Mark Dacascos as Tyre
Mark Dacascos as Tyre

Mark Dacascos is an actor we’ve wanted to have on the show for quite some time.  His name often came up when we were casting guest roles on SG-1 but, time and again, it just didn’t feel right to have him put in a cursory appearance as a Jaffa commander.  After all, this was Crying Freeman.  The Crow.  Mani from Brotherhood of the Wolf.  The Chairman!  If we were going to cast him, we wanted to make sure it was a role worthy of his talents as both an artist and, oh yeah, a martial artist.  Well, the perfect opportunity presented itself last year when we were looking to cast Tyre, the part of Ronon’s former Satedan buddy turned wraith-worshiper.  There were a lot of great auditions for the role but Mark’s interpretation of the character proved exactly what we were looking for.  We wanted Tyre to be tough, a bad-ass, yet charming and, ultimately, sympathetic.  Mark captured that spirit.

Mark did a wonderful job for us on Reunion, then came back and blew the doors off with his portrayal of a suffering, conflicted Tyre in season 5’s Broken Ties.  He delivered a beautifully nuanced performance in addition to a thrilling sword duel every bit as spectacular as his throwdown with Ronon in Reunion.    We were lucky to have Mark on the show and I’m not exaggerating when I say that many members of our crew were truly saddened to see him leave.   He was a pleasure to work with, a gentlemen through and through, and I would consider myself fortunate to work with him again. 

Over to Mark… 

Thank you to Joseph Mallozzi and company for having me on SGA. Thank you to Joe for inviting me on his blog-site. Thank you to the friends and fans of SGA for the support and questions. I am grateful, honored and extremely happy to have played a small part in the SGA story.

Shiny writes: “After playing dark and intense characters on The Crow and SGA, how was it playing the irreverent Sensei Ping on Middle Man? I had to do several double takes to make sure it was Mark behind Sensei Ping’s Lucha Libre mask. Does he want to do more comedy in the future or does he prefer the broody hero types?”

MD answers: It was fun and exciting to play Sensei Ping. I enjoy comedy and hope to do more in the future. In addition to my continuing studies with acting-coach, Larry Moss, and Shakespeare/voice teacher, Patsy Rodenburg, I started taking improvisation workshops with Gary Austin, the founder of The Groundlings, last year. We ( Gary’s ensemble) performed “live” to a sold out audience at The Groundlings theater this past summer. I had a blast and am now looking for projects that would incorporate comedy, action and possibly a “food” theme. Any ideas?

Skye writes: “What Drew you to the Character Tyre?  Just wanted to say My mother loves watching you on the food network as the Chairman and any of the movies that you have done.”

MD answers: I admire the discipline, courage and honor of warriors. Tyre’s situation intrigued me and the way Joseph M. ended the episode in REUNION left me wanting more. I didn’t know if Tyre would ever come back to redeem himself, but had hoped he would. When I received the script for BROKEN TIES, I was relieved and ecstatic with the way the story ended. And my “aloha and mahalo (‘love and thank you’ in the Hawaiian language) to you and your mother.

Eileen writes: “1. I’ve been a big fan since I saw you in the French film “Brotherhood of the Wolf.” You were amazing in that movie (I recommend it to everyone, subtitles and all)! It seems that your career has mostly been focused on portraying characters with a martial arts flair. Your work as Tyre in SGA fits in with that, but I’d love to know how you went from Native American shaman/warrior in Brotherhood of the Wolf to “The Chairman” of Iron Chef America with occasional visits to the set of SGA.   2. Do you have any other projects that you are/will be working on?”

MD answers: Eileen, thank you for watching “Brotherhood of the Wolf.” That was one of my favorite film projects to work on and “Mani (my character)” is someone I’d like to be more like. Another film I did, “Crying Freeman,” was a movie about an assassin who “cries when he kills.” I played the title role and we shot that in Vancouver, B.C (just like SGA!).

Both BOTW an CF were directed by Christophe Gans, and both were successful in Japan, home of the original “Iron Chef.” I can only deduce that someone associated with IC must have seen or heard about one of my movies and put my name on the list for possible “chairmans” they would approve of for Iron Chef: America. My managers received a call from ICA’s producers for me to interview for the role of Chairman Kaga’s “nephew.” I was thrilled with the opportunity to do something completely different from what I had been doing, but I did wonder if they knew I was known for “kicking” not “cooking.” Two days after the interview, I was offered the role as The Chairman, the American-born nephew of Chairman Kaga. That was my journey from shah-man to chair-man.


Davidd writes: “Hey Mark. I was wondering how long did it take for you to get your role on Stargate? From your first audition. Were you part of 3 top auditions for the role, or did you just get it with no other real competition?  Thanks Mark!”

MD answers: Two days after I auditioned I was told that I was one of two choices. A day or two later I was offered the role of TYRE. We began filming the REUNION episode a few weeks later.

Lindsay writes: “Question for Mark Dacascos: I’ve heard you’re a super nice guy. Is it difficult playing a not-so-good guy on screen? (I’m thinking particularly of your betrayal scene with Jason Momoa– the one in which he’s tied to the chair and is so very, very emotional. It was hard to watch. Was it hard to play?”

MD answers: Thank you, I try to be a good person each and everyday. Some days are easier than others. I find that every role I play has characteristics that I can identify with.

TYRE, while he’s under the influence of the Wraith enzymes, doesn’t know that he’s really doing anything wrong. He’s somewhat “brainwashed” and trying to survive. What makes him bad is that what he’s doing is only “good” for him, not for his friend. The bad guy does good for himself, the good-guy does good for others. Both believe in what they’re doing. I felt like I connected with TYRE’S heart and in that “chair-betrayal-scene” with RONON, as an actor, it was not difficult to play. As TYRE the character, it was a difficult moment in life.

StarWars9771 writes: “Mark, loved your appearances on SGA. When is Joe going to make an appearance on Iron Chef America? What did you like best about working on the show SGA? Other than food and acting, what other interests do you have? Thanks bunches!!!

Jen from Indiana

PS Tell Alton Brown “Hi”. My oldest daughter and I are big fans!”

MD answers: Thank you, Jen and oldest daughter. I would love to see Joe on ICA. I think he would be a wonderful judge and I will do my best to get him on. I really enjoyed and appreciated the camaraderie and “aloha” spirit the cast and crew extended to me while being a part of SGA. When not on set, I enjoy playing drums and guitar, surfing, yoga and Martial Arts. I also like to read biographies, writing, and watching Foreign Films.

drldeboer writes: “Question for Mark D do you have formal martial arts training, if so in what discipline(s) and how long have you been studying? the sword fight was absolutely great, can’t wait to see the whole thing included in the DVD box set next year.”


MD answers: Thank you, drldeboer. Yes, I do have formal Martial Arts training. My mother and father are both Kung-Fu teachers. I started training with them when I was 4, entered my first Martial Arts tournament when I was 7, and unofficially retired from competition when I was 18. I’ve studied Northern Shaolin under Muo Hui Shen in Taiwan. I’ve studied Capoeira under Mestre Amen Santo and together we made the film, ONLY THE STRONG. I’ve studied Wushu under Professor Jiang Hao Quan and Coaches Eric and Debbie Chen. I am currently studying Muay Thai with Kru Puk.

Patricia Lee writes: “Your portrayal of Tyre was amazingly haunting and caused me to shout out loud, (“NO… he can’t die, not now”), when I saw in your facial expressions your decision to self sacrifice. The intensity of your withdrawal scene caused me to cringe in sympatric pain. Thank you so much for bringing such a great performance to my favorite show! I was sad to see your character die!   My Questions:
1- How do you prepare for such intense emotional scenes, such as the withdrawal?
a. Where do you go in your mind?
b. Is there a personal, real experience you draw upon to get that dark or can you just turn it on?
2- I know you are an accomplished marital artist. I was wondering, for the fight scenes do you work out before a take to get your blood rushing? What kind of preparations do you go through before a big fight scene?
3- I love Iron Chef, (I am Food Network junkie) and I was wondering; seeing that Joe Mallozzi is such a foodie, and great at writing about his dining experiences, would you ever consider having him as guest judge on Iron Chef? A show With Joe Mallozzi would bring hoards of new viewers to Iron Chef just to see his opinions of the meal being judged!”

MD answers: Thank you, Patricia. Prior to filming an intense emotional scene I relax. When my breath is deep and consistent, when I’ve released the tension in my muscles (including in the face), I am ready to work. I equate it to a river. If I stop breathing, or contract my muscles, it’s like putting a dam in the river. As an actor, I need my feelings to be able to flow like the water moving down the mountain. I actually try to apply that philosophy to everything I do. Before I do an action/fight scene I always warm up by stretching and running through the choreography. It’s important to prepare my body and mind for what’s to come. And again, I relax. I want to be supple enough to snap like a cracking whip.

SparrowHawk writes: “A couple of questions for Mark Dacascos: 1. It seems that your career has mostly been focused on portraying characters with a martial arts flair. Tyre in SGA fits in with that, but I’d love to know how you went from Native American shaman/warrior in “Brotherhood of the Wolf” to “The Chairman” of Iron Chef America.

MD answers: Please see answers above.

2. Do you have any other projects that you are/will be working on?”

MD answers:

So far this year…

We filmed 26 new episodes of Iron Chef: America as well as a half-hour holiday special.

We have the Iron Chef: America – Nintendo Wii game coming out in September or October. I did 9 episodes of a new series premiering in March, 2009. I filmed an action-drama movie with Armand Assante, Tom Sizemore, Steven Bauer and Bruce Boxleitner. I just wrapped my first vampire movie in Louisiana with Yancy Butler, directed by Griff Furst.

I have a few movies I’m preparing to direct. One of them is a Capoeira movie. Another is a film based on my life as a 16 year-old, son of Kung-Fu teacher parents, growing up in Germany.

Trish writes: “My question to Mark Dacascos: First, thanks for stopping by and answering our questions! Second: Great performance in “Broken Ties”! You made me fall for Tyre; something I thought impossible the last time he ran into Ronon. My questions: Were you a fan of Stargate SG-1? Or any sci-fi? What would be your dream role? Again, thank you!”

MD answers: Trish, you’re welcome and thank you for your kind comments and your questions. I had only seen a few episodes of SG-1 or SGA prior to auditioning for the show. I had thought the show was extremely entertaining. One of my favorite Sci-fi movies is BLADERUNNER. One of my dream-roles would be a “Miyagi-like” character from the original KARATE KID movie.

Wolfenm writes: “Questions for Mark: Did you know from the get-go what your character’s fate would be? Either way, how did you feel about it when you found out?”

MD answers: Please see answers above.

Thornyrose writes: “A few questions for Mr. Dacascos, and I’ll call it a night.
1) I’m curious as to how you came into the role of Chairman on Iron Chef America. Was that simply something that you auditioned for, or is there more to the story? 2) What projects other than IC-A are you currently considering or engaged on? 3) How much time do you devote every day or week to physical training, including but not limited to your martial arts skills? 4) What would be your “dream role”, whether TV, cinema, or live theater? 5) Any secrets you would like to share about Atlantis, or Mr. Mallozzi? Thank you very much for taking the time to participate here, and many thanks to Mr. M. for making it possible. And I do hope that whether its a miracle reappearance of Trye, or the creation of a differnt role, that we get to see Mr. D. on Stargate Atlantis in the future.”

MD answers: Thank you, Thornyrose. Please see answers above and…When I’m not in production, I train 6 days a week, anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day. I cross-train with mountain-biking, yoga, Martial Arts, running and surfing. The exact format of my workouts changes quite often. Prior to a specific project and depending on what’s required of me, I’ll train significantly more. 3 months prior to fighting Jet Li in CRADLE 2 the GRAVE, I ran a 6-minute mile and practiced Yoga 6 days a week, and practiced Wushu 2 hours a day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with the Coaches Chen.

Enzo Aquarius writes: “A question (two rather) for Mark Dacascos: As an Iron Chef America fan (and Iron Chef overall), I am curious if you ever get full in the middle of the judging segment? I always wonder if one could get full depending on the portioning. Also, a possibility of our own Joseph Mallozzi becoming a judge? The man has quite an appetite and always talks about his culinary adventures.”

MD answers: Please see answers above and…On ICA, I almost always limit myself to 2 bites a course, even if I love the dish. We usually film 2 shows a day and it’s my duty to be fair to all of the chefs and not be so full that I can’t appreciate their work. Even if I don’t score the chefs myself, it’s only respectful to honor their creations by tasting them.

Raindrop writes: “And I have a question for Mark Dacascos – with your extensive martial arts background, did you find it harder to prepare for the fight scenes or for the dramatic scenes (like Tyre’s withdrawal)? I thought both were really well done.”

MD answers: Thank you, Raindrop. I found the fight-scene more difficult since we were performing an extensive sequence with very little time to film it. Most of the fight was filmed from beginning to end without stopping. I have the utmost respect for fight-choreographer, Bam-Bam, his assistant, Don Lew, and Jason Mamoa for being so prepared prior to me coming to Vancouver.

Rachael writes: “It must be immensely satisfying as a guest star to have the opportunity to play such a complex character, to have a strong backstory to work from and a full arc to explore from bad guy to redemption. My question is, did you prefer playing dark-side Tyre or redeemed hero Tyre?”

MD writes: Yes, it is immensely satisfying for an actor to play a character with a full arc. Thank you, Joseph M. and team. I enjoyed playing the dark before the light, just like I appreciate the night before the day. And it is truly scary how much I sound like my father as I grow older. Seriously, I enjoyed both, and seriously, I really am starting to speak in metaphors just like my father. Scary!:)

Jean writes: “To Mark Dacascos – I thought you were great in this episode! Joe M has mentioned that Jason really likes Tyre’s sword – did you find it a nice weapon to use as well? Also, if I may ask a non-SGA question – I often drool at the culinary concoctions on Iron Chef America – as chairman, do you get to sample the dishes too? Have there ever been any duds?”

MD answers: Thank you, Jean. Yes, Bam-Bam called weeks before filming BROKEN TIES and respectfully asked what kind of sword I’d prefer. I said I’d like something well-balanced with a good grip and that I would trust whatever he’d choose for me. And he did a great job in selecting TYRE’S sword. Yes, on ICA, out of respect to the chefs, and to my pleasure, I do sample everything they cook. And yes, once in a great while, I do eat something I’d prefer to never eat again. But that is rare. The chefs are truly amazing and I am spoiled and I love our show. And Alton Brown really is that smart and quirky.

Gen writes: “Really enjoyed your work on Broken Ties. We’ve seen your involvement in Iron Chef, is that your primary interest right now? Do you have any other projects coming up where we might see you act?”

MD answers: Thank you, Gen. Please see answers above.

AntiSocialButterflie writes: “Thanks for talking to us, we really appreciate it. Did you enjoy working with BamBam and Jason? How many times did you have to practice the sword fight before filming?”

MD answers: Thank you, AntiSocialButterflie. I appreciate you. Yes, I am a fan of both Bam-Bam and Jason. Both are great guys and very professional. I actually have no idea how many times we practiced. I’d rehearse with Jason, Bam-Bam and Don depending on whoever was available at the moment. Jason did the same. We’d rehearse in between scenes and whenever he had a few spare minutes.

Pauline writes: “1/ I understand that actors try to get close to the characters they play, are you pleased that in the end Tyler cast off his traitor image to become the hero.  2/ Characters that appear on SA have a habit of coming back from the dead, if Joe brought Tyler back would you be up for a rematch with the Wraith?”

MD answers: Yes, I felt very close to TYRE and yes, I am happy he became a hero.  If TYRE came back, I can assure you he would love to kick some Wraiths in the head.

Linda Gagne writes: “Question for Mark D. What was the most fulfilling scene in Broken Ties for you? What was the most difficult for you (physically and/or emotionally)?”

MD answers: I had a lot fun playing the scene where RONON tries to get TYRE to untie him. I thought the dialogue and the set-up really showed the depth and complexity of their relationship. For me, the fight-scene was the most challenging scene.   If you make a mistake doing dialogue, you just do it again. If you make a mistake with swords, someone gets hurt. During our scene, no one got hurt — Thank you, Jason, Bam-Bam and Don for allowing me to leave SGA with all the limbs I arrived with.

Joseph Mallozzi, the SGA team and friends and fans of SGA,

Mahalo and Aloha. Mark Dacascos aka TYRE

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  1. Thanks Mr. M. for hosting Mr. D.’s guest blog, and a great big thanks to Mr. Dacascos for taking the time to participate. I’ll have to say I got tired just thinking about his workout routines, or rather habits. It shows though, in his physical performances. I really really hate that Tyre has been killed off. It would have been intriguing seeing his character with Todd. Still, we know people die on the show…
    Hope you’re feeling better, and looking forward to more of your exotic food adventures in the future.

  2. Wow…Thanks Mark for the GREAT Q&A…and for answering my question!!!

    Hey Joe.

    Wish me luck with my flight on Saturday…I’m flying to England! I’m a little nervous because this is my first time flying alone (I’m 15). But I think it will go good.

    Thanks Joe.

  3. Oh my, Mark even writes sweat like they say he is.

    Thank you Mark!

    Joseph, what, no wierd food trial today! Perhaps you realize it may not be good for your health. I hope you are feeling better (I am telling you try the garlique lol).

  4. Thanks Mark for your excellent participation in my favorite series,Your character is one of the best that I have seen in the series,It’s a pity that they killed you also T-T,

    Thanks to Joe to have it like invited actor

  5. Thank you, Mark, for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit and answer our questions! I’ll miss the character of Tyre on SGA but will continue to enjoy watching you on ICA and in your upcoming roles in TV and film.

    And to those of you Mark Dacascos fans who haven’t seen Brotherhood of the Wolf — watch it! You’ll love it!

    Thanks, Joe, for hosting another wonderful guest blogger. I hope you’re feeling better. Just give in and let Fondy coddle you — you know you want to. And next time she’s sick, you can return the kindness and take care of her.

    Eileen aka Sparrow_hawk

  6. Mahalo and Aloha! Thank you for agreeing to do Joe’s blog and answering all our questions, Mr Dacascos! I admit that I’ve only seen the anime of Crying Freeman — now I will have to add the live-action to my Netflix que! I love Sensei Ping, that was definitely one of the best eps of the series so far; I hope they bring you back! (It’s so unfair that they had Wendy work with Sensei Ping *off-screen* in another episode, so we didn’t get to see you!)

    In honour of the birthday of the late Don S Davis, I’ve done a new drawing. I watched Continuum over the weekend, and got all teary-eyed when he came on the screen. 🙁 I miss him already — I wish I could have gotten this drawing signed by him, as he was going to be at Dragon*Con this year. 🙁

    Speaking of Continuum, I enjoyed it! Loved the twist, and there was some awesome angst in the middle (albeit also *extremely* depressing! Poor Daniel!). And Sam bought Frootees!! Let me guess, that was John Lenic’s idea? Seeing as he was a producer on A Dog’s Breakfast? Loved Daniel’s buying his book in the bookshop, too. And loved what (little) we got of him and Vala interacting — in fact, I guess my main complaint is that I wish there had been more of her, Teal’c, and Jack (And Hammond), and, while I like Devane, I could have done with less of the President. But I understand that shoooting schedules are an issue. Oh, and Qetesh’s dress was *stunning*! And the Jack/Sam bits were sweet — I’m glad we got to see such a reaction from Sam. And I’m proud of Vala for her bit at the end. 🙂 (Her gun at the beginning was hysterical! XD)

    I just hope the next one has more Daniel/Vala — particularly the swee moments where Danie shows her some fondness, not just the comedy. They’re what finally drew me into the series as a full-time viewer. 🙂

    Alas, due to Pink Raygun’s editor being out of town, my review of “The Daedalus Variations” won’t go live until tomorrow morning ….

  7. Ok, I meant sweet not sweat (lol) sorry. I need spell check for my dumb mistakes.

  8. Hi Joe!

    Belated congrats on The Daedalus Variations. Lots of fun – excellent new baddie! Definitely hoping to see these badasses in the future!

    Thanks to Mark for answering the questions – wow, wasn’t sure if my respect for you could go up any more, but your answers were so classy and informative. 🙂 🙂 (Loved you in BOTW!)

    Interesting weird food vids! Those are fun! 🙂 Informative too – I ain’t eatin’ water chestnut jelly!

    Take care!


  9. I am continually amazed and delighted by the depth and quality of the people of such great talent who have appeared on Stargate and Atlantis. Mark, you have raised the bar.

    Patricia (AG)

  10. Just checking to see if I get a wierd critter icon too….
    And thanks to Mark for the Q and A, he sounds like a really great guy.

  11. The hell???!

    There’s this funny little icon next to my name…lol! Looks JUST like me! 😆 Is THAT what you think of me, Joe??!

    @ Airelle – Alas, I do not gamble. However, I do know the significance of 204…just can’t share it here. 😉

    @ Trish – My biggest problem with the black widow is that I have worked VERY hard to overcome my fear of spiders. I have a paralyzing fear of them, but it’s always been a visual fear (ACK! LEGS!!!). Now, for the first time, I’m actually afraid of them biting. It’s just a big setback for me.

    @ chevron7 – It’s hard for me to explain the appeal of the Wraith in just a few words, but – perhaps – Joe’s ‘sick man’ blog can explain a little (I’m only speaking for my own crazy self here, not for other Wraith fans).

    Women, by nature, are nurturers. We are programmed to feed things…feed our newborns, feed our children, feed our husbands…feed our pets and neighbors and friends and anyone else who is hungry, or sick, or hurt. It’s not unlike what inspires the Shep Whumpers. They like to see their guy beaten nearly to death because it stimulates the ‘mothering instinct’ in them. They want to nurse him back to health and make him all better.

    Well, it’s kinda the same for me with the Wraith. I just want to see them survive somehow. Part of their appeal to me is the fact that they are – for the most part – just a bunch of guys who want to eat, and I just want to feed them. 😀 Geez – just imagine if they had a COLD on top of being hungry?! Guh. I’d have them in flannel jammies, propped up in bed with cushy pillows, and everything!

    There is also something visually appealing about them. This is harder to explain because (for me) it has to do with their artistic presentation as a whole. The elegant lines of their features (they are wonderful to draw!), their slender bodies and overall boniness, their (usually) long hair, and their spiffy leather coats. The whole package is stunning, as is proven by the fact that a nearly exact look was used for Prince Nuada in Hellboy II.

    I am also intrigued by what we’ve learned about them regarding their culture/society and their biology/physiology – I find it all quite fascinating and want to see so much more. Add to that their plight – their ‘weakness’ (those pesky dietary requirements), and the fact that they have been beaten down since day one. I will always root for the underdog, and the Wraith – despite what the creators have tried to imply – are the underdogs. They have lost every confrontation with the humans, with the exception of Todd, and that drooly fella from Condemned. And even Todd was imprisoned and nearly starved to death by the saintly Lanteans, so…yeah. I will always root for the underdog, and that is exactly what the Wraith have become since their introduction.

    Lastly, it’s their personality. I have no defense here. I’ve always been attracted to slimy dudes. 😛


  12. Why am I a whirling purple Tasmanian devil???

    Did you assign these pictures to us??? Or is it a word presses new feature?

  13. Hey Joe!

    Thank you so much for allowing Mark Dacascos answer our questions. I did not know that they made TWO episodes a day when taping ICA, no wonder why he has to limit his portions to two bites a dish. That’s a lot of food! 🙂

    Judging by what Mr. Dacascos has mentioned, maybe we’ll be seeing you on Iron Chef sometime in the future. That would truely be a treat (pun intended 😀 ).

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  14. Das said …

    @ wolfenm – ah, yes! I saw your Todd pony before! Adorable! But I hadn’t seen your Halling pony…too cute!

    I’m not so talented – so I bought a Wraith action figure, and – for good measure – just picked up a Prince Nuada one, too. Afterall, it IS all about those long white manes of theirs, isn’t it?

    Sorry for the delay, I was avoiding the blog so I would spoil Continuum for myself, and then O got busy with other things … That’s actually a different Todd pony than the one I made a whle back — I have two now, and they are quite different. 🙂 The one posted with Halling, that’s the first time he’s ever been posted. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the long, white hair. XD I still need to see Hellboy II. 🙁 But Skywise, my fave elf from Elfquest, has a shoulder-length mane of white hair, and my second-fave is a very pale blond who sometimes looks white-haired too …

  15. Thank you Mark for taking the time to visit Joe’s blog. I have no idea what Iron Chef is but nobody on the blog has said anything negative about it.

    Thank you for arranging the guest blogger Joe.

  16. Haha, I wonder what my weird icon will be. 😀

    That was a truly incredible Q&A; thank you Mr. Mark Dacascos for putting forth such, at-times straightforward, and at-times whimsical and poetic answers! I loved reading them! They contain much wisdom and kindness.

    Mahalo and Aloha to you, my good sir.

  17. Aww…I’m stuck with my own, boring icon. Must be because I’m a wordpress member. Hang on, let me log out…

  18. Ok, let’s see what happens. So what’s the story behind these weird icons anyway? Did you doodle them in your spare time, Joe? 😉

  19. Haha! That’s awesome. Believe it or not, I look exactly like that whenever I read this blog. 😀

  20. Snif vous n’avez même pas penser a mon anniversaire…
    J’aurais bien voulu que vous me le shoutiez, car tout les gens que j’aime l’on fait =( mais pas vous…A la différence que vous ne m’aimez pas beaucoup ='(

  21. Many thanks to Mark Dacascos for a great Q&A. Now, even more to admire and respect of the man and his arts – he has so many.

    Hope there is a way to bring him back. Maybe there was some Wraith clone material? Or, a new character.

  22. Joe,

    Wow! Mark seems like such a nice, sweet guy! Now I’m going to miss Tyre even more. It was wonderful to watch him change and get off the enzyme and then help the team to recover Ronon!

    I enjoyed Daedalus Variations. I thought they depended on poor Rodney too much. Thank goodness he is up to the task. I loved Ronon beating on the gun controls in frustration and John calling him Chewie. John talking to AU John and complimenting him was hilarious! I’m surprised his team didn’t make more of that!!! LOL His ego matched the size of Rodney’s during that exchange!

    I, like Tammy, am also wondering why the AU team were found dead and laying there so oddly. They didn’t look like they starved to death…and why was it cold enough to keep them from decaying? Why would they turn the heat and life sustaining system’s off? You would think they would have huddled together if they were dying of starvation or cold. And, why not abandon ship if they ran out of food or options? It didn’t take long to jump so they had to have had quite a few options of AU’s to choose from. Also, I thought Lorne would have brought more puddlejumpers and back-up since the ship was an unknown factor. They may have kidnapped the team and the team could have needed help to get away. Just thought he would be more cautious with the unknown.

    *facepalm* Sorry, I just get stuck on these things that don’t make sense to me…lol. But, I really loved the whole premise of the story. And, I think John had definately better keep Rodney from trying to build his own AU transport!

    Using the astronaut gear was genuis! I wonder who thought of that? I assume Sheppard or McKay….but I guess Teyla or Ronon could have as well!

    Thanks for another great episode!(sorry I picked part of it apart)


  23. Mark –

    Stargate Atlanits is science fiction, so anybody can come back from the dead, and I definitely hope Tyre will.

    Thank you so much for your great answers.

    I suspect the trout sorbet was a once-in-a-lifetime experience 😉

    Do you mean 9 episodes of The Middleman? If so – YAY!
    Directing a capoeira movie – all the martial arts fans will be very happy! Please hire Steve Wang in some capacity – you worked so well together on Drive.

    Good luch with the directing.

    If Joe says it’s okay, I would love to post the Q & A on – and Joe, any pictures from Mark’s episodes would also be very welcome.

  24. Here I am thinking my flu’s bad. Just watched Tabula Rasa – I’ve got nothing to complain about..

    Runny nose, headache, lethary
    Headache, dizziness, amnesia, death

    Hmm, I’ll stick with option 1..

  25. A big “Thank You!” to Mark Dacascos! You’ve been great in everything I’ve ever seen you in, and Broken Ties was no exception. Here’s hoping someday you really can get Joe on as a judge on Iron Chef–that’d be a lot of fun to watch. Thanks again!

  26. WOW thanks so much Mark D for your “pedigree” and answering Qs, everybody asked great ones and you gave great answers, *really* enjoyed reading it. You are one of my fave “action” actors and a terrific guy and I will definitely continue to follow your career. Thanks Mr M for inviting him!!!!

  27. Hey Joe.
    I haven’t been able to pop in and have a look in the blog for a few days but when I heard you were feeling under the weather, I just wanted to wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. I hope you don’t get hit with the same bug I got back in May…I’m still feeling the after affects of that one!
    Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the last two video clips from you. Had to laugh when you tried the jelly watercress…or whatever that was!! You’re a much braver person than me.
    Still haven’t made the friendship cake that your mum made a while back. I was going to make it this weekend as it’s my weekend off from work but I’m off to the country to watch Continuum with a friend. I’m expecting the dvd’s (one for Mara and one for us) to arrive tomorrow but I won’t watch it until Mara and I can watch it together. I figure if I can wait this long, then what’s a few more days.
    Thanks Joe. Take care and have a great week.
    ~ Chelle DeBoer 🙂

  28. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from Tipperary once more! I have returned from the Sand Castle Making, which is hard to do in driving rain and 10 degrees celcius, but enough of Irish Weather.

    Firstly, a belated thank you to Mr Cooper for answering my question some time back, I appreciate that.

    Secondly, the “Weird Food Purchase of the Day” is just TOO FUNNY!! More, please…and also Fondy is a great camera-person….If it were me the camera would be shaking from laughter!!!!!

    Finally, I have had to skim through the past week’s entries to avoid any spoilers, as Search and Rescue doesn’t air here until a couple weeks time! How go plans re: Episode 100? You guys are wrapping in Sept….Will that be the last shoot?

    Thanks again for all the behind the scenes. By the by, the World Frisbee Championships are happening in Vancouver right now! I have an “in” with the Irish Team (…no I didn’t know there were World Championships either) any-hoo, tell Chef Belcham and Tom Doughty to expect some hungry Irish lads over the next week or so (and Don Francesco too!!)


    PS: Just heard there was a minor earth-tremor in San Diego around the time of Comic Con….Too much greatness in one place I’d say!!!

  29. @das – It’s not really your fascination with the Wraith that I don’t understand it’s….well it’s your sexual attraction with them that’s a bit of a puzzle. I’ve also heard people (I don’t think it was you) say they would offer their life to feed a wraith, that’s a bit strange to me. However, I loved your explanation. I gather you’ve had to do this once or twice eh? 🙂

    Cheers, Chev

  30. Thank-you Mark for the Q&A. I’ve only seen Reunion, however I enjoyed reading all of your responses, even if I was spoiled by the questions.

    Your daily workout is impressive. 🙂

    Cheers, Chev

  31. p.s. I love the cute little alien icons when you aren’t logged in – much better than the grey silhouette head.

    Cheers, Chev

  32. 1)Will personal feelings vs the greater good be a prominent issue this year?

    2)Will Kanan’s past affliction under Michael’s command have future repercussions?

  33. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for hosting M.D on your blog. He’s a great guy and he did an awesome job in Broken Ties.

    Really enjoyed the latest episode Daedalus Variations. Exciting episode but a few things struck me. Why was Teyla calling Sheppard Colonel throughout the entire episode. I thought she was long past calling him by his rank all the time. I know it’s her first mission back but she came across as aloof and cold to Sheppard in particular. Is there any reason for this and are the writers deliberately trying to distance them from one another.
    Will we have the baby in every episode. It would be nice to see something else besides Teyla’s issues with being a mom for a change. They have all been through so much and it’s never addressed but yet the baby angst seems to get a lot of attention.
    I hope Sheppard/Teyla get back to their usual great interaction and having Kanaan around is not going to dampen the great dynamic between these 2 characters.

  34. Kimberly said …

    John talking to AU John and complimenting him was hilarious! I’m surprised his team didn’t make more of that!!! LOL His ego matched the size of Rodney’s during that exchange!

    I actually thought he was doing that to tease/annoy Rodney, seeing as Rodney pulled the same kind of thing with his duplicate (albeit not so rambling) in “This Mortal Coil” …

  35. Wow, what a great Q&A with Mr D. thanks Joe that was so good of you to have it. and thanks to Mark for participating,. He really is a nice guy and did a wonderful job as Tyre, but I can’t believe he is really gone(*sniffle*) maybe he can return in some fashion. Joe hope you are feeling better. Will have to find something to entertain myself without my SGA fix Friday,hmmm. Have a Great Day!! 🙂

  36. Joe,

    I heard that Sci Fi might be showing SGA this fall instead of in 09. What are they thinking?! BSG will help them with rating more than Sanctuary would!

  37. @ chevron7 – Wait! What?! Sexual attraction to the Wraith??! Wherever did I say that???! Heck, I don’t even read fanfic!! :mrgreen:

    Okay, okay, okay…yeah, I do find them attractive. They’re pretty guys with long hair, a weakness of mine. Started with David Cassidy a loooong time ago… 🙄 I’ll ogle a guy with long hair in the same way a dude looks at a chick with big boobies. So, yes…I do find them attractive…physically attractive, but not necessarily sexually attractive. The latter would imply that I wanna get one’a those greasy green fellas in bed, and that’s just not the case. I am not a fan of Wraith/human ‘ships’…it just seems so very wrong to me.

    However, I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to brush their hair just once. 😉

    Although I may joke about seeing the Wraith naked, or how sexy they are, or what sort of underwear they may wear – that really is JUST a joke. They are fun characters, and it’s just amusing to get a bit absurd with them. But that’s pure fun…nothing serious. I mean, I would HATE to see a Wraith strutting around the hive in his skivvies…those big warriors with the funky codpieces are scary enough. *shudder*

    Still, I’m a woman who loves men, and so I can’t deny the fact that attractive men with attractive personalities and good acting abilities lie under the make-up. I believe that’s what makes the ‘serious’ part of me attracted to them. It’s the whole package, the personality that comes out of the actor himself. So, I will admit that Steve was absolutely beautiful in speech and form and movement…and that Todd has this irresistible sexy swagger and a devilish glint in his eye…and that ‘Eddie’ was simply the perviest Wraith of all…but that’s to the credit of the actors for making me swoon a bit over eyebrow-challenged dudes with extra nostrils on their face…NOT exactly the type I’d normally go for.

    That said, their larger appeal to me is their sexual ambiguity. As far as we know, as far as we have been shown, the Wraith are not sexually-driven males like humans are. This is what I find most attractive. I just find it very intriguing that these guys don’t seem to sit around fretting that they haven’t been laid in 10,000 years (like in most tv shows), but instead, they’re thinking about food. About tricking their food. About hunting their food. About making food taste better. About storing food. Preserving food. Selecting food. THAT is what I absolutely LOVE about them…

    They are…just like me. 😳


  38. Great interview! Love Tyre!

    Hey Joe, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed “The Daedelus Variations”. Very cool!

    Also, there’s been a question I’ve haven’t been able to get out of my head. Just wanted to know whatever happened to Jonas Quinn. In Season 10, it was mentioned that Langara fell to the Ori, but they never mentioned Jonas! Was he killed by the Ori, I know he wouldn’t convert. (Personally, I hope he found someway to escape the planet with Kianna Cyr).

    Thanks much!

  39. PS @ chevron7 – I may have joked about giving my life to a Wraith – but mostly, I’d just appreciate it if it could suck a few inches off’a my fat ass. 😛

    It’s easy to say I’d let a Wraith feed on me, but it’s fiction and all and can’t really happen in real life, so that alone makes me remarkably brave ‘in word’…but ‘in deed’ would be a totally different matter. All I DO know is that the second a tiny mosquito lands on me, I smush ‘im! 😀 Okay. Now I have this visual of a Wraith trying to feed on me, and me frantically slapping his hand away a la The Three Stooges, kinda like I would if I saw a spider crawling up my shirt. ‘Woo-woo-woo-woo!’

    “However, I loved your explanation. I gather you’ve had to do this once or twice eh?”

    Yeah…and mostly to myself. 😛 I figure there has to be a reason for the attraction besides just being plumb crazy.


  40. I loved Mark Dacascos as Tyre, and reading all his answers to our questions, he really came across as a nice guy. Very sweet. Plus he answered my question, so it was like I actually got to speak to him.
    Thanks to Mark D. for taking the time and to you for having him.

    Deadalus Variations was a lot of fun. I did feel badly for Sheppard, having to compliment himself. Even though he’s the hero, no one ever really tosses much praise his way, so I guess he took this opportunity to encourage himself.

    So, um, was Teyla being insincere there at the end when she said McKay would make a good father? I mean he admitted he dropped the baby 2 feet (and with the way McKay downplays his mistakes, probably what really happened is that he dropped the baby on a balconey and Torren rolled off and landed in the ocean). He also said he had no interest in kids and was really just sulking about not getting a turn with Torren like everyone else. Given that Mckay has such a childish attitude and apparently zero skill, I’m totally baffled why anyone would think McKay would make a good anything, if that anything involves caring for another living thing.
    Actually, I liked McKay better when he could just be obnoxious. It’s the woobie, schmaltzy stuff that makes me wish Tod would come back for a snack. Plus, it’s always fun to see Tod.

  41. Oh Man Amazon just delivered the book “Cordelia’s Honor” last night!!! Reading, reading and uh reading! What is the deadline for getting thoughts and questions in for next week?

    PS Great book by the way, I love the flying insects that suck blood from your face in the beginning. And I thought the swamp was bad here in Louisiana!!


  42. I like my pic that comes up. Who is doing that? Is it you Joseph?

    Das is right about the Whumpers stuff. We like that stuff cause we feel a need to nurture. We feel that way to our favorite characters on a TV show as well as to the writer/producers of said show. Get well soon!

    Have to go back to work, I have been reading the blog too long now.

  43. dasNdanger wrote:
    @ chevron7 – Wait! What?! Sexual attraction to the Wraith??! Wherever did I say that???! Heck, I don’t even read fanfic!! :mrgreen:

    Maybe he/she stumbled across my forum. We are a few Wraith-Human-shippers there. 😀 And no – I don’t feel, that it’s wrong. It needs a bit willpower to do the first step, but then, after a while, it becomes normal. I had to do this because I hate barriers in my mind!

    BTW – it doesn’t matter how sexual active a Wraith is. It only matters that he ist sexual active in that moment. 😉

    Ok – and I guess from now on I will have to talk to myself, ’cause no one will ever talk to me, for everyone will consider me as a pervert now. 😀

  44. dasNdanger said:
    may have joked about giving my life to a Wraith – but mostly, I’d just appreciate it if it could suck a few inches off’a my fat ass.

    Another business idea for Joe after Atlantis. Selling the ‘Teyla’ range of maternity clothing and the ‘Wraith’ method of fat removal. Maybe even Pegasus whale burgers.

    Can somebody tell me how to insert a quote on this system.

  45. Thankyou so much to Mark for taking the time to answer all those questions.

    What a genuinely lovely guy he seems to be. 🙂

  46. hello.
    I have a question about “daedalus variation’s”.
    We will see again, the uknown aliens of this episode? because they are powerfull and their morphology is interesting (red light in head, similarity with wraith) their technology so(the ship and fighter design is beautiful and they can defeat atlantis shield)

  47. @ noir – No worries. Remember, I never said what I would do if I had a few beers…


    @ susanthetartanturtle – I *think* it’s

    …but don’t quote me on that! LOL…lame joke. I know anne teldy knows…she always tells us, and I always forget.


  48. DOH!! sassing frassing….susan – it’s blockquote – with around it.


    That was as annoying as the Rogue Winkie….


  49. Hey Joe,
    Please thank Mr. Dacascos for answering all our questions. Hope you’re feeling better. Like the new icons.

  50. Hey! The Daedalus Variations was great. The aliens were interested, but the ship design was great! It was almost the Stargate equivalent to a Star Destroyer. I also enjoyed the moment when Ronon fired the alien gun with the green energy and looked at it like he was going to switch weapons.

    Question: Will we be seeing those aliens again? If it isn’t planned, are they available to use in the future or were they designed as a one-off villain? What are these aliens called? If they have no official title, what did you guys call them around the set? I ask so the fandom has something to call them on message boards other than “those aliens from the episode with the alternate Daedalus”.

    Thanks! Looking forward to Friday, as usual.

  51. Hmm come to think of it. The critter icons looks like Tom Wham’s drawings from the Awful Green Things boardgame.

  52. At least I wasn’t hallucinating about the icons, or been oblivious to them. And it’s scary how realistic my icon is…not to mention depressing. The scariest thing of all will be when I can glance at an icon and tell who the poster is without looking at the name. And fair is fair. What’s your icon Mr. M.? (no cheating now)

  53. With McKay and Keller being paired up this season, what new aspects of his character are you planning to reveal? We’ve seen his crush on Carter, the growth and collapse of his romance with Katie Brown and the AU Love Story redux with Keller in The Last Man. Why McKay again?

    Maybe I should be asking what it is about the other characters that make you want to avoid any romance for them. Even Teyla, the new mother, never spoke of her boyfriend, and we didn’t see him (other than as a hybrid creature) until after their child was born. Sheppard gets to flirt now and then, and we saw his ex-wife once. Now that you’ve paired Teyla up with Kanaan, Sheppard doesn’t even get to have a flirty friendship with her anymore.

    Why McKay, and why with Keller, when there’s a whole city full of people? (People that aren’t half as annoying as those two)

  54. susanthetartanturtle wrote:

    Can somebody tell me how to insert a quote on this system.

    dasNdanger wrote:

    @ susanthetartanturtle – I *think* it’s

    …but don’t quote me on that! LOL…lame joke. I know anne teldy knows…she always tells us, and I always forget.

    At the request of susanthetartanturtle and the inability of dasNdanger to answer 😉 , I am again including instructions for HTML coding:

    1. Remember to change square brackets [] to angle brackets >< when using these tags.

    2. To make bold text use [b]text[/b]

    3. To italicize text use [i]text[/i]

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    You can learn more about the basic tags at HTML Goodies: Basic HTML.

    The tags may be used in combination. Here is how I coded your comment at the top of this message:

    [b]susanthetartanturtle wrote:[/b]
    [blockquote][i]Can somebody tell me how to insert a quote on this system.[/i][/blockquote]

    At this time, I don’t think we are able to put images in our comments.

    Anne Teldy

  55. Hi Joe. I was wondering if you had already thought about doing something with the 2008 US Presidential Elections in the Stargate Universe. We know Henry Hayes’s mandat, started in Season 7 (2004), is coming to a term, so don’t you think it would be an interesting background issue? Hayes’s reelection or replacement could maybe alter the actions of SGC and Atlantis Expedition, if a new president and government show up with a different vision of Earth’s offworld projects.
    So have TPTB already discussed about that possibilty at some time? I really think that could be interesting, even if it’s only a line, some short introducing scene where people talk about the elections and their consequences (Woolsey would definitely be the best at it) before entering in the episode’s main plot…

    Always about politics, and just for curiosity, which side do you think is Hayes? Republican or Democrat? And again, have you ever discussed the question with the other writers? Well after all, the question works only if you writers consider that those two parties also exist in the Stargate Universe…

    Thanks for answering to my “unessential questions”! Those were my first, but be sure there are many others to come…

    Keep up the good job on the show!
    [mg1138 from France]

  56. You have a fabulous blog, Joe. It’s interesting, and with a fascinating group of regular commenters, always an interesting read! Although initial news of you came thru an interest in the Stargate shows, I have stayed for fascination with your adventurous palate, and approval of your book club.

    Denver is my home – this month we host the SciFi WorldCon – just before the Democratic Natl Convention.. So, from the sublime to the ridiculous? Or is it the reverse?!?

    Today I came home from work to a showing of SG-1 and ‘Citizen Joe’. Just have to tell you that I always thoroughly enjoy that episode; I just grin from beginning to end. It occurred that I could actually provide this feedback to you, years late as it may be… so please accept my appreciation for your many years with shows I have enjoyed greatly!

    Keep up the great work! You do an excellent job!

  57. joe, i love my icon! i’m a deformed pink bunny! 😀 pink’s my fave color, and bunnies are my fave… uh, bunny-like animals. so yeah! 😉 😛

    sally =D

  58. Oh, I can’t resist commenting, just to see what icon I’ll get. As long as you haven’t run out of them, because that would be a tragedy. Well, for me anyway. But, can you imagine the hits you would have had during the “have your name be a guest role” contest?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your weird grimaces while showing us different foods. Though I know I would have enjoyed the chestnut jelly strips – because I happen to like konnyaku (and everything Japanese, except for natto and sweets made from beans).

    Maybe the next food (third time’s a charm, eh?) will agree with you.

    Squiggles (instead of Ciao, in anticipation of seeing my icon)

  59. Okay how embarrassing was that?

    I spelt Mark Dacascos’ character name wrong, I called him Tyler instead of Tyre. Mark Dacascos must think I’m an absolute twit.

    Joe you could have saved me from that blooper…..or didn’t you notice my faux par either.

    Well actually, of course it was a deliberate mistake on my part in order to test if Joe really does read our posts.

    Sorry Joe as the virgin said to the vampire you suck lol.

    Mistakes *I* do not make mistakes.


  60. Thanks so much to Joe for hosting the question and answers session with Mark..
    I was great!! and THANKS to Mark for taking
    the time to do it and for all of his hard work
    that makes watching his movies and other
    projects so much fun… Mary

  61. And I have a question for Mark Dacascos – I the big your fan and me still you interestingly are going to work with Christophe Gans?

  62. Hey, mister chairman, i would like to ask you, if you ever though to play with Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal or Jackie Chan?

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