfelt sympathies go to cast, crew and everyone else who made Atlantis the wonderful show that it is. You’ve given us five years of brilliance, laughter, tension, drama and mind boggling entertainment.

    As Fans, we owe you all our deepest gratitude.

    Just one thing i’m a little confused with however, Joe.. I understand that economic times are hard at the moment; weak dollar, movement from tv-to-net, blah-blah and so on. But surely, if there’s not enough ‘viable’ monies in the pot for one already well established and exceptionally successful show, how can the finances be available to start up another completely new one – and that from concept?

    With all due respect to those centered around the creation of SGU, the Fans might be slightly deranged.. manic.. or just plain fanatical with Atlantis. But they’re not *daft*.

    It doesn’t matter how many pretty coats you paint it with, or how many different ways you try to sell the idea to your Fanbase.. if economics are what is driving the decision to bring Atlantis to an end, then how can the creation of SGU be financially justified?

  188. Very well said. You, the writers, the cast, and the crew have done a splendid job over the last five years. Stargate Atlantis is what got me into Stargate in the first place and I believe my love for it will go on until the end of time.

    (PS In blaming us for encouraging you in your Johnny Knoxville ways, you’ve cursed us! I was ill last night, and if what you and Fondy had was anything like what I had then… well, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And I won’t be trying the Chinese medicine, or anything else Chinese for a while.)

  189. Of course, I am disappointed as well, you would have deserved at least one more season.
    Well, I have always liked SGA and I always will. Thank you so much for the 5 seasons and I cannot wait for the rest of the episodes. Not to mention the movies 🙂

  190. Coucou Joseph! Sa va bien?

    Je suis vraiment impatiente de voir le 100iem épisode et le film!
    J’adore ce que dit votre grand mére^^!
    Merci pour l’article
    Gros bisou, je vous adore!

  191. Hi,

    I’m very sad that the show is coming to an end. To me it feels as if there are so many more stories to tell. When SG1 ended I was sad, but I felt that the time had come. With SGA, it feels like… well, like suddenly a bunch of Ancients showed up and told us Atlantis was no longer ours.

    If there’s anything we fans can do to maybe change the decision, please let us know.

    I’d like to thank you and everyone on the cast and crew for an amazing job. You’ve given us five great years! I’m looking forward to the movie.

  192. Your grandmother was a very wise lady!! LOL 🙂

    I hope we get the movies for many years to come!

  193. The only way that this vastly stupid decision will make me feel just slightly better is if SFU does not get the green light. At least, I may (perhaps) think that my favourite show didn’t get shafted in favour of the shiny new toy.

  194. From Sci-Fi Wire:

    “SCI FI Channel is set to announce the pickup of Stargate Universe, the third series in the long-running franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    News of Universe comes on the heels of SCI FI’s announcement that the current Stargate Atlantis will not receive a sixth-season order, the trade paper reported. Atlantis will live on in a two-hour telefilm to air on SCI FI in 2009.

    Universe will premiere as a two-hour movie early next year and will assume a regular hourly slot in the summer. Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, co-creators of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, will serve as executive producers and writers on the new series.

    The new show will involve more space-based action than either of the predecessor series, the trade paper reported.

    Universe introduces a new team of explorers who find an ancient unmanned ship called the Destiny. Unable to return to Earth, the crew must fend for themselves aboard the ship, which has a pre-programmed mission taking them to the far reaches of the universe.

    Appearances by former cast members from SG-1 and Atlantis are very possible.”

    We all now it’s too early, but we want to hear about possible Joe Mallozzi / Paul Mullie involvment 🙂

  195. Joe,
    Now that SGA has been axed do you and the other members of the ensemble have any plans? will you guys move on to other shows or is there another Stargate series in the works??? you guys have done an outstanding job on both Stargates…..

  196. This has been one of the few shows i make sure i see. its been a great show and will rent the movies but it wont be the same. i will miss it alot.
    There is so little to watch on tv these days. Dr. Who is good. Eureka used to be ok untill the plot got so convuluted that i gave up. the SiFi movies of the month are allways lame. there is nothing on network TV and except for Democracy Now and Book TV on CSPAN there is nothing to watch.
    I guess there right when they say TV is for old people. because from now on i’ll spend even more time on my computer and less time waching the SiFi channel and I wont get there magazine anymore.

    Big thanks to every one who put so much into making the show. you did a great job. it was fun. your all great. thanks.

  197. Thank you for an amazing 5 seasons of Atlantis. I will be realy sad to see it go in its television format, but will realy look forward to the movie when it finaly comes out.

    Please keep us all updated with whatever projects you are working on (even if they are not stargate related). Hopefully Universe will get picked up and you and the other guys will be involved with that.

    Thanks again!

  198. i’m really sorry about this. I just cannot imagine a tim without any SG on TV. So I’m glad at least there will be movies and Universe and Cons. Thank you for being part of it.

  199. Was Stargate Atlantis dumped to make room for Stargate Universe? That’s how it looks.

  200. I was wondering, are we gonna hear Lorne’s first name any time during this season? Would be nice hearing it before the show ended.

  201. I’m really sad and sorry about the show’s cancellation. I’ve never been interested in science fiction until I saw SGA for the first time. I’d like to thank you, the cast and the crew for doing such a wonderful job! It was a great Show! But there are still 2 seasons left for me to watch! 😀

    One question though: Is there any chance that the upcoming SGA movie will include Paul / Carson?

  202. Hey Joe, I have a small favour to ask. Be it in the rest of the series or in the movie (please tell me Kavan will be in the movie…) can we please please please hear Lorne get called “Evan” just once? It’s just one word and the Lorne fans have been waiting 4 years to hear it. We were promised it once before and it was cut, so please can we just hear his first name on screen?


  203. This is indeed very sad news. I think SGA is the first show that I have gotten so involved in. I don’t think any characters have captured my heart the way these characters have and that is why I tune in each week and would have for the duration of the show. My interest in Stargate will die after the show ends as I don’t ever believe I could become as invested in another show as I was in SGA.
    The characters of Sheppard/Teyla/Rodney and Ronon are what kept me watching and I hope that you do keep these amazing characters alive in the movies. No other show or characters can replace how I felt about each of them.

    I am grateful we have had 5 wonderful years of SGA but I will never understand how a show can be cancelled at it’s peak so another Stargate version can take place. I don’t understand how it has anything to do with economics or money, as another show will surely cost just as much to produce. So it does leave me with a little bitter that SGA has been tossed aside for the new project.

    I hope we see a resolution to certain story arc that have played out over the last 2 years, particulary between John and Teyla and what the fate of Carson will be. So I’m looking forward to the remaining episodes, though with a touch of sadness and hope we don’t have to wait too long before the first of the Movies hits our screens.

    I wish Joe/Rachel/David and Jason all the best in their future endeavours and hope everyone involved in the show, both cast and crew have a very fruitfull future and thanks to all of them for giving us an amazing show.

  204. You can see the various stages of grief all around fandom, right now. I’m in the sadness stage, myself. And I’m looking forward to seeing whatever “save our show” insanity prevails because it’s good for grieving.

    I’ll chime in with the thanks to the cast, crew and production team for a truly wonderful show. I want many, many, many SGA movies. So start thinking them all up NOW!

  205. Look at Neighbors, and Home And Away

    …or don’t!


    I’ve enjoyed the last 7 years of Stargate (wow, seven years…) and will remember the dinner the Sam-Jack Horsewomen had with you in August 2002 with great affection, as well as your forebearance in replying to my emails over the years.

    Five years is a good run, and, in spite of the issues I have with the show and its storylines, it’s been an enjoyable one. Good work to you and the rest of the PTB, cast, and crew, and best wishes for the future.


  206. Hi Joe,

    Je suis vraiment plus qu’attristait d’apprendre cette nouvelle. Hier et à mon échelle j’ai totu fait pour essayer de sauvez cette série que j’adore. Faisant circuler divers lien de pétition, notamment celui là où l ‘on peut envoyer des lemons at MGM


    De nombreux forum on mit ces liens là sur leur page d’acceuil ne serai-ce-que pour aider la série et les acteurs qui y ont mit tout leur âme pour ce travail splendide. Pourquoi pas une saison de plus ? Just one more, it is so difficult ?

    Anyway…. je suis vraiment en colére, SGA était ma source d’inspiration et d’évasion, encore heureux que j’ai les DVD mais ce n’est pas suffisant !!

    Y aurait-il moyen d’avoir une autre saison ? (ne jamais sous estimer le pouvoir des fans)

    Sinon combien de films a part serai prévu ?

    BUT the question very importante :

    Que vont devenir le cast de SGA, Joe, David, Rachel, Jason ? Que vont-ils faire après cette aventure ?

  207. *sniff*

    I found a great actor in Joe Flanigan thanks to SGA and I will always thank you for hiring him 🙂

    And although if I am honest I will problably continue to follow the Stagate Franchise and will definitely continue to follow Joe, Sheppard will always hold a special place in my heart….that character just hit me instantly and my real regret in this is that we won’t get to see Joe explpore Sheppard’s background more…there was so much more to discover.

    Oh, and of course this also means we definitely miss out on that great Shep Whump episode that you talked about 🙁

    My thanks to all the cast and crew for 5 fantastic seasons and I hope you have one heck of a 100th episode party!

    Cheers Tash

  208. Hey Joe,

    Just read the news on Stargate Universe being given the green light. 🙂

    Are you going to be a part of it, Or are you moving to do other things? (Besides the Atlantis movie ofcourse.)

  209. Hi Joe:

    Thank you for everything, I will follow the Stargate Universe wherever it may go, I’m just bummed because I felt SGA had so many more exciting stories to tell…

    Thank you to the cast, crew and everyone involved in SGA, I can’t tell you how much this weekly show brought in to my life as a fan and thank you so much Joe for always treating us fans with respect and going beyond that “press release” feel. I look forward to reading all about the exciting new projects you will be working on in the future and all the other cool stuff you post here, reading you blog before I start work every morning always makes my work day a little bit brighter.

    Sabina 🙂

  210. I just wanted to say that I was upset to hear the news, I just wanted Atlantis to go on and on, SG1 had 10 years, I wanted the same for Atlantis. Why can’t we have just one more season, you teased us with a new enemy, and now we won’t even get the see anything. Its just not fair.

  211. Oh, this just about takes the biscuit.

    Not only do I have Mr Wright telling me WHAT I want to watch, but now SciFi have reliably informed me that i’m too OLD to understand the Stargate Franchise anymore. I guess eleven years of constant and devoted fandom really does account for NOTHING when it comes down to the line, so i’ll take my DVD Boxsets, my tv ratings, my merchandise purchases and leave you guys to it.

    If I wanted to watch something about a ship passing through the Universe, then i’d hook into the plentiful Voyager/Next Generation/Enterprise reruns that show endlessly on tv. Even better, didn’t Mr Lucas do six films about space travel; then there’s Andromeda, Farscape, Babylon 5.. My, the list goes on forever.

    Season 5 of Atlantis premiered this week on SkyOne. And now the next nineteen episodes will be bittersweetly tainted. The news could have waited. The cancellation should have been debated with those that actually pay to watch the show and helped establish the franchise in the first place. I’d like to say that i’ll still be tuning into Sky to give you guys your ratings, but what’s the point? You don’t need them now.

    Eleven years of support and it feels like a kick in the teeth. Great. Thanks, guys.

  212. Hi

    While I was initially shocked and upset that SGA was finishing, Im trying rather hard to see the bright side of the whole thing while the majority of the fandom (most of whom vocalise their opinions on the comments sections of articles on Gateworld) are screaming and shouting obsenities about the Sci-Fi channel and the US$.

    The way I see it is this.

    A.) Atlantis cast and crew can see solace in the fact that you got to at least half of what SG-1 did. 100 episodes for any TV show is fantastic, especially when you’ve got the success of SG-1 behind it.

    B.) Its not as if Atlantis is finishing once and for all. The movie is still to come, so all hope hasn’t been abandoned yet.

    C.) You got a People’s Choice Award, thats gotta show something for it!

    D.) Im sure the BBC would be happy to take you all under their wing 🙂

    Thank you for all the superb stories thats come out of the Stargate franchise, and I look forward to the Atlantis Movie and Stargate Universe. I wont give up on the franchise now, just because Atlantis is gone.

    From across the other side of the pond, where we’re also quite upset too… Liz

  213. I’m still heartbroken at this, I don’t feel like it should end yet.


    I wish the cast and crew the best of luck in the future though.

  214. Hey Joe.

    1) How long have you known the series would be cancelled?

    2) Will you still be working on Stargate after you’ve written the movie?

    3) What will happen to your blog? Are you still going to continue writing it?

    4) Can’t you guys try and picked up by another network? Say Space Channel in Canada for example?

    Thanks Joe.

  215. So, SGA was bumped off to make way for SGU (yes, we can speculae)

    Said co-creators Wright and Cooper: “In ‘Universe,’ we plan to keep those elements that have made the franchise a success, such as adventure and humor, while breaking new ground in the relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home

    ‘Young and desperate?”

    Geez, why not shift the series to the CW and call it Stargate Tree Hill 🙁 for those who don’t know

  216. I’ve been a long time fan of the SGA series, it was the series that got me into SG1… i just hope the movie (SGA) will be heaps better than the SG1

    PS: i would really love to see atlantis return back to earth (showing a full circle of events of how they discovered atlantis)- now that would be a cool shot!

  217. I had hoped that we would get another two years of Atlantis in series form. It has come a bit of a shock that it will end now – but the thought of film/s to come is a pleasant thought.

    I am sure that you have the film all worked out – and I am sure that you realise that no matter how brilliant the film is you will never please all of us.

    Please try and have as many of our favourite characters in the film as possible and not just the main cast.

    Robert Picardo is amusing
    Jewel is actually good in her role
    Lorne is just good to lust over a great character
    Radek complements McKay
    Of course my favourite is Carson – our Scottish ambassador in the Pegasus galaxy
    If Torri was willing to take part I am sure that her acting skill would be appreciated
    Mars the Wraith dog was brilliant in a video clip that David H did for something or other

    The title of the film should be Hair:

    Woolsey – search for his hair day
    Keller and Teyla – please give them a bad hair day
    Ronon – lotsa hair day
    Sheppard – let him have a tame hair day
    Zelenka – non-frizzy hair day
    McKay – “Do I still have hair?” day
    Carson – you dyed it too dark last time day

    Whatever happens thany you for 100 episodes and for bringing Carson back.

  218. Hi Joe

    Like everyone else I’m sad to hear the news that Atlantis has been cancelled. Thanks for all your hard work and good luck with Universe.

    Shirt n Tie and myself will be planning a big send off for the last episode when shown in the UK

  219. Lorne was supposed to have a stroke though the middle of the sentence:

    Lorne is just good to lust over a great character

    I knew that it was going too well – all my bullet point dots have gone as well! Bah!

  220. So sad but I think you tried to prepare us. Thank you for keeping the fans in the loop (as much as you could).
    Best wishes and keep up the blogs, I’ve found them amusing.


  221. Hi

    I am very saddened by the news. I will look forward
    to the movies and I’m sure they will be great.

    This was the only show that my whole family would
    sit down and watch together. My husband, myself
    and my 2 teenage girls. It was a regular ritual every
    week we could look forward to. It will be missed.

    I wish all the best for all the actors, crew and yourself
    in the future.


  222. Big thanks for not making #100 Enemy at the Gates a cliffhanger. The fans deserve resolution.

    In retrospect, don’t you think the code name “Project Twilight” was a bit too blatant? A few lil birds tell me that Stargate Productions will not reconsider the decision to move SGA from series to movie format, so we are officially dropping our s6 campaign that we started a few months ago.

    I don’t have much faith that we’ll see more than one SGA TV movie, so make sure it’s a doozie.

    Looking forward to seeing one of DH’s fave eps, The Shrine.

  223. So very sad.

    One more season would have done it, I think. This is just too soon. I feels very premature to have SGA finish this season.

    And from what I’ve read about Universe’s target audience being for the “young and edgy”(200ep scene anyone?) doesn’t inspire me with confidence of the Stargate franchise’s future. I thought SG1 and SGA were already targeted to young and old…

    Why shrink your fanbase?

    Movies are good, but constant(quality/mature. read above) material is needed otherwise Stargate WILL die.

    Anyway, My thoughts are with the cast and crew. You all have created many memorable experiences that I will always remember. All the best for the future.

    And to Sci-Fi. Good luck. You’re gonna need it… 😉

  224. SG meets The OC, here we come

    You know, it ticks me off no end to be made to feel that all of us fans watching the show every week and buying boxed sets didn’t amount to a hill of beans when TPTB set their sights on a new younger demographic with even more money to spend on the franchise. I don’t want to watch Beverly Hills 90210 in space. I just want my guys back.

  225. First of all, I thank you for the work you did with Stargate Atlantis. I know fans who didn’t like this ‘new direction’ with season 4 and 5, but I did enjoy it. The show seemed to get more mature and darker with it.

    Second, I’m very sad about the news of this new ‘SGA movie’. Instead of actually resolving the many left open plotlines (Michael (if he survies ep 514 that is), the Wraith, Todd, the Genii, the new enemies from the mid-season 2 parter etc) we get a stand-alone movie that should attract a ‘new audience’. HELLOOOO?! WHAT ABOUT US ‘OLD VIEWERS’? Seriously, like anyone who never saw Atlantis will buy that movie?! I’ve supported the franchise for five years, but now it seems like the show will be cancelled (yes cancelled, because of SGU), and instead of actually finishing the story you leave it wide-open for a ‘movie series that should attract a new audience’. Bah.

    Then there’s SGU. The first things I read about it, a while back, seemed rather intriguing, but now I hear about ‘space battles for younger audiences’ I’m completely down. There goes my hope for darker, more mature Stargate. I’ve grown to love the ‘Atlantis’ characters so much over the time, but now it’s being replaced by some Stargate Infinity show played by real actors. Sigh. No more McKay and Sheppard, no more Lorne and Zelenka – but instead ‘space battles for a younger audience’.

    Joe, please give your opinion on this. I know it wasn’t your call to swap SGA for SGU, but at least shed some light in this dark situation.

    Thank you,

    – A sad fan.

  226. Brad wright says that the decision to end Stargate Atlantis was made mutually by the SCI FI Channel, MGM, and Stargate Productions.
    Sorry, but I hold him responsible of this waste. He approves of this cancellation. He has NOT fought for our SGA. It’s a question of money.

    There is petitions, letters and actions to save SGA. With the show Jericho, it worked, fans saved it. why not with SGA ?

    Thank you to all the cast and crew.
    Special tanks for the 4th season.

    Grosses bises à tous, on vous aime.

  227. Je voulais vous dire que je suis au courant de la nouvelle qu’il y aura 2 téléfilm & Stargate univers!

    Sa remonte le moral 🙂

  228. Thanks for the story, Joe. “All Good Things…” very fitting. But then, you are a writer. It immediately took me back to the last episode of ST:TNG, and rehashed the emotions I felt then. The empty chairs under the Gate say it all. (By the way, can you post that pic in a larger version? I’d like to make it my desktop, but it’s too damn small.)

    Thanks for doing what you do here, and I hope that you continue the blog to let us know what’s going on with you, the dogs and Stargate.

    So, what’s next for everyone? Does Stargate Productions keep the offices at Bridge for the ongoing projects? Are you and Paul staying with S.P. for the foreseeable future or will you be looking for new work elsewhere? Will you be running the register at Fondy’s shop for a bit? (joking)

    I’ll be lifting a glass to everyone during The Shrine.

    Have a great Friday Joe.

  229. I come to ask SHARON TAYLOR questions 🙂

    Sharon, is that you in Ghost in the Machine?! It sure looks like you’ve reprise your role as a replicator. I’m honestly surprised that you reprised that role after you were so firmly established as the Atlantis tech in Quarantine. But in any case, it was great to see you play two different roles! I think it’s kinda funny that you play two very similar roles, an Atlantis Technician and a Replicator Technician. Are you actually playing the same character? a replicator pretending to be human? haha!

    I absolutely loved seeing you in Quarantine. It’s nice to see the nerd girls, we don’t get to see them very often (Nerd-Girls meaning females in technical/scientific roles and aren’t superhuman like Sam).
    So what did you think of playing the techy role? do you get to do a lot of tech-no-babble?

    Not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but have you watched a lot of stargate? are you a fan of scifi? do you think you’re likely to do more scifi work?

  230. Hi, Joe
    I remember how sad I was when SG1 got cancelled. The movies did nothing to that sadness (despite what BW might think). Now, it happends again… I don’t know what to say.
    Many thanks to you, and all the cast and crew.

  231. Well. It’s been a little like discovering a wonderful series of novels, and having had the luxury of pouring through them at every opportunity, then realizing that you’re reading the last chapter of that last book, and that the new one may not be out for a year or more.

    Brad Wright’s interview on Gateworld was somewhat heartening. Still, if given the choice I would rather look forward to watching Atlantis each week, instead of once a year. I don’t watch a great deal of television, but I do enjoy having a few to look forward to.

    Guess we’ll have to read more, eh Joe? Better get more books on the BotM club list. 😉

    I’m reminded of something that’s been said about Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible” series online. That more and more, we will see creators and producers creating shows on their own terms, and releasing them online or on DVD. Maybe what’s going on in the Stargate world is part of that trend?

    Anyhow. Thank you for letting us know what’s going on, and for giving us all a chance to voice our feelings. It is appreciated.

  232. Hi Jo !

    With the end of SGA, an enigma still rest about the Auraora class warships.

    We have seen they’re very powerfull and huge, about a kilometer long I think, but we’ve only seen, drones, and some energy weapons with Asurans’ ones.

    But we won’t be able to see the multiple possibilities of these ships, like hagars full of Ancient fighters, mix of Jumpers and F302s, would be great !

    I’m so sad also because of that, all the misteries have not been solved…

  233. I read the news a day and a half ago but I am still incredibly upset and very angry.

    I feel betrayed, Atlantis was improving in the ratings, getting recognition and enjoying an excellent start to S5. Yet, it gets cancelled, I feel as though as a fan I do not matter, I feel incredibly let down.

    I will not be watching SGU (or playing Stargate Worlds, I don’t do video games), I was never intending to watch SGU as the concept does not interest me. Now I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to watch it as I would know every second that it is the reason that we don’t have Atlantis anymore. Unfortunately the Stargate Franchise has lost my support, I support SGA, the concept was unique and flowed nicely from SG1, the characters and the setting are what interested me. I am not interested in getting invested in another Stargate show, I love the SGA characters, and I cannot put my faith in another show only to have it taken away prematurely again.

    I would like to thank the cast and the crew on Stargate Atlantis, I am a student doing a degree in Film and Television Production, it would have been my dream to work on such a show as Stargate Atlantis and I hope everybody knows how much their work on the show is appreciated.

    I look forward to the movie(s) but I am utterly devasted that we will not be having a season 6.

    Cazz x

  234. Wow, this is indeed sad. Well, I sent my initial thoughts on this in the email I wrote last night.

    Hmm, is it possible that SciFi decided to cancel the show way back when they announced that they were going to air Season 5 with no mid-season break? I mean it’s possible that SciFi wanted to clear the timeslot as quickly as possible so they could put some shiny new show in its place. Paranoid minds want to know.

    Well, the really important questions here is – are you going to continue blogging after Atlantis is over?


  235. You will, indeed, be going out on a high. This has been a good season on all fronts, from the acting to the stories. Heck, I was actually starting to like Woolsey. Too bad.

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode and to the rest of a good season. I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep up the morale when everyone knows the show is ending.

    Have to say, though it’s nothing to do with you, I’m somewhat insulted and feeling slighted by the announcement for the new Stargate series in which it says that the show will be targeted at finding a younger audience. This shows a lack of appreciation of the current audience, many of whom are like me and not part of the desired younger crowd. It certainly makes me less likely to watch the new show. Get a lot of that and they risk a loss of carry over audience. Maybe that’s what is wanted. Such is the way of the television broadcast industry.

  236. In case anyone “hasn’t” read it yet (which is hard to believe), Darren @ Gateworld talked with Brad Wright and posted the interview almost immediately. I feel a lot better after reading it. Maybe you will too. I actually agree with Brad, grudgingly.

    Although the weekly installments will be gone, if it helps strengthen the franchise, then it can’t be a bad thing.

  237. Thanks for the breakdown on whats happening joe. puts it all into perspective.

    gotta say a ma-huuuuussssiiivvveeee!! (massive) ‘go raibh míle maith agaibh'(1’000 thank you’s) to all the cast and crew…EVERYBODY! you guys kept the gate open and kept us captivated!!!!

    bring on the movies woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  238. BOLLOCKS! is all I’m going to say.apart from teh fact that I’ve obviously been living in a cave so didn’t havea clue re season 6 or lack thereof. Totally bummed BUT looking forward to the movies. Meh!
    Nothing can last forever unless you have it on HDD!

    On a lighter note I’d like to share something and also to add that there is never a camera pointing in the right direction at the right time. I was visiting my mum the other day and she has just bought a garden vac/blower/mulcher doohickey and she wanted to try it out, so I hooked all the relevant parts to the other relevant parts, attached it to my mother and stood her in the doorway to vacuum the leaves off her doorstep to start with. Needless to say I was standing right behind her as she turned the machine on and we both got deafened, then a split second later I’m standing there getting peppered in leaf detritus, bits of bark and mulch which is hurtling out of the unzipped bag/collector dervish-like, so I start shouting “Whoawhoawhoa!” and mother turns to me with a vexed expression on her face to see me looking like an extra from The Wicker Man and we both dissolved into fits of laughter. I tell you, you couldn’t write this shit. PMSL

  239. *yaaaaaaaaawn…streeeeeeeeeeeetch ….rubs eyes and blinks away sleep*

    Mornin’ Joe…

    I slept well, and woke up normal time…no worries about SGA. I’m actually excited about the movies! In fact, I think I’ll prefer the movies. See, I am not a person who likes to watch weekly tv shows – too much commitment. Before I started paying attention to SGA back in January, the only show I watched regular was NCIS – and that because Mr. Das likes it, too. Usually – like books – a series doesn’t hold my attention long enough for me to get ‘hooked’, and if I do get hooked, I usually don’t continue watching it after the season break. SGA was different, because once I got hooked, I just couldn’t miss an episode! But, in all honesty, I didn’t like this…what shall we call it…OBSESSIVE… feeling? The feeling that I HAVE to watch or I’ll miss something good just creates unnecessary anxiety (as if I don’t have enough of that already, worrying about you guys killing off the ‘flowing-locked’ ones 😛 ). So, perhaps this is why I’m not taking this so bad…I am actually looking forward to the freedom the movies will offer.

    HOWEVER…I do have a few concerns…

    #1 concern – DO NOT KILL TODD! And try, please…just try…to keep a couple other pasty-types alive, too. It can’t be that hard. I mean, if a bunch of fan fic writers can figure out how to do it, surely YOU can…

    (And stop rolling your eyes…you knew that was coming 😉 )

    But my broader concern is you said that IF the movie does nearly as well as the SG1 movies have, we can look forward to many more. That’s a big IF. First, SG1 had a ten-year following, plus guest appearances by actors crossing over into SGA – that kept the fandom excited and alive. With SGU taking over and disconnected from all of that – with no weekly reminders of the past two series – I’m afraid interest in SGA may die off quickly.

    Second, it sounds like you are far from ready to start this movie, and – given how long it takes a production to get up and rolling – it sounds to me like we won’t be seeing it before 2010. That’s a big gap – on the one hand diehard fans will wait for anything – absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all of that – but on the other hand…out of sight, out of mind.

    So, can you help us out…give us a ballpark figure of what we’re looking at here, timing-wise? Approximate timing of: Enemy at the Gate airing, movie and series premieres of Stargate Universe, release of first SGA movie?

    Also, can you let us know who from SGA will definitely be moving over to SGU – production-wise? Who – producers, writers, crew, etc. – will just slide over to the new production. Everyone? Some? Anyone new coming aboard?

    I don’t know much about SGU, really haven’t been interested in hearing about it. I know it has something to do with an Ancient ship…and all I gotta say that I really REALLY REALLY hate the Ancients…really. With a passion. Boring, unamusing characters. If this new show focuses on them in any way, there’s no way in hell I’m watching…unless

    …will this ship ever run into those gaunt and pallid flowing-locked fellas??! If so, it JUST might inspire me to watch…put one in the crew, and I’ll be a diehard fan. 😀 I mean, he could be the new ‘Worf’…just imagine all the possibilities! His room a creepy Wraith environment, all sorts of ‘hand’ jokes, an atmospheric hair-brushing scene…

    Yeah, I know…ain’t gonna happen, but a girl can dream, can’t she?


  240. My whole family will be looking forward to seeing the “terrific idea” you guys have in mind for the movie! 🙂

    While we are disappointed we won’t continue getting a weekly “fix” of Atlantis, we are really grateful for all the entertainment you have provided us with over the years. You’ve even helped make my little boy interested in science, as well as science fiction. (It’s been well worth the constant barrage of questions after each episode.)

    Best wishes as you go forward, and many thanks!

  241. Joe,

    I still wanna find Kleenex every time I see an article mentioning Atlantis’ end. My question is this: How much involvement will you and Paul have with the new show? Honestly, Dave Howe’s statement that the new show will target “a younger audience” frightens me. I was 12 years old when I first started watching SG-1 12 years ago! Does he want the Doctor Who kiddie show set?

    Anyhoo, congrats to you and everyone else for five AWESOME years and many more AWESOME movies to come!


  242. Wow. Well, I guess instead of spending the money on Atlantis this will give the sci-fi channel some money to invest in even higher quality shows like they have done in the past:

    Battlestar — whoops, that’s already cancelled.

    More Ghost Hunters (200 episode commitment)

    A second and even crappier season of Flash Gordon (22 episode commitment)

    Ghost Hunters – Famous American Malls (22 episode commitment)

    Ghost Hunters – My haunted back yard (22 episode commitment)

    Ghost Hunters – Haunted basement at my mom’s house (22 episode commitment)

    Friday night will now be a night of Buck Rogers reruns in primetime.

    Just one more example that sciffy doesn’t give a crap about good shows or its prime audience.

  243. Joe, So sorry to hear the news, Is ther something we can do, like take up a collection or have a bake sale to get some money for the show. Oh well!!
    — I must say thank you to you for keeping us informed and sharing with us on your blog, your daily life and family goings on.(puppies,etc) I really enjoy it and hope you will continue it (blog)in what ever future endeavor you choose. Well wishes for that! My heartfelt thanks to the cast, crew,caterers,production staff,camerman, if I forgot someone, oh yeah, writers,,, and yes if I did forget, please let everyone stargate involved how I am truly grateful for all their hard work. I don’t really know what else to say. But THANKS! 🙁 😐

  244. Hi Joe,

    I am so sorry about the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis. I wish the cast, crew and everyone involved in this show the best of luck.

    However, I will not go quietly into the night on this matter and I am asking everyone reading to call, write, email until servers explode to get a 6th season. I like the idea of fans collecting money for a 6th season, great idea, because

    I have been a fan since the Stargate movie and I will always be a fan. God speed, good luck and God bless.

  245. The City will rise
    though SciFi shadows darken
    Stargate Atlantis

    Six will not be seen
    McKay, Shep, Teyla and crew
    Wait for film stardom

    Joe, Marty and Carl
    Search for new worlds to create
    (Or bide time at Fuel)

    Here’s hoping that Joe’s
    Book of the month continues
    With weird foods each day

    Thanks, Joe, for the show
    Canceled before its due time
    But loved to the last

  246. Tell me this is not true! Tell me this is not happening.. Not in our time line, not in an alternate reality.. this can’t be happening!
    What am I going to do now??? Atlantis is NOT ready to go like this… I know there will be movies, but this is so sad!! Oh!… I will watch Universe.. but I have to wait for the DVD coz I live in Australia.. I am speechless.. It’s just so depressing! I am going to bed!..

  247. Joe, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job all of you have been doing with SGA and good luck in all of your future endeavors, that goes for everyone connected with the show.

    Speaking of future endeavors, any chance you’ll keep the blog going to let all of your fans know how you are doing and the project you will be involved in?


    “Howe said the new series will reinvigorate the franchise by targeting a younger audience.

    “This is an opportunity to reinvent this franchise and make it relevant to a new generation,” Howe said. “We really don’t want to be more of the same. It’s going to build clearly off the existing franchise but with a cast that gives it a younger vibe.”

    Said co-creators Wright and Cooper: “In ‘Universe,’ we plan to keep those elements that have made the franchise a success, such as adventure and humor, while breaking new ground in the relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home. Above all, we believe the Stargate itself remains an enduring icon with infinite potential as a jumping-off point for telling stories.”

    Please, please don’t tell me/us that a mature, intelligent, thought-provoking, *internationally-premised* concept has been set ‘Adrift’ (see what I did there?) in lieu of what essentially looks like as Star Gate 90210, or Star Gate: Voyager Jnr.

    Certainly, the notion that the show will be for a ‘younger audience’ makes me cringe. We’ve already seen the perceptual damage to high-yielding franchises such as Star Wars with a similar goals.

    At the end of the day, while I am not in tears and bawling at the not-unexpected news that SGA has been cancelled (for the record, I detested SG-1, but found SGA of remarkable foresight and quality) I am completely appalled that the SG family will be essentially dumbed down. I found none of the plots in SGA inaccessible to the younger viewer without catering to them specifically. One must wonder what exactly will be in it for the older viewer of SGU.

    The SGA movies will soften some of the sting, certainly. But one cannot be a fan of just DVD movies alone – “Babylon 5” tried and failed with just that assumption.

  249. A day after they officially announced the cancellation of SGA, Gateword is now reporting that Sci-Fi will premiere SGU next year, and that, “The new series will be aimed at a slightly younger audience….” Guess that leaves me out, as well as quite a few others who have been dedicated Stargate followers. Is this another way of cutting one’s losses?

    Joe, how about throwing the Sheppard fans a bone and promoting him to a full colonel, either in S5 or early in the upcoming SGA movie? Please.

  250. Thanks for your comments. As always, you always know what to say.

    A big thank you to the cast and crew for the past five years of an excellent show.

  251. Even with the below announcement i still would love to have SGA back, enjoy this news:

    SCI FI green-lights Stargate Universe

    Proving that you can’t keep a good franchise down — at least not for more than a day or so — the SCI FI Channel has green-lit production on Stargate Universe, the third live-action television series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The official press release from MGM and SCI FI is expected later today.

    Universe will have a 2-hour premiere in 2009, and land in a regular time slot next summer — meaning there will not be a production gap between the second and third Stargate television series.

    The trade magazine also reported that the show will be set on board a previously unmanned ship called the Destiny, and will involve more space-based action than its predecessors. “Unable to return to Earth, the crew must fend for themselves aboard the ship, which has a preprogrammed mission taking them to the far reaches of the universe,” the magazine said.

    The producers are reportedly looking to cast a known actor for one of the leading roles, and fresh faces to round out the cast. This would follow the pattern of SG-1, which earned a lot of marketability from leading man Richard Dean Anderson when it premiered in 1997, rather than the largely unknown cast of Atlantis.

    The new series will also be aimed at a slightly younger audience, SCI FI president Dave Howe said.

    “This is an opportunity to reinvent this franchise and make it relevant to a new generation,” he said. “We really don’t want to be more of the same. It’s going to build clearly off the existing franchise but with a cast that gives it a younger vibe.”

    “In Universe, we plan to keep those elements that have made the franchise a success, such as adventure and humor, while breaking new ground in the relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home,” series co-creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper said. “Above all, we believe the Stargate itself remains an enduring icon with infinite potential as a jumping-off point for telling stories.”

    Wright and Cooper will also executive produce. The two created Stargate Atlantis, which will end its TV run in January (story). An Atlantis movie will also air later in 2009 on SCI FI — hopefully the first of many.

    There is more news to come, so stick with GateWorld for breaking news on Stargate Universe later today!

  252. Hi Joe,

    WOW, that’s disappointing. I’m sorry to hear about the non-sixth season. But I am very happy to hear SGA will live on in movies! That should be fun. What is there really going to be to watch in Sci Fi now? Sanctuary is there, but no Stargate? What say TPB about Universe?

    Here’s to the movies! Thanks to you and the wonderful writers, cast and crew of the Stargate Franchise.


  253. Personally, I’ve always thought Atlantis had one more season left in it.
    That way it could of gone the way of SG1 season 8 and ended the remaining storylines and maybe had that one movie.
    It’s disapointing sure but life goes on.
    Best of luck with the movie scripting.

    And hey, you always have SG Universe!.

  254. The news said: Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, co-creators of “Stargate: SG-1” and “Atlantis,” will serve as executive producers and writers on the new series.

    Um, does that mean you are out?

  255. @ Michael – you mentioned reading that the SGU audience is for the ‘young and edgy’ – this is the first I’ve heard of it, and it supports my theory that the more mature audience SGA attracted is basically what killed it in episode format.

    If SGU is anything like Battlestar Galactica or Lost, I’m not watching. The world is depressing enough, and I need something that’s a bit light, even when it’s dead serious. SGA fit that bill, but few shows on TV do nowadays, and is why I rarely watch it anymore.

    Oh well, they can rely on us old farts buying up the DVDs, I suppose. 🙄 I’ll be the first to pop in my dentures and shuffle along with my walker down to Walmart, social security check in hand, eager to snatch up the DVD. It’ll be such a special occasion, I might even wear Depends! 😀


  256. @ Joe – Oh, okay – I just read t’loc’s post – so I know the timing of everything. Not so worried about the movie, now…didn’t realize it was actually going to air on SciFi – thought it was going straight to DVD.

    So…yeah…I’m now RIGHT back to DO NOT KILL TODD!!!!!




    That’s my heart breaking!

    I feel like I just lost one of my best friends!

    Still, congrats on the movie. I’m sure it will be as fabulous at the two SG1 movies!

  258. This sucks. There I said it. This is so sad given all the great work and fantastic ideas that this show presented every week. The work of the actors, crew, writers and yes, all the fans who kept sites going, wrote letters, featured bits and pieces of show history – was a movement greater than ourselves.
    I am looking forward to the movie of course, but there will just be a black hole out there.
    With all the crap going on in the world, it was great to escape through the gate.
    My eternal thanks to all.

  259. Hey Joe.

    Sorry for 2 posts, but can you do a blog entry with just a mailbag and try to answer most of the questions regarding SGA’s cancellation? I would really like to knwo the answers to some of the questions people have been asking, as well as my own questions.

    Thanks Joe.

  260. A younger vibe? New ground in relationships? Frell me, I actually will need better things to do Friday evenings. And here I was being all optimistic and crap.

    We haul on outta here tomorrow for the Burn, I shall miss the drama and wailing. Not. See you guys some time in September. Joe, listen to Fondy, really, she knows best even if she is fond of Will Ferrell. (Really? Apparently so, yeah) And hug the dogs and be kind to the poor disgruntled gaters. If I had anything I’d part with Stargate Atlantis related, I’d place it in the Temple to be sent to the skies in ash and smoke. But I don’t. Take care of yourself, and no more surprises while I am gone. Unless they’re good ones.

  261. Joe

    This sucks lemons big time. There is no other show on TV as good as SGA and there won’t be any show that can or will come close to being as good as SGA.

    VIVA SGA!!!!!

  262. I HAVE AN EASY FIX TO GETTING A SEASON 6 OF ATLANTIS! The reason the SG-1 movies have been successful is because fans buy the DVD’s.

    Refuse to buy the SGA movie. Make your voice heard and refuse to buy the DVD and don’t watch it on SCI-FI. Tell as many people who will listen that you’re not gonna buy it when it comes out. If enough people refuse to spend money on it then it wont be such a good idea now will it?

    We’ve been asked time and time again to not download the shows, watch them live…and what good has that done? It’s got the show cancelled. So screw them. No one is getting anymore money off me.

  263. With the drastic change of storytelling moving from television to movies, are there are particular storylines that may have been put on hold in the past that will possibly excel in the new movie format?

  264. Aaaargh, wordpress doesn’t like me today. I’m confused which comment from me is confirmed and which not. Since this is probably the last thing I’ll write I’m stubborn with it. 😉

    Here the addition to my original comment:

    So the support from TPTB: it’s not like they take all the money with tears in their eyes, is it? They don’t do it because they are philanthropists but because of the money, it’s all just business. I can feel right now their support, I’ve felt it since yesterday. Thanks very much….

    I didn’t think it would be possible but after reading the article about SGU and Brad Wright’s interview I’m even more angrier and disappointed. Please stop sell us lemons as apples. They are bored with the old toy so let’s make a new one. SGA would have had all the potential they see in SGU if they had wanted this. And yeah, go for a younger audience. What’s that with us old fans for many years who have spent their money for the franchise anyway.

    Honestly? I’m so sick of hearing anything else about it. There isn’t any fun left for me and that’s what TV should be: fun. I guess I’ll only watch the 15 episodes and then I’m done. That’s it. All good things…

  265. Congrats on making the #100 mark – it is quite the accomplishment. I hope that with movies in the making & SG Universe, there won’t be too many people out of work. It’s disappointing for us fans but it’s a livelihood for many others, so I hope that all will be well for cast & crew.

    You said, “Rob Cooper pitched out the idea of shooting the SGA movie at the end of this season….(codenamed Project Twilight)…the network has greenlit the movie…it should include the entire cast in addition to a certain gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star.”
    My questions, if you can answer them, are: Will you be writing it with Rob? Others? Do you know who will be writing SG Universe? According to a GateWorld article, Brad W. said it would target a younger audience. PLEASE tell us that it won’t be a scifi version of The OC or Hills or other garbage. Even when I was a teen I thought of that stuff as garbage. Some ‘shipping is OK, but I think I can confidently say that most SG fans do not want a soap opera on a spaceship.

    Again, thanks for your work & how you make us laugh on this blog 🙂 Dalene

  266. Well, I am still sad about the cancellation but am happy for years I had Stargate to watch, so I thank you and all who gave that to us fans.

    I had a terrible morning, I had to put my sweet ferret Lestat down as he was very ill. Could you dedicate a blog to him and his memory?


  267. If SGA is over we need a lot of confirmations. Right now!
    Zelenka&McKay confirmation
    Sheppard&McKay confirmation
    Teyla&Weir confirmation
    Ronon&Michael confirmation
    And while you’re at it, the most important of all:
    Jack&Daniel confirmation. You know it’s true.
    Please Mallozzi, make that happen.

  268. Wow, I just found out about an hour ago and I’ve been poking around the internet ever since.

    I’m not THAT annoyed, hell, my fave show only lasted 5 years, but it’s good to know the show’s going out on a high.

    Ever since I read that the decision to renew the show wouldn’t be based on Ratings I sort of saw this comming though.

    I’m hoping the film will be brilliant, with you and Paul and the great cast and crew that’s been hammering out Stargate stories for the Ori know how long I know it will be fantastic. I just hope one of these shows will wrap up Ford’s storyline.

    he’s up there with Babylon 5’s Catherine Sakai on the list of unresolved characters.

    Here’s to you and your fantastic show, and more to come. Let’s hope you get working on Universe too.

  269. Oh, now it’s coming out — “make it relevant to a new generation,” a new show with a “younger vibe”.

    yeah, that’s the sciffy way. Screw the fans…. but so many will come back just because they slap the Stargate name on it like they did with Star Trek.

    Goodbye Stargate: Atlantis, hello to STARGATE: VOYAGER 90210 !

  270. I am so very, very sad about this. Atlantis is my favourite TV series.

    I am glad that the 100th episode will not be a cliffhanger – that would be cruel. I had been looking forward to celebrating the 100th. Right now I am dreading it.

    I’m sorry, but IMO the occasional movie will be a very poor substitute for an excellent ongoing series.

  271. I always hoped SGA would run for 6 series, 7 at the most, before it bowed out gracefully – we could all sit back and go, “yeah, our show ended on a high.”

    But now, it’s kind of bittersweet. I am looking forward to the movies and will watch them, but I do think Brad is being overly optimistic in saying people will follow the Stargate franchise.
    Not everyone is into all aspects of the stargate world, y’know?

    The thing is, I love the Atlantis franchise; SG1 is ok, I like it a lot, but I don’t love it like so many gaters do.

    I won’t be playing Worlds as I don’t like MMORPGs – there is nothing wrong with them, they are just not my thing.

    And this new show? Well…
    To be honest, I still fall into the “younger” demographic they are going for, and already I am not drawn to it.

    The thing is, the ‘youth’ of today aren’t interested in space operas or TV shows that aren’t Lost or Heroes.
    That’s because you can leave those and pick up wherever you want and not have to worry about series arcs – something older audiences appreciate much more.

    I also can’t help but notice other people have thought it’s just like Voyager, only with younger people in mind – I am imagining Hollyoaks (UK show) in space, which is wrong on so many levels.

    I prefer clever shows, and you guys have produced some brilliant episodes – but the majority (because stereotypes are bad, m’kay?) of the new MTV generation
    don’t appreciate that, they want Josh Hartnett in a slasher movie surrounded by half-naked cheerleaders whilst some god-awful soundtrack is obscuring the dialogue (the only saving grace).

    So yeah – I’m sure this was unintentional and not the case – but I’m kind of sad that the press releases have made it look like Stargate fans have been shunted aside because a new audience is the target – because it kind of reads like, “hey, thanks for the 15 seasons of love guys, but we want new people now, have some straight to DVD things, we have other plans – bye!”

    …I didn’t mean this to be a mini rant, and it’s by no means directed at you or anybody else who has invested so much of their time making the show something everyone is still clearly passionate about.

    Thanks for 5 great seasons and, hopefully, many many movies to come; you guys truly are awesome in every sense of the word, and I only hope you continue to be so for many years to come.

  272. Tonight I won’t watch Atlantis live, record it on my DVR, or download it from iTunes. I’ll watch the show but I’ll get it via some torrent site where sci-fi, mgm, the producers, and the sponsors of the show don’t get jack from my viewership. I hope that others will do the same.

  273. Hi Joe

    I was very disappointed to hear about the cancellation of Atlantis, but delighted that the story will continue in at least one movie. I want to say thanks so much for producing such an entertaining and stimulating show. Long may it continue in some form! It was great to hear, too, that Stargate Universe will go ahead. Will you be involved?