Jason serenades our guest star...
Jason serenades our guest star...
...while Dawn feigns interest in the script.
...while Dawn feigns interest in the script.
Actress Dawn Olivieri. To quote Shaggy from the old Scooby Doo series: "Zoinks, Scoob!"
It's a good old-fashioned Stargate sing-along
It's a good old-fashioned Stargate sing-along
Is she for real?!!
Is she for real?!!
Hey, her time is limited...
Hey, her time is limited...
Dawn prefers not to share the spotlight
Dawn prefers not to share the spotlight
Actors are encouraged to criticize each other's performances in an open and constructive manner.
Actors are encouraged to criticize each other in an open and constructive manner.
Of course, if there's a lesson to be learned here, it's..
Of course, if there's a lesson to be learned here, it's "Don't mess with Momoa!"

"Don't mess with Momoa!"

Well, not surprisingly, you guys have more than a few queries concerning recent developments. I’ve received about 650 comments over the past two days and, while I can’t address them all, rest assured I have read them. Still, many of you bring up some very interesting questions that I’m going to try to respond to in this entry.

I’d like to start off by recognizing your anger and disappointment. Hey, many of us wish it could have gone another way too, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to give up on the franchise. Like SG-1, Atlantis will love on in a different format. Now, at present, a lot of you aren’t exactly feeling charitable toward the forthcoming spin-off, Stargate: Universe, and I understand. But the premiere is a long way off and I’m hoping that, when the time comes, you’ll at least consider giving the series a shot.

There’s been a fair amount of talk about SGU being little more than a shallow space romp based on the preliminary buzz. Well, given that the series has been created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper who will assume co-show running duties once SGU goes into prep, one can expect a certain level of quality. After all, these are the guys who, between them, have written such episodes as Sateda, Beachhead, Unending, Abyss, Meridian, 2010, Torment of Tantalus, and, most recently, The Shrine. They are adept at crafting stories that are fast-paced and entertaining yet resonate with the humanity and spirit of the characters at their core. A better example of their talents can be found in Stargate: Atlantis, a series they created and helped build over the past five years. There’s no doubt in my mind that SGU is in infinitely capable hands and that viewers who tune in to check out the latest Stargate incarnation will not be disappointed.

Also, keep in mind that most of the people who worked hard to bring you Atlantis will be working equally hard to bring you the new series (and, if we can steal some of them away – the Atlantis movie). That includes the directors, most of the staff and crew, in addition to our kick-ass VFX team who were kind enough to post a much-appreciated thank you note in yesterday‘s comment section that I have copied and pasted for anyone who might have missed it…

“Official Memo From The VFX Department of SGA:

As we near shooting of the fifth season of SGA, we at the Stargate : Atlantis VFX Department would like to collectively give our thanks to all the people involved in an amazing five year run of a wonderful series:

To the fans: So many thanks, for all your continued support, appreciation, critiques, well wishes, love and appreciation for a television show we really, really, really have loved to make and be a part of. The SGA fans will always be the best.

To our Writers/Producers: Thank you so much to Brad, Robert, Joe, Paul, Martin, Carl, Alan, Alex for giving us the best and most challenging/interesting material to work with in all of television. We would never have any fun if it wasn’t for you.

To our cast: Joe, David, Jason, Rachel, Jewel, Robert, Amanda, David, Paul, Kavan. You guys are the best. Thank you for your confidence and belief that something was going to be there at that big screen you were looking at. Without your conviction, we would never get the accolades we do.

Our amazing crew: Thank you for experiencing five amazing years with us, it have been a blast.


Department of Monkey-Headed Waffle Trumpets (TV Division)”

Well, as promised, here are some of the fun photos I took on set the other day. Guest star Dawn Olivieri is, to use Costume Designer Val Halverson’s words, “a hoot”! The native Floridian and former Deal or No Deal Model #14 is possessed of a quick wit and sharp tongue. Oh, and she also happens to be doing a kick-ass job as Identity’s Neeva. Don’t mess with Dawn! A couple of our actors learned the hard way.

To those of you asking – the Book of the Month Club guests and discussions will continue as planned. Catherynne M. Valente will be dropping by and we begin discussion of Stephen Dobyns’ The Church of Dead Girls on Monday.

We’ll also be moving ahead with actress Sharon Taylor’s Q&A. Thanks to all those who submitted questions for Sharon. I hope to hear back from her this week. Next up in our continuing line of special guest bloggers will be Stargate Atlantis props master “Evil” Kenny Gibbs. If you have any questions for Evil, start posting them.

Finally, re: the unclickable photo situation. I did click “File url”, but this only serves to lead to a dead end. I assume I’m supposed to actually add the URL in the space provided, but if I’m uploading directly off my computer rather photobucket or flickr, how does that work?

Today’s pics: Blowing off steam on set!


DasNdanger writes: “ Wait…you’re not moving over to SGU… Are any of the writers?”

Answer: It’s still to early to say who will be involved and in what capacity.

Missy writes: “Just a quick question, Are you planning on wrapping up the wraith story line between now and the movie, or are you gonna save them for other movies?”

Answer: Some storylines will be wrapped up by series end, but the wraith will continue to be a presence beyond our 100th episode.

Thornyrose writes: “I’m really looking forward to your Stargate version of a horrror story, not to mention seeing Mr. McGillion back on the show.”

Answer: It’s a fun little episode. More edge-of-your-seat popcorn fare than last night’s character-driven drama, but that’s what I love about the show, its ability to tell wildly different stories. I’ll be posting more behind-the-scenes Whispers pics in the lead-up to its airing.

Kimberly writes: “Also, does this affect Creation’s con in April…the one with the Bridge studios tour?”

Answer: I don’t believe it will.

DasNdanger also writes: “Is it possible that this movie is merely a ‘bone’ tossed to both fans and crew/cast alike to appease them, with no intention of making a second or third movie down the line?”

Answer: Definitely not. Much will depend on how it performs but we’re confident that this will be the first of many Atlantis movies.

DasNdanger also writes: “If the first movie is well-supported and successful, then how often do you see SGA movies being produced? Once a year? Twice? More – less?”

Answer: This is a scheduling issue. I think that we could produce as many as three Stargate (either SG-1 or Atlantis) movies a year. Four is a longshot but very possible.

DasNdanger writes: “If all goes well, what do you foresee as the earliest possible release ‘date’ (i.e. beginning/middle/end of a particular year) for the first movie? Latest date?”

Answer: No idea. This would be a question for MGM and Sci Fi.

Laura writes: “…was the Arthur line ad-libbed?”

Answer: Nope. It was scripted.

Tardishart writes: “Stand alone? What? To me that just says filler, no connections emotionally to what has gone before.”

Answer: I disagree. Last night’s episode, for instance, was what I would consider a standalone. The story was self-contained and yet it contained instances that paid off past episodes and developed elements for future stories.

215 thoughts on “August 23, 2008: Questions, Answers, Guests, and Pics!

  1. 🙁 SGU won’t give me back SGA!
    And I won’t watch it as some kind of Surrogate!
    Also… I am still upset! I hope to wake up from this bad dream every moment.

  2. The Shrine was awesome. David was AWESOME! The entire team plus Kate were outstanding. There is no argument that Wright/Cooper are talented writers, and have crafted two excellent shows in SG-1 and SGA. However, after reading a rather giddy interview given by Mr. Wright to Gateworld, it appears that he’s only interested in “younger, fresher” viewers. Sorry I’m so old and stale what with having been around since day one on Showtime. I’ll support all the SG-1 movies, the rest of SGA’s season and whatever movies we get. My support of SGU – the new trophy wife on the block, all young and pretty with big boobs – is less than assured, since I don’t want to hose up those shiny young and fresh demographics.

  3. Joe, When you click on the File URL does a web address appear in the box immediately above? It should be the address for the location of the image you have just uploaded to your wordpress files storage. Then you select the size of what you want shown e.g. thumbnail or 300 pixels etc and click on the insert into post button. It will go back to the create post page and you just publish from there. I’ll go in and create some screen dumps today as it’s easier to demonstrate like that.

    Cheers, Chev

  4. Alas, no. No web address appears in the box immediately above it. I’ve tried copy and pasting from file properties but it still leads to a dead end.

  5. “Evil” Kenny Gibbs— what is the evil in your name referring to?
    How do you make those amazing props>? I know its not all smoke and mirrors, but a little magic? Have you had to fashion any prop that you scratched your head and said, #$%^&*$…?
    How does the stargate turn)(if thats your dept)?
    Whats your favorite power tool to use?
    — thanks Kenny

  6. I have only one quesion for you, Joe, will Elizabeth Weir ever return(now that SGA is cancelled)? Now that there are going to be movies, will she return, maybe they will need her help or something. I loved “Ghost in the Machine”, it made me believe there coud be more and a great end to the storyline, but not to the character, I believe that she deserves more than that epsode. I love this show and will continue to watch without her, but will you please answer my question to if she will ever return.

  7. First- The Shrine was AWESOME! David did a phenomenol job.

    As for the end of SGA:

    I understand that all good things eventually come to an end, but with SGA doing so well I was expecting at least another year. It is not fair that SciFi and MGM are treating their fans and of course the cast and crew so poorly.

    I will not be watching SGU nor will I continue watching Eureka, Battlestar or any of the other shows my wife and I watch on SciFi.

    As for the DVD’s, I purchased them to show my support for the franchise in the hopes that it would keep it going for another few years. Now I feel as if the fact that the SG DVD’s did so well helped SciFi and MGM make their decision to kill the series and go to the DVD movie format.

    The last movie was nothing more than a good episode. I was expecting them to deal with the Asgard, among other things.

  8. Well I hope for the best for SGU. I really liked SGA though, but hey you never know until you give it a try right? I had a question for MR. Joe Mallozzi though, how do I send you a question in the ‘Mailbag’?Or send idea’s directly to you?
    Thanks and hope everyone has a great day.

  9. josephmallozzi said:

    Alas, no. No web address appears in the box immediately above it. I’ve tried copy and pasting from file properties but it still leads to a dead end.

    Well that’s why it isn’t working. I’m going to try troubleshooting today. I wonder if it doesn’t work with this theme for some strange reason (sorry thinking out loud). I’ll get back to you.

    Have a great weekend, I’m off to see Dark Knight at Gold Class.

    Cheers, chev

  10. JM wrote:
    Finally, re: the unclickable photo situation. I did click “File url”, but this only serves to lead to a dead end. I assume I’m supposed to actually add the URL in the space provided, but if I’m uploading directly off my computer rather photobucket or flickr, how does that work?

    No problem. WordPress seems to have a lot of intelligent people and they have made an instruction video how to upload pictures from the computer (sound is not the best, but it’s understandable). Despite shown in the video you should also click on “file URL”. Otherwise the picture appears in it’s full size.


    Hope it works.

  11. I admit I was a little worried as I read the press release. But then I thought of another Sci-fi series that I think was geared to a “younger” audience: Firefly. And that turned out pretty well, (besides the fact that it was canceled, but it was trying to find a much bigger audience than Sci-fi is looking for).

    I also remembered who was creating the series, and in that regard, I wanted to thank you for your post about SGU today. I was thinking the same thing. I have faith in Brad and Rob and I will definitely be giving the new series a try.

    I also want to say here, here, to PG15’s comment yesterday. One of my daily rituals is reading this blog, and I hope you are involved with SGU because you have great interaction with the fans. Thank you for everything. (How many visitors are you at now?)

    I’m sad SGA is ending, it was a great show. Congratulations and thanks to the cast and crew for all their hard work. Looking forward to the rest of the season and many movies to come.

    Steph2 (I added the 2 because there’s another Steph, and I think she was first.)

  12. Nope. I am uploading from my computer – as I’ve always done. It’s just that, for some reason, the images are suddenly no longer clickable.

    Well, thanks for the link on the instructional video. I’m going to check it out.

  13. Joe,
    I rewatched “The Shrine” and now that my attention was more on the show, and less on the cancellation news, a couple of comments, questions.

    I was again blown away by everyone’s performance, particularly David’s. I had heard so much in the way of build up for this episode that I was prepared to be disappointed. This show not only met, but exceeded, my expectations. The scene on the pier was pure excellence.

    A great big THANK YOU from this McKeller fan. I was not expecting the “I love you” at the end and positively screamed at the TV. Was hoping to see this relationship really take off this season and into next year. Well, there’s always the movies.

    Kate Hewlett always does such a great job with Jeannie. I have a brother who I have had quite the combative relationship with over the years. I can describe it as saying that while we love each other, we don’t always like each other. It is for this reason that I can empathize with Jeannie in her relationship with Rodney.

    Was David Nykl supposed to have a role in this that was cut? His name was in the credits, but other than seeing him walk by and Rodney’s mention of him, he wasn’t in it.

    When does Jason start wearing the $10,000 wig? I hope that wasn’t what he was wearing last night. For the first time this season, I thought it looked totally horrible, worse than in other episodes.

    As for SGU, like I said this morning, I will try it. I’m just not liking what’s being said. Brad Wright just seems so disrespectful of the feelings of the Atlantis fans. To me, he just doesn’t give a damn about us.

  14. Hey Joseph,
    First off, thank you for your role in five wonderful years of Atlantis and ten years of SG-1. The future will be wonderful with more SG-1, Atlantis and more Stargate content.

    Secondly, last night’s episode, is, in my mind, the best episode of Stargate Atlantis to date. My compliments to Brad and the rest of the team for making such a wonderful episode. However, I think it would’ve been better if Rodney died. Him surviving felt like a cheat, and watching the episode, I knew he wouldn’t die, so I felt as if the episode didn’t have the weight it should have had.

    Just one fan’s opinion,

  15. I don’t want to start having to upload my pictures to another hosting site. Too time consuming. If it comes to that, I’d rather just leave the photos as is – unclickable but large.

  16. Alas, the end of a chapter but I dare say, with all the talent and smarts around there, not the end of the book.

    For all your time, talent and willingness to entertain, I thank you and look forward to seeing much more of you and your Stargate family in the future.

    I thank you Joe for all you do and most importantly, who you are to a lot of people.

    God bless,

  17. More than a movie a year? Hmmm. Still not enough but…all that’s for another venue. Can you ask the Monkey Headed Waffle Trumpets to provide a picture, either of the MJWT(so I can compare my mental image) or better yet, a group shot, with names, so we can better appreciate those who have provided us so much entertainment for so long.
    Ack. what with letter writing, I’ve been remiss on reading Church of Dead Girls. But I think I can finish it on time. Even though Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings is waving at me, tempting me… ok. Maybe its time for bed. Thanks for the great pictures and for keeping the book club going. (glancing at calender and muttering about stupid holidays messing up Friday night scheduling)

  18. See that scheduling thing is always mentioned cause now of course the actors are gonna look elsewhere for work and well if the main characters are not there then it is not the same. If they all come back and the max movies can be made it is something, but not the same as a weekly show.

    I just found out today how upset I was. When appearing tired at a NH plumbers convention that I organized today, people speculated that it was because I was still bummed that Stargate Atlantis was canceled. It was in fact because I had 2 hours sleep, but I didn’t realize how many people I vented too about this horrible news.

    Unfortunately, I still feel like TPTB threw us fans to the wolves. It was doing good, so, why not do one more year then go to movies. I understand business and realize they probably figured that going to movies while it was doing good would make them a lot of money and allow them at the same time to begin a new show making even more money. Probably a show geared to younger audiences which of course I would not relate to (not that I am old). I am thinking that more than MGM and SCFI are involved in this crappy decision.

    What I don’t understand is that they knew the fans were upset about the happenings of the last few days and yet they bring up this SU show, do they not think that we are smart enough to associate the two decisions?

    On a happier note, I loved the Shrine. I always loved the relationship with sheppard and McKay. All the actors did a great job! That is why I love the show so much, the actors give 100 percent at all times or at least it seems that way.

  19. Thanks for the BoTM update. I have very little free time to have fun and the books are pretty much it. I’d stick around just for that. By the way “Keeping It Real” is amazing.

    My questions for Evil Kenny…

    1) How much do you have to creatively recycle the same props over again?

    2) Did you always like building things? What did you want to do when you were a kid?

  20. Joe,

    Thanks for answer some of our questions, I know it´s too soon to know some things for sure.

    I have seen The Shrine, very god episode. Mackay is always the best, and it´s nice to see the two Hewlets together.

    I´m enjoying Woolsey and Keller this season.
    I have never hated them, but when I see the entire team working together I feel that could be better if we have had Becket and Weir too.

    PD. Thanks for the photos, I´m anxious to see Dawn in Atlantis

  21. I was just wondering if Elizabeth would ever return or is her character not even being thought of anymore…is she done with? I’ve been a fan of her from the beggining and want to know if that’s it, she’s gone from SGA forever. “The Shrine” was awesome a very great character episode, loved the scene with Sheppard and Rodney. Very shocking with the “I love you” from Rodney. The best episode since “Ghost in the Machine”.

  22. Those pics of great! 😀

    First off thank you Joe, the cast, and crew for giving us 5 great seasons. (The Shrine was awesome!) I will forever love and enjoy SGA. SGA give me such joy. True, I am sad of not having SGA on weekly basis, but I am looking forward to seeing the Atlantis movies. Also, I will give SGU a chance. I won’t knock it til I try it. 😀

  23. OMG! We get to ask Evil Kenny some questions? Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Here I go:

    Oh, great and evil one,

    I humbly put forth the following questions for your prop-masterness:

    1). What are your favorite materials to work with when creating props?

    2). How challenging is it to develop props for science fiction?

    3). Are there any props that regularly “grow legs and walk away”? I can only imagine actors may become attached to a cool prop and … well … you know. 🙂

    Thank you for everything you’ve done to make all us fans go “OMFG! Did you see that gun/blaster/book/picture/etc!”

    Trish in Texas

  24. Hey Joe,

    Would it be possible for me to attend the filming of the 100th episode for a day or two? I really love this show.

  25. Now to the important question 😉 concerning The Shrine:

    What WAS on the front of the t-shirt Shepherd was wearing when McKay pounded on his door? It seemed to be a big teddy bear ….

    I would look at the scene again on the DVR, but I forgot to DVR it. 🙁

  26. hey joe

    many thanks to cast and crew for 5 great years , btw the shrine and mckay were awesome, hope your involved in the stargate franchise for many years to come in either SGA/SG1 movies or hopefully on SGU.

    see you in another universe (corny i know lol)

  27. Hey Joe, linking to the image doesn’t want to work in the original upload box. Instead, once you’ve uploaded your photo into the post, you need to click on the image and it will bring up two icons: ‘edit image’ and ‘delete image’. Hit the ‘edit image’ icon. That will bring up a similar box to the upload one, where you then hit ‘link to image’ and it will put the url in place. then hit ‘update’.

  28. The Shrine was awesome. I couldn’t wait until Monday to watch it on MC after a friend from the states told me how good it was. I’ll be watching it again on Monday on our big screen.

    For Evil Kenny:

    In some of the behind the scenes features of the props department you have what appears to be a monkey teddy, (I can’t exactly remember as its been awhile since I saw it) what is the story of why you have him attached to you?

  29. Awesome pictures, thanks! I always love pics that come off sets..So..enlightening. Hah..I’m rather excited about SGU. I mean, it definitely seems like a different concept, but change is good, right? It’ll give all of us obsessive fans something new to explore and drool over. Right? Hm..New stuff always excites me.

  30. Joe,

    As a SG1 fan turned SGA fan loving both, I want you and Paul to promise NOT to kill off any of the main characters in the Atlantis Movie. I know some people are shocked of SGA ending TV but everything has an ending. What did people expect we would see Rodney and John dueling the Wraith in there 90’s? I would rather it go out on Top and Atlantis in Movie format isn’t all that bad. Two hours of Joe Flanigan sounds good to me. Stargate Universe I find an interesting storyline and will check it out when it comes out next year. Sorry I don’t have time to read your books in your book club with two wee one’s at home but maybe one of these days I’ll pick one up. Oh, with all the SGA drama, how are you feeling? Did that medicine work? Have a great weekend!


  31. Hey Joe,

    Well… I just got back from my *date night* with Jeremy. He let me pick the place so we went to Jackson’s Bistro on Harbour Island. We both had the tempura lobster rolls. It’s hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had. So my tummy’s in a happy place right now.

    As for SGU, it’s very scary and difficult to get involved in another series just to have it taken away again by TPTB for something more *shiny* and *profitable*. Right now I can’t stomache it. I’ve just had too much loss in the past year. I guess we’ll see how I feel when the series airs.

    I’m glad the BOTMC is on track. I wonder what page Allie is on in that Church of Dead Girls…

    GREAT PICS of Jason and Dawn. But I had no idea actors would actually beat each other over the head with guitars. Wow! It is NOT easy being an actor.

    And now I’m off to find some dessert.


  32. Wow, and here I thought if you gave a bunch of monkeys a typewriter they’d only come up with Shakespere…

  33. Very sad news. I hardly watch any television anymore, can’t stand all the “reality” crap. Atlantis is an intelligent show with a great cast and crew. I’m sure the actors and others always realize that the jobs are temporary but it must hurt to work so hard and then be cancelled. To everyone involved: the fans really appreciate the five years Thanks so much for the laughter, drama, and adventure. It’s like losing a good friend. Sure gonna miss ya.

  34. hi, joe,

    i got to watch ‘the shrine’ and really enjoyed it. i think the only thing i would have changed was to see everyone’s reactions the moment they knew something was wrong with mckay. oh!, and i’d have loved to have had sam in this ep… i can just imagine sam’s reaction to mckay losing his mind. they’re really ‘friends’ now, so it would have been touching. but ‘the shrine’ was very well done. (way to go, ptb) 🙂

    i’m going to give ‘universe’ a try, but i hope a lot of time goes into finding the right ppl for the roles, especially the lead. if you brought over someone from stargate, i’d choose amanda, ben, or david h.

    speaking of amanda; is sam still going to be in the last/100th ep, ‘enemy at the gate’?

    sally =)

  35. *waves* Hi joe, I wanted to pop by and let you know that I genuinely enjoyed The Shrine last night. Though I learned a very very valuable lesson- NEVER play the Rodney McKay drinking game during a McKay centric episode. 😀 😉

  36. Hey Joe

    Will you continue giving us the ratings info each week? I’m curious to know how The Shrine fared against the Olympics this past Friday.


  37. Hi there, Joe.

    I don’t suppose you can tell us what episode the emergency surgery pics are from…? Please?!

    And the identity of he poor soul being operated on wouldn’t happen to make the most popular group of whumpers happy, now would it?

    Okay, so I know you can’t answer the last one, but a poor whumper girl can try, can’t she?

  38. Thank you so much to the cast and crew for 5 years of SGA. I eagerly await each Friday episode, and have enjoyed it enormously. And thanks to Joe for creating this fabulous blog as a window on the SGA production.

    I was deeply saddened to hear of SGA being canceled. My gut reaction was pretty negative toward TPTB, but I am still processing and glad to find more details on this blog.

    Great pics of Jason and Dawn–very fun.

    For Sharon Taylor (if it’s not too late): First of all, very much looking forward to seeing more Banks going forward in the season. I was struck by Banks in Search & Rescue with almost no screen time–so you have a high screen charisma/TVQ in my opinion. And a question: How does working on Stargate Atlantis compare to your other acting experiences in terms of the working atmosphere and cast interaction? Were you surprised by anything about working on SGA?

    Thanks a lot again to Joe for putting so much energy into this blog. I really enjoy it.

  39. Hopefully the fans manage some of the anger and tantrum throwing so that support can be thrown behind the movies and we get three a year. Yay! Sorry, I’m a glass half full kinda gal.

    For those suggesting Australia as a location for Atlantis to be produced, with our dollar’s competitiveness against the Greenback, rising fuel levies on all plane flights and comparable wages, Australia is also losing its value as a location to produce television.

    As for Home and Away and Neighbours and their long run, Australia has to have a certain amount of “local” content on air, which now includes NZ TV which is why we are seeing so much more “fush n chup” shows on Australian TV too.

    It can be fun to sit cross-legged in front of the TV, make Om sounds while swaying and then accurately predict all storylines for Home and Away and Neighbours for the next 12 months. It is more predictable than each line of Friends. Fun had by all.

    Sometimes it’s nice to feel a little psychic…

  40. Thanks for answering my question 🙂 I’m glad the Wraith are staying, they’re so badass 😉

    Just saw the Shrine, it was outstanding!! I had tears in my eyes repeatedly throughout the episode. Super episode for the Rodney/Keller fans 😉

  41. I’ve been thinking a lot about this “The new series will also be aimed at a slightly younger audience” routine about SGU. Yes, I trust Brad and Rob (actually, Brad more than Rob because I’m somewhat Jack/Sam ship oriented, but I can live without ship if stories are strong and the characters are compelling; to me, in Stargate, the team has always been the most important character).

    However, as I am now a 54 year old woman, I really really can’t tolerate any more being told by people who air science fiction television that I’m not in their desired audience and that they have to pander to the kiddies to be successful.

    Back in my days being active in Star Trek fandom, it’s something that drove me nuts, but I didn’t write letters about it. There is a history here that makes me crazy, and I love Stargate even more than I love Star Trek.

    For many years, females have been taken for granted and outright ignored by studios and television networks; there has always been this underlying assumption that SF was something for the boys, and the young boys at that.

    I’d look around when I was at a Star Trek convention (something I have been doing for over 20 years) and see faces a lot like mine: white, middle class, over age 30 and female. Or black, middle class, over age 30 and female. I’d also see the boys, some of them pretty nerdy, but also many men who were over age 30, and many over 40 and 50, along with their wives and girlfriends and friends.

    And yet almost every time someone in TPTB for Star Trek talked about their target demographic, it was 18-34 year old males they cared about. This despite the fact that it has been well known for a long time that women make the purchasing decisions for households, and if they cared to look, women were the ones watching those shows in huge numbers.

    Perhaps I was unusual as a child, but I was reading SF as early as age 6 or 7. I was an avid reader of SF in my teens. I remember having big arguments with my mother when we went to the public library, as we did at least once a week, and I wanted to check out a big pile of SF books. She actually made me read other things as well, which was, in retrospect, a good thing. So long as I picked up a couple of other books, she’d let me read the SF.

    I also spent almost all my babysitting money from the time I was 12 on comic books and SF paperbacks. My favorite comics were The Mighty Thor, Superman and Batman. I’d still have them if Mom hadn’t tossed them when I went away to college. (I can’t yell at her any more for it because she passed away last December, but I really owe her my love of reading, and I will always be grateful to her for that. But I was a girl reading and watching SF, and I had lots of friends who were too.)

    I KNOW I’m not alone.

    I started watching Star Trek in 1966, when I was 12. I was in the theater for Star Wars opening day in 1977, the summer before I started law school. The audience was packed, and it wasn’t just with young males.

    I have seen almost every major SF movie in the past 40 years (except for horror based stuff, which gives me nightmares). And I can safely say that the audiences were not all young males. Or even mostly young males.

    Most of the people I know who are avid Stargate fans are women. Most of them are mature women (and yes, I do know young people and men). My nieces and nephews also are big Stargate fans, as is my sister. A high point of my summer was sitting down to watch Ark of Truth with my sister and her college age son. Another was sitting down to watch Continuum with one of my co-workers and her three kids. One of her kids is planning on entering the Air Force, inspired by Samantha Carter. This child is one of the brightest young women I have ever met, and she takes heavy duty science and math based curricula. She’s not a boy, and she hated the way Sam Carter was marginalized by Mitchell getting command of SG1 (her words).

    I am tired of hearing from networks about how they want a younger audience and a younger cast to appeal to said younger audience. And boys. I have been hearing it for years. They’re doing it to us in Star Trek AGAIN. Well, I don’t NEED Star Trek to be reinvented for a younger demographic.

    Nor do I need or want Stargate reinvented for a younger audience. I’m not saying that the franchise shouldn’t keep up with modern trends in tv and movie making; I’m saying that mature audiences, especially women, should not be dismissed because we’re not young and trendy. It is possible to tell good stories and capture audiences across demographics.

    If Sci-fi is looking for a “younger” audience, the cast members are going to be skewed to the stuff that makes me nuts on tv: macho obnoxious young males along with females that couldn’t dress appropriately if their lives depended on it, a lot of what used to be called t&a.

    I do not want this to happen to Stargate, but when Sci-Fi talks about a younger audience, this is the kind of stuff that is brought to mind.

    Maybe it’s hype, maybe it’s spin, and I suppose it is possible for Brad and Rob to come up with a good premise and good stories within that construct. However, no matter how good the stories are, if what we see on the screen is young, posturing males and young, t&a types in females, I am not interested. TV is still visual, and no matter the quality of the stories, if the characters are all young and fit what is on other tv shows that are designed to appeal specifically to that audience, it’s not going to have visuals I can stand to watch.

    I *will* give this a chance, but I am tired of being insulted by tv networks by being told that my demographic group doesn’t matter. Hey, we’re the ones with the money, and we’re the ones making the decisions about what to buy for our families.

    And we have been among the ones watching SG1 and SGA in huge numbers.


  42. Hey Joe, I just have a few questions for you:
    1. Will Elizabeth ever return?
    2. How many movies do you think you’ll do, if you do a series of them?
    3. Will the Ronan and Keller almost-kiss come to play ever?
    4. Are they just going to leave Elizabeth out there forever?
    5. Is it true that the third Sg-1 movie will center on Jack?
    6. Could Rainbow Sun Francks ever return?
    7. Will the first SGA movie be stand alone?
    8. When it says SGU 2-hour movie, does that mean pilot episode or an actual movie?
    9. Will Jason Momoa return for the movies?
    10. Will there be an SGA/SG1 movie?
    11. Was the end of “Ghost in the Machine” meant to show possibility of Weir returning or show that it is the end of her?
    12. Will there be any more episodes of just going to a planet and interacting with aliens?
    13. Will shippers be getting anything this season?
    14. What’s your favorite food?
    15.Will Michael’s story arc be resolved by the series’ end?
    PLEASE answer as many as possible…PLEASE!!!

  43. With respect Joe, I disagree! In part. Also I think you knew what I was getting at but in case you didn’t.

    I think for myself, speaking as a fan, any episode that concentrates on the characters interactions as a “family” or as a “team” is not stand alone. It adds to the over-all sense of the show being so much more then a bunch of actors running around shooting silly aliens. It adds to the foundations.

    I understand much of SGA is indeed made up of what you would call stand alone episodes, they can be “dropped” anywhere in the season schedule.

    My point was more about the fear that when Brad says stand alone he really means an episode about fighting the enemy and not so much about character interactions. The SGA movie would appeal to me only if it is based more on these characters we have grown to love and not on the big bad of the moment and fighting it.

    As a life long Doctor Who fan I am not really in awe of the “specials” RTD writes, as most have been stand alone with no real emotional impact but in the bigger picture it doesn’t matter as we know we are going to see if not 13 episodes with emotional impact, then a lot of episodes in the series with that kind of impact.

    I would hate to see what may be the final chapter in SGA used only as a “shoot ’em up” extended episode; where the smaller moments of team interactions are lost amidst the explosions. I am sure the script will have moments, but my fear is that they will be lost, so tiny and so inconsequential as to not matter. Moments that if time didn’t allow they would be dropped. I think that has happened on the show in the past.

    It would sadden me if what we get in the end is just another episode with shooting and no heart.

    OK I know you guys can’t please everyone and lots of folks like the explosions, colour and movement and not having to think much about emotional impacts. Me? I love the emotional impact.

  44. One question: Do you use the Internet Explorer or Firefox? I’m asking because I tried to upload a picture with the Internet Explorer and it does not work. No file URL appears. And I have no idea how to change that…. 🙁


    Yes! Try this:

    Got to settings – media – and activate in “Default media links” the last option. Should be “file”. Save the settings.

    Then the URL should appear automatically again. I hope…..On my blog it works – as well with the IE as with the Fox.

  45. LOL on the pics. Very amusing.

    This was also pretty funny: Atlantis will love on… and it had me immediately picturing Shep & Co. sitting around Atlantis dressed like hippies, playing guitar.

    I, for one, am very much looking forward to the new series. But then, I’m a Trekkie from way back, so I’m used to the concept.

    One more random note about The Shrine… I loved that little scene at the beginning after they team left and Woolsey’s talking about getting some lunch, then they show up. It was a great way to pass the time in real time while also being an amusing little moment for him. A nice lull in an otherwise mostly intense and emotional episode.

    Oh, and was that Arthur comment a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference? I assumed it was, based on the previous 42 reference, but I just want to make sure there’s not something else I’m missing.

  46. I’m surprised and chagrined to hear that there are people already trying to sabotage the newest Stargate offering, Universe. Yes, I am dissapointed that Atlantis won’t continue as a series, but everything comes to an end eventually, and how better as a show at the top of its form? I will surely miss the Atlantis family, but that won’t keep me fromj checking out what Stargate Universe has to offer. And, as you say, there are the movies to look forward to.

  47. “There’s no doubt in my mind that SGU is in infinitely capable hands and that viewers who tune in to check out the latest Stargate incarnation will not be disappointed.”

    Well played, they are sure to hire you now 😉

    “I assume I’m supposed to actually add the URL in the space provided, but if I’m uploading directly off my computer rather photobucket or flickr, how does that work?”

    One would imagine that it doesn’t.

  48. Thanks for all the great years of SGA, Sorry to see it go. Thanks to the cast and crew and good luck to all who are moving on to SGU, hope all turns out well but sadly being in this “shiny young and fresh demographic”, I’m more then turned off by all this press. It seems to me that aiming for ‘younger’ demographics has never worked and also alienates the fan base, KNOCK’S ON WOOD!!! Good luck anyway!!!! Good luck with the SGA movie.

    And Rose (formerly OhioAnne) I think it is a panda on his t-shirt……….

    To Evil Kenny…….
    1) Are all the show’s prop’s made from scratch or do parts of old or brought thing’s get worked into them???
    2) What is the weirdest thing you have made a prop from??

  49. Dear Joe,

    I feel the need to apologize for being rude the other day.

    I fear I need a better set of glasses as I’ve “just now” found out the whole Vegas episode is not the series finale. It’s actually the 19th episode 😛

    The 20th episode is “Enemy At The Gate”
    This makes me feel much better about the series finale.

    Oh and I just want to say thanks to you and all the cast and crew for five memorable years, I’m sure going to miss my Atlantis fix.

    I’ll give Universe a try, Heck it’s Stargate… I’ll watch anything you guys throw at me. Except for that Stargate cartoon (But I’m fairly sure you guys had nothing to do with that :P)

  50. “DasNdanger writes: “If all goes well, what do you foresee as the earliest possible release ‘date’ (i.e. beginning/middle/end of a particular year) for the first movie? Latest date?”

    Answer: No idea. This would be a question for MGM and Sci Fi.”

    From all the press I’m reading 2009 seem’s to be what both MGM and SciFi are hoping/aiming for on this…..
    Not much time, so really GOOD LUCK on the SGA movie Joe!!!!^^

  51. SGU – it is supposed to be for a ‘younger’ audience. Younger than what?

    What age group is SGA aimed at?

    It is all relative – I am 44, Joe is younger than me and RDA is older than me!


    ‘The Shrine’ was fantastic – I usually like the action and adventure whumping episodes. But the entire cast excelled themselves in this episode.

    Ronon’s wig was awful though – maybe it is really an ALF hiding on his head.

  52. The Shrine was a FANTASTIC episode. DH is deserving of many an award for pulling that episode off in such an emotionally driven manner. Kudos x a million!

    However, it does have to pointed out that there was a substantial plot hole.

    Why didn’t they all get in the jumper, dial out somewhere, get rid of the water and then go home?

    I can just see the scene:

    Why the hell didn’t you dial a space gate, an uninhabited planet or a wraith outpost or something, get rid the water and come straight home??

    Ah…well…we…jeez! Yeah, you’re right – that was stupid! Hey, Keller, you can stop beating yourself up; it was all our fault!

    HA! Anyways, it was a major gut punch to hear that the show was cancelled and then to watch what I’d personally rank as one of the best episodes, not just in SGA’s history, but the whole Stargate franchise!

  53. ***WOOHOO***!!! ****JASON****!!!

    Hey, can we start a DYSON-THE-RUG petition?

    I think I saw one of Hewlett’s Squirrels lurking about taking measurements for that ring-to-ring shag carpet it wants for its tree hollow… Oooo! There he is…. Damn! He scurried through the Gate!!

  54. Joe;
    If the fans can’t get SGA renewed, is there any hope that one of the movies will be addressing Sheppard and his back story? With all of this seasons episodes created and written there’s no hope for that anymore. A movie is generally a group effort and now the Shep fans will never get that special episode where he doesn’t turn into a bug or grow old for the attention. One where he’s the story either through illness or injury but either way people around him are doing their best to hide the fear and he’s doing his best to stave off the weakness. An episode where we really get into his emotions and fears. I’m mad, well beyond mad in regards to the recent decision made by the powers that be **idiots**. I now there will be movies and will be slightly appeased by that but it will not be the same. And unless it’s four a year for Atlantis alone it won’t come close to even being a version of enough. It leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth that once again people who make more money then me or drive a better car can have such an impact on me and take something away that I love. Just once I’d like to make them eat their words, apologize and admit they made a mistake. I want them to understand that they can change their mind and bring back our show, I want them to listen for once to the people they may consider miniscule or unimportant, even though we pay their salaries. I know, I know you did not have a hand in this decision and you don’t’ deserve to hear my ranting in this way, but you are a producer, you see the actors, inner act with the crew, and are involved in a world I can only dream of. I guess where I’m going with this is that I really appreciate you reading what I have to say. Like I put in my letter I feel like myself and all the other fans are being ignored, pushed aside and basically told we don’t matter. As a viewer your told if enough of you don’t watch they show will never survive, but then, as proven here, even when there are enough, the show still doesn’t survive. Why watch at all when it’s just going to be taken away. If we could get Atlantis un-canceled, even if it were for one more season, then it would mean we have a voice and that it is being heard. People will watch sgu I’m sure, will it last? I have no idea. Will I watch it. Considering it is coming on the coat tails of SGA being taken from me, I don’t know. Even the thought of another show started up with out letting ATLANTIS run makes me ill. I don’t think I’ll have the heart or the will power considering if I did like it, it would just be taken off as well. I liked SGA because it was different, not tiered or a repeat of several other shows already out there, it has characters I’m interested and invested in and no matter the plot I can always count on drama and humor. I just know that SGA is not even close to it’s prime, there’s much more story and now because of some over paid exec’s we’ll never have the excitement of a new episode on Friday night, or the anxious thrill of impatiently waiting for the next season. Movies, yes that’s a good thing, but not as a replacement to a show that’s not ready to go off the air and not now unless it’s congruent with season six of SGA This world is a mess and at the very least I had that to look forward to. Now all I have to look foreword to is some of my favorite writers, actors, and production crew to be out of work. I find that horrible and disappointing.. It’s sad and it makes me very very angry. Ok I’m done now, and thanks again, Nicole.

  55. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed The Shrine last night. Hands down, the best episode of the series.

    If Hewlett doesn’t get an emmy nod for that performance, then those awards are frelling useless. Hell, Flanigan deserves one too. The scenes between the two of them couldn’t have been more perfect. Where Rodney was running trying to find John? Yeah, we know who he trusts and needs the most. (I also have to wonder though, did Flanigan just wear his own clothes that day? That shirt looked like one he’d wear and I believe he had a bracelet on that his kids made)

    Brilliant episode, but I had one nitpick and that’s I felt the “I love you” confession from Rodney was just too quick. We haven’t seen any real development between them, except in this ep. Just seemed too rushed to me.

    *hugs* to you Joe. Have you gone blind yet reading all these comments? ;P

  56. Just to say I agree with “Mary” at comment #48.

    There are many older females who love scifi, I am 37, female and I have always loved Doctor Who, I grew up watching shows like Blake 7, re-runs of Star Trek, the original BSG! Hell I even watched Quark “it” lol

    I hate it when my viewing patterns are dismissed out of hand by EPs, networks and the like as not being in “their” target demographic. What does that actually mean? That my money is not as good as a 14 year olds? Who do you think gives the average 14 year old their money in the first place? Last time I looked child labour was illegal! 😛

    I love my scifi like I love my inflatable Dalek! *cough* Hee!

    If Universe is not for me all due to my age… then OMG! wtf am I doing watching a “kids” show like Doctor Who! *silly me*

  57. Have to chime in with the others about the comment made that SGU is going to be aimned at a younger, fresher audience. It’s almost like they don’t want to hang onto the current fan base. Now, I’m relatively sure that’s not the intent of the comment, but it’s the preception that matters and that’s how it came across. Not sure that SGU will be for me since I’m also older that Joe but the same age as RDA. HOWEVER, I will wait and give it a try…inspite of the unfortunate comment.
    Looking forward to the movies and hoping that the cast can work around their new jobs to be there for them as I’m sure they will have no trouble finding work. It will just be our problem to find them in their new work.
    Any chance Martin Wood will direct episode 100? Seems only fitting he should direct the final episode since he directed the first episode. And Sanctuary should be finished filming by then since Amanda is expected to appear.

  58. @ q-ball-er

    16. Are there any toilets in the Jumpers??
    17. If so, **where**???!!! [Let’s get Real here guys, after 6 hours in a Jumper… / Case in point: MIDWAY – 6 guys after how many “days”!?]

  59. Hey Joe,

    couple questions, Is the Phoenix returning?, will Atlantis actually have a real space battle? and do you plan to slip next door and show the Stargate Universe staff just exactly how to make a great show?

  60. I’m definitely willing to give SGU a chance, but I’m a methodist: I HATE change!!! And I’ve probably said this a thousand times before, but I only just became a fan of Stargate 8 months ago… it feels like I am being cheated out of 5+ more seasons of good SGA material!!!

    Thanks for the pictures… they did indeed brighten my day!!! Life on the set seems to always be lively, but fun =)

    Thanks for the blogging in general, actually… even after getting news like the cancellation of one of my all-time favorite shows, you always manage to stay positive and no matter what, reading this blog is a highlight of my day!!!!

  61. @ Mary

    Girl-CLONE-Friend!! What you *SAID*!!
    [High5ing credit cards!]

    I would have killed for a Tricorder when I was 10ish watching Classic ST “live” – had to *wait* 30 years for the little boys to get around to inventing PDAs! AND I still have my SciFi books from way back then when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and puppets ruled the airwaves!! [*Thank you* CBC for bringing UK TV shows!!]

  62. I saw those pictures and the only thought in my head was “El Kabong”. Talk about dating yourself. Oh well. It matches my Hong Kong Phooey t-shirt.

    Joe, I know some people have taken the SGU press release and ran with it to some bitter territory. But I’m good with it. If the show has what I like (characters, snark, and explosions), I’ll watch it. Simple. Doesn’t matter to me what demographic is aimed for.

    I still watch cartoons for crying out loud. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be smart. It is what it is and I’ll have my fun regardless. *shrugs*

    Oh, and please tell the Department of Monkey-Headed Waffle Trumpets (TV Division) that their awesomeness is awesome. 🙂

  63. Hey Joe!

    Well, the photos may not be perfect, but atleast they’re better than the smaller thumbnails they were for the past two days. See if other blogs have the same issue as well, and if it doesn’t, send an e-mail over to the WordPress people and see about getting the issue solved. 🙂

    Looks like Jason has met his match on the set, and that match is Dawn Olivieri. Great images, but I hope they didn’t wreak the guitar! In regards to it, is that Jason’s guitar?

    Thanks as always, and send my thanks to the VFX department for their excellent letter. 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  64. Hey Joe, I just have a few questions for you:
    1. Will Elizabeth ever return?
    2. How many movies do you think you’ll do, if you do a series of them?
    3. Will the Ronan and Keller almost-kiss come to play ever?
    4. Are they just going to leave Elizabeth out there forever?
    5. Is it true that the third Sg-1 movie will center on Jack?
    6. Could Rainbow Sun Francks ever return?
    7. Will the first SGA movie be stand alone?
    8. When it says SGU 2-hour movie, does that mean pilot episode or an actual movie?
    9. Will Jason Momoa return for the movies?
    10. Will there be an SGA/SG1 movie?
    11. Was the end of “Ghost in the Machine” meant to show possibility of Weir returning or show that it is the end of her?
    12. Will there be any more episodes of just going to a planet and interacting with aliens?
    13. Will shippers be getting anything this season?
    14. What’s your favorite food?
    15.Will Michael’s story arc be resolved by the series’ end?
    PLEASE answer as many as possible…PLEASE!!!

  65. I agree with much of what #48 said and I am still very concerned about this “younger audience” issue. I cannot stress enough that this is what kills sci-fi shows. For them to even consider that this is a good idea scares me to no end due to the fact that I have seen many great writers and producers eventually do this and kill a series. Again I give the example of Star Trek: Enterprise. Berman and Braga once were great. They did some good stuff for the Star Trek franchise. But they have since all but killed it. This is a pattern that for some strange reason executive level people can’t seem to grasp the concept of because they are busy with the hype and the thrill of possible “freshness” to the new direction. Much like the thrill of a good Multi Level Marketing pitch scam (again something that never works), that is where their heads may be right now. Stargate has managed to avoid a lot of cliche pitfalls that most other shows couldn’t get past. It’s been quite amazing in fact. However, I fear that if Brad Wright and Robert Cooper don’t realize that and still think targeting a “younger audience” is a good idea rather than targeting EVERYONE because it’s a badass show, we are in a world of hurt.

    Joe, I beseech you. Please be aware of this and perhaps plant the seed of sobriety somehow in Brad and Rob’s mind if even as a precaution. Again, I say I am very excited for the new series when announced even before SGA’s termination was official. At least I was, until the press release mentioned this key issue of targeting this audience, rather than everyone. Targeting a “younger audience” translates to me as being a “smaller audience” or a “dumbing down” of the show. What this means is there will be no audience. I don’t fancy myself as some elitist sci-fi buff who complains about every little plot hole or inconsistency. But I am a concerned fan that knows what has killed many of my previously favorite shows. Even shows that started out strong, changed their demo mid season and then was canceled when it couldn’t be taken seriously anymore. Don’t let too much Holyweird get into this.

    Lets make a badass Stargate: Universe everyone can get into. Not a patronizing talking down and overly sexy WB show.

  66. I have to say, now that I have cooled down a bit from the initial rage about SGA being cancelled, that … I’m starting to think it was the right call. Now, before I get torn apart by pro-SGA fans, let me say that I am a huge fan of the show and am sad to see it go. But I think that many American shows are repeated until the quality goes so low that the ratings drop and the show is cancelled with no interest. At least this way, SGA goes out on a high. Maybe we will look back and say that we wish it had gone on longer. But in my book that’s better than the quality decreasing and looking back wishing it had been canned earlier. I’m not sure if you’ll agree with that, Joe (of course I understand that you and Paul Mullie put a lot into the series), but at least I hope you’ll be happy finishing on a high. Even so, I’m sorry for you and the rest doing SGA that its been canned.

  67. Joe, thanks for the cute pictures. It is good to see Jason still having fun on the set. I’d like some proof that the other actors are doing okay too. Even the shy one – JF.

    I have one question about that wig you all make Jason wear. Now that the show is cancelled, can he take the wig off?? Please? Does he still have ears, sideburns, or his neck tatoo? With that wig on, I haven’t been able to see his face since “The Seed”.

  68. First, I loved The Shrine, best episode thus far this season, IMO. David did a great job, Loved that Sheppard/Rodney scene, it was priceless.

    I was just wondering if u would be intrested in signing on for Stargate: Universe, would you rather devote your time to Atlantis movies, or would you rather move onto something else all together? Personally I would love to see you stick with Stargate, I love your episodes, and Your blogs make my evenings!

    Cheers Joe

  69. You know, ya gotta just luv subliminal ‘advertising’ /messaging [intentional or not…] …

    Was just over at GATEWORLD for a moment and noticed the “link” to the “STARGATE UNIVERSE HAS A GO!” page… Okay, serious kudos to whomever chose *THAT* picture!!

    An active Gate near the event horizon of a BLACK HOLE!!!!

    Hey, think maybe the Comedy Channel could spring for Season 6? Bookend it with ROBOT CHICKEN…?

  70. Hey Joe, have you been to this restaurant yet?
    You could probably order a favourite dish:

    I bought a medieval Islamic recipe book the other day. I think I bought it for the pictures and for the numerous instances of “honey, yogurt, rosewater…honey, almonds, rosewater…more rosewater and cumin and saffron and coriander” The ingredients sound so lovely. There’s also this dish that is a type of flaky pastry. After you cook it on a skillet you have to roll it into I think round little things. Then you stamp a pattern of some sort around the edge…neat eh? I’ll never make any of these. I hate cooking.

    Now I was thinking, the wraith are profoundly lazy, because they don’t cook either.
    Wouldn’t it be lovely to hoover up your food with your hand? Pass it over cookie dough ice-cream: Ssslurp!
    For me I would love this.


  71. Like SG-1, Atlantis will love on in a different format.

    great subconscious typo! i wouldn’t correst it if i were you.

    well everyone is “sga this” or “sgu that” but how are you doing mr. mallozzi? do you have another job lined up? or are you going to take a break for the show biz game for a while? or even a break from this blog? or maybe just not posting everyday?

  72. Two things-
    1) The Shrine was all kinds of awesomeness
    2) Just wanted to say that although its incredible sad that the series will be ending that me and anyone who watches the show owes you a big thank you for provide an exciting, interesting and all around excellent show for the past five years, I’m sure every fan appreciates all the hard work that everyone puts in for our entertainment you guys have done a great job! It was a good five years.

  73. The Shrine was awesome. David did a super great job and so did the whole Cast. Kate was as always awesome. After all she is an awesome Hewlett too.

    I am a tad pee ode about the whole wanting to attract a younger audience and that SG 1 Fans and SGA Fans are too old. Sorry Joe but you, and everyone at Bridge and everyone at MGM and Sci Fi are not spring chickens yourselves.

    Have you given any thought to what if the “Next Generation SG” doesn’t fly and become a success like SG-1 and SGA? What if you can’t capture the younger crowd? and What if you cannot get the fans who were loyal to SG-1 and SGA back?

    This is a big leap and it is a risk.

    The writers are great on SGA they have written some top notch stuff. If these writers are running out of steam then why not cancel them, find some younger writers, and keep SGA a float?

  74. For the first time since my hospital stay, I’ve not read every comment to this blog. My sister thought it would be better for my emotional health. She’s probably right.

    I keep trying to understand things, accept them, but nothing adds up to me.

    Mr. Wright flat out said it will cost more to make Stargate Universe. Yet the prohibitive cost of making Stargate Atlantis was one factor given in why it was canceled. Part of that growing overhead was the increasing salaries of cast and crew (as Mr. M’s said in the past).

    So, please, can someone explain to me how moving most of the crew, directors, etc. to the new show helps cut costs? Do they have to basically become new employees because it is a new show and take a pay cut? Since it’s the same production company, that doesn’t make sense to me. If they keep their current pay level, then the only thing that lowers the salaries overhead is getting new actors. That’s very mean and cruel to the current cast.

    And, yes, I know it’s show business.

    Anne Teldy

  75. So, Joe…

    In VEGAS, will we get to see Sheppard drive anywhere in Jason’s pink Caddie…?!!

    It would be sooo ‘good’ Elvis!

  76. Hey Joe

    Long time lurker/stargate fan 🙂

    There are a lot of angry fans around at the moment but I think that is a real testiment to the amount of love generated for the show. Change can be scary.

    I was not immune to certain amount of shock to begin with but I’ve come around. I’d like to share an image I knocked together as a joke for my friends about the press release.

    (warning its quite large – I can produce smaller or altered versions if people want)

    Hope it can provide everyone with a few laughs despite the situation – isnt that what Stargate is about?

    Oh and weird food of the day. I am revolted but I can not look away!

  77. You’ve been most patient with all of the furor these last few days. I was ticked, but I’m trying to put things into perspective. I’ll miss SGA, but I try to remember that this decision has a far graver impact on you and those who work on SGA. I hope most of the crew gets to continue working on SGU.

    Will I watch and buy the SGA movie. Most certainly. Will I watch SGU? Will your calm and reasoned voice soothe the ruffled feathers out here? We’ll see. As of right now, if the president of Sci-Fi keeps answering questions in the condescending way he has these last few days, no SGU for me as I’ll be mighty tempted to boycott the channel. Of course, boycott only after SGA has finished airing.

    And how can I not have a slight modicum of hope after the gem of an episode Brad Wright delievered last night. Then again, I think a lot of the success was due to the seasoned actors, the very ones that….well, never mind. Perspective.

    Are you happy that Woolsey has worked out so well? Are you looking forward to the airing of your upcoming episode? I love spooky so I’m hoping for a good one.

  78. Altantis, its still got lots of potential, heck, they still haven’t explored the whole darn city yet! Another season or two to wrap up story lines, fully explore the city, develope Picardo’s character a bit more… he’s only just arrived as the new head honcho…. c’mon guys what are you playing at…

    Give us season 6!!!

    I’ll be watching SG:U when it arrives, I’ll hold judgement on it till I’ve seen this new pet project, but I’ll say this it’d better be good…

    I wish all the cast and crew good luck, thanks for five years of SGA!
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  79. The SGA set sure looks like a fun place to work, Joe. What episode are these pictures from again? I lost track of which ep you guys were filming in all of my angsting. :-p

    @ ltcoljsheppard I am sorry to hear that you had to put your horse down. All of our animal companions are special to us, but horses tend to live so much longer as a rule and we become even more attached. Plus, there is just something about horses. I agree with the old Arabian proverb: “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.”

    @ Mary Here, here! *standing ovation*

    Questions for Evil Kenny Was there a specific TV series or movie that inspired you to go into the Business as a props maker? If so, which one?

    What has been your personal favorite prop that you had a hand in making (Stargate related or otherwise)?

    What is your favorite prop from a series/movie that you haven’t worked on?

    Which prop was the hardest to make?

    Lastly, thank you for all of the beautiful work you and your crew have done for Stargate!

  80. Joe,

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to say what has been in my head for the last couple of days, but you did a great job saying it for me. I’m sad that SGA is over of course (at least after January), but boycotting MGM/SciFi in things Stargate is only going to hurt the future of SGA movies. SGU sounds like a great premise. It’s different from anything the Stargate franchise has done to this point, and isn’t that the idea? To think outside the box? Why get so upset about something that hasn’t aired yet? About the “younger demographics” thing, who cares? Just watch the show when it premiers. If you don’t like it then no one is forcing you to watch it, but if you do like it then watch it and enjoy it (even if you aren’t in the “target demographic”). I think some folks are too sensitive sometimes about things that really don’t matter (like which demographic you fall into). If you like a show, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. I have faith that Brad and Rob can make a show that reaches more than the “targeted demographic”. I mean if 15 years (between SG-1 and SGA) of story telling experience can’t help them make an interesting show then I don’t know what can. I’m just tired of people losing faith in the writers and producers whenever a change is made said people don’t like. Brad Wright and Co. have done a good job so far, let’s give them a chance.

    Regarding “The Shrine”, I absolutly loved it! I would have to say it is the best episode of the season so far. A 10/10 in my book (as though that means anything). Everybody did a great job acting in this one, especially DH.

    A great big Thank You to the cast and crew (including the writers/producers) for a wonderful and exciting 5 years of SGA. It has been a great ride so far and I can’t wait to see where we are going.

    Now, Joe, go write us a humdinger of a movie!

  81. I maybe a couple trips behind, but are we ever gunna know why Jason Momoa wanted to know our favorite Ronon Dex lines?

    And thanks for the amazing series you were able to give us. Now I have to spend more money to get the DVD’s.

  82. I purchased all 10 seasons of SG-1, the first 4 seasons of SGA, Ark of Truth and Continuum, as well as some memorabilia. I have watched each episode 3 or 4 times (some episodes a few more). When SGA season 5 becomes available, I will buy it to complete my collection. My loyalty is to the these actors, characters and shows. As far as I am concerned, canceling SGA to make room for SGU is a mistake. The people behind the ‘franchise’ will not be making any more money from me. Sci-Fi channel will not be making any more money from me. In order to get Sci-Fi channel now on digital, I had to upgrade my cable at an additional cost of $20 a month.I was going to wait until SGA ends to cancel Sci-FI Channel, but it makes much more economical sense to cancel SciFi now and wait for season 5 to be released on DVD. SGA is the only show I watch on Sci-Fi. The way I see this is as a loose – loose – loose situation. I loose SGA; the ‘franchise’ looses my monetary support and the SciFi looses my viewership.

  83. Thank you Joe for taking the time and huge effort to read all the comments on your blog. That’s patience and dedication for you!!
    While I am one of those who is, I would say not so skeptical but rather weary of the spin off, please know that I will give it a fair go. Knowing that it’s made by some of the most talented folks in the industry certainly helps. But from my experience at being hesitant with SGA when it first started, if there is one thing I have learned, it’s better to judge for ones self than to rely on spoilers or rumors etc.
    Still, it does not make like the SciFi channel at all. I guess once bitten twice shy…except now it’s twice bitten. And while I do understand this was a joint decision between SciFi, MGM and the Stargate team, I guess the events from 2 years ago when SG1 was cancelled are still in the forefront.
    Now, having gotten that of my bust/chest, I had a great laugh at today’s pictures!

    I have a question or two for Kenny Gibbs which I’m sure will probably be asked by many if it hasn’t already…
    Why “Evil” ?? How did that name come about?
    What’s the “evilest” thing you have done on set and to whom?

    Thanks again Joe. Enjoy the weekend. Ours is nearly over – back to work tomorrow! Oh the joy – NOT!!

    😀 ~ Chelle

  84. I purchased all 10 seasons of SG-1, the first 4 seasons of SGA, Ark of Truth and Continuum, as well as some memorabilia. I have watched each episode 3 or 4 times (some episodes a few more). When SGA season 5 becomes available, I will buy it to complete my collection. My loyalty is to the these actors, characters and shows. As far as I am concerned, canceling SGA to make room for SGU is a mistake. The people behind the ‘franchise’ will not be making any more money from me. Sci-Fi channel will not be making any more money from me. In order to get Sci-Fi channel now on digital, I had to upgrade my cable at an additional cost of $20 a month.I was going to wait until SGA ends to cancel Sci-FI Channel, but it makes much more economical sense to cancel SciFi now and wait for season 5 to be released on DVD. SGA is the only show I watch on Sci-Fi. The way I see this is as a loose – loose – loose situation. I loose SGA; the ‘franchise’ looses my monetary support and the SciFi looses my viewership.
    I have absolutely no interest in SGU. I want another season of SGA!! I just can’t see a viable future for the show in these movies. We’ll get far less than we would have gotten in a full season 6.
    I am not interested in Stargate Voyager …. oops Stargate Universe. Been there done that, don’t care to do it again. Same old premise wrapped up in a pretty bow.
    Altantis, its still got lots of potential, heck, they still haven’t explored the whole darn city yet! Another season or two to wrap up story lines, fully explore the city, develope Picardo’s character a bit more… he’s only just arrived as the new head honcho…. c’mon guys what are you playing at…

    Give us season 6!!!

    I’ll be watching SG:U when it arrives, I’ll hold judgement on it till I’ve seen this new pet project, but I’ll say this it’d better be good…

    I wish all the cast and crew good luck, thanks for five years of SGA!

  85. Hi Joe – I’ve watched The Shrine a total of 4 times and every time, I’m just blown away by David’s exceptional acting. He should be nominated for an Emmy and a Gemini!! Joe, Jason, Rachel, Jewel, Kate and Robert had some of the most touching and sensitive scenes for an ensemble cast. Please let them know how much they are appreciated!

    Woolsey’s comments about his father’s lucid moments were spot-on. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that robs a person of their very “individuality”. It runs in my family, so I appreciated these comments very much.

    How did you film the water scenes of the gate, the waterfall and then in the cave? Also how did the creepy bug get into McKay’s head?

    I already made my comments about no Season 6, previosuly. I’ll continue to be cranky and hostile in silence. However, if MGM and SciFi think SGA was expensive to shoot, what makes them think the next series will be any less expensive and still maintain the level of quality the fans have come to expect?

    Again, much appreciation to you for a great blog!

  86. I have a question about the photos you posted today. It appears that since the guest actress is wearing an Atlantis uniform that we will “see” her in Atlantis as Keller and we will “see” Jewel elsewhere as Neeva. I thought it would be similar to “Machello” where we would see Jewel playing Neeva as Keller and the guest actress being Keller as Neeva. Can you confirm.

  87. I feel angry and betrayed by this decision. I watch SGA for the wonderful characters (McKay, Sheppard, Beckett, Zelenka, etc.), I have purchased all the available seasons on DVD, even made my own zpm, and am greatly saddened by the prospect of not seeing SGA anymore on a seasonal basis. An SGA movie would never hold the same attraction for me as the TV series, that being wonderful episodes that focus on the characters or character development, episodes such as ‘Sunday’, ‘Home’, ‘Duet’, ‘Grace Under Pressure’, ‘Sateda’, ‘McKay and Mrs. Miller’, ‘Toa of Rodney’, ‘The Game’, ‘Tabula Rasa’, ‘Miller’s Crossing’, ‘Outcast’, etc. Episodes like that are what draw me to SGA and I highly doubt the movie/s will focus of characters rather than expensive CG space battles. I cannot possibly imagine trying to embrace an entirely new show and cast of characters. I am also deeply disturbed by the idea of SGU being aimed at a younger audience; my all time favorite SG character is McKay and he certainly doesn’t fit that mold. I will not be investing my time in the new series, not only because it is obviously the real reason why SGA is being canceled prematurely, but because I can’t invest in new characters knowing that the producers do not have the fan’s best interests at heart.

  88. “In every house where I come, I will enter only for the good of my patients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill-doing and all seduction, and especially from the pleasures of love with women or with men.”

    -Hippocratic Oath

    I hope they show Rodney’s care being transferred to another doc. Otherwise, Keller comes off as being very unprofessional.

  89. Dear Mr Mallozzi,
    There are a number of issues causing what is at the moment a rising unrest among the fans of SGA.

    Firstly there is the obvious disappointment at having something we loved, enjoyed and anticipated arbitrarily extinguished. Not because it had failed or diminished in quality, but because it had reached the number of episodes required for syndication and there was an ‘exciting’, ‘new’, and potentially more profitable project being prepared.

    Then there is the very real anger at the attitude expressed repeatedly in various published interviews over the last few days. Opinions such as “The Stargate franchise enjoys a loyal and substantial fan base that welcomes each new installment with fevered enthusiasm,” said Charles Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President and Corporate Development for MGM, and Dave Howe said. “…people need to mourn for a while and come to terms with it. I don’t anticipate that that will subside quickly. But once Universe is on air and they have kind of their next fix of the Stargate franchise…”. These statements are just plain insulting, they treat fans with contempt, as people who are totally without taste or discrimiation when it comes to their viewing habits.

    People do not become fans of a ‘franchise’, executives and accountants are fans of franchises. Fans become involved with the characters of a particular show, they want to see the stories around them unfold, to watch how they interact within the context of these stories. What is being expected is that fans will mindlessly flock to watch anything so long as the word ‘Stargate’ appears in the title and that their emotional investment in the preceeding series is both transient and disposable, that is not the nature of fandom. I know for a fact that not all fans of SG-1 rushed to watch SGA, and many of us who are fans of SGA are not especial fans of SG-1, and the same was true for the five Star Trek series.

    Finally there is the matter of the stated intention of targetting a new ‘demographic’. To skew SGU towards a younger audience. Why not make a series that is inclusive and respectful of the full, wide ranging diversity of fans? I am not an 18-34 year old male, I am not resident in the U.S.A. and I am not a ‘demographic’!

    What really twists my tail is the implication that it isn’t just the ‘older’ cast that has been discarded; basically the older audience has been discarded as well. As one of very many older Sci-Fi fans, it is clear my participation as a viewer is neither sought nor required, and certainly isn’t valued by the “Stargate Franchise”. Maybe those of us in the ‘older demographic’ don’t have enough spending money. It is obviously felt there is nothing to be lost by discarding us. Damn it! If it wasn’t for fans, and the older fans at that, there would be no such thing as ‘franchises’. The whole concept started with Trek Fandom 40 years ago.

    I know for a fact there is a very deep seated feeling of hurt in the fan community that is not just going to go away because MGM offer us a few SGA films, if we are lucky, or because there is a new ‘Stargate’ series being shown on television. These events will end up costing the much vaunted ‘franchise’ much of the audience they might have had if things had been handled differently. If for instance SGA and SGU had run in tandem for a year or two, thereby offering the fans a choice rather than an ultimatum.

  90. Thanks for the awesomeness that was “The Shrine,” and for continuing the McKeller ship with the great tact and sweetness you’ve been handling it with all along! Fabulous.

  91. I’m actually really interested and eager to hear more about SGU. The writing for SG1 and SGA has been excellent. There are weak moments, sure, but as a whole, I feel confident that the writers are going to make SGU a really great show. (My favorite episode is from SG1 – Abyss, which happens to come from the team, as you noted, that will be creating SGU). I guess I feel people have been a little hard on a show that really hasn’t even gotten much more than a little blurb for a description.

    I love the Stargate universe. I’m glad that it gets to continue 🙂 I look forward to more updates and fun pictures… and when is Weird Food Purchase of the Day coming back??

  92. “The Shrine” was an incredible episode. I cried through most of it, as did my niece Leah who watched it here with me. One of the best of both series. Mr. Wright wrote a near-perfect script and I send my compliments on a job well done — even if I am made as hell at him for his part in Atlantis’s cancellation.

    Kudos to whoever first thought of stranding the team atop the Stargate. That was a great image.

    The entire cast outdid themselves in this episode but I must single out Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Flanigan. The scene where McKay runs to Sheppard’s room in fear and Sheppard is trying to calm him down while simultaneously kicking himself for leaving McKay alone was perfectly acted. And the pier scene was an excellent follow-up. Mr. Flanigan can express volumes with his eyes and Mr. Hewlett… Well, I have long considered David Hewlett one of the greatest actors of our times.

    I do have a few questions about the episode, though.

    1. When the 38 minutes were up, why didn’t Sheppard dial that desert world from “The Defiant One” and let all the water go there?

    2. Since when does Sheppard’s Jumper (Jumper 3) stock drills? We’ve seen them search through the inventory quite often and there’s never been drills before.

    3. Missing Scenes:
    A. I felt there should have been an “Are you sure you want to risk going. You’ve got a child.” scene with Jeannie and/or Teyla.
    B. I think it is obvious that John was the person he had known longest and so McKay would remember the best, but a scene showing the start of his dependence on John from Sheppard’s perspective would have been nice. An argument with Woolsey about him shirking his duties, maybe.

    3. Costuming:
    A. Was Sheppard’s panda t-shirt from that World Wildlife group? Did Costuming come up with it? Did Mr. Flanigan balk at wearing it? It didn’t seem very Sheppard to me.
    B. I find it a bit difficult to believe that Teyla would go to a Wraith stronghold in native clothing not full military gear even if she was visiting a Shrine and having a picnic.

    Anne Teldy

  93. The big problem with younger demographic grabbing is this kind of decision is never made by young people, no we all want to be OLDER, to be seen as adult’s and given all that come’s with AGE!!!!^^

  94. Mr. M, once again I thank you for naming a character after me. It has been a highlight in a life that hasn’t had many. I also want to thank you for agreeing to my request (and yes, I remember I have to wait until after it airs).

    “Whispers” looks good! My sister called me and said “You didn’t tell me it would be scary!” when she saw the previews. (My niece thought the scary guy looked like a goblin from the Mines of Moria.)

    We’re having a party of sorts on the 5th so my family (at least 8 of them) can watch the episode with me. Other than a quick backstory of Michael, is there anything else I should explain to the unwashed heathens few who don’t watch the series?

    Anne Teldy, soon to be immortalized in SF history

  95. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for the terrific behind the scenes photos from “Identity.”

    I’ve decided I’m going to CELEBRATE every new episode of Stargate Atlantis, and look forward to the new Stargate Atlantis episode. And of course, keep my fingers crossed, and blessings blessed, and prayers prayed, for all the staff, cast and crew for Stargate Atlantis for their future endeavors.

    The Shrine is wonderful, delicious episode, sort of a like a seven course meal. Instead of say, for example, a beef stew, with everything in one helping, we were treated to separate courses: 1) the appetizer in the introduction of Jeanie Miller on Atlantis, 2) the soup — literally, Team Atlantis sitting on TOP of the offworld Stargate, surrounded by water, 3) the entree, Rodney in danger and the team
    trying to find an answer, 4) the main course — the journey to The Shrine, 5) the bread — David Hewlett tearing into his performance in the cave, 6) the salad — every character in this episode having their own special moment — Ronon with Jeanie in the hallway, Teyla with Rodney, Shep and Rodney on the pier, Jeanie with Rodney, Woolsey’s
    memory of his father, Keller and Rodney with the video logs, heck, even the MALP gave its life as a distraction to the puddle jumper’s entry through the Stargate, and 7) the dessert — Rodney’s admission to Jennifer that he has loved her for some time.

    Stargate Atlantis, you’re a jewel, and you’re treasured by many fans. Thanks to all who have worked on and with the series for all your talents.

    Best wishes, Joe!

  96. Aargh! I accidentally omitted point 4 about “The Shrine” when I cut and pasted it.

    4. Rodney had one drink with Keller and says he loves her? Shouldn’t it have been “I really, really like you”? That seems more McKay-ish to me.

    Anne Teldy

  97. I just wanted to say that I love Stargate Atlantis and appreciate how much the actors and the crew obviously support the show and the fans.

    The Shrine killed me a few times, I don’t think I have any nitpickery or other comments besides AMAZING. Kate Hewlett had me crying right along with her, and David’s acting was spot on and Joe made me proud.

    I figure I will reserve judgment for SGU. I didn’t like Atlantis at first either, so I figure being open-minded is a good thing. I’ll miss the show a lot, though. 🙁

  98. Hi Joe,

    OK I’ve been doing a bit of troubleshooting on your behalf. I tried adding an image using Opera (I don’t have access to IE – mac). I noticed the whole image upload was different, so on a hunch I searched for wordpress IE image upload probs and noticed a lot of people having problems in IE.

    I also discovered you can set the default settings for this media upload page so you don’t have to select it each time and click on the File URL button. Wonder if this will get around your problem.

    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on Media
    3. Set Default media links to File
    4. Set default image size.
    5. Set alignment.
    6. Click save changes.

    This time when you go to new post and upload the image, does the file link automatically appear?

    If not, have you got Firefox loaded on your laptop?

    Cheers, Chev

  99. A few questions.

    1) What is the episode that is being filmed that those tantalizing photos go with?

    2) Are Shepard’s civilian clothes always what Joe F. is wearing that day?

    3) Do you think we are helping or hindering Atlantis at this point with our fight to keep it a series? Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have 20 hours of a sixth season over a 2 hour movie, but I don’t want to end up with nothing.

    4) Has the main cast agreed to return to do the movie(s)?

  100. I have so much love for The Shrine, it’s crazy. But first, a mailbag question! You’ve said that some scripts end up being way more collaborative than others. Was this one of those, do you know? Really I’m just insanely curious about who’s responsible for “I don’t know, Rodney. I got a little damp dialing the DHD.” Because as much as I adored the entire episode, if you want to talk funny one-liners, that one was tops.

    I wish the Emmys were more friendly to science fiction, because I thought several people involved in this episode easily deserved one.

    I wanted to say something about Keller. She really bugged me when she wouldn’t let the team take Rodney to the shrine until Jeannie played the next of kin card (and by bugged I don’t mean “OMG, I hate that character — she’s killing the show!” I just mean the character did something I didn’t like, but I don’t think you always have to like a character to…like a character…that makes no sense, does it? Anyway…)

    My problem was that some point it had to become clear that they’d reached a turning point where nothing she did could save him — if there were things they still hadn’t tried, that might be one thing, but it seemed like she was clinging to nothing just because it fit the parameters of what she knew, whereas magical cure-all caves did not.

    It became a little more tolerable when she acknowledged that she thought it would be awful for Rodney to be restored to glory only to die in a day — and then when Rodney turned around and said the same thing, it was like, for me, Keller’s actions immediately became more understandable and relatable.

    It really showed that Keller, despite only knowing Rodney for a little more than a year, really gets him — moreso even than his team. His team loves him, sure, but she understands him. And if you run the previous scenes through that filter, they don’t seem so bad at all.

    This is all my way of saying that, really, I thought it was a great way to take something that is easy fuel for the Keller-haters and use it as a fairly sturdy foundation for this exceedingly rushed-feeling McKay/Keller thing.

    And thanks for reminding me why I shouldn’t fear SGU. Because for a minute there I got swept up in the “younger audience? Lost on a ship?? WHA???” bandwagon, and that’s not fair to Brad Wright and Robert Cooper at all. *crosses fingers that this whole thing fits*

  101. Sorry, I don’t intend to subsist on whatever crumbs that are thrown to us. I will continue to watch the rest of the episodes of SGA. No Stargate Universe. After the quality that was SGA, anything else would pale by comparison. “If” there are SGA movies, I might watch them. But they would be a pretty poor substitue for such a quality television show which had treated us to weekly episodes. I remain confused and disheartened. And I sincerely doubt that I will include any further SCI FI programs in my future.

  102. I would never doubt the abilities of Rob and Brad, or the rest of you guys.
    I would like to know your ‘gut’ feelings though, I’m guessing there a little feeling towards the uncertainty of the unknown looming.

    Ok, this was good, very good and probably the only show in the SGF that had only ONE SHOT fired LOL.
    So good to see Kate back too.
    Great script, great acting, thoroughly entertained thankyou.

  103. Interestingly, there’s debate about turning to films in another successful Sci-Fi show this year. Apparently, Steven Moffat, the new Writer for Dr Who, was asked if he considered turning to films would be good for the franchise. His response was a clean and simple,

    “Yes, a movie is one 90 minutes a year. So yes, so long as it never gets in the way of the show. If it gets in the way of the show, that’s appalling.. ”

    Which would kinda contradict everything the Atlantis Fans have been told thus far, eh?

    Can we, uh.. you know.. kidnap the guy and drag him over to Vancouver?


  104. Joe
    Do any of the people that make the decision to cancel SGA read your blog?
    Do they have any idea how much out cry there is for another season?
    Do you think they will change there minds?
    Do they know how terribly they are letting down their fans of all ages?
    Some one said earlier the city hasn’t even been completely explored. Still haven’t gotten my John’s ATA gene is hurting him, shep whump epi, or explanation and exploration of the new planet. Shep’s history epi.
    Canceled shows have been brought back before, in you personal opinion, knowing them what do you think?

    Thanks Nicole.

  105. [quote]Like SG-1, Atlantis will love on in a different format.[/quote]
    Given the overt ship this season, that must be in the running for “funniest Freudian slip of the year” 😉

    As for SGU… I’ll give it a go, but I wish press-release writing people would stop talking as though it could ever be a replacement for SGA. It can’t. It might be something else to watch, but we don’t watch for a “franchise fix” – we watch for entertainment, and for the situations and characters we love. SGU has to earn that.

  106. Oh, and was that Arthur comment a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference? I assumed it was, based on the previous 42 reference, but I just want to make sure there’s not something else I’m missing.

    Upon a second viewing, I suspect I was reading too much into that comment. Ah, well.

    I showed it to my friend, who hasn’t seen a whole lot of Stargate, and she really liked it. She said she had absolutely no idea how it would turn out, so I suppose that’s a good thing, eh.

  107. For anneteldy:
    1. When the 38 minutes were up, why didn’t Sheppard dial that desert world from “The Defiant One” and let all the water go there?

    That water belonged to *that* world. They were studying the effects of global warming and you wanna send THAT much of their water to another planet?!

    2. Since when does Sheppard’s Jumper (Jumper 3) stock drills? We’ve seen them search through the inventory quite often and there’s never been drills before.

    It was a basic toolkit. Maybe they’d been on a mission that needed that sort of thing and Zelenka just hadn’t stripped out the unnecessaries yet…

    3. Costuming:
    A. Was Sheppard’s panda t-shirt from that World Wildlife group? Did Costuming come up with it? Did Mr. Flanigan balk at wearing it? It didn’t seem very Sheppard to me.

    The T-shirt seemed very Sheppard to me, especially if he really was a surfin’ kinda dude.

    B. I find it a bit difficult to believe that Teyla would go to a Wraith stronghold in native clothing not full military gear even if she was visiting a Shrine and having a picnic.

    They came to say good-bye to Rodney; maybe she didn’t want his last image of her to be layered in armour. They brought Marines along for protection…

  108. Coucou joseph =)!!
    Merci pour ce beau article et ces photos!
    Comme avec sg1 serais toujour aussi fan de sga quand sa sera finit, jespert que sa sera pareil pour sgu! Mais vous m’avez rassuré..


    1) avez vous deja une idée dans la tête sur la fin de sga ?
    2)Quand sera finit le tournage de cette saison 5?

    aller gros bisou, je vous adore joseph♥

  109. Loved the Shrine, and David H’s acting was outstanding. As you all had been saying, the episode was an emotional tear jerker.

    Boo-hiss on the ‘love’ bit at the end for Keller. I really, really, really could have done without that. It had no basis, as it was established they shared ONE drink.

    I have nothing against Keller, but I’m getting frustrated by the ‘throw her at McKay’ attitude that’s happening this season so far. Please stop.

    A much better fading scene would have been showing the friendship between the team gathered around Rodney.

  110. I want to start with, I had time to sit down and watch The Shrine today and…wow. I was completely blown away. Definitely one of the best, if not THE best episode of SGA. All aspects from the script, to the acting, to the score were just stunning, making for a truly wonderful piece of television. Thank you and everyone for that.

    Second, I’m actually super excited for these movies and for SGU, no matter how little I know about it. I’m a sucker for anything Stargate, now. Most importantly though? I’m excited that you won’t stop blogging. lol

    Great pictures today! Dawn is lovely. And Jason is such a goof. It’s fun to see.

  111. Doh.

    In all the excitement over the potential kidnapping of Mr Moffat and shipping him via Royal Mail to Vancouver.. I forgot the important question that’s been dogging my mind.

    I should really sit down in a darkened corner with a wet towel over my head, before I hurt something.

    Forgive me, tis only the second cup of coffee and i’m still waking up on the Garfield side of thinking.


    I know that the news of Atlantis’ cancellation came at a bad time for the Fans, but it *really* must have been far worse for the Crew and Cast. With only a few more weeks shooting left in the schedule, I can only imagine the kind of indentation that might have had on the atmosphere within the studios and although I understand that alot of the crew will be transfered over into the new project of SGU.. the same can’t be said for the Cast, can it?

    How do they deal with that when on set? I mean, I know they’re professionals. The best, or Atlantis wouldn’t be the roaring success it is. But how do they manage to tuck the disappointment behind them; the knowledge that they’re now out of a secure Monday-to-Friday job? Even losing the cameraderie and sense of family that’s built up over the years.. It must be painfully difficult for them to simply put that aside and concentrate on giving one hundred percent on the set.

    Gotta take my hat off to them. They’re an incredible bunch and I doubt you’ll ever find such a wealth of ability, chemistry and friendship anywhere else within the filming industry.

  112. Today’s post made me laugh for two reasons:

    – The pictures are brilliant. Can’t wait to see what the episode is actually like!

    “Like SG-1, Atlantis will love on in a different format.” I’d imagine other people have pointed it out already, but, hee!

    I do very much hope that you, Paul and the other writers are taken on to do Stargate Universe. I have faith in writers in general (the first time round) but I’ve grown to love all the SG1/SGA writers’ wit and caliber of writing. Either way, I’ll definitely be giving Stargate Universe a chance.

  113. q-ball-er I want Elizabeth back too, I have hope but my hopes will probably be shattered just like when they wrote her out.

  114. I will definitely not just order but pre-order anything SGA-related. My love for this show knows no bounds. I really hope that the movie will be successful and just the first in a whole series of movies. The fans, the cast, everybody deserves it.

  115. Joe, although I was initially annoyed at the news of Atlantis’s cancellation, it’ll be worse for the people in Aus, since we are not so up to date with the episodes (have not started season 4, let alone have the boxset until Sept 3.) It’ll be hard watching through my S4 boxset then waiting until I can get my S5 boxset to finally complete my set, once I also get the Stargate movie and Season 1(hard to find retail sellers of 5-Amaray case boxsets) of SG1.

    I thank you for all the tidbits you’ve provided on this blog and hope you’ll have a hand in SGU, in one way or another. I also thank you on the culinary adventures you’ve had, the good, the bad and the out-of-this-universe ones. If you come down to Sydney next year, I’ll probably find a restaurant for you to dine at, heck, I might even foot the bill.

    What i’ll be distraught about is that once SGA has finished filming the movie and released it, i’ll know very little about the going-ons about some aspects of the actors lives. This happened with SG1 as well, although I don’t recall if I was so solid in it when the news of it’s cancellation was released.

    Joe, just wondering, what is your favourite ingredient in the foods you most enjoy?
    Oh yeah, another idea for a wierd food purchase: Camel Snake Pie.(It’s most likely not what you think it is) I’ve tried it, and it’s not so bad.
    I have composed a somewhat Stargate-based short story for the use in some of my exams, is there an email in which I can send you it, and perhaps you can “rate” it.

    For Kenny a few questions:
    1] Will there ever be released specs of some of the props used, such as Ronon’s Gun or perhaps a Wraith Stunner? (and will there be reproductions of them to be sold on the MGM online store?) By specs, I mean like “build-it-yourself” instructions, possibly from scratch or a bought set.
    1-2] Also on the topic of Ronon’s gun, how many duplicates of his gun have you made, that is, the guns with the Wraith Hair on the handle/hilt(unsure of the proper terminology)
    2] Ah, another thing, (not sure if i’m asking the right person), but are you responsible for the heat-resistant gel(featured on many of Bartok’s specials, I believe some on the AoT and some mentions on your host’s blog) , and if so, can you share with us how to make it, or possibly if it’s already commercially released, where to buy it?
    3](unsure if already asked) Favourite material to use for any prop?
    4] Favourite prop in general?
    5] Where does the line stand when it’s either a Prop, or part of the background/Set Deco?(I think this may be answered in SG1, where someone was using a cap as an example)
    6] Are propane cannons part of your territory, if so, then are the ones used for Stargate the standard design or are they completely different from the ones used in other commercial productions?

    Oh yeah, about the “desired audience” some of the other people are mentioning, I fit into the “Teenage males”, however I fit into that category as my childhood had hardly any room for imagination in a way. Also, I was initially drawn to Stargate (in general) as a Sci-Fi show, but it is much much more than that as the character developments are unlike many of the shows produced nowadays. This makes Stargate unique. I give kudos to the writers who spent their time creating the scripts and storylines. I also thank all the fans, and everyone who voices their opinion, good or bad, that makes Stargate what it is.

    “The new series will also be aimed at a slightly younger audience” is a quote that I must comment about. Firstly when I read this quote, first thing that came to mind was from the Episode of SG1- “200,” I’m just hoping it won’t turn out as bad as that representation, but there is no assurance.

    From Stargate, it has influenced how I think, and what to believe in (although it is classed as Fiction). Some of my previous thoughts also warded me away from wanting to join the Army or the Navy (i’m underweight and might not be fit enough, and I can’t remember how to swim, also unsure about the possible racisms I could encounter), and also, I believe I wasted some of my teenage years, leaving me with hardly any useful skills for the workforce. This has influenced me to want to join the Air Force. Any thoughts on what I should try for? (have not yet signed up, but will soon.) I’ll most likely be direct entry, as I’m doubting my TER will be high enough for anything of a good way, but I could still possibly try for being a Pilot, since they allow direct entry, or perhaps an Air-Field Guard (that way, I can be near weaponry, but if it’s not right for me, I won’t do it)
    If the Air Force won’t accept me into a position in which I’ll be happy with, I’ll probably take Horticulture or some sort of cooking class at TAFE(not sure how to explain what TAFE is, maybe Narelle can explain it better)

    Joe, another question for you, i’m assuming they’d be planning to release the SGA film after all the regions have had their SGAS5 sets released? (I find it bad timing as Continuum was released just recently in Aus, but SGAS4 is still almost a fortnight away, and some of the continuum of the series[no pun intended] that may be seen by some SG fans is now obliterated, unless of course, they keep up-to-date with America.

    Joe, last question for you as well. TiVo (HD) was released recently down here, but at the price of almost $700(AU). What price does the unit cost in Canada/America?

    And a final thing: THANK YOU JOSEPH.

  116. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for attempting to easy our minds about SGU I hope that you are right and I will give the show a shot as I’ve said.

    Questions for Evil Kenny:
    On the commentaries we often here that you are responsible for the food that the actors eat on the show; so what’s the strangest thing you’ve made an actor eat?

    Also did you enjoy your time in Antarctica for Continuum and when you agreed to go did you know you were going to become part of the cast?

    Karen N

  117. “There’s obviously a passionate audience for Atlantis and the characters of Atlantis,” Howe said. “And yes, they’re absolutely going to continue in the movie franchise. But people need to mourn for a while and come to terms with it. I don’t anticipate that that will subside quickly. But once Universe is on air and they have kind of their next fix of the Stargate franchise, I think hopefully people will realize that it’s in safe hands at SCI FI, that we really value this franchise and it’s in our interest and the fans’ interest to let us continue the story and figure out how to retell it for a new audience every few years.”

    So says Mr SciFi..

    Okaaay.. and now i’m directly insulted.

    I don’t watch Atlantis for my weekly ‘fix of Stargate’. *I* watch Atlantis because I love the characters. The storylines. The whole concept of the City, the Expedition.. Oh, did I mention the Characters?

    Those’d be the characters we won’t SEE anymore on SGU.


    You know, the more they try to talk their way around this, the worse it sounds. Where’s a Hive Ship when you need one?

  118. I don’t really know what to say about ‘the shrine’ except;

    a) my eternal thanks to everyone involved into making this episode. Really, I have no words for how much I love everything about it.

    b) erm, I thought Arthur refered to the 1981 movie of that title and not Hitchhiker’s guide, but then, that’s me.

  119. I don’t know what kind of time displacement doohickey you have that lets you do a full days creative work and read the zillions of comments you get but can I put my name down for one please?

    I’d like to share myown experience with the shifting face of fandom and say that a lifetime ago the buzz came around that a new Star Trek franchise was in the pipeline. I was a die-hard Trekker scouring the fanzines and cons for info on my favourite crew i was NEVER going to watch a cheap spin-off. Well I held out till season four then I was hooked! Star Trek The Next Generation was an entirely different entity but was filling the gap very nicely by now thank you. Fast forward a few years and Stargate SG1 hit our TVs, I was a fan of the movie and wondered what the hell they were going to do with a series. Well THAT one worked out beautifully and I have to admit to having the same feelings of trepidation when Atlantis was announced which brings us to today. Stargate Universe WILL be a seperate entity too but I look forward to being shown another way of story telling. I’d like to wish it luck, it has big boots to fill.

    I’d also like to say that I just got through watching The Shrine and I’m speechless at the depth of feeling it invoked, how sad and vulnerable Rodney felt and how helpless those around him. A beautifully executed piece. Much kudos to EVERYONE involved.

  120. *waves*

    All good things must come to an end,
    But it still feels like we’ve lost, a very good friend.
    For SGA will have gone away from our sight,
    So what will we do on our Friday nights?

    No Butch and Sundance to lead the way,
    It feels like TPTB don’t want SGA to stay.
    Yes we have the movies, but it doesn’t feel the same,
    And that Mr M is a really big shame.

    Is there anything we can do, to keep our show alive,
    So that it goes beyond, the end of season 5?
    There are still so many stories, that can still be told,
    And watching SGA, well, it never does get old. 😉

    We’ve seen a lot of changes throughout the last 5 years,
    of our characters growing and trying to hide their darkened fears.
    But now we have to let them go,
    because someone decided to cancel the show.

    Throughout the 5 years we’ve seen space battles galore,
    And even watched Atlantis sink to the depths of the ocean floor,
    For me though it’s the characters that have always saved the day,
    By killing off killing the Wraith and getting whumped along the way. 😉

    We have watched how they’ve grown over the last 5 years,
    And have felt their joy, their pain, and their tears.
    To have overcome obstacles which have stood in their way,
    But we’ll no longer see the team save the day. 🙁

    As you say, all good things must come to an end,
    But it’s at the cost of losing a friend.
    Realistically I know there’s not much we can do,
    But support the Cast, Writers and the Crew.

    So I give my thanks for 5 wonderful years,
    And I bid you goodbye, whilst staving off my tears.


  121. I’m not going to write a long post thanking all of you for the hours of enjoyment you’ve given me over the past five years because you’re not gone yet, there’ll be time for me to get all weepy and sentimental once season five has finished. For now I’m being positive, I don’t want the last season of the show to be tainted with bitterness and I intend on enjoying every second of the time I have left with these characters.

    So today I shall cunningly try and extract information from you – or just ask you some questions because I’m all out of cunning today.

    It seems that there is some good material coming in the second half of the season for Shep, McKay, Keller and possibly Woolsey but is there an episode in the second half that you would say is a good Teyla ep? Not necessarily one that is centred around her but one that gives her some good meaty stuff to do. What about Ronon?

    In Brain Storm will we see any of the other characters beyond Rodney and Jennifer? Or will it just be a 30 second opening/closing scene with Sheppard?

    Are there any guest characters you wish you could have brought back in season five but the right story didn’t come up?

    And a couple of non-SGA related questions:

    Did you ever get around to reading One of Us by Michael Marshall Smith? I know I’ve asked you before but I’m slightly obsessed with this book.

    Also have you read anything by Jonathan Carroll? I would highly recommend checking out The Wooden Sea or White Apples.

  122. Mr. Mallozzi,
    For obvious reasons I haven’t read all comments to your latest blog entires (there are just far too many). However, whether it has been said by others or not, I would like to offer my sincere thanks on behalf of all Stargate fans for yours (and all others) whom have brought us both 10 incredible years of SG-1, and (in the end) 5 amazing years of Atlantis.
    I have seen (in passing) that a few people have shown a measure of hostility towards yourself, and others on the show with the news of Atlantis’ passing… however misplaced that hostility may be, it is uncalled for, and unfair.

    Each week it airs, I await the latest episode of Atlantis with excitement, and view each with immeasurable and equal appreciation. The same shall be true for the upcoming Stargate Atlantis movie, as well as any further Atlantis movies made in the future.

    With regard to Stargate: Universe, I look forward to seing the Stargate taken in another direction. For the crew who will be dipping their feet in these new waters, I hope that the change of scene, pase, and story will provide you all with new challenges, and return far greater rewards.

    From what I have read, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this premature suspicion, it does seem that (again, based on all available information I have read) SGU may turn out to be a Stargate-themed “Star Trek – TNG”. I sincerely hope not! This is a small suspicion and fear, due primarily to my faith in all the crew of the Stargate franchise, and their remarkable ability to create something fresh, unique, and enthralling.

    Regarding Atlantis’ passing, I do feel it’s too soon… and even a mistake on the parts of the “powers-that-be”. When SG-1 entered its miraculous 10th season, we (the fans) all knew it would be the last. As such, we were prepared for conclusions and its unending. With Atlantis, however, we fans have not had time to resign ourselves to the fact that one of the few truely great shows will be taken away from us as we know it. Whatever rationale the “powers-that-be” have taken to come to this decision, I do hope they are the right ones.

    To all other Stargate fans… remember that it is your continued support and viewing that ensures we all get to see more Stargate; even if in movie format rather than the acustomed. Any fan that walks away from Stargate because of a decision that doesn’t rest with those immediatley involed in its creation, your anger is misplaced. As a true Stargate fan I feel ashamed of you for venting your frustration on those that brought us these new worlds in the first place. Maybe when you calm down you will see this as a new beginning rather than the end.

    Thank you again, Mr. Mallozzi, as well as the rest of the Stargate crew, cast, and team. I wish you luck in all future endevours, and hope that you all continue any interpersonal relationships however far apart the winds may take you.

    With great respect,
    Simon J Stuart
    A Stargate fan.

  123. I have mixed feelings about the cancellation of SGA. During it’s 5 seasons it has had some amazing and wonderful moments but it also has had a lot of disappointing ones. Too many missed opportunites and pandering to one character. I read in the early days how the writers loved to write for McKay and didnt really think much of it until the show started to rely heavily on McKay or Sheppard and McKay, ultimately becoming the McShep show. So anyone who wasnt a huge fan of McKay or the Sheppard and McKay show, found themselves just having to accept moments here and there for the remaining main cast characters.

    I know of many fans who have left because of this and gave up asking for a more balanced show and to shop show casing just one character. I realise Sheppard gets a good amount of screentime but he has never really been given anything meaty to deal with except on the very odd occasion. It’s really down to the amazing talent of Joe Flanigan that he does as much as he does with some of the sub par writing he gets. His facial expressions tend to say a lot more than any of the dialogue that gets tossed his way.

    While on the other hand DH gets the lions share of the good material, that allows him to flex those acting skills of his. Wouldnt it have been wonderful if the writers could give some of this great material to someone besides Rodney over the years and I don’t mean just one token episode once a year. So much wasted and underused potential on the show due to the writers obsession with one character.

    The Shrine was a typical example of giving McKay the meaty stuff but what did we see of Teyla or even Ronon and as much as I enjoyed the scenes between Sheppard and McKay I can’t say I found them overly emotional at all. It was a repeat of TOR with John refusing to say goodbye. So is this the sum of great stuff JF gets these days, looking sad over the possible demise of another of his friends. It would be nice to give Joe something more to do except look sad.

    I can’t say I feel more inclined to watch SGU because of Brad being involved, in fact probably less and feel Stargate could benefit from new writers and a new and fresh perspective. But the whole premise of SGU doesn’t appeal to me. Young and desparate explorers doesn’t appeal in any way. I loved SGA because of the more mature cast. They were what drew me to SGA and I have no interest in investing anymore time on a new show when so much potential was wasted on the existing one.

    But I would still like to give a huge thanks to everyone for bringing us SGA and for the wonderful moments that I did enjoy in the show. I’m still hoping that there will be some more wonderful moments before the final episode.

    I would like give my thanks in particular to Joe Flanigan as he was pretty much the character that kept me watching. His amazing and subtle acting pretty much made everything he did a joy to watch. I look forward to seeing the continued adventures of Sheppard/Teyla/Ronon and Rodney in the movies, and thanks to you too Joe for letting fans voice their feelings whether good or bad or sad or happy, its been nice that you take the time out of your busy schedule to listen..

  124. Joe,

    I posted a question a couple of days ago but with the influx of responses I’m sure it was lost in the shuffle. 😀

    The stained glass windows of Atlantis are gorgeous and I would love to replicate them (much smaller) as a gift for a very dear friend. Is there any copyright on these patterns?

    Thank you very much.

  125. I finally watched The Shrine. And then immediately watched it again. So I’m not surprised to see it resonated with so many people. It certainly contains the best acting in any episode of Atlantis, which is saying a lot. Not just from David, who really did shine. I mean, damn, that man can act! Luckily, so can Joe, who was absolutely fabulous. As was Jewel & Jason, Rachel, Bob & Kate (who is always a treat to see). Too bad they all just got fired.
    Watching the layers peel away from McKays facade is alway enjoyable & heartwarming because he’s really just a sweetie underneath it all. Someone who’s wrapped himself in arrogance & ill temper to keep people at bay so they can’t hurt him. The video logs just broke my heart. And telling Keller he loved her. He was so open, so pure about it. No nerves, no babbling, just “I love you”. From a man who has nothing to lose cause he’s losing everything already. Just broke my heart. And loved that Keller is watching it over & over.
    Obviously the pier scene is THE best single scene in the Atlantis series. I love those two together. And have missed the days when it was the John & Rodney show. I love their trust & friendship. I love their banter. I loved that John dropped his guard when Rodney, so emotionally raw, came running to his room in the middle of the night. The loss of Wier, Beckett & Ford was so poignantly written of Sheps face as they talked on the pier. I could see him thinking “Not again, not another one, not another friend”. And the fact that so many of us wondered if the “Arthur” line was an as lib is just more evidence that those two are damn good at their job. Too bad they just got fired.
    Loved Ronan’s dedication to McKay & his fierce determination to help him. I must say his intensity was unexpected but appreciated. Loved that Keller wouldn’t give up. Couldn’t give up cause she felt responsible for letting him get so far gone before diagnosing him. But how could she have know what it was since no one in Atlantis had suffered from it before? As always, Teyla stood quietly but firmly by, there to support her friend till the end. Working with Ronan to ensure it would be a more meaningful end then the one he would have lying in a bed in the observation room. Loved Jeanie willing to risking them all to save her brother. Or rather trusting them all to save her brother. Trusting Ronan & Teyla that the shrine is real, trusting Sheppard to get them there.
    I could go on & on but I wont. Not now at least. Just let me say I really loved this episode. A great team episode. A great character episode. My favorite kind of episode. A great script, great directing, editing, cinematography, outstanding acting. Too bad they all just got fired. Except the writer, hear he’s got a new gig.

  126. Anne Teldy said: 3. Costuming:
    A. Was Sheppard’s panda t-shirt from that World Wildlife group? Did Costuming come up with it? Did Mr. Flanigan balk at wearing it? It didn’t seem very Sheppard to me.

    The t-shirt belongs to Senor Flanigan, as does the red check cowboy shirt he wore over top on the pier. He’s worn them to conventions in the past. The panda t-shirt is not associated with a wildlife group, it was designed by a New York designer called Bill McMullen, who has done work for the Beastie Boys and Adidas. It actually called ‘Panda Skull”, and features a graphic of a skull of a panda over a couple of sticks of bamboo, crossed (so it resembles a skull and crossbones). Cute shirt. The Flan has style.

  127. This always happens to me, as soon as I really love a show, it gets cancelled. This happened to me with Star Trek:TNG, Stargate SG1, and now SGA. 🙁

    Would any letters help to change the evil people at Sci-Fi help? Maybe if we all ban together, we can make a difference? (Hm, I guess that’s NBC’s line) What about FOX? Maybe FOX could run it, they run shows like Stargate.

    Do you think you can combine SG1 and SGA in movies as well. For instance, have Amanda, Michael, and Christopher, and possibly Claudia come over and do a movie with the SGA team?

    I wish I would have known about Stargate for more than the last 2 years. My fiance even proposed to me during one of the last episodes of SG1…(it’s more romantic than it sounds)

    Is there anyway that we as fans can change things?

    To add, the Shining was amazing. It did seem like the music, at times, overpowered the words, but it was such a beautifully written episode. Well done!

    SGA is going to be deeply missed.

  128. Paint me yellow and call me stupid, but I don’t understand how continuing with SGA is too expensive, while starting a new show which will, apparently, be more or less the same genre and stuff, is not. What am I missing here?

  129. On a food-related topic, my family and I are thinking of heading over to Montreal for a day trip over the next long weekend. We plan on going to the burger place that you recommended. Can you also recommend a good, authentic Chinese restaurant for dim sum? I know you haven’t lived in Montreal for a long time, but I thought I’d ask anyway! Thanks so much!

  130. Please bring Torri back for the movie.

    Give Elizabeth a decent ending, instead of being left for dead in space. I think the character, the actress and the fans deserve that.

    You will bring many fans back and sell more DVDs if you do that. You just have to look online at all the people who aren’t rabid Weir fans calling for her to return. You just have to look at all the critics writing articles saying that Weir’s loss was a huge loss to the show.

    To something completely different: poor Jason! That wig looks horrible. It’s on a par with Teyla’s season one hair. Just awful.

  131. I am one to go down with the ship. It’s not over yet,maybe I’m still in denial. I am looking forward to SGU and the movie.

    It’s gonna be great!!!!

  132. Oh, The Shrine was awesome. I realized I was crying. I don’t think any SGA episode had me cry before. The pier scene with Sheppard and McKay was so touching. I think we saw a side of Sheppard that hasn’t been fully unfolded before, for lack of better words.

    Yeah and the panda t-shirt… certainly unexpected and awwww. I think it actually helped enhance Sheppard’s soft side, but yeah, what inspired that?

  133. 64 Tardishart

    “I hate it when my viewing patterns are dismissed out of hand by EPs, networks and the like as not being in “their” target demographic. What does that actually mean? That my money is not as good as a 14 year olds”

    It means they think you are less likely to part with them than the 14 year old.

  134. Bonjour !
    Je vais vous écrire en français cette fois car je pense que ce sera mieux pour tout le monde 😀
    Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer je suis vraiment déçue que Stargate Atlantis s’arrête. Depuis mes 10 ans je suis une grande fan de Stargate et j’ai vieilli avec (oui je sais la honte je n’ai pas beaucoup évolué) mais je ne le regrette pas une seule seconde même dans certaines épreuves difficiles (par exemple la recherche de travail, je crois que ce n’est pas la peine d’envoyer ma candidature pour travailler sur Stargate Atlantis lol) l’univers de Stargate a toujours été une constante (au grand désespoir de ma famille maman m’a toujours dit que je devrais épouser Stargate lol).
    Je suis d’autant plus déçue que je dois admettre que je ne m’y attendais pas (même si en France la diffusion a été arrêtée au milieu de la saison 10 après 10 ans de loyauté et même de rediffusions ma lettre à ce moment-là avait été beaucoup moins sympathique vis-à-vis de la chaîne que celles que j’ai envoyé ces derniers temps (il faut dire que qand on ne s’exprime pas dans sa langue on a plus de difficultés à dire ce qu’on veut) mais il semblaît que tout allait bien.
    Mon grand désespoir est diminué par le fait que vous proposiez des films bien que l’on connaisse généralement le sort réservé aux séries qui se terminent par des films. J’ai vraiment vraiment retrouvé espoir avec ce que vous venez de dire sur le nombre de films que vous pourriez tourner (j’espère que ce n’était pas une blague que je n’ai pas compris lol) Je croise les doigts bien fort pour que ça continue. Enfin j’ai encore à attendre jusqu’au 10 septembre pour ENFIN voir Stargate continuum, je dois avouer que l’attente est réellement interminable surtout que tous les gens que je connais l’ont vu. Enfin ce n’est plus très loin.

    Merci à tous pour toutes ces supers années et pour avoir fait les meilleures séries de tous les temps 😀
    Au revoir

  135. http://aproposgreen.wordpress.com/2008/08/24/ate-joe-mallozzi-test/

    Here is my experimenting with pictures.

    It seems that the default setting now on viewing pictures is not using any url to connect to the full size of the picture therefore making the pictures unclickable.

    You should have three options when you upload your picture. the option buttons will be located under the text box labeled “link url,” which allows you to specify, if clickable, what you want your picture to click to.

    If you hit “post url” your picture will show larger size in the same post. If you hit “none” your picture won’t have any link at all. If you hit “file url” your picture will take your viewers to another page that shows the original file you uploaded onto wordpress’ servers.

    I wonder if this is wordpress’ desire to have less traffic on the files used on their site and, thus, making their site run slower…

    At any rate, I’m no Rodney McKay but if you’ve tried all that and it still doesn’t work I recommend contacting the wordpress team.

    Apologies if something like this has already been posted as a solution.

    Now to read the rest of your post.

  136. I’m not sure what the last questioner was talking about, but I’ve never seen a “standalone” episode as filler. It’s just a diversion from the main plot and a chance to look at an individual character or situation as apposed to the ongoing plot of the series.

    Now, if I were to stand alone all by myself…well I suppose that would be depressing for one and perhaps I would think of myself as simply a filler of space in the universe instead of the unique, intelligence, gorgeous, humble being I am. Perhaps that’s the association.

    At any rate. Do you have any objection to any of the attempts to bring SGA back via fans? It’s inevitable that several people are going to try (hides plastic lemons). Are you for, against, or neutral to this activity? Would bringing SGA back as a series be something that interests you or are have you satiated yourself on the idea of making the movies? This is a tricky question. You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want. It’s a little unfair. But leave it to me to be blunt and put it out there.

    Oh, and I apologize about my dangling participle up there. “…if clickable, what you want your picture to click to,” obviously should have been “…if clickable, where you want your picture to click.”

  137. Just read the premise of Universe:

    “What starts as a simple reconnaissance turns into a never ending mission, as the Stargate Universe crew discovers the ship is unable to return to Earth, and they must now fend for themselves aboard the Destiny.

    The crew will travel to the far reaches of the universe, connecting with each of the previously launched Stargates, thus fulfilling the Destiny’s original mission. Challenges will arise though as the ship comes into range of Stargates placed centuries ahead of the Destiny and the crew is unable to control the ship’s navigational schedule. If someone is left behind, there is no way to go back for them, adding to the drama of encountering new races, enemies and adventures. “
    NBC Universal

    Sounds like a cross between Time Tunnel, Sliders and Voyager.

    Cheers, Chev

  138. Thank you very much, Joe, for addressing my questions and for all the other information you shared tonight. I think that’s all some of us need – a little clarification about what lies ahead so we can start looking forward to the future, as well as the reassurance that this isn’t just another screw-over. I truly appreciate it.

    So, I will certainly support the movie[s] whole-heartedly! I mean, where else am I going to get my flowing-locked pallid fella fix now? 😉 And I realize by supporting the movie, I’m also showing support for the SGA cast and crew – this isn’t just about me and my disappointment, but about the people who made the show possible in the first place, and I’m guessing you are all probably feeling worse than me right now. So, I’d like to cheer everyone on, instead of poo-pooing the future.

    So, please, as things progress, share as much about the movie production as you can, and keep the excitement alive!

    I may even give SGU a try, but will be very disappointed if you and the others involved with SGA aren’t given a place in the new production. Of course, you may welcome the release, just so you can become that famous food critic you know you were born to be. Still…we would miss seeing your fingers in the SGU pie.

    Two other things…

    Last night, after a huge day of house-cleaning and laundry, hubby and I spent the evening on Wildwood boardwalk, a place – if I recall correctly – you are familiar with. I grabbed the cellphone and took a couple (blurry) pictures to share, but alas…my photobucket account is acting up and I can’t use it right now. It hasn’t changed that much – tacky t-shirt shops and pizza joints…and the rides. My favorite pier – with its pirate ship and Golden Nugget ride – is gone, but the rest is much the same, some of the rides still dating back to the 70’s, only the names have changed.

    Lastly, and most…DISTURBINGLY…I dreamt about you and Fondy last night. I’ve only seen Fondy once in a picture somewhere around here, so in my dream I mostly saw the back of her head, but I knew who she was. She was talking to me about food and Chinese medicine (with her background voice from your weird food vids – go figger!) and then….*drumroll*… she sold me a Prince Nuada action figure. 😕

    NOT that I need two of them… 🙄

    Didn’t dream for a while, then I dreamt about you…we were sitting at a table in a fast food restaurant, and I was trying to explain idioms to you, since – it seems – Canadians don’t know what idioms are. Then, with this look of sudden realization on your face, you said – at the exact same time as me – “Oh, like – ‘he’s the bee’s knees!'” We both burst out laughing, and I fell off the chair…then I woke up. 😛

    Yeah – I really had to share that – I know why I dreamt about you and Fondy and the food and medicine and Nuada, and even the ‘bees’ (we had discussed the similarities between bees and Wraith laaaate last night at GW). All of that is recent ‘input’ into my brain – but I have absolutely NO idea why I dreamt that Canadians don’t know what idioms are… 😆


  139. Well, I think I have finally calmed down enough to comment on “The Shrine”. What a great episode! There are not enough adjectives for me to describe how I felt about David Hewlett’s performance. I’ll start with amazing, outstanding, and heartbreaking for starters.

    The pier scene with Rodney and Sheppard was touching and perfect (and it’s good to see a great scene with just the two of them). And despite the opinion of others, I loved the ending when Rodney confesses his love for Keller. It tears me up everytime I see it. I really would like to see the two of them get together.

    This episode, for me, just emphasizes the stupidity of the decision to cancel the show in favor of a “younger, edgier” show. The callousness of Dave Howe in just dismissing the fans of SGA and saying that we will get over it really insults me and all of the fans who have followed and loved SGA over the past 5 years. But there is obviously nothing more that we can do. TPTB have already made up their minds to dump SGA (and they probably had planned to do it even before season 5 started – they were just throwing the fans a bone for one more year until their precious SGU was ready for launching). Sorry if I sound bitter here – but I am.

    As far as the movies go – I suppose I should be grateful that we will have them. However, actors can’t just wait around for the possible SGA movie – they need to work, and who’s to say that when the movie is ready to go, that all of the actors will be available?

    As I stated in a post a few days ago, and as Mary and Pictwolf expressed so eloquently above, the baby boomers and what we like to watch are unimportant to TPTB. What they want is the youth. Even though the majority of TV viewers on Friday night might be older, the idiots in TV programming keep trying to chase that elusive youthful audience who has a lot of better things to do than watch a science fiction show on a Friday night. Yet, they will keep making TV shows aimed at that youthful audience – and all the while wonder why TV viewership is down.

  140. Thankyou for the pics Joe. I think after the last few days, we really needed something Atlantis-related that was fun and those pics do the job nicely. 🙂

    Have to say though, that whilst I appreciate you addressing certain issues and informing us that you’re fairly confident of there being multiple SGA movies (woohoo!), at this present time I really don’t see myself tuning into SGU. For me it will always be associated with SGA’s cancellation and watching it would leave a very bitter taste in my mouth.

  141. I was flicking through the channels a couple of years ago and caught a few minutes of a sci-fi show that looked great. It had interesting characters trying to communicate through a doorway that had time moving at two different speeds on either side. I loved the interaction of the characters and though I had no idea what show it was, I wished that I had the time to follow it. I eventually discovered that it was SGA (the episode in particular was Epiphany) and I bought the DVDs for the first three seasons, caught up and now consider it my favorite show (like I had predicted). I then went back and bought most of the DVDs for SG1 and have made my way through most seasons. I can understand why some people preferred SG1 because of the depth of the mythology and the almost superhero abilities of the characters. I personally much prefer SGA and its more average Joe hero and the humor provided by McKay (although I love RDA – being the hero and the comedy was too much).

    Even though TV is inundated right now with sci-fi and fantasy types of concepts (Fringe, Dollhouse, Lost etc) none of them fill the space cowboy/alien in space genre. I know Battlestar G. is popular but is does not have the humor. I think SGA will be sorely missed by those who love it and perhaps by those who sense it leaves a hole it programming.

    Because of the nature of SGU and its lost in space concept it is unlikely that it will bring in popular characters from SGA or SG1 – making it even more difficult to attract “older” Stargate fans who are alienated not only by SGA’s cancellation but the comments by producers who are trying to attract a younger sexier fan base. Would I be willing to give SGU more attention if McKay or Daniel stopped by – absolutely. Would I be willing to catch it if it came after a season of overlap with SGA – absolutely. Will I need to catch it if I can see my favorites from SGA on a DVD – probably not.

    I hope SGU finds the audience it is looking for and perhaps I will be part of it. If I do it will because I enjoy the genre but I will always miss the McKay/Sheppard connection and supporting characters like Lorne and Zelenka.

    I wish you well and hope that you continue to be our conduit from the franchise.

  142. Hi Joe!

    It is a sad news to know Stargate Atlantis is ending.
    I have enjoyed very much watching Stargate Atlantis tv show, and I am greateful that you share with us so many things about “Stargate daily life”. 🙂

    I want to ask you, if it will be possible to see in theaters a new Stargate movie.

    A big hug!


  143. Mr Malozzi, first time poster on your blog, so I’m not entirely sure how this system works. If you cannot reply to me, I understand, but would be most grateful if you could.

    I am impatiently awaiting Stargate Universe in exactly the same was I was waiting for Atlantis about six years ago. The difference is, this time I’m also concerned. And I think I speak for a large amount of the fanbase when I say this.

    I whole heartedly trust the skills of the writers, the directors, and the production team, and do not doubt that a quality space faring show will be created.

    What concerns me is that Stargate is not a space faring franchise. SG1 beautifully stuck to its routes with the original movie and was a refreshing and original science fiction show. Atlantis, whilst providing a completely different take on this, still stuck by the routes, the “Identity” of the Stargate franchise remained constant. A show about mans’ place in the universe in a present day setting, with REAL world technology, REAL world issues, and REAL world locations. SGA embodied the more futuristic elements of Stargate, whilst SG1 retained the core identity. Nevertheless, the identity was present in both.

    No one expects SGU to be an SG1 clone, and it shouldn’t be. Anymore than it should be an SGA clone, which is what Ia lot of us are seeing right now. SGA went to the futuristic side of SG1 and it was good. SGU should go the other way, be different to SG1 but still embody elements of it. SGA embodies the battlecruisers and drones and ancients element of SG1 seen in 6,7 and 8. SGU should, in my opinion embody the earlier elements of isolation and vulnerability but take it much further, without SG1 anchoring the gateverse in modern day earth, SGU needs to do this, and ensure that the characters aren’t flying around in jumpers, but are fighting with P90s.

    I guess this whole “spacey” element of SGU has a lot of us worried that the core reason for us liking SG1, and indeed SGA, is slowly vanishing and the franchise is becoming anchored in ancient technology that the heroes have “borrowed”.

    I apologise for the long winded comment, and I was most certainly not trying to tell you how to do your job, but was just expressing a personal and group concern.


  144. Hi Joe!

    LOVED The Shrine!!! It was right in sooo many ways. Super-kudos to the actors – it was so emotionally overwhelming because the actors are so good at their jobs!!! Also, I liked how the timeline was shifted around – kept things interesting. (Kudos to BW for the writing – loved it.)

    I think I used half a box worth of tissue on this ep, starting from the teaser, right to the end credits. I haven’t been so moved by an ep since Unending or the Buffy ep, The Body.

    Looking forward to more great eps – two weeks til Whispers, the “scary” ep? EEEK!


  145. Joe:

    I know it aired two nights ago, and I’ve probably missed the boat here – but I wanted to write and congratulate the entire SGA team on The Shrine! This episode touched a nerve for so many people, I think. Anyone who has dealt with a familiar member’s suffering from Alzheimers or a similar affliction can identify with the episode. You tackled a very difficult issue with dignity.

    It was done tastefully, with great insight and empathy for the condition. I don’t know if it was the script or Hewlett’s performance (or both), but I have not been able to stop thinking about the episode since I watched it. It was incredibly well written and all the actors stepped up to the plate in a major way.

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for something both beautiful and thought provoking. I don’t know how the rest of the season is going to measure up to this one amazing episode – but I’m sure you all will find a way.

  146. I meant to say family member – sorry about the typo. I’ve been painting my kitchen all day and my fingers are numb.

  147. das, what do you eat before you go to bed? I never have interesting dreams – just mundane can’t find my next class, books, locker (and trust me I’ve been out of school for a very long time). Curiosly I never dream about work.

  148. Me revoila Joseph!
    J’ai été manger quelque chose a la plage avec mes parent=)

    J’ai vu pleins de chiens comme vous avez la bas!!
    J’ai aussi pas arrêter de parlez de vous a mes parent, mais sa n’aura durait que 20min car je ne savais plus quoi dire lol XD, en tout qu’a sa a été sympas de leur en apprendre plus sur la fabuleuse de Joseph Mallozzi^^!!

    Gros bisou,!

  149. Dear Joe:

    First off thank you for a wonderful five years of SGA and many years of SG1. I loved all the stories you have written. My personal favorite that you wrote is “Ripple Effect” from SG1. I’m looking forward to seeing Remants in the future. I’m sure it will be good since you wrote it.

    I know all the fans are upset including me about the ending of the show, but how are you, the cast and the crew doing. I know you must be even more upset than us due to the fact that it is your job.

    I have a few questions to ask.

    1.) I know I posted this before but in case you missed it with all these post. Why can’t SGU and SGA be on the sametime back to back on Fridays like it was with SG1 and SGA?

    2.) If we all petitioned to MGM, Brad Wright, and Sci fi do you think it is possible to get at least one more season? That’s all we are asking for then they can go into the movies. I believe it will help SGU succeed in the future if we are promised anothere season from SGA.

    3.) Did the people at Sci Fi and Brad Wright know about the cancellation before the Comic Con in July? Or was it just recent? I was just wondering why they lied to us that the Francize would live on on Sci fi. Clearly they meant syndication just like every other show they have on their channel.

    4.) Has for the movies will there ever be a SG1 and SGA movie together?

    Thank you for taking the time to read all our post and answering the majority of them. We do appreciate it. It’s not everyday fans have a place to post their thanks and comments about their favorite shows. This is what I love about the Sci fi francize as a whole.

  150. The Shrine. What can I say? Emmy, Emmy, Emmy or People’s Choice Award. Everyone was fantastic in the episode. As I was watching it I just kept saying Wow over and over. I was just blown away by everyones preformance. Including Jewel Staite and David Hewletts. I hope those people bashing Jewel Staite feel bad now. She was diffently no ‘crybaby’ in that episode. If it wasn’t for her we would no longer have McKay.

    In case anyone from the cast/crew are reading this thanks for an awesome episode. I can’t wait to watch it again.


  151. Hi Joe,

    I’m sorry but there is not a chance I will be watching SGU;

    1) The concept does not interest me, it does not feel unique or original and so far it doesn’t seem to come naturally out of the previous series. Unlike Atlantis which seemed to flow out and come naturally from SG1 and when I first heard about it I was very excited.
    2) From reading the recent press releases it has left me with the impression that the current fans of Atlantis are not wanted as they are too old for the target audience of SGU. Now I don’t know how young they are aiming but I am 20 and I will not be watching, neither will my parents but I am sure they are way too old.
    3) I couldn’t sit through a second of SGU without knowing that this was the reason I wasn’t watching my favourite show anymore. SGU will always be tainted for me.
    4) I wouldn’t want to invest myself in another show only to have it taken away from me when TPTB come up with another new toy.
    5) The creators of Stargate have shown sooo little respect to me as a loyal fan of Atlantis that I no longer feel I can show respect in return.

    So I apolgise to the new cast and crew but SGU does not have my support and never will have.

    On a happier note, I adored The Shrine (well except for the last line ;)), the PJ scene will go down as one of my favourites of all time 🙂

    Cazz x

  152. I’ve just read an interesting question in a forum: Why does MGM not produce mini-series of SGA and publish them directly on DVD? Wouldn’t that be a compromise between the interests of the fans and the interests of the company? Or are movies cheaper than episodes?

  153. Dear Joe,

    I am interested if you know whether the comments left on your blog are ever read or passed on to MGM, Sci-Fi or Mr. Wright and Cooper or if they are just dismissed as more of the rabid vocal minority. Also in my previous long-winded diatribe I did not thank the writers, actors and crew for creating a family within a distant universe that embraced and welcomed us for five years – you are all truly magnificent.

  154. Joe,

    I watched The Shrine twice on Friday and was completely blown away by David Hewlett’s performance. While I’m not overly fond of the character, I do like Hewlett and consider him an extraordinarily talented actor. His performance on The Shrine just rammed that point home for me. Brilliant work.

    I’m always a lot more fond of the character-focused episodes than the action/shoot-em-up ones. Not that I don’t like the second. Ronon Dex blowing away Wraiths can be a thing of beauty. : ) However, the character-driven episodes serve to truly endear the viewer to the characters on much deeper levels–at least IMO.

    My favorite scene was of Sheppard and McKay on the pier. That “you’re a good friend, Arthur” line and the subsequent interplay between them was truly a moment of inspiration. Loved it.

    My only criticism was the declaration of love. Had I not kept up with this blog and Gateworld, that would have been a confusing moment for me. I know it was for my husband, who went “Huh? Where did that come from?” He was a good test case for this as he watches the series religiously, doesn’t keep up with any SGA boards and warns me not to give spoilers. So that moment of confusion was telling for me. While I wasn’t surprised to hear it, I did think it was too soon and came out of the blue, certainly in context of back history and preceeding set-up. It just wasn’t there to justify such a strong sentiment.

    All that being said, The Shrine is my favorite episode to date and one I expect I’ll rewatch a good dozen times more.

    One last thing–I read Wright’s interview on Gateworld. Sorry, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I found it pretentious, patronizing and falsely jovial. And I’ll admit to bristling over the “younger audience” comment. While I’m not part of that sacred demographic they’re trying to reach, I am a fan. I’m also part of the age demographic that earns a good wage and has a far greater percentage of disposable income (that I can spend on SG merchandise like DVDs) than your average 17 or 23-year old.

    This particular phenomena isn’t unique to the marketing departments of the entertainment industry. I just wish they’d consider the fan-base on a more global level. After reading that comment from Wright, I’m afraid SGU may not be all that appealing, and as I’m in a demographic of no interest, then I’ll assume the show will be of no interest to me.

    I can only imagine if the powers that be continue focusing on younger and younger viewers, we’ll soon be seeing the Stargate franchise on Nickelodeon with Drake and Josh kirking the universe, followed irrevocably by a move to public television in which Elmo and Barney are the lead characters.

    I’ll still watch the first show when it airs. I’m curious as to who will make up the team. I have little faith I’ll watch beyond that. I also have to second and third those who said fans aren’t loyal to a franchise. They are loyal to characters. I like SG1 but could take or leave it. I am a huge fan of SGA, and that’s because of some very endearing characters. What a shame that the powers that be seemed so divorced from what moves and inspires the loyalty of their viewers.

  155. Dear Joe,
    Thanks to all of you who have given us the chance to be in the Stargate universe for these many years — although it will be sad to see Atlantis end as a series, it DID have a good long run: there are plenty of shows that barely make 5 episodes, let alone 5 whole seasons as well as movie(s) to come. The terrific work in “The Shrine” just showed how much more potential there is in that world and those characters.
    Of course we are all completely self-absorbed and want to continue to be entertained the way WE want LOL — so we tend to forget that it is, after all, a business as well…I’m glad that the business part is still going well enough to allow for more Stargate in whatever form it might take, even though I might miss the familiar format. Good luck to everyone involved.

  156. Hey, Mallozi! Nobody wants some after-thought movies. We want more full-blown 22 episode seasons, and besides the movies doesn’t surpass the regular episodes. BAMSR and Window of Opportunity comes to mind.

    And second, now that SGU is the show that killed of Atlantis and will be aimed at kids, are you even thinking about the fans, or are you ignoring them?

    I say, either postpone SGU or air SGA and SGU together. It’s been done before!

  157. Mr. M

    Finally saw the Shrine episode, interesting. The storyline appears to be your usual heroic fantasy quest for the magical talisman to save some one. Still I enjoy the episode.

    On the new SGU series. After reading the comments from Howe and Wright on Gateworld. My earlier posting about the similarities to the ancient Starlost series from 1973 is confirm. IMO the animated Stargate Infinity series is more watchable, and we know that lasts one season too long.

    I have the fade hopes that SG-1/Atlantis could be restarted with only a few of the current major characters after the invertible demise of SGU. TPTB is keeping the standing sets for now. The crew is still kept together for SGU and the movies. I consider this more important than the availability of the present cast in the future. The parts of the cast is replaceable not the crew.

    I do not wish ill of the new series. But I find it uninspiring with the current available info.

  158. @ Trish – RE: Todd’s hair. Just love it – especially in Common Ground. It gives him a kind of ‘Back to the Future mad scientist’ look, doesn’t it? 😉

    @ Thornyrose – What I want to know is how YOU know the Wraith are green all over???! *folds arms, taps foot and glares daggers, awaiting an answer*

    @ tam_myst – Before bed last night, I had boardwalk french fries, and a Stewart’s root beer float. It seems it takes THAT exact combination to dream about Mallozzi.

    @ Joe – Blurry cellphone boardwalk pics (I hope these are okay to post). Anyone who has ever been to Wildwood must have the mantra, “Watch the tram (damn!) car, please” burned into their brains…



    @ “Evil” Kenny Gibbs – Not sure if this is your department, or wardrobe, or make-up – but I’ll give you a try. Questions about Wraith finger armor:

    What is the finger armor actually made of (metal, plastic, other)?

    What is it supposed to be – a manufactured item, or the remnants of iratus bug exoskeleton?

    What purpose is it supposed to serve – is it just for adornment, or is it a sort of weapon, or tool, or has this not been determined?

    Thank you much!


  159. @ 163 noir

    One movie roughly costs about 3 episodes. So a movie is mini-series of sorts. But I presume you meant somewhere between 4 and 6 episodes in length.

    However that might breeches the idiotic contract clause that Sony/MGM signed with Skiffy that let Skiffy have veto power over the transfer of the series to another broadcaster. That’s what kill SG-1.

    Also MGM might be short of cash due to the recent US credit crunch and several big upcoming movie projects (ie. The Hobbit). SGU is also going to be more expensive per episode then previous series with more VFX.

  160. I’m sorry, Joe, but I cannot share your or MGM’s enthusiasm for SGU. I’m 41 years old, a writer, and have witnessed the “revamping” of several shows I liked over my lifetime, and in every case it seems that in order to make it appealing to a target “younger” ADHD audience it just involved more cleavage, himbos, more explosions, and a sacrifice of believable plot in general in order to get the aforementioned into the episode. I’m tired of it. Just like the Bush administration, the network executives are not founded in reality. They only care about a bottom line.

    The McKay/Sheppard banter and friendship has kept me tuned in faithfully since the beginning, and the humor in the show has always been wonderful. Only getting to see David and Joe with new material once or twice a year is going to be a great disappointment. Good thing there are some EXCEPTIONAL writers in the fanfic universe so us older, underappreciated fans can still get that great camaraderie and banter and overall team goodness.

    I will probably give SGU a chance, but I have a rule: a new series has three episodes to get me interested. I never judge it by the first because there is usually a ton of exposition to get through to establish the premise. If it hasn’t hooked me by that time, that’s it.

    SGU better be freakishly exceptional in order to overshadow David’s McKay, especially after his performance in “The Shrine”. But I’m not holding my breath.

  161. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for the photos from the set.

    Question for Evil Kenny
    Is Jason’s wig considered a prop? (Just joking)

    OK, here is my question for Evil Kenny.
    How do you go about deciding on the final prop that is use? Do the writers/directors give you an idea or do you get your own idea based on how you interpret something or is it a combination of the two?

    Looking back, are there any episodes where something was or wasn’t used and now you think it should or shouldn’t have been used? Can you give examples?

    Questions for Joe M,
    Since the SGA series is cancelled, can Jason lose the wig? If not in season 5, for the movies? In the mean time can it be tired back? I did like his real dreads and I understand the decision for the character to keep the dreads, but that wig is too distracting.

    Regarding The Shrine,
    I posted Friday night, so you already know I loved it and got my Ronon/Keller shipper heart broken…remember, I was the one with the WTF? moment. 🙂

    But, I just wanted to let you know, I have since changed my mind and decided not to read too much into the McKeller stuff because McKay was out of his mind and if I can see that then surely Keller can see that.

    Perhaps, at the appropriate time you can address these, maybe after Tracker?

    Is there more of the video after McKay’s declaration of Love? A few have commented (on other forums) that it is somewhat disturbing that Keller being a medical doctor was watching the video over and over again, her oath as a doctor should prohibit her from taking what McKay said seriously. I personally don’t believe she did but it is hard to form an opinion because of her lack of verbal response and her facial expression didn’t provide a clue to her feelings. Will we see more of the video or will it be discussed later in the season? I would think that McKay would want to review the videos?

    Will Tracker be an end to this love triangle? (I do enjoy a good ship, but this triangle has got to end)

    I know all the characters have their moments with each other, and we all know McKay and Sheppard have a wonderful relationship, but do the writers ever consider having McKay have a heart to heart with anyone else but Sheppard?

    Thanks Joe!

  162. Merci florence d’avoir écrit en français!! enfin un commentaire que je peut lire lol XD!
    Sympas d’avoir les avis d’autre fan!


  163. This is mostly un-related to Stargate, but I will be in Vancouver the week after next (going to WA to visit some relatives). Do you have any recommendations on sights to see?


  164. To the cast:
    I am so sorry that you guys and girls have lost your jobs. You are by far one of the most talented group of actors I have ever seen. Please know that Myself and the other millions of fans are doing everything in our power to get the cancelation revoked. You are what made the stories come alive. Don’t get discouraged, we will do what ever we can to show our support. Thanks for everything, Nicole.

  165. MOn je vais au lit 😀

    Je vient encore de regarder The Shrine et sa ma encore fait pleurer^^!! Alalall je vous jure, il n’y a que stargate pour me faire pleurer lol! Encore bravo pour cette épisode!!

    Bon et bien a demain alors!! bisou bisou! Passez une bonne journée! Je vous adore♥

  166. Well I’m sorry to say I won’t and never will tune Into Universe….I will never be able to watch this show without being reminded of how Atlantis got cancelled for It….I’ve been a Stargate fan since the original movie all these years ago and then SG-1 and finally Atlantis….And the way us loyal fans have been treated Is nothing short of despicable…Just so they can target a younger audience,well who cares about the fans that have been there since the beginning….They don’t seem to care,what they don’t seem to realise If It wasn’t for folks like us In the first place Stargate wouldn’t be where It Is today…

    And what thanks do we get for It,a big huge fat kick In the teeth and thank you very much but we don’t need you know…Yeah that’s gratitude for you..

    They showed us a serious lack of respect so why should we give them any respect….Well things don’t work that way so no…I’ve lost all respect for those involved In this debacle and I can’t support them any longer so no I will not be watching universe and I know alot of others who feel the same way so I hope they get they’re new viewers that they are hoping to attract because they are going to lose alot of loyal Stargate fans over this…

    I thank the cast and crew that worked on Atlantis and SG-1 for giving me a good few years of great entertaining scifi viewing but apart from the SG-1 and Atlantis films (which I will still support) I am done with Stargate!!!

  167. As shows move into different directions or explore new material viewers will naturally come and go (perfectly normal, not a big deal), or they wont go but instead hang out in Gateworld forums for the next three years being emo.

    To avoid this, and before I slink off into the html void, I just wanted to say a big, giant thank you to you and to everyone else that has made SGA one of my favourite shows. I seriously had a complete blast with this and it’s been a barrel full of monkey fun, sans the screaming and spca call outs. The characters, the special effects, the directing and writing, the music, hell even the caterers even though I never got to try their food, all worked so perfectly together; you guys should be proud.

    I laughed, I cried, I got a hell of a lot of entertainment out of this and I wish you and everyone the very best of luck (and many movies). You seem like a great group of people – cheers and thanks again! 🙂

  168. I wanted to say I agree wholeheartedly with cazzblade,

    The SGU concept is neither unique or original – it is merely Battlestar Glactica & Star Trek Voyager transplanted and given a new name. Whilst I would have considered watching from a curiosity standpoint – having rather liked Voyager but I would have done so alongside Atlantis or following a more natural demise of Atlantis. I am not interested in it as a replacement for the current still excellent SGA.

    I too have gained the impression from reading the press releases and statements that the current fans of Atlantis are not wanted as we are considered “old” way to go in trying to drum up support then – they’ll clearly have to start entirely from scratch after abandoning all of us “oldies” and our purchasing power… and let us not forget or overlook the fact that the “younger generation” are far more likely to be the ones downloading illegally and file sharing for free, yep great way to make money that is – not!

    SGU is “tainted” whoever the bright spark was who thought it would be a good idea to announce the green light for SGU at the same time as cancelling SGA needs to go back to PR 101 classes – because they clearly learned nothing about marketing. The fans don’t want SGU “instead of” they want a season 6 SGA.

    Which leads me to wonder about how on earth these people can have forgotten the golden rule for making money – give the people what they want – and we want SGA which is why we keep right on watching and right on buying the DVD’s and spin off merchandise. If they aren’t “selling” what I want then hey guess what? I won’t be buying.

    MGM should rethink this decision PDQ – give the fans season 6 and test the waters with SGU alongside it – that is the only win win scenario.

  169. Four Atlantis movies sound great.
    Also I think the Wraith would make a great double movie, I would hate to see the entire race killed off, because after all the Wraith were just a victim of evolution, they can’t help that they evolved to require the constant need for lifeforce to survive.

  170. How can SGU ever replace SGA? Be prepared for a big fall out. And if this SGU flops don’t come crying to us loyal SG-1, SGA Fans. You are facing a 50/50 shot of success and of getting and maintaining a huge fan following. SGA got me hooked on Sci Fi and this canceling of SGA may extinguish that flame forever. SGA is the ONLY GOOD SHOW on TV and the only show I watch.

    Guess time to unsubscribe from Rogers Cable because the stuff on TV now really is not worth watching.

    Star Trek had a long run, even SG-1 had a long run. Why not give SGA the same length?

    This sucks lemons Joe


  171. I just watched “The Shrine”. It was beautiful.

    It reminded me of one of my high school band directors. He was my ‘Mr. Holland’ so to speak, very talented, very intense, very vibrant.

    When I was in college I learned that he had contracted leukoencephalitis (I hope I’m remembering that name correctly) and had almost died. At Christmas break, some friends from high school band and I all went to visit him at the rehabilitation hospital. He didn’t know us. He didn’t know his wife or his young daughter, either. He couldn’t remember anyone or anything from his life before his illness.

    It broke my heart. Here was this man who now was a vacant shell of a person, and I couldn’t find anything left of the Mr. Spangler I had known.

    The horror of it is real, and I think “The Shrine” captured it well.

    Nicely done.

  172. Hi Joe!

    “The Shrine” is by far the best episode I have seen out of the SGA series! David Hewlett was awesome! Such a different side to his acting. Could you please pass the word along to David? His website has had some issues. I’m a fellow squirrel. I am looking forward to seeing more episodes with Jennifer and Rodney. Went to the Chicago Convention on Saturday. This was my daughters and my first time going. Just in time between her 16th (on Aug 16) and mine (Sept. 7th). Chuck was awesome!!! Nice guy and funny onstage. You need to include him in the movies! 🙂 Michael Shanks was nice, too. Have a great week!! If you haven’t done production on the “Vegas” episode, I still think you need to incorporate one of your dogs in the episode. TTFN!

    from Indiana

  173. I’ve finally been able to read through the reasons for SGA’s cancellation, and with all due respect to Brad Wright, SciFi Channel and MGM, I think they’re taking on an extremely risky marketing strategy.

    During one week in October 2002, I kept a Nielsen diary. I was a huge fan of SG1 and I watched the first run airing on that Friday night and the four Monday night repeats block on SciFi Channel, plus the locally syndicated showings for that period in order to help the show. I was contacted by Nielsen only because I had a cable subscription. I was asked my gender, but NOT my age.

    Today, to alienate any segment of Stargate’s fan base, I believe, is financially suicidal. Since it’s the US ratings that determine the success of a show on ScFi Channel, hasn’t anyone noticed that the US economy is sinking?

    There will be two different measures for the success of SGU. For MGM, it’s DVD sales, merchandizing and network license fees. For SciFi Channel, it’s rating which equals advertising revenue. In either case, it all comes down to people having cable, since that’s how the show is being marketed.

    But cable is a luxury, not a need. And entertainment is one of the first things sacrificed when Americans are forced to cut their budgets. Trust me on this, I know. I work in the music industry and our meager sales, even for digital, are taking a dive.

    The reality is, it is the devoted fans, not the new younger ones, who have the attention spans of five year olds, that will keep this franchise afloat. We are the ones who will more than likely be willing to keep our cable subscriptions because of our passion and devotion to the spirit of Stargate, and who have the most understanding of the consequences should it fail.

    Also, the release of an SGA movie on SciFi Channel must be coordinated with the DVD release through MGM. How quickly the movie can be produced will determine the airing date. And considering the delays the two SG1 movies encountered, it’s entirely conceivable that the SGA movie may not air until 2010. Where will us “old folk” be by then? And the huge success that the SG1 movies had was due to fact they were new, a mystery which lured fans to buy them. The SGA movie will not have that advantage, and unless there is an alternate version DVD release, I believe the DVD sales will suffer for it. And thus so will the franchise.

    Utimately, the future of the Stargate franchise hinges on the success of SGU. And SciFi’s attempts in the last two years to draw younger audiences with shows like Flash Gordon have fallen short. In fact, these action shows have come and gone so quickly, it’s hard to keep track.

    Should SGU fail, fans won’t have a rallying point any longer. Out of sight, out of mind, and we’ll wander away in search of shows that can give us what we have lost. With fewer and fewer viewers and thus sales, the financial support for future Stargate projects will eventually dry up, and the franchise will go the way of the X-Files.

    My appeal to Brad Wright and Robert Cooper is to not leave us older fans behind. You may need us now more than ever. And the Universe is big enough to include us all.

  174. Well, I didn’t want to write something because all I thought was: why after all the sad things? But after reading your yesterday’s blog… Very nice of you.

    So – The Shrine: OMG, breathtaking. One of my all-time-favourite eps. I have no words to descripe my feelings with the ‘on pier’-scene. The best scene ever. I’d like to see more of such moments. And fantastic acting, especially from Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Kate Hewlett. As a Shep, McKay, Flanigan, Hewlett-fan I couldn’t be happier. O.k., I wouldn’t have needed the last scene. Keller was really good in this ep but I don’t want to see a relationship between her and McKay.

    But I’m not really happy. This ep has shown what potential SGA still has. I will miss it beyond words. Sorry, but I haven’t much trust in more than 1 or 2 movies. And one movie is just the same as 2 eps. So, I will miss SGA.

    Joe Mallozzi wrote: Now, at present, a lot of you aren’t exactly feeling charitable toward the forthcoming spin-off, Stargate: Universe, and I understand. But the premiere is a long way off and I’m hoping that, when the time comes, you’ll at least consider giving the series a shot.

    First, according to TPTB I’m official way too old for SGU (38). And I’m not very interested in actors who are a lot younger than me.

    Second, apart from the SGA cancellation: I’m not interested in this storyline. And, like I already wrote, I’m not a Stargate-fan I’m a Stargate Atlantis-fan. I don’t watch a lot TV and just the name Stargate isn’t a reason. So, no SGU for me.

  175. Cancelling a succesful show for an unknown new concept still seems rather ludicrous to me and Brad Wrights unbelievable consendending comments have brought me to the conclusion that I will never ever watch SGU. To announce the news practically on the eve of SGA being cancelled is just downright callous. Does he really think that SGA fans could care less about his new pet project when it is the cause of SGA being cancelled.

    He talks about the loyal fanbase but it would be nice if the same loyalty and respect was returned. I could understand if SGA was doing badly in the ratings or had been going as long as SG1 but the show is at it’s peak and had many more years left.. Why not put a little more effort and imagination into your existing project rather than dumping it for something new and shiney.

    This lack of imagination though was evident in the Shrine which was pretty much a rehash of Tao of Rodney with the emphasis the same character, namely Rodney McKay. I know David is a good actor, though a little too exhuberant for my taste but it may have been a good idea to spread around the screentime on SGA instead of turning the show into the Sheppard and McKay show. This may have widened the audience appeal and increased your ratings, though at the end of the day even better ratings would still not have saved SGA as the PTB had made up their minds to cancell the show in order to make room for SGU.

    I hope more care is put into SGU and you don’t just decide on a favourite character to the detriment of all the others. But even so the concept doesn’t sound appealing at all, and I don’t think I could get past the fact that SGA was dumped for it. The characters on SGA were what made it great and I would prefer to see a 6th season of SGA anyday over teen Stargate. What a shame the PTB didn’t give more time and effort into exploring the characters on the show they already have.

  176. @ganymede: OK! OK! OK! Sheesh! I confess. I am the Hewlett Squirrel you saw scurry away. I thought I was fast enough to not be seen. 😆 But I’m a GIRL! Do I look that much like a boy squirrel to you? I guess it’s hard to tell us apart what with both sexes having the fluffy tails and all. 😉 And why shouldn’t I want the shag carpet in my tree hallow? It will look perfect with my lava lamp, thank you very much.

    @das: Ooooh! You are sooooo right. How adorable was Christopher Lloyd in BTF? TOO adorable, right?

    @narelle: It seems you have *glass-half-full*ness to spare. Send some my way, please? Right now I’m channeling Eeyore! 🙄 I wanna be a happy fan! I really, really wanna be!

    @Pat: I am SOOOOOOOOOO jealous! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO JEALOUS!!!! 😛 And also so happy for ya. (((((hugs))))

  177. Hi Joe, some questions.

    What was the reasoning behind a sudden full blown romance between main characters, when in the past we were always told no romance between main characters.

    Doesn’t it make McKay seem a little fickle to be proclaiming his love for Keller so soon after asking Katie to marry him.

    Why does Keller have to be the source of romance instead of developing her more as a character.

    What about the Hyprocratic Oath that doctors take where getting involved with patients is something that is frowned upon.

    Will we see John and Teyla regain the closeness they once had before Kanaan came between them.

    Will Teyla’s baby remain permantly on Atlantis, and how will the writers continue to incorporate him into the story.

    Will the final episode tie up all loose ends or will some be left open for the movies.

    Thank you.

  178. Well Joe, you just couldn’t help yourself could you?

    First you give us the devastating news that SGA has been cancelled, then to cap it all you have the audacity to give us such an awesome episode as The Shrine.

    David Hewlett out did himself with his acting as did the other cast members but the episode belonged to David and Joe.
    The relationship and dependency becoming deeper as McKay’s memory was lost.

    Please tell David that his portrayal of a man who is losing his memory was so convincing it made me cry.

    My son has short term memory loss due to a brain tumour and I have often seen the same looks of confusion, bewilderment and fear on his face as he forgets the simplest of things.

    Joe F in his own inimitable way, showing just how hard it is to keep it together when someone you care about disappears before your eyes.

    Did David do any sort of research or draw on any experiences for the episode?

    I’ve read most of the posts over the past few days and noticed a few tantrums being thrown.

    I will not be one of those people who threaten to boycott SGU or SGA movies.

    I signed up for the long haul and my rattle is staying very firmly in my crib.


  179. Hi Joe,
    In The Shrine, I saw David Nykl walk down the stairs and was wondering if that’s all he had to do in the episode or was he in a scene that was cut.


  180. Hey Joe,

    I am a Stargate Atlantis fan. I will always be a Stargate Atlantis fan. SGA is what brought me into the world of SciFi, and I cannot say thank you enough for that. I used to not watch tv at all, but then when I was sick I was channel flipping, and the rest is history. It is the best show on television. So I would just like to say ‘thank you’ for five amazing season, amazing characters that will always have a place in my heart, and amazing storylines that are simply unforgetable. And I’m not what most people consider ‘old.’ I’m sixteen.

    And since I go to a real high school, let me tell you guys, that all of the girls watch Gossip Girl, and whatever MTV is playing. No matter how much you advertise, you will not get them to watch. And you wanna know why? Because Stargate is labeled as ‘scifi.’ And scifi is not cool, so why would anyone in high school watch it? No matter how much you target the ‘younger’ audience, no one will watch it simply becuase it is not labeled as ‘cool.’ That’s the high school world.

    Well, I’m different from those plastic girls that i’m forced to share a classroom with. I know what real television is. And SGA is real television. SG-1 is real television. Farscape, and Firefly are real television. So if it’s so good, and has a huge fanbase, why would you change the Stargate franchise as we know it?

    Oh wait, I know the answer. The answer is money. More viewers, means more money. But in this case, there will be hardly any viewers. I will not be able to watch Universe at all because I know when i see that show, I will remember that it is the reason that SGA got cancelled, and it will make me sick to my stomach. And I know there are hundreds of fans out there that feel the same way.

    To the cast and crew of Atlantis: You guys are truly amazng, and the show islike magic. It can make me smile, laugh and cry. You have done such an amazing job, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future. Thanks again.


  181. It’s a genuine shame to hear SG:A not continuing; I hate to be brutal but I think the core problem with the series was the absence of that gritty, earth-bound hardship that SG1 experienced.

    To put it simply – SG1 episodes often ended with a clenched fist or a frown whereas in the last couple of seasons SGA seems to end in a campfire gathering and back patting.

    While most fans love Rodney, most everyone else finds him utterly annoying – not in the scripted, planned way. The story and character generally take his ancient-foiling intellect rather seriously so that when you hang a lantern on how convenient it is that Rodney saves the day, you find yourself saying “yeah, tell me about it” not “ah, haha!”

    He’s a long way removed from the likeable, citrus fearing savant we knew a few seasons ago. And worse, we’ve now seen that Momoa can actually act which leaves non-Rodney-fans all the more eager to see less of him (Rodney).

    The Shrine shows why the writers choose to make good use of David, he played the role wonderfully. The problem isn’t David or the character, the problem is that the most irritating character in the show has taken center stage which magnifies the irritation all the way to the TiVo button.

    I suspect anyone who watched Blakes 7 sees too much of Avon in today’s Rodney.

  182. No offense Nicole but I watch Gossip Girl, so I’m plastic? Awesome. You can watch both and enjoy both for different reasons. I also watch/have watched, The Office, Psych, BTVS, One Tree Hill (but this one went to hell), Smallville, BSG, DW, Torchwood, Farscape, Life on Mars, Pushing Daisies, Skins (omg another teen show), Dead Like Me, TXF, Prison Break, Eureka and Dexter and yeah I’m probably not old enough to watch Dexter but the power of the internet allows me to watch.

    Point I lost my point. Oh wait yes you can like more then one thing and don’t have to be categorized into a little box. Way to generalize people.

  183. Kay– as you can probably tell by my comment, i’m mad, upset, and disappointed about the cancellation of SGA. i don’t mean to generalize people, but that’s all i know. that’s my high school. in school, we are generalized. it’s sad, but it’s true.

    my point was to be made about SGU, and how i will not watch it because it won’t be Stargate if it’s going to be a drama like BSG. if i want a scifi character drama, that’s what my BSG dvd’s are for.

    so my anger is coming from being upset over Atlantis. it’s my favorite tv show of all time, and i really don’t want to see it end. sorry if i offended you in any way.

    Joe–will we be seeing any more McKeller moments like the ones in ‘the shrine’ this season? Because those moments are amazing, and i’d really love to see more of them!!!!!

  184. While I’m incredibly sad to see SGA end its TV run, I’m glad we’ll at least get to see one two-hour movie, and hopefully more. I started watching the show at the end of season 2, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The cast, crew, and everyone involved have given us an amazing four seasons and change, and it’s looking like season 5 may be the best yet. SGA brought me back to scifi, which I am very grateful for, and has introduced me to new actors and writers that I’m sure I’ll follow for years to come. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do so that we can be entertained on Friday night. We really do appreciate it!

  185. First off, “The Shrine” was incredible. I think it is one of the best episodes of SGA, and one of the best episodes of the Stargate Franchise to date. Next, I’m sad over SGA and the fact that the series will come to a close. (Quite excited to see what happens with the movies, though!). As with the many many other people posting comments here and elsewhere… please pass along our thanks to the cast and crew.

    NOW… as far as Stargate Universe, I’ll have to see. I think its premature for anyone to praise or condemn the show, CONSIDERING THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN IT YET. I’m willing to give it a try.

    Thanks for keeping one of (if not) the only good TV shows chugging along!

  186. Hi Joe,
    I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been a long-time occasional reader of your blog. I always enjoy the bits of inside-scoop and pics!

    First off, The Shrine was EXCELLENT. That episode is now one of my all time favorite Atlantis episodes, and it’s honestly gotta be the best hour of television that I’ve seen in quite a while. Just excellent. For the past couple days, whenever my family wants to watch something, I keep commenting that nothing we watch will be able to compare to The Shrine.

    I’m sad about Atlantis ending, I’ve always kind of thought that it would probably go for 6 or 7 years….but you know what, with 5 years, and the promise of movies, I’m not going to complain…at least not much. 🙂 I absolutely loved Continuum (one of the best SG-1 stories in years!), and if that’s anything like the quality level of Atlantis movies we’ll be getting, then that’s not too shabby!

    I’ll probably give SGU a try, although I’m leery of all the talk of giving it a “fresh, younger look”. (I’m 21, and I like Stargate the way it is now, it doesn’t need to be “younger”.) I read on gateworld that SciFi wants it to kind of fill the “space opera” shoes of BSG. Now that’s scary and really concerning to me. Stargate has always been a family show of sorts, my whole family watches it, even my 9 year old cousin loves it! With all this “younger” talk, I’m really concerned that SGU is going to be just like every other show on tv, full of trashy bedroom scenes with no real point to the show other than that. SG-1 and SGA are both excellent shows, and in my opinion, they are all the better for NOT having those types of scenes. It sets SG-1/SGA apart from other shows, because they can tell a story without having to resort to that kind of thing.

    I know you said you’re not the person to talk to about SGU, but I just felt like giving my feelings. I remember reading an article a while back (about the new cut of Children of the Gods) where Brad Wright commented that Stargate “is a family show”. I really, REALLY hope that same mentality is kept in SGU, as well.

    I want to thank you for sticking with us in your blog and giving us an inside look at Stargate. My thanks also goes to the cast and crew as well, for producing such an excellent show.


  187. Thank you for this! It’s nice to finally hear someone involved with SGA say they are disappointed the show has been canned!! To read Wright’s, frankly, offensive interview (Insulting your established fan base, AND the cast of your current show by implication, is no way to encourage the growth of your franchise. Also, we’re not stupid. We know when we’re being phenagled! Only about three percent of SGA’s 2 million watchers will be interested in the SG game! It’s hardly a sop to the fans!) and the press release you’d think the cancellation of the show was the greatest thing to happen to TV since Philo first hit the juice.

    The Shrine was incredible, as so many SGA episodes have been – but Wright et al run the risk of overlooking the main contributing factor in the show’s success: Mature, confident, attractive and skilled artists who bring their words to life.

    It’s not just about the holy freakin’ franchise for us fans.

    Besides, if we wanted young, dumb and full of…enthusiasm…we’d all be glued to The CW.

  188. Rachel Luttrell made a post at her site on the 20th August, in which she essentially says “thank you and goodbye”.

    With at least another four weeks of shooting, that seems rather extreme.

    Does Teyla play any role in the back-end of the season or is Rachel already gone from the cast/finished her filming? Does Teyla get a significant role in the fight against the Wraith? She has a history of suffering beneath the Wraith, and of having the Wraithgene – a perfect opportunity with which to fight back.

    It would be a pleasant change to hear that there are plot-significant storylines involving Teyla (rather than revolving around her) in this last season of Stargate Atlantis.

  189. Joe,

    Thanks for all you’ve given us in terms of Atlantis over the past five (well, so far four and a bit) seasons.

    It’s refreshing to read your blog after some of the things that have been said by somebody else involved with the show who doesn’t seem to understand that insulting his existing fanbase is neither smart nor polite, nor that SGA is about far more than a simple franchise. The reactions I’ve read, both here and elsewhere, to ‘The Shrine’ demonstrates that you have a great show which has enthusiastic, dedicated fans who are interested in the *characters* at least as much as space battles, and who are obviously willing and able, given their demographic, to spend money (eyes Stargate and action figures next to PC), and it’s so sad to see that disappear prematurely.

    Speaking of ‘The Shrine’, I’ve not been able to watch very far through it because somebody I love dearly has dementia. While the conditions are obviously different – though given the similarities and Woolsey’s explicit parallel I do find some of what I’ve seen so far very offensive (the loss of McKay’s intellectual ability along with his memory, and how this loss is portrayed) – I simply can’t watch it knowing that by means of deus ex machina all will be well at the end of the episode. But I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

    Thanks for giving us five seasons. I’d hoped for more, but at least we had that. Good luck with SGU if you do become involved; personally I won’t be watching as the Stargate franchise does not interest me in the slightest, but I hope all goes well for you.

  190. Hi Joe,

    I’ve decided to emerge from lurkerdom again now that I’ve taken a couple of days to process the cancellation news.

    I have to admit that I am feeling sad, disappointed and incredibly betrayed by TPTB. I realize that you had little to do with this decision so there is no point in being upset with you, in fact I would like to say that this blog and your obvious love for the show and characters has been a wonderful discovery and I can only wish that it could have continued in the future on a weekly basis.

    Still, there are 3/4 of this season’s episodes to go and I have to say that if they are all as excellent as The Shrine (which might be hard to do!) I will be very happy.

    BTW, I was very amused by the McKeller scenes – “I love you” – they made me laugh out loud, obviously someone realized that the McShep was bleeding through just a little too strongly and felt the need to balance it out with something a little more palatable to the general public. I’m sorry, but IMO, if he really loves her that much, then why wouldn’t he be calling for her and finding her in the middle of the night instead of constantly looking for and finding John? Just my two cents worth! If I felt that miserable I wouldn’t be looking for my “best friend” – I’d be looking for my partner.

    As for SGU – I’m very skeptical. From what I’ve read it feels as though the title should be Stargate: Voyager’s Creek. I feel dismissed and disregarded as someone who no longer fits the “desired demographic”. I have been watching Stargate for a number of years and have celebrated the fact that it is a franchise that doesn’t play to the lowest common denominator, doesn’t rely on T&A and bed hopping to pull in viewers. I love the characters, I love that they are of diverse ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. I love that someone who is not 25 and “hot” can be a lead character and still be sexy as hell (yay Joe and David!)

    So, in the end all I can say is THANK YOU! to the cast and crew for five seasons of excellent storytelling and character development, thank you for five seasons of “appointment television”. It is rare that I have found something as engrossing and enjoyable as SGA. May there be many more stories to tell.


  191. Joe, I would like to second (#198) Valerie’s comments.

    SGA I think is really the only “family” show on television now and for a long time. You can watch the show without fear of some sex scene popping in on you, or some innuendo being made. That is very rare these days.

    Please let TPTB that we expect this from any forthcoming Stargate franchise.

    Oh yeah. Please develop the McKay and Keller thing before the show ends. Give us a bone here.

    Thx for all the years of hard work


  192. Everything 97 said.

    This sucks.

    Oh hey….thanks for 5 years – they rocked.

    But you know….still PO’d.

  193. I do look forward to continuing to read your blog here Joe. Thanks.

    Best wishes to everyone at SG-A! We love you all and will miss you all.

    I will most definitely give SG-U a try, I look forward to it; but know this I will sincerely miss my SG-A! >sniff sniff sigh

    Reruns are always a good thing. ^_^

  194. I thoroughly enjoyed the Shrine. Thanks for making thought provoking TV shows without the “in your face” morality lesson. Kind of the difference between Stargate and Star trek.

    Keller’s actions were better understood when Rodney repeated her torture comment.
    Had I been McKay would I have wanted the chance to say goodbye or would I have thought it torture? I would have gone the torture route and, by doing so, missed the life saving opportunity.

    Underscores, what is in my mind, the whole premise of Stargate problem solving: where there is life, there is hope.

    Which is what worries me when I read comments from SciFi execs comparing SGU to BSG. I’m hoping SGU doesn’t go to the dark side. And hoping at least part of the cast is old enough to vote.

    Thanks again for The Shrine!

  195. Hello Joe, this is the first time I write something down here. I’m from germany, so forgive me when my english isn’t always correct.
    Hearing last week that SGA is cancelled after 5 years, was a hard slap in the face. We’re all very disapointed and think that is the false discion. But against the moneymaker we havn’t much chance, aren’t we? Treading the loyal fans all over the world like this showed us how they care about us, they are’nt different from the rest, they all want our best and that is our money. No effence against you and the other people of the crew, we mean the big bosses in their big chairs.
    Atlantis was such a great serie, we love all the actors, they really got related to us and we don’t care for the new baby SGU because it’s not really a new idea, we’re defentitly not the public target for this (I’m 46) and it never can replace Atlantis. And S5 so far, every episode was absolut great, the Shrine was amazing. So it makes the desicion of cancelling a lot harder, we don’t understand that and we don’t agree. I could write a lot more, but it changes nothing, I think, so thanks for great 5 years to all of you.

    Oh when I’m talking in plural, than I speak not only for me, I speak for my friends in the JF/Shep-Thunkthread (Gate Forum) too, the rest of the pegasusgirls, very loyal fans of SGA. We came from all over the world and find there together. We’re a wonderful family and became real friends.

    Please tell all castmembers best wishes for the future, we thank them for 5 wonderful years, they are all great actors, we wish them the best they can get.
    And maybe you can tell Joe Flanigan that the pegasus-girls will follow him , whatever he will play in the future, he doesn’t get rid of us, he is a wonderful actor and we adore him. We will always be his loyal fans, best luck for him in the future.

    The pegasus-girls from JF/Shep-Thunkthread, our motto:

    We are the pegasus-girls, don’t mess with us!!

    Good girls come to heaven, bad to pegasus, so maybe you visit us, you’re welcome.

  196. still no matter what they do i will not support sgu its sounds retarded . why can they just listen to us and give us back sga i still see no reason why mgm and sci fi had to cancel this fantastic show. 🙁

    on another note i agree with many of these msgs there is no need to make stargate show a soap opera i love it the way it is the actors are really mature and good at what they do. i am 27 yrs old i dont see a reason why they to make their cast members “younger”sci fi is not the cw geez can’t they understand that!! or do i have to make another call to mgm and mr howe?

    Mr. Mallozzi just a wild idea…

    why dont you take the show and go shopping maybe another network will be happy to pick it up perhaps
    show time?

    no matter what i will continue to fight to bring sga!!

  197. Like ardunnia says,

    Good girls go to heaven…
    Bad girls to go to Pegasus!

    JF/JS Thunker til the end and beyond!

    eddy aka Jill_Ion

  198. Also from GW.net and a huge SGA fan. The news about SGU getting the green light so shortly after SGA got cancelled only confirmed what I feared: That SGA got the kick for the “new baby”. I don´t care what anybody says, that would be too big a coincidence if it wasn´t.

    I know it will go on in movies format but it´s just not the same anymore. I came to love the cast of SGA along with the characters and think there´s still too much left to tell to be wrapped in a few movies a year, if that´s even gonna work out. The actors would be contracted for a full year´s worth of storytelling / portraying with a full season, but I´m not so sure how that´s gonna work with the movies. I´m sure the payment isn´t what it was, and these peoples have bills to pay, so I´m not keeping too much hope up that the cast of SGA will be able to continue how they should/and used to. I heard you had troubles to get the SG-1 cast back together for the 3rd movie, that doesn´t bode well for the SGA cast then, aswell. 🙁

    After all, we were promised a “series of SG1 movies” as well, but so far, only 2 came out.

    As much as I adore Brad Wright and Rob Cooper for what they gave us with SG1 and SGA, I just can´t help the bitterness I feel towards SGU; all that show is right now to me, is the nail in the coffin for my (current) fav. weekly TV show and I wish they rather kept their attention on SGA for at least a 6th season.

    This way, it´s like there is a new baby born, so the older child is send to some far away school, only to be visited occasionally and otherwise, move on, it´s over. Like others have said, it feels like a slap in the face and the “younger audience” speech by BW didn´t help with the resentment I feel for this “new baby” (SGU). Perhaps that might change with time, but right now, I don´t really want it to. Sorry. I care more about the cast of SGA and the Atlantis team than about any new characters that come along. Sheppard i.e. is still underdeveloped and JF has never really been given a chance to show what´s in him (other than DH, who is getting quite the bunch of meaty stuff to do). Now we get several episodes focused on Keller, again: new character: getting all the attention. No offense, but the movies won´t make up for this.

    I was looking forward to see Daniel Jackson on Atlantis (heard he was supposed to be in s6) and so many more storylines, esp with Weir, I think the way she got “dumped” (literally) was cruel to the character. As much as I liked GitM, that was a horrible “end” for her.

    That said, I thank you for 5 great seasons and of course, I´m looking forward to the SGA movies (SG1 as well). and will definetely buy the DVDs. But SGU is kinda tainted for me right now.

  199. Do you think you will maintain basically a separation between SG-1 and Atlantis, i.e., there will be SG-1 movies and there will be Atlantis movies (with an occasional crossover character), or will they likely combine into a single series of movies?

  200. Hello Joe!!!
    I hope you are doing well!
    Before I start talking my soul out, I wanna tell you that I am very aware of the fact that none of this is your fault in any way so I apologise beforehand for any rude remarks or impolite statements!!
    You are certainly not the person I should be talking to but I feel like you are the only one who is actually listening to us fans so that’s what brought me here….
    (I am also sorry that you have to read the same stuff over and over again…)

    On to my comment….

    This is actually my first time coming here and I feel a little uncomfortable leaving a comment but there are just too many things nagging me right now and I figured it would be best to just tell them to you…
    First of all I want you to know that I am a huge fan of your work and I am incredibly grateful for ten wonderful seasons of SG-1 (plus 2 movies!) and five absolutely amazing seasons of SGA!

    I have literally grown up with Stargate and to be honest there were times when I had lost my interest in it (i.e. the loss of RDA) but somehow I always got back to it ’cause there is no other series that has fascinated me as much as Stargate has and still does!! And after I gave the last two seasons of SG-1 a chance I was back in full SG mode because I had realised how very great they were!!! At that point I was still in denial about SGA, I guess for the same reasons I am now in denial about SGU, only that this time it’s a different situation ’cause SGU is effectively replacing SGA which wasn’t the case with SG-1 and SGA….Fans had time to get used to SGA while it was running simultaneously with SG-1…Of course there were bad feelings involved but I, as a huge fan of SG-1, had the feeling that it had reached a point where it was alright to say goodbye to it…and with the promise of a couple of movies the parting seemed less bitter to me…
    Thus I eventually came to like SGA and haven’t regretted my decision to watch it ever since!!

    I can say with some certainty though that it’s not the same with SGA/SGU!!
    The mere fact that my favourite show ever is being cancelled for the sake of another makes me feel nothing but resentment towards that new show no matter how good that one might be!! I wouldn’t have been completely averse to SGU ’cause a lot of things have sounded interesting so far but that cancellation has totally spoiled all the fun I could have had with it!!
    Right now I am not feeling up to giving SGU a shot! I really don’t! Sorry! Maybe in a few years but one never knows…

    There is one thing I’d like to know though! Why did you feel the need to rejuvenate the show? I have always been quite content with the way it was and still is!!! Mature actors playing mature roles…What’s wrong with that? I have never had complaints about age or anything and that’s coming from someone who has been watching the show since she was ten!
    Older and experienced characters are one of Stargate’s greatest appeals and a sort of trade mark! I guess there are enough shows out there that offer young characters for a young audience!! Why make Stargate one of them?
    Also what are older fans supposed to do with SGU? I might still be young enough to be included in that ‘younger audience’ you want to address with SGU but I know many people that aren’t…a little bit unfair, isn’t it?

    Back to SGA:
    Even with the promise of movies, SGA doesn’t seem finished to me! I feel like it is at its peek right now with all of its amazing episodes of season 5 so far!!! And I must say that I enjoyed each and every one of them!!! They were superb and especially ‘The Shrine’ was as amazing and beautifully done as I had hoped it would be!

    So I guess you can understand why it is hard for me to see it go when there are still so many questions unanswered and so much potential that will now literally go to waste!! Because really, a movie or two cannot tell the story of what should have been told in a SEASON!!! It won’t be the same! It will feel rushed and at the end of the day people are going to feel even more betrayed!

    Well, I guess that’s it for me…
    I just want you to know that if it had ever come to it, I would have loyally watched five more seasons of SGA!

    I forgot t say that I am also from GW.net and proud member of the Pegasus gals!!

    putschki a.k.a Sarah

  201. Shrine was phenominal. David was perfect, and McKay/Keller was extremely sweet and not forced at all. You all should be very proud of that episode!
    “Official Memo From The VFX Department of SGA” – the visual effects department for SGA is amazing! Thank you guys (and girls) for all your hard work. It always looks awesome. I hope to be a part of a company like yours one day!

  202. what is sgu set on i read on a random websire that its set on the alpha sites but that is rubbish am i right is just flicking inbertween sga & sg1 and whens the movie coming

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